Jill Wimble wrote to me in May 2011 with the following relating to the picture above:

I attach a picture found in my grandmothers photo album of a traction engine and threshing machine in Cottenham. It may be the same one as the one on your Fowell Traction Engine website no 70. It was used by Tom Smith (my great, great grandmother's brother) I think this picture shows his father John Smith and Tom and his other sons may be in the background.

In an obituary for Tom Smith who died in Sept 1946 it reads "The deceased was well known in Cottenham and district, where he carried on his old-established business of a corn threshing machinist. He used to claim that his father, who in his time first threshed with the old horse-power machine, was the first man in the country to drive a steam power traction"BR>
Tom's father John Smith lived from 1828-1894.


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