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Relevance: The Adams family shares descent from John Barber MEWSE and Mary Ann CRISPE with me

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1 James CURTIS m Mary MEWSE 1748 St Margaret's Lowestoft

See Mewse branch here

Children of James and Mary
2......Simon CURTIS b 1750 Lowestoft
3......Elizabeth CURTIS b 1756 Lowestoft d 1831 Lowestoft
4......John CURTIS b 1758 Lowestoft
5......Thomas CURTIS b 1759 Lowestoft


3 Elizabeth CURTIS m John ADAMS (b 16 Jan 1750 Lowestoft d 1837 ) 23 Mar 1787 St Margarets Lowestoft

Children of John and Elizabeth
6......Maria ADAMS b 1789 m James BARBER 19 May 1811 St Margarets Lowestoft (see Edmonds tree here)
Note: James was a baker. Witnesses to the wedding were James BARBER, Sophia and Matilda ADAMS
7......Charlotte ADAMS bap 1 Jun 1792 Pakefield m Kersey ALDIS 22 Feb 1820 St Margarets Lowestoft
8......Matilda ADAMS b 23 Feb 1794 bap 23 Feb 1794 Pakefield m Charles CLARKE 6 May 1823 Lowestoft
9......George ADAMS b 19 Aug 1795 bap 23 Aug 1795 Pakefield m Ann FERRETT 6 May 1823 Lowestoft
10....John Curtis ADAMS b 22 Sep 1797 bap 24 Sep 1797 Pakefield
11....James ADAMS b 1799 Pakefield
12....Sophia ADAMS b 1788 Pakefield d 1886 Oulton Workhouse aged 79
13....William ADAMS b 1801 d 1802
14....William ADAMS b 14 Jul 1802 Pakefield bap 18 Jul 1802 Pakefield m Elizabeth LEGGETT

5 Thomas CURTIS m (a) Sarah JEFFREY (bur 27 Jan 1797 Lowestoft) 27 Jan 1785 (b) Patience MANN 2 Oct 1797 Lowestoft

Note: Sarah was the daughter of James CURTIS and Mary ROUS. James was a decorator at the Lowestoft China factory (you can read about it here). It is thought that he was apprenticed at Walker & Co, the firm which made Lowestoft Porcelain, in the 1770s There were two children by his second marriage but no record has yet been found of them.

Children of James and Sarah
15......James CURTIS bap 28 Apr 1786 Lowestoft bur 15 Jan 1796 Lowestoft
16......Jeffery CURTIS dob unknown, died in infancy


10 John Curtis ADAMS m Hannah THURSTON (b 1813 Uggeshall) 17 Nov 1836 Pakefield

Note: Hannah was the daughter of Isaac THURSTON and Elizabeth MAPEN. In 1851 John was a jouneyman baker living in Pakefield Street, Pakefield

Children of John and Hannah
17......John ADAMS b abt 1837 Gorleston d 1911 Isle of Wight
18......Charlotte Maria ADAMS b 1st qr 1839 Pakefield {Mutford 13 433]
19......George ADAMS b 4th qr 1841 Pakefield [Mutford 13 436]
20......William Samuel ADAMS b 3rd qr 1846 Pakefield [Mutford 13 428] d bef 1911
21......James ADAMS b Feb 1851 Pakefield
22......Harriet Elizabeth ADAMS b 4th qr 1855 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 557] m Charles DOY (b 1855 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1928 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1873 [Mutford 4a 1143]

11 James ADAMS b 1799 d 3rd qr 1883 [Mutford 4a 454] m Eleanor RAMSEY (b 1801 Island of Malta [British sunject]) abt 1830

Note: James was a baker in Lowestoft in 1841 living at Back Street, West Side, Lowestoft; in 1851 he was a baker living at Fly's Close, Lowestoft and in 1861 he was still a baker, but a widower living with his brother in law, Lewis B Cooper at 13 Mariner's Street, Lowestoft. In 1851 there was a servant Maria SMITER aged 19 born in Lowestoft, living in.

Children of James and Eleanor
23......James ADAMS b 1831 Lowestoft
24....Sophia ADAMS b 1833 Lowestoft m Amos FISK 4th qr 1852 [Blything 4a 1426]
25......Joseph ADAMS b 1835 Lowestoft
Francis ADAMS b 3rd qr 1837 Lowestoft bur 5 Jan 1916 Lowestoft


17 John ADAMS m Emily Green RUSHMER (b 1838 Gorleston) 1860 Gt Yarmouth

Note: John was a mariner. In 1871 the family was at Albert St, Northwood, CowesIn 1881 the family was at 6 Bernard Street, Northwood, Isle of Wight. In 1901 they lived at 18 Bernard Rd, Cowes. In 1911 they were at 6 Glace Cottages, Bernard Rd, Isle of White

Children of John and Emily
27......John William Charles ADAMS b 1861 Gorleston [Mutford 4a 665]
28......Emily Felicia Mary ADAMS b 3rd qr 1862 Gorleston [Mutford 4a 661]
Note: In 1891 Emily was a domestic servant at a GP's home at Belgrave East, Brading, Sandown
29......Elizabeth Sarah ADAMS b 6 Feb 1867 [IOW 2b 528] d 2nd qr 1918 Portsmouth [Portsmouth 51 2b]
30......Caroline Ann ADAMS b 1st qr 1867 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 507]
Note: In 1891 Caroline was a domestic servant at a GP's home at Belgrave East, Brading, Sandown
31......Clara Orme ADAMS b 4th qr 1868 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 553]
Note In 1891 Clara was said to be suffering from apoplexy
32......Laura Ruth ADAMS b 4th qr 1870 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 507] d 3rd qr 1871 [IOW 2b 337] (twin of Robert)
33......Robert Andrew ADAMS b 4th qr 1870 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 507] (twin of Laura)
34......Arthur Thomas ADAMS b 1st qr 1873 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 561] m Caroline Emily WAY 4th qr 1897 [IOW 2b 1339]
Note: In 1891 Arthur was a grocer's porter
Alice Millicent ADAMS b 3rd qr 1875 West Cowes, [IOW 2b 532]
Note: in 1901 Alice was a waitress, domestic
36....Margaret Mary ADAMS b 1876 West Cowes m Donald K DENNETT 3rd qr 1917 [IOW 2b 1327]
Alfred Ernest ADAMS b 1880 West Cowes
Note: In 1901 Alfred was a shipwright

20 William Samuel ADAMS m (a) Susan WELSH 31 Dec 1868 [Mutford 4a 1545] (b) Frances Maria FARMAN (b 4th qr 1868 Fritton [Mutford 4a 717]) 3rd qr 1903 [Mutford 4a 2070]

Note: Frances was the daughter of William and Elizabeth FARMAN

Children of William and Susan
38......George Welsh ("Pikey") ADAMS b 4th qr 1867 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 640] d 4th qr 1940 aged 73 [Mutford 4a 2724]
39......James Frederic ADAMS b 1869 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 668]
40......Harriet Elizabeth ADAMS b 1871Pakefield [Mutford 4a 671] m Charles WOODS 2nd qr 1895 [Mutford 4a 1535]
Note: Charles was a cab driver and they lived at Florence Rd, Pakefield in 1901
Ernest John ADAMS b 1st qr 1874 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 733]
42......Gertrude Ann ADAMS b 1st qr 1878 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 765]
43......Charles Richard ADAMS b 4th qr 1879 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 824]
44......Edith Jane ADAMS b 2nd qr 1882 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 857]
45......Edward Frank ADAMS b 3rd qr 1884 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 871] m Mary Susannah SMITH 4th qr 1899 [Plomesgate 4a 2073]
46......Ethel Maud ADAMS b 3rd qr 1887 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 897]
47......William ADAMS b 3rd qr 1889 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 892]
48......John William ADAMS b 1st qr 1891 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 964] m Elsie Ada B POOLEY 3rd qr 1908 [Mutford 4a 2174]
Note: John was an engine driver for drift fishing in 1911 and he and Elsie were at 62 Kens Road, Lowestoft. His brother William, a staker in drift fishing, was staying with them

Child of William and Frances
49......Mark Robert ADAMS b 4th qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 1104]

22 Harriet Elizabeth ADAMS m Charles DOY (b 1855 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1928 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1873 [Mutford 4a 1143]

Note: Charles was a smacksman. In 1901 the family was at 24 Stanford Street, Lowestoft and in 1911 at 9 Sandringham Rd, Lowestoft.

Children of Charles and Harriet
50......Jane Pauline DOY b 1874 Lowestoft
51......Harriet M DOY b 1876 Lowestoft
Note: Harriet was a general servant at 254 Denmark Rd, Lowestoft in 1891
52......Charles Henry DOY b 1879 Lowestoft m Beatrice KING 1st qr 1920 [Sudbury 4a 1479]
53......Samuel J DOY b 1882 Lowestoft
Note: In 19o1 Samuel was a fisherman
54......Henry W DOY b 1884 Lowestoft m Eva WATERS 2nd qr 1926 [Mutford 4a 2531]
55......Edith DOY b 1887 Lowestoft
56......Ethel Maud DOY b 1889 Lowestoft m William Benjamin BARBER Lowestoft
57......Hilda Florence DOY b 1892 Lowestoft
Note: Hilda was a beatster in 1911
58......Beatrice Waveney Blanche DOY b 1896 Lowestoft
59......William DOY b 1899 Lowestoft

26 Francis ADAMS m Elizabeth MEWSE (bap 1841 Lowestoft bur 25 Oct 1916 Lowestoft) 25 Nov 1861 Lowestoft [see Mewse branch here]

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Daniel NICHOLS, Hannah ADAMS and Mary Ann MEWSE. In 1871 the census shows Elizabeth and family at Sparham's Cottages, Lowestoft, but Francis was absent. In 1881 Francis was living at 2 Sparham Buildings, St Peters Street, Lowestoft and was a mariner, but he was a coal dealer in 1891 living at 3 Chapel Street, Lowestoft

Children of Francis and Elizabeth

60......Frank ADAMS b 4th qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1480]
Note: In 1871 Frank was staying with his grandparents, John ADAMS and Mary Ann MEWSE
61......Alice Elizabeth ADAMS b 3rd qr 1864 [Mutford 4a 679] bap 2 Oct 1864 Lowestoft bur 1 Jul 1868 Lowestoft
62......Joseph John ADAMS b 4th qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 698] d 12 Apr 1944 Lowestoft
63......Mary Ann E ADAMS b 1st qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 764]
Note: Mary Ann was a beatster in 1891, living with her parents
64......Edith Annie ADAMS bap 21 Aug 1872 Lowestoft bur 18 Sep 1872 Lowestoft
65......Samuel Charles ADAMS b 4th qr 1874 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 737]
Note: Samuel was an apprentice in 1891
66......Hannah Elizabeth Alice ADAMS b 3rd qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 727] bur 12 May 1904 aged 9 months
67......Eleanor Elizabeth ADAMS b 3rd qr 1879 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 784] d 3rd qr 1879
68......Elizabeth Eleanor ADAMS b 4th qr 1881 Lowestoft {Mutford 4a 784]
Note: Elizabeth Eleanor was a dressmaker in 1901
69....Hannah Elizabeth Alice ADAMS b 1903 bur 12 May 1904 Lowestoft aged 9 months


29 Elizabeth Sarah ADAMS m George Edward PEACH 3rd qr 1894 [IOW 2b 1087]

Children of George and Elizabeth
70......Ada Winifred PEACH b 1895 Portsmouth m unknown 1918
71......Daisy Lilian PEACH b Oct 1896 Portsmouth
72......George Arthur PEACH b Jan 1898 Portsmouth d 1960 Linden, Union, USA m Gertrude CLARK (b 1911 d 1985)
Note: In 1930 George was living in Linden, Union, USA, having emigrated and arriving on 1 Nov 1923
73......Alice Violet PEACH b 4 Oct 1907 Portsmouth d 21 Jan 1968 Portsmouth m Frederick G WIGMORE 2nd qr 1930 Portsmouth

30 Caroline Ann ADAMS m Charles John WHITE 1892 Sandown, IOW

Children of Charles and Caroline
74......Alice May WHITE b 1st qr 1893 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 641]
75......Charles WHITE b 3rd qr 1894 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 611]
76......George WHITE b 4th qr 1895 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 591]
77......Edith Daisy WHITE b 2nd qr 1898 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 604]
78......Edward WHITE b 2nd qr 1900 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 620]
79......Lilian Helen WHITE b 3rd qr 1901 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 619]
80......Ida Edith WHITE b a1st qr 1903 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 616]
81......Percival WHITE b 4th qr 1904 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 588]
82......William WHITE b 1st qr 1907 Isle of Wight [IOW 2b 598]

33 Robert Andrew ADAMS m Margaret L GRACE 4th qr 1919 [Southampton 2c 120]

Child of Robert and Margaret
83......Margaret R C ADAMS b 4th qr 1919 [Camberwell 1d 1588] m William V LEES 4th qr 1939 {Wandsworth 1d 2062]

35 Alice Millicent ADAMS m John RANDALL3rd qr 1913 [IOW 2b 1433]

Children of John and Alice
84......Millicent V RANDALL b 2nd qr 1914 [IOW 2b 1085] (twin of Wilfred)
85......Wilfred J RANDALL b 2nd qr 1914 [IOW 2b 1086] (twin of Millicent)

37 Alfred Ernest ADAMS m Elsie Harriet MOREY (b 1884 Newport, IOW) 2nd qr 1904 [IOW 2b 1399]

Note: Alfred was a shipwright and the family lived at 115 Talbot Rd, Southsea in 1911

Child of Alfred and Elsie
86......Alfred ADAMS b 1905 Portsmouth

60 Frank ADAMS m Mary Ann CABLE (b 1867 Rushmere) 4th qr 1886 [Mutford 4a 1838]

Note: Frank was a merchant, mariner and a coal dealer in Lowestoft. He had a sweet shop, butchers shop and a coal merchant, and became a leading businessman. In 1891 he had living in with him Hannah CAMPLING 48, a monthly nurse and his aunt as well as his sister in law, Gertrude BECKETT aged 19, single, born in Rushmere and recorded as a domestic servant. In 1911 there was a servant, Hilda SHARMAN aged 17 living in.

Children of Frank and Mary Ann

87......Ethel Annie ADAMS b 1889 d 6 Dec 1893 Lowestoft
88......Hilda Florence ADAMS b 1892 d 19 Mar 1893 aged 16 months
89......Frank Sylvester ADAMS b 1896 d 30 Mar 1977
90......Gladys Mary ADAMS b 12 Aug 1897 Lowestoft
91......Joseph ADAMS b 1902 d 14 Feb 1903 aged 9 months
92......Winifred Lilian ADAMS b 1908 d 23 Jul 1999
Note: Winifred, known by the family as Auntie Wyn, died a spinster

62 Joseph John ADAMS m Ellen Jane DONOGHUE (b 1st qr 1867 [Poplar 1c 744] d 24 Oct 1945) 3rd qr 1896 Birmingham [Birmingham 6d 396]

Note: Joseph was a coal dealer and they lived at 6 Wilde St Lowestoft at the time of their deaths. In 1911 the family was at 54 Beccles Road, Lowestoft

Children of Joseph and Ellen

93......Joseph John ADAMS d 11 Mar 1893 (19 weeks old)
Note 15 Joseph John died at 1 Capps Buildings, Beach, Lowestoft
94......Ellen Edith ADAMS b 1895 Lowestoft m Harry C CLARKE 2nd qr 1911 [Norwich 4b 326]
Note: Ellen was a milliner in 1911
95......Lillian Alice ADAMS b 1898 Lowestoft
96......Edith Eleanor ADAMS b 1901 Lowestoft d 26 Oct 1901 (3 months old)
Note: 16 Edith died at 304 Raglan Street, Lowestoft

38 George Welsh ADAMS m (a) Caroline FOSTER (b abt 1868 Kirkley) abt 1888 (b)Alice Jane REEVE (b 1871 Lowestoft) 1st qr 1907

Note: George was a fisherman. In 1901 the family was at 53 St George's Rd, Kirkley. In 1911 he was at sea, mate on the "Young Percy" a fishing boat (Harry COLEMAN was master)

Children of George and Caroline
97......Helen ADAMS b 1890 Kirkley
98......George Victor ADAMS b 3rd qr 1891Kirkley [Mutford 4a 948] d 2nd qr 1892 [Mutford 4a 537]
99......Thomas William ADAMS b 2nd qr 1894 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 943]
Note: In 1911 he was a trawl net fisherman
100....George Edward ADAMS b 3rd qr 1896 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 987]
101....Elise ADAMS b 1897 Kirkley [1901 census]
102....Lilian Alice ADAMS b 1st qr 1898 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1030]
Note: In 1911 Lilian was a net mender
103....William ADAMS b 1899 Kirkley [1901 census]
104....Gladys May ADAMS b 4th qr 1900 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1043] m Gilbert M MANN 1st qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2015]
Charles ADAMS b 1902 Kirkley [1901 census]

39 James Frederic ADAMS m Gertrude Maria R MULLENDER (b 1870 Pakefield) 1st qr 1892 [Mutford 4a 1079]

Note: James was a fisherman . In 1901 the family were at 12 Pakefield Street, Pakefield and in 1911 they were at 55 Kimberley Rd, Lowestoft

Children of jmaes and Gertrude
106......Randall James Frederick ADAMS b 4th qr 1893 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 921]
107......Ernest William ADAMS b 3rd qr 1895 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 990]
108......William Bertie ADAMS b 4th qr 1896 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1017] m Patience L PARKER 4th qr 1939 [Lothingland 4a 5579]
109......Gertrude ADAMS b 1905 Kirkley [1911 census]
James Frederick ADAMS b 1st qr 1906 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1171]
111......John G ADAMS b 2nd qr 1908 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1155]
112......Benjamin W ADAMS b 3rd qr 1910 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1151]

41 Ernest John ADAMS m Frances ANDERSON(b 1877 Reepham) 1st qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1217]

Note: Ernest was a coal hawker in 1911 and the family lived at 15 Lovewell Rd, Lowestoft.

Children of Ernest and Frances
113......Violet Sarah R ADAMS b 4th qr 1902 [Mutford 4a 1113]
114......Jessie Victoria ADAMS b 3rd qr 1906 [Mutford 4a 1137]
115......Ernest Ellery J ADAMS b 1st qr 1910 [Mutford 4a 1079]

42 Gertrude Ann ADAMS m William George THOMPSON 3rd qr 1903 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 2078]

Note: In 1911 the family was at 7 Witley Terrace, Carlton Rd, Pakefield and William was a fisherman

Children of William and Gertrude
116......Charles William THOMPSON b 3rd qr 1903 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1188]
117......Victor James THOMPSON b 3rd qr 1905 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1111]
118......William George Adams THOMPSON b 3rd qr 1907 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1118]
119......Winifred Emma Susanna THOMPSON b 2nd qr 1909 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1123]
120......Leonard Russell THOMPSON b 4th qr 1910 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 1030]

63 Mary Ann E ADAMS m James BOARDLEY (b 1875 Scarborough) 3rd qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1530]

Note: James was a carter in 1901 living at Nelson Rd, Lowestoft. There were probably other children between 1901 and 1911

Children of James and Mary Ann
121......James BOARDLEY b 1st qr 1894 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 990] d 4th qr 1964 Hackney [Hackney 69 5c page 651]
122......Alice BOARDLEY b 2nd qr 1896 Lowestoft
123......Ethel BOARDLEY b 1896 Lowestoft
124......Annie BOARDLEY b 1901 Lowestoft
125......Francis F BOARDLEY b 3rd qr 1912 Lowestoft
126......Iris I BOARDLEY b b 4th qr 1914 Lowestoft

65 Samuel Charles ADAMS m Maud Emma FOULGER (b 1878 Earsham) 4th qr 1906 [Mutford 4a 2356]

Note: in 1901 Samuel was a house painter living at St Georges Terrace, Beccles Rd Lowestoft and in a 1912 directory a beer retailer at 77 Crown St Lowestoft named Samuel ADAMS was recorded. The 1911 census shows him at 73 Cross Street as a beer retailer. In 1913 at the death of their son their address was "The Oak Tavern, Crown St, Lowestoft

Here is his signature in 1911:

Child of Samuel and Maud
127......Samuel Francis Robert ADAMS b 2nd qr 1908 [Mutford 4a 1169] bur 6 Oct 1913 Lowestoft

68 Elizabeth Eleanor ADAMS m William BURGESS (b 1880 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2089]

Note: In 1911 William was a carpenter and the family lived at 86 Queens Road, Lowestoft

Child of William and Elizabeth
128......Sidney William BURGESS b 4th qr 1909 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1101]
129......Reginald D BURGESS b 2nd qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 2246]
130......Doris L BURGESS b 4th qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 1911]
131......Gladys G BURGESS b 4th qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2035]
132......Iris M BURGESS b 4th qr 1921 [Blything 4a 1879]
133......Daisy K BURGESS b 1st qr 1923 [Blything 4a 1869]
134......Russell J BURGESS b 4th qr 1928 [Blything 4a 1617]
135......Hazel A BURGESS b 4th qr 1932 [Blything 4a 1551]


89 Frank Sylvester ADAMS m "Nancy" Annie S SAUNDERS 4th qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2996]

Frank was a pork butcher in 1911 living at 155 St Peters Street, Lowestoft
Children of Frank and Nancy
136......Frank S ADAMS b 4th qr 1921 [Mutford 4a 1966]
137......John W ADAMS b 2nd qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 1855]

90 Gladys Mary ADAMS m Edwin James HUMPHREY (b 29 Sep 1900 Reigate d 1973 Reading) abt 1929 St Margarets Lowestoft

Note: Edwin was a post office engineer
Children of Edwin and Gladys
138......Jean Mary ADAMS b 14 Aug 1930 Lowestoft d 1996 m David Owen JEBBITT
139......Jill Edwina ADAMS b 1936

99 Thomas William ADAMS m (a) Maud PARFITT (d 2nd qr 1918 [Ipswich 4a 992]) 2nd qr 1912 [Mutford 4a 2292] (b) Eleanor L K WATERS 3rd qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 2597]

Child of Thomas and Maud
140......Mary ADAMS b 1st qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 2993]

Children of Thomas and Eleanor
141......Hazel I ADAMS b 4th qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 2187]
142......Heoffrey G ADAMS b 1st qr 1921 [Mutford 4a 2103]
143......Alan T ADAMS b 3rd qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 1959]
144......Joan I ADAMS b 4th qr 1926 [Mutford 4a 1703]
145......John W ADAMS b 3rd qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1765]
146......Mary R ADAMS b 2nd qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 1682]

105 Charles ADAMS m Amelia PEARCE 4th qr 1927 [Mutford 4a 2919]

Children of Charles and Amelia
147......Eileen N ADAMS b 2nd qr 1928 [Ipswich 4a 1602]
148......Olive R ADAMS b 1st qr 1931 [Ipswich 4a 1633]
149......Keneth J ADAMS b 1st qr 1932 [Ipswich 4a 1552]

107 Ernest William ADAMS m Ethel M NICHOLS 2nd qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 2066]

Child of Ernest and Ethel
150......Arthur B ADAMS b 1st qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2697]

110 James Frederick ADAMS m Edna M JOLLY 3rd qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 3376]

Children of James and Edna
151......Jean M ADAMS b 2nd qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1808]
152......John F ADAMS b 3rd qr 1935 [Lothingland 4a 1687]
153......Peter ADAMS b 4th qr 1940 [Lothingland 4a 2320

113 Violet S R ADAMS m Thomas W COLE 3rd qr 1936 [Lothingland 4a 3926]

Children of Thomas and Violet
154......Thomas W COLE b 3rd qr 1937 [Lothingland 4a 1746]
155......Branda O COLE b 4th qr 1938 [Lothingland 4a 1551]

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