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(Names in red are my direct ancestors)


There were two other connections, first from the Mayes branch, descended from a MEWSE, and second through the marriage of Caleb Aldred and Ruth Mewse.

There is extra information about Aldred which may be helpful to researchers here ...

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Cobb...Coe...Cooper abt 1830Cooper 1796......Cotman...Cross...Crow...Collyer...Colman
Daniel...Dickinson...Dixon...Doyle...Durrant 1871...Durrant 1891...Eastmure...Edmonds...Fair
Fenn...Flaxman 1891...Flaxman 1995...Gaches...Gardner...Gibbs 1871...Gibbs 1891...Girling 1794...Green 1801
Green 1876...Guile...Hammant...Higgleton...Higham...Hipper...Howard...Hudson
Kett...Knowles...Long 1881...Long 1888...Manthorpe...Mason...Mayse...Mewse...Mickleborough
Sawyer...Shepherd 1751...Shepherd 1769...Shipman...Simmons...Sones...Smith...Spikman
Stewart...Sutton...Thompson...Thurlow...Thurtell...Tripp 1741...Tripp 1740...Tubby...Tyte
Utting...Utting 1906...Ware...Watson...Wayman...Webster...Wilson...Windust...Worledge...Youngman


The English surname 'Aldred' is derived from two germanic/english words. The 'Ald' part means 'old' or 'wise' and the 'red' means 'counsel'. [Thus Ethelred the unready was un-wise, not unprepared]. It appears in the Domesday Book in 1086 as 'Ailred' and 'Aldrel', and is taken to mean old or wise counsellor.

Early instances of the surname date back to the twelfth century and include the mention of one 'Rodger Aldredus' recorded in 1207 in the 'Pipe Rolls' for Devonshire. Another early recorded reference includes 'Magdalen Aldred' who married William Hawke in 1550 (London Marriage Licence). Another more famous person was Aldred, Achbishop of York (d. 1069), a diplomat sent to Germany by Edward the Confessor before the conquest, and who crowned William in 1066, and a later Roger Aldred was appointed attorney in the matter of the transfer of 10 acres of land in Winfarthing by the Duke of Norfolk, Treasurer and Marshal of England in 1533

Variants include Alldread, Alldril, Eldred, Aldried Alored and Alvard.

See the Aldred coat of arms


1 Robert ALDRED b abt 1570 (see will here) d 1611 in Brampton m Joan(e) SHIPMAN 25 Nov 1592 Orford

Note: Robert was probably the son of Robert ALDRED of Brampton who is listed in the Subsidy return for 1568, being assessed at £8 in land and paying 10s 8d

Children of Robert and Joan
2......Thomas ALDRED
3......Arthur ALDRED b abt 1600 d abt 1662
Note: Arthur was witness to the will of Francis Simons of Brampton in 1620
4......Robert ALDRED b 1602 Brampton
Note: Robert ALDRID and George ALDRID (Robert's brother? or cousin? or uncle?) were recorded as from Brampton in 1628 as Justices of the Peace, and contributors of 1d per week to the poor of Dunwich


2 Thomas ALDRED m (a) Ann COCKE of Brampton (b) m Mary CHICKERING (bap 20 May 1591 Bramfield) 3 May 1624 Wrentham (or 4 May 1622 Thorington) [IGI]

Ann was the daughter of Christian COCKE, whose will you can see here

Children of Thomas and Ann
5......George ALDRED b bef 1610 m Ann
6......Margaret ALDRED b 1611
7......James ALDRED b 1612 d 1652 Shaddingfield
8......William ALDRED b 1613 d after 1654 Dunwich
9......Arthur ALDRED b 1614
10....Thomas ALDRED b 1615
11....Joan ALDRED b 1616

3 Arthur ALDRED m (a) unknown (b) Margaret SONES Uggeshall 1639 [Boyd]

Note: Arthur was a yeoman in Brampton. See will

Children of Arthur and unknown

12.....Robert ALDRED b abt 1630 Brampton
13......Daniel ALDRED b 1633
Note: Daniel was assessed for hearth tax in 1672 - he had two hearths in Brampton.
14......Ann ALDRED b 1635
15......Alice ALDRED b 1637 m TYTE
16......Mary ALDRED b 1639 m Henry SAMPSON 8 Oct 1651 Westhall


4 Robert ALDRED m 4a Elizabeth

Note: Robert was apprentice to George SPIKMAN from March 1636/7 and worked in Gt Yarmouth as a grocer and hosier. He was a member of Yarmouth Corporation until 1661.

In 1688, Elizabeth CLARKE was convicted of stealing one pound's weight of candles from John ALDRED, grocer. Her punishment was "to be whipped from the middle upward and publicly whipped in the Market Place of Lowestoft until her body be bloody". After the flogging she was to be released - but she and her husband had to pay 2s 4d goal fees for the time she spent in the lock up at Beccles [David Butcher Lowestoft 1550 - 1750]
Susan Blake found the following in the in the Middlegate Chapel records dated 25 Sep 1652 which is not relevant to the branch directly, but of some interest: "It was ordered Tuesday October the 2: that the Church meet together to seek the Lord for the preservation of this Town from the plague..."

Child of Robert and Elizabeth
17......Caleb ALDRED bap 1 Feb 1653 Gt Yarmouth Independent Church m Elizabeth OFFICIALL 1687 [Boyd] St Michael at Plea, Norwich
Note: In 1670 Caleb was a freeman of Great Yarmouth
18.....Timothy ALDRED bap 1 Feb 1653 Gt Yarmouth Independent Church
Note: In 1674 Timothy was a freeman of Gt Yarmouth
19.....Elizabeth ALDRED bap 23 Oct 1655 Gt Yarmouth Independent Church
20......Jabez ALDRED bap 25 Jan 1658 Middlegate Congregational Chapel bur 28 May 1696 in Lowestoft St Margarets
21.....Daniel ALDRED bap 19 Feb 1661 Gt Yarmouth Independent Church
22.....Susanna ALDRED bap 30 Sep 1664 Gt Yarmouth Independent Church

7 James ALDRED m Margery SMITH abt 1633

Children of James and Margery
7a......James ALDRED dob unknown
7b......William ALDRED dob unknown
7c......Ellen ALDRED dob unknown
7d......Thomas ALDRED dob unknown
7e......John ALDRED dob unknown
7f......Mary ALDRED dob unknown
Note: In this generation there were also two more ALDRED families in Lowestoft.

John ALDRED m Alice and had children James, John, Judith and Sarah 1672 to 1676.
In 1683 the Lowestoft Court roll records: "Admission of John Aldred to the messuage in which he lives in Lowestoft next to the town house to the north, a lane to the south and the high street to the east"
and in 1701, the same rolls record the "Admission of John Aldred on the surrender of Henry Ware to a tenement in Lowestoft next to Whitehorse Lane to the north and on the common street, east"
In 1703 the Lowestoft Court Rolls show "Admission of John Aldred on the surrender of John Worledge to a messuage called the White Horse in the market place in Lowestoft next to a common lane, north, and the High Street, east, 1703." NRO ref PD589/149, 150, 151 In 1672 John was assessed for hangers of herrings at 2s.od per last for 20 lasts (£2..18s..0d)

The second was
Edward ALDRED who married Margaret MUNDS 26 Dec 1672, was bur 26 Feb 1684 at Lowestoft and had a child Elizabeth bap Jan 1675. Edward was assessed for hangers of Herring at 2s od per last for 28 lasts in 1672. There is an inventory for Margaret as a widow in NRO dated 1694-6 ref DN/INV67A/79


23 James ALDRED m Ane

CHild of James and Ane
24......John ALDRED bap 22 Jan 1685 Lowestoft
25......Alice ALDRED bap 8 Jul 1688 Lowestoft

20 Jabez ALDRED m (a) Margaret WAYMAN abt 1680 Lowestoft

Note: Jabez was made freeman of Lowestoft 1679 and in 1672 had been recorded as paying tax on 4 hearths. In 1690 at the Leet Court, he was fined 6d for depositing sewage from his latrine in Swan Score.

Children of Jabez and Margaret

26......Robert ALDRED bap 22 Jul 1681 Lowestoft bur 11 Aug 1681 Lowestoft St Margarets
27......Jabez ALDRED bap 3 Aug 1682 Lowestoft d 5 Oct 1733 Lowestoft [IGI] m Margaret (widow, b abt 1660 bur 12 Jun 1720 Lowestoft ) 8 Apr 1698 Lowestoft
28......Officiall ALDRED bap 20 Jan 1683 Lowestoft
29......Caleb ALDRED bap 19 Mar 1685 Lowestoft d 20 Dec 1723 Lowestoft
30......Elizabeth ALDRED bap 29 Jul 1687 Lowestoft bur 4 Jan 1766 Lowestoft
31......Katherine ALDRED bap 17 Apr 1690 Lowestoft bur 17 Mar 1729 Lowestoft
32......John ALDRED bap 2 Aug 1692 Lowestoft m Phillis BAKER 1705 Blyford


28 Officiall ALDRED bap 20 Jan 1683 m 17a Mary CHANDLER (d 1727, Lowestoft) 3 Jan 1703 Lowestoft

Children of Officiall and Mary
33......Margarett ALDRED bap 29 Jul 1705 Lowestoft
34......Official ALDRED bap 20 Aug 1707 Lowestoft
35......Mary ALDRED bap 8 Jul 1710 Lowestoft

29 Caleb ALDRED bap 19 Mar 1685 m 18a Ruth MEWSE (bur 12 Oct 1738 Lowestoft) 13 Jul 1705 Lowestoft

Note - Ruth was married to Caleb as Ruth SMITH, with 'MEWSE" crossed out. This seems to confirm that she was the illegitimate daughter of Ruth Smith, although step daughter to William Mewse

Caleb was a bricklayer

There is a monumental inscription in St Margaret's Church which says "Here lieth the bodies of the three children of Caleb and Ruth Aldred. Mary, Samuel and Obed 1718."

Children of Caleb and Ruth
36......Caleb ALDRED bap 25 May 1706 Lowestoft bur 4 Jan 1750 Lowestoft
Note: Caleb was apprenticed to Thomas Durham of Cotton in the sum of £12
37......Jabez ALDRED bap 10 Aug 1707 Lowestoft bur 5 Oct 1733 Lowestoft “Lost at Sea "off Richard Magelles" aged 24
38......John ALDRED bap 11 Feb 1709/10 Lowestoft

From Ipswich Journal of 6 Mar 1762

39......Joshua ALDRED bap 9 Sep 1711 Lowestoft b 2 Nov 1733 as single man
40......Justina bap 9 Sep 1711 Lowestoft
41......Ruth ALDRED bap 4 July 1713/4 bur 6 Jul 1747 as spinster Lowestoft
42......Mary ALDRED bap 29 Dec 1714 Lowestoft
43......Samuel ALDREDbap 2 Mar 1715/6 Lowestoft bur 1 Aug 1718 Lowestoft
44......Obed ALDREDbap 2 Jul 1717 Lowestoft bur 13 Aug 1718 Lowestoft
45......Samuel ALDREDbap 20 May 1719 Lowestoft bur 20 Feb 1737/8 Lowestoft
Thomas ALDRED b abt 1720 Lowestoft
47......Obed ALDRED bap 1 Jul 1721 Lowestoft bur 23 Jul 1788 Lowestoft

30 Elizabeth ALDRED bap 29 Jul 1687 m John EDMONDS (bap 18 Jan 1684 Mountergate, Norwich bur 13 Nov 1741 Lowestoft) 12 Oct 1712 Lowestoft -See Edmonds branchhere

John was a labourer in Lowestoft.

Children of John Edmonds and Elizabeth

48......Elizabeth EDMONDS bap 13 Sep 1713 Lowestoft bur 27 Jul 1801 Lowestoft
49......Margaret EDMONDS b 1714/15 d 1777 Lowestoft m (a) 34a James PEARSON 21 May 1738 Lowestoft (b) 34b Robert TRIPP 1740 [see Tripp branch]
50...... John EDMONDS bap 18 Jan 1716/7 d 13 Nov 1784 bur 22 Nov 1784 aged 68
51......Mary EDMONDS bap 28 Aug 1720 Lowestoft bur 2 Aug 1725 Lowestoft

31 Katherine ALDRED bap 17 Apr 1690 bur 12 Mar 1729 m 20a Abraham PAGE 16 Nov 1712 , a mariner, bur 1 Oct 1729.

Note - Katherine was buried on the same day as newborn daughter Margaret: presumably died in childbirth.

Children of Abraham and Katherine
52......Mary PAGEbap 5 Sep 1725 Lowestoft - an orphan at 4 years old.
53......Joseph PAGEbap 24 Oct 1727 Lowestoft bur 31 Oct 1727
54......Margaret PAGE bap 7 Mar 1729 Lowestoft bur 12 Mar 1729 Lowestoft

Note: In this generation there was a Mary ALDRED m Edward ANNIS 12 Feb 1709 Lowestoft, a Nicholas ALDRED who married Mary MASON 12 Sep 1706 Lowestoft and a Thomas ALDRED who married Elizabeth COLLYER 4 Dec 1737 Lowestoft d 10 Mar 1829 . It was probably the same Thomas (of Lowestoft) who married as a widower Tabitha MICKLEBOROUGH of Loddon in Chedgrave on 12 Aug 1740 (see Mickleborough branch here)

Also there was a Hellen Aldred bap 7 Nov 1704 daughter of Thomas and Ann Aldred


36 Caleb ALDRED bap 25 May 1706 (Bricklayer) bur 4 Jan 1750 m (a) Mary UTTING 15 Apr 1729 (b) 24a Sarah BULL ( bap 12 Aug 1711) 13 Jan 1730 Lowestoft

Note - Sarah married as a widow Thomas SHEPHERD 19 Dec 1751 Carleton

Children of Caleb and Sarah
55......Caleb ALDRED bap 9 Oct 1733 Lowestoft bur 27 Jan 1735 Lowestoft aged 18 mo
56......Sarah ALDRED bap 24 Oct 1735 Lowestoft
57......Anne ALDRED bap 20 Jan 1738 Lowestoft bur 16 Aug 1738 Lowestoft
58......Anne ALDRED bap 6 Jul 1739 Lowestoft bur 30 Nov 1740 17 mo
59......Caleb ALDRED bap 16 Aug 1741 Lowestoft
Note: Caleb was apprenticed to Wm Nun of Uggeshall in 1753 in the sum of £6 as a cordwainer
60......Ruth ALDRED bap 5 Oct 1743 Lowestoft bur 19 Jan 1749 Lowestoft
61......Elizabeth ALDRED bap 4 Nov 1745 Lowestoft bur 5 Dec 1745 Lowestoft
62......Jabez ALDRED bap 28 Sep 1746 Lowestoft bur 17 Feb 1747 Lowestoft
63......Jabez ALDRED bap 27 Jan 1748 d 26 Jun 1804 Lowestoft Lowestoft, bur 29 Jun 1804 Lowestoft m Rachel
Note: Jabez was landlord of the "Queen's Head" at his death
64......Ruth ALDRED bap 27 Jun 1750 Lowestoft after father’s death bur 22 Jul 1750 Lowestoft

46 Thomas ALDRED m Tabitha

Children of Thomas and Tabitha
65......Tabitha ALDRED bap 18 Jul 1743 Lowestoft bur 20 Jul 1743 Lowestoft
66......Margaret ALDRED bur 22 Jul 1744 Lowestoft
67......Thomas ALDRED bap 22 Aug 1746 Lowestoft bur 16 Oct 1746 Lowestoft

47 Obed ALDRED bap 1 Jul 1721 bur 23 Jul 1788 m 47a Tryphoena or Triphena DIXON (bap 14 Oct 1715 d 2 Jan 1791 bur 6 Jan 1791) on 5 Aug 1750 by licence

Tombstone in St Margarets Church, Lowestoft

Note: See Obed's will here and Tryphoena's will here For Tryphoena's ancestry see Mayes and Dixon Branch here
Tryphoena was the daughter of Samuel DIXON and Tryphoena MAYSE and great grand-daughter to James MAYES and Mary MEWSE [ see Mewse Branch]

Obed was both a brickmaker, bricklayer and owner of fishing craft and was one of the founders of the Lowestoft Porcelain factory (See item on Lowestoft Porcelain here), but there is no evidence that he worked in the factory, although he may well have advised on subjects such as kilns and firing. Manor Court records show that he worked closely with Philip Walker and was producing bricks with him in 1760 when they were jointly given permission to erect a brick kiln on Drake's Heath. In 1735 he was in occupation of a bruary (uncultivated land) in Lowestoft of six and a half acres. He was churchwarden at St Margaret's Church in 1757, 1767, 1768, and from 1774 to 1778. In 1769 he was a witness to the will of John WILSON of Lowestoft. You can see the website of the modern Lowestoft Porcelain factory here, and Obed's house here. Obed was also a member of the firm Stannard and Aldred which was engaged in the herring trade from 1769 to 1778

from Ipswich Journal, Sat 8 Jan 1791

Children of Obed and Tryphoena
68......Samuel Dixon ALDRED bap 16 Jul 1752 Lowestoft - he was a feoffee of the church at Lowestoft
69......Tryphoena ALDRED bap 20 Aug 1753 Lowestoft m Matthew BOTSON 16 May 1779 in Lowestoft
70......Ruth ALDRED bap 19 Mar 1755 Lowestoft bur 7 June 1756 Lowestoft
71......Obed ALDRED bap 22 Jul 1757 Lowestoft bur 15 Aug 1757 Lowestoft

48 Elizabeth EDMONDS bap 13 Sep 1713
m 33a Thomas TRIPP (b Sep 1712 bur 15 Sep 1799) on 31 Dec 1741 Lowestoft

Note: see Tripp branchhere

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth

72......Susannah TRIPPb 1743 Lowestoft bur 27 Jul 1743
73......Thomas TRIPP bap 25 May 1744 Lowestoft
74......Elizabeth TRIPP b abt 1744 bur 9 Feb 1826 Lowestoft
75......Stephen TRIPP b 1745 Lowestoft bur 18 Jan 1747 Lowestoft
76......Stephen TRIPP bap 22 Mar 1747 Lowestoft bur 31 May 1747 Lowestoft
77......Susannah TRIPPbap 17 Apr 1748 Lowestoft
78......Elizabeth TRIPP bap 21 Jan 1750 Lowestoft

Note: In this generation there was also a James ALDRED who married Elizabeth and had a daughter Anne bap 21 Apr 1755 Lowestoft and another daughter Elizabeth bap 21 Apr 1755 Lowestoft


59 Caleb ALDRED bap 16 Aug 1741 Lowestoft) 44a Martha CROSS

Note: Martha married James CROSS 18 Apr 1776 as a widow

Children of Caleb and Martha

79......Jeffrey ALDREDbap 22 Aug 1765 Lowestoft bur 11 Nov 1766
80......Martha ALDRED
81......Elizabeth ALDRED bap 2 Mar 1772 bur 20 Sep 1774
82......Phoebe Cross ALDRED bap 9 Jul 1774 (twin)
83......James Cross ALDRED bap 9 Dec 1774 (twin)
Note: These last children may have been James CROSS's

63 Jabez ALDRED bap 27 Jan 1748 m (1) 48a Rachel GUILE dau of Robert GUILE and Elizabeth SHEPHERD abt 1769

Note: Jabez made a will which I have not seen, but the Inland Revenue (IR26/390) records that in it he appointed his son Jabez and John THURTELL of Hopton, farmer, his executors, each receiving 20 pounds for their trouble. You can read about John
here and see him with his family in the Browne branch

Advertisement in the Ipswich Journal of 3 Nov 1778

Advertisement in the Ipswich Journal of 8 Jul 1780

From Bury and Norwich Press of 25 Apr 1810

Children of Caleb and Rachel

84......Sarah ALDRED bap 5 Sept 1770 Lowestoft

From the Ipswich Journal of 6 Apr 1799

85......Jabez ALDRED bap 14 Feb 1772 Lowestoft m ANN GIRLING (wid) of the Queen's Head Inn 22 Sep 1794 Lowestoft [Norf Chronicle 27 Sep 1794]
Note: Jabez held a lease for which the freehold was sold on 15 Aug 1809. In 1848 he was a bebeficiary in a will of Abraham ATKINSON [Sfk beneficiary Index 1847 - 1857]. The Ipswich Journal of 15 Oct 1796 reported the marriage of Miss Aldred the daughter of Mr Jabez ALDRED to Mr Wm COOPER a farmer of Kessingland

From Ipswich Journal of 28 Mar 1795

86......Elizabeth ALDRED b abt 1772 bur 1774 Lowestoft
87......Samuel ALDRED bap 31 May 1775 Lowestoft m Mary CHEANEY of Kirkley 20 Mar 1802 Lowestoft [Ipswich Journal 20 Mar 1802]
88......Robert ALDRED bap 25 Mar 1777 Lowestoft - in 1790 he was living in Blundeston m Susan YOUNGMAN 6 Feb 1811 Kirkley

From Ipswich Journal of 12 Oct 1799

89 ......William ALDRED bap 7 Jul 1781 Lowestoft m Martha GARDNER 1802 Lowestoft (Pallot)
89a....George ALDRED bap 30 May 1784 Wrentham
89b....Benjamin ALDRED bap 9 Aug 1785 Wrentham

68 Samuel Dixon ALDRED bap 16 Jul 1752 m (a) Judith HIGHAM (b 1752 d 7 May 1782 aged 29 bur 10 May 1782) (b) Elizabeth OSBORN 22 Mar 1784 d abt 1787/8 (c) Ann SHEPPARD 6 Aug 1788 Spitalfields Christ Church Tower Hamlets [register]

Tombstone in St Margarets Church, Lowestoft

The Ipswich Journal of 7 Jan 1786 reported that Samuel Aldred was a subscriber to the Benacre Association for prosecuting horsestealers etc.

What exactly happened in 1787 is unclear, but three newpaper clippings show something of interest

From Ipswich Journal of Jun 1787

From Ipswich Journal of 29 Sep 1787

From Ipswich Journal of 3 Nov 1787

Note: Samuel Dixon Aldred made a will on 4 Aug 1788 leaving everything to his wife Ann, who was executrix. The will was proved 16 April 1792. At the time of making his will, Samuel was a victualler living at "The sign of the Pheonix, Pheonix Street, Spitalfields Mdx" In his will he says that he was sick in body but of perfect memory - he clearly recovered well!

Children of Samuel Dixon and Judith
90......Samuel Higham ALDRED bap 26 Sep 1774 Lowestoft d 2nd Nov 1858 Gt Yarmouth

From Ipswich Journal of 25 Aug 1798

91......Mary ALDRED bap 18 Mar 1776 Lowestoft
Note: Mary was recorded in Yarmouth in 1841 unmarried
92......Tryphoena ALDRED bap 17 Mar 1778 Lowestoft m James GREEN Thursday, 25 Apr 1801 Great Yarmouth [Bury and Norwich Post 29 Apr 1801]
Note: James was a timber and deal merchant
93......Sarah ALDRED bap 4 Apr 1780 Lowestoft

Children of Samuel Dixon and Elizabeth
94......John Obed ALDRED bap 3 Feb 1785 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1866 Blything
Note: This may be the John Aldred mentioned in Hunt's Directory of 1850 as being a grocer in Beccles
95......Joshua ALDRED bap 31 Jan 1786 Lowestoft


90 Samuel Heigham ALDRED m Ann DANIEL (b abt 1776 d 1st qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth [GY 4b 12])20 Apr 1796 Gt Yarmouth

Note:On 26 November 1800 the London Gazette records that Ensign Samuel Higham Aldred was to be Lieutenant and Adjutant of the Yarmouth Volunteer Association. In 1815 the London Gazette records him as a creditor of one Abraham BROWN, a tailor and army contractor in Ipswich currently in debtors prison, and in the previous year he had been a creditor of one James Alfred CLUETT a hairdresser in Colchester. 1839 saw Samuel being made adjutant to the 3rd Western Regiment in the County of Norfolk. In 1841 Samuel is recorded as a silversmith in George Street, Gt Yarmouth, with wife Ann and a grandson(?) John aged 14. In 1851, still at George Street, there were two servants living in: Mary Ann BARKER (b abt 1825 Ashill) and Mary Ann BANKS (b abt 1828 Gt Yarmouth). In 1861 Ann is described as a retired haberdasher aged 86 living with daughter 107 Fanny as housekeeper and Sarah STEWART as a house servant, aged 25, born Stokesley. In 1871 Ann is recorded as a silvermith's widow living in Regent Road aged 95

Samuel's will was proved on 11 Jan 1850 at Norwich and sons Samuel Botson (living at 70 Holborn Bridge, London, a woollen draper) and Charles Cory ( a surgeon were the executors. At the time of his death he was described as a silversmith and Haberdasher.

from Bury and Norwish Post 21 Mar 1804

and the value in 2012 would be £143900.00p

Children of Samuel and Ann
96......Mary ALDRED b 8 Oct 1796 Gt Yarmouth bap 14 Oct 1796 living with parents in 1841 d 1st qr 1847 Gt Yarmouth
97......Samuel Botson ALDRED b 6 Sep 1797 Gt Yarmouth bap 8 Nov 1797 Gt Yarmouth
98......Ann ALDRED b 8 Mar 1799 Gt Yarmouth bap 11 Mar 1799 d 2nd qr 1855 Gt Yarmouth
99......John Daniel ALDRED b 24 Jun 1791 bap 25 Jun 1791 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1845 Gt Yarmouth
100....William ALDRED b 17 Mar 1803 Gt Yarmouth bap 19 Mar 1803 Gt Yarmouth
101....Margaret ALDRED b 26 Aug 1805 Gt Yarmouth bap 29 Aug 1805 Gt Yarmouth
102....Edward R ALDRED b 3 Jun 1807 Gt Yarmouth bap 5 Jun 1807 Gt Yarmouth
103....Henry ALDRED b 15 May 1809 Gt Yarmouth bap 18 May 1808 Gt Yarmouth
Note: There is an apprenticeship record which shows Henry, son of Samuel Higham Aldred to Samuel Botson Aldred on 11 Aug 1824 , 76 Samuel being a member of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawyers Company. 76 Samuel Botson Aldred was Henry's brother.
104....Edward Reynolds ALDRED b 1809 Gt Yarmouth d bef 1881
105....Charles Cory ALDRED b 23 Mar 1811 Gt Yarmouth bap 23 Mar 1811 Gt Yarmouth d 28 Jun 1884 Gt Yarmouth Probate date 21 Oct 1884
106....William ALDRED b 1812 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1868 Gt Yarmouth m 4th qr 1846 Gt Yarmouth
107....Fanny ALDRED bap 16 Jan 1813 Gt Yarmouth d 2nd qr 1898 Gt Yarmouth as a spinster
Note: In 1861 she was housekeeping for her 86 year old mother
108....James Leach ALDRED bap 25 Sep 1815 Gt Yarmouth d 6 May 1828 Gt Yarmouth

91 Mary ALDRED m Curtis EASTMURE 17 Apr 1789

Children of Curtis and Mary
109......Curtis EASTMURE b 1795 Gt Yarmouth d 1795 Gt Yarmouth
110......Marrianne EASTMURE b 1797 Gt Yarmouth d 1798 Gt Yarmouth
111......Samuel Valentine EASTMURE b 1798 Gt Yarmouth
112......James Curtis EASTMURE b 1799 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1852 Gt Yarmouth
113......Curtis Aldred EASTMURE b 1800 Gt Yarmouth


83 James Cross ALDRED m Mary FAIR

Note: In 1841 James was in Blything Union Workhouse with a Caroline ALDRED (b 1826)

Children of James and Mary
114......James Fair b 3 Mar 1805 Gt Yarmouth bap 5 Mar 1805 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1867 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 5]
115......John Fair ALDRED b 10 Sep 1807 Gt Yarmouth bap 11 Sep 1807 Gt Yarmouth
116......George Fair ALDRED b 8 Dec 1809 Gt Yarmouth bap 20 Dec 1809 Gt Yarmouth
117......William Fair ALDRED b 11 Oct 1812 Gt Yarmouth bap 13 Oct 1812 Gt Yarmouth
118......Samuel ALDRED bap 28 Sep 1819 Gt Yarmouth m Elizabeth CLARKE (b abt 1824) Mutford {Mutford 4a 1004]
Note: In 1841 Samuel was a labourer living in Row 37. In 1861 and 1871 he was a beachman living at Row 30 No 4 Great Yarmouth
119......Curtis ALDRED bap 16 Aug 1821 Gt Yarmouth d 30 Jan 1884 Gt Yarmouth Probate granted 28 Mar 1884

104 Edward Reynolds ALDRED m Maria ANDERSON (b 1805 Southwark d 2nd qr 1803 Gt Yarmouth)

Note: The 1841 census shows Edward as a silversmith at South Quay. Also living at his address was Henry COOPER, aged 10, Lydia PITCHER, servant aged 20, Elizabeth CHITTLEBURGH, sevant aged 20 and John COOPER, aged 20.
Hunt's directory of 1850 describes him as a councillor. In 1861 he was a silversmith, jeweller and watchmaker in 56 George St, Gt Yarmouth. He employed one man and two boys, and he had a visitor, 13 year old John COLMAN born in Huntingdon. Two servants were present: Happy BENNACRE aged 70 (?) from Thorpe, Norwich and 37 year old Ann BURCHAM from Huntingdon

Children of Edward and Marie
120....Edward Cooper ALDRED b 1832 Gt Yarmouth [census 1851] d 1st qr 1899 aged 68 [Edmonton 3a 628]
Note: In 1851 Edward was a "Dress assistant"
121......Samuel R ALDRED b 1832 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1909 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Samuel was an auctioneer in 1861
122......Helen ALDRED b 1837 Gt Yarmouth m 4th qr 1861 Gt Yarmouth
123......Duncan Anderson ALDRED b Jan/Feb 1841 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Kellys 1904 directory shows a D A Aldred living at 48 Wellesley Road, Gt Yarmouth

105 Charles Cory ALDRED m Sarah Kelt COBB (b 1817 d 4th qr 1897 Gt Yarmouth) 15 Apr 1839 [Gt Yarmouth 13 504]

Note: Charles was a sugeon and apothecary in 1841, living at the Market Place in 1850, and described as the same (MRCS, LRACol) in 1861 living at Dene House, Gt Yarmouth.
He had a neice staying at the census - Kate ALDRED b 1846 a draper's assistant, and there was a boarder, Roger MANTHORPE a medical dispenser from Colchester. Also present were the cook, Louisa BRINDY b 1821 in Mundham, Dinah REEVES a house servant born 1838 West Toft and Ann THURLOW b 1840 in Beccles.
In 1858 the Norfolk Chronicle reported that he was president of the Board of Health, and that he would pay for the continuation of the Yarmouth Marine Parade so far as his land frontage.

In 1871 he was a surgeon and a magistrate, and in 1881 he is listed as "Magistrate, Alderman and General Practitioner, MRCS, SCAC. living at Regent Road with wife Sarah. In 1876 he was a trustee of the Children's Hospital and agreed to let Thomas GREEN rent a piece of the hosptal garden for £3 2s 10d yearly.He was Mayor of Gt Yarmouth in 1856, 1865,1866 and again in 1885

Sarah was the daughter of Simon Thompson COBB, Mayor of Yarmouth, and Sarah KETT and grandaughter of John COBB and Susannah THOMPSON

from the Bury and Norwich Post of 30 Nov 1842

Children of Charles and Sarah
124......Charles Cobb ALDRED b 4th qr 1842 [Gt Yarmouth 13 341] d 3rd qr 1865 Gt Yarmouth
125......Sarah Kell ALDRED b 3rd qr 1842 [Loddon 13 171] bap 10 Jun 1847 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Sarah was still at home, unmarried in Dene House in 1871 and at Regent Street in 1881. In 1901 she was still single and living with sister Emily F at 23 Prince Rd, Gt Yarmouth
126......Arthur ALDRED b 3rd qr 1851 [Gt Yarmouth 13 381] d 4th qr 1913 [Wangford 4a 1131] aged 62
Note: In 1871 Arthur was a student and was boarding at the Recory, Gresham, Norfolk
127......Agnes Ellen ALDRED b 4th qr 1853 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 19]
Note: Agnes was still at home in Dene House in 1871
128......Emily Fanny ALDRED b 2nd qr 1855 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 12] d 1st qr 1918 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 37] aged 62
Note: In 1881 Emily was unmarried and living at home. In 1901 she was still single and living with sister Emily F at 23 Prince Rd, Gt Yarmouth

106 William ALDRED m Charlotte SAMPSON (b abt 1814 Bricet) 27 Feb 1832 Wangford, Suffolk.

Note: Charlotte's father, James SAMPSON aged 60 was living with the family in 1841 and 1851. In 1841 the family was at 14 Cottage, Church Rd, Wrentham. In 1881 William was a marine store dealer.

Children of William and Charlotte
129......Elizabeth ALDRED b abt 1835 Wangford
130......Robert ALDRED b abt 1837 Wangford
131......Benjamin ALDRED b abt 1840 Wangford
131a....George ALDRED b abt 1843 Wangford
Note In 1861 George was a smiths apprentice
131b....Caroline ALDRED b abt 1846 Wangford
Note: In 1861 Caroline was a housekeeper
131c....Frederic ALDRED b abt 1847 Wangford
132......William ALDRED b abt 1850 Wangford
132a....James ALDRED b 1853 Wangford
132b....Henry ALDRED b 1856 Wangford
Note: In 1881 Henry was a fisherman
132c....Charles ALDRED b 1858 Wangford
Note: In 1881 Charles was a plate layer boarding at 64 Steven St, Lowestoft

119 Curtis ALDRED m Mary Ann PARKER (b 1829 Gt Yarmouth d 4th qr 1909) 22 May 1848 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1841, Curtis was an apprentice block and mast make and Mary Ann was a dressmaker. The 1850 directory of Lowestoft mentions the firm of Aldred and Morl (should this be Morley?) The 1851 census records Curtis as a block and mast maker living with his wife at 13 North Quay Street, Gt Yarmouth. In 1861 he was a blockmaker employing 1 man and 4 boys. In 1871 the family was at Queens Road, Gt Yarmouth. In 1881 he was described as a "Mast and block maker, living at Row 57 no 5" with Mary Ann. Mary Ann remarried in 3rd qr 1884 Gt Yarmouth

Children of Curtis and Mary Ann
133......Curtis ALDRED b 3rd qr 1850 d 2nd qr 1858 Gt Yarmouth
134......James Doyle ALDRED b 1839 Gt Yarmouth m 4th qr 1869 Gt Yarmouth and again in 1st qr 1875 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1876 Gt Yarmouth
135......Eleanor Ann ALDRED b 2nd qr 1849 Gt Yarmouth
136......Curtis Henry ALDRED b 3rd qr 1850 Gt Yarmouth
137......Harriet ALDRED b 1851 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Harriet was still at home in 1871
138......Curtis Edward ALDRED b 3rd qr 1852 Gt Yarmouth
Lorina b 3rd qr 1853 Gt Yarmouth


114 James Fair ALDRED m (a) Ann DOYLE (b 1812 d 2nd qr 1855 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 4]) 1st qr 1838 [Gt Yarmouth 13 521] (b) Harriet DOYLE (b 1821) 2nd qr 1859 [Mutford 4a 1022]

Note: James was a mariner. Harriet, a dress maker was living with the family in 1841 and 1851 at 97 Row, St Georges ward, Gt Yarmouth

Children of James and Ann
140......James Doyle ALDRED b 1840 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1876 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 22]
141......John Fair ALDRED b Apr/May 1841 Gt Yarmouth [census]
142......Mary Ann E ALDRED b 1843 Gt Yarmouth
143......Maria R ALDRED b 1845 Gt Yarmouth
144......Edmund Matthew ALDRED b 1849 Gt Yarmouth
145......Walter Charles ALDRED bap 25 Aug 1850 Gt Yarmouth

115 John Fair ALDRED m Laura Maria HOWARD (b 1869) 12 May 1899

Note: Laura was the daughter of John HOWARD

Children of John and Laura

146......Ada Laura ALDRED b 14 Mar 1891 Gt Yarmouth bap 26 Mar 1891 Gt Yarmouth
147......Reginald Percy ALDRED b 8 Nov 1900 Gt Yarmouth bap 16 Dec 1900 Gt Yarmouth

120 Edward Cooper ALDRED m (a) Elizabeth Rebecca WINDUST (b 1842 London) 3rd qr 1860 [Pancras 1b 86] d 1st qr 1875 [Holborn 29 1b page 540] (b) Frances Susan CLARK (b 1852 Silsoe Bedfordshire) before 1881[1881 census]

Note: Edward was a woollen draper in 1861 living with Elizabeth at 21 Baker Street, Clerkenwell. By 1871 he was a commercial traveller living with Elizabeth at Copenhagen Street, Islington. In 1881, still a commercial traveller, he was with Frances Susan at 9 Station Rd or Terrace, Edmonton

Children of Edward and Elizabeth
148......Alice Maria ALDRED b 1st qr 1862 London Middlesex [Clerkenwell 1b 557]
149......Alice Elizabeth ALDRED b 1864 Hornsea, Middlesex [1871 census]

Children of Edward and Frances Susan
150......Fannie ALDRED b 1875 Herne Bay [1881 census]
151......Edward Charles ALDRED b 3rd qr 1876 Finsbury Park [Islington 1b 356]
Note: In 1891 Edward was at 15 Oakford Street, St Pancras working as an auctioneer's clerk and Insurance agent. This may be the Edward Aldred, auctioneer, shown in Kelly's directory of 1904 as living at 10 Beaconsfield Road, New Town Gt Yarmouth.
152......Henrietta Amelia ALDRED b 1st qr 1878 Southgate Mdx [Edmonton 3a 264]
153......Frederick William b 2nd qr 1879 Southgate, Mdx [Edmonton 3a 260]
Note: Frederick emigrated to St John's NB from Liverpool on 4 Mar 1911 on board the Empress of Ireland, shown below.

RMS Empress of Ireland was an ocean liner built in 1905 by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering at Govan on the Clyde in Scotland for Canadian Pacific Steamships. This Empress was distinguished by the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) prefix in front of her name because the British government and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) had decades earlier reached agreement on a mail subsidy contract between Britain and Hong Kong via Canada.

Fortunately for Frederick who travelled in 1911, while steaming on the Saint Lawrence River in fog, the Empress was struck amidships by the Norwegian collier (coal freighter) SS Storstad; and the fatally damaged vessel sank very quickly in the early morning of 29 May 1914. This accident claimed 1,012 lives, making it the worst maritime disaster in Canadian history.

121 Samuel ALDRED m (a) Henrietta Jane BARBER (d aged 37 1st qr 1878 [Gt Yarmouth4b 2]) 3rd qr 1864 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 11] (b) partnered with Georgiana BROOK abt 1887

Note: In 1881 Samuel is listed as an auctioneer living at 4 South Quay. Also at this address were Elizabeth RACKHAM b 1832 Campsey Ash, unmarried housekeeper, Amelia MULLINGER b 1861 Winfarthing, unmarried cook., Charlotte TUBBY b 1861 Potter Heigham, unmarried servant and Sarah J BROWN b 1863 Gt Yarmouth, unmarried housemaid. In 1891 there was a servant living in - Ellen FLAXMAN aged 20 b Henton, Suffolk. Kelly's directory of 1904 shows him at the same address, as a Land House and Estate Agent and Auctioneer: the firm was called Samuel Aldred and Sons. Georgiana BROOK (b 1860 Bromeswell d 1921) appears in the record as Brook and Aldred (sometimes both) and although she claimed to be married, I can find no record. For the purpose of this tree, I assume that she was his mistress, and Samuel was given as father to 113e Eric Owen . When she died she was described as a spinster and had assets worth £3000 at probate. Harold Austin ALDRED was an executor. Her statement of the age of her children seems to have been less than accurate.

Children of Samuel and Henrietta

154....Edward Robert ALDRED b 2nd qr 1865 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 24]
Note: In 1881 Edward was apupi; at Norfolk County School living at Bintree as a boarder. In 1891 he was an auctioneer's clerk and insurance agent living at 15 Oakford St, St Pancras, London. He joined his father as an auctioneer in Yarmouth and was present in 1901 and 1011. His sister, 158 Mary Gertrude, was living with him in 1911
155......Henrietta B b 4th qr 1866 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 25]
156......Blanche Ann ALDRED b 4th qr 1867 Gt Yarmouth
157......Henrietta Margaret ALDRED b 1869 Gt Yarmouth
158......Mary Gertrude ALDRED b 3rd qr 1870 Gt Yarmouth
159......Kate Violet ALDRED b 2nd qr 1871 Gt Yarmouth
160......Samuel Charles ALDRED b 3rd qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth m Winifred Olivia DAVIES (b1877 Rhymney, Mon) 2nd qr 1897 [Bedford 3b 777]
Note: in 1901 Charles and Winifred were living iat 84 Triangle, TIverton, Somerset and was an engineer's draughtsman (steam crane)
161......Madelaine Lilly ALDRED b 2nd qr 1873 Gt Yarmouth
162......Harold Austin ALDRED b 1875 Gt Yarmouth d 21 Sep 1918
Note: There is a record showing that Harold A Aldred died of wounds in France and Flanders, private no 13891 a member of the 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment, but gives his birthplace as Lowestoft
163......Eva Dorothy ALDRED b 3rd qr 1875 Gt Yarmouth
164......Frank Waldron ALDRED b 4th qr 1877 Gt Yarmouth
Note: In 1901 in the Eastern Counties Directory Frank was a grocer at 123 King Street, Gt Yarmouth

Children of Samuel and Georgiana
Cyril Stanley ALDRED b 1890 Ipswich
Note: Cyril was a china shop assistant in 1911 living at Herbert Road, Clacton on Sea
166......Reginald ALDREDb 1889 [ Census of 1891]
167......Gerald Douglas ALDRED b 2nd qr 1891 [Blything 4a 980]
168......Gordon Montague ALDRED b 1895 or 6 [1901 and 1911 censuses] d 29 May 1967 Lothingland
Note: in 1911 Gordon was an apprentice with a gentlemen's outfitter. At some stage he went to India and returned aboard the ss "Mantua" on 1 Jul 1928 from Bombay to London

The ss Mantua used on the London-India-Australia mail service

169......Eric Owen ALDRED b 8 Sep 1897 Gt Glemham m Winifred E H BAALHAM 1st qr 1920 [Woodbridge 4a 1823]
Note: In 1911 Eric was apprenticed to a house decorator
170......Dorothy Ida b 3rd qr 1898 [Wangford 4a 1029] m Sidney S G RICHARDS 3rd qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 2899]

122 Helen ALDRED m George HAMMANT (b 1839 Somerleyton) 1861 Gt Yarmouth

Note: George was a brewer's clerk in 1871, and the family were at Hall Quay, Gt Yarmouth, when a servant, Mary A DURRANT aged 20 was living in.In 1881 widowed 82 Maria ALDRED was living with the family at 21 Trafalgar Road, and George was a brewer's cashier, and a servant, Emily LONG aged 14 was present, born in Haddiscoe. By 1891 George was an accountant and the family was at 9 Wellesley Rd, Gt Yarmouth. 83b Fanny ALDRED was living there, listed as a domestic servant cook, and there were two other servants: Harriet GIBBS aged 22 b Horsey and Jane GIBBS aged 14 born Waxham

Children of George and Helen
171......Helen May HAMMANT b 2nd qr 1862 [Clerkenwell 1b 541]
172......George Edward HAMMANT b 4th qr 1863 [Canterbury 2a 602]
Note: George was a bank clerk in 1881
173......Charles Robert HAMMANT b 3rd qr 1865 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 13]
174.....Arthur Ernest HAMMANT b 1st qr 1867 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 31]

123 Duncan Anderson ALDRED m Alice ALDRED (b 1843 Huddersfield) 1st qr 1865 Huddersfield [Huddersfield 9a 327]

Note: In 1871 the family was living at George Street, Gt Yarmouth, where they had 2 servants living in: Sarah Ann GIBBS (b 1846 Hickling) and Maria NEAVE b 1861 (?) Litcham. Duncan is listed as a jeweller in 1871. In 1881 Duncan is listed as a watchmaker and jeweller, Master, employing 4 men and 1 boy. In 1873 he bought a cemetery plot at Yarmouth. In 1897 he was granted a plot of land formerly part of Clarke's Gardens east of Caister Road, Yarmouth by the Corporation of Yarmouth. The firm was at 56 George Street, Gt Yarmouth and they lived "above the shop". Also at this address were Duncan's Mother in Law, Elizabeth, Martha L BULLOCK b 1862 Gt Yarmouth unmarried servant, and Sarah E WATSON b 1876 Gt Yarmouth. In 1911 they were at The Grange, Martham

Children of Duncan and Alice
175......Rosetta Helen ALDRED b 1866 Huddersfield d 24 Jan 1932
In 1911 Rosetta was still single and living with her parents. When she died her address was 21 Upper Chorlton Road, Manchester. Probate granted 8 Mar 1932 to 118b Ernest Aldred and 120 Hugh Stanley Aldred, Jewellers.
176......Edward Harold ALDRED b 1868 Liverpool d 2nd qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth
177......Donald Henry ALDRED b 1868 Liverpool
Duncan Ernest ALDRED b 1869 Liverpool
179......Beatrice Ethel ALDRED b 4th qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth m 2nd qr 1905 Gt Yarmouth
180......Hugh Stanley ALDRED b 2nd qr 1874 Gt Yarmouth
181......Janet Elsie ALDRED b 4th qr 1876 Gt Yarmouth m 2nd qr 1903 Gt Yarmouth
182......Winifred ALDRED b 1st qr 1878 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 26]
Note: In 1901 Winifred was a teacher in Kent College at 6 Grimstone Ave, Folkstone, but in 1911, still single she was with her parents.

126 Arthur ALDRED m Maria Overton CLOWES (b 1853 Gt Yarmouth) 26 Aug 1879 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Arthur was rector of Worlingham in 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. Probate granted to the two sons 28 Feb 1914 with effects valued at £8671 15s 9d

Children of Arthur and Maria
183......Wilfred Ashwell ALDRED b 3rd qr 1880 [Wangford 4a 797] d 7 Nov 1931 [Norwich 4b 154]
Note: In 1901 Wilfred was a medical student living iat 5 - 6 Prima Rd, Lambeth.
184......Cyril Clowes ALDRED b 1882 d 1971
185......Dorothy A ALDRED b 1884 m Frederick C MILLAR 1st qr 1914 [Norwich 4b 241]

131 George ALDRED m Emma HALLS 1st qr 1864 Bury St Edmunds

Children of George and Emma
131b......Ellen Overill ALDRED b 1868 Saffron Walden m Edward Charles BOWTLE 21 Sep 1889 Portland, Dorset.
131c......Rosetta Charlotte ALDRED b 1st qr 1870 Saffron Walden

132 William ALDRED m Elizabeth abt 1849

Children of William and Elizabeth
129b......Frances ALDRED b 1850 Wangford
129c......Rosa ALDRED b 1855 Wangford
129d......Eliza ALDRED b 1856 Wangford
129e......Sarah ALDRED b 1857 Wangford
129f......William ALDRED b 1862 Wangford
129g......Margaret Marion ALDRED b 1864 Wangford m John CARELESS abt 1889
129h......Robert Crawford ALDRED b 1865 Wangford m Elizabeth
129i......Thomas ALDRED b 1870 Wangford
129j......Stephen ALDRED b 1873 Wangford

127 Agnes Ellen ALDRED m Edward Gibbs Howes MURRELL ( (b 1848 Intwood d 1912 St Pancras) 30 Apr 1878 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Edward was the rector of Caister and the son of Gibbs Howes MURRELL (b abt 1823 d 1st qr 1891 aged 68 [Norwich 4b 117] and Jane Ann FENN (b 1822 d 2nd qr 1858 [Henstead 4b 148]). Gibbs was a ships captain and Jane was his first wife; his second wife whom he married in 2nd qr 1863 was Marian MILLER [Henstead 4b 275]. In 1891 there were three servants living at the rectory: Laura BEAST, nurse aged 25 born Norwich, Emma HUDSON aged 26 cook b Norwich and Florence H DURRANT housemaid aged 19 b Fleggburgh

Children of Edward and Agnes
186......Edward Charles Fenn MURRELL b 1879 Flegg Rd, Caister d 10 Nov 1962 Vancouver

RMS Ivernia

Note: Edward emigrated to Canada via Boston, Mass as a farmer on 25 Mar 1907.He was travelling alone on the "Ivernia" from Liverpool - this ship was torpedoed and sank in the Mediterranean in WW1
187......Mary E MURRELL b 1872 Caister
188......Edith G MURRELL b 1873 Caister
189......Ursula M MURRELL b 1875 Caister
189a....Owen Villiers MURRELL b 1st qr 1881 Caister d 2nd qr 1881 Caister
190......George MURRELL b 1885/6 Flegg Rd, Caister

135 Eleanor Ann ALDRED m Alfred BLAND 1st qr 1867 [Blofield 4b 333]

Children of Alfred and Eleanor
191......Eleanor Harriet BLAND b 1866/7 Gt Yarmouth
192......Alfred Curtis BLAND b 1868/9 Gt Yarmouth m Elizabeth Georgina LONG 5 Nov 1888 Gt Yarmouth
193......Robert Frederick BLAND b 4 Feb 1875 Gt Yarmouth

136 Curtis Henry ALDRED m ?

Child of Henry and ?
194......Henry Curtis ALDRED b 1st qr 1875 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1875 Gt Yarmouth

139 Lorina ALDRED m Mr SMITH

Note: Mr Smith was an engine driver. Lorina and the children were staying with 92a Curtis and Mary Ann in the 1881 census

Children of Mr Smith and Lorina

195......Frederick C SMITH b abt 1877 Gt Yarmouth
196......James C D SMITH b abt 1878 Gt Yarmouth

Note: there was still an Aldred in Lowestoft in this generation:. W H Aldred Esq is recorded as living at 1 Esplanade in 1877 [directory]


140 James Doyle ALDRED m (a) Georgiana TURNER (d 4th qr 1873 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 14]) 4th qr 1861 [Mutford 4a 1493](b) Bethia Frances HIPPER nee CROW (b 1851) widow 5 May 1875 Gt Yarmouth

Note: After James' death Bethia married Robert HUBBARD 1st qr 1885 [Greenwich 1d 928]

Children of James and Georgiana
197......Mary Ann ALDRED b 1864
198......John ALDRED b 1867
Note: In 1881 John was at the "Boys' Home" St Nicholas Rd, Gt Yarmouth

153 Frederick William ALDRED m Florence Annie FOX (b 19 Jun 1884 London) 5 May 1912 Toronto [ Marr Cert 024991 Toronto]

Note: Florence was the daughter of Charles Richard FOX and Elizabeth Charlotte WHITING
Frederick signed attestation papers on 8 Mar 1916 and joined the 81st battallion of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Forces (CEF). His papers show that he was 37, 5'(" tall with blue eyes and brown hair living at 119 Boston Ave, Toronto. At some stage he was stationed in Prince Rupert, B C, Canada

Child of Frederick and Florence
199......Jack ALDRED dob unknown

162 Harold A ALDRED m Ellen G BAKER 3rd qr 1911 [Yarmouth 4b 10]

Child of Harold and Ellen
162b......Margaret G ALDRED b 2nd qr 1914 [Yarmouth 4b 14]

165 Cyril Stanley ALDRED m Irene Rose KNOWLES 5 Nov 1913 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry KNOWLES and Elsie Gladys BRIGGS. Irene was the daughter of Henry Albert KNOWLES a waterman

Children of Cyril and Irene
200......Cyril Leslie Edward ALDRED b 23 Jun 1915 Gt Yarmouth d Aug 2005
201......Gerald S ALDRED b 3rd qr 1918 Gt Yarmouth [4b 17]
202......Harold Spencer ALDRED b 4th qr 1919 Gt Yarmouth [4b 28] d May 1996
203......Peggy Irene ALDRED b 3rd qr 1922 Gt Yarmouth [4b 19] m John A DICKINSON ALDRED 2nd qr 1946 [Yarmouth 4b 29]
204......Kenneth Charles ALDRED b 1st qr 1927 Gt Yarmouth [4b 26]
205......Dennis Travers ALDRED b 2nd qr 1929 Gt Yarmouth [4b 33] m Jean M PRATT 4th qr 1954 [Yarmouth 4b 870]

168 Gordon Montague ALDRED m Iris May SKINNER (b 12 May 1918 Dartford d Oct 1996 {Deben]) 2nd qr 1940 Lambeth

Child of Gordon and Iris
206......Charles Graham ALDRED b 12 Feb 1951 [Lothingland 4b 1163] d 2003 Italy

183 Wilfred Ashwell ALDRED m Gertrude Frances GACHES 3rd qr 1908 Peterborough, Northants

Child of Wilfred and Gertrude
207......Barbara Tryphena ALDRED b 4th qr 1909 St Faith's m Ronald C BENNETT 4th qr 1943 [Norwich Outer 4b 256]

129f William ALDRED m Harriet abt 1875

Children of William and Harriet
129k......Gertrude ALDRED b 1884 Barsham
129l......William ALDRED b 1886 Barsham

178 Duncan Ernest A ALDRED m Florence CLAY (b 1869 Manchester) 3rd qr 1897 [Chorlton 8c 1326]

Note: Duncan is shown as a jeweller in Kelly's dirctory of 1904 as living at 56 George Street Great Yarmouth, and was at the same address in 1901 and 1911

Children of Duncan and Florence
208......Phyllis Joan ALDRED b 2nd qr 1901 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 13]
209......Reginald Anderson ALDRED b 2nd qr 1902 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 18]

179 Beatrice Ethel ALDRED m Harold Herbert COTMAN (b 1874 Orange Free State, naturalised 1891) 2nd qr 1905 [Yarmouth 4b 21]

Note: In 1911 Harold was a medical practitioner and the family were at 366 High Street, Chatham.

Children of Harold and Beatrice
210......John Sell COTMAN b 4th qr 1906 [Medway 2a 702]
211......Duncan Aldred COTMAN b 3rd qr 1908 [Medway 2a 763]
212......Helen Aldred COTMAN b 1st qr 1911 [Medway 2a 718]
213......Gertrude Aldred COTMAN b 4th qr 1913 [Medway 2a 1372]

180 Hugh Stanley ALDRED m Clara May UTTING (b 1883 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1906 [Yarmouth 4b 60]

Note: In 1911 Hugh was a jeweller etc., and an employer living at 172 King St Gt Yarmouth with the family, and Clara's mother, Clara Elizabeth UTTING, a widow, was staying with them.

Child of Hugh and Clara
214......Duncan Hugh ALDRED b 1908 Gt Yarmouth

181 Janet Elsie ALDRED m Edward BONING (b 1870 Gt Yarmouth] 2nd qr 1903 [Yarmouth 4b 32]

In 1911 Edward a draper and family were at Globe House, Caistor but Janet was visiting her sister Beatrice

Children of Edward and Janet
215......Kathleen Molly BONING b 4th qr 1907 [Yarmouth 4b 15]
216......Edward B BONING b 3rd qr 1913 [Flegg 4b 83]


200 Cyril Leslie Edward ALDRED m Doris May HIGGLETON (b 1 Mar 1916 d May 2008 Gorleston aged 92) 18 Dec 1935 Gt Yarmouth

Children of Cyril and Doris
217......Spencer Arnold ALDRED b 5 May 1940 Gt Yarmouth
218......David ALDRED b 2nd qr 1948 Gt Yarmouth [4b 821]

201 Gerald S ALDRED m Iris A SUTTON 2nd qr 1938 [Yarmouth 4b 44]

Child of Gerald and Iris
219......Geraldine A ALDRED b 1st qr 1940 [Yarmouth 4b 9]

202 Harold Spencer ALDRED m Kathleen G WEBSTER Jul 1940 [Yarmouth 4b 82]

Children of Harold and Kathleen
220......Michael D ALDRED b 1st qr 1942 [Yarmouth 4b 7]
221......Ann V ALDRED b 2nd qr 1947 [Yarmouth 4b 932]

203 Peggy I ALDRED m John A DICKINSON 2nd qr 1946 [Yarmouth 4b 29]

Child of John and Peggy
222......Yvonne C DICKINSON b 4th qr 1947 [Yarmouth 4b 820]


217 Spencer Arnold ALDRED m Barbara Ann SIMMONS (b 9 Jul 1948 Barsham) 30 Oct 1965 St Andrews Church, Gorleston Gt Yarmouth

Note: Barbara's mother's maiden name was BENSTEAD

Children of Spencer and Barbara
223......Micheala Ann ALDRED b 16 Oct 1966 Gt Yarmouth m Keith MITCHELL (b 18 Nov 1962 Scotland) 8 Jun 1991 St Andrews Church, Gt Yarmouth
Christopher John ALDRED b 4 May 1969 Gt Yarmouth
225......Patricia Margaret Ruth ALDRED b 25 Jun 1980 Gt Yarmouth
226......Clive William David ALDRED b 24 Sep 1983 Gt Yarmouth

219 Geraldine A ALDRED m Terence CLARKE 4th qr 1960 [Yarmouth 4b 1046]

Children of Terence and Geraldine
227......Terence M CLARKE b 2nd qr 1961 [Yarmouth 4b 915]
228......Paul CLARKE b 3rd qr 1964 [Yarmouth 4b 942]
229......Jane Ann CLARKE b 2nd qr 1967 [Yarmouth 4b 1054]


224 Christopher John ALDRED m Maureen Wendy FLAXMAN (b 2 Jul 1972 Gt Yarmouth) 17 Jun 1995 St Andrews Church, Gorleston Gt Yarmouth

Children of Christopher and Maureen
230......Kieran Connor ALDRED b 4 May 1999
231......Danny Toby ALDRED b 23 Apr 2002

225 Patricia Margaret Ruth (Trish) ALDRED m Anthony James SAWYER (b 21 Jul 1977 Bromley) 27 Aug 2005 St Andrews Church Gorleston Gt Yarmouth

Child of Anthony and Trish
232......Emily Alice SAWYER b 17 Aug 2008 Bedford Hospital
223......Alexander William SAWYER b 21 May 2010 at home in Bedford
224......Benjamin George SAWYER b 12 Apr 2013 at home in Bedford

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