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Relevance: Although there is no direct ancestor of mine in this tree, it is included to supplement the article on Lowestoft Porcelain. However it has transpired that Peter Murray, a descendant of Robert Browne, was also descended from the Glasspoole family, descended from the Mewse family of Lowestoft, my direct ancestors! Thus a connection does exist.


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1 Robert BROWNE (b between 1703 and 1705 d 5 Feb 1771 Lowestoft) m Elizabeth BROWN (b abt 1698 d 30 May 1785 Lowestoft) 1 Apr 1730

Note: Robert, who may have been the son of Robert (b 1680) and Frances BROWNE, Initially trained as a blacksmith but in 1757 entered a partnership with 3 others to establish the Lowestoft Porcelain factory. He is credited with designing as well as painting some of the best surviving pieces.

Elizabeth was said to be "of Halesworth". Their gravestone reads: "In memory of Robert Browne who died Febry 5th 1771 aged 67 years. Also Elizabeth his wife who died May 30th 1785 aged 87 years". This inscription is carved on the end of a stone originally dedicated to his grandson Robert and evidently dates from some time after his death. See his will here

A Lowestoft Porcelain dish in the style often attributed to Robert Browne

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
2......Elizabeth Browne bap 22 Feb 1731 Lowestoft m William CARR said to be of Somerleyton
John Browne bap 10 May 1732 Lowestoft d 10 Mar 1773 Lowestoft
4......Anne Browne bap 17 Mar 1733/4 Lowestoft bur 3 Sep 1810 m (a) John ARNOLD (bap 4 Mar 1741 Lowestoft bur 30 Jan 1778) 5 Dec 1754 Lowestoft (b) George ARNOLD 25 Aug 1787, Carleton Colville
5......Susanna Browne bap 8 Feb 1735/6 Lowestoft bur 30 Mar 1737 Lowestoft
Susanna Browne bap 10 Sep 1738 Lowestoft bur 2 Jan 1797 Lowestoft
7......Robert Browne bap 27 Sep 1740 d 18 Sep 1806 Lowestoft


3, John BROWNE m Mary SKOULDING (bap 29 Sep 1738 d 18 Dec 1785 Blundeston) 21 Apr 1757 Lowestoft

Note: Mary was the only surviving daughter of Samuel SKOULDING and Mary SHERRINGTON. John was a blacksmith and appears to have had nothing to do with the China Factory.The gravestone reads: "To the memory of John Browne beloved husband of Mary Browne who departed this life March 10 1773 aged 41 years Also Mary his wife who died 18th of December 1785 in the 48 year of her age"

Children of John and Mary

8......Mary Browne bap 10 Jul 1757 d bef 1813 m Mr WILLS
9......Elizabeth Browne bap 25 Dec 1758 Lowestoft d 22 Oct 1810 bur at Corton m Thomas WOODTHORPE b 10 Jan 1756 bap 11 Jan 1756 Oulton d 27 Dec 1820 bur 2 Jan 1821 Corton
Robert Browne bap 1 Jan 1761 Lowestoft d 6 Sep 1813 Pudding Norton
11....Anne Browne bap 13 Jun 1762 Lowestoft d 12 Sep 1834
12....Susanna Browne bap 12 Feb 1764 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1848 Norwich RD.

6 Susanna BROWNE m James HUGHES (b abt 1736 d bef Jan 1797 Lowestoft) 19 Oct 1760 Lowestoft

Note: James was a china painter in the Lowestoft Porcelain factory. There is some suggestion that James Hughes left Lowestoft about 1770, abandoning his wife and children, because he seems to have stopped painting china at that date, although Susanna was still described as "the wife of James Hughes" in her father's will of 1770. However, her share of Robert's money was to be paid to her personally as an annuity, whereas her sisters were to get theirs as a lump sum, which suggests that, at the very least, Robert Browne did not trust James Hughes not to squander Susanna's money if he got his hands on it. Susanna was buried next to her parents at St Margaret's Lowestoft.

Children of James and Susanna

James Hughes bap 1 Mar 1761 Lowestoft bur 14 Apr 1793
14......Ann Hughes bap 2 May 1762 Lowestoft m Groves CLEVELAND 22 Oct 1797
Robert Darling Hughes bap 7 Oct 1764 Lowestoft bur 22 Apr 1845 Lowestoft
16......John Hughes bap 12 Apr 1766 Lowestoft bur 29 Jan 1767 Lowestoft
17......William Hughes bap 24 Jan 1768 Lowestoft d unknown in Worcester
18......Susanna Hughes bap 5 Mar 1769 Lowestoft

7 Robert BROWNE m Elizabeth WOODTHORPE (bap 19 Mar 1746 Carleton Colville d 26 Jan 1832 Lowestoft) 10 Jul 1769 Carleton Colville

Note: They married by licence which was supported by James Hughes, a china painter at the factory. Elizabeth was the daughter of William WOODTHORPE and Sarah BUGG. Robert seems to have worked in the Lowestoft porcelain factory all his life and was the manager from his father's death in 1771 until it closed in about 1802, a few years before Robert's own death. He introduced the use of new colours and overglaze enamel. Their gravestone reads "In memory of Robert Browne who departed this life September 18th 1806 in the 66th year of his age. also of Elizabeth Browne relict of the above who departed this life January 26th 1832 aged 86 years".
Elizabeth's family were the squires of Carlton Colville, having gravitated north from Mutford and then Gisleham about 1700. Many of the small estates in the Hundreds of Mutford and Lothingland were occupied by one of her relatives, and three of her brothers owned most of the parish of Carlton Colville, which is just to the south of Lowestoft and now virtually incorporated within the town.
However, the line started to falter in the early 19th century and by the time of the First World War there were no more Woodthorpes in East Suffolk and the Uplands estate in Carlton Colville, which is probably where Elizabeth grew up, was sold in 1920 for housing. See his will here

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
19......John Browne bap 15 Feb 1770 Lowestoft bur 18 Feb 1770 Lowestoft
20......Sarah Browne bap 4 Feb 1771 Lowestoft d 25 May 1832 Lowestoft
21......John Browne bap 26 Jan 1773 Lowestoft bur 6 Jun 1773 Lowestoft
22......Elizabeth Browne bap 19 Mar 1774 Lowestoft d after 1821
23......Robert Browne bap 27 Apr 1776 Lowestoft d 2 Jun 1854 Lowestoft
24......John Browne bap 2 Mar 1778 Lowestoft d 19 Jun 1855 Bungay
25......Ann Browne bap 27 Dec 1779 Lowestoft bur 16 Jun 1781 Lowestoft
26......Ann Mary Browne bap 18 Dec 1781 Lowestoft m Henry RUSH 18 Oct 1804 Lowestoft
Benjamin Browne bap 13 Dec 1783 Lowestoft d 9 Sep 1862 Leeds, Yorkshire.
27......Mary Browne bap14 Nov 1785 Lowestoft bur 24 May 1792 Lowestoft
28......Lois Browne b 5 Jan 1788 Lowestoft bur 9 Dec 1837 Heigham, Norwich


10 Robert BROWNE m Sarah THURTELL (bap 4 Sep 1759 St Julian, Norwich, d 16 Nov 1818 Gorleston bur in Thurtell vault, Blundeston Church) 25 Sep 1787

Note: Sarah married again to John CLARK after Robert's death. She was the daughter of James Thurtell and Winifred NUNN. Robert's gravestone reads: "Sacred to the Memory of Robert Brown who died September 6th 1813 Aged 52 Years" and Sarah's reads " Sarah the Wife of John Clark formerly Widow of above Robert Brown who died November 16th 1818 Aged 59 Years". Robert and Sarah lived in Bradwell for about 10 - 12 years after their wedding, and then went to Pudding Norton Hall some time between 1797 and 1812. After Robert died, Sarah appears to have left her son and daughter in law in Pudding Norton and gone to live in Southtown, just a couple of miles from Bradwell, where she lived for the rest of her life. [Pudding Norton is one of Norfolk's "lost villages", just south of Fakenham

Children of Robert and Sarah

29......Sarah Browne b 8 Oct 1788, Bradwell d 28 Jul 1860 Kensington RD, London m Edward THURTELL (b 7 Apr 1894 Hopton d 13 Feb 1852 Caton, Lancs) 1 Jan 1818 Gorleston
Note: Edward was a perpetual curate in the Church of England at Caton, Lancs, and is recorded in the census of 1851. Sarah and Edward were double first cousins as were 32 John and 39 Browne Maria
30......Mary Browne b 30 Sep 1789 Bradwell d 18 Aug 1812 Pudding Norton
Note: her gravestone reads "Also of Mary His Daughter who died August 18th 1812 Aged 22 Years"
31......Robert Browne b 12 Dec 1790 Bradwell bap 6 Jan 1791Bradwell
Note: According to his father's will, Robert Browne was blind, which is why the tenancy of Pudding Norton Hall and the farm associated with it was left to his younger brother John. Robert probably went with his mother to live in Southtown, Suffolk, after his father's death, but what happened to him thereafter is unknown.
32......John Browne b 17 Mar 1792 Bradwell d 9 May 1844 Pudding Norton bur 12 May 1844 Colkirk m Maria THURTELL (b 5 Feb 1793 Hopton d 4th qr 1875 Camberwell RD) 8 Oct 1814 Witton near Blofield
Note: John's gravestone reads "In memory of John Browne, died May the 9th 1844 aged 52 years, leaving a wife and eleven children to mourn an affectionate husband and loving father". John and Maria were double first cousins along with 40 Edward and 29 Sarah THURTELL
33......Ann Browne b 7 Sep 1793 Bradwell, d after Mar 1851 m Henry BOLINGBROKE (b between Apr 1784 and Mar 1785 Norwich d after Mar 1851) 7 Oct 1815 Gorleston.
Note: in Mar 1851 they were both living at 9 Carrow Rd, Norwich and Henry was a wine merchant
34......James Browne b 30 Apr 1795 Bradwell bur 11 Apr 1797 Bradwell

There is an interesting site about the THURTELL family which can be seen here

14 Anne BROWNE m John THURTELL (b 12 Aug 1762 Norwich bap 29 Aug 1762 Norwich St Julian d 10 Sep 1846 Norwich St Giles bur 14 Sep 1846 Thurtell vault, Blundeston) 25 Sep 1787 Blundeston

Note: John was a farmer, living at Hopton, and was an executor of the will of Jabez ALDRED. (See Aldred branch)

Their gravestone reads: "Also of Anne Thurtell who died September 12th 1834 Aged 72 Years and of John Thurtell Her Husband who died September 10th 1846 Aged 84 Years"

Children of John and Ann
35......John Thurtell b 9 Sep 1788 Hopton bap 14 Sep 1788 Hopton d 7 Dec 1837 Mutford RD bur 11 Dec 1837 Hopton m Mary BROOKES (b 1787 Holborn, London d 20 Jul 1854 Gt Yarmouth) abt 1810
36......Ann Thurtell b Oct 1789 Hopton bap 11 Oct 1789 Hopton bur 14 Mar 1790 Hopton
37......James Thurtell b 17 Nov 1790 Hopton bap 28 Nov 1790 recd into ch. 10 Jun 1792 Hopton d 1 Dec 1867 Bethnal Green m Sarah HOLT (b 6 Oct 1794 Lexden, Essex d 15 Mar 1889 Brimscombe, Glos bur 20 Mar 1889 Abney Park cemetery, London) 25 Oct 1818 St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London
Note: James later changed his name to MURRAY
38......Anne Thurtell b 12 Dec 1791 Hopton bap 18 Dec 1791 Hopton d Dec 1865 Hastings, bur 25 Dec 1865 Caister, Nfk m George EVERITT (b 1 Aug 1791 d 20 Feb 1844 Caister) 20 Oct 1817 [no issue]
Note: In 1851 widow Anne was recorded at King St, Gt Yarmouth, staying with a baker, Charles GOODA, and in 1861 at 6 Cambridge place, Clifton, Bristol
39......Maria Thurtell b 5 Feb 1793 Hopton bap 7 Feb 1793 Hopton d 4th qr 1875 Camberwell RD m John BROWNE (bap 23 Mar 1792 Bradwell, Sfk bur 12 May 1844 Colkirk, Nfk) 8 Oct 1814 Witton near Blofield
Note: John's gravestone reads "In memory of John Browne, died May the 9th 1844 aged 52 years, leaving a wife and eleven children to mourn an affectionate husband and loving father". By 1861 census Maria was running a lodging house at 8 Grenville St, London were living at 8 Granville St, Regent Square, London and in 1871 Maria was staying at her daughter Anna Maria's house at 56/58 Lyndhurst Rd, Camberwell.
40......Edward Thurtell b 7 Apr 1794 Hopton bap 15 Apr 1794 d 13 Feb 1852 Caton, Lancs m Sarah BROWNE (b 8 Oct 1788 Bradwell d 28 Jul 1860 Kensington, London) 1 Jan 1818
Note: Edward and Sarah were living at Caton Parsonage, Lancashire in 1851. You can read about Edward's career
41......Benjamin Thurtell b 9 Jun 1795 Hopton d 31 Aug 1854 Guelph Township, Ontario m (a) Anne BARBER (b 27 Dec 1795 Hopton d 1 Sep 1834 Hopton bur 6 Sep 1834 Hopton) 9 Nov 1820 Hopton (b) Sarah Ann DAVIE (b 20 Jun 1801 Kessingland d 28 Feb 1892 Guelph) abt 1838 Guelph Township, Ontario
42......Walter Thurtell b 15 Jun 1796 Hopton d 7 Nov 1880 Kings Lynn, bur Highgate Cemetery m Honor CLARKE (b 1796/7 Gt Yarmouth d bef 1864) 21 Jul 1819 Gt Yarmouth
43......Caroline Thurtell b 17 Jul 1797 Hopton d 1857 London m Benjamin CLARK (d 1868) 21 Jul 1825 Stow Bardolph.
Caroline and Benjamin were first cousins. There was no issue of this union
44......Alfred Thurtell b 3 Sep 1798 Hopton bap 23 Sep 1798 Hopton d 25 Apr 1875 Graaf Reinet, Cape Province, SA m Mary EVERITT (b 20 May 1799 d 1863/4 Graaf Reinet) 29 Dec 1829 Caister-on-Sea
Note: Alfred Thurtell also changed his name to MURRAY. Alfred emigrated to South Africa in 1835 or 1836 where they had 4 sons and a daughter.
45......Harriet Thurtell b Jun 1800 Hopton bap 13 Jul 1800 Hopton bur 29 Nov 1801 Hopton
46......Charlotte Thurtell b 15 Aug 1801 Hopton bap 6 Sep 1801 d 13 Jun 1861 Liverpool.
Note: Charlotte also changed her name to MURRAY like her brothers.
47......Sophia Thurtell b 4 Oct 1803 Hopton bap 9 Oct 1803 Hopton d 14 Mar 1891 Oulton bur North Cove m William EVERITT(b 17 Oct 1894 d d 18 Jan 1879 Oulton) 16 Mar 1824 Gunton
48......Alexander Thurtell b 21 Nov 1805 Bradwell bap 25 Dec 1805 Bradwell d 21 Oct 1884 Oxborough m Mary Gordon BARTRUM ( b 1820/21 d 30 Jun 1857 Oxborough) 13 Jul 1854 St Faith's registration District.
Note: Alexander was a fellow and tutor of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge

12 Susanna BROWNE m Thomas THURTELL (bap 21 Jul 1765 St Julian, Norwich d 8 Apr 1846 Lakenham) 25 Sep 1787 Blundeston

Note Thomas was Mayor of Norwich and was a "Highly respected and opulent merchant" in Norwich.

Children of Thomas and Susanna
49......Thomas Thurtell b 3 Aug 1788 Bradwell bap 7 Aug 1788 Bradwell d bef 1791
50......James Thurtell b abt Jul 1789 bur 18 Nov 1789 Bradwell
51......Susanna Thurtell b 12 May 1790 bap 17 May 1790 d 15 Dec 1871 Southtown m (a) Samuel PALMER (b abt 1788/9 d 13 Jun 1823 Gt Yarmouth) abt 1809 (b) John Goolding SEYMOUR (b abt 1772/3 d 29 Feb 1840 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire) abt 1830 (c) William WALPOLE (b 8 Aug 1792 Market Deeping, Lincs d 2 Apr 1865 Southtown) 3rd qr 1843 Mutford RD (probably Southtown or Gorleston)
52......Thomas Thurtell b 14 Jul 1791 Bradwell bap 25 Jul 1791 d 2nd qr 1875 Norwich RD m Sarah BROOKES (b bet Apr and Oct 1786 d 4th qr 1859 Norwich RD) 3 May 1813 Lakenham
53......James Thurtell b 13 Nov 1792 Bradwell bap 18 Nov 1792 d bef 1800 Hertford
54......John Thurtell b 21 Dec 1793 Bradwell bap 22 Dec 1793 hanged for murder 9 Jan 1824 Hertford
Note his skeleton is in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in London.
55......William Thurtell b 7 Jun 1795 Bradwell bap 8 Jun 1795 d 3 Nov 1877 Gt Yarmouth m Caroline ALEXANDER (b abt 1795 d 30 Nov 1821 Gt Yarmouth) 8 Mar 1817 Lakenham
56......Charles Thurtell b 29 Feb 1796 Bradwell bap 6 Mar 1796 Bradwell d Oct 1856 Calais m (a) Susanna 21 Apr 1825 (b) Ann Augusta MORGAN 2 May 1837 Stoke Damerel Devon d 1893 Stoke Damerel
Note: Charles was a Royal Navy Commander
57......Henry Thurtell bap 15 Jan 1797 Bradwell d abt 1828 Canton, China
Note: Henry was a naval officer
58......Helen Thurtell b 28 Jan 1798 Bradwell bap 4 Mar 1798 Bradwell d 25 Mar 1811Lakenham
59......Harriet Thurtell d as infant bur 3 Sep 1800 Bradwell
60......Mary Thurtell b 19 Mar 1799 Bradwell bap 24 Mar 1799 d abt Dec 1848/Jan 1849 Norwich
61......James Thurtell b 15 Apr 1800 Bradwell bap 27 Apr 1800 Bradwell
62......George Thurtell b 1801 d 26 Jul 1848 Norwich m (a) Mary Vincent EDWARDS 16 Jan 1823 Lakenham (b) Adelgetha STANNARD (b 1811 - 1816 d 3rd qr 1844 Norwich) 18 Feb 1837 Buckenham (No issue by either wife)
63......Jacob Thurtell b 20 Aug 1801 Bradwell bap 25 Aug 1801 d 2nd qr 1862 Lowestoft bur 28 Jun 1862 Lowestoft

13 James HUGHES m Susanna BAINE 26 Dec 1788

Children of James and Susanna
64......Susanna Hughes b 6 Apr 1789 Lowestoft bap 6 Apr 1789 Lowestoft
65......Anne Hughes b 1790 d 1790
66......Anne Hughes bap 30 May 1791 Lowestoft bur 15 Mar 1794 Lowestoft

15 Robert Darling HUGHES m Susanna TAYLOR (bap 15 Jan 1792) abt 1789

Note: Robert was a tailor in Lowestoft. In 1841 he was living in Lowestoft High Street

Children of Robert and Susanna
67......Robert Hughes bap 26 Oct 1790 Lowestoft
68......Elizabeth Taylor Hughes b 10 Jan 1792 Lowestoft bap 15 Jan 1792 Lowestoft
69......James Taylor Hughes b bap 30 Aug 1793 Lowestoft
70......Wiiliam Browne Hughes bap 25 Aug 1795 Lowestoft
71......Ann Darling Hughes bap 10 Jan 1797 bur 19 Aug 1801 Lowestoft
72......Benjamin Taylor Hughes bap 1 Sep 1798 Lowestoft bur 2 Apr 1800 Lowestoft
73......Susanna Taylor Hughes bap 2 Aug 1800 Lowestoft
74......Ann Darling Hughes bap 20 Dec 1802 Lowestoft
75......Benjamin Taylor Hughes bap 1 Sep 1804 Lowestoft
76......Mary Taylor Hughes bap 8 Mar 1806 Lowestoft
77......John Taylor Hughes bap 18 Sep 1807 Lowestoft
Note: John was a carpenter in Lowestoft in 1851
78......Louisa Godwin Hughes bap 12 Nov 1809 Lowestoft
79......Richard Conyers Hughes bap 15 Oct 1811 Lowestoft
Note: Richard was a carpenter in Lowestoft in 1851

17 William HUGHES m Anne WILLIAMS abt 1789

NOte: William's Occupation: China modeller William Hughes is believed to have moved to Worcester when the china factory in Lowestoft closed in about 1802. There were some children baptised in Worcester but it is unclear whether these were our William's.

Child of William and Anne

80......Edward Hughes bap 10 Sep 1791 Lowestoft d 29 Nov 1791 Lowestoft.

20 Sarah BROWNE m John CHASTON (b abt 1762/3 d 17 Apr 1857 Lowestoft) 18 Mar 1790 Lowestoft

Note: John was the son of John CHASTON and Sarah BAKER, and was a linen draper.
Their gravestone reads: 'In memory of John Chaston who departed this life April 17th 1827 aged 64 years Also Sarah Chaston relict of the above who departed this life May 25th 1832 aged 61 years'. There was an obituary in the
Norfolk Chronicle of 21 April 1827: 'Died Tuesday last, much lamented by his family and friends, Mr John Chaston of Lowestoft aged 64'.

Children of John and Sarah
81......John Chaston b and bap 20 Jan 1791 Lowestoft d 9 May 1847 Lowestoft bur 13 May 1847 Lowestoft
82......Mary Chaston b 20 Jul 1792 d after 1861 ?Woolwich
83......Robert Chaston b 27 Oct 1794 Lowestoft bap 28 Oct 1794 Lowestoft m Elizabeth (b 1794 Liskeard, Cornwall d 3rd qr 1883 Brentford RD) 6 Oct 1828 St Dunstan's Stepney
Note: Both his father and his mother left him money in their wills to be doled out to him in small quantities by other members of the family, but there is no clue as to why this should have been necessary.
84......George Chaston b and bap 13 Aug 1796 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1867 Camberwell
85......Daniel Chaston b 15 Jul 1798 Lowestoft bap 16 Jul 1798 d 12 Jul 1883 East Harling, Nfk,
86......Sarah Chaston b 26 Apr 1800 Lowestoft bap 30 Apr 1800 d 8 Aug 1860 Aldeby bur 14 Aug 1860 Aldeby m James Warden GOWING (bap 18 Dec 1793 Lowestoft d 5 Feb 1868 Lowestoft bur 11 Feb 1868 Lowestoft) 4 Jan 1820 Lowestoft
Note: In 1851 they were living at Aldeby Hall, Loddon, and James was living at 21 Nelson St Lowestoft in 1820, said to be "of Gt Yarmouth". He was a linen draper in 1820 but a farmer of 374 acres in 1851
87......Benjamin Chaston b 27 Oct 1801 Lowestoft bap 28 Oct 1801 Lowestoft bur 14 May 1807 Lowestoft
88......Ann Elizabeth Chaston b 15 Sep 1803 Lowestoft bap 16 Sep 1803 Lowestoft d 18 Feb 1874 St Cross South Elmham bur 24 Feb 1874 St Cross South Elmham
89......Alfred Chaston b 29 Apr 1805 Lowestoft bap 1 May 1805 d 5 Feb 1869 Watton Nfk m Louisa Jane FINCH (d 14 Jul 1890 Swaffham) 2nd qr 1844 Swaffham
Note: Alfred was a bank manager in Watton. in 1851 they lived at Front St Watton and in 1861 they were at Back Street Watton. In 1871 and 1881 Louisa was at 3 Chester Place, Heigham, Nfk
90......Benjamin Chaston b and bap 8 Aug 1808 Lowestoft d 18 Mar 1860 Watton m Sarah Dain FINCH (d 23 Nov 1849 Watton) 11 Jul 1834 Swaffham (no issue)
Note: Benjamin is recorded as a chemist in 1851 at High Street, Watton. He took his nephew, 139 George CHASTON into the business which later passed to George's brother in law, William Matthews who married 142 Emily CHASTON William died soon after and the business was being run by Emily in 1861
91......Louisa Chaston b 1 Aug 1810 Lowestoft bap 3 Aug 1810 Lowestoft bur 26 Apr 1812 Lowestoft

22 Elizabeth BROWNE m William Woodthorpe WILLIAMS 3 Apr 1797 Lowestoft

Note: Elizabeth's uncle, William Woodthorpe, left money to his sister in his will which was to be divided after her death among all her children "except Elizabeth the wife of Williams". Why she was to be left out is a matter for speculation. Like several other of his relatives, she had named one of her children after her uncle, who was wealthy and childless, but it doesn't seem to have had the desired effect, but perhaps a gift of money had already been given to her.

Children of William and Elizabeth

92......William Woodthorpe Williams b 20 Jan 1798 Lowestoft d 22 Aug 1864
93......Elizabeth Browne Williams b and bap 13 Feb 1800 Lowestoft

23 Robert BROWNE m Sarah BOBY (bap 5 Jul 1776 Beccles d 6 Dec 1850 bur 10 Dec 1850 Lowestoft) 15 Nov 1798 Beccles

Note: Sarah was the daughter of Nicholas and Ann BOBY

Robert was a grocer and tea dealer. He was organist at Lowestoft St Nicholas for 64 years (which means he started at the age of 14). In 1851 he was living in High Street Lowestoft.

All but one of their children died in the first couple of years of life, pointing to a genetic problem carried presumably by Sarah

Their gravestone reads: Sacred to the memory of Sarah, beloved wife of Robert Browne who died Dec 6th 1850 aged 74 years, Also of Robert Browne beloved husband of the above who died Jun 2nd 1854 aged 78 years, organist of this parish 64 years.

Children of Robert and Sarah
94......Robert Nicholas Browne b 25 Nov 1799 Lowestoft d 22 Sep 1800 Lowestoft
95......Sarah Ann Browne b 12 Dec 1800 Lowestoft bur 6 Jan 1801 Lowestoft
96......Sarah Ann Browne b 7 Feb 1802 Lowestoft bur 20 Feb 1802 Lowestoft
97......Sarah Browne Browne b 17 Feb 1803 Lowestoft bur 3 Mar 1803 Lowestoft
98......Sarah Browne b 17 Nov 1805 Lowestoft bur 27 Nov 1805
99......Robert Browne b 16 Jul 1807 Lowestoft bur 1 Aug 1807 Lowestoft
100.... Robert Browne b 3 Jul 1808 Lowestoft bur 20 Jul 1808 Lowestoft
101.... Robert Browne b 28 Jun 1809 Lowestoft bur 10 Jul 1809 Lowestoft
102....Sarah Browne b 15 Aug 1810 Lowestoft bur 31 Aug 1810 Lowestoft
103....Robert Browne b 8 Jul 1811 Lowestoft d May 1896 Lowestoft
104....Sarah Browne b 3 Jun 1814 Lowestoft bur 11 Jun 1814 Lowestoft
105....John Browne b 3 Jun 1814 Lowestoft bur 21 Jun 1814 Lowestoft

24 John BROWNE m Susanna BOBY (bap 25 Aug 1779 Beccles d 27 Apr 1846 Bungay bur 1 May 1846 Bungay) 28 May 1801

Note: John was organist at the Holy Trinity Church, Bungay, and in 1851 he is shown as living at Lower Olland Street, Bungay.

Susanna was sister to Sarah, wife of John's brother Robert (23 above) and appears to have had the same inherited problem with her children.
When John Browne died in 1855 he left all his money to his only surviving son Robert in trust for the upkeep of his daughter Elizabeth, which suggests that there might have been something wrong with her, as if she was of perfectly sound mind and in good health there was no reason why he shouldn't have left Elizabeth the money outright. However, in the 1851 census, she was listed as her father's housekeeper, which doesn't support the idea that she was handicapped in any way.

Children of John and Susanna
106......John Boby Browne b 31 Jul 1801 bap 3 Aug 1801 Beccles d bef Mar 1855
107......Mary Anne Browne b 19 Oct 1802 Beccles bap 22 Oct 1802 Beccles d bef Mar 1855
108......Sarah Browne b 14 Feb 1804 Beccles bap 15 Feb 1804 Beccles d 7 Jul 1871 Bungay bur 11 Jul 1871
108a....Susanna Browne b 30 Apr bap 1 May 1808 Beccles d 2nd qr 1881 Pembroke, Wales m James William ALDIS
Note: James was a Methodist minister and they had 5 children
108b....Elizabeth Ann Browne b abt 1809 Beccles d 29 Jan 1861 Bungay
109......Lois Browne b 13 Apr 1810 Beccles bap 17 Apr 1810 Beccles d 20 Jun 1827 Bungay bur 23 Jun 1827 Bungay
110......Robert Nicholas Browne b 5 May 1811 Beccles bap 9 May 1811 Beccles d 13 Sep 1811 Beccles bur 16 Sep 1811 Beccles
111......Robert Browne b 19 Nov 1812 Beccles bap 24 Nov 1812 Beccles d 21 Apr 1879 Bungay Bur 24 Apr 1879 Bungay m Elizabeth Barber SIMPSON (b 28 Feb 1821 Gt Yarmouth d 24 May 1907 Gorleston) 7 Jan 1857 Helhoughton
Note: In 1871 Robert had a school in Wharton Street, Bungay, with eight boarding pupils. Whether the school had other day boys is unknown, but it probably did - although there was a perfectly good grammar school in Bungay at the time. No record of children of this marriage has been found
112......William Browne b 15 Feb 1816 Beccles bap 28 Feb 1816 Beccles bur 31 Dec 1818 Beccles
113......Henry Browne b 15 Apr 1818 Beccles bap 17 Apr 1818 Beccles

26 Benjamin BROWNE m (a) Martha WELLS (bap 6 Nov 1879 Lowestoft d 17 Dec 1817 Lowestoft bur 21 Dec 1817) 11 Jul 1811 Lowestoft (b) Maria CROW (b 1789 Bradwell d 5 Aug 1867 Bungay) 4 Jan 1820 Blundeston with Flixton

Note: Benjamin Browne had a varied career. He started out in life as a tailor (which probably means that he had a tailor's business and employed tailors rather than that he sat cross-legged himself sewing coats.) He then went into the smoked fish business in the 1820s and presumably produced Yarmouth bloaters (or perhaps kippers). He gravitated from there into the wholesale fish business. Some time in the 1840s (perhaps when his son Thomas died in 1847) he moved to Leeds with his youngest child, John, who became a dentist there. Benjamin was a fish merchant in Leeds until his death. One presumes that he was originally in business with his son Benjamin Wells Browne, who was also a fish merchant at the supply end of the chain.

Martha's gravestone reads: "Sacred to the memory of Martha, the beloved wife of Benjamin Browne who died Dec 17th 1817 aged 37 years."

Maria was the daughter of John CROW and Virtue BARNELL

In 1861 Benjamin and Maria lived at 40 Coburg Street, Leeds

Children of Benjamin and Martha
114......Benjamin Wells Browne b 3 May 1812 Lowestoft bap 5 May 1812 Lowestoft d 14 Dec 1852 Sunderland
115......William Woodthorpe Browne b 14 Sep 1813 Lowestoft.d in Jarrow between 1853 and 1858
William became a GP in Jarrow where he had a wife and three children
116......Edward Wells Browne b 1 May 1815 Lowestoft d 22 Apr 1828 Lowestoft bur 28 Apr 1828 Lowestoft
Note: his gravestone reads "...also of Edward Wells Browne son of Benjamin and Martha Browne who departed this life April 22nd 1828 aged 13 years"
117......Thomas Wells Browne b 20 Mar 1817 Lowestoft d 13 Jun 1846 Lowestoft bur 17 Jun 1846 Lowestoft
Note: Thomas' gravestone reads: "Sacred to the memory of Thos Wells Browne youngest son of Benjamin and Martha Browne who died the 13th day of June 1847 aged 29 years"

Children of Benjamin and Maria
118......Elizabeth Virtue Browne b 13 Oct 1820 Lowestoft bap 18 Oct 1820 Lowestoft d 30 Jan 1895 Bungay
119......John Crow Browne bap 15 Feb 1822 d 21 Mar 1894 Leeds
120......Louisa Maria Browne bap 27 Sep 1826 Lowestoft d 23 Mar 1827 Lowestoft bur 27 Mar 1827 Lowestoft.
Note: Louisa's gravestone reads "Also of Louisa Maria Browne daughter of Benjamin and Maria Browne who departed this life Mar 23rd 1827 aged 6 months"

28 Lois BROWNE m William BEARE ( b abt Jan 1785 bur 11 Jan 1832 Heigham) 16 Nov 1811 Lowestoft

Note: All the children of William and Lois Beare were baptised in the Independent chapel in Bungay. This must have at the very least given rise to a little awkwardness, given that Lois's brother was the organist of Holy Trinity church. What William Beare did for a living is unknown, but the family seems to have moved to the outskirts of Norwich a few years before William died.
All the surviving children of this family seem to have migrated to London. Their father died when Lucy, the eldest, was 20, and their mother died 5 years later, leaving a family in which the oldest breadwinner, William, was only 18. Lois, who was apparently the second daughter, married in 1838 in Bermondsey, Surrey, so the family must have gone to London either before their mother's death or very shortly afterwards.
By 1841 three of the children, George, Marianne and Charlotte were in Norwich whilst William and Benjamin are believed to have moved to London

Children of William and Lois
121......Lucy Beare bap 21 Aug 1812 Bungay d last qr 1882 Camberwell RD. Note: In 1841 Lucy was a governess in Redenhall, Nfk. In 1871 she was at her brother in law's home at Homewood House, Chiselhurst, Kent and in 1881 at Farquar Rd, Faxted, Surrey where she was boarding
122......Lois Anne Beare b 11 Sep 1813 Bungay bap 19 Sep 1813 Independent Chapel, Bungay d 3rd qr 1869 Chiselhurst
123......Emma Beare b 22 Jul 1815 Bungay bap 11 Sep 1815 Independent Chapel Bungay
124......William Woodthorpe Beare bap 22 May 1817 Bungay d 22 May 1902 Tenby, Pembrokeshire
125......Robert Browne Beare bap 25 Dec 1818 Bungay
126......Marianne Beare bap 4 Sep 1820 Bungay d 28 Aug 1866 Beaconsfield
127......George Henry Beare bap 6 Nov 1821 Bungay d 3rd qr 1871 London
128......Elizabeth Martha Beare bap 14 Oct 1823 Bungay bur 18 Mar 1837 Heigham
129......Charlotte Jane Beare bap 14 Sep 1825 Bungay d 20 Sep 1906 Brixton
Note: In 1851 Charlotte Jane was living and working at Charles Edward's Draper's shop at 13 Southampton Rd, Bloomsbury
130......Benjamin Charles Beare bap 1 May 1827 Bungay d 31 Dec 1855 Newington
131......Augustus Beare b abt Jun 1828 bur 10 Jun 1835 Heigham Nfk
132......Edwin Horace Beare bap 8 Jan 1830 Bungay bur 7 Oct 1836 St Bartholomew Heigham Nfk.


77 John Taylor HUGHES m Elizabeth PITCHER (b 1808 Carleton Colville) abt 1831

Child of John and Elizabeth
77b......Cornelius William Pitcher Hughes 1832 Lowestoft
77c......William Hughes b 1833 Lowestoft
77d......Edward Martin Hughes b 1838 Lowestoft m Louisa WALES 4th qt 1860 [Mutford 4a 1587]
77e......Louisa Hughes b 1840 Lowestoft
77f......Charles Hughes b 1843 Lowestoft
77g......Emmaline Hughes b 1846 Lowestoft

81 John Brown CHASTON m Susanna CLEMENTS ( bap 9 Sep 1792 West Acre d Nov 5 1871 Lowestoft) 27 Jun 1813 West Newton, Nfk

Note: John was a woolen and linen draper/ assurance office agent. Their joint gravestone reads " In memory of John Browne Chaston who departed this life May 9th 1847 aged 56 years also Susanna relict of the above who departed this life Novr 5th 1861 aged 70 years Also of John Chaston son of the above who departed this life April 26 1854 aged 39 years.

Children of John and Susanna

133......John Chaston b abt 1814 Lowestoft d 26 Apr 1854 Lowestoft bur 1 May 1854 Lowestoft.
Note: John was living with his mother in 1851 and was a Draper/Bank Agent
134......Susanna Chaston b 1816/17 Lowestoft bur 1 Nov 1817 Lowestoft
135......Sarah Chaston b 1817 Lowestoft d 1 Jan 1844 Beccles
136...... Robert Chaston bap 17 Jun 1822 Lowestoft d 23 Aug 1863 Lowestoft
137......Daniel Chaston bap 21 May 1827 Lowestoft d 12 Sep 1855 Lowestoft bur 17 Sep 1855 Lowestoft m Louisa BALLS (b 1825/6 d 5 Oct 1911 Halesworth) 29 Jan 1852 Holton
Note: Daniel was a draper in 1851 staying with his aunt at Shearings Farm St Cross South Elmham. His gravestone reads:'In memory of Daniel Chaston who died 12th September 1855 aged 28 years'.

82 Mary Browne CHASTON m John WATLING (b 1791/2 Wrentham d aft 1861 Woolwich) 26 Jul 1818 Lowestoft

Note: At their marriage John was a fish merchant of Bethnal Green. In 1851 the family (except Ann) were living at 8 Beaumont Street, Mile End, Mdx. In 1861 John was a "retired merchant and said to be "of Gt Yarmouth". They were living at 3 Bowater Crescent Woolwich

Child of John and Mary

138......Mary Chaston Watling b 1819/20 Gt Yarmouth m William Charles WYBROW 13 Jun 1848 Kennington
138a....Martha A Watling b 1826/7 Gt Yarmouth died a spinster in 1850s (?)
138b....Emily Sarah Watling b 1829 Gt Yarmouth m George MUDDELL 1st qr 1855
Note: George and Emily had 7 children: he was a banker's clerk.
138c....Arthur Watling b 1832/3 Southtown d 7 Feb 1907 Forest Gate, Essex m Louisa Jane CULLIFORD 2nd qr 1876
Note Arthur and Louisa had 10 children
138d....Ann Watling b 1834/5 Southtown d aft 1861

84 George CHASTON m (a) Mary BAILEY 20 Mar 1820 St Giles withour Cripplegate (b) Mary WEBB 14 Feb 1832 St Mary Newington Surrey

Note: In 1841 George and Mary were living at St Mark's Road, Lambeth and in 1851 and 1861 They were at 2 Priory Place, Camberwell New Road, Camberwell. In 1871 Mary as a widow was at 22 Eastlake Rd Camberwell and in 1881 she was at 18 Eastlake Road, Camberwell.

Children of George and Mary Bailey
139......George Coates Loxley Chaston b 8 May 1821 Shoreditch d 1854 Watton
NOte: George became a chemist and was assistant to his uncle Benjamin
140......William Dunn Chaston b 1 Dec 1822 Shoreditch
141......Mary Ann Chaston b 4 Mar 1825 Shoreditch

Children of George and Mary Webb
142......Emily Chaston bap 28 Mar 1832 Newington d 14 Mar 1920 Tooting
143......Edward Alfred Chaston b 3 Jul 1834 Newington d 26 Mar 1870 Camden Town
144......Herbert Richard Chaston b 10 Apr 1836 Newington d 28 Nov 1919 Tunbridge Wells
145......Benjamin Chaston b 27 Sep 1840 Kennington, Surrey d last qr 1926 Croydon RD
Note: Benjamin lived with mother in 1851, 1861 and 1881 and in 1901 he was at 60 Oval Rd Croydon
146......Henry Hunt Chaston b 18 Aug 1847 Lambeth d 22 Jan 1932 Herne Hill Surrey

85 Daniel CHASTON m Maria SHEARING (b 29 May 1809 St Cross, South Elmham d 19 Nov 1881 East Harling) 15 Oct 1829 St Cross, South Elmham

Note: Maria was the daughter of Robert SHEARING and Ann WOOLNOUGH Daniel died of "Chronic Bronchitis, anasarca" and Maria of "Natural decay". In 1842 they were at St James South Elmham; in 1851 and 1861 they were living at Attleborough Rd Caston, and in 1871 and 1881 at Church Road, East Harling. Daniel was a Linen Draper, farmer, registrar and relieving officer.

. Children of Daniel and Ann
147......Maria Chaston b 25 Jun 1831 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1884 Thompson, Nfk
148......Ann Amelia Chaston (known as Amelia) bap 3 Aug 1832 Lowestoft d 10 Sep 1906 Gt Shelford, Cambs
Note: Amelia was living with her father in 1851 and 1861, and with her aunt at 3 Chester Place, Heigham in 1871 and 1881. In 1891 she was at 47 Barrett's Grove, Stoke Newington and in 1901 was a boarder at 15 Emmanuel Rd, Cambridge. At the time of making her will she was resident at Darholm, St Barnabus Rd, Cambridge
149......Charles Daniel Chaston b 15 Jan 1836 St James South Elmham
Note: In 1851 Charles was at Hall Cottage, Thompson, Nfk; in 1861 he was living with his employer at Mill Lane, Ellingham and in 1871 with his father at East Harling. In 1881 he was at Mill Lane, Great Ellingham
150......Frederick Isaac Chaston bap 9 Jan 1838 St James South Elmham d 17 Sep 1922 Cambridge
151......Thomas Chaston b 28 Mar 1843 St James South Elmham d 2 Nov 1871 Bristol
152......Alfred Herbert Chaston b 2nd qr 1845 Bungay d 23 Jul 1936 Forest Gate, Essex
153......Benjamin Chaston b 4th qr 1846 Caston, Nfk d after 1891
Note: In 1861 Benjamin was a boarder at Saham Toney School, Norfolk, and in 1871 he was lodging with Henry CROP at 24 Hanover St Islington. In 1881 he was living at 9 Islington Green, London and boarding at 19 Poole St Shoreditch in 1891. He was a clerk with a looking glass mfgr in 1871, a clerk in 1881 and a french polisher in 1891.
Benjamin is a bit of a dark horse. He appears to have married in Kensington in the last quarter of 1875, either to Annie Goldsmith or to Rosa Adelaide Youngman, and indeed he did say that he was married in subsequent censuses, but he was not living with his wife either in 1881 or in 1891, unless she was fortuitously just away for the night both times. However, on both occasions Benjamin was living in lodgings, which married people didn't normally do for any length of time. I haven't managed to find his wife in either census, and I can't find Benjamin himself in 1901, although he doesn't appear to have died in the interim.

154......Sarah Jane Chaston b 3rd qr 1850 Caston Nfk d 2nd qr 1855 Caston Nfk
155......Edward John Shearing Chaston b 3rd qr 1853 Caston Nfk d after 1922

86 Sarah CHASTON m James Warden GOWING (bap 18 Dec 1793 Lowestoft d 5 Feb 1868 Lowestoft b 11 Feb 1868) 4 Mar 1820 Lowestoft

Note: James was the son of John GOWING and Elizabeth BRISSENDEN. In 1841 and 1851 Sarah and James were at Aldeby Hall, Loddon, where James was a farmer of 374 acres, and in 1861 they lived at 21 Nelson St, Lowestoft. At the time of their marriage, James was said to be "of Gt Yarmouth" and was a linen draper. . In 1861 James, a widower, was living at 21 Nelson Street, Lowestoft

Children of James and Sarah
156......Sarah Chaston Gowing b 1822/3 Gt Yarmouth, d 26 Nov 1866 Lowestoft
Note: in 1861 she was living at the Rectory, Milton Keynes as governess to the Dalton family
157......Louisa Gowing b 1825/6 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Louisa was at her father's house in 1851 and 1861
157a....Eleanor Mary Gowing b 1827/8 Gt Yarmouth d 7 May 1925 Brighton.
Note: Eleanor was running a private school in Chandos House, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich in 1871 and 1881, and in 1891 and 1901 she was retired and living with her cousin Sarah Clark and husband at Esplanade Villa, Royal Terrace, Weston Super Mare
157b....Eliza Dillwyn Gowing b 1830/1 Gt Yarmouth d 21 Aug 1916 Brighton m Reginald Chambers MacDONALD (d 24 Feb 1915 Brighton) 4th qr 1872, a widower
Note: In 1861 she was a governess to the family of the Stevenson family at the rectory of the Rutland Memorial Church in Newmarket. By 1871 she had joined with her sister at Ipswich and was a schoolteacher, but after her marriage, emigrated to New Zealand. She and Reginald returned to Britain by 1891 and were living at that time at Home Lodge, Queen's Park, Brighton, still being there in 1901
158......Emma Maria Gowing b 1831/2 Gt Yarmouth bur 16 Feb 1834 Lowestoft
159......James John Warden Gowing b 1832/3 Gt Yarmouth d in New Zealand m Caroline Ann BLAKER 16 Jan 1866 Wellington, NZ
Note: James was a surgeon dentist
160......Harriet Emily Gowing b 1839/40 Loddon d in New Zealand m James Morris WOOD 9 Jun 1969 NZ
Note: In 1861 Harriet is recorded in 18 High St Gorleston, visiting the CROW family
Benjamin Chaston Gowing b abt April 1842 Aldeby d 10 Apr 1904 Bradfield Norfolk

88 Ann Elizabeth CHASTON m William SHEARING ( b 17 Dec 1800 South Elmham bap 21 Dec 1800 South Elmham bur 10 Jun 1880 South Elmham) 15 Sep 1830 Lowestoft.

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Mary Ann FINCH, Daniel CHASTON, Robert DARBY, Alfred CHASTON. William was a yeoman farmer, living at Elm House, South Elmham in 1851, 61 and 71. His gravestone reads: "In memory of William Shearing who died June 4th 1880 in the 80th year of his age"
In the 1871 census, Shearings Farm is the first house in the parish, and William Shearing appears to have had by far the largest farm in St Cross (230 acres); most of the others were less than 100 acres. His father was a yeoman and owned his own land, but William rented part of his farm from October 1856 from the local squire, Sir Robert Shafto Adair. For this he paid 162 in 1863 and 198 in 1873 (for almost 20% more land).
The schedule of the land rented by William Shearing from Sir Robert included:
Arable: Bridge Hill 11 acres 2 roods 12 poles, Mill Mount 10.1.36, Broom Pightle, 11.2.21, First and Second Furze Closes, 5.2.0 each, Five Acres, 5.1.13, Neathouse Hill, 4.1.34, Palmer's Brook, 5.0.20, Lower Palmer's Brook, 3.1.17, Two Acres, 3.1.0, Thirty Acres, 8.3.10 = 75 acres and 3 poles. Why the Two Acre Field actually included 3 acres and the Thirty Acre Field only just under 9 is a good question.
Pasture: Lymburn Meadow, 1 acre 3 roods 13 poles, Lower Meadow, 3.0.26, Home Close, 5.1.5, Church Meadow, 5.3.20, Moat Meadow, 4.1.15, Small Pightle, 0.2.36, New Allotment, 2.0.17. In addition there were the yards and gardens, 2 acres, 2 roods 2 poles = 25 acres, 3 roods and 14 poles.
This makes a total area of 100 acres, 3 roods and 17 poles, so William must have farmed just under 130 acres of his own.
From 1873 onwards William rented an additional 18 acres than Sir Robert had purchased from George Freestone's estate. This included the Exchange Piece, the Winding Field, Oberwatts, Great Oberwatts, the Allotment to 264 (Palmer's Brook) and a cottage and garden
. Ann Elizabeth's gravestone reads: "In memory of Ann Elizabeth the dearly beloved wife of William Shearing of this parish who died Febry 18th 187[4] aged 70 years A tender mother and a loving wife With -- -- to adorn this life The kindest temper with the warmest heart Husband and children here a time must part".

Children of William and Ann
162......William Shearing bap 14 Aug 1831 St Cross South Elmham d May 1886 Halesworth (?)
163......John Chaston Shearing bap 23 Dec 1832 St Cross South Elmham d 4 Jul 1876 St Cross
164......Ann Elizabeth Shearing bap 13 Dec 1835 St Cross South Elmham d 24 Jun 1896 Beccles
165......Victoria Shearing bap 23 Jul 1837 St Cross South Elmham d d 28 Oct 1857 St Cross South Elmham bur 31 Oct 1857 St Cross South Elmham
Note: her gravestone reads: 'Sacred to the memory of Victoria second daughter of William and Ann Elizabeth Shearing who died dearly beloved and greatly lamented by her sorrowing parents and family Oct 28th 1857 aged 20 years This star of comfort for a moment given First rose on earth then set to shine in heaven'.
166......Sarah Chaston Shearing bap 28 Jul 1839 St Cross South Elmham d last qr 1888 Forest Gate Essex
167......Albert Shearing b 16 Aug 1840 St Cross South Elmham d 18 May 1928 Grateley, Hampshire
168......Louisa Shearing bap 8 May 1842 St Cross South Elmham d abt 1906 Swefling, Sfk
Note: In 1881 Louisa was living in The Elms, Hopton Rd, Streatham where she worked as a governess, and in 1891, still in the same profession, she was at 13 Esplanade, Lowestoft. In 1901 she was at Great Glemham Rd, Swefling, next door to brother Fred
169......Alice Mary Shearing b 21 Oct 1844 St Cross South Elmham bap 17 Nov 1844 St Cross d 17 Aug 1922 Barnack, Rutland
170......Frederick William Shearing b 11 Feb 1848 St Cross, South Elmham d 3rd qr 1916 Peasenhall Sfk

92 William Woodthorpe WILLIAMS m Elizabeth abt 1821 (b) Jane Ann COOKE (b 1835/6 Pensley, Co Durham) 2nd qr 1857 Shoreditch

Note: In 1861 William and Jane were living at 3 Albion Square Hackney
William Woodthorpe Williams founded a haberdashery business, W. Williams & Son (Bread Street) Ltd., that is still trading (2005). For over 80 years the business was indeed in Bread Street, in the City of London, but the warehouse there was completely destroyed during the Blitz in 1941. After the war the firm moved to Aldersgate Street, where they still were in 1975, and they now appear to be based in Holloway.

Children of William and Elizabeth
170a....Charlotte Williams b 1822/3
171......William Lisle b 23 Jan 1826 Bethnal Geen d 7 Nov 1902 Matlock, Derbys
172......Arthur Williams b 4 Nov 1827 Bethnal Green bap 2 Dec 1827 St Matthew's Bethnal Green
173......Edwin Williams b 28 Dec 1828 Bethnal Green bap 25 Jan St Matthew's Bethnal Green
Note: Edwin was living in the family home in 1851
174......Horace Williams b 14 Oct 1830 Bethnal Green bap 14 Oct 1830 St Matthew's Bethnal Green

103 Robert BROWNE m 193 Sarah Browne SPALL (b 26 Feb 1832 Bungay bap 9 Mar 1832 Bungay d 29 Mar 1883 Lowestoft) 8 Jul 1857 Bungay Holy Trinity Church

Note: in 1851, 1871 and 1881 Robert was at 160 High Street, Lowestoft. His occupation was Professor of Music, and Sarah was a teacher of Piano and music. The gravestone for Sarah reads Sarah, wife of Robert Browne d March 29th 1883 aged 51 years, and that for Robert Sacred to the memory of Robert Browne for 40 years organist of this church and St Peters who died May 1896 aged 85 years.

Children of Robert and Sarah
175......Robert Woodthorpe Browne b between Apr & Dec 1858 Lowestoft d aft 1901 London[?]
176......Henry John Browne b 1st qr 1860 Lowestoft m Mary DUNN
Note: In 1871 he was at school at Wharton Street, Bungay. Always known as Harry, he was a brewer's clerk in 1881 living at 160 High St (his father's house.
177......Arthur Browne b 1st qr 1861 Lowestoft d 1862
178......Sarah Browne b 4th qr 1862 Lowestoft d 6 May 1844
Note: Sarah was a music teacher, living at her father's house in 1871 and in 1881 at Holmcroft, Holwood Road, Bromley Kent with her employer. Her gravestone with her sister Emily Susanna reads "Also two of their daughters, Emily Susanna died 22 July 1883 aged 19 and Sarah died May 6th 1884 in her 22nd year
179......Augustus Browne b between Apr & Dec 1863 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1898 Woodbridge
Note: Augustus was a basket maker
180......Emily Susanna Browne b 1st half 1864 Lowestoft d 22 Jul 1883
Note: Emily was a dressmaker, living with father in 1871 and 1881. For gravestone see 178 above
181......Edith Browne b 1866 d aft 1901
Note: Edith was a governess in 1881 and a music teacher in 1901 at 34 Queen's Rd Lowestoft. In 1881 she was a visitor at 65 & 66 Queen's Rd St Marylebone London
182......Annie Ellen Browne b 1867 Lowestoft d aft 1881
Note: There was an Annie E. Brown, aged 23 and born in Lowestoft, who was in service in Lewisham, Kent in 1891 and two Annie Ellen Browns were married in the London area within the next 10 years. Whether either of them was this Annie Ellen Browne is unknown.
183......Ella Maud Browne (known as Maud) b 1st qr 1869 Lowestoft d aft Mar 1901
In 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901she was at her father's house at 34 Queen's Rd Lowestoft
184......Alice Mary Browne b 2nd qr 1871 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1871 Lowestoft
185......Herbert Browne bap 2 Jun 1872 Lowestoft
186......Lois Browne b 1st qr 1875 d 2nd qr 1876 Lowestoft
187......Ernest Browne b 1st qr 1877 Lowestoft d aft Mar 1801
Note: Ernest was a composer and teacher of music in 1901 living at home with the family

108 Sarah BROWNE m Henry SPALL (b 1799/1800 d 25 Jan 1869) 20 Feb 1825 Bungay

Note: Henry was an Auctioneer but also a collector of rents and taxes for the 30 years prior to his death. In 1851 they were living at New Road, Bungay and in 1861 (with Henry) and 1871 Sarah was at Bardolph Road, Bungay

Children of Henry and Sarah
188......Henry Spall bap 18 Mar 1825
Note: There is some doubt as to whether this Henry is Henry SPALL's son, given the proximity of the wedding and baptismal dates
189......Susanna Spall bap 17 Sep 1826 Bungay Holy Trinity d 1st qr 1897 Lowestoft m Augustus CROOK ( b 1823/4 Braintree Essex d 18 Dec 1872 Bungay)
Note: Augustus was a vetinary surgeon. In 1851 they were living with Henry and Sarah SPALL at New Road Bungay, in 1871 at Bardolph Rd Bungay, next door to Sarah's mother, and in 1881 Sarah was at 160 High St, Lowestoft, her brother in law's house. In 1891 she had returned to Bungay and was at 10 Arnold Street
190......William Spall bap 26 Apr 1828 Bungay Holy Trinity d 14 Apr 1863 Bungay
191......John Browne Spall bap 27 Nov 1829 Bungay Holy Trinity bur 1 Dec 1829 Bungay
192......John Browne Spall bap 29 Nov 1830 Bungay Holy Trinity bur 31 Jan 1831 Bungay
Sarah Browne Spall b 26 Feb 1832 Bungay d 19 Mar 1883 Lowestoft
194......John Browne SpallBungay bap 2 Nov 1833 Bungay Holy Trinity bur 6 Nov 1833 Bungay

114 Benjamin Wells BROWNE m Mary Ann REYNOLDS (b abt 1817 Dublin d 25 Jan 1862 Lowestoft) 30 Jun 1837 Lowestoft
Note: In 1851 the couple were living at Mariners Lane, Lowestoft. Benjamin was a fish merchant in 1838, a cooper in 1841 and in 1846 and 1851 he was an auctioneer and appraiser.
The Times recorded on 8 May 1841 that Benjamin Wells Browne, cooper, Lowestoft, had gone bankrupt. A dividend was paid on 9 September. After Benjamin's death, Mary Ann ran a lodging house at 48 London Road, Lowestoft, still there in 1861.
Their gravestone records "In remembrance of Benjamin Wells Browne, beloved husband of Mary Ann Browne who died at Sunderland December 11th 1852 in the 41st year of his age also in remembrance of Mary Ann Browne his beloved wife who died January 25th 1862 in the 45th year of her age Also of Edward Wells Browne son of Benjamin and Martha Browne who departed this life April 22nd 1828 aged 13 years"

Children of Benjamin and Mary
195......William Browne bap 4 Jul 1838 Lowestoft d after 1881 Lowestoft.
196.......Mary Ann Browne b 26 Nov 1839 Lowestoft d aft Mar 1851
197......Benjamin Browne b 1842/3 Lowestoft d aft 1851
198......Thomas Browne b 1844/5 Lowestoft d Jul 1907 London
199......Robert Browne b 4th qr 1846 Lowestoft d 28 Dec 1925 Lowestoft
200......Edward Browne b 1846/7 Lowestoft d bef 1901m Jane POOLEY (b between 1839 and 1843 Peldon, Essex d aft 1901) 4th qr 1874
Note: Edward was a drapers assistant in 1871 living at Wm Tarn & Co, 165-173 Newington Causeway and Newington Rd London, but in 1881 he was a licensed victualler living at The Devonshire Arms, 20 Duke St, Manchester Square, London. In 1891 Jane was living in two rooms at 87 St John's Road, Deptford and by 1901 she is recorded as a widow living in Park Row, Hastings.
201......Frederick Browne b abt Sep 1850 d after 1891
Note: Frederick was an assistant pawnbroker in 1871 living at his employer's home, 18 Stafford Street, Marylebone London and in 1891 he was a tobacconist at 141 White Horse Street, Ratcliff, London

118 Elizabeth Virtue BROWNE m (a) Robert BURTSAL ( b 5 Jun 1803 Bungay bap 9 Jun 1803 d 22 Apr 1856 Ellingham, Nfk) 24 Nov 1840 (b) James Elliott Leopold HUDSON (b 25 Mar 1818 Wisbech d 18 Aug 1890 Bungay bur 22 Aug 1890 Bungay) 19 Sep 1859
Note: At their wedding, Captain Nelson Burtsal, the bridegroom's elder brother and one of the witnesses, had only returned to England three weeks previously after an absence of 21 years at sea.
JEL Hudson's main claim to fame was the fact that, at the age of 19, he had survived a shipwreck in the Gulf of St Lawrence that had killed his parents, his uncle and nine of his brothers and sisters. Among the 40-odd passengers of the barque
Colborne, only James, his elder brother Henry and one other man escaped drowning, along with half a dozen of the crew. James was then married three times between 1842 and 1859. His first marriage produced one son who died aged 20; by his second wife he had no children at all, as she appears to have survived only for a couple of years after the marriage. Fortunately, Elizabeth Burtsal, his third wife, gave him three surviving children and outlived him.
JEL was said to have become a rather crotchety and bad-tempered old man in later years. It is not difficult to see what aspects of his life might have contributed to this.

In 1841 and 1851 Robert and Elizabeth lived at Water Mills, Bungay Rd, Ellingham - Robert was a miller and corn merchant. His gravestone reads: "In memory of Robert Burtsal born June 5th 1803 died April 22nd 1856 Death separated us with grief and pain But hope in heaven we shall meet again"

In 1861 and 71 James and Elizabeth were at "The Ollands" Bungay, and in 1881 and 1891 at St John's Rd, Bungay (probably the Ollands still.)

Children of Robert and Elizabeth

202......Frederick Robert Burtsal b 17 May 1842 Ellingham d aft 1891 m Emma (b 1837/8 Wortwell) 4th qr 1877 Southwark
Note: In 1851 Frederick was at his grandmother's house at Upper Olland St, Bungay, and in in 1861 he was at his stepfather's house at The Ollands, Bungay when he was a farmer. In 1881 he was at 45 Church Road, Hove, Sussex where he was a corn and coal merchant and in 1891 he was a brewer's traveller living with hiswife at his stepson's at 27 Norton Rd, Hove. In 1868 and 1874, however he was an occupier of the Flixton Rd windmill in Bungay
203......Elizabeth Maria Burtsal b 7 Apr 1843 Ellingham d 19 Nov 1850 EllinghamNote: her gravestone reads: 'In memory of Elizabeth Maria daughter of Robt and Elizabeth Burtsal who died November 19th 1850 aged 7 years'
203a....Ellen Burtsal b 4 May 1844 Ellingham d 26 May 1847 Ellingham
204......Ellen Emily Burtsaldob unknown
Note: Her gravestone reads 'In Memory of Ellen daughter of Rob and Elizabeth Burtsal who died 26 May 1847 aged 3 years'
205......Nelson William Burtsal b 26 Dec 1849 Ellingham d 9 Feb 1874 Bungay
Note: In 1871 he was a draper living at his shop, Waterloo House, 2 Cockspur St, Westminster. His gravestone reads 'In affectionate remembrance of Nelson William Burtsal who died Feb 9th 1874 aged 24 years.
206......Henry John Burtsal b 21 Sep 1852 d 15 Jan 1933 Theydon Bois Essex
207......Elizabeth Charlotte Burtsal b 6 Apr 1855 Bungay d after 1940 Thorpe Morieux, Sfk

Children of James and Elizabeth
208......Robert William Hudson b 23 Jul 1861 Bungay d 1911 Durban, Natal, Africa
209......Charles Leopold Hudson b 27 Dec 1862 Bungay d 29 Mar 1897 London
210......Anna Maria Virtue Hudson b 3 Jul 1868 d 9 Jul 1929 Salthouse, Nfk

119 John Crow BROWNE m Lydia (b 1823/4 London)

Note: John was a witness at his brother's wedding in 1837. In 1841 he was living at his parents' house but in 1851 he was married and at 48 Briggate, Leeds. In 1861 he was at 4 King Street, Leeds, in 1871 at 4 Westfield Terrace, Scarborough and in 1881 at Low Lane, Boston Spa. He was a chemist, druggist and dental surgeon in 1853

Children of John and Lydia
211......Maria Louisa Browne b 3rd qr 1853 Leeds d 1st qr 1876 Leeds
212......John Reginald Browne b 3rd qr 1855 Leeds d 4th qr 1877 Leeds
Note: in 1871 Reginald was a medical student.
213......Eliza Lavinia Browne b 3rd qr 1859 Headingley d after Apr 1901
214......Lucien Edwin Browne b 1st qr 1861 Leeds d 2nd qr 1940 Hammersmith
215......Henrietta Elizabeth Browne b 11 Apr 1863 Kirkstall Yorks d 16 Aug 1922 Bournemouth, Hampshire
Note: In Apr 1871 Hetty was visiting Mrs Napper at West Mount Villa, Falgrave, Scarborough with her sister 216 Florence. She was known to the Shearings in the 1920's
216......Florence Helena Browne b last qr 1864 Leeds d last qr 1878 Leeds

122 Lois Ann BEARE m William TARN (b 1816/17 Swaledale, Yorks d 22 Jan 1875 Newington Causeway, London) last qr 1838 Bermondsey.

Note: William Tarn was in business at 2 Newington Causeway (on the corner of Old Kent Road) in 1841 and 1851 and the firm of William Tarn & Co, Silk mercers, Linen drapers and General house furnishers, was still on the same site in 1882. In 1861 William and Lois were at 16 Brixton Rise, Lambeth and in 1871 at Homewood House, Chiselhurst. William was the only seriously wealthy member of the family - he left 500,000 when he died in 1875 - more than 27 million by 2005 standards!

Children of William and Lois
217......Lois Anne Tarn b 4th qr 1839 Newington d 16 Jun 1867 New Cross, Kent
218......William Tarn b 1st qr 1842 Newington d 13 Dec 1891 Paddington
219......Harry Tarn b 2nd qr 1844 Newington d 3rd qr 1849 Newington
220......John Tarn b 3rd qr 1846 Newington d 10 Oct 1886 Paris

124 William Woodthorpe BEARE m Louisa PRIER (b 1812/13 d 1st qr 1900 Clapham) 2nd qr 1851 Southwark

Note: In 1841 William was employed by Thomas LEIGH, a draper in Bishopsgate Street Without, just north of the city of London, and was living above the shop. In 1851 he was working as a linen draper and part of his brother-in-law's (122 William TARN's) household, living abouve his shop at 2 Newington Causeway. In 1861 William was at 5 Springfield Terrace, Camberwell, and from 1871 at each census to 1901 he was at Woodthorpe, Atkins Road, Clapham, Surrey. His occupation was given as a linen draper.
William was apparently in business at one time with his brother-in-law William Tarn. because there is a notice in The Times in 1855 of the dissolution of the partnership between them. William's brother, John, with whom he was almost certainly in business, had died in 1853, so whether the three of them had been partners from the beginning or whether William Beare had joined the firm in 1853 when John Tarn died and it hadn't worked out is unknown

Child of William and Louisa
221......Louisa Beare b 4th qr 1852 Newington

126 Marianne BEARE m Matthew Philip SEABORNE (b 1828/9 Oxford d 5 May 1862 Pimlico) last qr 1849 London

Note: In 1841 Marianne was working at Betts' linendrapers in Exchange Street, Norwich with her sister Charlotte. In 1851 and in 1861, Matthew and Marianne were living at 42 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico, Marianne was shown as a milliner. Matthew was Listed in the Post Office Directory of 1852 as Matthew P. Seaborne, linen draper, 42 Upper Ebury Street, Pimlico.

Children of Matthew and Marianne
222......Annie Seaborne b abt Mar 1851 Pimlico
222a....Marian Seabourne b 4th qr 1852 Pimlico
Note: There is some doubt about this entry above
223......Lois Seaborne b 1st qr 1854 Pimlico d 3rd qr 1898 Battersea
223a....Mary Philip Seabourne b 2nd qr 1862 Pimlico.

127 George Henry BEARE m Emily BROCK (bap 9 Aug 1818 Norwich d 4th qr 1894 Hastings) 3rd qr 1844 Norwich

Note: George was a printer, having been a printer's apprentice in Norwich in 1841. In 1861 they lived at 27 Chichester Place, St Pancras, in 1871 at 299 Grays Inn Rd, London and Emily was at the same address in 1881 but in 1891 she was at 46 Gensing Rd Hastings

Children of George and Emily
224......Lois Emily Beare b 3rd qr 1845 Norwich d after 1901
Note: in 1871 Lois was an assistant in a draper's shop living at 9 High Street Oxford. By 1881 she had returned home to live with her mother until she became a housekeeper at 229 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell.
224a....Emma Eliza Beare b 2nd qr 1847 Norwich d 3rd qr 1848 Hackney RD, Mdx
224b....Emma Eliza Beare b 2nd qr 1848 Camberwell, Surrey d 2nd qr 1853 St Pancras
224c....Kate Marian Beare b 2nd qr 1850 St Pancras d 3rd qr 1851 St Pancras
225......Kate Marian Beare b 2nd qr 1852 St Pancras d1st qr 1875 Edmonton m John Richard FEAVER (b 1st qr 1851 Somerset) 3rd qr 1872 Epsom
Note: In 1871 she was living at her employer's house at 42 High Street, Kensington. In 1881 John was at 360 - 366 Holloway Rd and 17 - 21 Isligton Rd, his employers house where he was a draper. John married again but to whom is not yet known
226......George Henry Beare b 1st qr 1854 Camberwell d 1st qr 1889 West Ham
227......Emily Jane Beare b abt Apr 1856 St Pancras d 2nd qr 1887 Hastings
Annie Beare b 3rd qr 1858 St Pancras d aft 1901
229......Benjamin Robert Beare b Mar 1861 St Pancras d 1st qr 1862 St Pancras

129 Charlotte Jane BEARE m John POWER (b1832/3 St Johns Brecon d 31 Oct 1863 London) 4th qr 1858

Note: John was a hosier. In 1861 they were living at 7 Albert Terrace, St Pancras, in 1871 and 1881 Charlotte was at 164 High Street, Camden Town, in 1891 at 4 Ivydale Rd Peckham and in 1901 at 45 Glenelg Road, Tulse Hill, Surrey

Children of John and Charlotte
230......William Beare Power 1st qr 1860 St Pancras d aft Sep 1906
Note: William was a Copyist, Vet DEp PC Office in 1881. In 1901 he was a journalist. He seems to have lived at his mothers' houses as long as she lived.
231......John Elwin Power b 1st qr 1861 d after Apr 1871
232......James Boycott Power b 2nd qr 1862 St Pancras d aft 1891
Note: James was a draper's assistant in 1881 he was living at the premises of Messrs Tarn at Newington Causeway. At other census dates he was at his parent's home
233......Henry John Power b 1863 St Pancras d 1st qr 1879 St Pancras


77b Cornelius William Pitcher HUGHES m Maria CADY 20 Aug 1860 Kelsale

Children of Cornelius and Maria
A1......Clara Jemima b 1862 Hastings
A2......Cornelius Walter b 1864 Hastings
Note: In 1881 Cornelius was a carpenter
A3......Mallen b 1864 Hastings
A4......Alas b 1867 Worthing
A5......Jane Maria b 1868 Worthing
A6......George Richard b 1871 Lowestoft
A7......John Henry b 1873 Lowestoft

135 Sarah CHASTON m Robert Aggas BURTSAL (b 1806/7 Bungay bur 21 Feb 1876 Beccles) 22 Nov 1842 Bungay (by licence)

Note: Robert was a grocer in Beccles, the son of William BURTSAL, a farmer. In 1851 he is shown at "West side of new market" Beccles and in 1871 at New Market Place, Beccles. Witnesses to the marriage included John B. CHASTON (Sarah's father); Daniel CHASTON (brother); John CHASTON (brother) ; Elizabeth COWLES; Mary Ann WOOLNOUGH ( Robert's niece) and A E COOPER

Following Sarahs death in 1844, Robert remarried to Helen Robinson Harriot BROOKS 22 Nov 1846 Beccles

Child of Robert and Sarah
234......Sarah Chaston Burtsal b 24 Nov 1843 Bungay bap 24 Nov 1843 Beccles d 1st qr 1902 Peckham
Note: Cause of Sarah's death was "Influenza pneumonia 7 days" she was buried at Nunhead cemetery, Camberwell

136 Robert CHASTON m Anna Maria SCARLETT (bap 25 Jan 1830 d 14 Aug 1910 Lowestoft) 30 Oct 1851 Wrentham

Note: Robert was a chemist and druggist and they lived at 82 High Street, Lowestoft all their married lives

Children of Robert and Anna

235......Alice Anna Chaston b 1st qr 1854 Lowestoft m Robert MOVERLEY (b 1839/40 d 18 Nov 1912) last qr 1900
Note: Robert Moverley lived and worked with the Chastons for at least 30 years, and very likely nearly 40, as he probably came to work for Anna Chaston shortly after her husband died in 1863, when Robert would have been about 19. In the 1871 his age is given as 31, so he may have been lying about it in order to get the job and wasn't found out until some time in the 1870s.
Thus, by the time he married her, he had shared a house with his bride for about 35 years, since she was a child. She can have been under no illusion that he was madly in love with her. However, she stood to inherit the chemist's shop and he was the person who had run it for most of his life, so it was very reasonable for them to join forces.

236......Ernest Robert Daniel Chaston b 1855/6 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1884 St Saviour, Southwark
Note: Ernest was a chemist - in 1881 he was living in Lewisham
237......Helen Maria Chaston b 2nd qr 1857 Lowestoft bur 5 May 1857 Lowestoft

143 Edward Alfred CHASTON m Sarah Seymour HUNT (b 1833/4 New Alresford d 5 Dec 1912 Alresford) 7 May 1862 Alresford, Hampshire

Note: Edward was a bank manager - the 1861 census shows him living at 19 Fleet St, London

Children of Edward and Sarah

238......Jessie Chaston b 1863/4 Upper Holloway London d aft 1891
239......Alfred Edward Chaston b 1864/5 Camden Town d 6 Aug 1927 Winchester
240......Mabel Annie Chaston b 20 Dec 1865 Camden Town bap 22 Feb 1866 St Pancras St Matthew d 17 Jul 1909 Alresford
241......Edith Marion Chaston bap 28 Jul 1867 Hendon St Mary d 22 Sep 1942 12 Pierrepoint St Bath, Somerset
Note: Edith never married, and left 2550. 13s 8d and probate was granted to 242 George, described as a Pharmacist
242......George Hunt Chaston bap 4 Sep 1869 Haverstock Hill Holy Trinity d 6 Jan 1947 Surrey
Note: George was a chemist and in 1912 he was at 2 Malvern Rd, Kilburn, Harrow. .He died at 44 Hook Rise, Tolworth, Surbiton and left 5366. 6s 11d

142 Emily CHASTON m (a)William MATTHEWS 1st qr 1855 (b) William PEACH

Note: William was a chemist and took over Benjamin Chaston's shop in Watton but died soon after 1856. By 1861 Emily was running the chemist shop in Watton, but soon gave it up. William was an accountant

Children of William and Emily
242a......William Chaston Matthews b 4th qr 1855 Watton
242b......Emily Mary Matthews b 2nd qr 1856 Watton.

Children of William and Emily
242c......Aubrey William Peach dob unknown
242d......Susette Peach dob unknown
242e......Christina Peach dob unknown
242f......Edith Peach dob unknown

144 Herbert Richard CHASTON m Sarah (b 1845/6 Walthamstowe d 30 Sep 1926 Brighton)

Note: In 1881 the couple were living at Lockhampton Villa 106 Upper Tulse Hill Norwood Surrey and from 1891 onward were at 3 Tierney Rd, Streatham

Child of Herbert and Sarah
243......Edith Mary Chaston b 1877/8 d after Mar 1881

146 Henry Hunt CHASTON m (a) Helen Mary SYKES (b 1852/3 d 3rd qr 1882 Lambeth) 3rd qr 1872 Camberwell (b) Florence Gertrude HARPER (b 1863/4 Oxford St, London d 2nd qr 1908 Lambeth) 4th qr 1887 Camberwell

Note: In 1881 Henry and Helen were at 48 Flaxman Rd, Brixton. He and Florence lived at 25 Gubyon Ave, Brixton

Children of Henry and Helen
244......Henry Herbert Chaston b 1873 Brixton bap 23 Nov 1873 Camberwell St Giles d 28 Jul 1937
Note: In 1895 Henry was living at 18 Ravigny Gardens, Putney
245......Maud Helen Chaston b 3rd qr 1874 Brixton m John Woodthropp CHESTER 13 Jul 1905 St Paul's Herne Hill London

Child of Henry and Florence
246......Gertrude Beatrice Chaston b 4th qr 1888 Herne Hill London

147 Maria CHASTON m Edmund LAND (b 1831/2 Caston, Nfk d 7 Jan 1892 Thompson, Nfk) 2nd qr 1871 Brentford.

Note: the couple lived at Butters Hall Farm, Thompson, Nfk

Child of Edmund and Maria
247......Maria Amelia Land b 2nd qr 1873 m Freidrich Gottleib KUNISCH (b 1863/4 Germany) 3 Jun 1897 Putney

150 Frederick Isaac CHASTON m (a) Emma CARLEY (b 1837/8 Bungay d 26 Mar 1904 Gt Shelford, Cambs) abt 1858 (b) Elsie Henrietta (b 1856/7 d 16 Sep 1916 Gt Shelford Cambs) (c) Agnes Mary CARLEY (b 1854/5 d 5 Mar 1945 Cambridge) 3rd qr 1917 Woodbridge

Note: Frederick was a Miller and merchant. In 1861 he was at Lower Olland St, Bungay and in 1871 he was at Beccles Road Bungay. By 1879 he had moved to Gt Shelford, Cambs and was living at the Steam Mill, London Road; he was still there in 1891. In 1901 he was at Flour Mills, Cherry Hinton Rd, Gt Shelford.

Children of Frederick and Emma
248......Albert Herbert Carley Chaston b 1858/9 Moulton, Northants d 23 Feb 1929 Cambridge
Note: Albert was a Miller's Clerk in 1881, living with his father but by 1891 he was a Flour and Corn Merchant. When he died he was at 23 Mill Rd Cambridge
249......Alice Emma Chaston b May 1870 Bungay d after Jun 1901 m Francis Augustus SIMPSON [known as Frank] (b 1870/71 Newmarket) 19 Jun 1901 Stapleford, Cambs
Note: Frank was an electrical engineer: they seemed to live with her father
250......Ernest Frederick Chaston b Apr 1875 Bungay d 1 May 1951 Stapleford Cambs m Nellie YARROW (b 1879/80 Teversham Cambs bur 29 Nov 1965 Stapleford) 4th qr 1901 Cambridge

151 Thomas CHASTON m Maria Jane HOLMES (b 10 Oct 1839 Tiverton d Jul 1908 Sydney) 31 Jan 1867 Caston Nfk

Note: Thomas was a draper's assistant living at 12 Belgrave Terrace, Bristol in 1871. He died of Tuberculosis. Maria was a dressmaker and the cause of death was given as senile decay and cardiac syncope

Children of Thomas and Maria
251......Annie Amelia Chaston b Jun 1870 Bristol d 2nd Dec 1870 Bristol
252......Maria Bird Chaston b 20 Jun 1868 Clifton, Bristol d 4 Jul 1950 Brisbane m Frederick William HACKER (b 19 Nov 1855 Islington d 10 Jan 1942 Brisbane) 11 Nov 1885 Rockhampton, Queensland
Note: Frederick was a schoolteacher, and Maria was a music teacher. In 1871 she was staying with her uncle at Beccles Rd Bungay: she died of Pneumonia and cancer of the gall bladder.

152 Alfred Herbert CHASTON m (a) Mary Elizabeth WHITE [widow] b 1839/40 Birmingham d 16 Jun 1887) 19 Aug 1872 Jersey City Heights NJ (b) Mary A WOOD (b 1837/8 West Ham d after 1901) 3rd qr 1888 West Ham

Note: Alfred was an assistant draper in 1971, dock clerk in 1881, dock foreman in 1891 and a warehouse keeper, docks in 1901. In 1871 he was living at his employer's house , Robert Syle, 12 - 15 St Andrews Place Cambridge, where Mary WHITE was also working. In 1881 thery were living at 4 Grafton Rd Plaistow, and after that at 50 Terrace Road, West Ham

Children of Alfred and Mary White

252......Lizzie Maria Chaston b 1 Jun 1873 New Yark m Arthur Robert PEGGS (b 1873/4 ?Bounton Surrey d aft 26 Aug 1936) 1 Jun 1897 Plaistow
Note: In 1901 Arthur was an agent for the sale of steamships, living at 82 Essex Rd East Ham
253......Herbert John Chaston b 20 Feb 1875 Jersey City Heights, NJ., m Agnes Mary BRADSHAW (b 1873/4 Wellingborough d 27 Nov 1922 London) 28 Aug 1897
Note: Herbert was a Tramway worker - locomotive fitter's labourer in 1901 when they lived at 4 Grove Gardens, Leabon St, West Ham.
254......Arthur Thomas Chaston b 26 Jun 1877 Jersey City Heights NJ d 29 Apr 1899
Amelia Gertrude Chaston b 19 Sep 1880 Plaistow d aft 1904
Note: Amelia was a fine arts clerk in 1901
266......Evelina Augusta Chaston b 9 Jan 1883 d 8 Mar 1844

155 Edward John Shearing CHASTON m Elenor BARKER (b 1848/9 Rockland Nfk d 27 Apr 1936 East Harling Nfk) 2nd qr 1876 Hackney Mdx

Note: in 1881 Edward was a railway servant, living at 44 King Henry, Islington and a railway signalman in 1891 at 47 Barretts Grove, Stoke Newington and 1901, still a signalman he was at 1 Woodville Terrace, Islington . He died leaving property worth 2024..0s..11d

Children of Edward and Elenor
267......Edward Thomas Chaston b 2nd qr 1876 Clapton, Mdx., d 4th qr 1885 Hackney RD, Mdx
268......Annie Ellen Chaston b 4th qr 1883 Islington

153 Benjamin CHASTON m Rosa Adelaide YOUNGMAN (b 1788 Blything d 1876) 25 Oct 1875 Paddington

Note: the marriage certificate states that Benjamin was a clerk in manufacturing and a gentleman and that Rosa was the spinster daughter of a butcher, John Youngman. Witnesses were Robert John ELMER and Louisa HOWELL The address for Benjamin was Rotherfield Street, Islington and for Rosa was Queensboro Terrace.

Child of Benjamin and Rosa
153b......Henry George Chaston 6 Aug 1876 Rotherfield St, Islington

161 Benjamin Chaston GOWING m (a) Catherine STEWARD (b abt 1840 Whitehaven d 1878 in Salisbury (?) ) 16 Jun 1868 Loweswater, Cumberland (b) Elizabeth Renn Hampton WELCH (b 1841/2 Sydney NSW, d after 1901) 14 Jan 1880 Salisbury

Note: Benjamin was a medical practitioner. In 1861 he is shown in the census as a pupil of Dr John Dashwood, GP at New Market, Beccles. In 1871 his home was at New St Daventry, but he was visiting Bridge House Hotel, 4 Borough High St, Southwark. In 1881 he was at 31 Castle St Salisbury and in 1891 he had moved to Weirfield, Huddersfield Rd, Thurleston, Yorks. Ten years later he was at Hunshelf Road, Stocksbridge

Children of Benjamin and Catherine
269......Catherine May Gowing b 1869/70 Daventry
Note: In 1891 Catherine was a governess to the Padgett family at 1 Back Lane, Guiseley, Yorkshire
270......Steward Gowing b 3rd qr 1870 Daventry d same qr
271......Ellen Ada Gowing b 4th qr 1871 Daventry
Note: Ellen was at Girls' Collegiate School, Gospelgate, Louth as a pupil in 1891
272......Amy Gowing b 2nd qr 1872 Daventry
Note: in 1891 Amy was a pupil teacher in Pembroke House, Green Parade, Harrogate
273......Nora Gowing b 1 Mar 1874 Daventry
Note: In 1901 Nora was shown to be in the household of the Kendall family at Weston by Welland, Northants
274......Ben Gowing b 1st qr 1875 Salisbury d 3rd qr 1904 Maidenhead
Note: In 1891 Ben was a pupil at Denstone College Denston in Alton, Staffs
275......Maggie Gowing b 1st qr 1878 Salisbury m Frederick BENNETTS (b 1872/3 Queen Camel, Somerset) 1st qr 1900 Stocksbridge
Note: in 1901 she was at Olney Rd, Bozeat, Northants

162 William SHEARING m Harriet CHAPLIN (b 1833/4 d 27 Mar 1904 Halesworth) 12 Jul 1862 Ellingham

Note: In 1871 the couple lived at Pound Lane, Blundeston where William was a miller, and by 1881 when William had become a corn merchant they lived first at Mutford Bridge, Oulton, then in 1891 and 1901 at Bramfield Road, Halesworth

Children of William and Harriet

276......Edward Shearing b 2nd qr 1863 Ellingham
Note: In 1881 he was at Messrs Tarn's establishment Newington, and in 1891 at the Mills, Sweffling - his uncle's house
277......Harriet Victoria Shearing b 12 Mar 1870 Blundeston m Thomas Evi CROOK (b 5 May 1872 Amesbury, Wiltshire) between Aug and Dec 1897
Note: Thomas was a practical Brewer and Farmer at Grately Hampshire
278......Lilian Mary Shearing b 26 Jul 1873 Blundeston m Walter John ROSIER (b 1st qr 1876 Hungerford) between Aug and Dec 1906
Note: Lilian was always known as Lillie

163 John Chaston SHEARING m Elizabeth (b 1835/6 Cambridge d 1st qr 1901 Islington) 1st qr 1862 Westminster

Note: In 1861, John was a silk mercer and in 1871 a draper's assistant. His gravestone reads "In memory of John Chaston Shearing who died July 4th 1876 aged 43 years". Elizabeth went to live with her mother in Huddlestone Road, London and then in Tufnell Park Road, Islington. In 1901 she was a boarder at 5 Ospringe Road, Kentish Town

Children of John and Elizabeth
279......Elizabeth Odhams [Lizzie] Shearing b 1st qr 1867 Newington d 1st qr 1953 [Essex SW 5a 482]
Note: when Leonard Bedwell's family magazine, Shearings, reported in the early 1920's that Lizzie (who lived in London) had spent Christmas in Grateley with Uncle Albert. She was a schoolteacher.
280......William Alfred Shearing b 4th qr 1868 m Mary Ann SHARP or LANGRIDGE (b 1864/5 Holloway) 4th qr 1897 Islington
Note: In 1881 William was at St Pancras Orphan Working School Haverstock Hill, Hampstead. William became a warehouseman in the tobacco trade. In 1901 they were living at 87 Moray Road, Islington
281......Albert Elliott Shearing b 1871/2 Brixton

164 Ann Elizabeth SHEARING m George Bellamy ANGELL (b 1829 Bracondale, Norwich d 27 Aug 1896 Beccles) 6 Sep 1864 St Cross South Elmham

Note: George was a solicitor in Beccles. The wedding was reported in the Beccles and Bungay Weekly News on 13 Sep 1864. They lived at Blyburgate Street, Beccles

Children of George and Ann

282......Thomas Plowman Angell b 3rd qr 1866 Beccles
Note: Thomas became a solicitor
283......Harriette Louisa Angell b 1st qr 1869 Beccles m Herbert WEBSTER 2nd qr 1902 Mutford
Note: Harriette was known as "Puss". In 1891 she was working as a "lady help" at the Vicarage, Aubourn, Lincolnshire.
284......Alice Mary Angell b 3rd qr 1871 Beccles
285......Frank Angell b 3rd qr 1873 Beccles d 2nd qr 1898 Beccles
Note: Frank was a printer compositor in 1891
286......Bernard George Angell b 4th qr 1874 Beccles
Note: Bernard was a printer compositor. It is thought that he may have emigrated by 1901

166 Sarah Chaston SHEARING m Samuel Newson HART (b 1st qr 1828 Cransford Sfk d 1st qr 1898 Forest Gate, Essex) 24 Oct 1860 St Cross South Elmham

Note: in 1860 Samuel was a farmer in St Cross, in 1881 he was a railway clerk and in 1891 a county court officer. In 1861 they lived at St Cross South Elmham, in 1871 at 94 Onley Street Newington, i n 1881 at 5 Station Rd, Victoria Terrace, Forest Gate and in 1891 at 117 Station Rd Forest Gate. All three of the eldest sons could not be found in the census returns, so perhaps they emigrated, since there appears to be no record of their death

Children of Samuel and Sarah
287......Alice Ann Shearing b 3rd qr 1861 St Cross South Elmham m Henry Allen RAPSON (b 1867 Penryn, Cornwall d 4th qr 1898 West Ham) 2nd qr 1882 West Ham
Note: In 1891 Henry was Assistant to H M Inspector of Schools in 1891 living at 8 Alexandra Terrace. Alice was a governess in 1881 and a coal merchant in 1901 living at Antron, Mabe, Cornwall. She may have remarried to William Thomas WILLIAMS in Falmouth RD in 1902
288......Ernest C Shearing b 1863/4 Hoxton, Mdx
Note: Ernest was a clerk in 1881
289......Arthur J Shearing b 1865/6 Kennington
Note: Arthur was a clark in 1881
290......Victoria Louisa Shearing b 1st qr 1868 Kennington m Alfred Herbert RAMSDEN 3rd qr 1892 West Ham
Note: In 1901 Victoria was at 2 Mayville Rd Leytonstone, but Alfred was away from home on the night of the 1901 census. Sukie thinks he may very well have been the Alfred H. Ramsden (35), fruit warehouseman, who was staying with his parents and sister in West Ham, even although that particular Alfred Ramsden was said to be unmarried.
291......Reginald Shearing b 2nd qr 1870 Walworth, Surrey
Note: Reginald was a case packer in 1891
292......Frederick William Shearing b 2nd qr 1871 Walworth Surrey
In 1891 Frederick was a case packer and in 1901 a cab driver
293......Walter Albert Shearing b 2nd qr 1875 Walworth Surrey
Note: In 1891 Walter was a clerk and in 1901 he was a ticket collector
294......Albert Shearing b 1877/8 Walworth Surrey
Albert was a Railway Carman in 1891
295......Gertrude E Shearing b 1881/2 Forest Gate Essex
Note: A Gertrude Eleanor HART married John Alfred CARR in West Ham in the second quarter of 1900 and in the 1901 census it may be the same couple who are living in Leytonstone, a short distance from the Ramsdens, with their baby daughter Violet. However, John Carr is a general labourer, which seems a little bit unlikely for Gertrude, whose family were generally in the clerical classes. We would have to be sure that her middle name was Eleanor before adding John Alfred and Violet to the family tree.

167 Albert SHEARING m Fanny Elizabeth SCOTT (b 2nd qr 1851 Thimbleby Lincs d 23 Mar 1904 Grately Hamps) 1st qr 1869 Andover

Note: Fanny was the daughter of William and Alice SCOTT In 1861 she was working as a shop assistant in a hosiery shop in Salisbury. In 1871 they lived at 50 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town but in 1881 they had moved to Grately, Hampshire where they remained. Albert was a ladies outfitter in 1871, a shopkeeper in 1891 and a coal and grain merchant in 1901

Child of Albert and Fanny
296......Eleanor Fanny Shearing b 30 Sep 1883 m Charles CROOK (b 28 Apr 1880 Fyfield, Hampshire) 3rd qr 1911 Grately
Note: Charles, known as Charlie, was a farmer in Amesbury. Charlie was the brother of Will SHEARING's wife Edith CROOK and Harriet SHEARING's husband Tom CROOK

169 Alice Mary SHEARING m James Brigham PRETTY (b 27 Aug 1848 Weybread Sfk d 24 Jan 1929 Barnack Rutland) 4th qr 1881Rendham Sfk

Note: In 1891 the couple were living at Edwin's Hall, Woodham Ferris. In 1901 Alice is shown in the census as being at 11 Victoria Road, Carleton Colville and in 1922 she was at Walcot Lodge Barnack, Rutland. James was resident at Tower House, Barnack in 1929. His occupation was Farm Bailiff

Children of James and Alice
297......Gerald H A Pretty b 1882/3 St Margaret Sth Elmham
298......Ida Mary Pretty b 28 Feb 1855 Wangford RD m Charles Bailey ALLERTON bet Dec 1912 and Mar 1913 Mutford
Note:Ida was known as Dulcie
299......Isabel Pretty b 27 Jan 1888 m Arthur Thomas STOKES 1 Sep 1921 Barnack, Rutland
Isabel's nickname was Chummy

170 Frederick William SHEARING m 204 Ellen Emily BURTSAL (b 15 Nov 1847 Ellingham d 7 Jan 1911 Peasenhall) 6 Nov 1872 Great Glemham Sfk

Note: Ellen was the daughter of Robert BURTSAL and Elizabeth BROWNE. In 1881 they were at Mill House, Sweffling, and in 1901 at Great Glemham Road, Swefling. Frederick was a miller.

Children of Robert and Ellen
300......Ellen Elizabeth Shearing b 24 Aug 1873 Great Glemham bur 29 Sep 1960 Frimley Green, Surrey m (a) Frank BEDWELL b 13 Nov 1872 Leiston Sfk d 30 Oct 1897 Stowmarket) 2 May 1895 Rendham Sfk (b) Joseph Antrim LANKASTER (b 1853/4 Old Newton, Sfk d 17 Jul 1913 London) 2nd qr 1903 Stowmarket

Note: Frank was a flour miller at Sweffling. He died of pneumonia and left property to the value of 1072.19s. 2d. After his death, Ellen ran the business of Bedwell & Co in Stowmarket, when she lived at Childer Road, Stowmarket. Joseph was a farmer who bred Suffolk Punches.
301......William Nelson Shearing b 27 Jul 1874 Gt Glemham d 14 Mar 1940 Andover m Edith CROCK (bur 18 Feb 1877) 1904/5 Grateley, Hampshire
Note:William (known as "Will" or "Bumble" was a coal merchant and farmer
302......Percival Burtsal (Percy) Shearing b 27 Aug 1875 Great Glemham d in S Africa, m Ethel Rosalind (bap 1 Oct 1918) 1905 Capetown, SA
Note: Percy was a department store manager. In 1891 he lived at his empoyers address 22-24 Sussex Place, Kensington and in 1901 at 8 Cavendish Buildings, St Marylebone. Ethel was a shop assistant
303......Harry Chaston Shearing b 31 Aug 1876 Great Glemham d in S Africa m Mabel Elizabeth abt 1918 SA
Note: Harry was South African Men's Tennis Champion. Mabel was known as "Smiler"
304......Frederick Stanley Shearing b 29 Aug 1877 Great Glemham d 28 Feb 1942 Stowmarket m Agnes Maude YALLOP (b 29 Mar 1876 West Ham d after 1942 Stowmarket) 3rd qr 1903 Gt Yarmouth Nfk
Note: Frederick was a mill manager - he ran Bedwell and Co for his sister Bessie
305......Mildred Alice Shearing b 4 Dec 1880 Swefling m Frank TACON (b 15 Sep 1881 Chorlton, Lancs) bet Feb & Jun 1909 Swefling
Note: Frank was a paper manufacturer
306......Mabel May Shearing b 4 Jan 1882 Swefling d 15 Feb 1962 Peasenhall m Gilbert Robert George JERREY (b 22 Sep 1863 Peasenhall d 1 Dec 1944 Peasenhall) 4th qr 1912 Peasenhall
Gilbert was a grocer and ham curer.
307......Phyllis Mary Shearing b 5 Oct 1883 Swefling m Edward John Clarke HALLAM (b 3 Jul 1867 Tostock Sfk) 3rd qr 1910 Peasenhall
Note: Edward was a threshing machine proprietor, and later a garage proprietor

171 William Lisle WILLIAMS m Phebe Ann Scott SMITH (b 1835/6 Bristol d 31 May 1918 Croydon Surrey) abt 1863

Note: In 1871 the couple were living at 4 Cambridge Lodge Villas, Hackney, in 1881 at 35 King Edwards Rd Hackney, and in 1891 and 1901 at 16 Chichester Road, Croydon

Children of William and Phebe

308......Mary Calvert Williams b 2nd qr 1865 Hackney m William West HOLDSWORTH (b 1858/9 Jamaica) 3 Dec 1888 Madras India
William was a clergyman - probably Wesleyan Methodist
309......William Woodthorpe Williams b 1865/6 Hackney m Alice Clair SPEARMAN (b 1866/7 London
Note in 1891 they were living in 23 Langley Rd Beckenham Kent. William was a trimming manufacturer
310......Charlotte Elizabeth Williams b 1868/9 Hackney d 11 Jan 1932 London m Edmund Dunn BROWN (b 1870/1 Croydon) 5 Sep 1894 Croydon
Note: Edmund was a flour miller - in 1901 they were living at 2 Chepstow Rd Croydon
311......Margaret E Williams b Oct 1870 Hackney
312......Howard Lisle Williams b 1872/3 Hackney d 30 Oct 1918 Croydon
Howard was an artist - apparently a sculptor

175 Robert Woodthorpe BROWNE m Jessie KING (b 1st qr 1860 Bromley, Kent) abt 1883

Note: Robert was an organist and professor of music in 1901 and Jessie was the headmistress of an elementary school. They lived at 140 Westcombe Hill, Greenwich

Children of Robert and Jessie

313......Harold Woodthorpe Browne b 1884 Scotland d aft 1961 m Kathleen BARRY
314......Vera Jessie Browne b 1885 Sevenoaks, Kent d aft 1961
315......Robert Browne b 1889 d 1990

195 William BROWNE m Ellen CHAPMAN (b abt 1843 Stoke Newington d after 1901) 1st qr 1866 London

Note: William was a chemist and druggist. In 1861 William was at 50 Albert Bldgs, Shoreditch, London

Children of William and Ellen
315a......William C Browne b 1869/70 m Ellen
Note: William was a tea packer in Shoreditch in 1901 and had one son, William then aged 2
315b......Alfred C Browne b 1873/4
315c......Frederick H Browne b 1896/7
315d......Alice Victoria Browne b 4th qr 1879

198 Thomas BROWNE m Mary (b 1847/8 Greenwich d after 1901) abt 1880

Note: In 1881 they were living at 11 Norcott Rd Clapton, in 1891 at 66 Reighton Road Hackney and in 1901 at 77 Grove Lane Hackney. Thomas was a house painter in 1871 and a foreman decorator in 1901

Child of Thomas and Mary
316......Olive Browne b Feb 1881 London

199 Robert BROWNE m (a) Mary Ann BAKER (b Mar 1846 Bradenham d 24 Feb 1912 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1870 Gt Yarmouth (b) Clara between 1912 and 1925

Note: Robert was an auctioneer. In 1871 they lived at 33 St John's Road, Lowestoft, in 1881 at 7 Bevan Street, Lowestoft and subsequently at 136 Denmark Road, Lowestoft.

Chuldren of Robert and Mary Ann
317......Maude S Browne b Feb or Mar 1871 Lowestoft
318......Minnie S Browne b 1872 Lowestoft
Note: Minnie was a milliner's asistant in 1891, living with her parents.
319......Benjamin R Browne b 1874/5 Lowestoft
320......William B Browne b 1874/5 Lowestoft
321......Gertrude Browne b 1879/80 Lowestoft
322......Mabel J Browne b Apr 1881 Lowestoft
323......Percival Browne b 1882/3 Lowestoft
324......Leonard C Browne b 1887/8 Lowestoft

206 Henry John BURTSAL m Margaret BURGESS (b 1 Jul 1855 Denton d 24 Aug 1944 Theydon Bois, Essex) 4th qr 1883 Bedingham Nfk

Note: Henry was a steel merchant in 1901. In 1891 they lived at The Retreat, Buckingham Rd Woodford, Essex and in 1901 at Red Oaks, Theydon Bois Essex

Children of Henry and Margaret
325......Mabel Lucy Burtsal b 27 Dec 1884 Woodford d abt 1985 m John Mathieson GILLIES ( b abt 9 Nov1880) 2nd qr 1908 Theydon Bois
326......Muriel Emily Burtsal b 1 Nov 1886 Woodford m Henry Bernard KEMSLEY (b 7 Apr 1883 Harlow) 2nd qr 1910 Theydon Bois
Note: Henry was always known as Bernard, and was a farmer
327......Daisy Marion Burtsal b 1 Apr 1889 Woodford d 11 Nov 1945 Theydon Bois
Note: Daisy suffered from hereditary fructose intolerance
328......Henry Nelson Burtsal b 9 Oct 1895 Woodford d 20 Sep 1964 m (a) Barbara Alice GOODMAN (b 10 Jul 1895 d 2 Feb 1951) 21 Feb 1922 Woodford Green, (b) Kathleen Joan NEWMAN aft 1951
Note: Henry was known as Nelson and was a tool merchant

207 Elizabeth Charlotte BURTSAL m Edwin BALDWIN (b abt 1850 Cockfield, Sgk) 4 Oct 1876 Bungay

Note: Elizabeth was known as Libby. Edwin was a farmer in 1891 but by 1901 he was "something in the City to do with paper"

Child of Edwin and Libby

329......Lilla Mabel Baldwin b 3rd qr 1878 Thorpe Morieux, Sfk d aft 1923 m Thomas COE
Note: Thomas was a vetinary surgeon. They married late in life and lived in Bury St Edmunds in the twenties.There were no children.

208 Robert William HUDSON m Emma Mary Ford JANNINGS (b 18 Mar 1859 Creeting St Mary Sfk d 1952, Durban, Natal) 8 Sep 1891 Sweffling

Note: Robert was an ironmonger in 1901, a capitalist and landowner; they lived at Lower Olland St, Bungay

Children of Robert and Emma
330......Leopold Elliott Hudson b 1st qr 1893 Bungay d abt 1946
331......Muriel Constance Hudson b 3rd qr 1894 Bungay d abt 1981 m Rex CHALLENOR
Note: Muriel was known as "Bunny`'; Rex was the owner of a furniture store
332......Charles Jannings Hudson b 20 Jul 1896 Bungay d 20 Dec 1920 Durban, Natal m Nellie Alexandrina BEATON (b 7 Sep 1897 Melbourne, Vic. d 17 Aug 1963 Durban, Batal) 18 Apr 1927 Durban, Natal
Note: Charles was a property owner and capitalist
333......Edmund Barton Hudson b bef 14 Dec 1897 Bungay d 1st qr 1898 Bungay
334......Grosvenor Frank Hudson b bef 14 Dec 1897 Bungay d Dec 1897 Bungay
335......Percival Henry Hudson b bef 14 Dec 1897 Bungay d Dec 1897 Bungay
336......Douglas Lombard Hudson b 1899/1900 Bungay d between 1978/1979 Durban, Natal m (a) Stella (b) Doris GARDENER 1940 Durban
Note: Douglas was a medical practitioner

209 Charles Leopold HUDSON m Ethel Vaughan MORGAN (b 3rd qr 1871 Brompton, London d 19 Jan 1944 Newbury, Berks) 8 Jan 1895 St Mary's, Sth Kensington.

Note: Charles Leopold (known as Leopold) was an aural surgeon in 1894. By the time he died he had added to his name which was recorded as Charles Elliott Leopold Barton HUDSON. In 1901 they were living at 10 Gledhow Gardens, Sth Kensington. Ethel was the daughter of Septimus and Ellen MORGAN, who owned Morgan Bros, publishers who published trade journals including The Ironmonger" and "Chemist and Druggist". She left an estate of 155,336 including a donation of 1050 to the Middlesex hospital.

Children of Leopold and Ethel
337......Barton Middleton Morgan Hudson b 4th qr 1895 London d 5 Mar 1943 Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire m Hope (b abt 1895 d aft Dec 1956) 10 Sep 1919 Brompton.
Note: Barton was joint Master of the Oakley Hunt in 1931 He regularly attended the reunion dinners of the Middlesex Yeomanry and the Desert Mounted Corps and was Master of the Ironmongers Company in 1937.
338......Austin Uvedale Morgan Hudson b 6 Feb 1897 London d 29 Nov 1956 Westminster Hospital, London m Peggy BROADBENT (b abt 1905 d aft Dec 1956) 14 Jul 1930
Note: Austin was knighted and became Sir Austin Hudson

210 Anna Maria Virtue HUDSON m Joseph BURGESS (b 1862/3 Denton Nfk d aft Mar 1901) 1st qr 1892 Depwade RD

Note: in 1901 they lived at Carbrooke Villa, Carbrooke Nfk
339......Austin Leopold Burgess b 3rd qr 1895 Carbrooke d aft Jul 1929 m Nora E RINGER 3rd qr 1921 Norwich
340......Mary Marjorie Gertrude Burgess b abt Mar 1900 Carbrooke d aft Jul 1929 m George Rice Francis CLARKE 2nd qr 1921

213 Eliza Lavinia BROWNE m William Todd PATTERSON (b 1868/9 Jarrow) 2nd qr 1888 Leeds

Note: William was a dental surgeon. They lived at Llanwrst, Cyprus Rd, Hornsey, Mdx in 1891 and at 147 Mount View Rd, Stroud Green Mdx in 1901

Children of William and Eliza
341......Hilda Lucy Patterson b Nov 1890 Kingsland, Mdx
342......Reginald William Patterson b 3rd qr 1893 Finchley Church End, Mdx
343......Winifred Mary Patterson b 1895/6 Kingsland
344......John Daniel Patterson b 1897/8 Kingsland
345......Dorothy Ada Patterson b 1899/1900 Stroud Green

214 Lucien Edwin BROWNE m Hannah Margaret K JONES (b 1868/9 Wales) 2nd qr 1899 Pancras RD

Note: Lucien was a Dental Surgeon. He married under the name of Lucien Edward. In 1901 they lived at Park House, Wharton Road, West Kensington

Children of Lucien and Hannah
346......Florence Kent Browne b 4th qr 1899 Pwhelli, Wales
347......Edward Crow Browne b Feb 1901 West Kensington
Note: In 1927 he was living at 21 The Crescent, Barnes, Surrey

217 Lois Ann TARN m Robert Nathaniel MITCHELL (b 1833/4 Deptford d 19 Jun 1898) abt 1860

Note: Robert was a general medical practitioner. In 1861 and 1871 they were living at 1 Amersham Park, Deptford and in 1881 and 1891 they were at 25 Wickham Rd Deptford.

Child of Robert and Lois
348......Robert William Mitchell b 4th qr 1861 Deptford m Margaret Jane VAUGHAN 4th qr 1888 Croydon
Note: Robert became a barrister. In 1891 they lived at Southborough Rd, Bromley and in 1901 at Chester Lodge, Filsham Rd, Hastings. There appears to have been no issue.

218 William TARN m Frances ARTHY (b 2nd qr 1844 Bearstead, Essex d 19 Apr 1917 London) 2nd qr 1868 Paddington

Note: William was a linen draper (department store proprietor). In 1871 they lived at Elmwood, Upper Atkins Rd, Clapham, Surrey, in 1881 at 21 Lancaster Gate, Paddington, in 1891 at 94 Lancaster Gate and Frances was at 25 Berkley Square, London in 1917

Children of William and Frances
349......William Woodthorpe Tarn b 26 Feb 1869 d 7 Nov 1957 Muirtown, Inverness m Flore MacDonald ROBERTSON (b 1857/8 Ireland d 27 May 1937 Muirtown, Inverness) 9 Apr 1896 Oban
Note: William was at first a barrister then an historian. He became a Knight Bachelor in the New Year Honours in 1952. See his obituary
350......Fanny Lois Tarn b 3rd qr 1874 Paddington m Alfred Amberson B MARTEN (b 1870/71 London) 2nd qr 1898 Paddington
Note: Alfred was a barrister. In 1901 they were living at 19 Oxford Sq Paddington.

220 John TARN m Mary Gellett BENNETT (b 1857/8 Jackson, Michegan) 16 Aug 1876 Honolulu, Hawaii

Note: Mary was said to be the daughter of Orson BENNETT, Judge of the Supreme Court of Michegan.

Children of John and Mary
360......Pauline Tarn b abt 1878
361......Henrietta Antoinette Tarn b 1881/2 St Germaine, France d after 1907 m Francis George ALSTON (or Harold SCHWANN) 2nd qr 1907 St George, Hanover Sq RD

221 Louisa BEARE m Frederick CRAVEN (b 1842/3 Thornton, Yorks) 3rd qr 1878 Wandsworth

Note: Frederick was a worsted spinner. They lived in 9 St Paul's Road, Manningham

Children of Frederick and Louisa
362......Winifred Craven b 1881/2 Bradford, Yorks
363......Lois Muriel Craven b 4th qr 1887 Bradford

222 Annie SEABORNE m Joseph Thomas DUNFORD (b 3rd qr 1849) 2nd qr 1886 Wandsworth

Note: Joseph was a saddler and harness maker. In 1891 they lived at 19 Edgeware Rd Paddington and in 1901 at 8 Keslake Road, Willesden, Mdx

Children of Joseph and Annie
364......Marian Lois Dunford b Mar 1887 Paddington
365......William John Dunford b 1st qr 1889 Paddington

223 Lois SEABORNE m Edmund Willmott RENSHAW, widr (b Apr - Sep 1844 Chelsea) 2nd qr 1878 Marylebone RD

Note: Edmund was recorded as a chemist in 1881, and a teacher of music in 1891 and 1901. They lived at 36 Ursula St, Battersea in 1881 and at 65 Roseman St Battersea in 1891.

Children of Edmund and Lois
366......Lois Mary Renshaw b 2nd qr 1879 Battersea d 1st qr 1881 Battersea
367......Robert W Renshaw b 2nd qr 1881 Battersea
Note: Robert was an organ builder's apprentice in 1901
368......Frank H Renshaw 1884/5 Battersea
Note: Frank was a piano tuner's apprentice in 1901
369......Edmond Spahorne Renshaw b 2nd qr 1886 Battersea
Note: Edmond was a clerk in 1901
370......Wilfred Ernest Renshaw b 3rd qr 1887 Battersea
371......Leonard D'oyle Renshaw b 3rd qr 1889 Battersea
372......Gilbert Minter Renshaw b Feb 1891 Battersea
373......Sydney Philip Renshaw b abt Mar 1894 Battersea
374......Muriel Lois Renshaw b 3rd qr 1895 Wandsworth

223a Mary Philip BEARE m George William SPRINGFIELD (b 1861/2 Greenwich) 3rd qr 1866 Marylebone

Note:George was a journalist - a chief sub editor - and they settled in Brixton.

Children of George and Mary
375......Helen Springfield b 1st qr 1888 Ibstock, Leics
376......Frank Morton Springfield b 3rd qr 1899 Hamwell, Mdx
377......Lilian Springfield b 1st qr 1894 Brixton
378......Violet St George Springfield b 2nd qr 1895 Brixton
379......Hereward George Springfield b 3rd qr 1896 Brixton

228 Annie BEARE m Alfred SMITH (b 1856/7 Southwark) 2nd qr 1880 Pancras RD

Note: Alfred was a bank clerk. In 1881 they lived at 9 Herbert St, West Plumstead, in 1891 at Myrtle Villa Albecore St Lewisham and in 1901 at 193 High St Lewisham

Children of Alfred and Annie
380......Percy Frank Smith b Dec 1880 Plumstead
Note: Percy was a stockbroker's clerk in 1901
381......Winifred Annie Smith b 1881/2 Camberwell
382......Stanley Alfred Smith b 1st qr 1887 Lewisham


234 Sarah Chaston BURTSAL m Frederick Robert WOOLNOUGH (b 1st qr 1828 Ditchingham bap 21 Oct 1827 Ditchingham d 12 Nov 1907 Woodbridge Sfk) 14 Nov 1865 St Michaels Church Beccles

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Arthur AGGAS, C J WOOLNOUGH and Helen BURTSAL. Whilst the certificate gives Fredericks address as West Ham, the newspaper report shown below suggests Peckham
The bride and groom were first cousins - Sarah's father was brother to Frederick's mother. In 1881 and 1891 they were living at 12 the Gardens, Peckham. In 1901 Frederick was secretary to a Tanning Company and lived at 145, Peckham Rye, Camberwell. Frederick was at Ferry Quay House, Woodbridge when he died and may have been there in 1904 when he registered the death of his brother

The Beccles and Bungay Weekly News reported in 1865 as follows
"On the 14th November, at St. Michael's Church, Beccles, by the Rev. J.T. Johnston, rector, Mr Frederick Robert Woolnough, of Gloucester House, Park Road, Peckham, third son of the late Robert Woolnough, of Bungay, to Sarah, only child of Mr Robert Aggas Burtsal, of Beccles."
In 1901 Frederick was secretary to a Tanning company and the family was at 145 Peckham Rye, Camberwell

Wills and Probate records for 1911 reads: "Woolnough Frederick Robert of Ferry Quay House, Woodbridge, Suffolk died 12 November 1907. Probate London 25th October to Robert Burtsal Woolnough, bank manager. Effects 109. 0s. 9d"

Children of Frederick and Sarah
383......Florence Alice Woolnough b Sep 1867 at 126 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d Sep 1867 at same address.
384......Robert Burtsal Woolnough b 20 May 1869 at 126 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d 14 Jan 1942 131 Kingsway, Luton aged 72
385......Frederick William Woolnough b 24 Mar 1870 at 126 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d 19 Mar 1932 in Leicester aged 61
Note: Frederick, unmarried, was an assistant to Leather merchant in 1891 and 1901
386......Percy Woolnough b 10 Mar 1872 at 126 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d 1 Jan 1920 Chigwell, Essex aged 47
387......Sydney Guy Woolnough b 28 Dec 1873 at 124 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d 1948 Croydon aged 75 m Jessie Maud THRIFT 3rd qr 1902
Note: Sydney was a clerk to a leather merchant in 1901
388......Herbert Harry Woolnough b 16 Sep 1876 at 124 Peckham Park Road, Peckham Rye, Camberwell d 7 Jan 1915 at 89 Davenport Rd Catford London aged 38
Note: Herbert was a builder worker in 1901
389......Ernest Woolnough b b 25 Jun 1878 at 12 Leyland Road Peckham Rye d 27 Aug 1878 aged 2 months bur at Nunhead cemetery, Camberwell
390......Arthur Woolnough b 19 Nov 1879 at 12 The Gardens, Peckham Rye bap 11 Mar 1880 St Chrysostom, Camberwell d 1954 [Ilford 5a 288] m Florence Emma THRIFT (b 8 Sep 1872 Chiswick d 1938 [Lambeth 1d 135] ) 3rd qr 1907 Croydon
Note: Arthur was a builders clerk in 1901. According to notes in the family bible, his birth was registered at "Campbells Chymist, East Dulwich"
391......Edgar Woolnough b Aug 1881 at Peckham Park Rd, Peckham Rye d 31 Aug 1881
392......Lilian Helen Mary Woolnough b 7 Feb 1883 Peckham Rye d 18 Jan 1908 at Ferry Quay House, Woodbridge aged 24
Note: Lilian's godparents were Mary Anna WOOLNOUGH and tB>Helen R BURTSAL The cause of her death was pulmonary Tuberculosis and she was buries at Woodbridge old cemetery section E division 10 no 18.

239 Alfred Edward CHASTON m Lucy Waters GODRICH (b 1869/70 Winchester d aft 1901) 2nd qr 1895 Winchester

Note: Alfred was a chemist shopkeeper in 1901 living at 45 High Street, Winchester Still a chemist he was at 15 West End Terrace Winchester in 1911

Children of Alfred and Lucy
239b......Edward Chaston b 1897 Winchester
Note: Edward was at Dean Close Memorial School in 1911
239c......Richard Chaston b 1899 Winchester

244 Henry Herbert CHASTON m Marie CAREW (b 1879 Mexford, Ireland) 1901

Note: In 1911 Henry was a manufacturer of toiletries and perfumes, and the family was at Grasmere, Wordsworth Rd, Harpenden

Children of Henry and Marie
244b......Dermot Chaston b 1903 Welling, Kent
244c......Hazel Chaston b 1904 Kings Langley, Herts
244d......Gerald Chaston b 1905 Watford Herts
244e......Laurel Chaston b 1907 Harpenden, Herts

255 Amelia Gertrude CHASTON m Albert Edward ALP 27 Aug 1904 Plaistow

Children of Albert and Amelia
255b......Oswald A Alp b 1st qr 1913 [Romford 4a 1202]
255c......Barbara M Alp b 1st qr 1921 [West Ham 4a 192]

153b Henry George CHASTON m Pauline Annette MORANNE (b 1876 Pancras d 1958 Colchester) 23 Oct 1902 St Martins Church Clerkenwell

Photo of Rosa

Note: In 1911 the family was living at 42 St Johns Park, Islington and Henry was a steel and copper plate engraver

Children of Henry and Pauline
C1......Marjorie Pauline Chaston b 10 Jan 1904 Islington d 2nd qr 1998 Charlbury, Oxfordshire
C2......Claude Henry Chaston b 1906 Islington
C3......Queenie Rosa Chaston b 1911 Islington


384 Robert Burtsal WOOLNOUGH m Alice HARSTON (b 18 Jul 1868 Camberwell St Giles d 28 Aug 1933 Edmonton) 28 Oct 1893 St Marks Church, Noel Park, Wood Green Mdx

Note: Alice was the daughter of Josiah HARSTON and Lydia MILLS. In 1891 and 1901 Robert was a bank clerk and the family lived at 7 Bedford Gardens, Ilford. In 1911 Robert was a bank manager for the London Joint City and Midland Bank and the family lived at 12 Park Avenue, Edmonton

Robert made his will whilst he was living at 12, Park Avenue, Palmers Green, London N13. He appointed his son, Robert Frederick Thomas, as sole executor. Tom, as he was known, was then living at 176, Weston Park, Hornsey

Children of Robert and Alice
393......Alice Anna Woolnough b Dec 1894 Romford m John E PEARSON 2nd qr 1923 Edmonton
394......Robert Frederick Thomas Woolnough b 19 Oct 1897 Romford d Jun 1978 Colchester m Florence Mary STAINES (b abt 1900 Romford) Jun 1829 Romford
Note: In 1942 he was a hospital porter living at 131 Kingsway, Luton

386 Percy WOOLNOUGH m Catherine Elizabeth SHERHOLZ (b 15 Jul 1883 Richardson Street, Bermondsey d 13 Aug 1970 Rutland Memorial Hospital, Oakham aged 88) 31 Jul 1904 St Saviours

Note: Catherine was the daughter of Henry SHERHOLZ and Catherine GROSS. Witnesses to the marriage were William SHERWOOD and Adelaide KALLMAN.
Percy was educated at East College, Dulwich and in 1891 he was a publisher's assistant. In 1901 he was a pencil factory warehouseman. He was a commercial traveller in 1911 and the family lived at 221 Chingford Rd, Walthamstowe. A mourning brooch, made of gold and woven human hair, was found amongst the possessions of John's deceased Great nephew, Percy Woolnough. The reverse of the brooch is inscribed " John Chaston Obt. April 26th 1854 Obt. 39" The hair is very likely to be John's, as was the tradition in Victorian times.

A memorial card found amongst the possessions of Catherine reads:
In Loving Memory
Percy Woolnough,
Who departed this life January 1st. 1920.
Aged 47 years.
Interred in Chingford Mount Cemetery. Private Grave

Percy died of cancer of the stomach. Catherine died of myocardial degeneration accompanied by senility

Children of Percy and Catherine
395......Frederick Percy Woolnough b 23 Oct 1910 Walthamstowe d 22 Jul 1979 Sheffield aged 68 [Sheffield 3 1290]
396......Arthur Charles Woolnough b 24 Feb 1916 Chingford, Essex, d 26 May 1944 Chadwell Heath aged 28 [Ilford 4a 404]

387 Sydney Guy WOOLNOUGH m Jessie Maud THRIFT 13 Sep 1902 [Camberwell 1d 1584]

Note: Sydney, a book keeper, and Jessie were at 49 Hunter Road, Thornton Heath in 1911

Child of Sydney and Jessie
397......Edward Woolnough b 4th qr 1902 Croydon
398......Phyllis Jessie Woolnough b 3rd qr 1904 Thornton Heath m Guy E MEAD 4th qr 1930 Croydon

388 Herbert Harry WOOLNOUGH m Gertrude Eva WELLS (b 27 Apr 1875 Cullercoates, Northumberland d 1973 Mayday Hospital Croydon) 6 Aug 1905 St Marks Peckham

Note: Herbert was a "Fitter improver electrical" in the 1911 census and the family lived at 89 Davenport Road, Catford.

Child of Herbert and Gertrude
399......Cyril Herbert Woolnough b 31 May 1908 Camberwell m Ethel Maud HUGHES 26 Dec 1931 Croydon [Croydon 2a 849]

C1 Marjorie Pauline CHASTON m Randal John LEWIS

Child of Randal and Marjorie
C2......Brian John Lewis dob unknown


393 Alice Anna WOOLNOUGH m John E "Jack" PEARSON 2nd qr 1923 [Edmonton 3a 1063]

Child of Jack and Alice
400......Muriel Betty Pearson b 4th qr 1928 [Edmonton 3a 989] m Mr HALL

395 Frederick Percy WOOLNOUGH m (a) Irene F LYTHEL (b 3rd qr 1912 [Kingston 2a 860] d 2nd qr 1951 [Bingham 3c 104]) 3rd qr 1936 (b) Betty STOCKTON (b 16 Aug 1929 Matlock Rd Walton Chesterfield) 7 Jun 1952 Holy Trinity Church Chesterfield [Chesterfield 3a 11]

Note: Betty was the daughter of Tom STOCKTON and Edith BYARD

Children of Freferick and Betty
401......Frederick Rodney Howard Woolnough b 28 Dec 1953 at 114 Nottingham Rd Keyworth d 14 Nov 1999 Stamford aged 45
402......Caroline Elizabeth Woolnough b 15 Jan 1955 at 114 Nottingham Rd Keyworth

396 Arthur Charles WOOLNOUGH m Rene LAMPLOUGH 4th qr 1937 [Romford 4a 1234]

Children of Arthur and Rene
403......Brian Woolnough b 6 Oct 1938 at 33 Wilford Grove, Nottingham
404......Keith Woolnough b Mar 1941 Leicester d Mar 1941 Leicester
405......Martin Woolnough b 2 Sep 1942 Leicester d 26 Mar 1998 Leicester Hospice, Groby Rd Leicester.

C2 Brian John LEWIS m Elaine Cecelia PFISTER

Note: Brian had four siblings

Child of Brian and Elaine
C3......Jason Daniel Lewis


C3 Jason Daniel LEWIS m Marie Lynne THORUP

The tree above was provided mainly by Sukie Hunter, to whom many thanks. Descendancy from 234 Sarah Chaston was kindly provided by Caroline Woolnough. Descendancy of the Lewis family was provided by C3 Marie Lewis, to whom many thanks. You can contact Sukie and Caroline

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