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Last revision 16 Oct 2013

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1 John CHATTEN b 1743 Lowestoft bap 29 Aug 1784 Lowestoft d 27 Jan 1835 Lowestoft m (a) Sarah HUGGINS 17 Feb 1784 Cratfield (b) Anne TAYLOR (b abt 1855 Lowestoft) abt 1786

Note: John was baptised at his wedding!

Children of John and Ann
William bap 29 Jan 1787 Lowestoft d 11 Oct 1837
3......Pleasance bap 31 May 1789 Lowestoft d 1799 Lowestoft
4......John bap 17 Feb 1792 Lowestoft
Frances b 2 Jul 1794 bap 4 Jul 1794 Lowestoft d 10 May 1878 Lowestoft
6......Robert bap 1 Jun 1796 Yarmouth d 5 Mar 1881 Lowestoft
7......Benjamin bap 5 Sep 1799 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1881 aged 80 [Mutford 4a 522]
Note: Benjamin was committed to the City Gaol for assaults and for the want of securuties to keep the peace, for 12 calendar months - reported in the Norfolk Chronicle of 18 Jul 1835. He was living in Norwich in 1841 with two children, Charlotte aged 13 (b Lowestoft) and Robert aged 7 (b in Denver) and a girl of 20 called Lucy BURROUGHS described in the census as his step daughter. Information from Scott Freeland suggests that Benjamin and Lucy were partners.
In 1871 Benjamin was in the "House of Industry" at Oulton as a pauper inmate. Robert was an ag lab in Downham in 1861

8......Pleasance bap 12 Aug 1802 Lowestoft
9......Charlotte b 1 Apr 1806 Lowestoft bap 2 Apr 1806 Lowestoft
Note: In 1861 Charlotte was a servant with a baker, Samuel WICKS at 20 Mariner's Street, Lowestoft


2 William CHATTEN m Elizabeth BURGESS (b 1801 d 1st qr 1878 [Mutford 4a 493]) 28 Aug 1820 Lowestoft

Note: William was a fisherman and died by drowning. You can see his gravestone here In 1841 the family, less William was living at Chapel Road, Lowestoft

Children of William and Elizabeth
10......Ann Elizabeth bap 29 Nov 1820 Lowestoft m James STERRY (bap 26 Sep 1824 Southwold) 6 Aug 1846 Lowestoft
See Sterry branch
11......Charlotte bap 3 Dec 1822 Lowestoft d single 2nd qr 1900 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 613]
Note: Charlotte was a servant in 1851 living at 20 Mariner's Street Lowestoft.
12......William Burgess bap 1 Dec 1824 Lowestoft d aged 61 2nd qr 1891 [South Shields 10a 517]
13......James Burgess bap 23 Nov 1826 Lowestoft
14......Pleasance bap 6 May 1829 Lowestoft m Henry John FOUNTAIN 25 Dec 1857 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1539]
Note: John was the son of Joseph FOUNTAIN and Sarah GOOCH
15......Louisa b abt 1829 Lowestoft m Robert CLARKE 21 Dec 1853 Lowestoft
Note: Louisa had a child 15a......Robert CHATTEN b 1850. She was an inmate of Oulton Workhouse in 1851
16......John Burgess bap 26 Jun 1833 Lowestoft
17......Charles b abt 1836 Lowestoft

5 Frances CHATTEN m William James GARNER (b abt 1795 Oulton d 24 Dec 1869 Lowestoft) 23rd Nov 1817 Oulton

Note: William was a fisherman in 1841 and they were living in Beach village. In 1861 William and Frances were living at Denes Eastern Square, Lowestoft. William was a carter and Frances was recorded as a "braider ie maker of fishing nets" In 1871 Frances was a 77 year old charwoman widow living at Anguish Street, Lowestoft and her son James and his boys were with her, as was a grandchild Ellen SAUNDERS, daughter to her daughter Elizabeth

Children of William James and Frances Garner

18......William Garner b abt 1820 Lowestoft
19......John Garner b abt 1820 Lowestoft d Oct 1902 22 White Horse St, Lowestoft
20......Benjamin Chatten Garner b 1821 Lowestoft
21......Charlotte Chatten Garner b Feb 1824 Lowestoft d 14 Jan 1892 Lowestoft
22......Nathan Chatten Garner b 1826 Lowestoft
Note: In 1841 Nathan was a twinespinner
23......James Chatten Garner bap 25 Apr 1828
Note: James, who was a fisherman was blind in one eye
24......Pleasance Chatten Garner b Jul 1830 Lowestoft d 1830 Lowestoft
25......Pleasance Chatten Garner b May 1831 Lowestoft
26......Elizabeth Chatten Garner b Jan 1833 Lowestoft
27......Alice Garner b 1834 Lowestoft
28......Ann Garner b 1835 Lowestoft
29......Frances Garner b 1st qr 1838 [Mutford 13 416] d bef 1867 in Lowestoft
30......Maria Garner b 1st qr 1842 bap Jun 1842 Lowestoft m Samuel TYRELL (b 10 Aug 1841) 25 Dec 1860 Lowestoft)

6 Robert CHATTEN m Sarah ALCOCK (b 1800 Bungay) 30 Aug 1825 Bungay

Child of Robert and Sarah
30......Caroline Chatten b 20 Sep 1829 Bungay d 1903 Lowestoft

7 Benjamin CHATTEN m Elizabeth REEVE (b 1800 Yarmouth d 1878) 23 May 1825

Note: Benjamin was committed to the City Gaol for assaults and for the want of securuties to keep the peace, for 12 calendar months - reported in the Norfolk Chronicle of 18 Jul 1835. He was living in Norwich in 1841 with two children, Charlotte aged 13 (b Lowestoft) and Robert aged 7 (b in Denver) and a girl of 20 called Lucy BURROUGHS described in the census as his step daughter. Information from Scott Freeland suggests that Benjamin and Lucy were partners.
In 1871 Benjamin was in the "House of Industry" at Oulton as a pauper inmate. Robert was an ag lab in Downham in 1861

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth

31......Charlotte Chatten b 1827 Norwich
32......Elizabeth Ann Chatten b Norwich
33......Robert Emmett Chatten b 1834 Norwich d Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Children of Benjamin and Lucy Burroughs
34......Lucy Ann Chatten Burroughs b 11 Aug 1841 Yarmouth
35......Caroline Chatten Burroughs b 10 Sep 1843 Yarmouth
36......William Chatten Burroughs b 15 Jul 1850 Yarmouth


11 Charlotte CHATTEN with unknown partner had illegitimate child

37......Charles Cannel CHATTEN b 1842 Lowestoft d 4 Apr 1808 Lowestoft bur 8 Apr 1808 Lowestoft

12 William Burgess CHATTEN m Isabella STOKER (b 1828 South Shields d 4th qr 1896 South Shields [South Shields 10a 640]) abt 1853

William was a mariner. In 1861 census he was at sea aboard the "Garland" as an "A B Seaman" In 1881 there were three boarders at their home: David JAMIESON 44 Labourer, William ALLEN 34 Labourer and Charles WILLIAMS 21, seaman

Children of William and Isabella
38......Jane Chatten b 1854 South Shields m Robert Davies CRANE3rd qr 1871 Durham
39......Joseph William Chatten b 1857 South Shields m (a) Catherine SACHSE 1 Jan 1891 Tynemouth (b) Elizabeth Ann ELGEY 23 Jun 1904 South Shields as widr
Note: Joseph and Elizabeth adopted a child, Josephine STABLE b abt 1903
40......Charlotte Annie Chatten b 1864 South Shields d 3rd qr 1890 m Samuel PASCOE 1st qr 1884 [South Shields 10a 849]
Note: Charlotte was a servant in 1881 at Westhoe, Durham
41......Elizabeth Chatten b 2nd qr 1867 South Shields [South Shields 10a 624] m either Richard MORRIS or William Milburn POTTS 3rd qr 1888 [South Shields 10a 931]
Isabella Chatten b 2nd qr 1867 [South Shields 10a 624]
43......Betsy Chatten b 4th qr 1870 [South Shields 10a 646]
44......Andrew Ross Chatten b 3rd qr 1873 [South Shields 10a 832]

18 William Chatten GARNER m Charlotte FULLER (d 1890 Lowestoft) 21 Sep 1840

Note: William was a basket maker all his life. In 1861 they were at Whapload Way, Lowestoft, in 1871 at 6 Nobbs Buildings, Beach, Lowestoft and in 1881 at 3 St Margaret's Road, Lowestoft.

Children of William and Charlotte
45......Georgeana Garner b 1843 Lowestoft [census 1861] m James COOKE 3rd qr 1867 [Loddon 4b 343]
Note: In 1861 Georgeana was a house servant but living at home
Rhoda Elizabeth Garner b 1st qr 1846 Lowestoft [Mutford 413 470]
Note: In 1861 Rhoda was a house servant but living at home
47......Susannah Garner b 4th qr 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 484]
48......William Garner b 1st qr 1853 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 674] m Mary Ann HOWARD (d 4th qr 1877 Lowestoft) 1st qr 1877 [Mutford 4a 963]
Note: In 1871 William was a ship's carpenter living at home and in 1881 he was a shipwright still with his parents. In 1881 he was a widower living with his parents and a son, William Garner b 1877 Lowestoft from which it may be construed that Mary Ann died in childbirth
49......Benjamin Garner b 1st qr 1855 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 682]
Note: In 1871 Benjamin was a blacksmith living at home
50......Elizabeth Garner b 2nd qr 1857 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 711]
51......Ellen Garner b 4th qr 1859 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 655]
Note: In 1881 Ellen was a laundress living with her parents.
52......Charles Edwin Garner b 4th qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 671]

19 John GARNER m (a) Maria COX (b 1818 Wells, Nfk) 2nd qr 1842 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 690] (b) Harriet SKEET 3rd qr 1859 Lowestoft (c) Caroline Mary SALTER

Note: John was a shoemaker, living in Beach Village, Lowestoft in 1861, Whapload Road in 1871 and Wilde's Score East in 1877. (Maria is recorded as Harriet of the same age and birthplace in 1871)

Children of John and Maria
53......John Cox b 1st qr 1843 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 465] m Rachel Elizabeth BOBBITT (b 1848 Lowestoft) 2nd qr 1875 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1050]
Note: John was a carpenter's apprentice in 1861 living with his parents and still there in 1871 but now a joiner. In 1881 he and Rachel were at 30 East Street Lowestoft and there were two children, John W and Frederick J
54......George Garner b 2nd qr 1845 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 495]
Note: George who was deaf was a shoemaker in 1861 living with his parents
55......James Benjamin Garner b 1848 d 1851 Lowestoft
56......Martha Ann Garner b 1st qr 1850 Lowestoft
57......Hannah Dinah Garner b 1st qr 1856 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 601(?)]

21 Charlotte Chatten GARNER m William EDMONDS (b 17 Apr 1820 Beccles) 31 Oct 1843 Lowestoft [see Edmonds branch]

Children of William and Charlotte Edmonds
58......Benjamin Garner Edmonds b 14 Apr 1844 d 7 Sep 1879 Lowestoft m Elizabeth Ann TURRELL 21 Dec 1865 Lowestoft
Samuel Edmonds b abt 1845 Lowestoft m Eliza ASHBY 25 Dec 1869 Lowestoft
60......Mary Louisa Edmonds b 6 Jan 1846 Lowestoft
61......William James Edmonds b 18 Sep 1848 Lowestoft d Dec 1860 Lowestoft
62......Susan Edmonds b abt 1850 Lowestoft d Aug 1851 Lowestoft
Susanna Edmonds b 23 Oct 1853 Lowestoft m Alfred James BUSH Lowestoft d Ramsgate, Kent.
Ellen Maria Edmonds b Oct 1857 Lowestoft d after 1908 m (a) HORN (b) Edward BUSH (b abt 1856) 4 Oct 1876 Lowestoft
65......Robert Edmonds b 11 Jun 1859 Lowestoft
66......William Edmonds b abt 1860 Lowestoft d Aug 1861 Lowestoft
67......Frederick Edmonds b abt 1861 Lowestoft d Apr 1862 Lowestoft
William Charles Edmonds b abt 1862 Lowestoft d after 1871 m Elizabeth Ella CLAXTON (b abt 1864) 28 Nov 1885

see Edmonds branch]

22 Nathan GARNER m Martha ABIGAILE (b abt 1829 Stalham) Stalham on 13 Oct 1849 Lowestoft

Note: Nathan was a tailor in 1861 and 1871 but was town crier in 1881 and as a widower still town crier in 1891. Martha was the daughter of Richard ABIGAILEThey lived at Factory Lane in 1861, at Nobbs Buildings in 1871 next door to Nathan's brother John, at 170 High Street Lowestoft in 1881 and at 4 Dove Street in 1891

Children of Nathan and Martha
69......Harriet Garner b 13 Jul 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 510]
70......Ellen Garner b 13 Jun 1852 Lowestoft [1861 census]
71......Nathan Garner b 17 Sep1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 569] bap 5 Nov 1854 Lowestoft d 1883 Lowestoft
Note: Nathan was a shoemaker in 1871 and in 1881 he was living at 5 Bank Court, Lowestoft. Sarah SMITH (b 1842 Martham) was his housekeeper - she also worked as a charwoman
72......Emma Garner b 14 Oct 1856 Lowestoft [1861 census]
Note: Emma was a beetster in 1871
73......Martha Garner b 3rd qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 627] d 1858 Lowestoft
74......Martha b 1859 Lowestoft m Edward George TURRELL 1st qr 1878 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 998]
75......Edward Garner b 1st qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 684] bur 13 Sep 1890 Lowestoft aged 29
Note: Edward was a billposter's assistant in 1881
76......Eliza Garner b 2nd qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 729]
77......Elijah Garner b 1st qr 1865 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 753]
Note: Elijah was a fruiterers assistant in 1881
78......Eliza Garner b 1863 Lowestoft
79......Richard Garner b 2nd qr 1867 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 731] d 4th qr 1944 [Lothingland 4a 1274 aged 77
Note: Richard was a billposter's assistant in 1881
80......Kathleen Garner b 3rd qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 677]
81......George Abigaile Garner b 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 769]

23 James Chatten GARNER m Elizabeth BOGGIS (b 18333 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1868 [Mutford 4a 440]) 4th qr 1851 [Mutford 13 1165]

Note: In 1861 the family was living in Factory Lane, Lowestoft and James was a fisherman, blind in one eye. After Elizabeth's death James and the two boys lived with his mother Frances at Anguish Street, Lowestoft (1871)

Children of James and Elizabeth
82......Ann Elizabeth Garner b 1st qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 637]
83......James Garner b 1856 Lowestoft [1861 census]
84......William Benjamin Garner b 4th qr 1859 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 647]

25 Pleasance GARNER m Thomas Swan ROSE 13 Feb 1851 Lowestoft

Note: In 1861 the family was living at Beach Village, and Pleasance was a beetster.In 1871 Thomas Swan was the master of "Pride of the Shannon" at sea with Thomas W as a fisherman and William as a "boy", but their home was at Rant Score East, Lowestoft. In 1881 they were at 49 Whapload Road, Lowestoft and in 1891 at Anguish Street, Lowestoft.

Children of Thomas and Pleasance
85......Mary Ann Rose b 3rd qr 1851 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 490]
86......Jane Elizabeth Rose b 2nd qr 1853 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 679]
Note: Jane was a beetster in 1871
87......Thomas William Rose b 2nd qr 1855 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 655]
88......William Nathaniel Rose b 3rd qr 1857 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 630]
89......Helen Maria (Ellen) Rose b 4th qr 1860 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 617]
Note: Ellen was a net mender in 1881
90......Clara Maria Rose b 4th qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 664]
91......Arthur Edward Rose b 4th qr 1864 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 676]
Note: Arthur was a fisherman in 1881
92......Frederick H Rose b 4th qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 701]
93......George Albert Rose b 1st qr 1870 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 771]
94......Herbert James Rose b 1st qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 809]
Note: Herbert was a gardener domestic servant in 1891

26 Elizabeth GARNER m Robert SAUNDERS 3rd qr 1853 [Mutford 4a 991]

Note: Robert was a fisherman. In 1861 the family was at Beach, Lowestoft and in 1871 they were at 11 Barcham Square, Lowestoft

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
95......Joseph N Saunders b 1857 Lowestoft
Note: In 1871 Joseph was a shoemakers apprentice
96......Ellen E Saunders b 1859 Lowestoft
97......Gertrude Saunders b 1861 Lowestoft
98......James Saunders b 1863 Lowestoft
Note: In 1881 James was part of the crew of the vessel "Electric" and was described as "O Seaman". In 1891 James was master of the vessel "Delta"
99......Robert Saunders b 1865 Lowestoft
Note In 1881 Robert was a seaman aboard the boat "John"
100....Elizabeth Saunders b 1870 Lowestoft
101....George Ernest Saunders b 1874 Lowestoft

28 Ann GARNER m William George TURRELL (b 10 Mar 1836) on 25 Dec 1855 Lowestoft

Children of William and Ann
102......Mary Ann Elizabeth b 20 Oct 1857 Lowestoft m George Charles ELLIS 8 Jul 1876 Lowestoft St Margarets
103......William John b 30 Apr 1859 Lowestoft d after 1912 m Clara Maria Elizabeth STONE 11 Oct 1880 St Margarets Lowestoft
Note: In 1901 William was a boat owner living at 141 St Margarets Road, Lowestoft
104......Samuel James b 16 Oct 1860 Lowestoft d 12 Jan 1912 Lowestoft m Frances M TURRELL (b 1861 d 1926)
105......John Edward b 2 Apr 1865 Lowestoft d 6 Dec 1894 Lowestoft m Emma Eunice STONE 7 Oct 1883 Lowestoft
Note: Witnesses to the marriage were William John TURRELL and Ellen Jane STONE
106.....Arthur Edward b 5 Nov 1865 Lowestoft d Sep 1900 Lincolnshire m Eliza Ellen MALLETT Mar 1885
107......Laura Jane b 5 May 1867 Lowestoft d 30 Nov 1935 Lowestoft m Edmund Thomas CAPPS 4 Jan 1887 Lowestoft St Margarets
108......Edith Ann b 3 Sep 1891 m George James UNDERDOWN Dec 1891
109......Alfred Frederick b 6 Oct 1872 Lowestoft

29 Frances GARNER m John MEWSE 3rd qr 1859 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1617]
see Mewse branch]

30 Caroline CHATTEN m William ARMES (b 1823 Lowestoft d 30 May 1887) 5 Oct 1852 Bungay [Wangford 4a 1475]

Note: William was a widower when he married Caroline, having been married to Matilda CAPPS (b 1821 Lowestoft d 1851 Lowestoft) He bought 3 children to the marriage with Caroline: Robert b 1847, William Archer b 1848 and Matilda Capps b 1851 d 1898 Lowestoft

Children of William and Caroline
110......Frederick Benjamin Armes b 1854 Lowestoft
111......Susanna Armes b 1855 Lowestoft
112......Thomas Peter Armes b 1856 Lowestoft d 1888 Lowestoft
113.....Charles Armes b 1858 Lowestoft
114......James Armes b 1860 Lowestoft d 1861 Lowestoft
115......George Armes b 1862 Lowestoft
116......Arthur Armes b 1864 Lowestoft
117......John Owen Armes b 1866 Lowestoft
118......James Armes b 1870 Lowestoft
119......Sarah Ann Armes b 1873 Lowestoft

31 Charlotte CHATTEN m George MOORE (b 1829 Norwich) 25 Dec 1850 St Michael at Thorne, Norwich

Note: George was a blacksmith. Witnesses at their marriage were Robert GOLDEN and Ann CHATTEN. In 1861 the family was at Cocksedges Yard, Ber Street St John Timberhill, Norwich and in 1871 they were at Boarded Entry Yard, St Michael at Thorne, Norwich. In 1881 and in 1891 they were at Houghtons Yard, Ber Street, Norwich

Children of George and Ann
120......Charlotte Moore b 1853 Norwich
121......Walter HOWES b 1866 Norwich
Note: Walter was an orphan, taken in by George and Charlotte. In 1881 he was a railway dray boy

33 Robert Emmett CHATTEN m Charlotte FLUDE (b 30 Jan 1831 Tuddenham, Suffolk) 6 Nov 1854 St Matthews Ipswich

Children of Robert and Charlotte
122......Robert Emmett Chatten b 2 Apr 1857 d 2 Jul 1917 Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana, USA
123......Libbie Chatten b 1860
124......Almy L Chatten b 1862
125......James Henry Chatten b 1865 Canada
126......Fredrich Chatten b 1868
127......Ella Chatten b 1879
128......Edward R Chatten b 1881


37 Charles Cannell CHATTEN m Helen SHORT 23 Aug 1871 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1144]

NOte: They lived at Elm Lodge, Denmark Rd Lowestoft

Children of Charles and Helen
129......Edith Helen Chatten b 1st qr 1875 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 762] d 17 May 1945 Filby, a spinster
Note: Edith was at 35 Market Road, Gt Yarmouth in 1901
130......Lilian Chatten b 1877 Lowestoft d 2 Feb 1961 a spinster
131......Frederick Charles Chatten b 4th qr 1878 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 820]d 18 Feb 1967
Note: Charles was a violinist and taught music. He remained single
132......Eva Chatten b 1st qr 1882 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 869]

42 Isabella CHATTEN m William PRIOR (b 1868) 4th qr 1890 [S Shields 10a 1077]

Note: William was a Steam Tug Fireman in 1891 and the family lived at 2 Pan Bank, Archers Hill, Estoe, South Shields. In 1901 William was a donkeyman on steamship and their home was at 26 Commercial Road, Drake Street, South Shields.In 1911 William who was not at home for the census was described as an able seaman and they lived at 17 Portberry Street, South Shields.

Children of William and Isabella
133......Sarah Lizzie Prior b 4th qr 1890 [S Shields 10a 696] m Christopher GARLAND 3rd qr 1915 [South Shields 10a 1551]
134......Matthew Prior b 1st qr 1899 [S Shields 10a 737]
134a....Ethel Prior b 2nd qr 1901 [S Shields 10a 813] m Joseph MAGNISH 3rd qr 1933 [S Shields 10a 1659]
136......Ada Prior b 3rd qr 1903 [S Shields 10a 875]
137......William Prior b 1906 [1911 census]

43 Betsy CHATTEN m John LEASK 3rd qr 1893 [South Shields 10a 932]

Note: In 1901 John wasa warehouseman in a glass works. The family lived at 70 Byethorn St, South Shields. In 1911 they were at 32 Lemon Street, Tyne Dock, South Shields and John was a goods porter in a glass works

Children of John and Betsy
138......John William Leask b 2nd qr 1894 South Shields [S. Shields 10a 797]
139......Frances Leask b 3rd qr 1895 South Shields [S. Shields 10a 824]
140....Isabella Leask b 1st qr 1897 South Shields [S. Shields 10a 791]
141....Andrew Leask b 4th qr 1898 South Shields [S. Shields 10a 816]
142....Eleanor Johnson Leask b 4th qr 1900 South Shields [S.Shields 10a 782] d 1st qr 1902 [S Shields 10a 464]
143....Catherine Leask b 1903 South Shields [1911 census]
144....Charles Leask b 4th qr 1905 South Shields [S. Shields 10a 745]

44 Andrew Ross CHATTEN m Margaret BRANCH 2nd qr 1895

Note: In 1911 Andrew was a cartman for the S Shields Candle Works. The family was at 11 Hill Street, South Shields

Child of Andrew and Margaret
145......George Edward Chatten b 1897 South Shields

46 Rhoda Elizabeth GARNER m Robert Bunnewell ABIGAIL 1st qr 1871 [Yarmouth 4b 7]

Note: In 1881 Robert was a mariner and the family was at St Peter's Plain, Gt Yarmouth. In 1891, 1901 and in 1911 he was a seaman in the merchant service and the address was the same

Children of Robert and Rhoda
146......Henry Robert (Harry) Abigaile b 4th qr 1871 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 29]
147......Eleanor Elizabeth Abigaile b 4th qr 1873 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 7]
148......Edith Louisa Abigaile b 3rd qr 1875 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 6]
Note: In 1891 and in 1901 Edith was a silk weaver
149......Christiana Abigaile b 2nd qr 1878 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 2]
140......Charlotte Abigaile b 4th qr 1879 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 5]
Note: In 1901 Charlotte was a silk weaver
141......Robert William Abigaile b 4th qr 1882 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 11]

49 Benjamin GARNER m Mary A BLACKWOOD 1st qr 1878 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 6]

Note: Benjamin was a blacksmith. In 1881 the family was at 5 Wellington Passage, Gt Yarmouth and in 1901 and 1911 they were at 12 Victoria Cottages Louise Road Gt Yarmouth

Children of Benjamin and Mary
142......Elizabeth Florence Garner b 3rd qr 1880 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 5]
143......Lilian Alice Garner b 2nd qr 1882 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 5] m
144......Ethel May Garner b 1st qr 1884 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 10]
145......Ellen Priscilla Garner b 4th qr 1886 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 11] d 2nd qr 1887 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 4]
146......Alice Sarah Garner b 1st qr 1888 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 1_]
147......Edward Albert Garner b 3rd qr 1889 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 7]
148......Benjamin Garner b 2nd qr 1892 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 3]
149......Philip Arthur Garner b 3rd qr 1894 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 8] m Ellen R JOYSEY 3rd qr 1917 [Bethnal Green 1c 219]
150......Albert Garner b 4th qr 1895 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 6]
151......Margaret Garner b 1st qr 1899 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 4]

76 Eliza GARNER m (a) James Arthur Barnes PEARSON (b 4th qr 1859 [Mutford 4a 648] d 1891) 2nd qr 1880 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1067] (b) Randall Coleman PITCHERS (b 1858 Ashwellthorpe d 1st qr 1902 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 699]) 1st qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 1149]

Note: James was the son of William Pearson and Louisa Esther SWAN. In 1881 James was a carpenter living at 97 Bevan St Lowestoft. In 1901 Eliza and Randall were living at 2 Dove St, Lowestoft and Randall was a general labourer. In 1911 Eliza was living with daughter Annie Louisa at 52 Hayward Street, Lowestoft and was a charwoman.

Children of James and Eliza
152......Ellen Madeline L Pearson b 1880 Lowestoft
153......William Pearson b 1882 Lowestoft
154......Annie Louisa Pearson b 1885 Lowestoft m Charles Henry COPELAND 3rd qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 2123]
155......Ruth Esther Swan Pearson b 1886 Lowestoft d 1903 Lowestoft
156......Isabella Pearson b 1888 Lowestoft
157......Eva Mary Pearson b 1891 Lowestoft

68 Elijah GARNER m Louisa LEONARD (b 1872 East Ham) 2nd qr 1899 [West Ham 4a 9]

Note: In 1901 the family was at 50 Winsor Terrace, East Ham and Elijah was a labourer. In 1911 they were at 42 Eastbourne Rd, East Ham and Elijah was a driller at Gas Works.

Children of Elijah and Louisa
158......Elijah Garner b 1900 Beckham, Essex
159......Louisa Garner b 1902 Plaistow Essex

69 Richard GARNER m Elizabeth Mary A EASTER (b 1874 Newcastle on Tyne) 1st qr 1898 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1176]

Note: In 1901 the family was at 27 Factory Street, Lowestoft and Richard was a bricklayers labourer

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
160......Victoria Garner b 1899 Lowestoft
161......Priscilla Garner b 1901 Lowestoft
162......Richard George Garner b 2nd qr 1906 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1171]
163......George E Garner b 3rd qr 1911 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2175]
164.....Harry J Garner b 3rd qr 1914 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2209]

122 Joseph William SAUNDERS m Ellen COOK (b 1837) 3rd qr 1877 [Mutford 4a 1095]

Note: Ellen had a sister, Eliza Sarah Cook who married Samuel John MEWSE and after being widowed , John MANTRIPP [see the Mewse branch here)
Children of Joseph and Ellen
165......Joseph William Saunders b 2nd qr 1882 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 864]
166......Elizabeth Ann Saunders b 4th qr 1883 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 883]
167......Gertrude Alice Saunders b 4th qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 882]
168......Robert William Saunders b 2nd qr 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 960]
169......Ernest Edward Saunders b 3rd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 902]
170......Bertie Frederick Saunders b n1st qr 1892 [Mutford 4a 963]
171......James Robert Saunders b 3rd qr 1896 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 987]
172......Reginald Charles Saunders b 2nd qr 1896 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1027]
173......Charles Henry Saunders b 3rd qr 1899 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1050]

122 Robert Emmett CHATTEN m (a) Lucy GILDER (d 1852) 8 Dec 1850 Thorpe, Norfolk (b) m Anna Eliza May DARR 15 Nov 1885 Middleburg Indiana

Child of Robert and Charlotte
174......Madge Maze Chatten b 23 Oct 1888 d 1985 Detroit m Dura Amos BLOSSER14 Oct 1911 Elkhart


145 George Edward CHATTEN m Mary Ann ORD (d 1969) 26 Oct 1924

Children of George and Mary Ann
175......Grace A O Chatten b 4th qr 1925 [South Shields 10a 1418]
176......Marian Chatten b 4th qr 1927 [South Shields 10a 1216]
177......George E Chatten b 2nd qr 1930 [South Shields 10a 1399] m Joan A BATSON 1st qr 1960 [West Ham 5a 1268]

142 Elizabeth Florence GARNER m William Burkett BROWN (b 1879 Barnsbury, London) 3rd qr 1899 [Yarmouth 4b 40]

Note: William was a baker and in 1911 lived at 13 St Lukes Terrace Mill Rd Cobholme Great Yarmouth

Children of William and Elizabeth
177......Herbert Alfred Garner b 42nd qr 1901 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b 36]
178......Mildred Maud Garner b 1st qr 1904 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b 34]
179......Lilian May Garner b 3rd qr 1907 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b 12]
180......Arthur George Garner b 2nd qr 1908 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b _5]
181......Samuel George Garner b 3rd qr 1910 Gorleston [Yarmouth 4b 29]

154 Annie Louisa PEARSON m Charles Henry COPELAND

182......Charles Henry Copeland b 1909 Lowestoft
183......Annie Isobel Rose Copeland b 1910 Lowestoft
184......Cecil E B Copeland 1911 Bury St Edmunds

165 Joseph William SAUNDERS m Jane SHARMAN 3rd qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 2116]

Children of Joseph and Jane
185......James T Saunders b 1st qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 1466]


105c Marian CHATTEN m William D FORD 1st qr 1952 [South Shields 1a 2613]

Children of William and Marian
186......Yvonne M Ford b 1st qr 1958 [South Shields 1a 1322]
187......Jacqueline Ford b 3rd qr 1963 [South Shields 1a 1215]

185 James T SAUNDERS m Betty J CHAPMAN (b 1923) 4th qr 1941 [Lothingland 4a 3737]

Child of James and Betty
188......James Chapman b 1944

Thanks to Gwynneth Wright for her help with the Chatten and Garner information on this page, and to 140 Jim Saunders for the Saunders descent from Elizabeth Garner as well as Scott Freeland for the Burroughs information and Cliff Chatten for the South Shields connections. You may contact Gwynneth

and Scott

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