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ALDRED in East Anglia (mainly) perhaps connected to the family tree up to 1837

Some of these references are derived from 'Suffolk Records' and were researched by my sister, Jenny Ball of Wissett to whom many thanks. There are several variations to the name, Aldrich being the most common. It might be helpful to look at my personal Aldred branch here which includes those in Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth

last update 9 Apr 2014

[Items in square brackets show the origin of the data]

757Eanberht, viceroy of the Hwiccas, with his brothers Uhtred and ALDRED, granted land at Tredington-on-Stour to Bishop Milred and the church of St. Peter, 'where our parents lie buried,' that prayers and masses might be offered to God daily His brother, the viceroy Uhtred, gave land at Stoke Prior on the east of the river Salwarpe to the brethren serving God in the monastery at Worcester dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and in 775 bestowed on the church of St. Mary, 'where the bodies of my parents lie buried,' Shipston-on-Stour, for the better keeping of a good table and for the use of Christ's poor inhabiting there. [Houses of Benedictine Monks - Priory of St Mary of Worcester]
768Between 768 and 779 King Offa of Mercia and ALDRED, underking of the Hwicce, granted land in Cleeve to the monastic church of St. Michael there. Evidently by 888 the monastery's estates had been appropriated to the bishopric of Worcester, and in 1066 and 1086 the Bishop of Worcester held the manor of Cleeve and its members. The manor, usually distinguished as Bishop's Cleeve, was held in demesne in 1208 and 1303; in 1255 the bishop was granted free warren there. By the 15th century the manor was usually let as a farm. [fn. 148]
950 - 60Like most medieval Christian manuscripts, the Lindisfarne Gospels were written in Latin, However, around 950-960 ALDRED was a member of the Community of St Cuthbert, when it was owned by the Minister of Chester-le-Street. Aldred, the Provost, added an Anglo-Saxon translation in red ink beneath the original Latin.

On the last page of the manuscript much of the second text column was originally left blank. Here Aldred decided to add a substantial inscription in Old English setting out details of the history of the Gospels. Although he was writing approximately two and half centuries after Eadfrith's time, it must be assumed that he had access to records, either oral or written, that accompanied the book. The names which he gives can all be found in other historical sources.

1066Archbishop ALDRED of York crowned King William in Westminster Abbey 29 Dec 1066 - You can read about him here
he was enthroned in 1061 and died 11 Sep 1069, burial took place at York Minster
1236Roger ALDRED held a third of the manor of Moulton, Norfolk
1274Mention made of Aldred's Gate in London (Now Aldergate) [History of London]
1381Johannes ALDERYD was listed in the poll tax return for the village of Harleston, near Stowmarket, Suffolk. [Carolyn Fenwick's transcription]
1396William ALRED was Rector of Huntingfield, Suffolk
1400Johannes ALBRED (twelewener) and Agnes his wife commemorated in Woodbridge Church dated 1st May 1400 - they had cut gilded and painted with pictures of saints a rood croft in the church. [1631 Ancient Funeral Monuments]
William ALDRED or Aldrich b 1400 Gt Yarmouth [Ancestry]
1408William ALRED of Dunwich paid 2d as a local tax to obtain a Charter [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]
1409Clericus ALRED of Dunwich paid 2d in local tax [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]
1410William ALRED of Dunwich bought his own freedom and paid 6d to the King's tax at Martinmas. [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]
1420William ALDRICH b Gt Yarmouth d after 1506

Clarice ALRED of Dunwich paid 1s to the Kings tax and the following year paid 1s in local tax. In 1422 she paid 6d local tax and in 1427 paid 8d to enable the Dunwich burgesses to attend parliament. [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]

1421William ALDRED or Aldrich b 1421 Gt Yarmouthd 1461 Gt Yarmouth [Ancestry] m Mary PLANTAGENET b 1421 Gt Yarmouth d 1487 Gt Yarmouth and had a child William ALDRED or Aldrich b 1446 Gt Yarmouth [Ancestry]
1425Robert ALRED of Dunwich paid 1s local tax [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]
1427Clarice ALRED and her son Robert both of Dunwich paid 20d Kings tax [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]
1430Richard ALDRED alias ALRED, Lord of the manors of Kewton alias Cuton Hall and Newhall in Boreham Essex, and also Lord of the Manor of Aldred within Fornham All Saints, Suffolk, married Elizabeth, sister and heiress of Richard de COGGESHALL, Lord of the Manor of Newhall around this time. They had two children: William, born 1433 later Sir William, who became a 'soul priest' in Diss in 1487 and Margaret who married Henry Curzon. Richard ALDRED died 1448, leaving a will dated 1446. He was Sherriff of Essex and Herts and was one of the executors of the will of Queen Catherine

Robert ALRED of Dunwich paid 8s 6d Fishingfare (tax on catches) shared with Thomas PIERS. Robert also paid 10d toward the new East quay at Dunwich. [Bailiffs' account book of Dunwich]

1446William ALDRED or Aldrich b 1446 Yarmouth d 14 Apr 1518 Gt Yarmouth m Alice abt 1472 and had a child Thomas ALDRED or Aldrich 1473 Norwich [Ancestry]
1447Reginald ELDRED born [IGI]
1448 to 1450Robert ADERED was one of the Bailiffs of Dunwich
1460William ALDRED b Norwich
1461 and 1463Willimus ADERED was a Bailiff of Dunwich
1473Thomas ALDRED was born in Norwich. He married Elizabeth CLARK (b 1477 Fulbourne, Cambs) -and had the following children:

Thomas b 1501 Norwich bur 6 Nov 1559 Norwich m Cecily BISHOP b 1510 Strawless d 1585 Mangreen
Gregory ALDRED b 1504 Norwich bur 2 Sep 1539 Norwich
Margaret b 1508 Norwich d 1515 Norwich
John b 1518 Norwich d 1583 Norwich m (a) Elizabeth SOTHERTON b 1505 Framingham (b) Faith STEWARD abt 1539

1474Reginal Aldred, b abt 1447 m Agnes COUPE Knettishall Sfk
Children of Reginald and Agnes: [IGI]

Thomas b 1475 Knettishall (see 1497)
Agnes b 1477 Knettishall
Mary b 1479 Knettishall
Henry b 1481 Knettishall
John b 1483 Knettishall

1482-3Willimus ADRED was a Bailiff of Dunwich
1484Deeds of a Diss messuage with croft and half an acre conveyed to Robert ALLERED and Thomas COWPER on 19 Oct 1484. 4 days later they disposed of it to Stephen DEBENHAM. [this same land appears in 1557 as passing to Hugh ALDRED]
1495Thomas ELDRED born, (son of Reginald ELDRED and Agnes COUPE) m Agnes LAWSDALE abt 1495 Knodishall, Sfk. Their children were
Robert b abt 1498 Knodishall
Symon ELDRED b abt 1501 Knodishall d 1587
Thomas ELDRED b abt 1503
Ann ELDRED b abt 1505 Knodishall
Jane ELDRED b abt 1507 Knodishall
1486John ALDRED b Knettishall so William ALDRED (d 1558) [IGI]
1498William ALDRED b Norwich 1460 m Alice
Children of William and Alice

Gregory b 1500 Worsted Nfk
Thomas b 1500 Worsted Nfk
Margaret b 1532
Ann b 1510
John b 1518 Norwich d 1583 bur in St Clements Church

1500Robert ALDRED of Bruisyard, Framlingham purchased an estate and sold it to to the town of Diss
1506William ALDRICH was Bailiff of Gt Yarmouth
1512John ELDRED b this year, son of John and Margaret Knettishall bur 21 Sep 1558 New Buckenham Nfk m Margaret
Children of John and Margaret all b in New Buckenham [IGI]

male child, name unknown b 1542
male child, name unknown b 1544
Ann b 1546
Margaret b 1550
John b 1552

1518John ALDRED born Norwich, son of Thomas ALDRED and Elizabeth. He married Elizabeth Sotherton or Scherton b Mar 1506 Framlingham - see 1530

"John ALDRICH (Thought to be the John ALDRED above) was sheriff in 1551, burgess in parliament in 1555, 1558 and 1572. Blomefield states that as such he received 4s. per diem. He was mayor 1558 and 1570. He was the son of Thomas ALDRICH, mayor in 1507, and married Elizabeth, daugh ter of Nicholas Sotherton, alderman, by whom he had inter alios (among other people) a son, John, an alderman, who died in 1583, having married Faith, daughter of Augustine Steward. He was a grocer by trade. He died about 1582, giving £5 to the poor. His altar tomb is in St. Clement's Church. He lived in the Flint house, now absorbed by the Labour Exchange, at the west side of St. Clement's churchyard. It was formerly the "Sun and Anchor", a weaving factory belonging to the Custances and then to the Willetts, and later the warehouse of Messrs. C. and F. Bolingbroke. The ancient carved door, originally from Walsingham priory, is now in the Castle Museum. The spandrels of other doors with "1570", the date of his second mayoralty , and the initials of John Aldrich and Elizabeth his wife, are said to be incorporated in the interior of the Exchange. There is a quarry of stained glass in St. Clement's church window consisting of a knot containing the initials I.A., which Mr . T.G. Bayfield thought to be those of John ALDRICH. It was during his mayoralty that there was a popish conspiracy in Norwich. His merchant's mark is recorded by Ewing." [Cozene, Hardy and Kent's "The Mayors of Norwich, 1403-1835]
Note: This John is thought to be the father of the rev'd Henry ALDRED - see 1532

John ALDRED b this year Knettishall d 21 Sep 1558 son of John [IGI]

1523Henry ALDRED b 1523 Worstead [IGI]
1524The Subsidy return of 1524 listed the following people:
Johanne ALDRED of Browndyshe [Brundish](£1 in land - 1s 0d paid)
Johanne ALDRED of Horham (£2 in annuyte - paid 2s.0d)
John ALDRED of Monks Soham (with Robert Ferme, goods at £2 - paid 3s0d)
Rychard ALDRED of Sweftling [Sweffling](with William Sawer goods at £2 - paid 2s0d)
Robert ALDRED of Mildenhale [Mildenhall](with John Field goods at £1 - paid 4d)
Robert ALDRED of Framlingham (with John Shymming and Richard Cole goods at £20 - paid £3)
Robert ALDRED of Sweftling [Sweffling] (goods £2 - paid 1s 0d)
William ALDRED of Dennington (with Thomas Ewen goods £4 - paid 8s 0d)
William ALDRED of Horham (Land at £2 - paid 2s 0d)
1525Joan ALDREDb abt 1525 Bramfield [IGI]
1528Henry ALDRED b Worstead, Norfolk, d 1593 [Rootsweb] became a vicar [Ancestry]
1530Henry ALDRED b 1530 Worstead d 13 Nov 1612 [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1530 d 1607 Norfolk m Elizabeth and had the following children:


1532The Revd Henry ALDRED was born in Worstead, Nfk, son of John and Elizabeth (see 1518) He married Elizabeth (b 1534 Worstead d 13 Nov 1612 Worstead) 1557 Worstead Nfk and had the following children:

William ALDRED b 1558 Worstead
Thomas ALDRED b 1560 Yaxham, Nfk
John ALDRED b 1560 Yaxham (see 1583) d 11 Jan 1608
Nicholas ALDRED b 1561 Yaxham
Henry ALDRED b 1574 Yaxham d 1 Dec 1648 Worstead

Thomas ALDRED b abt 1530 Yaxham m Elizabeth (b abt 1535 Yaxham) abt 1570
1533From the deeds held by Harvard University

Deeds 487
Letters of Attorney, 1533, November 30. 25 Henry VIII. 1 item : parchment ; 12 x 30 cm.
SUMMARY: Letters of attorney of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, Treasurer and Marshal of England, appointing Roger Aldred and John Joley as his attorneys to deliver seisin of 10 acres of land in Wynferthyng in the the county of Norfolk, to Thomas Arundell, esq., George Wyndham, clerk, Robert Holdych, esquire, Andrew Dudley, Robert Acton, and James Wylkyns, gentlemen. Given on 30 November 25 Henry VIII. Signed: T Norfolk. With 1 seal (2.5 cm.) of red wax, bearing the arms of England, with legend: HONIT SOI' QUI MALYP'NSE.
[HOLLIS number: -BCJ7083]

1534Elizabet ALDRED b1534 Worstead d 13 Nov 1612 [IGI]
1535John ALDRED b Rumburgh Suffolk [Rootswb] m Margaret abt 1563 [Rootsweb]. They had the following children: [IGI]

Mary bap 2 Jul 1564 Rumburgh
Richard bap 7 Feb 1653 Rumburgh b 29 Oct 1639 m Ann abt 1611
John bap 11 Feb 1658 Rumburgh
Elizabeth bap 27 Jan 1570 Rumburgh
Thomas bap 11 Feb 1573 Rumburgh
Frances bap 6 Jan 1577 Rumburgh
John bap 1 May 1577 Rumburgh
Margaret bap 11 Feb 1579 Rumburgh
Susanna bap 3 Oct 1582 Rumburgh

1537Thomas ELDRED b abt 1537 (see 1558 below) [IGI]
1539Robert MABLY conveyed the land referred to in 1484 to Hugh ALDRED on 18 Dec 1539
William ALDRED bap 22 Aug Bury St Eds [IGI]
1540Henry Aldred b this year in Norwich m Elizabeth 1557 Worstead [IGI]
1541Bridget ALDRED bap 1 Feb 1541 Bury St Edmunds [IGI]
1542Agnes ALDRED bap 22 Oct 1542 Bury St Edmunds [IGI]
1544Margaret ALDRED b Diss this year [IGI]
William ALDRED bur 1544 Dinnington [IGI]
1545Jeremy ELDRED b Carleton Rode [IGI]
John ALDRED b 1545 son of Thomas ALDRED and Eleanor Constable.,
John Aldred's grandfather came from East Anglia, and it was his father who settled in Hull as paymaster of works. Both he and Aldred himself made good marriages, and in due course Aldred was put on the commission of the peace and elected to Parliament. In that of 1584-5 he spoke on the bill against idle and vicious living (8 Feb.) and was put on a committee concerning tellers and receivers (10 Mar.). During the Parliament of 1586 he wrote to the mayor and aldermen of Hull about a complaint made by the Scottish ambassador to the Privy Council concerning a ship called the Black Lion, and other difficulties which had arisen between the town and the Scots. In a speech on Cope's bill, 28 Feb. 1587, he described himself as 'a poor labourer in the building of the Temple', which neatly sets him as a puritan. From time to time he was given odd jobs, such as examining, in 1595, a complaint of unjustified dismissal from an ex-gaoler of Beverley, and acting as a kind of immigration official at Hull in 1599. He acquired a certain amount of property in Yorkshire: pasture land in Sutton, a house with lands in Preston, Holderness, and the manor of Sculcoates. In 1604, with four others, he bought eight manors, 200 houses, 100 cottages, 10 mills and further lands. He was involved in one protracted lawsuit when the corporation of Hull sued him in the Exchequer alleging that he was diverting the corporation water supply, which came from a spring three miles away.
Aldred died about 1611.
[History of Parliament online]
1547John ALDRED m Alice CORDER Shimpling, Thorne, Suffolk
1548Peter ALDRED b New Buckenham son of John and Margaret ALDRED [Rootsweb]
James ALDRED bur 18 Aug 1548 Saxtead [NBI]
1549Thomas ALDRED of Diss purchased lands there and was Rector of Salle, Norfolk in 1587
Thomas ALDRED bur 26 Oct 1549 St John the Baptist Churh, Stoke by Clare [NBI]
1550Elizabeth ALDRED bur 28 Feb 1550 Stradbroke
1552John ALDRED b New Buckenham (bur 8 Dec 1632 Worstead Nfk)
Thomas ALDRED bap 31 Jul Diss son of Thomas ALDRED [IGI]
John ALDRED b this year Saxham d 1632 d 1632m unknown [IGI}
1553Hugh ALDRED had the following children baptised:

Anne bap 16 Apr 1553 Diss
Mary bap 6 Jun 1558 Diss

1554William ALDRED of Eye had the following children:

Ann bap 9 Oct 1554 Eye, Suffolk
Jelion bap 27 Dec 1576 Eye Suffolk
Charlie bap 6 Jul 1589 Eye, Suffolk
Henry bap 24 Apr 1589 Eye, Suffolk
Julia bap 1 Apr 1573 Eye, Suffolk
Margaret bap 24 Jan 1581 Eye, Suffolk
Pleasame bap 14 Jan 1584 Eye, Suffolk
Thomas bap 28 Aug 1586 Eye, Suffolk

1555Georgius ALDRED bap 4 Dec Holme Hale son of John and Ann [Freereg]
1556a piece of land or pasture in Metfield was left to Christopher ALDRED and others (SRO ref FC91/L1/35)
1557Hugh ALDRED, yeoman and butcher of Diss, had a messuage and garden conveyed to him by Richard Baron.

He also had a messuage (see 1484) from Richard BARON
Richard ALDRED b 1557 Eye m Rose RAFE 1582 Eye

1558Jolux ALDRED b Worstead, Norfolk, son of Henry ELDRED and Elizabeth [Rootsweb]
Thomas ELDRED (see 1537) m Margery STUDD St Mary at Quay, Ipswich. Their children were:

Thomas b 24 Oct 1561
Christine ELDRED b 11 May 1564
John ELDRED b 21 Dec 1565
Mary ELDRED b a18 Nov 1566
Margery ELDRED b 8 Jul 1568
Jane ELDRED b 22 Sep 1569
Susan ELDRED b 3 Jan 1571
Philip ELDRED b 8 Aug 1572
William ELDRED b 2 Dec 1574
Ann ELDRED b 18 Sep 1575
Edward ELDRED b 28 Mar 1579 all in Knodishall, Suffolk [IGI]

Thomas ALDRED had the following children all in Diss [IGI]

Mary ALDRED bap 12 Apr 1558 Diss
Roger ALDRED bap 3 Jul
William bap 7 Jun 1563
Raynold b 1568

Edmund ALDRED bur 9 Dec 1558 Badingham [NBI]
1560William ALDRED m Margaret PINNOCK Brockdish Nfk [Boyd]
Bridget ALDRED bap 27 Mar 1560 d.o. John ALDRED Heveningham
Thomas Aldred and Elizabeth had the following children in Yaxham, Nfk [IGI]

Thomas b 1560
William b 1560
Henry b 1571

Margaret ALDRED m William CHASE 14 Nov All Saints, Norwich [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED bap 1560 St Laurence, Ipswich [IGI]
Bennett ALDRED b 1560 St Laurence, Ipswich [IGI]
1561Elizabeth Alured alias ALDRED, sister to Thomas ALDRED of Ipswich, married William Bamburgh of Rendlesham
Margaret ALDRED married Robert CHILVER Diss, Nfk [Boyd]
Roger ALDRED of Sopham Norfolk married Cecylle, Dam of Wm LATYMER, gent of Freston Suffolk [Boyd] Cecylle was born in Sopham, Nfk but they married at Fresden, Wiltshire [rootsweb]
John ALDRED b abt 1561 Burgh Suffolk [IGI]
1562John ALDRED bap 29 Nov Heveningham son of John [IGI]
Richard ALDRED m Alice BASS Leiston [Boyd]
Reignald ALDRED bur 30 Sep 1561 Peasenhall [NBI]
1562Margaret ALDRED bur 28 Jul 1562 St Peter Westleton [NBI]
1563Ettyn ALDRED was buried in Rattlesden on 3rd April
Joan ALDRED m Thomas MANBY Brockdish Nfk [Boyd]
Henry ALDRED b Worstead d 1 Dec 1648 son of Henry and Elizabeth [rootsweb]
William ALDRED bap 7 Jun Diss son of Thomas ALDRED [rootsweb]
see the Visitation of Norfolk re Aldrich here
Mirital ALDRED m Robert FELOWE 23 Sep 1563 Bramfield [IGI]
1564Annes ALDRED m Roger CLIFTON Tannington, Suffolk
Henry ALDRED b this year at Worstead, Nfk d 1 Dec 1648 so Henry and Elizabeth m first Margaret BROWNE 4 Jun 1599 Marsham Nfk: they had a son John ALDRED b 10 Mar 1609 and later married Dorothy
Margaret ALDRED bur 2 Jan 1564 Gt Glemham [NBI]
Agnes ALDRED m Roger CLIFTON 26 Nov 1564 Tannington [IGI]
1565Philipp ALDRED m William DAVY 2 Dec Strumpshaw, Nfk [Boyd and IGI]
Margaret ALDRED married Edwin BROWN Diss Nfk [Boyd]
Dorothy ALDRED b Worstead [rootsweb]
Raynolde ALDRED bap 10 Jan Diss son of Hughe ALDRED [Rootsweb]
John ALDRED bap 21 Dec Sfk (bur 9 Oct 1646) son of Thomas and Margery [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED m Edwin BROWNE 2 Dec Diss
Rose ALDRED bur 14 Feb 1565 Metfield [NBI]
1566Elizabeth ALDRED m Henry EARL 17 Apr Diss, Nfk [Boyd & IGI]
Margery ALDRED m John FELOW Bramfield 6 Oct [Rootsweb]
Roger ALDRED m Philipa MILLES Wortham [Boyd]
Roger ALDRED m Jane PAIN Sibton [Boyd]
Isabell ALDRED bur 13 Mar 1566 Eye [NBI]
Joan ALDRED bur 1 Mar 1566 Eye [NBI]
1567Henry ELDRED b this year, Diss [IGI] Henry had the following children in Diss [IGI]

Jarred bap 24 Dec 1593
Richard bap 25 Jul 1596
Thomas bap 25 Sep 1597

Robert ALDRED bur 18 Dec 1567 All Saints, Saxtead [NBI]
1568The subsidy return of 1568 included the following:
John ALDRED of Sibton (£6 in land - paid 8s 0d)
John ALDRED of Bruiseyard (£3 in goods - paid 2s 6d)
Robert ALDRED of Brampton (£8 in land - paid 10s 8d)
Thomas ALDRED of Westleton (£5 in goods -paid 4s 2d)
Thomas ALDRED of Henstead (£3 in land - paid 4s 0d)
William ALDRED of Bliburgh in Bulcamp (30s in land - paid 2s.0d)

William ELDRED b Weeting

James ALDRED bap 13 Jan, Halesworth [IGI]
James ALDRED bur 29 Jan 1568 Saxtead [NBI]
1570Robert ALDRED b abt 1570 Brampton d 1611 [IGI]
Elizabeth ELDRED bp 25 Nov Old Buckenham
Jeremy ELDRED m Katherine BAXTER 28 May Carleton Rode [IGI]
Jane ALDRED bap 18 Mar 1570 Uggleshall dau of John and Ann ALDRED [SFHS transc]
1571Henry ALDRED was born in Yaxham - (see 1530)
William ALDRED m Margaret BRODISH Eye [Boyd]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Edmund TOOK Westleton [Boyd]
Lionel ALDRED b this year Hasketon [IGI]
Bennett ALDRED m Clarkin POTTER 30 Apr St Gregory, Norwich [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 26 Feb 1571 St Peter's Church, Westleton [NBI]
James ALDRED m Thomazin OVERY 28 Dec 1570 Tasburgh [Freereg]
William ALDRED b 1571 Bramfield m 1595 Bramfield [IGI]
1572Gilian ALDRED m Edmund DEATH Shimplingthorne [Boyd]
Jerom ELDRED had the following children in Old Buckenham [IGI]

Alice bap 15 Jan 1572
Margaret bap 15 Jan 1572

Elizabeth ALDRED b this year Attleborough [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED, Dau of Thomas ALDRED was bap 13 Jul 1572 Norwich [Freereg]
Katherine ALDRED (Mrs) b abt 1572 bur 10 Dec 1612 [IGI]
Jane ALDRED b abt 1572 Rumburgh m John HILL 16 Jun 1593 Rumburgh [IGI]
1573Thomas ALDRED b abt 1548 of Woodbridge [IGI] married Anne Coye at St Peter's Church, Dunwich 4 May 1573
Note: could this be Anne COCKE? (see below 1623) [Phillimore transcripts]
Children of Thomas and Ann

John ALDRED b 1574 Burgh Woodbridge m Christian BROWNE
Jeffry ALDRED b 1578 Burgh
Peter ALDRED b 1580 Burgh
Robert ALDRED b 1592 Burgh
Robert ALDRED b 1601 Burgh [IGI]

Benedict ALDRED a merchant was made freeman of Gt Yarmouth
Alice ALDRED m Thomas BRAME Leiston, Suffolk
Robert ALDRED m Philip NEAL 13 Sep Diss Nfk [Boyd]
Ann ALDRED m Thomas COYE 4 May Woodbridge [IGI]
William ALDRED m Margaret CORBOLD Worlingworth [Boyd]
William ALDRED baptised St Mary's Woodbridge 18 Mar son of Jonas ALDRED and Anne [IGI]
Robert ALDRED b this year Winfarthing [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bur 23 Jul 1573 St Michael Framlingham [NBI]
1574Thomas ALDRED m Martha CLARK Framsden, Suffolk [Boyd]
William ELDRED bap 2 Dec St Mary at Quay, Ipswich (m abt 1595) [IGI]
Hendry ALDRED b this year Diss. Henry had a son Robert in 1600 Diss
Amy ALDRED bap 1 Nov 1574 Eye [IGI}
1575Thomas ALDRED m Elizabeth BAXTER 7 Oct Diss, Nfk [Boyd] [Boyd & IGI]
Francis ALDRED bur 17 May 1574 Framlingham [NBI]
Helen ALDRED dau John ALDRED bap 29 Nov 1575 [Freereg]
Roger ALDRED b abt 1575 Framlingham [IGI]
1576Margaret ALDRED m Richard AUSTIN Newton Flotman Nfk [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED m Alice WRIGHT 3 Jun Diss [Boyd and IGI]
Marie ALDRED m John JACSON 8 Sept Bramfield [IGI]
William Aldred m Ciceley COOKE 11 Nov Eye [IGI and Boyd]
John ALDRED b Worstead Nfk

Elizabeth ALDRED bur 19 Jul 1576 Framlingham
Jeffrey ALDRED bur 17 Feb 1576 St Botolph Burgh [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 7 Nov 1576 St Michael Framlingham,[NBI]
Thomas ALDRED b abt 1576 son of Thomas ALDRED and Ann COYE[IGI]
Marie ALDRED b 8 Sep 1876 Bramfield [IGI]

1577Thomas ALDRED bap 15 Dec Diss son of Thomas ALDRED[Rootsweb]
John ALDRED b 1577 at Cretingham d 24 Dec 1637 Crteingham [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED had the following children in Diss [IGI]

Thomas bap 15 Dec 1577
Roger bap 20 Apr 1579
Robert bap 20 DEc 1579
Margery bap 26 Jun 1580
John bap 23 May 1581
Richard bap 5 Feb 1585
Mary bap 1 Apr 1589
Mary bap 11 Oct 1590
James bap 3 Sep 1592
Edwin bap 26 May 1594

Christopher ALDRED bur Covehithe 28 Aug 1577 [NBI]
Sybil ALDRED bur 17 Feb 1577 St Michael Framlingham [NBI]
Lea ALDRED dau of James ALDRED bap 23 Mar 1577
1578Roger ALDRED m Jane PAIN, Sibton, Suffolk [Boyd] and had the following children in Diss [IGI]

Elizabeth bap 15 Oct 1580
John bap 17 Mar 1582
Robert bap 1592

Ann ALDRED m Jeremy PAIN Sibton, Suffolk [Boyd]
John ELDRED bap 8 Mar Hadleigh [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bap 11 May Cratfield do Robert and Ann ALDRED [IGI]
1579Roger ALDRED bap 20 Apr Diss son of Thomas ALDRED [rootsweb]
Robert ALDRED bap 20 Dec Diss son of Thomas ALDRED [Rootsweb]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 4 Oct 1579 Burgh [IGI]
British History on line records:
At the dissolution of the priory in 1539 Sculcoates rectory was worth £5. The rectory and tithes - perhaps a lease of them - are said to have been sold by Edmund Frost and Francis Jackson, of London, to John Aldred in 1579 - 80. In 1586 the rectory was granted by the Crown to Sir Christopher Hatton, who was to pay the 'curate's' stipend and the pensions due to the archbishop and the dean and chapter. Some time before 1611 Hatton's interest passed to Henry Aldred, and in 1607 Aldred and others granted tithes in Sculcoates to John Thornton. A Crown grant of tithes is said to have been made to Francis Morrice and Francis Philips, of London, in 1609 - 10. John Aldred held the tithes in 1633 when he granted them for life to John Spofford, so long as he remained preacher at Sculcoates, presumably in respect of his stipend. Aldred still owned the rectory in 1649 when the tithes, then worth £30, were allowed to the vicar as before. John Aldred subsequently sold part of the tithes to Thomas Aldred and others, and the rectory with its remaining tithes to Anthony Lambert and William Skinner. In 1668 Lambert and Skinner granted the rectory to John Dalton. Tithes in Sculcoates were in 1775 acquired by the Dock Company from Thomas Knowlton; these may have been the tithes from the company's own land in the parish.
Brigitta ALDRED bap 23 Jan son of Henrici Holme Hale [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 4 Oct 1579 Burgh dau of John ALDRED
1580Mary ALDRED m Edward LEAK 24 Oct Diss Nfk [Boyd & IGI]
John ALDRED b Southwold [IGI]
William ELDRED bap 5 Mar Pakenham s o William ALDRED [IGI P012661] - William sen, wife unknown had further children in Pakenham as follows [IGI}

Ann bap 13 Nov 1607
Elizabeth bap 24 Jun 1610 m Robert BROWNE 22 Oct 1605 Diss [Freereg]
Amye bap 21 Oct 1611 bur 27 Oct 1611

Philipa ALDRED m John TAILER Newton [Boyd] William ELDRED bap 5 Mar son of William
John ALDRED b abt 1580, Southwold [IGI]
Wolfgang ALDRED bap 25 Dec Cratfield s o Peter ALDRED and Ann [IGI]
Roger ALDRED bur 20 Jul 1580 St Peter Palgrave [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED had the following children: [IGI]

Margery bap 26 Jun 1580 Diss
Mary bap 12 Apr 1588 Diss
Mary bap 1 Apr 1589 Diss
Mary bap 11 Oct 1590 Diss

Elizabeth ALDRED bap 15 Oct 1580 d o Roger ALDRED [IGI]
1581Thomas ALDRED m Margaret ARTIS Yoxford
Ann ALDRED m John GAMBLE 18 Oct Hemsby, Nfk [Boyd & IGI]
Henry bap 21 Jan Diss son of Robert ALDRED [rootsweb]
Bennett ALDRED b this year Ipswich [IGI]
Robert ALDRED had the following children in Diss [IGI]

Henry bap 21 Jan 1581
Thomas bap 19 Dec 1584
William bap 15 Sep 1587
Sarah bap 1 Feb 1589
Ann bap 24 Feb 1592

Henry ALDRED had the following children in Attleborough [Freereg]

Anne bap 28 Jan 1581
Mary bap 21 Nov 1585
Henry bap 16 Nov 1589
Anne ALDRED m John GAMBLE 18 Oct 1581 [IGI]

1582John ALDRED (see above, 1530) m Agnes ROLFE 9 Feb 1582/3 and had son Clement ALDRED b 1601 Worstead Norfolk
Bridget ALDRED m William BUCKENHAM Palgrave [Boyd]
Richard ALDRED (b abt 1557 Eye) m Rose RAFE Eye [Boyd]
Leonard ALDRED m Ady HAYWARD Burgh [Boyd]
Bridget ALDRED m Peter BUCKENHAM Norfolk diocese [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Margaret FOSTER North Runcton, Norfolk [Boyd]
John ALDRED bap 17 Mar Diss son of Roger ALDRED Worstead[rootsweb]
Cecilia ALLDRIDE bap 5 Feb Thorndon dau of William ALLDRIDE [IGI]
Anne ALDRED (b abt 1558 Woodbridge) m Nicholas HUNTINGTON 14 Oct Woodbridge [IGI]
John ALDRED m Margaret FOSTER Runcton Nfk [Boyd]
Thomas ELDRED and Jone had the following children in Old Buckenham [IGI]

Richard bap Jan 1582
Peter bap Oct 1592
John bap 1594

Annie ALDRED bap 4 Oct 1582 Woodbridge [IGI]
1583John ALDRED m Agnes ROLFE (or ROSSE) 9th Feb 1583 (4) [rootsweb]
Their children were:

Johnnis bap 3 Oct 1594 Worstead
Emma ALDRED or ALDRICH bap 25 Dec 1585 Worstead
Emma b 1591 Worstead m Barthrum SEEKE 2 Feb 1613 Worstead
John ALDRED or ALDRICH bap 13 Oct 1588 Worstead
Gracia ALDRED or ALDRICH bap 8 Nov 1590 Worstead
Clement ALDRED or ALDRICH b 1594 (see 1626)
Willimus ALDRED or ALDRICH bap 2 Jan 1597 Worstead bur 2 Jan 1597 Worstead
Ralph ALDRED or ALDRICH bap 25 Feb 1599 m Susan BOSWELL 2 Jul 1626
Willmus ALDRED bap 2 Jan 1698 Worstead
Radelph ALDRED bap 22 Feb 1600

William ELDRED bap 27 Jan Thorndon, son of William Pakenham[IGI]
Rose ELDRED bap 2 Feb Hadleigh [IGI]
Leonard ALDRED m Adye HAYWARD 3 Oct Burgh [IGI]
Mary ALDRED b 6 Dec 1583 Burgh [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bap 6 Dec 1583 Burgh [IGI]
Mary ALDRED b 26 Mar 1593 Hasketon dau of Leonel ALDRED [IGI]
1584Thomas ALDRED bap 19 Dec Diss son of Robert ALDRED [Rootsweb]
Nicholas ALDRED m Ann FEVER [IGI]
William ALDRED m Catherine FULLER Eye [IGI]
Roger ALDRED m Prudence GOODEN Westleton [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED b 1584 Diss m Robert BROWNE 21 Oct 1605 Diss
Henry Aldred m Alice 1584 Norfolk [IGI]
Henry Aldred m Cecile 1584 Norfolk [IGI]
Henry Aldred m Dorothy 1584 Norfolk [IGI]
1585Ann ALDRED m William NAP Eye [Boyd]
Margery ALDRED m Henry WILSON Henstead, Suffolk [Boyd]
Robert ELDRED bap 2 May Hadleigh [IGI]
Henry ALDRED had the following children at Attleborough [IGI]

Anne bap 28 Jan 1581

Mary b 21 Nov 1585
Henry bap 15 Nov 1589
Ann ALDRED bur 20 May 1585 Westleton [NBI]
Bennett ALDRED b abt 1685 Ipswich [IGI]
1586John ALDRED b Southwold [Rootsweb] [IGI]
Pleasance ALDRED bur 14 Jan 1585 Eye [NBI]
John ALDRED b 1586 Southwold m Susan
March 27./April 6. Solomon ALDRED wrote to Lord Walsingham as follows:
(Solomon was a secret agent for Walsingham during the reign of Elizabeth)
"Being prevented from writing at large by John Toper's sudden departure, I must yet signify what has passed between Mr. Gratley and me. I have supped with him this night, where he delivered me those things in writing which we were concluded of the day before, as his letter to Dr. Gifford and another to my lord ambassador; and I find he is minded to do such a piece of service as shall 'throughly' satisfy her Majesty and you. Dr. Allen is coming from Rome malcontent, and can get nothing.

Parsons, like a wily fox, seeing the world is turned renverse on his side, hath put himself into St. Andrea at Monte Cavallo, into their spiritual exercise as they term it. It is a house where their young novices are brought up, and those that are in probation. Those his confederates did labour very earnestly to Dr. Allen to labour his coming out, and to affirm to the Pope that he is a member to the great advancement of the Catholic faith. Mr. Gratley's meaning is, before he be discovered, that he will go to Rheims and feel Dr. Allen throughly of all matters, and to set a faction between Parsons and him. He is very careful lest his letters to you should be seen by your servants, through your leaving them in your chamber, after having read them; but I have satisfied him for that matter.

I shall be marvellously disappointed by John Toper's coming [i.e. going] over, as I am assured he is of trust. I thought to have employed him to go to Rheims, and to have found means to deliver Gratley's and my letters, but now I must stay his coming back, for if I should go myself it would raise great suspicion, and I dare trust no man else. Pray dispatch him with all diligence. - Rouen, 6 April, 1586, after the French computation. "Here is coming over one Richard Lister, old Lister's son, that was prisoner in Rome, who hath brought me commendations from all my friends there."
[Calendar of State Papers foreign 1586]

You can see more letters to Lord Walsingham about or from Solomon here

1587Edmund ALDRED m Mary MOOR Shimplingthorne [Boyd]
Richard ALDRED bap 16 Apr Diss son of Richard ALDRED [rootsweb]
William ALDRED bap 15 Sep Diss son of Robert ALDRED [rootsweb]
Mary ALDRED m Francis HOWELL Saxtead [Boyd]
Katherin ELDRED bap 11 Jun Hadleigh [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bur 14 Mar 1587 All Saints, Easton [NBI]
Ursula ALDRED bur 25 Jul 1587 Framlingham [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED was the vicar of Salle in 1587 [Brit Hist on line]
Owen ALDRED b abt 1587 [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED b abt 1587 Debach [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1587 Bramfield m 3 May 1624 [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1587 Wrentham [IGI]
1588Margaret ALDRED m John TRIVIT Eye [Boyd]
An ALDRED m Roger Christmas Henstead [Boyd]
William ALDRED m Margaret BUCK Norwich [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED b 1588 Boddingham [IGI]
1589Charity ALDRED bur 1 Nov 1589 Eye [NBI]
Frances ALDRED bur 27 Jul 1589 Framlingham [NBI]
Henry ALDRED inf bur 28 Apr 1589 [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 29 Apr 1589 Eye [NBI]
Robert ALDRED had the following children:

Sarah bap 1 Feb 1589 Diss
Anne bap 24 Feb 1592 Diss

Thomas ALDRED b 1589 Thorington [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1589 Wrentham m 3 May 1624 [IGI]
1590Thomas ALDRED had an inventory made in respect of his will. [Norwich Diocese record DN/INV/6]
Martha ALDRED m Robert GEITON Ufford [Boyd]
1591Faythe ALDRED m Thomas PLAYFORD 7 March St Julian Norwich [IGI]
Dorothy ALDRED, wife of Richard ALDRED bur 13 Dec 1591 Martham [Freereg]
Thomas ALDRED b 1591 Wrentham [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1591 Brampton m Mary CHICKERING 3 May 1624 Thorington [IGI] and had a child, Henry ALDRED [IGI}
1592Robert ALDRED m Joan SHIPMAN Orford 25 Nov 1592 [Boyd] and [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bap 26 Dec son of Roger ALDRED [rootsweb]
Robert b 1592 Bury St Eds [IGI]
Dorothe ALDRED , wife of Richard bur this year Martham [FreeREG]
William ALDRED b 1594 Assington [IGI]
Peter ALDRED b abt 1592 Eyke m Mary RUG 27 Mar 1617 Ipswich [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1592 Badingham [IGI]
1593Jane ALDRED (b abt 1572 Rumburgh) m John HILL Rumburgh, Suffolk [Boyd] [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m John ADCOCK 20th July [IGI]
Jarred ALDRED bap 24 Dec Diss son of Henry ALDRED [rootsweb]
Peter ALDRED b this year Eyke [IGI]
William ALDRED m Elizabeth FISHER Weeting [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bap 26 Mar 1593 Hesketon, dau of Leonel ALDRED [IGI]
1594Arthur ALDRED b 1594 Westhall Suffolk [IGI]
Eliza ALDRED bap 8 Sep Diss do Raynold ALDRED [IGI]
William ALDRED m Jane SECKAR 3 Jan Banham [IGI]
Richard ALDRED m Rebecca BINHAM 21 May St benedict, Norwich [IGI]
Eliza ALDRED bap 8 Sep 1594 Diss d o Raynold [IGI]
Frances ALDRED bur 30 Jun 1594 Caister by Yarmouth [FrreREG]
1595Catherine ALDRED m Anthony BARKER Eye [Boyd]
Emma ALDRED bap 25 Dec Worstead Nfk [rootsweb]
William ALDRED (b abt 1595 Assington bur 1635 Assington) m Margaret (bur 16 Aug 1643 Assington) and had the following children:

Wiiliam bap 8 Dec 1616 Assington
Rebecca bap 3 Feb 1619 Assington
Marie bap 25 Nov 1621 Assington
Isaac bap 1 Feb 1623 Assington
Bridget bap 8 Jul 1625 Assington
Edward bap 23 Feb 1627 Assington
Abraham bap 18 Apr 1630 Assington
Elizabeth bap 14 Jun 1632 Assington

Anne ALDRED bur 24 Jan 1595 Wickham Market [NBI]
John ALDRED bap 12 Oct Kings Lynn son of John ALDRED, a mason [FreeREG]
Sara ALDRED dau of Willm ALDRED bap 13 Jul 1595 Starston [Freereg]
George ALDRED b abt 1595 Frostenden [IGI]
1596Richard ELDRED bap 25 Jul Diss s o Henry [IGI]
1597Margery ALDRED m John ROW July [IGI]
Peter ALDRED m Ann WITBY Gt Glemham [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED m Margaret LEMAN Shimpling Nfk [Boyd]
Robert ALDRED m Joan CLARKE. They had the following children at Winfarthing [IGI]

Walter b 1598
Henry b 1600

1598Elizabeth ALDRED m William MARET 24 Nov 1598 Woodbridge [Boyd and IGI]
Anne ALDRED bur 13 Jan 1598 Peasenhall [NBI>
Jone ALDRED wife of Roger ALDRED bur 12 Mar 1598 Diss [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 24 Nov 1598 Woodbridge [IGI]
1599Thomasine ALDRED had in inventory made in repect of her will [Norwich Diocese records]
Henry ALDRED b abt 1564 Worstead bur 1 Dec 1648, son of Henry ALDRED and Elizabeth, m Margaret BROWNE 4 Jun 1599 Marsham, Nfk [Boyd] [IGI]
An inventory was completed for Thomasine ALDRED [ NRO ref. DN/INV16/103 ]
Roger ALDRED bur Mar 1599 Diss [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED married 4 Jun 1599 Sacrist, Nfk [IGI]
1600Margaret ALDRED m Roger HARVEY Bruisyard [Boyd]
Robert b Bury St Eds [IGI]
John ALDRED m Ursula at Cretingham and died 24 Dec 1637
John ELDRED b this year died Dec 1640 Ipswich so William [IGI]
James ALDRED m Elizabeth BETTS 29 Nov St Martin at Palace, Norwich [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bap 20 Apr 1600 Diss s o Hendry ALDRED [IGI]
George ALDRED m Ann ALDRED Frostenden (IGI film 178078]
Martin and Susan ALDRED had the following children
(Note: Martin was bur 8 Mar 1631 Elsing and Susan bur 19 Nov 1635 Elsing)

Rebecca bap 24 Jun 1600 Elsing
Cornelius bap 25 Dec 1603 Elsing bur 4 Feb 1640 Elisng [Freereg]
Thomas bap 12 Oct 1606 Elsing
Anne bap 16 Jul 1609 Elsing
John bap 31 May 1612 Elsing bur 28 May 1618 Elsing
Elizabeth bap 21 Dec 1616 Elsing

John ALDRED m Ursula 1600 Cretingham d 24 Dec 1637 [IGI}
Arthur ALDRED b 1600 Brampton son of Robert ALDRED m about 1630 d Jan 1662 and had the following children:


Thomas ALDRED b 1600 Wrentham (poss son of Arthur above) [IGI]
1601John ALDRED m Ann COLMAN Laxfield Sfk [Boyd] (see 1621)
Children of John and Ann, derived from will of 1621 were John, Ann, Wolfram, Mary ELLISE, Thomas
Nicholas ALDRED m Ag MAPES Bruisyard Sfk [IGI]
Richard ALDRED had the following children [FreeREG]

Rebecca bap 24 Jan 1601 Norwich
Catherine bap 14 Feb 1603 Norwich

Robert ALDRED b 1601 Bury St Eds [IGI]
Edward ALDRED b 1601 Cretingham [IGI]
1602James ALDRED bap 30 Sep Southwold so John and Alice ALDRED [IGI]
Bartholomew ALDRED and Thomasina had the following children [IGI]

James ALDRED bap 19 Oct Ubbeston
Susanne bap 18 Dec 1606 Ubbeston
Marye bap 5 Oct 1612 Ubbeston

John ALDRED b 1602 Diss [IGI]
Robert ALDRED had the following children in Norwich

Robert bap 16 Dec 1604
Robert bap 10 May 1610
Elizabeth bap 14 Apr 1612

1603Henry ALDRED, Vicar of Wherstead resigned and became Vicar of Rushall, presented by Sir Edward CLERE
John ALDRED m Usely PEVERY Bruisyard, Sfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED bap 23 Oct Cavendish so John
James ALDRED m Margaret HANNER Diss [Boyd]
Anthony ALDRED bur 4 Apr 1603 Mendlesham [NBI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 11 Nov 1603 Oulton St Michael [NBI]
Catherine ALDRED bap 14 Feb 1603 Norwich d o Richard [IGI]
1604Robert ALDRED m Parnel BROWN Lt Glemham Sfk [IGI]
Joan ALDRED m Robert KING Badingham [Boyd]
Margaret ALDRED m James RACHAM Bruisyard [Boyd]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 5 Aug Norwich St Michael at Coslany [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 4 Aug 1604 Whissonsett [Freereg]
1605Mary ALDRED m William PIKE Henstead [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED m Joan GISSING Eye [Boyd]
William ELDRED m Ann BLOOMFIELD 3 Nov Pakenham [IGI]
Robert ALDRED m Joan Winfarthing [IGI]
Ann ALDRED (b abt 1584 Cavendish) m Francis THETFORD 25 Jul Cavendish [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED baptised 2 May Southwold [IGI]
Samuel ALDRED bap Feb Ipswich [IGI]
Philip ELDRED had the following children [IGI]

Ann bap 14 Mar 1605 Hadleigh
Philip bap 25 Mar 1607 Hadleigh
John bap 14 Aug 1609 Hadleigh
Janne bap 11 May 1611 Hadleigh
Janne bap 9 Jun 1618 Hadleigh

Elizabeth ALDRED m Robert BROWN Diss [Boyd}
Samuel ALDRED bap Feb 1605 Ipswich St Mary at Quay s o Bennett ALDRED (IGI)
William ALDRED bur 4 Nov 1605 Dickleburgh [Freereg]
Philip ALDRED bur Oct 1605 Diss [Freereg]
1606Leah ALDRED m Richard GIBSON Brockdish [Boyd]
James ADRED b Sotherton
John ALDRED b Diss [IGI]
William ALDRED bur 5 Apr 1606 Eye [NBI]
1607Elizabeth ALDRED m Samuel HAIL Debach [Boyd]
Jane ALDRED m Thomas COLMAN Thorndon [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED m Ag CHAPMAN Fersfield Nfk [Boyd]
Roger ALDRED m Margaret GARRETT 13 Aug 1607 Blickling bur 13 Mar 1622 [Freereg]
Edward ALDRED m Mary LYNFORD 22 Jun 1607 Forncett St Pater [Freereg]
James ALDRED bur 21 Apr 1607 Bawdesell
1608Susan ALDRED baptised 4 Sep Southwold [IGI]
George ALDRED b Southwold [IGI]
Henry ALDRED m Margaret FANNER Diss [Boyd]
Margaret ALDRED b Diss [IGI]
John ALDRED bap 10 Sep Diss s o John ALDRED [IGI]
Susan ALDRED bap 4 Sep 1608 Southwold dau of John and Susan ALDRED
Elizabeth ALDRED wife of William bur 5 May 1608 Norwich [Freereg]
Johes ALDRED m Alicia CUSHYNE 13 Oct 1608 Hardingham [Freereg]
Margaret ALDRED bur 12 Apr 1608 Elsing [Freereg]
1609Robert ALDRED of Henstead made a will which you can see here
Julian ALDRED m Roberta RIGHT Fressingfield [Boyd]
James ALDRED bap 3 Sep Norwich St John Timberhill s o William and Barbara [IGI]
Bridgitt ALDRED bap 19 Feb 1609 Diss do James ALDRED [Freereg]
Hugh ALDRED b Diss [IGI]
William ALDRED bur 31 Mar 1609 Syleham St Mary's Church [NBI]
John ALDRED of Blickling had a son Thomas baptised: a daughter Alise followed in 1615 [Norf transcrip]
John ALDRED had the following children [FreeREG]

Thomas bap 11 Mar 1609 Blickling
William bap 10 Nov 1611 Blickling
John bap 3 Apr 1614 Blickling
James bap 30 May 1619 Blickling
Civen bap 10 Mar 1621 Blickling
Catherine and Bridgett both bap 9 Nov 1624 Twins Blickling bur 10 Nov 1624
Richard bap 11 Mar 1627 Blickling

Robert ALDRED bur 18 Aug 1609 Rockland St Peter [FreeREG]
1610Alice ALDRED m John CORDIE Diss [Boyd]
Richard ALDRED m Katherine HOWES 6 Jun 1610 Blickling [FreeREG]
Henry ALDRED m Alis RUST 29 Jan 1610 Sloley [Freereg]
1611Ane ALDRED m John WATLING 13 Nov Holton by Halesworth [IGI]
Mary ALDRED m John SAVIN Rendham [Boyd]
Helen ALDRED m Edward TOMPSON 23 Feb Norwich St Gregory [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 27 Aug 1610 Syleham [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m William THOMPSON 6 May 1611 Norwich [FreeREG]
Thomas ALDRED inf bur 28 Mar 1611 Blickling [FreeREG]
John ALDRED had the following children

Agnes bap 22 Dec 1611 Diss
Henry bap 26 Jan 1616

1612Peter ALDRED bur Eyke [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED bap 21 Jan Southwold so Thomas and Susan ALDRED [IGI]
James ALDRED b this year Southwold so Judith ALDRED [IGI]
Edwin 0r Edmund [Boyd] ALDRED m Jane YOUNGS Yoxford Sfk [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED m William STEBBING Earl Soham [Boyd]Francis ELDRED had the following children in Bury Sy Edmunds all baptised at St James [IGI]

Christopher bap 4 Dec 1611
Charles bap 2 Feb 1616
John bap 1 Apr 1617
Francis bap 7 Aug 1618
Elizabeth bap 12 Nov 1620
Grace bap 20 Jul 1624

Anne ALDRED bur 20 Apr 1612 All Saints, Eyke [NBI]
Prudence ALDRED bur 4 Jun 1612 Westleton [NBI]
Roger ALDRED bur 20 Jun 1612 Westleton St Peter's [NBI]
1613Peter ALDRED m Mary ALDRED Cum Boulge, Debach Sfk [IGI]
Owen ALDRED m Elizabeth BELWARD Henstead [IGI]. They had the following children [Sfk transc]

Thomas ALDRED bap 5 Dec 1613 Henstead
Margaret ALDRED bap 19 Aug 1615 (twin) Henstead
Marie ALDRED bap 19 Nov 1615 (twin) Henstead
John ALDRED bap 1 Nov 1618 Henstead
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 20 Aug 1621 Henstead
Edward ALDRED bap 11 Sep 1624 Henstead

Thomas ALDRED m Cisley COOK Suffolk [Boyd]
Richard ALDRED m Margaret WITLOCK Mendlesham [Boyd]
William ELDRED had the following children baptised at St James, Bury St Edmunds [IGI]

Marie bap 10 Oct 1613
Thomasine bap 11 Sep 1618
Lucretia bap 2 Sep 1621
Margaret bap 22 Jan 1625
Elizabeth bap 5 Oct 1628

Catherine ALDRED bap 14 Feb Norwich St Simon and St Jude d o Richard ALDRED [IGI]
John ALDRED bap 15 Aug Norwich St Mary Coslany so Richard [IGI]
Bridget ALDRED b Diss [IGI]
John ALDRED bur 8 Aug 1613 Bruisyard [NBI]
Lettice ALDRED bur 25 Sep 1613 Sibton St Peter [NBI]Robert ALDRED bur 5 Aug 1613 Bruisyard St Peter [NBI]
1614Robert ALDRED, Tiler of Norwich made a will (NCC Bull 20)
William ALDRED m Joan FINNEY Earl Soham [IGI]
Su ALDRED m John FORD Brockdish [Boyd]
Edmund ELDRED had the following children in Bury Sy Edmunds, all baptised at St James {IGI]

Margaret bap 7 Aug 1614
Edmond bap 1 Apr 1616
Susan bap 9 Nov 1617
Simon bap 7 Apr 1619 bur 29 Sep 1630

1615Peter ALDRED bap 30 Mar Eyke [IGI]
John ALDRED b this year Linstead Parva [IGI]
John ALDRED b this year Henstead Sfk m Ann BERNIE 13 Jun 1640 Ipswich [IGI]
Robert ALDRED had the following children in Bury St Edmunds, baptised at St James: [IGI]

Thomas bap 2 Jan 1615
Mary bap 16 Sep 1624
Gilles (male) bap 30 Dec 1625
Margaret bap 23 Jan 1632

Lettice ALDRED bur 8 Oct 1615 Bruisyard St Peter [NBI]
Marie ALDRED bur 17 Mar 1615 Bruiseyard [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED m Mary NEALE 18 May 1615 Bury St Eds [IGI]
1616Grace ALDRED bap 3 Oct 1616 Southwold do John and Alice ALDRED[IGI]
Hugo ALDRED bap 1 Apr Westhall [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Ann FRIER Pettistree [Boyd] and had the following children in Pettistree [IGI]

John bap 29 Mar 1618
Ann bap 22 Jun 1619
Gulielmus bap 1 May 1622

William ALDRED m Rhoda GOOSE Suffolk [Boyd]
Abird ALDRED m Edmund PECK Parham [Boyd]
William ALDRED m Margaret WOOLWARD Polstead [Boyd] and they had the following children in Assington [IGI]

William bap 8 Dec 1616
Rebecca bap 13 feb 1620
Marie bap 1621 bur 30 Jan 1623
Isaac bap 1 Feb 1624
Bridget bap 1625 bur 24 Apr 1628
Edward bap 1627
Abraham bap 18 Apr 1630 bur 24 Nov 1630
Elizabeth bap 14 Jun 1632
George ALDRED bur 1 Apr 1616 Westhall [NBI]
THomas ALSRED m Ann FRYER 19 Nov 1616 Pettidtree [IGI]

Matthew ALDRED m Catherine PIT Campsea Ashe [Boyd] and had the following child: [IGI]

Timothie ALDRED bap 26 Feb 1617 Melton

Mary ALDRED m Thomas ALLEN Great Yarmouth [Boyd]
Henry ALDRED bap 25 Jan Diss s o John ALDRED [IGI]
1617John ALDRED, Yeoman of Boulge made a will - you can see it here
Joseph ALDRED m Alice CHAMBERS Stonham Aspall [IGI]
Henry ELDRED m Agnes EASTON at Hoxne on 7 May 1617
Richard ALDRED bap 16 Nov Norwich St Benedict s o Thomas ALDRED [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bur 22 Sep 1617 Diss
1618Ann ALDRED m John FOX 8 Feb Pettistree [IGI]
John ALDRED m Margaret GOWLDE Huntingfield Sfk [IGI]
William ALDRED m Ann FOSTER Shottisham Sfk [IGI]
Edward ALDRED m Mary HARTWELL Pettistree [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED had the following children in Bury St Edmunds (bap St James) [IGI]

Mary bap 15 May 1618
James bap 5 Oct 1624

John ELDRED had the following children in Attleborough [IGI]

John bap 26 May 1618
Ann bap 18 Jun 1620

Cicely ALDRED bur 20 Feb 1618 Eye [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 18 Jun 1618 Pettistree [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 4 Apr 1618 Mendlesham [NBI]
Ricardus ALDRED , so Thome ALDRED bur 24 Nov 1618 Kenninghall [Freereg]
Rogerus ALDRED so Thome bur 19 Aug 1621 Kenninghall [Freereg]
1619Ann ALDRED m John TOWN Uggleshall [Boyd]
George ALDRED m Alice GARDENER Hacheston Sfk [IGI]
Roger ALDRED m Phillis DAY Ashbocking Sfk [IGI]
William ALDRED m (a) Sarah EARL (bur 23 Dec 1619)Dickleburgh Nfk [Boyd] and had the following child:

Rachell bap 19 Dec 1619 Dickleburgh bur 23 Dec 1619 Dickleburgh

William then married Rose and had the following children:

Margaret bap 6 Sep 1621 Dickleburgh
Anne bap 13 Nov 1623 Dickleburgh bur 15 Nov 1623 Dickleburgh
William bap 30 Nov 1624 Dickleburgh
Roger bap 1 Mar 1626 Dickleburgh bur 22 Mar 1626 Dickleburgh
Marie 30 May 1628 Dickleburgh
John bap 9 Feb 1630 Dickleburgh
Thomas bap 23 Apr 1633 Dickleburgh
Grissel bap 10 Sep 1635 Dickleburgh

Lettis ALDRED bap 15 May d o Thomas and Christian ALDRED Rendham [IGI]
Hugh ALDRED bur 14 Oct 1619 Bruisyard [NBI]
Philip ALDRED bur 4 Sep 1619 Brome [NBI]
1620John ALDRED m Faith ARNOLD Westleton [Boyd]
Timothy ALDRED b this year Southwold [IGI]
Richard ALDRED m Peace LEESE Wickham Market [IGI]
Joan ALDRED m Robert GIRLING Wickham Market [Boyd]
Susan ALDRED m Tho BROWN Scole [Boyd]
Samuel ELDRED bap 27 Nov Ipswich s o Thomas ELDRED and Anna WATSON [IGI]
Edward ELDRED had the following children in Bury St Edmunds all baptised at St James [IGI]

Edward bap 15 Nov 1620
George bap 18 Nov 1627

Anne ALDRED bap 18 Jun do John ALDRED [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Thomas LONGE 28 Sep Norwich St Julian [IGI]
Samuel ALDRED bap 27 Nov Needham Market m Elizabeth MILLER 24 Nov 1640 d after 1697 Kingston, Washington, USA [IGI]
Henry ALDRED had the following children

Phebe bap 7 May 1620 Diss
Elizabeth bap 22 Apr 162 Diss[Freereg]

Henery ALDRED b this year m Phillipia Diss 1645 [IGI]
John ALDRED bur 16 May 1620 Debach [NBI] Ffraunces ALDRED bap 26 Apr 1620 Frostenden dau of George and Ann ALDRED [Sfk FHS bap transc]
1621Ann ALDRED of Laxfield made a will - you can see it here

Frances ALDRED married Robert DUCKES on 9 Oct 1621 at Ashby, Sfk
Robert ALDRED m Jane ROBINSON Theberton Sfk [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 21 Mar d o Henry ALDRED [IGI]
1622Nicholas ALDRED m Tomsin GATES Bruisyard, Sfk [IGI]
Agnes ALDRED bur 25 Apr 1622 St Peter Bruisyard [NBI]
Roger ALDRED aged 45 blacksmith bur 13 Mar 1622 Blickling [FreeREG]
1623Thomas ALDRED of Brampton executor of will of his mother in law, Christian COCKE. He had married Anne COCKE, and they had children as follows (not necessarily in the order of birth) You can see the will here

George ALDRED who married Ann
Margaret ALDRED
William ALDRED

Johanes ALDRED m Maria DAYNES 1623 Kirkby Bedon [FreeREG]
Owen ALDRED inf bur 26 Jan 1623 Blickling [FreeREG]
1624William ALDRED of Iken was left 20s in one year.
Elizabeth ALDRED m John STURMYNE 25 Apr Cringleford, Nfk [Boyd]& IGI
Peter ALDRED b this year Hasketon [IGI]
James bap 5 Oct 1624 Bury St Edmunds so Thomas ALDRED and Mary NEALE
Joanna ALDRED m John DAINES Kirby Bedon Nfk [Boyd]
Henry ALDRED b Diss[IGI]
Stephen ALDRED bur 15 Jun 1624 Wickham Mkt [NBI]
Richard ALDRED widr m Alice THORPE 2 Feb 1624 Norwich [FreeREG]
Joanna ALDRED m Johanes DAYNES 1624 Kirby Bedon [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m John STURMYNE 25 Apr 1624 Cringleford [Freereg]
Thomas ALDRED m Mary CHICKERING (bap 20 May 1591) 3 May 1624 (Thomas was b abt 1590 Brampton) and had a son, Henry ALDRED b abt 1625 d 23 Feb 1646
1625Edward ALDRED was left a "Spur Royal in gold" by his godfather Edward PELSE of Dennington (A gold coin, first made in the reign of Edward IV., having a star on the reverse resembling the rowel of a spur. In the reigns of Elizabeth and of James I., its value was fifteen shillings.)
John ALDRED of Wickham Market, merchant, left a will which you can see here.
John ALDRED m Maria DANES Kirby Bedon, Nfk
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 8 Jan 1625 St Peter Theberton [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 19 Sep 1625 Wickham Market [NBI]Sarah ALDRED bur 10 Oct 1625 Cookley St Michael [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 12 Mar 1625 Pettistree St Peter and St Paul [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 25 Jan 1625 Denham St Mary (near B St Eds) [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED wid baged 70 bur 11 May 1625 Blickling [FreeREG]
1626Susan ALDRED was apprenticed to John CHAMBERS of Yoxford, Yeoman and weaver (SRO ref FC73/G2/7)
Owen ALDRED m Mary BONNER South Cove [Boyd]

Clement Aldrich or ALDRED m Susan (widow Boswell) CROMPTON 2 Jul 1626 Norfolk. They had the following children [Rootsweb]:

Elizabeth ALDRIDGE bap 8 Apr 1627 Worstead
John ALDRIDGE bap 8 Feb 1629 Worstead
Marie ALDRIDGE bap 17 Apr 1631 Worstead
Alice ALDRIDGE bap 1 Sep 1633 Worstead Nfk
William ALDRIDGE b abt 1635
Clement jnr ALDRIDGE b 25 Sep 1636 d 19 Jan 1698 (9) Northumberland, Virginia m Elizabeth TILLS 18 Oct 1688 Worstead
Thomas ALDRIDGE b abt 1637
George ALDRIDGE b abt 1639 bur 16 Dec 1679 Worstead

Hugh ALDRED m (a) Tomsin ALLDRED Ubbeston [Boyd] (b) Sara and had the following children

Sara bap 20 Mar 1636 Diss
Susan bap 21 Apr 1639 Diss

Henry ALDRED had the following children bap at Norwich St Martin at Palace [IGI]

Thomas bap 3 Sep 1626
John bap 25 Jan 1628
Mary bap 25 Apr 1630

Austine ALDRED m Susan FREEMAN 18 May Norwich St Benedict. They had the following children at Norwich St Gregory [IGI]

Sarah bap 14 Oct 1629 Norwich [FreeREG]
Mary bap 11 March 1631
Nicholas bap 21 Apr 1633
(Note: Austine appears as Augustin in the baptisms), [IGI]

Thomas ALDRED bap 3 Sep St Martin at Palace Norwich s o Henry [IGI]
Thomasin ALDRED bur 27 Feb 1626 Bruisyard St Peter [NBI]
1627James ALDRED son of Mary Bedingham[IGI]
John ALDRED bap 24 May Heveningham so John ALDRED [IGI]
Faith ALDRED m Thomas CROSSFIELD Dunwich St Peter Sfk [Boyd]
Henry ALDRED bap 18 Mar 1627 Henstead s o Thomas and Mary ALDRED
Thomas and Mary ALDRED living in Sotherton had the following children:

John ALDRED bap 19 Apr 1627
Anne ALDRED bap 26 Jul 1629
Robert ALDRED bap 21 Nov 1630
Francis ALDRED bap 14 Jul 1633
Henry ALDRED bap 15 May 1636

Thomas ALDRED m Alice HORNING 12 Aug 1627 Ashby [FreeREG]
1628Ann ALDRED m Charles BUCK 6 Nov Sproughton [IGI]
Owen ALDRED m Mary BONNER South Cove [IGI]
OWEN ALDRED b 1587 m Mary BEVER (b abt 1595) Ipswich 5 Apr 1628 [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Ann GUIFORD Thorndon Sfk [IGI]
Roger ALDRED m Ann BUXTON this year Suffolk
Francis ALDRED bap 6 Oct Cratfield so Francis ALDRED and Margaret [IGI]
Richard ALDRED m Susan HUET 17 Nov Norwich St Martin at Palace. They had the following children bap at St Martin at Palace Norwich [IGI]

Phillis bap 28 Mar 1630
Richard bap 28 Mar 1630 Norwich
William bap 2 Sep 1632
John bap 28 Jun 1635 Norwich bur 28 Aug 1635 Norwich
An bap 20 Oct 1639 Norwich

John ALDRED bap 25 Jan St Martin at Palace Norwich so Henry ALDRED [IGI]
Ann ALDRED bap 1628 Diss d o John ALDRED [IGI]
Nicholas ALDRED bur 31 Jan 1628 Bruiseyard St Peter [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 21 Oct 1628 Wickham Market [NBI]
Jn ALDRED bap 25 Jan 1628 s o Henm ALDRED [IGI]
John and Anne ALDRED had the following children

Anne bap 23 Apr 1628 Diss bur 6 Oct 1628 Diss
Amy bap 10 Sep 1629 Diss
Margaret bap 10 Sep 1629 Diss bur 12 Sep 1629 Diss
John bap feb 1632 Diss
Roberte bap 4 Jun 1639 Diss

1629Richard ALDRED m Margaret BOTTERET Sibton Sfk [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED m Henry ROPER Diss [Boyd]
Ann ALDRED bap 11 Sep Diss d o John d 22 Sep [IGI]Margaret ALDRED bap 20 Sep Diss d o John d 22 Sep [IGI]
Ann ALDRED bur 20 Oct 1629 St Mary's Church, Huntingfield
Augustine and Margaret ALDRED [Freereg] had the following children
(Note Augustine was previously married to Susan who was bur 9 May 1627 Norwich [Freereg])

Sarah bap 14 Oct 1629 Norwich
Mary bap 11 Mar 1631 Norwich
Robert bap 7 Aug 1633 Norwich
Nicholas bap 21 Apr 1633 Norwich
Augustine bap 14 Sep 1634 Norwich
Anne bap 25 Oct 1635 Norwich
Martha bap 25 Dec 1636 Norwich
James bap 6 May 1638 Norwich
Anne bap 23 Jun 1639 Norwich
William bap 17 May 1640 Norwich
An bap 22 Oct 1641 Norwich
Susanna bap 11 Jun 1643 Norwich
Augustine bap 18 Aug 1644 Norwich
Augustine bap 18 Feb 1645 Norwich
Benjamin bap 27 Jan 1646 Norwich

1630May ALDRED baptised 20 Feb Southwold [IGI]
Henry ALDRED m Susan COOK Beccles Sfk [Boyd]and had a child, My ALDRED bap 25 Apr 1630 St Martin at Place, Norwich [IGI]
Roger ALDRED bur 13 Dec 1630 Dickleburgh [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m John EIBROOK Southwold [Boyd]
Susan ALDRED m Tho WOODROW 3 May Norwich St Martin at Palace [IGI]
Phillis ALDRED bap 28 May Norwich St Martin at Palace d o Richard ALDRED [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bap 25 Apr St Martin at Palace, Norwich d o Henry ALDRED [IGI]
Joane ALDRED bur 4 Nov 1630 Bruisyard [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 12 Sep 1629 Bruisyard St Pater [NBI]
1631Ann ALDRED m Robert GOOCH [IGI]
James ALDRED m Judith MILLS Ipswich [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Margaret EDGAR Frostendon [IGI] and had the following child

Margaret ALDRED bap 8 Jan 1634 Sotherton

Robert ALDRED b this year Gt Yarmouth[IGI]
Mary ALDRED bap 11 Mar 1631 St Gregory Norwich d o Augustin ALDRED [IGI]
1632William ALDRED, Millwright of Horstead made a will (NCC Morse 154)
John ALDRED bur 8 Dec Worstead, Nfk
Ann ALDRED (b abt 1611 Ipswich) m Edmund TILLET 2 Apr Ipswich[IGI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 31 Mar 1632 Huntingfield St Mary [NBI]
Wm ALDRED bap 2 Sep 1632 St James Pockthorpe, Norwich s o Ric or Wm ALDRED [IGI]
1633Christina ALDRED bap 9 Jun Southwold [IGI]
James ALDRED bap 18 Jun Southwold [IGI]
James and Judith ALDRED had the following children [IGI]:

James bap 9 Jun 1633 Southwold
John bap 26 Aug 1636 Southwold

Joan ALDRED m John WOODLOUGH Suffolk [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED bur 6 Mar 1633 Bruisyard St Peter [NBI]
Robert ALDRED so of Robert ALDRED bap 7 Aug 1633 Norwich [Freereg]
1634Margaret ALDRED m Thomas SAIER South Cove [Boyd]
Bithia ALDRED bap 17 Jul Southwold [IGI]
Bridget ALDRED m Thomas EDRICHE Diss [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Ann COBB Bressingham Nfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED b this year Gt Yarmouth [IGI]
Guliemus ALDRED m Margaretta JOHNSON 5 Aug 1634 Hardingham [Freereg]
1635Sus ALDRED m Christopher MOORE Sotherton Sfk [Boyd]
Ann ALDRED m John PETTIT Sibton Sfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Margaret ALDRED Linstead Parva and had the following children in Linstead Parva [IGI]

Henry bap 6 Feb 1637
Henry bap 11 Feb 1638
Elizabeth bap 3 Apr 1640
John bap 1640
Ellen bap 23 Jun 1642 bur 2 Dec 1642
Richard bap 2 Feb 1644
Ciriak bap 2 Jan 1647

Gulielme ALDRED m Margreta MASSON 25 Jul 1635 Kenninghall [Freereg]
1636Clement ALDRED (see above 1582) married Susan BOSWELL 2 Jul 1626 and had a son, Clement ALDRED born 25 Sep 1636
Robert ALDRED m Mary PAIN Sfk [Boyd]
Ismael ALDRED bap 14 Dec Rattlesden s o Francis ALDRED [IGI]
Sara ALDRED bap 20 Mar Diss d o Hugh ALDRED [IGI]
John ALDRED bur 3 Sep 1636 Heveningham St Margaret [NBI]
Nicholas ALDRED bur 21 Dec 1636 Huntingfield [NBI]
1637Thomas ALDRED m Ann ROBINSON Henstead [Boyd]
Henry ALDRED bap 6 Feb Linstead Parva [IGI]
Alice ALDRED m Thomas DOGGET Stoke Ash Sfk [Boyd]
Susan ALDRED m Abraham HEIWARD Syleham Sfk [Boyd]
Joseph b this year Gt Yarmouth [IGI]
John ALDRED bur 31 Dec 1637 Parham [NBI]
Margaret ALDRED bur Apr 1637 Huntingfield [NBI]
.Robert and Mary ALDRED had the following children [FreeREG]

Robert bap 16 Apr 1637 Hingham
Thomas bap 6 Apr 1640 Hingham
Willyam ALDRED ma Martha BAKER 22 Oct 1637 Norwich [Freereg]

1638Mary ALDRED m Robert FULCHER South Cove [Boyd]
Ann ALDRED bap 19 Aug Southwold [IGI]
Henry ALDRED m Philipia SMITH Thelnetham [IGI] and had the following children

John bap 2 Jan 1646 Diss
Hugh bap 2 May 1650 Diss bur 30 Oct 1655 Diss
Susan bap 12 Sep 1655 Diss

Ann ALDRED b this year [IGI]
Lettice ALDRED m Richard NUN Heveningham [Boyd]
Martha ALDRED bap Oct Norwich St George Colegate d o William and Martha [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED wid aged 73 bur 1 Jul 1638 Blickling [FreeREG]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Richard MOORE 8 May 1638 Reymerston [Freereg]
1639Arthur ALDRED m Margaret SONES Uggeshall [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED b Burgh [IGI]
Dina ALDRED m Thomas CLERK Laxfield [Boyd]
Edward ALDRED m Ann ELUN 4 Nov Norwich St Benedict [IGI]
Susan ALDRED bap 21 Apr Diss d o Hugh ALDRED [IGI] bur 16 May 1639 Diss [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED bur 27 Oct 1639 Theberton [NBI]
Hugh ALDRED bur 26 Oct 1639 Theberton [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 10 Apr 1639 Darsham [NBI]
1640William ALDRED of Eye had an apprentice indentured to him - one Francis CLUBB (SRO EE2/D4/1/73)
Thomas ALDRED bap 7 May Linstead Parva [IGI]
William ALDRED b 2 May Yoxford
Francis ALDRED b 25 Mar Badingham [IGI]
Henry ALDRED b 28 Mar Wingfield [IGI]
Humphrey ALDRED m Susan LISTER Stanton Sfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Ann BARNES 13 Jun Ipswich [Boyd and IGI] and had the following children:

John ALDRED bap 15 Feb 1643 Henstead
James ALDRED bap 2 Aug 1647 Henstead
Thomas ALDRED bap 1 May 1651 Henstead

Joseph ALDRED (b abt 1615 Cavenham) m Joan BLOOMFIELD August this year [IGI]
Ann ALDRED m John CARTER Beccles [Boyd]
James ALDRED m Bridget KILLINGWORTH Diss [Boyd]
Samuel ELDRED m Elizabeth MILLER 25 Nov St Mary at Quay, Ipswich
Frances CLUBB was apprenticed to William ALDRED of Eye 23 April [Eye borough records]
Thomas ALDRED bap 6 Apr 1640 Hingham s o Robert and Marye ALDRED
1641Lionel ALDRED bap 7 Apr 1641 Uggleshall s o Arthur and Margaret ALDRED
Michael ALDRED bap 30 Dec 1641 Norwich s o Nicholas and Elizabeth ALDRED [Freereg]
Rainghould ALDRED bur 4 Feb 1641 Diss [Freereg]

1642John ALDRED, husbandman of Martlesham made a will (NCC Sone 107)
Judith ALDRED bap 12 Jan Southwold do James ALDRED and Judith [IGI]
Edward ALDRED bap 3 Apr Southwold so Timothy [IGI]
Ann ALDRED m William BRETT Fersfield, Nfk [Boyd]
Edward ALDRED bur 29 Jan 1642 Gt Glemham [NBI]
Ellen ALDRED bur 2 Dec 1642 Linstead Parva [NBI]
Grace ALDRED bur 16 Jun 1642 Wickham Market [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 27 Dec 1642 Huntingfield [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 3 Dec 1642 Norwich [Freereg]
1643Richard ALDRED m Catherine BROWN Coddenham [IGI]
Richard ALDRED bap 2 Feb Linstead Parva [IGI]
Rebecca ALDRED m Daniel CLERK Gt Cornard Sfk [Boyd]
Judith ALDERED bap 15 Jan 1643 Lavenham d o Thomas ALDERED [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 1 Apr 1643 Linstead Parva [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED son of John bap 10 Oct 1643 Heigham [FreeREG}
John and Mary ALDRED had the following child

Thomas bap 10 Oct 1643 Heigham [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Willia COATS 6 Nov 1643 Elsing [Freereg]

1644Humphrey ALDREDm Mary MORTH Euston [Boyd]
Edward ALDRED m Elizabeth LAXOM Kettleborough [Boyd]
Alice ALDRED bur 27 Feb 1644 Huntingfield [NBI]
1645Mary ALDRED bap 21 Dec Southwold [IGI]
John ALDRED bap 27 Apr Southwold [IGI]
Mary ALDRED b Southwold this year [IGI]
James ALDRED b 27 Apr bap 28 Apr Southwold so James ALDRED and Judith [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Samuel DAMMONT Boulge {Boyd]
William ELDRED bap 8 Jun 1645 St Stephen, Norwich s o Thomas ALDRED [IGI]
1646John ALDRED m Phillis GORBALL Bromeswell [IGI]John ALDRED bap 2 Jan Diss son of Henry ALDRED and Phillipia [Rootsweb]
John ALDRED bap 27 Apr Southwold so Timothy [IGI]
Mary ELDRED bap 10 May 1646 Saint Mary At Coslany, Norwich do John ELDRED
1647Ann ALDRED (b 1626 Crowfield bur 19 Jul 1692 Coddenham) m Robert BLOOMFIELD 7 Oct Coddenham[IGI]
Marie ALDRED bap 15 Feb Melton d o Richard and Phillis ALDRED [IGI]
William ELDRED had the following childrenbaptised at St James, Bury St Edmunds [IGI]

William bap 18 Nov 1647
Mary bap 16 Sep 1649
John bap 12 Jun 1652
Martha bap 27 Nov 1657

Dorothy ALDRED (vicar's wife) bur 16 Apr 1647 Worstead [FreeREG]
Simon ALDRED bur 7 Jan 1647 Diss [Freereg}
1648William ALDRED, yeoman of Buxton made a will (NCC Purgold 98)
John ALDRED m Eliz DOD Linstead Parva [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Elizabeth DOD 23 Nov Linstead Magna [IGI]
Anne ALDRED bur 23 Oct 1648 All Saints Church Laxfield [NBI]
Anne ALDRED bur 22 Aug 1648 Troston St Mary [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 9 Jun 1648 Darsham All Saints [NBI]
My ALDRED bap 29 Jan 1648 St James Pockthorpe, Norwich d o Ric ALDRED [IGI]
Henry ALDRED (vicar) bur 1 Dec 1648 Worstead Nfk [FreeREG]
Mary ALDRED bap 29 Jan 1648 Norwich dau of Richard ALDRED bur 31 Jan 1648 Norwich [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED (Vicar of Worstead) bur 1 Dec 1648 Worstead [Freereg]
1649John ALDRED m Christian BROWN Boulge [Boyd] (see 1657)
Mary ALDRED m Thomas BULLIN Cookley Sfk [Boyd]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 16 Dec 1649 Woodbridge St Mary [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 11 Apr 1649 Huntingfield St Mary [NBI]
1650Hugh ALDRED of Diss made a will which is stored in the Buxton papers at Cambridge Uni Library in Box 22 (ref 22-9)
Ann ALDRED m Robert NEWSOM 31 Dec Holton by Halesworth [IGI]
Ann ALDRED m Robert NEWSOM Holton [Boyd]
Bill of Wm ALDRED of Bramford, Suffolk, tanner dated 14th January 1651 mantions William ALDRED, then deceased as father of complainant, who in his lifetime was posessed of divers copyholds in Dickleburgh in Norfolk, in the occupation of William LOCKWOOD.
In consequence of Complnt being in state service he was long absent, and his father deeming him dead surrendered the said copyholds to the use of his will, and thereby devised same to use of his wife Mary and to the use of her heirs (she being stepmother to Complnt) and to which she was admitted.

A Mary ALDRED, widow of Dickleburgh made a will 1n 1680 [NCC/Bishop/152]
Mary ALDRED m Richard CROWE 2 Jul 1651 Heigham [FreeREG]
Sarah ALDRED bap 2 Apr 1651 South Lopham dau of Thomas Ellis ALDRED and his wife Sarah [Freereg]
Katherine ALDRED wife of John ALDRED bur 25 Sep 1651 Diss [Freereg}
1652James ALDRED m Mary at Bedingham [IGI] - they had a daughter in Bedingham, Annah bap 5 Jan 1653
Timothy ALDRED bur 4 Feb 1652 Saxmundham St John the Baptist Church [NBI]
John ALDRED m Brigett ALDRED 19 Nov 1652 Wissett [IGI]
1653Alice ALDRED bur 27 Sep 1653 Huntingfield [NBI]
Henry and Mary, children of Tho ALDRED bap 15 Aug 1653 Kings Lynn
1654ALDRED v BATHOR. Bill of George ALDRED, yeoman, of Langerford, Suffolk dated 12 Jan 1654
Ann ALDRED m Thomas NICHOLS 4 May Holton by Halesworth [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 3 Mar 1654 St Andrew's Church, Wingfield
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 7 Aug 1654 Boulge [NBI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 18 Sep 1654 Bruisyard [NBI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 18 Sep 1654 Badingham[NBI]
Mary ALLDRED bap 4 Mar 1654 Walloon, Norwich d o Gillam ALLDRED and Mary LEMPEREUR [IGI]
Rose ALDRED dau Richard ALDRED bur 4 Dec 1654 Norwich [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED son of Henry ALDRED bur 16 Jun 1654 Kings Lynn [Freereg]
John ALDRED bur 27 May 1654 Diss [Freereg]
1655William ALDRED (b abt 1590) bur at Assington 18 Jun [IGI]
John ALDRED m Mary ROSE 30 Nov Grudisburgh [IGI]
John ALDRED m Elizabeth DAVIE Linstead Parva. They had the following children in Linstead Parva [IGI]

Nicholas bap 1 Jan 1661
Elizabeth bap 28 Aug 1670
William bap 28 Aug 1670

Benjamin ALDRED bur Jun 1655 Wickham Market [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 28 Jun 1655 Theberton St Peter [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 30 Mar 1655 Gt Glemham All Saints [NBI]
Richard ALDRED m Sarah HUIT (?) 27 Feb 1655 Norwich [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED wife of Richard ALDRED bur 11 Feb 1655 Norwich [Freereg]
1656Bridget ALDRED m Edward VINIARD Diss [Boyd]
Samuel ALDRED b 3 Aug bap 10 Aug Heveningham s o John and Mary [IGI]
John ALDRED was a witness at the marriage of John HOARE and Alice ALLGER of Tibenham on 25 Mar 1656 at Diss [Freereg]
Bridget ALDRED of Briston m Edward VINYARD 16 Jun 1656 at Diss [Freereg]
Augustin ALDRED bur 13 May 1656 Norwich (son of Nicholas) [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED bur 2 Sep 1656 Diss [Freereg]
1657Thomas ALDRED, yeoman of Boulge died. . His wife was Margery, and he had the following sons [source: will] (dates of birth unknown)


Phillipa ALDRED m John YEWLES Diss [Boyd]
Francis ALDRED bur 20 Mar 1657 St Peters Bruisyard [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 19 Jul 1657 Theberton St Peter [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 5 Nov 1657 Boulge [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 12 Apr 1657 dau of Nicholas ALDRED Norwich [Freereg]
Mary ALDRED dau Nicholas bur 6 May 1656 Norwich [Freeereg]
Sary ALDRED dau of Hnye and Mary ALDRED bur 10 Dec 1657 Burston [Freereg]
1658On April 12th, Thomas and John ALDRED together with John's son John, all of Henstead, Suffolk were parties, inter alia, to two indentures made after the partial destruction by fire of the parish church, which deeds were to remain in the hands of Thomas CLARK another party to the indentures

There is a record of Jabez ALDRED, son of Robert ALDRED and Elizabeth being christened in the Independent Church at Great Yarmouth on 25 Jan 1658/9
Henry ALDRED m Elizabeth GOODALL Stowmarket [Boyd]
Cicely ALDRED bur 25 Aug 1658 Huntingfield [NBI]
Henry ALDRED bur 21 Feb 1659 Wrentham [NBI]
Jeffrey ALDRED bur 8 Jun 1658 Boulge St Michael and All Angels [NBI]
Jeffrey ALDRED bur 8 Jun 1658 Woodbridge [NBI]
Margaret ALDRED bur 27 Aug 1658 Wingfield [NBI]
Margerie ALDRED bur 15 May 1658 Boulge [NBI]

1659Hugh ALDRED bap 13 Jun 1659 Burston s o Hugh and Mary ALDRED [Freereg]
Hugh ALDRED bur 22 Sep 1659 Diss [Freereg]
Robert ALDRED s o Hugh ALDRED bur 26 Jan 1659 Burston [Freereg]
1660Richard ALDRED m Susan BACON St Stephens Ipswich [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b 1 Nov Thompson Nfk m Sarah of Necton 1685 [IGI]
Abraham ALDRED b 2 Sep Norwich s o William[IGI]
Daniel ALDRED bap 18 Feb Gt Yarmouth s o Robert ALDRED and Elizabeth [IGI]
John Aldred listed as one of those who sat in judgement on the King, to be apprehended.[British history on line]
Mary ALDRED dau William ALDRED bur 8 Jul 1662 Norwich [FreeREG]
1661Francis ALDRED of Wenhaston m Ann BARBER (of Peasenhall?) 3 October Withersdale
Nicholas ALDRED bap 1 Jan Linstead Parva [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Barbara GOODWIN Barsham Sfk [IGI]
George ALDRED b Halesworth
Anna ALDRED m William BULLER Burston Nfk [Boyd] [Freereg]

Ann ALDRED m William THROWER Fersfield, Nfk [Boyd]
James ALDRED bur 28 Jul 1661 Badingham
Richard ALDRED bur 29 Dec 1661 Saxmundham [NBI]
Richard ALDREDhad the following child

Alles (Alice) ALDRED bap 22 Jan 1661 Blickling

Alicia ALDRED m Thomas RUMP 1661 Aylesham [FreeREG]
Anne ALDRED bap 5 Jan 1661 Norwich dau Nicholas ALDRED [FreeREG]
John ALDRED bur 13 Aug 1661 Norwich [FreeREG]
Susan ALDRED, wife of John ALDRED bur 29 Jun 1661 Norwich [FreeREG]
1662Hugh ALDRED m Margaret MOORE 24 Apr 1662 Fressingfield [IGI]
Richard ALDRED b this year Walpole [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bur 15 Oct 1662 Beccles St Michael [NBI]
John ALDRED bap 14 Sep 1662 Old Buckenham so Robert ALDRED [FreeREG]
Mary ALDRED wife of Hugh ALDRED bur 18 May 1662 Burston [Freereg]
1663John ALDRED bap 22 Jun Burgh [IGI]
Prudence ALDRED bur 26 Mar 1663 Stradbroke [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED m Martha GREENE 27 Sep 1663 Gt Ellingham [FreeREG]
Thomas ALDRED of Gillingham m Mary DEEREING 27 Jan 1663 Thurlton [Freereg]
1664Symon ALDRED bap 22 Nov Linstead Parva [IGI]
John ALDRED b this year Ipswich m Mary GRAHAM 1689 [IGI] (see 1684)
Martin ALDRED m Elizabeth BETTS 4 Oct 1664 Elsing [Freereg]
Joan ALDRED bap 28 Aug 1664 Burston dau of Hugh and Helen ALDRED
1665Michael ALDRED and his wife Mary were left 6 acres 1 rood of land in Melton in 7 parts by Frances YONGER. Mary was the daughter of William YONGER, presumably Frances was his widow.(NRO ref EVL 209, 455x9)
Amie ALDRED m Robert SCALES Topcroft [Boyd]
Ann ALDRED m John NICHOLS 29 May Holton by Halesworth [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 7 Feb 1665 Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, d o Ro and Mary [IGI]
Henry ALDRED b in Halesworth [Ancestry]
Martin and Elizabeth ALDRED had the following children

Henry b 6 Feb 1665 bap 8 Feb 1665 Elsing
Judith bap 22 Feb 1667 Elsing

Joan ALDRED bap 30 Oct 1665 Bressingham dau of Robert and Eleanor [FreeREG]
Robert and Mary ALDRED had the following children

Elizabeth bap 7 Feb 1665 Norwich
Frances bap 20 Feb 1669 Norwich
Elizabeth bap 13 Nov 1673 Norwich
Elisabeth ALDRED bur 6 May 1665 Norwich [FreeREG]

1666Henry ALDRED b this year Aldeburgh [IGI]
Marie ALDRED m John SHEPHERD 29 Apr 1666 Morley St Botolph [Freereg]
Margaret ALDRED bap 9 Sep 1666 Norwich dau Nicholas ALSRED [FreeREG]
Maria ALDRED bap 29 Jul 1666 Hardingham dau of Michaelis and Maria [FreeREG]
1667Michael and Mary ALDRED conveyed the land left them in 1665 in Gt Melton to Henry CROW
John ALDRED b Halesworth [IGI]
John ALDRED bur 17 Mar 1667 Halesworth
James ALDRED and his wife Audrey had the following children: [IGI]

Martha bap 23 Jun 1667 St Giles, Norwich
Mary bap 31 Oct 1669 St Giles, Norwich
Martha bap Jun 1672 St Paul, Norwich
Mickell bap Mar 1673 St Paul Norwich
James bap Oct 1674 St Paul, Norwich
Katherin bap Dec 1677 St Paul Norwich

Edward and Richard ALDRED sons of Binalus and Anne bur Apr 1667 Blickling [FreeREG]
Edward and Richard ALDRED bur Apr 1667 Blickling sons of Binalnus and ANN [Freereg]
1668Michael ALDRED conveyed messuage called Dixies tenement with 6 acres of ground and a cottage on the west side in Great Melton to Thomas WARD (NRO EVL188, 455x1)
Henry ALDRED m Tamsin KENDALL Gt Yarmouth [Boyd]
John ALDRED bap 22 Jun Norwich St Benedict s o Michael and Mary ALDRED [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bur 14 Jun 1668 Chedgrave dau of Thomas and Mary ALDRED [FreeREG]
1669John ALDRED son of John Aldred of Boulge gentleman, was apprenticed to John BULLOCK 21 Oct (of the Turners' Company)
John ALDRED m Alice WILD 3 Apr Lowestoft [IGI]
Alice ALDRED bur 2 Apr 1669 Stonham Aspall [NBI]
Stephen ALDRED bur 20 Jun 1669 St Mary and St Lambert Stonham Aspall [NBI]
John ALDRED bap 22 Jun 1668 [Freereg]
Martin ALDRED bur 20 May 1669 Elsing [Freereg]
1670John ALDRED, of Linstead made a will (NCC Alden 62)
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 28 Aug Linstead Parva [IGI]
William ALDRED bap 28 Aug (bur 21 Nov 1692) Linstead Parva [IGI]
Mary ALDRED m Henry STOW Needham Nfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED m Elizabeth BUTT 20 May Withersdale Sfk [IGI]
John ALDRED m Alice KING 21 Jun Norwich St Benedict [IGI]
Maria ALDRED wife of Jacobi bur 18 Sep 1670 Blickling [FreeREG]
Augustine and Susan ALDRED had the following children

Elizabeth ALDRED bap 14 May 1670 Norwich
Augustine bap 9 Feb 1671 Norwich
Elizabeth bap 9 Feb 1671
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 10 Nov 1672 Kirby Cane bur 15 Sep 1680 Kirby Cane
Ann dob unknown bur 5 Dec 1673 Norwich
Augustine bap 19 Nov 1674 Norwich
William bap 26 Apr 1677 Norwich
Thomas bap 26 Jul 1680 Norwich

Robert and Ellen ALDRED had the following children

Mary bap 18 Aug 1670 Hockham
Ellen bap 3 Nov 1671 Hockham
Carles bap 12 Nov 1673 Hockham
Carles bap 19 May 1675 Hockham

1671Robert ALDRED baptised 8 Jun Burgh [IGI]
John ALDRED m Alice WILD 3 Apr 1671 Lowestoft [IGI]
Hugh ALDRED bur 17 May 1671 Stradbroke All Saints [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 7 Dec 1671 Beccles [NBI]
Lionel and Ann ALDRED had the following children in Beccles

Thomas ALDRED bap 5 Dec 1671 Beccles St Maichaels
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 14 Oct 1677 Beccles St Michaels

Edward ALDRED m Margaret MUNDS 26 Dec 1671 Lowestoft
Augustine ALDRED and Elizabeth ALDRED bap 9 Feb 1671 Norwich
twins of Siserley ALDRED (illeg?) [FreeREG]
1673Simon ALDRED m Ann BOBY Wickham Skeith Sfk[IGI]
Alice ALDRED m Samuel PICROFT Worstead Nfk [Boyd]
Augustan ALDRED son of James bur 20 Jul 1673 St Paul, Norwich [FreeREG]
Eliz(abeth) ALDRED bap 13 Nov 1673 St Peter Mancroft d o Robt and Mary [IGI]
James ALDRED bap 7 Jul 1672 Kirby Cane s o Cyrehil and Ann ALDRED [FreeREG]
James ALDRED had the following children

Michell bap 14 Mar 1673 Norwich bur Apr 1674 Norwich
James bap 25 Oct 1674 Norwich
Thomazin bap 16 Dec 1677 Norwich
Augustine dob unknown bur 20 Jul 1673 Norwich

William ALDRED so Michael ALDRED bur b 9 Mar 1673 Norwich [FreeREG]
Joan ALDRED bap 18 Oct 1673 Burston [Freereg]
1674Assessment at Lowestoft of hangers of herrings, at 2s per last, inter alia:
John ALDRED 20 lasts £2..18..0
Edward ALDRED 28 lasts £2..16..0

The following were assessed for Hearth Tax in 1672:

Luke ALDRED of Beccles 4 hearths
Widow ALDRED of Blythburgh 2 hearths
Edward ALDRED of Blythburgh 4 hearths
Edward ALDRED of Blythburgh 3 hearths
Jo ALDRED of Blythburgh 3 hearths
Mr ALDRED of Bramford 6 hearths
Daniel ALDRED of Brampton 2 hearths
Robert ALDRED of Bungay 4 hearths
Thomas ALDRED of Burgh 3 hearths
Mr ALDRED of Lowestoft 4 hearths
Henry ALDRED Wenhaston 2 hearths
Francis ALDRED Wenhaston 2 hearths
Jo. ALDRED Yoxford 2 hearths
Mr ALDRED Rumburgh 8 hearths
Peter ALDRED hasketon 3 hearths
Thomas ALDRED Hasketon 2 hearths
Robert ALDRED Thorington 4 hearth
Thomas ALDRED Shadingfield 4 hearths
Wid ALDRED Heveningham 4 Hearths
Wid ALDRED Linstead Parva 2 hearths

Michaell ALDRED son of James [FreeREG] bur Apr 1674 St Paul Norwich [NBI]
Hannah ALDRED m Edward NETHERGATE 16 Feb 1674 Norwich [Freereg]

1675Anne ALDRED bur 16 Nov 1675 All Saints Darsham [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 6 Oct 1675 Westleton [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 9 Apr 1675 Melton [NBI]
Richard ALDRED m Alice WRIGHT 5 Nov 1675 Halesworth
Jacobi and Bridgett ALDRED had the following children:

John bap Mar 1675 Blickling
Elizabeth bap Mar 1679 Blicklimg

Michael and Mary ALDRED had the following children in Norwich

Elizabeth dob unknown bur 23 Mar 1673 Norwich
William bap 13 Feb 1673 Norwich
Michael bap 23 May 1675 Norwich
William bap 29 Nov 1676 Norwich bur 6 Dec 1676 Norwich

Elizabeth ALDRED bur 4 Aug 1674 Norwich [FreeREG]
1676John ALDRED m Mary BURLEIGH Arch Trans Sfk [IGI]

Jno ALDRED m Mary HILLING Halesworth [IGI] John and Mary had a child William A ALDRED bap 23 May 1689 Halesworth
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 20 Jun 1676 Melton St Andrew [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 26 Feb 1676 Darsham [NBI]
James ALDRED bur 6 Apr 1676 St Paul Norwich [NBI]
Hugo ALDRED (wid) m Sarah BURLINGHAM (wid) 17 Sep 1676 Burston [Freereg]
William ALDRED bap 29 Nov 1676 Norwich so Michael and Mary ALDRED [FreeREG]
James ALDRED bur 6 Apr 1676 Norwich [FreeREG]
Mary ALDRED bur 19 Jul 1676 Hockham [FreeREG]
1677Ciriack ALDRED bap 2 Dec Linstead Parva [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED bap 3 Jun 1677 Ellingham s o Thos and Mary ALDRED [FreeREG]
1678Bill of Thomas ALDRED of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, Joyner, and Ellen his wife, late Ellen SURMAN, daughter of William SURMAN late of Norwich, and Emma his wife, late Emma CLARKE, sister to Margaret CLARKE of Redlingfield, Suffolk, spinster. The issue of William SURMAN and Emma were
1 William SURMAN
2 Robert SURMAN
3 Ellen, wife of Thomas ALDRED
4 Barbara SURMAN

Samuel ALDRED m Mary LYNSTEAD 2 Jan 1678 Fressingfield
John ALDRED bur 16 Oct 1678 Westleton
Margery ALDRED bur 28 Aug 1678 St Bartholomew's Church, Orford [NBI]
Prudence ALDRED bur 8 Jul 1678 Hasketon St Andrew [NBI]
Samuel ALDRED m Mary Lynstead 3 Jan 1678 Fressingfield [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bur 26 Feb 1678 Old Buckenham [Freereg]
1679John ALDRED bur 16 Oct 1679 Westleton [NBI]
Mary ALDRED bur 13 May 1679 Framlingham St Michael [NBI]
20 Mar 1679:
Elizabeth ALDRED bap March Blickling son of Jacobi and Bridgette [reg]

Subscription by same of a docquet dated Feb. of a pardon to William Aldred for buying and receiving bullion or silver clipped from any of his Majesty's money or coin or the selling and disposing thereof : with restitution of lands and goods. [British History on Line]
1680 Inventory for Henry ALDRED of Wenhaston recorded in NRO (ref DN/INV61B) dated 26 Mar 1680

Mary ALDRED bur in wool 15 Aug 1680 Dickleburgh, widow made a will (NCC Bishop 152) (see 1651)
John ALDRED m Alice DOWNING 2 May Ipswich [IGI]
Josia ALDRED bur 26 Oct 1680 Lowestoft [NBI]
Mary ALDRED bur 23 Nov 1680 Halesworth [NBI]
Susanna ALDRED m Thomas BROWN 14 Feb 1680 Scole or Barnham Broom [IGI]
Abraham ALDRED so William ALDRED bur 28 May 1680 [FreeREG]

1681Inventory for Henry Aldred of Wenhaston dated 26 Mar 1681 recorded in NRO [may be same as in 1680] (ref DN/INV62a)
William ALDRED m Mary FULLER Eye Sfk [IGI]
Josias ALDRED bur 27 Aug 1681 Lowestoft [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 11 Aug 1681 Lowestoft St Margarets [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 18 Apr 1681 Hasketon St Andrew [NBI]
William ALDRED bur 10 Apr 1681 Westleton (infant) [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m James WATTS 12 Apr 1681 Redgrave [IGI]
1682Ann ALDRED m Thomas REYNOLDS Burgh St Peter [Boyd]
Thomas ALDRED m Elizabeth BECKET Westleton Sfk [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 27 May 1682 Wickham Market [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 1 Oct 1682 Boulge [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 1 Oct 1682 Dallinghoo [NBI]
Susan ALDRED bur 3 Aug 1682 Westleton St Peter [NBI]
Susan ALDRED bur 27 Dec 1682 Beccles St Michael [NBI]
James ALDRED m Margaret VTTICE 20 Nov 1682 Holton St Mary [IGI]
Henry ALDRED bap 16 Oct 1682 Hockham s o
1683Robert ALDRED bap 16 Sep 1683 Beccles s o John and Ruth ALDRED [SFH transc]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Mathias TAYLOR at Hoxne 24 Apr 1683 [Boyd]
Robert and Anne ELDRED had the following children baptised at St James, Bury St Edmunds [IGI]

Anne bap 20 Oct 1683
John bap 8 Sep 1689
Martha bap 7 Feb 1688
William bap 7 Feb 1692

Mary ALDRED bur 26 Dec 1683 Badingham [NBI]
Nicholas ALDRED bur 26 Apr 1683 Lowestoft [NBI]
William ALDRED bur 9 Mar 1683 Eye [NBI]
Court roll of Lowestoft manor records "Admission of John Aldred to the messuage in which he lives in Lowestoft next to the town house to the north, a lane to the south and the high street to the east"
Thomas ALDRED m Mary SMITH 5 Jul 1683 Heigham [FreeREG]
John ALDRED of West Lexham hanged himself 13 May 1683 "and buried in the Cros Way" [FreeREG]
Liddy ALDRED b1p 19 Apr 1685 Eaton dau of John and Elizabeth ALDRED [Freereg]
1684James ALDRED bap 24 Jul Walpole s o Richard [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Henry GREENWOOD 16 Apr Gt Yarmouth [IGI]
Anne ALDRED bur 23 Nov 1684 St Marys Church Halesworth [NBI]
Edward ALDRED bur 26 Feb 1684 Lowestoft [NBI]Robert ALDRED bur 24 Feb 1684 Halesworth St Mary [NBI]
Thomas and Mary ALDRED had the following children in Ketteringham:

Mary bap 1 Mar 1684 Ketteringham
Elizabeth bap 20 Feb 1687 Ketteringham
Margaret bap 28 Apr 1689 Ketteringham

John ALDRED of Hockham m Sarah MILES of Caston 13 May 1684 Snetterton [Freereg]
Mary ALDRED m John AYRES 7 Oct 1684 Kirby Cane [Freereg]
1685Rose ALDRED bur 2 Aug 1685 Yoxford St Peter's [NBI]
Liddy ALDRED bap 19 Apr 1685 Eaton dau of John and Elizabeth ALDRED [FreeREG]
1686Hannah ALDRED m Abraham FINN [Boyd]
Sarah ALDRED m William NUTT [IGI]
Richard ALDRED b this year, Walpole [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Mar CLARK Belstead [IGI]
Robert b Halesworth [IGI]
Henry ALDRED bap 26 Aug Halesworth so John and Mary[IGI]
William ALDRED bur 20 Mar 1686 Darsham [NBI]
1687John ALDRED is recorded as a bailiff of Dunwich
Ann ALDRED m Reynold EMERSON 2 Nov Dallinghoo [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 29 Jul Lowestoft (d 4 Jan 1766) [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED (b abt 1666) m William CHAPMAN Dallinghoo [IGI]
Mary ALDRED bur 7 Jul 1687 Walberswick St Andrew [NBI]
Robert ALDRED m Eliz. SPALDING 12 Oct 1687 Halesworth [IGI]

Caleb ALDRED m Elizabeth OFFICIALL 2 Sep 1687 Norwich [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Mary WATSON 24 Nov 1687 St George Colegate, Norwich [IGI]
Henry ALDRED m Hannah ROUSE 1687 Halesworth [Ancestry] and had the following child:

Edward b 26 Oct 1698 Halesworth m Ann abt 1724 d 8 Oct 1751
Thomas ALDRED (wid) m Mary WATSON 24 Nov 1687 Norwich [Freereg]

1688Robert ALDRED m Mary FULCHER of Laxfield 24 Oct 1688 [Boyd]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 7 Oct 1688 Halesworth [NBI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 27 Nov 1688 Halesworth [NBI]
Hannah ALDRED bur 8 Feb 1688 Halesworth [NBI]
Sarah ALDRED bur 13 May 1688 Halesworth [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 11 Oct 1688 Halesworth St Mary [NBI]
1689Ann ALDRED m John BULL 8 Oct Wenhaston [IGI]
William ALDRED b Halesworth
John ALDRED m Mary GRAHAM Ipswich [IGI]
Peter ALDRED bur 23 May 1689 Boulge [NBI]
William ALDRED bur 4 Dec 1689 Halesworth [NBI]
16906th May - depositions in legal action at Woodbridge, ALDRED v ALDRED. Complainant:Thomas ALDRED, Defendants Thomas WRITE (sic) and Xtian ALDRED, widow. The depositions showed that Thomas ALDRED of Boulge died about 1660 (Actually 1657), having four sons.
John ALDRED the eldest married Xtian, dau of William BROWNE, late of Bredfield, Suffolk, yeoman and Xtian his wife
Thomas ALDRED of Burgh, Suffolk deposed that he was aged about 60 years and that his brother
John ALDRED had married Xtian BROWNE about 48 years ago (actually 1649.)
Jeffry ALDRED and Peter ALDRED, both deceased.
Thomas, the son, sued as executor of Thomas his father. Thomas WRIGHT was sued as executor of Christian Browne, Executrix and relict of William BROWNE, deceased
Christian ALDRED was sued as widow and relict of John ALDRED, eldest son of the said Thomas ALDRED senior.
The subject of the suit was whether certain property was settled on Xtian ALDRED on her marriage, or whether it became the property of John ALDRED her husband, who died intestate.

Inventory for Robert ALDRED of Palgrave, yeoman recorded in NRO dated 26 Mar 1690 (ref DN/INV65B/8)
Kathrine ALDRED bap 17 Apr Lowestoft (bur 17 Mar 1729) [IGI]
Henry ALDRED and Hannah had the following children in Halesworth [IGI]

Henry bap 30 Mar bur 8 Apr 1690
Henry bap 3 Jan 1691 bur 26 Aug 1691
William bap 11 Oct 1692
Henry bap 19 Oct 1693

Mary ALDRED bap 27 Jul Brundish d o Robert ALDRED and Mary [IGI]
Dorothy ALDRED bap 19 Feb Gt Saxham m Abraham KERRINGTON 8 Feb 1729 Gt Saxham
Anne ALDRED bur 20 Apr 1690 St Pater Wenhaston [NBI]
Martha ALDRED bur May 1690 Dallinghoo [NBI]
Mary ALDRED bur 30 Nov 1690 Halesworth St Mary [NBI]
Richard ALDRED bur 11 Jun 1690 Coddenham St Mary [NBI]
Mary ALDRED m William HOWELL 22 Jun 1690 Topcroft [IGI]
1691John ALDRED b this year South Elmham [IGI]
Henry ALDRED b 8 Nov Aldeburgh [IGI]
Robert ALDRED bap 1 Nov Brundish so Robert ALDRED and Mary [IGI]
Henry ALDRED bur 25 Aug 1691 Halesworth [NBI]
John ALDRED bur 30 Apr 1691 Halesorth [NBI]
Sarah ALDRED bur 16 Aug 1691 Shadingfield St John the Baptist [NBI]
James ALDRED son of
James bap 24 May 1691 St Augustine Norwich [IGI]
Richard ALDRED m Frances LEWIS 23 Mar 1691 Melton [IGI]
1692Robert ALDRED b 9 Feb Aldeburgh [IGI]
William ALDRED m Elizabeth CULHAM Brockdosh [Boyd]
Mary ALDRED bap 13 Jul Parham d o John ALDRED and Mary [IGI]
Barnabus ALDRED bap 18 Jun Melton s o Richard and Frances [IGI]
Hannah ALDRED bur 13 Oct 1692 Halesworth
John ALDRED bur 11 Sep 1692 (inf) Westleton [NBI]
William ALDRED bur 21 Nov 1692 Linstead Parva St Margaret's Church [NBI]
James ALDRED son of
James bap 22 May 1692 St Augustine Norwich [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Ann CARMAN 7 Feb 1692 Southwold [IGI]
John and Margaret ALDRED had the following children

Mary bap 16 Apr 1692 Hockham
Margaret bap 16 Apr 1692 Hockham
Thomas bap 31 Oct 1693 Hockham

1693Thomas ALDRED m Ann CARMAN Southwold [IGI]
Henry ALDRED b Halesworth
John ALDRED m SHUCKFER 12 Nov, Weston Sfk [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED bur St Mary's Church Homersfield [NBI]
Mary ALDRED bur 23 Jan 1693 Halesworth St Mary [NBI]
Peter ALDRED bur 6 Jun 1693 Halesworth [NBI]
Robert ALDRED bur 3 Jul 1693 Boulge [NBI]
Thomas ALDRED bur 1693 Ipswich St Mary le Tower [NBI]
Samuell ALDRED was assessed under the Four Shillings in the Pound Aid as having property worth £28, stock worth £50 and paying rent of £5..6s at Bride Lane, St Bride next Temple Bar Precinct, Farringdon Ward Without London and paid 6s.0d tax
John ALDRED was assessed under the Four Shillings in the Pound Aid as having property worth £10 and paying rent of £2. He did not have to pay tax and lived at Seething Lane Presinct, Tower Ward London .
1694Alice ALDRED m Richard DEANE Snettisham Nfk [Boyd]
John ALDRED bur 26 Aug 1694 Halesworth [NBI]
11 Jan 1694 Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute John ALDRED, gent., as searcher of Customs, Yarmouth port (loco Christopher Barret, deceased). He was paid £8 per annum.[State papers, British History on line]
Henry ALDRED m Ann LANE 24 Mar 1694 Norwich and had the following child:

Ann bap 13 May 1711 Norwich St Gregory

1695John ALDRED bap 19 Jan so John ALDRED Weston Sfk[IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 13 Jul Melton s o Richard and Deborah ALDRED [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 19 Mar 1695 Halesworth [NBI]
Henry ALDRED bur 21 Jun 1695 Wickham Skeith [NBI]
May 24. Treasury order to the Customs Commissioners
(a) Order of the King in Council, dated Kensington, March 28 last, granting leave for such ships, with 80 seamen, as shall be taken up by the Commissioners or Agents of the Leeward Islands for carrying the remainder of Col. Russell's Regiment to those Islands, to sail, notwithstanding the embargo.
Appending. list of the ships:
Lyon, Caled Aldred master, 16 seamen, 60 soldiers.
Samuell, Abraham Terry master, 12 seamen, 50 soldiers.
Kent, Joseph Ball master, 16 seamen, 60 soldiers.
Newport, Edward Rich master, 9 seamen, 30 soldiers.
Speedwell, James Moulton master, 17 seamen, 60 soldiers.
[Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 180.]
1696James ALDRED b so Samuel ALDRED and Susanna Dallinghoo. They also had son Thomas b 5 Jan 1704 Dallinghoo [IGI]
John ALDRED m Eliza PIGEON 5 May Mellis Sfk [IGI]
James ALDRED bur 28 May 1696 Lowestoft St Margaret [NBI]
Mary ALDRED m John SPRINGALL 12 Apr 1696 Norwich St Giles [Freereg]
Robt ALDRED m Mary MICKLEBURGE 1696 Stockton St Michael [Freereg]
Francis ALDRED m Tabitha PAINE 30 Apr 1696 [IGI]
Margaret ALDRED (wid) m Isaac CLARK of Frowse Norton 6 Feb 1696 Norwich [Freereg]
1697Abraham ALDRED bur 8 Jun 1697 St Michaels Church, Beccles [NBI]
Samuel ALDRED bur 30 Jan 1697 Wingfield St Andrews [NBI]
Susanna ALDRED bur 21 Dec Blythburgh Holy Trinity Church [NBI]
1. "The case of Elizabeth Havering, widow, the relict and executrix of James Havering, deceased, against the pretences of any that shall claime right to three certain bills now depending in the Transport Office;" praying examination, &c. to be made. James Havering, at the request of Matthew Sutcliffe, who was lately chief clerk of the Comrs for Transports, sold to John ALDRED, merchant, bills for 900 odd pounds at 55 per cent. loss. Havering was, together with Sutcliffe, bound to ALDRED, since which the latter had forged and absconded. The Comrs refused to make out debentures to Aldred, but said they would make them out to Captain Bendall, &c. Bendall acknowledged the reception of 700l. out of the 900 odd pounds. Undated, but by comparison with petition in Vol. XXXVI., No. 21, probably 1696 or 1697. [From State Papers - British History on line.]
Maria ALDRED m Robertus WATTS of Old Buckenham 25 Aug 1697 Wilby [Freereg]
Lydia ALDRED bap 12 May 1697 Norwich St Lawrence dau of Henry and Anne [Freereg]
1698James ALDRED m Elizabeth HUNT Norwich (St Mary in the Marsh) [Boyd]
Edward ALDRED b Halesworth [IGI]
Francis ALDRED bap 26 Dec Melton son of Richard and Elizabeth ALDRED [IGI]
Henry (a weaver) and Ann ALDRED had the following children

Henry bap 21 Mar Norwich St Gregory bur 18 Apr 1705
Judeth bap 12 Jan 1700 St Gregory, Norwich [Freereg] d 14 Mar 1700 [IGI]
Samuel bap 14 Oct 1702 St Gregory, Norwich [IGI]
Henry bap 1708 St Gregory, Norwich [IGI]
Anne bap 13 Mar 1711 St Gregory, Norwich [IGI]

Robert KEBLE bur 4 Jun 1698 Halesworth [NBI]
1699Daniel ALDRED m Sarah HART Sfk [Arch trans IGI]
Thomas ALDRED b Halesworth
Elizabeth ALDRED bur 29 Jun 1699 Wickham Market [NBI]
Mary ALDRED bur 25 Jan 1699 Belstead St Mary [NBI]
Peter ALDRED bur 29 Nov 1699 Earl Soham [NBI]
April 18 1699. Mr. Benjamin Harrison excused his absence on the 15th on the grounds of illness. The Attorney General presented an oath to be taken by members of the Council as judges of the General Court, and the Council disliking the distinction it seemed to draw in the proceedings of the General Court between the Common Law and Chancery, another oath was agreed upon for the meantime requiring them generally to do justice. Further settlement of the question referred to the General Assembly. A new Commission of the Peace ordered for Kent County, Capt. Thomas Bray, John Lewis, Nicholas Morriweather and George Keeling being added to the list. Capt. John ALDRED of H.M.S. Essex prize, allowed 10 barrels of powder from the gunner at James City, to be repaid out of his supply from England if it arrives before he sails or, if it does not, a certificate to the Ordnance Office to be given by him. Proclamation ordered (signed April 18th) that no Navigation Bond shall be put in suit within eighteen months next coming, and requiring all who have such bonds to provide certificates as required by the Acts of Trade and Navigation for the discharge thereof. Richard Johnson was sworn of the Council. In accordance with the directions of the Lords Justices concerning Capt. Kidd of the Adventure galley, an order for his apprehension was sent to the sheriffs of the several counties to be communicated by them to the Commanders in Chief, Collectors and Naval Officers. Warrant ordered according to the Lords Justices' warrant of Nov. 15, 1698, allowing Col. Byrd, H.M. Auditor General, 2,955l. 9s. 3? d. out of the quit-rents for expenses defrayed by him. Capt. ALDRED complaining of his seamen deserting, a proclamation was ordered for their apprehension. All Collectors and Naval Officers required to warn all masters of ships not to receive any strange seamen without certificates. Capt. ALDRED allowed a pilot, he providing for the payment thereof. Ordnance and gunners' stores saved from H.M.S. Swift ordered to be kept and sent home by the first man-of-war as requested by the Commissioners of Ordnance. Petition of Bertram Servants complaining of a forcible entry into some of his land in Elizabeth City County by Robert Beverley referred to the Attorney General. Ordered that the Auditor prepare a statement of the Public Accounts. Richard Lee was sworn of the Council. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 53. pp. 229?237.]
1700Mary ALDRED m William COLEMAN Carleton Rode [Boyd]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Thomas MIDDLETON Norwich Cathedral [Boyd]
George ALDRED bur 27 Feb 1700 Halesworth [NBI]
From State Papers in British History on line:

April 16 1700
It being thought necessary to purchase a sloop to serve as a tender to H.M.S. Shoreham, Capt. Passenger was ordered to send his men to view the sloop, offered for 40l. by Mr. Joshua Broadbent, and to fit her out if found suitable, applying for necessaries to Major James Wilson and Capt. Samuel Bush, who are also to give Capt. ALDRED credit and assistance for the careening and refitting of the Essex prize in Elizabeth River. Capt. ALDRED ordered to make all dispatch and as soon as may be to prefix a day for his sailing, giving notice to the merchant ships accordingly that they may take advantage of his convoy.
[State papers colonial, America and West Indies]
May 6 1700
Whereas of late there have been several ships taken, plundered or destroyed by pirates hovering over the coasts of this Dominion, and information having been given that there is still one or more on the coast, ordered that H.M.S. Essex prize sail on the 30th inst., and give convoy to all merchant ships. Notice to be given of this. H.M.S. Shoreham to convoy all ships once every twenty days to about 50 leagues without the Capes, where the greatest danger is. The Shoreham and Essex prize to go out and cruize in the Bay of Chisapeake as soon as possible, to protect ships coming down to take the opportunity of the convoy. If they meet any merchant ships designed out of the Capes, they are to cause them to come into James River, to take the convoy. Capt. ALDRED is to come in about a week before the 30th to take on board wood and water for his voyage.
Richd ALDRED (widower) m Mary HUBBART (Widow) 23 Sep 1700 Ellingham [Freereg]
Mary ALDRED m of Hockham m Henry JOHNSON of Hockham 29 Jul 1700 Illington [Freereg]
Eilzabeth ALDRED m Thomas MIDDLETON (a weaver) 2 Sep 1700 Norwich cathedral [Freereg]
Lydia ALDRED bap 13 Oct 1700 Wretton dau of Thomas and Lydia [Freereg]
John ALDRED m Martha WYNNE 29 Sep 1700 Norwich St Saviour [IGI]
Robert ALDRED wid m Mary HUBBART (wid) 23 Sep 1700 Ellingham [Freereg]
Mary Aldred of Hockham m Henry Johnson of Hockham 29 Jul 1700 Illington [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Thomas MIDDLETON of Barford (weaver) 2 Sep 1700 Norwich Cathedral [Freereg]

1701A release by Laurence Rous of Creeting St Mary to Daniel ALDRED of Needham Market, innkeeper of property for £200 [ref: HD1538/310/6 Suffolk Record Office]
Lowestoft Manor rolls record"Admission of John Aldred on the surrender of Henry Ware to a tenement in Lowestoft next to Whitehorse Lane to the north and on the common street, east"
Needham Market: Release by Laurence Rous of Creeting St Mary, esq. to Daniel Aldred of Needham Market, innholder, of property as in HD 1538/310/5, for £200. - [ref. HD 1538/310/6] - date: 4 Aug 1701
James and Alice ALDRED had the following children

Ann bap 5 Oct 1701 St Augustine, Norwich [IGI]
Elizabeth bap 17 Nov 1702 St Augustine, Norwich [IGI]
Esther bap 12 Mar 1703 St Augustine Norwich [IGI]
William bap 20 Jul 1705St Augustine Norwich [IGI]
William bap 20 Mar 1708St Augustine Norwich [IGI]

1702John ALDRED so John ALDRED bap 27 Sep 1702 Weston [IGI]
1703Lowestoft Manor records show: "Admission of John Aldred on the surrender of John Worledge to a messuage called the White Horse in the market place in Lowestoft next to a common lane, north, and the High Street, east, 1703."
James Aand Alice ALDRED had the following children

Esther bap 12 Mar 1703 St Augustine, Norwich [IGI]
William bap 20 Mar 1708 St Augustine, Norwich [IGI]

1704Henry and Ann ALDRED had the following children:

Henry bap 8 Mar 1704 Kings Lynn
Eliz bap 28 Mar 1706 Kings Lynn
Wm bap 19 Feb 1707 Kings Lyn
John bap 27 May 1711 Kings Lynn

Thomas and Elizabeth ALDRED had the following children:

Thomas bap 11 Oct 1704 Blickling
Sarah bap 14 Sep 1707 Blickling
Thomas bap 20 Jun 1709 Blickling

John and Martha ALDRED had the following children:

Martha bap 18 Feb 1704 Blickling
James bap 14 Mar 1707 Blickling

1705John ALDRED m Eliz RUTTER 26 Nov 1705 Norwich St Michael Coslany [Freereg]
Susanna ALDRED m Henry PAUL 30 Sep 1705 Norwich St Swithin [Freereg]
William and Anne ALDRED had the following children

John bap 5 Sep 1705 Kirby Cane
James bap 1 Sep 1706 Kirby Cane
Elizabeth bap 1 Aug 1708 Kirby Cane

Elizabeth ALDRED bap 18 Mar 1705 dau of Thomas and Ann [IGI]
1706Richd ALDRED m Mary SHALL 7 Oct 1706 Ellingham [Freereg]
1707Richard and Sarah ALDRED had the following children

Richard bap 17 Aug 1707 Ellingham
Sarah bap 2 May 1709 Ellingham
Elizabeth bap 24 Aug 1712 Ellingham

1708John ALDRED m Anne CODLING 8 Mar 1708 Holme Hale[Freereg]
John ALDRED m Eliz. BLOCKWELL 14 Jun 1708 (both of Hindringham) South Lynn [Freereg]
Bridget ALDRED m Nicholas ASHBOND 27 Dec 1708 St Peters Mancroft, Norwich [IGI]
Henry ALDRED bap 31 Jan 1708 son of Henry and Amie ALDRED [IGI]
1709William ALDRED m Mary GREEN Mendham All Saints Sfk 5 Oct 1709 [Freereg] Issue:

Hanna bap 8 Feb 1713 Mendham All Saints

Elizabeth ALDRED of Aldeby m Miles BURROWS of Aldeby 29 Aug 1709 Haddiscoe [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m Robert SHALLES of Terrington St Clement 1 Jun 1709 Norwich Cathedral [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap28 Jun 1709 Blickling dau of John and Mary [Freereg]
1710Mary ALDRED bap 8 Jul 1710 ill dau of OFFICIAL ALDRED [IGI]
1711Eliz ALDRED m Henry GLASSPOOLE widower 31 Jan 1711 St Mary Ellingham - see Glasspoole branch here
Mary ALDRED m John SLAUGHTER 31 Aug 1711 Norwich Cathedral [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED m John CLARK 16 May 1711 Norwich Cathedral [IGI]
Thomas bap 1 Oct 1711 Kings Lynn so Thos and Eliz [IGI]
Anne ALDRED bap 13 May 1711 Norwich St Gregory dau Henry and Anne [Freereg]
1712John ALDRED m Mary BURWOOD (bur 1 Apr 1719 Sth Elmham St James) 23 Oct 1712 Sth Elmham All Saints. Issue:

John bap 23 Aug 1713 Sth Elmham St James
Robert bap 15 Aug 1715 South Elmham
Mary bap 19 Mar 1717 South Elmham

Henry ALDRED m Sarah RACKHAM 13 Feb 1712 Sth Elmham All Saints [Freereg]
James ALDRED m Mary SPURRELL 13 Dec 1712 St Saviour, Norwich
Robert ALDRED bap 23 Mar 1712 Ellough so Robert [Freereg]
1713Hanna ALDRED bap 8 Feb 1713 Mendham dau of William and Mary [Freereg]
John ALDRED bap 23 Aug 1713 South Elmham St James s o John and Mary ALDRED [Freereg]
1714Agreement by William ALDRED of Denham with churchwardens and overseers of Wingfield that he maintain Elizabeth MORTON "a child of his wives" [SRO FC84/G16/7]
1715Charles ALDRED bap 15 Jan 1715 Kings Lynn [IGI]
1716Thomas and Elizabeth ALDRED had the following children

Hannah ALDRED bap 1 Jan 1716 Grundisburgh
Sarah bap 11 Ag 1717 Grundisburgh
George bap 13 Dec 1710 Grundisburgh[Freereg]

1717James ALDRED of Earsham m Margaret EVERED 28 Oct 1717 Denton [Freereg]and had the following children

James bap 17 Nov 1723 Denton [Freereg]
Margaret bap 4 Sep 1726 Denton [Freereg]

John ALDRED b 19 Apr 1717 bap 28 Apr 1717 St Michael Coslany, Norwich [IGI] s o Thomas and Elizabeth
1718Richard and Savoury ALDRED had the following children:

Susannah bap 27 Nov 1718 Ellingham
James bap 6 Apr 1721 Ellingham
Henry bap 7 Apr 1724 Ellingham

Mary ALDRED bur 1 Apr 1718 Sth Elmham St James [Freereg]
1719Anne ALDRED of Aldeby m Will MORRIS of Wheatacre All Sts 2 Feb 1719 Haddiscoe [Freereg]
Mary Aldred of Gt Yarmouth spinster m Thomas REDE of Gt Yarmouth widower 7 Jun 1719 Norwich Cathedral [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED of Yarmouth m Thomas DURANT of Yarmouth 11 Feb 1719 St Peter and Paul, Mautby [Freereg]
1721Samuel ALDRED m Martha POPE 18 Jun 1721 Halesworth (IGI film 178078)
James ALDRED bap Aug 1721 Kings Lynn, son of John [Freereg]
Thomas and Elizabeth ALDRED had the following children:

Charles b 11 Jan 1721 Norwich bap 14 Jan 1721 Norwich St Margaret
Charles b 1 Apr 1723 bap 6 Apr 1723 Norwich St Margaret
Robert b 12 Feb 1724 bap 7 Mar 1724 Norwich St Margaret
Charles b 27 Apr 1726 bap 15 May 1726 Norwich St Margaret
Elizabeth bap 29 Nov 1730 Norwich St Margaret

1722James ALDRED m Esth FLETCHER 29 Jul 1722 St Giles, Norwich [IGI]
Elizabeth ALDRED m William TINKE 26 Feb 1722 Heveningham [IGI]
William and Alice ALDRED had the following children [IGI]

Daniel bap 13 May 1722 Gt Yarmouth
Edward bap 2 Nov 1731 Gt Yarmouth

1723Jane ALDRED m Edward NORTON 17 Nov 1723 St Augustine, Norwich [IGI]
1724Ann ALDRED m John GYNN 26 Dec 1724 Tuddenham St Mary [IGI]
Edmund ALDRED m Margaret ALLENE 3 Mar 1724 Bradwell [IGI]
1725John ALDRED of Aldeby m Anne RANNOLDS 7 Feb 1725 Haddiscoe St Mary [Freereg]
Henry ALDRED b 1725 Brampton m Sarah 1750 son of
Edward and Ann [Ancestry]
Sarah ALDRED m Wm LAWRENCE 30 Nov 1725 Burgh [IGI]
1726Lydia ALDRED m Thomas ALEXANDER 8 Apr 1726 Dt Augustine Norwich [IGI]
1727 Eliz ALDRED bap 27 Jul 1727 New Buckenham dau of James and Elizabeth [Freereg]
1728Mary ALDRED m Thomas BROADWATERS 3 Nov 1728 Earsham All Saints [Freereg]
1729Caleb ALDRED m Sarah BULL 13 Jan 1729 Lowestoft [IGI]
Sarah ALDRED m Samuel LEGGATT 3 Nov 1729 Ubbeston [IGI]
1730Caleb ALDRED of Gt Yarmouth m Mary UTTING 15 Apr 1730 Blundeston [IGI]
Edmund ALDRED b 1730 Gt Yarmouth [IGI] m Mary (b 1732 d 5 Apr 1752 [IGI}
1731Jane ALDRED of Lynn m James MATTHEWS 2 Mar 1731 North Runcton [Freereg]
Susanna ALDRED m Richard BALLDRY 9 Mar 1731 South Cove [IGI]
1732Eliz ALDRED m Thos HOOKE 7 Jun 1732 Gt Yarmouth [Freereg]
Daniel ALDRED m Margaret PARKER (wid) of New Buckenham All Saints, Old Buckenham [Freereg]
Elizabeth ALDRED bap 13 Aug 1732 dau of Elizabeth ALDRED Gt Yarmouth
1733Anne ALDRED m Charles WACE 26 Feb 1733 St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich [IGI]
Joseph ALDRED m Mary SAYLOR 13 Apr 1733 Blundeston [IGI]
1734Edmund ALDRED (wid) m Mary HURLEY 13 Oct 1734 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas [Freereg]
Anne ALDRED m Saml SHEPHERD 8 Oct 1734 Norwich [IGI]
1735John ALDRED m Mary JELLY (wid) 28 Jul 1735 St Margarets Kings Lynn [Freereg] and had the following child

James bap Aug 1721 Kings Lynn

1736James ALDRED m Mary URSLEY 30 Sep 1736 Norwich [IGI]
Samuel ALDRED m Eliz JOHNERDCUT 2 Feb 1736 Larling [IGI}
1737Wm ALDRED m Theophila LEMON 31 Mar 1737 Billingford [IGI]
Thomas ALDRED m Elizabeth COLLYER 4 Dec 1737 Lowestoft [IGI]
Mary ALDRIDGE m Benjamin CROPS 24 Jun 1737 Charsfield [IGI]
1738Robert ALDRED m of Wrentham m Eliza EBBS of Wrentham 9 Jan 1738 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth [Freereg]
1739James ALDRED m Margaret WRIGHT 1 Jan 1739 Carlton Colville
Elizabeth ALDRED m John HAWARD 4 Sep 1739 Dennington [IGI]
Mary Anne ALDRED m Charles TYRREL 3 Feb 1739 Carlton Colville [IGI]
1740Thomas ALDRED bap 14 Dec 1740 Norwich son of John and Mary
Capt John ALDRED died this year [Ipswich Journal 6/9/1740]
John ALDRED m Mary KING 27 Sep 1740 St Benedict, Norwich [Freereg]and had the following child

Thomas bap 14 Dec 1740 Norwich [Freereg]

Thomas ALDRED m Tabitha MICKLEBURGH 12 Aug 1740 Norwich [IGI]
Susan ALDRED m John SMYTH 14 Nov 1740 Ubbeston [IGI]
1741Willm ALDRED m Mary FULLBACK 3 Aug 1741 [Freereg]
1743Susan ALDRED m James UTTON 6 Oct 1743 Haddiscoe
Elizabeth ALDRED m Francis FINCH 6 Aug 1743 Redenhall [Freereg]
1745John ALDRED m Deborah JOHNSON 1 Apr 1745 South Elmham All Saints [Freereg]
1747Samuel ALDRED m Elizth MALLETT 19 Apr 1747 St Gregory Norwich [Freereg]
1748John ALDRED m Mary Rouse 12 Oct 1748 Darsham (IGI film 178078) Issue:

Mary Bap 27 Feb 1743 Bramfield
Sarah bap 28 Dec 1744 Bramfield
Elizabeth bap10 Mar 1749 Bramfield
Hannah bap 8 Mar 1749 Bramfield
John bap 14 Dec 1751 Bramfield
Susan bap 2 Nov 1761 Bramfield
William bap 2 Nov 1761 Bramfield
[IGI P012001]

Anne ALDRED m Samuel WARD 9 Feb 1748 St Margarets Kins Lynn [Freereg]
1749Ruth ALDRED m John FAULK 4 Dec 1749 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas [Freereg]
1750Hannah ALDRED m William BARROT St Nicholas Gt Yarmouth [Freereg]
1764James ALDRED was a member of the Common Council of the Corporation of Dunwich [Ipswich Journal 1 Sep 1764}
1777Wilm ALDRED so John ALDRED and Elizabeth bap 23 Mar 1777 Bramfield (IGI P012001)
1778"There will not be a sale of Mr ALDRED's farming stock &c at Yoxford as advertised in this and last weeks papers" [Ipswich Journal 19 Dec 1778]

1783John ALDRED was a member of the Common Council of Norwich [Norfolk Chronicle 10 May 1783]
1785 Robert ALDRED of Blundeston lived in a cottage near the "Plow" Inn at Blundeston [Norfolk Chronicle 11 Jun 1785 [Norfolk Chronicle 11 Jun 1785]

[Norfolk Chronicle 5 Aug 1786]

1782John ALDRED was a wine merchant in Norwich [Norfolk Chronicle 17 Aug 1782]
1788George ALDRED (merchant) m Miss BROOK, dau of the late Isaac BROOK 9 Oct 1788 at St Matthews Ipswich [Ipswich Journal]
Wm ALDRED (a convict in Ipswich Goal under sentence of transportation to Africa since 1783 for stealing 5 pecks of Wheat received his Majesty's most gracious pardon: during his long confinement he behaved in a very becoming manner [Ipswich Journal 20 Sep 1788]
John ALDRED was a member of the Norwich Court of Guardians [Norfolk Chronicle 10 May 1788]

[Ipswich Journal 4 Apr 1879]
John ALDRED was selling his house at St Peters at Hungate and St Georges of Tombland, Norwich 28 Nov 1789 [Norfolk Chronicle]

1790John ALDRED sold his house in St Peter at Hungate, Norwich which had "suitable offices, stable, large paved yard, walled in garden, compting house, extensive warehouses and work rooms, store cellars and two tenements" [Norfolk Chronicle 16 Oct 1790] He also sold by auction contents as following: "China, glass, prints framed and glazed, &c, bedsteads with green worsted and satin furniture, exceeding god bedding, blankets, counterpane &c, handsome mahogany chairs, dining and other tables, handsome pier glasses, eight day clock good kitchen furniture an exceeding good mahogany double counting house desk, ditto stools &c." [Norfolk Chronicle 30 Oct 1790]

[Ipswich Journal 16 Jan 1790]

[Ipswich Journal 20 Feb 1790]

1792Mary ALDRED m James Gorble 5 Nov 1792 Suffolk(IGI film 178078)
George ALDRED and J B FOWLER advertised the start of their corn, coal and seed business in their warehouse at St Clement's Fore Street, Ipswich [Ipswich Journal 1 Sep 1792]
1793ALDRED and FOWLER were corn and coal merchants in Ipswich [Norflok Chronicle 28 Dec 1793]
Robert ALDRED's farm animals and equipment at Huntingfield, Suffolk to be sold at auction 2 Oct 1793 [Ipswich Journal 21 Sep 1793]
1794Elizabeth ALDRED was sentenced at Beccles Assizes for grand larceny - fined 1s and three months imprisonment [Norfolk Chronicle 11 Oct 1794]
1796George ALDRED and John Bowell Fowler were made bankrupt. {Ipswich Journal 19 Nov 1796]
John ALDRED was a subscriber to the Wissett association for prosecuting horsestealers [Ipswich Journal 26 Mar 1796]

From the Ipswich Journal of 16 Jan 1796]

1797Caleb ALDRED was living in a cottage in Somersham, Ipswich [Ipswich Journal 7 Jan 1797]
1799 John ALDRED, of Wissett near Halesworth, a linen-weaver, advertised for two journeyman weavers for weaving hemp cloth "from 2 to 4s per yard if qualified" [Ipswich Journal 7 Mar 1799]
1818 Jeremiah ALDRED was convicted at Lancaster on 21 Mar 1818 of Grand Larceny and sent to the hulk Bellerophon on 7 May 1818. He had been sentenced to transportation for 7 years and went to New South Wales on 4 Dec 1818 aboard the "Baring" [Prison Hulk register] He arrived in NSW on 26 Jun 1819 [Genealogical soc. of Victoria]
1832Henry ALDRED aged 15 was on the Prison Hulk Euryalus fro 3 Dec 1832. He had been convicted of housebreaking at York on 27 Aug 1832 and went on the vessel "John" to Van Diemans Land on 20 Jul 1823 to serve a life sentence. A note was appended "Has been 3 times in prison once tried and acquitted. Character etc bad" [Prison Hulk Register]