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We share descent from Samuel Mewse and Ann Barber (below) and from Thomas Mewse and Phillipp Pearce (m 1583)

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Names in red are my direct ancestors

Last update: 18 Apr 2016 (and renumbered 14 Sep 2013)

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Abercrombie...Alderman...Allerton abt 1860...Almond..Banham...Barber ...Barrett...Batley
Beechcroft...Bennett...Birnie... Brewster...Butcher 1818...Butcher 1820..Chambers...Charles... Chillingworth
Church...Clifford Thornton...Coby...Coleman...Collick...Cooper...Cowell...Crisp
Cunnington...Daniels...Davis...De Mancha...Disney...Dennington...Dowson...Dunning...Earles
Edmonds 1760...Edmonds abt 1860...Fairfax...Farrar...Fletcher 1687...Fletcher 1795...Florence...Folkard
Foster....Fox..Frankling... Frett...Friend...Frost...Fuller...Galliard...Garland
Girling 1827...Girling 1861...Gooch...Green... Gunn... Guy...Harris... Hipper
Howes..Hubbard...Hunt...Jackson...James...Jamieson...Jarman...Johnson...Kemp 1783
Kemp abt 1870...Kilby...Killwick...King...Knight...Larkman...Lucas...Lutterloch
Manthorpe...Martin...Mather...Matterson...Maverick...Mayes...Mewse 1734...Mewse 1792...Mewse 1797
...Rice...Seabon... Scott...Sharman...Shattock...Simpson 1788...Simpson 1980


Q1 William ALLERTON b 1529 Alton, Wiltshire m unknown

Child of William and unknown
Edward Allerton bap 12 Nov 1553/1555 St Dionis Blackburn Church, London bur 26 Jan 1589 St Dionis Blackburn Church, London


Q2 Edward ALLERTON m Rose DAVIS (b 1559 St Peter, London bur 26 Jan 1590 Newnham, London) 14 Feb 1579 St Dionis, London

Note: Rose was the daughter of Sydney Charles DAVIS and Rosetta Amy JAMES

Children of Edward and Rose
Q3......Robert Allerton b abt 1580 London
Q4......Joan Allerton b abt 1580 London d 1580 London
Q5......Isaac Allerton b 1586 London d 1659
Q6......Sarah Allerton b 1588 N Andrew parish d 1633
Q7......Edward Allerton b 1590 d 26 Jan 1590 London
Q8......John Allerton b 1591 Leiden Zuid-Holland Netherlands d 1620


Q5 Isaac ALLERTON m (a) Mary NORRIS (b abt 1590 Newbury, Berkshire d 25 Feb 1621 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA) 44 Nov 1611 Leiden, Zuid-Holland (b) Fear BREWSTER (b 1606 d 12 Dec 1634) 22 May 1626 Plymouth (c) Joanna SWINNERTON (widow) (b 1697 d 1682 New Haven

In 1609 Isaac emigrated to Leiden, Zuid-Holland and married Mary, an English girl, two years later in 1611. The following year he was made Freeman of Leiden and there followed three more children until he boarded the "Speedwell" in Delft for Southampton on 1st Aug 1620 then joining the "pilgrim" ship "Mayflower" for America arriving at Cape Cod on 21 Nov 1620. Isaac was a signatory to the famous "Mayflower Pact" and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts where he was appointed as "assistant" by the Freemen of Plymouth.He was sent to London in 1626 to raise money and supplies for the colony, returning in 1628.

Note: Mary was the daughter of Edward NORRIS (b abt 1550 d 1 Sep 1603 St Andrew, Camden, London)

Children of Isaac and Mary
Q9......Bartholomew Allerton b 1612 Leiden d 16 Feb 1659 Bramfield, Suffolk
Q10....Remember Allerton b 16 Jun 1614 Reusel de Mierden, Leiden d 12 Sep 1655 Marblehead Essex Massachusetts m Moses MAVERICK 6 May 1635 Massachusetts
Q11....Mary Allerton b 16 Jun 1616 Leiden d 28 Nov 1699 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Q12....Sarah Allerton b 1618 Leiden
Q13....infant d 11 Dec 1620 on voyage

Children od Isaac and Fear
Q14....Sarah Allerton b 1627 d 1651 Plymouth, Massachusetts
Q15....Isaac Allerton b 22 May 1627 Plymouth d 25 Oct 1702 New Haven, Connecticut m Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY 8 Sep 1662
Note:Isaac was one of nine men to graduate from Harvard University in 1650


Q9 Bartholomew ALLERTON m (a) Margaret (b 1616 Rumburgh, Suffolk d 1655 Bramfield, Suffolk) abt 1636 (b) Sarah FAIRFAX (b 1612 Rumburgh d after 1678 Halesworth) abt 1655 Rumburgh

Note: Bartholomew was in Plymouth Massachusetts with his parents and siblings but returned to Engalnd about 1630. Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin FAIRFAX and Sarah GALLIARD

Child of Bartholomew and Margaret
Q16......John Allerton b abt 1646 bur 17 Sep 1699 Rumburgh m Mary (b 1645) abt 1655

Children of John and Sarah
Q18......Isaac Allerton 11 Jun 1655 Rumburgh d 1683
Q19......Dorothy Allerton b abt 1656 Rumburgh d 13 Sep 1678 Rumburgh
Q20......Mary Allerton b abt 1657
Q21......Bartholomew Allerton b 1659 Rumburgh


Q16 John ALLERTON m Mary (b 1645) abt 1655

Children of John and Mary
Q22......Joseph Allerton b 1665 Rumburgh
Q23......Elizabeth Allerton b 1677 Rumburgh d Nov 1707 Beccles
Q24......Mary Allerton bap 18 Apr 1681 Rumburgh


Q22 Joseph ALLERTON m Mary abt 1679

Children of Joseph and Mary
Q25......Bartholomew Allerton b 1680 d Nov 1729 Toft Monks
Q26......Thomas Allerton b abt 1681
Q27......Judith Allerton dob unknown
Q28......Elizabeth Allerton d Nov 1729 Beccles


1 John SOWELL (b abt 1687) m Susannah FLETCHER (b 1689)

Child of John and Susannah
Thomas SOWELL bap 3 Apr 1713 Lowestoft

3 Bartholomew ALLERTON b abt 1680 d Nov 1729 Toft Monks, Nfk m Elizabeth

Children of Bartholomew and Elizabeth
4......Edmund ALLERTON bap Jul 1707 Toft Monks d 28 Oct 1759 Worlingham bur 2 Dec 1759 Worlingham plot 3 no 49
5......John ALLERTON b 15 Apr 1710 Toft Monks
6......Elizabeth ALLERTON bap 21 Jul 1713 Toft Monks
7......Elizabeth ALLERTON bap 12 Nov 1717 Toft Monks

8 Joseph CHARLES m Susan

Note: Charles was a gentleman, and left a will dated 12 Oct 1726 (ref 1C/AA1/158/69 Ipswich R O)

Child of Joseph and Susan
Elizabeth CHARLES b abt 1713 d 28 Jan 1804 Worlingham


2 Thomas SOWELL m Ann MEWSE (bap 16 Jan 1711 Lowestoft) 9 Feb 1734 Lowestoft (See Mewse branch here)

Child of Thomas and Ann
10......Thomas SOWELL bap 28 Mar 1735 Lowestoft m Mary WILSON 27 Oct 1765 Lowestoft
11......Ann SOWELL bap 31 May 1737 Lowestoft bur 28 Jul 1738 Lowestoft
12......Ann SOWELL b 12 Oct 1739 Lowestoft m John BEECHCROFT 2 Jan 1765 Lowestoft
Judith SOWELL b 21 Mar 1742 Lowestoft
14......Fulcher SOWELL bap 8 Jan 1745 Lowestoft bur 1 Jun 1746 Lowestoft
15......Tingey SOWELL bap 23 Apr 1747 Lowestoft m Sarah MORLEY
16......Fulcher SOWELL bap19 Feb 1748 Lowestoft bur 16 Aug 1794 Lowestoft
17......Susannah SOWELL bap 17 Jun 1750 Lowestoft m John SPURGEON 31 Jul 1780 Lowestoft

4 Edmund ALLERTON m A6 Elizabeth CHARLES (b 1710) 10 Apr 1737 Worlingham

Note: Edmund was a wheelwright and left a will (ref 1C/AA1/1855 Ipswich RO). Elizabeth was mentioned in several town record books under 1771Allington/ 1774 Allarton / 1775 Arlington/ 1776 widow Allerton paying 1s 1and half pence - all in Lowestoft R/O

Children of Edmund and Elizabeth
18......Edmund ALLERTON b 3 Jan 1737 Worlingham d 30 Jul 1781 Worlingham m Mary EDMONDS (b abt 1737) 22 Apr 1760 Worlingham
19......Joseph ALLERTON b 28 Sep 1739 Worlingham bap 29 Sep 1739 Worlingham d 2 Oct 1799 Lowestoft
Note: Joseph was apprentice to a Wm SPRATT of Lowestoft, Boatwright and left a will dated 3rd September 1799 (ref: 1C/AA1/219/40 Ipswich R/O)
20......Bartholomew ALLERTON b and bap 13 Sep 1742 Worlingham bur 16 Oct 1743 Worlingham
21......Charles ALLERTON b 10 Oct 1744 bap 13 Oct 1744 Lowestoft d 16 Sep 1813 Gt Yarmouth bur 21 Sep 1813 Worlingham m Anne ALMOND 16 Oct 1767 All Saints, Worlingham
22......Elisabeth ALLERTON bap 25 Feb 1746 Worlingham bur 22 Feb 1837 aged 90 m (a) Henry HOWES 1778 Lowestoft by licence (b) Joseph KEMP 27 Jul 1783 Worlingham by licence
Note: Elizabeth is named in brother Charles' will as Elizabeth wife of Joseph Kemp, Yeoman of Beccles
23......Bartholomew Albert ALLERTON b 25 Feb 1748 Worlingham bap 5 Mar 1748 bur 12 Jan 1808
Note: Bartholomew appears 3 times in Beccles Goal book in 1793 and twice in 1807. He and Margaret had 14 children.
24....John ALLERTON bap 28 Feb 1750 Worlingham bur 14 Oct 1836 St Botolph, North Cove m Elizabeth BOYLES 13 Jan 1788
Note: John was a farmer and had a marriage bond with guarantor Henry Smallpiece FOX who had married 26 Susanna (ref: FAA 50/2/108A Ipswich R/O)
25....Susanna ALLERTON b 13 Oct 1752 Worlingham bur 22 Oct 1752 Worlingham
26....Susanna ALLERTON b 1 Feb 1755 Lowestoft
27....Henry ALLERTON b 22 Apr 1757 Worlingham bur 22 Apr 1758 Worlingham
28......Henry ALLERTON bap 13 Dec 1759 d 13 Dec 1837 bur 19 Dec 1837 Lowestoft St Margarets
Henry was mentioned as a pregnancy in hi father's will and was born after his death.


19 Joseph ALLERTON m 13 Judith SOWELL (b 1739 d 1773) 11 Apr 1762 Lowestoft

Child of Joseph and Judith
29......Thomas ALLERTON bap 29 Aug 1762 Lowestoft d 17 Sep 1762 Lowestoft
30......Thomas ALLERTON b 29 Aug 1672 Lowestoft bap 25 Sep 1763 Lowestoft d 11 Apr 1828 Lowestoft
31......Elizabeth ALLERTON bap 30 Jul 1765 Lowestoft
32......Judith Tingey ALLERTON bap 13 Aug 1767 Lowestoft
33......Ann ALLERTON bap 14 Sep 1770 Lowestoft bur 23 Dec 1834
34......Joseph ALLERTON b 30 Jun 1773
35......Susannah ALLERTON b 1775 Lowestoft

15 Tingey SOWELL m Sarah MORLEY 16 Oct 1773 St Margaret Lowestoft

Children of Tingey and Sarah
36......Tingey SOWELL bap 11 Jul 1773 Lowestoft
37......Edward SOWELL bap 29 Mar 1775 Lowestoft
38......Sarah SOWELL bap 14 Mar 1775 Lowestoft
39......Edward SOWELL bap 19 Oct 1779 Lowestoft
40......Anne SOWELL bap 30 Oct 1781 Lowestoft
41......Anne SOWELL bap 3 Jan 1783 Lowestoft
42......Sarah Morley SOWELL bap 9 Oct 1785 Lowestoft
43......Thomas SOWELL bap 30 Aug 1789 Lowestoft

23 Bartholomew Albert ALLERTON m Margaret HARRIS 12 Aug 1773 St Margaret's Church, Lowestoft.

Children of Bartholomew and Margaret
44......Hannah ALLERTON b 1773 Lowestoft d 1824 Lowestoft m John MEWSE 6 May 1792 Lowestoft
See Mewse branch
45......Charles ALLERTON bap 27 Jun 1775 Lowestoft
46......Bartholomew ALLERTON b 1775 d 2nd qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 428]
47......William ALLERTON b 1776 m Margaret MULLINDER 1775
48......John ALLERTON bap 27 Jun 1777 Lowestoft
49......Sarah ALLERTON b 1778 d 1811 m Samuel FARRER (b 1747 d 1840) 1811
50......Samuel ALLERTON bap 5 May 1779 Lowestoft
51......Joseph ALLERTON b 1780 Lowestoft d 1780
52......Samuel ALLERTON b 1781 Lowestoft d 1782
53......Jane ALLERTON b 1782 Lowestoft m Charles DISNEY 1803
54......Susanna ALLERTON b 1784 Lowestoft
55......Joseph ALLERTON b 1785 Lowestoft d 1810 Lowestoft
56......Maria Harris ALLERTON b 1786 Lowestoft d 1806 Lowestoft
57....Joseph ALLERTON b 1788 Lowestoft d 1874 Gt Yarmouth m (a) Sarah PORTER (b 1801 d 1820) 1819 (b) Esther DOWSON (b 1796 d 1867) 1823
58......Samuel Harris ALLERTON b 1790 Lowestoft d 1841 Lowestoft
Note: Samuel was publican at the Dukes Head, Lowestoft
59......Charles ALLERTON b 1791 Lowestoft {twin of John} d 1791 Lowestoft
60......John ALLERTON b 1791 Lowestoft{twin of Charles} d 1791 Lowestoft

26 Susannah ALLERTON with reputed father Richard DANIELS (b abt 1750) abt 1775 m Henry Smallpiece FOX 3 Aug 1785 St Clement Danes, Westminster

Note: Richard's reputed father was Richard DANIELS

Children of Richard and Susannah
61......Susannah ALLINGTON bap 12 Jun 1774 Worlingham m James VEALE 2 Oct 1805 Lowestoft
62......Richard Daniels ALLERTON bap 25 Aug 1777 Worlingham, Suffolk d 1861 Strand, London

Note: Henry was described as a gentleman.

Children of Henry and Susannah
63......James FOX b 1809
64......a child who died

28 Henry ALLERTON. m Elizabeth MAYES 4 Jun 1780 St Margarets Lowestoft

Note: Henry was a shipbuilder

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
65......John ALLERTON bap 6 Oct 1780 Lowestoft
66......Elizabeth ALLERTON bap 28 Sep 1785 Lowestoft
67......Henry ALLERTON b 15 Dec 1787 bap 24 Dec 1787 Lowestoft
68......Mary ALLERTON bap 11 Sep 1790 Lowestoft

69 Samuel SIMPSON m Martha MATTERSON

Child of Samuel and Martha
70......Judith SIMPSON b 20 Oct 1765


71 Robert GUNN b 1780 n d 1860 Norwich m unknown

Child of Robert and unknown
Robert GUNN b 1819 Watton d 1893 15 Ivry St, Lakenham

30 Thomas ALLERTON m 38 Judith SIMPSON (b 1768 d 1838) 3 Jul 1788 Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Judith
73......Thomas ALLERTON b 7 Oct 1788 bap 8 Oct 1788 Lowestoft m Isabella BOYCE 25 Feb 1813 Lowestoft
Note: Thomas was a fish merchant
74......Joseph ALLERTON b 13 Feb 1791 bap 15 Feb 1791 Lowestoft m Sarah (Issue 74a......Hillary ALLERTON b 1821 Lowestoft)
Note: Joseph and Sarah were living in High Street Lowestoft in 1841. Joseph was a licenced victualler and was a shipwright in 1871
75......Samuel Simpson ALLERTON bap 11 Oct 1793 Lowestoft d 19 Jun 1854 Lowestoft
76......Judith ALLERTON b 7 May 1797 bap 8 May 1797 Lowestoft m Samuel FOLKARD 29 Jul 1821 Lowestoft
(see Tripp branch
77......Mary ALLERTON b 1799 Lowestoft
78......Robert ALLERTON b 19 Aug 1802 Lowestoft
79......Hannah Simpson Mason ALLERTON ALLERTON b 29 Oct 1803 bap 31 Oct 1803 Lowestoft

33 Ann ALLERTON m James FLETCHER 25 Jun 1795

Child of James and Ann
80....Samuel FLETCHER b 1796 d 1872 Lowestoft d 1 Dec 1872 Lowestoft m Sarah BUTCHER (b 1797) 1 May 1820 Lowestoft
81......Mary Ann FLETCHER bap 27 Jul 1798 Lowestoft.
Note: See Cockel branch here
82......Judith FLETCHER b 3 Mar 1801 Lowestoft d 1855 Lowestoft m William AYERS 28 Jul 1817 Lowestoft
Note: See Ayers branch here
83......Elizabeth FLETCHER b 7 May 1803 Lowestoft
84......James FLETCHER b 10 Aug 1805 Lowestoft
85......John FLETCHER b 4 Nov 1807 Lowestoft d 1871 Lowestoft m Susannah PYE 13 Jul 1834 Corton
86......Charlotte FLETCHER b 22 May 1810 Lowestoft

46 Bartholomew ALLERTON m Sarah STERRY (b 1792 d 3rd qr 1857 [Mutford 4a 441]) abt 1822

Note: There is an account of a daring rescue involving 30a Bartholomew here
He was a mariner & property owner as in Lowestoft Rate Book 1836-41 and was also recorded as Master of ship 'The City of Norwich" for London, Norwich & Beccles Shipping & Trading Co. - Ipswich Journal 3 November 1832 p3. The family was at Nelson Street, Lowestoft in 1851
See the Sterry branch

Children of Bartholomew and Sarah
87......Mary Sterry b 1823 Lowestoft
88......James b 1831 Lowestoft
Note: In 1861 James was a fisherman boarding at 5 London Rd, Lowestoft with John EVERETT, a butcher. In 1871 he was a labourer lodging at White House St, Cumpas Lane, Lowestoft

62 Richard Daniels ALLERTON m Charlotte RICE (b 1785) 18 OCT 1806 Old Church, Saint Pancras

Note: Charlotte was the daughter of James G D RICE and Sarah DUNNING (b 1760 Southwark): James was a wealthy London merchant. . Richard was a surveyor in 1841 living in Norfolk St, St Clement Danes, London and in 1851 he was a widowed land agent at the same address but with daughter Charlotte living in as housekeeper .Still in Norfolk St in 1861 his occupation is shown as land agend, or possibly law agent. When he died his effects were valued at under £450.

Children of Richard and Charlotte
89......Charlotte Rice ALLERTON b 1807 m (a) Thomas de CLIFFORD THORNTON 20 Dec 1828 St Martin in the Fields
90......James George Rice ALLERTON b 1809 m Sarah Ann SCOTT 19 Jun 1832 St Martins
91......Richard ALLERTON b 1811 m Susannah COLLICK
92......William ALLERTON b abt 1813
93......Clara Sealy ALLERTON b 1815
94......William ALLERTON b 1816
95......Eliza Ann ALLERTON b 1819
96......Alexina ALLERTON b 1821 d 1899
97......Susannah ALLERTON b 1823

63 James FOX m Sarah SCOTT (b 1809 d 1901) abt 1832

Children of James and Sarah
98......Alexander FOX b 1835 d 1901 m Emily
99......Charlotte Rice FOX b 1837 Wallasea, Essex

100 Samuel MEWSE (Fisherman) born 1775 Corton bap 1776 d 2 May 1868 in Corton (See Mewse branch here ) m Ann BARBER (bap 1777 bur 23 Jan 1868 Lowestoft) 4 Sep 1797 (see Edmonds branch here)

[i] Samuel and Ann were witnesses to the wedding of James SPURDING and Jane STERRY 29 Aug 1804
[ii] Samuel and Ann were living at 39 Beach, Lowestoft in 1851
[iii]Ann was living in Southwold in 1823 with son-in-law Charles James TURRELL, and in 1851 was with John at Shuckford's Loke, Lowestoft
[iv] Witnesses to the marriage of Samuel and Ann were William ALLERTON and Hannah MEWSE
[v] In 1851 Samuel and Ann were living at the Fishermen's Hospital

Children of Samuel and Ann
101......Ann bap 9 Jan 1802 bur 6 June 1899 St Margaret's Lowestoft m 2a John STERRY (bap 1 Jun 1798) 25 Dec 1823
John was a twinespinner. Witnesses to their marriage were Samuel MEWSE and Ann STERRY. Issue: 3 boys, 2 girls Grandchildren by Alfred bap 1832 + Sarah Ann: 1 boy 2 girls. Virtue, part of this issue, m Edward EDMONDS
102......Samuel Barber b 14 Sep 1803 bap 24 Sep 1803 Lowestoft
103......James Barber b 30 Apr 1805 bap 1 May 1805 Lowestoft
104......Eliza bap 27 Oct 1807 Lowestoft m Edward COLEMAN 29 Jul 1827
Witnesses Charles COLEMAN and Ann COBY
105......John Barber b 6 Feb 1810 bap 17 July 1810 Lowestoft
106......Joanna bap 18 May 1812 Lowestoft m William JACKSON (Jnr) 5 Dec 1831 Lowestoft
Witnesses: James MEWSE and Susan CHAMBERS See Jackson branch
107......William bap 22 Apr 1816 Lowestoft


72 Robert GUNN m (a) Charlotte HIPPER (b 1817 Lakenham d 1855) 13 Jan 1839 Lakenham (b) Charlotte GUY (b 1828 Saham Toney d 1922 Norwich) 1st qr 1856 Norwich

Note: In 1851and 1861 (when the family was at "Surrey Mews, St Stephen Norwich and a visitor, 29 yr old Maria GIRLING a blind person was present) Robert is shown in the census as a heraldry painter. Robert was a master coachmaker in 1881employing two men. At this time the family had moved to King St, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich

Children of Robert and Charlotte Hipper
108......Robert GUNN b 2nd qr 1839 [Norwich 13 262]
Note: Robert was a wool sorter in 1861
109......William GUNN b 1st qr 1841 Norwich [Norwich 13 257]
Note: In 1861 William was a coach painter
110......Thomas Edward GUNN b 1844 d 1923 Norwich
Note: In 1861 Thomas Edward worked in a bank
111......Walter GUNN b 1846 Norwich
112......Sarah Ann GUNN b 1849 Norwich
113......Charlotte Elizabeth GUNN b 2nd qr 1851 Norwich [Norwich 13 302] d 1855 Norwich
114......John GUNN b 3rd qr 1853 Norwich [Norwich 4b 88]
Note: John was a soldier in 2nd battalion, 17th Regiment, Aldershot in 1871

Children of Robert and Charlotte Guy
115......Alice GUNN b 4th qr 1857 Norwich [Norwich 4b 134]
Note: Alice was a housekeeper in 1881 and in 1891 she is recorded as a dress maker.
116......Julia GUNN b 2nd qr1860 Norwich [Norwich 4b 137]
Note: Julia was a dressmaker in 1881
117......Alfred GUNN b 2nd qr 1862 Norwich [Norwich 4b 143]
Note: Alfred was a coach painter in 1881r
118......Emma Jane GUNN b 2nd qr 1864 Norwich [Norwich 4b 141]
Note: Emma was a milliner in 1881
119......Charles Thomas GUNN b 2nd qr 1867 Norwich [Norwich 4b 137]

75 Samuel Simpson ALLERTON m Elizabeth CHAMBERS (b 1798 Gt Yarmouth d 1887 Lowestoft) 5 Feb 1827 St Margaret's Lowestoft

Note: Samuel was a shipwright in 1851 living at the "Duke's Head, Dukes head Street, Lowestoft. There was a lodger, William FROST a 26 year old carpenter living with them (probably 78 William Frost below). Samuel is listed in Harrod's directory of 1877 as being a ship and boat builder at Riverside, Denmark Rd Lowestoft. Samuel and Elizabeth were living at 1 Mills Rd Lowestoft in 1881: Samuel was then an Innkeeper and ship's carpenter

Child of Samuel and Elizabeth
120......Elizabeth Chambers ALLERTON b 3 Jan 1828 Lowestoft bap 5 Jan 1928 Lowestoft St Margarets d 27 Mar 1910
121......Samuel Chambers ALLERTON b abt 1831 d 1913 at 24 Denmark Rd, Lowestoft
Samuel was a boat builders aprentice in 1851
122......Joseph ALLERTON b 1835
Joseph was a boat builders aprentice in 1851
123......Robert Brown ALLERTON b 28 Aug 1836 Lowestoft d 1908
Robert was a boat builders aprentice in 1851
124......Mason ALLERTON b 1839 Lowestoft m Mary Elizabeth CUNNINGTON (b 1840 Spalding, Lincs) 1st qr 1865 [Boston 7a 444]
Note: Mason became a bank manager. In 1881 he was in Edmonton and in 1891 at Fore Street, Dulverton. At neither of the censuses was his wife present, although he is shown as married. Mary was a visitor at 13 Straight Bargate, Boston in 1891
125......Chambers ALLERTON b 1846 Lowestoft
126......Annie ALLERTON dob unknown

77 Mary ALLERTON m Benjamin BUTCHER (b 1801) abt 1818

Children of Benjamin and Mary
127......Mary BUTCHER b abt 1819
128......Joanna BUTCHER b abt 1824 Lowestoft
129......Elizabeth BUTCHER b abt 1826 Lowestoft

87 Mary Sterry ALLERTON m Frederick Charles DISNEY 2nd qr 1847 [London City 2 93]

Child of Frederick and Mary
130......Mary Louisa DISNEY b 2nd qr 1848 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 513]

91 Richard ALLERTON m Susannah COLLICK (b 1818 Chichester)

Note: Richard was a customs officer who described himself as a gentleman

Children of Richard and Susannah
131......Clara Josephine ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1848 [Stepney 2 323]
132......Jessie Ann ALLERTON b 1st qr 1850 [Stepney 2 564]
133......William Henry ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1851 [Stepney 2 566]
134......Kate Venetia ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1852 [Stepney 1c 441] m Joseph COWELL 3rd qr 1873 [Poplar 1c 1235]
135......Elizabeth ALLERTON b 1853 Stepney
136......Susannah Phillis ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1855 [Stepney 1c 508]
Jannette Alice ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1856 [Stepney 1c 531]
138......Edith ALLERTON b 1858 Stepney
139......Charles ALLERTON b 1864 Stepney

93 Clara Sealy ALLERTON m Charles EARLES (b 1819 St Pancras) 10 Aug 1844 St Clement Danes

Children of Charles and Clara
140......Clara Isabel EARLES b 2nd qr 1846 [Hackney 3 186]
141......Clara Allerton EARLES b 2nd qr 1848 [Hackney 3 678]

99 Alixina ALLERTON m Joaquin DE MANCHA (b 1819 Seville, Spain d 1st qr 1899 aged 70 [Wandsworth 1d 452]) 4 July 1840 St Clement Danes

Note: In 1861 the family was at 4 St Mary's Road, Camberwell, and Joaquim, a naturalised British subject, was a general merchant. They had 4 servants: Mary Ann KING aged 34 a cook born Wicks, Essex, Sarah A JOHNSON a 19 year old housemaid b Islington and two nurses Hannah WESTON 28 and Jemima WESTON 22 both born in Peckham. In 1891 they were at Atkins Road, Springfield, Clapham. Hannah Weston was still with them, now as a ladies maid together with Eliza THORPE 28 a housemaid b Lambeth, Marian KNIGHT 23 b Mitcham, Surrey and Marshall PAGE (fem) a housemaid b Chelveston, Northants.

Children of Joaquin and Alexina
142......Alexina Josephine DE MANCHA b 2nd qr 1841 Peckham [St Pancras 1 253]
143....Clara Amelia DE MANCHA b 3rd qr 1845 Peckham [St Pancras 1 263]
144....Anselmo Joaquin DE MANCHA b 3rd qr 1847 [Camberwell 4 68] d 1st qr 1868 aged 20 [Hastings 2b 23]
145....Florence Annie DE MANCHA b 2nd qr 1849 [Camberwell 4 86] m
146.....Jessie Constance DE MANCHA b 1st qr 1851 [Camberwell 4 91]
147....Charles Albert DE MANCHA b 4rd qr 1853 [Camberwell 1d 414] m
Note: In 1871 Charles was a clerk and in 1881 he was a merchant
148....Ricardo Arturo DE MANCHA b 3rd qr 1855 [Camberwell 1d 423]
149....Joseph Maria DE MANCHA b 2nd qr 1858 [Camberwell 1d 442]
Note: Joseph was a Merchant's Clerk in 1881

99 Charlotte Rice FOX m Henry Foster SHATTOCK (b 1830 d 1st qr 1903 [Kensington 1a 138]) 4th qr 1860 St James Westminster [St James 1a 578]

Note: Henry was a stock and share dealer in 1871 living at Thornton Heath, Croydon

Children of Henry and Charlotte
150......Stanley M SHATTOCK b 1863 Peckham Rye
151......Mabel F SHATTOCK b 1864 Peckham Rye
152......Geoffrey SHATTOCK b 1865 Croydon d 1908
153......Eustace C SHATTOCK b 1866 [Croydon 2a 210] d 1907
154......Montague Mancha SHATTOCK b 4th qr 1867 [Croydon 2a 187]
155......Harold SHATTOCK b 1st qr 1871 [Croydon 2a 232] d 2nd qr [Bethnal Green 1c 172]1913

102 Samuel Barber MEWSE bap 1803 d bef 1871 m Maria GIRLING (b Pakefield 1802) 6 May 1827 Lowestoft Witnesses Hobt NEWSON and J BARRETT
Note: They lived at 110 Beach in 1851. Maria was a widowed "monthly nurse" (midwife) living with daughter Isabella and Joseph Allerton at 8 Arnold Street, Lowestoft and at 10 Alms Houses, Thurston Rd, Lowestoft in 1881, a parish dependant

Children of Samuel Barber and Maria
156......Maria MEWSE b 1832 Lowestoft, bur 24 Sep 1840 Lowestoft
157......Samuel MEWSE b 1827
158......Alfred MEWSE bap 1832
159......Susannah MEWSE bap 1835 bur 16 Jul 1840
160......William MEWSE bap 1837 d 7 Jun 1838
161......Isabella MEWSE bap 1839 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1864 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 444]
Note: Isabella embroidered a sampler which you can see here. She was also a witness with Joseph ALLERTON, whom she subsequently married,to the marriage of Naomi STERRY and JamesTheodore FRIEND 2 Nov 1858
162...... William Robert MEWSE bap 1843


108 Robert GUNN m Emma Maria ALDERMAN (b abt 1840) 3rd qr 1863 [Blofield 4b 332]

Note: Emma was an upholsteress and was the daughter of Henry and Ann ALDERMAN. In 1871 the family was at Colman's Buildings, Adjoining Southgate Lane, St Peter Southgate, Norwich and Robert was an engine fitter (in 1881 too). In 1881 Ann ALDERMAN was living with the family as a widow annuitant, and the family home was at 21 Audley Street, Great Yarmouth

Children of Robert and Emma
163......Robert Henry GUNN b 18 Jan 1865 Norwich [Norwich 4b 139] d 12 Mar 1936 - you can see his grave here
164......Emma Edith GUNN b 1st qr 1870 Norwich [Norwich 4b 1142]
165......Thomas William GUNN b 4th qr 1871 Norwich [Norwich 4b 130]
166......Albert Alderman GUNN b 3rd qr 1876 Norwich [Norwich 4b 123]
Note: Albert was a printer/compositor in 1901 living at 24 Audley St, Gt Yarmouth
167......Ellen Beatrice GUNN b 1st qr 1878 Norwich [Norwich 4b 135]
Note: Ellen was a dressmaker in 1901

109 William GUNN m Martha Lane LARKMAN 6 July 1864 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich

Note: William was a coach painter and heraldic artist. A transcription of his account of himself may be seen here

Children of William and Martha
168......Ellen Martha GUNN b 1865 Norwich [Norwich 4b 154] d 2nd qr 1865 Norwich [Norwich 4b 113]
169......William GUNN b 2nd qr 1866 Norwich [Norwich 4b 157] d 1866 Norwich
127......Frederick Charles GUNN b 1st qr 1868 Norwich [Norwich 4b 159]m Caroline SMITH (b 1868) Note: Frederick was a corn merchant
170......Alice Maud M GUNN b 1st qr 1869 m Ernest SMITH
Note: Ernest was a boot and shoe assistant
171......Joseph Larkman GUNN b 4th qr 1870 [Norwich 4b 157] Norwich d 1937 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital m Ellen Katherine CUTTING 4th qr 1912 Norwich [Norwich 4b 301]
172......Florence Kate R GUNN b b 5 Jun 1873 m Sydney J SMITH 2nd qr 1911 Norwich
173......Albert Ernest L GUNN b 31 May 1875 m Emma Maude DENNINGTON 3rd qr 1907 Norwich [Norwich 4b 275]
174......Emily Arabella M GUNN b 1st qr 1877 [Norwich 4b 171] d 1st qr 1878 [Norwich 4b 114]
175......Christopher John GUNN b 1st qr 1882 Norwich [Norwich 4b 175]
176......Lucy Mary Rosetta GUNN b 2nd qr 1879 Norwich [Norwich 4b 151] d 1st qr 1960 Norwich aged 80 [Norwich 4b 706]

110 Thomas Edward GUNN m Maria FRANKLING ( b 1846 Norwich d 3rd qr 1889 aged 43 [Norwich 4b 82] 3rd qr 1865 Norwich [4b 258]

Note: after being apprenticed to John SAYER a taxidermist in Norwich, Thomas took over the business which became the largest taxidermy business in Norwich, based in St Giles Street - in Gunn Court, named after him. He died from pneumonia aged 78 in 1923 His profession is listed as a Naturalist in 1871. In 1881 they lived at Upper Giles St, Norwich and had a servant living in: Eliza FRETT aged 17 born Surlingham. In 1891 Thomas is described as a machinist and there was a family servant living in named Anna BANHAM aged 19 born Norwich at 86 St Giles Street Norwich

Children of Thomas and Maria
177......Edward W GUNN b 2nd qr 1866 Norwich .[Norwich 4b 165]
Note: Edward was a photographer
178......Maria Ann GUNN b 2nd qr 1868 Norwich [Norwich 4b 151]
Note: Maria was a domestic housekeeper for her father in 1891
179......Ellen Ada GUNN b 2nd qr 1870 Norwich [Norwich 4b 153]
180......Edith Louisa GUNN b 4th qr 1873 Norwich [Norwich 4b 136]
Edith became an apprentice dressmaker
181......Frederick Ernest GUNN b 4th qr 1877 Norwich [Norwich 4b 146]
Frederick was a naturalist
182......Minnie Eveline GUNN b 1st qr 1879 Norwich [Norwich 4b 151]
183......Herbert Christopher J GUNN b 1st qr 1882 Norwich [Norwich 4b 153]
Note: Herbert was a stationer's assistant in 1901
184......Ethel May GUNN b 1st qr 1883 Norwich [Norwich 4b 157] BR>

111 Walter GUNN m Emily Ann FLORENCE 2nd qr 1869 Norwich [Norwich 4b 222]

Note: Walter was a grocer and in 1861 lived in Mancroft St, Norwich. By 1881 nthey were at 20 Upper Westwick Street, Norwich. In 1891 the family lived at 2 St Margarets Street, Norwich. In 1911 Emily was living at 17 Beatrice Road, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich as a widow with her daughter Laura

Children of Walter and Emily
185......Laura Emily GUNN b 3rd qr 1870 Norwich [Norwich 4b 151]
Note: In 1901 and in 1911 Laura was a drapers Assistant
186......Albert Ernest GUNN b 4th qr 1872 Norwich [Norwich 4b 153]
69d......Arthur Walter GUNN GUNN b 3rd qr 1874 Norwich [Norwich 4b 145] m Gertrude Kate WARD 4th qr 1900 [Norwich 4b 408]
187......Rosa Lucy b 2nd qr 1879 Norwich [Norwich 4b 162]

120 Elizabeth Chambers ALLERTON m William FROST (b 8 Oct 1824 Norwich d 29 Dec 1889 Islington) 8 Mar 1852

Note: William was a carpenter. In 1851 the family lived at 127 Dukes Head Street, Lowestoft and in 1861 they had moved to 13 Frederick Street, Islington. In 1871 their home was 15 Nailour Street, Islington In 1902 Elizabeth was at the same address as a widow.

Children of William and Elizabeth
188......William Allerton FROST b 2nd qr 1852 Lowestoft {Mutford 4a 687]
189......Elizabeth Ann FROST b 4th qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 576]
190......Mary Ann FROST b 4th qr 1856 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 621]
191......Sarah FROST b 1st qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 695]
192......Emily FROST b 1st qr 1862 Islington [Islington 1b 223]
193......Margaret Eliza FROST b 3rd qr 1871 Islington [Islington 1b 196]

121 Samuel Chambers ALLERTON m Ann Martin (?) Lowestoft

Note: Samuel was a master boat builder in 1861, with one apprentice. Ann was a school teacher. The 1871 census shows Samuel as a master boat builder employing 25 men and 9 boys, living at Denmark Road, Lowestoft - also present were Anne C JACOBS servant aged 16 born Kessingland and Anne WRIGHT aged 63, widow born Kessingland, a nurse. In 1881 Samuel was a shipwright employing 17 men, 3 labourers and one boy

Children of Samuel and Ann
194......Samuel Chambers ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 623] d 1912
Note: Samuel was a shipbuilder: In 1901 he was single and a boarder at 19 West Street, Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey
195......Thomas Martin ALLERTON b 1st qr 1860 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 722] d 4th qr 1861 [Mutford 4a 422}
196......Charles Hedley ALLERTON b 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 633]
Note: In 1881 Charles was a block maker
197......Thomas Mason ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 738]
198......Chambers Edward ALLERTON b 4th qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 738]
Note: Chambers Edward was a solicitor's clerk in 1881 and was an accountant in 1891 and was a registrar of births and deaths in 1912, (he signed the death certificate for my grandfather John MEWSE in 1918)
199......Edith Ann ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1868 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 715]
Note: Edith was a draper's assistant in 1891
200......Frank Herbert ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 698]
Frank was a merchant's clerk in 1891
201......Alice Gertrude ALLERTON b 4th qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 687]
202......Beatrice Mary ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1871 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 726]
Beatrice was a draper's assistant in 1891
203......Philip Henry ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1874 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 782] m (a) 176 Lucy Mary Rosetta GUNN (b 1882) 7 Jul 1909 (b) Agnes BROWN (b 1877)
Philip was an accounts clerk in 1891

122 Joseph ALLERTON m 161 Isabella MEWSE Lewisham 3rd qr 1859

Note: Joseph and Isabella were living at Arnold Street West in 1871, and staying with them was Isabell's mother, Maria. They were at 7 Bennet St, Greenwich in 1881. In 1891 Joseph is shown as a storekeeper for Thames Cons. living at 22 Manchester Rd Poplar, London

Children of Joseph and Isabella

204.....Maria ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 621]
205......Isabella ALLERTON dob unknown d 1864 [Mutford 4a 623]
206......Annie M ALLERTON b 1865
207......Samuel Alfred ALLERTON b 1868 Lowestoft
In 1891 Samuel was an engineer's labourer
208......Alice Gertrude ALLERTON b 1870 Lowestoft
In 1891 Alice was an domestic servant
208a....Annie Maud ALLERTONbap 1 Dec 1872 Lowestoft
209......Ada Minnie ALLERTON bap 1 Sep 1872 Lowestoft
210......Ellen Florence ALLERTON b 1875 Greenwich
211......Sidney Joseph ALLERTON b 1877 Greenwich
212......Charles Robert ALLERTON b 1880 Greenwich

123 Robert Brown ALLERTON m Mary Ann KILLWICK (nee COOPER) (b 1835 Lowestoft) 23 Oct 1859 Woolwich, Kent

Note: Robert, a shipwright, and Mary Ann lived at 1 Mills Road Lowestoft in 1881, 42 Mills Road Lowestoft in 1891 and 58 Norwich Rd Lowestoft in 1901.

Children of Robert and Mary Ann

213......Marriane Elizabeth ALLERTON b 1860 Woolwich bur 14 Feb 1952 Lowestoft
Note: Marianne was a dressmaker. In 1861 she lived at 3 Upper Woodland Place, Charlton, Kent, in 1871 at 7 Arnold Street (West) Lowestoft, in 1881 at 14 Scarles Building, Lowestoft, in 1891 at 42 Mill Road Lowestoft and in 1901 at 58 Norwich Road, Lowestoft
214......William ALLERTON b 1862 Lowestoft
Note William was a ships carpenter in 1881 and a master fisherman in 1901. In 1871 he was at 7 Arnold Street, Lowestoft. In 1891 at 14 Scarles Buildings, Lowestoft. In 1891 he was at 42 Mill Road Lowestoft and in 1901 he was on board the "Enterprise" at Newlyn
215......Samuel William ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 725]
216.....Ann (Annie) ALLERTON b 1st qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 740]
217......Frederick ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1867 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 703]
218......Thomas Robert ALLERTON b 4th qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 697] bur 19 May 1953 Lowestoft aged 83
Note: Thomas was a shipwright's apprentice in 1891 and in 1901 he was a shipwright
219......Minnie ALLERTON bap 2 Aug 1874 Lowestoft bur 5 Feb 1953 Lowestoft
Note: Minnie was a tailor's machinist in 1901 living at 58 Norwich Rd Lowestoft

127 Mary BUTCHER m Daniel FULLER (b 1815 Lowestoft) abt 1836

Note: Daniel was a boat builder in 1841 living at Baker's Entry, Lowestoft and in 1861 they were at 17 Denmark Rd Lowestoft. In 1871 they were at 25 Denmark Road, Lowestoft and had a servant, Sophia NUNN aged 17 b Wrentham. Daniel was a shipbuilder employing 10 men and seven apprentices. Ann M FULLER was staying with the family in the census of 1871

Children of Daniel and Mary
220......Daniel F FULLER b 1842 Lowestoft
In 1861 Daniel was an apprentice boat builder
221......Joseph John FULLER b 1st qr 1846 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 465]
In 1861 Joseph was an apprentice boat builder
222......Benjamin J FULLER b 1857 Lowestoft

131 Clara Josephine ALLERTON m Richard LUTTERLOCH (b 1846 Mile End)

Note: Richard was the son of Richard LUTTERLOCH (b 1821 Kingsland) and Sarah AMPHLET (b 1814)

Children of Richard and Sarah
223......Richard Charles LUTTERLOCH b 4th qr 1868 Hackney [Mile End 1c 604]
224......William Allerton LUTTERLOCH b 4th qr 1869 Hackney [Mile End 1c 592]
225......Henry LUTTERLOCH b 4th qr 1870 Hackney [Mile End 1c 557]
226......Alfred Edward LUTTERLOCH b 2nd qr 1872 Hackney [Mile End 1c 522]
227......Nellie Blanche LUTTERLOCH b 1873 Hackney
228......Arthur Howard LUTTERLOCH b 2nd qr 1874 Hackney [Mile End 1c 673] m Lily STONEMAN
229......Maud Nellie LUTTERLOCH b 4th qr 1875 Hackney [Poplar 1c 636]
230......Florence Edith LUTTERLOCH b 3rd qr 1877 Hackney [Hackney 1b 551]
231......Percy Fredrerick LUTTERLOCH b 1st qr 1879 Hackney [Poplar 1c 653]
232......Clara Amy LUTTERLOCH b 1881 Hackney

132 Jessie Ann ALLERTON m William JARMAN (b 1854 Shoreditch)

Note: William was the son of Sarah whowas widowed and subsequently married Edmund CHILLINGWORTH. William was a house painter.

Children of William and Jessie
233......Jessie Ann JARMAN b 1st qr 1877 Hackney [Hackney 1b 562]
233...... Florence Maud JARMAN b 3rd qr 1878 [Mile End 5c 583]
233......Jeanette Allerton JARMAN b 1st qr 1881 [Mile End 1c 573]

133 William Henry ALLERTON m Mary Ann LUCAS (b 1854 Kensington)

Children of William and Mary
234......William Richard Lucas ALLERTON b 1879 Stratford
235......Alexander James ALLERTON b 1881 Bow
236......Sidney Ernest ALLERTON b 1882 Stratford
237......Ethel Marion ALLERTON b 1885 West Ham
238......Edith Lilian ALLERTON b 1888 West Ham
239......Hilda Phyllis ALLERTON b 1892 West Ham

137 Jannette Alice ALLERTON m Samuel MATHER (widower, b India d 1910) 4th qr 1894 [West Ham 4a 389]

Note: Samuel was a school Board Inspector and had three children by his previous wife, Matilda WENMAN. When Samuel retired they moved from Hackney to a bungalow in Hornchurch which he had built in the style of an Indian bungalow which he called Mirzapor, the area in India in which he grew up.

Children of Samuel and Jannette
240......Alfred Allerton MATHER b 4th Apr 1896 [West Ham 4a 284] d 29 Apr 1971 m Winifred WHITMARSH 11th September 1918 [Brentford 3a 310]
Note: Alfred had three daughters, two of whom are still alive. One was Doreen Allerton Mather, (d 2007) mother to Penny Eden who kindly provided data for this family
241......Richard Robert MATHER b 4th qr 1901 [West Ham 4a 394]

142 Alexina Josephine De MANCHA m Herbert KILBY (b abt 1832 London) 4th qr 1859 [Camberwell 1d 765]

Note: In 1881 the family was at Thames Bank, Shepperton where Herbert was an "East and West India produce broker".

Children of Herbert and Alexina
242......Hugh Manton Mancha KILBY b 1st qr 1861 [Camberwell 1d 489]
243......Bernard Mancha KILBY b 3rd qr 1862 [Camberwell 1d 485]
244......Daisy C A KILBY b 4th qr 1863 [Camberwell 1d 1d 495]
245......Lionel M KILBY b 1st qr 1865 [Camberwell 1d 542]
246......Joaquin M KILBY b 3rd qr 1866 [Camberwell 1d 541]
247......Anselm H M KILBY b 4th qr 1871 [Camberwell 1d 639]
248......May J M KILBY b 4th qr 1875 [Camberwell 1d 733]

143 Clara Amelia De MANCHA m Henry Holland GREEN (b 1843 Bilston Staffordshire) 3rd qr 1866 [Wandsworth 1d 769]

Note: The family were at Emon Lodge, Tormoham, Torquay in 1871 and Henry was an iron merchant

Children of Henry and Clara
249......Henry Mancha GREEN b 1868 Surrey
250......Charles Levinson Mancha GREEN b 1869 Surrey
251......Eva A R Mancha GREEN b 1871 Streatham

145 Florence Annie De MANCHA m Alfred Levinson BENNETT (b 1848 London) 3rd qr 1871 [Wandsworth 1d 799]

Note: Levinson was a commission agent in 1881 and the family were at Thrave House, Streatham. In 1891 they were visiting Edwin Tanner at 35 Regency Square, Brighton, and Levinson is shown as a chemical merchant

Children of Levinson and Florence
252......Florence Alicia BENNETT b abt 1873 Balham
253......Levinson Harold BENNETT b abt 1874 Balham
254......Cyril George BENNETT b abt 1875 Balham
255......Lionel Ernest BENNETT b abt 1879 Balham

147 Charles Albert De MANCHA m Katie A GARLAND (b 1859 France {British subject}) 3rd qr 1886 [Croydon 2a 368]

Note: In 1891 the family was at 29 Penywern Rd, Kensington, and Charles was a merchant

Child of Charles and Katie
256......Gladys E GARLAND b 1890 Kensington

155 Harold SHATTOCK m Florence Maria THROP (b 3rd qr 1878 [Hunslet 9b 357]) 1st qr 1899 Sculcoates [Sculcoates 9d 275]

Child of Harold and Florence
257......Harold Montague A SHATTOCK b 1st qr 1900 [St Giles 1b 629]


163 Robert Henry GUNN m Annie Maria NORMAN (b abt 1866 Halesworth) 2nd qr 1888 [Yarmouth 4b 33]

Note: In 1881 Robert was a house carpenter and joiner. He was a joiner in 1895 when the family was living at 53 Somerleyton Street, Heigham

Children of Robert and Annie
258......Robert Elwin Gunn b 3rd qr 1888 Gt Yarmouth
259......Florence Gertrude Gunn b abt Dec 1890 Gt Yarmouth
260......Thomas Henry Gunn b 1st qr 1892 Gt Yarmouth [Gt Yarmouth 4b 24]
261......Annie Rose Gunn b 16 May 1895 Heigham [cert]
262....Violet E (Diana) Gunn b 3 Mar 1903 d Dec 1995 m Jack LODGE
Note: at one time when married they lived at 75 Recreation Road, Norwich

196 Charles Hedley ALLERTON m Florence Elizabeth MANTHORPE (b 1862 Kessingland 1st qr 1883

Note: Charles was a commission agent IN 1901 living at Marina Norfolk House, Lowestoft in 1901. In 1911 he was not working and the family was at Cotmer Road, Lowestoft i

Children of Charles and Florence
263......Charles Samuel ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1884 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 880]
264......Florence Isobel B ALLERTON b 4th qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 907]
265......Harold Clifford ALLERTON b 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 879]
266......Claude ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 918]
267......Frank Hylton ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1891 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1040]
268......Edith Hilda ALLERTON b 4th qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 898]
268a....Mary Violet ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1901 Lowestoft
268b....Ord Dennis ALLERTON b 9 Nov 1902 Lowestoft d 22 Sep 1977

197 Thomas Mason ALLERTON m Alice MUMMERY (b 1869 Lowestoft) 3rd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1338]

Note: Thomas was a solicitor's clerk, living at 50 Alexandra Road, Lowestoft in 1891. In 1901 the family was at 16 Nelson Rd, Lwestoft and Thomas was a solicitors clerk In 1909 there is a record of a marriage settlement (CCT/4/174) Mrs M A BIRNIE to Thomas Mason and G.S.HUNT and in 1911 they were at Corton Rd Lowestoft and Thomas was a notary public

Children of Thomas and Alice
269......Elsie Alice ALLERTON b 1st qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1016]
270......Henry Reeve ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1893 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1007]
Note: In 1911 Henry was a solicitors clerk
271......Jack Mason ALLERTON b 4th qr 1894 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 997]
272......Edward Thomas ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1901 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1140]
273......Donald ALLERTON b 1st qr 1904 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1189]
274......Kathleen Mary ALLERTON b 2nd qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1168]

198 Chambers ALLERTON m Hettie Helena HUBBARD (b 1877 Gunton) 3rd qr 1896 [Mutford 4a 1697]

Note: Chambers was the registrar of births and deaths in 1901 living at 70 Albert Street, Lowestoft. In 1911 Chambers was still registrar and lived at 70 Park Rd Lowestoft

Children of Chambers and Henrietta
275......George T ALLERTON b 1898 Lowestoft
276......Flora Minnie Beatrice ALLERTON b 1903 Lowestoft

200 Frank Herbert ALLERTON m Elizabeth Helen EWING (b 4th qr 1861 [Loddon 4b 203]) 2nd qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 1973]

Child of Frank and Elizabeth
277......Gertrude ALLERTON dob unknown

203 Philip Henry ALLERTON m (a) Agnes BROWN (b 1877) (b) G29 Lucy Mary Rosetta GUNN (b 1882) 7 Jul 1909

Philip was an accounts clerk in 1891. 1901 saw them at 94 College Rd, Norwich and Philip was a solicitors clerkand in 1911 he was a solicitor's clerk living at 72 Dover Street, Norwich giving his occupation as a law clerk
Children of Philip and Lucy
278......Mary L ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1911 [Norwich 4b 272]d 1997
279......Frank P ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1913 [Norwich 4b 186] d 1997

210 Ellen (Helen) Florence ALLERTON m William MORRISON (b 1872, dock labourer) 25 Dec 1894 Poplar parish Church - witnesses Joseph ALLERTON and Joseph MORRISON
Note:William was the son of William who was a Caulker

Children of William and Helen
280......William Joseph MORRISON b 1898
281......Helen MORRISON b 1899
282......Isabella MORRISON b 1900 (d 1919 in 'flu epedemic)

215 Samuel William ALLERTON m Emma FOSTER (b 1865 Hull)

Note: Samuel was a fruit merchant. In 1901 he was at 40 Norwich Road, Lowestoft

Children of Samuel and Emma
283......William George ALLERTON b 1894 Lowestoft
284......Lena Marion ALLERTON b 1898 Lowestoft

216 Annie ALLERTON m Peter COOPER 17 Jan 1887 Lowestoft

Note: Annie was a dressmaker living at 2 Till Road Lowestoft in 1891 and 10 Cathcart St in 1901 Peter was the son od Robert COOPER and Isabella JOHNSON. He was a labourer

Children of Peter and Annie
285......John COOPER b 1888 Lowestoft
286......William COOPER b 1889 Lowestoft
287......Annie COOPER b 1892 Lowestoft
288......Hilda Maud COOPER b 22 Sep 1894 10 Cathcart Street, Lowestoft d 1 Jun 1970 Gt Yarmouth
289......Ernest COOPER b 1897 Lowestoft
290......Emma COOPER b 1900 Lowestoft

217 Frederick ALLERTON m Louisa BATLEY (b 1st qr 1868 Hull [Hull 9d 211]) 4th qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1880]

Note: Frederick was a ship's carpenter. In 1891 the family was at 156 Victoria Street, Gillingham and in 1901 they were at 3 East Street, Gillingham, Kent

Children of Frederick and Louisa
291......Marion Louisa ALLERTON b 4th qr 1897 New Brompton [Medway 2a 649]
292......Herbert Henry ALLERTON b 3rd qr 1899 New Brompton [Medway 2a 703]
293......Francis George ALLERTON b 1st qr 1905 Gillingham, Kent [Medway 2a 770]

218 Thomas Robert ALLERTON m Alice GALLANT 2nd qr 1901 Lowestoft

Note: In 1911 Thomas was a shopkeeper and the family lived at 49 Queens Road, Lowestoft

Children of Thomas and Alice
294......Thomas Mason ALLERTON b 1903 Lowestoft
295......William Frederick ALLERTON b 1909 Lowestoft

220 Daniel FULLER m Louise RATCLIFFE (b 1847 Carleton Colville)

Children of Daniel and Louise
196......Daniel F FULLER b 1872 Lowestoft
297......John R FULLER b 1875 Lowestoft
298......Herbert J FULLER b 1877 Lowestoft
300......Minnie M FULLER b 1878 Lowestoft

221 Joseph John FULLER m Elizabeth KEMP (b 1852 Carleton Colville)

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
301......Ethel M E FULLER b 1873 Oulton
302.....Sydney Clement FULLER b 1877 Lowestoft
303......Alice M FULLER b 1880 Carleton Colville

236 Sydney Ernest ALLERTON m Lillian Mary YELVERTON B abt 1895 Bethnal Green

Note: Lillian was the daughter of John YELVERTON and Mary GOOCH

Children of Sydney and Lillian
304......Kenneth Sidney ALLERTON b 1920 East Ham
305.....Gerald ALLERTON b 1924 East Ham

237 Ernest CRISP (b 1871 Walthamstow, Essex) m Mary SEABON (b 1869 Thorley, Hertfordshire) 4th qr 1889 [St Geoge Hanover Sq 1a 913]

Note: Ernest was a bus conductor in 1891 and the family were at 38 Regent St, Lambeth

Children of Ernest and Mary
306......Florence M CRISP b 1890 Lambeth
307......Helen Agnes CRISP b 1895
308......Ernest Alfred CRISP b 3rd qr 1896 Fulham [Shoreditch 1c 25]
309......Hilda Rose CRISP b 3rd qr 1891 [Lambeth 1d 385]
310......Lily Maud CRISP b 4th qr 1892 Walthamstowe [Shoreditch 1c 96]
311......Dorothy Kate CRISP b 4th qr 1894 Walthamstowe [Shoreditch 1c 33]
312......James CRISP b 1902 Walthamstowe [1911 census]
313......Wlliam CRISP1904 Walthamstowe [1911 census]
314......Winifred CRISP 1907 Walthamstowe [1911 census]
315......Marjory CRISP 1910 Walthamstowe [1911 census]


261 Annie Rose GUNN m Donald Ralph PALMER 17 Jul 1924 Norwich

Note: Donald lived on the same road as Annie in Norwich, and when married they emigrated to Canada in 1924.

Child of Don and Annie
316......Sylvia D N PALMER b 8 Jun 1925 Toronto

268b A/Cdre Ord Dennis ALLERTON m Kathleen M TUCKER

Child of Ord and Kathleen
268c......Richard Christopher ALLERTON b 1936 [Eton 3a 1632] d 28 Oct 2008
Note: He gained the rank of Air Vice-Marshal in the service of the Royal Air Force.1 He was invested as a Companion, Order of the Bath (C.B.)

288 Hilda Maud COOPER m George Herbert SHARMAN (of Long Buckby, b abt 1893) 4 Nov 1916 Lowestoft

Note: in 1901 Hilda was recorded as living at 10 Cathcart Street, Lowestoft.

Children of George and Hilda
317......Jack H G SHARMAN b 3rd qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 1550]
318......Peggy Elaine SHARMAN b 1st qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2446] m Raymond FULLER 3rd qr 1943 [Lothingland 4a 2874]
319......Roy SHARMAN b 2nd qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 1858]
320......Irene G SHARMAN b 2nd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 1817]
321......Joan B SHARMAN b 1st qr 1931 [Mutford 1741]

305 Gerald ALLERTON m Margaret Digby SMITH (b abt 1928)

Children of Gerald and Margaret
322......Jane ALLERTON b 1958
323......Susan ALLERTON b 1960

280 William Joseph MORRISON m 170 Helen Agnes CRISP (b 1895)

Child of William and Helen
324......Brian Ernest MORRISON b 1930


286c Richard Christopher ALLERTON m Marie Isobel Campbell MACKENZIE 14 Mar 1964

Children of Richard and Marie
325......James Roderick Orde ALLERTON b 13 Jul 1967
326......Christopher Edward Orde ALLERTON b 5 May 1970
Note: Christopher gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Life Guards.

324 Brian Ernest MORRISON m Janet JAMIESON (b 1933) 1952

Child of Brian and Janet
327......Susan Helen MORRISON b 1956


325 James Roderick Orde ALLERTON m Marion Elizabeth Caroline HAYWARD 13 May 1995

Children of James and Marion
328......Charles Richard Guy ALLERTON b 17 May 1997
329......Henry Alexander Robert ALLERTON b 12 Sep 2001

326 Christopher Edward Orde ALLERTON m Amanda MOORHOUSE 16 Dec 2000

Child of Christopher and Amanda
330......Frederick Charles Orde ALLERTON b 3 Nov 2002

257 Susan Helen MORRISON m David Andrew SIMPSON (b 1953)

Children of David and Susan
331......Duncan Christopher MORRISON b 1981
332......Victoria Helen MORRISON b 1983

Many thanks to Sue Simpson for much of the above information and to Mary Ann Bell for early material. Thanks too to Sue Brantigan who has done most of the Gunn research and provided some of the photos and to Jon Gadsby, Ruth McNamara (nee Allerton) Helen Abbott, Penny Eden, Bill Norton and Robin Tingle. You can e-mail Sue Simpson

and Jon Gadsby

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