Crickmore bankruptcies

Bankruptcies listed in "The Times" (Palmer's index 1795-1909)

Transcribed by Chris Elsden, to whom many thanks

1810 10th October, p. 2, col. c T. Crickmore of Skinner Street, pewterer to surrender October 13, 23, Nov 20 at Guildhall. Attorney Mr. Warne, Old Broad Street. Notifications of meetings of creditors at Guildhall: 1810, 12th October, p. 3, col. d (given as J. Crickmore). 1810, 22nd October, p. 4, col. a. 1810, 19th November, p. 4, col. b. 1811, 9th December, p. 4, col. b

1826, 25th January, p. 2, col. b. John Dent Crickmer, Bedford Place, Lower Deptford Road, flour factor. February 8, 9, March 7, at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. Solicitors Messrs. Poole, Greenfield and Gamlin, Grays Inn Square.

1845, 8th February, p. 8, col. b. Charles Crickmay. Distress put upon his property after previous proceedings. A broker had condemned a large quantity of gun-stocks at 6, subsequently sold realizing 20. Amount of distress 4 15s., and expenses increased it to 6 16s. 6d. Broker admitted he had retained balance since November last and not prepared to pay it, but would do so in the next few days.

1854, 13th May, p. 5, col. d. George Crickmer, Lowestoft, saddler, May 20 at 12 oclock, June 24 at 1, at the Bankrupts' Court: solicitor Mr. Burkitt, Curriers' Hall, London Wall, official assignee Mr. Nicholson, Basinghall Street. 1854, 16th August, p. 8, col. a, bankruptcy of George Crickmer, saddler, annulled.

1862, 29th November, p. 8, col. a. Henry Crickmore, Tibberton Square, Islington, engraver. December 12 at half past ten.

1873, 10th December, p. 8, col. c. J. Crickmore, Bungay, Suffolk, coal dealer. Dec. 2, Great Yarmouth. 1873, 27th December, notice of public examination.

1897, 16th May, p. 14, col. c, Bankruptcy Adjudications. Crickmore, John James, Lowestoft, late smackowner, now of no occupation.

1888, 24th October, p. 12, col. b, Bankruptcy Adjudications. Crickmay, Edward, Carlton Road, Maida Vale, formerly of Union Court, City, promoter of companies.

Index of Dissolved Companies (Microfiche), 1971-90, Guildhall Library

Crickmay Barnes Ltd. 706, 965, dissolved 31/Dec/ 1978

Crickmore and Jagger Ltd., 876, 335, dissolved 17/Aug.1974

Crickmore Investments (Cornhill) 959, 639, dissolved 06/May/1975

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