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These wills were transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

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Richard Crekemay 1504
Thomas Crikemay 1520
John Kyrkmere 1558
John Crickmay 1553
Richard Crickmay 1599

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1504, 50 Ryxe

Richard CREKEMAY of Bedingham. 23 Nov 1504.

To high altar of the church 3s 4d. To reparations of the church 6s 8d. To the reparations of Woodton church 3s 4d., also to the reparations of the church of Topcroft 3s 4d.

Also I give to any one of my godchildren a lamb. Also I will that Isabell my wife have all my ----, tenements and lands free and bond be ---- of the lords to have hold and occupy to her proper use during her life and a year then next after following my executors to occupy the same.

Also that I will that Thomas my son have to him and his the tenements called Chapmans and Derants with their appurtenances, 6 pieces of land lying in Woodton Field, 2 pieces thereof lying at Dorrants Hill, 2 pieces in Woodton Bottom it is called the Axe, and the half a piece by the Prior of Walsinghams ----, and a piece in Delgate.

The piece of land that lies in Topcroft Field between the chapel land and a pightle of .... I give it to find a lamp with to bring before the high rood in Bedingham church at ---- and the holy days.

Also I give to Richard SAWARD my tenement free called Gayes lying in Gillingham with half an acre of land and the appurtenances.

Also I will that my executors sell ------ lands and a piece in ---don to fulfil with my last will if they can not make no other ---- with my other goods also the land lying at ----------, I will that my executors after the decease of my wife sell to dispose in deeds of charity for the souls of me and my wife.

Also I give to the same Isabell my wife all my cattle and household moveables during her life and after her decease my executors to dispose them for the well of our souls. The residue of my goods and chattels to my executors, John SAWARD of Norton Subcourse and Thomas WILTON of Topcroft, my sons-in-law.
Pr: 3 Jan 1504/5

Note: There seems to be no indication of how a tenement and land in Gillingham came into Richard's posession, but it may indicate a family link to the village. Of the names of property in the Bedingham/Woodcroft area, only Dulgate Lane remains on current maps, and is a road going north/south past the village.

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1520, 122 Robynson

Thomas CRIKEMAY of Bedingham. 3 May 1520.

To the high altar at Bedingham 12d. To reparations of the church of All Saints in Shotisham 6s 8d. To the church of Woodton 2 bushels of wheat & 2 bushels of malt. I will that when the church of Bedingham is fully finished shortly after I will that my executors by counsel take a workman and to draw with colours the image of St George there as it shall be thought best to the worship of God and St George and there I bequeath 6s 8d.

I will that Mawte my wife and Thomas my son jointly together do take up in the court my tenement with the lands thereto belonging with the close and garden called Ravennes and the close called the Lownde lying in Bedingham with the appurtenances held by copy during the term of the life of the said Mawte, and after her decease to remain to the said Thomas that is to say 40 days after her decease to him and his heirs and his assignees for ever.

I bequeath to Agnes CRIKMAY the daughter of John CRIKMAY my son a calf of this year. I bequeath to each of my godchildren 4d. I bequeath to the said Thomas my son 2 -------, the best, a pair of sheets, a ---- of ----, the best pan, the biggest brass pot and a ----- that was his mother's, the biggest kettle pottell pan, 6 sheep & 4 lambs, all these... the cattle to be delivered to the same Thomas a little after the decease of the said Mawte my wife... a chafer of lattyne, 2 platters and 2 dishes of pewter to the same Thomas at that time.

I bequeath to Elizabeth my daughter the lesser brass pot, a pan of 2 gallons, a pottell pan, a fine steak of the first calf the steak to be dined at Hallow Mass next after my decease.

I will and bequeath to Cecily my servant a calf an ewe and a lamb. I bequeath to Friar ASHEWELL 10s. To Friar PALMER 10s. I bequeath toAnabill LEMAN 8 sheep. I bequeath to hallowing of the church of Bedingham when it is hallowed 6s 8d.

I require all my enfeofees to make and deliver a sufficient and a lawful ----- to John STANNOW of such lands as I sold him in my life.

I bequeath to John CRIKMAY son of John CRIKMAY my son 3s 4d. I bequeath to Thomas my son 2 kine and 2 bullocks. The residue to Mawte my wife, sole executrix.

Wits: Andrew GRENE, John CRIKMAY, Robt SWANNE & others
Pr: 11 Aug 1520

There is some historical interest in this will, since it gives the approximate date for the completion of the church at Bedingham

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1559, 237 Colman

John KYRKEMERE of Bedingham. 30 Dec 1558.

Wife Alyce to have occupation of all & singular my lands & tenements set, lying & being within the towns and fields of Bedingham and Hedenham as well free as bond until John my son shall come to the age of 21 years upon condition that the said Alyce my wife shall bring up my children virtuosly and honestly... to the age of 16 years, and also keep the houses in good & sufficient reparations and to make neither strip nor waste in any or upon any part or parcel of the said houses or lands during all the foresaid term.

And then I will that all my lands before named shall wholly remain to John KRYKEMERE my son... and if it shall fortune that my lands which I made claim unto set, lying & being in the town and fields of Hosston shall be fortuned to be recovered then I will that John my son shall give over his right title and interest by... in all & singular the lands & tenements before specified in Hosston St Johns** or elsewhere to the use of Rychard my son... and if it fortune the aforesaid lands with the appurtenances not be recovered nor obtained then I will that John my son pay to my said son Rychard 6 13s 4d.

To the said John my son when he shall enter into his lands, 1 milk cow, a brass pot, 3 pewter platters, 2 salts --- with a trans---, a pair of sheets, a pair of ----, a pair of blankets a coverlet and a pair of bedsteads of board, my best candlestick.

To Johan KYRKMER my daughter 5 in 7 years at 13s 4d a year.

To Elizabeth GRENE my sister 26s 8d, paid 13s 4d within 1 year and 13s 4d the next year.

To John GYLBERD my mare colt. To any of my godchildren 8d.

Alyce my wife shall have the occupation of 3 ----- which my mother gave to my children to pay nothing to them the first year they have calves, but every after to pay for the farm of them 20d.

Residue to executors Alyce KRYKMERE my wife and Roger LEMAN, for which Roger LEMAN I give for his pains 20s.

Wits: Robert DAVT the elder, John THARKER the elder, Richard THARKER & others

Pr: penultimate day of April 1559

**Could Hosston mentioned in the will be Harleston or Hoveton? Any advice on this would be welcome.

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1553, 141 Wilkins

John CRICKMAY of Bedingham. 30 June 1553

To the poor 8d. To Alice my wife all those moveable goods ---- the said Alice at the day of our marriage. I give to Alice my daughter the wife of Thomas WRIGHT all that my tenement in Bedingham called Courtes with all those lands pastures meadows and steading with all the appurtenances both free and bond wheresoever they lie as is expressed and expected in a certain indenture between me and Robert PURSSER of the same town departed to her and her heirs for ever, upon this condition that the foresaid Alice does not make any title of claim in the tenements and lands which I late sold to Robert PURSSER.

To Richard WILTON of Topcroft 20s. To Margaret WILTON wife of the foresaid Richard 20s. To the said Margaret WILTON 1 cow and 7 sheep. To Thomas WILTON 20s. To Elizabeth SADDE daughter of the foresaid Richard WILTON 20s. To Margaret WILTON 20s. To Nicholas WILTON, son of the foresaid Richard 20s. To Robert WILTON 20s. To Agnes WILTON 20s. To Cecylie WILTON 20s.

To Thomas WRIGHT my belchild son to the foresaid Thomas WRIGHT of Bedingham, my son-in-law 20s. To John WRIGHT my belchild son to the foresaid Thomas WRIGHT of Bedingham 20s. To Alice WRIGHT daughter to the foresaid Thomas WRIGHT of Bedingham, my son-in-law 20s. To Agnes WRIGHT daughter to the foresaid Thomas WRIGHT of Bedingham, my son-in-law 20s. To the two youngest daughters of the foresaid Thomas WRIGHT to each of them 20s.

To Alice PURSSER the daughter of Robert PURSSER now departed 20s. To Martha PURSSER the daughter of the foresaid Robert 20s. To William PURSSER son of the foresaid Robert 20s. To Margaret PURSSER the daughter of the foresaid Robert 20s. To John PURSSER son of the foresaid Robert 20s. To Stephen PURSSER son of the foresaid Robert 20s.

To Agnes OYGGLE 3s 4d. To John CRICKMAY 2s. To John CRICKMAY, son of the foresaid John 12d.

To the highways in Bedingham 5s. Residue to executors Richard WILTON of Topcroft and Thomas WILTON his son, 20s to each of them for their pains.

WITNESSES: Willm ANDREWS, Robert DAVYE, Roger LEMAN, John CRICKMAYE, Thomas RATH curate of Topcroft , with others.

Proved Nov 1553

Archdeaconry of Norfolk, Administration 1599 fo.273


Granted 8 Oct to Johan CRYCKMER fri. ntali.

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