This account has been adapted from "Browns of Kyeburn Peninsula" by Wally Brown - to whom many thanks

Born at home in Auroa, Florrie left school at the tender age of thirteen and a half to work on the farm. Hockey was her main sport and she played for several years with the Auroa Ladies' team - of which her Dad was the coach. They won the Taranaki title three years running from 1936 to 1938. "Pop got so annoyed with some of the one-eyed umpires that he sat the exams and became a qualified umpire himself". She also loved drama and performed in local plays.

Basil was a farmer, and had been a flanker for the Taranaki Rugby team during the 1920s. They farmed for four years at Auroa, where they had two boys and a girl, (the first, Eric died from convulsions at the age of 14 months) then moved to Katikati in the Bay of Plenty, another boy adding to the family before moving to an 83 hectare dairy farm at Pongakawa, not far from Te Puke

Basil, who suffered from Asthma, died in 1967, and Florrie continued with the farm, with the help of her son. She retired to 5a Cameron Road, Te Puke wher she enjoyed bowls and crochet work. She had a nice story about her father which is worth inclusion:

"Pop (Wilfred) used to tell us how he had stuck a fly in Grandad Moses' mouth while he was sleeping on the sofa with his mouth open. Well, like father like son, Wilfred also slept on the sofa with his mouth open. The temptation was too much. Egged on by big brother Bert I caught a bluebottle and popped it into his mouth. To this day I can hear Dad coughing and spluttering, but we didn't stay around long enough to see what happened!