A true before and after presentation! Please scroll down to see the photos.

"Sooty" on the day of the sale to Thomas Paisley showing one of the owners, John Mills

A sadly deteriorated "Sooty" at the sale after Thomas Paisley died with John Mills

another - note that during the sale the handle on the smoke box door "evaporated"!

And a few more Sooty photos below, all from Weeting Show:

The photos above were provided by Clive Turner, son of one of the then owners, G M A Turner, to whom many thanks. You can contact him

92 at the Paisley sale in 1980

No 92 in 2006 - now called "Roundhead"

Roundhead at the Huntingdon show in 1965

Roundhead at the Old Warden, entering the arena in 2007

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