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Lacy...Larkin...Lownsborough...Martin...McArley...McNaught...Ogle...Quigley...Riddick...Rose abt 1867...Rose 1939...Scheib
Scott...Seaton...Sedon...Shaw...Smith abt 1864...Smith 1919...Snelling...Stuart
Swales 1831...Swales 1833...Swann...Taylor...de Thier...Thompson...Westhorpe...Whiting 1925...Whiting 1940...Whyte


1 Henry OSBORN m Elizabeth CROSS 24 Oct 1732 Norton Suffolk

Note: these were my 7x great grandparents

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
Henry Osborn bap 13 May 1733 Norton
3......Edward Osborn bap 19 Dec 1736 Norton
4......Elizabeth Osbornbap 15 Aug 1742 Norton
5......Ann Osborn bap 20 Jul 1746 Norton m Simon KEMP 17 May 1796 Norton
6......John Osborn bap 1734 Norton
7......Thomas Osborn bap 11 Nov 1739 m Rhoda BORLEY 18 Oct 1799


2 Henry OSBORN m Elizabeth

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
8......Robert Osborn bap 19 Aug 1750 Norton
9......William Osborn bap 8 Dec 1752 Norton


9 William OSBORN m (a) Mary (b) Sarah BLOOMFIELD 27 Jul 1794 Norton

Children of William and Mary
10......William Osborn b in Norton
11......William Osborn b in Norton
12......Henry Osborn b in Norton
13......William Osborn b in Norton
14......George Osborn b 1785 Norton

Children of William and Sarah
15......Judith Osborn b in Norton
16......John Osborn b in Norton

17 David BROWN bap 2 May 1758 Crompton, Yorkshire m Mary LOWNSBOROUGH 11 Nov 1778

Children of David and Mary
18......Elizabeth Brown bap 21 Aug 1779 Sherburn, Yorks
William Brown bap 17 Apr 1781 Sherburn, Yorks d after 1851
20......Ann Brown bap 19 Feb 1784 Sherburn, Yorks
21......John Brown bap 16 Apr 1789 Sherburn, Yorks
22......Mary Brown bap 6 Sep 1790 Sherburn, Yorks
23......David Brown bap 17 Aug 1792 Sherburn, Yorks


14 George OSBORN m Sarah WESTHORPE (b 1786 Rougham)

Note: George, a gardener, and Sarah were living in "Street" Cavenham in 1861 with their widowed son 27 George and his two children, next door to 30 Samuel and Susan

Children of George and Sarah
24......Sarah [Sally] Osborn bap 18 Jun 1815 Cavenham Suffolk d 8 Feb 1873 m Joseph FOWELL 24 Dec 1840, Cavenham [Witnesses H T COOPER and 28 Eleanor OSBORN.]
(See Fowell branch
25......Elizabeth Osborn bap 19 Jan 1817 Cavenham
26......Henry Osborn bap 15 Mar 1818 Cavenham
27......George Osborn bap 18 Jul 1819 Cavenham living with parents in 1851
28......Eleanor Osborn bap 29 Apr 1821 Cavenham
29......Mary Ann Osborn bap 30 Mar 1823 Cavenham
30......Samuel Osborn (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826
31......James Osborn (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826

19 William BROWN m Ann BREWER (d 4 Jun 1846 Snainton, Yorks)

Children of William and Ann
32......David Brown b 23 Sep 1804 Duggleby, Yorks
33......Mary Brown b 27 Jun 1806 Duggleby, Yorks d 21 Aug 1847 Marton, Yorks
34......Elizabeth Brown b 3 Nov 1808 Duggleby, Yorks d 11 Aug 1884 Ontario Canada
35......Hannah Brown b 17 Oct 1813 Duggleby, Yorks d 17 Sep 1839 Duggleby, Yorks
36......William Brown b 17 Oct 1813 Duggleby, Yorks d 24 Apr 1867 Ganton, Yorks
37......John Brown b 12 Oct 1816 Duggleby, Yorks d 14 Feb 1863 Potter Brompton, Ganton, Yorks
38......Moses Brown b 7 Aug 1819 Duggleby, Yorks d 9 May 1841 Duggleby, Yorks
39......Ann Brown b 7 Aug 1819 Duggleby, Yorks d 15 Jun 1831 Duggleby, Yorks
40......George Brown b 25 Jun 1823 Duggleby, Yorks


31 James OSBORNE m Elizabeth SNELLING (b 1821 Thetford) 15 Oct 1849 St Peter's Church, Thetford

Note: Witnesses at the marriage were Susan SNELLING and Joseph FOWELL. Joe FOWELL, grandson of this Joseph, married Mabel Osborne BROAD, James' granddaughter in Dunedin in 1909. The family was living at St Nicholas Lane in 1852 and 23 White Hart Street in 1861: James was a pattern maker for Burrellsin 1852 and in 1861. Ellen (as Elizabeth Ellen was known) and Martha emigrated to New Zealand on the barque "Coromandel" in 1880, and Ellen met Moses (whilst on the "Coromandel") whom she subsequently married. There is a book about the family called "The Browns of Kyeburn Peninsula" by Wally Brown which gives a wonderful picture of the whole family of Browns. Moses was a successful gold miner on or near the Kyeburn River

The Coromandel left England Dec 19,1879 and arrived in Dunedin on Apr 2, 1880. It was carrying 1400 tons of cargo, 25 tons gunpowder, and 32 passengers all in steerage class (31 originally plus 1 born on the way). A press cutting from the day of arrival may be seen here

A total of 13 different surnames, are all documented. Miss Osborne being listed as "with the Broads" in their cabin or possibly just a screened off area.

Children of James and Elizabeth
41......Elizabeth Ellen Osborn b 10 Aug 1852 St Nicholas Lane, Thetford
42......Martha Osborn b 24 Aug 1854 Thetford d 17 Apr 1901 Dunedin m Alfred Carter (A.C.) BROAD 12 Dec 1876
See Broad branch
here and the Osborn(e) branch here
43......George Henry Osborn b abt 1857 married in Thetford Dec 1886

32 David BROWN m Mary HORSLEY (b Troutsdale, Yorks)

Children of David and Mary
44......David Brown bap 27 Nov 1836 Butterwick Yorks
45......Robert Brown b abt 1836
46......Mary Ann Brown b abt 1840
47......Margaret Brown b abt 1841
48......Hannah Elizabeth Brown bap 10 Nov 1845 Duggleby, Yorks

33 Mary BROWN m Robert SWALES (b 1809 d after 1892) 2 Mar 1833 Duggleby Yorks

Childen of Robert and Mary
49......Christana Swales b 31 May 1834
50......Elizabeth Swales b 14 Sep 1835
51......Mary Swales b 20 Feb 1837 Swine, Yorks d 31 May 1858
52......Hannah Swales b 19 Dec 1838 Sproatly, Yorks
53......Ann Elizabeth Swales b 17 Dec 1840
54......Agnes Swales b 29 Dec 1842 Skirlaugh, Yorks d 3 Nov 1857
55......Martha Swales b 27 Feb 1845 d 17 May 1890 Oldham

34 Elizabeth BROWN m William SWALES 28 Feb 1831

Note: William and Bessie emigrated to Canada in 1844 with their children. William received a title for a dominion land grant in 1851 for Lot 14 Ninth Concession, Whitchurch Township York County, Ontario, which he farmed for many years. It must have been a pretty remote spot, for Bloomington consisted of a post office and a church (of which they were faithful members) and little else. It lies between Lake Ontario and Simcoe, and the nearest town was Stouffville.

Children of William and Elizabeth
56......Ann Swales b 29 Feb 1832 Mappleton, Yorks d 15 Nov 1893 Mongolia, Ontario, Canada m Robert CURTIS (b 24 Sep 1829 Patrington, Yorks d 5 Apr 1913 Stouffville, Ontario)
57......James Swales b 16 Jan 1834 Mappleton, Yorks d 11 Aug 1882 Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada m Elizabeth GARBUTT (b 1837 d 24 Mar 1891 N Dorchester)
58......Jane Swales b 29 Aug 1835 Mappleton, Yorks d Dec 1913 Bloomington, Ontario, Canada m Alexander SEATON (b 9 Aug 1834 Ontario d Mar 1901 Bloomington)
59......William Swales b 30 Aug 1837 Mappleton, Yorks d 27 Apr 1838 Mappleton, Yorks
60......Elizabeth Swales b 3 Feb 1839 Hornsea, Yorks d 20 Jun 1907 Stouffville, Ontario, Canada m Robert GREENBURY b 1836 England d 25 Aug 1882
61......David Swales b 8 Mar 1841 Hornsea, Yorks d 21 Jul 1889 Bloomington, Ontario, Canada
62......William Moses Swales b 17 Feb 1843 Aldborough, Yorks d 1 Jul 1906 Midland, Ontario, Canada m Annie BURNETT (b 1846 England d 19 Jun 1933 Misland, Ontario
63......Mary Swales b 21 Sep 1845 Hagermans Corners, Ontario, Canada d 2 Apr 1898 m Jacob ROSE (b 2 Apr 1848 d 27 Apr 1927)
64......Bartholomew Swales b 15 Sep 1848 Bloomington, Ontario, Canada d 19 Mar 1894 N. Dorchester, Canada m Hester Ann KNAP (b 1848 N Dorchester)
65......John Swales b 17 Jul 1850 Bloomington, Ontario, Canada d 12 May 1922 Toronto, Canada m Mary Ann DOUGHERTY (b 29 Jan 1853 Bloomington d 20 Sep 1917 Toronto

36 William BROWN m Elizabeth GREEN (b 28 Apr 1822 Duggleby) d aged 91?

Elizabeth was the second daughter of John and Ann GREEN John was a joiner when in Settringham, near Duggleby and became a labourer at Duggleby, where he and Ann had five daughters and two sons

Children of William and Elizabeth
66......John Brown b 19 Mar 1843 Duggleby d 31 Mar 1843 Duggleby Yorks
67......George Brown b 1845 Duggleby Yorks
68......Ann Brown b 2 Aug 1850 Snainton Yorks d 11 Mar 1930 Illinois, USA
69......Jane Brown b 1853 Sawdon Yorks
70......Moses Brown b 2 Sep 1855 Sawdon, Yorks d 22 Aug 1940 Ranfurly, NZ
71......John Brown b abt 1858 d 27 Jun 1928 Dunedin, NZ
72......Mary Elizabeth Brown dob unknown m Mr GILL
73......Hannah Brown dob unknown

37 John BROWN m Hannah SHAW (b Wintringham, Yorks) 2 May 1841

Children of John and Hannah
74......Ann Elizabeth Brown b 7 Mar 1842 Potter Brampton, Yorks m William BRADLEY
Alice Brown b 21 Oct 1843 Ganton, Yorks d 1 May 1931 Driffield, Yorks
76......Sarah Brown b 31 Jul 1845 Sherburn, Yorks
77......Mary Brown b 19 May 1847 Ganton Yorks d 1 Jun 1857 Ganton, Yorks
78......Agnes Brown b abt 1849 Ganton, Yorks
79......John William Brown b 1851 Ganton, Yorks
80......Eliza Brown b 6 Feb 1853 Ganton, Yorks d 21 Feb 1941 Prestwich, Lancs


68 Ann BROWN m Jeremiah LACY (b 30 Jan 1847 Settrington, Yorks d 28 Dec 1909 Illinois, USA)

Children of Jeremiah and Ann
81......Sarah Elizabeth Lacy dob unknown
82......William Lacy dob unknown
83......Arthur Lacy dob unknown
84......Richard Lacy dob unknown
85......Emma Jane Lacy dob unknown
86......Marion Lacy dob unknown

70 Moses BROWN m 41 Elizabeth Ellen OSBORNE

Moses' brother John emigrated with Moses.. You can see Moses and Elizabeth's gravestone here and see also the local paper's account of the arrival of the Coromandel here and an account of gold mining may be seen here. An account of his life may be read here

Children of Moses and Ellen

87......George Osborne Brown b 5 Dec 1883 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 2 Jan 1955 Naseby, NZ
88......Percy Brown b 28 Nov 1844 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 14 Nov 1939 Kyeburn Diggings
89......Arthur Ernest Brown b 22 Jan 1886 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 24 Jun 1971 Stratford, Taranaki
90......Francis Leonard Brown b 7 Nov 1888 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 1 May 1931 Kaponga, Taranaki
91......Wilfred Bertie Brown b 18 Feb 1892 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 24 Apr 1929 Opunake, Taranaki
92......Florence Ethel (Flo) Brown b 6 Oct 1895 Kyeburn Diggings, Otago, New Zealand d 16 Nov 1938 Naseby, NZ m Mr ELETT

71 John BROWN m Elizabeth Martha DONNELLY (b 10 Oct 1867 Naseby, Otago, NZ d 23 Jul 1952)

Note: John went to Australia shortly after landing in New Zealand, but returned on Moses' invitation to join him in his goldmining venture. The partnership lasted more than 60 years.

Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Kate Donnelly. Kate was midwife to most of the births in the Naseby area as well as being a home nurse.

Children of John and Elizabeth
93......Kate Brown b 12 Jan 1889 Naseby d 25 Jun 1963 Dunedin
94......Bernice (Auntie Mick) Brown b 1890 d 16 Apr 1986 m Carl HEAZLEWOOD (d 20 Jun 1975)
Carl served in WW1 and was gassed, which affected his health for the rest of his life. He was Pricate 36613 of the 1st Otago Regiment, NZEF.
Robert Donnelly Brown b 27 Dec 1892 Naseby NZ d 12 Apr 1970 Hinds NZ
Note: Robert's story can be seen here

Robert was sergeant 27432 in the 2nd battalion, Otago regiment in WW1, and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. The citation in the London Gazette of 14th Jan 1919 reads:


"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operations about Haplincourt on 2nd September, 1918. The battalion of the left had failed to reach its objective, with the result that the left flank of the company to which he belonged remained "in the air". On reaching the first objective, the platoon commander had been wounded, and he was left in command of his platoon, isolated on both flanks. He immediately rushed the cross roads, taking over fifty prisoners and several machine guns. He then discovered that the enemy was strongly entrenched behind him and the flanking battalion. Reorganising his platoon, he maintained his position until reinforcements came up and restored the situation. During the whole operations he displayed coolness and courage which were an inspiration to all ranks under his command.

Note: The DCM issued to non-commissioned officers only, was next in ranking to the Victoria Cross

96......John Hugh Donnelly Brown b 1894 d 3 Aug 1966 Prospect House, Dunedin
Note: Jack's tale is here
97......James William Donnelly (Bill) Brown b 26 Oct 1896 d 3 Sep 1965 aged 68
Have a look at Bill's story here
98......Cecil Bertram Brown b 13 May 1898 Naseby d May 1968 Frankton
Note: Detail of his life may be seen here
99......Sydney Raymond Brown b 1904 Naseby d 1986 Clutha Hospital, Balclutha aged 81
Note: Syd was a lifelong bachelor. He worked at Shortlands Station as a farmhand before joinig up in WW2, returning home to work for the Shag Valley Station where he earned a great reputation as a stockman
100....Sheila (Pixie) Brown b 1906 Naseby d 1971 Naseby m Kent BALL abt 1935
Note: Pixie married Kent Ball about 1935 and although she had no children she was expert at knitting and emboidery. She kept her husband's books for him whilst they were living in Naseby. Kent was a carpenter, and not only an undertaker, but a member of the Naseby Volunteer Fire Brigade and Manchester Unity order of Oddfellows.

75 Alice BROWN m William SMITH (b 22 Jun 1834 d 15 Jan 1910 Driffield)

Child of William and Alice
101......Harry Smith dob unknown


87 George Osborne (Ossie) BROWN m Margaret Jane (Jinnie) HUMPHRIES (b 18 Nov 1891 d 28 Sep 1960 Naseby) 29 Jul 1908

Note: see the story of Ossie here

Children of Ossie and Jinnie
102......Elizabeth Ellen (Ellie) Brown b 3 Apr 1910 d 8 Apr 1989 Dunedin m Alexander (Andy) BELL (b 23 Dec 1898 d 3 Jan 1975 34 Roseness St, Palmerston) 26 Jul 1934
Note: Andy and Ellie had two boys and two girls at Ranfurly, still living as well as two grandchildren. Ellie was bridesmaid to 92 Flo and was given a brooch made of Kyburn gold with her name engraved on it.
103......Ernest John Osborne (Ernie) Brown b 13 Dec 1913 Dunedin d 18 Mar 1986 m Rose Florence JOHNSTONE (Sister to Violet; see 105 below) 16 Sep 1944 St James Prebytarian Church, Dunedin
Note: Ernie enlisted in 1939 and then served overseas from 1940 in WW2. After three and a half years he was discharged as a sergeant after several hernia operations. He wrked for a while as a rabbit man, then as a raceman tending irrigation channels (Previously made for the gold diggings). They had four children and 8 grandchildren.
104......Florence Maud Brown b 28 Jul 1915 d 3 Dec 1915
105......Alfred Andrew Brown b 17 Jun 1919 Naseby d 13 Dec 1971 Naseby m Violet JOHNSTONE (sister to 103 Florence above) Nov 1945 St James Presbytarian Church
Note: Alf was a gold miner, getting about 3 ounces a week - a "poor man''s claim" as it was known: it took 18 cubic yards of gravel to get the three ounces.. He served over 4 years with the 2nd NZEF Armoured corps in Egypt, Libya, Italy, Crete, Greece and Syria. They had 5 children and 9 grandchildren
106......Hilda May Brown b 24 May 1922 m Robert DARLING (b 18 Apr 1918) 3 Sep 1942
Note: Robert was a forester and driver, and the family lived at Naseby for about 20 years before moving to 5 Tiverton Street, Palmerston (South). They had four children and nine grandchildren

88 Percy BROWN m Mary Jane McInnes TAYLOR (b 5 Aug 1885 Palmerston, Otago d 26 Aug 1967) 31 May 1911

Note: You can read about Percy and Mary here

Children of Percy and Mary
107......Wilfred Percy Brown b 13 Dec 1911 Naseby d 19 Oct 1987 Ranfurley m Jessie Rosalie GOULD 14 Oct 1943 Timaru
Note: You can read about Wilfred's life
108......Allan John Moses Brown b 9 Aug 1916 Naseby, d 23 Sep 1988 Kyeburn Diggings
Note: You can read about Allan's life here
109......Winifred Irene Brown b 19 Sep 1918 Naseby d 23 Jan 1984 Timaru m Stanley Colin GOULD 12 Jan 1956
Note Colin was Jessie's brother and worked on farms, sawmills, seed cleaning plant, carpentry and for two years at Nelson pruning, spraying and picking apples. Winnie repaired bicycles and tricycles - she died of cancer in 1984. They had three children still living
110......Leslie James Brown b 21 Jan 1922 d 28 Aug 1923 Ranfurly m Elvie Josephine HORE (b 11 Jun 1927 Naseby) 21 Jan 1947
Note: his story may be found

89 Arthur Ernest BROWN m Jessie Elizabeth CORBISHLEY (b 20 Dec 1890 Newcastle under Lyme, UK., d 31 Mar 1965 Stratford Taranaki) 11 Aug 1915

Note: You can read about Arthur and Jessie here

Children of Arthur and Jessie
111......Albert Ernest Corbishley (Ernie) Brown b 19 Jan 1925 d 26 Apr 1984 Fielding m Thelma OGLE in 1946.
Note: Ernie was a Mount Egmont National Park ranger antil he joined the pest destruction board where he became supervisor..He loved clay bird shooting, deer stalking and playing the violin
112......Catherine Jessie (Cathy) Brown b 18 Aug 1929 Kaponga Maternity Hospital, Mahoe, Taranaki m William Francis WHYTE (b 31 Oct 1931) 1953
Note: Bill was District Accountant for Wrightson's, a firm in Stratford, then supervisor of Stratford's Pioneer Village, and was a golfer and active member of the Lions Club for many years. Cathy enjoyed netball, tennis, surfcasting and trout fishing: later she gifted in handicrafts, particularly knitting and sewing. They lived at 69 Cressida Ave, Stratford

90 Francis Leonard BROWN m Gladys BRIDGEMAN (b 19 Jun 1895 Inglewood, Taranaki d 10 Mar 1978 New Plymouth) 1 Jul 1920

Note: There is more information on Len here

Children of Len and Gladys

113......Raymond Francis (Ray) Brown b 26 May 1921 Kaponga Taranaki m Beryl Elizabeth HALL (b 1 May 1926 Turua, Thames) 20 May 1947 Auroa
Note: his story can be seen
114......Mavis Brown b 16 Apr 1924 Awatuna Taranaki m Jim LARKIN (b 27 Oct 1922 New Plymouth) 25 Nov 1943 Opunake
Note: her story is

91 Wilfred Bertie BROWN m (a) Charlotte Janet ANDERSON (b 15 Dec 1885 Kaponga, Taranaki d 18 Nov 1923 Kaponga Taranaki) 19 Jun 1912 (b) Gladys Nora Evelyn WHITING (b 30 Jun 1898 Hawera, Taranaki) 1925

Note: See photos of each wife here and Wilfred's story here.

Children of Wilfred and Janet
115......Wilfred Herbert Brown b 16 Jan 1913 Auroa, Taranaki d 29 Mar 1988 New Plymouth m Rosina ROSE (d 20 Feb 1983 New Plymouth) 1 Jul 1939
Note: Bert's story can be sen
116......Florence Janet Brown b 19 Jun 1914 Auroa, Taranaki m Basil ESPIN 1938 Auroa
Her story is
117......Leonard Eric Brown b 29 Mar 1917 Auroa, Taranaki m Doris Pearl GORDON (b 9 May 1927 Stratford) 7 Feb 1948
Note: this was the father of Wally Brown, who wrote the book on which the detail of this branch is based. You can see Leonard Eric's story
118......Evelyn Katie Brown b 29 May 1919 Auroa, Taranaki m Clarence Raymond WHITING 26 Jul 1910
Note: Her story is
119......Ivan Brown b 13 Oct 1923 Auroa, Taranaki d 10 Jun 1984 Patea m Olive Ruby INTERMAN 24 Jun 1948
Note: his story is

Children of Wilfred and Gladys
120......Clarence Osborn (Joe) Brown b 20 Jun 1926 Kaponga Taranaki m Rona Hilda RIDDICK (b 23 Dec 1936)
Note: his story is
121......Frank David Brown b 28 Jul 1928 Kaponga Taranaki d 29 Dec 1929 Kaponga Taranaki

92 Florence Ethel (Flo) BROWN m James (Jim) FLETT (b 23 Nov 1881 Otokia, Otago d 9 Oct 1954 Naseby) 26 May 1920

Note: see Flo's story here

Children of Jim and Flo
122......Alfred James Flett b 12 Jun 1922 Naseby d 20 Jun 1922 Naseby
123......Florence Elizabeth (Betty) Flett b 6 Mar 1929 Naseby m Ian BAIN (b 15 Feb 1927 Waitati Otago d 3 May 1981 Dunedin) 3 Jun 1948 Caversham Presbytarian Church, Dunedin
Note: Her story is
124......Leonard Flett b 30 Nov 1934 Naseby d 30 Nov 1934 Naseby

93 Kate BROWN m Joseph ALLDRED (b 7 Aug 1884 Dunedin d 8 Apr 1970 Dunedin) 31 Dec 1915

Note: you can read about Kate and Joe here

Children of Joseph and Kate
125......Elizabeth Maud (Betty) Alldred b 11 Aug 1917 Dunedin m Alan John STUART (b 25 Jul 1912 d 29 May 1972)
Betty joined Brown's College as a 16year old;: it became Brown's Typing Office as the teaching of typing became almost free elsewhere. Allan was a cabinet maker and they had two daughters
126......Alan Joseph Alldred b 10 Jun 1920 Dunedin d 13 Dec 2001 m Patricia Gwen BEVIS (b 24 Mar 1923 Dunedin

You can read about Alan

Alan Alldred, FRCS, FRACS was made Commander of the British Empire in recognition of his services to Orthopaedic medicine, amd was twice awarded the Gillies Medal for original scientific contributions in the field of crippling disorders of children


127......Marjorie Evelyn Alldred b 1 Dec 1921 Dunedin m Alexander SCOTT (b 3 Aug 1921) 19 Dec 1946
Note: Marjorie wasa typist and after serving with both the army and air force in WW2, Alex and Marjorie owned grocery shops which Alex supplemented by taxi driving. He enjoyed bowls and Marjorie did a lot of social work for the elderly as well as being a keen reader and knitter. They had three sons.
128......Bernice Joyce (Bunny) Alldred b 25 Aug 1923 Dunedin m Heath Thurlow THOMPSON (b 3 May 1920 London) 1944
Note: you can read about their story

Bunny was awarded the Queens Service Medal in 1978 for her contribution toward improving quality of life for asthmatics


129......Alison Joan Alldred b 23 Mar 1926 Dunedin m Vernon A C McARLEY

95 Robert Donnelly BROWN m Louisa ANDERSON (b 26 Apr 1895 Dunedin d 5 Dec 1976) 29 Jan 1921

Children of Robert and Louise
130......Beverley Olwyn Brown b 17 Nov 1921 Merivale, Christchurch m Theodore Edward De THIER (b 6 Feb 1921 Kaikoura) 1946
Note: See her story
131......Shirley Lois Brown b 23 Aug 1925 Christchurch m Robert William CASSON (b 15 Mar 1919 Dearham, Cumbria, UK d 31 May 1970 Invercargill) 21 Feb 1959
Note: an account of her life may be seen

97 James William Donnelly (Bill) BROWN m Mary Melville SMITH (b 6 Apr 1893 d 25 Dec 1987) 5 Nov 1919

Have a look at Bill's story here
Children of Bill and Mary
132...... Mary Mavis Brown b 1 Mar 1921 Cromwell d 29 Oct 1943 m Jim CHALLIS (b 20 Jun 1917 Kingston d 8 May 1986) 6 Apr 1939
Note: Cecil and Mary set up home in Cromwell where Jim was a lorry driver and also worked a gold dredge. Five years later Mary died of perotonitis, having had two children, and Jim remarried about 1950 to Irma GILLESPIE.
133......William Russell Brown b 3 May 1922 Cromwell m Ray Ella McNAUGHT 27 Dec 1948
Note: See Russel's story
134...... Raymond Francis Brown b 25 Jul 1923 Cromwell d 1982 Thames m Veronica SEDON
135...... Vincent John Brown b 7 Oct 1924 Cromwell
Note: Vincent bought the share of Cecil Brown in Lowburn and farmed it as a sheep station - he was still working in 1991, with 4520 Merino sheep. He served in WW2 as a telegraphist on HMS Riou.
136...... Joyce Lorna (Joy) Brown b 25 Feb 1926 Cromwell d 22 Jun 1981 Queenstown m Ernest Douglas (Joe) SCHEIB (b 20 Jul 1918)
Note: Joy and Joe lived and worked in Skipper's Canyon. Joy had a tourist shop at Maori Point. Joe was the last person to do sliucing on the Shotover River and also in the Kawarau River. They had five children, one of whom stll operates the shop

98 Cecil Bertram BROWN m (a) Jean SWANN (d 10 Aug 1963 Cromwell) 26 Sep 1934 (b) Sheila STEVENSON abt 1966

Note: Detail of Cecil's life may be seen here
Children of Cecil and Jean
137......Marion Elizabeth Brown b 15 Jul 1935 m Ian Terence QUIGLEY (b 16 Oct 1931) 29 Dec 1956
Note: You can see her story
138......Natalie Anne Brown b 5 Apr 1939 Cromwell m Owen George COOK (b 14 Feb 1934 Invercargill) Jun 1959
Note: You can see her story

101 Harry SMITH m Sarah Maria BIGGINS 29 Sep 1897

Children of Harry and Sarah
139......Bessie Grindrod Smith b 1 Mar 1901 Driffield m Charles William JONES
140......Benjamin Marcus Smith b 14 Feb 1907 Driffield m Muriel MARTIN 22 Aug 1936


There are of course many living descendants of the above who belong in these two generations. If you wish to know about any individual, you can contact Wally Brown below - or if you are one of them and would like to be included, please contact me at the e-mail link on the bottom of this page.

Many thanks to Wally Brown and to Michael Broad for the information on their ancestors. Most of it is contained in "Browns of Kyeburn Peninsula" - a book by Wally Brown.

You can contact Wally

and Michael

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