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These wills were transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

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Robert of Hoxne 1552
Robert of Hoxne 1599
William of Hoxne 1623

In this will, reference is made to tayntoiuors. These were tools used for dying cloth, from which it may be deduced that Robert was involved in the cloth industry. His son Robert was described as a Shearer, but this of course is a seasonal job, and perhaps the wool was dyed and spun if not woven. His grandson is described as a cloth worker.
The querns referred to were pairs of stones used to convert grain into flour. "Ingate" and "outgate" meant a person's access in and out. Houses "under one roof" probably meant one or more rooms in a house used for a specific purpose. A firkin was a small keg equivalent to a quarter barrel or half a kilderkin. It is evident from the sums of money mentioned that this was a well to do family - 10 in 1553 is worth about 8000 in 2001, yet Robert only had two cows. It implies that he had the cows for milk for the family rather than as any kind of farming practice and that his income derived from the cloth trade.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk will 1553 IC/AA2/16/491

Robert CRYKMERE of Hoxne 4 Jan 1552

To the table of Hoxne 12d. I bequeath to Jone my wife for the term of her life for the keeping up of my two children Thomas and Alyce all my inset houses being under one roof with all the lands pertaining thereunto. I will that she shall have her ingate and outgate at all times in the back house to the querns and to the oven to bake and to grind, and the said querns to be her own.

I bequeath to Robert my son the back house and my working house, my stable all under one roof, paying to Jone my wife 10 by the space of 10 years by equal payments, that is to say at the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady 10s and at the feast of St Michael the Archangel other 10s until the said 10 be fully contented and paid.

I will that Robert my son shall pay to my son Wyllm 40s by the space of 6 years....every year 6s 8d until the said 40s be fully contented and paid, and to begin the said payment the third year after my decease.

I will that Jone my wife shall have the hay house to lay in her hay and to go to the well and into every yard. I will that my son Robert shall have my tayntoiuors and all my implements pertaining to my occupation and my horse saddle and bridle with the occupation of my yards. I will that my son Robert shall let Jone my wife have the easement of my horse to the mill and to the market at all convenient and needful times. I bequeath to my son Robert my grindstone to grind his shears withal.

I will that Robert my son shall pay to Jone my wife every year for his horse pasture 4s. I bequeath to Jone my wife my two kine.

I give and bequeath to Robert my son after my wife's decease all my halls, tenements and lands lying and being within the town of Hoxne, and if my son Robert die without issue lawfully begotten of his body then my said tenements and lands to remain to Thomas my son and to the issue of his body lawfully begotten for ever.

I bequeath to the said Robert a little brass pot and a pair of pothooks, a great white coffer, two pewter dishes, as try... platter, a little firkin of 3 gallons, a form, a stool, a table, a pail, a drinking .....

I will that if Jone my wife dies before my said children Thomas and Alyce come to the age of 15 years, then I will that my said son Robert to keep up and see my said children to be brought up accordingly until they come to the said age.

The residue of all my goods both moveable and immovable not bequeathed, I put them into the disposition of Jone my wife to the bringing up of my children and to the performance of this my testament and last will and I ordain and make the said Jone my wife to be my executrix and I make Robert HOLTE my supervisor for whom I give for his labour 20d. Surrender of my lands and tenements delivered into the hands of Robert Gower the elder, yeoman.

Witnesses: Wyllm CRESNER, Thomas PUNT, Robert HOLTE with others

Will proved 18 Apr 1553

This next will is of the Robert who was the prime beneficiary in the previous will. Billets are split logs, and faggots are bundles of thinner wood

Norwich Consistory Court will 1602 21 Candler

Robert CRICKMER of Hoxne, Shearman 12 Mar 1599

To son William CRICKMER all lands, houses etc in Hoxne on condition he pays legacies. To wife Alice 3 and two loads of wood, one of billet, the other of faggots, every year in four instalments for life. Alice to have parlour and the chamber above the parlour yard and garden for life.

To son Thomas CRICKMER 20s a year during the life of wife Alice, thereafter 40s a year for life. To daughter Jone 20, paid as 5 within one year of decease of wife Alice, and so yearly thereafter until 20 is paid, provided that John SALTER the elder of Hoxne does not sufficiently assure his son John SALTER, husband to the said Joan, of the value of 100 by land or moveable goods, in which case Joan to receive only 20s a year until 20 is paid. If Joan dies before full payment is made, balance to go to her son John SALTER at age 21.

If son William dies without heirs, lands to go to son Thomas. If son Thomas dies without heirs, lands to go to daughter Joan.

To son William, all implements, leads, shears, tainters handles and all other tools of trade. Residue to wife Alice. Executors wife Alice and Walter WHITLOCKE of Eye, Yeoman. 10s to him for his pains.

Witnesses: John GOSLING als GOSLINGHAM, Philip BOWEN, Walter WHITLINGE, Edmund SAD.

Proved 27 Apr 1602

Norwich Consistory Court will 1627 Traver 256

William CRICKMERE of Hoxne, Suffolk, cloth worker 19 Jan 16 James 1623

To wife Marie, house and lands in Hoxne for life on condition she brings up youngest daughter Mary CRICKMERE in good and virtuous education to the age of 21. To daughters Johanne and Marye the tenement where testator now dwells, after the decease of wife. To daughter Millicent, after the decease of wife, land est 3 acres called Daltones Close in Hoxne. Wife Maria executrix.

Witnesses: Roger BENTON, John HOLMES, John PRESTON

will proved 16 June 1627.

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