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Brockdish CRICKMORE will

This will summary was transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

This will is that of Margerie, mother of the Margaret SPALDING who married John CRICKMER of Syleham on 23rd May 1546.

Definitions follow:
Andiron: a support for burning logs, sometimes fitted with a groove for a spit to rotate in.
Belchild: Grandchild
Binge: a bin
Cares: separate detacheable handles for a pan
Chaffing: a kind of dish in which to burn charcoal to heat another vessel ; a portable grate.
Close: an enclosed field
Coffer: a wooden chest
Cowl: two meanings possible. It can mean a hat like a monk's hood, but in this context it probably means a large vessel for holding water, eqipped with two handles through which wooden staves were passed for men to carry it when filled.
Cutsinge: unknown
Donge: a mattress
Drible Raple: unknown
Fote work: patchwork
Ingate and Outgate: going in and going out.
Kercher: Suffolk version of kerchief, a cloth worn on a woman's head.
Pillow beare: a pillow case
Skoomer: a skimmer for getting cream off milk
Tache: a shallow dish
Tyke: unknown in this context


Note: the pound of the day was split into three nobles, each worth 6s 8d. Thus 3s 4d was a half - noble. It was however also split into 240 pence - "d" or 20 shillings - "s".

Archdeaconry of Norfolk Will 1562 466 Postyll

Margerie SPALDING of BROCKDISH 10 Dec 1558

To poor of Brockdish 3s 4d., of Needham 20d, of Syleham 20d, of Thorpe 20d.

Godfrey TAYLOR and Ann his wife to have all lands and tenements in Brockdish except 1 close est 5 acres called the Furrie Close which son-in-law John CRICKMER purchased, from decease until Daniel SPALDINGE is 24, upon condition they pay to executors 5 marks a year and pay such rents as are due. Said Godfrey & Ann to take sufficient firewood upon said land and maintain hedges and fences.

Son-in-law John CRICKMER shall have and occupy north end of barn with free ingate and outgate with his horse and cart until Daniel SPALDING is 24.

To Godfrey and Ann all grass and hay upon said lands.

To belchild Daniell SPALDINGE all lands and tenements at age 24 on condition that he allows son-in-law John CRICKMER to posess and occupy tenement in Brockdish called Clayes, late in the tenancy of William CLAYE the elder, containing est 6 acres, until Daniel is 21, the profits thereof to John CRICKMER until he is 21. If Daniel dies before age 21, all property to belchild Anne SPALDINGE, or if she dies without issue, to 2 daughters Sible and Margaret.

To belchild Anne SPALDINGE 10 marks to be paid by John CRICKMER half at age 20 and half twelve months after. To each daughter 6s 8d. To belchild John SAYE 13s 4d. To any other belchild 3s 4d.

To Daniel SPALDINGE 2 Pewter platters, one of the best and one of the worst, great spit, pewter saucer, pair of sheets, pillow beare, 2 kerchers, the fold table in my hall with the forms, the cupboard in the hall, my best bedstead, a cowl, little table, a little coffer and a chair.

To Sibell CUNNINGHAM, my daughter a pewter platter, great brass pot, little brass pan with 2 -----, my bedstead covering, best gown, best hat, a drible raple and mantle.

To Agnes CUNNINGHAM best candlestick. To Sibell CUNNINGHAM a pewter platter.To Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM a little sterte pan and a pair of ------ quearies. To Sibell daughter of John CUNNINGHAM 3s 4d.

To daughter Margaret CRICKMORE a pewter platter, a feather bed with a bolster of tyke, best kirtle, a chaffing dish, a little brass kettle, an andiron and a double rail. To William CRICKMER a pewter platter. To John CRICKMER a little candlestick.

To John CUNNINGHAM the taylor a great pewter platter.To Edenye CRICKMER 1 pewter platter. To Anne SPALDINGE a roasting iron, a frying pan, a binge to salt cheese in, a fire pan and a pair of tongs, my greatest coffer, best blanket, best hanging brass kettle, a stert pan, a little spit and andiron, a pewter platter, a skoomer, 2 cutsinges one of the best pair of silver taches, a silver pin, a chair, a donge, and bed covering of fote work, greatest brass pan with 2 cares and a dripping pan and all residue of linen.

To Agnes SAYE 20s. To son-in-law John CRICKMER 23s 4d to teach Daniel SPALDINGE his occupation. After Daniel comes of age he is to pay to belchild Anne SPALDINGE 20s yearly for life.

To Godfrey TAYLOR 2 milk kyne if he pays 40s for them, of this money 6s 8d to daughter Sibell CUNNINGHAM, 6s 8d to Anne TAYLOR wife of the said Godfreye, 6s 8d to William TAYLOR, son of the said Godfrey, 20s to keeping of me in my sickness. Any residue that remains to said Godfrey.

Executors son-in-law John CRICKMER and daughter Sibell CUNNINGHAM. Godfrey TAYLOR to break up the pightle against my mansion house. Residue to disposition of Executors. John CUNNINGHAM supervisor.

Witnesses: William HAYWARDE, John YUMANNE, Clerk, Henry TAYLOR, William NORTON.

Will proved 8 Oct 1563

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