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Will of Benjamin Crickmore 1832

Paragraphs and puctuation have been added for the sake of clarity

Transcribed by Chris Crickmore to whom many thanks

Will of Benjamin Crickmore of Beccles and Canada proved in PCC 1832 (PRO Microfilm PROB 11 1807)

This is the last Will and Testament of me Benjamin Crickmore of Beccles in the County of Suffolk Tailor.

First I do hereby authorize and empower, order and direct my Executors hereinafter named, or the survivor of them, the Executors, or Administrators, as soon as convenient can be after my decease, absolutely to sell and dispose of all and singular my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever for the best price they or he can obtain for the same, either by public auction or by private contract, at such time and generally in such manner as shall appear to them or him most advantageous, and to bargain, sell, convey and ?assure the same, when sold unto the purchaser or purchasers thereof, his, her or their heirs or assigns, or as he, she or they shall direct or appoint, and also to collect and get in my book debts and to possess themselves, or himself, of all my monies and securities for money, and call in and enforce payment of the same if it shall be deemed expedient and after payment of all expences attending such sales my just debts, funeral and testamentary expences, the clear money then remaining I dispose of in manner following, that is to say,

I direct my Executors, or the survivor of them, his executors or administrators, to set apart the sum of six hundred pounds, and to invest or continue the same upon Government or approved real security in England, and to pay the interest and ? therefrom arising to Frances my beloved wife from the time of my decease, when and as the sums shall be received by them, or him, for the term of her natural life, and for which her receipt alone shall be a good discharge, notwithstanding any future coverture, and I direct that the same shall not be paid by anticipation, and shall not be liable to the debts, or control of any future husband with whom she may intermarry.

And I give the said sum of six hundred pounds and all the rest residue and remainder of my money estate and ?goods aforesaid equally amongst all and every my lawful children living at my decease, or born in due time afterwards, share and share alike, as proprietors in common and not as joint proprietors, the said sum of six hundred pounds, to become payable at the decease of my wife and each child's share or shares to be paid as and when they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years, and not before, and improved at interest during their or any of their minorities, and the product of the share or shares of such minors I direct shall be paid to my said wife during their minority for their maintenance and education while she shall be living and unmarried, and applied for that purpose by my said Executors, or the survivor of them, his Executors or administrators, after the decease or second marriage if they or any of them shall then be minors

And I hereby also direct and it is my Will that if my said wife shall marry again, she shall from the time of such marriage cease to have any controul or power in the management or in the application of the interest, money or the share or shares, of any of my infant children, but the same shall be applied under the entire discretion of my Executors ,and she, my said wife, shall in such case be entitled to receive only the interest of the said sum of six hundred pounds.

Whereas I my wife and family are about to embark for Continent of American, and in case it should please God that we are all drowned on our Voyage, my mind and will is, and I do hereby give and devise unto my sister in Law, the wife of James ?igg of Heckingham in Norfolk, Farmer ,the sum of five hundred pounds for her sole benefit and disposal, and also I give and devise to my brother in law John Bensley of Helling in Norfolk ,Farmer ,the sum of one hundred pounds for his sole benefit and disposal and I do hereby also give and devise the rest Residue, and remainder of my money, estate, and effects after payment of my just debts and funeral expenses, equally amongst my brother Gould and sister Eleanor share and share alike.

And I appoint my son John, John Crisp the younger, of Beccles aforesaid, Merchant and Thomas Woodcrosse the younger of the same place, Carpenter, Executors of this my Will, and I hereby declare that the receipt and receipts of the my said Executors, or the survivor of them, his executors or administrators, shall be a good discharge and discharges for any sum or sums of money received by them under the trusts hereof, and that the purchaser or purchasers of my said real Estate shall not be obliged to set to the application of his or their purchase money but on having such a receipt shall be wholly discharged from future responsibility, and I hereby also declare that it shall be lawful for my said Executors, and the survivor of them, his Executors and Administrators to reimburse themselves, and himself, and each other, out of the money coming into their or his hands, all their costs, charges and expenses incurred in the execution of the trusts hereof

And I also further declare that they, nor any of them, shall be answerable or accountable for any more money than shall come to their hands, nor for involuntary losses which may be sustained in my estate and effects or by the insufficiency of any security of securities on which money may be placed by them or any of them unless such loss shall have been occasioned By their or some of their own wilful default, and also that they and each of them shall be answerable for their own acts only and not the one for the other, and I revoke all former wills by me made and declare this only to be my last Will and Testament

In witness whereof unto this my last Will and Testament ? and written on two sheets of paper together annexed, I the said Benjamin Crickmore the Testator, have to the first sheet thereof set my hand and to the second and last sheet thereof my hand and seal, this second day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty two.

Benjamin Crickmore (LS)

Signed, Sealed, published and declared by the said Benjamin Crickmore the testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have sub? Our names as witnesses
Wm Keer Barker
Thos Barker
William Haldron

Proved at London, 28th Novr 1832 before the Judge by the Oath of Thomas Woodcrosse the younger one of the Executors to whom admon was granted being first sworn by Commission only to administer power reserved of making the like grant to John Crickmore son and other of the Executors when he shall attain the age of twenty one years and apply for the same John Crisp the younger the other Executor having only ? The Probate and Execution thereof.

CE's comment: There is an illegible note in the margin, apparently about Benjamin's son John.

Is the appearance of the name Barker a coincidence, or is there a link to Rebecca Crickmar (nee Barker), widow of Samuel Crickmar?

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