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Crisp : English Nickname for the man with curly hair, from an Old English term. Variations include Crispe, Chrisp, Cripps,

The name is sometimes spelt with an "e" at the end and sometines not - it probably depended on the scribe!

The following surnames other than CRISPE appear in this list. Please click on a name to find its position.

Burleigh...Burrows...Capps...Catchpole...Clarke...Coleby...Coleman 1798...Cooper
Jacobs...Knights...Lillystone...Mewse...Moore 1839...Moore 1860...Nunn...Patterson


1 William CRISP m Susan

Note: These were my 7 times great grandparents

Child of William and Susan
William Crisp bap Monday, 7 Jan 1696 Wissett

3 John COLEBY m Rachel

Note: These were my 7 times great grandparents

Child of John and Rachel
4......Rachel Coleby bap Sunday 26 Aug 1683 Pakefield
5......Maria Coleby bap Wednesday 2 Nov 1684 Pakefield
6......Sarah Coleby bap Monday 12 Aug 1688 Pakefield
Alice Coleby bap Thursday 14 May 1693 bur Monday 1 Nov 1756 Lowestoft
8......William Coleby bap Friday 12 Jan 1697 Pakefield
9......Margaret Coleby bap Wednesday 12 Nov 1698 Pakefield
10....John Coleby bap Wednesday 26 Oct 1701 Pakefield (Twin)
11....Martha Coleby bap Wednesday 26 Oct 1701 Pakefield (Twin)

B1 Benjamin BARRETT m Frances abt 1677

Note: these were my 7 x great grandparents

Children of Benjamin and Frances
Robert Barrett b abt 1680 Lowestoft [IGI]
13......Mary Barrett bap Thursday 24 Aug 1682 [IGI film 459206]
14......Margaret Barrett [IGI film 459206]
15......Elizabeth Barrett [IGI film 459206]


2 William CRISPE m 7 Alice COLEBY Saturday 27 Oct 1717 Little Snoring

Note: See Colby branch here

Children of William and Alice
16......Alice Crispe bap Friday 6 Jul 1718 Lowestoft m William WOODS 14 Sep 1745 Bunwell
17......William Crispe bap Friday 2 Dec 1722 Lowestoft bur Tuesday 14 Aug 1725 Lowestoft aged 2
18......William Crispe b Monday 3 Jun 1726 Lowestoft bur Tuesday 5 Mar 1727 Lowestoft aged 2 days
John B Crispe bap Sunday 10 Mar 1727 Lowestoft d 1755 Lowestoft

12 Robert BARRETT m Elizabeth SHREEVE Tuesday 9 Apr 1713 Lowestoft

Child of Robert and Elizabeth
20......Elizabeth Barrett bap Tuesday 2 Nov 1714 Lowestoft
21......Robert Barrett b 1716 Lowestoft [Rootsweb]


19 John B CRISPE m 20 Elizabeth BARRETT (bap Tuesday 2 Nov 1714 Lowestoft) Friday 8 Dec 1748

Children of John and Elizabeth
22......John Crispe bap Friday 17 May 1744 Corton
23......John Crispe bap Monday 17 Oct 1750 Lowestoft
24......Robert Crispe b 1751 bap Sunday 19 Oct 1755 Lowestoft bur Tuesday 12 Jul 1808 Lowestoft

21 Robert BARRETT m Mary CHARLES Monday 2 Sep 1739 Lowestoft [IGI]

Children of Robert and Mary
25......Mary Barrett bap Saturday 27 Jan 1739 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
26......Robert Barrett bap Sunday 25 Oct 1741 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
27......Susannah Barrett bap Friday 4 Nov 1743 Lowestoft bur Friday 17 Jun 1748 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
28......Elizabeth Barrett bap Sunday 9 Apr 1746 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
29......Charles Barrett bap Sunday 18 Apr 1748 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
30......Henry Barrett bap Friday 23 Sep 1750 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]
31......Susannah Barrett bap Friday 30 Jan 1756 Lowestoft [IGI film 459206]


24 Robert CRISPE m Ann LILLYSTONE Wednesday Nov 20 1776 Lowestoft

Note: Ann was the daughter of Thomas LILLYSTONE and Ann FRENCH

See the Lilleystone branch here

Children of Robert and Ann

32......Mary Ann Crispe bap Tuesday 20 May 1777 Lowestoft d Wednesday 25 April 1860, Lowestoft Workhouse bur Saturday 28 April 1860 aged 83 [Waveney burials]
Ann's cause of death: natural decay [Cert]
33......Robert Crispe b 1780 d Tuesday 26 Sep 1854 Lowestoft [Waveney burials]
34......Elizabeth Crispe bap Sunday 15 Sept 1782 Lowestoft
35......Thomas Lillystone Crispe bap Sunday 19 Jun 1785 buried Wednesday 18 Jan 1786 (infant) Lowestoft [IGI]
36......Thomas Lillystone French Crispe b Sunday 26 Nov 1786 d Monday 10 Jan 1853 Lowestoft aged 66
37......John Lillystone Crispe b Thursday 4 Sept 1788 d Jan 1857 Lowestoft
38....Andrew Crispe b Friday 15 Apr 1791 bur 27 Oct 1825 aged 34 m Margaret GORDEN Saturday 30 Nov 1816. Lowestoft
39.....Sarah Crispe b Wednesday 21 Nov 1792 bap Wednesday 28 Nov 1792 Lowestoft bur Thursday 26 June 1794 Lowestoft aged 19 months


32 Mary Ann CRISPE m Isaac COLEMAN, (b 1775 bur Saturday 2 Jan 1847) Monday 14 May 1798.
Note: Addresses for Ann:
1841 Back St West, Lowestoft Central
1851 Dove Lane, Lowestoft Central
1860 Workhouse, Oulton

Notes for Isaac
Bricklayer 1817 - 1846 cause of death: disease of bladder
Census 1821 Age 40-50 [trade] wife, 5 sons, 2 daughters:
Census 1841 Age 65
Informant for death: Samuel CRICKMORE

Children of Ann and Isaac

40......Isaac Coleman b Thursday 27 Dec 1798 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1872 age stated as 77 [Mutford 4a 445]
41......Jeremiah Coleman b 1801 d 22 May 1879 Lowestoft aged 80 [Mutford 4a 513]
42......Robert Coleman b Tuesday 1 Mar 1803 d 4th qr 1874 Lowestoft aged 72 [Mutford 4a 475]
43...... Mary Ann Coleman b Sunday 30 Dec 1804 Lowestoft d Thursday 24 May 1860 Lowestoft
44......Michael Coleman b Sunday 4 Oct 1807 Lowestoft d July 1899 Lowestoft
45......Thomas Coleman b Saturday 7 Apr 1810 bap Monday Apr 9 1810 Lowestoft d after 1851
Note: Thomas was a Twinespinner
46......John Coleman b Wednesday 21 Oct 1812 Lowestoft
47......Susannah Colman Coleman b 1816 Lowestoft

33 Robert CRISPE married Mary Youell KNIGHTS Monday 6 Dec 1802

Note: Robert appears as a labourer in the 1841 census living at Dann's Yard, Beach. Mary, and Mary Ann and Samuel were still at home. The children appear to have dropped the "e" at the end of Crispe.

Children of Robert and Mary
48......Robert Crispe b Tuesday 26 July 1803 bap same day Lowestoft
49......Sarah Crispe b Monday 18 Feb 1805 bap Tuesday 19 Feb 1805 bur Thursday 3 Apr 1806 St Margarets Lowestoft
50......Sarah Crispe b Sunday 14 Dec 1806 Lowestoft bap Wednesday 17 Dec 1806 Lowestoft
51......Ann Crispe b Sunday 12 Feb 1809 bap Monday 13 Feb 1809 Lowestoft
52......John Crispe b Wednesday 24 Apr 1811 bap same day Lowestoft
53......William Crispe b 1813 bap Thursday 12 Aug 1813 Lowestoft d 13 May 1884 Filby
54......Mary Ann Crispe b 1815 bap Monday 13 Feb 1815 Bur Monday 4 Sept 1820 St Margarets Lowestoft
55......Thomas Crispe b 11 Mar 1817 Lowestoft d Apr 1876 [Mutford 4a 460] bur Tuesday 11 Apr 1876 St Margarets, Lowestoft married (a) Ann HUGGINS (d 1853 or 1854) Sunday 21 Feb 1841 (b) Mary GRAY (b abt 1821 Gisleham) 1st qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 884]
Note: Thomas was a twinespinner in 1841. In 1871 he was a fishmonger.
56......Mary Ann Crispe b 1820 bap Thursday 14 Dec 1820 Lowestoft
57......Samuel Crispe b 1825 Bap Friday 25 Mar 1825 Lowestoft
58......Maria Crispe b 1827 Bap Tuesday 25 Sept 1827 bur Wednesday 11 Nov 1829 St Margarets Lowestoft

36 Thomas Lillystone French CRISPE (see Lillystone Branch) m Mary BUNN (bap 1791 d 1869) Tuesday 5 Dec 1809 (see Bunn Branch)

Note: In 1841 62 Thomas and his mother Mary lived in Mill Lane, Lowestoft and had her grandchild William MEWSE staying with them

Children of Thomas Lillystone French and Mary
59......Thomas Crispe b Sunday 4 Dec 1810 bap Monday 5 Dec 1810 Lowestoft d Wednesday 1 Apr 1812
60......Thomas Bunn Crispe b Monday 6 Apr 1812 bap same day bur Sept 1812 Lowestoft
61......Mary Ann Crispe bap Saturday 15 Jan 1814 m John Barber MEWSE Sep 1832
(see Mewse Branch
62......Thomas Bunn Crispe bap Saturday 13 Apr 1816 d Sunday 29 Jul 1866 Lowestoft m Mary CAPPS Thursday 6 Apr 1848
Note: Thomas was a fisherman and Mary a beetster in 1861 living at Beach and a fishmonger in 1871, living at 39 High St Lowestoft
63......George Crispe bap Saturday 18 Oct 1817 Lowestoft m Ann
Note In 1841 George and Ann were living at Church Street, Wenhaston
64......Elizabeth Crispe bap Friday 30 Oct 1818 Lowestoft
65......Robert Crispe bap Friday 11 Jan 1822 Lowestoft

37 John Lillystone CRISPE b 1788 twinespinner, married Elizabeth Aldred HARRIS Thursday 17 Aug 1809

Note: In 1830, John was living at Factory Lane, Lowestoft [Pigot]

Children of John and Elizabeth
66......John Harris Crispe b Wednesday 22 May 1811 Lowestoft
67......Andrew Harris Crispe b Monday 14 Dec 1812 bap Tuesday 15 Dec 1812 Lowestoft d Tuesday7 Jan 1896 bur Wednesday 8 Jan 1896 St Margarets, Lowestoft aged 84
68......Elizabeth Harris Crispe bap Monday 31 Oct 1814 Lowestoft
69......Susannah Crispe bap Wednesday 19 Jun 1816 Lowestoft
70......Harris Crispe bap Friday 8 May 1818 Lowestoft
71......Christiana Crispe bap Thursday 31 Dec 1818 Lowestoft d Sept 1820 bur Wednesday 13 Sept 1820 St Margarets, Lowestoft
72......Charles Harris Crispe bap Thursday 20 Sep 1821 Lowestoft d Jan 1823 bur Thursday 23 Jan 1823 St Margarets, Lowestoft
73......Caroline Harris Crispe b 1822 bap Saturday 8 Mar 1823 Lowestoft
74......Harriet Crispe bap Tuesday 28 Jun 1825 Lowestoft
75......Eliza Rebecca Crispe b Tuesday 2 Oct 1827 Lowestoft bap Friday 7 Dec 1827 d Friday 10 Feb 1928 Lowestoft

76......Louisa Crispe b 1831 Lowestoft
77......Louisa Harris Crispe b 10 Oct 1833 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1906 Lowestoft
78......Jane Harris Crispe b 1836 Lowestoft


43 Mary Ann CRISPE m Isaac COLMAN 14 May 1798 Lowestoft

Child of Isaac and Ann
79......Isaac Colman b and bap 27 Dec 1798 Lowestoft
80......Jeremiah Colman b 8 Mar 1801 bap 10 Mar 1801 Lowestoft
81......Robert Colman b 1 Mar 1803 bap 2 Mar 1803 Lowestoft
82......Mary Ann Colman b 30 Dec 1804 bap 31 Dec 1804 d 24 May 1860 Lowestoft m Samuel BURLEIGH 1825
83......Michael Colman b 4 Oct 1807 bap 5 Oct 1807 Lowestoft
84......Thomas Colman b 7 Apr 1810 bap 9 Apr 1810 Lowestoft
85......John Colman b and bap 21 Oct 1812 Lowestoft

50 Sarah CRISPE m Samuel GILBY 31 Dec 1825 Lowestoft

Children of Samuel and Sarah
86......Samuel Gilby b 1828 Old Market St, Lowestoft d 24 Dec 1833 Lowestoft
87......Robert Crispe Gilby b 1832 Old Market St, Lowestoft d 15 Mar 1833 Lowestoft
88......Mary Ann Gilby b 1836 Lowestoft d 29 Mar 1906 Lowestoft m John BARNARD 11 Dec 1855 Lowestoft
89......Jeremiah Gilby b 1837 Old Market St, Lowestoft d 13 Feb 1889 m Eliza abt 1857
90......William Gilby b 1838 Old Market St, Lowestoft

53 William CRISPE m Hannah MOORE (d 15 Oct 1867 Filby) 19 Jun 1839 Filby

Child of William and Hannah
91......Wiliam Crispe b 8 Mar 1840 Filby

65 Robert CRISPE m Lydia HALL 23 Mar 1840 Lowestoft

Note: Lydia was the daughter of Robert HALL and Mary HORWEN In 1861 Robert was a cooper and Lydia was a beetster.

Children of Robert and Lydia
92......Robert Crispe b abt 1843 Lowestoft
Note: In 1861 Robert was a shipwright apprentice
93......Elizabeth Crispe b abt 1845 Lowestoft
Note: In 1861 Elizabeth was a beetster
94......William Crispe b abt 1849 Lowestoft

66 John Harris CRISP m Hannah STROUGLER Thursday 1 Jan 1835 Lowestoft

Note: In 1841 the family was at Dann's Yard, Lowestoft

Children of John and Hannah
95......John Crisp b abt 1836 [Census 1841]
96......William Harris Crisp b 1st qr 1838 [Mutford 13 415]
97......Hannah Crisp b 2nd qr 1840 [Mutford 13 461]

67 Andrew Harris CRISP m (a) Ann (b 1816 d 1st qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 474]) (b) Sarah Ann MOORE (b abt 1825 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 1593]

Note: In 1841 Andrew was a twinespinner. In 1861 he sold wines and spirits but was also a fisherman. Sarah Ann was a washerwoman and they lived at 11 Denes Eastern Square, Lowestoft. In 1871 Andrew was a twinespinner at Knight's Buildings, Lowestoft and in 1881 and 1891 he and Sarah Ann were at 27 Clemence Street, Lowestoft, Andrew remaining a twinespinner. Sarah brought with her to the marriage three daughters and a son, surname MOORE

Children of Andrew and Ann
98......Edward A Crisp b 4th qr 1837 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 346]
99......Susan Ann Crisp b 4th qr 1839 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 428]
100......Charlotte Crisp b 1st qr 1847 [Mutford 13 495]
Note: In 1861 Charlotte was a washerwoman
101......Elizabeth Crisp b abt 1851[1861 census]
102......Caroline Crisp b 2nd qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 735]
Note: In 1881 Caroline was a "fish kipperer"
103......James Harris Crisp b 2nd qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 734]
Note: In 1871 James was a twinespinner's assistant and in 1881 he was a smackman, living with his parents
104......Frederick Crisp b 2nd qr 1865 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 730]
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a factory hand

74 Harriet CRISP m James COOPER Thursday 2 Apr 1846

Note: James, a blacksmith employing 4 men in 1861, was previously married to the daughter of 86 year old retired farmer John CLARKE, who was living with James and Harriet in 1861. Also present with the family in 1861 was Maria BRYANT a 22 year old house servant from Barnby. In 1861 and 1871 they were at 54 Crown St, Lowestoft and there was a Charlotte GIRLING present - a servant aged 18 from Barnby In 1881 they were at 2 Eastern Square, Cromes Bldgs, Lowestoft

Children of James and Harriet
105......Henry William Cooper b 2nd qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 660]
106......Harriet Ellen Cooper b 1860 Lowestoft [Census]
107......Martha Eliza Cooper b 3rd qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 661]
108......Marion Cooper b 1863 Lowestoft [Census]
109......James W Cooper b 1864 Lowestoft [Census]
Note: In 1871 James is described as a fisherman

75 Eliza Rebecca CRISPE m John Cooper CATCHPOLE (b 1814 Lowestoft d in Key West, Monroe, Florida Keys of yellow fever) Monday, 10 Sep 1867

Children of John and Eliza
110......Elizabeth Ann Catchpole b Saturday 5 Oct 1850 d Friday 29 Mar 1929
111......John William Catchpole b Wednesday 30 Mar 1853
112......Eliza Rebecca Catchpole b Sunday 5 Nov 1854
113......Charles Catchpole b abt 1856

77 Louisa Harris CRISPE m William SHIPPY (b 1833 London d 2nd qr 1902 Gt Yarmouth) 1st qr 1855 [Stepney 1c 695]

Note: William was an able seaman at sea on the Prosperous on 7 Apr 1861 - the family was living at Martins Lane, Gorleston at the time. In 1871 the family was at 15 Baker Street Gorleston and William was a fisherman. Still at the same address in 1881, Louisa was a charwoman

Children of William and Louisa
114......Caroline Harriet Shippy b 1859 Barking m John William SHAUL 4th qr 1881 [Mutford 4a 1724]
Note: Caroline was a beatster in 1881
114a....Louisa Jane Shippy b 1860 Gorleston m John Thomas TAYLOR2nd qr 1887 [Mutford 4a 1240]
Note: Louisa was a beatster in 1881
115......Alice Eliza Shippy b 3rd qr 1862 [Mutford 4a 660]
116......Adelaide Shippy b 1864 [Census]
117......Jessy Harris Shippy b 3rd qr 1869 [Mutford 4a 685]
118......Louisa Bessie Shippy b 3rd qr 1872 [Mutford 4a 701]
Note: Louisa Bessie was a dressmaker in 1881


94 William CRISP m Mary Ann PATTERSON (b 1850 Surlingham) 4th qr 1870 [Mutford 4a 1627]

Note: William was apprenticed to Samuel Chambers ALLERTON as a shipwright. The 1881 census shows him as a boat builder and living at 3 Rants Score (Next door to my Great Grandfather, John Mewse). You can see a photo of his home here. In 1891 and 1901 the family was at 17 Seago Street, Lowestoft and William was listed as a shipwright and in 1911 they were at 187 Seago Street Lowestoft.

Children of William and Mary Ann
119......William Andrew Crisp b 2nd qr 1870 Lound [Mutford 4a 755]
Note: In 1891 William was a baker's assistant
120......Mary Ann Crisp b 4th qr 1873 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 714]
121......Thomas Crisp b 2nd qr 1876 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 802] d 1917 at sea
122......Louisa Crisp b 1st qr 1879 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 802]
123......John Crisp b 1st qr 1883 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 866]
Note: In 1901 John was a ship's joiner
124......Frederick Crisp b 3rd qr 1885 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 880]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a wood shipwright apprentice
125......Elizabeth Crisp b 3rd qr 1888 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 889]
126......George Ernest Crisp b 3rd qr 1890 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 922]
127......Edith Crisp b 4th qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 897]

102 Caroline CRISP m Edward NUNN 3rd qr 1882 [Mutford 4a 1190]

Note: In 1891 the family was living at 240 Burgess Street Grimsby. Edward was not present at the census date.

Children of Edward and Caroline
128......Elizabeth Nunn b 1885 Grimsby
129......Florry M Nunn b 1887 Grimsby
130......Ed Thomas Nunn b 1889 Grimsby
131......Harriett Nunn b 1st qr 1891 Grimsby

110 Elizabeth Ann CATCHPOLE m (a) Walter John CROWE (b abt 1851 d 4th qr 1888 aged 37 [Mutford 4a 489]) 1st qr 1879 [Mutford 4a 937] (b) either Michael William DAMANT or Thomas Strickland PENNY 3rd qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1511]

Child of Walter and Elizabeth
132......Winifred Marguerite F Crowe b 3rd qr 1885 [Mutford 4a 876]


119 William Andrew CRISP m Marion WHITLAM 3rd qr 1894 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1589]

Note: William was a coal labourer in 1901 living at 137 Wallaston Rd, Lowestoft

Children of William and Marion
133......Hilda May Crisp b 1st qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1043]
134......Victor Crisp b 1900 Norwich

121 Thomas CRISP m Harriet Elizabeth ALP (b abt 1878 Burgh St Peter1895

Note: In 1901 Thomas was Mate on a fishing smack. and the family were at Holly Farm, Staithe Road, Burgh St Peter. Thomas was a winner of the Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Service Cross. You can see his story here and another version here In 1911 the family was at 56 Roman Rd Lowestoft

The Victoria Cross

The Distinguished Service Cross

Children of Thomas and Harriet
135......Harriet Victoria May b 2nd qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 1016] d 16 Nov 1977 Thatcham, Berks m Percy H HART 4th qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 3476]
136......Thomas William b 1st qr 1899 Wheatacre
Note: Thomas was with his father when he was killed at sea and was awarded the DSM.

The distinguished service medal

137......Charles Montgomery b 1911 Lowestoft
138......a girl

122 Louisa CRISP m John Andrew JACOBS 4th qr 1897 [Mutford 4a 2119]

In 1901 John was a printer/compositor in Beccles and the family lived at Alexandra Road, Beccles. However the family emigrated to Canada on the ship Lake Manitoba going to Montreal on 16 May 1905 at which time John gave his occupation as labourer. His son John was not in the ship's manifest

The ship on which the family emigrated - the "Lake Manitoba". Built in 1901 she spent some time in 1902 on war transport for the Boer War, and then returned to ferrying across the Atlantic. She caught fire in Montreal on Aug 26 1918 and was scuttled, but refloated and became a cargo vessel name "Iver Heath", being scrapped in 1924.

Children of John and Louisa
139......John Andrew Jacobs b 3rd qr 1898 Beccles [Wangford 4a 1028]
140......William Jacobs b 4th qr 1900 Beccles [Wangford 4a 1035]
141......Robert Jacobs b 1902
142......Louisa Jacobs b 1903 Beccles

123 John CRISP m Lily Emma (b 1882 Kirkley)

Note: John was a ship Joiner and the family was at 71 Tonning Street, Lowestoft

Children of John and Lily
143......Desmond Jack Cyril Crisp b 2nd qr 1905 [Mutford 4a 1151]
144......Kathleen Lily Etta Crisp b 3rd qr 1909 [Mutford 4A 1119

126 George CRISP m m Bessie AYERS 1st qr 1911

Note: George was a tin smith in 1911 living at 8 St John's Road, Lowestoft

Children of George and Bessie
145......Irene M Crisp b 4th qr 1914 [Mutford 4a 2069]
146......Cicely E Crisp b 1st qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2703]


135 Harriet Victoria May CRISP m Percy H HART 4th qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 3476]

Children of Percy and Harriet
147......Olive E M Hart b 4th qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 1927] m Frank E BARBER 3rd qr 1939 [Edmonton 3a 4615]
148......Elsie E R Hart b 4th qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 2192] m Charles J SECKERSON 4th qr 1938 [Edmonton 3a 1971]

136 Thomas William CRISP m Annie M BURROWS 3rd qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 2608]

Children of Thomas and Annie
149......Annie E I M b 2nd qr 1919 [Mutford 4a 1518]
150......Doreen J b 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 1697]

137 Charles Montgomery CRISP m Kathleen H FRANCIS 4th qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 2773]

Child of Charles and Kathleen
151......Patricia M b 3rd qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1760]


127 Annie E I M CRISP m Claud E C HURR 2nd qr 1945 [Lothingland 4a 3535]

Children of Claud and Annie
152......David J Hurr b 1st qr 1947 [Lothingland 4b 1685]
153......Clive R Hurr b 3rd qr 1950 [Lothingland 4b 1130]
154......Stephanie A Hurr 1st qr 1953 [Lothingland 4b 1179]

128 Doreen J CRISP m Arthur J HAGUE 2nd qr 1946 [Lothingland 4a 3457]

Children of Arthur and Doreen
155......Jayne L Hague b 3rd qr 1959 [Lothingland 4b 1288]
156......Michael A Hague b 2nd qr 1960 [Lothingland 4b 1498]

Thanks to Pat Sorenson, Lynne Hall, Alison France and Krista Matheson in Canada - you can contact Lynne and Alison

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