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Last update 16 Oct 2013


Dorothy Green, my father's sister married Horace Clark

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Meadows...Moffat ...Mounsteven...Nisbett...O'Hanley...O'Leary...Peipgras.


1 Unknown CLARK m ?

Child of unknown parents
Thomas Clark b 1809 Clare
Note: Thomas was a labourer


2 Thomas CLARK m Mary Ann WILLIS 1st qr 1842 Risbridge [Risbridge 12/501]

Note: Thomas was an ag lab in 1851 living at "by Ashen Mills, Ashen, Essex". The family were living at Ashen in 1861

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
3.... Lavinia Clark b 1838 Ashen [1851 census]
4......Edward Thomas Clark b 8 Jan 1842 Ashen Essex d 2nd qr 1911 [Risbridge 4a 407]
5....John Clark b 4th qr 1843 Ashen [Risbridge 12 389]
6....Mary Clark b 4th qr 1847 Ashen [Risbridge 12 365]
7....Louisa Clark b 2nd qr 1850 Ashen [Risbridge 12 451]
8....Simon Clark b 4th qr 1852 Ashen [Risbridge 4a 343]


3 Edward Thomas CLARK m Eliza ANGEL (b Apr 1841 Clare, Suffolk d 3rd qr 1916 [Risbridge 4a 775]) 4th qr 1863 [Risbridge 4a 739]

Note: In 1871 Edward was a journeyman miller living at Chilton Street, Clare. In 1881 he is described as a miller living at 15 Chilton Street, Clare. Eliza's parents were Thomas ANGEL (1816 - 1884) and Elizabeth PARKER (1816 - 1887) and her grandparents were Edward ANGEL(1775 - 1827) and Mary WARD (abt 1774 - 1850)

Children of Edward and Eliza
9......Sarah b 2nd qr 1864 Clare [Risbridge 4a 421]
Note: Sarah was a domestic servant in 1881 living with her parents
10....Robert b 2nd qr 1865 Clare [Risbridge 4a 416]
Note: In 1881 Robert was a miller, living with his parents
11....John b 2nd qr 1867 Ashen [Risbridge 4a 417]d 17 Dec 1931 Woodbridge
Note: In 1881 John was an ag lab. In 1891, still with his parents, he was a journeyman miller. John was Foreman Miller at the Tide Mill, Woodbridge
12....Maryann b 2nd qr 1869 Clare [Risbridge 4a 408]
Note Maryann emigrated to Canada with her brother Ernest and sister Julia
13....Elizabeth b 4th qr 1870 Clare [Risbridge 4a 420] m Felix CLIFFORD 3rd qr 1894 [Risbridge 4a 1097]
14....Julia b 4th qr 1875 Clare [Risbridge 4a 452]
Note Julia emigrated to Canada with her brother Ernest and sister Maryann. See Julia with Ernest's wife and children
15....Alice b 2nd qr 1877 Clare [Risbridge 4a 501]
16....Edward b 2nd qr 1879 Clare
Note: Edward was an engine driver stationary and miller in 1901, living with his parents.
17....Ernest b 20 Jan 1884 Clare [Risbridge 4a 605] d 1963 Toronto, Canada
Note: In 1901 Ernest wis living with his parents and was a journeyman miller. Ernest was registered as simply "Ernest", but later was known as "Ernest Edward". He emigrated to Canada and died aged 79 of a heart attack whilst on the golf course at Mt Dennis, Toronto.


10 Robert CLARK m Anna Maria GOSTLING 3rd qr 1890 [Colchester 4a 719]

Note: In 1891 Robert was a baker and beer seller living at West End Beer House, Stambourne Rd, Ridgewell, Rusley Green. Sisters Alice and Julia were staying with Robert in 1891 when he was a machinist in a flour mill in Swindon and the family was at 115 Princes Street, Swindon. Birth registrations varied between Clark and Clarke. In 1911 Anna was a widow living at 98 Victoria Street, Ipswich with all her children.

Children of Robert and Anna
18......Thomas Edward Clark b 1st qr 1891 Ridgewell [Halstead 4a 631]
Note: In 1911 Thomas was a flour miller
19......Kate Elizabeth Clark b 1st qr 1893 Ridgewell [Halstead 4a 659]
20......Robert Frederick Clark b 4th qr 1894 Ridgewell [Halstead 4a 666]
Note: In 1911 Robert was a grocer's assistant

11 John CLARK m Alice Louise CLEMENTS (b 1876 Soham)

Note: In 1901 John was a miller at Flour mills in Swindon and the family lived at 43 Princes Street, Swindon. In 1911 he was "flour mill manager" in Woodbridge, living with the family at Exelsior Cottage, Doric Place, Woodbridge

Children of John and Alice Louise
21......Albert Edward Clark b 1894 Chilton m Ethel MOFFAT
Note: In 1911 Albert was an apprentice cabinet maker living with his parents
John Clements Clark b 1896 Chilton
Note: In 1911 John was a solicitor's clerk, living with his parents
23......Horace Clark b 17 Jan 1897 Raydon

17 Ernest (Edward) CLARK(E) m Jane MOUNSTEVEN (b 21 Jul 1887 d 7 Oct 1942) abt 1914 Canada

Children of Ernest Edward and Jane
24......Evelyn Clark b 1915 Toronto d 1971 Toronto
25......George Edward Clark b 6 Jan 1918 Toronto d Oct 1987 Coboconk, Ontario


22 John C CLARK m Cecelia SMITH b 1915

Child of John and Cecelia
26......Marta Clark b 1936 Woodbridge

14 Horace CLARK m Dorothy Mabel GREEN (b 4 Oct 1900 Halstead Essex d 1976 Bury St Edmunds) (see Green branch here)

Children of Horace and Dorothy
27......John Dudley Clark b 23 Mar 1932 Bury St Edmunds
28......Ann Patricia Clark b 1936 Bury St Edmunds d Jan 2003 Edinburgh

24 Evelyn CLARK(E) m William (Bill) CAMPBELL

Children of Bill and Evelyn
29......George Clark Campbell b abt 1941 d ? late 90s
30......Danny Clark Campbell b 1945

C2 George Edward CLARK(E) m (a) Rita Helen THORNTON date unknown, now div (b) Edith CHAPMAN (b 23 Nov 1923 Thief River Falls, MN d 21 Jun 2004 Burlington, Ontario) 5 Feb 1949

Child of George and Rita
31....William George Clarke b abt 1944

32......Jane Marie Clarke b 16 Oct 1950 Toronto
33......Ruth Clarke b 24 Dec 1955 Toronto


L-R Matthew, Jeremy, Dudley, Mary, Robert and Anna seated


Child of Thanos and Marta
34......Klea Tzovarithis

16 John Dudley CLARK m Patricia Mary DUCKWORTH (b 1 May 1938 Gravesend Kent)

Children of John and Mary
35......Matthew Fergus Dudley Clark b 30 Apr 1965 Dartford, Kent m Marion Elizabeth Catherine O'LEARY (b 29 Aug 1962)
Robert Anthony Clark b 27 Jul 1968 Dartford Kent
37......Jeremy James Clark b 29 Apr 1974 Gravesend Kent m Anna SUTTON (b 1 Mar 1977 Bromsgrove) 18 Jul 2009 Haywards Heath
Note: Jeremy who is a haemophiliac, survived an operation at the age of fourteen months and is something of a miracle

28 Ann Patricia CLARK m (Barry) David PRIEST (b 25 Jan 1934Smethwick)

Children of David and Ann
38......Andrew Clark b 21 Mar 1965 m (a) Marlene ZWICKLER (b 17 May 1964 Austria) div 2007 (b) Sarah REEVE 24 Oct 2009
Juliet Clark b 24 May 1968

31 Jane Marie CLARKE m Maurice Arnold STINSON (b 20 Oct 1947 Chegtu, Szechwan, China) 10 Jul 1971 Toronto

Children of Maurice and Jane
40......Jennifer Marie Stinson b 10 May 1973 Toronto
41......Matthew David Stinson b 9 Mar 1976 Burlington, Ontario
42......Colleen Ruth Dora Stinson b 14 Feb 1980 Burlington, Ontario

C4 Ruth CLARKE m Bruce Douglas LONG (b May 1951) 1984

Children of Bruce and Ruth
43......Bryan Douglas Long b 9 Jun 1985 Toronto
44.....Daniel Clarke Long b 29 May 1987 Toronto
45......Nicole Ruth Long b 8 Apr 1990 Toronto
46......Kevin Allan Long b 30 Nov 1993 Toronto

C5 George CAMPBELL m Joanne O'HANLEY

Children of George and Joanne
47......Leslie Campbell b Toronto dob unknown
48......George (Jody) Campbell b Toronto dob unknown

C6 Danny CAMPBELL m Elaine

Children of Danny and Elaine
49......Terry Campbell b Toronto dob unknown
50......John Campbell b Toronto dob unknown


35 Robert Anthony CLARK m Louise Ann HEATH (b 14 May 1968)

Child of Robert and Louise
51......Christopher James Clark b 1999
52......Tara Clark b 2004
53......William Robert Thorpe Clark b 20 Jan 2010 Worthing, Sussex

38 Juliet PRIEST m William NISBETT

Child of William and Juliet
54......Lily Nisbet b 3 Aug 2000 Perth
55......Alice Nisbet b 24 Sep 2004

39 Jennifer Marie STINSON m Stephen Allen PIEPGRAS (b 30 Mar 1973 Brainerd, MN, USA) 25 Aug 2001 Pine City, MN, USA

Children of Stephen and Jennifer
56......Ella Marie Piepgras b 25 Jan 2003 St Cloud, MN, USA
57......Ryan Paul Piepgras b 17 Dec 2003 St Cloud, MN, USA

40 Matthew David STINSON m Julie Marie HEIMES (b 3 Aug 1978 Rapid City, SD, USA) 8 May 2004 Rapid City, SD, USA

Child of Matthew and Julie
58......Jack Wesley Stinson b 31 Mar 2008 Burlington, Ontario

41 Colleen STINSON m Matthew Robert MEADOWS (b 10 Apr 1977 Springfield, MO, USA) 25 Jun 2002

Child of Matthew and Colleen
59......Evan Matthew Meadows b 7 May 2002 Burlington, Ontario
60......Lucille Jewell Meadows b 28 Apr 2008 Burlington, Ontario

Many thanks to Mary Clark (nee Duckworth) for much of the information on this branch, to Linda Neesham for the Angel connection and to C9 Colleen Meadows (nee Stinson) for the Canadian connection.

You can contact Colleen

© Richard Green 2013