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These wills were transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

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Alice 1491
Robert 1521
John 1558

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1491, 127 Awbreye

Alice CRYKEMAY of Shotesham, widow. 20 Nov 1491

To my daughter Beatrice my best cloak, and to Isabell my daughter my best coverlet. I bequeath to Alice CRYKEMAY 2 silver spoons and to Margarete CRYKEMAY 2 silver spoons and my best gown. I will and bequeath to Robte CRYKEMAY the elder those 40s that John CRYKMAY the elder, my late husband in his testament bequeathed and assigned to me and those 3s 4d to me and which.......specified in the same testament to bury me with and to pay all my legacies above......

The residue of all my other goods and chattels not bequeathed together with all my other debts to me owing I give and bequeath them to the hands of the foresaid Robt CRYKEMY whom I make my executor

Proved 1 Mar 1491/2

Note: The next will, although applying to a Robert Of Norwich, indicates his Shotesham origin. A Trentall was 30 sung requiem masses. It is interesting to note that at this time, Shotesham supported three churches. Which had the high altar is not clear.

Norwich Consistory Court, Will 1521, 108 Alabaster

Robert CRYKMAY 20 Dec 1521

To be buried in the churchyard of St Michael in Coslany. To the high altar at Shotesham 2s. To reparations of the said church 13s 4d. To the guild of St John in the said church 12d. To the ..... guild in the same town 12d.

I will have sung for my soul a trentall of masses. I bequeath to 3 orders of Friars - every house 12d. I bequeath to the Cathedral Church in Norwich 12d. I bequeath to the three churches in Shotesham to each of them 12d.

I bequeath to each of my godchildren 12d. I bequeath to Alice CRYKMAY 3s 4d. I bequeath to Elizabeth CRYKMAY 6s 8d. I bequeath to Beatrix CRYKMAY 6s 8d. I bequeath to each child of John CRYKMAY of Norwich 12d. I bequeath to Johane the servant of John CRYKMAY 12d. I bequeath to the middlest John CRYKMAY 12d. To Robert CRYKMAY 12d. To Elizabeth CRYKMAY 12d. To Alice COBALD my .... To John CRYKMAY the oldest and John CRYKMAY the youngest, each of the 12d to buy them ..... clothes. To John LEWALD 12d. To Robert LEWALD 12d. I will that Alis LEWALD have 3s 4d that I owe her.

I will have at my burial day .... for my soul 4 marks.... the residue of my goods unbequeathed I give them to my executor to dispose for my soul, whom I ordain John CRYKMAY of Norwich, Baker, and I give him for his labour 13s 4d.

Witnesses: Willm BURLINGHAM, parson of the church of St Michael Coslany, Robert REYNALD with others

Proved 3 Jan 1521/2

This next will is odd in that John seems to have two sons named John and two named Robert. Perhaps he was married twice?

Archdeaconary of Norfolk, Will 1562, 466 Postyll

John CRYKMER the elder of Shottisham, husbandman. 1558

To the high altar of Shotesham All Saints 3s 4d. 20s a year to 5 years to the priest and poor. For reparations of the church 6s 8d.

Eldest son John to have mesuage with home stall, 6 acres of land called Burnys and an acre of meadow lying in South Meadow. Also all Pentney land except one acre at Brode Plough, 3 half acres in Sow Crofte, also 6 acres 3 roods lying in Northcroft field, also 3 half acres called Gyssing Lande, also an acre called Hungate Pightle, also two acres and a half in Hall Field, also 1 rood lying in Foxe Hole Close and half an acre lying in Sheep Pightle, also I give to him all the lands lying in Heycrofte both free and bond, also all the copyhold that I hold of the Manor of Broke except 2 acres lying at the Clerke and a rood at Gryxes Ditch and three half acres lying in Pylcocke to him and his heirs.

I give unto Old Robert my son 1 acre at Brode Plough, three half acres at Sowcroft, three half acres at Pylcocke & a rood at Gryxes Ditch, 2 acres at the Blecke to him and his heirs

I give unto Robert my son a close called Wolfurde Close also the Lownde, also 3 acres at Gorges for him and his assignees. The same Robert, my youngest son to have use and occupation of the house that I live in for two years.

To John my son of Porlonde, 3 to be paid by three sons, John, Robert and Robert within one year.

To Besse my daughter 2 kine, a brass pot and pan & a kettle and 40s

Executors John eldest son, & sons Robert and Robert.

Wits: Thomas GURNEY, Robert COPPYN, Stephen GURNEY, John UNDERWOOD, John MEKE the younger.

Will proved: 6 Feb 1562

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