Elizabeth Mary Ann Mewse was an assistant schoolteacher in 1891 at Hintlesham, Suffolk, boarding with Tom and Annette Atkin at Hadleigh Road, Hintlesham. How she came to be there is not known, but it is probable that she met her future husband, Frank James Green whilst at Hintlesham, since he lived close by in Raydon.

She is known to have suffered from " Rheumatic fever" from childhood - and this seems to have carried over to her career in education


Week ending 11th January 1895

This temporary Board School was opened on Tuesday morning, Jan 8th 1875. 72 children were admitted on Tuesday, 10 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. Total 83.
A Adams Esq visited the school on Tuesday and Thursday.


Mistress Mary Ann Knight
Assistant (Ast '50) Lena M S Task
Assistant Elizabeth M A Mewse
Monitress Daisy Mingay

Week ending October 4th 1895


Mistress Mary Ann Knight
Assistant (Ast '50) Lena M S Task
Assistant Elizabeth M A Mewse
Week ending November 1st 1895

Miss Mewse absent from school this week through illness.

(There were many away with measles) Week ending November 7th 1895

Miss Mewse not able to attend school this week through illness.

Week ending December 3rd 1897

A very heavy gale was blowing from the North East, with high tide which overflowed the banks of the river near where
the temporary School in Windsor Road was situated, flooding the roads and fields for some distance, to the height of 3 or 4 feet.
It lifted the school from its foundation and carried it several yards across a field and it was soon filled with 3 feet of water.
It cannot again be used as a school. During this week the Board has hired the old premises situated in Carlton Road and formerly used as a girls' school.
They will be opened on Wednesday morning, December 8th for infants.

Week ending June 10th 1898

Commenced school on Monday morning.

Sent 29 boys and 33 girls to Upper departments..
Admitted 63 infants.
Began work for new school year.
Miss Task has charge of 1st class
Miss Mewse, 2nd class
Miss Mingay, 3rd class
No on books 190

A brand new school was built and started in 1898. In 2008 it is still operational

Week ending September 2nd 1898

The new Board Schools situate in Lovewell Road were publicly opened on Tuesday afternoon, August 30th.
On Wednesday morning school commenced. 250 children on books. Average attendance 198.
These schools will be called Lovewell Road Board.

Elizabeth's farewell gift from the school in 1899 was a clock which is still working in 2011

and below is a photo of Lovewell Road School in 2007

Many thanks to my sister Jenny Ball for researching the Lowestoft part of this page

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