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These wills were transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

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Beatrix Krykmer 1509
Robert Crickmay 1521
John Crickmay 1558

A Trentall was 30 sung requiem masses

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1510, 266 Spyltimbre

Beatrix KRYKEMER of Norwich, widow, late the wife of Richard KYRKMER of Norwich 7 May 1509

To be buried in the Church of St Stephen in Norwich. To the high altar there 3s 4d. To the reparations of the said church 6s 8p. To our Lady in the said church of St Stephen my best beads to wear round her neck on good days. I will have a trentall singing in the said church of St Stephen as soon after my decease as it may be conveniently sung else on a day if it may be easily done. I give to the reparation of the church at Woodbastwick 6s 8d. I bequeath to the reparation of the church of St John Sepulcher in Ber Street 6s 8d.

I bequeath to Katryn DAY, my niece my best gown and my best brass pot. I bequeath to Beatrix DAY my goddaughter my second pair of coral beads.

I bequeath to Isabell DEY my neice's daughter my worst red girdle. I give to John [Joan?] DEY, William DAY's wife, my worst black girdle. I bequeath to Mawt DAY, the wife of Richard DAY my blue gown furres, next the best.

I bequeath to Margaret CLEMENS of Wreningham a pair of beads of jet gaudied with silver gilt and an ----- hanging thereupon.

The residue of all my goods not bequeathed I bequeath to the disposition of my executor, Thome. Day, citizen of Norwich, Butcher, and I give him for his labour 13s 4d and a black gown. Also I give licence to my executor to buy such stuff as I have if it is preferred.

Witnesses: Sir Richard SKYPP, priest, Edward NORMAN, Thomas GRIEVE and others.

Proved: 27 May 1510

Note: The next will, although applying to a Robert Of Norwich, indicates his Shotesham origin. It is interesting to note that at this time, Shotesham supported three churches. Which had the high altar is not clear.

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1521, 108 Alabaster

Robert CRYKMAY 20 Dec 1521

To be buried in the churchyard of St Michael in Coslany. To the high altar at Shotesham 2s. To reparations of the said church 13s 4d. To the guild of St John in the said church 12d. To the ..... guild in the same town 12d.

I will have sung for my soul a trentall of masses. I bequeath to 3 orders of Friars - every house 12d. I bequeath to the Cathedral Church in Norwich 12d. I bequeath to the three churches in Shotesham to each of them 12d.

I bequeath to each of my godchildren 12d. I bequeath to Alice CRYKMAY 3s 4d. I bequeath to Elizabeth CRYKMAY 6s 8d. I bequeath to Beatrix CRYKMAY 6s 8d. I bequeath to each child of John CRYKMAY of Norwich 12d. I bequeath to Johane the servant of John CRYKMAY 12d. I bequeath to the middlest John CRYKMAY 12d. To Robert CRYKMAY 12d. To Elizabeth CRYKMAY 12d. To Alice COBALD my .... To John CRYKMAY the oldest and John CRYKMAY the youngest, each of the 12d to buy them ..... clothes. To John LEWALD 12d. To Robert LEWALD 12d. I will that Alis LEWALD have 3s 4d that I owe her.

I will have at my burial day .... for my soul 4 marks.... the residue of my goods unbequeathed I give them to my executor to dispose for my soul, whom I ordain John CRYKMAY of Norwich, Baker, and I give him for his labour 13s 4d.

Witnesses: Willm BURLINGHAM, parson of the church of St Michael Coslany, Robert REYNALD with others

Proved 3 Jan 1521/2

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1558, 214 Jerves

John CRICKMEY of St Margaret in Norwich, 8 May 1558

To reparations of the church 40s.

To my eldest son John best gown and 20s in money.

To son Robert, house in St Swithin's late purchased of Robert EFFORD in fee simple.

To second son John, house with the barn in St Mary Coslany late purchased of HARMAN and 20 to be paid within 5 years.

To Robert CRICKMAY my godson 10s, To Robert CRICKMAY the younger my brother's son 20s. To Margaret BENSON, now my servant, 20s. To every other of my godchildren 12d.

Executors yearly to to give and dispose 5 combs of wheat baked into bread for the relief and comfort of poor people.

To Beatrice, my wife, all this my messuage that I now dwell in for the term of her widowhood, to sell it if she remarries, and if John my second son will buy it, him to have preference.

To John CRICKMEY my godson, son of John CRICKMEY my second son 10 at age 21. To 2 daughters of the said son, Agnes and Beatryce, 5 each at age 21.

Residue to wife Beatryce, sole executrix, eldest son John and Thomas JOHNSONNE supervisors, 20s to each of them.

Witnesses: Robert MOGGES, Willm LYNNE, Willm TEBOLDE & others.

Proved: 5 Sep 1558

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