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de Blouette...de Bourgogne...de Burgh...de Cambrai...de Coucy...de Courcy...de Crepon...de Dammartin...de Ferrers...de Freville...de Gace
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de Hesbaye...de Huntingdon...de Lancaster...de Lisle...de Lorraine...de Molines...de Mons...de Morley...De Mortimer
de Moselle...de Neufchatel...de Neustrie...de Normandy...de Paris...de Pierrepont 1030...de Pierrepont abt 1176...de Potieu...de Poynings...de Roucy...de Rouen...de Russel...de Savoie
de Sens...de Tregoz...de Troyes...de Vascoeuil...de Verdun 979...de Verdun 1400...de Vermandois...de Warenne...de Wessex...de Wormegay...Felton
Fitzgeorge...Fitzwilliam...Flaitel...Grimbaldus...Im Hennegau...Italy...MacDuff...Mynston...Plantagenet
Talvas...Trewidick...Van Hamalant...von Sachsen


1 Cte Mainier de SENS b abt 740 d 800 and unknown

Child of Mainier and unknown
Gainfroi b abt 775 Moselle


2 Gainfroi m Theidlindus de BOISE (b abt 775)

Note: Theidlindus was the daughter of Aubri II de BLOIS Cte Blois

Child of Gainfroi and Theidlindus
3......Giselbert b abt 796

4......Louis II "The Stammerer" CAROLING b 1 Nov 843 d 10 Apr 879) m (a) (b) Ansgarde de NEUSTRIE (b 848 Neustrie, Burgundy) Adelahide de PARIS (b 848 Paris d 10 Nov 901) Feb 875

Louis, the son of King Charles II the Bald, was made king of Aquitaine under his father's tutelage in 867. Charles became emperor in 875 and two years later left Louis as regent while he defended Italy for Pope John VIII. Louis was elected king of the West Franks in December 877.
At a council at Troyes in 878, the Pope attempted to force Louis to take up the role of defender of the papacy, but Louis refused. Louis and his cousin Louis the Younger, ruler of the East Frankish kingdom, agreed to maintain the division of Lotharingia that their respective fathers had negotiated in the Treaty of Mersen in 870. Louis had hoped to redistribute offices of state but was frustrated by the Frankish magnates, who had accepted him as king on the condition that he respect their possessions and rights.

Louis the Stammerer was said to be physically weak and outlived his father by only two years. He had relatively little impact on politics. He was described "a simple and sweet man, a lover of peace, justice, and religion". In 878, he gave the counties of Barcelona, Girona, and Besal to Wilfred the Hairy. His final act was to march against the Vikings who were then the scourge of Europe. He fell ill and died on 10 April or 9 April 879 not long after beginning his final campaign.

Children of Louis and Ansgarde
5......Hildegarde b 864
6....Gisela b 865 d 884
7......Ermentrude b 870 Paris
Child of Louis and Adelahide
8....Ermentrude b 875 d 914

9......Ermengarde b 882 Poitieu m Cte Rainulf II de POTIEU
Karl (Charles) "Le Simple" b 17 Sep 879 d 7 Oct 929 Peronne


3 Cte Giselbert I d'ALSACE m Bertswinde de HESBAYE

Note: Giselbert was Count of Massgau

Child of Giselbert and Bertswinde
11......Giselbert II b abt 800


11 Giselbert II m Ermengarde de MOSELLE (b 826 Lorraine d 20 Mar 850, Moselle) 846

Ermengarde was a princess of Italy and duchess of Moselle, daughter of the Emperor Lothaire (b795) and Ermengarde de TOURS ( abt 800 Alsace) and granddaughter of Ludwig (Louis) "le Pieux" CAROLING

The Gesta Francorum records that "Gisalbertus, vassallus Karoli" abducted "filiam Hlotharii imperatoris" and took her to Aquitaine where they were married in 846

Children of Giselbert and Ermengarde
12......Renaud de ROUCY b 840
13......Erenfried dob unknown
14......Adalbert von Maasgau b 847 Maas.
15......Regnier b 25 Oct 860 d 9 Jan 916 Meersen, Limberg.

10 Karl (Charles) III "Le Simple" CAROLING (King of the Franks) m (a) Frederuna van HAMALANT b 885 d 10 Feb 916) (b) Eadgifu de WESSEX (b 902 d aft 955) 918

Charles was king of France (893-922), whose authority came to be accepted by Lorraine and who settled the Northmen in Normandy but who became the first Carolingian ruler of the western kingdom to lose his crown.

The posthumous son of Louis II the Stammerer, Charles was too young to assume the throne on the death of his half-brother, Carloman, in 884 or that of his cousin, Charles the Fat, in 888. On Jan. 28, 893, however, he was crowned king by Fulk, archbishop of Reims; and, although he renounced his rights after civil war in 897, the death of King Eudes in the following year brought him general recognition as king.

Charles was strongly under the influence of Robert, brother of the dead Eudes. It was Robert's victory against the Northmen at Chartres in 911 which paved the way for the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte later that year, by which Charles ceded territory, in the area later known as Normandy, to the Viking leader Rollo and his men; in return, Rollo became a Christian and Charles's vassal. The Normans who had such an impact on Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries were the final product of this settlement.

In 911 also, the magnates of Lorraine (Lotharingia) accepted the authority of Charles on the death of the last Carolingian king of the East Franks, Louis the Child. Charles's preoccupation with Lotharingian affairs and councillors alienated the nobles of Neustria, however, and in 922 they elected Robert king. Charles killed Robert in battle in 923 but was soon taken prisoner by Herbert, count of Vermandois, who used him for his own gain against Rudolf, Robert's son-in-law and the new king.

In 922 Charles III lost the throne and the next year he taken prisoner by Count Herbert II of Vermandois, an ally of the then current king. To protect her son's safety Eadgifu took him to England in 923 to the court of her half-brother, Athelstan of England. Because of this, Louis IV of France became known as Louis d'Outremer of France. He stayed there until 936, when he was called back to France to be crowned King. Eadgifu accompanied him. She retired to a convent in Laon, but married Herbert son of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois (born about 920).

Child of Karl and Frederuna
16......Gisele b 907 d 919 m Duke ROLLO
17......Ermentrude b 908 d 948
18......Frederuna b 910
19......Adelaide b 912
20......Hildegarde b 914
21......Rotrude b 916

Children of Karl and Eadigifu
22......Rorica de Laon dob unknown
Note: Rorico became Bishop of Laon
23......Louis IV b 10 Sep 920 Laon d 10 Sep 954 Reims
24....Drogo b 923
25......Charles b 925 Courcy
26......Alpais b abt 927


15 Cte Regnier im HENNAGAU "Longneck" Comte de Hainaut m (a) Hersent CAROLING 880 Crecy-en-Ponthieu (b 865 Orleans d 890 Lorraine) (b) 7 Ermentrude CAROLING (b 870 Paris) abt 890 (c) Alberade de MONS (b 880 Mons d 919 Meersen) 896

Note: Regnier was Count of Hainault and Duke of Lorraine. Hersent was duchess of Moselle and granddaughter of Ludwig (Louis) "le Pieux" CAROLING and Ermentrude was the daughter of Louis the stammerer and great granddaughter of Charlemagne.

Child of Regnier and Hersent
27......Regnier II b 889 Lorrainem Alice de Bourgogne abt 919

Child of Regnier and Ermentrude
28......Kunigunde b abt 891 Aachen d after 923

Children of Regnier and Alberade
29......Symphorienne b 906 Lorraine
30....Alberade b 911 Hainault m Ct Isaac de CAMBRAI before 934

23 Louis IV "d'Outre Mer" CAROLING (King of the West Franks and Holy Roman Emperor) m Gerberga von SACHSEN (b 914 d 5 May 984) 25 Apr 940

Louis was king of France from 936 to 954 who spent most of his reign struggling against his powerful vassal Hugh the Great de Vemandois.

When Louis's father, Charles III the Simple, was imprisoned in 923, his mother, Eadgifu, daughter of the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Elder, took Louis to England. (Hence his nickname - d'Outre Mer" - which means from overseas) He was recalled to France in 936 and crowned on June 19 at Laon by Artand, archbishop of Reims, who became Louis's chief supporter against Hugh the Great. Louis proved not to be the puppet monarch that Hugh had anticipated; he even moved from Paris to Laon to avoid Hugh's influence. When Hugh and Herbert of Vermandois seized Reims and attacked Laon in 940, Louis valiantly defended his city; but because of Louis's earlier interference in Lorraine the German king, Otto I, sent aid to the rebels. Louis appeared to be totally defeated in 941, but he made peace with Otto in November 942 at Vise on the Meuse, and Hugh and he were reconciled after Herbert, Hugh's chief supporter, died in 943.

In 945, while intervening in Norman politics, Louis was captured and handed over to Hugh, who imprisoned him for a year. On his release, Louis closely allied himself with Otto to retake Reims in 946. In 949 Louis again received control of Laon, and Hugh, excommunicated by French and German synods and by the Pope, made a peace in 951 that lasted until Louis's death.

Children of Louis and Gerbega
31......Alberada b 930 Lorraine d 13 Mar 972 m Renaud de ROUCY 945
32......Henri b 932 d 932
33......Wiltrude b 937 Lorraine
34......Lothair b 941 d 2 Mar 985 . Emma of ITALY
35......Mahaut b 943 Laon d 27 Jan 981 m King Conrad I de BOURGOGNE
Charles b 953 Laon d 21 May 994 Kerker, Orleans


37 Herbastus de CREPON (b 911) m unknown

Child of Herbastus and Unknown
Wevie b 948 Crepon

39 Gilbert von MAASGAU m Irmgarde

Child of Gilbert and Irmgarde
Reignier "Longneck" b 850 Hainaut d 915

29 Symphorienne de LORRAINE m Cte Berenger de NAMUR (b abt 890 d 946)

Child of Berenger and Symphorienne
41......Robert I b 924 Lomme d 981

36 Charles CAROLING (duc de Lorraine) m (a) Adelais de TROYES (b 953 Troyes, Aube d 979) 970 (b) Adelaide de VERDUN (b 958 d aft 991) bef 979

Child of Charle and Adelais
42......Otto b 970 d abt 1010

Children of Charles and Adelaide
43......Gerberga b 975 Lorraine d 1017
44......Ludwig b 991 Thuringia


38 Wevie de CREPON m Osbern de LONGUEVILLE (b 940)

Child of Osbern and Wevie
45......Osbern b 975 Longueville

40 Reignier "Longneck" de HAINAUT m Hersinde

Child of Reignier and Hersinde
46......Gilbert b 885 Rheims d 2 Oct 939 Andernach, Prussia

47 Gerald FLAITEL b abt 940 m unknown

Child of Gerald and unknown
Gerald b 965 Longueville

41 Cte Robert I de LOMME m Ermengarde de LORRAINE (b abt 950)

Child of Robert and Ermengarde
49......Albert I b 975 Lower Lorraine

42 Duke Otto CAROLING m unknown

Child of Otto and unknown
50......Ermengarde b 975 Lower Lorraine d 1012


The Warenne coat of arms

51 William de WARRENNE (b abt 930 Guarenne, Normandy) m Torta

Note: William was my 28 times great grandfather.

Child of William and Torta
Ranulph Hugh b abt 988 d 1055

45 Osbern de BOLBEC (Comte de Longueville) m Avelina de CREPON
(b abt 974 Longueville) abt 990

Children of Osbern and Avelina
53......Gozelina b abt 991 Longueville
54......Beatrice b 995 Longueville
55......Walter Giffard b 1010 Longueville
Note: Walter became Comte de Longueville

46 Gilbert de LORRAINE m Gerberge de SAXONY (b 913 Nordhausen, Prussia)

Child of Gilbert and Gerberge
56......Alberade b 929 d 967

48 Gerald FLAITEL (Comte de Longueville) m unknown

Child of Gerald and unknown
57......Gerald b 985 Longueville

49 Cte Albert I de NAMUR m A18 Princess Ermengarde (Adelaide) CAROLING 990

Children of Albert and Ermengarde
58......Hedwige b abt 995 Namur
59......Albert II b 1000 Namur, Belgium d 1064


60 Rognvald (Raimond) de Burgundy (Count & Seigneur b abt 931 d 15 Mar 971) m 56 Alberade de LORRAINE

Note: Raimond was the son of Eudes (Odon) de GOURNEY

Child of Raimond and Alberade
61......Hugh I b abt 952 Gournay-en-Bray
62......Ermentrude b abt 953 Rheims
63......Gerberge b abt 955 Rheims
64......Gilbert b abt 957 Rheims

52 Ranulph Hugh de WARENNE m Y8 Beatrice de VASCOEUIL

Note: Beatrice was the daughter of Vicomte Tesselin de ROUEN, Comte de Rouen

Children of Ranulph and Beatrice
65......Ralph b abt 1020 d 24 Jun 1088
66......Roger de MORTIMER b abt 1030 d bef 1086 St Victor-en-Caux
See the Morley branch here

59 Cte Albert II de NAMUR m Regilinde de LORRAINE-INFERIOR (b 994 d aft 1064)

Child of Albert and Regelinde
67......Albert III b 1048 d 22 Jun 1102


De Gournay coat of arms

68 Hugh I de GOURNAY b abt 930 Gournay en Bray m unknown

Note: Hugh I de Gournay . founded the priory of La Ferte en Brai, at the command of "fratre Hugone", by charter dated to 989/96, which names his father Renaud and his mother Alberade. The "command" of his brother suggests that Hugh was the older son, and presumably also Seigneur de Gournay. Hugh is reported to have been the first to make Gournay a place of strength. The records ascribe to him the erection of a citadel surrounded by a triple wall and fosse, and further secured by a tower named after him, "La Tour Hue," which was standing as late as the beginning of the 17th century. Such was the reputed strength of this fortress that a rhyming chronicler (William de Brito) declared it was able to resist a hostile attack undefended by a single soldier.

Child of Hugh I and unknown
Hugh II b abt 1030 d 1074 battle of Morterner against Henri I of France.
70......Renaud de GOURNAY

65 Ralph de WARENNE m Gundreda

Child of William and Gundreda
71......Rudolph (Ralph) II b 1020 Varenne, Normandy

57 Gerald FLAITEL (Comte de Longueville) m unknown

Child of Gerald and unknown
72......Gerald b 1010 Longueville
73......Agnes Ermentrude b 1014 Longueville m Walter GIFFARD Earl of Buckingham 1025
74......William b 1020 Evreux, Eure

67 Cte Albert III de NAMUR m Ida Billung von SACHSEN (b 1046 d 1110)

Children of Albert and Ida
75......Godefroid b 1067 Namur d 19 Aug 1139 Florette, Normandy
76......Adelaide (Alice) b 1068 Namur m Cte Otto von CHINY (b 1065 d 20 Mar 1124)
77......Clementia b 1078 Namur d abt 1120 m Godfrey de LORRAINE
78......Henri b 1080 d 1137 m Maud de LIMBURG 1132


1 Walter de BLOUETTE b abt 987 Briqueville-la-Blouette, Normandy m unknown

Children of Walter and unknown
79....William b abt 1035

Note: The Falaise Roll recording prominent companions of William Duke of Normany at the Conquest of England includes William. William Bluet was summoned with other barons to march again st the Welsh, 1256.

Robert b abt 1043 Briqueville-la-Blouette d 1123 Lincolnshire
81......Richard of Helstan
82......Raoul "Ralph I" b France.

69 Hugh II de Gournay m unknown

Note: Hugh was Seigneur of Gourney. Hugh was one of the Norman leaders of the fleet of forty ships which accompanied Edward the Saxon Prince, son of King Ethelred, to England in 1035, when, on the death of Cnut, he made an attempt to recover the kingdom. The expedition sailed from Barfleur, and landed at Southampton, but was ill received by the English, who had espoused the cause of Harold Harefoot. Edward, seeing the disposition of the country, returned with his fleet to Barfleur, more fortunate than his brother Alfred, who, at the same time making a descent on Dover, was taken prisoner by Earl Godwin, confined in the Monastery of Ely, had his eyes put out, and died shortly afterwards. In the year he died he was wounded at the seige of Cardiff and returned to France only to be killed in battle

Child of Hugh and unknown
83......Hugh III b 1020 Gournay de Bray, Seine-Inferieur d 1093 Holy Land aged 73

71 Rudolph (Ralph) de WARENNE m Emma de NORMANDY abt 1034

Child of Ralph and Emma
84......Ralph b abt 1045 d aft 1086
85......William b bef 1037 d 24 Jun 1088 Pevensey bur Priory of Lewes

72 Gerald FLAITEL m Herleva de'EVEREAUX abt 1053

Child of Gerald and Herleva
86......Basilia b 1040 Longueville

75 Cte Godefroid de NAMUR m (a) Sybil de CHATEAU-PORCIEN (d 1098) (b) Grafin Ermesinde von LUXEMBURG (b 1075 Trier d 24 Jun 1141) 1097

Child of Godefroid and Sybil
87......Elisabeth b 1087 d 1144

Children of Godefroid and Ermesinde
88......Beatrice b 1105 Namur d 1160
89......Clemence b 1106 Namur d 28 Dec 1158
90......Alix b 1124 Namur d 1168
91......Henri b 1130 d 1196


92 Seigneur Ingelram de PIERREPONT (b 1030 Pierrepont d bef 1113) m unknown
Children of Ingleram and unknown
Reginald b abt 1050 d aft 1105 Poynings, Stayning
94......Roger b abt 1060 Pierrepont d bef 1123 Hurst, Suffolk m Ermengarde de MONTAIGU (b abt 1073 d bef 1109

80 Robert de BLOUETTE m unknown

Note: Robert was Bishop of Lincoln and was chancellor to William I. and Rufus. From the latter he received the see of Lincoln in succession to Remigius. His private character was indifferent; but he administered his see with skill and prudence, built largely, and kept a magnificent household, which served as a training-school even for the sons of nobles. Bloet was active in assisting Henry I. during the rebellion of 1102, and became that monarch's justiciar. Latterly, however, he fell out of favour, and, although he had been very rich, was impoverished by the fines which the king extorted from him. Perhaps his wealth was his chief offence in the king's eyes; for he was in attendance on Henry when seized with his last illness. He was the patron of the chronicler Henry of Huntingdon, whom he advanced to an archdeaconry

Children of Robert and unknown
95......Emma b abt 1068 Briqueville-la-Blouette, Normandy
96......Simon b abt 1075 Briqueville-la-Blouette, Normandy

Note: Simon was Dean of Lincoln. Henry of Huntingdon wrote The History of the English People; 1000-1154 as follows

If I were to pursue individual examples, this letter would turn into a great volume. But I will not omit our dean, Simon, who was the son of Robert our bishop, whom he had fathered while he was chancellor to the great King William. Being brought up, appropriately enough, in the royal household, and appointed our dean while still a boy, he soon advanced in the kings close friendship and in offices at court.
He was quick-witted, a good speaker, physically handsome, radiant with charm, possessing mature discretion despite his youth, but tainted with the sin of pride. From pride there grew envy, from envy hatred, from hatred slanders, strife, and accusations. He made an accurate prediction about himself when he said, "I pass among the courtiers like salt among live eels". For as salt tortures eels, so with his accusations he tormented all those who attended the king. But just as salt is ruined by the moisture, so he was destroyed by the whispering of all. He knew the first part of the pr ophecy, but he did not foresee the second part.
He unwittingly spoke the truth of himself . So having been elevated to the top position at court and in the kingdom, after a short time he fell headlong into the king's deepest loathing, and was put into prison, from which he is said to have escaped by way of the sewer, and still a young man he went into exile and misery. The truth of this saying was well demonstrated in him "Those who are brought up in beds of roses are surrounded by manure." So we should not set a great value on noble boys or young men whose appearance, riches, and favors are dazzling to our eyes, since many of them may in time be reduced to the greatest misfortune. Then all the hopes of the foolish are dissolved, and what was brought out of nothing is returned to nothing

81 Richard BLOUET m unknown

Child of Richard and unknown
97......Sybil b abt 1146 Helstan, Cornwall m John de GODOLPHIN abt 1170
Note: John was the son of James de GODOLPHIN and Cecilia TREWIDICK

82 Raoul BLOUETT m unknown

Children of Raoul and unknown
98......Eldai b abt 1149 Raglan , Usk, Monmouthshire
99......Ralph of Lackham dob unknown

83 Hugh III de GOURNAY m 86 Basilia FLAITEL(widow of Raoul de Gace) abt 1070

Note: Hugh was given lands by William the Conqueror. Some of these lands were the manors of Liston, Fordham, and Ardley in Essex, all of which appear in the Domesday Survey. In 1077, he witnessed the foundation charter of the monastery of St. Stephens at Caen by King William the Conqueror and in 1082 the foundation charter of the nunnery of Holy Trinity Caen by King William the Conqueror and his wife, Queen Maud. Hugh and his wife, Basile, retired to the Abbey of Bec in France c. 1082 with her niece, Ansfride. They were still living c. 1093, when St. Anselm was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. A letter from Anselm to Basile has been preserved. He predeceased his wife. Both are buried at the Abbey of Bec. Hugh de Gournay was a man of high military renown.

Children of Hugh III and Basilia
100......Gerard b abt 1062 d 1104
101......Hugh IV b 1091 d 1180 m Melisand de COUCY

85 William de WARENNE 1st Earl of Surrey m Gundred

Castle Acre Castle, Norfolk, Built by William de Warenne

Note: Grundred was the daughter of William, Duke of Normandy - "The Conquerer"

At some time in or after 1054 Duke William gave William Warenne the castle of Mortemer, which had been forfeited by his kinsman, Roger de Mortimer, after the Battle of Mortemer in February of that year. Probably at the same time he acquired lands at Bellencombre, the castle of which became the caput of the Warenne barony in Normandy. In 1066 he was one of the Norman barons summoned by the Duke to a Council on hearing that Harold had been crowned King after the death of the Confessor. He took part in the invasion of England and was present at the Battle of Hastings. He was rewarded with lands in 13 counties, including most of the rape of Lewes in Sussex, the manor of Conisborough, co. York, and Castle Acre and the manors of Carletune and Benington, in Lincolnshire as well as a number of holdings in Norfolk. In 1067 he was one of the Norman nobles whom the Conqueror left in England to support his vice-regents, William FitzOsbern and the Bishop of Bayeux. In 1075 he was one of the two chief justiciars who were in charge of England when the Earls of Hereford and Norfolk rebelled and who summoned them to the King's court, and on their refusal crushed the rebellion . About 1083-85 he was fighting for the King in Maine . In the spring of 1088 he supported William II against the rebels led by the Bishop of Bayeux and the Count of Mortain, and to secure his loyalty he was created, shortly after Easter (16 April) 1088, Earl of Surrey, his immediate successors being styled more usually Earls de Warrenne. He was mortally wounded at the siege of Pevensey before the end of May. He founded Lewes priory as a cell of Cluny abbey, about 1078-82

Children of William and Gundred

102......Rainald b abt 1075 Winterbourne, Amsbury d bef 1115 Poulton, Cirencester m Adeliza de LISLE of Combe Castle
103......Edith b 1076 Mapledurham, Oxfordshire m (a) Seigneur Dreux de MONCEAUX aft 1104 (b) 100 Gerard de GOURNAY
104......William b 1081 Lewes d 11 May 1138 Lewes bur Priory of Lewes

E21 Clemence de RETHEL m Seigneur Hugues de PIERREPONT (b 1120 d 188, Hurst, Suffolk)

Children of Hugues and Clemence
105......Beatrix b 1148 Hurst, Suffolk d after 1191
See the Lombard branch here
106......William b 1160 Holywells, Suffolk


93 Reginald de PIERREPONT m unknown

Child of Reginald and unknown
107......William b bef 1065 d at Poynings, Sussex.

108 Manasser I d'AGUILLON (b abt 1090 Marden Sussex d aft 1156 Watton at Stone, Herts) m unknown
109......William b 1118 Watton at Stone, Herts
Manasser b 1120 Marden, Sussex d aft 1172 Nutbourne Sussex

95 Emma de BLOUETTE m Ralph de HAUSELYN (b 1065 Dinan, Brittany d 1131 Shelford, Nottinghamshire) abt 1095

Note: Ralph was the son of Geoffrey de HAUSELYN. and was Lord of Shelford

Children of Geoffrey and Emma
111......Ralph b 1096 Shelford d bef 1172
112......Geoffrey b 1097 Shelford
113......Alexander b 1100 Shelford
114......William b 1102 Shelford

100 Gerard (Gerald) de GOURNAY m 103 Edith de WARRENNE abt 1090

Note: Edith was the daughter of William de WARRENNE and Gundred, Princess of England

See the Sauveur branch here

Children of Gerard and Edith
115......Hugh IV b 1091 d 1181
116......Gundred m Jun 1118 Neil D'AUBIGNY (d 1129) Jun 1118

104 William de WARENNE 2nd Earl of Surrey m Isabel (Elizabeth) de VERMANDOIS abt 1118 France

Note: In 1090 William fought in Normandy against Robert de Belleme (afterwards 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury), who was supported by Duke Robert. Shortly after 1093 he sought unsuccessfully to marry Maud, daughter of Malcolm III, King of Scotland. He was with Henry I at Windsor on 3 September 1101, but later in that autumn he went with Duke Robert to Normandy and supported him against the King, who confiscated his inheritance in England; however, in 1103 the Duke induced Henry to restore his English Earldom. In 1106 he commanded a division of the royal army at the battle of Tinchebrai. In 1109 he was at a Great Council at Nottingharn; and in 1110 he was a surety for the performance of the treaty with the Count of Flanders. In 1111 he was one of the nobles sitting in judgement in Normandy. He commanded a division of the royal army at the battle of Bremule in 1119. In 1131 he attended the Council at Northampton. He was present at the death of Henry I on 1 December 1135 at Lyons-la-Foret; after which the councillors put him in charge of the district of Rouen and the pays de Caux. Later he went to England, and he was at Westminster with Stephen at Easter 1136. He was probably still living in June 1137. He was a benefactor, or confirmed previous benefactions, to the abbeys of St. Evroul and St. Amand (Rouen), and the priories of Lewes, Castle Acre, Wymondham, Longueville and Bellencombre. Henry I had proposed to marry William to one of his illegitimate daughters, but on Archbishop Anselm's objection this match was abandoned on the ground of affinity. He died probably 11 May 1138 and was buried at his father's feet in the chapter-house at Lewes. Isabel survived him and with the consent of her son the 3rd Earl gave the church of Dorking to Lewes priory

Isabel was the daughter of Hugh MAGNUS (Marquis of Orleans) and Adelaide de VERMANDOIS. She had previously been married to Sir Robert de BEAUMONT

Children of William and Isabel
117......Reginald b 1115 Lewes d 1179 Wormegay, Norfolk
118......Gundred b 1117 Lewes d 1166 Huntingdon m (a) Roger de BEAUMONT 2nd Earl Warwick bef 1130 (b) William de LANCASTER abt 1154
119......William b 1118 Lewes d 19 Jan 1147 Laodicia m Ela TALVAS 1130 France
Note: Ela was the daughter of William III TALVAS (Duke of Alencon and Ponthieu) and Alice/Ela of Burgundy.
120......Ada b 1122 Lewes d 1178 Huntingdon m Henry de HUNTINGDON Prince of Scotland

121 Bartholomaeus de GRANDISON (b abt 1110 La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland d 1158 Jerusalem) m unknown

Child of Bartholomeaus and unknown
Ebal III b abt 1133 La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland d aft 1177 Grandison, Lake Neufchatel, Vaud, Switzerland

123 William de AGUILLON of Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire m unknown

Note In 1200 William gave son William to King John as hostage

Child of William and unknown
William b 1140 Watton d aft 1200

125 Ralph FITZ GRIMBALDUS (b 1106) m unknown

Note: Ralph was the son of Grimbaldus (b 1075)

Child of Ralph and unknown
George b 1139 Letheringsett


107 William de PIERREPONT m unknown

William was the tenant of William de WARENNE in 1086 in Poynings, Pangdean, and elsewhere in Sussex, in Foulden, Norfolk, and in Wrentham and elsewhere in Suffolk.

Child of William and unknown
127......Adam (aka Adam the elder) b 1100 Poynings d bef 1147

110 Manasser II d'AGUILLON m unknown

Manasser succeeded to Marden and Nutbourne, Sussex, and held 2 fees in Sussex of the Earl of Arundel, 1166 Living 1172, when he was certified to be holding 1 fee in Normandy by serjeanty of finding ward for the town of Falaise

Child of Manasser II and unknown

128......Richard b abt 1143 Marden d aft 10 Jun 1202 Nutbourne

111 Ralph de HAUSELYN m unknown

Note: Ralph was Lord of Shelford

Child of Ralph and unknown
129......Rohesia b abt 1140 Shelford

The Bardolf coat of Arms

130 William de BARDOLF (Lord of Bradewel b abt 1121 Ravensworth N Yorks d aft 1174 Bradewel) m Amabilia de LINDSAY

Child of William and unknown
Thomas b abt 1130 Bradwell, Norfolk d bef 1194 Shelford

115 Hugh IV de GOURNAY m (a) Beatrice de VERMANDOIS (b abt 1091 d after 1144) (b) Melisinde de COUCY or CRECY

Note: Melisinde was the daughter of Thomas de COUCY and Mellisende de Coucy b abt 1112 Coucy, Ardennes. Beatrice was the daughter of Hugh (Magnus) CAPET duke of Vermandois and Adele

Hugh IV went on 3rd crusade with King Richard. He was raised by King Henry I and his lands were administered by Drew de Monceaux, his step-father.. He joined Stephen, Count of Aumale, and others in 1118, in an attempt to place William Clito, son of Robert, Duke of Normandy, on the throne. He seised the castle of Plesssis and ravaged Norman terrritory. King Henry I crushed the revolt at Noyon in 1119, after which he submitted and was pardoned. In 1134 King Stephen granted him the manors of Wendover, co. Buckingham and Houghton Regis, co. Bedford. Beatrice was living 1144. In the period, 1147/55, he witnessed a charter for his nephew, Roger de Mowbray. In 1147 he accompanied King Louis VII of France to the Holy Land. This crusade was unsuccessful and returned in 1149 He and his 2nd wife were benefactors of the Abbey of Bec. They founded the Abbey of Gaillefontaine in the period, 1144/64.Hugh died in 1181, said to be ;very old.; His wife survived him

Children of Hugh IV and Beatrice
132......Hugh dob unknown died as infant

Children of Hugh IV and Melisinde
133......Hugh V b abt 1148 Caister Norfolk d 25 Oct 1215
134......Gerard dob unknown
135......Gunnora (Aidieve) b abt 1150 Caister, Norfolk m Nicholas de STUTEVILLE

117 Reginald de WARENNE m Alice de WORMEGAY (b 1106 Wormegay)

Note: Alice was the daughter of William de WormegayChildren of Reginald and Alice
136......William b 1145 Wormegay d 1209
137......Ela (Ada) b 1147 Wormegay m Donnchad MacDUFF 5th Earl of Fife 1159 Edinburgh

119 William de WARRENNE m Ela TALVAS 1130 France

Note: Ela was the daughter of William III TALVAS (Duke of Alencon and Ponthieu) and Alice/Ela of Burgundy.

Child of William and Ela
138......Isabel b 1137 Surrey d 13 Jul 1199 Lewes
139....Gundreda b abt 1145 Lewes d 1224 Nuneham Courteney, Abingdon m (a) William II de COURCY (b) William de GLANVILLE aft 1176

122 Ebal III de GRANDISON (Seigneur of Grandison) m Jordane (b abt 1134 d after 1158)

Child of Ebal and Jordane
140......Ebal IV b 1154 Lake Neufchatel d 1235

124 Sir William de Aguillon m unknown

Child of William and unknown
141......William b 1165 d bef 3 Oct 1244 Addington, Surrey

142 Robert BACON m umknown

Children of Robert and unknown
142......Thomasina dob unknown
Reginald b 1203 Baconsthorpe
144......John b 1225 Baconsthorpe m Alice BURGATE

126 George BACON m unknown

Child of George and unknown
145......Roger b 1172 Baconsthorpe d 1216


127 Sir Adam "The Elder" de POYNINGS m unknown

Children of Adam and unknown
146......Adam "The younger" b bef 1126 Poynings d bef 29 Sep 1202
147......Aubrey b abt 1140 Poynings m William de CHESNEY
148......John dob unknown
149......William dob unknown

128 Richard d'AGUILLON of Nutbourne and Marden m Ela de FREVILLE

Child of Richard and Ela
150......Robert b 1164 Marden d aft 1232

151Fulk de BEUFOY Lord of Thatcham (b abt 1140 Thatcham) m unknown

Child of Fulk and unknown
Agatha b 1165 Thatcham, Berkshire

131 Thomas de BARDOLF m (a) 129 Rohesia de HAUSELYN (or HANSELYN) abt 1159 in Nottinghamshire. (b) Adela CORBET (b 1156 Wattlesborough, Shrewsbury) bef 1180

Note: Thomas was Lord of Shelford and Bradewel. Upon the scutage being levied of such barons as did not attend King Henry II into Ireland in 1172 nor contribute men or money to that service, Thomas paid 25 pounds for the scutage of those knights' fees which formerly belonged to Ralph Hanselyn, Baron of Schelford, in the county of Nottingham, whose daughter and heiress, Rose, he had married. He obtained from William, brother of King Henry II, the Lordship of Bradewell to hold to himself and his heirs by the service of one knight's fee; three parts of which he bestowed upon his three daughters.

Children of Thomas and Rhohesia
153......Dodo (Doun) b abt 1160 Shelford d 1205 Wormgay, Downham, Norfolk
154......Thomas b abt 1162 Shelford d aft 1180
155......unnamed daughter m Robert St REMEGIO
156......unnamed daughter m William BACON
157......unnamed daughter m Baldwin de THONI
Note: Thomas was Castellan of Verneuil
158......Rose (Rohesia) b 1180 Shelford

133 Hugh V de GOURNAY m Juliane de DAMMARTIN (b abt 1165)

Note: Juliane was the daughter of Count Albaric de DAMMARTIN and Matilda de CLERMONT of Ponthieu.

In 1190 Hugh accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion. In 1205 he lost his lands in Normandy in the cession of King John, who granted him lands in England in compensation. In 1214 he was made sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Children of Hugh V and Juliane
159......Gerard dob unknown d very young
160......Anselme b 1180 d 1240 bur Langley Abbey in Norfolk m Eve FITZROBERT
161......Hugh VI dob unknown d 1239
162......Millicent b abt 1189 Ashby, Bucks d 1260 m William II de CANTILUPE abt 1208

136 William de WARENNE Lord of Wormegay m 105 Beatrix de PIERREPONT

Child of William and Beatrix
163......Beatrice b 1176 Wormegay bur 12 Dec 1214

138 Isabel de WARRENNE m Sir Hamelin PLANTAGENET (Earl of Surrey) Apr 1164

Hamelin was the son of Geoffrey V de ANJOU, Count of Anjou, and mistress Adelaide de ANGERS

Children of Hamelin and Isabel
164......Isabel de Warrenne b 1164 Norfolk
165......William de Warrenne b 1166
166......Maud de Warrenne b 1167 d 1212 m Sir Henry d'EU (Comte de Eu)
167......Suzanne de Warrenne b abt 1169
168......Adela de Warrenne b 1172 Surrey m Sir William FITZWILLIAM (Lord of Emley) 1186

140 Ebal IV de GRANDISON (Seigneur of Grandison)m Beatrice de GENEVA (b 1154 Genf, Geneva)

Child of Ebal and Beatrice
169......Pierre b 1195 Grandison d 31 Aug 1263

141 William de AGUILLON m Joan FITZHENRY (Heiress of Addington) b 1182 Addington
Note: Joan married as a widow, having previously been married to Ralph de CARPENTER. She was the daughter of Peter FITZHENRY and Isabel de CHESNEY

Child of William and Joan
170......Robert b abt 1212 Watton at Stone

145 Roger FITZGEORGE m unknown

Child of Roger and unknown
171......Robert b 1190 Baconsthorpe d 1227


146 Adam "The Younger" de POYNINGS m Beatrice

MICHAEL, son and heir, in 1202 fined a Norwegian hawk for having a weekly market in Crawley, Sussex. He was abroad in the King's service in the summer and autumn of 1206, and in Ireland in 1210. In February 1215/6 he was in arms against the King, but was granted safe conduct throughout the realm in August 1217. He married, before Trin. term 1206, Margaret, widow of John DE CAILLY, of Norfolk.

Child of Adam and Beatrice
172......Michael b 1160 Poynings d bef 1240

150 Robert d'AGUILLON m (a) H16 Agatha de BEAUFOY (b) Alice de MUNCHESI (widow of John de WAYHULL)

Child of Robert and Agatha
173......Robert d'AGUILLON b abt 1186 Old Buckhurst

153 Dodo (Doun) de BARDOLF m W16 Beatrice de WARENNE (b 1176 Wormgay, Norfolk d 1214) abt 1198

Note: Dodo was Baron of Shelford. Beatrice, after Dodo's death gave 3100 marks to the king for livery of her father's lands and a reasonable dowry from the lands belonging to her husband, as also that she might not be compelled to marry again, contrary to her inclination. Nevertheless, she married Hubert de BURGH 1st Earl of Kent

Child of Dodo and Beatrice
174......William b abt 1199 Wormgay

158 Rose de BARDOLF m John de RUSSEL (b 1174 Kingston-Russel, Dorset d 1224) abt 1200

Children of John and Rose
175......Thomas b 1202 Kingston-Russel, Dorset
176......Ralph b 1203 Kingston-Russel, Dorset

161 Hugh de GOURNAY m Maud

Note: Hugh lived at Mapledurham, OxfordshireChild of Hugh and Maud
177......Juliana b 1231 d 1295

167 Suzanne de WARRENNE with (as mistress) John "Lackland" PLANTAGENET (Deposed Duke of Normandy, King of England, Lord of Ireland)

Note: This is the King John who lost his jewels in the Wash, and who attached his seal to the Magna Carta. In a war with the French king Philip II, he lost Normandy and almost all his other possessions in France.

Children of John and Suzanne
178......Richard FitzRoy b 1186 Chilham Castle Kent d abt 1246 m Rose
179......Isabel la Blanche b 1187 d 1313
180......John FitzRoy b 1189 Lincolnshire d aft 1201
181......Henry FitzRoy b 1190 Kenilworth
182......Eudo FitzRoy b 1192 Essex d bef 1242
183......Geoffrey FitzRoy b 1193 d 1205 Rochelle France
184......Ivo FitzRoy b abt 1194 Essex

169 Pierre de GRANDISON (Seigneur de Grandison) m Agnes de NEUFCHATEL (b abt 1210 d aft 1263)

Children of Pierre and Agnes
185......Amadeus b b 1229 Grandison d 1300
186......Alice b abt 1238 Hereford, England d 1308

170 Robert de AGUILLON m Margery (b abt 1215)

Children of Robert and Margery
187......Margery b abt 1234
188......Robert b 15 Feb 1235 d 15 Feb 1285 Perching, Sussex

143 Reginald BACON m unknown

Child of Richard and unknown
189......Richard b 1234 Lodie Norfolk
190......Robert b 1236 Letheringsett
191......Roger b 1238 Letheringsett
192......Agnes b 1240 Letheringsett


172 Michael de POYNINGS m Margaret

Child of Michael and Margaret
193......Thomas b 1202 Poynings d bef 24 Sep 1272

173 Robert d'AGUILLON m Margery de FRESNEY bef 1240

Note: Margery was the daughter of William de FRESNEY and unknown

Child of Robert and Margery
194......Ela b abt 1208 Old Buckhurst d bef Sep 1251

174 William de BARDOLF m Nichola (b abt 1209)

Note: William was Lord of Wormegay. In 1242 he attended King Henry III in person in the expedition which the king then made into France. In the next year, he had livery of the honour of "Wirmegay", which, during his minority, had been in the hands of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, and he subsequently obtained royal charters for markets and free warren throughout his different lordships and manors. In 1257 he attended the king in his expedition into Wales and was soon after constituted governor of Nottingham Castle. He was at the battle of Lewes under the royal banner in 1264 and was there taken prisoner along with the king.

Seal of the Bardolfs in use in the 13th century

Child of William and Julian

173 Robert de AGUILLON m Joan de FERRERS

Note: In Gibson's Camden's Britannia, it is stated that Sir Robert Aguillon had a castle at the manor of Addington in Surrey, which was holden in fee by the serjeantcy, to find in the king's kitchen, on the coronation day, a person to make a dainty dish called "Mapigernoun, or Dillegrout," and serve the same up to the king's table. This service has been regularly claimed by the lords of the said manor and allowed at the respective coronations of the kings of England.

Child of Robert and Joan
196......Isabel b 25 Mar 1258 Addington, Surrey bur 28 May 1323 Ruskington, Lincs

185 Amadeus de GRANDISON m Beoite de La Tour de GERENSTEIN b abt 1230 Switzerlans)

Child of Amadeus and Beoite
197......William b abt 1255 Ashperton, Ledbury d 27 Jun 1335 Lambourn, Hungerford


193 Sir Thomas de POYNINGS m H20 Ela d'AGUILLON bef 1240

Child of Thomas and Ela
198......Luke b bef Sep 1231 Poynings d bef 8 Jun 1294

195 William de BARDOLF m G11 Juliana de GOURNEY (b 1231 d 1295) abt 1258 Norfolk

Note: William was Lord of Wormgay

Child of William and Julian
b 29 Sep 1259 Wormgay d Sep 1304

189 Richard BACON m Alice MYNSTON abt 1195

Note: Alice was the daughter of Conan MYNSTON

Child of Richard and Alice
200......Robert b 1258 Baconsthorpe
201......Roger b 1260 Letheringsett
202......Stephen b 1262 Letheringsett
203......Bartholomew b 1264 Letheringsett
204......Henry b 1266 Letheringsett


199 Hugh de BARDOLF m 20 Isabel de AGUIILLON

Note: Sir Hugh Bardolf, 1st Lord Bardolf was invested as a Knight. He took an active part in the French and Scottish wars, and was among the retainers of Henry (de Lacy), Earl of Lincoln, at Carlaverock.. On 29 November 1295 he had seizin of his mother's lands. He was created 1st Lord Bardolf on 6 February 1299.

Children of Hugh and Isabel
205......Margery b 1280 d aft Feb 1333
206......Thomas b 4 Oct 1282 d 15 Dec 1328 Watton on Stone, Hertfordshire

197 William de GRANDISON (1st Baron of Ashperton) m (a) Blanche de SAVOIS (b 1267 Vaud, Switzerland) (b) Sibyl de TREGOZ (b 1271 Ewyas Harold d 21 Oct 1334 Dore Abbey)

Child of William and Blanche
207......Agnes b abt 1284 Grandison d 11 Dec 1357 Ruskington, Lincs.

Children of William and Sibyl
208......Piers b 1296 Ledbury
209....Agnes b abt 1287 Harpenden
210....Mabel b abt 1294 Ashperton
211....Katherine b abt 1302 Ashperton d 23 Apr 1349

198Luke de POYNINGS m Isabel de AGUILLON

Luke was a knight in January 1265. On 25 January 1272 he quitclaimed to Lewes Priory all right in the church of Pyecombe (Sussex).

Child of Luke and Isabel
Michael b 1255 Poynings d 24 Jun 1314 Battle of Bannockburn

200 Robert BACON m unknown of Hingham 1283

Child of Robert and unknown
213......Adam b 1287 Baconsthorpe d 1357 Baconsthorpe


205 Margery de BARDOLF m 212 Sir Michael de POYNINGS abt 1295

Child of Michael and Margery
214......Thomas b bef 1298 d 10 Oct 1339 Cambrai, France
215......Margery b 1314 Baconsthorpe, Norfolk d 30 Mar 1347 Baconsthorpe

206 Thomas de BARDOLF m B8 Agnes de GRANDISON (d 11 Dec 1357 Ruskington, Lincs) Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland

Note: Sir Thomas Bardolf, 2nd Lord Bardolf succeeded to the title in September 1304.1 He was invested as a Knight on 22 May 1306. Agnes was the daughter of William de GRANDISON and Blanche de SAVOIE

Children of Thomas and Agnes
216......Barbara b 1310 Watton at Stone Hertfordshire
217......John b 13 Jan 1311 Wormegay, Norfolk d 3 Aug 1363 Assisi, Umbria, Italy
218......Margaret (Eleanor) b 1314 Watton at Stone Hertfordshire d bef 1344 Greenstone Priory, Lincs
219......Thomas b 1316 Spixworth
220......Cicely b abt 1324 Spixworth, Kent m Robert de MORLEY

See the Morley branch here

213 Adam BACON m Margery FELTON 1312

Child of Adam and Margery
221......Edmund b 1315 Baconsthorpe d 1353 Baconsthorpe


214 SirThomas POYNINGS m Agnes de ROKESLEY (b abt 1303 Westwood abd Ruxley, Kent) abt 1317

Child of Thomas and Agnes
222......Michael b 1319 d 7 Mar 1368

215 Margery POYNINGS m P18 Sir Edmund BACON (d 1337)

Note: Edmund also married Joan de BRAOSE
See the Stafford branch and Braoses here

Children of Edmund and Margery
223...... b 1324 Baconsthorpe d 1 Jun 1399 Eywas Lacy, Herefordshire m John BURGHERSH
Note: John was the son of Bartholomew BURGHERSH and Elizabeth de VERDUN
Margery b abt 1337 Baconsthorpe d 1 Jul 1399 m William de MOLINES

217 John BARDOLF m Elizabeth d'AMORIE 1326

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Roger D'AMOUR and Elizabeth de CLARE.

John had seizin of his lands 26 March 1335. He served in Scotland, Germany, and Brittany, and in 1345, was a Knight Banneret. He was summoned to Parliament 22 January 1335/6 to 1 June 1363, the last two writs being directed Johanni Bardoff de Wirmegey. His wife brought him large estates in Dorset.

Child of John and Elizabeth
225......William dob unknown
See the Sauveur branch here

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