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Last revision 2 Feb 2016

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The possible Crickmore Coat of arms

Although a coat of arms has been attributed to the Crickmore by a firm which seeks to attach such honours to every name, the arms concerned were awarded to a Cricktot in 1410 - no link can be established, and it is very unlikely that this referred to the Crickmore family; nonetheless, it is possible.

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Quick...Rede...Riley...Rivett...Sampson...Saunders...Shorten...Simpson...Smith 1906...Smith 1938...Stollery...Vader...Vanstone...Vogt...Wade

The origin of the name is obscure. The first certain records occur in two groups, one in the Waveney valley and the other a few miles south of Norwich, and the Crickmores spread out from there, although there is at least one Crakemore in Yorkshire in the fourteenth century - but no positive link with the Norfolk Crickmores.
There are several ways of spelling this name. They include Crickmer, Crickmay, Crickmore and sometimes Creekmore. For simplicity the name Crickmore has been used throughout instead of the variations

Items shown in green type in a box have been provided by 122 Margaret Dann, to who many thanks


1 Richard MICKLEBURGH b abt 1475 m unknown

Child of Richard and unknown
Robert Mickleburgh b 1503 Thurlton, Nfk
3......Edmund Mickleburgh b 1505 Thurlton


m Agnes (b 1505 bur July 1563) in 1526 Thurlton
Children of Robert and Agnes
4......John Mickleburgh b 1527 bur 28 Sept 1572 Thurlton
5......Robert Mickleburgh b 1533 Thurlton
6......Margaret Mickleburghb 1535 Thurlton
7.....Alice Mickleburgh b 1537 Thurlton


4 John MICKLEBURGH m Alice (b 1529 Thurlton bur 26 Apr 1587 Thurlton)
Children of John and Alice
8......William Mickleburgh b 1552 bur 16 Mar 1623 Thurlton
9......Matthew Mickleburgh dob unknown
10....John Mickleburgh bap 2 Dec 1558 Thurlton
11....Thomas Mickleburgh b 1560 Thurlton
12....Katherine Mickleburgh bap 22 Aug 1563 Thurlton

4 Robert MICKLEBURGH m Alice abt 1560

Child of Robert and Alice
13......Susan Mickleburgh b 1562 Hales


8 William MICKLEBURGH m (a) Elizabeth FREEMAN (b 1556) 10 Mar 1568 Norton Subcourse (b) Barbara MEEKE 10 Jul 1580 Loddon (c) Margaret CHICHELEY (b 1556 Thurlton) 1586 Thurlton
Children of William and Elizabeth
14.....Alis Mickleburghbap 22 Apr 1569 Thurlton
15......Margaret Mickleburgh bap 10 Dec 1570 bur 14 Jun 1576 Thurlton
16......Thomas Mickleburgh b 1572 Thurlton
17......Elizabeth Mickleburgh bap 10 Apr 1575 Thurlton
18......William Mickleburgh b 1577 bap 24 Mar 1577 bur 3 May 1577 Thurlton
19......Eleanor Mickleburgh b 1578 Thurlton
20......William Mickleburgh b 1579 bur 11 Feb 1562/3 Thurlton
21......Mary Mickleburgh b 1520 Thurlton
22......Edward Mickleburgh b 1584 bap 6 Dec 1584 Thurlton

Children of William and Margaret
23......John Mickleburgh b 1587 Heckingham
24......Margaret Mickleburgh b 1587 Heckingham
25......William Mickleburgh b 1590 Heckingham

9 Matthew MICKLEBURGH m Eleanor abt 1575

Children of Mathew and Eleanor
26......Alis Mickleburgh b 3 Jun 1577 Thurlton
27......John Mickleburgh bap 22 Nov 1579 Flixton by Bungay
28......Sigismund Mickleburgh b 1582 Flixton by Bungay
29......Robt Mickleburgh bap 6 Dec 1585 Flizton by Bungay
30......Ric Mickleburgh b 1588 Thurlton


16 Thomas MICKLEBURGH m Cicely

Children of Thomas and Cicely
31......Francis Mickleburgh bap 23 Jun 1611 Catfield
32......Mg Mickleburgh bap 21 Jan 1616 Thurlton
33......Ann Mickleburgh bap 3 Sep 1620 Loddon m Henry GODFREYE 17 Jan 1637 Loddon
34....William Mickleburgh bap 8 Jun 1624 Loddon

20 William MICKLEBURGH m Joan REDE

Child of William and Joan
35......Elizabeth Mickleburgh bap 20 Mar 1607 Haddiscoe
36......Mary Mickleburgh b 1611 Haddiscoe

22 Edward MICKLEBURGH m Ann PARKER (b 1588 in Thurlton) 1609 Thurlton
Children of Edward and Ann
35......Henry Mickleburgh b 1610 Haddiscoe m Laura FLOOD 7 Jan 1650 Norton Subcourse
37......Edward Mickleburgh bap 27 May 1616 Haddiscoe
38......Elizabeth Mickleburgh bap 13 Fen 1613 Thurlton
John Mickleburgh b 1623 bur 7 Oct 1680 both in Stockton

28 Sigismund MICKLEBURGH m Margaret abt 1606

Children of Sigismund and Margaret
40......Margaret Mickleburgh bap 30 Aug 1607 Thurlton
41......William Mickleburgh bap 16 May 1609 Thurlton
42......Nicholas Mickleburgh bap 20 Feb 1610 Thurlton
43......Sigismund Mickleburgh bap 17 Feb 1612 Thurlton


39 John MICKLEBURGH b 1623 Stockton m Rebekah (b1631) Stockton

Note: John paid tax on three hearths in 1662

Children of John and Rebekah

44......Elizabeth Mickleburgh b 1649 Stockton m John HARPER 19 Dec 1667 St John Maddermarket, Norwich
45......Edward Mickleburgh b 1651 bap 23rd Jan 1651 bur 1 Feb 1704 all in Stockton
46......Ann Mickleburgh b 1653 in Stockton
47...... Rebekah Mickleburgh b 17 Oct 1655 bap 30 Oct 1655 Stockton
48......Frances Mickleburgh b 1656 bap 2 Feb 1656 bur 3 Jul 1663 Stockton
49......John Mickleburgh b 1660 bap 6 Aug 1660 Stockton
50......Henry Mickleburgh b 1663 bap 1 Sep 1663 Stockton
51......Mary Mickleburgh b 1665 Stockton


52 Thomas CRICKMORE m (a) 46 Ann MICKLEBURGH abt 1689 Norwich (b) Sarah BAKER 15 Jan 1699 Fressingfield

Children of Thomas and Ann
53......Robert Crickmore bap 28 Sep 1690 Mendham d 15 Aug 1749 Woodton
54......Thomas Crickmore bap Aug 1692 Mendham
55......Francis Crickmore bap 24 Apr 1695 Mendham

Children of Thomas and Sarah
56......Henry Crickmore bap 19 Feb 1699 Mendham
57......John Crickmore bap 13 Apr 1700 Mendham
58......George Crickmore bap 14 Mar 1702 Mendham
59......Sarah Crickmore bap 20 Jan 1704 Mendham
60......Ann Crickmore bap 13 Jul 1707 Mendham
61......Samuel Crickmore bap 19 Dec 1714 Mendham


B2 Robert CRICKMORE m (a) Mary (b) Catherine COLE 29 Sep 1728 Syleham

Children of Robert and Catherine
62......Robert Crickmore b 10 Aug 1728 Mendham
63......Anthony Crickmore bap 4 Feb 1729/30 Mendham
64......Mary Crickmore bap 17 Apr 1732 Mendham m John PEALE 1763 Beccles
65......Katherine Crickmore bap 20 Oct 1733 Mendham
66......John Crickmore b 9 Mar 1735 Mendham
67......Elizabeth Crickmore bap 16 Jun 1736 Mendham
68......Francis Crickmore bap 9 Mar 1737 Mendham bur 16 Apr 1817 Mendham m Mary WEBSDALE 22 Aug 1763 Mendham
69......Samuel Crickmore bap 16 Aug 1741 Mendham
70......Isaac Crickmore dob unknown m Sarah BLY 1794 Lowestoft
71......William Crickmore dob unknown d 1790
72......Gould Crickmore b abt 1742 bur 13 Apr 1829 Beccles
73......Robert Crickmore b abt 1743 Sotherton d 13 Apr 1839 Beccles

44 Francis CRICKMORE m Rebecca JORDAN

Children of Francis and Rebecca
74......Rebecca Crickmore bap 12 Jun 1730 Hedenham d Apr 1787 Elsing m Hamlet MILLAT 6 Aug 1757 Hedenham
75......Francis Crickmore bap 4 Feb 1732 Hedenham m Jane PHILIPS 19 Aug 1765 Hedenham

58 George CRICKMORE m (a) Margaret BLOWS 1727 Mendham [Boyds] (b) Elizabeth

Children of George and Margaret
76......George Crickmore bap 24 Jan 1731 Hedenham bur 19 Apr 1731
77......John Crickmore bap 9 Jan 1732 Hedenham d 2 Jan 1792 m Elizabeth GAZE or GAGES 12 Nov 1765 St Gregory's Norwich
Note: John was a carpenter who worked from 80 St Stephen's Street, Norwich in 1733 and is recorded in The Norwich Directory. He had been apprenticed to a Thomas Howe
77a....Sarah Crickmore bap 10 Aug 1736 Hedenham
78......Samuel Crickmore bap 2 Feb 1741 Hedenham
79......Margaret Crickmore bap 19 Sep 1741 Hedenham

Child of George and Elizabeth
80......Mary Crickmore bap 11 Feb 1753 Seething


63 Anthony CRICKMORE m Mary WOOLLARD or WOOLAND (b 5 May 1743 Woodton d 3 Jul 1779 Woodton) 3 May 1763 Woodton

Children of Anthony and Margaret
81......Mary Crickmore b 4 Mar 1754 Woodton d 30 Jul 1858
82......Anthony Crickmore b 5 Apr 1767 Woodton d 9 Oct 1819 Norfolk

64 Mary CRICKMORE m John PEALE (of Beccles) 1763 Mendham

Children of John and Mary
83......Thomas Peale b 1763 Beccles d 3rd qr 1857 Westminster
84......John Peale b 5 Aug 1768 Beccles d 8 Aug 1768 Beccles
85......Robert Peale b 15 Apr 1770 Beccles
86......William Peale b 14 Sep 1773 Beccles d 8 Apr 1823 Beccles
87......Mary Peale b 9 Mar 1777 Beccles

72 Gould CRICKMORE m Esther b 1762 d 8 Mar 1822 Beccles

Note: Gould and Esther were my 5 x great grandparents. Esther's death was reported in the Bury and Norwich Post of 13 Mar 1822 which stated that Gould was a Tailor and Draper.

Children of Gould and Esther
Benjamin Crickmore b abt 1757 Beccles d 13 Dec 1814
89......Robert Crickmore b abt 1766 Stradbroke d 25 Mar 1822 Brockdish
90......James Crickmore bap 23 Dec 1770 St James Pockthorpe
91......Gould Crickmore b abt 1771 Norwich


Children of Robert and Mary
92......Edward Crickmore bap 30 Nov 1766 Barnby d 3rd qr 1846 Blything RD
93......Ann Crickmore b 8 May 1768 Sotherton
94......Finis Crickmore b 25 Feb 1770 Sotherton d 4th qr 1847 London m Thomas PEEL 1 May 1788 Beccles
95......John Crickmore b 1 Aug 1773 Sotherton d 25 Jan 1852 Ubbeston m Elizabeth LONG 25 Oct 1841 Ubbeston
96......Lorina Crickmore bap 17 Mar 1774 Southwold m Edward COPEMAN 1 Jan 1798 St Michaels Becles
97......Robert Crickmore b 24 Oct 1779 Wangford
Roberts death was reorted in the Bury and Norwich Post of 31 Aug 1831. No date was given but the entry said "lately" and that his father was a merchant of Beccles
98......Sophia Crickmore b 20 Sep 1789 Beccles


82 Anthony CRICKMORE m (a) Margaret BROWN (b 1769) 1789 (b) Mary WOODROW (b 1771) 1794 Norfolk

Children of Anthony and Margaret
99......William Crickmore b 1790 d 1851 Loddon
100....Mary Crickmore b 15 Jun 1792 bap 24 Jun 1792 Mundham
101....Robert Crickmore b 1793 Norwich d 1882 Norwich

Childre of Anthony and Mary
102....John Crickmore b 19 Apr 1794 Mundham bap 20 Apr 1794 Mundham d 1881 Seething m Lucy (b abt 1791 Thwaite)
Note: In 1751 John and Lucy were living in part of Old Hall, Seething and John was a gardener
103....Mary Crickmore b 11 Feb 1796 Mundham bap 21 Feb 1796 Mundham
104....Phebe Crickmore b 10 Mar 1798 Mundham bap 18 Mar 1798 Mundham
105....William Crickmore b 24 Mar 1800 Mundham bap 2 Mar 1800 Mundham
106....Charles Crickmore b 1803 Mundham bap 14 Aug 1803 Mundham
Note: In 1841 Charles was a manservant in Seething

88 Benjamin CRICKMORE m Susan

Children of Benjamin and Susan
107......Benjamin Crickmore bap 28 Jan 1783 Beccles bur Port Hope, Ontario, 1832 m Frances BENSLEY 15 Apr 1812 Beccles
Note: Benjamin's death was reported in the Bury and Norwich Post of 3 Mar 1832 which stated that he died of cholera and had emigrated to Canada in April 1831 with his wife and 8 children having been a tailor in Beccles as well as an ornithologist
Gould Crickmore b 20 Aug 1787 Beccles bap 22 Aug 1787 Beccles Independent d 27 Jun 1842 Marylrbone
109......Eleanor Crickmore bap 16 Jun 1789 Beccles Independent m Joseph FENNELL 1815 St James, Westminster
110......Richard Crickmore bap 27 Jan 1791 Beccles Independent m Ann QUICK St Martins, London.

89 Robert CRICKMORE (mariner) m (a) ? (b) Ann MOONEY 22 Dec 1787 St Dunstan's Stepney

Child of Robert and Ann
111......Esther Crickmore bap 8 Mar 1789 St Dunstan, Stepney, London
112......Robert Crickmore bap 2 Jan 1791 St Dunstan, Stepney, London
113....Jno Gould Crickmore bap 25 Oct 1799 St Dunstan, Stepney, London
114....James Crickmore bap 22 Apr 1804 St Dunstan, Stepney, London
115....Rebecca Crickmore dob unknown m Andrew MACKIE 22 Jan 1805 St Leonard, Shoreditch
Note: witnesses to the marriage were John CRICKMORE and Angela HOVELL


108 Gould CRICKMORE m Sarah abt 1811

Note: In 1841 Gould was a glazier living in Queen Street. St George Hanover Square, London

Children of Gould and Sarah
116......Benjamin Crickmore b 1813 Middlesex d 24 Mar 1853 London
Note: In 1841 Benjamin is shown as a plumber and later as a painter/plumber
117......Richard Crickmore b 1814 London d Mar 1820 London
118......Susanna Crickmore b 1816 London
119......Anne Crickmore b 1819 London
120......Mary Jane Crickmore b 18 Aug 1822 London d 2nd qr 1857 [Newington 1d 125] m Samuel IXER 8 Aug 1853 [St Saviour, Southwark 1d 8]
William Rufus Crickmore bap 6 Nov 1825 St George Hanover Square
Note: William was a bootmaker in 1851 at 31 Fleet Lane, St Sepulchre, London and in 1861 he was a painter/plumber in 1871 he is a painter employing 2 men and a boy 122......Mary Ann Crickmore b 1826 Middlesex
123......Sarah Crickmore b 1831 Middlesex
124......Maria Crickmore b 1831 Middlesex
125......Lydia Crickmore b 1833 Middlesex

112 Robert CRICKMORE m Elizabeth HAMMOND (bap 19 Jul 1795 Burgh Castle) 28 Sep 1813 in Great Yarmouth

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William HAMMOND and Mary She remarried Stephen DREW, a bricklayer on 1 Nov 1827 as a widow. The 1851 census states her age as 50, which seems a little "out". She died 17 Feb 1852 at "`The Palace" St James, Norwich after suffering from heart disease and dropsy for three years when her age was given as 65. She was survived by Stephen.

Robert and Elizabeth had the following children
John Crickmore b 29 Aug 1817 in Gt Yarmouth d 16 Aug 1879 bur 22 Aug 1879 Lowestoft
127......Robert Crickmore d.o.b.unknown


116 Benjamin CRICKMORE m Elizabeth MARTIN 23 Feb 1840 Sunningdale, Berks

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth
128......Thomas Gould Crickmore b 2nd qr 1843 Maylebone d 21 JUN 1894 in 38 Southbrook Street, Shepherds Bush

121 William Rufus CRICKMORE m Eleanor Ann BUCKLAND abt 1850

Note: In 1871 William and Eleanor (now calling themselves Crickman) were living at Kilburn Rd, Willesden and William was a painter employing two men and a boy

Children of William and Eleanor
129......Sarah A Crickmore b 1851 Chelsea
129b....Eliza C Crickmore b 1855 Chelsea
129c....Mary Crickmore b 1858 Willesden
130.....Hannah M Crickmore b 1860 Willesden

126 John CRICKMORE m Susan SHORTEN (b abt 1818 Sprowston d 9 May 1901 Lowestoft aged 83 [Mutford 4a 577]) at Norwich Baptist Church 16 Jan 1840

Note: In 1840 they both lived at St James’ Palace and John was a waterman. After they were married the 1841 census shows they lived at 13 - 14 Barrack Street, Pockthorpe, Norwich, (with Robert, John's brother) and by 1851 they had moved to Beach, Lowestoft where John was at first a "coal meter" in 1867 and then a shopkeeper in 1878.

Where did he work?
In 1861 he was a coalheaver. In 1871 he was a shopkeeper in Rants Score East, presumably at No 1 where Susan lived and worked as a shopkeeper after his death
Susan was living as a widow shopkeeper in 1881 at 1 Rants Score, Lowestoft, next door to John Mewse and dau. Elizabeth. (see photo of house here) In 1891 she was at East Street, Lowestoft living with grandson James J PYE, by then a cooper. Their gravestone may be seen here

Children of John and Susan

131......John Stephen Crickmore b 3 May 1840 in Norwich bur 10 Jun 1876 Lowestoft St Margaret
Note: in 1851 a 10 year old John was living with his grandparents, Stephen and Elizabeth DREW in Norwich
132......Robert William Crickmore b 1842 in Norwich
133......William Hammond or Almond Crickmore b 26 May 1845 in Norwich
134......Elizabeth Crickmore b 6 Dec 1847 in Lowestoft
135......Mary Ann Crickmore b 4th qr 1846 [Mutford 13 458]
136......Eliza Ann Crickmore bap 2 May 1852 d 4th qr 1872 Lowestoft
In 1871 Eliza was a beatster
137......Emma Jane Crickmore
138......Arabella Crickmore b 1st qr 1859 [Mutford 4a 759] d 2nd qr 1935 Lowestoft m John HARVEY (b 1856 Wissett) 2nd qr 1878 [Mutford 4a 1109]
139......Eliza Ann Crickmore b 1st qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 753] m Christopher WADE 4th qr 1899 [Mutford 4a 1844]


128 Thomas Gould CRICKMORE m Mary Ann BEACH (b 2nd qr 1841 Brentford d 2 Apr 1887 Devon) 25 Aug 1866 Chelsea

Note: in 1861 Thomas was a "boy, 1st class" aboard the HMS Formidable (a training ship) at Holyhead. In 1871 he was a stoker and in 1881 the family were at 6 Devonshire Place, Chiswick and Thomas was a waterworks labourer. In 1891 he was a widower living at 195 Devonshire Rd, and he was an engine cleaner.

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
140......Emily Crickmore b 1867 Chelsea m (a) Victor BEACH (b) Frederick SYMES 22 Oct 1894 Hammersmith
141......Benjamin Crickmore b 1872 Chelsea d 1896 Fulham
142......William Crickmore b 1875 Kentish Town d 1897 Brentford
143......Harry Beach Crickmore b 1877 Kentish Town d 1896 Camberwell
144......Jessie Eliza Crickmore b 9 Mar 1880 d 19 Aug 1960 22 Downsview Rd, Worthing m Charles Henry SAMPSON (b 1865 Lowestoft) 12 May 1900

144a John MEWSE m (a) Frances GARNER (b 1833 d 4th qr 1864) last qr 1859 [dau of William James GARNER & Frances CHATTEN

Note: Frances was a braider in 1861
(b) 134 Elizabeth CRICKMORE in 1867 Witnesses to the marriage were William MEWSE and Elizabeth ADAMS
They lived “next the Gas House” (a pub) in Beach (a part of Lowestoft) in 1871. By 1881 they were living at 2 Rants Score Lowestoft.
[see Mewse branch]

Children of John and Francis
144......John Samuel Mewse bap 1860 d 22 Nov 1870
145......Frances (Fanny) Mewse bap 1863

Note: Frances was a net repairer in 1881
John and Elizabeth Mewse had the following children
146....John Samuel Mewse b 1860 d 22 Nov 1870
147....Elizabeth Mary Ann Mewse bap 7 Nov 1869 Lowestoft d 22 Nov 1869
148...... Elizabeth Mary Ann Mewse b 1870 d 27th October 1944 [see Green branch]
Note: Elizabeth was my grandmother
149......Eliza Ann Alice Mewse b 1873 m Walter William CATCHPOLE (b 1875 Aldbugh d 10 Nov 1957 Lowestoft) 2nd qr 1900 [Mutford 4a 1985]
Note Walter was an iron founder's apprentice in 1891, a mechanical engineer in 1901 and became Superintendant Marine engineer , drift Fishing, Lowestoft. After Eliza's death in 1939 he remarried Ethel Olive FIRMAN 3rd qr 1940 [Lothingland 4a 4911]. He died at 9 Grosvenor Rd, Lowestoft and his estate was £3555.18s. 5d
150......Alice Maud Susan Mewse b 1874 Lowestoft d 1875 Lowestoft
151......John Samuel Mewse b 1877 Lowestoft d 31 Mar 1931 m
Louisa Emily WILKIN [see Wilkins branch]
152......Samuel John Mewse b 1878 Lowestoft d 1879 Lowestoft
153......Samuel Ernest Mewse b 1880 Lowestoft d 30 Apr 1881 Lowestoft
154......Alice Maud Daisy Mewse b 1882 Lowestoft d in infancy
155......Alice Maud Daisy Mewse b 1887 Lowestoft d 1887 Lowestoft
156......Alice May Mewse b 1888

131 John Stephen CRICKMORE m Naomi NORMAN

Note: John was a labourer in 1862. In 1871 the family were at Wellington Cottage Lowestoft. Naomi, dau of James NORMAN, remarried as a widow Alfred RIVETT 30 Sep 1879 Gt Yarmouth

Children of John and Naomi

157......Mary Ann Eliza Crickmore b 2nd qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 685] bap 6 May 1860 d 1st qr 1870 [Mutford 4a 533]
John James Crickmore b 6 Oct 1861 [Hull 1d 999] m Frances MEWSE [see Mewse branch]
159......James Robert Crickmore bap 2 Aug 1863 - cook on the "Alacrity" in 1881
160......William George Crickmore bap 1 Apr 1866 Lowestoft
161......Eliza Ann Crickmore b abt 1869
162......Robert Henry Crickmore b 1st qr 1871 d 19 Apr 1931

132 Robert William CRICKMORE b 1842 mariner of Howard St, Lowestoft, m (a) Pheobe Elizabeth SIMPSON 4th qr 1863 [Blything 4a 1475] (b) Cornelia Johanna VOGT (b 1843) 3 Oct 1877 St John's Church, Lowestoft

Note: Cornelia was widowed daughter of Metaver VADER (fisherman)
Witnesses to the marriage of Cornelia were Thomas WOOLNOUGH and Susan CRICKMORE

Children of Robert and Pheobe
162......Robert James Crickmore b 3rd qr 1864 [Blything 4a 655] bap 3 Dec 1864 Southwold
Charles Francis Crickmore b 4th qr 1865 [Blything 4a 622] bap 3 Dec 1865 Southwold
164......James Crickmore b 7 Jul 1867 Southwold
165......Arthur Bruce Crickmore b 5 Jan 1867 Southwold b registered 1st qr 1868 [Blything 4a 680] bap 1 Mar 1868 Southwold
166......Frank Edward Crickmore b 3rd qr 1871 [Blything 4a 656] bap 3 Sep 1871 Southwold
167......Maggie Rose Martha Crickmore b 24 Jan 1873 Southwold d 31 Jan 1873 Southwold
168......Maggie May Crickmore b 4th qr 1874 [Blything 4a 697] bap 1 Nov 1874 Southwold]

132 William Almond CRICKMORE m (a) Susan Ann AYERS (d 15 Oct 1880 aged 35 [Mutford 4a 469] Lowestoft Jan 1874 (b) Eliza CLARKE (b 1835) widow, nee COLMAN 11 `Sep 1881 United Methodist Church, Lowestoft

Note: William and Eliza lived at 1 Wells Cottage, Raglan St in 1902. Eliza was the daughter of Edward COLMAN, a sawyer and was living at 8 Edinburgh Rd, Lowesdtoft at the time of her marriage to William. Witnesses to the wedding were Mrs COLMAN and Elizabeth MEWSE.
In 1881 the two boys William and James were lodging with their Grandmother Susan Crickmore nee Shorten at 1 Rants Score (east).

Gravestone in Lowestoft St Margaret's Churchyard

Children of William Almond and Susan
169......Magnus John Crickmore b Oct 1878 Lowestoft d 20 Apr 1880 Lowestoft
170......Magnus John Crickmore b Aug 1880 d 21 Sep 1880 aged 6 weeks
171......William John Crickmore b 4th qr 1875 [Mutford 4a 728] m Beatrice Maud Mary FAYERS in Natal, South Africa.
172......James Robert Crickmore b4th qr 1876 [Mutford 4a 765] killed at siege of Ladysmith (Boer War) 1899

135 Mary Ann CRICKMORE m Jonathan NICHOLLS (b 1845 Thurlton) 2nd qr 1878 [Mutford 4a 1108]

Note: Jonathan was a blacksmith and the family was at Norton Street, Norton Subcourse, Kirby Cane in 1891

Children of Jonathan and Mary Ann
173......Ellen Elizabeth Nicholls b 1st qr 1879 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 219]
174......Ernest Noah Nicholls b 4th qr 1881 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 207]
175......Arthur Jonathan Nicholls b 1st qr 1883 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 237]
Note: Arthur was an ag lab in 1901
176......Annie Maria Nicholls b 3rd qr 1884 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 222]
177......John Thomas Nicholls b 4th qr 1885 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 218]
Note:John was an ag lab in 1901
178......Walter Nicholls b 1st qr 1877 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 224]
Note: Walter was an ag lab in 1901
179......Ethel Nicholls b 4th qr 1888 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 211]
180......Kate Elizabeth Nicholls b 2nd qr 1891 Norton Subcourse [Loddon 4b 226]

138 Arabella CRICKMORE m John HARVEYson of John HARVEY (b 1856 Wissett) 10 Jun 1878 [Mutford 4a 1109]

Note: John was a labourer at marriage but the 1881 census shows him as a groom, and Arabella as a dressmaker and tailoress. In 1891 John was turncock to the Water Co and Arabella was a dresmaker and the family were at 54 Reeve Street, Lowestoft In 1901 John was a coal dealer and the family were at 43 Cambridge Rd Lowestoft. In 1911 John was a carter and coal dealer and they lived at North Cottage, Melbourne Rd, Lowestoft

Child of John and Arabella
181......John Harvey b 2nd qr 1880 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 853]
182......Ernest W T Harvey b 1st qr 1882 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 877]
183......Frederick Percy Harvey b 2nd qr 1883 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 884]
184......Albert George Gordon Harvey b 1st qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 957] m Florence May SMITH (b 1884 Pulton) 4th qr 1906 [Mutford 4a 2311]
Note in 1911 Albert was a fishmonger living at 143 Westwood Rd, Earlsdon, Coventry
185......Alice Eliza C Harvey b 4th qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 915]
186......Thomas Edgar Harvey b 1st qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 957]
187......Christine Winnie Harvey b 2nd qr 1907 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1160]

139 Eliza Ann CRICKMORE m James Gooch PYE (b 1851) 13 Apr 1872 St Johns Church
Note: Witnesses were John NEWSON and Elizabeth MEWSE her sister now married. James (a carter in 1871) was the son of Walter (Carter and beer house keeper) and Martha PYE and in 1861 was living next door but one. James Gooch Pye remarried to Bridget Ann RILEY (b 3rd qr 1855 Carlisle) 1st qr 1875 Lowestoft.

Child of James and Eliza Ann
188......John James Pye b 4th qr 1872 Lowestoft killed 1918 as private soldier no 21630
Note: Mother died in childbirth. John James was raised by Susan his grandmother. In 1881 they were at 1 Rants Score East

139 Eliza Ann CRICKMORE m Christopher WADE 19 Dec 1889 in Lowestoft

Note: Christopher was the son of William WADE

Children of William and Eliza
189......Nora Wade b 1891 Lowestoft
190......Christopher Wade b 1894 Lowestoft
191......Eliza Wade b 1899 Lowestoft


143 Harry Beach CRICKMORE m Elizabeth Louisa PERRETT 22 Dec 1899 Weymouth

Child of Harry and Elizabeth
192......Dorothy E M Crickmore b 10 Dec 1911 Weymouth m Luigi Edward CHOTTY (b 9 Apr 1916) 3rd qr 1974 Bournemouth
Note: Luigi had previously been married to Una Victoria SMITH (b 1918 d Apr 1970 Bournemouth)

158 John James CRICKMORE b 1861 d at sea 13 Nov 1909, m 30a Frances (Fanny) MEWSE (b 1863 bur 11 Nov 1939 Kirkley) 19 Nov 1881 St John's Lowestoft (see Mewse branch)

John James and Fanny lived 'on The Beach' (an area of victorian terraced houses mainly for fishermen) and salvaged wrecks. Each man had a part share. The beach-men had a rule that one share should go to the poor and needy, and this was given to the Bethel Church in Whapload Road. The beach-men worked and fished from the beach. Some fishermen made their homes in upturned boats, called 'shods'. The beach-men were always alert when disaster struck, and the lifeboat men would be ready to go off to sea.

John James was a life-boatman, and lived on Mariners Score. A score is an alleyway from the High Street to the beach, with hundreds of steps. This was a quick way to get to the lifeboat, to put on their cork suits, and off to sea to save the next ship. John was also a fisherman when he met Fanny Mewse, whose father as on the 'Samuel Plimsoll Lifeboat' c. l890 and was cox of the Lowestoft lifeboats from 1901 to 1911. Lots of life-boatmen couldn't swim as they preferred to have a quick death if they fell overboard.

Fanny's father, John Mewse, gave his permission for John to marry Fanny on 19 Nov 1881. Her step-mother Elizabeth nee Crickmore was against this, and so on the wedding day her father sent his wife out to make nets, Fanny got ready, but stepmother arrived back sooner than was expected, and they ran out of the back door all the way to St. John's Church; where Fanny arrived wearing one boot and one shoe.

They went to live with the Joints family. During his service with the lifeboat, he made fifty-one launches and saved some fifty-four lives, Fanny was a 'beatster' on Whapload Road. She would walk to The Denes to the 'pickling plots' where the fishing nets would hang over to check for holes, and the women would repair them. There were also sail-makers and rope-makers and at the back of some of the houses were the Smoke Houses where the ' Silver Darlings' were made into kippers. The women, when they had mended the nets would put their name on the cork so it could be checked when it was 'ransacked' by the owners. The Lowestoft fishermen were called 'pea-bellies' after the wild peas grown on the Denes.

Lowestofians wore tan smocks for fishing. Fanny used to sit and worry when John was at sea in the lifeboat so she started a bedcover of crazy patchwork which she only did when he went to sea. She used everything she could find, so it was a real patchwork. Margaret, her great granddaughter still has the treasure. Photographs and memorabilia can be seen in the Maritime Museum, in the Sparrow' s Nest in Whapload Road. Fanny died 3 weeks after her Great Granddaughter Margaret was born in 1939.

In 1909, John James was skipper of the ' Narcissus' . In a terrible storm the lifeboat could do nothing. John' s youngest son, also John, was cook on board. [Report on sheet Lowestoft Journal No. 17-1909.]

In 1887, James and Fanny were living in West Bevan Street, Lowestoft, and witnesses to the marriage were William Almond CRICKMORE and James Robert CRICKMORE
in 1889 they lived at 97 Stanley St, Lowestoft, and in 1891 they were at 7 Wollaston Rd. By 1894 they had moved to 97 Stanley St, but in 1897 John James (smack owner) became bankrupt and by 1898 they were living at 19 Seago St, Lowestoft. In 1901 the family was at 19 Seago St Lowestoft.When John James died in 1909 he wasskipper of the "Narcissus", a smack, and they lived at 16 Lorne Park Road, Lowestoft. He left an estate of £154 to Fanny. In 1911 the family was at 29 St Leonards Rd Lowestoft.

Children of John James and Frances (Fanny)

193......John Stephen Crickmore b 3 Oct 1884 bap 2 Nov 1884 d 1st qr 1888 aged 3 [Mutford 4a 630]
194......Fanny Naomi (Frances) Crickmore b 7 Jun 1887 bap 21 Aug 1887
195......John James Crickmore b 14 Jul 1889 bap 2 Sep 1889 bur 9 Dec 1893 Lowestoft
196......William George Crickmore b 7 Nov 1891 bap 17 Jan 1892
197......John James Crickmore b 15 Jun 1894 bur 27 Sep 1965
198......Alphonso Alonzo Crickmore b 9 Sep 1895 bap 3 Nov 1896, went to Australia, living at 62 William St, Paddington, NSW in 1931/2 d 1977 Australia [Reg no 103069/1977]
199......Blanche Ellen Crickmore b 1898 bur 25 March 1901
200......Agnes Edith Crickmore bap 27 Jul 1900 m Arthur L SPROULE 1st qr 1940 [Norwich 4b 594] (no Issue)

Agnes lived in Ashby Street in Norwich. She was a Nursing Sister in the Norfolk & Norwich hospital and also did private nursing. She was a very caring lady and took her mother out in her old Ford car whenever she was free. She met Arthur Sproule and they married. Arthur was from Sawston and he worked at Marshalls in Cambridge. When they married they went to live at Cherry Hinton. They also lived in a very large white wooden beamed house called Great Bowsers at Little Walden, near Saffron Walden. Arthur had a motor bike and they travelled everywhere with their luggage in the side-car. She was a very stern lady who loved cats. She married him in her 40's, still hoping to have children but to their disappointment it never happened

201......Florence May Crickmore b 1903 Lowestoft [1911 census] m John STEBBINGS 4th qr 1933 [Mutford 4a 2990]

Florence May at an early age played the piano and became a concert pianist. She also played for the silent films and played in a band called Ivan K. She married John Stebbings and had no children. She was too busy entertaining at dance halls and the SparrowÕs Nest Theatre. They are both buried in Pakefield Churchyard. They lived in Walmer Road, Lowestoft. John Stebbings was in the merchant navy and travelled the World home many gifts from abroad. He was also in the Ghurkhas and on parade and on parade days at Lowestoft in his 80Õs wore his kilt. Florence looked after her mother visiting her daily.

162 Robert Henry CRICKMORE m Lilian May WRIGHT (d 10 Nov 1971) 3rd qr 1902 [Sculcoates 9d 283]

Note: In 1881 Robert Henry was living with his remarried mother at 8 East Side, North Raglan St, Lowestoft. He moved to Hull and in 1911 was a seafarer living at 6 Hessle Ave, Gillett Street, Hull; also staying there was Lilian's sister Kathleen Edith WRIGHT

Children of Robert and Lilian
202......Robert Henry Crickmore b 3rd qr 1903 [Sculcoates 9d 171]
203......John William Crickmore b 2nd qr 1905 [Sculcoates 9d 158]
204......James Edwin Crickmore b 2nd qr 1907 [Sculcoates 9d 158]
205......David Alfred Crickmore b 3rd qr 1909 [Sculcoates 9d 170]
206......Thomas A Crickmore b 4th qr 1911 [Sculcoates 9d 307]
207......Lilian Frances G Crickmore b 4th qr 1913 [Sculcoates 9d 263]
208......George Charles Crickmore b 4th qr 1914 [Sculcoates 9d 307]
209......Ivy D Crickmore b 4th qr 1919 [Sculcoates 9d 238]

163 Charles Francis CRICKMORE m Rosina WOODS ( b Southwick bap 25 Apr 1869 Brightlingsea)

Note: In 1881 Charles is listed on the vessel "Neptune" at Lowestoft. In 1891 the family were living in Spring Rd Brightlingsea and Charles was a mariner. In 1901 he is listed as being on the Floating Bridge as a conductor. (See a picture of the floating bridge here)
Children of Charles and Rosina

210......Charles James Crickmore b 10 Mar 1888 Brightlingsea b registered 2nd qr 1888 [Tendring 4a 520]
211......Florence Emily M Crickmore b 4th qr 1892 Brightlingsea [Tendring 4a 540] m Walter C GOVER 2nd qr 1915 [Southampton 2c 154]
212......Maggie Rosa Crickmore b abt 1893 Brightlingsea
213......Walter Edward Crickmore b 3rd qr 1894 Brightlingsea [Tendring 4a 559]
214......Winifred Maud Crickmore b 3rd qr 1896 Hythe Hampshire [N.Forest 2b 677] m Philip S M MORANT 2nd qr 1919 [Southampton 2c 3]
215......Elsie Gladys Crickmore b 1st qr 1899 Southampton [Southampton 2c 20] m Reginald GOVER 3rd qr 1923 [Southampton 2c 109]

168 Maggie May CRICKMORE m Thomas STOLLERY 3rd qr 1892 [Blything 4a 1526]

Note: Thomas was a fisherman in 1901 and the family lived in Street, Westleton

Children of Thomas and Maggie
216......Thomas Bruce Stollery b 1893 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 993]
217......Arthur Charles Stollery b 2nd qr 1894 [Mutford 4a 944] d 1st qr 1895 [Mutford 4a 684] bur 1 Mar 1895 Kirkley cemetery [plot K/G/42]
218......Maggie May Stollery b 3rd qr 1895 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 994] m Charles CLARKE 2nd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 2444]
219......John Stollery b 3rd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1013] d 3rd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 600]


188 James John PYE m Florence Edith GRAY 1st qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1067]

Note: In 1881 James (now calling himself James John instead of John James) was living with his grandmother and is shown as a cooper. In 1901 he was living at 1 Whapload Road and was a general carter

Children of James and Florence
220......James William b 3rd qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1067] m Susannah HOWARD 1st qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 2165]
221......Eliza Ann b 4th qr 1894 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 989]
222......Frederick John b 2nd qr 1896 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1026] m (a) Hettie BARBER 1st qr 1918 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2158] (b) Dorothy L APPLETON 3rd qr 1926 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2879]
223....Robert Kitchener V b Aug 1900 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1095] m Sylvia K O NICHOLS 3rd qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 2834]

61 Frances Naomi (Fanny) CRICKMORE m Arthur E MEEK 1st qr 1950 St Peter Mancroft [Norwich 4b 1155].

Note: Frances was at one time Matron of Lowestoft Hospital

Frances did private nursing in Norwich. The nursing sisters initially lived in Ashby Street. She would always tell the story that she was nursing a patient when Queen Mary visited the home and she was introduced to her. She married Arthur Meek at St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich, in 1950 and went to live in his bungalow in Norwich Road, Costessey, Norwich. Francis had nursed his wife for several years.

196 William George CRICKMORE m Alice SUSTINS 27 Dec 1913

William George was like his brothers and went to sea. He married Alice Sustins on Boxing Day as you didn't have to pay to get married on that day. William went into the Royal Navy and after Marjorie was born they moved to Dover. He went to Dunkirk during the Great War. He was thrilled when Marjorie was born, and called her his 'little dumplin' -(she was chubby then). Whilst at Dover Gwendoline was born in 1917. William was invalided out of the Royal Navy and returned to Lowestoft where he had a small sailing boat.

Alice's sister Hetty wanted to adopt Marjorie and take her back to London to give her a better life as William was now out of work. They lived in Avondale Road, Lowestoft; a house with three rooms downstairs, three upstairs, an outside toilet and a coal shed. The kitchen had a staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms. There were coal fires when they could afford them and gas lights. The linen-line was made from ships masts and very very tall. Alice took in washing for people to earn money, using the old copper in the kitchen to heat the water. In summer she would take in lodgers who came to Lowestoft from the Midlands for the August holiday. During the home fishing she would let her front room to the Scots fisher girls. They would be working in the top of Avondale Road, salting the fish the men had landed, ready to send them all over the country. At the top of the next road, Clemence Street, there was an iron bridge where the fish would be ta ken in barrels. These girls worked very hard, wore clogs on their feet and a 'barmskin'; an oilskin apron: which they left in the bottom shed on arrival back home. They did all the cooking in Alice's kitchen; mainly fish soup and they ate a variety of fish. Some they gave to Alice and William to share with the children. They would make bread and it would rise on top of the copper, using the heat from the boiling washing. Broken barrels were brought home for the fire under the copper, which also cooked some of the food. In the evenings the girls would knit 'ganseys' to take home to Scotland and sometimes they would sell them to make extra money to take home. On one trip they saved enough money to buy a piano from Morlings music shop. They took it aboard the boat back to Scotland as a Christmas present to the Church. They were very hard working and some evenings would go to the smoke-house at the top of the road with a baulk of split fish to smoke into kippers.

A Scottish drifter was called a 'Runtic' ('Fifie', 'Reaper', 'Buckie'??) and a 'long hundred' would be 132 herrings. A 'Cran' was 28 stone of herring - 4 baskets full. The Scotch net was 55 yards long. A Bloater is a herring lightly salted with guts in and smoked. A Kipper is a herring split, salted and smoked. The Scots girls brought all their own cooking pots with them; usually a 'beef kettle' which was a large cast iron pot which could be left on the copper or stove to boil. Before they went home at Christmas they would leave knitted clothes for the children, hoping they could return the next year. They would leave their room very tidy, having brought their own knitted blankets for the iron bedstead that was provided for them. After they went home Marjorie, Frank and Gwen had a bed again which was taken upstairs till the summer visitors came.

William found a job in the paint store at Eastern Counties Coach Works where worked until he retired. Then he had an evening job at Hales Taxi Rank. By now both Frank and Gwen had died and the strain had upset William. At Alice's marriage she lived downstairs and he lived upstairs. She would turn him out at 9 o'clock in the morning till dinner time when she would leave his dinner in the kitchen. He had an allotment up Rotterdam Hill where he had a shed with an armchair and an oil stove where he spent most of his time. Marjorie and Margaret kept his tins full of cakes and biscuits and he always had a flask of boiling water for his tea and a rug to keep him warm. He would do anything for a quiet life. He died in 1967 when he was 75. He was a lovely dad and granddad.

Alice lived alone and Marjorie would visit each day doing the shopping and the work. She had cancer of the breast and lived in Norwich with Margaret: as Marjorie had a breakdown looking after her. She returned after 3 months treatment to Lowestoft, where Marjorie continued to look after her until she died in 1980.

Children of William and Alice
224......Marjory Gladys Crickmore b 4 Jan 1915
225......Grendoline May Crickmore b 31 March 1917 [Dover 2a 1695] d 1960 bur 16 Mar 1960 aged 42 [L/31/569]

Gwendoline was 2 years younger than Marjorie; she was a sickly child and only went to school till she was 10. By then she became paralyzed and couldn't walk unaided. Today it would be something like M.E. or Parkinson's disease, and then it was known as sleeping sickness. As a child everyone had to wait on her and do things for as she lay all day on the settee. She was taken out on a bath chair, and invalid carriage. At night, if she didn't get her own way, she would get Marjorie into trouble by ripping the sheets and biting herself until she bled, then calling for mother (Alice) who would come and hit Marjorie. Frank would shout out from the other bedroom that it wasn't Marjorie, but all he would get was a clip round the ear. At times she would bang her head on the iron bedstead until the knobs came off, getting them both into trouble. She went to Roman Hill School for a short time and she died when she was forty two.

Note: Cause of death was recorded as Parkinson's Disease and she had been living at Avondale Road, Lowestoft
226......Frank John James Crickmore b 4 Jan 1920 Dover d 1962 aged 42 (Tuberculosis) bur Lowestoft Cemetery 13 Jun 1962 [L/31/566] m Rose A McLEAN 1st qr 1949 [Chelsea 5c 505]

Frank John James was a lovely brother that - Marjorie recalls - would do anything for anyone. He fell off the hot copper when he was two and developed a TB ankle. He was always poorly, but never moaned about it. He had irons on his leg to help him walk, and, instead of going out to play as he couldn't run about, he would do fretwork (woodwork) and marquetry. He made items of furniture for his niece Margaret's dolls house. Frank liked the cinema and subscribed to a film magazine and became a pen-friend to Rose McLean who'd had polio as a child. She wore two leg irons and also used sticks to walk. Nevertheless she was dressmaker to the late Queen Mother, doing alterations to many of her silk and satin dresses. She would be taken to Clarence House, complete with her machine and sit there and work at the dresses. She also did repairs to the footmen's uniforms. Her flat in Limestone Street Chelsea had 'clothes all around the walls that she had made' said Marjorie when she visited her brother. Many titled ladies came to have their clothes made by her.

When Frank and Rose married in 1953, Marjorie and daughter Margaret went by train, and were stuck outside London because of the SMOG, not fog. It was so thick that day they called it a 'Pea-Souper'. Unfortunately, they didn't make the wedding, and just had to keep on the train and return home. Frank worked at St. Thomas' Hospital, in the next street, as porter which he thoroughly enjoyed; but living in London his health suffered because of the smog and it was recommended by the doctor that they both return to Lowestoft for his health and for him to get the sea air. When he returned in 1959, he was very pale and ill and couldn't work, Rose wasn't happy coming to East Anglia but she continued sewing, making clothes and doing alterations but nothing on the grand scale she had been accustomed to in London. She didn't, like the move to Lowestoft and certainly didn't enjoy living opposite the cemetery, in Normanston drive. By this time Frank was seriously: one day Rose was busy sewing and Marjorie and Margaret went to call the doctor. Unfortunately it was too late, f or his breathing became very bad and he was admitted swiftly on the Friday to Kelling T B Hospital near Holt. He died there on the Sunday, 2nd June 1962, just aged forty-two. One month after Frank had died Margaret visited Rose only to find her flat vacated and empty. It is understood that Rose had another pen-friend in Derbyshire and she had moved on. We have never heard from her since.

Note: At the time of his death he had been living at 26a Normanston Drive, Lowestoft

197 John James CRICKMORE m Margaret Eleanor GRIMBLE 3rd qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 2741]

John James initially went to sea with his father, as a cook. He was on his father's boat the Narcissus when his father was drowned, having been knocked overboard. John James survived and was only the age of 15 when this happened. His mother was so upset she suggested he take a shore job, so he went on the trams and met and married Margaret Crimble in a chapel in Lowestoft. After the trams he went on the yellow and brown buses in Lowestoft. He was coming over the swing bridge on 8th May at 8 am when he saw a boat go over a mine and be blown to pieces. He rushed as fast as he could to the Market Place and found it was his niece Marjorie's husband Bert who was in the boat.

John James and Margaret lived in The Avenues, Lowestoft. Peggy, as she was called, kept pedigree dogs, judging at many of the shows. Then, when they had all died, she kept pedigree Persian cats. They had one daughter Margaret Eleanor who was born 10 years after the marriage. She well remembers how the animals took over motherÕs life.

Child of John and Margaret
227......Margaret Eleanor Crickmore b 2nd qr 1934 [Mutford 4a 1731]

198 Alphonso Alonzo CRICKMORE m Nellie BURGESS last qr 1919 Mutford dist.

Alfonso couldn't find work in Lowestoft and he didn't want to go to sea, so he married Nellie Burgess and emigrated to Australia after the First World War. They had one daughter, Joan, who died when she was young after an operation on her face. Alfonso became a builder in Sydney, having two boat yards and even built his own house on stilts in the Blue Mountains at Saratoga. Whilst living in Sydney his mother Fanny was convinced that she would never see him again. He did return twice to England but unfortunately she had by then died.

Note: Alphonso Crickmore visited Hull before emigrating. He was a shipwright's apprentice in 1911, and went to Australia after living at 62 William St, Paddington, NSW in 1931/2 but must have returned because he went to Australia with his wife Nellie on the SS Himalaya leaving London on 1 Sep 1954 and again, on the same ship, with Nellie on 27 Aug 1956

The SS Himalaya on which Alphonso returned in 1954

Child of Alphonso Alonzo and Nellie
228......Audrey Joan Crickmore d 1929 Annandale, NSW. Australia

202 Robert Henry CRICKMORE m Olive SMITH 1st qr 1938 [Sculcoates 9d 222]

Children of Robert and Olive
229......Beryl M Crickmore b 3rd qr 1925 [Sculcoates 9d 245]
230......Olive B Crickmore b 4th qr 1926 [Sculcoates 9d 238]
231......Robert H Crickmore b 4th qr 1928 [Sculcoates 9d 255]
232......Joseph W Crickmore b 1st qr 1931 [Sculcoates 9d 193]
233......Iris Crickmore b 1st qr 1933 [Sculcoates 9d 217]
234......Dorothy Crickmore b 1st qr 1936 [Sculcoates 9d 185]

203 John William CRICKMORE m Catherine HARRISON 1st qr 1938 [Hull 9d 246]

Children of John and Catherine
235......Joan Crickmore b 3rd qr 1938 [Hull 9d 246]
236......Michael J Crickmore b 3rd qr 1944 [Gainsborough 7a 1345]

197 Margaret Eleanor CRICKMORE m John WARD 3rd qr 1954 Kirkley Church.

Children of John and Margaret
237......Dereck J Ward b 2nd qr 1957 Carleton Colville [Lothingland 4b 1353]
238......Michael P Ward b 3rd qr 1959 Carleton Colville [Lothingland 4b 1345]

Derrick has 4 sons and Michael 3 sons. Derrick is making his home in Australia and Michael is working in India, but his base is in Australia too.

208 George Charles CRICKMORE m Alma M ELSOM 2nd qr 1941 [Hull 9d 832]

Children of George and Alma
239......Charles A Crickmore b 1st qr 1942 [Hull 9d 323]
240......Sylvia Crickmore b 1st qr 1947 [Hull 2a 288]

210 Charles James CRICKMORE m Annie V MAJOR 2nd qr 1913 [Southampton 2c 33]

Children of Charles and Annie
241......Charles E G Crickmore b 4th qr 1914 [Southampton 2c 122] m Mabel E J MINGHAM 2nd qr 1948 [Southampton 6b 1303]
116......Freda F Crickmore b 4th qr 1915 [Southampton 2c 94]
242......Annie R P Crickmore b 3rd qr 1917 [Southampton 2c 121] m Reginald J HANNAM 3rd qr 1939 [Southampton 2c 121]
243......Walter D Crickmore b 4th qr 1919 [Southampton 2c 137] m Ida R DRAKE 3rd qr 1943 [Southampton 2c 51]
244......Joan L b 2nd qr 1921 [Southampton 2c 111] m [George M EDWARDS 3rd qr 1956 [Southampton 6b 1678]
245......Douglas J Crickmore b 3rd qr 1922 [Southampton 2c 108] m Joan F VANSTONE 3rd qr 1945 [Southampton 2c 46]
246......Sylvia M Crickmore b 3rd qr 1925 [Southampton 2c 156]


224 Marjory Gladys CRICKMORE m Bert HARVEY 1937

Having a brother and sister not well and also a father ill Marjorie's life was hard and she had to help with the washing and her role was to hang out the clothes. Daily she visited the top of the road to beg for firewood to go under the copper fire. Also any newspapers that she could find, as this was a luxury they couldn't afford. She attended Roman Hill School at the top of the road; her best lesson was silent reading. At playtime she had to hurry home to feed Gwen and do the chores, not forgetting to cut up the newspapers for the toilet. Her dad worked at the corner shop for a short time. There she had to help and collect the paper that the oranges were wrapped in, to save for the fisher girls to use. When she was 12 years old she had a paper round so that all spare papers could be brought home to use. After school once a week she had to walk 4 miles to the workhouse to get a meal ticket, so that father could get food for them all. When Marjorie was 16 she went into ŌServiceÕ but had to return home each evening. She worked at London Road South near Pakefield and would have to walk the 1 1/4 hours to get there ready for 6 am - to clean the shoes that bad been left outside the bedrooms. Then she had to get breakfast ready, wash up and to clean the grates with black lead; polish and after getting the lunch ready it was time to clean the silver. Two maiden ladies lived there and were very kind to Marjorie; she was able to have a good meal there which was very important to her. She regularly gave her money to her father and this enabled him to open a lock up shop Fruiterer the greengrocer. He worked very hard at this in Lawson Road but he was too kind hearted, allowing people to have food on ŌtickÕ and went bankrupt. MarjorieÕs next job was at MortonÕs Factory where she packed potted meat into jars. Bones and heads; anything went into the machines and came out as potted meat. She earned more money to help the family but that still didnÕt stop her visiting the Pawn Shop to get money; and when her wages came in she would buy it back for her father. Her Saturdays, after looking after Frank and Gwen and doing the chores and errands, she would enjoy visiting the sea front. By now she was 19 years old and she would meet friends from work and spend hours on the Denes at the Model Yacht Pond. She enjoyed sunbathing and sometimes she would go to the indoor cold swimming pool at Lowestoft. Water for this came in pipes from the sea to the pool. Walking she enjoyed and used to visit Belle Vue Park, where there was an underground spring; still there today, running down the ravine. On Sundays she went to Norwich Road Sunday school in the morning, at Mill Road Methodist's in the afternoon; after which she would visit her nanny Fanny for tea. Once here she was spoilt and nanny would encourage her to knit and sew and help her to make her clothes. This was the highlight of her week then it was home again.

A change in work led her to the Silk Factory; a long walk again from Avondale Road. She would meet up with a school friend Doris Cruddas nee Jones, who was 2 years younger and lived in Rotterdon Road. This friendship continued for 70 years even though Doris married and moved to Newcastle. In her later years Marjorie would chat to her twice a week remembering the past. The silk factory made wedding veils and 8 looms were operated by Marjorie and Doris who said that there was so much noise that they couldn't hear each other speak. Nor did they have the time, so they passed notes to each other; as the looms weren't allowed to stop. They worked shifts 6in the morning till 2 and 2 till 10. The needles had to be kept filled especially when the next shift of girls came on.

By now walks along the seafront were important as she was looking for a special fisherman called Bert. She would watch him playing Bowls with his mother and brothers and wave. All the girls at the factory were envious when the handsome man came to meet her from work. She still had to get home in 11/2 hours, even though Bert would bring a bag of fish for the family. It took her 2 days before she had an answer to Bert's question to William her dad "Can we get engaged?"; she was nearly 20. She visited Bert's family whenever she could and enjoyed being with his mother and sisters- a very different life. They looked around for a house and saw some being built on Somerton Avenue. So a deposit was put down by Bert and the day was set for 19th June 1937.

Thoughts of this made Marjorie very happy; at last she was going to enjoy life. Nanny acquired some satin material to make the wedding dress; the veil came from the silk factory. Bert's twin sisters along with friend Hilda Woodrow were to be bridesmaids. Doris was ill with the mumps, at that time, so there were just the three bridesmaids. The wedding was to take place at St. Margaret's Church and the reception at Boston Lodge. As Bert's family all went to Bingham's Restaurant they did the catering. Marjorie wanted a square wedding cake with 2 tiers so that's what Bert got for her. He paid for the wedding as by now he was a Skipper. The house was almost ready and they spent the time when Bert was away from sea getting it ready. By now Marjorie was 22 and the night before the wedding day they were so busy getting everything ready so that they could live there after the wedding.

Understandably, they forgot the time and had to hurry the 11/2 miles walk to get home. Bert's words were, "Never mind it's the last night you will have to be home by 9 pm." As they got to the top of the road hurrying down the back-way they heard a family whistle from father, a signal that mother was on the war path! Father went inside and Bert didn't stop. Marjorie ran in and mother was behind the door. Her hand came firmly down on Marjorie's face. She was 22 it was one minute past 9, and the night before she was married.

Child of Bert and Marjory
247......Margaret Harvey

243 Walter D CRICKMORE m Ida R DRAKE 3rd qr 1943 [Southampton 2c 51]

Child of Walter and Ida
248......Sandra A Crickmore b 2nd qr 1946 [Southampton 2c 192]


247 Margaret HARVEY m Cedric DANN

Children of Cedric and Margaret
249......Philip Dann
250......Andrew Stephen Dann


249 Philip DANN with partner Donna

Note: Philip is a professional puppeteer

Child of Philip and Donna


250 Andrew Stephen DANN m Amanda KEY

Children of Andrew and Amanda

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