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1 George CHARITY m Sarah HUDSON 14 Aug 1746 Chatteris, Cambs.

Children of George and Sarah
John Charity bap 4 Nov 1787 Chatteris bur 24 Sep 1832 Chatteris
3......Letitia Charity bap 1 May 1803 Chatteris m John FIELDS 7 Dec 1823 Chatteris
4......Jane Charity bap 3 Jul 1808 Chatteris m JJohn WALKERSON 22 Apr 1827 Chatteris


2 John CHARITY m Sarah Burton BARRON 5 May 1820 Thorney, Cambs

Note: John was a carpenter. Sarah remarried to William BAINS 28 Feb 1834 Thorney

Children of John and Sarah
5......Elizabeth Charity bap 8 Oct 1820 Thorney m John PEACH1st qr 1845 Peterborough
6......William Charity bap 3 Jun 1822 Thorney
7......John Charity b 1826 Thorney
8......Sarah Charity bap 13 Aug 1824 Thorney
9......George Charity b abt 1827 Thorney
10....Fanny Charity bap 30 Jan 1831 Thorney
10a..Jonathan b 1835 Thorney


6 William CHARITY m Caroline HARTSTONE ( b 1825 d 2nd qr 1890 [Wisbech 3b 347]) 4th qr 1845 [Wisbech 14 332]

Children of William and Caroline
11......John William Charity b 1st qr 1847 [Wisbech ]
12......William Charity b 4th qr 1848 [Wisbech 14 159 or 169]
13......Sarah Jane Charity b 2nd qr 1854 [Wisbech 3b 615
14......Richard Charity b 3rd qr 1856 [Wisbech 3b 576] d 4th qr 1859 [Wisbech 3b 411]
15......Caroline Charity b 4th qr 1858 [Wisbech 3b 579]
16......Richard Charity b 1sr qr 1861 [Wisbech3b 6_3]

7 John CHARITY m Matilda Sly SUTTON (b 1829 Eye, Northamptonshire d 1867) 15 May 1853 Tower Hamlets, Mdx

Note: John was a tailor living at 4 Albert Place, St John Baptist, Peterborough in 1861 and Matilda was a tea dealer In 1881 he was shown as single, a labourer born at Thorney 1826 a boarder at 12 Hope Terrace, Stamford

Children of John and Matilda
17......William Edward Charity b 1854 Eye, Northants
18......John Charity b 1856 Eye, Northants
19......George Charity b 1861 Eye, Northants
Note In 1881 George was a saddler
20......Charles Charity b 1859 Peterborough d 1902

9 George CHARITY m (a) Sarah BRYAN (b 1828 Whissendine, Rutland d 3rd qr 1872 Stamford) 3rd qr 1855 Stamford (b) Elizabeth Frances LOCKWOOD (b 1854 Knossington) 2nd qr 1874 [Oakham 7a 159]

Note: The 1841 census shows George as a boarder with a family in Stamford (as a 14 year old) headed by Hannah CHARITY, a laundress in Gas Meadow, Stamford but born in Thorney. In 1861 the family was at Heathcote Arms, Scotgate St Stamford and George was a grocer and baker. In 1871 they are shown at 58 Scotgate, next door to the Heathcote Arms but in 1891 George had become a grocer and gardener living at 36 St Peter's Street, Stamford

Children of George and Sarah
21......Fanny b 1861 Stamford d 2nd qr 1939 Stamford [Stamford 7a 372]
Note: Fanny was a shop assistant in 1881 and a mother's help in 1891. In 1901 she was head of the household at 35 and 36 St Peter's St, Stamford and was letting apartments. Brother Bertie was living with her
22......George Bryan b 1863 Stamford
23......Laura b 5 Nov 1864 Stamford d 1935 Barkby Thorpe
24......John Bryan b 1868 Stamford
Note: John Bryan was a lodger at 32 Holly Rd Chiswick .
25......Bertie Thomas b 1879 Stamford


22 George Bryan CHARITY m Emma TIMM (b abt 1855 Bolingbroke) 3rd qr 1884 [Edmonton 3a 386]

Note: George was a cabinet maker in 1891 living at Cleaveland Road, Kingston, Surbiton

Children of George and Emma
26......George Edward b 3rd qr 1885 [Wandsworth 1d 610]
27......Emma Laura b2nd qr 1888 [Kingston 2a 326]
28......Charles Timm b 4th qr 1890 [Kingston 2a 309]

17 William Edward CHARITY m Emily Mary Irvine FLETCHER (b 1859 Fulham) 25 Sep 1886 {brentford 3a 114]

Children of William and Emily
29......Hilda Mary Charity b 7 Jul 1887 Brentford bap 7 Aug 1887
Note: Hilda became a teacher
30......Frederick William Charity b 1st qr 1891 Brentford bap 29 Mar 1891 Chiswick m Gladys M GOODWIN 4th qr 1915 Brentford
Note: In 1911 Frederick was a surveyor's assistant

20 Charles CHARITY m Agnes Gertrude STOKES (b 1853 Broadway, Worcs) 4 Sep 1880 [Bethnal Green 1c 652]

Children of Charles and Agnes
31......Annie Agnes Charity b 1881 Haggerstone, London m Alfred JOEL 15 Sep 1910 Hounslow
32......Matilda Gertude Charity b 1883 Haggerstone m Ernest Alfred Thomas William NOEL 33......Polly Christina Sly Charity b 1884 Hacney Road m Llewellyn Thomas Henry YOUNG 14 Jun 1911 Hounslow 34......John Charles Sutton Charity b 1887 Richmond m Louisa Annie WATTS 29 Mar 1911
35......Florence Daisy Charity b 1889 Richmond d 1st qr 1900
36......Elizabeth Jane D Charity b 1890 Richmond
37......Mabel Charity b 1893 Richmond

23 Laura CHARITY m Richard PICK 10 Dec 1889 Stamford All Saints Church

See PICK branch here

24 John Bryan CHARITY m Ada DUNN 4th qr 1891 Stamford

Note: In 1891 the family was at 335 Acton Lane, Acton and John was a seeds man assistant. In 1911 he was at 38 Magnolia Road, Chiswick and had become shop manager for seeds.

Children of John and Ada
38......John George Charity b abt 1893 Acton d 1904 Acton
39......Ada Bertha Charity b 1 Dec 1895 Acton [Brentford 3a 132] d 2nd qr 1975 Richmond upon Thames
Note: Ada remained single
40......Edward Gladstone Charity b 26 May 1898 Acton [Brentford 3a 144] d 2nd qr 1977 Leicester m Dora M ARNOLD 4th qr 1929 Leicester
41......Frank Bryan Charity b 1st qr 1901 Acton [Brentford 3a 164] d bef 1963
42......Lionel Richard Charity b 9 Nov 1904 Acton [Brentford 3a 218] d 3rd qr 1984 Bournemouth
43......George Bartrum Charity b 1st qr 1907 Acton [Brentford 3a 173]
44......Fannie Irene Charity b 11 Sep 1908 Acton [Brentford 3a 173] d 2nd qr 1996 Mansfield
Fannie remained single

25 Bertie Thomas CHARITY m Emma WOODWARD (b abt 1885) 4th qr 1902 [Stamford 7a 770]

Children of Bertie and Emma
45......Elsie Laura Charity b 4th qr 1903 [Stamford 7a 350]
46......Arthur Edward Charity b 3rd qr 1908 [Stamford 7a 341] d 4th qr 1911 [Stamford 7a 386]
47......Florence May Charity b 4th qr 1910 [Stamford 7a 314]


40 Edward Gladstone (Ted) CHARITY m Dora ARNOLD 4th qr 1929 [Leicester 7a 201]

Note: as a child aged 12 Edward (Ted) had a part time job as a "milk boy" whilst still at school

Children of Ted and Dora
48......Arnold Charity b 4th qr 1930 [Leicester 7a 367] d 4th qr 2003 Leicester
49......Ann Charity b 3rd qr 1939 Leicester [Leicester 7a 382] m Roderick E N HUTTON [Leicester 3a 1165]

22 Frank Bryan CHARITY m Hilda CHADWICK (b abt 1901 d after 1966) 3rd qr 1925 [Brentford 3a 607]

Note: Frank and Hilda emigrated to Rio de Janeiro on 22 Oct 1925 on the "Highland Loch" of the Nelson Line, from London, with 97 other passengers. In England Frank was a bank clerk. Judith Pick, 13 Laura Charity's grand daughter met Hilda ("a little old lady") whilst in Brazil 1963 to 1966.

Child of Frank and Hilda
49......Richard Charity dob unknown

23 Lionel CHARITY m Ena MOORE 3rd qr 1929 [Brentford 3a 309]

Child of Lionel and Ena
50......Janet M Charity 2nd qr 1934 [Hammersmith 1a 306]

24 George Bartum CHARITY m Dr Katherine CADBURY3rd qr 1960 [Eton 6a 1035]

Child of George and Dr Cadbury
51......Ruth Charity b abt 1961

45 Elsie Laura CHARITY m William S BISSETT 3rd qr 1925 [Guisborough 9d 1104]

Child of William and Elsie
52......Bruce S Bissett b 4th qr 1925 Stamford [Stamford 7a 483]

47 Florence May CHARITY m John V WELLS 2nd qr 1934 Marylebone 1a 1349]

Child of John and Florence
53......Charles A Wells b 8 Oct 1935 [Edmonton 3a 1013] d 1st qr 2005 Sutton Surrey

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