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WILL OF Christian COCKE of Brampton 1623

Soul and Spirit to merciful hands of Almighty God, father, son and Holy Ghost, trusting and believing all sins and iniquities are remitted and freely pardoned by and through merits of the passion of Saviour Jesus Christ, and that by his means shall enjoy everlasting joy and happiness.

To son in law, Thomas ALLDRED tenement or messuage called Waynfleets, with home close adjoining, containing some seven acres in Southwold; also piece of ground, late William FOALES' where the house was burnt, piece of ground called Smith's Pightle, one acre of ground in Southwold field and half acre in Southwold field, all of which pieces of ground lie in Southwold; he to have lands on condition that he pays debts and the following legacies, namely

To grandchild Margaret ALLDRED 30 in 3 years, to grandchild Joan BULLYANT 20 in 4 Years, to grandchild William ALLDRED 20 in 5 years, to grandchild Arthur ALLDRED 20 in 7 years and to grandchild Thomas ALLDRED 20 when 21.

He is also to pay Henry BULLYANT son of Robert BULLYANT 3 when 21 and also to pay the children of the testator's sister Annys JENTLEMAN, late of Southwold, deceased, namely Susan, Mary and Joan 20s each in one year.

Further, the said Thomas ALLDRED to pay to William MILLS the son of William and Annis MILLS 10 shillings when 21 and to the two eldest children of Thomas BURT and Christian his wife late of Southwold deceased, 10 shillings each when 21.

Said Thomas ALLDRED is also in one year to discharge and acquit testator's grandchild George ALLDRED of all debts, sums & bonds, writings and obligations where the said George stands and is bound jointly to and with the said Thomas ALLDRED for the said Thomas's debts to any person or persons whatsoever.

To George ALLDRED feather bed where testator lies, blue cushion, bolster, pillow, biggest brass pot, best cobirons, fire pan, warming pan and tongs, and to Anne, the wife of the said George dansk coffer [chest made of Danish spruce] as it stands in the chamber with the things in it, with a glass case in the chamber. To Margaret ALDRED feather bed, bolster, two pillows, white rug, brass pot next the best, dansk coffer with the things in it as it stands [presumably a second coffer] two buffet stools, little cupboard table, best chest with eight pieces of pewter, best candlestick, small pair cobirons with spit and posted bedstead. To Joan ALDRED lesser cupboard in the hall, feather bed, bolster, two pillows, green covering, and brass pot.

To James ALDRED, feather bed, bolster, pillow, red rug, copper kettle and 8 pewter pieces. To William ALDRED, kettle, yellow rug, covering and little table. To my daughter Ann ALDRED, best posted bedstead, two feather beds, being the best and the worst, bolster. pillow, best covering and pair blankets. To the poor of Southwold, 40s at the rate of 10s a year.

Son in law Thomas Alldred to be executor, proving will in 2 months and paying all debts and legacies; if will be not proved in the time limited, and all debts and legacies not paid as above mentioned, then George ALLDRED to have lands before devised to the said Thomas and he then be execuror and prove will. Robert Dicer,
Timothy PYE, Daniel MOORE

Probate granted to Executor at Beccles 31 May 1623

Note: Spelling of the name Aldred or Alldred varied in the will as shown above.

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