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The Broad coat of arms


The Greens and the later Broads are both descended from Henry Osborn and Elizabeth Cross - see the Osborn branch here.

There is a family story that 51 Robert Charles Broad had inherited a Danish dressing pin, and that the family came to England from Denmark with William of Orange in the late 17th century.


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1 John BROAD b 1705 m Elizabeth GALE 5 Feb 1731 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire

Children of John and Elizabeth
Joseph Broad bap 17 Jan 1731 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire
3......John Broad bap 7 Oct 1733 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire m Betty DANCE 31 Mar 1759 Collingbourne Kingston
4......Mary Broad bap 20 Jan 1734 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire
5......William Broad bap 8 Aug1736 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire
Edward Broad bap 6 Jul 1738 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire
7......Mary Broad bap 23 Apr 1740 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire
8......Mary Broad bap 4 Oct 1743 Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire


2 Joseph BROAD m Mary STRANGE 7 Aug 1778 Colliongbourne Kingston

Note: Mary was the daughter of William and Sarah STRANGE

Children of Joseph and Sarah
9......Joseph Broad bap 14 Feb 1756 Collingbourne Kingston
10....William Broad bap 13 May 1759 Collingbourne Kingston
11....Elizabeth Broad b 1763 Collingbourne Kingston
12....Mary Broad bap 23 Feb 1766 Collingbourne Kingston
13....Faney Broad bap 20 Dec 1767 Collingbourne Kingston
14....Sarah Broad bap 8 Feb 1769 Collingbourne Kingston

3 Edward BROAD m Lucy PERRY 26 Feb 1759 Wilton, Wilts.

Children of Edward and Lucy

15......Frances Broad b 17 Apr 1774 bap 30 Nov 1775 (aged 1) St Edmunds, Salisbury
16......William Broad b 10 Feb 1777 bap 30 Aug 1790 (aged 13) St Edmunds, Salisbury
17......John Broad b 23 Oct 1779 bap 30 Aug 1790 (aged 11) St Edmunds, Salisbury d 13 Jan 1863 10 Powell Street, St Luke, London.
18......George Broad b 13 May 1783 bap 15 Jun 1791 (aged 8) St Edmunds, Salisbury d 15 Jun 1791 Salisbury
18a....William Broad bap30 Aug 1790 St Edmunds, Salisbury


9 Joseph BROAD m unknown

Children of Joseph and unknown
19......George Broad b 1779 Collingbourne Kingston d 1859
20......Lucy Broad bap 15 Oct1780 Collingbourne Kingston
21......Joseph Broad bap 3 Nov 1782 Collingbourne Kingston d 3rd qr 1866 Pewsey

17 John BROAD m Charlotte CARTER (b abt 1786 Kettering d 5 May 1864 aged 77 at 10 Powell St, St Luke London) 1 Jul 1805 Kettering

Note: At his marriage, John was described as a brushmaker of St Margaret's Leicester. In the 1841 census John, a brushmaker and Charlotte were at Northampton Street, St James, Clerkenwell: staying at the same address was Donald MacKay (spelled Mackie) aged 15, later to marry Eliza. In the 1861 census, John and Charlotte were living in 10 Powell Street East St Luke's parish Finsbury, London. John is described as a brushmaker, born in Salisbury aged 80: Charlotte was 74.

The Brushmakers' Benevolent Society paid John a pension of £3.18s in 1857, 1860 and 1862 and in 1863 John's funeral cost of £7 was paid for by the Society. It also paid for a wife's funeral but the record is not clear as to whether Charlotte's funeral was funded.

Children of John and Charlotte
22......George William Broad b abt 1807 Kettering d 16 Feb 1889 Taunton [cert]
Note: There is an oddity about George William's death at 82: the cause was shown as "unknown" and in the informant column the Registrar wrote: ""causing the body to be buried". Whilst records of the cause of death do occur as unknown, such a record is usually followed by a post mortem. We do not know whether this happened. You can see the certificate here

23......Fanny Ann M Broad b 7 Apr 1808 bap 23 Apr 1809 Great Meeting Independent Kettering m Robert MIDDLETON (b abt 1815 Whitby) 26 Dec 1842 , St Leonard's Shoreditch [Shoreditch 2 383] [Cert]
Note Robert, a brazier, was the son of John MIDDLETON, captain of a merchant vessel. Fanny's wedding was a double one for the Broad family with 13 Eliza below.
24......Lucy Broad b 22 Feb 1810 bap 26 Aug 1810 Great Meeting Independent, Kettering m Henry MOSELEY (b 17 Jan 1812 bap 22 Mar 1812 St Luke, Old St, Finsbury d 1st qr 1877 [Hampstead 1a 430]) 31 Mar 1834 St Dunstan's Stepney
Note: In 1841 Henry, a picture framer, and Lucy were living at Clerkenwell with both ages shown as 25. Also present was Lucy's sister Eliza Broad, a dresser. Henry and Lucy (named as Louisa) were living with John and Charlotte in 1861 at 10 Powell Street East, Finsbury. In 1871 Henry and Lucy were living at 9 Arlington Square with their daughter Sarah N Moseley (b 1854 Middlesex). Henry was now a carpenter and both Lucy and Sarah were dressmakers.
25......Harriott Broad b 29 Jun 1812 bap 29 Apr 1815 Wesleyan Methodist Church Kettering
26......Edward Broad b 29 Aug 1814 bap 29 Apr 1815 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Kettering d 4 May 1815 [Northants burial index]
27......Eliza Broad b 1819 Kettering m Donald MACKAY (b 1819) 26 Dec 1842 , St Leonard's Shoreditch [Shoreditch 2 383] [Cert]
Note: the marriage was a joint one with sister Fanny
28......Charles Broad b 1820 Kettering d 2nd qr 1909 Bury St Edmunds (BSE 4a 465]
29......Henry John Broad b 7 Jun 1822 Kettering bap 11 Sep 1836 Barnsbury Independent, Islington, London
30......William Carter Broad b 27 Mar 1824 Kettering bap 11 Sep 1836 Barnsbury Independent, Islington [BT] d 4th qr 1892 Marylebone aged 69 [Marylebone 1a 355]
Note: In 1841 William was with his parents in Clerkenwell.

Q1 Gustav Leopold HENNING b abt 1800 m Charlotte WILLMAN10 Apr 1826

Children of Gustav and Charlotte
Q2......Sophie Johanna Henning bap 21 May 1827 Berlin
Q3......Charlotte Elizabeth Marie Henning bap 17 Jul 1830 Berlin
Q4......Herman Ferdinand Henning b 12 Jun 1832 bap 16 Jun 1832 Berlin
Leopold Carl Albert Henning b 3 Feb 1834 bap 21 Feb 1834 Berlin
Q6......Auguste Pauline Johanna Henning b 4 Aug 1836 bap 4 Sep 1836 Berlin
Q7......Friedrich William Carl Henning b 26 Jan 1839 bap 24 Feb 1839 Berlin


Osborn 24 James OSBORNE m Elizabeth SNELLING (b 1821 Thetford) 15 Oct 1849 St Peter's Church, Thetford

Note: Witnesses at the marriage were Susan SNELLING and Joseph FOWELL. Joe FOWELL, grandson of this Joseph, married Mabel Osborne BROAD, James' granddaughter in Dunedin in 1909. The family was living at St Nicholas Lane, Thetford in 1852 and 23 White Hart Street in 1861: James was a machine maker in 1852 and was a model maker (for Burrells?) in 1861. Ellen (as Elizabeth Ellen was known) and Martha emigrated to New Zealand on the barque "Coromandel" in 1880, whilst Ellen married Moses BROWN whom she met on the ship (See the Brown branch here.)

The Coromandel left England Dec.19,1879 and arrived in Dunedin on April 2, 1880. It was carrying 1400 tons of cargo, 25 tons gunpowder, and 32 passengers all in steerage class (31 originally plus 1 born on the way). A press cutting from the day of arrival may be seen here

A total of 13 different surnames, are all documented. Miss Osborne being listed as "with the Broads" in their cabin or possibly just a screened off area.

Children of James and Elizabeth
31......Elizabeth Ellen Osborne b 10 Aug 1852 St Nicholas Lane, Thetford m Moses BROWN
Note: See Brown branch
32......Martha Osborne b 24 Aug 1854 Thetford d 12 Jul 1923 Cosy Dell, Dunedin bur 17 Jul 1923 block 95 plot 32
33......George Henry Osborne b 1857 [Thetford 4b 402] d 4 May 1880 Dunedin m Emma BROAD in Bury St Edmunds 3rd qr 1878 [BSE 4A 740]

19 George BROAD m Elizabeth MATTHEWS (b 1779 d 1853) abt 1804

Children of George and Elizabeth
34......William Broad bap 20 Oct 1805 Collingbourne Kingston m Hester POTTER 24 Sep 1825 Collingbourne Kingston
35......Charlotte Broad bap 15 May 1808 Collingbourne Kingston
36......Hannah Broad b 1810 Collingbourne Kingston d 1867 m John GODDARD 8 Aug 1829 Collingbourne Kingston
37......Sophia Broad bap 16 Aug 1812 Collingbourne Kingston
38......John Broad b abt 1815 Collingbourne Kingston
39......Jane Broad bap 18 Jan 1816 Collingbourne Kingston
40......Ann Eliza Broad bap 8 Jun 1817 Collingbourne Kingston
41......Elizabeth Broad bap 23 Jan 1820 d 1900 Devises
42......George Broad bap 20 Jul 1823 Collingbourne Kingston d 1894 Pewsey

21 Joseph BROAD m Elizabeth MATTHEWS 18 Aug 1805 Collingbourne Kingston

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
43......Mary Broad b 1804 Portsmouth
44......Thomas Broad bap 10 Jul 1808 Collingbourne Kingston d bef 1851 Chute, Wiltshire
45......Henry Broad bap 3 Feb 1811 Collingbourne Kingston
46......Lucy Broad bap 19 Dec 1813 Collingbourne Kingston
47......Elizabeth Broad bap 4 Jan 1818 Collingbourne Kingston m Isaac GLASS abt 1843 Collingbourne Kingston
48......Ann Broad bap 19 Mar 1820 Collingbourne Kingston

22 George William BROAD m Mary Ann MOSELEY (b 1st Oct 1805, St Lukes, Finsbury, London bap 22 Dec 1805 St Luke's Finsbury d 10 Mar 1890 Taunton) 1834 St John, Clerkenwell [Pallot]

Note: Mary Ann was the sister of Henry Moseley who married George's sister Lucy. Henry and Mary Ann's parents were George Robert and Sarah MOSELEY. In 1841 the family was at Back Lane, Diss but in 1851 they are shown at St Nicholas Street, Diss when George was employing 7 men. At this time they had a servant, Theodore EVERSON George was a brush manufacturer in Half Moon Lane, Diss in 1845, and still there in 1861 when the family lived at 28 Crown Street, Diss employing 17 men, 26 boys and 11 girls. In 1863 George was a member of the Diss Board of Health (still a brushmaker) In 1871 they were at Mere Street, Diss and George is shown as a brush and matting manufacturer employing 70 workpeople. His name appears in the Principal registry Index; and the death date is confirmed - 10FEB1889. Per the Index, probate was granted 25MAR1889. Reads: "The Will of George William Broad, formerly of Diss, in the County of Norfolk, Brush Manufacturer, but late of Silvermead, Taunton, in the County of Somerset who died 16th February 1889 at Silvermead, was proved at the Principal registry by Mary Ann Broad of Silvermead, widow, the relict the sole Executrix". George's Estate was valued at £1,424 & 2shillings
You can see a copy of Mary Ann's death certificate here
There is an apprentice indenture for Charles WELTON with George William dated 5 Jan 1860 in Ipswich Record office - cat no EE2/D4/2

Children of George and Mary Ann
49....Emily Sarah Broad b 12 Apr 1835 London bap 21 Aug 1835 St Leonards Shoreditch
Note: In 1850 Emily was a witness to the marriage of her uncle Charles to Ann Butcher. In 1851 Emily was a milliner
50....Eliza Broad b 9 Apr 1836 bap 17 Jul 1836 Stambourne Meeting - Independent), Stambourne, Essex
51....George John Broad b 3rd qr 1837 Diss [Depwade 13 26]
Note: In 1891 George John was living at 1 Silvermead, Holway Lane, South Road Taunton, Somerset where he was described as a retired matting manufacturer and was living with his single sisters, Letitia and Kathleen. They had two servants: Mary SALTER aged 22 general servant born Curland Somerset, spinster and Rosina Charlotte DARSTON 19 domestic housemaid born St Leonards Sussex, spinster

In 1901 George John and Kathleen were living on their own means at Ferndown, Hampreston, Dorset
52......Frederick Broad b 1st qr 1839 Diss [Depwade 13 32]
Note: Frederick went with his brother Allan to Australia aboard the "Wansfell"
53...... Allan Broad b 3 Jan 1841 Diss [Depwade 13 28] d 1930 Coast Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Note: Allan and Frederick, both listed as farm labourers, perhaps living at the time in Bedford, emigrated to Australia on 28 Jul 1861from Gravesend, on the barque "Wansfell" (The pioneering vessel in the Black Ball Line's Queensland immigration venture) from Liverpool to Sydney, arriving in Brisbane on 10 Nov 1861 as a member of the Otago Early Settlers Association.

Not the Wansfell, but a similar barque of the time

Allan and his brother Frederick signed a letter of thanks (together with 27 other passengers) to the captain of the Wansfell published as an advertisement by the Brisbane Courier -
Moreton Bay, November 11, 1861.

Commander of the Black Ball Liner, Wansfell

We the undersigned Cabin Passengers of the ship Wansfell, desire to express to Captain C. Jones our heartfelt thanks for his unvaried kindness nnd politeness, and also for the untiring zeal with which he promoted our comfort and welfare.
Our thanks are likewise due to Mr. Fyfe (surgeon) whose services have always been promptly and cheerfully given to any of us requiring his care.
The first and second officers, Messieurs. Gray and Lewis, have also been most zealous in promoting and carrying into effect any arrangements likely to tend to our benefit and happiness, and by, their civility and oheerfulness have gained the respect and goodwill of us all
In bidding adieu, we further congratulate Captain Jones and his officers on the favorable and speedy termination of a pleasant voyage, and beg to wish them every success future.

A report of his death may be seen here

He became a draper, marrying Margaret KERR on 16 Feb 1865 at the house of Mrs Kerr, George Street, Dunedin. He appears to be the first Broad to go to New Zealand and may well have provided the advice to emigrate to his nephews 29 Alfred Carter and 36 Arthur as well as maybe providing a temporary home when they arrived. He had gone to Australia with some daughters when he had an accident following which he died.In May 1918 Allan was enrolled as a member of the Otago Early Settlers Association; The Otago Daily Times reported on 12 July 1922.
"The monthly meeting of the committee of the Otago Early Settlers' Association was held yesterday, Mr Geo. Calder (president) occupying the chair. The following gifts were received, and votes of thanks passed to the donors; - From Alexander S. Familton, Oamaru a number of photos of Oamaru old identities from Allan Broad, Christchurch, framed portrait of himself and his late wife (Mr. Broad, Blue Jacket, 1862;. Mr Broad, Thane of Fyfe, 1863)

The "Blue Jacket" - fast clipper.

54......,b.mary Ann Broad b 4th qr 1842 Diss [Depwade 13 27]
55......Letitia Broad b 3rd qr 1847 Diss [Depwade 13 25]
In 1901 Letitia (still a spinster)had moved to Eastbourne where she was an unmarried domestic servant in the employ of Thomas and Kathleen GORDON at 5 Chatsworth Gardens, Cliffe Road.
56......Kathleen Broad b 1st qr 1850 Diss [Depwade 13 35]
57......Lyony Broad (?) male, b 1853 Diss
58....Sydney Moseley Broad b 2nd qr 1853 Diss [Depwade 4b 217] d Cardiff 2nd qr 1942 aged 89 [Cardiff 11a 149]
Note: Sydney, who was a landscape artist and a poet; You can see one of his poems here and two more of his paintings here

"On the Wye, Wales" (left) both by Sydney and "Loch Lomond" (right)

Other works by Sydney include:
1) Castle Coch, Wales - last recorded sale at auction was on 18 Jan 1996.
2) A November Day near Abergavenny; painted in 1895; last recorded sale at auction was on 04 Dec 1996.
3) A Fishing Fleet in Harbour, the fleet in Weymouth Bay; painted in 1919; last recorded sale at auction was on 14 May1992.

23 Fanny Ann M Broad m Robert MIDDLETON (b abt 1815 Whitby) 26 Dec 1842 , St Leonard's Shoreditch [Shoreditch 2 383] [Pallot] Their marriage certificate can be seen here

Note: In 1861 Robert and Fanny Ann were living at 52 York Street, Middlesex. Robert was a tinplate worker

Children of Robert and Fanny
59......William Middleton b 1846 Clerkenwell
Note: In 1861 William was an apprentice tinplate worker
60......Fanny Middleton b 1849 St Luke, Mdx

27 Eliza BROAD m Donald MACKAY (d 2nd qr 1865 [Islington 1b 202]) 22 Dec 1842 St Leonard's Chuch, Shoreditch Their wedding certificate may be seen here

Note: In 1841 Eliza was a dresser living with her married sister Lucy in Clerkenwell. In 1851 Donald and Eliza had John and Charlotte, Eliza's parents staying with them as well as Lucy Moseley. In 1842 when he married and1861 Donald was a commercial traveller. 23 Allan Broad, her nephew was staying with the MacKay family: 5 John and Charlotte, Eliza's parents were living in the same house, but as a separate household, at 10 Powell St East, St Luke, Finsbury, London. In 1871 and 1881 Eliza was a widowed lodging keeper at 9 Arlington Square Islington

Children of Donald and Eliza
61......Donald Broad Mackay b 4th qr 1843 Clerkenwell [3 91]
Note: In 1861, 1871 and 1881 Donald was a bookbinder
62......Eliza Esther Mackay b 2nd qr 1848 Clerkenwell [3 114]
63......Margaret Mackay b 1st qr 1851 St Luke [2 331]
64......Erastus Arthur Mackay b 3rd qr 1853 St Luke [1b 508]
Note: In 1871 Erastus was a bookseller's assistant
65......Colin Mackay b 2nd qr 1856 St Luke [1b 517] m Florence POWELL (b 1864 Chelsea) [Lambeth 1d 587]
Note: In 1871 Colin was a warehouseman's assistant but in 1881 he was a Commercial Traveller
66......Lucy Mackay b 2nd qr 1869 St Luke [1b 545]
Note: In 1881 Lucy was a milliner

28 Charles BROAD m (a) Rebecca COBB (bap 22 Nov 1820 Diss) 5 Feb 1844 Diss d 1st qr 1847 Clerkenwell (b) Ann BUTCHER (b 1825 The Forge Cottage, Brome) 11 May 1850 Baptist Chapel, Eye

Note: Rebecca was the daughter of Daniel COBB and Sarah HINSLEY, a wheelwright, born in Palgrave.. She died [after giving birth to a daughter who survived only 10 days] of "Hysteritis supervening on childbirth" and the certifying doctor added "Neglect of midwife in not calling in medical advice 4 days".

Ann was a dressmaker whose father was Nathanial BUTCHER, a blackmith employed by the Brome Hall estate. The house where she was born may be seen here Charles was a brushmaker. He was an apprentice in Diss in 1841, moved to Braintree with Rebecca and then back to Diss. By 1851 he lived at 10 Mount Street, Diss- you can see the house today here. He then moved to to Eye, where he lived at Castle Street (see their home here), still a brushmaker and after 1871 (when he was living in Church St, Eye) he went to live in Bury St Edmunds: in 1881 he was a brushmaker employing 3 men two boys and 5 girls. Kelly's directory of 1883 lists him thus: Broad Charles & Son, brush makers, 6 Risbygate street (see it here) & 10 St. John's Street, Bury St. Edmunds. He appears as a retired brushmaker in the 1891 census living at 72 St Andrews Street, Bury St Edmunds, with his wife Ann and his sons William and Edward. The back entrance to the shop led through a yard out into St. Andrews Street North, just down hill from No. 72, a picture of which you can see here. His keeping of paraffin was called into question in the Bury and Norwich Post on 14 Mar 1878 - you can see it here

There is an apprentice indenture for a George RUSH with Charles dated 10 Jun 1871 in the Suffolk Record Office Cat EE2/D4

There is a family story that one of the boys (presumably Harry, Nathaniel or Sydney) got a serving maid into trouble, & was sent to Australia on a one way ticket by the family. He wrote to his brother John requesting he be sent his birth certificate so he could get married. He is said to have worked for Cobb & Co. of Diss -almost certainly a firm owned by Rebecca's father.

They were buried together in Plot "K" No. 14. in Bury St. Edmunds Cemetery. Ann Broad was buried Jan. 25th 1907and Charles Broad was buried May 14th 1909. Charles was described in the burial register as "gentleman" of No. 9. Orchard Street. You can see their gravestone with their great grandson Perry standing next to it here

Children of Charles and Rebecca
67......Charles Daniel Broad b 1st qr 1845 Braintree [Braintree 12 14] d 2nd qr 1892 Romford [Romford 4a 167] m Elizabeth Margaret KEVERNE ( b 1846 Falmouth d 1913 Romford) Portsea 4th qr 1875
Note: In 1851 he was staying with his Grandparents, Daniel and Sarah COBB at 13 Norwich Road, Diss. In 1881 he was a railway porter at Romford and was buried on 10 April 1892, having been ill since getting influenze 4 months previously, and in 1901 Elizabeth was an attendant for the Great Eastern Railway living in Romford
68....Rebecca Broad b 15 Feb 1847 d 25 Feb 1847 at 50 Rawstorn Street, Clerkenwell
Note: Rebecca's death certificate states that she died of "Atrophy", father Charles Broad, brushmaker. The informant was 9 Lucy Moseley, Charles' sister.

Children of Charles and Ann
Alfred Carter Broad b 28 Jun 1851 at 10 Mount Street Diss d 5 Jun 1927 bur 7 Jun 1927 aged 76, Cosy Dell, Dunedin New Zealand
In 1871 Alfred was said to be a "Bird preserver" [Gamekeeper or assistant?]

70......Harry Broad b 4th qr 1852 at 10 Mount Street Diss [Depwade 4b 204] d 4th qr 1917 aged 65 [Cuckfield 2b 192]
71......John Broad b 2nd qr 1854 at 10 Mount Street Diss [Depwade 4b 231] d 2nd qr 1925 Bury St Edmunds [4a 820]
72......Emma Broad b 4th qr 1855 at 10 Mount Street Diss [Depwade 4b 188] d 27 Sep 1913 m George Henry OSBORNE 2 Aug 1878 Baptist Church Bury St Edmunds [4a 740]
Note: cause of Emma's death was carcinoma of the breast and exhaustion
73......Nathaniel Broad b 1st qr 1857 Castle Street Eye [Hartismere 4a 520]
Note: Nathaniel was described as a brushmaker in 1871
74......George Broad b Castle Street 3rd qr 1858 Eye [Hartismere 4a 453]
Note: In 1871 George was an apprentice grocer, but in 1881 he was a brushmaker
75......William Carter Broad b 4th qr 1859 Castle Street Eye [Hartismere 4a 481] d 2nd qr 1898 aged 38 Bury St Edminds {4a 411]
Note: In 1881 William was a painter. In 1891 William, still single, was a general dealer in Bury St Edmunds, living with his parents
76......Arthur Broad b 3rd qr 1861 Church Street Eye d 2 Aug 1943 229 Main North Road, Dunedin bur 4 Aug 1943 block 172 plot 0045 Anderson's Bay cemetery
Note: In 1871 he was a brushmaker in Eye, but according to the record of his death, Arthur emigrated to Dunedin in 1877, ahead of his brother Alfred Carter Broad, but the first record found so far is in the Post Office Directory for 1884, which given the print delay probably means he was there in 1883. Equally, he left England after the census of 1881, for at that time he was at 6 Risby Gate Street, Bury St Edmunds. He was a brushmaker and worked with his brother A.C. in Dunedin
77......Harriet Broad b 1st qr 1863 Church Street Eye d 2nd qr 1887 Bury St Edmunds [4a 384]
Note: Harriet was a milliner in 1881
78......Frederick Broad b abt 1865 d 11 Apr 1880 aged 15
Note: The Bury and Norwich Post included in the death notices "On 11th inst, aged 15 years, Frederick, son of Mr Charles Broad, brushmaker" of Risbygate Street">
79......Donald Broad b 4th qr 1866 Church Street Eye [Hartismere 4a 530]
Note: Donald was a brushmaker in 1881 and a carriage maker in 1893 at Wolverhampton. At some stage he was publican of the "Nag's Head" in Winslow, and ran a carriage builders next door. He is said to have been wealthy but to have gambled his fortune away
80....Edward Broad b 4th qr 1869 Church Street Eye [Hartismere 4a 540]
Note: In 1891 Edward, still single, was a coach builder in Bury St Edmunds, living with his parents.
81....Sidney Broad b 3rd qr 1871 Church Street Eye [Hartismere 4a 523]

29 Henry John BROAD m Angelica COBB (b 1823 Diss d 26 Dec 1891 Ipswich [4a 466]) 1st qr 1846 [Depwade 13 99]

Note: Angelica was the daughter of Samuel COBB (b 1796) and his wife Mary. In 1841 Henry was with his parents in Clerkenwell. In 1861 Henry was a photograph maker living in Mere Street Diss and Angelica was an Inn Keeper and they had a 14 year old house servant, Amelia WRIGHT born 1847 Thrandeston, Suffolk.
In 1871 they were at 27 Foundation Street, Ipswich, and Harry Broad, painter, from Diss was visitingHenry was a manufacturer of baking and egg powders employing 1 man, one boy and 1 girl living at Shire Hall yard, 27 Foundation Street, Ipswich in 1881. Angelica appears as a widow in 1891 at 5 Wolsey Street, Ipswich with her maid Ann SAWYER aged 51 (born in Ipswich)

Child of Henry and Angelica
82......Louisa Broad b 1849 Hoxton [Shoreditch 2 437]

44 Thomas BROAD m Jane BAILEY 7 Jun 1824 Collingbourne Kingston

Note: Thomas was a shopkeeper

Children of Thomas and Jane
83......George Broad b 4 Sep 1824 Chute, Wiltshire d 18 Sep 1886 Broseley, Shropshire
84......Letitia Broad bap 22 Jan 1826 Chute, Wiltshire
85......Thomas Broad b 1826 Chute, Wiltshire

48a George BROAD m Rosanna RUTT (b 1812 Bedwyn) 9 Dec 1843 Gt Bedwyn, Wiltshire

Children of George and Rosanna
48b......Mary Jane Broad b 1st qr 1847 Collingbourne Kingston [Pewsey 8 418] d 1st qr 1850 [Pewsey 8 317]
48c......Emily Ann Broad b 2nd qr 1850 Collingbourne Kingston [Pewsey 8 441]

49 Emily Sarah BROAD m William Arthur WRIGHT (b 1834 Catley Sfk) 1st qr 1857 [Depwade 4b 395]

Note: William was an ag lab. In 1861 the family lived in "Street" Brome

Child of William and Emily
86......Alice Wright b 2nd qr 1861 Brome [Depwade 4b 166] d 1st qr 1862 [Depwade 4b 166]

53 Allan BROAD m Margaret KERR (b 1846 d 17 Jun 1908 aged 62 bur 8 Jun 1908 Dunedin) 16 Feb 1865 "House of Mrs Kerr" Dunedin

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were John KERR and Elizabeth DICK. Allan was a draper when he married. You can see his history in New Zealand here

There were probably other children who died, but their names are not known. The gravestone for the Broad family which may be seen here starts with the phrase "Dearly beloved children of Allan and Margaret Broad". Margaret Kerr was the daughter of Thomas KERR, born 1 Jun 1806 in Sandquhar, Dumfrieshire and Lilias GRAINGER, who married 31 Jan1830 in Avondale Parish Church, Strathaven, Lanarkshire.

Children of Allan and Margaret
87......Marianne Lillias (known as Lillias) Broad b 1865
88......George Allan Broad b 1867 bur 3 Nov 1898 Dunedin cemetery aged 31
89......Alice Margaret Broad b 1870
90......Beatrice Gertrude Broad b 1871 d 5 Jun 1899 aged 27 bur 7 Jun 1908 Dunedin Northern cemetery
91......Frederick Sydney Kerr Broad b 1877 Dunedin d 16 Aug 1971, buried Te Puke Old Cemetery (Ref. or Plot No. D03.13)
92......Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad b 1880 d 19 May 1907 aged 27 bur 21 May 1907 m Gilbert G HODGKINS 21 Apr 1905 Wellington
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Isobel Jane FIELD, Nancy May HODGKINS and Emily Grace BROAD Evelyn and Bert had one child which died at birth. Bert was deputy registrar of marriages. Evie as she was known died of Pthisis (TB) and heart failure. Their marriage certificate may be seen
here and there is a website for the Hodgkins family hereThe entry for Gilbert reads æHe settled in Wellington in the Civil Service and set up home with his mother. Gilbert G Hodgkins was known as Bert. He was born in 1875 at Northcote, Dunedin, New Zealand. He was the son of William Mathew Hodgkins and Rachel Owen Parker.
93......Herbert Joshua Broad b 1882 d 28 Aug 1917 aged 35 bur 30 Aug 1917 Dunedin Northern cemetery. m May
Note: Herbert was a dentist and lived at 20 Douglas Street, Dunedin at the time of his death.
94......Grace Emily Broad dob unknown
95......Saide Venieta Broad b 1889 d 6 Dec 1982 Sydney, Australia m Morris HAUER (b 1906 d 1979) 1944 Sydney.
Note the two youngest sisters, Saide and Grace, went to Australia with their father after their mother died. Grace died a spinster in Sydney. Morris and Saide had no issue. Saide trained as a singer, became very famous. She sang with the N.S.W. Orchestra and at William Haughan's concerts through out Australia.
She also sang with Gladys Moncrieff, and other famous singers. By all accounts she had a wonderful voice. Beverly Loper wrote to several places in Sydney to see if they had any recordings of Saide's songs, in the 1920s very few had recordings done.

58 Sydney Moseley BROAD m Emily Harriet HUNT ( 4th qr 1853 [Birmingham 6d 134]) 2nd qr 1886 [Cardiff 11a 346]

Note: Sydney was living with the family at 18 Metal Street, Cardiff in 1891, when his profession was given as "Artist in painting" You can see some examples of his work here

Children of Sydney and Emily
96......Francis George Edward Broad b 3rd qr 1886 [Cardiff 11a 327]
97......Leslie Skidmore Broad b 3rd qr 1891 [Cardiff 11a 296] m Doris K RUSDEN 3rd qr 1922 [Cardiff 11a 699]
Note: In 1911 Leslie was an engineering student living with his parents

30 William Carter BROAD m Emma LITTLEFORD (d 2nd qr 1910 Paddington aged 79 [1a 444]) 16 Feb 1853 Marylebone, London

Note: In 1861 the family was at 21 North Street, Marylebone and William was a "carman" (someone who drove horse-drawn trams or Hansom Cabs.) In 1859 and 1862 he was a conductor on omnibuses. By the 1881 census he the family had moved to 33 East Street, Marylebone. In 1891 William was in a workhouse at Marylebone, and Emma, a washerwoman, was living with Herbert then aged 15

Children of William and Emma
98......Emma Kate Broad b 18 Aug 1853 Hoxton [1c 173] bap 28 Mar 1855 Shoreditch d 25 Jan 1858 Marylebone [1a 326]
99......Harriet Littleford Broad b 3 Feb 1855 City Road, London [St Luke 1b 568]
100....William Henry Broad b 1st qr 1857 Marylebone [1a 404]
101....Louisa Charlotte Broad b 12 Apr 1859 [Marylebone 1a 388] bap 19 Jul 1868 Marylebone
102....Henry Frederick Broad b 27 Feb 1862 [Marylebone 1a 41-] bap 19 Jul 1868 Marylebone
Note: Henry was a grocer's porter in 1881.
103....Emma Matilda Broad b 24 Oct 1864 [Marylebone 1a 440] bap 19 Jul 1868 Marylebone m Charles Wilding JONES 29 Jul 1890
Note: In 1881 Emma was a Mantle maker
104....Alice Rosina Broad b 21 Oct 1866 [Marylebone 1a 478] bap 19 Jul 1868 Marylebone d 14 Feb 1869 Marylebone
Note: the 1881 census records Alice as just Rosina
Walter Charles Broad b 22 Oct 1868 [Marylebone 1a 449] bap 14 Feb 1869 Marylebone d 5 Oct 1916 Teddington
Note: Walter Charles had added the name "Augustus" by 1887. In 1901 he lived at 13 Weston Place Marylebone and was a cabman. His death followed a collision between the motorised taxi cab he was driving and a tram near the gates of Hampton Court
106....Florence Rosina Broad b 26 Feb 1861 [Marylebone 1a 471] bap 12 Jul 1874 Marylebone m Henry Hector George HODGES 14 Sep 1889 [Marylebone 1a 1090]
107....Kate Elizabeth Broad b 25 Jun 1874 bap 12 Jul 1874 Marylebone.
108....Herbert Broad b 4th qr 1876 [Marylebone 1a 544]

Q5 Leopold Carl Albert HENNING m Amelia Ann WATSON(d 1926 Blean Kent) 16 Aug 1858 Jerusalem Evangelische Kirche

Note: Leopold was an officer in the army

Children of Leopold and Amelia
Q8......Albert Henning b 1st Aug 1859 Bückau, Magdeburg, Prussia
Albert became a naturalised British citizen on 8 Nov 1886. You can see his certificate here
Q9......Amelia Ann Henning b 8 Jan 1861 Torgau, Prussia
Q10....Jane Lucy Clara Henning b 10 Mar 1863 Bückau, Magdeburg, Prussia


There is a short history of the closely connected Fowell family which emigrated to New Zealand about the turn of the century here

32 Martha OSBORN(E) m 69 Alfred Carter BROAD (b 28 Jun 1851 Diss) 12 Dec 1876 [Bury St Eds 4a 1025]

Note: Alfred emigrated to New Zealand where he established the Broad's Brush Factory (later the Otago Brush Co) at 127-141 Great King Street, Dunedin. The story of brushmaking in Dunedin may be seen here. At some stage he evidently became interested in gold mining, but for some reason lost interest later: The Tuapeka Times of 5th September 1905 records: (This Havelock was a site close to Waitahuna, not far from Dunedin.)

He was a kingpin of the temperance movement and kept up a regular correspondence on the subject with the local newspaper - an example of one of his letters may be seen here - and he was vice president of the New Zealand Alliance for the abolition of the liquor traffic in 1889. A copy of his will may be seen here. Within the family he was known as "AC". You can see their gravestone here , an account of a memorial service to Martha here, a report of AC's death here and their house, "Willard" here. Martha was involved in charitable works and an account of one of her fund raising events may be seen here.See also the local paper's account of the arrival of the Coromandel here
AC lived at Cumberland Street Dunedin in 1883-4, in St Andrew St in 1885 - 7 and had a private residence at York Place in 1888 - 95 when he moved to Willard. Up to this point he was described as a brush manufacturer, but afterwards as "of Otago Brush Co" Also you may see an account of Alfred's "brushes" with the law in New Zealand here, and in England here

Martha's sister Ellen Elizabeth emigrated with AC and Martha, meeting Moses BROWN on the way: they subsequently married and you can see the Brown branch here

Children of Alfred and Martha
109......Elizabeth Emma Broad b 6 Oct 1877 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 546]m Logan Smith DONALD (b 1877 Port Chalmers, NZ) 25 Apr 1905
Note: Logan and Elizabeth had two children, Margaret and Fife, dobs unknown
110......Florence Broad b 12 Sep 1879 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 531] m Walter John OXBROW (b abt 1877 Otago) 7 Apr 1908
Note: Walter and Florence had four children; Jean and Jack as well as two boys who drowned in a river
111......Ethel Sarah Broad b 24 Jun 1881 m Alex MEIKLEJOHN (no issue)
Note: Ethel had substantial artistic ability - see one of her pictures
here. 64 Michael Broad writes to me: "They lived at Macandrew Bay down the harbour a bit. We used to visit them, often enough that I do remember it all those years ago. Then they moved North the last of the family, to Milford on the North Shore of Auckland on the Hauraki Gulf right on the water. Worth a million dollars today!!"
112......Eva Alice Broad b 28 Jan 1884 m John Lindsey (Lin) WEIR 19 Dec 1912
Note: John and Eva had two children: Wynn and John
113......Mabel Osborne Broad b 3 Jun 1886 m Joe FOWELL 1909 Dunedin, New Zealand (See Fowell branch here)
114......Winifred Birch Broad b 1 Jun 1888
Note: Winifred fell off a train and was killed when she was in her twenties
115......Wilfred Lawson Broad (known as Lawson) b 15 Apr 1890 d 1976 m (a) Daisy HALL (div 1929 Dunedin) (b) Dorothy Alice LIGHTFOOT
Note: Lawson became a talented design engineer, and later emigrated from New Zealand to the UK where he gave his Chesham house the Maori name of "Te Kaianga" There are a number of his descendants in the UK.
116......Olive Gertrude (Greta) Broad b 22 Jun 1892
Note: Michael Broad writes "Olive Gertrude never married, in business all her life, last position as personal secretary to the manager of the "Auckland Star" newspaper. While on holiday in England, with a sister I believe, she was knocked down by a car and killed - date not known. She was a lovely lady, I stayed at her flat in 1950 when I was in Auckland for the Empire Games."
117......Leonard Frank Broad b 28 Dec 1894 d 17 Jul 1978 Christchurch

70 Harry BROAD m Tryphena (Triff) Louisa NORMAN 3rd qr 1876 Norwich [4b 212]

Note: In 1871 Harry was a painter, staying with his uncle Henry John in Ipswich. In 1881 the family was at 8 Hornsey Street, Islington, and Harry was a plumber. In 1901 they are living at 26 Milmay Road, Islington. In 1926 Triff sent flowers to the funeral of 14 John Broad

Children of Harry and Triff
118......Louisa Tryphena Broad b 3rd qr 1878 Islington [Islington 1b 383] m 3rd qr 1902 Islington [1b 697] John Peter FIX (b 2nd qr 1878) 3rd qr 1902 [Islington 1b 697]
119......Ernest Henry Broad b 4th qr 1880 Islington [Islington 1b 371] m Lucy P MANNERS Bristol [6a 269]
Note: In 1901 Ernest was a die sinker
120......Edith Ellen Broad b 1st qr 1887 Islington [Islington 1b 246]
Note: In 1901 Edith was a milliner
121......Florence Broad b abt 1888 Islington
Note: Florence was an assistant draper in 1901
122......Ella Mabel Broad b 3rd qr 1892 Islington [Islington 1b 202]

71 John BROAD m Belinda APPLETON (b 1855 Halstead Essex d 4th qr 1918 Bury St Edmunds aged 64 [4a 1983]) 1879 St George, Hanover Sq London.

Note:Belinda was a schoolteacher: her father was an overseer at a silk mill. John was a general dealer at 10 St Johns Street Bury St Edmunds in 1881 employing 2 boys and 1 girl. They had a shop assistant, Sarah B SHEPHERD (b 1866) living in in 1881 In 1891 John is described as a Hardwareman at 11 St Andrews St, Bury St Edmunds and they had a servant living in: Caroline ABBOTT b 1869 Hoxton, London. In 1901 John is listed as a hardwareman and a servant was living in: Ada PALFREY b 1885.In 1911 the family was at 9 Orchard Street, Bury St Edmunds with Frederick and Helen still at home. (See the house here as it is in 2010) Also staying with them was Joyce Margaret, Frederick's daughter as well as a live in servant Sarah WRIGHT aged 21 born in Whickhambrook.

The Bury and Norwich Post of 12 Jun 1894 reports that a fire broke out "in the warehouse to the rear of the business premises of John Broad in St John St". Plenty of help was to hand and the fire was quickly extinguished without too much damage - the property and contents were insured.

See a photo of his shop in Bury St Edmunds here and his obituary here.. .

Children of John and Belinda
123......Frederick John Broad b 2nd qr 1880 Bury St Edmunds [4a 621] d 1916 Ireland
Note: Frederick John became a commercial traveller for Broad's shop, and joined the Royal Flying Corps in WW1. He died at a military camp at the Curragh, Ireland in 1916 - see his obituary and memorial here
124......Robert Charles Broad b Apr 1882 Bury St Edmunds
Note: In 1901 Robert Charles was a cyclemaker's apprentice. Before that he worked in an ironmonger's shop in Eye, where he left his initials in brass nails driven into the counter. You can see the shop here
125......Helen Belinda Broad b 13 Feb 1884 Bury St Edmunds[4a 577] d 1973
Note: Helen known as Nellie worked in her father's shop and was known to the family as "Moggins". Illness in 1952 made her sell up to Mr Bowers (The shop manager).

72 Emma BROAD m (a) George Henry OSBORNE (b 1st qr 1857 [Thetford 4b 402]) 2 Aug 1878 Baptist Church, Bury St Edmunds (b) Hugh MITCHELL 22 Sep 1881 West Taireri Outram Dunedin

Note: You can see the Osborne branch here.

George, who had TB, and Emma emigrated to New Zealand on the Coromandel, at the same time as 41 Alfred Carter Broad.and George's sisters Ellen Osborne (who also had TB) and Martha. After arriving in New Zealand, George Henry died of TB. His death certificate shows that he died on 4th May 1880 aged 23. He was buried in Northern cemetery, Dunedin Block 32 Plot 34. Someone in Emma's family sent food parcels to her nephew Robert Charles Broad in 1946 and 1947 at Mill Farm, Hengrave, Suffolk.Emma and Hugh returned to Hugh's homeland, Scotland, in 1901 and lived in Edinburgh, leaving Arthur behind in New Zealand. In 1911 they lived at 20 Viewforth Street, Edinburgh with daughter Olive

Children of Hugh and Emma
126......Arthur George Mitchell b 1882 Dunedin
127......Annie Mary Mitchell b 1883 New Zealand d 1884
128......Frederick Broad Mitchell (twin) b 1884 New Zealand d 1884
129......John Alexander Mitchell (twin) b 1884 New Zealand d 1885
130......Olive Christina Watson Mitchell b 1888 New Zealand

73 Nathaniel BROAD m Amelia Jane JONES (widow nee PUFFETT b 1st qr 1859 Near Tydee House, Risca, Mon d aged 70 in Bedwelty 1929) 2nd qr 1886 Newport, Monmouthshire [11a 261]

Note: Amelia was a widow, having originally married James George JONES 2nd qr 1881 [Newport Mon 11a 260] Amelia & James Jones had 2 daughters, Mary Ann & Edith. Amelia was the daughter of William G PUFFETT and Jane LEAVER. James' death is recorded as 11a 121 JUN1884. By the 1891 census Mary Ann & Edith had seemingly been adopted by Nathaniel. In 1891 and 1901 they were living at 5 West Market Street, St Woolnos, Newport, Monmouthshire Nathaniel is shown as a brushmaker, At the time of WW1 they were living at 26 Jones Street, Phillips Town, New Tredegar.

Children of Amelia and James Jones
131......Mary Ann Jones b abt 1883 Newport
132......Edith Jones b abt 1884 Newport

Children of Nathaniel and Amelia
133......Agnes Broad b 3rd qr 1886 Newport [11a 204]
134......Nathaniel Charles Broad b 1st qr 1888 Newport [11a 179]
135......Frederick Allen Broad b 1st qr 1889 Newport [11a 193]
Note: Frederick served in 177 Battery, the Royal Field Artillery in WW1, & first saw service in Egypt, & later in Iraq.
136......William Donald Broad b 1st qr 1890 Newport 11a 21_]
137......John Arthur Broad b 2nd qr 1892 Newport [11a 227]

74 George BROAD m Sarah Ann Susannah THOMPSON (b 1859 Bury St Edmunds d 4th qr 1913 Bury St Edmunds) 4th qr 1883 Bury St Edmunds [4a 1139]

Note: George was a grocer's apprentice in 1871, then in 1891 he was a brushmaker and in 1901 an "Ironmonger/Hardware shop assistant" living at 57 Cemetery Road, Bury St Edmunds. In 1911 George (a "Hardwareman") and Susannah (sic) were still living at 57 Cemetery Road and at census they had a visitor, Florence KING staying with them. She subsequently married Charles George. In 1923, his brother Alfred Carter Broad's will says that he was living in Bradfield St George.

Child of George and Susannah
139......Charles George Broad b 2nd qr 1886 Bury St Edmunds [4a 718]
Note: in 1911 Charles was a joiner living with his parents
140......Ethel Mary Broad b 4th qr 1891 Bury St Edmunds [4a 742]
Note: in 1911 Ethel was a draper's assistant living with his parents

76 Arthur BROAD m Charlotte TERRY (b 1866 d 17 Sep 1951 aged 85) 27 Dec 1887 Dunedin

Note: Arthur was a brushmaker, working with AC. He lived at several addresses as follows: In 1884 in Castle Street, Dunedin, in 1886 at Leith Street, in 1892 at York Place, in 1894 at No 6 Opoho, from 1895 to 1907 with his brother at Willards, Cosy Dell, then in 38 Mechanic Street until 1912 when he was at 504 Castle Street, then in 1913 at Signal Hill Road and from 1914 to 1925 at 38 Mechanic St and finally at 229 Main North Road. You can see the tombstone for Arthur and Charlotte here
Charlotte was one of 3 daughters, & 1 son of George TERRY, a gold miner who had arrived in Dunedin in 1862, and died there on 27th March 1902. He had previously mined for gold in Victoria, Australia, arriving there in 1851. (Otago Witness, 2nd April 1902)

Children of Arthur and Charlotte
141......Charles Henry Broad b Sep 1890 Dunedin, d 26 Dec 1959 98 Glen Road, Dunedin, NZ bur block 202 plot 0004 Andersons Bay cemetery 28 Dec 1959
Note: Charles was a plumber
142....Frederick Sidney Broad b 4 Dec 1900, Cosy Dell, Dunedin d 17 Dec 1970 Dunedin

79 Donald BROAD m (a) Helen Jane MARNER (nee ROGERS) (widow, b 1864 Horsham) 1 May 1893 Wolverhampton (b) Elizabeth RANDALL (b 23 Jul 1870 South St, Horsham, Surrey) about 1906 -7

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William RANDALL Parish Clerk of St Marks Wolverhampton, a tailor who lived at South Street, Horsham. In 1901 the family was at 41 Althorpe St, Leamington Priors and Donald was a licensed victualler. According to the 1911 Census, Donald was a motor painter, & Elizabeth had married circa 1906/7. At the time of the census Donald, Elizabeth, Charles, Nellie and Robert were living at 24 Lansdowne Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. .

Children of Donald and Helen
143......Florence Marner Broad b 2nd qr 1894 Wolverhampton [6b 587] d 4th qr 1895 Wolverhampton
144......Thomas Broad b 1st qr 1900 Wolverhampton [6b 740]
145......Charles Donald Broad b 2nd qr 1896 Wolverhampton [6b 591]
Note in 1911 Charles was working in a cycle works
146......Nellie Broad b 4th qr 1897 Wolverhampton [6b 543]
147......Fanny Broad b 3rd qr 1901 Wolverhampton [6b 689] d 3rd qr 1903 aged 2 Wolverhampton [6b 327]
148......Hannah Broad b 4th qr 1903 Wolverhampton

Child of Donald and Elizabeth
149.....Robert Albert Broad b 25 Jun 1908 Maidenhead d 2 Aug 1983.

80 Edward BROAD m Agnes Marion SEWELL (b 1867 Bury St Edmunds) 2nd qr 1899 [Bury St Eds 4a 1440]

Note: In 1911 they lived at 37 St Andrews Street, Bury St Edmunds. In 1925 Kelly's Directory shows Edward as landlord of the "Horse and Groom" pub in St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds. The pub closed in 1933

Children of Edward and Agnes
150......Olive Marion Broad b 2nd qr 1901 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 896]
151......William Charles Broad b 2nd qr 1904 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 958]

83 George BROAD m Maria BURGOYNE 8 Dec 1847 Stoke Prior, Worcestershire

Children of George and Maria
152......Letitia Broad b 21 Sep 1848 Stoke Prior d 1919 Lambeth m Charles THEW 1880
153......Jellisah Broad b 1849 Stole Prior
154......George T Broad b 1854 Dudley, Worcestershire m Ann Maria PARTON (b 1853 Wisbech) 2nd qr 1881 [Wolstanton 6b 126]
Note: in 1881 George was a railway station master lodging at Beaumont Rise, Gt Marlow. In 1891 he is shown as a retired railway servant, superannuated living at 67 Tachbrook Rd, Leamington Priors
155......Sarah Broad b 1857 Princes End, Sedgley, Staffs
156......Mary Monnington Broad b 1861 Princes End, Sedgley, Staffs

85 Thomas BROAD m Ann DOBBS 1851 Chute, Wiltshire

Children of Thomas and Ann
157......George Broad b 1852
157a....Mary J Broad b 1853 Chute
158......Alfred G Broad b 1854 Chute
159......Martha A Broad b 1856 Chute
160......Rachel Broad b 1857 Daisy Bank, Staffs
161......Frances Broad b 1860 Coseley, Staffs

87 Marianne Lilias BROAD m John Ernest HOOD 29 Jul 1891

Children of John and Marianne
162......Thelma Hood dob unknown [Rootsweb]
163......Sydney Hood dob unknown [Rootsweb]
164......Nea Hood dob unknown [Rootsweb]
165......John Hood dob unknown [Rootsweb]
166......Frederick Hood dob unknown [Rootsweb]

56 Alice Margaret BROAD m Harry KEBBLEWHITE 5 May 1893

Note: Harry and Alice moved to Australia

Child of Harry and Alice
167......Alan Kebblewhite dob unknown [Rootsweb]

91 Fredrick Sydney Kerr BROAD m Mary Jane NELSON 1903

Children of Frederick and Mary
168......George Allan b 1906 m Eleanor Emily Catherine DIXON (b Dec 1916 d 24 Dec 2000 Paengaroa, Bay of Plenty
Note: Eleanor died of bowel cancer
169......Frederick Sydney Broad b 10 Jul 1907
170......Kathleen Mary Broad b 1908 Te Puke
171......Avis May Broad b 1910
172......Evelyn Broad b 1914 d 1914 aged 6 months
173......James Graham Broad b abt 1921/2 d 4 Jun 1944 Italy
Note: James was killed in WW2 - details may be seen here He was buried in the Cassino War cemetery

96 Francis George Edward BROAD m Gertrude Clara SYLVESTER 4th qr 1909 [Cardiff 11a 649]

Children of Leslie and Gertrude
174......John S Broad b 4th qr 1915 [Nantwich 8a 497]
175......Stanley Broad b 3rd qr 1917 [Nantwich 8a 447]

97 Leslie Skidmore BROAD m Doris K Rusden 3rd qr 1922 Cardiff [Cardiff 11a 699]

Child of Leslie and Doris
176......Betty Broad b 4th qr 1923 [Cardiff 11a 579]

99 Harriet Littleford BROAD m Thomas WALLER (d 26 Dec 1901 Marylebone Workhouse) 21 Oct 1872 Marylebone [1a 895]

Note: In the 1901 census Harriet was living with daughter Kate Maria MORTIMER in Leyton

Children of Thomas and Emma
177......Frederick Thomas Waller b 15 Jul 1872 Marylebone
178......Kate Maria Waller b bef 2nd qr 1876 Marylebone m Herbert William MORTIMER 1st qr 1899 Marylebone [1a 897]
179......Harriet Mortimer Waller b 23 Nov 1876 Marylebone
180......Louise Mortimer Waller twin b 26 Jul 1883 Marylebone d 16 Nov 1883 Marylebone
181......Emma Lucy Littleford Mortimer Waller twin b 26 Jul 1883 Marylebone d 16 Jun 1884 Marylebone
182......Joseph Mortimer Waller b 13 May 1885 Marylebone [1a 541]

102 Henry Frederick Carter BROAD m Alice Jane TYNE (b 21 Oct 1866 bap 24 Jan 1869 St Thomas, Marylebone) 22 Sep 1899 Richmond

Note: Alice was the daughter of Frederick and Jane TYNE. Henry was a house painter in 1895

Children of Henry and Alice
183......Frederick Joseph Broad b 1st qr 1885 [Marylebone 1a 620] d 3rd qr 1937 [Willesden 3a 344]
184......Henry Littleford Broad b 13 Mar 1888 44 Woodchester Street, Paddington
185......Rosina Alice Broad b 1st qr 1890 [Paddington 1a 49]
186......Alice Jane Broad b 2nd qr 1893 [Marylebone 1a 594] m Walter H JUDD 2nd qr 1918 [Paddington 1a 115]
187......May Prince Broad b 7 Aug 1895 at 11 Brindley Street, Paddington
188......Ethel Violet Broad b 3rd qr 1903 Paddington 1a 48]

105 Walter Charles Augustus BROAD m Elizabeth Adelaide Ann WESTLEY (b 26 Sep 1868 St Pancras d 25 Jan 1921 Kilburn) 12 Feb 1887 St Pancras

Walter's signature in the 1911 census

Note: In 1911 Walter & his family were living at 100 Earl Street, Marylebone - near to the Edgware Road. Walter is described as a Chauffeur Cab

Children of Walter and Elizabeth
189......Elizabeth Annie Broad b 20 Jan 1888 [St Pancras 1b 16] m William Smith BIRT 3rd qr 1906 [St Pancras 1a 1424]
Walter Frederick Broad b 17 Nov 1889 St Pancras d 1962 Edgware
Note: In 1911 Walter Frederick was a Draper's porter
191......Louisa Hannah Broad b 14 Mar 1891 St Pancras d Sep 1975 Harrow m Joseph GORTON 7 Apr 1912
Note: In 1911 Louisa was a dressmaker.
192......William Henry Broad b 12 Dec 1892 [Holborn 1b 719]
Note: William was a Barman in 1911 (although listed initially at Earl Street, his entry was struck out - he was separately listed as an Assistant at 276 Edgware Road - which was The Coach & Horses Public House)
Frederick Charles Broad b 23 Jun 1894 [Marylebone 1a 575] d 13 Sep 1955
Note: Frederick was a potman living with his parents - possibly also at the "Coach and Horses
194......Emma Kate Broad b 22 Mar 1896 [Paddington 1a 27]
Note: in 1911 Emma was a dressmaker
195......Albert Edward Broad b 4 Nov 1898 Willesden [Hendon 3a 248] m Elsie FLINDERS 1st qr 1925 {Hendon 3a 417]
196......Alice Adelaide Broad b 2nd qr 1900 Marylebone d 3rd qr 1900 Marylebone
197....Charles Herbert Broad b 2nd qr 1901 [Marylebone 1a 579]
198......Frank Broad b 2nd qr 1903 Marylebone [1a 382] d 1928 Hampstead [Hampstead 1a 811] m Alice I BURTON 3rd qr 1923 [Hendon 3a 860]
Note: In 1928 Frank was a Coal Carman. He died of Banti's disease of the spleen
199.....Nellie Emma Broad b 1st qr 1905 [Marylebone 1a 588]

107 Kate Elizabeth BROAD m Frederick BAINES 1st qr 1893 [Paddington 1a 22]

Note: In 1901 the family lived at 9 Hethpool Street, Paddington. In 1911 Frederick was a chair shaper in a furniture manufactory and Kate was a bottle washer, living in a three roomed dwelling at 10 Wilmer Gardens, Hoxton

Kate's signature on the 1911 census form

Children of Frederick and Kate
200......Louisa May Baines b 1894 [Paddington 1a 10]
201......Frederick Charles Baines b 2nd qr 1896 [Paddington 1a 2]
202......Kate Baines b 1897 [1911 census]
203......Ernest Stanley Baines b 4th qr 1898 [Shoreditch 1c 38]
204......Albert b 1st qr 1900 [Paddington 1a 64]
205......George Charles Baines b 2nd qr 1901 [Shoreditch 1c 34]
206......Herbert Baines b 1st qr 1904 [Shoreditch 1c 39]
207......Horace Augustus Baines b 3rd qr 1906 [Shoreditch 1c 44]

108 Herbert BROAD m Amy Harriet WOOD 24 Apr 1898

Note: Amy was the daughter of Henry Wood, cabman, and at marriage, Herbert was a plumber.. Herbert & Amy lived at 75 Salisbury Street, Marylebone.in 1901. In 1911 Herbert 7 family were living at 23 Earl Street, Marylebone - close to the Edgware Road, when Herbert was a house painter, and in the same street as his brother Walter, and his family.

Children of Herbert and Amy
208a....Herbert Alois Broad b 2 Mar 1900 Marylebone [Marylebone 1a 569] d 2nd qr 1924 [Paddington 1a 45]
209a....Annie Louise Broad b 3rd qr 1904 [Paddington 1a 39]
200a.....Jessie Lillian Broad b 4th qr 1907 [Paddington 1a 62]
201a....Edith Broad b 3rd qr 1910 [Marylebone 1a 523]
202a....Lily F Broad b 4th qr 1916 [Paddington 1a 80]

Q8 Albert HENNING m Edith Lucy KENDERDINE (b 14 Jan 1864 bap 17 Mar 1864 Regent's Park, St George d 1933) 27 Jun 1885 St Pancras Parish Church

Note: Albert emigrated to Gt Britain about 1880 and became naturalised on 8 Nov 1886 when he was living at 22 Ravenstone Rd, Hornsey Park, Hornsey. He was a professor of Music and Languages and he taught at Broadwater College, Worthing. In 1891 and 1901 the family was at 88 Marine Parade, Worthing.

Albert deserted his wife Edith Lucy at an unknown date between 1901 and 1907 and the 1911 census shows him living at 109 Oxford St, Westminster St James, London and at the same address were Albertina Eleanor HENNING and a son Brian Albert HENNING born in 1907. Although they were unmarried at that time, Albert declared Eleanor as his wife of 5 years, giving his profession as Chemical Manufacturer. Albertina Eleanor's sister Florence CULLEN aged 31, a book keeper was a visitor at the time of the census.

Two years later daughter Phyllis was born and in 1914 the family was living at 92 Harrow Street Leytonstone, London. Brian Albert died 1973 Redbridge, Essex and Eleanor in first quarter of 1961 aged 84.


Children of Albert and Edith
Q11......Carl Albert Henning b 24 Jul 1887 45 Regents Park Rd, London d 31 Mar 1949 University College Hospital, London
Note: At the time of his death Carl Albert was living at 28 Bloomsbury St, Holborn, London
Q12......Gustav Timothy Henning b 11 Feb 1888 bap 5 May 1888 d 6 Aug 1974
Note: For further information on Gustav Timothy Henning click here


115 Wilfred Lawson BROAD (known as Lawson) b 15 Apr 1890 m (a) Daisy HALL (b) Dorothy Alice LIGHTFOOT

Note: 165 Alex Broad has written about his father Lawson and his own involvement in brushmaking in Chesham. You can read about it here

Child of Lawson and Daisy
203......Mary Broad dob unknown

Children of Lawson and Dorothy
204......George Broad dob unknown
Note: George emigrated back to New Zealand and retired living on Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland
205......Alexander Chesham Broad b 30 Apr 1933 [Amersham 3a 1551] d 27 Aug 2015 m Anne
206......John C Broad b 4th qr 1935 [Amersham 3a 1503] d 25 Dec 2010 in Egypt on holiday
John and Jennifer lived in Great Hockham, near Thetford, Norfolk
207......Roger D Broad b 2nd qr 1942 [Amersham 3a 2485]
Note: Roger lives in Chesham

117 Leonard Frank b 28 Dec 1894 m Tui GREEN (b 24 Oct 1892 Dunedin d 4 Jul 1981 Christchurch) 23 Dec 1924 Dunedin

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry Thomas GREEN and Ruth Eleanor FERENS
You can see the story of Tui's ancestry here and an account of her brother Harry and his award of the Military Medal here, kindly provided by her son Michael Broad

Leonard was in the N.Z. Field Artillery in Egypt, Gallipoli, Belgium/France from 9 Feb 1915 to 13 Apr 1919. The whole time he kept a very full diary, and mailed off instalments, which all survived, to his sisters, who typed them out into a large volume of 270 quarto pages, after which the volume was professionally hardbound. He landed at Gallipoli on July 8,1915 and was evacuated on Dec.14,1915; His stint there fills 37 of those pages.
He continually refused promotion. In Egypt he was wanted as an MP, but he gave a resounding 'No'! At one stage he was promoted against his wishes to 2nd Bombardier, and had to write to his major to have it rescinded. Later again he did agree to becoming a Fitter Gunner, but that was through skill and not a higher rank, plus an extra 1/- a day. Thus at all times his diary is clearly from one of the ranks.
The original copy of "Diary of Gunner L.F. Broad, N.Z.F.A., No. 2/1504" is at the Otago Settlers' Museum.
He visited his uncle 31 John and Aunt Belinda at Bury St Edmunds in 1917 and 1919 when he stayed with 51 Robert Charles Broad at 9 Orchard St, Bury St Edmunds. His journal records that he had "a snow fight with Joyce" - 50 Frederick John's daughter. He retired on 2 March 1960 and you can see a newspaper report of the occasion here

There are two pictures of the family here taken on Tui's 80th birthday
There is a record of Leonard's arrival in Australia on two ocassions which may be seen here

You can see a film of the family and (the older girl) cousin Sonja Davies who became an MP and was awarded the Order of New Zealand here

Children of Leonard and Tui
208......Shirley Andrina Broad b 11 Jun 1926 Dunedin d 8 Sep 2015 Kimihia Rest Home
209......Michael Osborne Broad BE b 2 Nov 1929 Dunedin
210......Robin Broad b 28 Aug 1932 Dunedin m Jack Ernest GRUNDY (b 18 Aug 1925 Christchurch) 14 Oct 1973 Christchurch

123 Frederick John BROAD m Lilian Elizabeth NUNN 2nd qr 1904 Eye

Note: Frederick and Lilian divorced in Feb 1909 - the account of the case may be seen here. Lilian remarried in 4th qr 1911 Hartismere but not to the co-respondent!

Child of Frederick and Lilian
211......Joyce Margaret Broad b 1st qr 1905 [Bury St Eds 4a 982] m Harry Robert (Bob) AVIS 4th qr 1927 [Bury St Eds 4a 2281]
Note: Bob was a motor engineer. 49 Leonard had a snow fight with her when he visited whilst on leave. In 1911 Joyce and her father Frederick was staying with her grandfather John BROAD at 9 Orchard St, Bury St Edmunds

124 Robert Charles BROAD m Ethel Flossie COOK 4th qr 1908 Thetford

Note: Ethel was the daughter of Christopher COOK and Lucy NEALE Robert was apprenticed as a cycle maker. He worked later at a factory in Thetford making cycle cars (like the Morgan) and subsequently at Burrells of Thetford. Robert inherited the shop in Bury St Edmunds on the death of his father in 1926. The family moved to 23 Northgate Street in 1928 - see their house today here, sold the shop and moved to Black Swan Farm, Wattisfield in 1930. They moved again to Mill Farm, Hengrave in 1932. In WW2 Robert was a Home Guard armourer

Child of Robert and Ethel
212......John Christopher Broad b 31 Jan 1912 at 9 Orchard Street, Bury St Edmunds
Note: John was a captain in the Home Guard

125 Helen Belinda ("Moggins") BROAD m Alfred Dezso ROBINSON 1st qr 1913 Bury St Edmunds

Note: Alfred was a Clothier's assistant at 25 Buttermarket, Bury St Edmunds, joined the R.A.M.C. and served at Gallipoli

Children of Alfred and Helen
213......Helen Kathleen Robinson b 1st qr 1921 [Blything 4a 2622]
214......James Broad Robinson b 2nd qr 1920 [Blything 4a 1921]
Note: as a " Masonic Orphan" James was educated at a good school, & apprenticed at De Havilland's. He flew Halifax Mk 111's from an airfield in North Yorkshire, & later named his house " Topcliffe" after the nearby village. He joined B.O.A.C. & stayed flying until his retirement in the late 1970's.
215......Mary Belinda Robinson dob unknown

126 Arthur George MITCHELL m Dorothy Ann CAMERON (known as Annie) 1905

Children of Arthur and Annie
216......Olive Muriel Osborne Mitchell b 1906 New Zealand
217......Dorothy Mitchell b 1908 New Zealand
218......Arthur Bernard Mitchell b 1910 New Zealand
219......Juanita Mitchell b 1912 New Zealand
220......Lillian Mitchell b 1914 New Zealand
221......Ronald Mitchell b 1915 New Zealand
222....Ivan Douglas Mitchell b 1916 New Zealand m Nola bef 1950
223......Inez Mitchell 1920 New Zealand

134 Nathaniel Charles BROAD m Lilian M M MACKINTOSH 3rd qr 1915 [Paddington 1a 62]

Child of Nataniel and Lilian
224......Elizabeth M Broad b 2nd qr 1916 [Paddington 1a 131]

136 William Donald BROAD m Daisy LONGLEY 3rd qr 1937 [Staines 3a 60]

Child of William and Daisy
225......Peter D Broad b 3rd qr 1940 [Brentford 3a 515]

135 Frederick Allen BROAD m Ada Ann PURNELL (b 4th qr 1889 Newport Mon)4th qr 1919 [Newport Mon 11a 559]

Children of Frederick and Ada
227......Frederick V Broad b 2nd qr 1920 [Bedwelty 11a 360] m Joyce E HAYES 4th qr 1939 [Camberwell 1d 2743]
228......Dinah A Broad b 4th qr 1921 [Bedwelty 11a 137]
229......William D Broad b 3rd qr 1924 [Bedwelty 11a 283]

139 Charles George BROAD m Florence H KING 1st qr 1913 Stow [4a 1518]

Note: In the 1937 Kelly's directory Charles George is shown as living in Hillclyne Horringer Road, Bury St Edmunds

Child of Charles and Florence

230......George W Broad b 1st qr 1914 [Thetford 4b 533] m Phyllis E WHIGHT 4th qr 1937 [Bury St Eds 4a 2469]
231......Joyce L Broad b 1st qr 1921 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1732] m Arthur A A GOLDTHORPE 4th qr 1944 [Bury St Eds 4a 2233]

140 Ethel Mary BROAD m Albert E MARLOW 3rd qr 1915 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 2661]

Child of Albert and Ethel
232......Joan M Marlow b 3rd qr 1920 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1891]

141 Charles Henry BROAD m Ethel Jane (Ettie) MORGAN ( b 15 Jul 1889 Cambrian d 22 Sep 1949 aged 60 d 21 Athol Place, Dunedin bur 24 Sep 1949 Andersons bay cemetery) 14 Apr 1914 Cambrian, Central Otago

Note: Charles was a plumber. You can see their gravestone here

Children of Charles Henry and Ettie
233......Blanche Elizabeth "Betty" Broad b 25 Apr 1915 Waikouaiti, Otago d 1 Mar 2007 Oamaru aged 91
234......Charles Albert (Bert) Broad b 2 May 1917 Seacliff, Otago d 18 Mar 2003 Dunedin
Charles lived at 2 Holyrood Ave, Wakari, Dunedin. He was cremated and then bur 31 Mar 2003 block J1 plot 0147 Andersons Bay cemetery. The gravestone may be seen here.
Charles was a retired hotelier when he died

Ethel (Ettie) Winifred Broad b 14 Jun 1921 Dunedin d 1955 Wellington
236......David Samuel Broad b 21 Jan 1931 Dunedin d 30 Aug 2010 Oamaru Hospital

142 Frederick Sidney BROAD m Christina Elizabeth BROADFOOT (b abt 1905 Dunedin d 1 Sep 1951 aged 47 Dunedin bur 4 Sep 1951) 19 Dec 1928 Dunedin

Note: At the time of her death Christina was living at 155 Ravensbourne Road, Dunedin. You can see Frederick and Christina's gravestone here

Children of Frederick and Christina
237......Joyce Broad dob unknown
238......Frederick Arthur Broad b 6 Jan 1931 Dunedin d 18 Apr 1992 117 Mornington Rd Dunedin bur 21 Apr 1992 Anderson Bay cemetery block R plot77
Note: You can see Frederick's gravestone
239......Keith John Broad b 1838 d 24 Mar 1997 48b Ravelston Street, Tainui, Dunedin

145 Charles Donald BROAD m Gertrude E JONES 3rd qr 1934 [Congleton 8a 1020]

Children of Charles and Gertrude
240......John E Broad b 1st qr 1936 [Newcastle under Lyme 6b 82]
241......Patricia A Broad b 3rd qr 1942 [Newcastle under Lyme 6b 146]

149 Robert Albert BROAD m Dora Beatrice WILTON (b 25 Nov 1908 Fulham, Hammersmith d 13 Jul 2005) 27 May 1939 St Pauls Church Hounslow

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were William George THOMAS and Elizabeth BROADDora was the daughter of Frederick Thomas and Eliza Rebecca WILTON (b 1870) who lived at 400 Staines Road, Hounslow.
At the time of his marriage Robert lived at 555 Staines Rd Hounslow.Robert was a fitter and turner by trade and served in the R.E.M.E. during WW2. The family emigrated to Western Australia on the RMS Strathaird on 25th April 1951, from London to Freemantle, at which time Robert's profession was given as a builder and was living at 33 Central Avenue, Hounslow. They were accompanied by Eliza Rebecca WILTON. Mabel Osborn FOWELL, nee Broad, travelled to Sydney on the same vessel in 1949 - details are here

Child of Robert and Dora
John Robert Broad b 27 Aug 1943 at 33 Central Avenue, Hounslow
243......Peter J Broad b 3rd qr 1949 [Ealing 5E 34] d 3rd qr 1949 [Croydon 2a 754]

The Strathaird on which the emigration took place

And what did they eat on voyage? You can see a menu here

150 Olive Marion BROAD m Victor E HEMPSTEAD 2nd qr 1922 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 2084]

Child of Victor and Olive
244......Iris M Hempstead b 4th qr 1922 [Risbridge 4a 1424]

151 William Charles BROAD m Jessie M COWELL 2nd qr 1927 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 2221]

Child of William and Jessie
245......Geraldine M Broad b 3rd qr 1930 [Bury St Eds 4a 1489]

162 Thelma HOOD m Sidney Yates JONES

Children of Sidney and Thelma
246......Nea Jones dob unknown
247......John Jones dob unknown

168 George Allan BROAD m Eleanor Emily C DIXON (b 1916)

Children of George and Eleanor
248......Margaret Anne Broad b 6 Oct 1937
249......Heather Lorraine Broad b 23 Mar 1939
250......Allan Maxwell Broad b 25 Apr 1942
251......Richard Lee Broad b 22 Feb 1944
252......Edward John Broad dob unknown d 10 Dec 1945
253......James Frederick Broad b 25 Mar 1946
254......Hazel Catherine Broad b 1 Mar 1955
255......Helen Mary Broad b 1 Mar 1955

169 Frederick Sydney BROAD m Myrtle Sophia COFFIN (b 20 Jul 1911)

Children of Frederick and Myrtle
256......Neil Frederick Broad b 22 Feb 1935
257......Beverly Ann Broad b 23 Jul 1936 d 26 Jun 2015 Tauranga bur 30 Jun 2015 Pyes Pa Cemetery
258......Delice Joy Broad b 22 Oct 1939
259......Janice May Broad b 29 May 1942
260......Kenneth James Broad b 18 Mar 1944
261......Elaine Mary Broad b 3 Jun 1947

170 Kathleen Mary BROAD m Frederick RANGER

Child of Frederick and Kathleen
262......Robert Ranger b 1930
263......Noel dob unknown
264......Brian Ranger b 1942
265......Gary Ranger b 1948

171 Avis May BROAD m Hector GREGORY

Children of Hector and Avis
266......Raewyn Merle Gregory b 1943
267......Kevin John Gregory b 1947

173 James Graham BROAD m Doreen CRONIN

Child of James and Doreen
268......Graham Broad b 1942

174 John S BROAD m Alice J GARNETT 1st qr 1940 [Crewe 8a 1248]

Children of John and Alice
269......Joy A Broad b 3rd qr 1941 [Crewe 8a 805]
270......Michael R Broad b 2nd qr 1944 [N E Cheshire 8a 203]
271......Alec J Broad b 3rd qr 1945 [Crewe 8a 564]

175 Stanley BROAD m Sheila P SIMPSON 2nd qr 1941 [Crewe 8a 1147]

Child of Stanley and Sheila
272......Peter J Broad b 3rd qr 1949 [Ealing 5E 34]

Broad 183 Frederick Joseph BROAD m Kathleen Maud TEBBUT 26 Dec 1908 St Johns Church, Kensal Green.

Note at the time of their marriage, Frederick was a milkman and Kathleen a coal office clerk

Child of Frederick and Kathleen
272......Charlotte Broad b 1st qr 1910 [Paddington 1a 2] m Evan Thomas EVANS 2nd qr 1934 [Willesden 3a 917]

184 Henry Littleford BROAD m Charlotte TEBBUT (b 8 Jul 1887 at 70 Fifth Ave, Chelsea) 1910 Willesden

Children of Henry and Charlotte
273......Diana G Broad b 3rd qr 1922 [Willesden 3a 515] m George E HIGGINS 1st qr 1950 [Ealing 5e 66]
274......Henry James Broad b 1932 Brentford m Barbara RICHARDS 2nd qr 1958 [Ealing 5e 95]

190 Walter Frederick BROAD m Bessie BAVIN 3 Aug 1914 Marylebone [1a 1468]

Children of Walter and Bessie
275......Bessie Florence Broad b 13 Jan 1916 Hampstead d 17 Apr 1985 m George A GIBLEY 3rd qr 1937 [Henmdon 3a 1889]
276......Walter Charles Broad b 2nd qr Jun 1917 Willesden [3a 462] m Gladys A R LOVETT 4th qr 1950 [Willesden 5F 386]
277......Albert Edward Broad b 10 Apr 1919 d 16 Sep 2001 m Marjorie SMITH 27 Jun 1942 [Hendon 3a 1667]
278......Henry E Broad b 4th qr 1922 [Willesden 3a 471] m Mary O'SULLIVAN 1st qr 1958 [Ealing 5e 377]
279......Peter Broad b 2nd qr 1931 [Willesden 3a 494]

193 Frederick Charles BROAD m (a)Alice Elizabeth HALLS (b 5 Jun 1893 Cambridge d 29 Oct 1935) 5 Oct 1914 Paddington (b) Catherine WEBSTER nee DUTTON

Frederick served in the Royal Field Artillery, 18th Trench Mortar Battery in WW1 and was awarded
the Military Medal (Right) for bravery in the field during the battle of the Somme. He was a gunner.

The Military Medal awarded to personnel of the British Army and personnel of other Commonwealth
countries, below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.

The medal was established on 25 March 1916. It was the other ranks' equivalent
to the Military Cross, which was awarded to commissioned officers and Warrant Officers
although it took precedence below that decoration as well as the Distinguished Conduct Medal,
also awarded to non-commissioned members of the Army.
Recipients of the Military Medal were entitled to use the post-nominal letters "MM".
In 1993, the Military Medal was discontinued, and since then the Military Cross has been awarded to
personnel of all ranks.

Army record

Children of Frederick and Alice
280......Alice Elizabeth Broad b 18 Aug 1915 Marylebone d May 1955 Windsor m Ivor BRYAN 23 Jun 1944
281......Dorothy May Broad b 21 Nov 1919 Hampstead d 10 Oct 1969 m Frederick THOMAS
282......Hilda Joan Broad b 12 Feb 1927 Hampstead d 9 Apr 1987 Northwood Mdx m Ian MILLS 5 Apr 1947
283......Mabel Winifred Broad b 21 May 1924 Hampstead d 2 Oct 1992 Whyalla, Australia m Joseph SAMUELS
284......Frederick Herbert Walter Broad b 23 Nov 1929 m Marion June SMALLEY (b 5 Jun 1933 Colne, Lancashire d 11 Jun 2004) 21 Nov 1963

Q11 Carl Albert HENNING m Helen Mary THORPE (b 1883) 29 Feb 1916 Shilong Church, Bengal

Note: You can see much more about the family here

Children of Carl and Helen
Q13......Mary Ruth Henning b 12 Jan 1917
Q14......Vivian Edith Henning b 13 Jun 1923 d 23 Feb 2017.
Q15......Anthony Richard Henning b 18 Jan 1926


209a Annie Louise BROAD m Alfred GUILDER 4th qr 1923 [Rochford 4a 1404]

Child of Alfred and Annie
285......Eileen M Guilder b 2nd qr 1927 [Rochford 4a 931]

202a Lily F BROAD m Andrew BAIN 3rd qr 1939 [Paddington 1a 123]

Children of Andrew and Lily
286......Heather M Bain b 3rd qr 1944 [Hendon 3a 845]
287......Keith A Bain b 2nd qr 1946 [Hendon 3a 1290]

164 George BROAD m Anne (d 16 Sep 2010)

Note: George and Ann lived at Palmerston, Otago in 2010
Children of George and Anne
288......Helen Broad dob unknown
289......Neil Broad dob unknown
290......Linda Broad dob unknown
291......Margaret Broad dob unknown
292......Matthew Broad dob unknown partnered with Jacques
Note: Matthew has a daughter, 293......Anna Broad dob unknown

205 Alexander Chesham BROAD m Ann EWINS

Children of Alexander and Anne
293......Stuart Alexander Broad dob unknown
294......Diana Louise Broad dob unknown m Andrew SHEPPARD d 8 Nov 2008
295......Margaret Anne Broad dob unknown
296......Elizabeth Ewins Broad dob unknown

206 John C BROAD m Jennifer POTTER 1st qr 1963 [Bury St Edmunds 4b 2625]

Children of John and Jennifer
297......Simon Broad dob unknown
298......Louisa A Broad 4th qr 1965 [Windsor 6a 370]

207 Roger D BROAD m Rita HILL 4th qr 1964 [Amersham 6a 608]

Child of Roger and Rita
299......Ryan Lawson Broad b 2nd qr 1970 [Amersham 6a 1515]

208 Shirley Andrina BROAD m John David SMITH (b 2 Feb 1926 Timaru) 20 Dec 1947 Dunedin

Children of John and Shirley
300......Gail Marilyn Smith b 5 Nov 1948 Dunedin
301......Craig Lincoln Smith b 24 Jun 1950 Blenheim
302......Daryl Adrian Smith b 16 Oct 1951 Blenheim
303......Katrina Leigh Smith b 17 Dec 1960 Greytown

209 Michael Osborne BROAD m Patricia Gweneith (Tricia) THOMAS QSM (b 1931 Dargaville) 29 Jan 1952 Methodist Church, Pitt Street, Auckland

Tricia was the daughter of Arthur Eric and Muriel Emma THOMAS and she spent her early life on her father's pioneer dairy farm in the far North of New Zealand. Arthur's father, John Thomas had emigrated from Cowbridge, Glamorgan, settling in Taranaki as a farmer, later moving to a place north of Auckland.. His father in turn was Llewellyn Thomas, an architect in Cowbridge. Witnesses to the marriage were M A SNOWDON and R C QUENNELL See a photo of Michael and Tricia on their wedding day here

Tricia was awarded the Queens Service Medal for her work in gymnastics

In 2006 she qualified as an International Brevet Women's Gymnastic Judge in gymnastics and this story about her appeared on the net:

It is often said that age has no barriers and never was a truer word spoken than in the case of Patricia Broad who at 75 attempted and passed the WAG FIG judges brevet examination at the recent New Zealand International Judges course. Initially Tricia had only planned to requalify as a Senior National judge but when everyone was told they all had to sit the brevet exam to gain any qualification she decided to challenge herself and see how well she could do. Her result was not a surprise to those who know her and it was a fitting reward for someone who has given many years to the sport of gymnastics in many different ways. According to a source in her home town of Dunedin, "Tricia was very determined and every day she would go for a walk and would be seen all over the town, head down learning from her little study cards". So with Tricia does NZ have the oldest (first time) brevet in the World - FIG are unable to confirm this but until someone proves otherwise we will believe so. Tricia, you are an inspiration and role model to us all.


Children of Michael and Tricia

304......Terence Leonard Broad (PhD) b 3 Jul 1955 Dunedin
305......Anthony Arthur Broad b 4 May 1958 Dunedin m (a) Heather Mary BULL (b 1 Oct 1955 d 30 Mar 1998 Wellington) 17 Apr 1979 Temuka (b) Anne Elizabeth RILES (b 4 Jun 1953) 5 Nov 1998
248......Kelvin Graeme Broad (PhD) b 26 Sep 1951 Dunedin m Angela Marie DRISCOLL 13 Oct 1990 Dunedin
Note: Kelvin and wife Angie were in Canada for some years, in Vancouver Island and Alberta. In his prime he was a noted marathon and mountain runner and represented NewZealand. He "distance tutors" for both Calgary and Northern Arizona (Flagstaff) Universities in education subjects. Last year Kelvin and his dog Blade were the Alberta Novice Champions in their provincial sheepdog trials.
However their great passion for Sheepdog Trialling has taken over, and they have not long shifted to the UK with their 6 - 8 Border Collies!!! At first they were tenants on a farm near Keswick, Cumbria in the Lake District, then (July 2007) moved to a rural cottage in Scotland, along with 14 Dogs, 9 Hens and 2 Roosters and now in Llanfynydd, Dyfed, Wales. You can see their website here

306......Kim Andrew Broad b 16 Jan 1965 Dunedin
307......Suzanne Maree Broad b 5 Oct 1968 Dunedin
308......Nicola Jane Broad b 10 Dec 1971 Christchurch

212 John Christopher BROAD m Q14 Vivian Edith HENNING (b 13 Jun 1923 Elmdon, Eassex) 6 Jul 1946 Flempton

Note: Vivian was the daughter of Carl Albert HENNING and Helen Mary THORPE She had been a member of the Womens' Land Army working at Hall Farm, Wordwell

Carl was born at Hornsey Park, & educated at Harrow School, & then Heidelberg University.He worked for Reuters for a while, & then went to Lord Smithe's tea estate in India. He joined Skinners Horse on 8 Jan1914 & served until 6 Sep1919. He went to Afghanistan in the early part of' 1919 with the Regiment and was wounded in the foot.Discharged with disability pension, he stayed in India until 1923, returning with 1st child, Mary. He then became a chicken farmer at Elmdon, Essex, where Vivian and her brother Tony were born.

He left the family & went off with his mother's companion Violet ROPE . ( Divorced from Vivien 1935). He is thought to have died between Dec.1945 & July 6th 1946 at Leominster and details of Carl Albert's life are shown here

Children of John and Vivian
309......Richard Peregrine Charles (Perry) Broad b 19 Nov 1948 m Sylvia
Note: Perry who worked until his retirement for H M Customs, and now lives in Brittany, is also an artist. You can see a sample of his work
here In addition he is an accomplished boat builder - see the boat he built by clicking on the thumbnail:

310......Genevieve Broad b 29 Nov 1953 Osborne Nursing Home, Thetford
Note: Genevieve was educated at South Lea School, Bury St. Eds. East Anglian School, Bury St Edmunds, Sir John Leman School, Beccles, U. E.A. Norwich, & Bangor University.She worked for V.S.O. in Philippines and wrote & illustrated a book "Fish of the Philippines". She led an expedition to Calayan Island, North end of the Islands to count bird population, and found a new species; "Calayan Rail". She is now Biodiversity co-ordinator for Essex Wildlife Trust. She has travelled extensively in Africa, from Tangiers through Sahara & Central Africa to Capetown, and been on an expedition in mountains of Sierra Leone. You can read about the Calayan Rail here.

214 James Broad ROBINSON m Phyllis M Nicholl 2nd qr 1957 [Penzance 7a 207]

Child of James and Phyllis
311......Jim Robinson dob unknown m Sue
Note: Jim and Sue live at Taunton

225 Peter D BROAD m (a) Valerie J JOHNSON 2nd qr 1968 [Epping 4a 1398] (b) Brenda S M OGILVIE Mar 1985 [Harlow 9 1505 385]

Children of Peter and Valerie
312......David Andrew Broad b 2nd qr 1970 [Epping 4a 3397]
313......Lisa Jennifer Broad b 4th qr 1972 [Epping 4a 2841]

234 Charles Albert BROAD m (a) Marjorie Simmonds STILES (b 4 Feb 1919 Dunedin d 26 Oct 1969) 9 Mar 1940 (b) Phyllis Joy WALLACE nee PRICE (b 2 Feb 1919 Dunedin) 3 Feb 1973

Note: You can see Marjorie's gravestone and that of 85a Jill Ann here

Children of Charles and Marjorie
314......Jill Ann Broad b 15 Apr 1951 "El-Lido" (nursing home) 61 DukeSt Dunedin d 19 Apr 1951 (4 days old)
315......Douglas John Broad b 24 Sep 1948 (adopted)

Children brought to the marriage with Phyllis but not those of Charles
316......Janice Marion Wallace b 17 Sep 1945 d 8 Aug 1999
317......Gainor Raines Wallace b 21 Jan 1949

235 Ethel Winifred BROAD m Robert Andrew NICHOLSON

Children of Robert and Ethel
318......Geoffrey Allan Nicholson b 1948
319......Terrence Nicholson b 1952

242 John Robert BROAD m Loretta Iris NELMES (b 26 Sept 1952 Libya) 16 Oct 1976.

The family lives at Westfield, Perth. Loretta's father was serving in the British Army at the time of her birth

Child of John and Loretta
320......Daniel Nathan Broad b 16 Apr 1981 Western Australia

248 Margaret Anne BROAD m Maurice George DENTON (b 1937)

Children of Maurice and Margaret
321......Reawyn Ann Denton b 3 Jul 1963
322......Alan Maurice Denton b 1965
323......Carol Margaret Denton b 31 Oct 1967

249 Heather Lorraine BROAD m Ian PATERSON May 1959

Children of Ian and Heather
324......Antionette Paterson b 6 Oct 1954
325......Denise Paterson b 3 Feb 1960

197 Allan Maxwell BROAD m Sydney Ray MORRIS 1966

Children of Allan and Sydney
326......Sandra Christine Broad b 22 May 1966
327......Malcolm John Broad b 13 Jun 1969

251 Richard Lee BROAD m (a) Ngaire Theresa GOODSON Sep 1966 (b) Tonia Lois BARKES

Children of Richard and Ngaire
328......Andrea Grace Broad 12 Dec 1966 m Andre Duane GYSBERT
329......Leanne Marie Broad b 1968

253 James Frederick BROAD m Elizabeth Mary MORT 6 Oct 1967

Children of James and Elizabeth
330......Jacqueline Maree Broad b 27 Mar 1968
331......Paula Mary Broad b 1969
332......Katherine Ann Broad b 1971
333......Karla Elizabeth Broad b 17 July 1973

254 Hazel Catherine BROAD m Terence Michael STACK abt 1977

Children of Terence and Hazel
334......Susan Kathleen Stack b 21 Nov 1979
335......Michael Joseph Stack b 7 Aug 1981
336......Daniel George Stack b 18 Jun 1985

255 Helen Mary BROAD m Dennis John WILLIAMS 16 Jan 1966

337......Aaron F Williams b 20 Aug 1974
338......Dion Richard Williams b 23 May 1976
339......Larsen John Williams b 7 Aug 1981
340......Sarah T Williams b 17 Sep 1983

256 Neil Frederick BROAD m Edna DYSON

Child of Neil and Edna
341......Neroli Broad b 8 Aug 1939

257 Beverly Ann BROAD m Lawrence J LOPER 1962

Children of Lawrence and Beverly
342......Suzanne Gail Loper b 1 Aug 1963
343......Brett James Loper b 29 Nov 1965
344......Grant John Loper b 28 Sep 1969

258 Delice Joy BROAD m Clifton COLE

Children of Clifton and Delice
345......Anthony Owen Cole b 26 Sep 1961
346......Jacqueline Cole b 22 Oct 1962
347......Amanda Cole b 1972

206 Janice May BROAD m Kenneth TAIT

Children of Kenneth and Janice
348......Angeline Tait b 1964
349......Brendon James Tait b 1966
350......Rachel Tait b 1967

260 Kenneth James BROAD m Carol MOORE

Children of Kenneth and Carol
292......Stephen Broad b 1970 m Diane PEDERSON 3 Jul 1997
351......Paul Broad b 1972

261 Elaine Mary BROAD m Clem JAMES

Children of Clem and Elaine
352......Samantha Lee James b 1971
353......Sharnall Lisa James b 1974

262 Robert RANGER m Betty ROBERTSON abt 1953

Children of Robert and Betty
D53......Catherine Ann Ranger b 1954 m Arthur NURSE
Sharnell Ranger (fem) b 1957
355......Stephen John Ranger b 1958

264 Brian RANGER m Wendy SENIOR

Children of Brian and Wendy
356......Richard Brian Ranger b 1963
357......Joanne Wendy Ranger b 1965
358......Adam Lawrence Ranger b 1969

265 Gary RANGER m Christine Joyce SADD

Children of Gary and Christine
359......Lisa Joy Ranger b 1967
360......Luke Justine Ranger b 1969
361......Rebecca Ellen Ranger b 1971
362......Rachel Emily E Ranger b 1973

266 Raewyn Merle GREGORY m John McINTOSH

Children of John and Raewyn
363......Cheryl McIntosh dob unknown
364......Gregory McIntosh dob unknown
365......Shane McIntosh dob unknown
366......Bronwyn McIntosh dob unknown


288 Helen BROAD m Charles NICHOLLS

Children of Charles and Helen
367......Katherine Nicholls dob unknown
368......Elizabeth Nicholls dob unknown

289 Neil BROAD m Marion

Children of Neil and Marion
369......Lawson Broad dob unknown
370......Emily Broad dob unknown m Peter
371......Isaac Broad dob unknown
372......female child dob unknown

231 Linda BROAD m Ray JACKSON

Children of Ray and Linda
373......Daniel Jackson dob unknown
374......Hannah Jackson dob unknown

232 Margaret BROAD m John

Child of John and Margaret
375......Luke dob unknown

293 Stuart Alexander BROAD m Karen Tracy WILKINS

Children of Stauat and Karen
376......Laura Jane Broad dob unknown
377......Amy Victoria Broad dob unknown

295 Margaret Anne BROAD m (a) Les JAMES (b) Mark CANNON

Child of Les and Margaret
378......Samuel Christopher James b abt 1987 d 3 Jan 2008

Child of Mark and Margaret
379......Joshua James Cannon dob unknown

296 Elizabeth Ewins BROAD m Richard SUTTON

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
380......Josephine Louise Sutton b 24 Jan 2002
381......Michael Richard Sutton b 17 Jun 2004

297 Simon BROAD m Susan

Children of Simon and Susan
382......Molly Broad dob unknown
383......Jake Broad dob unknown

299 Ryan Lawson BROAD m Katharine M DUNHAM Apr 1990 [Dacorum 530/0293/038/R1B]

Children of Ryan and Kate
384......Luis Lawson Broad b May 2001 [Aylesbury Vale 3241B/B48C/162/501]
385......Sophie Hannah Broad b Mar 2004 [Aylesbury Vale 324/1.A59C.239.304]

300 Gail Marilyn SMITH m Ross Gordon PARKER (b 15 Jun 1948 Dunedin) 1 Mar 1969 Dunedin

Children of Ross and Gail
386......Brett Gordon Parker b 1 Jun 1969
387......Scott David Parker b 8 Jan 1972 Temuka d 23 Nov 1994 North Carolina, USA
388......Leonie Jane Parker b 26 Jul 1976

301 Craig Lincoln SMITH m Louise Ann TAYLOR (b 3 Jun 1955 Mansfield UK) 13 Apr 1974 Blackwater, Queensland Australia

Children of Craig and Louise
389......Lincoln b 27 Aug 1975 Queensland Australia m Lucy
390......Rebecca Jane Smith b 23 May 1978 Blackwater Queensland Australia
391......Rachel Ann Smith b 6 May 1980 Camden, NSW, Australia

302 Daryl Adrian SMITH m Maureen TRAINOR (b 1 Sep 1942 Dunedin) m 18 Sep abt 1976 Dunedin

Children of Daryl and Maureen
392......Kirsty Jane Trainor - Smith b 5 Apr 1979 Hamilton
393......Paul Jeremy Trainor - Smith b 26 Sep 1985 Hamilton

245 Katrina Leigh SMITH m Daryl Clifford EDGECOMBE (b 20 Jan 1962 Hawera) 20 Aug 1983 Inglewood

Children of Daryl and Katrina
394......Troy Ryan Edgecombe b 19 Feb 1986 New Plymouth
395......Nyssa Rae Edgecombe b 1 Jun 1989 New Plymouth

304 Terence Leonard BROAD m Muriel Amiria LONG (b 27 Aug 1940 Morrinsville, Waikato d 15 Oct 2008 Otago Community Hospice Dunedin cremated 18 Oct 2008) 21 Aug 1978 Dunedin, later partnered with June BRIDGEMAN

Child of Terence and Muriel
396......Andrea-Terri Tui Broad b 8 Mar 1977

Child of Terence and June
396a....Michael Nguyen Broad b 22 Apr 2012

249 Kim Andrew BROAD m Turid Anne REVFEIM (b 25 Nov) 14 Apr 1990 Taupo

Note: Turid's family came from Sweden. Straight from school Kim was a ballet dancer, and was with the Royal N.Z. Ballet Company for many years, travelling the world with them on several occasions. Turid is Ballet Mistress in the company. Kim got a serious arthritis ailment in the spine, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and had to give up dancing. He had to stay active to fight the illness and found a job eliminating pests and predators within a new predator-proof fenced "island", now the Karori Nature Reserve for endangered species, within a Wellington suburb. Since then Kim has rapidly climbed the ladder and now is a team leader in the Greater Wellington Regional Council managing various scenic reserves.

Child of Kim and Turid
397......Emma Louisa Broad b 27 Aug 1997 Wellington

307 Suzanne Maree BROAD m Mark ABELSON 27 May 1996

Note: Marks family name was originally ABELSEN, and came from Norway

Children of Mark and Suzanne
398......Olivia Grace Abelson b 7 Nov 1999 Hastings
399....Jessica Rose Abelson b 21 Jan 2002 Hastings

308 Nicola Jane BROAD

Child of Nicola
400......Troy Osborne Broad b 23 Jun 1999

315 Douglas John BROAD m (a) Jill SULLIVAN (b) Rita BRADEMANN (b Essen, GDR)

Note Douglas lives in Australia

Child of Douglas and Jill
401......James Broad b 1974

Child of Douglas and Rita
402......Morgan Filazatas Blaschke/Broad b 1989 Canberra, Australia

321 Raewen Ann DENTON m Darryl Jeffrey BARGE (b 18 May 1964)

Children of Darryl and Raewen
403......Anthony Glen Barge b 29 June 1986
404......Tania Marie Barge b 26 Apr 1983
405......Laura Catherine Barge b 19 Nov 1991

322 Alan Maurice DENTON m Helen Elaine RAMSEY (b 1964) 1986

Children of Alan and Helen
406......Jessica Anne Denton b 20 Jul 1987
407......Sarah Elaine Denton b 6 Sep 1989
408......Alana Joy Denton b 6 Sep 1989
409......Natalie Alice Denton b 9 Apr 1992

324 Antoinette PATERSON m Bruce GUEST

Children of Bruce and Antoinette
410......Natalie Bridget Guest b 4 Aug 1986
411......Jack George Guest b 13 Feb 1987

325 Denise PATERSON m Christopher Robin HART 21 Sep 1983

Children of Christopher and Denise
412......Humphrey Rupert Paterson b 23 Jul 1988
413......Wanda Heather Paterson dob unknown
414......Madeline A Paterson b 2 Jan 1992
415......Casper Dennis Paterson b 10 May 1993

329 Leanne Marie BROAD with unknown

Child of Leanne Marie and unknown
416......Nicole Lee Broad b 2 Oct 1991

330 Jacqueline Maree BROAD m Neville Ian SAUNDERS 6 Dec 1991

Children of Neville and Jacqueline
417......Brittany G Saunders b 9 Apr 1992
418......Tayler Jean Saunders b 1994

332 Katherine Ann BROAD m Tony ROUAN

Child of Tony and Katherine
419......Claire I ROUAN-BROADb 1993

345 Anthony Owen COLE m Rhonda RICHE (b 23 Sep 1961)

Children of Anthony and Rhonda
420......Elizabeth Ellen Cole b 1989
421......Arron Cole b 1992

346 Jacqueline COLE m Lewis O'CONNOR abt 1983

Children of Lewis and Jacqueline
422......Jessica Lee Cole b 1984
423......Matthew Lewis Cole b 1986
424......Phillipa Cole b 1989
425......Samuel Cole b 1992

347 Amanda COLE m Nigel GRIFFIN

Child of Nigel and Amanda
426......Liam James Griffen b 1994

348 Angeline TAIT m Michael HOPE 1985

Children of Michael and Angeline
427......Britney Lisa Hope b 1987
428......Stephen Pierre Hope b 1989

354 Sharnell RANGER with unknown

Child of Sharnell and unknown
429......Brendon R Ranger b 1974


386 Brett Gordon PARKER m Kitty HOUBEN (b 5 Aug 1973)

Children of Brett and Kitty
430......Eric Ross Parker b 13 Nov 2005
431......Martin Scott Parker b 13 Nov 2005

390 Rebecca Jane SMITH m Andrew BRUNING (b 13 May) 15 Apr 2001

Child of Andrew and Rebecca
432......Jack William Bruning b 17 Jul 2003

391 Rachel Ann SMITH m Nigel ROBERTS (b 14 Feb) m 26 Oct abt 2002

Child of Nigel and Rachel
433......Max Lincoln Roberts b 26 Feb 2004

396 Andrea-Terri Tui BROAD m Damien Anthony THORNE 16 Apr 2001 Lower Hutt

Child of Damien and Andrea-Terri
434......Neo Xavear Boxer Broad-Thorne b 4 Jan 2001 Wellington

Many thanks to Michael Broad,, Stephen Broad, John Broad, Perry Broad, Beverley Loper and to Brett Parker for the information on their ancestors, as well as to Simon Kerr for his posting to Rootsweb. Also to Barb Mitchell Robinson

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