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This website is a tool for researching the family CRICKMORE, made in the belief that sharing information is the best way to proceed. It includes material from several researchers who may be contacted (see index)

Its value depends on whether people are prepared to share what information they have - if you have any data which is not shown I would be very happy to add it - just e-mail it to me here

The early records show that there were two main areas of Crickmore family occupation; Mid Norfolk, around Shotesham, Topcroft and Norwich, and the Upper Waveney valley around Hoxne, Brockdish and Syleham. There seems no evidence to say that both are the same family, but since they do not occur elsewhere, it seems highly likely. Perhaps manor rolls will show the connection in due course.

Individuals gradually migrated to the coast, both down the Waveney valley and from Norwich. From here they spread along the coast and some families were to and fro between Lowestoft, Gt Yarmouth amd London by the mid 1700s. After that, whilst many are still in Norfolk and Suffolk, they are pretty widespread.

webmaster: Richard Green, descended from Great grandmother Elizabeth Crickmore of Lowestoft.

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