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The Blys were descended from our common ancestors Joseph BARBER and Ann EDMONDS. .

Last update: 2 Feb 2016

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1 Robert BLY (b 1650 Felixstowe bur 31 Jul 1718 Felixstowe) m Dorothy (b 1650 Felixstowe bur 9 Jul 1683 Felixstowe) 1670 St Peter and St Paul's Church, Felixstowe

Children of Robert and Dorothy
2......Eliz Bly b 1671 Felixstowe
3......Sarah Bly b 1673 Felixstowe m John PALMER 16 Oct 1710 Felixstowe
4......Robert Bly b 1675 Felixstowe
5......Susanna Bly b 1677 Felixstowe
John Bly b 1680 Felixstowe

7 Matthew SCRUTTON (b 1666) m Elizabeth

Children of Matthew and Elizabeth
8......Matthew Scrutton b 1680 Felixstowe
9......John Scrutton b 1683 Felixstowe
10....William Scrutton b 1685 Felixstowe
Elizabeth Scrutton b 1686 Felixstowe
12....Mark Scrutton b 1693 Felixstowe
13....Susannah Scrutton b 1696 Felixstowe


6 John BLY m S11 Elizabeth (Eliza) SCRUTTON 23 Jun 1706 Felixstowe

Children of John and Eliza
14....Matthew Bly b 15 Sep 1707 Felixstowe m Margaret 1729 St Peter & St Paul's Church, Felixstowe
15....Winifred Bly bap 3 Nov 1709
16....Robert Bly b 1712 bur 28 Dec 1764 m Elizabeth
Note: Robert was a mariner; they had one child, Martha bap 1762 Fekixstowe
17....unknown child b 1722
18......John Bly b 1727 bur 24 April 1777 Lowestoft


18 John BLY m Letitia COCKS (b 1727 bur 24 Jul 1777 aged 50 Lowestoft) abt 1754

Children of John and Letitia
19......Abel Bly b 1756 bur 21 Jan 1793 Lowestoft
Note: Abel worked in the Lowestoft Porcelain factory with brothers below [see article] and was a tenant of Robert Browne, opposite the factory in 1785
20......John Bly b 1753 bur 9 Jan 1792 Lowestoft
Note: John was a tenant of Obed ALDRED in Swan Lane, Lowestoft in 1787 (see ALDRED branch) It is almost certain that this John was the one who carved his initials into the china factory wall - you can see it here
21......Philip Bly b 1758 Lowestoft [Rootsweb] m Ann MARGERUM 16 Dec 1776 Lowestoft


19 Abel BLY m Sarah SHUCKFER 30 Oct 1780

Note: In 1794 Sarah remarried Isaac CRICKMORE 1794 in Lowestoft

Child of Abel and Sarah
22.....Abel Bly b abt 1782 d 1869 bur 22 Apr 1869
Note: in 1851 Abel was living in Lowestoft with 56 Walter

20 John BLY m Mary COOPER 27 Nov 1775

Children of John and Mary
23......John Bly bap 7 Jan 1776 d in infancy
24......Mary Bly b Feb 1777 m James REDGRAVE
Note: James REDGRAVE was the son of John REDGRAVE, who was the creator of the "Redgrave Dollshouse design" of the Lowestoft Porcelain Factory
25......Laetitia Bly bap 27 May 1778 bur 21 Jun 1865 Lowestoft
26....John Butcher Bly bap 2 Sep 1779 d 28 Sep 1833 Carden St., Worcester
Note: The Chamberlain (Worcester) record books list a John Bly first employed on 28th September 1799. He had been an apprentice at Lowestoft Porcelain and as such decorated a mug for Mrs Johnson, daughter of Robert ALLEN, another Lowestoft painter. He left Chamberlains on Jan 22nd 1803 to join the rival factory Flight & Barr. He returned to Chamberlains from March 1808 to the end of 1809. Back working for Flight & Barr again he specialised in painting armorials and is said to have painted the arms on the Lord Amhurst service in 1823 and in 1830 decorated the coronation service for King William IV (now at Windsor) .

27 Joseph BARBER m Ann EDMONDS 31 Oct 1776 [see Edmonds branch and Gallant branch]

Children of Joseph and Ann
28......Ann Barber b1777
29......Joseph Barber b 1779
30......James Barber b 1782
31......Deborah Barber b 1785
32......Deborah Barber b 1786 d 28 Apr 1823
33......Mary Barber b 1789
34......John Barber b 1790
35......Mary Barber b 1794


25 Laetitia BLY m John BUTCHER (b 4 May 1744 d 3rd qr 1846 [Mutford 13 364] bur 26 Sep 1846 Lowestoft) 18 Jul 1797 Lowestoft

Note: John was the son of Henry BUTCHER (b 28 Aug 1748 Lowestoft) and Elizabeth SPURGEON (b abt 1751 Lowestoft). John was a fisherman. The 1851 census records Letitia as a pauper and in 1861 she is living in an almshouse

Children of John and Laetitia
36......John Butcher b 1798 Lowestoft m Elizabeth DAVEY
Note: In 1841 and 1851 he was a fisherman In 1861 he was living in an almshouse with his mother but is shown as "blind from birth".
37......Mary Butcher b 1799 Lowestoft
38......Henry Butcher b 29 Jun 1801 Lowestoft
Note: In 1841 Henry was a fisherman
39......James Butcher b 1802 Lowestoft
Note: In 1841 James was a fisherman
40......William Butcher b 1806 Lowestoft
42......Benjamin Butcher b 1807 Lowestoft
Note: In 1841 Benjamin was a fisherman
42......Samuel Butcher b 7 May 1809 Lowestoft
43......Letitia Butcher b 30 Jul 1811 Lowestoft
44......Matthew Butcher b 1813 Lowestoft m Mary Ann WARD
Note: In 1841 he was a fisherman living in Cleveland Street, Hartlepool and the 1861 census says he was a sailor living in Chapman Street, Hartlepool. The 1881 census states he was blind and in 1891 he was in the workhouse as a retired mariner
45......Jane Butcher b 1815 Lowestoft m William STEBBINGS
Note: In 1851Jane was living in Skiningrove, West Riding of Yorkshire; in 1861 she was in Guilsborough, and from 1881 she was living in Sunderland - in 1891 she was at Fancy Goods shop Sunderland
46......Joseph Butcher b 1817 Lowestoft m Charlotte
Note: In 1841 Joseph was a fisherman and in 1851 he was a twinespinner
47......Mary Butcher b 1819 Lowestoft d 1895

26 John Butcher BLY m (a) Ann POULTNEY in Worcester about 1813 (b) Sarah

Note: at the time of marrying Sarah John lived in Park Terrace, Worcester

Child of John and Ann
48......John Bly b Oct 1814 d Dec 1873

Child of John and Sarah
49......Jabez Bly b 7 Apr 1833

32 Deborah BARBER m 19 Abel BLY (b abt 1782 bur 22 Apr 1869 Lowestoft) 24 Feb 1807 Lowestoft

Note: Abel was a twinespinner in 1841 living at Chapel Road. He had a servant, Elizabeth GARNER aged 59 in 1841

Children of Deborah and Abel
50......Abel b 13 Dec 1807 bap 15 Dec 1807 Lowestoft
Note: in 1841 Abel, a twinespinner, was living with Esther TRIPP at Compass Lane, Lowestoft, unmarried. Esther was of independent means.
51......James Barber Bly b 16 Dec 1808 bap 18 Dec 1808 Lowestoft d 21 Oct 1887 Lowestoft
52......John Barber Bly b 15 Mar 1811 bap 16 Mar 1811 Lowestoft bur 15 Jan 1889 Lowestoft
53......Isaac Shuckford Bly bap 30 Aug 1813 Lowestoft (Named for his grandmother)
54......Deborah Bly bap 2 Sep 1816 Lowestoft
55......Joseph Bly bap 5 Oct 1818 Lowestoft bur 21 Nov 1894 aged 76 Lowestoft cemetery L/3/212 m Emily (bur 5 Aug 1893 aged 55 Lowestoft cemetery L/3/212
Note: Joseph was a twinespinner in 1841, an unmarried publican in 1861 at the Compasses Inn, Lowestoft and a fish dealer at 14 Raglan St, Lowestoft in 1877 (Harrod's directory). Both lived at Whitby House, Clapham Road, Lowestoft when they died
56......Walter Bly bap 28 Jul 1821 Lowestoft d 1911 bur 5 Jan 1911 aged 89 Lowestoft cemetery LC /4/253 m Mary Ann BURGESS (b 1840 Lowestoft bur 24 Feb 1897 aged 75 Lowestoft cemetery LC/4/253)
Note: In 1841 Walter was a twinespinner. In 1851 Walter was living in Lowestoft with 22 Abel. When he died he was described as a lay reader, and both he and Sarah lived at 47 Arnold Street, Lowestoft

See the Burgess branch here


57 Abel BLY m (a) Susanna EAVES 1 Apr 1833 Lowestoft (b) Esther TRIPP (b 1796 Oulton) 29 Jan 1843 [Mutford 13 703] as widower

Note: Abel is recorded in Pigots directory for 1830 as a twinespinner living at Mariners' Lane Lowestoft. In 1851 he was living at Compasses Lane, Lowestoft and an Ironmonger, James FARTHING was lodging with them. Abel was mate of the vessel "Alert" at sea in 1861

Child of Abel and Susanna
58......Abel Charles Bly b 1834 Corton
Note: Abel Charles, called Charles, was an unmarried fisherman in 1861 boarding with Samuel LORD at Mill Lane Corton

51 James Barber BLY m Mary Ann ADAMS (b 1810 Bungay) 1st qr 1840 [Mutford 13 719]
Note: Mary had a daughter, Mary ADAMS, born about 1836. They were living at Church Road, Lowestoft in 1861 when James was a twinespinner, and in 1871 there was a grandchild, Florence aged 1 living with them (daughter of Matilda?). James was a beer retailer in 1877 (Harrods directory) and his gravestone may be seen here

Children of James Barber and Mary Ann

59......James Adams Bly b 16 Jan 1842
60......Walter Barber Bly b 8 Jun 1847 m Sarah LEWIS (b 1852 bur 14 Aug 1906 Lowestoft cemetery L/20/8) 1st qr 1873 [Mutford 4a 969]
Note: Walter was a twinespinners boy in the 1861 census, living with parents aged 13. In 1891 he was a brewers labourer in which job he stayed for the rest of his life. They lived at 51 The Hempland, Lowestoft in 1891 and at 24 Queens Rd Lowestoft in 1901 and 1911 when Walter was a widower At the time of Sarah's death they were living at 24 Queens Road, Lowestoft.)
62......Matilda Bly b 8 Feb 1850

52 John Barber BLY (d 26 Jan 1837) m Susannah PEEK
Note: in 1841 Susannah and John Barber junior were living at 30 Back Street, Lowestoft and in 1877 John was a builder living at Church Rd, Lowestoft (Harrods)

Children of John and Susannah
63......Walter Bly b 1835
64......John Barber Bly b 14 Apr 1837 Lowestoft

53 Isaac Shuckford BLY d Oulton Workhouse 11 Jul 1880 m Sarah ARMES (b abt 1815 d Oct 1886 Oulton Workhouse) 20 Dec 1836

Note: In 1861 Sarah was listed as a fisherman's wife (husband not at home) living at Davies Yard, Providence place Lowestoft. In 1871 Isaac was listed as a fisherman, but paralyzed living with Sarah at Wellington Cottages, Lowestoft. Sarah was a charwoman in 1881

Children of Isaac Shuckford and Sarah

65......Robert Armes Bly b 1840 d 1915 m Hannah COLBY (b 1838 Ashby, Suffolk d 2nd qr 1909) St Hilda's South Shields 2 Jul 1867
Note: Robert and Hannah were living at 56 Ropery Bank, North Shields in 1881 and in 1891 . Robert was a mariner. In 1881 a Thomas HUTTON a mariner b 1849 Great Yarmouth, was boarding and in 1891 a John WARDLOW b 1840 Scotland a blacksmith was boarding with them.
William Shuckford Bly b 4th qr 1843 [Mutford 13 469] d 2nd qr 1906 aged 62 [Mutford 4a 566]
67......Frederick Barber Bly b 3rd qr 1846 [Mutford 13 674] d 2nd qr 1901 Lowestoft aged 54 [Mutford 4a 580] bur 5 Jun 1901 Lowestoft Cemetery aged 54 plot L/5/258
Note: In 1861 Frederick was a "boy" on the "Galilean", a fishing lugger
68......Joseph Edwin Bly b 1848 d Jan 9th 1849, murdered.(see account)
Note: 65 Robert and 66 William went to Walker a hamlet 5 miles east of Newcastle, and they were described as mariners on their relevant marriage certificates. It is thought they were fishermen.


64 John BARBER BLY m Emily UTTING 31 Dec 1860 Lowestoft

Note: John and Emily were at 24 Jacob's Street, Lowestoft in 1861 when he was a carpenter and joiner. In 1871 the family was at Arnold Street, Lowestoft and John was a master carpenter. Also living with them were Frederick PRATT aged 18 an apprentice and Emma PORTER aged 13 a servant. In 1881 John employed 11 men and thre boys, and the family was at 11 Thurston Road, Lowestoft. By 1891 Emily was a widow, still at the same address

Children of John and Emily
69......Emily Bly b 4th qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 626]
Note in 1881 Emily was a dressmaker still at home with mother
70......Ellen Bly b 4th qr 1867 Lowestoft [Mitford 4a 644]
Note: Ellen was a milliner in 1891 still at home with mother
71......John Ernest Bly b 4th qr 1868 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 712]
Note: John was a builder in 1891
72......William A Bly Bly b 1871 Lowestoft [census 1881] d Sep 1948 Lothingland m "Dorothy" Beatrice Louisa COOPER 3rd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1786]
Note William was a joiner in 1891 still at home with mother
73......Minnie Bly b 3rd qr 1872 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 731]
Note: Minnie was an assistant governess in 1891 still living at home with mother
Edward Able Bly b 4th qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 724]
Note: Edward was an architect's pupil in 1891 still living at home with mother. Spelling of second name is as the register, although in census returns and at marriage his name was Abel. In 1901 he was a civil engineer with the Admiralty
75......Lillie A Bly b 2nd qr 1876 Wisbech, Cambs [Wisbech 3d 644]

3566 William Shuckford BLY m (a) Elizabeth BOURNE (d 2 Dec 1862) 3 Sep 1862 and (b) Jane MOORE (b abt 1841 Newcastle upon Tyne d 4th qr 1911 aged 70) 20 May 1863

Note: William and Jane were at 7 Church Street, Longbenton in 1881 when William was a shipbuilder Rigger. In 1891 they were at 22 Burnaby Street, Byker, Newcastle on Tyne

Child of William and Elizabeth
76......John Thomas Bly b 1861 Longbenton
Note: John Thomas was a plater in 1881 living with his parents

Child of William and Jane
77......Isaac William Bly b 2nd qr 1864 North Shields [Tynemouth 10b 147]
Note: Isaac William was a shipbuilder in 1881 living with his parents and a shipwright in 1891

67 Frederick Barber BLY m Gesina Augusta LAMBERTO wid (b 1846 Germany d 2nd qr 1909 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 718] bur 3 Feb 1909 Lowestoft Cemetery plot L/5/258) 2nd qr 1867 [Tynemouth 10b 274]

Note: Gesina had previously been married to Francesco Lamberto in 1864 [Tynemouth 10b 297], and her maiden name was BEHRENS. Gesina brought a daughter with her: Francesca LAMBERTO b 1865 South Shields. In 1881 they were living at Clapham Road Shop, Lowestoft, where Frederick was a fish curer and Francesca was a dressmaker`

Children of Frederick and Gesina
78......Gesina Augusta Bly b 3rd qr 1871 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 695]
79......Frederick Isaac Bly b 4th qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 717]


71 John Ernest BLY m Harriet Frances PIPER 2nd qr 1897 [Wangford 4a 1686]

Children of John and Harriet
80......Francis John Bly b 1901 Lowestoft [1911 census]
81......Elsie Ethel Bly b 4th qr 1903 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1148]

74 Edward Abel BLY m Annie FORSTER 9b 1876 Macclesfield) 4th qr 1899 [Macclesfield 8a 236]

Note: In 1901 Edward was a civil engineer with the admiralty living at 45 Hazeldean Road, Willesden, and in 1911 he was a civil engineering assistant living at 336 Hagden Lane, Watford.

Child of Edward and Ann
82......Harold John Barber Bly b 1901 Wealdstone, Mdx

76 John Thomas BLY m Jane Wihelmina HICKS (b 1862 d 3rd qr 1928) 1st qr 1881 [Tynemouth 10b 331]

Note: John was a ship plater in 1891 living at 280 to 284, Church Street, Longbenton, Walker. In 1911 the family was at 245 Church Street East, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne

Children of John Thomas and Jane Wilhelmina
83......William Hicks Bly b 1st qr 1881 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 213]
84......Jane Sarah Bly b 1st qr 1883 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 222] d 1st qr 1883 [Tynemouth 10b 135]
85......Joseph Bly b 3rd qr 1884 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 255]
86......Grace Bly b 2nd qr 1886 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 238] d 1st qr 1975 [Newcastle upon Tyne 2 0469
Note: In 1911 Grace was a dressmaker working at home with her parents. 68 John Harpin says that his Aunt Grace used to knit his cricket sweaters and they were always perfect even though she was blind. . In her later years she lived with her sister 52 Mary Ellen Wilson BLY
87......Annie Bly b 1st qr 1889 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 227] m William FARRELL 1st qr 1917 [Tynemouth 10b 457]
Note: in 1911 Annie was a bottle washer
88......Jane Bly b 2nd qr 1891 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 264] d 3rd qr 1893 [Tynemouth 10b 167]
Josephine Bly b 2nd qr 1893 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 253]
Note: in 1911 Josephine was a bottle washer
90......John Thomas Bly b 3rd qr 1895 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 252] m Sarah HARRISON 1st qr 1920 [Newcastle upon Tyne 10b 129]
Note; In 1911 John was a ship Plater's helper
91......George Hicks Bly b 3rd qr 1897 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 265] m Edith M WATSON 4th qr 1935 [Sheffield 9c 1036]
92......Margaret Henrietta Bly b 2nd qr 1899 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 29] d 4th qr 1900 Walker[Tynemouth 10b 177]
93......James Bly b 1st qr 1901 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 282] m Ruth DUNN 1st qr 1928 [Tynemouth 10b 280]
94......Robert Bly b 4th qr 1904 Walker[Tynemouth 10b 295] d as infant
95......Mary Ellen Wilson Bly b 4th qr 1905 Walker [Tynemouth 10b 296]

77 Isaac William BLY m Wilhelmina STARK (b 1872 Gareshead) 4th qr 1905 [Gateshead 10a 1453]

Note: In 1911 they were living at 3 Westborne Ave, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne and Isaac was a shipwright

Children of Isaac and Wilhelmina
96......Ivy Wilhelmina R Bly b 4th qr 1906 Walker, Newcastle on Tyne [Tynemouth 10b 281] m Robert E GRAY 3rd qr 1939 [Holderness 9d 327]
97......Lily Isa T Bly b 3rd qr 1909 Byker [Gateshead 10a 1052]

79 Frederick Isaac BLY m Susannah BLOGG 1st qr 1898 [Norwich 4b 173]

Note: Frederick was a coal porter in 1911 living at 17 Paradise Place Norwich

Children of Isaac and Susannah
98......Eva Winifred Bly b 4th qr 1906 [Norwich 4b 108]
99......Grace Mary Bly b 1st qr 1910 [Norwich 4b 123]
Note: 68 John Harpin says that his Aunt Grace used to knit his cricket sweaters and they were always perfect even though she was blind. . In her later years she lived with 52 Mary Ellen Wilson BLY


83William Hicks BLY m Annie FORREST 3rd qr 1901 [Newcastle upon Tyne 10b 24]

Note: William was a shipwright in 1911 living at 150 Church Street, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne

Children of William and Annie
100......Maud Forrest Bly b 1905 St Anthony's Northumberland m William J MAWSON 3rd qr 1930 [Tynemouth 10b 494]
101......Grace Wilhelmina Bly b 3rd qr 1907 Byker [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 167]
102......Hilda Bly b 4th qr 1909 Byker [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 157] m Thomas ASTLEY 1st qr 1937 [Newcastle on Tyne 10b 25]
103......Annie Bly b 1st qr 1912 [Tynemouth 10b 550]
104......Lilian W Bly b 3rd qr 1917 [Tynemouth 10b 466]
105......William Bly b 2nd qr 1920 [Tynemouth 10b 643]
106......Roy Bly b 4th qr 1923 [Tynemouth 10b 482]

85Joseph BLY m Margaret LOGAN 03 Jan 1905

Note: Joseph was a shipyard plater living at 150 Church Street, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne

Children of Joseph and Margaret
107......Elizabeth Kerkup Bly b 1st qr 1908 [Tynemouth 10b 315]
108......Jane Wilhelmina Bly b 1907
109......Margaret Temple Bly b 4th qr 1910 [Tynemouth 10b 264]
110......Josephine Bly b 1st qr 1913 [Tynemouth 10b 522]
111......Joseph Thomas Bly b 2nd qr 1915 [Tynemouth 10b 540]
112......Walter Bly b 4th qr 1917 [Tynemouth 10b 434]
113......George Bly b 1st qr 1921 [Tynemouth 10b 534]
114......Phyllis Bly b 1928

76 John Thomas BLY m Sarah HARRISON (b 1895 d 1988) 24 Jan 1920 [Newcastle upon Tyne 10b 129]

Child of John and Sarah
115......Evelyn Bly b 4th qr 1921 [Newcastle upon Tyne 10B 307] d aged 40 4th qr 1961 [Durham NW 1a 70]

89 Josephine BLY m Henry Christopher WELTON (b 1892 Adamsdown Cardiff d Sep 1946 Newport, Gwent) 3rd qr 1917 Newcastle upon Tyne

Note: Henry was the son of Michael WELTON (b 1865 Newport) and Anne HEATH (b 1869 Porthcawl)

Children of Henry and Josephine
116......Josephine M Welton b 3rd qr 1918 [Newport M 11a 501] m Harold W WILLIAMS 4th qr 1948 [St Asaph 8a 1152]
117......Ellen E Welton b 2nd qr 1920 [Newport M 11a 546]
118......Thomas C Welton b 3rd qr 1921 [Newport M 11a 571]
119......Phyllis D Welton b 1st qr 1924 [Newport M 11a 476]
120......George Henry Welton b 1st qr 1926 [Newport M 11a 437] d 17 Aug 2001 Newport m Joyce JONES 1st qr 1951 [Newport M 8c 582]
121......Stanley John Welton b 2nd qr 1928 [Newport M 11a 391] d Nov 2003 Newport
122......Ronald Bly Welton b 4th qr 1932 [Newport M 11a 304]
123......Roy Bly Welton b 4th qr 1932 [Newport M 11a 304] d 9 May 2011 Newport
124.....Maureen Welton b 3rd qr 1936 Newport M 11a 331]

98 Eva Winifred BLY m Augustus E A POWLES 2nd qr 1924 [Norwich 4b 363]

Child of Augustus and Eva
125......Jack C Powles b 4th qr 1924 [Norwich 4b 160]


112 Walter BLY m Hannah CHARLTON13 Dec 1939

Children of Walter and Hannah
126......Joseph Walter Bly b 1940
127......William Bly b 1942
128......Derek Bly b 1944
129......Pauline Bly b 1946
130......Ronald Bly b 1950
131......Elizabeth Anne Bly b 1956

115 Evelyn BLY m Arthur HARPIN (b 2nd qr 1919 [Durham 10a 1534] 5 Apr 1957 [[Newcastle upon Tyne 1b 140]

Child of Arthur and Evelyn
132......John Arthur Harpin b 3rd qr 1952 [Newcastle upon Tyne 1B 57]


130 Ronald BLY 1950 m Janet Maria WYNNE 09 Aug 1975

Children of Ronald and Janet Maria
133......Nicola Alexandra Bly b 1974
134......Carrie Maria Bly b 1976
Leigh Andrew b 1982

132 John Arthur HARPIN m Deborah Margaret GODBOLT (b 3rd qr 1954 Chelsea) 19 Aug 1978 [Richmond upon Thames 14 1561]

Note: John and Deborah emigrated to Canada in 1981

Children of John and Deborah
136......Robert John Harpin b 1981 Medicine Hat, Alberta m Aspen ZETTEL (b 1985) 3 Oct 2009
137......Louise Deborah Harpin b 1982 Medicine Hat, Alberta


69 Leigh Andrew BLY m Vicky Anne PORTER 20 Apr 2000

Children of Leigh Andrew and Vicky Anne
138......Wayne Alan Bly b 11 Aug 1996 (previously PORTER)
Amber Michelle Bly b 27 Apr 1998 (previously GALLAGHER)
140......Brandon Lee Bly b 2001
141......Aaron Andrew Blyb 28 Oct 2002

Much of the information on this branch was supplied by Ron BLY, Leigh BLY, Christine DAVIS, Lisa EADE and Debbie HARPIN to whom many thanks. You can contact Ron , Leigh , Christine and Lisa .

© Richard Green 2010