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WILL of Simon MEWSE 1719 - summary

NCC Will Register Butter 216 1719

To his son Simon "the Westmost House in the Bell Lane Lowestoft with the Dole on Stamaker Heath"

Note: the Dole was a bruary dole, or area of rough grazing

To his son Thomas "my parts of the Pink (?) [a trading vessel] being a sixteenth and ye other a two and thirtioth" (32nd)

To his daughter Ann Wisbridge "The Eastmost House in Bell Lane wherein I now live with the privileges of the yard and pump and wash house" for her to hold and her heirs.

For "want of such heirs to Simon's sons, Simon and William Mewse" Simon his "loving son" and Ann Wisbridge were appointed executors

Will dated 27th October 1719


John Hodgson

Francis Jesop

John Blague

Will proved 5 Dec 1719 Simon Mewse and Ann Wisbridge, executrices

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