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Relevance: The Dent families are descended via Mary Ann MEWSE from our common ancestors Samuel MEWSE amd Mary Cross.

Last update 14 Nov 2013

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Gooders...Hales...Harding abt 1920...Harding abt 1905...Harris...Hooker...Hopwood...Kitchen...Laverick...Levett
Scarfe...Shedlow...Siddell...Skinner...Sparshot...Stephenson...Stiller...Taylor 1924...Taylor 1962...Tooley...Walker 1877...Walker 1925


1 Aaron DENT (b 1780 Hickling d 3rd qr 1855) m Mary Ann POPE (b 26 Sep 1770 Thurlton)

Note: Aaron was the son of Isaac DENT and Sarah and was a miller in 1842 In 1851 a grandson, William TOOLEY a master miller was living with Aaron. Mary was the daughter of Henry POPE and Mary SHEDLOW

Children of Aaron and Mary
Elizabeth Dent b abt 1799 Blundeston
3......Maria Dent b abt 1805 Bundeston with Flixton d 12 Nov 1884 Inchture, Scotland m (a) John BAILEY abt 1839 (b) Samuel BAILEY of Hethersett 7 Feb 1826 Lowestoft St Margarets
Witnesses to the marriage were Aaron sen and jun and Marriane DENT, Mary GOODERS, Elizabeth TOOLEY and Harriet MILLER
4......Harriet Dent b abt 1808 bur 5 Sep 1839 Blundeston
5......Mary Ann Dent b abt 1810
6......Aaron Dent b 29 Aug 1807 Hickling Nfk bap 31 Aug 1807 d 1872
Note: Aaron is recorded in Lowestoft in the 1861 census living at 10 Jacob's Street, Lowestoft. The 1871 census shows him as a pauper inmate at Oulton House of Industry

In this generation too, there is a Matthew DENT, b abt 1794 Martham, a shoemaker, living alone at 169 High Street Lowestoft in 1861

7 Thomas JACKSON (b 1755 d 23 Dec 1849) m Martha BULL (b 12 Jun 1759 d 23 Mar 1849) 6 Nov 1796

Children of Thomas and Martha
8......Benjamin Jackson b 16 Aug 1795 Blundeston d 5 Jul 1862 m Mary FARROW (b 1793 Sotterley) 20 Mar 1819
Note: Benjamin was a master bricklayer at 11 High St Blundeston in 1851. No issue
Thomas Jackson b 2 Sep 1797 Blundeston [ see advertisement for the sale of his mill on his retirement here]
10....Elizabeth Jackson b 28 May 1801 Blundeston
11....John Jackson b 28 Dec 1802 Blundeston bur 5 Aug 1853 Blundeston
12....Christmas Jackson b 25 Dec 1804 Blundeston


2 Elizabeth DENT m Robert TOOLEY 5 Mar 1820

Note: In 1841 the family was living at Church Pl., Gt Yarmouth. Also living there were five children who may be nephews and nieces.These were William aged 10, Mary Ann aged 8, Caroline aged 4, Robert aged 2 and Richard aged 1.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
13......Sarah Tooley bap 17 Jan 1821 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
14......Robert Tooley bap 14 Aug 1822 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
15......Sarah Elizabeth Tooley bap 1 Jun 1824 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
16......Charles Tooley b 1828 Gt Yarmouth
17......Maria Frances Tooley bap 5 Jun 1826 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
18......Aaron Robert Tooley bap 22 May 1828 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
19......Mary Ann Tooley bap 13 Jul 1822 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
20......Caroline H Tooley b 1837 Gt Yarmouth d 14 Jan 1916 Lowestoft
21......Robert Dent Tooley b 3rd qr 1838 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1901 Gt Yarmouth
22......Richard Walter b 4th qr 1839 Gt Yarmouth

9Thomas JACKSON m Susan

Children of Thomas and Susan
23......Alfred Jackson bap 2 Feb 1823
24......Clarissa Jackson bap 16 Jul 1826
25......Adelaide Jackson bap 6 Feb 1831
26......William Nelson Jackson b 21 Sep 1834
27......Augustus Benjamin Jackson bap 27 Jan 1833 Blundeston bap 11 Aug 1861 Blundeston with Flkixton d 2 Jan 1943 London

5 Mary Ann DENT m 11 John JACKSON (b 28 Dec 1802)14 Aug 1831 Blundeston with Flixton

Note: Witnesses to wedding were Aaron and Harriet DENT, Robert and Elizabeth TOOLEY
Children of John and Mary Ann
28......Horace b 2 Jun 1833 Blundeston

6Aaron DENT m (a) Harriet SKINNER (b abt 1812 bur 5 Sep 1839 Blundeston with Flixton ) 22 Feb 1831 Blundeston, (b) 6b Mary Ann MEWSE (b abt 1823) 11 Aug 1842 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas. [See Mewse Branch]

Note: a). Aaron, a miller, was a widower in 1841, and Mary Ann Mewse, 19 was living with Aaron (as housekeeper?) at 108 Beccles Rd, Lowestoft in 1841. Mary Ann was the daughter of Daniel MEWSE and Elizabeth CROSS who lived next door. In 1851 they were living with William LOVE and family at 174 Church Rd, but only had Henry with them: the other children were with the Mewse family at 221 Corn.... Lane. 1861 saw Aaron living at 10 Jacob's Street, Lowestoft. In 1871 Aaron was a "pauper inmate" in the House of Industry

b). Mary Ann outlasted Aaron and married James Taylor, born in Cratfield and ten years younger than herself: in 1881 she is living with James and has her son James A Dent there as James' stepson at 28 Ferdinand Place, St Pancras, together with children George T and Alfred J Taylor aged 8 and 5 repectively

Children of Aaron and Harriet
29......Robert Dent bap 13 Nov 1832 Blundeston bur 17 Apr 1836 Blundeston
30......Harriet Dentbap 18 Sep 1833 Pakefield d bef 1845 bur 5 Sep 1839 Blundeston
31......William Dent bap 23 Feb 1836 Blundeston
32......Mary Ann Dent b 1837 Lowestoft m Thomas William BRADLEY 1st qr 1860 [Pancras 1b 103]
33......Maria Dent b 1st qr 1839 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 437]

Children of Aaron and Mary Ann
34......Henry Dent b 1842 Lowestoft
Harriet Dent b 1st qr 1845 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 489] 31 May 1931
36......Susannah Dent b 5 Feb 1848 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 489] d 31 May 1931 aged 83 at 69 Chestnut Rd Peverell, Plymouth m Robert ROWE (b 1841 d 1914) 1st qr 1870 [Pancras 1b 207]
Henry (Harry) Dent b 3rd qr 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 489] (mariner in 1871 lodging as Harry with the Jolly family at ?Oacock Street) d 16 Feb 1935 aged 84 bur at North Cemetaery, Hart Lane, Hartlepool
Note: Henry is recorded has having made 2 voyages on the "Champion" - a coaster - between 3 Apr and 16 May 1867: his previous ship is shown as "Index". It is probable that he moved to Hartlepool where he is shown in the 1881 census
38......James Aaron Dent b 1st qr 1853 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 677] (labourer at a mill in 1871, lodging with the Jolly family as 20 Henry) d 2nd apr 1930 Lavenham
39......Eliza Phillis Dent bap 25 Feb 1854 bur 20 Mar 1857 Lowestoft
40......Catherine Eliza Dent b 1858 Lowestoft d 6 Feb 1932 Toronto m Samuel CLARK abt 1879
Note: Samuel and Catherine emigrated to Canada after 1881. Catherine is buried in Prospect cemetery, Toronto (section 22 asg 8469

41 Jacob Barnston DENT b 1830 Gt Yarmouth m Jemima DURRANT (b 1836 Gorleston) 1st qr 1857 [Docking 4b 581]

Note: Jacob was a seaman in the Merchant Navy living at 19 Clemence St Lowestoft in 1861

Child of Jacob and Jemima

42......Charles Robert Dent b 4th qr 1860 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 620]


43 Augustus Benjamin JACKSON m Susanna SCARFE (b 25 Oct 1835 Corton) 3rd qr 1854 Corton [Mutford 4a 937]

Note: In 1861 the family was at the Street, Blundeston where Augustus Benjamin was a bricklayer employing 3 men and 3 labouers. The family seems to be missing from the 1871 census but in 1881 Susanna is a widow and a housekeeper at Claremont House, Kirkley. In 1891 she was a Lodging House Keeper at 2 Esplanade, Lowestoft. [see advertisement Augustus Benjamin placed for sale of his uncles mill here ] The census return shows Augustus calling himself Benjamin

Children of Augustus and Susanna
44......Thomas Jackson b 1st qr 1854 Blundeston [Mutford 4a 884]
45......Benjamin Augustus Jackson27 b 9 Dec 1858 d 2 Jan 1943
46......William Jacksonb 2nd qr 1859 Blundeston [Mutford 4a 455]
47......Mary Ann Jackson b 1863 Blundeston [census]
Note: Mary Ann had an illegitimate son, 48......Edward Aubrey whilst in service: he was killed in the Battle of the Somme 3 Sep 1916, having been brought up by J18 Benjamin Augustus and his wife, Martha Matilda> Before going to war, Edward had discovered that they were not his parents but his uncle and aunt, but he still called them Mum and Father in correspondence In 1881 Mary was a servant at Claremont House, Kirkley
49......Harry Jackson b 1864 Blundeston
50......Charlotte Jackson b 4th qr 1865 Blundeston [Mutford 4a 656]
Note: In 1881 Charlotte was a shp assistant
51......Arthur Jackson dob unknown

31 William DENT m Caroline PERKINS

Children of William and Caroline
52......Esther Helen Dent b 19 May 1863 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia
53......Patrick William Dent b 5 Oct 1865 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia d 13 Jun 1945 Boyup Brook, Western Australia m Mary "Polly" PRIEST (b 1873 Stuart Town, NSW d 27 Apr 1904 Stuart Town, NSW
Note: In 1906 the family was living at Jayes, Swan, Western Australia
54......Agen Galatea Dent b 12 Aug 1868 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia d 8 Dec 1869 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia
55......Annie Jean Dent b 1873 d 1959 aged 86 Fremantle, Western Australia
56......George Perkins Dent b 8 Feb 1874 d 1930
57......Ellen Elizabeth Dent b 17 Apr 1876 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia
58......Amy Caroline Dent b 2 Nov 1878 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia d 8 Jan 1956 Perth, WA
59......unnamed boy b 6 Jun 1880 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia
60......Alice Maud Dent b 13 Sep 1881 Encounter Bay, Port Elliott, South Australia d 23 Oct 1961 Boyup Brook aged 80 WA m Charles William HALES 31 Dec 1901 Stuart Range, South Australia

35......Harriet DENT m William DANIELS (b abt 1840 Hemblington, Nfk, d 1922)

Note: William was one of the few survivors of the loss of the ss London, of which there is an account here

Children of William and Harriet
61......Elizabeth Maria (Tottie) Daniels b abt 1868 St Pancras, d 1873, Poplar bur at Bow
62......Emma Florence Daniels b abt 1869 d as infant
63......Harriet Ellen Daniels b 1871 d 1961
26......Alice Maud Daniels b 1877 d 1969 [issue: 1 child, 3 grandchildren, 8 greatgrandchildren]
64......Edith (Edie) Daniels b abt 1879 m Bob FLETCHER [issue: 6 children, 1 grandchild]
65......May Daniels b abt 1881 m Frederick HARDING abt 1905 [issue: 1 child, 1 grandchild]
66......Amy Daniels b 1884 d 1963 m Bill WASHINGTON wid
Note: Bill and Amy lived at Commercial Road, Stepney E1

67......Lilian Daniels b 1886 d 1962

37 Henry DENT m Sarah Elizabeth BUDD (b abt 1859 bur 14 Mar 1931) 20 Dec 1880 St Hilda's Church, Hartlepool

Note: Henry gave his age as 26 instead of 30 at marriage. Sarah Elizabeth's father was Joseph BUDD (mariner, tugboat man) and he and Jane Ann COWLEY were witnesses. Extract from the Northern Daily Mail of 10 Mar 1931, death announcements:

"At 5 Princess Street, Hartlepool, Sarah Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Harry Dent, aged 71."

Sarah was bur 14 Mar 1931 at 3 pm

Children of Henry and Sarah Elizabeth
68......Alfred Dent b 10 William St Hartlepool bap 6 May 1883 St Hilda's Church, Hartlepool
69......Flora Dent b 10 William St, Hartlepool bap 13 Mar 1887 Hartlepool m ?
70......Harry or Henry Dent b 10 William St, Hartlepool bap 27 Jan 1889 Hartlepool
In 1911 Harry was a dock gateman
71......Ethel Dent b at 10 William St, Hartlepool bap 1 Apr 1891 Hartlepool
72......Maud Dent b 10 William St, Hartlepool, bap 5 Feb 1893 Hartlepool m Anthony LAVERICK 17 Jan 1915 St Hilda's Church, Hartlepool [issue: 73......Gladys Dent]
Note: at the time of her marriage in 1815 she lived at 5 Princess St, Hartlepool, and Anthony was at 12 Baptist St, Hartlepool
74......Aaron Dent b 24 Apr 1895 Hartlepool bur 24 Sep 1895 North Cemetery Hart Lane, Hartlepool
75......Eva Dent b 4 Oct 1896 Hartlepool bur 21 Mar 1899 Hart Lane Hartlepool
4th qr 1908 [Auckland 10a 407]
76......Gertrude b 25 Sep 1898 Hartlepool with unknown [issue: Albert]
Aaron Dent b 19 Nov 1900 bap 6 Jan 1901 St Hilda's Church Hartlepool d June 1994 North Cleveland
78......Sarah Elizabeth Dent b 31 Aug 1905 bap 1 Oct 1905 St Hilda's Church Hartlepool m David

38 James Aaron DENT m Elizabeth WALKER 25 May 1877 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 655]

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph WALKER and Maria MITCHELL In 1881 James was a coconut matting weaver and Elizabeth a horse hair weaver. They lived at Church Street, Lavenham, Suffolk. In 1891 they had the same occupations but were living at Lady Street, Lavenham

Children of James and Elizabeth
79......James William Dent b 2nd qr 1878 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 561] bap 7 Jul 1878 Lavenham
Note: James was a brush warp weaver and mat weaver in 1901
80......Bertram Dent b 4th qr 1880 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 548] d 1881 Lavenham
81......Maud Ellen Dent b 3rd qr 1884 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 638] m Harry LONG 27 Oct 1906 Lavenham
82......William Dent b 2nd qr 1888 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 700]
83......Florence Dent b 1st qr 1892 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 745]
84......Arthur Dent b 4th qr 1894 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 753]

85 Stephen RICE m Marie SPARSHOT

Note: The family lived at 2 Poplar Cottage, North Cheam, next door to May and Annie BAKER Marie's half sisters. In 1911 they were at Burdett's Cottages, Cheam but the four yoingest children were with Sarah Clark SPARSHOTT (b 1827 Morden) their maternal grandmother who lived at 1 Burdetts Cottages Cheam. Stephen was a gardener

Children of Stephen and Marie
86......Richard George James Rice b 1888 Croydon m Lizzie (issue: Dick)
Note: Richard was a gardener in 1911 and was killed in action in WW1
87......Walter John Benskin Rice b 1890 Croydon
Note: Walter was a gardener in 1911 and served in WW1 in the army (ASC)
88......Jack Rice b 1895 Cheam
Note: Jack was killed in action in WW1
89......Harry Rice b 1898 Cheam m Maggie (?) (Issue: 4 boys and 2 girls
Note: Harry served in the Royal Navy in WW1
Charles Rice
Note: Charles changed his name to PRICE. He served in the army in WW1. His eldest son was killed in action in Burma in WW2
91......Bill Rice m Eve (issue: 2 boys)
Note: Bill served in the navy in WW1
92......Maggie Rice b 1901 Cheam m George LEVETT (George served in Royal Engineers in WW1)
93......Annie Rice b 1903 Cheam m Eric HARDING (issue: 1 boy 1 girl)
94......Arthur Rice b 1905 Cheam m Mary (issue 1 boy 1 girl)
95......Eric Rice b 1907 Cheam m Emily (issue 1 boy)


27 Benjamin Augustus JACKSON m Martha Matilda PEARCE (b Chippenham 1863) 4th qr 1880 [St Saviour 1d 152]

Note: In 1881 Banjamin and Martha were living at 29 Princes Street, Christchurch, Southwark where Benjamin was a "General List Letter Office (C S Mess)" . The 1891 census shows the family at 31 Windsor Terrace, St Luke, London and that Benjamin was a stationer's packer and caretaker

Children of Benjamin and Martha
96......Dorothy Jackson bap 20 May 1885 Southwark d 2nd qr 1961 m George BROADHEAD 4 Jan 1914 Stepney (issue: 5 children)
97......Edward Aubrey Jackson b 7 Mar 1893 London d 3 Sep 1916 Battle of the Somme, Picardie.
98......Eva Anna Jackson bap 3 Sep 1893 Southwark m Charles J H TAYLOR 2nd qr 1924 Southwark
99......Ida Florence Jackson bap 26 Sep 1897 d Jul 1983 m James DICKSON 25 Dec 1919 Holy Trinity Newington

50 Charlotte JACKSON m George HARRIS (b 1863 Pulham St Mary) 4th qr 1885 [Mutford 4a 1757]

Note: In 1891 the family were at 12 Marion Road, Norwich and George was a railway clerk

Children of George and Charlotte
100......George T Harris b 1888 Lowestoft
101......Gladys S Harris b 1889 Norwich
102......Lily M Harris b 1890 Norwich

53 Patrick William DENT m Mary "Polly" PRIEST 1900 Stuart Town, NSW

Child of Patrick and Mary
103......Adelaide Annie Prestina Dent b 26 Jun 1903 d 5 Oct 1969 Salisbury, South Australia m John Capel DUTTON (b 1 Nov 1897 37 Bridge House Farm, Ladywell, Lewisham UK d 24 Jun 1977 Salisbury, Australia) 1927.

63 Harriet Ellen (Nell) DANIELS m William CATER (b 1866, d 1933) in 1893

Children of William and Harriet
104......William Cater b 26 Feb 1895 d 8 Feb 1961
105......Alfred Daniels Cater b 30 Nov 1893 d 18 Dec 1969
106......Nellie Florence Cater b 6 Jan 1901 d 9 Feb 1967
107......Arthur Cater b 1903 d 1933
108......Lilian Maude Cater b 8 Mar 1908 Greenwich d 13 Nov 1982

67 Lilian DANIELS m 43 Walter Benskin RICE 1914

Note: Walter and Lilian lived at 79 Vernon Avenue Raynes Park London SW20

Children of Walter and Lilian
109......Walter William (Jack) b 11 Oct 1915 d 1 Sep 2003 at 5.10 pm
110......George Rice b 2 Dec 1920
111......Evelyn Rice b 16 Mar 1923 d Mar 2003
112......Norman Rice b 9 Aug 1926

90 Charles PRICE aka RICE m Hilda MARTIN

Children of Charles and Hilda
113......George Price (had daughter Fiona, now KELLY) 114.....five other sons and two daughters

68 Alfred DENT m Ellen SIDDELL 1903 Hartlepool [Hartlepool 10a 244]

Note: In 1911 the family was at Clayton St Throstan, Hartlepool

Children of Alfred and Ellen 115......Alfred Dent b 2nd qr 1908 [Gateshead 10A 1144]
116......Violet Dent b 2nd qr 1909 [Hartlepool 10A 162]
117......Henry Dent b 4th qr 1912 [Hartlepool 10A 266] m Agnes RICHARDSON 3rd qr 1925 [Teesdale 10a 552]
118......Thomas Dent b 4th qr 1915 [Hartlepool 10A 204]
119......Robert Dent b 3rd qr 1918 [Hartlepool 10A 259]

77 Aaron DENT m Dorothy Gertrude DYER 1926 West Hartlepool

Note: Aaron was a general labourer in 1948

Child of Aaron and Dorothy
120......Aaron Dent b 1926 Hartlepool
121....Dorothy Gertrude Dent b abt 1831 m Alan KITCHEN (b abt 1933) 5 Sep 1953 St Lukes West Hartlepool
Note: Dorothy was a shorthand typist in 1953 living at 14 Smyth Place, West View, Hartlepool - witnesses to the wedding were Eileen WILKINSON and Lillian Etta DYER

122 Henry Fergus CALDWELL b 4 Apr 1902 bap 27 Apr 1902 Trinity Church West Carnforth d 7 Apr 1972 m Olive WALKER (bap 23 Oct 1902 bur 16 Jun 1986) 6 Jun 1925 All Saints Church, Stranton, West Hartlepool

Note: Henry lived in 6 8th Street East Easington Colliery Durham in 1925. In 1955 he was a machinist. Olive lived at 12 Park St West Hartlepool in 1925.

Children of Henry and Olive
123......Henry Ferguson Caldwell b 1927 Easington d Oct 1928 11 Park St, West Hartlepool bur 6 Oct 1928 Plot 14 div c 1562
Vera Caldwell b 1928 11 Park St West Hartlepool bap 1928 St James Church, West Hartlepool
Note: in 1948 Vera was a cutter at a tailoring factory
125......Robert Caldwell b 27 Nov 1929 197 Burbank Terrace West Hartlepool bap 22 Dec 1929 St James Church, West Hartlepool m Ruth STEPHENSON 2 Apr 1955 St Lukes Church Hartlepool
126......Leslie Caldwell b 2 Aug 1934 9 Burbank Terrace, West Hartlepool bap 15 Aug 1934 St James, West Hartlepool d 10 Dec 1997 m Olwen BROWN (bur Jan 1999) 13 Jun 1956 St Pauls Church West Hartlepool
Note: In 1956 Leslie was a labourer living at 35 Avondale Gardens, West Hartlepool and Olwen was an inspection machinist living at 95 Alma St West Hartlepool. Witnesses to the wedding were R Caldwell and A Ashton
127......Muriel Minnie Caldwell b 24 Nov 1935 at 1 Bathgate Terrace West Hartlepool bap 25 Nov 1925 privately at home d 26 Nov 1935 bur Plot 14 div c 1562 Stranton Grange Cemetery West Hartlepool
128......Hazel Caldwell b 1st qr 1938 West Hartlepool
129......Mary C Caldwell b 1939 West Hartlepool m ?1961 either Robert EASTON or Peter NUNN.
130......Henry Fergus Caldwell b 1944 West Hartlepool d bef 1947
131......Henry Fergus Caldwell b 9 Feb 1947 West Hartlepool d 17 Sep 1971 m Hazel LAVIN 4 Apr 1964 St Oswalds Church West Hartlepool
Note: in 1964 Henry was in HM forces and lived at 36 Jamieson Rd West Hartlepool: Hazel lived at 52 Lancaster Rd West Hartlepool and was an upholstress. Witnesses to the wedding were Ruth LAVIN and Edward BERRAGEN
132......Kenneth Caldwell b 1949 Hartlepool
133......David Caldwell b 1950 Hartlepool

79 James William DENT m Annie SNELL 13 Oct 1900 Lavenham [Cosford 4a 1537]

Note: In 1911 James was a police officer living with family at 33 Devonshire Rd, West Ham

Child of James and Annie
134......Annie Maud Dent b 8 May 1902 Lavenham


104 William CATER m Kathleen BURTON (b 26 Nov 1899 d 31 Jan 1985) 18 Sep 1926

Children of William and Kathleen
135......Joan Elizabeth Cater b 27 Oct 1927 remained single
136......Mary Lillian Cater b 24 Jun 1930

108 Lilian Maude CATER m Albert William BOND (b 7 Jan 1902 d 28 May 1982) 19 Aug 1930

Children of Albert William and Lilian Maude
137......John William Bond b 15 Jul 1940 [Brighton 2b 533]
138......Mary J b 3rd qr 1945 [Brighton 2b 252}
139......Elizabeth Janet Bond b 6 Apr 1947 [Brighton 5H 47]

109 Walter William (Jack) RICE m Elizabeth JOHNSON (d 26 Sep 2003 5.10pm)

Note: the family lived at 55a Haydons Park Rd, and 79 Vernon Ave .Raynes Park London SW20, then at 23 Peartree Way, Stevenage, then at 2 Shackleton Spring, Stevenage and finally at 15 The Muntings, Stevenage

Child of Walter (Jack) and Elizabeth
140......David Rice b 7 Jan 1947 Nelson Hosp, Wimbledon Chase
141......Stephen C Rice b 3rd qr 1954 [Surrey NE 5G 535]
142......a girl issue: 2 children

110 George RICE m Marjorie ANSELL (b 26 Feb 1919 d 28 Jul 1989) 23 Jun 1925 - (Partner: Freda LULAND.)

Children of George and Marjorie
143......a child: issue: 2 children

111 Evelyn RICE m Ron STILLER (b 9 Aug 1925) 23 Jun 1945

Child of Ron and Evelyn
144......Janice b 10 Dec 1951 m Derrick POWELL 21 Apr 1979 d 2002

112 Norman RICE m Olive HOOKER (b 1927) in 1952

Children of Norman and Olive
145......Linda Rice m Terry COLEMAN
146......Paul C b 3rd qr 1956 [Winchester 6b 1079]
147......Derek P b 1st qr 1959 [Winchester 6b 1151]

120 Aaron DENT m 65 Vera CALDWELL 18 Dec 1948 at International Holiness Mission, Lowthian Road, Murray St, West Hertlepool

Note: Witnesses to the wedding were James PALLISTER and O Pallister. In 1848 Aaron was a railway engine cleaner and lived at 14 Smyth Place, Hartlepool

Child of Aaron and Vera

148......Beryl Dent bap 3 Nov 1950 [Durham SE 1a 1030]
149......Eileen C Dent b 4th qr 1950 [West Hartlepool 1a 1479]
150......Barry Dent b 1st qr 1953 [West Hartlepool 1a 1542]
151......Oliver L Dent b 4th qr 1954 [West Hartlepool 1a 1344]
152......Kevin Dent b 1st qr 1957 [West Hartlepool 1a 1628]


136 Mary Lillian CATER m Albert TAYLOR (b 26 Feb 1931) 3rd qr 1962 [Worthing 5H 1477]

Children of Albert and Mary
153......Paul W Taylor b 9th May 1963 [Lambeth 5c 2316]
Note: Paul died on 5th May 2004. Jane has asked me to include this message on the website.

Paul was much loved by his family and friends and will be sorely missed by all.

His family would like to thank all his friends in Glasgow and those that travelled from far afield by making a sad day into an overwhelming occasion that will live in our hearts forever.

"Paul was 1/4 English, 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Heraghty's"

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

154......Clare Mary Taylor b 4th qr 1964 [Lambeth 5c 2151]
155......Mark Francis Taylor b 4th qr 1966 [Ware 4b 531]
156......Jane Louise Taylor b 4th qr 1968 [Ware 4b 479]

137 John William BOND m Paula Jeanne BROWNE (b 30 Dec 1946) 24 Aug 1968

Children of John William and Paula Jeanne
157......Julia Claire Bond b 16 Dec 1972
158......Nicola Jane Bond b 26 Aug 1975

139 Elizabeth Janet BOND m Robert PIERCEY (b 1 Sep 1948) 14 Apr 1973

140 David RICE m (a) Jacqueline SAWYER 28 Sep 1968 [ Hitchin 4b 696] (b) Jean S HOPWOOD 21 Sep 1975 [Hitchin 10 1005] , now partnered with Jean LARCUM

Child of David and Jacqueline
159......Rachel Louise Rice b 9 Apr 1970 [Hitchin 4b 992]


153 Paul TAYLOR with Andrea KRAEMER

160......Tobias Kraemer Taylor b 16. Feb 1988

154 Clare Mary (a) with Garry BLAIZE (b) m Horace NELSON 1993

Child of Garry and Clare Mary
161......Dominique Blaize b 3 Oct 1987

Child of Horace and Clare Mary
162......Ezra James Blaize b 12 Sep 1991
163......Asher Blaize (boy) b 6 Jul 1994

Many thanks to 156 Jane Taylor to 140 David Rice and to Dave Ollerton who have supplied the information for this page. You can contact Jane

and Dave Ollerton

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