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I am related to the Double family of Raydon in Suffolk through my 3 x great grandmother Martha Double (50 below) and through her granddaughter who married Arthur James Double

There are further descendants here and at the Scarf links to that page

Last update 13 Feb 2015


1 There is a John DOBEL listed in the Suffolk subsidy returns of 1327 under Bosmere hundred "Villate de Offotone" [now Offton}

2 There is a reference to Henry Dobyll of Offton having "moveables" value £1 and paying 6d in the 1524 Subsidy return, and two references in the 1568 Subsidy return as follows:
Robert Doble of Felixtowe having £3 in goods - paid 2s 6d
Robart Dubbell of Elmsett owning land worth £1 and paying 1s 4d

3 There was a Robert Double in the Elmsett subsidy returns for 1568. He was buried on 15 May 1578 and recorded as being "from Elmsett"

4 There are five references to the name Double and variants prior to the start of this branch in "Able Men of Suffolk 1638" published by Anglo-American Records Foundation inc. They are:

Thomas Dubil, Wetherden, Hundred of Stow
Robert Duble, Hadleigh, Hundred of Cosford
John Duble, Elmsett, Hundred of Cosford
Isack Dubell, Chelsworth, Hundred of Cosford
John Dubell, Semer, Hundred of Cosford

No link to any of these is yet established.

In addition I have excerpts from the will of John Dobyll of Layham dated 1451 which you can see here.


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1 Henry DOUBLE b 1690 Copdock bur 22 Oct 1767 Copdock St Peter's m 1a Elizabeth MARTIN (b 1689 Copdock bur 18 Mar 1760 Copdock St Peter's) 5 Oct 1713 Copdock

Note: Henry was a husbandman (small farmer)

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
2......Henry Double bap 24 Jan 1714 Hintlesham bur 2 Nov 1779 Belstead
3......John Double bap 19 Feb 1715 Copdock bur 3 Jun 1787 Bentley
4......George Double b 1 Jan 1717 Copdock bap 19 Jun 1717 Copdock bur 19 Sep 1779 Holton St Mary
5......Elizabeth Double bap 2 Feb 1724 Copdock d 6 Feb 1724 Copdock
6......Joseph Double bap 19 Apr 1725 Copdock bap 19 Sep 1725 Copdock bur 20 Mar 1731 Copdock
7......Michael Double bap 17 Apr 1726 Copdock d 17 Apr 1726 Copdock
8......Elizabeth Double bap 19 Apr 1728 Copdock bur 6 Feb 1724 Copdock
9......Nicholas Double bap 1726 d 17 Apr 1726 Copdock bur 17 Apr 1726 Copdock St Peter's
10....Elizabeth Double bap 19 Apr 1728 m John SCARFF (b 1725) 1 Nov 1756 Copdock (or 11 Jan 1756 [Murray Double])
11....Joseph Double bap 6 May 1733 Copdock bur 6 May 1738 Copdock St Peter's


2......Henry DOUBLE m Sarah PICKLES ( b abt 1715 bur 28 Dec 1783 Belstead) 1737 Copdock

Children of Hanry and Sarah
12......Sarah Double bap 25 Jan 1741 Washbrook
13......Henry Double bap 15 Jan 1744 Wherstead
14......Susan Double bap 13 Nov 1747 Wherstead m Henry BURGESS 31 Oct 1790
15......Mary Double bap 29 Apr 1752 Belstead m William GILES 10 Oct 1776 Belstead St Mary's
16......Jane Double bap 27 Dec 1756 Wherstead bur 4 Sep 1763 Belstead St Mary's

3 John DOUBLE m Judith MEADOWS ( b 1718 bur 26 Jul 1788 Bentley aged 70)

Note: there were two John Doubles at this time in the same area. This one seems to be the son of 1 Henry Double, whilst the other John's parentage is unsure. Both are shown (The other John below as 3x)

Children of John and Judith
17......Sarah Double b abt 1740 Belstead d 13 Sep 1742
18......John Double bap 2 May 1742 Bentley bur 29 Feb 1808 Bentley aged 66
19......Sarah Double bap 3 May 1744
20......Elizabeth Double bap 19 Jun 1753 Bentley
21......Charles Double bap 1 May 1748 Bentley d 30 May 1827 Harkstead aged 79
22......William Double bap 19 Jun 1757 d 14 Mar 1830

3x John DOUBLE (parentage uncertain) m Tryphena LEWIS 7 Oct 1743

Children of John and Tryphena
23......John Double b 1744 Strarford St Mary m Bridget RATLEY 2 Dec 1768 Stratford St Mary
24......Elizabeth Double b 1749
25......Thomas Double b 1754 Dalham
26......Tryphena Double b 1756
27......William Double b 1759 Little Wenham m Hannah FIRMAN, 9 Apr 1783 Gt Wenham
28......Stephen Double bap 26 Apr 1761 d 1829 Brantham
29......Samuel Double dob unknown

4 George DOUBLE m Mary DALE ( b abt 1721 Stoke by Nayland, bap 13 Nov 1730 Holton St Mary bur 24 Mar 1799 Holton St Mary aged 78) 10 May 1746 Ipswich, St Mary Stoke

NOTE: Mary was the daughter of Daniel and Mary DALE

Children of George and Mary
30......George Double bap 7 Sep 1746 Copdock St Peter's d 30 Jan 1801 Holton aged 55 m Mary WHITE (b 1753 bur 5 Jan 1812 Holton St Mary's) 31 Jan 1770 Holton St Mary
31......John Double bap 15 Jan 1748 bur 21 Dec 1825 Tattingstone House, Raydon Sfk aged 77
32......Mary Double bap 5 May 1751 Holton St Mary bur 24 Jun 1781 Holton aged 30
33......Henry Double bap 12 Oct 1753 Holton St Mary m Elizabeth HAZELTON 16 Feb 1779 Bentley
34......Abigail Double bap 22 Feb 1755 Holton St Mary
35......Joseph Double bap 6 Jan 1758 Holton St Mary m Mary WRIGHT 31 Jan 1780 Holton St Mary
36......Ann Double bap 27 Jan 1760 Holton St Mary
37......William Double bap 7 Jun 1761 Holton St Mary m Ann SARGENT 16 Nov 1800 Higham by Nayland
38......Barbary Double (twin) bap 26 Jul 1762 Holton St Mary bur 26 Oct 1762 Holton
39......Daniel Double (twin) bap 26 Jul 1762 Holton St Mary m Sarah HARRIS 17 Nov 1789 East Bergholt
Note: Daniel was confirmed 20 May 1784
40....Barbary Double bap 26 Jul 1762 Holton bur 26 Oct 1762 Holton
41......Frances Double bap 29 Nov 1767 Holton St Mary bur 14 Jul 1790 Holton St Mary aged 22


13 Henry DOUBLE m Susanna WARD 2 Feb 1769 Wherstead

Children of Henry and Susanna
42......Henry Double b 15 Nov 1771 Wherstead bap 24 Nov 1771 Wherstead d abt 1771 Wherstead
43......Jeremiah Double b 1773 Wherstead bur 15 Mar 1849 aged 75 m Mary MILLS 16 Oct 1799
44......John Double b b 1744 Wherstead d Mar 1849 Wherstead m Sarah PICKES 2 Mar 1795
45......Henry Double bap 3 Aug 1777 Wherstead
46......Isaac Double bap 16 Jul 1780 Wherstead d 2 Mar 1857 aged 77 m (a) Rachel SIMPSON 4 Nov 1802 (b) Elizabeth ROBERTS 14 Nov 1820 Woolverstone
47......William Cruden Double bap 20 Jan 1788 Wherstead

18 John DOUBLE m (a) Phoebe HOWDEGO (d 2 Aug 1772) 1 Jun 1762 (b) Ann SCRIVENER (b abt 1748 bap 23 Apr 1749 Capel St Mary, bur 20 Apr 1814 Bentley) Nov 1772 Bentley

Note: Ann was the dau ofJohn and Mary SCRIVENER

Children of John and Pheobe
48......Elizabeth Double bap 8 Jul 1764 East Bergholt d an infant
49......Pheobe Double bap 31 Aug 1766 East Bergholt
50......Hannah Double bap 3 Jan 1769 East Bergholt
51......John Double bap 3 Jan 1769 East Bergholt
52......Elizabeth Double bap 25 Feb 1770 East Bergholt bur 17 Oct 1780 aged 10
53......Mary Double bap 16 Aug 1772 East Bergholt

Children of John and Ann
54......Charles Double bap 16 Jan 1774 East Bergholt bur 30 May 1855 Harkstead aged 81
55......Mary Double bap 4 Jun 1775 East Bergholt bur 25 Jun 1782 Bentley aged 7
56......Jonathan Double bap 29 Sep 1776 East Bergholt d 30 May 1855 Harkstead
57......Ann Double bap 17 Apr 1778 East Bergholt bur 15 Dec 1778 East Bergholt aged 7 months
58......Martha Double bap 17 Jul 1785 East Bergholt bur 9 Oct 1785 East Bergholt
59......William Double b Mar 1789 bur 14 Mar 1790 East Bergholt aged 1
60......Martha Double bur 30 Jun 1795 East Bergholt

21 Charles DOUBLE m Elizabeth GREEN (b abt 1750 bur 25 Nov 1830 St Mary Stoke Ipswich) abt 1777

Children of Charles and Elizabeth
61......Sarah bap 21 Jun 1789 St Peter's Ipswich
62......Hannah bap 25 Dec 1786 St Peter's Ipswich
63......William bap 30 Aug 1778 St Peter's Ipswich m Margaret abt 1822
http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/45466479/person/6802981935?ssrc= 64......Sarah bap 15 Aug 1784 St Peter's Ipswich
65......John bap 21 Feb 1787 St Peters Ipswich

22 William DOUBLE m Mary CHISLING (b abt 1755 d 8 Nov 1842 Copdock, bur at Bentley) 1 Nov 1779 Bentley

Note: William was a witness at the marriage of 18 John above

Children of William and Mary
66......William Double bap 28 Nov 1779 Bentley bur 3 Feb 1782 Bentley
67......Mary Double bap 24 Nov 1780 Bentley bur 25 Jun 1782 Bentley
68......Mary Double bap 24 Nov 1782 Bentley
Note: Mary had an illegitimate son, E8a......Thomas Double bap 11 May 1801 Bentley bur 11 Apr 1864 Brantham. He was a porter at the Bull Inn, Brantham in 1861
69......Pheobe Double bap 24 Apr 1785 Bentley m William JACOBS
John Double bap 10 Jun 1787 Bentley d 31 Oct 1850 Ipswich Hospital
71......Elizabeth Double bap 19 Sep 1789 Bentley
72.....Charles Double bap 18 Sep 1791 Bentley
73......Sarah Double bap 6 Apr 1794 Bentley
74......Ann Double bap 25 Sep 1796 Bentley

25 Thomas DOUBLE m Hannah LAPWICH 9 Oct 1778 Stratford St Mary

Children of Thomas and Hannah
75......Thomas Double b 1779 d 1779
76......Sarah Double b 1780 Wrabness, Essex
77......Hannah Double b 1781 Wrabness, Essex
78......Thomas Double b 1782 Wrabness, Essex d 1862 Dedham
79......John Double b 1785 Wrabness Essex d 1831 Harwich, Essex m Elizabeth BOWEN 27 Apr 1815 Harwich

28 Stephen DOUBLE m Sarah SMITH (b 1761 Brantham ) 27 Apr 1784 Brantham

Children of Stephen and Sarah
80......Mary Double b 1785 Brantham
81......Stephen Double b 1787 Brantham d 1797 Brantham
82......Tryphana Double b 1789 Brantham
83......John Double b 1791 Brantham
84......Thomas Double b 1794 Brantham d 9 Jun 1874
85......Martha Double b 1797 Brantham d 2nd qr 1879 Manningtree

30 George DOUBLE m Mary WHITE (b 1753 d Jan 1812 Holton St Mary bur 5 Jan 1812 aged 59) 31 Jan 1770 Holton St Mary
Children of George and Mary
86......Mary Double bap 21 Oct 1770 Holton St Mary bur 24 Mar 1799 Holton St Mary
87......Martha Double bap 15 Nov 1772 Holton St Mary
88......John Double b 18 Jul 1773 Holton St Mary d 1858 Raydon bur 10 Jan 1858 Raydon aged 85
89......George Double bap 19 Mar 1775 Holton d 18 Nov 1870 Holton St Mary m Mary NAYLOR
http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/52176323/person/13312509628?ssrc= 90......Abigail Double bap 18 May 1777 Holton St Mary m John BELL (b 1775 Washbrook) 28 Mar 1807
91......Henry Double bap 5 Dec 1778 Holton St Mary
Note: Henry was living with his son Daniel and family in 1851

31 John DOUBLE m Ann ALLEN (b 1747 Holton St Mary bur 15 Jan 1833 Tattingstone House bur 17 Jan 1833 St Mary's Church, Raydon aged 86) 11 Nov 1772 Holton St Mary

Note: Ann was baptised at Raydon 31 Aug 1767, according to the register "supposed to be about 19 or 20 years of age" Her mother's name was Catherine: no indication is given of a father, so she may well be illegitimate, but for four of her children her maiden name is given as ELLISTON which may be her father's surname

John was a husbandman

See a copy of an article in the "Essex Standard" of November 1857 here

Children of John and Ann
92......John Double b 18 Jul 1773 Holton bur 10 Jan 1858 Raydon aged 85
93......William Double bap 10 Jun 1775 Raydon bur 31 Jul 1859 Raydon aged 84 m Susan READ 8 May 1810 Great Wenham
94......Martha Double b 19 Mar 1777 Raydon bap 30 Mar 1777 Raydon bur 12 Mar 1864 Shelley aged 87 m John CRISP abt 1795
[See Crisp branch
95......Ann Double bap 2 May 1779 Raydon d Mar 1865 Stratford St Mary aged 85 m William WOODS 25 Sep 1803
96......Mary Double bap 7 Jan 1781 Holton St Mary m (a) Robert KING 26 Nov 1799 (b) Mr HOWES
97......Joseph Double bap 23 Mar 1783 d 25 Feb 1874 Dedham m Elizabeth GOYMER 12 Oct 1804
98......Daniel Double bap 19 Sep 1784 Lawford, Essex1
99......George Double bap 12 Mar 1786 Raydon d 11 Jun 1790 Raydon aged 4
100....Dale Double b abt 1787 Raydon d 3 Apr 1870 Stratford St Mary aged 83
101....Frances Double bap 28 Aug 1791 Raydon bur 23 Dec 1793 Raydon aged 2

33 Henry DOUBLE m Elizabeth HAZELTON 16 Feb 1779 Bentley
Child of Henry and Elizabeth
102......Elizabeth Double bap 2 Jul 1780 St Mary's Bentley
103......Henry Double bap 9 Sep 1781 Bentley m Susan PURR 15 Aug 1803
104......Joseph Double bap 28 Aug 1784 Bentley bur 26 Dec 1784 Bentley (twin)
105......Mary Double bap 28 Aug 1784 Bentley bur 28 Aug 1784 Bentley (twin)
106......James Double bap 19 Mar 1786 d 1786 Bentley

34 Abigail DOUBLE m Robert PASKELL (b 30 Dec 1731 Mistley d 22 Dec 1827 Mistley) 30 Jun 1775 Mistley

Children of Robert and Abigail
107......Robert Paskell b 17 Aug 1777 Mistley d 27 Apr 1781 Mistley
108......Robert Paskell b 29 Jul 1781 Mistley "Died young"
109......Robert Paskell b 29 May 1782 Mistley
110......Mary Paskell b 27 Jun 1784 Mistley
111......Thomas Paskell b 16 Jun 1786 Mistley d 22 Aug 1827 Mistley
112......Catherine Paskell b 8 Feb 1790 Mistley

35 Joseph DOUBLE m Mary WRIGHT (b abt 1754 bur 24 Oct 1808 Raydon aged 54) 31 Jan 1780 Holton St Mary

Children of Joseph and Mary
113......Mary Double bap 28 May 1780 Holton St Mary d bef 1785
113a....Elizabeth Double bap 3 Mar 1782 Raydon m Isaac CRISP (b 1780) 14 Dec 1801
114......Dale Double bap 3 Mar 1782 Raydon
115......Amelia Double bap 24 Aug 1783 Raydon
Note: Amelia had an illegitimate son 116......
George Double bap 23 Feb 1806 Raydon
117......Mary Double bap 1 May 1785 Raydon bur 11 Aug 1860 Tattingstone aged 75 m Samuel STIFF 5 Dec 1808
118......Joseph Double bap 26 Dec 1787 Raydon
119......Frances Double bap 14 Mar 1790 Raydon
120......Fanny Double b 1791 Raydon bur 23 Dec 1793 Raydon aged 2
121......Sarah Double bap 23 Dec 1793 Raydon

36 Ann DOUBLE m John RIVERS (bap 29 Mar 1741 Ipswich) 12 Jul 1778 Shelley

Children of John and Ann
122......Ann Rivers bap 22 Aug 1799 Raydon
123......Mary Rivers bap 27 Jan 1782 Holton
124......John Rivers bap 5 Oct 1783 Holton
125......Adam Rivers bap 20 Nov 1785 Holton
126......George Rivers b 21 Feb 1787 Holton bap 4 Mar 1787 Holton
127......Frances Rivers b 22 Dec 1788 bap 11 Jan 1789 Holton
128......Abigail Rivers b 18 Nov 1793 Holton bap 1 Dec 1793 Holton
129......Joseph Rivers b 4 May 1797 Holton bap 7 May 1797 Holton
130......Henry Rivers b 17 Feb 1799 bap 21 Apr 1799 Holton
131......Lucy Rivers b 28 Dec 1805 bap 29 Dec 1805 Holton

37......William DOUBLE m Ann SARGENT 20 Nov 1800 Higham by Nayland

Children of William and Mary
132......Mary Double bap 4 May 1792 Ardleigh, Essex d bef 1904
133......William Double b 21 Oct 1802 Raydon
134......Mary Double b 5 Feb 1804 Raydon

39......Daniel DOUBLE m Sarah HARRIS 17 Nov 1789 East Bergholt

Note: Daniel was confirmed on 20 May 1784 in St Mary's Church, Hadleigh

Children of Damiel and Sarah
135......Daniel bap 15 May 1790 East Bergholt d 4 May 1790 East Bergholt bur 20 May 1790 East Bergholt
136......Daniel b 12 Jun 1791 East Bergholt d 4th qr 1868 Tendring aged 77 m Elizabeth LLOYD 3 Oct 1815
137......Mary bap 12 May 1793 East Bergholt
Note: Mary was living in Brantham in 1851

41 Francis DOUBLE m (a) unknown (b) Mary

Children of Francis and unknown
138......John Double bap 14 Jan 1787 Raydon

Note: John was in prison for 3 months for poaching in 1826 [Ipswich Journal 4 Feb 1826]

Children of Francis and Mary
139......George Double bap 16 Jul 1814 Raydon d Aug 1814 Raydon
140......Mary Ann Double bap 16 Jul 1814 Raydon


43 Jeremiah DOUBLE m Mary MILLS (b 1776 d Sep 1832 Ipswich aged 56 bur 4 Sep 1832 Stoke Green Baptist Church ) 16 Oct 1799

Children of Jeremiah and Mary
141......Jeremiah Double b 1800 Stutton m Eliza WIDGER 12 Nov 1821 Chelmondiston
142......Isaac Double b 1803 Ipswich m Elizabeth THURSTON 3 May 1830
143......Joseph Double b 1806 Ipswich m Maria
144......William Double b 1809 Ipswich
145......Susan Double b 1812 Ipswich
146......Mary Double b 1815 Ipswich bap 15 Nov 1878 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich as an adult m Henry ELLISTON 30 Sep 1834 Wherstead
147......Rachel Double b 1817 Ipswich bur 4 Apr 1836 Ipswich
Note: Cause of death was given as "burnt to death".

44 John DOUBLE m Mary PICKLES (b 1772 d 1839 Wherstead aged 67) 2 Aug 1795 Wherstead

Children of John and Mary
148......Lydia Double b 30 Jan 1798 Wherstead bap Stoke Green Baptist Church
149......Philip Double b 4 Apr 1801 Wherstead bap Stoke Green Baptist Church
150......Hannah Double bap 2 Nov 1803 Wherstead m Samuel THWAITES 27 Dec 1820 Wherstead
151......Abraham Double b 19 Oct 1805 Wherstead bap 6 May 1827 Wherstead bur 13 Aug 1830 Wherstead
David Double b 27 Oct 1810 bap 11 Aug 1833 d 1st qr 1893 Samford RD
153......Susannah Double b 9 May 1813 Wherstead bap 4 Aug 1833 Wherstead m Charles PRATT 13 Oct 1847 Wherstead

46 Isaac DOUBLE m (a) Rachel SIMPSON 14 Nov 1802 Holbrook (b) Elizabeth ROBERTS 14 Nov 1820 Woolverstone

Note: Isaac was a tea dealer. In 1861 Elizabeth was listed as being at Bew House, Chelmondiston

Children of Isaac and Rachel
154......Susannah b 18 Aug 1803 Ipswich bap Stoke Green Baptist Church m William SCOTT 14 Feb 1822
Note: William was a brickmaker
155......Eliza b 31 Oct 1804 Ipswich bap Stoke Green Baptist Church m John DRIVER 5 Nov 1835 Holbrook
Benjamin b 25 Jul 1807 Holbrook bap Stoke Green Baptist Church d 3rd qr 1877 Samford RD

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth
157......Sarah b 1830 Chelmondiston
158......Abraham b 1833 Chelmondiston bap 2 May 1833 d 1899 aged 66

54 Charles DOUBLE m (a) Martha SAWYER (b 1769 bur 22 Jun 1821 Stutton) 26 Dec 1793 Shotley (b) Susannah BREWER 26 Oct 1823 Copdock

Children of Charles and Martha
159......Jonathan Double bap 19 Mar 1794 Bentley
160......Charles Double bap 3 Feb 1796 Tattingstone bap 13 Mar 1796 Tattngstone bur 13 Dec 1824 Chelmondiston aged 78
161......Mary Ann Double bap 21 Apr 1799 Brantham
162......James Double bap 6 Mar 1803 Brantham bur 12 Apr 1865 Brantham aged 62
163......John Double bap 2 Jun 1805 Brantham bur 1 Jul 1830 aged 25
164......Martha Double bap 17 Jan 1808 Brantham
Note: Martha had an illegitimate child 165......George Sturtridge Double bap 30 Jun 1837 Brantham d 1868 aged 40
166......William Double bap 30 Sep 1811 Brantham bur 13 Oct 1811 Brantham

65 John DOUBLE m Mary HONEY (bap 29 Dec 1793 St Sepulchre Church, London)17 Jul 1814 St Leonard's Shoreditch

Children of John and Mary
174......John Double b 3 Feb 1821 bap 7 Dec 1834 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster d 1896 Windsor aged 75
175......Mary Ann Double b 21 Jun 1823 London bap 7 Dec 1834 St Martin in the fields, Westminster
176......Frederick Double b 1827 London bap 15 Jul 1832 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich d after 1901
177......Charles Henry Double b 20 Jan 1832 St Giles, London bap 7 Dec 1834 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster d bef 1891

78 Thomas DOUBLE m Abigail ALLEN abt 1805

Note: Thomas was a labourer and church verger in 1861

Children of Thomas and Abigail
178......John Double b 1806 Little Wenham d 1865 Wrabness
179......Thomas Double b abt 1815 Lt Bromley
180......William Double b 1821 Little Bromley d 4th qr 1897 Dedham

70 John DOUBLE m Amy WINDSOR (b 1790 Capel St Mary, Sfk) 10 Feb 1811 St Mary's Church, Bentley

Children of John and Amy
181......Amy Windsor Double bap 9 Dec 1810 d 1st qr 1892 Lexden, Colchester aged 82
182......John Double bap 1 Nov 1812 Bentley bur 9 Jan 1886 Bentley aged 74
183......Mary Double bap 12 Nov 1815 Bentley
184......Sarah Double bap 7 Dec 1817 Bentley d 1st qr 1852 Woodbridge aged 33 m Benjamin RUDLAND 2 Oct 1836
Note: In 1862 Benjamin was a signalman at Manningtree Station
185......Thomas Double b Dec 1821 bap 6 Feb 1822 Bentley bur 10 Feb 1822 Bentley aged 1
Elizabeth Double bap 29 Jan 1823 Bentley d bef 1881
187......Hannah Double bap 17 Dec 1826 Bentley d bef 1870
188......Thomas Double bap 23 May 1830 Bentley

91......Henry DOUBLE m Ann ATMORE (b 1776 Layham bur 18 Jan 1848 Holton St Mary aged 72) 27 Dec 1801

Note: In 1841 Henry was a husbandman in Holton St Mary

Children of Henry and Ann
189......Henry Double bap 2 May 1802 Layham m Elizabeth STIFF
190......George Double bap 17 Jun 1804 Layham
191......Mary Double b 19 Apr 1806 bap 8 Jun 1806 Holton St Mary m George WHEELER 7 Nov 1826
192......John Double b 18 Jul 1808 Holton St Mary bap 24 Jul 1808 Holton
193......Ann Double b 23 Sep 1810 Holton St Mary bap 26 Sep 1810 Holton St Mary d 6 Oct 1830 Holton St Mary aged 20
194......William Double bap 22 Feb 1813 d 29 May 1814 Holton St Mary aged 1
195......William Double bap 11 Jun 1815 Holton St Mary d 26 Feb 1842 aboard the convict hulk "Leviathan" m Sarah PITCHELL (b 1819) 17 Mar 1838 Holton St Mary
Note: William was one of the two defendants in a trial described below under 220 Joseph Double, co-defendant and cousin. His wife remarried as a widow
196......Daniel Double bap 8 Jun 1818 Holton St Mary bur 30 Mar 1876 Holton St Mary aged 58 m Anne HARDY 4 Apr 1840
197......James Double bap 19 May 1822 Holton St Mary d 1st qr 1900 Samford RD aged 78 m Sarah PARKER 14 Nov 1845

92 John DOUBLE m Elizabeth SEDDON (b abt 1775 bur 12 Jun 1835 Raydon aged 60) 14 Nov 1793 Raydon

Note: In 1841 John was living in Horningheath. In 1851 the John was living at 54 Upper Street, Raydon

Children of John and Elizabeth
198......John Double b 9 Mar 1794 bap 23 Mar 1794 Raydon d 1841 aged 47 m Anne BUTCHER bap 26 Feb 1793 Raydon bur 26 Apr 1835 Raydon) 11 Apr 1814 Raydon
Note: John became a lawyer. Anne was the daughter of George BUTCHER and Mary OSBORNE. Coincidentally Anne's great neice Ann BUTCHER married a Richard CHAMPION who had emigrated on the "Strathallan" as as a bachelor. Clearly Ann, too must have emigrated from Raydon, but she is not listed on the passenger list, so must have gone on a later ship, since they married in New Zealand.
199......Elizabeth Double b 3 Feb 1796 bap 5 Feb 1796 Raydon partnered with Edward DUNTHORNE m William GRIGSON 22 Oct 1820
200....William Double b 6 Jan 1798 bap 4 Feb 1798 Raydon bur 22 Sep 1839 Raydon aged 41 m Ann SPOONER 13 Feb 1820
201....Thomas Double b 11 Aug 1801 bap 23 Aug 1801 Raydon d 23 Sep 1801 Raydon bur 29 Sep 1801 Raydon
202....Mary Double b 7 Feb 1803 bap 9 Feb 1803 Raydon m Thomas CLARK 26 Jul 1820
203....Maria Double b 27 Feb 1806 bap 2 Mar 1806 Raydon d 10 Aug 1884 aged 82 m (a) George LAWRENCE (b 17 Aug 1801 d 17 Jul 1881) 20 Jul 1823 (b) James JOHNSON 11 Sep 1826
204....Joseph Double b 20 Apr 1809 bap 23 Apr 1809 Raydon m Sarah KING (b 4 Apr 1812 Liverpool d Dec 1887 Tendring) 25 Sep 1831
Note: Sarah was the daughter of Thomas KING of Liverpool

Joseph was in trouble with the law first in 1838. The Bury and Norwich Post reported that he had been sentenced to 12 month's imprisonment for stealing a shoat (a young pig). But his offences did not stop there!

Joseph was sentenced, with others, to 15 years transportation at Chelmsford Assizes on 9 Mar 1842 for beating up a gamekeeper while poaching - the recorded sentence of 15 years was for "maliciously wounding a person with intent to do some grievious bodily harm."

You can see an account of the trial as reported in the Essex Standard of 24 Dec 1841 here

He was taken from the court in Chelmsford to Springfield Goal (You can see a report on the prison in 1842 here) on 9 March 1842 and transferred to a convict hulk, the "Warrior" at Chatham and Woolwich on 26 Mar 1842 where he stayed until 17 Sep 1842 when he was transferred to the ship "Duchess of Northumberland" in which he went to Tasmania

The only known photo of prison hulks on the Thames

From Tasmanian archives of Convict records (Thanks, Bev)

Joseph Double
Height 5ft 71/2 Occupation Shepherd Plowman Sawyer Age 32 Complexion: Fair Eyes: Brown Ears: Small Whiskers: Thin Visage: Oval Forehead: High Eyebrows: Brown Eyes: Hazel Nose: Medium Mouth: Do Chin: Do Native Place: Reading Remarked troculation both arms (a deformity of the humerus), scar forefinger left hand, scar end of 3rd finger same hand. 23 July 44 Misconduct in not performing his work as sawyer. 10 days solitary. Emerged from Gang 8 Aug 1849 13 Sept 47
Misconduct in making false statement to a constable that he had been robbed by two soldiers, thereby causing their apprehension - two (?) and hard labour and retd to his service - Glenorchy 17/9/47 12 Mar 49 Shoobridge misconduct Fighting and being under the influence of liquor and hard labour 11/5/49 13 May 52 Shoobridge / misconduct in being out after hrs 5/6/52 Not to retire in any Dist south of Bathurst 24/6/52 Order cancelled Appl to bring out family

It was normal for prisoners under sentence of transportation to spend the first part of their sentence in the prison where they had awaited trial, usually in solitary confinement. They stayed there until the secretary of state ordered their removal to a convict facility.

Prisoners arrived at the convict facility with their 'caption papers' (Which stated the offence, the date of conviction and length of sentence). In the early 19th century, most prisoners awaiting transportation were sent to the ' hulks' in London before being assigned to a convict ship and leaving England.

The hulks were old navy ships, anchored along the banks of the Thames and at ports such as Portsmouth and Plymouth. As the prison population increased, it was decided to use them as gaols. Parliament authorised their use for a two year period in 1776; they continued to house prisoners for 82 years!

The conditions on the ships were terrible, especially in the early days, and far worse than in the prisons. The standards of hygiene were so poor that outbreaks of disease spread quickly. Typhoid and cholera were common and there was a high death rate amongst the prisoners.

In the day time the Convicts were put to hard labour on the docks or dredging the Thames. At night the prisoners were chained to their bunks to prevent them escaping ashore. Convicts could be punished for crimes on board by being placed in heavy irons or flogging.

Even though conditions slowly improved, they were still worse than in the prisons. In later years some prisoners carried out their whole sentences on the hulks in England, instead of being transported.

When Joseph applied, in 1852, for his wife to join him in Tasmania after his sentence, he gave her name as Sarah at an address in Harwich. In the 1851 census, at that same address in Harwich, we find Sarah Double, age 39, place of birth Liverpool, married but no husband present. In 1861 she is still in Harwich, age 49, still shown as married, place of birth Liverpool, boarding with a Samuel PORTER who she then marries in 1862 describing herself as a widow - Joseph was still alive down under!.(Thanks for this, Max)

205......Harry Double bap 26 Jun 1817 Raydon bur 3 Sep 1818 Raydon
206......Henry Double bap 12 Jul 1818 and 26 Jul 1818 bur 3 Sep 1818 Raydon

93 William DOUBLE m Susan READ (b 27 Dec 1789 Lt Wenham) 8 May 1810 Great Wenham

Note: Susan was the daughter of Thomas READ and Margaret MUNNINGSthe family was living in Gt Wenham in 1851

Children of William and Susan

207......Daniel Double b 1811 Gt Wenham m Maria date unknown
208......Susanna Double b 1812 Gt Wenham m John COLE 25 Mar 1834 Great Wenham
209......Mary Ann Double b 1814 Gt Wenham
210......Sarah Double b 1816 Gt Wenham m John COOK 24 Mar 1837 Great Wenham
211......Elizabeth Double b 1820 Gt Wenham

John William Double

212......John William Double b 1823 Gt Wenham d 16 Dec 1882 Hobart, Tasmania aged 59 m Mary Ann JONES (b 1840 d 6 Jan 1929) 16 Jul 1857
213......Joseph Double b 1828 Gt Wenham d after 1901 m Harriet HARVEY (b 1826 Washbrook) 8 Oct 1847
214......Charlotte Double b 1834 Gt Wenham

95 Ann DOUBLE m William WOOD (b 1775) 25 Sep 1803

Child of Ann before marriage
215......John Double b 4 Oct 1802 Raydon bap 7 Oct 1802 Raydon d 20 Apr 1881 aged 78 Harkstead m Sarah CHURCH (b abt 1804 bur 10 May 1849 Raydon) 14 Jul 1822 Gt Wenham
Note: John was in Tattingstone Union (workhouse) in 1881 census. It is possible that his father's surname was Balls

96 Mary DOUBLE m (a) Robert KING 26 Nov 1799 (b) Mr HOWES

Children of Robert and Mary
216......Robert Kinge b abt 1801 bur 10 Apr 1861 aged 60 m Lucy GRIGGS (b abt 1807 d 1855) 15 Jun 1827
217......Mary Ann King b 6 Apr 1803 Raydon

97 Joseph DOUBLE m (a) Elizabeth GOYMER (b 1787 Raydon d Jun 1811 Higham-by-Nayland) 12 Oct 1804 (b) Mary WILKIN (b Oct 1795 Frating d 3rd qr 1865 [Lexden 4a 190]) 28 Nov 1843 [Lexden 12 270]

Note: Joseph had a general shop at Whitmore Place, Dedham in 1861. Mary was the widow of Joseph WILKIN who died 1841 Dedham.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
218......Sarah Double bap 3 May 1805 Higham-by-Nayland
219......Mary Double bap 10 May 1807 Higham-by-Nayland bur 12 May 1831 Higham-by-Nayland
220......Joseph Double bap 8 Oct 1809 Higham-by-Nayland d 2nd qr 1885 Lexden, Colchester aged 76 m Martha POTTER 20 Dec 1833

On 26 Mar 1840 Joseph was in court with his cousin, 90 William DOUBLE for stealing a sheep to which they both pleaded guilty. They were also accused of stealing a pig, but the judge decided that there was insufficient evidence to convict, so that part of the charges was dismissed. Nevertheless, they were both sentenced to transportation for ten years.

They were sent first to a hulk and William died on the hulk on 26 Feb 1842. Joseph, in the meantime went on the convict ship Horatio to the Bermuda Penal Colony. He completed his sentence of 10 years and returned to live with his parents and was present in the 1851 census .(Thanks for this, Max)

98 Daniel DOUBLE m Charlotte CARPENTER (b 1791 d 1857 aged 66 bur 7 Feb 1857 Dedham) 18 Dec 1810 All Saints Church Shelley

Note: In 1796 Charlotte was a servant in Ardleigh Hall, Essex

Children of Daniel and Charlotte
221......Charlotte Double bap 5 Aug 1817 Dedham Independent Chapel m Walter Godfrey HARVEY 4th qr 1841 Lexden, Essex
222......Esther Harriet Double b 9 Apr 1824 Dedham bap 2 Sep 1827 Dedham Independent Chapel m Nathan SOUTHGATE 2nd qr 1858 Lexden
223......Mahala Double b 27 Mar 1831 Dedham bap 11 Sep 1831 Dedham Independent Chapel m John Patrick THOMPSON 27 Jan 1862 Manningtree
Note: Mahala was a dressmaker at the Thompson household, Kings Head Street, Manningtree in 1861

100 Dale DOUBLE m (a) Charlotte LEWIS (bap 5 Sep 1773 St Mary the Virgin Church, Ardleigh bur 12 Apr 1812 Ardleigh aged 39) 26 Jul 1806 (b) Mary KING (b 1789 Essex bur 18 Feb 1849 Stratford St Mary) 30 Jul 1815

NOTE: In 1811 Dale was living in Ardleigh, where he was a labourer living as head of household with 2 other males and 4 females [1811 census]In 1851 Dale was an ag lab in Stratford St Mary, and in 1861, still an ag lab he lived in Holton St Mary Charlotte was the daughter of John and Ann LEWIS.

Children of Dale and Charlotte
224......Mary Ann Double bap 31 Jan 1808 bur 3 Apr 1870 Stratford St Mary aged 62
225......William Double bap 22 Jul 1810 Ardleigh d 1875 Shelley bur All Saints Church Shelley 1 May 1875 aged 65

Children of Dale and Mary
226......Dale Double b 27 Jan 1814 Tattingstone bap 30 Jul 1815 St Mary's Hadleigh d 26 Apr 1879 bur 3 May 1879 Colchester Cemetery
227......Philip Double b 30 Jun 1815 Naughton bap 30 Jul 1815 St Mary's Hadleigh bur 21 Feb 1829 Polstead aged 14
228......Sarah Double b 3 Mar 1817 Naughton bap 6 Apr 1817 St Mary's Hadleigh m Benjamin HARRISON (b 1813 Stratford St Mary) 13 Oct 1840 Holton St Mary
Note: In 1851 Sarah was a nurse in Kelvedon, Essex and in 1861 a nurse living at 2 Warrington Street, Ipswich. Benjamin, an ag lab, was at Marks Lane, Dedham in 1861
229......John Double b 10 Jan 1819 Naughton bap 25 Apr 1819 East Bergholt
230......Fanny Double bap 18 Nov 1820 East Bergholt Independent Chapel
231......Daniel Double bap 16 Jun 1822 E Bergholt Independent Chapel d 4th qr 1904 Tendring, Essex
232......Emma Double bap 17 Aug 1823 East Bergholt Independent Chapel
233......Lucy Double bap 6 Mar 1825 East Bergholt Independent Chapel
234......George Double bap 19 Nov 1826 East Bergholt bur 15 Apr 1845 Stratford St Mary
235......Esther Double b 23 Jun 1833 Holton St Mary d 1834 aged 1
236......Esther Double b 20 May 1835 Holton St Mary bap 19 Jul 1835 St Mary's Hadleigh d 2nd qr 1886 m William ROUSE (b 1830) 14 Dec 1858 Stratford St Mary d 2nd qr 1886 Tendring
237......Edward Double b 26 May 1828 bap 17 Aug 1828 Dedham Independent Chapel bur 15 Jul 1877 Stratford St Mary m Ann RANSON 30 Mar 1849 aged 49
238......Harriet Double b 21 Jun 1831 Dedham bap 11 Sep 1831 m William MILLS (b 1830) 22 Mar 1856 Gt Oakley

103 Henry DOUBLE m Susan PURR 15 Aug 1803

Child of Henry and Susan
239......James Double b 1807 Buxhall bur 3 Sep 1807 Buxhall
Henry Double bap 12 Mar 1809 Buxhall d 1895 Thanet, Kent aged 86
241......James Double bap 13 Oct 1811 Buxhall m Caroline HARVEY 27 Jun 1842
242....Susan Double bap 31 Oct 1813 d 2 Mar 1885 Stowmarket aged 72
243......Mary Ann Double bap 11 Aug 1817 Buxhall
244....Jane Double bap 7 Nov 1819 Buxhall d 1st qr 1912 Stowmarket aged 93 [Stow 4a 1061]
245...;;.Lydia Double bap 10 Feb 1822 Buxhall d 4th qr 1881 aged 58 Stowmarket [Stow 4a 358] m Edward ORMES (b 1823 Buxhall d 1st qr 1901 Stowmarket) 1st qr 1848 Stow
Note: Edward was a shoemaker in 1861, a master bootmaker in 1871. He and Lydia were living at 6 Union Street, Stowmarket in 1861, 1871 and 1881, and Edward was a widower in Crowe Street Stowmarket in 1891. There appears to be no issue
246..;;..Robert Double bap 18 Apr 1824 Buxhall d 4th qr 1875 [Bethnal Green 1c 224] m Elizabeth ATKINS (b 1817 Liston Essex d bef 1901) 4 May 1851 Buxhall
Note: Robert was a railway porter in 1861 1nd 1871. In 1861 he lived at 20 Manchester Street, Bethnal Green and in 1871 at 8 Artillery Street, Bethnal Green. Elizabeth was a needlewoman in 1881 and an office cleaner in 1891, still at 8 Artillery Street

123 Mary RIVERS m Edmund PECK

Child of Mary and unknown
247......Edmund Peck b abt 1805

111 Thomas PASKELL m Susan FINCH (b 1783 d 1860) 7 Nov 1840 Ipswich

Children of Thomas and Susan
P8......Susan Abigail Paskell b 27 Nov 1808 Mistley m John COPPIN 7 Nov 1840 Ipswich
248......Thomas Robert Paskell b 29 Jul 1809 Mistley
249......Robert Thomas Paskell b 11 Oct 1812 Mistley
250......Abigail Susan Paskell b 30 Jan 1816 Mistley
251......Mary Ann Paskell b 31 Dec 1817 Ipswich d 28 Mar 1876 London m James McQUEEN 22 Jul 1842 Ipswich
Note: There is a website for descendants of Mary Ann, and particularly of the McQueen family which you can see
252....Ann Mary Paskell b 20 Oct 1822 Mistley

117 Mary DOUBLE m Samuel STIFF (bap 22 Aug 1784 Raydon) 5 Dec 1808

Children of Samuel and Mary
253......Samuel Stiff b 25 Apr 1809 Raydon
254......John Stiff b 7 Dec 1810 Raydon d 4th qr 1885 Samford aged 75
255......James Stiff bap 18 Oct 1813 Raydon d 1st qr 1853 aged 40
256......Hannah Stiff bap 3 Mar 1816 Raydon
257......Mary Stiff b 24 Oct 1819 Raydon

119 Frances DOUBLE with James SIMPSON

Child of James and Frances
258......James Simpson DOUBLE bap 14 Oct 1810 Raydon d 1st qr 1882 Chelmsford

127 Frances RIVERS m (a) George HARE (bap 25 Oct 1784 Woolverstone) 1810 Woolverstone (b) William GOSLING (b 1785 Carleton Colville)

Note: William was a labourer

Children of George and Frances
259......Mary Ann Hare b 29 Sep 1811 Woolverstone
260......George "Clock" Hare b 1813
261......Francis Hare b 24 May 1818
262......Joseph Hare b 1820

Children of George and Frances
263......Fanny Gosling b 1818 Carleton Colville
264......John Gosling bap 8 Apr 1825 Carleton Colville
265......Henry Gosling bap 26 Jun 1834 Carleton Colville

128 Abigail RIVERS m William DEEKS 4 Nov 1817 Holton St Mary

Children of William and Abigail
266......Abigail Deeks b 30 Mar 1818 East Bergholt
267......William Deeks b 20 Jan 1820
268......Mary Ann Deeks b 1822 d 22 May 1844 aged 62
269......Elizabeth Deeks bap 20 Nov 1825

129 Joseph RIVERS m Hannah MATTOCK abt 1822

Children of Joseph and Hannah
270......Mary Anne Rivers bap 6 Apr 1823 Stoke by Nayland
271......George Rivers bap 31 Jul 1825 Stoke by Nayland
272......Abigail Rivers bap 13 Apr 1828 Stoke by Nayland
273......Elizabeth Rivers bap 12 Sep 1830 Stoke by Nayland
274......Sarah Rivers bap 28 Jul 1833 Stoke by Nayland
265......John Rivers bap 21 Jun 1835 Stoke by Nayland
276......Henry Rivers bap 19 Nov 1837 Stoke by Nayland
277......Fanny Rivers bap 25 Oct 1840 Stoke by Nayland

23 Henry RIVERS m unknown

Children of Henry and unknown
278......Emma Rivers b 17 Aug 1823 Hoxne
279......Edward Rivers b 19 Sep 1824 Earl Stonham
280......James Rivers b 13 Dec 1826 Earl Stonham

133 William DOUBLE m Pheobe CLARK (b 1805 Dedham)

Note: In 1861 William wa a maltster's labourer living at Heath High Road, Dedham

Children of William and Pheobe
281......Pheobe Double bap 13 Mar 1831 Dedham
282......Eliza bap 5 Aug 1832 Dedham
283......George Double bap 17 Apr 1836 Dedham
284......Daniel Double b 1838 Dedham
Note: Daniel was a baker in 1861 living at Heath High Road, Dedham
285......Lucy Double b 2nd qr 1840 Dedham [Lexden 12 119]
286......Joseph Double b 1st qr 1843 Dedham [Lexden 12 131]

134 Mary DOUBLE m Thomas CLARK 26 Jul 1820 St Mary's Church Raydon

Note: In 1841 the family was at Angel Street, Hadleigh

Children of Thomas and Mary
287......Thomas Clark b 1826
288......John Clark b 1826
289......Elizabeth (Betsy) Clark bap 22 Aug 1829 Hadleigh d 15 Mar 1910 Ipswich aged 81
290......Jane Clark b 1835
291......Anne Clark b 1838
292......Robert Clark b 1840

136 Daniel DOUBLE m Elizabeth LLOYD (b Dedham) 3 Oct 1815 St Mary's Lawford, Essex

Note: Daniel was a gardener at the Rectory in Lawford in 1861

No Issue

138 John DOUBLE m Mary

Children of John and Mary
293......George Double bap 16 Jul 1814 Raydon bur 9 Aug 1814 Raydon
294......Mary Ann Double bap 16 Jul 1814 Raydon


141 Jeremiah DOUBLE m Eliza WIDGER 12 Nov 1821 Ipswich St Clements

Children of Jeremiah and Eliza
295......Emma Double bap 16 Jan 1824 Ipswich St Clements
296......James Jeremiah Double b 8 Nov 1827 Ipswich bap 9 Mar 1928 Ipswich St Clements
297......Frederick Double b 1830 Ipswich
298......Eliza Double bap 29 Jun 1837 Ipswich St Clements
Note: Eliza had an illegitimate daughter, father unknown, 299......Mary Elizabeth Ann Ruffin Double b 9 Dec 1853 Gillingham, Kent

143 Joseph DOUBLE m Maria

Note: in 1851 Joseph was a cab driver; in 1861 a labourer living at 9 Gloucester St, Finsbury, London and in 1871 a stableman at Tavistock Mews, Bloomsbury

Children of Joseph and Maria
300......Henry Double b 1831 d 1891 aged 60
Note: In 1851 Henry was a general porter
301......George Double b 1832
Note: In 1851 George was a general porter. George was living in London in 1875
302......Jeremiah Double b 1835
Note: In 1851 Jeremiah was a journeyman butcher
303......William Double b 1836 Islington d 1901 Marylebone aged 65
Note: In 1851 William was an errand boy
304......David Joseph Double b 2nd qr 1839 St Pancras d 4th qr 1842 aged 3
305......Maria Double bap 2 Dec 1843 Old Church, St Pancras London
306......Joseph Double bap 19 Mar 1849 St George the martyr, Holborn
307......David Double bap 25 Nov 1849 St George the martyr, Holborn d 1906 Lambeth aged 57 m Mary

144 William DOUBLE m Eliza KING 20 May 1834 Hadleigh

Note: In 1861 William was an ag lab and the family were at Lower Street, Raydon.

Children of William and Eliza
308......Esther Double b 1835 Hadleigh
309......Arthur Joseph Double b 4 Jul 1838 Hadleigh d 1 Jul 1926 Colchester m Susannah RUSH 4th qr 1857 [Samford 4a 1180]
310......Joseph Double b 1841 Shelley
311......Ellen Elizabeth Double b Jul 1842 Shelley m Henry William MOORE (b 1844 d 1933) 1 Feb 1862 Samford
312......James Double b 1846 Shelley d 3rd qr 1863 Raydon bur 20 Oct 1863 Raydon
Note: In 1861 James was an ag lab
313......Sarah Jane Double b 1848 Shelley m James KILBURN (b 1842 d 1909) 26 Dec 1871 Shelley
Dale Double b 1851 Raydon d 5 Feb 1909 Camberwell
315......Eliza Double b 1855 Raydon m George TATUM (b 1854 d 1918) 27 Jun 1875 Bermondsey
316......George Double b 1860

148 Lydia DOUBLE m John COOK 26 Nov 1823 Wherstead

Note: Lydia was a "Town Nurse" in 1861 living at The Tower, Freston

Child of John and Lydia
317......Susan Cook b 1839 Woolverstone
Note: In 1861 Susan was a laundress living at 2 The Tower, Freston

149 Philip DOUBLE m Martha PINNER (b 1806 d 21 Oct 1840 Bentley bur 25 Oct 1840 Bentley aged 34) 17 Aug 1828 Bentley

Note: Martha died of Consumption (TB)

Children of Philip and Martha
318......Martha Double bap 26 Oct 1828 Wherstead d 27 Apr 1906 Ipswich
319......Daniel Double bap 20 Jun 1830 Bentley d 1912 aged 82
320......Hannah Double b 8 Nov 1932
Note: Hannah was a houseservant in 1851 at 82 Tower Place, Ipswich
321......Susan Double bap 14 Dec 1834 Bentley
Note: Susan was a cook at 16 Tavern Street, Ipswich in 1861
322......Diana Double bap 9 Jul 1837 Bentley

152 David DOUBLE m Hannah WOOLLARD (b 1806 Belstead bur 28 Jan 1893 aged 87) 10 Nov 1847 Wherstead

Note: David was a gardener, and lived in 1861, 1871 and 1881 at Stalls, Valley Lane, Wherstead

No issue?

156 Benjamin DOUBLE m Mary Anne SMITH (b 1814 Harkstead) 14 Oct 1834 Harkstead

Note: Benjamin was an ag lab

Children of Benjamin and Mary Ann
333......William Double b 1841
334......Mary Anne Double b 1843 Harkstead
Note: Mary Anne was a dressmaker in Harkstead in 1861
335......Jane Double b 1848 Harkstead bur 21 Aug 1855 St Clements Ipswich aged 7
336......Isaac Double b 1849 Harkstead m Hannah SMITH (b 1850 Harkstead) 4th qr 1877 Samford RD
Note: Isaac was a farm labourer fron 1861 to 1891 inclusive and a carter on a farm in 1901. He lived in Harkstead in 1861, Farnborough Street, Farnborough in 1871, in Harkstead in 1891 and in Lower Road Harkstead in 1901
John Double b 1854 Harkstead

157 Sarah DOUBLE m William WEBB (b 1825) 4 Aug 1847 Chelmondiston

William was both a butcher and a valetman at a drapers (in 1861, living at 494 Oxford Street London)

Children of William and Sarah
338......Jane Webb b 1849 Chelmondiston
339......William Webb b 1853 Chelmondiston

158 Abraham DOUBLE m Emma WEBB (b 9 Feb 1945 Waldringfield d 1926) abt 1865

Note: Abraham was a mariner in 1861, a dredgerman in 1871 and a seaman on the ship "Paris" in 1881. He was also recorded as a butcher in 93 Lacey St, Ipswich in 1891. Emma is shown to have been at 15 Sefton Terrace, Denton, Essex in 1881 and at 72a Woodhouse Street, Ipswich in 1891

Children of Abraham and Emma
340......Agnes Webb Double b 16 Dec 1865 Samford RD m William BUCKLAND 2nd qr 1900 St Michael's Ipswich
Abraham Hugh Double b 8 Jul 1867 Chelmondiston d 10 Dec 1938 aged 71
342......Alberta Double b 9 Feb 1869 d 26 Sep 1870 aged 1
343......Emma Bella Double b 11 Feb 1871 d 16 Apr 1872 aged 1
344......Isaac Frank Double b 22 Jul 1875
Note: Isaac was a watch and clock maker in 1881, a clerk in a foundry living with his mother in 1891 and a merchant clerk living with father at 93 Lacey Street, Ipswich in 1891
345......Albert Double b 30 Nov 1876 Southwick, Essex d 1903 Portsmouth m Dorothy
346......Ivan Sidney Double b 6 Oct 1979 Denton d 1st qr 1968 aged 89

The Highland Patriot on which Ivan travelled to Spain - sunk by u-boat in 1940

Note: Ivan was a teacher in 1901, a schoolmaster in 1925 and was for a while goalkeeper for Ipswich Town FC. He was also a professor of Geology at Liverpool University. He wnt to Quebec in Aug 1924 and stayed for an unspecified time. He appears on the "Highland Patriot" bound for Las Palmas, Spain on 6 Jul 1935 from London at which times his profession was university lecturer

347......William Ernest Double b 7 Nov 1881 Denton, Essex
Note: William also played for Ipswich Town FC as full back
348......Nellie Beatrice Double b 22 Nov 1885 Denton d 1951 aged 65

177 Charles Henry DOUBLE m Mary Ann RAYNHAM (bap 24 Mar 1799 Chelsworth d after 1881) 6 Jul 1820 St Michael's Woolverstone

Note: Charles was the inn keeper at the Red Lion, Chelmondiston in 1841 and in 1871 he was a carpenter in Chelmondiston. Mary Ann is recorded in 1881 as living at High Street, Holbrook

Children of Charles and Mary Ann
349......Charles Double b 5 Nov 1820 Woolverstone bap 18 Dec 1820 Woolverston
350......Elizabeth Double b 1821 Woolverstone m Frederick Green SIMONS (b 1817) 3 Mar 1841 Holbrook
Note: Frederick was a policeman in 1841
351......George Double bap 20 Jun 1822 Woolverstone bur 12 Jul 1822 Woolverstone
Mary Ann Double b 26 Nov 1823 Woolverstone bap 13 Jun 1824 Woolverstone d 4th qr 1879 Depwade RD aged 56
353......George Double b 1825 Woolverstone bap 18 May 1828 Woolverstone
354......Alfred Double bap 18 May 1828 Woolverstone
355......Robert Charles Double b 29 Mar 1830 Woolverstone bap 3 Jun 1832 Woolverstone
356......Edward Double b 27 Mar 1832 Woolverstone bap 3 Jun 1832 Woolverstone d 4th qr 1914 Woodbridge

178 John DOUBLE m Hannah KILBURNE 1832 Little Bentley

Child of John and Hannah
357......Hannah Maria Double b 1839 Wrabness d 1st qr 1920 Tendring

180 William DOUBLE m Maria ARTHY 15 Mar 1844 Dedham
Children of William and Maria
358......Sarah Double b 17 Mar 1844 Dedham d 2 Apr 1925 Dedham
359......Harriet Double b 1st qr 1846 Dedham d 2nd qr 1892 London
360......William Double b 1849 Dedham d 4th qr 1905 London
361......Thomas Double b 1st qr 1851 Dedham [Lexden 12 151]d 1938
362......Daniel Double b 2nd qr 1853 Dedham [Lexden 4a 246] d 3 Jun 1898 Dedham
363......Phoebe Double b 1855 Dedham d 1935 West Ham m Thomas MENDHAM abt 1855
364......George William Double b 2nd qr 1858 Dedham [Lexden 4a 254]
365......Abigail Double b 2nd qr 1861 Dedham [Lexden 4a 281] d 3rd qr 1861 Dedham

162 James DOUBLE m Susannah HARVEY (b 1806 East Bergholt d 1893 aged 87) 1825 East Bergholt

Note: in 1861 James was an ag lab living at Brantham Street, Brantham

Children of James and Susannah
366......Charles Double bap 12 Mar 1826 East Bergholt bur 10 Apr 1898 Brantham
367......James Double bap 25 Apr 1830 Brantham bur 1 Mar 1904 aged 74
368......Mary Ann Double bap 7 Oct 1832 Brantham
369......Susannah Double bap 15 Jun 1834 Brantham m George GOODWIN Holbrook
370......a child Double was born in 1839
371......Hannah Double b 21 Dec 1841 Brantham m William DALE (b 1842) 8 Nov 1867 Brantham
372......Sarah Double bap 15 Dec 1844 Brantham m Nathaniel MUNNINGS 30 Dec 1874 Bentley
Note: Nathaniel was a railway signalman
373......Lucy Double bap 12 Apr 1847 Brantham d 22 Feb 1906 aged 59
Stephen Double bap 20 Jan 1850 Brantham d 29 Jun 1932 Colchester aged 82
375......Elizabeth Maria Double bap 26 Sep 1852 Brantham

174 John DOUBLE m Eliza OSBORNE (b 1823 Keith, Woolwich d bef 1891) 4 Jul 1847 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster

John was a coach carrier. In 1861 he was living at 15 Castle Street, Finsbury, in 1871 and 1872 he was at 1 Truro Villas, Wimbledon and in 1891 at Coborn Villa, Egham

Children of John and Eliza
376......Eliza Double bap 3 Dec 1848 Holy Trinity, Kingsway, Holborn d 24 Feb 1850 aged 2
377......John Frederick Double bap 2 Feb 1851 Holborn m Elizabeth
Note: John was a brewers servant in 1871 living at 37 Tollit Street, Mile End, London
378......William Henry Double b 1853 Long Acre, London bap 17 Apr 1853 St Martin in the Fields
379......Henry Double b 1857 St Martin's London
380......Harriet Double b 1861 St Giles London

176 Frederick DOUBLE m Mary GOLBOURN (b 1825 Woolwich d bef 1901) 1st qr 1850 Lewisham

Note: In 1850 Frederick was a mate seaman aboard the Quintus, an 80 ton vessel based at Ipswich which he joined on 23rd March. He had previously served on the Pennant. You can see the record of his service on Quintus here. Frederick was a journeyman carrier in 1861 and 1871. He lived at 7 Castle Street, Finsbury in 1861 and at 67 Paddock Lane Walsall from before 1871. In 1881 and in 1891 he was a carrier

Children of Frederick and Mary
381......Caroline Sarah Double b 1850 Woolwich d 4th qr 1889 aged 39
382......Mary Ann Double b 1855 Clerkenwell m John BIRCH 4th qr 1889 Walsall, Staffs
Note: John was the son of William Double and Eliza BIRCH. He was a carter in 1891 and 1901 living at 67 Paddock Lane Walsall Staffs. Mary Ann was a bridle stitcher in 1881, also living at 67 Paddock Lane
383......John Double b 1861 London

177 Charles Henry DOUBLE m Henrietta NASH (b 1833 Maidstone, Kent) 7 Aug 1853 St Martin in the Fields

Note: In 1861 Charles was a carrier living at 23 Castle Street, St Giles, London, in 1871 he was a Leather dresser living at 16 Great Earl Street, Finsbury and in 1881 he was a coach carrier living at 4 Short's Yard, Finsbury.

In 1881 Henrietta was a tailoress, and in 1891 she was a charlady living (for the rest of her life) at 21 Blackmoor Street, St Clement Danes, Westminster, but in 1901 she is recorded as a monthly nurse

Children of Charles and Henrietta
384......Thomas Charles Double bap 30 Dec 1957 St Martin in the Fields, d 1936 Lambeth aged 79
385......Frederick William Double bap 9 Sep 1860 St Martin in the Fields
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a Porter, living at 4 Short's Yard, Finsbury
386......Annie Double b 1865
NOte: Annie was a bottle capper in 1881 living at 4 Short's Yard, Finsbury
387......Mary Ann Double b 16 Aug 1868 at 17 Gt Earl Street, London
388......Alice Olga Double b 1874 at Seven Dials, London
Note: In 1891and 1901 Alice was a wig maker living at 21 Blackmoor Street, St Clement Danes, Westminster.

181 Amy Windsor DOUBLE m James DANSEY (b 1812 Wormingford d 1st qr 1888 Lexden) 4th qr 1841 Lexden, Colchester

Note: James was an ag lab., living at Church Lane, Wormingford in 1961, The Vinery, Little Horkesley in 1871 and at Bergholt Road Little Horkesley in 1881. Amy was an inmate in Leden and Winstree Workhouse in 1891

Children of James and Amy
389......John Dansey b 1847 Wormingford
390......Sarah Dansey b 1849 Wormingford
391......Amy G Dansey1866 Colchester

182 John DOUBLE m Sarah CLARK (b 1809 Bentley bur 10 Feb 1878 Bentley aged 69) 15 Oct 1833 Tattingstone

Note: John was an ag lab living at Case Corner, Bentley in 1871 and 1881

Children of John and Sarah
392......Mary Ann Double bap 3 Jan 1836 Bentley
393......Henry Double b 1837 Bentley
394......Susan Double bap 4 Aug 1839 Bentley
395......William Double b 1844 Bentley
396......Jabez Double b 1846 Bentley

186 Elizabeth DOUBLE m George SCOTT (bap 25 Dec 1825 Tattingstone d 2nd qr 1893 aged 68) 17 Nov 1845 Bentley

Note: George was a labourer living at Tattingstone in 1861, at Stutton Street, Stutton in 1881 and at 38 Manningtree Rd Stutton in 1891

Children of George and Elizabeth

397......Hannah Scott b 1849 Tattingstone
398......George Scott b 1851 Tattingstone
399......Elizabeth Scott b 1853 Tattingstone
400......Alice Scott b 1855 Tattingstone
401......Walter Scott b 1858 Tattingstone
402......Sarah Scott b 1861 Tattingstone

187 Hannah DOUBLE m James PAGE (b 1828 Bentley) 6 Jul 1856 Tattingstone

Note: James was an ag lab living at Holbrook in 1861 and 1871
Children of James and Hannah

403......Charles Double b 1857 Tattingstone
404......Walter Double b 1859 Tattingstone
405......David Double b 1862 Tattingstone

188 Thomas DOUBLE m Elizabeth CRESWELL (b 1830 Bentley) 17 Sep 1854 Bentley

Note: Thomas was a labourer in 1861 living at Stoke Street Ipswich, and in 1871 he was a gardener living at 5 Church Street, Ipswich

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
406......Samuel Amoss Double b 1856 Bentley
407......Elizabeth Double bap 12 Feb 1860 Bentley

189 Henry DOUBLE m Elizabeth STIFF

Child of Henry and Elizabeth
408......Elizabeth Double bap 12 Sep 1820 Raydon

191Mary DOUBLE m George WHEELER (b 1805 Wix, Essex) 7 Nov 1826 Holton St Mary

Note" George was an ag lab living at The Row, Stratford St Mary in 1861

Child of John and Mary
409......John Wheeler b 1837 East Bergholt

196 Daniel DOUBLE m Anne HARDY (b 1819 Ireland) 4 Apr 1840 Holton St Mary
Daniel was an Ag Lab in 1851 and 1861 living at The Strret, Holton St Mary and Anne was a nurse in the 1881 census living at 25 Birchcroft, Nayland and a retired nurse at Raydon in 1891. Father 47 Henry DOUBLE was living with the family in 1851. In 1871 they were living on parish relief at New Hall Farm Cottages, Holton St Mary
Children of Daniel and Anne

410......Elizabeth Double b 11 Jan 1841 Holton St Mary m John GARWOOD (b bef 1839) 30 Nov 1861
411......Mary Ann Double b 27 Dec 1842 Holton St Mary
Note: Mary Ann was a house servant in 1861 at High Street, Colchester
412......Harry Double b 13 Apr 1848 Holton St Mary
Note: Harry (aka Henry) was an Ag Lab in 1861
413......John Double bap 25 Apr 1849 Holton St Mary
Note: John was an Ag Lab in 1861 and a police constable in 1871 at Rochester Row Police Station, London
414......George Double bap 11 May 1849 Holton St Mary
Note: George was a private soldier in 1871 at Royal Horseguards Barracks, St Pancras, London
415......Jane M Double bap 20 Apr 1851 Holton St Mary
Note: Jane was a housemaid in 1871 at Dagnells Park, Croydon, Surrey
Daniel Double bap 19 Jun 1854 Holton St Mary d 2nd qr 1898 Lexden aged 44
417......James Double bap 14 Dec 1856 Holton St Mary bur 1 Dec 1880 Holton St Mary
Note: James was an ag lab in 1871 living at New Hall farm cottages, Holton St Mary

197 James DOUBLE m Sarah PARKER (b 1825 Capel St Mary d 25 Feb 1912 at The Lodge, Stratford St Mary aged 87) 14 Nov 1845

Note: In 1861 James was an Ag Lab but by 1871 he had become a farm bailiff, which he remained at different locations. In 1871 he lived near Quintius, East Bergholt, in 1881 at Hill Farm, East Bergholt and in 1891 at Woodgates Farm, East Bergholt. In 1861 Sarah is recorded as a laundress living at Street Cottage, Holton St Mary and in 1901 she lived at Allen's Farm, East Bergholt.

Child of James and Sarah
418......Joseph Double bap 21 Apr 1846 Holton St Mary d aft 1901
Note: In 1861 Joseph was an ag lab living in Street Cottage, Holton

198 John DOUBLE m Ann BUTCHER (bap 26 Feb 1793 Raydon bur 26 Apr 1835 Raydon aged 42) 11 Apr 1814

Note: John was a labourer. Ann was the daughter of Graeme BUTCHER and Mary OSBORNE

Children of John and Ann
419......Mary Double bap 23 Apr 1815 bur 7 Feb 1844 Raydon aged 29 m Benjamin HILLS 22 Oct 1836
420......John Double bap 29 Sep 1816 Raydon bur 11 Nov 1874 Lt Wenham aged 58
421......William Double b 9 Aug 1818 Raydon
422......George Double bap 23 Mar 1820 Raydon bur 11 Apr 1860 Raydon aged 40 m Sarah COLE 26 Jan 1841
423......Eliza Double bap 3 Sep 1821 Raydon d 1st qr 1877 aged 56 m Henry GRIMWADE 3 Jun 1842
424......Thomas Double bap 19 Oct 1822 Raydon m Susan CHISNALL 20 Mar 1842
425......Elizabeth Double bap 17 Feb 1825 Raydon James EMENY 20 Dec 1846 East Bergholt
426......Mary b 1829 Raydon
427......Lucy Double bap 7 Oct 1827 Raydon d 3rd qr 1859 Raydon aged 32 m George LAWRENCE 11 Sep 1847

95 Elizabeth DOUBLE partnered with Edward DUNTHORNE m William GRIGSON (b 1795) 22 Oct 1820 Raydon

Note: William was a shoemaker

Child of Elizabeth and Edward DUNTHORNE
428......Edward Dunthorne DOUBLE bap 20 Jun 1816 Raydon d 28 May 1896 Tasmania aged 80


were amongst the first immigrants to Timaru, New Zealand

Timaru is situated on Caroline Bay, on the east coast of South Island, New Zealand.. Originally a temporary Maori camp site, a whaling station was established there in 1835 but only lasted about three years. Soon after this the early New Zealand government divided the area of South Canterbury into sections which were available for purchase, setting aside specified locations for future development of townships.

The Rhodes family had already settled in the Banks peninsular and were successfully clearing land and raising sheep, and they bought the piece of land called "The Levels" which lay just north of the designated township area of Timaru. George Rhodes who now owned the land with his brother Robert built a simple cottage there and grew a crop of potatoes as well as establishing a sheep run (a "run" in New Zealand is an area of land for stock). He needed not only supplies for living but a way of getting his produce sold, and he arranged for a small ship to pick up his bales of wool and to bring supplies from the Banks peninsular.

Unfortunately there was no harbour at Timaru - only a beach with a low clay cliff behind it. Geology came to the rescue. A nearby extinct volcano, Mt Horrible, had erupted a large field of lava which solidified into a blueish dolerite and part of which formed a reef just offshore from George Rhodes’ home, and gave a small area of sheltered water which he developed as a landing place for the open rowing boat he used for transferring goods and to and from the ship.

In 1856 the population of Timaru was 16 - and George needed workers for his run. A commission set up by the government was approached, and it advertised in Britain the need for artisans to live in "the township of Timaru" , extolling its virtues but admitting that the population was low.

At the time the population of Britain was growing, but the Enclosure Acts were making agricultural work hard to get, as well as being poorly paid. In the little village of Raydon, the Double and Scarf families, together with Henry Butcher, a cousin, seized the opportunity to emigrate as assisted emigrants subsidised by the New Zealand commission. Where people could not afford the assisted fare, they could promise to pay when they had earned money in New Zealand.

They thus became 15 of the first 111 immigrants to land at Timaru in January 1859 after a voyage on the Strathallan which lasted 82 days (and saw the death of 8 month old Elizabeth Ann Double, with whom there would have been 16 of our relatives), and founded the current city.

When they arrived the weather was so bad the sailing vessel had to stand off the coast at a distance of three miles, but eventually they were ferried to the landing place, where they were housed temporarily in woolsheds designed to hold bales of wool. Five houses could be seen in a land full of tussock grass and a few cabbage trees. The immigrants had to build their own homes, often out of cob (a mixture of clay, grass and where possible manure, thatched with tussock grass.)

Note: You can see Double descendants in New Zealand here

A book about the early settlers at Timaru has recently been published. It is called "Timaru at Last" by Alan McKenzie, and may be obtained from Timaru Museum for $40 plus $10 postage in New Zealand - if you order from the UK send a cheque for the equivalent in pounds sterling to $NZ40 plus $NZ25 postage ($NZ65 in total)

........................ .........................................................................

.............................. Tussock Grass............................................................................................. Cabbage Tree

200 William DOUBLE m Anne SPOONER (b 1795 Newmarket bur 14 Oct 1863 Raydon aged 68) 13 Feb 1820 Raydon

Note: Ann was the daughter of John SPOONER and Ann ADAMS. William was a labourer. In 1851 and 1861 Ann lived in Upper Street, Raydon

Children of William and Ann
429......William Double bap 30 Aug 1821 Raydon d 26 Jul 1874 Timaru, New Zealand
430......Eliza Double bap 20 Jun 1823 Raydon bur 18 Jul 1823 Raydon (infant death)
431......Caroline Double bap 8 Nov 1824 Raydon
Note: In 1851 Caroline lived in Upper Street, Raydon
432......Mary Ann Double bap 1 Jun 1829 Raydon
433......Daniel Double bap 21 Aug 1821 Raydon d bef 1901 m Elizabeth SPOONER (b 1836 Hadleigh) 4th qr 1866 Brentford, Essex
434......Robert Double b 19 Feb 1835 Raydon bap 11 May 1835 Raydon d 19 Dec 1919 Invercargill, New Zealand
435......Elizabeth Jane Double b 1 Apr 1837 Raydon d 2 Apr 1870 Timaru New Zealand m (a) Robert SCARF 4 Oct 1856 (b) unknown
Note: You can see Jane's descendants in New Zealand
436......Arthur Joseph Double b 1 Jul 1838 Raydon Suffolk UK m (a) Susanna RUSH 25 Dec 1857 (b) Sarah RUSH 1879
437......Ellen Double b 1842 Raydon m (a) George PLUMB 6 Mar 1860 (b) Henry MOORE 7 Feb 1862
Note Ellen had a illegitimate son,438......George Double b before 6 Mar 1860 Raydon Suffolk UK

202 Mary DOUBLE m Thomas S CLARK (b 1800 Hadleigh d bef 1891) 26 Jul 1820 Raydon

Note: Thomas was an ag lab and brickmaker in 1861 living at Angel Street, Hadleigh; in 1871 he was living at The Green, Hadleigh, and in 1881 as an annuitant he was at the almshouses, George Street Row, Hadleigh. In 1891 Mary was living with her grandson Walter at 6 Back Strret, Ipswich

Children of Thomas and Mary
438......Elizabeth Clark bap 22 Aug 1828 Hadleigh m Abraham WHITTLE 17 Nov 1846 [issue: 439......Jane Matilda Whittle b 23 Dec 1853 Ipswich d 2 Jun 1894 Ipswich m Alfred WALLACE (b 30 May 1851 Islington d 24 May 1909 Ipswich) ]
440......Abraham Clark b 1838 Hadleigh
441......Ann Marie Clark b 1843 Hadleigh
Note: in 1861 Anna Marie was a silk winder, living at Angel Street, Hadleigh

203 Maria DOUBLE m (a) George LAWRENCE (b 17 Aug 1801 d 17 Jul 1881 aged 79

Note: George was an ag lab living in 1861 at Upper Street Raydon and in 1871 at Farmhouse, Raydon

Children of George and Maria
442......Mary Ann Lawrence bap 9 Oct 1823 Raydon
443......George Lawrence bap 8 Jan 1826 Raydon
444......Thomas Lawrence b 21 Jun 1828 Raydon m Mary WILKINSON 6 Apr 1849
445......Sarah Lawrence b 1 Nov 1831 Raydon
446......Elizabeth Lawrence bap 20 Nov 1833 Raydon m William BALDWIN
447......Henry Lawrence b 1836 Raydon m Harriet RANSON
448......John Lawrence bap 21 Feb 1842 Raydon
449......William Lawrence bap 11 Jul 1847 Raydon m Sarah SONGER abt 1869
Note: in 1861 William was an ag lab living at Upper Street Raydon

107 John William DOUBLE m Maryann JONES (widow, b 15 Aug 1841 Hobart Campania, Van Diemen's Land [later Tasmania] d 6 Jan 1929 Back River, New Norfolk, Tasmania aged 89) 16 Jul 1857 St John's Presbyterian Church, Hobart

Note: Maryann's age was stated as being under 21 years upon their marriage, which was conducted according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of Scotland. Witnesses to the marriage were Stephen and Ellen BAREHAM. Maryann was blind by the age of 40.

.John, a stone mason and cutter, who lived at Wenham, was tried at Capel St Mary for arson (setting fire to a barn and a lot of straw) and sentenced on 30 Mar 1844 to transportation for life.

You can see press cuttings of his trial here

He was taken to Hobart with 223 other convicts aboard HMS Agincourt on 9 Jul 1844, arriving Norfolk Island on 9 Nov 1844. He was 24 years old 5'5" tall and could read and write. He was convict no 21551.

Ship :- Agincourt :- 958 tons: only Male convicts on board
Departed:- 09 Jul 1844 from Woolwich Arrived Norfolk Island:- 09 Nov 1844 Built at London 1841, class A1, Master Henry Neatby; Surgeon Chas. Henry Fuller. Sailed from Woolwich via Cape, voyage 123 days. Embarked with 224 male convicts, 4 deaths, landed 220 at Norfolk Island.

John sailed from Norfolk Island arriving at Impression Bay, Tasmania, on 15 August 1847.

His time as a convict was not without incident: He was transferred from Norfolk Island to Impression Bay arriving on 15th Aug 1847, and whilst there he was found guilty of misconduct and sentenced to 2 months prison with hard labour on 1 February 1848.

John was described as being Church of England, 24 years of age, five foot four and one inches tall, could read and write.

Complexion :- Fresh
Hair :- Light Brown
Visage :- Oval
Forehead :- Medium
Eye Brows :- Light Brown
Eyes :- Grey
Nose :- Medium
Mouth :- Small
Chin :- Medium

On 9 March 1848 he was found guilty of disobeying a direct order and was given another 1 month prison and hard labour.

John applied for a ticket of leave on 23 September 1851 but was refused. He reapplied on 11 October 1853 but was told to reapply in 12 months.This ticket was granted on 15 August 1854 and a conditional pardon was issued on 28 August 1855, and was completely free in July 1856

Maryanne was the daughter of George JONES and Susan Jasper FEATHERSTONE
Susan has an interesting history which can be seen here thanks to Gary COULSON, a descendant in Hobart. She was blind from the age of 40 and was only 4'6" tall. After John's death she married Thomas John VISTRIN 16 Feb 1874

Children of John and Maryann
450......Elizabeth Double b 7 Aug 1858 Richmond Tasmania d 11 Aug 1858 aged 1
451......William Double b 27 Sep 1859 Richmond Tasmania d 21 Oct 1859 infant
452......William John Double b 25 Sep 1860 Richmond Tasmania d 1945 aged 85
453......Joseph Double b 13 Dec 1863 Richmond Tasmania d 1945 aged 82
454......Daniel Double b 22 Aug 1865 Richmond Tasmania d 30 Jan 1883 aged 18
455......Elizabeth Rosanna Double b 9 Feb 1868 Richmond Tasmania
456......Mary Ann Double b 18 Nov 1871 Richmond Tasmania
457......Susan Nellie (or Lillie) Double b 18 Jul 1873 Native Corners, Tasmania d 5 Feb 1950 aged 76 Glebe, Sydney, NSW
458......Charlotte Double b 6 Feb 1877 Native Corners, Tasmania d 11 Sep 1960 Claremont, Tasmania aged 83
459......James Double b 2 Feb 1881 Richmond Tasmania d 22 Feb 1969 aged 88 bur 25 Feb 1969 Carr Villa, Launceston

213 Joseph DOUBLE m Harriet HARVEY (b 1826 Washbrook d after 1901) 8 Oct 1847 Washbrook

Note: Joseph was an ag lab, living at Wenham Mayne, Gt Wenham in 1861 and 1871, at 2 Church Corner, Gt Wenham in 1881 and at Priory Lodge Gt Wenham in 1901

Children of Joseph and Harriet
460......Joseph H Double b 1st qr 1846 Washbrook [Samford 12 248]
461......William Double b 1st qr 1850 Gt Wenham [Samford 12 453]
462......John Double b 1st qr 1851 Gt Wenham bap 30 Sep 1855 Gt Wenham [Samford 12 435]
463......Elizabeth Double bap 30 Sep 1855 Gt Wenham m (a) Harry NORTON 29 Nov 1873 (b) unknown
464......William Double bap 4 Jul 1858 Gt Wenham
Note: In 1881 William was an ag lab living at 2 Church Corner, Gt Wenham
465......Charlotte Double bap 2 Sep 1860 Gt Wenham
466......Alice Mary Double b 1866 Gt Wenham bap 4 Jun 1867 Gt Wenham bur 4 Jun 1868 Gt Wenham
467......Walter Daniel Double bap 26 Jul 1868 Gt Wenham m Annie Louise BROOK 4 Jun 1890

215 John DOUBLE m Sarah CHURCH (b 1799 Little Bromley, Essex bur 10 Mar 1849 aged 50) 14 Jul 1822 St John's Church, Gt Wenham

Note: John was an ag lab in Raydon in 1841 and 1851; in 1861 and 1871 he lived near the church, Shotley, in 1881 he was at Tattingstone House After Sarah died, John went to live with the ELY family in Shotley

Children of John and Sarah
468......Charles Edward Double b 1822
469......James Double bap 8 Jan 1823 Holton St Mary d 7 Feb 1900 Allen's Farm, East Bergholt aged 77
470......William Double b 25 Jan 1824 Tattingstone House d 1901 Lexden RD aged 77
Note: In 1851 William was a railway labourer living at Fisher Green, Stevenage, Herts with brother George below
471......George Double b 9 Apr 1826 Poor House Tattingstone House
Note: In 1851 George was a railway labourer living at Fisher Green, Stevenage, Herts with brother William above
472......Sarah Double bap 28 Jul 1828 Raydon bur 14 Apr 1894 Colchester cemetery aged 66 m Walter COLLINS (b 1833 Trimley St Martin) 28 Mar 1858
Walter was a stationmaster in 1881 at Salthouse, Norfolk and in 1891 at Cantley Station, Norfolk
473......Thomas Double bap 20 Jan 1831 Raydon d bef 1881 m Sarah BALLS 25 Dec 1852
474......Joseph Double bap 13 May 1833 Raydon d 1873 Ipswich aged 40
Note: Joseph was an ag lab in 1871 living at Shotley
475......Henry Double bap 6 Dec 1835 Raydon m Happy Eliza RANSON 3 May 1857
476......Walter Double b 4 May 1838 d after 1901 m Elizabeth FISHER 11 Oct 1863
477......Charles Alfred Double bap 24 Jun 1841 Raydon bur 17 Mar 1919 Erwarton aged 76 m Sarah ELY 11 Mar 1864
478......Mahala Double bap 27 Aug 1843 Raydon bur 21 Jan 1846 Raydon aged 3
479......Ann Double bap 10 Jan 1846 Raydon m John JENNINGS 25 Dec 1863

216 Robert KING m Lucy GRIGGS (b 1807 d 1855 aged 48) 15 Jun 1827

Children od Robert and Lucy
480......Maria Sarah Anne King bap 7 Sep 1828
481......Robert King bap 26 Sep 1830 bur 12 Aug 1899 Hadleigh aged 69 m Mary TRICKER (b abt 1834) 10 Jun 1854
482......Mary Ann King bap 2 Sep 1835 m George COUSINS 14 Mar 1851 [see Cousins branch here]
483......George King bap 26 Feb 1837 Hadleigh m Rebekah Botwright KING 3 Apr 1860
484......Charlotte King bap 4 May 1840 Hadleigh

220 Joseph DOUBLE m (a) Martha POTTER (b 1810 d 23 Dec 1847 aged 36 Tattingstone) 20 Dec 1833 Stratford St Mary (b) Emma WHITE (b 1828 Hanover Square London d after 1901) 4th qr 1854 Colchester

Note: Joseph was a pork butcher in 1861 living at High Road, Dedham; in 1871 he had become a baker at the Heath, Dedham. Martha died of TB. In 1881 he was a baker at West Street, Dedham. But in 1891 Emma was living on her own means at 153 Trumpington Road, Wanstead, Essex and in 1901 with her daugher Annie at Sputan Pol, St Ives Cornwall.

Children of Joseph and Martha
485......Joseph Double bap 31 Aug 1834 Higham by Nayland
486......Walter Double b 1835 Hadleigh d 1865 bur 18 Oct 1865 Dedham
487......George Double bap 4 Mar 1837 Higham by Nayland bur 23 Jun 1837 infant
488......Martha Double b 1838 bur 20 Jan 1869 Dedham aged 31

Children of Joseph and Emma
489......Emma Double b 1856 Dedham m Henry BEALE abt 1885
Note: In 1911 Henry was a wheelwright and the couple were living at 59 High Street Battersea
490......Lucy Double b 1857 Dedham
491......Henry Philip Double b 3rd qr 1858 Dedham
Annie Double b 1861 Dedham [Lexden 4a 237]
493......Alfred b 1st qr 1863 Dedham [Lexden 4a 311]
494......Katie b 2nd qr 1865 Dedham [Lexden 4a 301]
Note: In 1881 Katie was at home with her parents. In 1891 Katie was living on her own means at 88 Tavistock Road, Kensington
495......Walter Double b 2nd qr 1867 Dedham [Lexden 4a 311] d 27 Feb 1935 [Surrey mid-E 2a 296]
496....Ada Double b 4th qr 1869 [Lexden 4a 236]

224 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Daniel JOSLIN (b 1807 Holton St Mary d 1st qr 1893 Colchester) 1835 Colchester

Note: In 1851 Daniel was a beer retailer in East Street, Colchester and in 1851 he kept the "Welcome Sailor" in East Street. In 1871 he was a labourer and in 1881 he was a retired innkeeper living at Donyland Road Gift Houses, Colchester. Oddly. he gave his occupation as retired pork butcher in 1891, living at 8 Kingsley Square Donyland Rd, Colchester

Children of Daniel and Mary Ann
497......Edward Joslin b 1835 Colchester
Note: in 1851 Edward was a carpenter living at East Street Colchester
498......Alfred Joslin b 1837 Colchester
499......Jessy Joslin b 3rd qr 1838 Colchester [Colchester 12 64]
500......Sarah Joslin b ist qr 1840 Colchester [Colchester 12 63]
Note: Sarah was a dressmaker in 1861 living at "The Welcome Sailor" East Street Colchester
501......Frederick Joslin b 1842 Colchester
502......Mary Ann Joslin b 1845 Colchester
503......Daniel Joslin b 1st qr 1846 Colchester [Colchester 12 76]
504......Joseph Alfred Joslin b 3rd qr 1849 Colchester [Colchester 12 69]
Note: Joseph was a draper's assistant in 1871 living at 25 de Beauvoir Rd Hackney

225 William DOUBLE m Eliza KING (bap 4 Feb 1816 Boxford d 16 Apr 1875 bur 22 Apr 1875 Shelley aged 59) 20 May 1834 St Mary's Hadleigh

Note: William was an ag lab living at "Double Cottage" Shelley in 1851, Lower Street Raydon in 1861 and "3 near the Church" Shelley in 1871

Children of William and Eliza
505......Esther Double bap 12 Apr 1835 Hadleigh
506......Arthur Joseph Double b 4 Jul 1838 d after 1901
507......Joseph Double b 1841 Shelley
508......Ellen Double b 1843 Shelley
509......James Double b 1st qr 1846 Shelley bur 20 Oct 1863 Raydon aged 17
Note: in 1861 James was an ag lab living in Lower Street, Raydon
510......Sarah Jane Double b 1849 Shelley
511......Dale Double b 1850 Raydon d 5 Feb 1909 Camberwell aged 59
512......Eliza Double b b 1854 Raydon
513......George Double b 1860 Raydon

226 Dale DOUBLE m Anne STRAIGHT (b 1809 Sandon, Essex d 4th qr 1885 Colchester aged 76

Note: Dale was a pattern maker at South St Colchester in 1851, and again at Bridge Street Witham in 1861. In 1871 he is listed as a clogmaker at 7 Victoria Place, Colchester and in 1874 at Long Wyre Street, Colchester. Anne was living at 7 Victoria Place in 1881 so the Long Wyre Street address was probably his workplace.

Children of Dale and Anne
514......Charles Dale Double b 1838 Colchester d 6 May 1901 Hackney aged 63
515......William Double b 4th qr 1839 Colchester
516......John Double b 1st qr 1847 Colchester d 1866 Colchester aged 19
Note: John was an errand boy in 1861 living at South Street, Colchester
517......Alfred Double b 1848 Colchester d 18 Sep 1912 at 14 Canewdon Rd Westcliffe on Sea

231 Daniel DOUBLE m (a) Mary Ann CLARKE (b 1825 Stratford St Mary d Jul 1874 Stratford St Mary aged 53) 1 Nov 1844 (b) Catherine SOAR 1 Nov 1875

Note: Daniel was an ag lab in Stratford St Mary in 1851, 1861 and 1871. In 1881 he was a gardener at Pepys Street, Harwich and in 1891 he was a gardener at Cliff Hotel Cottage, Dovercourt. In 1901 he was "living on his own means" at St Mary's Church Street, East Bergholt

Children of Daniel and Mary
518......Ellen Double bap 17 Feb 1847 Stratford St Mary bur 17 Mar 1847 Startford St Mary
519......Mary Ann Double bap 5 May 1850 Stratford St Mary
520......Arthur Double bap 9 Jan 1853 Stratford St Mary bur 26 Jul 1863 Stratford St Mary aged 10
521......Emily Double bap 21 Sep 1856 Stratford St Mary d 1878 aged 22 m Thomas CLARK (b 1855) 2 Nov 1877 Stratford St Mary
Note: Thomas was a gardener in 1877 living in Stratford St Mary
522......Alfred Double b 17 Jan 1859 Stratford St Mary d 11 Jan 1931 Dovercourt aged 71

236 Esther DOUBLE m William ROUSE (b 1830 Holton St Mary) 14 Dec 1858 Stratford St Mary

Note: Esther was a housekeeper in 1851. William was an ag lab in 1861 living at Cottage, Holton St Mary and a horseman in 1871 living at Cottage, rear of 21 George Street, Harwich. In 1881 he was a Railway Shunter living at Pepys Street, Harwich and in 1981 at 6a Mill Lane, Dovercourt. In 1901 he was a warehouseman living at 61 West Street, Harwich

Children of William and Esther
523......Mary Ann Rouse b 1857 Stratford St Mary
524......Arthur William Rouse b 1871 Harwich

237 Edward DOUBLE m Ann RANSON (b 1828 Stratford St Mary) 30 Mar 1849 Stratford St Mary

Note: Edward was an ag lab at Stratford St Mary. He lived at Church Gate House in 1861 and 106 Dealham Road in 1871. From 1881 Ann is shown as a laundress, living at Upper Street, Stratford St Mary in 1881, Church Cottage, Startford St Mary in 1891 and "Near the Church" in 1901

Children of Edward and Ann
525......Sarah Double bap 18 Nov 1849 Stratford St Mary d 1st qr 1876 Samford RD
526......George William Double bap 4 May 1851 Stratford St Mary
527......Fanny Double bap 21 Aug 1853 Stratford St Mary bur 19 May 1859 Stratford St Mary aged 6
528......Caroline Double bap 12 Oct 1856 Stratford St Mary bur 9 Aug 1863 Stratford St Mary aged 7
529......Edward Double b 1858 Stratford St Mary
530......James Double b 1859 Stratford St Mary d 1st qr 1880 Samford RD aged 21
531......Walter Double bap 10 Aug 1861 Stratford St Mary bur 11 Oct 1861 Stratford St Mary
532......Frederick Double bap 10 Aug 1862 Stratford St Mary bur 17 Aug 1881 Stratford St Mary
Note: Frederick was a gardener in 1881 living at Upper Street, Stratford St Mary
533......Harriet Double bap 16 Apr 1864 Stratford St Mary bur 28 Mar 1883 Stratford St Mary aged 19
Note: Harriet was a housemaid in 1881 living at Upper Street, Stratford St Mary
534......Arthur John Double bap 28 Mar 1866 Stratford St Mary
535......Julia Lucy Double bap 27 Jan 1871 Stratford St Mary

240 Henry DOUBLE m Mary Ann WARREN (b 1816 Ipswich d 2nd qr 1898 Thanet, Kent. ) 4th qr 1845 [Norwich 13 629]

Henry was a gardener. In 1861 he lived at Gurston Cottage, Watford; in 1871 at 5 Arthur Terrace, Ramsgate and in 1881 at 6 Arthurs Terrace, Ramsgate. He was living on his own means in 1891 at 1 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate

Children of Henry and Marriane
536......Jane Elizabeth Double b 4th qr 1846 Thorpe, Surrey [Windsor 6 296]
Note: Jane was a dressmaker in 1871 at 5 Arthur Terrace, Ramsgate and in 1891, still a dressmaker she was at 1 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate
537......Henrietta Double b 2nd qr 1848 Chertsey [Chertsey 4 9]
538......Frances Gertrude Double b 2nd qr 1851 Abbots Langley [Watford 6 55]
Note: In 1871 Frances was a visitor to 33 Robertson St, Hastings
539......Rosa Eleanor Double b 2nd qr 1853 Abbots Langley [Watford 3a 267]
Note: Rosa was a dressmaker in 1871 at 5 Arthur Terrace Ramsgate

241 James DOUBLE m Caroline HARVEY (bap 24 Sep 1820 Buxhall d 29 Mar 1882 Buxhall aged 62) 27 Jan 1842 Buxhall

Note: James was a maltster living in Buxhall, at Rectory Road in 1861, Brettenham Road in 1871 and Near Church in 1881

Children of James and Caroline
540......Henry James Double b 1842 Woolpit d 2nd qr 1896 Stowmarket aged 54
541......Mary Ann Double bap 2 Jan 1853 Buxhall
Note: Mary Ann was a dressmaker in 1871 living at Brettenham Road, Buxhall and in 1881 she was (still a dressmaker) living at "Near Church" Buxhall
542......Ellen Double bap 6 May 1855 Buxhall m David William James SCARFF 30 Oct 1874 St Mary's Church, Buxhall

242 Susan DOUBLE m Benjamin Ruffles Junior COLCHESTER (b 1815 Needham Market d 11 Dec 1865 Stowmarket aged 50) 2nd qr 1838 Thingoe RD

Note: Benjamin was a journeyman cabinet maker in 1841 living at Violet Hill, Stowmarket and a cabinet maker living at Ordnance Arms, Garrison Rd Felixstowe in 1851. Susan was a field worker in 1861 a charwoman in 1871 and from 1861 to 1881 was living at Church Lane, Stowmarket.

Children of Benjamin and Susan
543......Henry Thompson Colchester b abt 1840
544......Anne Elizabeth Colchester b 1844 Stowmarket d 1875 Stowmarket aged 31
Note: Anne had an illegitimate child 545......Charles William Colchester b abt 1840. In 1881 he was living with his grandmother at Church Lane, Stowmarket
546......Millicent Colchester b abt 1846
547......Mary Ann Colchester b abt 1848
548......William Colchester b 1850 Stowmarket
Note: William was a labourer in 1871 living at Church Lane, Stowmarket
549......Charles Colchester b 1854 Stowmarket
Note: Charles was a labourer in 1871 living at Church Lane, Stowmarket

244 Jane DOUBLE m William MAJOR (b 1820 Buxhall d 1st qr 1892 Stowmarket aged 72) 12 Oct 1841 Buxhall

Note: William was a blacksmith in 1861 and 1871 living at first in the Street, Badwell Ash, then in 1871 at Church Street, Groton. In 1881 and 1891 he was a groom at Crowe Street, Stowmarket In 1901 Jane was a domestic servant at Stow Union Workhouse, Stowmarket.

Children of William and Jane
550......Harry Major b 1845 Rattlesden
Note: Harry was a blacksmith in 1871 living at Church Street, Groton and in 1881 he was at Crowe Street, Stowmarket
551......Robert Major b 1847 Badwell Ash
552......Jane Major b 1855 Pakenham
Note: Jane was living with her aunt Lydia at 6 Union Street, Stowmarket in 1861 and was dressmaker living at Church Street, Groton in 1871
553......James Major b 1858 Badwell Ash

116 George DOUBLE m Charlotte BOTWRIGHT (b 1805 Tunstall) 28 Aug 1829 St Mary's Church Hadleigh

Children of George and Charlotte
554......Charlotte Double bap 30 May 1830 Hadleigh
555......Lydia Double bap 26 Dec 1831 Hadleigh
556......Matilda Double dob unknown
557......George Double bap 3 Jul 1834 Hadleigh
Note: George was a contractor living at 21 Sugden Rd Battersea in 1891
558......Joshua Double bap 3 Aug 1836 Hadleigh m Mary (b 1851 Egloshayle, Cornwall)
Note: Joshua was a publishing agent in 1881 living at 31 Ogden Street, Liverpool and in 1901 he was a commercial traveller living at 5 Trelawn Rd Leyton, Essex
559......Joshua Double b 1844 Hadleigh
560......Delilah Double b 1848
561......George Double b 1850

254 John STIFF m Sarah (b 1818 Raydon d 1st qr 1900 Samford RD) abt 1835

Note: John was an ag lab. In 1851 he lived in Raydon , then going to Chattisham but moved by 1861 to Hintlesham where he seems to have stayed in 1871 and 1881

Children of John and Sarah
562......Samuel Stiff b 1836 Raydon
Note: Samuel was an ag lab living at Raydon in 1851 and in 1881 he was living at Hintlesham
563......James Stiff b 1840 Raydon
Note: James was an ag lab living at Raydon in 1851
564......Eliza Stiff b 1842 Raydon
565......Sarah Stiff b 1844 Raydon
566......John Stiff b 1848 Raydon
567......Emma Stiff b 1851 Raydon
568......Harriet Stiff b 1853 Raydon
569......George Stiff b 1858 Chattisham
Note: George was an ag lab living at Hintlesham in 1871
570......Eleanor Stiff b 1860 Chattisham

258 James Simpson DOUBLE m Jane FIDGETT (b 1818 Raydon d 3rd qr 1899 Chelmsford aged 81) 29 Nov 1849 Stoke by Nayland

Note: In 1851 James was a farm bailiff at Bentley. In 1871 he was a farmer of 4 acres employing one boy and living at Well House, Great Baddow. In 1861 he was again a farm bailiff at Romans Place House, Writtle, Essex and in 1881 he was an ag lab living at Neals Farm Cottage Great Baddow

Children of James and Jane
571......Ellen Jane Double bap 22 Aug 1851 Bentley
Note: Ellen Jane was a cook in 1881 at Gt Mascalls, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex
572......Elizabeth Simpson Double b 1862 Writtle
Note: Elizabeth was a dressmaker in 1881 living with her parents

247 Edmund PECK m Harriet NOY (b 1804 Hacheston) 11 Aug 1833 Hacheston

Note: Edmund was an ag lab. Harriet was the daughter of Nathan and Hannah NOY
In 1841 the family was at Aspey Green, Framlingham, in 1851 at Hermitage place Framlingham, in 1861 at Horn Hill, Framlingham and in 1871 at College Road, Framlingham, when grandchildren Mary Ann Rivers and Jane Rivers were staying with them.

Children of Edmund and Harriet
573......George Peck bap 27 Jul 1834 Framlingham d as infant
574......Isaac Peck bap 31 Jul 1836 d 2nd qr 1916 [Plomesgate 4a 1238]
575......Daniel Peck bap 1 Jul 1838 Flowton d 2nd qr 1913 aged 74 [Plomesgate 4a 1022]
Note: Daniel was an ag lab still with his parents in 1861.
576......Mary Ann Peck b 2nd qr 1841 Framlingham [Plomesgate 12 8] m 3rd qr 1878 to either William HAMMOND or William WARNE
577......Elizabeth Peck b 1st qr 1844 [Plomesgate 12 401]
578......Emma Peck b 3rd qr 1846 [Plomesgate 12 379] m William JAY 2nd qr 1872 [Plomesgate 4a 1032]
William was a postman in in 1881 they lived by the gas works in Framlingham and had a 14 year old daughter,Emma Jane Jay. In 1891 Emma was a laundress and they had a second daughter living with them called Florence Jay

260 George "Clock" HARE m Mary MAXWELL (b 1821 Plaistow, Essex) 2 Nov 1842 [West Ham 12 525]

Note: In 1851 George was a farmer of 350 acres employing 15 at Freston Farm, Freston, Suffolk. In 1861 George was a farmer at Holbrook Cottage, Woodlands, Holbrook. Emma BRINKLEY a 23 year old dairymaid from Thorpe, Essex, Harriet PAGE a 23 year old nurse and maid from Freston and Martha GOODWIN a 17 year old servant were also living at this address as were two "pupil farmers" Harry RIVINGTON 19 years old b Highgate, Mdx and Edward S SKEELS aged 18 from Chatteris. In 1891 George was a coal merchant and lived at 28 New London Rd, Chelmsford

Children of George and Mary
579......Alfred Maxwell Hare b 7 May 1845 Holbrook
580......George William Hare b 8 Apr 1847 Holbrook
581....John Hare b 1 Sep 1848 Freston
Note: John was at boarding School in 57 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich in 1861
582....Arthur Edward Hare b 11 May 1850 Holbrook
583....Robert Matthew Henry Hare b 5 Nov 1851 Holbrook
Note: Robert was a corn merchant living with his uncle Joseph, married (wife not present) with his uncle Joseph in 1881
584....Ernest Hare b 5 Feb 1853 Holbrook
585....Alice Mary Hare b 31 May 1858 Holbrook

262 Joseph HARE m (a) Mary ORMAN (b 1831 Bramford d 4th qr 1869 aged 39 [Samford 4a 383]) 1st qr 1850 [Samford 12 517] (b) Eliza PYMAN (b abt 1844) 2nd qr 1870 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 838]

Note: In 1861 Joseph was a farmer of 250 acres employing 10 men and 5 boys at Shotley Common where there were also Emma GRAYSTONE, House servant aged 23 b Nacton and Matilda RIVERS, nurse maid aged 15 b Kirton. In 1871 he was still at Shotley with his new wife, Eliza, and also present were: R12 Robert HARE, George W PEDDAR, a 24 year old nephew, Rebecca HOLMES a 17 year old servant , another servant named BARKER and Mary GOSLING a neice. In 1881 Joseph and Eliza were at St Mary at the Elms, Ipswich where Joseph is described as a Job Master (Farmer) - also still with them was R12 Robert HARE a corn merchant. In 1891 Joseph and Eliza were living at 18, Mount, St Mary at Elms, Ipswich and Joseph was a Livery Stable keeper and Coal Agent. In 1901 Eliza, now a widow, was living at 43 Wilberforce Rd, Ipswich

Children of Joseph and Mary
586......Joseph Hare bap 2 Dec 1850 Shotley
587......Catherine Hare b 2nd qr 1856 Shotley {Samford 4a 552]
588......Mary Frances Hare bap 10 Apr 1857 Shotley
589......James Hare b 4th qr 1857 Shotley [Samford 4a 501]
590......Anna Hare bap 13 Aug 1863 Shotley
In 1891 Anna was a nurse, living in living at 120 Croxted Rd, Streatham
591......George Ford Hare b 3rd qr 1864 Shotley [Samford 4a 553]
592......Ellen Hare b 2nd qr 1866 Shotley [Samford 4a 587]
In 1891 Ellen was an assistant in a shoe shop
593......Ernest William Hare b 1st qr 1869 Shotley [Samford 4a 609]

Children of Joseph and Eliza
594......Alfred Hare b 2nd qr 1871 Shotley [Samford 4a 599]
Note: In 1911 Alfred was a solicitor's clerk living with brother Harry at 152 Cemetery Rd, Ipswich
595......Harry Hare b 3rd qr 1874 Shotley [Samford 4a 620]
596......Brice Hare b 3rd qr 1876 Shotley [Samford 4a 634]
Note: In 1901 Brice was a clothier's assistant and lived with his mother

263 Fanny Gosling HARE m William BLOWERS (b 1817 Frostenden d 3rd qr 1899 aged 82 [Blything 4a 679])21 Dec 1843 Covehithe

Note: In 1861 the family was living at Covehithe where William was a gamekeeper. In 1871 and 1881 they were at White House, Benacre, William still a gamekeeper, but in 1891 they were at Wrentham where William was a farmer

Children of William and Fanny
597......William Blowers b 4th qr 1844 Covehithe [Blything 13 379] bap 19 Jan 1845 Covehithe
598......Ruth Blowers b 11 Feb 1846 bap 15 Mar 1846 Covehithe {Blything 13 291]
599......Fanny Blowers b 3rd qr 1847 [Blyhting 13 359]
600......Samuel Blowers b 1st qr 1849 Covehithe [Blything 13 420]
Note: In 1871 Samuel is listed as a gamekeeper living with his parents
601......Henry Blowers b 2nd qr 1852 Covehithe [Blything 4a 660]
Note: In 1881 Henry is listed as an assistant gamekeeper at Benacre, but in 1891 he was a carpenter living with his parents at Wrentham
602......Alice Blowers b 3rd qr 1857 Covehithe [Blything 4a 607]
Note: In 1881 Alice was a dressmaker, living with her parents

268 Mary Ann DEEKS m George HARVEY (b abt 1828 Alford d 19 Jul 1897) 6 Sep 1854 Wivenhoe

Note: In 1861 George was a Trinity House pilot. E21 Abigail DEEKS, Mary Ann's mother was present, described as a nurse domestic. In 1871 George had become a coal and oyster merchant living at Quay, Wivenhoe, at which occupation he stayed for the rest of his life.

Child of George and Mary Ann
603......George Henry Harvey b 3rd qr 1855 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 217]
604......Edwin Harvey b 1st qr 1857 [Lexden 4a 254]
605......Mary Harvey b 2nd qr 1860 [Lexden 4a 260]
606......Laura Elizabeth Harvey b 1st April 1861 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 261]
Note: In 1891 Laura was housekeeping for her brother John
607......Gertrude Harvey b 4th qr 1862 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 262]
608......Fred Rivers Harvey b 4th qr 1864 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 262]
609......John L Harvey b 3rd qr 1866 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 271]
Note: In 1891 John was an agent for Singer machines living at 105 Commercial Rd, Camberwell
610......Sarah Augusta Harvey b 4th qr 1868 Wivenhoe [Lexden 4a 306]
Note: In 1891 Sarah was housekeeping for her brother John

269 Elizabeth DEEKS m Solomon WENT 3rd qr 1852 [Tendring 4a 239]

Note: In 1861 Solomon was a brickmaker employong 6 men and 3 boys., living at Back Road, Wivenhoe. Also present in 1861 was R34 Mary Harvey, neice, and 16 year old Octavia GILDERS, servant born in Alford

Children of Solomon and Elizabeth
611......William Charles Went b 2nd qr 1853 [Tendring 4a 189]
612......Mary E Went b 3rd qr 1854 [Tendring 4a 184]
613......Alice Ann Went b 4th qr 1864 [Tendring 4a 235]
614......Arthur W Went b 1st qr 1866 [Tendring 4a 243]

281 Pheobe DOUBLE m James Ephorium MOORE (b 1833 Dedham) 3 Nov 1857 Dedham

Note: From 1861 to 1881 inclusive James was a policeman; 1891 saw him as a retired policeman but in 1901 he kept a beer house - "The Beehive" at the Heath Dedham. In 1881 Phoebe gave her occupation as haymaker. They lived at Heybridge, Maldon, Essex in 1861 and 1871, and in 1881 they were at London Road, Braintree. 1891 saw them back at Dedham.

Children of James and Pheobe
615......James E Moore b 1860 Heybridge
Note: James was an ironmonger in 1891 living at The Heath, Dedham
616......Elizabeth A Moore b 1862 Heybridge
617......Emma J Moore b 1864 Heybridge
618......Pheobe M Moore b 1867 Heybridge
Note: Pheobe was a dressmaker in 1891 living at The Heath, Dedham

283 George DOUBLE m Eliza WYATT (b 1837 Beaumont, Essex) 1st qr 1858 [Lexden 4a 265]

Note: George was an ag lab in 1861 living at High Road, St Osyth

Child of George and Eliza
619......George W Double b 2nd qr 1858 Dedham [Lexden 4a 254]

289 Elizabeth (Betsy) CLARK m Abraham WHITTLE (b 30 Nov 1828 Hadleigh d 1 Apr 1899 Ipswich aged 70) 17 Nov 1846 Ipswich

Note: In 1861 Abraham was a blacksmith living at 47 Austin St, Ipswich and in 1867 at the same address, Elizabeth is shown as a Milliner and dressmaker. In 1871 Abraham was an engine fitter living at 2 Myrtle Street, Ipswich and in 1881 he was a fitter at 3 Gladstone Cottages, Lacey Street, Ipswich. 1891 saw him as an Engine Maker and fitter living at 9 Connaught Terrace, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
620......Sarah Whittle b 1847 Hadleigh
621......John Whittle b 1849 Hadleigh
622......Jane Matilda Whittle b 23 Dec 1853 d 2 Jun 1894 Ipswich aged 40
623......Kate Whittle b 1856 Ipswich
In 1871 Kate was a shoebinder living with her parents
624......Abraham Whittle b 1858 Ipswich
Note: Abraham was a mariner living at 3 Gladstone Cottages, Lacey Street Ipswich in 1881
625......Alice Whittle b 1860 Ipswich
626......William Whittle b 1862 Ipswich
627......Mary Whittle b 1864 Ipswich
628......Emma Whittle b 1866 Ipswich
Note: Emma was a machinist tailor living at 9 Connaught terrace Woodbridge Rd Ipswich in 1891
629......Harriet Whittle b 1868 Ipswich
630......James Whittle b 1870 Ipswich
631......Thomas P Whittle b 1871 Ipswich
Note: Thomas was an engine maker's moulder in 1891 living at 9 Connaught Terrace Woodbridge Road, Ipswich in 1891


297 Frederick DOUBLE m Mary Ann QUILTER (b 1832 Hillbridge, Essex bap 18 Nov 1822 Braintree) 14 Dec 1853 Rotherhithe

Note: Frederick was a master mariner. In 1850 he was 2nd mate aboard the "Quintus", a 70 ton boat , the record of which can be seen here In 1861 he was on the ship "Friends Increase" and in 1881 on the "Alice Little" at Minster, Sheppey, Kent. Mary Ann's father was John Ruffin QUILTER

Child of Frederick and Mary Ann
632......Mary Elizabeth Ann Ruffin b 9 Dec 1857 Rotherhithe m George Edward SAYWELL (b 18 Dec 1853 Gillingham) abt 1878

303 William DOUBLE m Ann Sarah WAITES (b 1841 Islington d bef 1901) abt 1858

Note: In 1861 William lived at Spa Cottage, Islington, when Ann is shown as an ironer. In 1871 he was a prisoner in HM Prison at Parkhurst, Northwood, Hampshire.On discharge he became a plumber and gas fitter, living at 4 Commerce Buildings, Tottenham in 1881, at 6 Berwick Street, London in 1891 and at 1 Hopkin Street, Westminster in 1901.

Children of William and Ann
633......William George b 3rd qr 1859 St Pancras m Annie PHIPPS (b 1857 Wood Green) 2nd qr 1889 Marylebone
Note: William was a plumber and gas fitter living at 4 Commerce Buildings, Tottenham in 1881and in 1891 he was at 4 Clifton Villa, Finsbury Road, Tottenham. In 1901 he was at 10 Finsbury Road, Wood Green, London
634......Henrietta b 1871 Islington
Note: Henrietta was a foreman in 1891 living at 6 Berwick Street, London
635......George b 1873 Wood Green, Middlesex
Note: George was a plumber in 1901 living at 36 Rupert Street Westminster
636......Louisa b 1875 Wood Green, Middlesex d 7 Nov 1934 Islington m Robert Walker TURNEY 23 Mar 1897 London
Note: Louisa was an errand girl in 1891 living at 6 Berwick Street London
637......Alfred b 1876 Wood Green, Middlesex
Note: Alfred was a shop boy in 1891 living at 6 Berwick Street London
638......Frederick b 1878 Wood Green, Middlesex
Note: Frederick Frederick was an errand boy in 1891 living at 6 Berwick Street London

307 David DOUBLE m Mary WEIRBRIDGE (b 1852 Weirbridge) abt 1878

Note: David was a cab driver. In 1881 he lived at 42 Warwick Street, Lambeth, in 1891 at 6 Waterloo Place, Newington and in 1901 at 179 Kennington Rd Lambeth

Children of David and Mary
639......David b 1879 Lambeth, London
640......Annie b 1880 Lambeth, London
641......Walter b 1882 Newington, London
Note: Waler was an apprentice print compositor in 1901 living at 179 Kennington Road, Lambeth
642......Berta b 1886 Newington, London
643......Alfred b 1888 Newington, London
644......Mary b 1889 Newington, London

310 Joseph DOUBLE m Sarah Ann SONGER (b 1840 Raydon) 9 Oct 1864 Newington

Note: In 1861 Joseph was an ag lab. In 1881 and 1891 the family were at 78 West St, Bermondsey. In 1901 the couple were at 42 Queen Elizabeth Street, Horsleydown.

Child of Joseph and Sarah
645......William Robert Double b 1865 Raydon

314 Dale DOUBLE m (a) Mary Ann J abt 1877 Mary Ann BAUGH 16 Apr 1896

Children of Dale and Mary Ann J
646......Esther Double b 1878 Camberwell m Frederick John BATEMAN 25 Dec 1898 Walworth
647......Arthur Dale Double b 1879 Camberwell
648......Alice M M Double b 1880 Camberwell

318 Martha DOUBLE m Robert James COLE (b 1835 East Bergholt d 2nd qr 1899 Ipswich aged 64) 3 Jan 1858 St Mary at the Quay Church, Ipswich

Note: Robert, at first a railway porter became a corn chandler in 1861 and 1871 living at 21 St Peter's Street, Ipswich, a carter in 1881 living at 14 Greyfriars Road, Iswich and a carman in 1891 at the same address. In 1901 Martha was a widow living on independent means at 14 Greyfriars Road, Ipswich

Children of Robert and Martha
649......Martha Cole b 1859 Ipswich
Note: Martha was a teacher in 1881 living at 14 Greyfriars Rd Ipswich
650......Robert James Cole b 1860 Ipswich d 2nd qr 1898 Ipswich aged 36
651......Emma Cole b 1862 Ipswich
Note: Emma was a teacher in 1881 living at 14 Greyfriars Rd Ipswich

319 Daniel DOUBLE m Jane CULPITT (b 8 Mar 1829 Hintlesham d 24 Dec 1932 Mistley aged 103) 29 Sep 1850 Ipswich Registrar Office

Note: Daniel was an ag lab in 1861 in Holbrook. In 1871 he was a stockman living at Bobys Road, Holbrook

Children of Daniel and Jane
652......William b 6 Nov 1850 Ipswich bap 5 Mar 1854 St Mary's Church, Tattingstone
Note: William was a labourer in 1881 living at 25 Netherwood Street Hampstead
653......Martha b 22 Aug 1852 Ipswich bap 5 Mar 1854 Tattingstone d 1898 Valley Lane, Wherstead bur 25 Jul 1898 Wherstead
Note: Martha was a cook in 1881 living at 61 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, and in 1891 at the same address she was a domestic servant.
654......Phyllis bap 6 Jan 1856 Tattingstone
655......Ellen bap 1 Nov 1857 Tattingstone bur 9 May 1899 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich
656......Robert John bap 8 Jul 1859 Tattingstone
657......Daniel bap 2 Jan 1862 Holbrook
658......Charles b 8 Oct 1861 bap 2 Jan 1862 Holbrook
659......Elizabeth bap 29 May 1864 Holbrook
Note: Elizabeth was a nurse in 1881 at Ipswich
660......Ann bap 3 Jul 1866 Holbrook d 1866 infant
661......Annie Jane bap 29 Sep 1867 Holbrook d 8 May 1957 aged 90
662......Emily Jane bap 29 Sep 1870 Holbrook d 1870 infant
663......Emily Jane bap 5 May 1872 Holbrook d 2nd qr 1894 Ipswich aged 22
Note: In 1891 Emily was a servant living at 14 Greyfriars Road, Ipswich
664......Alice b 30 Jul 1873 Holbrook bap 5 Feb 1882 Holbrook d 8 May 1957
Note: In 1891 Alice was a servant living at 76 Wherstead Road, Ipswich

321 Susan DOUBLE m Alfred DALE (b 1834 Tattingstone d 1st qr 1901 [Samford 4a 569]) 1st qr 1857 [Samford 4a 741]

Note: Alfred was the son of Abraham DALE and Mary Ann WOOLARD He an ag lab in 1861 living with Susan's father in Bentley and in 1871 at "by Maltings Farm" Bentley

Children of Alfred and Susan
321b......Jacob Dale b 3rd qr 1858 Bentley [Samford 4a 903] d 3rd qr 1893 [Samford 4a 947]
Note: Jacob was a platelayer at age 22 and died in a farm accident
321c......Diana Dale b 1st qr 1861 Bentley [Samford 4a 549]
321d......Daniel Dale b abt 1864 Bentley
321e......David Dale b 1st qr 1868 Bentley [Samford 4a 582]
321f......Philip Dale b abt 1870 Bentley
321g......Emma Dale b abt 1874 Bentley

337 John DOUBLE b (a) Mary Ann WARD (b 1857 Freston d 1897) 18 Sep 1883 Holbrook (b) Eliza PETTIT 9b 1861 Tostock) 4th qr 1898 [Ipswich 4a 1910]

Note: Mary was the daughter of Samuel and Rebecca WARD. John was a railway porter in 1881 living at Broadway, Cotton and a railway shunter in 1891 living at Eustace Rd Ipswich. In 1901 he was a porter living at 485 Bramford Road, Ipswich.

Children of John and Mary Ann

665......Maud A b 1886 Bramford
666......Horace John b 1887 Bramford d 1898 aged 11
667......Mabel H b 1889 Ipswich d 1961 m Henry Charles PARKER 2nd qr 1914 [Bosmere 4a 1909]

341 Abraham Hugh DOUBLE m Elizabeth CLARK (b 5 Mar 1868 Newhaven, Sussex d 2 Jun 1938 aged 70) 3 Aug 1889 Lewes

Note: in 1881 (aged 14) he was a grocer's errand boy living with his parents. In 1891 he was Clerk/Secretary to a Friendly Society living at 38 Elphic Rd Newhaven and in 1901 he was Secretary at Sussex Portland Cement Works living at Highclere, 9 Meaching Rd Newhaven.

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
668......Harold Double b 30 Jan 1890 Lewes d 5 Jan 1931 aged 40
669......Elizabeth Clark Double b 2 Apr 1893 d 4 Apr 1923 aged 30 m Albert George COLVIN 2nd qr 1918 West Ham
670......Hugh Stanley Double b 6 Sep 1899 Newhaven d Nov 1990 Greenwichm Florence Beryl CATLIN (b 30 Jul 1900)
671......Cyril Clark Double b 28 Oct 1902 Newhaven d 8 Sep 1907 Newhaven aged 4

345 Albert DOUBLE m Florence COLLINSON abt 1910

Note: In 1891 Albert was an errand boy aged 15 but he bacame a cement works manager at Shoreham.

Children of Albert and Florence
672......Phyllis Double dob unknown m Rex ADAMS (b 17 Aug 1909)
Ivan Frank P Double b 17 Jun 1913 Steyning d Feb 1997 Gravesend
674......Eric Double b 8 Jun 1917 Steyning m Helen Margaret FOSTER (b 8 Aug 1919)
675......Sheila Vivien Double b 18 Oct 1922 m Richard Barkby POCHIN 1st qr 1944 [Dartford 2a 1710]
Note: Richard was a Metropolitan Police Officer at Dartford

347 William Ernest DOUBLE m Mary Ethel MALDEN (b 1883 d 1955 aged 72) 2 Oct 1910

Note: William was an apprentice engineer in 1901 living at 93 Lacey Street Ipswich and in 1925 was a schoolmaster living at Palmerston Rd Ipswich. He was a full back for Ipswich Town Football Club

Child of William and Mary

676......William Gordon Double b 11 May 1911 d 11 Jul 1975 aged 64

352 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Samuel HOWLETT (d bef 1861) 1 Nov 1843 Chelmondiston

Note: Mary Ann was a dressmaker in 1861 in Chelmondiston, and in 1871 she was living with her daughter Emma at Jasmine Cottage, Bramford.

Child of Samuel and Mary Ann
677......Emma Howlett b 1845 Chelmondiston m Richard Porson BLAKE (b 1841 Liverpool) 1st qr 1866 Samford RD

Note: In 1871 Richard was a master miller living at Jasmine Cottage, Bramford, and in 1881 he was a corn merchant living at Swiss Cottage, Burrell Road, Ipswich

353 George DOUBLE m (a) Elizabeth RILEY (b 1821 Harkstead d bef 1848) (b) Dorothy WARD abt 1848

Children of George and Dorothy
678......Elizabeth Double b 1849 Harkstead
679......Emmlea Double b 1851 Harkstead
680......George Double b 1853 Harkstead
681......Henry Double b 1855 Harkstead
682......Louisa Double b 1857 Chelmondiston
683......Eliza Ann Double b 2nd qr 1858 Chelmondiston

354 Alfred DOUBLE m Susannah CURTIS (b 1829 Chelmondiston) 4 Mar 1847 St Andrew's Church, Chelmondiston

Note: In 1861 Alfred was a mariner, living at Chelmondiston. In 1871 he was still a mariner living at 69 Pin Road, Chelmondiston. In 1891 he was a Railway Servant living at 22a Chapel Street, Bradford Yorkshire. Susannah was the daughter of James CURTIS. In 1871 she was living with her daughter Ellen at Chelmondiston

Children of Alfred and Susannah
684......Ellen Double b 4 Jan 1847 Chelmondiston bap 18 Jul 1847 Chelmondiston d bef 1891
685......Alfred Charles Double b 1848 Chelmondiston bap 7 Jan 1849 Chelmondiston
686......Eliza Isabella Double bap 9 Apr 1851 Chelmondiston m Abraham Philip DALE abt 1872

355 Robert Charles DOUBLE m Mary Ann (b 1829 Earl Soham) 2nd qr 1851 [Stow 12 603]

Note: Robert was a carpenter in 1861 living at 18 Sussex Street, Marylebone and in 1881 he was a joiner living at 7 Little Guildford Street Bloomsbury.

Children of Robert and Mary Ann
687......Charles Double b 1857 Earl Soham m Emma PEIRSON 2nd qr 1877 [Samford 4a 1019]
Note: In 1881 Charles was a joiner living at 7 Little Guildford Street, Bloomsbury. In 1891 he was a builder's labourer living at 34 London Street, St Pancras with Emma. The 1901 and 1911 censuses show no trace of Charles or Emma
Emily C Double b 1st qr 1861 St Pancras
Note: Emily was a dressmaker in 1881 living at 7 Little Guildford Street, Bloomsbury
689......Anna Maria Double b 3rd qr 1864 Earl Soham [Plomesgate 4a 614]
Note: Anna was a gold polisher in 1881 living at 7 Little Guildford Street, Bloomsbury

356 Edward DOUBLE m Eliza GELLAN (b 1836 Dalston, London bap 15 Jun 1836 St Andrew's Church Enfield) 9 Apr 1854 Marylebone

Note: In 1861 Eliza was living in Holbrook. Edward was a journeyman carpenter in 1861 in Upper Street, Tunstall, and from 1871 he is shown as a carpenter. In 1871 he was living in Back Street, Holbrook, in 1881 in High Street Holbrook and in 1891 at Cambridge Road, Willesden, London. In 1901 he lived at Mill Hill, Exning, Suffolk

Children of Edward and Eliza
690......Edward George Double bap 18 Mar 1855 Old Church, St Pancras bur 30 Sep 1871 Holbrook aged 16
Note: in 1871 Edward was a bricklayer's apprentice living at Back Street, Holbrook
691......William Thomas Double bap 5 Jun 1859 Chelmondiston d 4th qr 1921 Ashley cum Silverley, Cambs
Note: William was a blacksmith in 1881 living at Ashley cum Silverley, Cambs.
692......Bernard Frederick Double bap 3 Mar 1861 d 4 Jan 1924 Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge aged 63
693......Helen Double bap 5 Apr 1863 Holbrook
694......Alice Double bap 25 Feb 1866 Holbrook
Note: Alice was a housemaid in 1881 living at 50 Priory Road, Hampstead
695......Charles Albert Double b 4th qr 1867 Holbrook d 8 May 1917 Ewarton, Suffolk
Charles was a plumber's assistant in 1891 living at Cambridge Road, Willesden

361 Thomas DOUBLE m Ellen (b 1847)

Child of Thomas and Ellen
696......Rosetta Double b 1890 Dedham m Charles William TIFFEN

361 Thomas DOUBLE m Emma Annie JAMES (b 1857 Dedham) 2nd qr 1877 Colchester

Children of Thomas and Emma
697......Emily Double b 1878 Dedham
698......Annie Maria Double b 1879 Dedham
700......Ernest A Double b 1881 Dedham
701......Jane Ann Double b 1883 Dedham
702......William H Double b 1887 Dedham d 4th qr 1971 Ipswich
703......Rose Ellen Double b 1889 Dedham
704......Kate Double b 1892 Dedham
705......Arthur Sidney Double b 7 Jun 1898 Dedham d 7 Jun 1986 Chelmsford

366 Charles DOUBLE m (a) Mary Elizabeth MANNING (b 1821 Gt Yarmouth bur 21 Nov 1869 Brantham aged 48) 17 Nov 1854 Brantham (b) Mary Ann WILLIS (b 1842 Stutton) 25 Dec 1872 Brantham

Note: In 1861 Charles was a thatcher living at Brantham Street, Brantham. In 1871 and onwards he was an ag lab living at Brantham

Children of Charles and Mary
706......Martha Elizabeth Double bap 19 Oct 1856 Brantham bur 11 Jul 1860 Brantham aged 4
707......John Double bap 28 Aug 1859 Brantham bur 8 Jan 1886 Brantham aged 27
Note: John was an ag lab in 1881 living at Ipswich Road, Brantham
708......Charles Double bap 19 Jan 1862 Brantham

Note: Charles was an ag lab in 1881. Rachel re-married twice; first to Charles SADLER (b abt 1888 Raydon) 3rd qr 1920

Children of Charles and Mary Ann
709......Walter Double b 1873 Brantham
710......Ada Martha Double b 1875 Brantham
711......Eva Double b 1876 Brantham
712......Albert E Double b 3rd qr 1876 Brantham.
Note: Albert was a farm labourer in 1901 living at Brantham Street, Brantham. Maud was the daughter of Alfred and Sarah CRESWELL
713......Alfred Double b 4th qr 1878 Brantham
714......Bertie Double b 1881 Brantham
715......William Charles Double b 1882 Brantham
Note: William was a horseman on a farm in 1901 living at Brantham Street, Brantham

367 James DOUBLE m Mary Ann STRUTT (bap 18 May 1834 Manningtree d 24 Nov 1918 aged 84)

Note: Robert was a thatcher in 1861, living at White House Road, East Bergholt. In 1871 he was a thatcher and haycutter at Manningtree Rd, East Bergholt, and in 1881 he was a farmer of 6 acres and 1 rood still at Manningtree Road. 1891 and 1901 census results show him as a thatcher at Manningtree Road, East Bergholt

Children of James and Mary Ann
716......Robert James Strutt Double b 1853 East Bergholt bur 25 May 1855 Bow Cemetery aged 32
Note: Robert was killed by a biscuit making machine
717......James Charles Double b 1855 East Bergholt
718......Mahala Emma Strutt Double b 1860 East Bergholt m Samuel Stebbings STRUTT 28 Aug 1880 Tower Hamlets
William Henry Strutt Double b 1862 East Bergholt
720......Charles Samuel Strutt Double b 20 Apr 1864 East Bergholt
721......Mary Ann Double b 1867 East Bergholt m Rueben Arthur HARVEY 2 Aug 1885 East Bergholt
722......Susannah Sarah Strutt Double b 1869 East Bergholt d 4th qr 1866
Henry Samuel Double b 22 Jun 1873 East Bergholt d Dec 1938 Bethnal Green aged 65
724......Samuel Wayman Strutt Double b 1878 East Bergholt
Note: in 1901 Samuel was a farrier living at 10 Chamber Street, Whitechapel

368 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Walter MILLER 23 Nov 1867 St Matthew's Church, Ipswich

Note: No children of this union have yet been found, but Mary Ann had previously had one illegitimate child as below

Child of Mary Ann
725......Ellen Elvina Double bap 4 Oct 1857 Brantham bur 3 Dec 1858 Brantham

374 Stephen DOUBLE m Mary Ann LICENCE (b 1855 Ipswich d 1935 Colchester aged 80) 1873 Ipswich

Note: In 1871 Stephen was a labourer living at 12 Tyler Street, Ipswich and in 1881 he was a railway fireman living at Back Lane, Eye. In 1891 and 1901 he was a railway engine driver living at 11 Arman Rd Lexden in 1891 and at 16 Three Crowns Road, Colchester in 1901

Children of Stephen and Mary Ann
726......Edith Laura Double b 1876 Ipswich d 27 Dec 1959 aged 80 m John Barnes OLYOTT (b 1870 Hadleigh d 3 Oct 1934 Edmonton, London) 1896 Colchester
727......Walter Double b 1878 Ipswich d 1882 Ipswich aged 4
728......Ellen Elvina Double b 1881 Eye d 1862 Colchester aged 91
729......Walter Double b 1883 Ipswich d 1884 Ipswich aged 1
730......Alice Frances Double b 2 Feb 1887 d 1962 Colchester aged 75
Walter Double b 3 Dec 1889 Colchester d 23 Aug 1977 aged 87
732......Lilian May Double b 21 Nov 1893 Colchester d 14 Jun 1989 Rochester, Kent aged 95 m Harold FRENCH (b 1893 West Mersea, Essex d 14 Jun 1989 Rochester, Kent aged 96
733......Cyril John Double b 9 Sep 1897 Colchester d 22 Dec 1945 Colchester aged 48 m Muriel Hilda FISHER 25 Jun 1925 Colchester
734......Edith Laura Double b 1st qr 1876 Ipswich d 27 Dec 1959 Colchester

378 William Henry DOUBLE m Ann Frances GILLINGHAM (b 1854 London d 1st qr 1897 Kingston, Surrey) 4th qr 1877 Kingston upon Thames

Note: William was a coach currier living at 30 Castle Street in 1881 and 1891

Child of William and Frances
735......Mary Eliza Double b 1862 St Giles, London
Note: In 1901 Mary was a "nurse domestic servant"

E127 Harriet DOUBLE m George GARDNER (b 1859 Egham) 2nd qr 1883 Strand, London

Note: George was an ironmonger living at Coborne Villa, Egham in 1891

Child of George and Harriet
736......George E Gardner b 1885 Egham

381 Caroline Sarah DOUBLE m William FREEMAN (b 1846 Walsall, Staffs) 1869 Walsall

Note: In 1871 Caroline was a bridle stischer and they lived at Hangation Street, Walsall - William was a bridle cutter and remained so. Residence was 9 Orlando Street Walsall in 1881, 44 Hart Street Walsall in 1891 and 23 Camden Street Walsall in 1901

Child of William and Caroline
737......Ernest b 1873 Walsall
Note: Ernest was a printer in 1891 living at 44 Hart Street, Walsall. In 1901 he was a printer's machinist living at 23 Camden Street, Walsall

383 John DOUBLE m Susannah PERKINS (b 1861 Walsall) 4th qr 1888 Walsall

Note: John was a "brown saddler" and lived at 67 Paddock Lane, Walsall in 1881 and at 94 Tanhance Street, Walsall in 1891, when Susannah was a bridle stitcher

Child of John and Susannah
738......Charles Perkins Double b 1882 Walsall

384 Thomas Charles DOUBLE m Elizabeth CALLAN (bap 2 Jul 1862 St Peter's Church, St Pancras d 1930 aged 68) 4th qr 1879 Strand, London

Note: Thomas was a milk churn maker. In 1891 he lived at 9 Derry Street, St Pancras and in 1901 he was at 2a Bennett Street, Southwark. In 1891 Elizabeth was a flower seller

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
739......William Double b 1st qr 1880 [St Giles, London 1b 669]
740......Mary Double b 1882 St Giles, London
741......Elizabeth Double b 1885 Lambeth, London
742......Thomas Charles Double b 4th qr 1887 St Martins London [Strand 1b 643]
743......Annie Double b 1890 St Pancras London
744......Charles Double b 1892 St Pancras London
745......Redferne Double b 1895 Lambeth, London
746......John Double b 1899 Lambeth, London

387 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Frederick Charles WALTERS (b 24 Aug 1871 St Andrew's, London d 11 Aug 1949 Fulham Hospital aged 77) 31 Dec 1899 St Giles in the Fields Church, London

Note: Frederick was a lodging house deputy living at 14 Molyneux Street, Marylebone, London in 1891

Child of Frederick and Mary Ann
747......John Walters b 1890 Marylebone, London

388 Alice Olga DOUBLE m James PARTRIDGE 4th qr 1905 [London C 1c 4]

Children of James and Alice
748......Edward James Partridge b 1907 Lambeth
749......Marie Partridge b 3rd qr 1909 Lambeth
750......Beatrice F Partridge b 4th qr 1913 Lambeth
751......Geoffrey P Partridge b 1st qr 1918 Lambeth
752......Norman G Partridge b 3rd qr 1926 Lambeth

390 Sarah DANCY m Mr PEACHEY (d bef 1881)

Note: Sarah was a tailoress in 1881 living at Bergholt Road, Little Horkesley, Essex

CHildren of Mr Peachey and Sarah
753......Robert Peachey b 1874 Little Horkesley
754......Louisa Peachey b 1877 Little Horkesley

401 Walter SCOTT m Ellen BREWER (b 1859 Stutton) 2nd qr Jun 1878 [Samford 4a 885]

Note: In 1881 and 1891 Walter was an ag lab. In 1901 he was a horseman on a farm. They lived in 28 Manningtree Road, Stutton

Children of Walter and Ellen
755......Walter E b 1880 Stutton
Note: In 1891 Walter was an ag lab living with his parents
756......Harry b 1882 Stutton
Note: In 1901 Harry was a horseman living with his parents
757......Frederick b 1885 Stutton
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a gardener's labourer living with his parents
758......Bertie b 1890 Stutton
759......Emily b 1895 Stutton

409 John WHEELER m Harriet COOPER (b 1832 Hadleigh) 4th qr 1859 [Samford 4a 1295]

Note: in 1861 John was a journeyman miller living at The Row, Stratford St Mary. In 1871 he was a gardener at Lodge Cottage, Higham and in 1881 he was a beer house keeper at "New Foundry Inn", 30 Bath Street, Ipswich

Child of John and Harriet
760......George Edward Wheeler b 3rd qr 1860 Stratford St Mary [Samford 4A 5_6]

416 Daniel DOUBLE m Emma Annie JAMES (b 1857 Dedham)

Note: Daniel was a groom in 1871 at Four Sisters Farm, Stratford St Mary and in 1881 he was an ag lab and army pensioner and in the army reserve 21st regiment at The Heath, Dedham. In 1891 he is shown as an ag lab at East Street, Dedham. Emma was on parochial relief in 1901 at East Street, Dedham

Children of Daniel and Emma
761......Emily Harriet Double bap 16 Jul 1878 Dedham
762......Annie Maria Double bap 13 Sep 1879 Dedham
763......Ernest Albert Double b 24 Mar 1881Dedham bap 26 Jun 1881 Dedham m Alice E W DAY 1st qr 1919 [Chelmsford 4a 982]
Note: In 1891 Ernest was a labourer living at East Street, Dedham
764......Jane Annie Double bap 8 Apr 1883 Dedham
765......William Henry Double b 1 Mar 1887 Dedham d 1 Oct 1971 Ipswich m Ada GRIMWOOD 3rd qr 1910 Dedham
Note: In 1911 William and Ada were at 3 Brook Cottages, Brook Lane, Felixstowe and William was a cowman
766......Rose Double b 1889 Dedham
767......Katy Double b 1892 Dedham
768......Arthur Sidney Double b 1899 Capel St Mary d 7 Jun 1986 Essex m Annie Celia VINCENT 7 Oct 1922 Paddington
Note Arthur joined the army aged 15 but giving his age as 17 and was awarded the India General Service medal for his service in the Royal Corps of Signals in the Waziristan (North West Frontier) District in 1936 to 1937

418 Joseph DOUBLE m Elizabeth STOKES (b 1846 Newmarket d aft 1901) 14 Jun 1867 St Mary's Church, East Bergholt

Note: Joseph was a farmer. In 1891 he was at Richardson's Farm, East Bergholt and in 1901 he was living at The Street, East Bergholt, still as a farmer

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
768a......Alice Sarah Double bap 24 Feb 1870 East Bergholt m George GODDARD (b 1847 East Bergholt)
Note: George was a general dealer
James Double b 1 Oct 1872 Clerkenwell, London bap 3 Aug 1873 East Bergholt
770......William Double bap 6 Aug 1876 East Bergholt
Note: William was a farm bailiff in1901 at Allen's Farm East Bergholt
771......Walter Syer Double bap 5 May 1878 East Bergholt
772......Edith Emma Double bap 4 Jan 1880 East Bergholt
773......Harry Double b 1887 East Bergholt

419 Mary DOUBLE m Benjamin HILLS (b 28 Jul 1811 Raydon d 4 Dec 1842 aged 31) 22 Oct 1836 Raydon

Note: Benjamin was the son of John HILLS and Ann COOK

Children of Benjamin and Mary
774......Mary Ann Hills b 26 Jul 1837
775......Benjamin Hills b 11 Jan 1839

420 John DOUBLE m Mary Ann BALDRY (b 1807 Sproughton bur 14 Jan 1891 All Saints Church, Little Wenham aged 84) abt 1839

Note: Robert was an ag lab in 1871 at Lt Wenham. In 1881 Mary Ann was living at 4 Battlesbridge, Little Wenham as a widow

Children of John and Mary Ann
776......John Double bap 30 Aug 1840 Lt Wenham
777......Henry Double bap 30 Aug 1840 Lt Wenham
778......Marianne Double bap 25 Dec 1841 Lt Wenham
779......George Double bap 31 Dec 1843 Lt Wenham
780......Sarah Ann Double bap 23 Jan 1848 Lt Wenham
781......Walter Double b Sep 1848 bap 7 Jul 1850 Lt Wenham bur 25 Nov 1855 Lt Wenham aged 7
782......Julia Double bap 14 Sep 1851 Lt Wenham bur 18 Aug 1860 aged 9

422 George DOUBLE m Sarah COLE (bap 7 Sep 1821 Raydon bur 10 Apr 1896 Raydon) 26 Jan 1841

Note: George and Sarah were living together with 170 William and Sarah in 1851
Children of George and Sarah

783......Thomas Double b abt 1839 d 1840 Raydon
784......George Double bap 28 Apr 1841 Raydon m Sarah Ann WYATT (bap 1842) 15 Oct 1862
785......Sarah Double b 1842 m William BLOOMFIELD 18 Nov 1865
786......Benjamin bap 11 Aug 1844 Raydon d 14 Sep 1899
787......James Double b 1847 Raydon
Note: James was an ag lab in 1861 at Upper Street, Raydon
788......John Double b abt 1850 bur 31 May 1863 Raydon aged 13
Note: John was an ag lab in 1861 at Upper Street, Raydon
789......Robert Double b 1854 Raydon bur 24 May 1863 Raydon aged 9

423 Eliza DOUBLE m Henry GRIMWADE (b 1822 Great Wenham) 3 Jun 1842 Great Wenham

Note: George was a labourer. In 1861 he was a pauper in Tattingstone House with Eliza and in 1881 he was living at Lime Kiln, Dedham.

Children of Henry and Eliza
790......Elizabeth Grimwade b 3rd qr 1845 East Bergholt [Samford 12 395
791......Henry Grimwade b 1852 East Bergholt d 4th qr 1881 Lexden aged 29
792......Walter Grimwade b 2nd qr 1852 East Bergholt [Samford 4a 545] d 1st qr 1844 Lexden aged 31
793......John Offord Grimwade b 1855 Holton St Mary [Cosford 3a 646]
Note: John was a gardener's labourer in 1881 living at Lime Kiln, Dedham. In 1891 he was a gardener living at Stratford Road, Dedham
794......George Grimwade b 2nd qr 1856 Holton St Mary m Mary A (b 1869 East Bergholt)
Note: George was a groom and coachman in 1891 living at Stratford Road, Dedham.
795......Charles Grimwade b 2nd qr 1860 Stratford St Mary [Samford 4a 558]

424 Thomas DOUBLE m Susan CHISNALL (b 1821 Hintlesham bur 9 Jan 1890 Raydon) 20 Mar 1842

Note: in 1861 Thomas was an ag lab living at Stoke Road, Layham, and in 1871 he was a farm bailiff at Wyncoll's Farm, Layham. In 1881 and 1891 he was a shepherd in Layham and in 1901 he was a retired ag lab living at Stoke Road, Layham

Children of Thomas and Susan
796......Elizabeth Double b 3rd qr 1844 Layham [Cosford 12 296 ]
797......George Double b 1st qr 1847 Layham [Cosford 12 362 ] m Susannah
798......Thomas Double bap 22 Jan 1850 Layham
799......William Double bap 20 Feb 1854 Layham
276a....Mary Ann Double b 3rd qr 1856 Layham [Cosford 4a 385 ]
800......Henry or Harry Double b 3rd qr 1861 Layham [Cosford 4a 424 ]

425 Elizabeth DOUBLE m James EMENY

Note: James was an ag lab. In 1861 he lived at Bacon's Green, Holton St Mary, and in 1871 he was at Cottage near Ramsey Farm, Holton St Mary. 1891 saw him still at Holton St Mary, at Baker Cottage.

Children of James and Elizabeth
801......Mary Ann Emeny b 2nd qr 1847 Samford RD
802......Mark Emeny b 2nd qr 1849 Holton St Mary
803......Esther Emeny b 1851 Holton St Mary
804......Joseph Emeny b 4th qr 1852 Holton St Mary
805......Ann Emeny b 1854 Holton St Mary
806......George Emeny b 1855 Holton St Mary
Note: George was an ag lab in 1871 living at the Cottage near Ramsey Farm, Holton St Mary
807......Emily Emeny b 1857 Holton St Mary
808......Andrew Emeny b 3rd qr 1859 Holton St Mary
809......Jessie Emeny b 1869 Holton St Mary
810......Luke Mark Emeny bap 29 Sep 1872 Holton St Mary

427 Lucy DOUBLE m 443 George LAWRENCE (bap 8 Jan 1826 Raydon) 11 Sep 1847 Raydon

Note: In 1861 and in 1881 George was an ag lab living at Upper Street, Raydon

Children of George and Lucy
811......Betsy Lawrence b 1848 Raydon
Note: in 1871 Betsy was a silk winder living at 1 Long Lane in Court, St Clement's Ipswich
812......Walter Lawrence b 1851 Raydon
813......Susannah Lawrence b 1854 Raydon
814......Jane Lawrence b 1856 Raydon

428 Edward Dunthorne DOUBLE m (a) Mary Ann PAGE (b 1819 Hadleigh) 13 Oct 1838 (b) May SPENCER 13 Apr 1854 Tasmania (whilst still married to Mary Ann)

Note: Edward was sentenced to 15 years and transportation for burglary on 21 July 1846.He was transported on the ship Pestonjee Bomanjee on 8th October 1846 and went to Maria Island, Tasmania In 1851 Mary Ann was living at Upper Street, Raydon and in 1871 she was a charwoman living at 1 Long Lane in Court, St Clements, Ipswich

The conduct record from the Tasmanian archives (Thank you, Bev) states that he was protestant and could read and write. He had previously been convicted for stealing corn from Mr James TURNER for which he was jailed for 4 months. He was a farm labourer, 5'9" aged 30 "Complexion: Fresh Head: Oval Hair: Brown Whiskers: Brown Visage: Oval Forehead: M Height Eyebrows: Brown Eyes: Brown Nose: Medium Mouth: Medium Chin... Mole on right arm below elbow. Scar on back of right wrist." from Raydon, Suffolk

Period of Gang Probation 2 years - 12 months 3 Jan 50 Dobson Buckland / misconduct in being possessed of a bunch of keys with intent to commit a larceny. Six days hard labour 11/1/50 29/11/53 Ticket of Leave Pardon 14/8/55 Agrees to abstain from the use of Ard& Spirits, excepting for medicinal purposes and to discountenance the causes and practice of intemperance. 10/10/48 12 months deducted for assisting to capture Letter for this man in drawer 21/9/65 Sent to Supt of Police Rop (?) for Double reported to he being there 13/11/65 "

Children of Edward and Mary Ann
815......Thomas Double bap 20 Feb 1839 Raydon bur 28 Apr 1840 Raydon aged 1
816......Eliza Double b 1841
817......Mary Ann bap 25 Dec 1843 Raydon d 24 Mar 1847 Raydon aged 4
818......Betsy Double b 1845 Raydon bap 6 Jun 1847 Raydon
Note: In 1871 Betsy was a silk winder at 1 Long Lane in Court, St Clements Ipswich
819......Walter Double b 1850 Raydon
Note: There is no indication of his father's name

429 William DOUBLE m Sarah GREEN (b 30 Sep 1821 Layham d 23 Jun 1901 Mangatainoka, NZ) 5 Nov 1845 at the Great Meeting, Hadleigh

Note: Sarah was the daughter of William Green, labourer of Layham. Witnesses to the marriage were John GREEN and Mary SMITH
William, Sarah and family were living together with 177 George, Sarah and family in 1851. They emigrated to Timaru New Zealand in 1858 on the sailing ship "Strathallan", leaving from Gravesend arriving in Timaru 82 days later in company with sister 188 Jane and her husband Robert Scarf. They travelled steerage with the sexes segregated, as "government immigrants". William became a farmer and was described as a freeholder in the 1862 electoral roll. You can see a website about the journey and landing here. 241 Elizabeth Ann died on the journey aged 8 months. A diary of the journey and an account of the arrival may be seen here. Sarah is shown on the 1893 Womens Electoral Roll as a widow at Timaru

The Strathallan - a picture in the Settlers' museum at Dunedin

To see the whole of the identified descendants of William in New Zealand, click here. They are shown on a separate page because of the numbers involved

Children of William and Sarah
820......Caroline Double b 28 Dec 1847 Layham d 17 Aug 1897 Morere NZ aged 49 m Thomas WALKER 24 May 1865
821......Emily Double b Mar 1850 Raydon m (a) Melly Richard KINSMAN (b 1843 Cornwall d 12 Aug 1905 Nelson, NZ) 3 Jan 1867 (b) George CULMER
822......Ann Marie Double b Dec 1851 Raydon d 4 Oct 1934 Timaru bur 6 Oct 1934 Timaru NZ m Robert TACON (b 1843 d 8 Mar 1918 Timaru) 6 Sep 1870
823......Amos Double b 18 Feb 1854 bap 14 May 1854 Raydon d 16 Nov 1898 Temuka NZ m Eliza Ellen KING (b 1st qr 1859 Walworth [Newington 1d 231] bap 1861 d 8 Feb 1936 Temuka NZ) 10 May 1877
Note: Eliza was living with her parents, Daniel (a milkman) and Eliza King and brother Henry in Old Place, Mayfield Sussex in 1861(Thanks, Bev)
824......Walter Daniel Double b 1 Jan 1856 Bap Jun 1856 Raydon d 27 Sep 1938 Timaru NZ bur 28 Sep 1938 Pleasant Point Cemetery ref 4565
825......Elizabeth Ann Double b 14 May 1858 Raydon bap Jun 1858 Shelley d 24 Dec 1858 at sea on ship "Strathallan"
826......Charles Samuel Double b 26 Oct 1859 Timaru NZ bap 13 Nov 1859 d 2 Feb 1864 (result of accident) bur 4 Feb 1864 Timaru NZ
827......Alfred Martin Double b 19 Apr 1862 Timaru d 18 Jun 1903 Dannevirke NZ bur 21 Jun 1903
828......Elizabeth Ann Double b 17 Dec 1864 Timaru NZ d 27 Oct 1866 Timaru bur 29 Oct 1866
829......Sarah Maria Double b 16 Oct 1866 Timaru d 1958 Napier NZ m Richard Roland PITT (b 1848 d 11 Feb 1926 Palmerston North) 4 Jan 1899

433 Daniel DOUBLE m Elizabeth SPOONER (b 1836 Hadleigh) 4th qr 1866 Brentford Essex

Note: In 1851 Daniel was an ag lab in Raydon and in 1861 Elizabeth was a general servant at Great Western Rd Hammersmith, London.In 1871 Daniel was a market gardener carter living at 1 Jessamine Gardens, Acton, London. 1881 saw him as a gardener's labourer living at 3 Lime Street Place, Acton and in 1891 he was a gardener and lived at 48 Middle Street, Acton. In 1901 Elizabeth as a widow was at 68 Beaumont, Acton.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth
830......Kate Sarah Double b 1st qr 1868 Acton [Brentford 3a 96]
Note: Kate was a housemaid in 1891 at 365 King Street, Hammersmith
831......Harry Double b 4th qr 1869 Acton [Brentford 3a 93]
832......George A Double b 4th qr 1872 Acton [Brentford 3a 104]

434 Robert DOUBLE m Harriet GIRT (b 6 Aug 1838 Hitcham d 29 Apr 1915 Invercargill) 4 Oct 1857

Note: In 1851 Robert was an ag lab living in Upper Street, Raydon. In 1860 he, Harriet and baby Annie emigrated to New Zealand on the "Clontarf" landing at Lyttleton

For subsequent details in New Zealand, go here

Children of Robert and Harriet
833......Annie Double b 13 Aug 1859 Raydon d 29 Jul 1918 aged 58 m George Alfred FRAMPTON abt 1878 New Zealand
834......Eliza Double b 29 Jul 1861 Timaru d 7 Feb 1881 Timaru aged 19
835......Harry Double b 9 Nov 1864 Timaru d 29 Jun 1903 Opawa bur in Invercargill m Annie BRUTON (b 1866) 24 May 1886
836......Harriet Double b 14 Nov 1867 Timaru d 1950 aged 83 m Albert George ISLES (b 5 Oct 1857 ) 9 Apr 1888
837......George Frederick Double b 1 Jul 1869 Timaru d 18 Jul 1920 Christchurch NZ aged 52 m (a) Wilhelmina Graham SUTHERLAND (b 1873 Invercargill d 19 Feb 1911) 1898 (b) Sarah DRYDEN (b 4 Sep 1880 d 15 Sep 1970 Dunedin) 9 Jan 1917
838......Janet Gardener Cunningham Double b 18 May 1874 Temuka d 1930 aged 56 m John ROBERTSON (b 1872) 9 Feb 1898
839......Alfred Thomas Double b 28 Sep 1876 Timaru d 14 Jun 1949 Invercargill aged 62 m Isabella Agnes JARVIE (b 15 Jun 1880 Invercargill d 1978 Invercargill) 1900
840......Caroline Rose Double b 8 Jan 1879 Timaru d 1950 aged 71 m David James SUTHERLAND (b 1875 d 1935) 7 Apr 1909
841......Eveline Double b 23 Dec 1883 d 24 Feb 1885 Invercargill aged 1
842......Isabella Double b 1 Jan 1891 Invercargill d 1894 Invercargill aged 3

440 Abraham CLARKE m Hannah CLARKE (b 1839 Hadleigh) 2nd qr 1859 [Cosford 4a 605]

Note: in 1861 Abraham was a brickmaker and ag lab living at Angel Street Hadleigh. In 1871 he was a maltster at the same address.

Children of Abraham and Hannah
843......John Frederick Clarke b 3rd qr 1859 Hadleigh {Cosford 4a 415]
844......Abraham Clarke b 4th qr 1861 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 398] m Emma MANNING 4th qr 1881 [Cosford 4a 1040]
845......Isaac Clarke b 1864 Hadleigh
846......Kate Clarke b 1866 Hadleigh
Robert Clarke b 1st qr 1868 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 470]
848......Thomas Clarke b 2nd qr 1870 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 487]

444 Thomas LAWRENCE m (a) Mary WILKINSON 6 Apr 1849 Raydon (b) unknown

Children of Thomas and Mary
849......Sarah Lawrence bap 9 Feb 1853 Raydon
850......Henry Lawrence bap 20 Mar 1853 Raydon
851......Elizabeth Lawrence b ap 30 Sep 1860 Raydon

Children of Thomas and unknown
852......Sarah Lawrence dob unknown

447 Henry LAWRENCE m Harriet RANSON 31 Jan 1857 Raydon

Child of Henry and Harriet
853......Alfred Lawrence bap 21 Feb 1858 Raydon

452 William John DOUBLE m Mary PRATT (b 27 Jan 1869 Hobart bap 27 Apr 1869 Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church Hobart bur 14 Dec 1934 aged 63) 9 Apr 1895 Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hobart, Tasmania

Note: William was a Blacksmith. Part of the job of a Blacksmith was to remove the bow plates on the steel hulled ships, that carried timber from Australia to England. Huge wooden beams were cut in very long lengths and the only way to load them on to the ship was to remove the bow plates, slide the timber through the opening in the bow and have the Blacksmiths replace the plates when the ship was fully laden. This procedure was repeated in reverse when the ship arrived in England.

The weding reception was held at William PRATT'S home at Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania. The witnesses at the wedding were W.J. MANN and Sarah IRVINE.

Mary was the daughter of John Courtney PRATT and Ellen MUNRO

Children of William and Mary
854......Alexander Daniel Double b 11 May 1896 d 1954 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia aged 58
855......Mary Double b 10 Jul 1897 Hobart d 12 Jul 1897 Hobart Tasmania
856......Ellen Beatrice Double b 28 Aug 1898 Hobart, Tasmania d 6 Sep 1898 Hobart Tasmania
857......Arthur Cyril Double b 15 Apr 1900 1898 Hobart, Tasmania d 11 Dec 1966 Hobart bur 13 Aug 1966 Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart
858......William John Alfred Double b 19 Oct 1902 Southport, Tasmania bur 20 Jun 1947 Cornelian Cemetery, Hobart
859......Edith May Double dob unknown m William Irven GAYLOR
860......Freda Coralie (Coral) Double dob unknown m Dick BREHN
861......Florence Reta Double b 5 Jan 1910 Hobart d 20 Nov 1920 Esperance, Tasmania bur Queenborough Cemetery, Hobart
862......Enid Double dob unknown

453 Joseph DOUBLE m Louisa 1900

Children of Joseph and Louisa
863......Edith Emily Double b 1894 Hamilton, Tasmania
864......Louisa Lillian Double b 1899 Campbell Town, Tasmania
865......Akice Elvie Double b 1902 Campbell Town, Tasmania d 1944 aged 42
866......Minnie Camelia Double b 1906 Campbell Town, Tasmania

455 Elizabeth Rosanna DOUBLE m Alfred HOWLETT (b 16 Aug 1858 d 24 May 1937 Back River) 24 Oct 1887

Note: Alfred was the son of Lazarus HOWLETT and Sarah COPLEY
Alfred and Elizabeth were farmers, and they lived at Native Corners, 9 miles out of Campania. The name of the farm was "The Old Brick Farmhouse". According to a 1903 Valuation Roll No 119, the land consisted of 300 acres with a valuation of 10 Pounds, and a capital value of 250 Pounds. The property was listed as being owned by H.J.Broadribb, and D H Kelly Trustees. They subsequently moved to another farm, "Goats Hills" on the Collinsvale Road, up the hill from Berridale. The farm is now better known as Coopers Raspberry Farm. They then moved to a farm at Runnymede, on the right hand side of the main road just before the Levendale Road Junction. The "Old House" was well back from the road, but later moved to a new house closer to the road. They finally moved to Back River in 1927.The main crops at Back River were small fruits including, raspberries,black currants, and various other lesser crops such as apples, pears, and plum. Granny Double (Mary Ann JONES) lived with them until her death on 6th January 1929."

Children of Alfred and Elizabeth
867......Joseph Alfred Howlett b 1888 Richmond, Tasmania
868......Daniel Thomas Howlett b 1890 Richmond, Tasmania d 8 Feb 1965 m Clara Essie CURRAN Note: Tom was a bootmaker and lived at 21 Chesterman Street Moonah. He had a shop on the corner of Hopkins Street and Gormanston Road.
869......Olive Camilla Lila Howlett b 1892 Richmond, Tasmania d 1896 aged 4
870......Selby Sarah Minnie (Sylvie) Howlett [twin] b 1894 Richmond, Tasmania
871......Charlotte Rebecca Howlett [twin] b 1894 Richmond, Tasmania
872......Aubrey John William Howlett b 1897 Richmond, Tasmania
873......Andrew William Charles Howlett b 30 Nov 1899 Richmond d 17 Feb 1972 Back River
Note: Andy was of the old school of tough farmers. At one time during the 1950's he was working at the adjoining farm of Bartle Triffitt when he arrived at work one day with a very bad tooth ache, and when Bartle suggested that he should go to the dentist, Andy retorted that he was not going near any dentist. Bartle threatened that if it was no better the next day he would personally take Andy to the dentist. When Andy arrived at work the next day he was much better; he had prised the tooth out overnight with a horseshoe nail.

The old farmhouse on the property burned down in the mid sixties, some say it was due to Jacky's tinkering with the electricity, but it remains a mystery. The tragedy of the fire was that many irreplaceble antiques, family heirlooms, and photographs were destroyed. Numerous bundles of charred currency notes were also found in the ruins. Following the fire, the family, which was comprised of Myrtle, Sylvie, Jacky and Andy, moved into temporary premises on another part of the farm, this building also burnt down on 17th February 1972 and unfortunately, Andy was burnt to death.

The story appeared on the front page of the Hobart Mercury on 18th February, 1972.


"Twin 79 year old sisters tried vainly to rescue their brother when their house caught alight at Back River, near New Norfolk early yesterday morning.
"We were sure we could hear him, but we couldn't get to his room for the flames" the sisters said yesterday.
Their brother Andrew William Howlett (69) died in the fire.
The twins are Mrs Charlotte Rebecca Cornish, and Mrs Sylvia Minnie Gray. Both were admitted to the New Norfolk District Hospital for observation. Mrs Gray required medical attention for burns to her face.
The fire is believed to have started about 12.30 am and the sisters told detectives that Mr Howlett brought the bark in for the mornings fire about 10.30 pm and they all retired for the night. Mrs Cornish said she woke up when she was having difficulty breathing. Smoke was everywhere and flames were licking up the walls.
She woke her sister and they tried to get to their brother's room, but the flames drove them back. In night dresses, and still in their bare feet, the two little old women hauled buckets of water from a nearby creek, and tried to fight the fire. They said they were unable to get anywhere near their brother's room, either from inside or outside their home. They kept up their hopeless battle for sometime, the leaping flames from their home providing some light for them to make their way to and from the creek.
"Then my sister fell in the Creek" Mrs Cornish said. Realizing there was nothing more they could do, the twins walked about 1 1/2 miles in their bare feet to the nearest house to telephone for help. The Magra Rural Fire Brigade, and a tanker unit from Kilderry Gaol Farm, attended.
The twin sisters and their brother had lived together for many years in the tiny valley which nestled at the foot of the Back River hills.
Six years ago fire raced through their home early one morning taking all their possessions, and priceless antiques which had been handed down through the family. Two Mussett huts were obtained and erected as one unit not far from the site of their former home, an appeal was launched, furniture obtained, and the three of them started making a new home. The twins were inseparable, and have been well known since they came to the area more than 50 years ago.

Mr Howlett was one of the pioneer-type handy men left in the district. He had little use for rulers, spirit levels, or plumb-bobs.
Yesterday Warden C Fitzgerald, of New Norfolk said if the sisters insisted on returning to the isolated area he would launch an appeal. But it was hoped they would agree to stay in New Norfolk, where they could be cared for.
After sifting through the ashes, police took possession of "shovelfulls" of coins found in the charred embers of the house, plus what could have been incinerated bank notes. Acting Inspector H Alomes, who attended the fire said the damaged and burnt money would be handed to a bank."

456 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Owen Joseph HANLON (b 1868) 1887

Children of Owen and Mary Ann
874......Madelaine Matilda Hanlon b 1888 Richmond, Tasmania
875......Alzade Hanlon (f) b 1892 Richmond, Tasmania
876......David William Hanlon b 1894 Hamilton, Tasmania
877......Frederick Clarence Hanlon b 1897 Hamilton, Tasmania d 1970 aged 73

457 Susan Nellie (or Lillie) DOUBLE m George JENKINS (1) (b 1867 Richmond d 1909 Glebe NSW) 4 Sep 1897 Methodist Church, 57 Philip Street, Sydney.

Child of George and Susan
878......Heather Jean Jenkins b 22 Feb 1912 Glebe NSW Australia

458 Charlotte DOUBLE m John Edward BANTICK (b 8 Oct 1875 Bagdad Tasmania d 2 May 1946 Taroona, Tasmania aged 95) 17 Mar 1897 Richmond, Tasmania

Note: John was the son of John Bantick and Elizabeth THOMPSON

Children of John and Charlotte
879......Clarance Edward James Bantick b 8 Oct 1899 Campania, Van Diemans Land d 14 Jul 1995 Taroona Tasmania aged 95
880......Evelyn Lillian Bantick 6 Sep 1902 Campania, Van Diemen's Land d 19 Jul 1996 Box Hill Hospital, Victoria, Australia aged 93
881......Eric John Bantick b 23 Mar 1916 Campania, Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) m Marjorie Augusta PHILLIPS (b 17 Mar 1912 Mary Street, Hobart d 25 Jan 1998 aged 85

459 James DOUBLE m (a) Ellen Louisa BEVAN (b 26 Jan 1891 Richmond bur 26 Jun 1937 Carr Villa, Launceston aged 46) 27 Mar 1908 Fosterville, Campbell Town. (b) Clara Minna HOWLETT (b 19 Mar 1896 Richmond bur 5 Jul 1982 Carr Villa Launceston) date unknown

Note: Ellen was the daughter of Louisa Lillian BEVAN. Clara was the daughter of Henry HOWLETT and Lydia GAMBLE

Children of James and Ellen
881......Royal James Double b 20 Dec 1906 Berriedale bur 13 Nov 1962 Cornelian Bay
Note: James was a private, no TX9052, in the 12th Australian Infantry Training Battalion from 24 Mar 1943 to 17 Dec 1943
882......Ruby Alice Double dob unknown
883......Eric Alfred Percival Double b 18 Jun 1911 Ross, Tasmania bur 5 Oct 1976 Carr Villa, Launceston aged 65
Note: Eric was a private, no QX8545, in the Australian army in WW2 from 5 Jun 1940 to 20 Jul 1945 and was a prisoner of war.
884......James Edward Double b 27 Aug 1913 Victoria Hospital Launceston d 15 Jun 1996 bur 18 Jun 1996 Carr Villa Launceston
Note: James was a private, no TX15661, in the 2/3 Port Operating Company of the Australian Army from 25 Aug 1943 to 25 Feb 1946
885......Edna May Double dob unknown

Children of James and Clara
886......Trevor Double dob unknown
E449g......Eileen Double b 28 Jul 1914 11 Russell Street, Inveresk, Launceston d 24 Jan 1996 bur 29 Jan 1996 Carr Villa, Launceston m Maxwell Percy BLADES (b 28 Jul 1914 Inveresk bur 12 Nov 1982 Carr Villa, Launceston)
887......Dorothy Faye Double b 1918 d 1974 Campbell Town
888......Lee Double dob unknown
889......Kathleen Double dob unknown

460 Joseph H DOUBLE m Jane Leatt STACY (b 1849 Shoreditch) 3rd qr 1871 [Hackney 1b 733]

Note: in 1881 Joseph was a "Sheffield Warehouseman" at 57 Graham Rd, Hackney, London and in 1891 at the same address he was a "Sheffield Warehouseman cutler". In 1901 he was a Wholesale hardware factor living at Algers Road, Loughton, Essex.

Children of Joseph and Jane
890......Alice Jane Double b 2nd qr 1872 Hackney, London m John A THOMAS 3rd qr 1912[Epping 4a 987]
Note: Alice Jane was a mother's help. In 1891 and 1901 she was living with parents
891......Jessie Mary Double b 1st qr 1874 Hackney, London
Note: in 1891 Jessie was a typewriter clerk living with parents
892......Grace Leatt Double b 2nd qr 1877 Hackney, London
Note: Grace was a typist living with her parents in 1901
893......Annie H Double b 1880 Shoreditch
Note: Annie was an art teacher in 1901 living with her parents
894......Edgar Stacey Double b 4th qr 1889 Hackney, London

463 Elizabeth DOUBLE m (a) unknown) (b) Harry NORTON 29 Nov 1873 Gt Wenham

Child of Elizabeth and unknown
895......Alice Mary Double bap 20 Apr 1873 Gt Wenham

467 Walter Daniel DOUBLE b 1868 Great Wenham m Annie Louise BROOK (b 1863 Ipswich) 4 Jun 1890 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich

Note: in 1881 Walter was an ag lab living at 2 Church Corner, Gt Wenham and in 1896 he was a gardener/dairyman at Rose Cottage, Wherstead Rd Ipswich, In 1901 Annie was living at 107 Harland St, St Mary Stoke, Ipswich

Children of Walter Daniel and Annie Louise
896......Henry Walter Double bap 29 Oct 1891 Wherstead
Ernest Cecil Double bap 30 Apr 1893 Wherstead m (a) Frances WILLETT (b 1892 d 2 Nov 1940 aged 42) (b) Winnifred BUTLER
Note: See 301 below
898......Laura Annie Double b 8 Apr 1895 Ipswich, St Mary Stoke bap 27 Jun 1895 St Mary Stoke d 4 Nov 1940 aged 45
899......Edgar Stanley Double b 18 Aug 1896 Ipswich St Mary Stoke bap 8 Nov 1896 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich

469 James DOUBLE m Sarah DAVIS (b 1825 Capel St Mary) 4th qr 1845 [Samford 12 877]

Note: In 1871 James was a farm bailiff at "Near Quintius" East Bergholt. In 1881 he was farm bailiff for Hill Farm, East Bergholt. In 1891 he was farm bailiff at Woodgates Farm, East End Road, East Bergholt, and granddaughter Alice Sarh was staying with them, as she was in 1881. In 1900 he was a farmer at Allen's Farm, East Bergholt

Child of James and Sarah
900......Joseph Double bap 26 Apr 1846 d 3rd qr 1873 [Ipswich 4a 380] m unknown: issue: 901......Alice Sarah Double b 1870 Marks Tey

473 Thomas DOUBLE m Sarah BALLS ( b 1824 Whatfield) 25 Dec 1852 Raydon

Note: Thomas was an ag lab. In 1851 he lived in Upper Street Raydon and in 1861 he was in Lower Street Raydon
In 1891 Sarah lived at 67 Latchmere Road, Battersea, London and in 1901 she was a needleworker at the same address.

Children of Thomas and Sarah
902......Walter Double b 1853 Semer
903......James Double b 1855 Raydon
904......Cordelia b 1857 Raydon
905......William Double b 1860 Raydon
906......John Double bap 3 Feb 1863 Raydon
907......George Double b 1875 Battersea, London

475 Henry DOUBLE m Happy Eliza RANSON (b 1836 Capel St Mary) 3 May 1857

Children of Henry and Happy Eliza
908......Henry John Ranson Double bap 19 Sep 1858 Capel St Mary m Mary
909......Angelina Double bap 22 Sep 1861 Capel St Mary
910......Catherine Elizabeth Double bap 27 Mar 1864 Capel St Mary
911......Mary Anne Double bap 12 Dec 1867 Capel St Mary m Frederick James MAUNDRELL (b 1866 London) 16 Nov 1890 Harlesden, London
912......Ada Double bap 5 Nov 1871 Capel St Mary
913......Harriet Double b 1875 Capel St Mary
Note: Harriet was a dressmaker in 1891 living at Coldfair Green, Leiston, Suffolk

476......Walter DOUBLE m (a) Frances Elizabeth FISHER (b 11 Mar 1843 Woodbridge bap 26 May 1844 d after 1901) 11 Oct 1863 Quay Meeting House, Shotley

Note: In 1861 Walter was a stone dredger living near the Church, Shotley. The rest of the time he was an ag lab living in 1871 at Heath House, Trimley St Martin, in 1881 and 1891 at Decoy Cottages, Levington and in 1901 at Nacton Street, Nacton

Children of Walter and Elizabeth
914......Anne Rebecca Double b 27 Mar 1864 Trimley St Martin bap 1 May 1864 Trimley St Martin m William SARGENT 3 Aug 1885
915......Mary Ann Double bap 19 Jun 1866 Trimley St Martin
916......Alice Mary Double b abt 1868 Trimley St Martin
917......William Henry Double b abt 1871 Trimley St Martin m Florence Annie ROOKYARD 1893
918......Frances Elizabeth Double b abt 1873 m Joseph EAGLE 21 Oct 1896
919......John Walter Double b abt 1876 Trimley St Mary
920......Jane Florence Double b abt 1879 Trimley St Mary m Alfred JACKSON (b 1876 Smethwick, Staffs) 1st qr 1900 Birmingham
Note: Alfred was the son of Thomas Ambrose and Martha JACKSON. In 1901 he was a factory labourer living at Cross Street, Smethwick
921......Ernest George Double bap 21 Feb 1884 Levington. He had a second bap 1 Feb 1885 Nacton. killed in WW1
922......Frederick Reginald Double b 16 Nov 1884 Levington bap 21 Nov 1884 Levington (2nd bap 1 Feb 1885 Nacton) d 5 Sep 1974 Liverpool aged 89 m May PILGRIM
Note: May was a schoolteacher
923......Ellen Gertrude Double b 7 Sep 1891 Levington

477......Charles Alfred DOUBLE m Sarah ELY (b 1842 Shotley d 1931 Petersham) 11 Mar 1864 Shotley

Note: You can see Alfred's history here. Sarah's mother was Mary ELY widow, b 1812 Chelmondiston was living with the family in 1881
Children of Alfred and Sarah

924......Charlotte Elizabeth Double b 16 Jun 1864 Shotley bap 7 Aug 1864 Shotley
925......John William Double b 2 Nov 1865 Shotley bur 9 Dec 1894 Erwarton aged 29
Note: John William was a farm labourer in 1881
926......Charles Alfred Double b 14 Nov 1868 Erwarton d 8 May 1917 aged 48 bur 12 May 1917 Erwarton m Rachel Louise WELLS 13 Sep 1898
Note: Charles was an ag lab in 1881. Rachel re-married twice; first to Charles SADLER (b abt 1888 Raydon) 3rd qr 1920
927......Joseph Henry Double b 3rd qr 1869 Shotley [Samford 4a 558] m Annie Mary ABBOTT abt 1899
Note: Joseph was an ag lab in 1881.
928......Eliza Ann Double b 4th qr 1871 Shotley [Samford 4a 553]
929......Sarah Jane Double b 1st qr 1874 Shotley [Samford 4a 607]
930......Walter Double b 1st qr 1876 Shotley [Samford 4a 656] bur 29 Oct 1923 Erwarton aged 27
931......Alice Double b 28 Jan 1878 Shotley d 1960 Petersham, Richmond aged 82
Note: Alice and her sister Annie lived in adjacent houses in Ham, Richmond as adults.
932......Annie Double b 2nd qr 1879 Shotley [Samford 4a 691] d 1951 aged 72 m James Charles HENNAH
933....Edward b 1st qr 1882 [Samford 4a 731] d 1900 aged 18 bur 6 Mar 1900

480 Maria Sarah Anne KING m William CROSS (b 3rd qr 1838 Hadleigh [Cosford 12 297] bap 4 Nov 1838 Hadleigh) 25 Dec 1857 Hadleigh

Note: William was the son of William CROSS and Charlotte KING

Children of William and Maria
934......Maria Sarah Anne Cross b 4th qr 1858 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 395] bap 2 Jan 1859 Hadleigh
935...... William Henry Cross b 3rd qr 1860 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 405] bap 22 Sep 1860 Hadleigh
936...... David King Cross b 4th qr 1862 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 41_] bap 6 Sep 1863 Hadleigh m Elizabeth RIDDLESTONE 25 Dec 1886 Hadleigh
937...... Charlotte Cross b 2nd qr 1864 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 473] bap 29 May 1864 Hadleigh m Arthur John GREEN 7 Jan 1891 Hadleigh
938...... Mary Ann Cross b 4th qr 1867 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 417] bap 3 Jan 1869 Hadleigh

481 Robert KING m Mary TRICKER (b abt 1834) 10 Jun 1854 Hadleigh

Note: Mary was the daughter of Robert TRICKER
Children of Robert and Mary

939......Alice Sarah Ann King b 1st qr 1855 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 420] bap 4 Apr 1858 Hadleigh
940......Robert George King b 1st qr 1858 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 433 ] bap 4 Apr 1858 Hadleigh
941......Thomas David King b 4th qr 1860 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 390] bap 30 Dec 1860 Hadleigh
942......Sarah Mary King b 2nd qr 1864 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 474 ] bap 29 May 1869 Hadleigh
943......Florence Louisa King b 19 May 1879 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 571 ] bap 22 Jun 1879 Hadleigh

483 George KING m Rebekah Botwright KING 9b 3 Nov 1842 bap 30 Aug 1857 Hadleigh) 3 Apr 1860 Hadleigh

Note Rebekah was the daughter of Thomas KING and Rebecca BOTWRIGHT

Children of George and Rebekah
944......Thomas George King b 2nd qr 1862 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 460] bap 22 Jun 1862 Hadleigh m Nellie
945......George Harris King b 4th qr 1864 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 424] bap 12 Jun 1865 Hadleigh m (a) Alice Emma FARTHING 2nd qr 1890 [Woodbridge 4a 1259] (b) Sarah GRIMWOOD 20 May 1891 Hadleigh
946......Delilah Rebecca King b 26 Aug 1868 Hadleigh bap 20 Sep 1868 Hadleigh m Charles Alexander ARCHER 4th qr 1899 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 1607]
Ann Jane Kate King b 19 Nov 1871 Hadleigh
948......Robert Charles King b 30 Sep 1875 Hadleigh m Margaret LEVETT (bap 15 Nov 1874)
R59......Kate Harris King b 27 May 1879 m Jack FROST (bap 20 Apr 1879 Hadleigh)
Willie Mark King b 3 Feb 1883 Hadleigh bap 11 Mar 1883 Hadleigh

951Walter DOUBLE m Ellen Maria HOLDER (b 1835 Polstead) 30 Nov 1855 Hadleigh

Note: Walter lived at Benton Street Hadleigh from 1861 to 1881 and was a coal porter in 1861 and 1871. In 1881 he was a coal merchant.Walter was the son of Cornelius DOUBLE and Susan

Children of Walter and Ellen
952......Harriet Double b 1st qr 1857 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 440] living at Benton Street, Hadleigh m Samuel KING (b 1861 Hadleigh) 17 Jul 1886 Hadleigh
Note: Harriet was a cook in 1881
953......Elizabeth Jane Double b 3rd qr 1859 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 412] m William BLOOMFIELD (b 1860 Hadleigh) 8 Mar 1882 Hadleigh
Note: Elizabeth was a dressmaker in 1881 living at Benton Street, Hadleigh
Cornelius Double b 1861 Hadleigh
955......Walter Double b 2nd qr 1863 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 476] m Harriet HARDING (b 1866 Lambeth) 2nd qr 1890 Southwark
Note: Walter was a coal porter in 1881 living at Benton Street, Hadleigh In 1901 he was a railway engine driver living at 23 Fifth Cross Road, Brentford. London Harriet was the daughter of Robert and Esther HARDING and was a general servant in 1881 living with her parents
956......Peter Double b 4th qr 1864 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 426] d 4th qr 1940 Samford m Lydia GARROD 3rd qr 1890 [Cosford 4a 997]
Note: Peter was a servant in 1881 living with his parents and in 1911 he was a hardware dealer and licensed hawker at 64 and 66 Benton St, Hadleigh
957......George Double b 4th qr 1866 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 458] m Agnes
Note: George was an errand boy living with his parents in 1881
958......Ellen Double bap 26 Feb 1869 Hadleigh bur 8 Feb 1870 Hadleigh aged 1
959......Isaac Double b 1st qr 1870 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 507] d 3rd qr 1881 Hadleigh
960......Jacob Double b 4th qr 1872 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 499]
961......Abraham Double b 1st qr 1876 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 543] d 1st qr 1951 Ipswich

492 Annie DOUBLE m Walter DAVIS 2nd qr 1892 Plymouth

Note: In 1891 Annie was a servant at 50 East India Dock Road.

Children of Walter and Annie
962......Alfred Ernest Davis b 3rd qr 1894 Plymouth [Plymouth 5b 221]
963......Frank Edward Davis b 1st qr 1895 Southampton [S Stoneham 2c 79]
964......Edwin Davis b 1898 St Mullion, Cornwall

495 Walter DOUBLE m Louisa Elizabeth READ (b 20 Apr 1871 Walworth d 30 Jul 1950 Tunbridge Wells) 18th Oct 1900 St James Westminster

Note: From 1884 to 1898 Walter was working at the United Services Club (now closed) at 116 Pall Mall, London.
Louisa was the daughter of Alfred Alexander READ (b 31 Dec 1845 Walworth) and Matilda BALL (b 3rd qr 1846 [Tisbury VIII 428]) who married in 3rd qr 1868 [Newington 1d 298] but was bought up by her grandparents, William and Sarah BALL in Tisbury, Wilts after her father Alfred had been committed to Brookwood Lunatic Asylum in 1876 where he died on 4 Sep 1882. (Matilda was working in London as a domestic servant, and in 1881 she was working at a household in Lambeth.)
Following their marriage Walter and Louisa lived at 13 Bury Street, London and in 1901 they were at 5 Spencer Street, Battersea
From 1905 or thereabouts the family was with the Chelsea Board of Guardians (a workhouse at Britten St and in 1906 the family was admitted to Poland Street Workhouse. In 1913 Walter was in the Lunacy ward at Filham Road Workhouse and was committed to Banstead Hospital in the same year where he stayed until he died in 1935
In 1911 Louisa was working as a cook at 104 Ashley Gardens Westminster for a Combe family, and Charles their son was in the Nazareth House home for destitute children and aged poor at London Rd, Southend on Sea run by the Sisters of Nazareth, and Edward Alfred was staying with his aunt Emma BEALE at 59 High Street Battersea.

Children of Walter and Louisa
965......Walter Joseph Double b 2 Apr 1901 [Wandsworth 1d 383] d 2nd qr 1901 [Wandsworth 1d 290]
966......Edward Alfred Double b 2nd qr 1902 [Lambeth 1d 413] d 15 Feb 1921
Note: In 1911 Edward was living with his aunt, Emma BEALE in Battersea
967......Charles Double b 21 Feb 1906 Britten St Workhouse d Oct 1988 [Bromley 970 1088] m Maria SOKSER (b 3 Jan 1914 Innsbruck, Austria) 14 Sep 1936 Tunbridge Wells (issue: 3 living children)
968.....Walter Harold Double b 2 Apr 1904 Marylebone d 18 Jun 1906 Wandsworth
Walter died of pneumonia following whooping cough, at which time his father's address was 12 Landseer Rd Battersea
969......unknown child, possibly a stillbirth

501 Frederick JOSLIN m (a) unknown (b) Martha MACE (b 1841 Castle Cary, Somerset) 2nd qr 1873 [Hackney 1b 650]

Note: In 1861 Frederick was an apprentice smith living with his parents at the Welcome Sailor, East Street, Colchester. In 1871 he is married but a lodger without his wife described as an engine smith living at 4 Billingsgate Street, Greenwich, and in 1881 he was a traveller in the corn trade living at Rokely House, Deptford. In 1891 and 1901 he was a traveller for flour mills living at 35 Manor Rd, Deptford

Children of Frederick and unknown
970......John A Joslin b 1862 Hackney
Note: In 1881 John was a warehouseman living with his parents
971......Maud M Joslin b 1866 Hackney
972......Herbert A Joslin b 1868 Hackney

503 Daniel JOSLIN m Sophia ANDREWS (b 1849 London) 3rd qr 1873 Islington [Islington 1b 439]

Note: Daniel was an apprentice printer in 1861 living at the Welcome Sailor, East Street, Colchester. In 1871 he was a compositor living at 78 Clandesley Road, Hackney and in 1881 he was a printer compositor living at 76 St John Street, Islington

Child of Daniel and Sophie
973......Frank Daniel Joslin b 4th qr 1875 London [Islington 1b 233]

506 Arthur Joseph DOUBLE m (a) Hannah RUSH (b 7 Mar 1837 Raydon d Sep 1872 Raydon bur 3 Oct 1782 Raydon, dau Arthur and Hannah CRISP - see Crisp branch) 25 Dec 1857 Raydon (b) Sarah Hepzibah HINES (b 1839 Saxmundham) 3 Dec 1879

Note: Arthur was an ag lab living in Lower Street Raydon in 1861,1871, 1881 and in 1891 he was a shepherd at the same address. 1901 saw him still a shepherd, living at the Salvation Army Barracks, Raydon. Hannah was a servant in 1851.

Children of Arthur Joseph and Hannah
974......James Double b 21 Apr 1871 bap 28 Dec 1871 Raydon d 5 May 1951 65 Kendal Rd Colchester
975......Walter Double b 1858 Raydon d 1863 aged 5 bur 29 Sep 1863 Raydon
976......Charles Arthur Double b 1st qr 1860 Raydon d 1863 Raydon aged 3 bur 21 Oct 1863 Raydon
977......Kezia Double bap 17 Sep 1862 bur 25 Sep 1862
978......Esther Emma Double b 14 Nov 1865
979......Elisha Double b 15 Apr 1870

507 Joseph DOUBLE m Sarah Ann SONGER (b 1840 Raydon) 4th qr 1864 [Newington 1d 331]

NOte: Joseph was an ag lab in 1861 living in Lower Street, Raydon. In 1871 he was a labourer living at 78 West Street Bermondsey and in 1881 and 1891 he was a carman at the same address. In 1901 he was a groom living at 42 Queen Elizabeth Street, Bermondsey

Child of Joseph and Sarah
980......William Robert Double b 1865 Raydon d 1938 Orsett, Essex

508 Ellen DOUBLE m Henry MOORE (b 1843 Dedham) 1 Feb 1862 Raydon

Henry was an ag lab in 1871, 1881 and 1891living at The Heath, Dedham in 1871, Blue Gate Farm, Gt Bromley, Essex in 1881, Manning Farm, Gt Bromley in 1891 and in 1901 he was a a farm manager living at White House, West Bergholt

Child of Ellen and unknown - possibly George PLUMB
981......George Double b 6 Mar 1859 Raydon

Children of Henry and Ellen
982......Joseph Moore b 1863 Dedham
Note: Joseph was an ag lab in 1881
983......EllenMoore b 1867 Dedham
984......Henry William Moore b 1868 Dedham m Martha BURDEN (b 1862 Conock, Wilts) 2nd qr 1890 Devizes, Wilts
Note: Henry was an ag lab in 1881 at Blue Gate Farm, Gt Bromley, Essex. In 1891 he was a coachman living at 2 Lower Wharf, Northgate Street Devizes and in 1901 he was a police sergeant living at 9 South Street, Swindon. Martha was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah BURDEN and in 1881 she was a servant at Cottage, Chirton, Wilts. In 1901 she was an engineer's clerk, living with husband.
985......Elizabeth Moore b 1872 Dedham
986......Emma Moore b 1876 Dedham

510 Sarah Jane DOUBLE m James KILBURN (b 1843 Raydon) 25 Dec 1871 Raydon

Note: James was an ag lab in 1881 living near the Church, Shelley. In 1891 he was an ag lab at Town Lane, Gt Bromley, Essex and in 1901 he was a horseman on farm at Goslings Farm, Gt Bromley. Sarah was a domestic servant in 1871

Child of James and Sarah
987.......Alice Kilburn b 1873 Shelley

511 Dale DOUBLE m Mary Ann BAUGH (b 1 Jun 1851 Bermondsey d 11 Apr 1933 Camberwell) 16 Apr 1876 St James' Church, Bermondsey.

Note: in 1871 Dale was a labourer living at 78 West Street, Bermondsey, and in 1881 he was a coachman living at 31 St George's Street Camberwell. In 1901 he was a potman living at 132 Camden Grove North, Camberwell

Children of Dale and Mary Ann
988......Esther Double b 1878 Camberwell
989......Arthur Double b 1879 Camberwell
Note: Arthur was a tea warehouseman in 1901 living at 132 Camden Grove North, Camberwell
990......Alice M Mary Double b 1880 Camberwell
991......Albert Double b 1881 Peckham
Note: Albert was a tea packer in 1901 living at 132 Camden Grove North, Camberwell
992......Joseph Double b 1884 Peckham d 29 Dec 1953 Sutton, Surrey aged 69
993......Charles Double b 1888 Peckham m Emily FIDDIMAN 1st qr 1913 Camberwell
994......Louisa Double b 1890 Peckham
995......Florence Ethel Double b 1897 Peckham

514 Charles Dale DOUBLE m Isabella 4th qr 1866 Bermondsey

Note: In 1871 Charles is described as a "Town Missionary and teacher of music" living at Chapel Place, Chelmsford, Essex. In 1881 and after he was a missionary and lived in 1881 at 36 Buckingham Road London and in 1891 and 1901 at 61 Buckingham Road, Hackney. Isabella was the daughter of Smith and Sarah

Children of Charles and Isabella
996......Isabella Ann Double b 1866 Borough, Mdx
Note: In 1891 and 1901 Isabella was a music teacher and lived at 61 Buckingham Road, Hackney
997......Sarah Double b 1870 Chelmsford
Note: In 1891 and 1901 Sarah was a music teacher and lived at 61 Buckingham Road, Hackney
998......Charles William Double b 1875 Chelmsford
Note: In 1891 and 1901 Charles lived at 61 Buckingham Road, Hackney. In 1891 he was an Agent.s assistant and in 1901 an insurance agent
999......Alfred Dale Double b 1877 Chelmsford
Note: In 1901 Alfred was an Esate Clerk and lived at 61 Buckingham Road, Hackney

517 Alfred DOUBLE m Julia BRYAN (b 1850 Halstead) 3rd qr 1871 Colchester

Note: Alfred was recorded as a solicitor and general clerk living at 7 Victoria Place Colchester in 1871, and in 1881 he was a solicitor's managing clerk living at 56 Southborough Rd, London. In 1891 he was a solicitor at 4 East Crescent, Hastings and a solicitor in 1901 at 34 Clapton Common, Hackney. Julia was the daughter of George and Mary BRYAN

Children of Alfred and Julia
E490......George Alfred Double b 1872 Colchester m Florence Martha ARMES (b 1873 Benalston, Devon) 2nd qr 1899
Note: George was a solicitor in 1901 living at 21 Russell Road, Hornsey, London
Herbert Dale Double b 1875 Hackney
1001......Mary Edith Double b 1878 Hackney
1002......Henrietta Daisy Double b 1880 Hackney m unknown 3rd qr 1905 Hackney

519 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Charles Henry PENTON (b 1849 Tichborne, Hampshire) 17 May 1876 Stratford St Mary

Note: Charles was the son of John and Ann PENTON. In 1876 he was a brushmaker living at Portswood, Hampshire, and in 1881 he was a master brushmaker at 42 Prtland St Fareham, Hampshire. In 1891 he was a foreman brushmaker living at 17 Commercial Rd Portsea, and in 1901 he was a brushmker at 51 Hudson Road Portsmouth

Children of Charles and Mary Ann
1003......Helen Alice Penton b 1878 Fareham d 3rd qr 1887 Portsea aged 9
1004......Arthur John Penton b 4th qr 1878 Fareham
Note: Arthur was a commercial clerk in 1901 living at 51 Hudson Road, Portsmouth
1005......Alice Marion Penton b 1880 Fareham
Note: Alice was a milliner in 1901 living at 51 Hudson Road, Portsmouth
1006......Martin Penton b 1882 Fareham
Note: Martin was a carpenter's apprentice in 1901 living at 51 Hudson Road, Portsmouth

521 Emily DOUBLE m Charles Thomas CLARK (b 1855) 2 Nov 1877 Stratford St Mary

Child of Charles and Emily
1007......Emily Mary Clark b 1st qr 1878 [Samford 4a 639]

522 Alfred DOUBLE m (a) Mary Ann SCARLETT (bap 15 Apr 1860 Snape, Sfk., d 2 Aug 1883 Saxmundham aged 23) 1881 Saxmundham (b) Harriet BIRD (b 12 Jun 1856 Ilketshall, Sfk) 11 May 1884 Harwich

Note: In 1871 Alfred was a farm labourer living at 112 Dead Lane, Stratford St Mary, and in 1881 he was a servant at the Bell Hotel, Saxmundham. 1891 saw him as a labourer living at Norman's Yard, 20 George Street, Harwich and in 1901 he was an ironmonger's porter at 10 Coke Street, Harwich. Harriet was the daughter of John and Sarah BIRD

Children of Alfred and Mary Ann
1008......Emily May Double b 31 Mar 1882 Saxmundham d 11 Sep 1964 Norwich aged 82
1009......Alfred John Double b 1880 Harwich m Elsie HARRIS

Children of Alfred and Harriet
1010......Victoria Double bap 28 Aug 1887 Harwich

Victoria emigrated to Canada on 7 Mar 1913 aboard the "Empress of Britain"

1011......Alfred John Double b 11 Aug 1890 Harwich
1012......Lilian Mary Double b 1 May 1893 Harwich

525 Sarah DOUBLE m (a) James KILBURN (b 1843) 25 Dec 1871 All Saints, Shelley (b) Alfred Charles DISHMAN 18 May 1875 Stratford St Mary

Note: James was an Ag Lab in 1881 living near the church in Shelley. In 1875 Alfred was a servant in London. In 1881 he was a grocer living at 108 Lillington Street, Westminster, and in 1891 he was a grocer's porter at 23 Chesney Street, Battersea

Child of James and Sarah

1013......Alice Kilburn b 1875 Shelley

526 George William DOUBLE m Fanny WILLIAMS (b 1854 Kington, Herefordshire) 17 Apr 1879 Dedham

Note: George was a master carpenter in 1881 living at Dedham Road, Stratford St Mary, and in 1891 he was a baker and confectioner in Stratford St Mary. In 1897 he managed the Post and Telegraph Office in Lackford and in 1901 he was post master and church clerk living at the Post Office, Lackford. Fanny was a general servant in 1881 living at 41 High Street, Kington, Herefordshire

Children of George and Fanny
1014......Walter Dale Double bap 19 Feb 1880 Stratford St Mary m Catherine Louisa HANCOCK 1 Jul 1907 Coventry
1015......Edith Sarah Double bap 29 May 1881 Stratford St Mary d 1970 Newmarket m George Gainford JACKSON4th qr 1916 Sudbury
Note: Edith was an assistant teacher in 1901 living at the School House, Lackford, Sfk
1016......Annie Aurelia Double bap 28 Nov 1883 Stratford St Mary d 21 May 1960 Cavendish
Note: When she died, Annie left £1203.13s.6d to her sister Edith
1017......Florence Esther Double bap 18 Feb 1885 Stratford St Mary bur 29 Jul 1885 Stratford St Mary [Samford 4a 385]

529 Edward DOUBLE m Harriet Eliza MOORE (b 1857 Sudbourne, Suffolk d 3rd qr 1901 Tendring RD aged 44) 17 Oct 1878 Stratford St Mary

Note: Edward was a gardener in 1881 living at Park Lane, Stratford St Mary and in 1891 he was a groom and gardener at Church Green, Shotley Sfk.

Children of Edward and Harriet
1018......Harold Cecil Double bap 18 Sep 1878 Startford St Mary d 1878
1029......Alice Emily Double bap 26 Oct 1879 Stratford St Mary m Ernest Alfred CHURCH 1st qr 1899 [Maldon 4a 601]
1020......Maud Annie Double bap 27 Mar 1881 Stratford St Mary
1021......Frederick Arthur Edward Double bap 19 Nov 1883 Stratford St Mary d 1 Jan 1957 Bishops Stortford m Lucy BLOWES 2nd qr 1913 Ongar, Essex
Note: Frederick was an ordinary seaman in 1901 on board the "District Hearty" in Lowestoft
1022......George William Double b 1884 Shotley d 28 Sep 1916 Somme, France and Flanders
1023......Charles Stanley Double b 1887 Shotley
1024......Julia Mary Double bap 18 Sep 1898 Stratford St Mary
1025......Harold Cecil Double bap 18 Sep 1898 Stratford St Mary d 3rd qr 1978 Chelmsford

534 Arthur John DOUBLE m Selina BRAMFORD (b 1867 Bricett, Sfk) 4th qr 1892 Bosmere.

Note: In 1891 Arthur was a gardener living at Chirch Cottage, Stratford St Mary and in 1901, still a gardener he was at Lower Street, Raydon. Selina was the daughter of Shadrach and Georgina BRAMFORD

Children of Arthur and Selina
1026......Carole Selina Double b 13 Jan 1894 Stoke by Nayland bap 1 Apr 1894 Stoke by Nayland d 1984 Chichester
1027......Constance Emily Double b 1896 Chilton, Sudbury
1028......Edward Ernest Double b 22 Jun 1899 Higham bap 30 Jul 1899 Higham d 1873 Surrey SW m Ellen HOWE 2nd qr 1930 [Colchester 4a 1967]

535 Julia Lucy DOUBLE m Arthur William ROUSE (b 1871 Harwich) 21 Oct 1893 Stratford St Mary

Note: Arthur was, respectively, a Sergeant Instructor in the 2nd volunteer battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, and Regimental Sergeant-major at Farnborough. In 1901 he was living at 22 Eldon Street, Reading, Berkshire. He was the son of E201William ROUSE and 128 Esther DOUBLE

Children of Arthur and Julia
1029......Annie Esther Rouse b 1st qr 1896 Stratford St Mary [Samford 4a 854]
1030......Dorothy Edith Rouse b 1898 Farnborough [Hartley Wintney 2c 198]
1031......Gwendoline Rouse b 1900 Reading

540 Henry James DOUBLE m Mary Ann GOODCHILD (b 1842 Stutton d 2nd qr 1899 aged 57 Stowmarket) 5 May 1866 Buxhall

Note: In 1861 Henry was an ag lab living at Rectory Road, Buxhall. In 1871 he was a postman living at Crowe Street, Stowmarket and in 1881 and 1891, still a postman (although he is described as a rural letter carrier in 1881) he lived at 8 Bond Street, Stowmarket.

Children of Henry and Mary
1032......Arthur Henry Double b 1866 Buxhall bap 4 Nov 1866 Buxhall d 1st qr 1921 Stowmarket m Amelia BARRELL (b 1868 Stowmarket) 2nd qr 1894 Stow, Sfk
Note: Arthur was a groom living at no 8 Bond Street, Stowmarket in 1891 and no 2 in 1901. Amelia was a cook in 1891 living at 10 Museum Street, Ipswich, the daughter of William and Jane BARRELL
1033......Kate Double b 1870 Stowmarket
1034......Rosa Double b 1872 Stowmarket m John James SCARFE (b 1876 Buxhall) 1st qr 1901 Tendring RD Essex
Note: John was a GPO mailcart driver in 1901 living at 26 Albert Street Harwich. He was the son of Daniel William J and Ellen SCARFE In 1891 Rosa was a servant living at 8 Bond Street, Stowmarket
Annie Elizabeth Double b 1874 Stowmarket d 6 Jan 1956 Stowmarket m Edward Ernest DIAPER 4th qr 1897 [Stow 4a 1603]
1036......Ernest William Double b 1876 Stowmarket d 4th qr 1903 Stowmarket aged 27
Note: in 1891 Ernest was a stable boy living at 8 Bond Street, Staowmarket
1037......Alice M Double b 18779 Stowmarket
E531......Robert Stanley Double b 1882 Stowmarket d 13 Aug 1918 bur St Venant, Robecq Rd British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France aged 36 m Elizabeth Bertha HALLS 2nd qr 1916 Stowmarket
Note: in 1901 he was a clerk in Crown Street, Stowmarket He was in the 15th Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment when he was killed.
Albert Edward Double b 2nd qr 1884 Stowmarket d 1st qr 1966 Gipping
Note: In 1911 Albert was a Law Clerk livng at 10 Crown St, Stowmarket

622 Jane Matilda WHITTLE m Alfred WALLACE (b 30 May 1851 Islington d 24 May 1909 aged 40 Ipswich) 1880

Note: Alfred was the son of Alfred WALLACE and Jane COLEY. In 1881 Alfred was a shoemaker living in Lacey Street, Ipswich and in 1891 he was a Foreman in the leather trade living at 123 Lacey Street, Ipswich. In 1901 he was a pork butcher living at 208 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. Jane was a shoebinder in 1871 living at 2 Myrtle Street, Ipswich

Children of Alfred and Jane
1039......Alfred Wallace b 1877 Ipswich
Note: In 1891 Alfred was a telegraph messenger living at 123 Lacey Street, Ipswich
1040......Frederick William Wallace b 4th qr 1878 Ipswich
Note: In 1891 Frederick was an errand boy living at 123 Lacey Street, Ipswich
1041......Florence E Wallace b 1881 Ipswich
1042......Ernest Wallace b 6 Sep 1883 Ipswich d 21 Dec 1961 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, bur 23 Dec 1961 Brantford aged 78
1043......Sidney Wallace b 1885 Ipswich
1044......Thomas M Wallace b 1889 Ipswich
1045......Alice Maud Wallace b 4th qr 1890 Ipswich

549 Charles COLCHESTER m (a) unknown (b) Ann Mary DAY (b 1850 St Pancras) 3rd qr 1888 [Paddington 1a 2]

Note: Charles was a labourer in 1871 and a schoolteacher, married, in 1881 boarding in Woolwich and in 1891 he was a certificated teacher at 36 Cricketfield Road, Hackney

Child of Charles and unknown
1045......Charles b 1875 Stowmarket
Note: In 1881 Charles was staying with his grandmother Susan in Stowmarket

552 Jane MAJOR m (a) James Thomas DAVEY 1875 Bethnal Green (b) Sydney Thompson HELLYER (b Lydd 4th qr 1853 [Romney Marsh 2a 635] d 2nd qr 1915 [Bethnal Green 1c 166]) abt 1882

Note: In 1881 Jane was a dressmaker widow living at 28 Ronald Street, Ratcliffe. Sidney was a waterproofer in oil in 1891 living at 273 Corfield Street Bethnal Green, and in 1901 he was at 74 Minerva Street saw mills, Bethnal Green North.

Child of Sydney and his first wife, Emma WHITLOCK
1046......Edwin David Davey b 1st qr 1878 [Mile End 5c 511]
Note: In 1901 Edwin was lodging with a 77 year old widow, Catherine KINSHEN at 116 Cambridge Road Mile End where he was a merchants clerk.

Child of James and Jane
1047......Bertram James Davey b 1877 Melbourne, Australia

Note: In 1881 Bertram was a letter sorter, still living with mother.

Children of Sydney and Jane
1048......Millicent Maud Hellyer (known as Maud) b 1st qr 1884 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 272] m Charles EARP 4th qr 1904 [West Ham 4a 408]
Note: In 1901 Maud was a school teacher, living with her parents. She and Charles emigrated to Australia
Kate Lilian Hellyer b b 1st qr 1887 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 251]
1050......Marie Rose Hellyer b b 4th qr 1888 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 241] d 2nd qr 1927 [London C 1c 2]
1051......Arthur Sydney Hellyer b 4th qr 1891 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 191]
1052......Margaret Constance Hellyer b 3rd qr 1893 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 198]
1053......Frank Hellyer b 4th qr 1894 Bethnal Green [Bethnal Green 1c 244]

574 Isaac RIVERS m Hannah BUTCHER (b abt 1838 Framlingham) 1st qr 1864 [Plomesgate 4a 829]

Note: Isaac was an ag lab. In 1861 he was unmarried and lodging with widow Amelia CATCHPOLE and family in Framlingham. From 1871 he was at New Street, Framlingham. He died in 1918 aged 80

Children of Isaac and Hannah
1054......Frederick Rivers b abt 1860 Framlingham
1055......Ellen Rivers b 3rd qr 1865 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 597]
1056......James Rivers b 2nd qr 1867 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 663]
1057......Anna Rivers b 4th 1868 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 641]
1058......Alfred William Rivers b 4th qr 1870 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 622]
1059......Arthur Rivers b 2nd qr 1875 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 712]
1060......Walter Rivers b 2nd qr 1876 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 728]
1061......George Charles Rivers b 4th qr 1880 Hawkedon [Plomesgate 4a 742]

579 Alfred Maxwell HARE m Hepzibah Haydon Horsey APLIN (b Pitminster, Somerset) 3rd qr 1870 [Axbridge 5c 901]

Note: Hepzibah was the daughter of Samuel (a Landowner in 1871 at Victoria St, St Mary Magdelan, Taunton) and Hepzibah APLIN. Alfred was an Inland Revenue Officer (Excise branch) They lived in 1881 at Ashfield House North Curry, Somerset where they had a servant, Susan PRIDDLE, aged 15 from North Curry, Somerset and in 1891 at Ilminster Road, where Alfred is not present but Hepzibah is shown as married but living on own means. A servant, Mary STOOK aged 11 from Creech St Michael was present.

Children of Alfred and Hepzibah
1062......Alfred Samuel Alpin Horsey Hare b 2nd qr 1871 [Taunton 5c 384]
Note: In 1891 Alfred was a brewer and maltster
1063......George M Hare b 1872 [census]
Note: in 1891 George was an apprentice draper.

580 George William HARE m Susannah SOAR (b abt 1851 Haughley) 18 Sep 1872 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 992]

Note: George was a coal merchant in 1881 living at 2 Swaffham Villas, Mildmay Road, Chelmsford

Children of George and Susannah
1064......Constance Hare dob unknown
Note: Constance is missing from the 1881 census
1065......Ada Florence Hare b 2nd qr 1873 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 648]
1066......Grace Maxwell Hare b 4th qr 1876 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 229]

581 John HARE m Ellen Florence SNOW 3rd qr 1895 [St Olave 1d 481]

Note In 1891 John was a steward living at 33 Moncrieff St, Camberwell.

Children of John and Ellen
1067......Christine Hare dob unknown
1068......Victor H Hare b 1889 Clapham
1069......Constance Hare b 1890 Lambeth
1070......Beatrice N Hare b abt 1895 Camberwell

583 Robert Matthew Henry HARE m Olive OLIVER (b 14 Aug 1853 Swanscombe) 26 Apr 1880 Chatham

Note: Robert was a corn dealer living with the family at 50 High Street, Chelmsford in 1891

Children of Robert and Olive
1071......Robert Oliver Hare b 1st qr 1881 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 311]
1072......Olive Hare b 1st qr 1883 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 356a]
1073......Arthur Edward Hare b 1st qr 1885 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 404]
1074......Ethel Mary Hare b 15 Dec 1886 Chelsford
1075......Guy Henry Hare b 4th qr 1888 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 414]
1076......Constance Nanson Hare b 1st qr 1890 Chelmsford [Chelmsford 4a 455]
1077......Eva Hare b 9 Feb 1891 Chelmsford
1078 ......George Reginald Hare b 29 Mar 1894 Chelmsford

595 Harry HARE m Katie Jane WRIGHT 3rd qr 1897 [Ipswich 4a 1653]

Note: In 1911 Harry was a collector for Ipswich Gas Co

Children of Harry and Katie
1079......Evelyn Hare b 1900 Ipswich
1080......Dorothy Kate Hare b 1906 Ipswich

597 William BLOWERS m Maria Elizabeth RAVEN (b 4th qr 1849 [Blything 13 373] 1st qr 1872 [Blything 4a 931]

Note: In 1881 William was a master wheelwright

Children of William and Maria
1081......William James Blowers b 1st qr 1873 Wrentham [Blything 4a 770]
1082......Alice Elizabeth Blowers b 1st qr 1875 Wrentham [Blything 4a 735]
1083......Fanny Blowers b 3rd qr 1877 Wrentham [Blything 4a 717]
1084......Jane Talbot V Blowers b 4th qr 1878 Wrentham [Blything 4a 775]
1085......Rosa May Blowers b 1st qr 1880 Wrentham [Blything 4a 812]
1086......Ruth Mary A Blowers b 1st qr 1882 Wrentham [Blything 4a 839]
1087......Francis Mabel Blowers b 2nd qr 1885 Culford [Thingoe 4a 647]
1088......Samuel Henry Blowers b 2nd qr 1887 Culford [Thingoe 4a 712]
1089......John Frederick Blowers b 3rd qr 1898 Sibton [Blything 4a 1007]

598 Ruth BLOWERS m Mark WILKINS (b 11 May 1848 Woolsbridge, Ringwood Hampshire) 19 Apr 1871 Lymington, Hampshire

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Harriet WILTON and Harriet Henrietta CLINKARD. In 1871 Mark was a labourer and in 1881 a farmer, living at Hordle, Ringwood, Hampshire, still a farmer in 1883. In 1891 he was a carter on hire, as he was in 1901. In 1912 he was a labourer.

Children of Mark and Ruth
1090......Alice Jane Wilkins b 1st qr 1872Hordle [Lymington 2b 615] m George HART (b 1872 Sotherton) 1899 Blything
Note: George and Alice lived in Wrentham, Suffolk
William Wilkins b 1st qr 1874 Hordle [Lymington 2b 611 or 613]
1092......Edith Mary Wilkins b 1st qr 1877 Hordle [Lymington 2b 646] m John HEATHFIELD (b 1867 Eastney, Hampshire) 1909 Lymington.
1093......Annie Ruth Wilkins b 4th qr 1881 Hordle [Lymington 2b 647] m William COLE (b 1873 Milford) 1908 Lymington, Hampshire
Henry Ernest Wilkins b 2nd qr 1883 Hordle [Lymington 2b 665]

603 George Henry HARVEY m Annie Florence FIRMAN ( b London abt 1865 d 16 Aug 1937) 13 Apr 1882 [Dunmow 4a 631]

Note: In 1891 the family was at The Terrace, West Mersea. George was a registered general practitioner, and living with them was his father George Harvey, widower, a retired Oyster merchant. A general servant, Mary FROST aged 31 b Leigh, Essex was also present.

Children of George and Annie
1095......George Frederick Corsellis Harvey b 2nd qr 1884 Gravesend, Kent [Gravesend 2a 488] d 16 Jul 1913
1096......Claude Percival Rivers Harvey b 4th qr 1885 Gravesend [Gravesend 2a 508]

604 Edwin HARVEY m m Mary Jocelyn PAGE 3rd qr 1879 [Lexden 4a 483]
Note: In 1881 Edwin was a coal and oyster merchant at High St Wivenhoe and in 1911 was manager and superintendent of cargo at Tranmere when they lived at 13 Well Lane, Rock Ferry. (They were living in France for some time, probably between 1891 and 1911.)

Child of Edwin and Mary
1097......William Rivers Harvey b 1899 France

1045 Alice Maud WALLACE m Mr NEWSUM

Children of Mr Newsum and Alice
1098......Nellie Newsum b 3rd qr 1914 [Derby 7b 1150]

1049 Kate Lilian HELLYER m David ROBINSON 3rd qr 1910 [Hackney 1b 967]

Children of David and Kate
1099......Leonard J Robinson b 4th qr 1912 [West Ham 4a 573]
1100......Ronald F Robinson b 3rd qr 1916 [West Ham 4a 530]

1050 Marie Rose HELLYER m William A GREGORY 4th qr 1912 [Bethnal Green 1c 387]

Children of William and Marie
1101......Pearl Gregory b 4th qr 1913 [West Ham 4a 775]
1102......Arthur Gregory b 2nd qr 1920 [West ham 4a 768]
1103......Hazel M Gregory b 4th qr 1924 [West Ham 4a 562]


639 David DOUBLE m Elizabeth Jane RIDGEWELL (b 1879) 4th qr 1898 Lambeth

Note: David was a bath attendant in 1901 living at 32 the Grove, Lambeth and in 1911 he was a Turkish bath attendant living at 48 New St, Kennington Park Rd, Southwark

Children of David and Elizabeth
1104......Louisa Florence Double b 3rd qr 1899 Newington [Lambeth 1D 307] m Charles H MAXFIELD 3rd qr 1930 [Lambeth 1d 836]
Elizabeth Double b 2nd qr 1904 Newington [Southwark 1D 138]
1106....Rosina Mary Double b 1907 Manor Park [West Ham 4a 248]
1107....David John Double b 2nd qr 1909 Balham [Wandsworth 1D 665]
1108....Bertha Double b 1st qr 1920 [Lambeth 1d 763]

641 Walter DOUBLE m Alice BREACH 1 Oct 1905 Lambeth

Note: Walter was a compositor in 1911 living at 59 Bonnington Square, Lambeth

Child of Walter and Alice
1109......Walter Charles Double b 3rd qr 1910 [Lambeth 1d 303]
1110......Sydney L Double b 4th qr 1912 [Lambeth 1d 643]
1111......Alice D Double b 3rd qr 1915 [Lambeth 1d 520]
1112......Winifred C Double b 3rd qr 1918 [Lambeth 1d 391]
1114......Ethel Double b 1st qr 1923 [Lambeth 1d 513]

643 Alfred DOUBLE m Mabel Annie BURR 13 Jul 1913 Edmonton

Children of Alfred and Mabel
1114a......Amy M Double b 2nd qr 1914 [Camberwell 1d 1714]
1114b......Alfreda E Double b 3rd qr 1920 [Camberwell 1d 1705]

645 William Robert DOUBLE m Sarah Ann JAMES 1 Aug 1892 Raydon

Note: In 1891 William was a civil servant, lower grade, Telegraph branch and in 1901 he was living at 81 Mornington Rd, Leyton when he ws an inspectorChildren of William and Sarah
1115......Olive Lillian Double b 1893 Bermondsey
1116...... Violet May Acacia Double b 7 May 1895 Southwark d 1984 Havering m Henry J RATCLIFFE 1917 West Ham

647 Arthur Dale DOUBLE m Maria YOUNG 1 Apr 1905 Camberwell

Note: In 1901 Arthur was a tea warehouseman living at 132 Camden Grov North, Camberwell and still a warehouseman he was living at 26 Goodrich Rd, East Dulwich

Child of Arthur and Maria
1117......Arthur Charles Double b 27 Dec 1907 d 3rd qr 1984 Lewisham
1118......Alfred D Double b 2nd qr 1912 [Camberwell 1d 1439]
1119......Phyllis Double b 3rd qr 1919[Camberwell 1d 1190]

650 Robert James COLE m Catherine CUDDON (b 1865 Ipswich d 4 Feb 1927 Ipswich) 1st qr 1887 Ipswich

Note: Robert was a Carman in 1881 living at 14 Greyfriars Road, Ipswich. Catherine m again to Joshua MAYSTON on 25 Jul 1903

Children of Robert and Catherine
1120......Robert James Cole b 5 Apr 1887 d 1890
1121......Phillip Elias Cole b 1889 Ipswich d 23 Sep 1948 m Ada May HARVEY (b 1 Feb 1896 d 19 Mar 1987) 27 Apr 1919
Note: Philip and Ada had eight children of whom 7 are still alive. These eight had 23 children between them and the next generation had 39. In their turn the 39 have so far had 13 children, totalling 83 descendants of Philip and Ada. Because they are living they are not shown on this page. Anyone interested should e-mail me at the bottom of the page and I will put them in touch with the family.
1122......Kitty Martha Cole b 1891 Ipswich d 1894
1123......Hilda Cole dob unknown d as infant

654 Phyllis DOUBLE m William James MALT (b 1865 Elmstead Market, Essex) 4th qr 1882 Tendring RD

Note: William was an ag lab in 1891 living at Cowie Green, Gt Bromley and in 1901 he was a stationary engine driver, living at 8 Beehive Cottage, Great Clacton. In 1871 Phyllis was an unemployed servant living at Bobys Road Holbrook. In 1881 she was a housemaid at The Vicarage, Elmstead

Children of William and Phyllis
1124......Elizabeth Ann Malt b 3rd qr 1883 Elmstead Market [Tendring 4a 420]
1125......Mildred Emily Malt b 4th qr 1888 Gt Bromley [Tendring 4a 507]
1126......Harry Malt b 4th qr 1894 Gt Bromley [Tendring 4a 603]
1127......Albert William Malt b 1st qr 1901 Gt Bromley [Tendring 4a 777]

657 Daniel DOUBLE m Kate LING (b 1865 Holbrook) 17 Sep 1886 Holbrook

Note: 1871 - Daniel was an ag lab living at Bobys Rd Holbrook. 1881 - he was an ag lab living at Back Road Holbrook. In 1891 he was an ag lab at 415 Newstead Road, Ipswich and in 1901 he was a flour mill labourer living at 367 Wherstead Road, Ipswich. Kate was the daughter of James and Elizabeth LING

Children of Daniel and Kate
1128......Kate M Double bap 17 Apr 1887 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich
1129......Daniel J Double bap 1889 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich
1130......Elizabeth A Double bap 15 Jan 1891 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich
1132......Mabel Elsie Double b 28 Jul 1892 Ipswich bap 13 Nov 1892 St Mary Stoke, Ipswich
1133......Margaret Double b 1897 Ipswich
1134......Charles William Double b 2nd qr 1900 [Ipswich 4b 982]

658 Charles DOUBLE m Mary Ann SHARMAN (b 1867 Ipswich) 26 Aug 1888 Ipswich

Note: Charles was an ag lab in 1881 living at Back Road, Holbrook, and in 1891 at 409 Newstead Road Ipswich. In 1901 he was a general carter living at 10 Greyfriars Road, Ipswich

Children of Charles and Mary Ann
1135......Annie M Double bap Jan 1889 Ipswich
1136......Beatrice A Double bap 4 Jan 1891 Ipswich d bef 1901
1137......Charles Henry Philip Double bap 13 Jul 1892 Ipswich
1138......William Double bap 19 Jan 1897 Ipswich
1139......Ellen Double bap 27 Mar 1898 Ipswich
1140......Walter D Double bap Mar 1903 Ipswich
1141......George Victor Double b 26 Mar 1905 Ipswich bap 24 Dec 1911 St Nicholas Church Ipswich
1142......Ernest Stanley Double b 8 Feb 1911 Ipswich bap 24 Dec 1911 St Nicholas Church Ipswich

661 Annie Jane DOUBLE m Charles LICENCE ( 1868 Leiston) 31 Aug 1890 [Ipswich 4a 1264]

Note: Charles was the son of Samuel and Sarah LICENCE
In 1891 he was an iron moulder living at 33 John Street, Ipswich and in 1901 he was living at 26 Wycks Bishop Street, Ipswich. In 1881 Mary Jane was a housemaid

Children of Charles and Annie
1143......Martha Licence b 2nd qr 1892 [Ipswich 4a 885] m Ernest SMITH 4th qr 1912 [Ipswich 4a 2364]
Note: In 1911 Martha was a general servant domestic
1144......William Licence b 1894 Ipswich m Dorothy A FROST 4th qr 1914 [Ipswich 4a 2344]
1145......Sidney Licence b 2nd qr 1895 [Ipswich 4a 906]
Note In 1911 Sidney was an iron moulder
1146......Maude Licence b 4th qr 1897 [Ipswich 4a 926]
1147......Charles Licence b 1st qr 1899 [Ipswich 4a 974]
1148......Annie Jane Licence b 1st qr 1900 [Ipswich 4a 1043]
1149....Albert Edward Licence b 4th qr 1902 [Ipswich 4a 1035] m Agnes E LEGGETT 4th qr 1926 [Ipswich 4a 2399]
1150......Gertrude Licence b 4th qr 1905 [Ipswich 4a 1029] m George AMBROSE 2nd qr 1932 [Ipswich 4a 2295]
1151......Constance Licence b 1910 Ipswich m Victor J LEACH 4th qr 1929 [Ipswich 4a 2609]
1152......Frederick Licence b 1st qr 1913 [Ipswich 4a 1963] m Alice M GILES 2nd qr 1938 [Ipswich 4a 3143]

321b Jacob DALE m (Sarah) Elizabeth MUNSON (b 2 Sep 1860 Lexden) in 1884

Note: Sarah was the daughter of Abel MUNSON and Sarah WAGSTAFF

Children of Jacob and Sarah
321h......Martha Dale b 3rd qr 1885 Bentley [Samford 4a 738] d 1952
321i......George Dale b 1st qr 1887 Bentley [Samford 4a 775]
321j......Alice Dale b 4th qr 1888 Bentley [Samford 4a 759]
321k......Frederick Dale b 2nd qr 1891 Bentley [Samford 4a 888]
321l......Florence Dale b 3rd qr 1892 Bentley [Samford 4a 824]
321m......Elizabeth Dale b 1st qr 1894 Bentley [Samford 4a 865]

668 Harold DOUBLE m Lillian Ruth TERRY (b 7 May 1891 d 31 Dec 1933 aged 42) 6 Jul 1918 Newhaven

Note: Harold was company secretary with Associated Portland Cement, London

Child of Harold and Lillian
1153......Margaret Terry Double b 3 Dec 1925

673 Ivan Frank DOUBLE m Doris B POCHIN (b 29 Nov 1913) 4th qr 1937 [Dartford 2a 1825]

Note: Ivan was Cement Works manager in Kent, Derbyshire and Wales

Children of Ivan and Doris
1154......Ivan C Double b 3rd qr 1942 [Devon Central 5b 31]
1155......Sally E Double b 4th qr 1943 [Dartford 2a 1642]
1156......Timothy J Double b 3 Nov 1936 [Cardiff 8b 196] d 1953 aged 7

676 William Gordon DOUBLE m Joyce Wallace Butler AITKENS (b 15 Jun 1915) 3rd qr 1941 [Bury St Eds 4a 3319]

Note: William was an insurance Officer at Norwich

Children of William and Joyce
1157......William P G Double b 4th qr 1946 [Bury St Eds 4b 1616]
1158......David G A Double b 2nd qr 1948 [Bury St Eds 4b 1507]

684 Ellen DOUBLE m Ebenezer BALDWIN (b 1845 Brantham) 13 May 1864 St Andrew's Church, Chelmondiston

Note: In 1881 Ebenezer was a dairyman living at 23 Parsonage Walk, Newington, Lambeth, and in 1891 he was a boot and shoe maker living at Manningtree Rd, East Bergholt. In 1901 he was a bootmaker, living at Woodbridge Road, Whickham Market

Children of Ebenezer and Ellen
1159.....Ellen Eliza Baldwin b 1866 Chelmondiston
1160.....Edward Alfred Baldwin b 1868 Chelmondiston
1161.....Laura Susannah Baldwin b 1st qr 1870 Chelmondiston [Samford 4a 615]
1162.....Mabel Baldwin b 1877 Newington
1163.....Alfred Baldwin b 1880 Newington

688 Emily C DOUBLE m Frank Marsh WALTERS 3rd qr 1883 [St Giles 1b 948]

Note: In 1891 Frank and Emily were living with his parents, William and Jane WALTERS at 44 Masbro Road, Hammersmith. In 1891 they were at the same address, but the parents were absent.

Children of Frank and Emily
1164......Frank Leonard Walters b 3rd qr 1884 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 209]
Note: In 1901 Frank was a florist
1165......Alice Marguerite Walters b 1st qr 1886 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 252] m 1166 Leonard F WALWYK 3rd qr 1912 [Fulham 1a 713]
Note: In 1901 Alice was a dressmaker
1167......William Marsh Walters b 1st qr 1886 Hammersmith [Fulham 1a 256]

The R M S Majestic

E318 Anna Maria (Annie Marie) DOUBLE partnered with William Meno Van WALWYK (b 1852 d 1914)

Note: William's father came from Amsterdam. In 1883 he was declared bankrupt in Clerkenwell. Annie (sic) emigrated to the USA on the "Arizona" as Mrs Walwyk aged 26 with her son Leonard in 1890. In 1895 Annie sailed on the "Majestic" from England to New York and again after a visit to her sister, she went on the "Majestic" on 27 Jan 1909 from Southampton to New York (shown on the manifest as single, but described as "wife".. The Ellis Island records her as 44 years old and married, arriving on 5 Feb 1909 and that she last lived in London.In 1910 William and Annie were at 49 East 25th Street, 18 WD, Manhatten, William was buried in 1914 in Brooklyn Evergreen cemetery

Child of William and Anna
1168......Leonard Frances Grant Van Walwyk b 1883 m w2 Alice Marguerite WALTERS
1169......John W Walwyk b Jun 1893 Kings (New York)
Note: Leonard, a US citizen by virtue of his father's naturalisation, returned to the USA on the "Campania" in 1907 when his destination is given as 93 Green Forest (?) Ave, Brooklyn.

The R M S Campania

691 William Thomas DOUBLE m Ellen OFFORD (b 1858 Wivenhoe d after 1901) 1st qr 1887 Ipswich

Note: William was a bricklayer. In 1881 he was at 9 Daniel Street, Harwich; in 1891 at 56 Bramford Lane, Ipswich and in 1901 at The Claypit, Bentley

Children of William and Ellen
1170.....George Edward Double b 3rd qr 1889 [Ipswich 4a 786]
1171.....Ellen May Double b 2nd qr 1890 [Ipswich 4a 795]
1172.....Gertrude May Double b 4th qr 1895 Ipswich
1173.....Florence Daisy Double b 2nd qr 1898 [Samford 4a 888]
1174.....Donald Reginald Double b 4th qr 1900 [Samford 4a 938]

692 Bernard Frederick DOUBLE m Emily CRISP (b 1883 Chesterton, Cambs d 24 Apr 1948 aged 85) 14 May 1883 Tattingstone

Note: Bernard was a carpenter. In 1881 he was at High Street, Holbrook. In 1891 he was at 9 Station Street, St Mary Stoke, Ipswich and in 1901 at Little Green, Chevely, Cambs

Children of Bernard and Emily
1175......Sydney Theodore Double b 12 Mar 1882 Croydon d 15 Jul 1977 Stratford, Ontario Canada aged 95
Note: Sydney emigrated to Quebec, Canada from Liverpool on 28 May 1903 aboard the ship Bavarian. He is entered on the manifest as a labourer

The Bavarian on which Sydney emigrated

1176......William Bernard Double b 28 Mar 1884 Holbrook bap 1 Jun 1884 Holbrook
1177......Helen Double b 27 Dec 1885 Ipswich
1178......Mabel Mary Double b 4 Feb 1887 Ipswich
1179......May Matilda Double b 28 Nov 1887 Chevely, Cambs
1180......George Edward Double b 9 Jul 1889 Ipswich
1181......Frederick Charles Double b 5 May 1891 Ipswich d 13 May 1915 2nd Battle of Ypres aged 24
1182......Blanch Beatrice Double b 6 May 1893 Ipswich
1183......Claud James Double b 16 Jul 1901 Newmarket d 8 Aug 1989 Chevely aged 88

695 Charles Albert DOUBLE m Rachel L WELLS (b 1876) 13 Sep 1898 Erwarton

Children of Charles and Rachel
1184......Frederick Alfred Double b 1899 Erwarton d Dec 1920 Erwarton
1185......Emily Double b 1901 Erwarton
1186......Arthur Edward Double b 1903 Erwarton

702 William H DOUBLE m Ada GRIMWOOD 4th qr 1910 [Stow 4a 1925]

Children of William and Ada
1187......William A Double b 1st qr 1913 [Woodbridge 4a 2020]
1188......Ivy M Double b 4th qr 1918 [Woodbridge 4a 1413]

705 Arthur Sydney DOUBLE m Annie Celia VINCENT (b 1893 Paddington d 26 Sep 1963 Chelmsford) 4th qr 1922 [Paddington 1a 63]

Children of Arthur and Annie
1189......Ronald L Double b 2nd qr 1923 [Uckfield 2b 178]
1190......Celia E Double b 3rd qr 1924 [Uckfield 2b 172]
1191......Joyce K Double b 4thqr 1925 [Farnham 2a 239]

708 Charles DOUBLE m Martha Violet GREEN (b 1862 Donegal, Ireland) 3rd qr 1885 Kensington

Note: Charles was a coachman, living in 1891 at 6 Wythburn Mews, Marylebone, London and in 1901 at 18 Colchester Road, Victoria, London

Children of Charles and Martha
1192......Charles Double b 4th qr 1890 [Marylebone 1a 512]
1193......Grace Double b 3rd qr 1893 [Marylebone 1a 561]

709 Walter DOUBLE m Lucy Amelia FLORY (b 1875 Stutton) 4 Nov 1893 Brantham [Samford 4a 1497]

Children of Walter and Lucy
1194......Charles Henry Double bap 5 Dec 1893 Brantham d 1893
1195......Frederick Charles Double bap 14 Sep 1895 Brantham
1196......Edith A Double b 1898 Brantham

710 Ada Martha DOUBLE m William Tillett GROOM ( 1862 Tivetshall, Nfk) 4 Nov 1893 Brantham

Note: William was the son of Elijah and Sophia GROOM in 1901 he was a G E R Platelayer living at Hale Street Cottage, Tivetshall, Nfk

Children of William and Ada
1197......Ada b 1895 Lawford, Essex
1198......William b 1900 Tivetshall

712 Albert E DOUBLE m Maud Myra CRESWELL(b 1879 Bentley) 1st qr 1902 Samford

Note: Albert was a farm labourer in 1901 living at Brantham Street, Brantham. Maud was the daughter of Alfred and Sarah CRESWELL. In 1911 the family was at Tinker's Hole, Tattingstone where Albert was still a farm labourer

Children of Albert and Maud
1199......Alfred Double b 1903 Tattingstone
1200......Edith Double b 1905 Tattingstone
1201......Albert Edward Double b 1907 Tattingstone
1202......Gertrude Double b 1908 Tattingstone
1203......Bertie Double b 1909 Tattingstone

713 Alfred DOUBLE m Nellie KETTLE (b 1881 Brantham) 4th qr 1903 Samford RD

Note: Nellie was the daughter of Walter and Emma KETTLE. In 1901 Alfred was a horseman on farm living at Brantham Street, Brantham

Child of Walter and Emma
1204......Leslie A Double (male) b 1914

714 Bertie DOUBLE m Agnes BRUNDLE (b 1884 Eye, Sfk) 3rd qr 1906

Note: In 1901 Bertie was a labourer on a farm - he lived at Brantham Street, Brantham. Agnes was a housemaid at the Grammar School, Eye in 1901. Bertie was also a thatcher

Children of Bertie and Agnes
1205......Ronald B Double b 1st qr 1911 [Samford 4a 986] m Anne McLoughlin 3rd qr 1937 [Ipswich 4a 3884]
1206......Jack Double b 1914
1207......Alan J Double b 2nd qr 1917 [Samford 4a 1517] d 23 Dec 1940 aged 23, killed in action, WW2
1208......Ivy Double dob unknown
1209......Neville William C Double bap 7 Oct 1923 East Bergholt

716 Robert James Strutt DOUBLE m Harriet (b 1855 Bermondsey) abt 1874

Note: Robert was a baker in a biscuit factory in 1881 living at 72 Rotherhithe Road, Rotherhithe. He was killed by a biscuit making machine

Children of Robert and Harriet
1210......Annie Double b 1875 Bermondsey
1211......Polly Double b 1877 Bermondsey
1212......Harriet Double b 1879 Bermondsey
1213......Robert Double b 1881 Bermondsey

717 James Charles DOUBLE m Sarah TEMPLEMAN (b 15 Mar 1861 Normanton on Trent, Notts) abt 1878

Note: James was a coal merchant in 1891 at Windmill Road, East Bergholt, and in 1901 he was a coal merchant, farmer and carter living "near coalyard" East Bergholt

Children of James and Sarah
1214......Maude Double b 23 Jan 1879 Newark, Notts
1215......Elizabeth Double b 1884 Whitechapel
1216......Catherine Double b 1885 bur 3 Oct 1890 aged 5
1217......Robert James Double b 24 Dec 1886 Whitechapel
1218......James Charles Double bap 7 May 1889 East Bergholt
1214......Alice Ellen Double bap 28 Oct 1890 East Bergholt
1215......Edith Mary Double bap 19 Apr 1892 East Bergholt
1216......May Double bap 27 Oct 1893 East Bergholt
1217......Ellen Lily Double bap 9 Dec 1894 East Bergholt
1218......William George Double bap 5 Apr 1896 East Bergholt m Dorothy E ALLENBY 3rd qr 1931 [Colchester 4a 2541]
1219......Edwin Alfred Double bap 14 Nov 1897 East Bergholt bur 10 Feb 1898 East Bergholt
Alfred George Double bap 5 Nov 1898 East Bergholt
1221......Kate Ethel Double bap 14 Apr 1901 East Bergholt
1222......Elsie Doris Double bap 8 Jun 1902 East Bergholt

719 William Henry Strutt DOUBLE m Rachel (b 1862 Stratford, Essex) abt 1884

Note: William was a railway engine driver. In 1891 he lived at 13 Grove Street, Fletton, Hunts and in 1901 he was at 89 Palmerston Road, Peterborough, Cambs

Children of William and Rachel
1223......William Double b 1885 Peterborough [census 1901]
Note In 1901 William was a fitters apprentice
1224......James Thomas W Double b 3rd qr 1884 [Peterborough 3b 237]
1225......Robert Double b 4th qr 1885 [Peterborough 3b 233]
Note: In 1901 Robert was a moulding apprentice
1226......Mahala Double b 4th qr 1888 [Peterborough 3b 223]
1227......Alice Ellen Double b 4th qr 1890 [Peterborough 3b 215]
Note: In 1911 Alice was a machinist for a corset maker
1228......Mary Ann Double b 4th qr 1893 [Peterborough 3b 236]
Note: In 1911 Mary Ann was a drapery assistant
1229......Grace Double b 2nd qr 1895 [Peterborough 3b 261]
1230......Elsie Double b 2nd qr 1898 [Peterborough 3b 267]

720 Charles Samuel Strutt DOUBLE m Ellen HOLDER (b 1865 Redmarley, Worcestershire) abt 1889

Note: In 1881 Charles was a farrier at St George's. London. In 1891 he was a blacksmith at Sadler's lane, Winnersh, Berks and in 1901 a blacksmith at Spencer's Wood, East Shinfield, Berks

CHildren of Charles and Ellen
1230......James Thomas Double b 1890 Sindlesham, Berks d 6 Oct 1915 Lens, France
1231......Percival Charles Double b 1894 Sindlesham, Berks
1232......Charles Double b 1897 Sindlesham, Berks
1233......Frederick Double b 1899 Sindlesham, Berks
1234......Sydney Double b 1901 Sindlesham, Berks

723 Henry Samuel Strutt DOUBLE m Elizabeth Matilda HUMM (b 1875 Bethnal Green d Mar 1968 Bethnal Green) 1st qr 1892 Bethnal Green

Note: Henry was a farrier's apprentice in 1891 living at Minories, St Botolph Aldgate, London and in 1901 he was a Master Farrier living at 6 Red Mead Lane, Stepney, London. Elizabeth was the daughter of Abraham and Amelia HUMM

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
1236......Henry S Double b 1898 Wapping
1237......Arthur Double dob unknown
1238......William Double dob unknown
1239......Rosa Double dob unknown d 1938
1240......Mary Ann Doubleb 1900 Wapping
1241......Elizabeth Double dob unknown
1242......Florence Double b 14 Dec 1903 Wapping d 11 Apr 1979 Poole, Dorset aged 75
1243......Amelia Double dob unknown
1244......Ethel Double dob unknown

724 Samuel Wayman Strutt DOUBLE m Emma Jessie NASH 25 Dec 1905 Whitechapel

Child of Samuel and Emma
1245......Samuel Charles Double b 20 Apr 1910 Winchester d 1980 m Blodwen PURNELL 2nd qr 1946 [Romford 4a 1457]
1246......Nellie M Double b 3rd qr 1916 [West Ham 4a 152]

731 Walter DOUBLE m Evelyn May PAGE (b 31 May 1895 Colchester d 25 Oct 1873 Colchester) 2nd qr 1921 [Colchester 4a 1571]

Children of Walter and Evelyn
1247......Deryck S Double b 2nd qr 1925 [Colchester 4a 1407] d 29 Apr 1997 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1248......Brian K Double b 2nd qr 1928 [Colchester 4a 1313]

733 Cyril DOUBLE m Muriel Hilda FISHER (b 7 Aug 1900 Colchester d 15 Nov 1973 aged 73 Colchester) 25 Jun 1925 Colchester

Child of Cyril and Muriel
1249......an adopted male, living

908 Henry John Ranson DOUBLE m Mary Ann ASBEN (b 1857 Layham) 4th qr 1877 Thingoe RD

Note: In 1881 Henry was a drayman living at 3 Trinity Street Ipswich. In 1891 he was a general labourer at East Bergholt and in 1901 he was a shepherd at Chaplins Farm, Capel St Mary

Children of Henry and Mary
1250......Thomas Henry Double b 1879 at 9 Wellington Street, Ipswich
1251......Alfred Double b 1883 East Bergholt
Note: In 1911 Alfred was a gunner in the Royal Artillery with his trade shown as Storeman. He was living at the School of gunnery at Lydd camp
1252......Albert Ernest Double b 1885 Great Oakley bur 14 Sep 1885 Stratford St Mary
1253......Henry John Double b 1889 East Bergholt
1254......Albert Ernest Double b 2nd qr 1890 bap 24 May 1890 East Bergholt bur 4 Jul 1890 East Bergholt
1255......George William Double b 1891 Ipswich d 28 Sep 1916 in the Somme aged 25 and bur in Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Note: In 1911 George was a horseman on farm
1256......Herbert Double b 1895 Capel St Mary
Note: In 1911 Herbert was a farm labourer
1257......Arthur Double b 1897 Capel St Mary

909 Angelina DOUBLE m George James ALLINSON (b 1851 Durham d bef 1901) 2nd qr 1882 Brentford

Note: George was a joiner in 1891 living at 52 Hyde Hill, Byker, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland. In 1881 Angelina was a servant at Kenneth House, 32 Woodstock Rd Chiswick, London and in 1901 she was a widow dressmaker living at 5 Buddle Street, Wallsend, Northumberland

Children of George and Angelina
1258......Angelina Allinson b 1885 Brentford
1259......Walter J W Allinson b 1889 Newcastle upon Tyne
1260......Albert Allinson b 1893 Heaton, Northumberland
1261......Agnes Allinson b 1895 Heaton, Northumberland
1262......Robert Allinson b 1896 Wallsend, Northumberland

768 Arthur Sidney DOUBLE m Annie Celia VINCENT Oct 1922 Paddington

Children of Arthur and Annie
1263......Ronald Lesley Double b 26 Apr 1923 Uckfield d Oct 2001 Chelmsford
1264......Celia E Double b 3rd qr 1924 Uckfield
1265......Joyce Kathleen Double b 30 Oct 1925 Farnham d 2 Jun 2012 Bexhill on Sea m Frederick Arthur LAKE 30 Oct 1947 Chelmsford

383 James DOUBLE m Mary Ann UNDERWOOD or Ellen Maria WHEELER 4th qr 1903 [Samford 4a 1915]

Child of James and unknown
1266......Florence Ellen Double bap 8 Sep 1907

770 William DOUBLE m Emily JENNINGS (b 1872 Little Wigborough) 4th qr 1901 [Lexden 4a 1299]

1267......George Edward Double b 4th qr 1902 East Bergholt
1268......Dora Double b 21 Feb 1905 East Bergholt d 4th qr 1979 Ipswich m Alan Henry GULL (b 10 Jul 1906 Samford d 4th qr 1971 Ipswich) 4th qr 1945 [Samford 4a 3193]
1269......Elsie Double b 1908 Stratford St Mary
1270......Grace Emily Double b 3rd qr 1910 Stratford St Mary

771 Walter Syer DOUBLE m Ellen Beatrice Adams AVIS 2nd qr 1902 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1293]

Note: Walter was a police constable in Rickinghall in 1911 livig at the Police Station, Rickinghall

Children of Walter and Ellen
1271......Walter William Double b 2nd qr 1906 Gedding
1272......Alfred James Double b 2nd qr 1908 Gedding

776 John DOUBLE m Lucy BOND (b 1841 Copdock d 4th qr 1899 {Marylebone 1a 400]) 9 Oct 1863 Copdock

Note: In 1871 John was a Brewer's servant living at 2 Union Place, Mile End. In 1901 he was a drayman, widower living at 104 Royston Street Bethnal Green. Lucy was the daughter of Charles and Lucy BOND

Children of John and Lucy
1273......Jane Double b 1868 London
1274......George Double b 1876 Mile End, London
Note: George was a carman in 1901 living at 104 Royston Street, Bethnal Green
1275......Lucy Double b 1882 Bethnal Green, London
Note: Lucy was a dressmaker 1901 living at 104 Royston Street, Bethnal Green

E394 Sarah Ann DOUBLE m Ephraim BEER (b 1841 Chattisham) 23 Dec 1864 Little Wenham

Note: Ephraim was an ag lab. In 1871 he was living in Woodland Cottages, Raydon, in 1881 in Hintlesham, in 1891 in Raydon Rd Hintlesham and in 1901 in Hadleigh Farm, Main Road, Chattisham. He was the son of James and Sarah BEER

Children of Ephraim and Sarah
1276......John Beer b 1865 Raydon
1277......Walter Beer b 1867 Raydon
1278......Mary Ann Beer b 1871 Raydon
1279......Julia Beer b 1877 Raydon
1280......Frances Beer b 1879 Hintlesham
1281......James Beere b 1887 Hintlesham
1282......George Beer b 1889 Hintlesham

784George DOUBLE m Sarah Ann WYATT (bap 23 Oct 1842 Whatfield) 25 Oct 1862

Note: In 1851 George was an ag lab, remaining this until 1901 when he was recorded as a horseman. In 1851 and 1861 he was living at Upper Street, Raydon and in 1871 at Hole, Holton St Mary. In 1881 the family was living at Scotland Place, Stoke by Nayland, and in 1891 at Raydon Road Hintlesham

Children of George and Sarah Ann
1283......George William Double bap 15 May 1863 Raydon
1284......Elizabeth Double b 1865 Raydon
1285......Margaret Double b 1866 Raydon
1286......Benjamin Robert Double bap 8 Nov 1868 Holton St Mary m Mary Elizabeth NORTON (b 1868 Ludlow) 2nd qr 1902 Newark, Notts.
Note: Benjamin was an ag lab in 1881. In 1891 he was a grocer's porter living at 38 Warren Road Croydon, and in 1901 he was a Captain in the Salvation Army living at Stafford Road, Wombridge, Shropshire. In 1901 Sarah was a professional nurse at Bridge House, Brimfield Herefordshire.
Keturah Double bap 8 Oct 1871 Holton St Mary
1288......Harriet Anne Double bap 11 Jul 1875 Stoke by Nayland
1289......Edith Kate Double bap 29 Sep 1878 Stoke by Nayland
Note: John was a "Musical Water Potter" and they lived at The Street, Thorpe le Soken
1290......Charles Bertie Double bap 26 Dec 1880 Stoke by Nayland m Alice H BURGH 4th qr 1910 Stow
NOte: Charles was a horseman at Sprott's Farm Polstead in 1901
1291......Gertrude Alice Double bap 28 Feb 1883 Stoke by Nayland
Note: In 1901 Gertrude was a nursemaid at 16 King Street, Marylebone
1292.......Oscar Frank Double bap 3 Oct 1886 Stoke by Nayland
1293......Geoffrey George Double bap bap 18 Feb 1872 Stoke by Nayland bur 5 Dec 1873 Stoke by Nayland
1294......Charles James Double bap 2 Dec 1783 Stoke by Nayland bur 5 Dec 1783 Stoke by Nayland

786Benjamin DOUBLE m Esther CARPENTER (b 1848 Rogate, Sussex) 2nd qr 1874 London

Note: Benjamin was a groom in 1861 living at Rectory House, Holton St Mary. In 1881 he was a lodging house keeper at 16 King Street, Maylebone. Esther was the lodging house keeper at 12 Fork Street, Marylebone in 1891 and in 1901 she was "lodging house innkeeper" at the same address.

Children of Benjamin and Esther
1295......Leonard A Double b 1878 Marylebone
1296......Minnie E Double b 1880 Marylebone
Note: Minnie was a draper's assistant in 1901, when she was living with her parents.

787James DOUBLE m (a) Ellen Marie SHEMMING (b 1848 d 1897) abt 1874 (b) Lucy HOWE abt 1897
Children of James and Ellen
1297......Albert J Double b 1875 d 4th qr 1954
1298......Gertrude Sarah Haseldine b 1877 Hoxton d 19 Mar 1931 Mdx

Child of James and Lucy
1299......Harold Howe-Double b 3 Dec 1896 d 3rd qr 1976 Saltford, Bristol m Emily H HOLT abt 1920

792 Walter GRIMWADE m Maria SPURGIN (b 1856 Dedham) 2nd qr 1874 Lexden

Note: In 1881 Walter was a farm labourer in Dedham. In 1891 Maria was a charwoman living at Whitmore Alley, Dedham

Children of Walter and Maria
1300......Emma Maria Grimwade b 1875 Dedham
1301......Ethel May Grimwade b 1877 Dedham
1302......Albert Walter Grimwade b 1880 Dedham
1303......William John Grimwade b 1883 Dedham
1304......Henry Charles Grimwade b 1887 Dedham

797 George DOUBLE m Susanna RICHARDSON (b Polstead 23 Nov 1846 [registered in next quarter Cosford 12 366]) 9 May 1875 Polstead [Cosford 4a 687]

Note: George was a groom and gardener in 1891 when the family was living in Duke Street Hadleigh. In 1901 he was a groom living at Duke Street, Hadleigh. Susanna was the daughter of `Joseph, a shoemaker and Susannah HOWLETT (d 2nd qr 1848 [Cosford 12 245]. Joseph later married Mary Ann MANN 4th qr 1853 [Cosford 4a 906]

Children of George and Susanna
1305......Morris Richardson Double b 1st qr 1876 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 543]
Note: Morris was a groom in 1891 living with his parents
1306......George Herbert Double b 3rd qr 1877 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 505]
1307......Frank Aubrey Double b 2nd qr 1879 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 543]
Note: Frank was a groom in 1901 and lived at 10 Gloucester Grove East, Kensington
1308......Susan Ethel Double b 2nd qr 1881 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 591]
1308a....Edgar Sydney Double b 2nd qr 1883 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 619] m Lily Emmerson MANN 4th qr 1908 Hadleigh
1309......Nellie Florence Double b 4th qr 1885 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 553]
1310......Bertie Hastings Double b 3rd qr 1888 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 658] m Elizabeth M M ALDERTON 4th qr 1914 Hadleigh.

486 Walter DOUBLE m Emily SHARP (b 4th qr 1840) 11 Dec 1861 Dedham Church (Parish register no 267) [Lexden 4a 503, registered in 1862]

Note: Emily was the daughter of Thomas Sharp (carpenter) and his wife. After Walter's death, Hannah Emily returned to Dedham and later married Alfred Young of Dedham with whom she had further children.

Children of Walter and Emily
1311......Emily Maria Double b 4th qr 1863
1312......Anna Louisa Double b 1st qr 1865

798 Thomas DOUBLE m Catherine SEAGAR (b 1851 Hadleigh) 4th qr 1885 Hadleigh

Note: Thomas was an ag lab in 1881 at Layham: in 1891 still an ag lab he was living at Angel Street, Hadleigh. In 1901 he was a horseman on farm living at Parker's Cottages, Hadleigh. Catherine was the daughter of John and Mary SEAGAR

Children of Thomas and Catherine
1313......Lillian Mary Double b 4th qr 1886 [Cosford 4a 669] m Bernard STRUTT 2nd qr 1914 Ipswich
1314......Sidney Thomas Double b 2nd qr 1889 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 713] m Daisy M JOLLEY 2nd qr 1917 Ipswich

799 William DOUBLE m Anne Maria SMITH (b 1854 Hadleigh) 3rd qr 1878 Hadleigh

Note: William was a shepherd. In 1881 he was living at Cobler's Corner, Layham, in 1891 at Maltings Lane Layham and in 1901 at Stoke Road, Layham.

Children of William and Anne Marie
1315......William Double b 1880 Layham
Note: William was a horseman on farm in 1901 living with parents
1316......Henry Double b 1883 Layham
Note: Henry was a private in the Suffolk Regiment in 1901 stationed at Bury St Edmunds

800 Harry DOUBLE m Sarah NEWMAN (b 1856 Polstead) 26 Oct 1892 All Saints Church, Shelley

Harry was an ag lab in 1891 living at Wynells, Layham, and in 1901 he was a shepherd living at Pond Hall Cottages, Hadleigh. Sarah was the daughter of George and Lydia NEWMAN, and in 1881 she was a cook at 25 Swan Street, Boxford. In 1891 she was a housekeeper at Mark Road, Polstead

Child of Harry and Sarah
1317......Thomas Henry Double b 3rd qr 1879 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 659]

803 Esther EMENY m Edwin LAUNN (b 16 Jul 1850 Beckton, London bap 25 Aug 1850 St Martin in the Fields, Westminster) 4th qr 1871 [Kensington 1a 324]

Note: The 1881 and 1891 censuses show Edwin's surname as LAWN. In 1881 he was a labourer living at 20 Southam Street, Kensington and in 1891 he was a "chequer" at 24 Rackham Street, Kensington

Children of Edwin and Esther
1318......Annie Florence Lawn b 1st qr 1873 Paddington
Note: Annie was a dressmaker in 1891 living with parents.
1319......George Frederick Lawn b 2nd qr 1880 Beckton, London
1320......Rose Ellen Lawn b 1878 Paddington
Note: Rose was a servant in 1891 living with parents
1321....George Lawn b 1881 Paddington
1322....Jessie Elizabeth Lawn b 1883 Paddington
1323....Eva b 1887 Kensington m William T HUNT 1st qr 1915 Brentford
Note: In the marriage register her surname is "LANNU"

810 Luke Mark EMENY m Ann McAUILIFFE (b 1880) 1900

Note: Luke was a general labourer in 1881 and a dock labourer in 1891 living at Stone Court, Fore Hamlet, Ipswich in both censuses

Child of Luke and Ann
1323......Emily Emeny b 1881 Ipswich
1324....Jessie Emeny b 1905 m Francis WALTON 1930 (issue: 1 living child)

819 Walter DOUBLE m Rebecca WHITING (b 1849 Ipswich)

Note: Walter was a general labourer in 1881 living at 5 Stone Court, Ipswich and in 1891 he was a dock labourer living at Stone Court, Fore Hamlet, Ipswich

Child of Walter and Rebecca
1324......Emily Double b 1882 Ipswich

831 Harry DOUBLE m Hannah Martha FLETCHER (b 4th qr 1870 d 2nd qr 1895 Edmonton, London aged 24) 2nd qr 1895 Edmonton, London

Note: in 1891 Harry was a florist living at 7 Grove Road, Enfield and in 1901 he was a steward living at 3 Ordnance Road Enfield

Child of Harry and Hannah
1325......Henry Arthur J Double b 2nd qr 1895 Enfield [Edmonton 3a 459]

843 John Frederick CLARKE m Emily Elizabeth WEATHERLEY (b 1863 Hayes, Mdx) 29 Oct 1881 Hillingdon

Note: In 1871 John was an ag lab living at Angel Street, Hadleigh and in 1881 he was a general labourer living at Andrews Cottage, Iver, Bucks. In 1891 he was a brickmaker at 7 Jane's Cottages, Hillingdon Mdx and in 1901 he was a labourer at Cowley, Mdx. In 1891 Emily was a charwoman

Children of John and Emily
1326......Alice Clarke b 2nd qr 1882 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 431]
1327......Emily Clarke b 1884 Cowley, Mdx
1328......Kate Alice Clarke b 3rd qr 1884 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 300]
1329......Ellen Amelia Clarke b 1st qr 1886 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 371]
1330......Maud Clarke b 4th qr 1889 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 293]
1331......Eddy Clarke b 1892 Cowley, Mdx
1332......William Ambrose Clarke b 3rd qr 1892 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 339]
1333......Thomas Clarke b 3rd qr 1894 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 257]
1334......John Clarke b 1897 Cowley, Mdx
1335......Lily May Clarke b 3rd qr 1899 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 244]
1336......Arthur Clarke b 3rd qr 1899 Cowley, Mdx [Islington 1b 392]

847 Robert CLARKE m Pamela Louisa HAMMOND 4th qr 1892 [Cosford 4a 1328]

Note: In 1901 Robert was a malsters labourer and was living with Pamela at his parent's house, in Angel Street, Hadleigh. Still in the same job in 1911 the family was at 7 Calais Street, Hadleigh

Children of Robert and Pamela
1337......Gladys Clarke b 1897 Hadleigh
1338......Ernest Clarke b 1902 Hadleigh

849 Sarah LAWRENCE m William Joseph SMITH 4th qr 1896 [Highworth RD 5a 21]

Child of William and Sarah
1339......Harry Lawrence dob unknown
Note: Harry married unknown and had a child R101b......Ernest William John dob unknown. Ernest married and had a child R101c......Andrea

766 Rose DOUBLE m Herbert WRIGHT (b abt 1892 Woodford)

Children of Herbert and Rose
1340......Dorothy Double b 1920 Woodford Green
1341......Olive Margaret Double b 1928 Woodford Green
1342......John Double b 1933 Woodford Green

857 Arthur Cyril DOUBLE m Lucy Alice HUMES (b 20 May 1901 bur 9 Dec 1944 Cornelean Bay Cemetery) 2 Aug 1919 King St. Church, Hobart, Tasmania

Note: At the time of their marriage, Arthur, a blacksmith at the timber mill at Geeveston was living at Cambridge House, Geeveston.Alice, the daughter of James Edward HUMES and Lucy Jane BEECH was a "domestic"; she was the proprietor of "Cambridge House" at Geeveston which was used as a boarding house for the bush workers. Many of these workers were from the United States of America who had came out here to set up the newly invented "Bandsaw Mills".
This was resented by the local bushmen as a lot were to lose their jobs because of the new technology. This type of mill did not last long term, because the raw timber could not be fallen fast enough to keep up with this type of Saw Mill. There was a bomb attack on the house in 1922 blamed on disgruntled bush workers.
Arthur also worked on Hobart's Pontoon Bridge as a Blacksmith.

Children of Arthur and Alice
1343......Royston Ian Double b 10 Sep 1919 Geeveston d 30 Dec 1919 Geeveston
1344......Douglas Keith Double b 28 Oct 1920 Hobart d 26 Sep 1983 Hobart aged 63 bur 29 Sep 1983
1345......Phillis May Double b 1923 Hobart bur 1993 Geeveston RC Tasmania
1346......Reginald Double b 1924 d 19 Jul 1936 aged 12 Hobart
1347......Faye Double b 14 Jan 1927 Hobart d 16 Jun 1993 Royal Hobart Hospital
Note: Faye died of a massive heart attack
1348......Colin Arthur Double b 1929 Hobart
1349......Rita June Double b 1930
1350......Shirley Florence Double b 2 Mar 1933 Hobart, Tasmania
1351......Dawn Double b 12 Aug 1934 Hobart d 7 Feb 1986 Hobart bur 10 Feb 1986 Cornelean Bay Cemetery
1352......Winsome Double (fem) b 1941 m (a) Wally WHITTON (b) Eric JAMES

878 Heather Jean JENKINS m William CRAM (b 11 Nov 1899 Balmain, NSW, Australia d 5 Jan 1972 Concord NSW aged 72) 8 May 1936 Rozelle, NSW, Australia

Children of William and Heather
1352......William Ian Cram b 23 May 1938
1353......Julie Cram b 1942 d 1943 aged 1
1354......Malcolm Donald Cram b 30 Mar 1944 Concord, NSW

880 Evelyn Lillian BANTICK m Ernest Joseph SILVER (b 20 Aug 1904 Wagga Wagga NSW d 29 Jun 1981 South Melbourne Hospital, Vivtoria aged 76) abt 1934

Children of Ernest and Evelyn
1355......living boy
1356......Jack Bantick b 1938 d 1945 aged 7
1357......living girl

978 Esther Emma DOUBLE m Alfred Charles COUSINS (b 3rd qr 1870 Witham) 2nd qr 1889 Samford

Note: Alfred was the son of Charles and Susannah COUSINS In 1881 Esther was a "Servant out of situation" when Charles was an ag lab living at Giffords Hall Farm, Stoke by Nayland. He became a shepherd living in 1891 at Lower Farm, Gt Holland and in 1901 at Waterside Road, Bradwell on Sea
Children of Alfred and Esther

1358......Arthur Cousins b 1890 East Bergholt
1359......Laura Cousins b 1892 Kirby, Essex
1360......Esther Cousins b 1894 Bradwell on Sea, Essex
1361......Alfred Cousins b 1896 Bradwell on Sea, Essex
1362......Aaron Cousins b 1898 Bradwell on Sea, Essex
1363......Elizabeth Cousins b 1900 Bradwell on Sea, Essex
1364......Kate Cousins b 5 Dec 1912 d abt 1995 aged 83 m 340 James William DOUBLE

974 James DOUBLE m Lydia BLOYCE (b 20 Feb 1875 dau of King David BLOYCE and Pheobe FRANCIS) 25 May 1896 Colchester Registrar's Office.

Note: In 1881 Lydia was living at Badley Cottage, Ardleigh, and in 1891 she was a "mother's help" at Stone Farm, Witham Rd Kelvedon. In 1891 James was an ag lab living at Town Lane, Gt Bromley In 1896 Lydia was living at St Botolph St, Colchester, and James was living at 6 South St, Colchester. He was a builder's labourer in 1901. living at 6 East Bay, Colchester

Children of James and Lydia
1365......James William Double b 6 Jul 1898 Colchester m (a) Florence (b) 343 Kate COUSINS
1366......Edith Double b 17 Feb 1902 d 11 Jan 1981 aged 78 bur 15 Jan 1981 Colchester cemetery
1367......Sydney Ralph Double b 16 Jun 1906 Colchester d 2 Mar 1932 at 5 Gloucester Ave, Chelmsford aged 75 m Ivy Ellen GOODRIDGE bap 16 Oct 1906 Methodist Church, Culver St Colchester
1368......Maude Alice Double b 5 Dec 1912 d 24 May 1926 at 63 Kendal Road, Colchester aged 13 bur 29 May 1926 Colchester cemetery

979 Elisha DOUBLE m Jane RUSH (b 1870 Raydon) 2nd qr 1890 Colchester

Note: Elisha was a "Town Commissioner Labourer in 1891 living at 58 South Street, Colchester and in 1901 he was a carman general living at 6 South Street, Colchester. In 1911 the family was at 21 Mill Rd, Myland, Colchester
Children of Elisha and Jane

1369......Maud Double b 1891 Colchester
1370......Arthur Charles Double b 22 Oct 1896
In 1911 Arthur was an engineer's apprentice

820 Caroline DOUBLE m (a) Thomas WALKER (b abt 1841 d 13 Jan 1873 Otipua Creek, Timaru bur 13 Jan 1873) 24 May 1865 Timaru (b) John Hall JOHNSTONE (b 12 Feb 1844 Ewes Valley, Dunfriesshire, Scotland, d 16 Aug 1930 Wardville, Waharoa, NZ bur 18 Aug 1930) 13 Jan 1874 Otipua Creek, Timaru NZ

Children of Thomas and Caroline
1371......George Henry Walker b 16 Jul 1865 Otipua Creek, Timaru d 27 Oct 1941 Timaru bur 29 Oct 1941
1372......William Charles Walker b 1867 Otipua Creek d 22 Jan 1945 Hampden NZ bur 24 Jan 1945
1373......Elizabeth Jane Walker b 29 May 1869 Otipua Creek d 3 Dec 1918 Gordontown ('flu epidemic) bur 5 Dec 1818 Ngaruawhahia
1374......Thomas Arthur Walker b 10 Mar 1873 Otipua Creek

Children of John and Caroline
1375......William James Johnstone b 24 Aug 1874 Otipua Creek d 13 Jun 1963 m Evelyn Maud DAVIS abt 1910
1376......Isabella Helen Johnstone b 20 Jul 1876 Otipua Creek d 25 Apr 1960 Hamilton bur 27 Apr 1960
1377......John (Hall) Johnstoneb 16 Mar 1878 Totara Valley, Timaru d 22 Nov 1918 Thames m Mildred FINNERTY (b 1886 d 14 Nov 1918 Thames [both of 'flu epedemic]) abt 1906
1378......Mary Caroline Johnstone b 4 Jun 1880 d 3 Jul 1969 Pleasant Point m John PIPER 1898 Morere NZ
1379......Alfred Johnstone b abt 1885
1380......Agnes Janet Johnstone b 27 Apr 1889 Okawa m Charles John STARK

897 Ernest Cecil DOUBLE m (a) Frances WILLETT (b 1892 d 2 Nov 1940 aged 42) (b) Winnifred BUTLER

Note: On 4 Nov 1940 the house in which Ernest and Frances lived, at 66 Lyndhurst Road, Barnchurst was hit by a German bomb, and Frances was killed along with her sister in law Laura Annie. Ernest survived and married Winnefred who nursed him after the attack. [Thanks to Roger Double, Ernest Cecil's grandson, for this]

Child of Ernest and Winnifred
1381......Laura W Double 3rd qr 1948 [Greenwich 5c 668]

902 Walter DOUBLE m Florence Elizabeth KING (b 1857 Bassing Road, Dorston, Hereford) 4th qr 1876 Wandsworth

Note: Walter was a platelayer on the railway. He lived in Clapham in 1881, at 23 Portslade Road, Battersea in 1891 and at 61 Portslade Road in 1901

Children of Walter and Florence
1382......William Charles Double b 4th qr 1877 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 655]
1383......William Double b 2nd qr 1879 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 591] m Elizabeth CARTER 4th qr 1914 [Southwark 1d 75]
Charles Henry Double b 1st qr 1881 Clapham [Wandsworth 1d 595]
1385......Ernest Douglas Double b 2nd qr 1883 Clapham [Wandsworth 1d 595]
1386......Sydney John Double b 1st qr 1885 Stockwell [Lambeth 1d 536]
1387......Florence Maud Double b 2nd qr 1887 Stockwell [Lambeth 1d 484]
1388......Laura Bessie Double b 2nd qr 1890 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 525]

903 James DOUBLE m Susan SHETFIELD (b 1858 Wood Green, Mdx) abt 1878

Note: James was a platelayer in 1881 living at 14 Henry Street Battersea

Children of James and Susan
1389......James George Double b 1879 Battersea
1390......Susan R Double b 1881 Battersea
1391......Thomas Alfred Double b 5 Dec 1882 in 222 Portslade Road, Battersea
Note: Thomas Alfred emigrated to South Africa on the Union Castle ship "Kenilworth Castle" on 16th Jan 1909. He is recorded as being a clerk.

SS Kenilworth Castle, Union Castle Line

905 William DOUBLE m Alice Amelia FLETCHER (b 1862 Lambeth) 4th qr 1884 Wandsworth

Note: William was a platelayer and lived at 67 Latchmere Rd, Battersea in 1881, 1891 and 1901

Children of William and Alice
1392......Alice Amelia Double b 4th qr 1888 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 616]
1393......Arthur Double b 2nd qr 1890 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 575
1394......Harry Double b 3rd qr 1892 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 613]

906 John DOUBLE m Alice DIXON (b 1864 Ramsden, Oxon) 4th qr 1899 Camberwell, London

Note: In 1881 John was a bricklayer's labourer living at 67 Latchmere Road and in 1891 and beyond he was a railway platelayer. In 1891 he was at 37 Gwunne Road, Battersea and in 1901 he was at 58 Cabue Road, Battersea

Children of John and Alice
1395......James Double b 3rd qr 1889 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 5_3]
1396......William John Double b 4th qr 1890 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 569]
1397......Ernest Double b 1st qr 1895 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 620]
1398......Florence Double b 4th qr 1897 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 592]
1399......Ethel Double b 4th qr 1900 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 605] m (a) Mr STATTOR (?) (b) Edward PAIN

914 Anne Rebecca DOUBLE m William SARGENT (3 Dec 1859 Caister St Edmunds, Nfk) 3 Aug 1885 Lakenham, Nfk

Note: William was a labourer in 1861 to 1891 living at 12 King's Road, Lakenham in 1891. He was the son of William (b 1827 Poringland) and Maria SARGENT (b 1828 Caister). Anne is said to have been a "crotchety old biddy" by a neice!

Children of William and Anne
1400......William Henry Sargent b 2nd qr 1887 [Norwich 4b 158]
1401......Walter Edward Sargent b 3rd qr 1890 [Norwich 4b 167]
Note: Walter is said to have been an Organ Builder, and built an organ into his home in Orpington: it is thought that his work appeared in the Festival of Britain

917 William Henry DOUBLE m Florence Annie ROOKYARD (b 3rd qr 1875 Foxhall [Woodbridge 4a 677]) 4th qr 1893 Nacton [Woodbridge 4a 1641]

Note: William was a horseman on a farm in 1901 living at Street, Bucklesham

Children of William and Florence
1402......Harry Frederick ROOKYARD b 2nd qr 1893 Foxhall [Woodbridge 4a 936] m Gertrude PIGNEY
1403......Alice bap 25 Aug 1895 Levington
1404......George William b 2nd qr 1897 Levington [Woodbridge 4a 933]
1405......Lucy May b 1st qr 1900 Bucklesham [Woodbridge 4a 1049]
1406......Ellen Margaret b 3rd qr 1903 [Woodbridge 4a 1119]

918 Frances Elizabeth DOUBLE m Joseph EAGLE (b 2nd qr 1874 Culpho, Sfk [Woodbridge 4a 687]) 21 Oct 1896 Nacton [Plomesgate 4a 939]

Note: Joseph was the son of George EAGLE (b 1838 Dennington) and Lavinia FORD (b 1838 Ashen, Essex). In 1901 he was a horseman on a farm living at Barn Cottages, Purdis Farm, Woodbridge

Children of Joseph and Frances
1407......Albert William Eagle b 2nd qr 1897 [Woodbridge 4a 930] Purdis Farm, Woodbridge d in action, WW1
1408......Ernest Edward Eagle b 3rd qr 1898 Purdis Farm, Woodbridge [Woodbridge 4a 973] m Jennifer in 1950s?
1409......Alice Gertrude Eagle b 1st qr 1900 Purdis Farm, Woodbridge
1410.......George Edward Eagle b 2nd qr 1907 [Ipswich 4a 1086] m Olive BILNER
Ethel Florence Eagle b 1911 Ipswich
1412.......Millicent Kathleen Eagle b 1st qr 1918 [Ipswich 4a 1429] m Stanley Alfred AUSTIN (d Apr 2006)
1413.......Nellie Eagle b 1914 d Jul 2006 Ipswich
1414.......Frank Eagle b 1914
1415.......Frances Edith (Mitzi) Eagle b 1910

919 John Walter DOUBLE m Bessie CUTLER (b 1871 Woodlands, Dorset) 5 Feb 1902 Nacton

Note: in 1901 John was assistant gamekeeper and lived at Plantation Cottage, Felthorpe, Nfk. In 1911 the family was at The Park, Quidenham and John was gamekeeper. Emma BETTS a 35 year old district midwife from Norwich was living there.

Children of John and Bessie
1416......Walter Reginald Double b 1905 Grimsthorpe, Lincoln
1417......Doris Ivy Double b 1907 Scottlethorpe Lincs
1418......Muriel Gertrude Double b 1910 Scottlethorpe, Lincs m John C DOWSON 2nd qr 1933 [Helmsley 9d 1025]
1419......Gilbert George Double b 1st qr 1911 Quidenham, Nfk [Wayland 4b 212]

321 Ernest George DOUBLE m Helena

Children of Ernest and Helena
1420......Ernest Double b 1910 m unknown issue: 1421......Janet
1422......Vivien Double b 1914

922 Frederick Reginald DOUBLE m May PILGRIM (b 11 Nov 1882 d 1937 Liverpool) 30 Nov 1910 Westerfield

Note: Frederick was a market gardener. He had a scar on the bridge of his nose, the result of a fight with his brother. May was a school teacher

Child of Frederick and May
1423......Myra Frances Double b 18 Dec 1914 Knowsley (reg 1st qr 1915) d 29 Apr 1969 St Helens
Note: Myra was a diamond cutter/polisher

924 Charlotte Elizabeth DOUBLE m Edwin Charles SPICE (b 1861 Kennington d bef 1901) 3rd qr 1883 Ipswich

Note: In 1881 Charlotte was a general servant living at 3 Queen Street, Ashford, Kent. In 1891, Edwin was a Foreman and they were living at 8 Malling Rd Snodland, Kent. 1901 saw Charlotte, widowed, as a needle woman living still at Malling Road.

Children of Edwin and Charlotte
1424......Claude L Spice b 1887 Snodland, Kent
Note: Claude, a printer, emigrated to America on 30 Dec 1905 aboard the ship Philadelphia, illustrated below arriving in New York

1425......Lily Constance Spice b 1st qr 1888 Snodland, Kent
Note: Lily, listed on the manifest as a draper's assistant, followed Claude on 8 Dec 1916 aboard the "Carpathia " - the same ship which went to the rescue of the Titanic in 1912. It is illustrated below

1426......William Bernard Spice b 1st qr 1890 Snodland, Kent

926 Charles Alfred DOUBLE m Rachel Louise WELLS (b 1875 Holbrook) 13 Sep 1898 Erwarton, Sfk

Note: Charles was an ag lab in 1901 living at Shop Corner, Erwarton Rachel was the daughter of Jeremiah WELLS and Mary Ann QUANTRILL

Children of Charles and Rachel
1427......Frederick Alfred Double b 1st qr 1899 Erwarton [Samford 4a 932] bur 23 Dec 1920 Erwarton aged 21
1428......Caroline Emily Double b 2nd qr 1901 Erwarton [Samford 4a 956]
1429......Arthur Edward Double b 2nd qr 1903 Erwarton [Samford 4a 1051] d 1981 Shildon, Durham aged 78
1430....Joyce Maud Double b 3rd qr 1909 [Samford 4a 987] m R W ROBERTSON date unknown

927 Joseph Henry DOUBLE m Annie Maria ABBOTT (b 1870 Harkstead, Sfk) 2nd qr 1895 St Pancras

Note: Annie was the daughter of Abraham and Mary Ann ABBOTTand in 1891 was a domestic servant living at Low Holbrook. In 1901 Joseph was a yardman on farm living at Melville Road, Rainham, Essex

Child of Joseph and Annie
1431......Frederick William Double b 1900 Camden Town m Amy CLARK (b abt 1904 York?) abt 1925

928 Eliza Ann DOUBLE m Frederick William WOOD (b 1870 Bermondsey) 2nd qr 1899 Camberwell

Note:In 1891 Eliza was a cook/servant at Manningtree. In 1901 Frederick was a shoemaker and they lived at 63 Victoria Road, Camberwell

Children of Frederick and Eliza
1432......Robert Wood b 1st qr 1900 Peckham
1433......Frederick William Wood b 3rd qr 1900 Peckham
1434......Violet Josephine Wood b 3rd qr 1899 Peckham
1435......Lionel Wood dob unknown
1436......Lilian Elizabeth Wood b 3rd qr 1900 Peckham
1437......Elsie Day Wood b 1st qr 1893 Erwarton Sfk

929 Sarah Jane DOUBLE m Thomas COOPER 25 Dec 1896 Harkstead Sfk

Note: Thomas was a groom in 1896 living in Eye, Sfk

Children of Thomas and Sarah
1438......Olive Cooper dob unknown
1439......Ruby May Cooper b 3rd qr 1902 Stow, Sfk [Stow 4a 963]
1440......Flossie Cooper b 4th qr 1903 [Stow 4a 962]

331 Alice DOUBLE m Frederick (Fred) Edward WHEELER (b 5 Jan 1880 Richmond d 14 Mar 1957 aged 77) 14 Apr 1905 All Souls, St Margarets Middlesex

Note: Fred, who was a postman for 47 years (in Richmond in 1905), was the son of Edward WHEELER, a Queen's Waterman and boat builder on the Thames.

Child of Fred and Alice
1441......Maurice Edward (Dick) Wheeler b 31 Aug 1906 Isleworth d 28 Jan 1991Littlehampton aged 84

940 Robert George KING m Florence PRYKE (bap 21 Jul 1861 Hadleigh) 14 May 1883 Hadleigh

Note: Florence was the daughter of Harry PRYKE and Elizabeth TWAITES. In 1881 she was a Cocoa Mat Warper

Children of Robert and Florence
1442......Sarah Elizabeth King b 16 Nov 1883 Hadleigh bap 13 Jan 1884 Hadleigh
1443......Robert Harry King b 30 Aug 1885 Hadleigh bap 27 Sep 1885 Hadleigh bur 13 Jan 1893 aged 8
1444......George William King b 23 Apr 1890 Hadleigh bap 1 Jul 1894 Hadleigh
1445......Aubrey Charles King b 24 Apr 1890 Hadleigh bap 1 Jul 1894 Hadleigh bur 1 Jan 1895 Hadleigh
1446......Bernard Victor Henry King b 5 May 1896 Hadleigh bap 12 Apr 1896 Hadleigh
1447......Cyril Wilfred King b 6 Feb 1899 Hadleigh bap 21 May 1899 Hadleigh

943 Florence Louisa KING m William Alfred Brocket DELLAR (b 1879 Guilden Morden) abt 1899

Children of William and Florence
1448......William Arthur Dellar b 1900 Guilden Morden m Maud THOMPSON
1449......Florence Violet Dellar b 1902 Guilden Morden
1450......Stanley Frank b 1906 Guilden Morden
1451......Alfred Oswald Dellar b 1907 Guilden Morden
1452......Rupert Dellar b 1909 Guilden Morden
1453......Wilfred James Dellar b 1st qr 1913 Guilden Morden [Royston 3a 1477]
1454......Bernard Dellar b 1914 Guilden Morden
1455......Elsie Mary Dellar b 1916 Guilden Morden
1456......Edna Maud Dellar b 1919 Guilden Morden
1457......Cecil Jack Dellar b 1921 Guilden Morden

947 Ann Jane Kate KING m Alfred Benjamin SEGGER abt 1892

Children of Alfred and Ann
1458......Evelyn Grace Segger b 4th qr 1894 [Ipswich 4a 884]
1459......Doreen Joan Segger dob unknown

950 Willie Mark KING m Florence Winifred (Florrie) VINCE (b 12 Apr 1844 Hadleigh bap 21 Sep 1897 Hadleigh 1st qr 1905 [Cosford 4a 971]

Note: Florrie was the daughter of Stephen VINCE and Susanna WELLS

Children of Willie and Florrie
r19......Muriel Winifred King b 3rd qr 1906 [Cosford 4a 937] m Jipper BROWN
1460......Margaret Kate King b 4th qr 1908 [Cosford 4a 878]
1461......Charles W King b 1st qr 1912 [Cosford 4a 1795]
Miriam Stella King b 1st qr 1914 [Cosford 4a 1743]
1463......George V King b 1st qr 1911 [Cosford 4a 914]
1464......Kenneth W F King b 3rd qr 1916 [Cosford 4a 1675]
1465......Willie R King b 4th qr 1920 [Cosford 4a 1677]

954 Cornelius DOUBLE m Hannah Eliza NUNN (b 1856 Bermondsey) 4th qr 1880 [Lambeth 1d 701]

Note: Hannah was the daughter of John and Sarah NUNN who lived in 1881 at Benton Street, Hadleigh when Cornelius (a railway engine cleaner) and Hannah were present. In 1901 Cornelius was a railway engine driver and the family was at 12 Three Crows Road, Colchester and in 1911 he was a GER engine driver living at 44 Albert Rd Braintree

Children of Cornelius and Hannah
1466......Harriet Elizabeth Double b 3rd qr 1881 Hadleigh [Cosford 4a 563] m Arthur J PAYNE 4th qr 1914 [Orsett 4a 1137]
Note:In 1901 Harriet was a laundry maid
Cornelius Charles Double b 1st qr 1886 [Colchester 4a 531]
Note: In 1901 Cornelius was a foundry moulder
1468......Edith Maud Double b 4th qr 1887 [Colchester 4a 428] m John C HALL 3rd qr 1912 [Strand 1b 1372]
Note: In 1911 Edith was a dressmaker
1469......Florence Ellen Double b 1st qr 1891 Parkeston [Tendring 4a 568] m John P GAGE 3rd qr 1919 [Braintree 4a 2202]
Note: In 1911 Florence was a draper's assistant

932 Ann DOUBLE m James Charles (Clair) HENNAH (d after 1968) 1906 Richmond

Children of Clair and Ann
1470......Kenneth E Hennah b 4th qr 1919 [Kingston 2a 822] d between 1939 and 1945
1471......Grace I J Hennah b 4th qr 1911 [Kingston 2a 832]unknown
1472......Phillis C Hennah b 4th qr 1906 [Bromley 2a 512]
1473......Claude Hennah dob unknown
1474......Harold Hennah dob unknown
1475......John Hennah dob unknown

980 William Robert DOUBLE m Sarah Ann JAMES (b 1867 Raydon) 1 Aug 1892 Raydon

Note: in 1881 William was a telegraph messenger living at 78 West Street, Bermondsey. In 1891 he was in a lower grade in the civil service telegraph branch at the same address and by 1901 he was an inspector living at 81 Mornington Rd Leyton, Essex. Sarah was a cook in 1891 living at High Street, Hoddesdon, Herts

Children of William and Sarah
1476......Olive Lilian Double b 4th qr 1893 Bermondsey
1477......Violet May Double b 2nd qr 1895 Bermondsey

982 Joseph MOORE m Louisa GOODERHAM (b 3rd qr 1861 Occold, Sfk [Hartismere4a 491]) 4th qr 1886 [Tendring 4a 667]

Joseph was an ag lab in 1881 and 1891. In 1881 he lived at Blue Gate Farm, Gt Bromley and in 1891 he was at Hall Road, Gt Bromley. In 1901 he was a "team man" on farm and lived at Fir Tree Cottage, Gt Bromley Essex.

Child of Joseph and Louisa
1478......Henry John (Harry) Moore b 3rd qr 1891 Gt Bromley, Essex [Colchester 4a 568]

992 Joseph DOUBLE m Alice Amelia BYNES ( b 14 Dec 1883 Bermondsey d 8 Mar 1967 Cheam, Surrey aged 83

Note: In 1901 Joseph was assistant vegetarian cook living at 132 Camden Grove North. Later he became a Post Office Sorter.

Children of Joseph and Alice
1479.......Florence Alice b 14 Sep 1908 Camberwell d 28 Aug 1987 Cheam, Surrey m Harry George BRADSHAW 20 Aug 1932 East Dulwich
1480.......Gladys Mary b 8 Sep 1912 Camberwell m John ROWNEY17 Dec 1932
1481.......John b 1914 m Olive Florence GREEN 20 Jul 1940 Lewisham
1482.......Muriel Audrey b 6 Mar 1923 Dulwich

E491 Herbert Dale DOUBLE m Amy WARD 2nd qr 1901 Hackney

Note: In 1901 Herbert was an articled clerk living at 466 Seven Sisters' Road, Stoke Newington, London - he later became a solicitor

Child of Herbert and Amy
1483......Norman Dale Double b 2nd qr 1902 Hackney, London

1000 Emily May DOUBLE m Edward Charles BLOICE (b 31 Mar 1881 Dovercourt d 3 May 1953 Colchester) 13 Aug 1905 Harwich

Note: Edward was a carpenter

Child of Emily and Edward
1484......Alma May Bloice b 21 Mar 1911 Dovercourt

1011 Alfred John DOUBLE m Elsie HARRIS (b 1894 d 1930 aged 36) 10 May 1915 Tendring RD

Children of Alfred and Elsie
1485......Norman John Double b 9 Oct 1928 d 3 Dec 1999 aged 71
1486......Leslie Alfred Double b 16 Nov 1915 d 1931 aged 16
1487......Elliot Thomas Double b 1 Nov 1919 d 1981 aged 62

1035 Annie E DOUBLE m Edward Ernest DIAPER (10 Jan 1875 Stowmarket d 27 Nov 1936 aged 61) 4th qr 1897

Note: In 1901 Edward was a clothier's assistant living at Crown Street, Stowmarket

Children of Edward and Annie
1488......Elsie Maud M Diaper b 2nd qr 1899 Stowmarket [Stow S 4a 906]
1489......Kathleen Olive Diaper b 4th qr 1900 Stowmarket [Stow S 4a 919]

1038 Albert Edward DOUBLE m Maud Myra CRESWELL 1st qr 1902 [Samford 4a 1313]

Note: in 1901 Albert was a clerk and was living at Crown Street, Stowmarket

Child of Albert Edward and unknown
1490......Harry Double d 1992

E533 Alfred WALLACE m Emma BUTTON (b abt 1879 d Oct 1945) 1 Aug 1898 St Michael's Church, Ipswich

Children of Alfred and Emma
1491......Hector Alfred George Wallace b 12 May 1902 d 6 Feb 1983 aged 80
1492......Raymond Wallace b 16 Oct 1916

1039 Frederick William WALLACE m Jessie THOMPSON 1st qr 1902 London

Child of Frederick and Jessie
1493......Frederick Alfred Wallace b 1907 Walworth
1494......Earnest Wallace b 1911 Deptford

1041 Florence Emma WALLACE m Robert William WEBB (b 13 Sep 1882 Ipswich d 1 Jul 1954)

Note: Robert was the son of Robert WEBB
Children of Robert and Florence

1495......Frederick Sydney Charles Webb dob unknown
1496......Alfred Robert William Webb b 1911
1497......Alice Webb b 11 May 1912
1498......Florrie Webb b 23 Nov 1913
1499......Vera Webb b 12 Oct 1916

1042 Ernest WALLACE m Emily Kate HORTON (b 12 Jun 1886 in Burnham, Kent bur 30 Jan 1968 Holy Trinity Cemetery, Burford, Brant, Ontario) 6 Feb 1908 in the Church of the Messiah, Toronto, York, Ontario Canada

Note: Emily was the daughter of Thomas Richard HORTON and Henrietta BOORMAN

Children of Albert and Emily
1500......Ernest Wallace b 1909 Toronto, York, Ontario d 23 Dec 1915 Toronto, York, Ontario bur Holy Trinity Cemetery, Burford, Brant, Ontario
1501......Paul Edwin Wallace b 4 Feb 1912 Toronto, York, Ontario d 18 Jun 1971 aged 59 bur Holy Trinity Cemetery, Burford, Brant, Ontario
Note: Margerie was the daughter of Jeremiah Lundy BROWN and Audra Irene BEATTY
1502......Hector Macdonald Wallace b 27 Feb 1913 Toronto, York, Ontario d 27 Dec 1915 Toronto aged 2 bur Prospect Cemetery Toronto, York, Ontario

1095 George Frederick Corsellis HARVEY m Catherine Ann DODDS (b 1889 Peckham) abt 1910

Note: In 1911 George was a physician/surgeon living at 144 Peckham Park Rd Camberwell

Children of George and Catherine
1503......Jill Harvey dob unknown
1504......Jack Harvey unknown

1096 Claude Percival Rivers HARVEY m Florence FENN

Children of Claude and Florence
1505......Florence Joan Harvey dob unknown
1506......Claude Corsell Harvey b 1st qr 1914 [Camberwell 1d 1630]
1507......Florence Millicent Rivers Harvey dob unknown

1098 Nellie NEWSUM m Robert John MEADER (b 1908 Plaistow)

Child of Robert and Nellie
1508......Rachel Meader b 1945 Somerset

1103 Hazel M GREGORY m Raymond LUNDBECH 1st qr 1952 [S W Essex 5a 367]

Child of Raymond and Hazel
1509......Deborah Lundbech b 1954 m Brian KING 1982 (issue: 4 male children)


1105 Elizabeth DOUBLE m Alfred C SOLDINGER 1st qr 1924 [Lambeth 1d 836]

Children of Alfred and Elizabeth
1510......Leon b 1st qr 1924 [Lambeth 5d 510]
1511......David A b 1st qr 1937 [E Ham 4a 319a]

1106 Rosina DOUBLE m Alfred J BRIDGES 2nd qr 1927 [Lambeth 1d 761]

Children of Alfred and Rosina
1512......Alexander A E b 4th qr 1928 [Lambeth 1d 837]
1513......Eric J b 2nd qr 1931 [Romford 4a 676]

1117 Arthur Charles DOUBLE m Jessie Florence E DEERING 3rd qr 1945 Woolwich

Child of Arthur and Jessie
1514......Patricia E Double b 4th qr 1948 [Woolwich 5d 1213] m Eric J COOPER 3rd qr 1972 Greenwich

1250 Thomas Henry DOUBLE m Alice Grace DAVIDSON (b 1895 d 1977) abt 1899

Note: Alice was the daughter of John William DAVIDSON and Jeanette Agnes McALLISTER
Thomas was in the Canadian Pacific Police Service (a private police force enforcing safety and policing along Canadian Pacific Railway properties and rail lines in Canada and the United States).

Child of Thomas and Alice

1515......Thomas Walton Double b 2nd qr 1916 [Pancras 1b 18] m Eveline BAILEY (b 1900)
1516....Jean Double b Montreal, Canada

1441 Maurice Edward (Dick) WHEELER m Ethel May Rose HARRIS (b 8 Mar 1907 Kessingland d 9 Feb 1995 Littlehampton) 14 May 1932 St Barnabus, Epsom

Note: Dick and Ethel met at school. Dick was an accounts clek.

Child of Dick and Ethel

1517......Gillian Rose Wheeler b 26 Feb 1939 Epsom m Robert Sheridan McALPINE (b 22 Sep 1920 Paisley d 26 Nov 1993 Littlehampton aged 73
Note: Robert was a tax inspector

1124 Elizabeth Ann MALT m Arthur J COTTON 4th qr 1911 [Tendring 4a 1455]

Children of Arthur and Elizabeth
1518......William A J Cotton b 4th qr 1915 [Tendring 4a 902]
1519......Phyllis M I Cotton b 3rd qr 1917 [Tendring 4a 1077]
1520......William J Cotton b 3rd qr 1919 [Tendring 4a 806]

1125 Mildred Emily MALT m Harry COLE 1st qr 1920 [Tendring 4a 1125]

Children of Harry and Emily
1521......Phyllis M E Cole b 2nd qr 1922 [Tendring 4a 1424]
1522......Margery A Cole b 4th qr 1928 [Tendring 4a 1214]

1127 Albert William MALT m Mary A HOBBS 1st qr 1919 [Wallingford 2c 737]

Child of Albert and Mary
1523......Bertha b 1st qr 1923 [Windsor 2c 742]

1128 Kate M DOUBLE m Albert J LIGHT3rd qr 1912 [Ipswich 4a 2239]

Children of Albert and Kate
1524......Dorothy K Light b 1st qr 1913 [Ipswich 4a 1962]
1525......Albert J Light b 2nd qr 1914 [Ipswich 4a 2004]
1526......Charles H Light b 3rd qr 1917 [Ipswich 4a 1666]

1129 Daniel J DOUBLE m Ada A ROBERTS 4th qr 1921 [Ipswich 4a 2509]

Children of Daniel and Ada
1527......Margaret E Double b 2nd qr 1922 [Ipswich 4a 1806]
1528......Gladys E Double b 3rd qr 1923 [Ipswich 4a 1783]
1529......Dorothy M Double b 2nd qr 1926 [Ipswich 4a 1709]
1530......Kathleen B Double b 1st qr 1929 [Ipswich 4a 1629]
1531......Edna J Double b 2nd qr 1932 [Ipswich 4a 1696]
1532......Daniel J Double b 3rd qr 1934 [Ipswich 4a 1534] m Patricia A VARLEY 1st qr 1958 [Ipswich 4b 2195]

1132 Mabel Elsie DOUBLE m Charles A BROWN 3rd qr 1915 [Ipswich 4a 3167]

Children of Charles and Mabel
1533......Percy C b 1str qr 1920 [Ipswich 4a 2440]
1534......Dorothy M Brown b 1st qr 1921 [Ipswich 4a 1879]

1137 Charles Henry Philip DOUBLE m Ellen Beatrice COTTON 3rd qr 1914 [Ipswich 4a 2261]

Children of Charles and Ellen
1535......Leonard C Double b 3rd qr 1915 [Ipswich 4a 1773]
1536......Basil E Double b 3rd qr 1920 [Ipswich 4a 2033]

1138 William DOUBLE m Dorothy Charlotte PARKER 23 Jul 1912 St Matthews Church Ipswich

Children of William and Dorothy
1537......Phyllis D Double b 2nd qr 1923 [Ipswich 4a 1797]
1538......Olive G Double b 2nd qr 1925 [Ipswich 4a 1700]
1539......William E Double b 2nd qr 1928 [Ipswich 4a 1613]

1140 Walter D DOUBLE m Olive M NEWMAN 3rd qr 1929 [Ipswich 4a 3051]

Children of Walter and Olive
1540......Olive K Double b 3rd qr 1931 [Ipswich 4a 1635]
1541......Michael J Double b 4th qr 1933 [Ipswich 4a 1321]
1542......Anthony B Double b 2nd qr 1939 [Ipswich 4a 1674]
1543......Barry D Double b 1st qr 1841 [Ipswich 4a 2125]

1153 Margaret Terry DOUBLE m Peter HENDRY 1st qr 1952 [Woolwich 5d 2504]

Children of Peter and Margaret
1544......John Hendry b 3rd qr 1953 [Dartford 5b 628]
1545......Robin Hendry b 2nd qr 1955 [Aled 8a 358]

1170 George Edward DOUBLE m Eunice F BLACKMORE 1st qr 1930 [Samford 4a 1572]

Child of George and Eunice
1546......June M Double b 3rd qr 1930 [Samford 4a 1572]

1173 Florence Daisy DOUBLE m Harry F REED3rd qr 1922 [Billericay 4a 1595]

Child of Harry and Florence
1547......Rodney E Reed b 1st qr 1926 [Billericay 4a 1028]

1176 William Bernard DOUBLE m Hannah CUSH 1st qr 1913 [Newmarket 3b 961]

Children of William and Hannah
1548......Phyllis E A Double b 2nd qr 1915 [Ipswich 4a 1946]
1549......Dorothy B Double b 3rd qr 1916 [Ipswich 4a 1882]
1550......Frederick B Double b 3rd qr 1920 [Ipswich 4a 2089]

1178 Mabel Mary DOUBLE m Henry C PARKER 2nd qr 1914 [Bosmere 4a 1909]

Children of Henry and Mabel
1551......Cyril H Parker b 2nd qr 1915 [Tendring 4a 1498]
1552......John C Parker b 1st qr 1916 [Tendring 4a 1456]
1553......Stanley H Parker b 1st qr 1917 [Tendring 4a 1305]
1554......Leslie W Parker b 1st qr 1920 [Samford 4a 2395]
1555.....Percy E Parker b 1st qr 1922 [Samford 4a 1797]
1556......Basil E Parker b 2nd qr 1924 [Samford 4a 1636]
1557......Geoffrey A Parker b 3rd qr 1926 [Samford 4a 1605]
1558......Eric G Parker b 4th qr 1930 [Samford 4a 1492]

1182 Blanche Beatrice DOUBLE m Hubert C GREENHILL 2nd qr 1917 [Newmarket 3b 929]

Children of Hubert and Blanche
1559......Betty E Greenhill b 2nd qr 1921 [Saffron Walden 4a 1668]
1560......Emily H Greenhill b 4th qr 1920 [Saffron Walden 4a 1412]

1183 Claude James DOUBLE m Edna A SPURLING 3rd qr 1934 [Newmarket 3b 1503]

Child of Claude and Edna
1561......Mary E Double 2nd qr 1946 [Newmarket 4a 1937]

E593 Grace DOUBLE m William H OSBORNE 1st qr 1916 [Wandsworth 1d 947]

Children of William and Grace
1562......William C Osborne b 4th qr 1916 [Wandsworth 1d 824]
1563......Marjorie G Osborne b 1st qr 1920 [Lambeth 1d 927]
1564......Alec H Osborne b 1st qr 1923 [Wandsworth 1d 982]

1204 Leslie A DOUBLE m Grace M UNDERWOOD 4th qr 1939 [Samford 4a 4841]

Child of Leslie and Grace
1565......John W Double b 1st qr 1942 [Samford 4a 2107]

1275 Lucy DOUBLE m William Herbert CRUSE 25 Dec 1904

Child of William and Lucy
1566......Rose Dorothy Cruse b 19 Sep 1910 Hackney d 1950 aged 40

1283 George William DOUBLE m Sarah Anne AYLING (b 1862 Putney) 3rd qr 1887 Fulham

Note: George was a servant at 5 Harley Street, Marylebone in 1881. In 1891 they were at 16 King Street, Marylebone where george was a lodging house keeper. By 1901 Sarah was managing the lodging house and George was a butler and waiter.

Children of George and Sarah
1567......Nellie Gertrude Double b 4th qr 1888 [Marylebone 1a 545]
1568......Winifred Edith Double b 2nd qr 1890 [Marylebone 1a 518]
1569......Stanley George Double b 4th qr 1894 [Marylebone 1a 530]
1570......Margaret Alice Double b 3rd qr 1898 [Marylebone 1a 535]

1287 Keturah DOUBLE m Arthur Edward MORNEMENT (b 1868 Brixton) 3rd qr 1897 Marylebone

Note: In 1901 Arthur was a butler at Hillcroft, Farnham Royal, Bucks

Children of Arthur and Keturah
1571......Lewis Arthur Mornement b 1899 Marylebone
1572......Robert George Mornement b 1900 Farnham Royal, Bucks

1289 Edith Kate DOUBLE m John William Robert BUCKLER (b 1871 Dublin) 4th qr 1900 Colchester

Note: In 1911 John was a storekeeper and the family were at 11c the Princess St, Sheffield Court Children of John and Edith
1573......Vera Edith Buckler b 3rd qr 1901 Thorpe le Soken, Essex [Tendring 4a 763]
1574......Elsie Gertrude Buckler b 4th qr 1903 [Ipswich 4a 1013]
1575......Annie Kathleen Buckler 1st qr b 1905 [Ipswich 4a 1052]
1576......Gladys Lillian Buckler b 1st qr 1908 [Colchester 4a 875]
1577.......John William Buckler b 1st qr 1911 [Colchester 4a 807]
Note: John's birth was registered as William John
1578......Helen C Buckler b3rd qr 1913 [Sheffield 9c 1300]
1579......Eva Mary Buckler b 1st qr 1916 [Sheffield 9c 1156]
1580......Frederick G Buckler b 4th qr 1918 [Sheffield 9c 1020]

1306 George Herbert DOUBLE m Eliza GODDARD (b 1873 Aldham, Essex) 4th qr 1897 [Cosford 4a 1476]

Note: In 1891 Eliza was a servant in Bridge Street Hadleigh. In 1901 George was a groom in a livery stable at Benton Street, Hadleigh

Children of George and Eliza
1581......Gladys Hilda Double b 1st qr 1898 [Cosford 4a 815]
1582......Daisy Mildred Double b 4th qr 1900 [Cosford 4a 847]

1318 Annie Florence LAUNN m John GARDNER (b abt 1874) 23 Oct 1897 Christ Church, Paddington

Note: Annie was a dressmaker

Child of John and Annie
1583......Frederick Charles Gardner b 1st qr 1900 [Kensington 1a 161]

1319 George Fredericke LAUNN m Florence Elizabeth PURDUE 9b 1881 Battersea d 1969 aged 88) 3rd qr 1899 Brentford

Note: George was a milk salesman

Children of George and Florence
1584......Reginald George Launn b 3rd qr 1901 [Rochford 4a 721] m Daisy HILL (b 19 Feb 1905 d 1986 aged 81)
Frederick Arthur Launn b 4th qr 1903 [Rochford 4a 721] d 1971 Poole aged 68
1586......Albert Victor Launn b 4th qr 1906 [Rochford 4a 713] d 1906
1587......Bernard Edwin Launn b 2nd qr 1911 [Rochford 4a 721] d 1991 Blackpool aged 80

1320 Rose Ellen LAUNN m Edward STONE Dec 1906 Battle, Sussex

Child of Edward and Rose
1588......Frederick George Stone b 1907 Battle

1231 Percival Charles DOUBLE m Mabel BURFORD (b 1901 Eversley, Hants) 1925 Hartley Wintney

Note: Percival was a garage proprietor

Children of Percival and Mabel
1589......Douglas David William Double b 31 Dec 1925 Spencers Wood Berkshire
1590......Iris Margaret Double b 19 Nov 1927 Spencers Wood Berkshire d 2004 (no issue)
1591......Rosemary Kathleen Double b 12 Jul 1929 Spencers Wood Berkshire
Note Rosemary is married and lives in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

1217 Robert James DOUBLE m Ivy M STOW 2nd qr 1911 [Samford 4a 1904]

Children of Robert and Ivy
1592......Nora M Double b 3rd qr 1913 [Samford 4a 1952]
1593......Robert L Double b 1st qr 1915 [Samford 4a 1893]
1594......Frederick C Double b 4th qr 1917 [Samford 4a 1314]
1595......Norma R Double b 2nd qr 1923 [Samford 4a 1766]

1218 James Charles DOUBLE m Ethel B WHITING 1st qr 1921 [Ipswich 4a 2028]

Children of James and Ethel
1596......James C Double b 1st qr 1922 [Stow S 4a 1733]
1597......Gwendoline M Double b 2nd qr 1925 [Stow S 4a 1605]
1598......Ethel V Double b 2nd qr 1927 [Stow S 4a 1551]
1599......male stillbirth 4th qr 1933 [Stow S 4a 1272]

1220 Alfred George DOUBLE m Beatrice K MUTTOCK 3rd qr 1925 [Hartismere 4a 2491]

Children of Alfred and Beatrice
1600......Thomas R S Double b 1st qr 1931 [Samford 4a 1561]
1601......Kenneth R Double b 4th qr 1933 [Samford 4a 1308]
1602......Robert C Double b 3rd qr 1937 [Ipswich 4a 1632]
1603......Avril S Double b 2nd qr 1947 [Harwich 4a 1048]

1221 Kate Ethel DOUBLE m Eric F SAWYER 3rd qr 1926 [Samford 4a 2583]

Child of Eric and Kate
1604......James F Sawyer b 1st qr 1938 [Wandsworth 1d 636]

1222 Elsie Doris DOUBLE m Frank D FRANKLIN 2nd qr 1923 [Samford 4a 2040]

Children of Frank and Elsie
1605......Winifred A Franklin b 3rd qr 1924 [Samford 4a 1628]
1606......Geoffrey R Franklin b 2nd qr 1929 [Samford 4a 1606]
1607......Barbara Franklin b 4th qr 1932 [Samford 4a 1429]

1224 James Thomas W DOUBLE m Catherine COOKE 2nd qr 1906 [Peterborough 3b 591]

Children of James and Catherine
1608......Catherine Double b 1st qr 1912 [Peterborough 3b 391]
1609......Lily Double b 4th qr 1915 [Peterborough 3b 335]
1610......Rose Double b 4th qr 1915 [Peterborough 3b 335]

1226 Mahala DOUBLE m Arthur M ELY 3rd qr 1911 [Peterborough 3b 601]

Children of Arthur and Mahala
1611......Arthur W Ely b 4th qr 1911 [Peterborough 3b 387]
1612......Irene M Ely b 3rd qr 1913 [Peterborough 3b 355]
1613......Joan M Ely b 1st qr 1916 [Peterborough 3a 1878]
1614......Audrey Ely b 1st qr 1923 [Peterborough 3a 1805]

1227 Alice Ellen DOUBLE m Edgar ALLEN 3rd qr 1914 [Peterborough 3b 592]

Children of Edgar and Alice
1615......Elsie V Allen b 1st qr 1915 [Peterborough 3b 387]
1616.......Daisy M Allen b 1st qr 1916 [Peterborough 3b 373]
1617......Kathleen M Allen b 3rd qr 1918 [Peterborough 3b 275]

1228 Mary Ann DOUBLE m Bertie HOLDEN 2nd qr 1915 [Peterborough 3b 735]

Children of Bertie and Mary Ann
1618......Stanley H Holden b 2nd qr 1915 [Peterborough 3b 376]
1619......Vera M Holden b 2nd qr 1917 [Peterborough 3b 289]

1229 Grace DOUBLE m St John SMITH 2nd qr 1919 [Peterborough 3b 742]

Children of St John and Grace
1620......St John W Smith b 3rd qr 1922 [Peterborough 3b 316]
1621......Sylvia J Smith b 4th qr 1926 [Peterborough 3b 289]

1230 Elsie DOUBLE m Alexander F EMMERSON 4th qr 1920 [Peterborough 3b 746]

Children of Alexander and Elsie
1622......Eileen E Emmerson b 4th qr 1921 [Peterborough 3b 349]
1623......Alan Emmerson b 2nd qr 1925 [Croydon 2a 486]

1242 Florence DOUBLE m John MONK (b 1899)

Children of John and Florence
1624......Frederick William Monk b 1927
1625......Rosa Monk b 1937

1341 Olive Margaret WRIGHT m Leonard Arthur KEEBLE (b 1926 Becton)

Child of Leonard and Olive
1626......Brian Paul Keeble b 1953 Wanstead

1344 Douglas Keith DOUBLE m Gwen Lauris WORSLEY (b 15 Aug 1917 Hobart d 18 Feb 1970 Hobart aged 52 bur 20 Nov 1970 Cornelian Bay Cemetery Hobart)

Note: Gwen was the daughter of Garnet WORSLEY and Ruby Augusta GILLETT

Children of Douglas and Gwen
1627......Gregory John Double b 1956 Hobart bur 16 Feb 2004 Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart
1628......Allan Douglas Double b 19 Jul 1952 Hobart d 25 Nov 2001 Hobart bur 29 Nov 2001 Cornelian Bay Cemetery

1345 Phillis May DOUBLE m Lawrence Leonard "Len" HICKEY (b 23 Dec 1922 Castle Forbes Bay, Tasmania ber 1973 Geeveston RC Tasmania

Note: Len was the son of Richard HICKEY and Mary Magdelin VOUT

Children of Len and Phillis
1629......Tony Hickey dob unknown
1630......Richard Hickey dob unknown m Rosemary BURGESS

1347 Faye DOUBLE m (a) Horace James "Horrie" COULSON (b) Frank Alan RANSOM (b 29 Dec 1922 Hobart d 5 Apr 2004 St Ann's Rest Home, Hobart) 12 Feb 1951 Hobart (c) Karl KOCH ( b 27 Aug 1929 Germany d 12 Oct 2001 Hobart bur 18 Oct 2001 Carnelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart)

Note: Horace was the son of Charles Leonard "Mick" COULSON and Harriet Jane BONE. Frank was christened Alan Lyndsay RANSOM but changed his name before enlisting in the Royal Australian Navy in 1942 to Frank Alan RANSOM. The marriage ended in divorce; he died of a heart attack.

Child of Horrie and Faye
1631......Gary James Coulson dob unknown m Robyn Merle FREESTONE
Note: Robyn was the daughter of Keith Basset Vincent FREESTONE and his wife Mona

1384 Charles H DOUBLE m Edith K RUSSELL 2nd qr 1911 [Barnet 3a 697]

Child of Charles and Edith
1632......Kathleen M Double b 2nd qr 1912 [Barnet 3a 831]

1385 Ernest Douglas DOUBLE m May Ellen LOVELL 4th qr 1904 [Wandsworth 1d 985]

Note: Ernest was a builders Assistant in 1911 living at 8 Gambetta Street, Battersea

Children of Ernest and May
1633......May Florence Bessie Double b 1st qr 1906 Battersea [Wandsworth 1d 567]
1634......Hilda O V Double b 3rd qr 1911 [Wandsworth 1d 918]

1386 Sydney John DOUBLE m Rose Martha ROSSITER (b 1889 Port Madeira, South America) 3rd qr 1909 [Wandsworth 1d 1098]

Note: Sydney was a milk carrier in 1911 living at 60 Wilcox Rd, Battersea

Children of Sydney and Rose
1635......Sidney Double b 1911 Wandsworth
1636......Mildred G Double b 4th qr 1917 [Swansea 11a 1854]

1387 Florence Maud DOUBLE m Oscar Charles DIXON 4th qr 1908 [Camberwell 1d 1422]

Note: In 1911 Oscar was a delivering carman living at 19 Mauleverer Rd Brixton

Children of Oscar and Florence
1637......Dorothy E Dixon b 4th qr 1910 [Lambeth 1d 356]
1638......Florence E Dixon b 3rd qr 1914 [Lambeth 1d 704]
1639......Winifred E Dixon b 1st qr 1917 [Camberwell 1d 1230]
1640......Percy L Dixon b 2nd qr 1921 [Camberwell 1d 1416]
1641......Edward C Dixon b 1st qr 1923 [Camberwell 1d 1305]

1388 Laura Bessie DOUBLE m Thomas A GOODALL 4th qr 1921 [Eastbourne 2B 210]

Child of Thomas and Laura
1642......Alfred W Goodall b 3rd qr 1922 [Wandsworth 1d 868]

1351 Dawn DOUBLE m Robert Edwin "Bob" PLUMMER

Note: Bob was the son of Charles Edwyn "Charlie" PLUMMER and Margaret Kathlene Dorothy PARE.

Children of Bob and Dawn
1643......Ronald Plummer dob unknown
1644......Lynne Marie Plummer dob unknown
1645......Susan Anne Plummer dob unknown

1597 Ernest DOUBLE m Florence PHILLIPS (b 4 Sep 1901 Dover abt 1923

Children of Ernest and Florence
1646......Eric Double b 31 Oct 1924 Dover
1647......Ernest Double b 16 Nov 1925 d 1925 aged 6 months
1648......Florence Double b 3 Dec 1928 Worcester
1649......Phyllis Double b 14 Jan 1930

1403 Alice DOUBLE m (a) Ernest Alfred PLUMB (b 1889) abt 1917 (b) Alfred William RICHARDS (bap 29 Sep 1896 Ellough d 1982 aged 86) about 1920

Child of Alice and unknown
1650......Florence May Double b 1913 d 2002 aged 89

Child of Ernest and Alice
1651......Frederick William Plumb b 1917 d 10 Jan 1941 aged 24

Children of Alfred and Alice
1652......Wallace George Richards b 16 Jan 1920 Raveningham
1653......Arthur S Richards b 1st qr 1922 [Loddon 4b 355]
1654......Basil W Richards b 2nd qr 1926 [Loddon 4b 287]
1655......Kenneth Valentine Richards b 1st qr 1928 [Wangford 4a 1760]

1404 George W DOUBLE m Florence SHEARING 3rd qr 1922 [Loddon 4b 503]

Children of George and Florence
1656......Walter Double b 1920
1657......Mary Double b 1922
1658......Marjorie Double b 3rd qr 1923 [Loddon 4b 314]
1659......Violet Double b 1924

1405 Lucy May DOUBLE m Jack PORTER

Children of Jack and Lucy
1660......Alice Porter b 1920 Toft Monks Nfk
1661......Ruth Porter b 1922 Toft Monks

1406 Ellen Margaret DOUBLE m Wilton FEAVYOUR 2nd qr 1926 [Loddon 4b 481]

Children of Wilton and Ellen
1662......Wilton Feavyour b 2nd qr 1927 [Loddon 4b 301] m Olive abt 1948
1663......Anne Feavyour b 2nd qr 1929 [Loddon 4b 294]
1664......Betty T Feavyour b 3rd qr 1931 [Loddon 4b 290]
1665....Grace E Feavyour b 2nd qr 1933 [Loddon 4b 270]
1666....Eric W Feavyour b 2nd qr 1935 [Loddon 4b 286] m Kathleen COLE
1667....Allan F Feavyour b 3rd qr 1937 [Loddon 4b 275]
1668....Mary Feavyour dob unknown
1669....David Feavyour dob unknown

1409 Alice Gertrude EAGLE m Bolton BARTY ( b 1898)

Child of Bolton and Alice
1670......Sheila Barty b 1934 Reading

1411 Ethel Florence EAGLE m Alfred ADAMS (b 1904 Islington)

Children of Alfred and Ethel
1671......Derek Adams b 1929 London
1672......June Adams d o b unknown

1412 Millicent Kathleen EAGLE m Stanley Alfred AUSTIN (b 1911 Haslemere, Surrey d apr 2006 aged 95)

Child of Stanley and Millicent
1673......Stephen John Austin b 1952 Taplow, Buckinghamshire

1413 Nellie May EAGLE m Solomon SYKES (b 1910 Ipswich)

Child of Solomon and Nellie
1674......David Sykes b 1938 Ipswich

1414 Frank EAGLE m Maud WRIGHT

Children of Frank and Maud
1675......Gerald b 1937 Ipswich
1676......Geoffrey b 1940 Ipswich

1416 Walter Reginald DOUBLE m Evelyn M CRAYSTON 1st qr 1936 [Maldon 4a 1097]

Children of Walter and Evelyn
1677.....John R Double b 3rd qr 1937 [Tendring 4a 1278]
1678......Audrey M Double b 4th qr 1938 [Chelmsford 4a 963]
1679......Gerald W Double b 1st qr 1941 [Braintree 4a 1533]
1680.....Michael C Double b 3rd qr 1942 [Braintree 4a 1449]
1681......Anthony Double b 4th qr 1944 [Braintree 4a 1181]
1682......Roger Double b 2nd qr 1946 [Braintree 4a 1831]
1683......Elizabeth A Double b 3rd qr 1949 [Braintree 4a 483]

1417 Doris Ivy DOUBLE m Bernard A E ANDREWS 3rd qr 1942 [Halstead 4a 2549]

Child of Bernard and Doris
1684......Averil Andrews b 1st qr 1945 [Halstead 4a 1290]

1419 Gilbert George DOUBLE m Mary RYMER 4th qr 1941 [York 9c 2776]

Child of Gilbert and Mary
1685......Susan M Double b 2nd qr 1944 [York 9c 1968]

1423 Myra Frances DOUBLE m (a) Sydney KEAY (b 15 Feb 1904 Liscard, Cheshire d 26 Dec 1946 Rainhill Lancs) 1937 Childwall, Liverpool (b) Alexander G MAYER (b 18 Mar 1915 Everton Liverpool d 14 Jul 1967 Prescot, Lancs) 1954 St Helens, Lancs

Children of Sydney and Myra
1686......Richard Alistair (Ricky) Keay b 15 Feb 1942 Whiston Prescot bap 17 May 1942 Knowsley m Dorothy LLOYD 1961 Llay, Wrexham (issue: one living child.)
1687......Christopher John Keay b 9 May 1943 Whiston, Prescot bap 4 Jul 1943 Knowsley Liverpool d 10 Jan 1944 Whiston Prescot

1365James William DOUBLE m (a) Florence (b 8 Mar [year unknown]) (b) 343 Kate COUSINS

James was in the King's Own Rifles during 1914 to 1918 and then in the Essex regiment in Ireland from 1919 to 1922. From 1926 he worked as a timber selector for Groom, Daniels and Cio, Colchester.

Children of James and Florence
1688......Maud Double d o b unknown m McQUAID
1689......Edie Double d o b unknown
1690......Eva Double d o b unknown

Child of James and Kate
1691......Sydney Ralph Double b 6 Jun 1906 d 2 Mar 1982 5 Gloucester Ave Chemsford
1692......another child, dob unknown

1367Sydney Ralph DOUBLE m (a) Ivy Ellen GOODRIDGE (b 16 Oct 1906d 10 Jul 1993 Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford) 21 May 1934

Note: Ivy was the daughter of Walter GOODRIDGE and Laura SPARKES In 1934 Sydney lived in 61 Twitten Way, Worthing where he was a corn chandler's merchant, and Ivy lived at 123 Bergholt Rd Colchester

Children of Sydney and Ivy
1693...... Ann C b 1st qr 1941 [Chelmsford 4a 1018]
1694.....Jennifer C b 1st qr 1941 [Chelmsford 4a 1018]

1327 Emily CLARK m Frederick GROVES (b 1876 Essex)

Child of Frederick and Emily
1479......Edith Clara Groves b 1901 Brentwood, Essex

357 Isabella Helen JOHNSTONE had 7 illegitimate children as follows, but at age 75 she married Arthur Fielding YATES (aged 78) 3 Aug 1951 Auckland.

Children of Isabella
1695......John Ferguson Johnstone b 29 Jul 1899 Cook St Auckland d 24 Sep 1981 Palmerston North, cremated 26 Sep 1981
1696......Alfred Edward Johnstone b 26 May 1908 (twin) Hamilton d 23 May 2000 Auckland m (a) Bonnie HARDING (div) (b) Elsie KELLY
1697......Florence (Floss) Isabella Johnstone b 26 May 1908 (twin) Hamilton d 23 Dec 1987 Pirhongia m Vid LEWIS
1698......Dorris May Johnstone b 24 Oct 1909 Hamilton d 6 Apr 1903 Tauranga bur 8 Apr 1983 Waihi m Harvey Shorter MANN
1699......Frederick Arthur Johnstone b 12 Jun 1912 m Joy Alice HINTON
1700......Leonard Gilbert Johnstone b 13 Feb 1915 d 24 Sep 1980 Hamilton m Martha Ann PENTELOW 24 Aug 1940
1701......Gladys Johnstone b 9 Jan 1917

1061 George Charles RIVERS m Alice Maud Mary HUGGINS (b 1880 Scole d 1955 aged 75) 2nd qr 1902 [Plomesgate 4a 1589]

Children of George and Alice
1702......Charles George Rivers b 3rd qr 1903 Framlingham [Plomesgate 2a 1131] m Agnes CRACKNELL (b abt 1905 Framlingham)
1703......Lilian Aldbourgh Rivers b 2nd qr 1905 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 1086] m Charles CRACKNELL
1704.....Greta Violet Hannah Rivers b 4th qr 1907 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 1030] d 1909 aged 2
1705......William Percy Rivers b b 4th qr 1909 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 1027] d 1971 aged 62
1706......Frank Edward Rivers b b 4th qr 1911 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 1960] d 2002 aged 91 m (a) Margaret FARROW (b) Constance CRAWFORD
1707......Ernest Rivers b b 2nd qr 1914 Framlingham [Plomesgate 4a 2070] d abt 1955 aged 41

1091 William WILKINS m Elizabeth Mary KELLAWAY (b abt 1878 Lymimgton) 1898 Poole

Note: In 1891 William was a bricklayer's labourer and in 1901 he was a bricklayer builder.

Child of William and Elizabeth
1708......Reginald James Wilkins b 3rd qr 1899 Poole [Blandford 5a 217]

1094 Ernest Henry WILKINS m Ethel BREAKER (b 23 Nov 1887 Ashley, Milton d 1936 Boscombe) 5 Oct 1912 Lymington

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry BREAKER and Annie SAUNDERS.

Children of Ernest and Ethel
1709......Ernest Wilfred Wilkins b 1 Feb 1915 Ashley d 9 Apr 1990 Southampton General Hospital
1710......Ronald Wilkins b 1918 Ashley d 1919
Note: cause of death for Ronald was pneumonia
1711......Ivy Wilkins b 1920 Ashley d abt 1942 aged 22
1712......Ruby Wilkins b 1921 Ashley d Mar 2005 aged 84 m Jack NORTH (b 19 Aug 1919 d Jan 2002 aged 82)
1713......Maisie Wilkins b abt 1925 Ashley d 2003 in Vancouver Canada aged 78
1714......Peter Wilkins b abt 1932 d 1933
Note: Cause of death for Peter was pneumonia

1507 Florence Millicent Rivers HARVEY m Arthur DANE

Children of Arthur and Florence
1715......Arthur George Dane dob unknown
1716......Florence Mary Dane dob unknown

1508 Rachel MEADER m Terry George SHAW (b 1939 Hailsham)

Child of Terry and Rachel
1717......Samantha Shaw b 1971 Sussex


1515 Thomas Walton DOUBLE m Eveilne Constance Tremelling BAILEY (b 16 Oct 1920 ) 1940 (Separated 1964)

Note: Evelyn was the daughter of Percy BAILEY and Eveline Gertrude WILEMAN

Children of Thomas and Eveline
1718......Thomas Double b 5 Apr 1945
1719......Constance Double b 13 May 1946
1720......James Walton Double b17 Nov 1950 Montreal
1721......Donald Double b 25 Oct 1951
1722......Eveline Alice Double b 8 Jul 1954

1566 Rose Dorothy CRUSE m Walter Frederick PRITCHARD 28 Dec 1938 Bethnal Green

Child of Walter and Rose
1723......Patricia Rose Pritchard b 15 Jan 1940 Hackney
1724......Peter C Pritchard b 4th qr 1941 [Hackney 1b 421]

1579 Eva Mary BUCKLER m Lewis FEARNEHOUGH 2nd qr 1936 Sheffield (div in 1940's)

Note: Eva emigrated to Australia on the ship "Fairsky" in 1962 with Rodney and Elaine

The Fairsky on which Eva emigrated

Children of Lewis and Eva
1725......Rex Fearnehough b 4th qr 1936 [Sheffield 9c 490]
1726......Glenda Grace Fearnehough b 4th 1938 [Sheffield 9c 493] m Peter STANILAND 4th qr 1960 {Worksop 3c 1044]
1727......Rodney Frederick Fearnehough b 4th qr 1942 [Eton, Bucks 3a 636]
1728......Patrick Fearnehough b 2nd qr 1945 [Sheffield 9c 715]

Child of Eva and unknown
Elaine b 4th qr 1954 [Sheffield 2d 175]

1429 Arthur Edward DOUBLE m Hilda BAINBRIDGE (b 1905) 4th qr 1927 York [York 9d 147]

Children of Arthur and Hilda
1730......Frederick Alfred Double b 13 Apr 1928
1731......Stanley Double b 26 Oct 1929
1732......Noel William Double b 1931 Hounslow

1431 Frederick William DOUBLE m Amy Frances CLACK 3rd qr 1922 [Stratford 6d 1859]

Children of Frederick and Amy
1733......Ronald Edward Charles Double b 2nd qr 1923 [Stratford upon Avon 6d 1498] d 1962 aged 40
1734......Ann D Double b 4th qr 1926 [Stratford upon Avon 6d 1261]

1479 Edith Clara GROVES m David EDWARDS (b 1900 Wales) 4th qr 1926 [Romford 4a 1087]

Child of David and Edith
1735......Thelma J Edwards b 1930 Essex m Maurice HUSSEY (b 24 May 1925 d 1st qr 1976 aged 51 [Brentwood 9 2026]) 2nd qr 1955 [Brentwood 4a 914]

1449 Florence Violet DELLAR m Percy William SAMMS (b 2nd qr 1903 [West Ham 4a 492])

Child of Percy and Florence
1736......Brenda F E Samms b 3rd qr 1932 [West Ham 4a 563]

1451 Alfred Oswald DELLAR m Naomi CLARKE (b 2nd qr 1910 [Hartlepool 10a 155])

Children of Alfred and Naomi
1737......Derrick Oswald Dellar b 3rd qr 1934 Guilden Morden [Royston 3a 1331]
1738......Marjorie Dellar b 2nd qr 1939 Guilden Morden [Cambridge 3b 689]

1452 Rupert DELLAR m Dora NEWLAND (b 4th qr 1910 [Fulham 1a 157])

Children of Rupert and Dora
1739......Peter Dellar b 2nd qr 1937 Guilden Morden [Cambridge 3b 666] m Elizabeth WALDOCK (b 1st qr 1939 [Cambridge 3a 1473])
1740......Kenneth Dellar b 3rd qr 1944 Guilden Morden [Cambridge 3b 1054] m Gwenyth HILLIES (b 1945)

1453 Wilfred James DELLAR m Winifred Alice CHARTER (b 1916 Arrington, Cambs)

Children of Wilfred and Winifred
1741......Graham John Dellar b 1935 Guilden Morden
1742......Brian Wilfred Dellar b 1937 Guilden Morden
1743......Ronald James Dellar b 25 May 1939 Guilden Morden d 1995 Cambridge aged 56

r14 Elsie Mary DELLAR m Fred COLLINS (b 1915)

Children of Fred and Elsie
1744......Maurice Collins dob unknown
1745......John Collins dob unknown
1746......Elaine Collins dob unknown

1458 Evelyn Grace SEGGER m Stanley A WAKEFIELD 3rd qr 1927 [Cosford 4a 2456]

Children of Stanley and Evelyn
1747......William Barry Wakefield
1748......Stuart Benjamin Wakefield
1749......George A b 3rd qr 1933 [Knaresborough 9a 153a]

1459 Doreen Joan SEGGER m John PARRY

Child of John and Doreen
1750......Justine Jane Parry dob unknown m Charles CAWLEY

1462 Miriam Stella KING m Clarence GIBBS 2nd qr 1941 [Sudbury 4a 3061]

Child of Mr Gibbs and Stella
1751......Frederick Gibbs 2nd qr 1943 [Sudbury 4a 1496]

1467 Cornelius DOUBLE m Ethel M SAMS 1st qr 1918 [Braintree 4a 1555]

Children of Cornelius and Ethel
1752......Doris M Double b 4th qr 1920 [Braintree 4a 1583] m Ronald T W HUTLEY 3rd qr 1946 [Braintree 4a 997]
1753......Eric C Double b 4th qr 1922 [Braintree 4a 1378] m Florence E ARCHER 2nd qr 1948 [Battersea 5c 100]
1754......Edna C Double b 1st qr 1926 [Braintree 4a 1413] m Geoffrey H OSTLER 1st qr 1953 [Braintree 4a 890]

1484 Alma May BLOICE m Charles John MOORE (b 2 Sep 1909 d 15 Sep 1993 Norwich) 29 Oct 1931 Norwich

Child of Charles and Alma
1745......living child Moore

1491 Hector Alfred George WALLACE m Florence WHISSTOCK 4th qr 1928 [Ipswich 4a 2464]

Child of Hector and Florence
1746......John E Wallace b 4th qr 1941 [Ipswich 4a 2106]

1501 Paul Edwin WALLACE m Margerie Irena BROWN (b 24 Apr 1913 Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario d 4 Jun 1993) 6 Nov 1937 Ontario

Children of Paul and Margerie
1747......Patricia Irene Wallace b 21 Aug 1938 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
1748......Edwin Eric (Ted) Wallace b 7 Nov 1947 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada

1585 Frederick Arthur LUANN m (a) Elsie E SALMON 2nd qr 1924 [Lambeth 1d 668] (b) Florence MILLER (b 6 Dec 1917 Poole d 1989 Bournemouth) abt 1945

Children of Frederick and Florence
1749......Gloria Elaine Luann b 1946 Croyden
1750......Adrienne Sandra Luann b 1948 Leeds
1751......Hilary May Luann b 17 May 1950 Leeds
1752......Christopher Anthony Luann b 1955 Poole

1587 Bernard Edwin LUANN m Lilian Emma PEAGRAM (b 1st qr 1905 [Edmonton 3a 627] d 1993 Blackpool aged 88) 1930

Children of Frederick and Lilian
1753......Ronald Luann b 1932 m Rita TAPP
1754......John Luann b 1935 m Marian CHESNEY

1626 Brian Paul KEEBLE m Mary Patricia TAYLOR (b 1956 Willesden)

Children of Brian and Mary
1755......Stephen John Keeble b 1989 Hillingdon
1756......Lucy Jane Keeble b 1993 Hillingdon

1589 Douglas William DOUBLE m Margaret Betty BIRCH (b 4 Nov 1926 Salford, d 2006 Reading) 1947 Manchester

Note: Douglas was a garage proprietor

Children of Douglas and Margaret
1757......Gaynor Lynn Double (b 1 Mar 1948 Spencers Wood, Berkshire)
1758......Timothy Double b 1949 Spencers Wood
Note: Timothy was a garage proprietor is married with one boy and one girl
1759......Caroline Double b 1850 Spencers Wood
Note: Caroline is a journalist
1760......Stephen Double b 1951 Spencers Wood
Note Stephen is a journalist

1624 Frederick William MONK m Doris ROBERTS (b 1925

Child of Frederick and Doris
1761......Frances Monk b 1969

1649 Phyllis DOUBLE m Kenneth HOLLOWAY (b 5 Apr 1926 Battersea) abt 1951

Child of Kenneth and Phyllis
1762......Lesley Holloway b 9 Jul 1952 Chelsea

1628 Allan Douglas DOUBLE m (a) Rina CALABRESE (b) Roseanne Children of Allan and Rina
1763......Gavan Double dob unknown
1764......Carmen Double dob unknown

1643 Ronald PLUMMER m Heather Margaret PURVES

Children of Ronald and Heather
1765......Andrea Margaret Plummer dob unknown
1766......Marcus Edwin Plummer dob unknown
1767......Christopher Robert Plummer dob unknown

1644 Lynn Marie PLUMMER m Shaun CRUIKSHANK

Children of Shaun and Lynn
1768......Dylan Cruikshank dob unknown
1769......Aaron Cruikshank dob unknown
1770......Holly Cruikshank dob unknown
1771......Hamish Cruikshank dob unknown

1645 Susan Anne PLUMMER m Gundy HAHN

Children of Gundy and Susan
1772......Madeline Hahn dob unknown
1773......Richard Hahn dob unknown

1650 Florence May DOUBLE m Sonny STAFF (b 1910)

Child of Sonny and Florence
1774......Henry Staff b 1948 Pulham, Nfk

1652 Wallace George RICHARDS m Molly BOLTON (b 19 Jul 1926 Beccles) 26 Jun 1948 Beccles

Children of Wallace and Molly
1775......John Vane Richards b 2 Jul 1954 Beccles d 5 Oct 1998 Beccles aged 44
1776......Jean Mary Richards b 9 Nov 1957 Beccles

1653 Arthur S RICHARDS m Doreen GRIMSON (b 1925)

Child of Arthur and Doreen
1777......Carol Richards b 1st qr 1949 Gillingham [Outer Norwich 4b 998]

1654 Basil W RICHARDS m Eileen MEADOWS (b 1924 d 2004 aged 80)

Children of Basil and Eileen
1778......Tony b 2nd qr 1953 [Lothingland 4b 1262]
1779......Ann b 4th qr 1955 [Lothingland 4b 1141]BR>

1655 Kenneth Valentine RICHARDS m Margaret R KNIGHTS 1st qr 1953 [Lothingland 4b 2053]

Children of Kenneth and Margaret
1780......Stephen l Richards b 2nd qr 1954 [Norwich Outer 4b 996]m Carol Richards
1781......Brian b 1956 m Teresa MURRAY 3rd qr 1979 [Norwich 10 2296]

1705 William Percy RIVERS m Lily Mary ANDERSON (b 1925 Essex)

Child of William and Lily
1782......Doreen Rivers b 1944 Essex m David EMBURY (b 1948 Windsor)

1707 Ernest RIVERS m Emma RULTON (b 1916)

Children of Ernest and Emma
1783......Rita Rivers b 1938 Hawkedon, Sfk
1784......John Rivers b 1940 Hawkedon, Sfk

1695 John Ferguson JOHNSTONE m (a) Zelma Gertrude COOPER (b 1900 div 8 Dec 1938) 3 Aug 1922 Church of Christ, Ponsonby Road, Auckland (b) Agnes MARSHALL (b 15 May 1915 Palmerston North d 1 May 2003 Cremated 5 May 2003) 19 Dec 1938

Children of John and Zelma
1785......Keith Alexander Ramsey Johnstone b abt 1924 Auckland d abt 1991 m Tommy Florence Louise KING 1963 Auckland
1786......Royce Andrew Hall Johnstone b Jan 1926 Auckland m Mary Frances HANLON 18 Feb 1950 Palmerston North
1787......Patricia Freda Johnstone b 21 Aug 1927 Auckland m James Nelson CHALMERS 2 Mar 1946

Children of John and Agnes
1788......Kenneth Edwin Johnstone b 31 May 1933 Wellington (child of Agnes, adopted by John) m (a) Margaret Jean MARSHALL 1 Jan 1955 (div) (b) Mauria Mari TATANA 14 May 1968 (div) (c) Elizabeth DALY 1998
1789......Suzanne Careen Marjory Johnstone b 8 Jun 1949 Palmerston North m Vernon Owen JENSON 4 Mar 1967
1790......Carlma Charlene Johnstone b 4 Oct 1950 Palmerston North
1791......Robyn Anne Johnstone b 31 Mar 1954 Waiuku m Christopher Hugh NICOLS 1 May 1976

1517 Gillian Rose WHEELER m Robert Sheridan McALPINE (b 22 Sep 1920 d 26 Nov 1993) 27 Feb 1971 Epsom Registrar

Child of Robert and Gillian
1792......James Gordon McAlpine b 13 Aug 1973 Nairobi


1718 Thomas DOUBLE m (a) Aline SIMARD (b) Linda

Children of Thomas and Aline
1793......Terrance (Terry) Double b 21 Dec 1972
1794......Chantal Double b 23 Nov 1926

1719 Constance DOUBLE m (a) John FOWLER (b) David

1795......Jennifer Fowler b 17 Sep 1969
1796......James Fowler b 26 Jun 1971

1720 James Walton DOUBLE m Patricia Ann McMAHON (b 29 Aug 1950 Montreal) 3 Mar 1975 Montreal

Note: Patricia was the daughter of John Louis Martin McMAHON and Luverna Elizabeth BARNETT

Children of James and Patricia
1797......Brian Walton Double b 23 Nov 1977 Montreal
1798......Kathryn Double b 17 Sep 1979 Montreal
x33......Erin Double b 26 Feb 1982 Ottawa m David Samuel Bryan FEINER 7 Sep 2007 Ottawa
1799......Peter Double b 7 Dec 1983 Ottawa

1721 Donald DOUBLE m Sandra Elizabeth WHITLEY (b 10 Dec 1953 d 30 Sep 2003 Ottawa abt 1985

Note: Sandra was the daughter of Ken WHITLEY and Gerry SEWELL

Children of Donald and Sandra
1800......Sarah Double b 25 Feb 1987
1801......Ryan Double b 10 Nov 1989

1722 Eveline Alice DOUBLE m Robert David PATTEN abt 1978

Children of Robert and Eveline
1802......Christopher Patten b 5 Jan 1980
1803......David Patten b 3 May 1984
1804......Tyler Patten b 2 Nov 1992

1723 Patricia Rose PRITCHARD m Barry THOMIS (b 11 Feb 1937) 11 Jun 1960 Pontefract

Note: Patricia was a nurse

Children of Barry and Patricia
1805......Martin Thomas b 1968 Castleford, Yorks m Tracey LUND
1806....Susan Thomas b 1969 Ferrybridge Yorks

1729 Elaine FEARNEHOUGH m Lindsay Charles HATELEY (b. 26 Sep 1952) 1st March 1985.

Child of Elaine and Mr Jones
1807......Laura Eve Hateley b 27 Oct 1986
1808......Wade Hateley b 10 Feb 1989

1732 Noel William DOUBLE m Eva Elizabeth (Bet) WHITAKER (b 19 Nov 1933 Kieighley bap 1933 Keighley)

Children of Noel and Bet
1809......Keith Double dob unknown m Sheila NEWTON (issue 3 living children)
1810......Martin Geoffrey Double dob unknown m Susan HOWELS (issue 2 living children)

1733 Ronald Edward Charles DOUBLE m (a) Dorothy V MOULDER (b 1922 d 3rd qr 1947 aged 25 [Totnes 7a 665]) 2nd qr 1945 [Stratford 6d 2474] (b) Ruby GOLDRING ( d 1961) 3rd qr 1949 [Stratford 9c 2721] (c) Joan (d 1962)

Note: Ronald took his own life after the accidental death of his third wife. Ruby died of an electric blanket accident. Joan died in a car accident.

Child of Ronald and Dorothy
1811......a living child

1737 Derrick Oswald DELLAR m Rita Mary UNWIN (b 1935)

Children of Derrick and Rita
1812......Kevin Dellar b 1965 Guilden Morden
1813......Melvyn Dellar b 1969 Guilden Morden

1743 Ronald James DELLAR m Jean Jeffrey MARTIN (b 19 May 1953 Somerset

Children of Ronald and Jean
1814......Karen Dellar b 19 May 1953 Somerset
1815......Lorraine Dellar b 19 Mar 1965 Cambridge
1816......Neil Dellar b 11 May 1968 Cambridge

1747 Patricia Irene WALLACE m (a) Kenneth Ernest WRIGHT (b 24 May 1936 Woodstock, Charlton, New Brunswick, Canada d 25 Mar 1973 Brantford, Brant, Ontario bur 27 Mar 1973 Mount Hope Cemetery, Brantford) 24 Jun 1955 Grace Anglican Church, Brantford (b) Earl William George ROLSON (b 21 Oct 1917 Oshawa, Durham, Ontario d 31 Jul 1999 bur 2 Aug 1999 Mount Hope Cemetery) 24 Sep 1983 St Jude's Anglican Church, Brantford, Brant

Note: Ken was the son of Arthur Gordon WRIGHT and Madeline Virginia KEITH.
Earl was the son of Frank Wesley ROLSON and Beatrice Helena Jane LAW, and served in the Canadian Army during WW2 in the Hastings, Prince Edward Regiment

Children of Ken and Patricia

1817......Shirley Patricia Wright b 28 Sep 1958 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1818......Nancy Ann Wright b 27 May 1960 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1819......Carol Ann Wright b 5 May 1961 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1820......Robert Kenneth Wright b 5 Aug 1963 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1821......Donna Lee Wright b 5 Aug 1965 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1747 William Barry WAKEFIELD m Elizabeth ALEXANDER (b 12 May 1957 Bent, Laurencekirk, Kincardine d 10 Mar 1986 aged 28)

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William ALEXANDER and Jessie Cream FETTES.

Children of William and Elizabeth
1822......Robert Simon dob unknown
1823......Martin John dob unknown m Deborah RAPHAEL
Amanda Louise dob unknown
1825......Timothy Alexander dob unknown

1749 Gloria Elaine LUANN m (a) John CHALONER (b 1945 d 1975 aged 30) 1970 Poole (b) Geoffrey POULTON (b 1947) 1979 Birmingham (c) Wesley KENDRICK (b 1947) 1996 Birmingham

Children of Geoffrey and Gloria
1827......Christopher Thomas Poulton b 1980 Birmingham
1828......Jane Alexandra Poulton b 1983 Birmingham

1748 Edwin Eric (Ted) WALLACE m Susan Jane McGRATTAN (b 17 Jan 1955 Brantford) 8 Sep 1973 Knox Presbyterian Church, Brantford

Children of Ted and Susan
1829......Jason Eric Wallace b 21 Apr 1977 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1830......Kimberley Irene Wallace b 26 Apr 1982 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1831....Erin Jane Wallace b 20 Apr 1984 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1757 Gaynor Lynne DOUBLE m Martin MEARS (b 1945 Edmonton) 1968 Spencers Wood, Berks

Note: Martin is a furniture manufacturer

(issue: 5 children: 4 boys and one girl)

1762 Lesley HOLLOWAY m John TRIGGS (b 3 Jul 1947 Hammersmith) abt 1978

Children of John and Lesley
1837......Laurel Triggs b 11 Jan 1980 Reading
1838......Christopher Triggs b 6 Nov 1982 Reading

1775 John Vane RICHARDS m Susan Lesley ACKERMAN 5 Oct 1998 Lowestoft

Children of John and Susan
1839......Jason Richards b 23 Decf 1988 Gorleston
1840......Amy Richards b 4 May 1990 Gorleston

1776 Jean Mary RICHARDS m Alan Joseph PIDCOCK (b 18 May 1950 Sheffield

Children of Alan and Jean
1841......Stacey JunePidcock b 20 Apr 1985 Norwich bap 8 Jul 1990 Gillingham, Nfk
1842......Daniel Alan Richard Pidcock b 8 Oct 1989 Gorleston

1777 Carol RICHARDS m Terry BAILEY (b 1950)

Child of Terry and Carol
1843......Emma Bailey b 1985

p11 Tony RICHARDS m Suzette

Child of Tony and Suzette
1844......Emily Richards b 1998

p12 Ann RICHARDS m Michael COOK (b 1950)

Children of Michael and Ann
1845......Julie Cook b 1985
1846......Carol Cook b 1987
1847......Peter Cook b 1989

1790 Carlma Charlene JOHNSTONE m (a) George August PALMER ( b 31 May 1946 Masterton) 4 Jul 1970 (div) (b) John Kirby SKINNER (b 15 Feb 1943 Lower Hutt) 14 Mar 1987 Apiti

Children of George and Carlma
1848......Tasha Mary b 4 Jan 1972 Palmerston North m Timothy Malcolm HILL 18 Jul 1992
1849......Mandy Eve b 16 Apr 1975 Palmerston North


1822 Robert Simon WAKEFIELD m Laura Susannah Mary SANDLE

Children of Robert and Laura
1850......Robert George Wakefield dob unknown
1851......Charles Finlay Wakefield dob unknown
1852......Sydney Alchen Kate Wakefield dob unknown

1824 Amanda Louise WAKEFIELD m Donald LEESON

Child of Donald and Amanda
1853......Molly Grace Leeson dob unknown

1825 Timothy Alexander WAKEFIELD m Lorraine WHEELAN

Children of Timothy and Lorraine
1854......Thomas Alexander Wakefield dob unknown
1855......William Stanley Wakefield dob unknown

1793 Terrence (Terry) DOUBLE m Marie-Andre BELAIR

Children of Terry and Marie-Andre
1856......Tristan Double
1857......Jeffrey Double
1858......Liam Double

x28 Chantal DOUBLE m Jonathan DUMONT Children of Jonathan and Chantal 1859......Florence Dumont
1860......Laurielle Dumont
1861......Lily-Rose Dumont

x29 Jennifer FOWLER m Kyle NUNES

Child of Kyle and Jennifer
1862......Grey Nunes b 20 Sep 2009

1797 Brian Walton DOUBLE m Nathalie Rita KOVAR (b 26 May 1977 Hull, Quebec) 3 Jul 1999 Nepean, Ontario

Note: Nathalie was the daughter of John George KOVAR and Diane Lise CADIEUX

Children of Brian and Diane
1863......Julia Morrigan Double b 17 Dec 1999 Ottawa
1864......Ethan Nicholas Double b 19 May 2001 Ottawa
1865......Noah Walton Double b 11 Aug 2003 Ottawa

1798 Kathryn DOUBLE m Joshua James McKEIGAN (b 16 Jan 1979 Ottawa) 28 Aug 2004 North Gower, Ontario

Note: Joshua was the son of James Edward McKEIGAN and Joyce Grace DELORNE

Children of Joshua and Kathryn
1866......Devany Isabelle McKeigan b 1 Jun 2007 Victoria BC
1867......Calliope Gloria Anne MacKeigan b 6 Sep 2009 Ottawa

1802 Christopher PATTEN m Kelly DOANE

Child of Christopher and Kelly
1868......Madeline Anabel Patten b 19 Nov 2010

1807 Laura Eve HATELEY m Christopher Adam JONES (b 9 Dec 1984) 1 Mar 1985

Child of Christopher and Laura
1869......Maxwell Michael Jones b 18 Nov 2011

1814 Karen DELLAR m Gary Richard MARSH (b 21 Jun 1960)

Children of Gary and Karen
1870......Fay Marsh b 7 Mar 1988 Cambridge
1871......Kim Robyn Marsh b 10 Jan 1991 Cambridge

1815 Lorraine DELLAR m David John BAILEY (b 30 May 1961) 7 Sep 1991 Cambridge

Children of David and Lorraine
1872......Lee Mark Bailey-Dellar b 28 Aug 1986 Cambridge
1873......Adam Bailey-Dellar b 20 Sep 1989 Cambridge
1874......Karl Bailey-Dellar b 12 Feb 1991 Cambridge

1817 Shirley Patricia WRIGHT m David Bruce SARGENT (b 25 Mar 1953 Brantford) 14 May 1980 St Jude's Anglican Church, Brantford, Brant Ontario

Children of David and Shirley
1878......William Bruce Sargent b 18 Dec 1983 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1879......Matthew Albert Sargent b 8 Sep 1993 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1818 Nancy Ann WRIGHT m Gary Edwin OAKES (b 14 Aug 1958 Brantford, Brant Ontario) 26 May 1979 St Jude's Anglican Church, Brantford, Brant Ontario

Children of Gary and Nancy
1880......Thomas William Oakes b 17 Dec 1982 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1881......James Stanley b 8 Jun 1986 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1819 Carol Ann WRIGHT m George Ernest ALFORD (b 9 Mar 1954 St Thomas, Elgin Ontario) 22 May 1980 Brantford, Brant Ontario

Children of George and Carol
1882......Janet Ann Alford b 9 May 1984 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1883......Sara Patricia Alford b 11 Oct 1989 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1820 Robert Kenneth WRIGHT m Edith Charlane BONNEY (b 8 Sep 1963 Paris, Brant, Ontario) 21 Jul 1990 Bethel United Church, Brant County, Ontario

Children of Robert and Edith
1884......Jennifer Marie Wright b 14 Dec 1992 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1885......Kayla Lynn Wright b 30 Sep 1995 Brantford, Brant Ontario

1821 Donna Lee WRIGHT m John Reginald VINCENT b 10 Jan 1950 Brantford, Brant Ontario) 1 Jun 1991 Immanuel Baptist Church, Brantford, Brant Ontario

Children of John and Donna
1886......Angela Marie b 1 Jun 1990 Brantford, Brant Ontario
1887......John Paul b 8 May 1992 Brantford, Brant Ontario


Many thanks to Bryan Rolf for the major part of this branch which originated from Ray Double, 380 Carlma Skinner for more of this branch information, and also to Stephen Austin, Steve Barber, Ron Strutt, Murray Double, Sandra Cardwell, Drummond McQueen, 315 Gillian McAlpine , E782 Lesley Trigg, W2 Ted Wallace, Frances Monk, June Sadler C5 Gary Coulson , Angela Woolnough, Tina Mattocks, Roger Double, grandson of 301 Ernest Double ,Phillip Monks of New Zealand, K15 Richard Keay and Rb1 Deborah Lundbech, M2 Martin Mears, Susanne Taylor, Max Double Jeni Simpson, Lorna Piper and 347p Laura Jones

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