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Last revision: 20 Apr 2016

Wissett Web
ADAMS140Lowestoft Mewse, Barber, Edmonds
ALDRED224Lowestoft & E SuffolkEdmonds, Dixon, Mayes, Mewse, Tripp
ALLERTON357Lowestoft, USA Edmonds, Mewse, Morrison
ANDREWS260Feltwell, Hockwold, New Zealand, USAJohnson, Chilvers
BARDOLF225Norfolk, Lincs, FranceMorley
BARROW177London, BrightonCousins
BAXTER148Burgh, Clopton annd GrundisburghGreen, Latter
BECK2468Norfolk, Gloucestershire SuffolkGreen
BIGOD271Normandy, Suffolk, NorfolkMohaut, D'Aubigny
BLACKLOG54NorfolkBunn, Crispe
BLOCKsee EadeLowestoftEade, Botwright, Mewse, Thurling
BOTWRIGHTSee EadeLowestoftEade, Block, Mewse, Thurling
BLY136Lowestoft, Worcester, NewcastleEdmonds, Gallant
BROAD436Kettering, Diss, Suffolk New ZealandBrown, Osborn(e) and Fowell
BROWN140Thetford, Yorkshire, New ZealandBroad, Osborn(e) and Fowell
BROWNE427Lowestoft, London[included for Lowestoft Porcelain] - Glasspoole link
BUNN54Shipdham, NorfolkCrispe, Lilleystone, Mewse
BURGESS111Lowestoft, LondonMewse
BUTCHERsee GrigsonRaydon and New ZealandChampion, Grigson, Double
BUTTERS185Weeting Norfolk, Fordham Cambs, New Zealand, FranceJohnson, Whistler
CAROLING294France, Italy, NormandyMohaut, Morley
CHARITY53Stamford, ChatterisPick
CHAMPIONsee GrigsonNew ZealandButcher, Grigson, Double
CHATTEN182LowestoftEdmonds, Mewse
CHILVERS25Brandon, Feltwell, Hockwold, HunstantonFendick, Johnson Tibbett
CLARK46Clare, Woodbridge, Gravesend, Rochester, Ontario, TorontoGreen
COCK120Australia. Hockwold, FeltwellCracknel, Johnson
COCKEL305Lowestoft , Cambridge, Thetford, CornwallAllerton, Ayers, Mewse, Vingoe
COLBY201Pakefield, Maidstone, MiddlesboroughCrispe, Mewse
COOLEY65Leicester, London, Froyle, HampshireGreen, Pick
CORBET140France, Shropshire, WalesMorley, De La Pole
COUSINS550Central SuffolkDouble, Kembold, (Kimball) Munning, Ramplin
CRICKMORE253London, Lowestoft, Norwich, YarmouthGreen, Mewse, Wilkins
CRISP316Mid SuffolkDouble, Green
CRISPE156LowestoftBunn, Lilleystone, Mewse
CROSS13Mildenhall, Lowestoft, HalesworthMewse
D'AUBIGNY90Normandy, Suffolk, NorfolkMohaut, Bigod
De BRAOSE184Wales, France, Suffolk de Stafford, De La Pole, Morley
DENT163Blundeston, Hartlepool, London, Lowestoft, YarmouthMewse
DEVES70London, BrightonCousins
DOUBLE1887Central Suffolk, New Zealand, Canada LondonCrisp, Cousins, Scarf
DOUBLE (New Zealand)1139Central Suffolk, New Zealand, Australia, CanadaCrisp, Cousins, Scarf
DRACKETT-CASE321 Lowestoft, London, Newmarket, HargraveEdmonds, Mewse, Chatten, Aldred
EADE250LowestoftBlock, Botwright, Mewse, Thurling
EASTGATE534Feltwell, HockwoldEnefer
EAGLE13Mildenhall, Lowestoft, HalesworthMewse
EDMONDS352LowestoftAldred, Chatten, Gallant, Jackson, Mewse, Sterry, Tripp
ENEFER340Brandon, HockwoldEastgate, Gathercole, Morley, Whitta
EUROPEAN190France, Italy, SpainCaroling and ancestors of Charlemagne
FAIRBROTHER7Derby, NottinghamGreen
FALTHORPE43Northwold, FeltwellFeetham
FEETHAM245Methwold, Feltwell, HockwoldFalthorpe, Morley
FELTON90Lowestoft, Devon, DorsetMewse
FENDICK172Methwold, YorkshireChilvers, Johnson
FOWELL382Thetford, St Ives, New Zealand, Morley, Oldman, Osborn
GALLANT131LowestoftBly, Edmonds
GATHERCOLE211Brandon, Canada, Edenbridge Kent, Norwich, PerivaleEnefer
GIRLING128Stradbroke, Fressingfield, AucklandMewse
GLASSPOOLE212Suffolk, Norfolk and LondonMewse, Browne
de GOURNAY55Suffolk, Norfolk and FranceMorley, Oldman
GORE86Hockwold and BrandonWatson, Johnson
GREEN796Brazil, Canada, South and Central Suffolk, Felixstowe, Halesworth, IpswichCrisp, Clark. Fairbrother, Latter, Mewse, Oldman, Pick
GREENFIELD134Hockwold, Thetford, WeetingButters, Cock, Johnson,
GRIGSON177Raydon, New ZealandDouble, Butcher, Champion
HAMMOND387Central SuffolkGreen
HAYLETT122Winterton CaisterMewse
HEWINGS (UINGS)175Brenchley, Dartford, AustraliaLatter
HEWINGS (other branch)See BeckNorfolk, Gloucestershire SuffolkGreen
ISTEDSee SayerKent, Surrey Sussex EssexSayer, Green
JACKSON102Gorleston, Lowestoft, USAEdmonds, Liffen, Mewse
JOHNSON333Feltwell, Hockwold, USAChilvers, Cock, Eastgate, Enefer, Matthews, Morley,
Watson, Whistler
KEMBOLD638South Suffolk, USACousins, Munning
LATTER86Brenchley Kent, Burgh Suffolk, IpswichGreen
LILLISTONE64Lowestoft, LondonCrispe
LOMBARD119France, Hurst, Derby SuffolkClovis, Pierrepont, Caroling
MATTHEWS61Feltwell, Hockwold, WeetingCock, Johnson, Whistler
MAYES95LowestoftAldred, Mewse
MEWSE1024Australia, Canada, Corton, Lowestoft, Middlesborough, Yarmouth BedfordshireAldred, Allerton, Burgess, Chatten, Crickmore, Dent
Frary, Felton, Green, Jackson, Mayes, Mickleborough,
Prentice,Slapp, Seamans, Smith Sterry Wilkins
MEWSE of Beds and USA553Norfolk, Bedfordshire and USAMewse
MICKLEBOROUGH340Thurlton, StocktonCrickmore, Mewse
MOHAUT110, Wigmore, Herefordshire, Castle Rising, FranceMorley
MORLEY1332Hockwold cum Wilton, Wigmore, Herefordshire Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, ItalyEnefer, Feetham, Oldman, Mortimer
MORTIMER147Wales, Wigmore, Herefordshire, AttleboroughMorley, Oldman, Green
MUNNING49Mid-SuffolkCousins, Kembold/Kemball/Kimball
OLDMAN291Bury St Edmunds, Northwold, ThetfordGreen, Morley
OSBORN181Norton, Cavenham, Thetford, New Zealand,Broad, Brown, Fowell
PALMERSee AndrewsFeltwell, Hockwold, New Zealand, USAChilvers, Johnson
PICK327Leicestershire, AustraliaCooley, Green
PRENTICE139Bury St Eds, Palgrave, ThrandestonMewse
ROMAN60Italy, BritainPendragon
RAMPLIN366Central SuffolkCousins, Green
SAUVEUR293France, Italy, NormandyMohaut, Morley and Charlemagne
SAYER1504Sussex, Surrey, London, NorfolkGreen
SCARF374Central Suffolk, New ZealandDouble, Scarf
SCARLETTSee SayerSaxmundham, Knodishall, LondonSayer, Green
SHARMAN62Yarmouth, AberdeenMewse
SLAPP152Yarmouth, FleetwoodMewse
STAFFORD378France, Italy, WalesDe La Pole
STEARNE527Thetford, St Ives, Huntingdonshire, Cornwall, TasmaniaOldman
STERRY277Lowestoft, SouthwoldEdmonds, Mewse
SWEDISH & NORWEGIAN83Sweden, Norway, Denmark, FranceCaroling, Sauveur, Bigod
TIBBETTsee FendickMethwold, Skelton YorksChilvers
TORRINGTON20Methwold, Feetham
TRIPP638Lowestoft, KessinglandAldred, Edmonds
WALDEN188Feltwell, USAPalmer, Cock (?) Gathercole (?)
WARDsee JacksonGorleston,Lowestoft, USAEdmonds, Liffen, Mewse
WATSON299Feltwell, Hockwold, Icklingham,London, Sheffield, USAJohnson, Whitta
WHISTLER134Hockwold, Thetford, WeetingButters, Cock, Johnson,
WHITTA233Brandon, Chesterton, Denmark, Hockwold, London, Redberth Wales, Thetford USAWatson
WILKINS136Bardwell, Blakeney, Great Yeldham, LowestoftMewse