The Angiers family

Records exist for the family of ANGIER in Raydon and Dedham - the two families are though to be related. The Dedham Angiers emigrated to America in the 1600s.

The Falaise Roll lists the prominent individuals who fought at the battle of Hastings, and shows an Auvrecher d'ANGERVILLE, who it seems likely was the ancestor of Stephen ANGIER. The Roll has a "biography" of Auvrecher: "From Angerville in the Cotentin".

The name appears in Abbe' de la Rue's "Researches of the Bayeux Tapestry" and on the list of Leopold Delisle.

Other references

Hubertus de ANSGVILLE and Rogerius his son were witnesses to a charter in favour of the abbey of Jumieges concerning the fief of Columberes in 1069.

Walter de ANGERVILLE is recorded in England in 1130 in Raydon

Raoul d'ANGOVILLE is recorded in a charter of Mont-St-Michel in 1187

Benedict de ANGERVILLA, the Castellan of Osmanville on the River Vire in the Bessin died in 1180

William d'ANGERVILLE received lands at Mesnil in the baileywick of Oromin in the county of Evreaux from King John in 1202, and Robert d'ANGERVILLE also occurs in Normandy at this time. The family is said to be one of the oldest in Normandy.