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The earliest record of Allan was of his marriage to Margaret Kerr in 1865 and apart from this his early days there are unknown until 26 April 1867, when the North Otago Times (NOT) printed a letter;

On 7 June 1867 the quarterly licensing court granted him a “bottle licence”. He gave his address at the time as Otepopo Street, Oamaru.There seems to be some question as to whether the general store was in Herbert or Otepopo.On 23rd of the same month the NOT carried this advertisement:

On 10th September 1867 the NOT carried this advertisement, which shows his general stores as including drapery, in which he later came to specialise. At the same time he was the secretary of Otepopo school, now, in 2010, threatened with closure due to reducing numbers of children.

Allan evidently had a sideline as a collector of rates: - on 23rd April 1869 the North Otago Times shows this advertisement:

He advertised regularly throughout the period 1867 to 1872, but one little gem is in the Births column - the only one of his children to be publicised in this way: The Timaru Herald’s (TH) birth column showed on 30th December 1870 “On September 15th Timaru a daughter to Mrs Allan Broad”. Allan still had his shop in Herbert at this time, so what was Margaret doing in Timaru? Perhaps she was staying with friends, for it was to Timaru that Allan moved when he disposed of his shop in Herbert in 1870 or so.

He moved into premises called Timaru House in Timaru sometime in 1870 which he used as a drapry store. In clearing up his old shop accounts he advertised in the NOT “Notice is hereby given that all accounts due to Allan Broad must be paid to Mr A Pirie Otepopo on or before 28th instant, or legal proceedings will be taken for their recovery - Allan Broad, High Street Dunedin, April 7th 1870”

What he was doing in Dunedin at this time is unknown, but he may have stayed there whilst his new premises in Timaru were being prepared.

On 23rd August 1871 the stores had a sale advertised in the NOT:

and on 14th February 1872 the TH carried the following:

1872 saw the closing of Allan’s venture into drapery for on the 13th September the TH printed:

On 16th December 1872 the TH carried the following:

There is then a long period of silence. In 1893 the Otago Witness records

In 1903 the Otago witness carried the following advertisement:

Whether he had moved to Dunedin when he sold up in Timaru is not yet known, but it is clear that he was following the experience of his lifetime.In 1907 Allan gave evidence at a trial for theft:

The last piece of evidence in the press was the death statement in the Otago Witness: “On June 8th 1908 at High Street, Dunedin, the dearly beloved wife of Allan Broad, late os St Clair”

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