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These wills were transcribed by David Booty, to whom many thanks. You can contact him here.

Alice 1534
John 1540
Matilda 1544

The first will is of Alyce who was almost certainly the widow of John Crickmer, tailor of Syleham who was subject to a subsidy return in 1524. The brass possenett mentioned was a dolly used in washing clothes - particularly precious to a tailor. There seems to have been a second one made of steel.


widow of Syleham. The Sunday before May Day 1534

To the white high altar for tithes forgotten I give 12p.

I give to Thomas CRYKEMEY of Ipswich my son 13s 4d part of the sum of 40s which he owes me, and the residue of the said 40s I will that the same Thomas shall content and pay unto John, my son of Syleham within two years next after my decease that is to say each year 13s 4d.

I give to John CRYKEMAYE the younger of Syleham a brass possenett with a steale and to Maryon CRYKEMAY a pewter dish.

I give to William CRYKEMAY the son of Thomas CRYKEMAY a kettle of two gallons. I bequeath to Robt my son a pan with 2 Crys.

I will that John CRYKEMAYE my son of Syleham shall have my cottage with the apputenances called Scotts Pightle lying and being in Swylland to hold to him and his heirs paying to Robt CRYKEMAY of Hoxne and Isabel my daughter of Helmingham to each of them 3s 4d if it may be born of my goods.

The residue of all my other goods and moveables not bequeathed I commit them unto the disposition of John CRYKEMEYE my son of Syleham whom I ordain and make my executor to perform this my will and do for me as he shall see most pleasing to God and the profit of my soul.

Witnesses: Robt SEXTEYN, Robt FFYSHER, Robt CRYKMEY of Hoxne with Sir William STOVER, curate of Syleham aforesaid.......

Alyce CRYKEMAY surrendered at the day above said the foresaid cottage with appurtenances in the hands of Thomas.... of Otley in the presence of John..... of Swylland, Rob SEXTEN, Robt FFYSHER

Proved 2 Dec 1540

Archdeaconry of Suffolk will 1540 IC/AA2/13/315

John CRYKMERE the elder of Syleham 1540

To the high altar 8d. To John CRYKEMERE my son my great brass pot, one brass pan with 2 crys, a sterte pan, 2 pewter dishes, a platter, a sprusse hutch, and a bed with all that belongs to it.

I bequeath to Maryon my daughter a great caldron, a brass pot, 3 pewter dishes, a platter, a sterte pan, a great hutch, a little coffer, and a bed with all that belongs to it.

I will that John my son shall have all my house and lands, and if John my son dies without issue of his body lawfully begotten, then to remain to Maryon my daughter, and if she dies without lawful issue of her body, then to remain to the next of the same blood.

I bequeath to John my son a tenement called Scottis Pightle in Swylland out of the which tenement I will that my son pay to Maryon my daughter a noble at the day of her marriage and so yearly a noble until 20s be paid.

I bequeath to William WOODE 1 cow and a lamb. I bequeath to Alyce CRYKEMERE a sheet. The residue of my goods not given or bequeathed I put them to the disposition of my executor whom I make and ordain John my son and Johan my wife, and supervisor Robt. CRYKEMERE of Hoxne.

Witnesses: Nycholas THURLYNG, Robt. COKESON, Robt. CRYKEMERE

Will proved 2 Dec 1540
Definitions for meanings in the above will include: A sprusse hutch is a chest for storage made of spruce; a sterte pan means a starting pan, and a coffer is a small chest for storing papers etc. A noble was a gold coin worth 6s 8d first minted in the reign of Edward III. (ie 3 nobles = 1, although after 1600 the value seems to have increased to 10s, making it 2 nobles to the pound.)

Note: this will is almost illegible: a summary is given

Archdeaconry of Suffolk will 1544 IC/AA2/15/53

Matilda CRYKKEMERE of Syleham widow Weybread.

Legacies to church. to Alyce COKE, goddaughter. to 4 children of Wyllyam COOKE, viz: Joyn, Katryn, Margaret and Marye. To Margaret COOKE a cow. To Mawte FOX...... To Robert KATTYLL my godson 6s 8d. To Thomas COOKE 3s 4d. To Rychard FOX and Jamys FOX have each of them 3s 4d... to Isabell my daughter...

Proved 2 Mar 1544

[Note: Robert KATTYLL (Kettle variant) married Catherine NORMAN 1583 in Norwich]

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