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Names in red are my direct ancestors

Last update: 5 Jan 2016



de la POLE

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ap Gruffydd...Avenel...Caroling...d'Amiens...d"Avranches...de Arundel...de Barcelona...de Beauchamp...de Booley
de Botreaux...de Brun...de Cambrai...de Contentin...de Conteville...de Crequey...de Erdington...de Falaise
de Flandres...de Guines...de Hunstanton...de La Pole...de Lommois...de Kent...de Meulan...de Montgomery...de Moreton...de Plaiz
de Poitiers...de Somery...de Tregoz...de Toulouse...de Warenne...de Valletort...de Vermandois...de Wessex...d'Ivrea
Carnaghi...Gerulfing...Gunnarsson...Gwenwynwyn...Hussey...le Corbet...le Strange...Orreby...Unter-Bayern...von Sachsen 271...von Sachsen 934

The first seven generations are taken from sagas and traditions of the Norse people, and are in doubt as possible mythology - on the other hand they may be true and thus are included.


1 Trojan Godwulf b abt 80AD Eastern Europe m Godolfr (d180)

Note: These were my 73 times great grandparents

Child of Trojan and Godolfr
Flocwald b abt 100 d 179


2 Flocwald m unknown
Child of Flocwald and unknown
3......Finn b abt 130 d 220


3 Finn m Finn of abt 152

Child of Finn and princess Finn
4......Fredwulf Freothalaf b abt 160 d 245


4 Fredwulf Freothalaf m Freothalaf Trojan b 160 d 260

Child of Fredwulf Freothalaf and unknown
5......Frithuwald Bor b abt 190 d 280


5 Frithuwald m Beltsa (b abt 194 ) 211

Children of Frithuald and Beltsa
6......Odin (Woutan) b abt 215 d 300 Logrinn, Gamla Sigtun, Lake Malar
7......Saeming b 218
Note: Saeming became King of the Norse


6 Odin (Woutan) m Frigg (b abt 226)

Children of Odin and Frigg
8......Skjold b abt 237 Hleithra Denmark m Geila
Note: Sjkold became King of the Danes
9......Balder Beldeg b abt 243 d 330
10....Wecta von SACHSEN dob unknown


9 Balder Beldeg m Nanna of Norway (b 248 d 341)

Child of Beldeg and Nanna
11......Brand von SACHSEN b 271 d 360


11 Brand von SACHSEN m unknown

Child of Brand and unknown
12......Frithogar b 299 Saxony d 390


12 Frithogar von SACHSEN (Chieftan) m unknown

Child of Frithogar and unknown
13......Freawine b 327 Saxony d 418


13 Freawine von SACHSEN (Chieftan) m unknown

Note: These were my 63 times great grandparents

Child of Freawine and unknown
14......Wig b 355 Saxony d 448


14 Wig von SACHSEN (Chieftan) m unknown

Child of Wig and unknown
15......Gewis b 383 Saxony d 474


15 Gewis von SACHSEN (Chieftan) m unknown

Child of Gewis and unknown
16......Esla b 411 Saxony d 502


16 Elesa von SACHSEN (Chieftan) m unknown

Child of Elesa and unknown
17......Cerdic dob unknown d 535
18......Whitgar b 484 Wessex d 580


17 Cerdic de WESSEX (King of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Cerdic and unknown
19......Cynric b 547 Wessex d 591
20......Crioda dob unknown
Note: Crioda became Prince of Wessex

Extract from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle

from which the early English part of this tree is taken

A.D. 508. This year Cerdic and Cynric slew a British king, whose name was Natanleod, and five thousand men with him. After this was the land named Netley, from him, as far as Charford.
A.D. 514. This year came the West-Saxons into Britain, with three ships, at the place that is called Cerdic's-ore. And Stuff and Wihtgar fought with the Britons, and put them to flight.
A.D. 519. This year Cerdic and Cynric undertook the government of the West-Saxons; the same year they fought with the Britons at a place now called Charford. From that day have reigned the children of the West-Saxon kings.
A.D. 527. This year Cerdic and Cynric fought with the Britons in the place that is called Cerdic's-ley.
A.D. 530. This year Cerdic and Cynric took the isle of Wight, and slew many men in Carisbrook.
A.D. 534. This year died Cerdic, the first king of the West- Saxons. Cynric his son succeeded to the government, and reigned afterwards twenty-six winters.

The whole of the Chronicle can be seen here

18 Whitgar von SACHSEN (of the Isle of Wight) m unknown

Child of Whitgar and unknown
18b......Oslac b 785 Wessex


19 Cynric de WESSEX m unknown

Child of Cynric and unknown
21......Caewlin b 547 Wessex d 593
22......Cutha dob unknown
Note: Cutha became Prince of Wessex

18b Oslac von SACHSEN (great Butler of England) m Osburga de WESSEX (b abt 790 Wessex)

Child of Oslac and Osburga
18c......Osburh b abt 790 Wessex


21 Caewlin de WESSEX (King of Wessex) m unknown

The Chronicle records several battles of Ceawlin's between the years 556 and 592, including the first record of a battle between different groups of Anglo-Saxons, and indicates that under Ceawlin Wessex acquired significant territory, some of which was later to be lost to other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Ceawlin is also named as one of the eight "bretwaldas", a title given in the Chronicle to eight rulers who had overlordship over southern Britain, although the extent of Ceawlin's control is not known. Ceawlin died in 593, having been deposed the year before, possibly by his successor, Ceol.

Child of Caewlin and unknown
23......Cuthwine b 564 Wessex d 635
24......Cutha dob unknown


23 Cuthwine de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Cuthwine and unknown
25......Cynebald d ob unknown
26......Cuthwulf (Cutha)b abt 600 Wessex d 679


26 Cuthwulf (Cutha) de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Cuthwulf and unknown
27......Ceolwald b 622 Wessex d 713


27 Ceolwald de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Ceolwald and unknown
28......Cenred b 644 Wessex d 735


28 Cenred de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Note: These were my 53 times great grandparents

Child of Cenred and unknown
29......Ine dob unknown d 728 Rome
Note: Ine became King of Wessex
30......Ingild (Ingenach) b 680 Strathclyde d 718
31......Cwenburh dob unknown
Cwenburh became Abess of Wimborne
32......Cuthburh dob unknown m Ealdferth (King of Northumberland)


30 Ingild de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Ingild and unknown
33......Eoppa b 706 Wessex d 797


33 Eoppa de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Eoppa and unknown
34......Eafa b 706 Wessex d 797


34 Eafa de WESSEX (Prince of Wessex) m unknown

Child of Eafa and unknown
35......Eahlmund b 758 Wessex d 788


35 Eahlmund de WESSEX (King of Wessex) m (a) unknown (b) Oisingas (Lady of Kent b abt 762 d 840) 780

Child of Eahlmund and unknown
36......St Alburga dob unknown d 800 Wilton Abbey m Wulfstan (Ealdorman of Wiltshire d bef 800)

Child of Eahlmund and Oisingas
37......Ecgbeorht (Egbert) b abt 775 d 4 Feb 839 Wessex bur in Winchester Cathedral


41 Enguerrand de FLANDRES m unknown

Child of Enguerrand and unknown
Odoacer b 810 Flanders d 864

37 Ecgbeorht (Egbert III) de WESSEX (King of West Saxons) m Redburh de TOULOUSE (b 762 d 858) 805

Coin of Egbert III

Children of Egbert and Redburh
38......Aethelstan dob unknown d 851
39......Edith dob unknown
Note: Edith became Abbess of Pellesworth
40......Athelwulf b 806 Wessex d 13 Jan 858 Stambridge, Essex bur Winchester Cathedral
Note: You can read about Egbert here

D1 Harold AVENEL b abt 860 m unknown

Harold Avenel (a.k.a. Harold the Dane, a generalization term then used for the inhabitants of Scandinavia) a kinsman of Rollo, landed with him in France in 910 and 911. (in the early feudal ages the patronymic name, showing the relationship of a great family, was never taken as a baptismal name).
When Rollo became the 1st Duke of Normandy, one of the "Avenel" families acquired the Lordship of Biarz (Avenel de Biarz). Another lived by the sea and became "Avenel de Saye". The forces of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, included "Avenel", "Avenel des Biarz" and "Picot de Saye"

Child of Harold and unknown
Hugh dob unknown


42 Odoacer de FLANDRES (Comte de Flandres) m unkown

Child of Odoacer and unknown
50......Baldwin I b abt 839 Flanders d 879 Auxerre

40 Athelwulf de WESSEX (King of Wessex) m (a) Judith CAROLING 1 Oct 856 in Verberie Sur Oise, France (b) 18c Osburh (Queen of the Isle of Wight b abt 810) 857

Child of Athelwulf and Judith
43......Judith d 910 m Graf Edico von UNTER-BAYERN

Children of Athelwulf and Osburh
44......Aeselthwith dob unknown d 888 whilst on pilgramage to Rome m Burgraed (King of Mercia)
45......Aethelbald b 834 d 20 Dec 860 m
Judith CAROLING 858
46......Athelbeorht b 836 d 865
47......Athelstan b 839 d 850
48......Ethelred b 843 Wessex d 22 Apr 871 Merton, Torrington, Devon m Alfgifu GUNNARSSON (b) Wulfrida
Alfred b 849 Wantage, Berks d 26 Oct 899 Winchester bur in Winchester Cathedral

D2 Hugh AVENAL de Biarz m unknown

Child of Hugh and unknown
D3......Hervé dob ubknown


50 Baldwin I de FLANDRES m Judith CAROLING 862

Children of Baldwin I and Judith
57......Baldwin II b 863 Flanders d 10 Sep 918
58......Widnille b 865 Flanders
59......Rodolphe b 867 Flanders d 17 Jun 896 Cambrai, Nord Pas de Calais m Alethdis d'AMIENS
60......Guinidilda b 869 m Wilfred I "El Velloso" de BARCELONA

49 Alfred "The Great" de WESSEX m Ethelswida (Ealhswith) de GAINI (Princess of Mercia b bef 858 d 6 Dec 905 Winchester bur St Mary's Abbey, Winchester) 868

Coin of Alfred's reign

Children of Alfred and Ethelwisa
51......Elfridam b 867 Wessex d 7 Jan 929
52......Aelflaeda b 869 Wessex d 12 Jun 918 Tamworth bur St Peter's Gloucester m Aethelred I (King of Mercia)
Note: Aelfaeda became Queen of Mercia
53......Edmund b 870 Wessex
54......Edward b b 871 Wessex d 17 Jul 924 Farndon-on-Dee, Farrington, Cheshire, bur Winchester m (a) Ecgwyn (d 901) (b) Aelfeda (b 878 d 923) (c) Eadgifu (b 896 Wessex d 25 Aug 868 bur Canterbury Cathedral) 919
Note: This was king Edward I of England
55......Athelstan b 878 Wessex m Edith de Wessex (b 905 Wessex)
56......Aethelgifu dob unknown d 896
Note: Aethelgifu became Abbess of Shaftesbury

D3 Hervé AVENEL m unknown

Children of Hervé and unknown
D4......Ligembert dob unknown
D5......Osmellinus dob unknown
D6......Sigemberg dob unknown
D7......Ormellinus dob unknown


57 Baldwin "The Bald" de FLANDRES m 51 Aethelfryth de WESSEX

Note: Baldwin was the Count of Flanders; he carried out a successful war against Etudes, Count of France.

Children of Baldwin II and Elfridam
61......Arnolf b 889 Flanders d 27 Mar 964
62......Adaloff b 893 Boulogne d 13 Nov 933 Therouanne m Mahaut de CREQUEY

54 Edward I de WESSEX (King of England 899 to 294) m (a) Ecgwyn (d abt 901) (b) Aelfleda de WESSEX (b 878 d 923) (b) Eadgifu de KENT (b 896 d 25 Aug 968)

Children of Edward and Ecgwyn
54b......Edith b 894
54c......Athelstan b 895 d 27 Oct 939
Note: ¨thelstan, King of England succeeded to the title of King ¨thelstan of England on 17 July 924. He was crowned King of England on 4 September 924 in Kingston-upon-Thames, London, England.

He spent his youth in Mercia and beat the Northumbrians and following the Battle of Brunanburh in 937, the kings of Scotland and Strathclyde swore allegiance to him. Athelstan was acknowledged by the Welsh princes and at a meeting at Hereford they agreed to pay taxes to him in the form of gold, silver, hawks, hounds and oxen. He founded the see of St Germans in Cornwall. Athelstan made laws, particularly to control the widespread thieving that was then prevalent. Athelstan had a good physique and golden hair, he was compassionate, intelligent and christian-like and was the first English Monarch who effectively ruled the whole Kingdom.

Children of Edward and Aelfleda
54d......Aremburgis b 888 Poitieu d Feb 918
54e......Edwin dob unknown d 933 bur St Omer, Belgium
54f......Eadflaed dob unknown
54g......Aethelhilda dob unknown
54h......Eadgyth dob unknown d 26 Jan 945 Magdeburg m Otto I von SACHSEN (Holy Roman Emperor)
54i......Edgiva dob unknown d 954 m Cte Eberhard von NORDGAU
54j......Aelfwearddob unknown d 1 Aug 924 Oxford
54k......Aelfleda dob unknown d 963
54l......Aethelfleda dob unknown
Eadgifu b 902 d aft 956

Children of Edward and Aedgifu
54n......Edburga dob unknown d 15 Jun 960
54p......Elgiva b 912 m Count Ebles II Mancer "The Bastard" de POITIERS
54q......Edwin dob unknown
54r......Eadmund I b 921 d 26 May 946 Pucklechurch, Dorset
54s......Eadred b 923 d 955

A1 Aimon de DINAN b abt 965 d 1030 Dinan m unknown

Child of Aimon and unknown
A2......Bertrand b abt 985 d 1066
A3......Josselin b abt 1000 Dinan d 1070 Llanfair Discord m Orguen ou Salomé de Leon
Flaald b abt 1005 Dol d 1064 Burgundy
A5......Geoffrey b 1006 Dinan d 1070 Dinan
A6......Hamon b abt 1012 Dinan d 1031 Dinan m Jeanne
A7......Ruellan b abt 1015 Dol, St Malo d 1064 m Eremburge de PUISET
A8......Walter dob unknown d 1064 Dol
A9......Ammon dob unknown d 1054 Dinan
A10....Junkeneus dob unknown d in Dinan
A11....Salomon dob unknown

D4 Ligembert AVELEL de Say m unknown

Child of Ligembert and unknown
D8......Osmeline b abt 990


B1 Count of Ponthieu Ernicule I de PONTHIEU m Adeline de BOULOGNE abt 590

Children of Ernicule and Adeline
B2......Maud dob unknown m Amelius de VERRIERES
B3......Ernicule b 956 Boulogne d 1004 Montreuil-en-Auge, Normandy

61 Arnolf "the Elder" de FLANDRES m Adeliza de VERMANDOIS (b abt 912 Vermandois d 10 Oct 960 Bruges) Apr 932 Flanders

Note: Arnold continued warring against the Vikings, and in old age handed government over to his son, Baldwin - but had to resume control after Baldwin's early death in battle.

Children of Arnolf and Adeliza
63......Baldwin III b abt 937 Flanders d 1 Nov 962
64......Hildegarde b abt 939 Dand, Belgium d 10 Apr 990 m (a) Raoul de CAMBRAI (b) Dietrich II Theirry GERULFING abt 960
65......Elstrude b abt 940 Flanders d 970 m Cte Siegfried de GUINES
66......Luitgarde b 941 Flanders d 29 Sep 964 m Wickmann GERULFING 955
66a....Conrad dob unknown
66b....Arnulf (Ernicule) (cte de Boulogne) dob unknown
66c....Maud dob unknown
66d....Rutger dob unknown
66e....Egbert dob unknown

A4 Flaald Seneschal of Dol m Bethog of Atholl (Princess of Scotland)

Child of Flaad and Bethog
A12......Alain b abt 1024 Dol d 1080 Jerusalem

D8 Osmeline AVENEL de Say m unknown

Child of Osmeline and unknown
D9......Picot AVENAL de Say dob unknown


B3 Ernicule II "Le Brun" de TALVAS m unknown

Note: These were my 43 times great grandparents

Child of Ernicule and unknown
B4......Hugues b abt 986 Montreuil-en-Auge, Normandy

67 Giovanni CARNAGHI b abt 995 m unknown

Note: These were my 43 times great grandparents

Child of Giovanni and unknown
Hugues b abt 1025 d after 1081 Pays d'Auge, Calvados, Normandy

63 Cte Baldwin III de FLANDRES m Mathilde (Maud) Billing von SACHSEN (b 942 Sachsen d 25 May 1008) 961

Although he only lived twenty four years, Baldwin did much to enhance the greatness of the region by promoting the wool and silk trades in Ghent. However, he also had to do his share of fighting the Vikings at the same time. These were my 43 times great grandparents

Children of Baldwin and Mathilde

69......Arnoul b Dec 916 Flanders d 23 Mar 987 Ghent bur 30 Mar 987 Ghent Chapel of St Laurent, Ghent m Rosele d'IVREA (b 952 Luxembourg d 26 Jan 1003 Ghent) 968
Jean b abt 962 Conteville Normandy

A12 Alain fitz FLAALD Seneschal of Dol m unknown

Child of Alain and unknown
A13......Flaald b 1024 d 1080 Jerusalem

D9 Picot AVENEL m unknown

Child of Picot and unknown
D10......Robert FitzPicot dob unknown


B4 Hugues Le BRUN m unknown

Note: These were my 43 times great grandparents

Child of Hugues and unknown
B5......Fredefudis b abt 1020 Montreuil-en-Auge, Normandy

Corbet coat of arms

68 Hugues Le CORBET m unknown

Children of Hugues and unknown
71......Hugh b 1046 Pays de Caux, Normandy d 1063 Pays de Caux, Normandy
72......Roger b 1047 Pays de Caux, Normandy d after Jan 1122 Alcester, Warwick, England
73......Renaud b abt 1048 Pays de Caux, Normandy d 1124
74......Robert b abt 1050 Pays de Caux, Normandy d 1134 Caus, Shropshire

Robert built Wattlesborough castle - the water colour of the castle keep, which was added to in Georgian times to provide a farmhouse, was painted in 1850

70 Earl Jean de CONTEVILLE (Vicomte de Comyn) m unknown
Children of Jean and unknown
75......Oda b 990 Conteville d after 1022 m Cte Valeran de MEULAN abt 1017
76......Harlevin b 1001 Conteville d abt 1066
77......Eustace b 1005 Tonsburgh Normandy

A13 Flaald fitz ALAIN Seneschal de Dol en Bretagne m Avelina

Children of Flaald and Avelina
A14......Alan 1078 Dol d 22 Nov 1114 Oswestry
A15......Sybil b 1109 Dol d 1132 in England

D10 Robert Fitz Picot de Say AVENEL (Lord of Aunay) m unknown

Child of Robert and unknown
D11......Robert b abt 969


72 Roger le CORBET (Baron of Cause, formerly Alretone, Shropshire, Lord of Worthen) m unknown
. Children of Roger and unknown
78......Sibyl b 1077 Alcester d aft 1157 m Henry I King of England
79......William b 1080 Worthen, Forden, Shropshire d aft 1136 Wattlesborough, Shrewsbury
80......Alice b 1100 Longden, Pontesbury, Shropshire m William de BOTREAUX

76 Viscount Harlevin de CONTEVILLE m (a) Herleve de FALAISE (b abt 1003 Falaise d 1050) 1035 (b) B5 Fredefudis le BRUN (b abt 1020 Montreiul-en-Auge)

Children of Harlevin and Herleve
81......Emma b 1029 Conteville m Viscount Richard "Le Goz" d'AVRANCHES
82......Odo b 1030 Bayeux d Feb 1096 Pelermo, Sicily on 1st Crusade
83......Robert b abt 1031 Mortagne-au-Perche d 8 Dec 1095 Normandy m Matilda de MONTGOMERY
84......Muriel b 1032 Conteville m Viscount Eudo de COTENTIN
85......Matilda b 1039 Conteville

Child of Harlevin and Frefudis
Ralph b 1050 Conteville d bef 1120 Hunstanton, Norfolk

A14 Alan fitz FLAALD Sheriff of Shropshire m Avelina de HESDING

Alan fitzFlaad was a Breton knight who held the feudal barony and castle of Oswestry in Shropshire. His duties as a "valiant and illustrious man" included supervision of the Welsh border.
Flaad and his son Alan had come to the favourable notice of King Henry I of England who, soon after his accession, invited Alan to England with other Breton friends, and gave him forfeited lands in Norfolk and Shropshire, including some which had previously belonged to Ernulf de Hesdin and Robert de Belleme.

Avelina was the daughter of Ernoulf de Hesdin (killed on crusade at Antioch)

Children of Alan and Avelina
A16......Jordan b 1103 Tuxford, England d 1130 Normandy
A17......Adelina b 1095 m Fleance Thane of Lochaber
A18......William b 1105 Oswestry d 1160 Oswestry
A20......Walter b 1106 Oswestry Castle d 2 Feb 1177 Paisley
Note: Walter became the First High Steward of Scotland
A21......Simon b 1123 Dol d 1200 in Scotland

D11 Robert de Say AVENEL (Lord of Aunay) m Adeloya de COLMIS

Children of Robert and Adeloya
D12......Robert de Lascelles b abt 1022 Lascelles Orne, Normandy d 1092 England
D13......William b abt 1023 Saye, Normandy d in Sussex

D14a Robert de GERNON b abt 1030 Normandy d 1118 m Agnes

Child of Robert and Agnes
Hugolina dob unknown

E1 Thoredi de TURET b abt 1060 Wroxeter d 110 Eaton Constantine m unknown

Child of Thoredi and unknown
Thoredi b abt 1100 Wroxeter d in Moreton Corbet


79 William le CORBET (Baron of Pays de Caux, Lord of Worthen) m unknown
Child of William and unknown
87......Simon b 1100 Wattlesborough, Shropshire d aft 1155 Caus Castle

Caus Castle, Shropshire, Pen and wash by William Williams in 18th century.

Now all but disappeared into earthworks which may be of Iron age origin, by the 13th century, Caus Castle was one of the best defensive sites along the Welsh Marches. The building work of 1263 by Thomas Corbet was funded by Henry III with a grant of 50 marks and included adding D-shaped towers to the curtain wall of 1198, these towers survive to some extent on the site. On the death of Beatrice Corbet in 1347 Caus passed to the Earl of Stafford
Caus was garrisoned by the Griffith ap Ieuan ap Madoc ap Gwenwys against the rebellion of the Welsh Prince Owain Glyn Dwr in the 1400's, but following calls from the Welsh he changed sides and supported Glyndwr. As a result his family lands and role at Caus Castle were forfeited in 1404, only to be restored by Henry V in 1419 after his sons Ieuan ap Griffith and Sir Griffith Vaughan captured the outlaw John Oldcastle for Lord Charlton of Powis.
Prior to the main conflict in the Wars of the Roses, in 1443 Sir Griffith Vaughan (or Gruffydd Fychan), Ieuan ap Griffith and their tenants murdered Sir Christopher Talbot, son of John Talbot first Earl of Shrewsbury and champion jouster of England, at Caus Castle for which their family lands were again forfeited, this time to Henry VI.
In 1521 Caus Castle is described as being in decay and the Earl of Stafford and his family rarely used it at this time. After an episode of the Black Death Caus borough followed it into decay and the last mention of a tenanted house there was in 1614.
A Parliamentarian news-sheet dated 27th August 1645 lists the royalist garrisons of castles in Shropshire and Caus Castle is listed as one of them. It is likely that Caus Castle was destroyed at this time to prevent it from being used as a defensive base by the Royalists.

86 Ralph Fitzherevin "Le Brun" de HUNSTANTON m Helewise de PLAIZ (b abt 1070 Barnham, Sussex

Children of Ralph and Helewise
88......Reginald b 1097 Hunstanton d 1174 Thornton Fylingdales, Yorkshire
89......Matilda (Maud) b 1100 Hunstanton

D12 Robert Picot de Lascelles (Baron) m D14 Hugolina de Gernon

Children of Robert and Hugolina
D15......Roger de Lascelles b 1110 d 1178 Kirby Knowle, Yorkshire
D16......Humphrey de Lascelles b abt 1112
D17......Geoffrey de Lascelles b 1124 Escryck, Yorkshire
D18......Saher de Lascelles dob unknown d 1110
D19......Robert fitzPicot de Say b 1083 Saye d 1098 Guilden Morden

E2 Thoredi fitzTORET m unknown

Child of Thoredi and unknown
E3......Peter b 1135 Moreton Corbet d 1194 Shropshire


87 Simon le CORBET (3rd Lord of Caus and Wattleborough) m unknown
Children of Simon and unknown
90......Simon b abt 1125 Pontesbury, Shropshire
91......Thomas b abt 1135 Caus Castle Wattlesborough
92......Rowley b abt 1145 Caus Castle Wattlesborough
92a....Richard b 1151 Caus Castle Wattlesborough

89 Matilde de HUNSTANTON m Roald Le STRANGE (of Mileham, b 1096 d bef 1158 Hunstanton) 1141 Cheswardine, Shropshire

Note: Roald was the son of Guy le STRANGE

Children of Raold and Matilda
93......John b 1132 Cheswardine, Market Drayton d bef 1178
Note: John became the first Lord of Cheswardine and Ness
94......Guy b 1169 Ness, Shropshire d bef 6 Apr 1199
95......Ralph b 1172 Cheswardine d 1198 Cheswardine
96......Hamon b 1170 Cheswardine d 1200 Cheswardine
97......Joan b 1174 Cheswardine d 1223 Shropshire

D19 Robert FitzPicot de SAY (Lord of Clun) m Adeloyse

Children of Robert and Adeloyse
D20......William b 1065 Bishops Stortford
D21......Henry b 1077 Clun
D22......Elias b 1101 Clun
D23......Theodore b 1074 Clun
D24......Robert dob unknown d 1098 Guilden Morden

E3 Peter FitzTORET m Lucia HAGET

Children of Peter and Lucia
E4......Bartholomew b 1169 Moreton Toret
E5......Letice b 1170 Moreton Toret


92a Sir Richard CORBET m unknown

Children of Richard and unknown
92b......Richard b 1170 d bef 1255
92c......Thomas 1182 Caus Castle d Sep 1274 Shrewsbury

91 Thomas le CORBET (Lord of Wattlesborough) m unknown

Child of Thomas and unknown
98......Richard b abt 1154 Wattlesborough d aft 1217

93 John Le STRANGE (Lord of Cheswardine and Ness) m Haywise 1167 Cheswardine

In 1158 John had a grant from the King of England to the value of £71.10s yearly in Ness, and in 1163 his brother Hamon's land passed to him

Children of John and Haywise
99......John II b 1156 Cheswardine d bef 20 Jan 1233 Knockin, Oswestry
100....Guy b 1169 Ness d bef 6 Apr 1199
101....Hamo b 1170 Cheswardine d 1200 Cheswardine
102....Elizabeth b 1171 Knockin, Oswestry m Rhun ap EIFELL
103....Ralph b 1172 Cheswardine d 1198 Cheswardine
104....William b 1174 Cheswardine bap 1174 St Mary of Alve d 1223

A18 William FITZALAN (Lord of Oswestry) m Helen PEVERELL

For more information about William visit http://www.emptynestancestry.com/biography-william-fitzalan-dictionary-national-biography/

Children of William and Helen
A22......Robert b 1120 upon the Weald d 1180
A23......William b 1136 Oswestry Castle d 1210 Oswestry Castle

D22 Elias de SAY (Lord of Clun) m Rohese de LACY

Child of Elias and Rohese
D25......Isabel b 1141 d 1199 Oswestry

E4 Sir Bartholomew Toret de MORTON m unknown

Children of Bartholomew and unknown
E6......Lucia b 1178 Morton Toret
E7......Joanna b 1195 Morton Toret d 1239 Moreton Corbet


92b Sir Richard CORBET m E7 Joanna de MORTON (b 1195 Moreton Toret d bef 1239)

Children of Richard and Joanna
92d......Joanna dob unknown
92e......Richard b abt 1200 d 1255

Richard settled at Moreton Toret following the marriage, and the name of the manor was changed to Moreton Corbet, by which name it is still known today.

92c Sir Thomas CORBET m Isabel de VALLETORT (b abt 1191)

Child of Thomas and Isabel
92f......Peter b 1229 Caus Castle bur 10 Aug 1300 m Alice ORREBY
Note: Alice was the daughter of Fulk de ORREBY and Matilda le STRANGE

98 Richard le CORBET (Lord of Wattlesborough) m unknown

Child of Richard and unknown
105......Richard II b 1173 Wattlesborough d bef 1235 Moreton Corbet, Wem

99 John II Le STRANGE (Lord of Cheswardine and Ness) m Amicia 1193 Cheswardine

Children of John and Amicia
106......Alice b 1177 Cheswardine m William de BEAUMONT
John III b bef 1193 bur 24 Mar 1268 Knockin
108......Hamo b 1196 Cheswardine d 1229 Cheswardine
109......Margery b 1198 Cheswardine
110......Hawys b 1203 Cheswardine

A23 William FITZALAN (Sheriff of Shropshire) m D25 Isabel de SAY abt 1154

Arundel Castle in 1644

Children of William and Isabel
A24......William b 1162 d 19 Apr 1216 Oswestry Castle
A25......John b 1164 Arundel d 12 Mar 1240 Oswestry bur Arundel
A26......Roger b 1166 Arundel d 1167 Arundel
A27......Agnes b 1170 Arundel d 1184
A28......Petronil b 1172 Arundel d 1186
A29......Richard b 1173 Arundel
A30......Alianore b 1174 Arundel d 1188
A31......Edmund b 1176 Arundel


92e Sir Richard CORBET m Petronilla de BOOLEY (b abt 1216 d 1272)

Richard made a grant to Buildwas Abbey in 1223 and was Lord of Morton at the Inquest of Bradfort Hundred taken in 1255. He was Justicar of Shropshire

Child of Richard and Petronilla
92g......Robert b 1234 Moreton Corbet d 1300

105 Sir Richard le CORBET (Lord of Wattlesborough) m Joan de TORET (b 1193 Moreton Corbet d bef 1239)

Child of Richard and Joan
111......Richard b 1200 Moreton Corbet d 1255

107 John III Le STRANGE (Lord of Knockyn) m Lucy de TREGOZ (b 1210 Ewyas Harold d 1294 Knockin) 1126 Ellesmere

Children of John and Lucy
112......John b 1228 Knockyn d bef 26 Feb 1275 (drowned) m Joan de SOMERY (b 1233 Dudley d 1282 Knockyn) bef 1254

113......Robert b 1232 Wrockwardine, Wellington e d 12 Oct 1276 Brancaster Norfolk m Alianore de WARENNE (b 1250 Whitchurch d 1306)
See Alianore's ancestors
114......Hamo b 1232 Knockin d 1273 Knockin
115......Roger b 1234 Knockin d 31 Jul 1311 Knockin m Maud de BEAUCHAMP (b 1229 Bedford)
116......Hawise b 1234 Cheswardine d aft 1310 m Gruffydd ap GWENWYNWYN (Prince of Powys b 1215 Powys Castle d aft 21 Feb 1286)
117......Alice b 1236 Cheswardine
118......Katherine b 1237 Cheswardine d aft 1261

A25 John FITZALAN (Lord of Clun and Oswestry, 5th Earl of Arundel) m Isabella d'AUBIGNY b 1203 Arundel d 1240 Arundel

Children of John and Isabella
A32......John b 22 May 1223 Arundel d 10 Nov 1267 Arundel
A33......Roger b 1225 Arundel


A32 John FITZALAN (Lord of Clun and Oswestry, 6th Earl of Arundel) m Maud de BOTILLER (b 1225 Lincoln d 27 Nov 1283 Upholland, Lancashire)

Clun Castle

Children of John and Maud
A34......Matilda b 1244 Arundel d 10 Nov 1267 Arundel
A35......Johnb 22May 1223 d 10 Nov 1267


92g Sir Robert CORBET m A34 Matilda de ARUNDEL b abt 1244 Besford d 1309

Note: Sir Robert served as the Sheriff of Shropshire (1288-1289).

Children of Robert and Matilda
119......Joan b abt 1256 Moreton m Owen Ap Griffith De La POLE abt 1274
See the De La POLE branch (within the Morley branch) here
120......Thomas b abt 1260 d 1310


120 Thomas CORBET m Amice HUSSEY

CHild of Robert and Amice
121......Robert b 25 Dec 1304 Wattlesborough d 2 Dec 1375 Moreton Corbet


121 Sir Robert CORBET m Elizabeth le STRANGE (b 1308 Shawbury) abt 1329 Shawbury, Shropshire.

Robert was noted as lord of the Vill of Moreton Corbet in 1316, but had not been granted knighthood by 1326.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
122......Margaret b1330 d 14 Jan 1405 Shawbury
123......Roger b abt 1331 Moreton Corbet d 1394
124......Isolde b 1342 Moreton Corbet d 1402 Moreton Corbet m Richard HUSSEY


122 Margaret CORBET m Griffith de WARENNE 1350 Lightfield

Child of Griffith and Margaret
125......John de Warenne b 1352 m Emma de CHENEY

122 Sir Roger CORBET m Margaret de ERDINGTON abt 1363

Child of Roger and Margaret
126......Robert b 8 Dec 1383

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