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(Names in red are my direct ancestors)


There is an excellent and comprehensive website for the Baxters of Suffolk here


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Burgh Church by Thomas Churchyard


C1 Joseph BAXTER bur 1 Mar 1773 Kettleburgh m Elizabeth WRIGHT (b abt 1705 bur 9 Nov 1788) 16 Aug 1724 Kettleburgh

Note: Joseph was the parish clerk when he died. Elizabeth died in Melton Workhouse. These were my 6x great grandparents

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
C2......Benjamin b 4 Apr 1725 Kettleburgh d 4 Mar 1728 Kettleburgh
C3......David bap 30 Oct 1726 Kettleburgh
Joseph bap 18 Feb 1727 Kettleburgh bur 7 Feb 1803 Burgh St Botolph aged 76
C5......Elizabeth bap 5 Jul 1730 Kettleburgh
C6......Benjamin bap 30 Jan 1731 Kettleburgh bur 23 Nov 1788 aged 60 [Melton Workhouse records]
C7......Jonathan bap 19 Mar 1733 Kettleburgh bur 18 Jun 1778 Framlingham
C8......Hannah bap 19 Sep 1736 Kettleburgh m John LILLISTONE 16 Nov 1770 Framlingham
Note: Witnesses were David BULL and Robert BERRY
Mary bap 19 Feb 1737 Kettleburgh
C10....Sarah bap 13 Apr 1740 Kettleburgh
C11....John bap 8 Mar 1746 Kettleburgh bur 23 Apr 1758

F1 William PAXMAN m Susanna TURNER abt 1735 Framlingham

Child os William and Susanna
Sarah b 1739 Framlingham


A1 William GAME m Mary DIGGINS abt 1755

Child of William and Mary
A2......Susan b 1756 d 1838 m William DALLINGER 1776 Burgh

B1 Joseph BAXTER m Mary SALLOW (b 1720 bur 9 May 1783) 29 May 1748 Burgh

Children of Joseph and Mary
B2......Mary bap 16 Apr 1749 Burgh
B3......John bap 9 Mar 1755 Burgh bur 10 Sep 1835 Grundisburgh
B4......Elizabeth bap 5 Mar 1758 Burgh m James LOOM (b 1758 d 1825) 1 Jun 1809 Burgh by licence
Note: Witnesses were William ASHWELL and William TILLANT
William bap 27 Apr 1760 Burgh bur 14 Aug 1872 aged 84 Burgh

C5 Elizabeth BAXTER and unknown, probably John BROWN

Note: John BROWN of Dennington, husbandman paid the churchwardens and overseers £100 to indemnify the parish for the bastard child of Elizabeth BAXTER 12 May 1757

Child of Elizabeth
C12......David b 1 May 1757 Rendham

C6 Benjamin BAXTER m Sarah ( b abt 1723 bur 12 Jun 1813 aged 90 [Melton Workhouse records] )abt 1762

Children of Benjamin and Sarah
C13......Elizabeth bap 13 Mar 1763 Kettleburgh bur 23 Apr 1773 aged 10 [Melton Workhouse records]
C14......David bap 12 Feb 1764 Kettleburgh bur 31 Jul 1764 Kettleburgh
C15......Mary bap 6 Apr 1766 Kettleburgh
C16......Joseph bap 22 Mar 1767 Kettleburgh
C17......Sarah bap 17 Apr 1768 Kettleburgh bur 2 Aug 1772 [Melton Workhouse records]
C18......Priscilla bap 15 Jan 1770 Kettleburgh bur 18 Oct 1784 [Melton Workhouse records]
C19......James bap 25 Jan 1771 Kettleburgh bur 6 Mar 1771 Kettleburgh
C20......John bap 1 Jan 1773 Kettleburgh d 1855 Blything district

C7 Jonathan BAXTER m F2 Sarah PAXMAN (b 1739 bur 4 Apr 1810 Framlingham) 21 Sep 1756 Framlingham

Children of Jonathan and Sarah
C21......Jonathan bap 16 Jan 1757 Framlingham
C22......Christopher bap 26 Aug 1759 Framlingham
C23......William bap 1 Feb 1761 Framlingham
C24......Mary bap 19 Feb 1764 Framlingham
C25......John bap 16 Aug 1767 Framlingham
C26......Joseph bap 17 May 1770 Framlingham
C27......David bap 15 Feb 1774 Framlingham
C28......Happy (fem) bap 29 Sep 1776 Framlingham

C9 Mary BAXTER with (probably)Nathaniel COLLINS

Note: A bastardy order of Rendham parish required Nathaniel COLLINS of Swffling and John HILL of Rendham to pay indemnity for Mary's illegitimate child

Child of Mary and (probably) Natrhaniel
C29......Nathaniel BAXTER b 7 Nov 1762 Rendham


B3 John BAXTER m Sarah LORD (b abt 1753 bur 4 Dec 1785 Grundisburgh) 4 Mar 1776 Clopton

Note: Witnesses were John SMITH and Thomas MANN
The Ipswich Journal carried an advertisement in 1823 as follows: Land at Grundisburgh To be sold by Auction
By Mr Colchester
At the Dog Inn in Grundisburgh On Thursday June 26 1823 At Four O’clock
A superior piece of land containing 2A. 3R. by estimates in the occupation of John Baxter, and three good tenements in the occupation of Shearman, Baker and Crane. The desirable property is situated in the parish of Grundisburgh, adjoining the turnpike road, a most pleasant and sociable neighbourhood within three miles of Woodbridge and five of Ipswich. The tenants have had notice to quit at Michaelmas. Apply to Mr John Baxter of Grundisburgh or to the Auctioneer, Woodbridge and Ipswich for further particulars.

Children of John and Sarah
B6......Sarah bap 10 Nov 1776 Burgh m James FISHER 22 Aug 1800 Grundisburgh
Note: James the son of John FISHER and Phillippa JOHNSON drowned in the River Deben
B7......Elizabeth bap 11 Oct 1778 Burgh bur 7 Nov 1802 Grundisburgh
John bap 1 Nov 1780 Grundisburgh bur 8 Jun 1840 Burgh aged 64
B9......David bap 9 Jan 1786 Grundisburgh
B10....Mary bap 18 Jul 1790 Grundisburgh
B11....William bap 19 May 1793 Grundisburgh
B12....Harriot bap 19 Jul 1795 Grundisburgh m John LANT 12 Mar 1813 Woodbridge St Mary
Note: John was a soldier in the Royal Horse Artillery
Abraham bap 4 Mar 1798 Grundisburgh bur 6 Feb 1842 aged 44
B14....Charlotte bap 14 Jul 1801 Grundisburgh bur 23 Oct 1821 Grundisburgh aged 20

B5 William BAXTER m Mary GROOM 5 Apr 1785 Clopton

Note: William also had a relationship with A2 Susan DALLINGER, the widow of William DALLINGER, of whom the Ipswich Journal of 24 Aug 1776 said "A few days since was married at Burgh, Suffolk, William Dallinger, a farmer aged 74 to Susan Game, aged 20. Mr Dalliger has used crutches for 20 years but on the wedding day he went to church with neither a stick or crutches, Mr Dallinger is very deaf and the clergyman had difficulty in performing the service."

Child of William and Susan
2......William (base born) bap 28 Aug 1785 Burgh

Children of William and Ann
2a....Mary Ann bap 6 Nov 1785 Grundisburgh
2b....Joseph bap 25 Apr 1790 Clopton bur 10 Dec 1875 aged 85
2c....John bap 25 Nov 1792 Clopton d 1st qr 1862 Woodbridge
Note: John was staying with William and Sarah CATT in Burgh in 1851 and was an ag lab pauper in 1861 he is described as blind
James bap 22 Feb 1795 Clopton bur 8 Jun 1853 Boulge aged 57
2e....Elizabeth bap 9 Jul 1797 Hasketon m James FINCH (b 1796 d 1840) 12 Oct 1821 Burgh
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were James BAXTER and Martha MULLETT
2f....Hannah bap b 1799 Hasketon m (a) Sampson CATT (b 1794 d 1827) 1 Aug 1815 Burgh (b) William ADDISON 6 Apr 1830 Burgh
Note: Witnesses to the first marriage were James and Elizabeth BAXTER and to the second David BAXTER, Mary Ann BAXTER and Harriet UPSON
David bap 15 Mar 1801 Hasketon bur 14 Apr 1858 Burgh

C12 David BAXTER m Deborah BUGG 2 Dec 1781 Martlesham

Note: Witnesses were John and Martha MAYES and John REVELT. In 1841 Deborah was a 77 year old widow loiving with Nt and Ann LILLINGSTONE

Children of David and Deborah
C12a......Deborah bap 14 Apr 1782 Martlesham
C12b......Elizabeth bap 27 Oct 1784 Kirton
C12c......David bap 21 Sep 1788 Kirton
C12d......Sarah bap 7 Jun 1791 Kirton
C12e......Hannah bap 30 Jul 1794 Kirton

C15 Mary BAXTER (a) with Joseph LINSTEAD (b) m John CARR b 1761 d 1834 Kettleburgh) 18 Oct 1792 Kettleburgh

Note: A bastardy maintenance order was made by Kettleburgh Parish against Joseph LINSTEAD for the illegitimate son of Mary on 11 Mar 1789

Child of Mary and Joseph
C30......Joseph bap 1789 Kettleburgh d 4th qr 1870 aged 82 Saxmundham [Plomesgate 4a 430]

C20 John BAXTER m (a) Hannah CLARK (b 1783 bur 31 Mar 1807 Cratfield) 12 Oct 1804 Heveningham (b) Mary CORBETT abt 1810 (c) Mary CANDLE (b 1779 d in the 1850s)

Note: In 1841 John was at Village Town House, an ag lab and in 1851 he was at Heveningham as a pauper ag lab

Child of John and Hannah
C31......John bap 28 Jul 1806 Cratfield

Child of John and Mary Corbett
C32......Hannah bap 25 May 1815 Ubbeston

Child of John and Mary Candle
C33......Benjamin b 28 Oct 1820 bap 19 Nov 1820 Laxfield


B8 John BAXTER m Lucy LOTT (b 1778 Grundisburgh bur 27 Dec 1836 Burgh) 18 Sep 1800 Grundisburgh

Note: John was a carrier - Robinson's directory of 1839 states that he operated from the Wagon and Horses Butter Market every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon.
After his derath the following appeared in the Ipswich Journal of 19 Jun 1841:
At Burgh, near Woodbridge To be Sold by Auction By G. T. Elvis
On Friday next, June 25th 1841 (Upon the premises lately occupied by Mr John Baxter deceased) The household furniture and effects, also a valuable black mare, calculated for any kind of work; strong luggage cart of steal springs, young sow, 5 shoats, 4 geese, 12 goslings, hens &c. particulars of which are descried in a catalogue, to be had at the Half Moon Inn Grundisburgh; and at the Auctioneer’s office Woodbridge.
Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock.

Children of John and Lucy
B15......Mary Plampin bap 14 Feb 1803 Burgh d 1890 m Joseph BRAME (b 1798 d 1875) 6 Apr 1824 Burgh
B16......John b 25 Dec 1804 bap 13 Aug 1848 Clopton bur 15 Jun 1872 Ipswich cemetery
Note: John's burial records him as a labourer of Lady Lane, St Matthew, Ipswich aged 68
B17......William bap 18 Mar 1811 Burgh
B18......Sarah b 19 Feb 1816 bap 17 Mar 1816 Burgh
B19......Lucy b 12 Mar 1818 bap 2 Aug 1818 Burgh bur 5 Apr 1840 Burgh aged 20

B13 Abraham BAXTER m Elizabeth MALLETT (d 1859) 15 Jul 1823 St James, Paddington

Note: Witnesses were Ann WILLIAMS, William JAMES and William HUREN. Abraham was a bricklayer and Lucy was the daughter of Edmund and Lucy MULLETT. In 1841 they were living at 5 Lisson Street, Marylebone.

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
B20......Robert b 8 Sep 1823 bap 28 Sep 1823 Marylebone
B21......John b 9 Feb 1828 bap 2 Mar 1828 Marylebone

4 William BAXTER m (a) Ann CARR (b 1788 d 1819) 20 Apr 1813 Burgh (b) Rachel SELF (b 1797 Stanfield bur 23 Dec 1889 Ipswich St Matthew) 1826

Note: In 1841 there was a Mary BAXTER living with the family as a female servant

Child of Ann and unknown
5......Mary Ann CARR bap 20 Apr 1813 Burgh

Children of William and Ann
6......Hannah bap 30 Oct 1814 Clopton
7......William bap 8 Sep 1816 Clopton
8......Elizabeth bap 29 Jul 1818 Clopton

Children of William and Rachel
9......Eliza bap 6 Jul 1826 d 1893 m Henry COOPER 4th qr 1856 [Ipswich 4a 1379]
Note: Henry was the son of Joseph COOPER and Mary BROWN
William bap 30 Dec 1827 Grundisburgh d 1875 aged 47
11....George bap 27 Sep 1829 Grundisburgh m Mary GOODCHILD (b 1829 Bromeswell) 4th qr 1856 [Woodbridge 4a 1406a]
Note: Mary was the daughter of Robert GOODCHILD and Hannah JENNINGS. They had no children and lived in Highwood Hill, Hendon. In 1861 George was a carter, in 1871 he was a labourer but by 1881 and for the rest of his life he was a bailiff living at Highwood House Lodge, Hendon
James bap 31 Jul 1831 Grundisburgh d 1903 Chelsea aged 72
13....Maria bap 27 Oct 1833 Grundisburgh bur 7 Jun 1851 Burgh
Note: Maria was born blind
14....Harriet bap 20 Oct 1835 Grundisburgh m Charles King COLE 12 Apr 1863
Note: Harriet and Charles were living together in 1861 at 25 Batton Rd Kensington; Charles was a farrier
15....Rachel bap 20 Oct 1835 Grundisburgh d 3rd qr 1907 [Ipswich 4a 433] m Alfred Henry OSBORN (b 1834 d 1906, Ipswich
Note: Alfred was a house servant in St Helens Street, Ipswich in 1851, and Rachel was a cook at 64 St Matthews Street Ipswich in 1851. Alfred was a foundry labourer in 1871 and they lived at John St, St Clement, Ipswich
16....David bap 19 Aug 1839 Grundisburgh d 1911 m Agnes CARR ( b 1836 d 1909 Hackney district) 28 Jul 1861 St Leonard, Shoreditch
It is thought that this couple adopted a boy, Samuel who was born about 1876. David was a carpenter and was living at 10 Thomas Street, Shoreditch an 1861
John b 11 Dec 1843 bap 25 Feb 1844 Burgh

2b Joseph BAXTER m (a) Sophia DANIELS (b 1792 d 1824) 31 Oct 1811 Burgh (b) Susan ROSE (b 1798 bur 26 Mar 1878 Clopton aged 90) 8 Feb 1829 Clopton

Ann CARR and William ASHWELL. Witnesses to Susan's marriage were Hannah CATT, William ADDISON and Robert HAYWARD. Susan was the daughter of Edmund and Mary ROSE. Joseph was an ag lab. In 1841 Mary ROSE was living with the family and in 1861 the family was at Cottage House, Clopton. In 1871 they were at Shop Street Clopton

Children of Joseph and Sophia
D1......David bap 8 Oct 1813 Burgh
D2......James b 4 Apr 1816 bap 12 May 1816 Burgh

Child of Child of Joseph and Susan
D3......Eliza b 8 Jun 1828 bap 2 Nov 1828 (Illegitimate) Clopton m William CRAPNELL 24 Nov 1865 Clopton.
Note: William was a blacksmith, the son of John CRAPNELL

2d James BAXTER m Harriet UPSON (b 1806 Clopton d 1876) 20 Oct 1833 Burgh

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Mary Ann BAXTER and Job UPSON. James was an ag lab in 1841 living at Cody Bently and by 1851 he was afarmer of 100 acres employing 3 men. The Ipswich Journal recorded on 11 Jun 1853 "3rd inst, aged 57, highly respected, Mr James Baxter, of Boulge, for many years a faithful servant to J. Gosnall, Esq. of Bently Hall." After James's death Harriet married James Rands GRAY (1831 - 1891), farmer in 1855. James's niece Isabella Jane Baxter worked for James Rands Gray as his housekeeper.

Child of James and Harriet
D4......James b 26 Feb 1834 bap 2 Mar 1834 Burgh bur 19 Mar 1835 Burgh

2g David BAXTER m Elizabeth GOODERHAM (b 1811 d 19 Jun 1839 Burgh bur 24 Jun 1839 Burgh) 27 Dec 1832 Clopton (by licence)

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William GOODERHAM and Elizabeth WHINEY. Witnesses to the marriage were William GOODERHAM jnr, Elizabeth SMITH and Harriet GOODERHAM. In 1841 David was a farmer living at Burgh Mill, Burgh and in 1851 he was a farmer of 118 acres employing 6 men in Burgh.
On 7 Jun 1866 by direction of David's will was auctioned A valuable Farm, in the parish of Clopton, Suffolk containing 58A. 1R. 17P. of non arable and pasture land, known as “Gooderhams Farm” including good farm house, barn, stable, neat-house, bullock shed, and other agricultural buildings.
Also a short distance from the homestead are three cottages, tenements, now in the occupation of Mr George Wright and his under-tenants. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next.

Children of David and Elizabeth
D5......Elizabeth Ann bap 28 Jan 1834 Boulge m George WRIGHT 28 Oct 1859 Burgh
D6......Harriet Amelia bap 8 Jan 1836 Boulge m William CREASY 28 Nov 1859
Note: Harriet was farming at Red House, Burgh in 1861 with 120 acres and 3 men and one boy
D7......Isabella Jane bap 27 Mar 1838 Boulge d 22 Sep 1894 Clopton.
Note: Isabella went into service and was a housekeeper in 1881and 1891 in Boulge for James GREY in Main Road Boulge


B16 John BAXTER m Susan BRET (b 1807 bur 21 Jan 1893 Ipswich cemetery aged 86) 13 Jul 1829 Grundisburgh

Note: In 1836 John was described in Burgh parish register as a servant. In 1841 John and Susan were living at Burgh Mill, Burgh and John was a coachman; in 1851 he was an ag lab also in Burgh. 1861 saw them at Queen's Street, Ipswich St Matthews, and in 1871 they were at almshouses 13 Lady Lane, Ipswich. Susan was still there in 1881 when she was a charwoman and 1891 when she was on Parish Allowance.

Children of John and Susan
B22......Eliza Susan bap 13 Dec 1829 Grundisburgh
B23......Mary Ann b 27 Apr 1831 bap 22 May 1831 Burgh
B24......Eliza b 8 Jun 1833 bap 30 Jun 1833 Burgh
B25......George b 6 Jul 1836 bap 18 Dec 1836 Burgh

B17 William BAXTER m Eliza BAILEY 1841 Nursling, Hampshire

Note: Eliza was the daughter of Elizabeth BAILEY b 1882 Rotherham. William was an innkeeper. In 1841 William and Eliza were in Grundisburgh, and in 1851 at Ashbocking in 1861 and in 1871 the family were at Lord Nelson Public House, Ashbocking

On 14 Jun 1828 the Ipswich Journal reported that: Inquisitions before Mr. Wood, jun. Corner for the Liberty of St Etheldred...On Monday late at Burgh, on the body of Francis Leech who died in that parish on the Saturday preceding, it was proved by several witnesses, that on Friday evening the 6th inst the deceased and William Baxter of Burgh, labourer fought in the parish of Grundisburgh for an hour and forty minutes and that Leech was carried home insensible after the battle and never spoke again. Mr Steggall of Grundisburgh surgeon attended him very early the next morning and immediately bled him; he attended, and again bled Leech at a subsequent hour, but he died about twelve o'clock that day his head and body were afterwards opened by Mr Steggall, who found a considerable quantity of extravasated blood on the left hemisphere of the brain, which he deposed to have been cause of death. The Jury, after an investigation of several hours, being unanimously of opinion, that Leech died in consequence of a blow received from the said William Baxter returned a verdict of Manslaughter against him and he was accordingly committed by the Coroner of Ipswich Goal, for trial at the next Assizes. Baxter bore evident marks of a very severe beating, having two black eyes, and numerous wounds. These young men fought in consequence of a quarrel at Whitsuntide; and the endeavours of the bye-standers to put an end to the fight, were several times unavailing. At the summer assizes he was found not guilty.

He was again in trouble with the law in 1868 as the Ipswich Journal again reported: William Baxter, described as of Ashbocking, in the county of Suffolk, licensed victualler. The bankrupt in this case also attributes his failure to having incurred liabilities on behalf of John Hart Bridges, of Ipswich. The adjudication was founded upon the fact of the bankrupt's effects having been seized and sold under an execution by the Sheriff of Suffolk, the petitioning creditor being Mr. James Pringle Barclay, of Wickham Market, gentleman. The creditors comprise:- The Ipswich Mutual Benefit Society (No.20), £120 17s: ditto, £60 18s.; the Wickham Market Mutual Benefit Society (No. 6) £105; Messrs. Catchpole and Co., brewers Ipswich £85 4s 3d., Messrs Mills, Bawtree, and Co., bankers, Colchester, £100; John King, farmer, Otley, Suffolk, £190 (holding mortgage on three acres of land at Ashbocking, estimated value £160); Henry Cuthbert, merchant, Diss, £24; William Buttrum, Swilland, miller, £16 18s 4d., and for rent, £25; and Mr J.P. Barclay (the petitioning creditor), £72 2s. The assets are stated at about £30. He was discharged on 8 Aug 1868.

The licence for the Lord Nelson was transferred from William Baxter deceased, to Mrs Eliza Baxter on 2 May 1874

Children of William and Eliza
B26......Harry Bailey bap 24 Aug 1842 Ashbocking
B27......Dora Maria bap 3 Aug 1846 Ashbocking
B28......William Balls bap 3 May 1846 Ashbocking
B29......Elizabeth bap 12 Aug 1849 Ashbocking
B30......Emma bap 12 Aug 1849 Ashbocking
B31......Frederick bap 17 Oct 1851 Ashbocking
B32......Sidney b 3rd qr 1854 [Bosmere 4a 471]
B33......Margaret b 2nd qr 1857 [Bosmere 4a 209]
B34......Clarence b 4th qr 1859 [Bosmere 4a 362]
B35......Aubrey b 3rd qr 1863 [Bosmere 4a 508]

6 Hannah BAXTER m Thomas LATTER (see Latter branch here)

Note: No marriage certificate for Latter/Baxter has been found. In 1841 Thomas was a gardener and they lived at Friars Road, Ipswich. The 1851 census says that Hannah was born in Burgh and in 1851 the family was at Thoroughfare, Woodbridge
When Hannah died, Thomas sold up and after 1861 the children went to Hannah's parents, and to my Great Grandfather, James GREEN. You can see Thomas' sale list here. In 1861 Thomas was a gardener in domestic service living at Thoroughfare, Woodbridge with Elizabeth, Henry (shown as Harry) and Edward
Thomas, widower and daughter Hannah, spinster were living at Beaumont Cut, Beaumont Essex in 1881

These were my great great grandparents

Children of Thomas and Hannah Latter
23......Hannah b 4th qr 1839 [Ipswich 12 325]
24......Thomas b 1st qr 1842 [Ipswich 12 308] d 5 Apr 1873 Bramford [Ipswich 4a 432]
25..... Elizabeth b 4th qr 1843 [Woodbridge 12 463]bap 19 Jan 1845 Melton d 1930 m James GREEN 30 Jun 1869 Ramsey
Note: In 1861 Elizabeth was a milliner's apprentice. [See Green Branch here]
Elizabeth was living in Ramsey at the time of her marriage.

26......Henry (Harry) b 2nd qr 1847 Bramford [Bosmere 12 326] bur 21 Nov 1892 Ipswich Cemetery [NBI]
Note: Harry was a grcer's porter in 1861 aged 14
27......Edward b 4th qr 1849 Bramford [Bosmere 12 317]
Note: Edward was a chemist's assistant in 1861 aged 12

10 William BAXTER m Eliza POOLEY ( b 1828 d 1892) 4 Apr 1854 Sutton

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry CULHAM, Georgia COPPING and L FAIRHEAD. In 1861 William was an ag lab living at Cottage, Sutton. In 1871 he was still an ag lab living at Sutton Hall, Sutton. After William died Eliza married Edmund CROSBY (b1824 d1886) in 1878.

Children of William and Eliza
B36......Mary Jane b 2nd qr 1855 [Woodbridge 4a 575] bap 1 Jun 1873 Sutton m James USHERWOOD (b 1847 d 1913) 1874
Note: In 1871 Mary was a servant at Post Chaise, 2 Woddbridge Rd, St Margaret, Ipswich. James was the son of James USHERWOOD and Suzanna HARRINGTON
B37......Harriet Eliza b 4th qr 1856 [Woodbridge 4a 545] bap twice - first 30 Sep 1860 and again with her sister on 1 June 1873 m (a) Samuel PLANT (b 1848 d 1901) (b) George PETTIT (b 1844 d 1927)
Note: Harriet was a servant at Market Hill, Woodbridge in 1871. In 1881 She was a patient in Cottage Hospital, Croydon Rd Beckenham, Kent.
B38......Hannah b 3rd qr 1858 [Woodbridge 4a 545] m James William WIFFEN a bricklayer of Melton, 16 Dec 1882 Melton.

B39......Sarah Ann b 25 Nov 1862 Sutton m John Alfred TWINER (b 1858 d 1930) 26 Jun 1887 Leigh, Kent

12 James BAXTER m Louisa GREEN (b 1836 d 1911 Kensington) 4th qr 1863 [St Georges Hanover Sq 1a 437]

Note: Louisa was the daughter of Luke GREEN and Mary ADAMS. In 1861 James was a groom at Manor House Farm, Ealing. In 1865 he was a gentleman's servant living at Norfolk Yard Nottinghill. In 1871 he was a coachman living at 9 Kensington Park Mews, Kensington. In 1881 the family was at 41 Reeves Mews, London and in 1891 at 12 Reeves Mews where James was a coachman. In 1901 they were at 10 Limerston Street, Chelsea with James still a coachman and in 1911 Louisa as a widow lived in 48 Seymour Place, Kensington

Children of James and Louisa

Children of James and Louisa
B40......Herbert Green b 4 Sep 1864 bap 16 Apr 1865 All Saints, Nottinghill
Note: In 1891 Herbert was a coachman servant. In 1911 he was a stableman living with his mother
B41......James Kingston b 8 Jul 1866 bap 13 Jan 1867 All Saints, Nottinghill
B42......Louisa Agnes Elizabeth b 8 Feb 1868 bap 3 May 1868 All Saints, Nottinghill
B43......Arthur David b 23 Oct 1870 bap 16 Apr 1870 All Saints, Nottinghill
Note: Arthur was a groom in 1891 and in 1901 and 1911 he was a coachman living with his mother
B44......Edith Agnes b 11 Oct 1872 bap 11 May 1873 All Saints, Nottinghill
B45......William Henry bap 21 Nov 1875 St John the Evangelist, Paddington
Note: William was a carriage maker in 1901

17 John BAXTER m Sarah Salome DYKES (b 1848 d 1927) 1st qr 1867 [Ipswich 4a 736]

Note: The Ipswich Journal of 6 Aug 1898 reported as follows: 06 Aug 1898 Mysterious Drowning in Ipswich
Carter Found in the Gipping
The Ipswich Borough Coroner was engaged yesterday afternoon, at the Higher Grade School, in investigating the death of John Baxter, aged 54, a carter, of 33, Newton Street, whose body was recovered from the Gipping on Thursday evening. The widow deposed that her husband left home about a quarter to five the previous day, after being indoors all the afternoon. Prior to leaving he kissed her youngest son, and said "Good-bye." He asked to allow him to shake hands with her, and she replied "Nonsense." She believed he accidentally fell into the river, as he had never threatened to destroy himself. Formerly he was in the employment of Mr T Whitehead, contractor, but he had not been in work for the past fortnight. He had been very much depressed on account of his goods and effect having been taken in payment of rent, under a distress warrant, the amount in question being 35 s. They had to quit the house next Monday. In reply to a Juror, witness said she had not noticed anything strange in deceased's manner. He gave no reason for shaking hands with her. Arthur Barker Welham, labourer, Handford Cut, deposed that about 5.30 on Thursday evening he met deceased near Portman's Walk, which leads down to the Handford Lock gates. Witness asked him if he had anything in hand (meaning employment) and deceased replied, "No, the world is using me very rough." He added, "I have only misery to live for, and I shall not stand it any longer than tonight.”" They then separated. About six o'clock witness was told that a man had been taken out of the river, and going to the Handford Lock gates he found that it was the deceased. George William Potkins, labourer, 7, Little Gipping Street, said he was going along the towing-path, in the direction of Handford Road, when he saw the deceased standing in about six feet of water, close to the bank. Witness reached over and raised his head above the water. He tried to lift him out, but he was too heavy, and he called for assistance. When deceased was dragged on to the towing path there were no signs of life, but the body was warm, and artificial means of restoring life were resorted to, without effect.
Henry Calver, labourer, 48, Curries Lane, was working at the West End Bathing-place when he heard the last witness call out, and with a crome the deceased’s body was pulled on to the bank. Sergeant Emmerson, of the Borough Police Force, having given evidence, Mr F. R. Anness, surgeon stated that death was due to drowning. The Coroner, in summing up, said he apprehended that the Jury would have no doubt that the deceased died from drowning. The question that they would have to consider was whether the deceased was able to distinguish between right and wrong at the time of his death. They must not overlook deceased's conversation with the second witness a short time before his death, but probably the safest verdict would be one of "Found drowned."
The Jury returned a verdict of "Found drowned."
Children of John and Sarah

B46......Sarah Jane b 3rd qr 1867 [Ipswich 4a 593]
B47......George b 1st qr 1869 [Ipswich 4a 623]
B48......Agnes b 4th qr 1870 [Ipswich 4a 573]
B49......Ellen b 3rd qr 1874 [Ipswich 4a 658]
B50......David b 2nd qr 1876 [Ipswich 4a 697]
B51......Emma b 3rd qr 1877 [Ipswich 4a 650]
B52......John b 2nd qr 1879 [Ipswich 4a 735]
B53......William b 2nd qr 1881 [Ipswich 4a 754]
B54......Alice Mary b 1st qr 1885 [Ipswich 4a 848]
B55......Rose Annie b 2nd qr 1877 [Ipswich 4a 857]

D1 David BAXTER m (a) Eliza COOPER (b 1815 Woodbridge d 19 Mar 1871 Burgh) 24 Nov 1837 Woodbridge (b) Mary Ann TYE (b 1834 Clopton d 1896 Woodbridge district) 2nd qr 1880 [Woodbridge 4a 960]

Note: Eliza (sometimes Elisa) was the daughter of William COOPER and Sarah BLACKWELL and Mary Ann was the daughter of Samuel TYE and Hannah NEWSON. David was a shoemaker and lived at Pond Coittage Burgh.

Children of David and Eliza
D8......George b 20 Dec 1839 bap 19 Jan 1840 Burgh bur 24 Aug 1872 Ipswich cemetery
D9......Joseph b 11 Feb 1841 bap 25 Apr 1841 Burgh bur 25 Mar 1856 Burgh
D10....Eliza b 30 Jul 1842 bap 8 Apr 1843 Burgh bur 12 Apr 1861 Burgh
D11....Walter bap 19 Dec 1851 Burgh bur 10 Feb 1852 Burgh
D12....Julia bap 27 Aug 1854 Burgh m Miles SMITH 9b 1848 d 1914) 28 Oct 1871 Grundisburgh
Note: Miles was the son of John SMITH and Jemima NEWBY
D13....Laura bap 27 Dec 1857 Burgh m George SMITH (b 1853) 1880
Note: George was the son of John SMITH and Jemima NEWBY

D2 James BAXTER m Emma KNIGHTS (b 1824 d 1904) 3 Jul 1843 Grundisburgh

Note: Emma was the daughter of James KNIGHTS and Mary READ James was an ag lab and in 1851 they lived at Woodbridge Cottage, Grundisburgh. In 1861 they were at Cottage, Hasketon and in 1871 and 1881 at Rectory Cottage, Debach They were at Debach in 1891 and in 1901

Children of James and Emma
D14......Eliza bap 2 Jul 1848 Grundisburgh
D15......Jeremiah bap 20 Jun 1852 Grundisburgh

C30 Joseph BAXTER m (a) Elizabeth PIPE (b 1797 bur 8 Aug 1830 Saxmundham aged 33) 12 Nov 1819 Saxmundham (b) Dinah DURRANT (b 1789 Knodishall bur 23 Feb 1864 Saxmundham Saxmundham) 4 Nov 1834 Framlingham

Note: Joseph was a butcher in Saxmundham in 1841, 1851 and 1861 living at Middle Row, Saxmundham with Dinah. He appears in PIgots directory for 1823 and 1839 as a butcher in Saxmundham. In 1826 he had financial difficulties and the Ipswich Journal recorded that Joseph had by indenture, bearing date the 7th day of June instant, assigned all his personal estate to Trustees for the equal benefit of his creditors, notice is hereby given that the said deed is now laying at our office for the inspection and signatures of his said creditors, who are hereby informed, unless they execute the same on or before the 7th day of September now next ensuring they will not be entitled to any benefit which may arise from a sale of his effects. And notice is hereby also given to such persons who stand indebted to the estate of the said Joseph Baxter, that unless the respective sums so due from them be paid to us within one month from the date hereof, legal proceedings must be instituted to compel the payment.

An inventory of his household goods was as follows: 2 tent bedsteads, 1 stump ditto, 2 feather beds and bedding, sundry sheets, pillow cases and table linen, kitchen and chamber chairs, mahogany dinning and other tables, mahogany bureau, and double chest of drawers, excellent 8-day clock in mahogany case, china, glass, earthen and stone wares, washing and brewing utensils, small brewing washing coppers, and various other useful articles, Also a square butches cart, Essex ditto, 2 useful geldings, sundry harness, bridle and saddle, 5 doz. of hurdles, beam, scales and weights, baulk-posts, cross-piece, wheel and rope, maul, axe, cleaver, saw, beam and hooks, meat safe and blocks, iron skewers and hooks, basket, packing hampers, corn chest, wheel barrow, swill tub, cast iron hogs trough &c &c and his accommodation was described for sale as A neat comfortable stone-built messuage with sash-windows situated in the centre of the village, and replete with every convenience for the resident of a small and respectable family, consisting of an entrance with staircase, two parlours in front, kitchen, pantry, dairy, brew house, two cellars and the chambers, a good garden and orchard. Also an excellent Brick and tile built malting-office with a 20-coomb steep and roomy warehouse, and granaries over the same, a cinder oven, pump of good water, stable, cartlodge and pig-sty, and about 4A. 2R 0P Of good arable and pasture land, divided by neat thriving fences, and now in the occupation of Mr Joseph Baxter. The House stands high, and pleasantly recessed from the road, with shrubberies on each side, and commands a pleasing view of Dr. Kilderbee’s grounds and plantations, and the surrounding country. The malting-office adjoins the road, and is extremely convenient for the trade, and the whole have within these thirty years been erected at considerable expense.

Child of Joseph and Elizabeth
C30a......Betsey bap 13 Jan 1820 Saxmundham bur 24 Aug 1820 aged 7 Months Saxmundham


D8 George BAXTER m Harriet Emily READ (b 1850 Colchester d 1915) 3rd qr 1868 [Ipswich 4a 917]

Note: In 1861 George was a ostler and in 1868 he was an omnibus conductor. In 1871 he was a post lad. Harriet was the daughter of James READ and Isabella CURTIS

Child of George and Harriet
D16......Alice Maud E b 1st qr 1870 [Ipswich 4a 668]

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