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Fowell Traction Engines

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Each engine number described

Abbreviation: TE = traction engine, followed by horsepower

Total number of steam engines in works records = 109

This information came from the archives of the Road Locomotive Society, to which it had been left by the late Alan Duke. Many thanks to the RLS - you can access their site at It was added to by Brian Hutchings and subsequently by me. You can e-mail Brian here

If you know of any further information on any one of these machines, please e-mail me

1 Built for Edward Green,North Walsham, Norfolk, TE6HP, delivered June 1877, Bought later by F Seamark, Willingham See photo
2 Built for Wm Box Uffington, Box Patent, delivered May 1877 , attended shows at Bath, Liverpool, Bristol; bought about 1882/3 by J W Plowman,Uffington See photo
3 Built for Frederick Savage, Kings Lynn, TE8HP delivered Sept 1880
4 Built for William Gooch, Bacton, TE8HP July 1879
5 Built for Thomas Saggers Buntingford, Herts, TE6HP, Delivered Oct 1880; Bought later by George Bradshaw Eaton Socon, Beds
6 Built for Robert Ededs, Wisbech, TE8HP delivered Aug 1879
7 Built for John Harrison, Northwold, TE8HP delivered Dec 1879 Bought later by John Carter, Foulden, Nfk
8 Built for Landsell & Co, later Chinnery & Landsell, Winfarthing, TE8HP, delivered Sept 1880; Bought later by Geo Chinnery, Diss Nfk; Bought Sept 1910 by George Thurlow & Sons Stowmarket, Sfk; Bought Aug 1912 by AJ Ellis, Thurton, Nfk; Scrapped 2 Jun 1919
9 Built for John Woodcock,Fenstanton,TE8HP, delivered Aug 1880. Reboilered Nov 1909; Bought by Charles Langford Fenstanton by 1921; Bought by EG Hall, Warboys, Hunts 1923; Bought by Richard Duce, Cambridge 1952; Road tax Reg no EW 2229 See photo
10 Built for Edward Green, North Walsham, TE8HP, delivered Aug 1881
11 Built for Duke of Manchester, Kimbolton, TE8HP, delivered Dec 1881, owned later by Lord Charles Montague; Bought by Ernest B Greenwood, Ramsey 1922, Bought by Chattel & Co, Lt Stukeley 1926; and by Geo Taylor, Redbourne by Sept 1933 Road tax no EW 2364
12 Built for W Walls, Bunburgh (sic), TE7HP, delivered Aug 1881; Road tax no CF 3323 by 1921 was owned by Sturgeon Bros, Stanton Sfk See photo
13 Built forWilliam Andrews (later Andrews Bros) Terrington St Clement, TE7HP, delivered July 1882; Thomas G Osgerby, Spalding in Aug 1912 and later by Harry JB Cook, Postland Lincs. ;Scrapped on 13 Jun 1918
14 Built for William Thompson, Upwood, Hunts TE8HP, delivered Jan 1882 later bought by E A Foley, Bourne
15 Built for Knights Bros, Dilham Nfk, TE8HP, delivered Jan 1882, bought later by Arthur J Haylett, Wroxham Nfk
16 Built for Edward Green, North Walsham,TE8HP Delivered Jul 1882
17 Built for John Cook[e] Stoke Ferry, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1882 then owned by H J B Fletcher, Whaplode Drove, Lincs. Road tax no DO 2244See photo
18 Built for William Box jnr Uffington, Fowell-Box patent delivered Jul 1882, owned later by Holloway Bros, Mkt Lavington, Wilts See photo
19 Built for William Gooch, Bacton, TE8HP delivered Jul 1882 owned later by James Cory Haynford Nfk; then by Arthur J Loveday, Kenninghall Nfk. Road tax no AH 6122 See photo
20 Built for John Welcher, Doddington Ely,TE8HP, delivered Jun 1884 owned later by Chas Brett & Bros Guyhirne, Ely and then by E A Foley, Bourne
21 Built for Wm S Peddar, Higham Nfk, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1883
22 Built for Wesley & Co, Stretham Ely, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1883; Road tax no EW 2341, bought in Jul 1920 by Thomas Setchell Earith Fen [See photo of John and Sarah WESLEY, the original owners here and Joseph Fowell's 1886 valuation here]
23 Built for Edward Green Nth Walsham, TE8HP, delivered Oct 1884
24 Built for John May St Ives, TE7HP, delivered Aug 1885; Road tax no EW 2347. In Jul 1921 bought by Ralph Newman, Hemingford Grey and in Jul 1923 by Charles Clifton, Warboys
25 Built for John Jarman, Kneesworth,TE7HP, delivered Apr 1885; Road Tax no NK 951; bought by A T Oliver & Sons Wandon End Herts in Oct 1920
26 Built for Hardy, Brandon, 8HP portable See photo
27 Built for Sturgeon Bros, Stanton, TE8HP, delivered Jun 1885 Road Tax no CF 3321, bought by WNL Champion Riddlesworth Hall Nfk 1933
28 Built for George H Mutimer, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1888 Road Tax no AH 6987; bought by Henry Hammond, Hethel Nfk Jul 1921 and ? sold in ? 1938 to whom is unknown
29 Built for William Gooch, Bacton, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1885; later bought by James Cory, Haynford Nfk and then by James E Mehew, Kimbolton
30 Built forWilliam Box jnr [late Alfred & Edward Box, Aintree L'pool] TE8HP Fowell-Box patent, delivered May 1884 (Name 'LION' )
31 Built for Cook of Fenstanton, 8HP Portable delivered Jan 1888
32 Built for John May, St Ives, TE7HP, delivered Jul 1886
33 Built for Richard Drake, Sutton Ely, TE7HP, delivered Oct 1886
34 Built for Jewson, 15HP fixed engine delivered Apr 1880
35 Built for Larman Register Downham, TE7HP, delivered Jan 1890 later bought by Arthur T Charter, Bourne Cambs then by John Carter, Foulden Nfksee photo
36 Built for Richard Drake, Sutton Ely, TE7HP, delivered Aug 1888 Road Tax no EB 2753 bought by Edward Welch, Doddington, Ely 1927
37 Built for Thos Tuddenham Teversham, TE8HP delivered Sep 1888, Road tax no CE 9642 later owned by Ben T Kent, Shelford Bottom and by 1915: Percy E Elbourne, Meldreth
38 Built for W Scott, Ashill Nfk. TE8HP, delivered Nov 1888, Road Tax no AH 5946 bought by Wm Bushell, Gt Snoring Nfk by 1921 Scrapped Jun 1927
39 Built for Sanders of Cambridge; 8HP Portable delivered Aug 1887
40 Built for May Boat Eng St Ives; 8HP boat. Delivered Sep 1887
41 Built for Wm Box, jnr, Walton L'pool;TE8HP Fowell-Box patent delivered 1888 See photo
42 Built for Thomas Rudd, E Ruston Nfk; TE8HP delivered Sep 1888 Road Tax no AH 6043 later owned by Herbert Wenn, Ingham Nfk; bought in Sep 1910 by Bertie J Aldridge, Pulham St Mary the Virgin, Nfk
43 Built for CJR Fyson & Sons, Soham, TE8HP Delivered Sep 1889, owned later by John May, Outwell Nfk, then by Matthew Palmer, Chatteris Ely. Bought in 1923 by E A Foley, Bourne
44 Built for John [later Henry] Mager,Toseland, Hunts, TE8HP delivered Jun 1889; Road Tax No CE 7773 owned later by Parish Bros, Swavesey, Cambs, bought by 1921 by C W H Cole, Swavesey, Cambs and by 1946 by R Seambler, Over, Cambs
45 Built for Larman Register, TE7HP; delivered Sep 1888 owned later by E Palmer, Wisbech ( for Palmer Family History Pages click here)
46 Built for George Hinkins, Somersham, TE8HP delivered Jul 1889; Road Tax no EW 2387, bought by 1921 by WA [later A-W] Kimpton Somersham and by 1929 by John W Welcher, Doddington Ely See photo
47 Built for Henry [later Mrs E] Taylor, Sawtry, Godmanchester, TE8HP; delivered Feb 1890; Road Tax no NK 1215, bought by 1918 by GR [later JE] Kidman Rametwick, by 1922 by P Geo Simons, Maltby le Marsh. Note: In Fowells' records: Ewan W MacDonald, Louth, and by 1927 by PC Kidman & Sons Biggleswade
48 Built for T Smith & Sons Cottenham, TE8HP; delivered Jul 1890, Road Tax no CE 8203, owned later by Richard Duce, Cambs
49 Built for Sturgeon Bros Stanton Sfk,TE8HP; delivered Dec 1890; Road Tax no CF 3329
50 Built for John Nicholls, Pinchbeck, TE7HP; delivered Sep 1893
51 Built for Edward Green, Nth Walsham, TE8HP, delivered Feb 1891; Road Tax no AH 5585 owned later by John W Rix, Hingham Nfk bought by 1921 by Dodman & Moore, Alpington Nfk and by 1940 by Arthur J Ellis, Hardley, Nfk
52 Built for Henry Cranfield, Buckden, TE8HP delivered Mar 1891, Road Tax no CE 9641 owned later by 1915 Percy Elbourne, Meldreth and by 1951 at nursery nr Royden Essexsee photo
53 Built for Hodge Bros, Bluntisham, TE8HP, delivered June 1891; Road Tax no EW 2348 owned later by 1929 S A Flack, Orwell, Cambs See photo See an account of steam in Orwell here
54 E Green & Sons Nth Walsham, TE8HP, delivered Sep 1891, Road Tax no EW 2422 owned later by T F Hooley, Papworth Everard and then by Geo F Dolby, Somersham, Hunts see photo
55 Built for Henry (later Mrs Elizabeth) Taylor Sawtry (Later Godmanchester), TE8HP delivered Sep 1891 owned later by Dallis, then by Wm Hegbin & Sons, Easton Nfk, then by E A Foley, Bourne and finally by Herbert Epton, New Bolingbroke
56 Built for G Warren, Harston, Cambs, TE8HP, delivered Apr 1892 'UNITY' Rd tax no EW 2388 owned later by Wm A (later AW) Kimpton Somersham, Hunts See photo
57 Built for Sturgeon Bros, Stanton Nfk, TE8HP; delivered Jun 1892, Road tax no BJ 5918 owned later by Henry G Ross, Beccles then bought by 1922 by John J Cook, Mutford
58 Built for Wm Bocock, Gazeley Sfk, TE8HP Delivered Jul 1892; Road tax no CF 3325 later owned by Sturgeon Bros, Stanton and then post Dec 1946 by W & F Inskip, Hitchin
59 Built for Henry G Hoff, Wormgay, Nfk, TE8HP, delivered Aug 1892 Road tax no EW 2234 then bought by 1913 by Alexander Charter, Bourne Cambs, then by 1921 by Leslie Ellerbeck, Godmanchester and then by 1926 by W A (later AW) Kimpton, Somersham Hunts; finally by 1944 by H J Rodwell, Harston, Cambs
60 Built for William(later Benjamin)Savage, Whittlesea, Ely, TE8HP, delivered Sep 1892 Road tax no EB 3482 then owned by 1925 by Herbert Goodenough, Whittlesea, later Ramsey
61 Built for F & A Gooch, East Ruston, TE8HP, delivered Jun 1893 ? Road tax no EW 2211? and owned by 1907 by G Thurlow & Sons, Stowmarket and in Aug 1908 bought by James E Mehew, Kimbolton, and later owned by Geo Taylor, Redbourne (?)
62 Built for George Hides, Sth Kyme Lincs, TE8HP, delivered Aug 1893 then owned by Albert Burns, Clifford
63 Built for Warboys Com, Crease Mill (?), Semi-portable delivered Nov 1892
64 Built for Geo Daniels, Barton Turf Nfk, TE8HP, delivered Jul 1894 Road tax no TW 3091 then bought by Apr 1926 by GT Hides, Gt Chesterford, Essex , then owned by Geo CH Cowell, Westley, Cambs and finally by Richard Duce, Cambridge
65 Built for Geo Hides, Sth Kyme, Lincs, TE8HP, delivered Aug 1894
66 Built for Henry T Dade Parson Drove Ely, TE7HP, delivered Feb 1894 and owned later by James (later James H) Waling, Wisbech St Mary see photo
67 Built for Knights Bros, Dilham, Nfk, TE8HP, delivered 6 Jul 1895, Road tax no AH 6086 then bought by 1921 by Arthur J Haylett, Wroxham, Nfk and by 1944 by Arthur J Ellis, Hardley, Nfk
68 Built for Edward A Rose, Hartford (later Broughton) Hunts, TE8HP, delivered 14 Nov 1895 Road tax no EW 2345 bought by Aug 1939 by Samuel E Franklin, Lt Abington, then by Frank E Nunn, Dalham W Sfk and by 1944 by Trevor Waspe, Bradfield Combust, W Sfk see photo
69 Built for S Oldman [my great grandfather] , Stow Bedon, Boiler, delivered Feb 1890 for steam mill
70 Built for T Smith & Sons, Cottenham, TE8HP, delivered 1896? Road tax no CE 8024 see photo
71 Not completed?
72 Built for George Moore, Hempnall, TE7HP, delivered Aug 1894 Road tax no AH 5973 and owned by 1921 by S & JR Sporle, Alburgh Nfk See photo
73 Oil Engine - nothing further known
74 Built for Clarke Bros, Kirkby in Ashfield, TE7HP, delivered Aug 1894 then owned by F R Bird Mansfield: Scrapped 1937
75 Built for Blaze, Browaton E Suffolk, TE6HP, delivered Sep 1894 and bought by 1922 by Geo Thurtle, Gt Ormesby, Nfk
76 Built for Benj'n Allen & Sons, Sawtry, TE7HP, delivered Nov 1894 Road tax no EW 2367 bought 26 Jun 1931 by W S Smith, Woodwalton Hunts and in 1940 by Sir E W Shepperson, Upwood
77 Built for Wm Howard, Litlington, Cambs, TE7HP, delivered 20 Jul 1895, Road tax no CE 8048 owned by 1921 by Clem. M Wadham, Swaffham Prior
78 Built for F J Hunt, Guilden Morden Cambs, TE7HP, delivered 12 Oct 1895
79 Built for R Howling Terrington St Clement,TE7HP, delivery date unknown, Road Tax No AH 7038 owned later by 1921 F Howling & Sons and later by BR Howling, Terrington St C. Bought in 1945 by Marshland and Wingland Trading Assn Ltd, Terrington St Clement
80 Built for Stephen (later Frederick) Dann,North Tuddenham, TE7HP, delivered 20 Aug 1896 Road Tax no AH 6249 bought in 1931 by J Chapman, Elsing Sfk, in Sep 1935 by R G Bensley, Suffield Nfk and by May 1942 by Henry W Webb & Sons, Woodton
81 Built for Wm A Kimpton, Somersham, TE7HP, delivered Nov 1896 Road Tax no CE 8695 then owned by F Seamark, Willingham and bought by 1921 by Askew Bros, Willingham.... [This machine had a boiler cast with a blowhole, and it took years to discover why it used so much coal and water]
82 Built for Wm Hebgin & Son Easton Hunts, TE7HP, delivered 31 Jul 1897 Road tax no ?AH 6214? owned later by James Cory Haynford, Nfk then by Edward A Green, Nth Walsham and bought by 1934 by Robt Arthurton, Hockering Nfk
83 Built for RASE Show (Leics), TE7HP Fowell-Box patent delivered Jun 1896 Road Tax no CE 9640 then went Jul 1897 to Huntingdon Show. Converted ord TE7HP and sold to P E (later DA) Elbourne Meldreth
84 Built for William J Bird, Farnsfield Notts, TE7HP delivered 1898 Road Tax no NN 3506 then bought by 1923 by Henry Breedon. By Sep 1940 84 was sold to George Sharman, Halam and in 1944 to Butler & Green, Eagle, Lincs: Scrapped 1962 see photo
85 Built for S Morbey, Soham Cambs, TE7HP delivered 1898 Road Tax no EB 2833 Sold by 1921 to J F Alderman, Thorney, Ely, in 1926 to J H Ogden, March, in 1937 to S A Flack, Outwell, Cambs. In 1941/2 was scrapped. See an account of steam in Orwell here
86 Built for G A Turner, Therfield, Herts, TE8HP delivered 1897 Road Tax no NK 899 and by 1935 was owned by G Taylor, Redbourne See photo
87 Built for Benj. Cannon, Rushden Herts, TE7HP delivered 1898 Road Tax no NK 1134 owned later by John S How, Quinbury, Herts
88 Built for Percy E Elbourne Meldreth, TE8HP, delivered 1898; Road Tax no CE 8064 see photo
89 Built for EA(later Wm A) Green, N Walsham,TE8HP; delivered 1900 Road Tax no AH 5941 bought in 1926 by P E Elbourne, Meldreth, Cambs see photo
90 Built for J P Charter, Comberton Cambs, TE7HP; delivered Jul 1901, Road Tax no CE 8060 owned later by Alex'r Charter, Comberton, bought in Jul 1918 by Chapman Bros, Comberton and about 1928-30 by Wadham, Swaffham Prior See photo
91 Built for FJ Hunt, Gulden Morden, TE7HP; delivered Aug 1902, Road Tax no CE 7856, bought in 1968 by R & D Parrish Shefford Hardwick See photo
92 Built for FJ Hunt, Guilden Morden, TE7HP; delivered 23 Jul 1903. Road Tax no CE 7857 bought in 1961 by Gerald Maurice Arthur Turner and John Mills (with others), Hauxton, Cambs, in 1963 by Thomas B Paisley, Holywell Hunts and in April 1972 R & D Parrish Shefford Hardwick. Name: originally 'SOOTY' then (and now) 'ROUNDHEAD'. Now owned by R Parrish only See photo
93 Built for J P Charter, Comberton Cambs, TE7HP; delivered 31 Dec 1904, Road Tax no CE 7894 [Note: This engine was road tax no WEW 584 for a while before 1960, then reverted to CE 7894 after restoration] 93 was bought by 1921 by Alexander Charter, Bourne Cambsand sold in 1936 to ?AW Baker & Sons Alconbury. In 1937 ownership passed to Walter Herdman, Gt Staughton, and by 1960 it was restored by Ivan J Pottle, St Neots. Bought in 1986 by Colin Piggott, Dunton, Beds and passed in 1990 to John Gorman. Name: 'ABBOTT' See photo
94 Built for F J Hunt, Guilden Morden, TE7 HP; delivered 28 Jul 1905. Road Tax no CE 7859 bought on 8 Aug 1935 by Drake & Kent, Chrishall, Essex and in 1953 by Richard Duce, Cambridge
95 Built for Hodge Bros, Bluntisham, Hunts, TE7HP; delivered 25 Jul 1906 Road tax no EW 2347 bought in 1936 by SA (Later Mrs SA) Flack, Orwell, then in 1952 by Richard Duce, Cambridge See photo See an account of steam in Orwell here
96 Built for E T Hooley, Parworth [actually Papworth] Everard, TE7HP, delivered 17 Sep 1906 Road Tax no DO 2059 bought by 1921 by G Portas, Sutton Bridge, Lincs and on 30 Jun 1943 by Stephen Adams, Timberland Lincs See photo
97 Built for J P Charter, Comberton, TE7HP; delivered 31 Dec 1907 (Plate dated 1908) RoadTax no CE7893 bought by 1921 by Alex'r Charter, Bourne, Cambs, then by Harold Rodwell, and by 1945 by Percy Harvey, Balsham, Cambs and in 1961 passed into the collection of Tom Paisley, Holywell, Hunts Name: 'IRONSIDE'. In 1980 sold to D J Cully, Calmoor Hants Name: 'THE BLACK PRINCE' and in 1986 bought by Glenn Carter, Mount Hawke Cornwall See photo
98 Built for F J Hunt, Guilden Morden,TE7HP; delivered 24 Jul 1909, Road tax no CE 7858 bought on 8 Aug 1935 by George Taylor, Redbourne, then owned first by H Kay Ltd, Hersham, second by Norris, Hardcross, E Sussex and third by P Yorke, Midhurst, W Sussex. By 1960 it was bought by WJ Chandler, Smallfield Surrey and by 1978 by G&E Crosse, Donaskeagh, Co Tipperary, now Alec Crosse at the same address. Complete new boiler by Bicknells of Liphook in 1999/2000 then exhibited Aug 2002 Name: 'RELIANCE'See photo
99 Built for Frederick C Baker Tilney All Saints (Later E Dereham Nfk), TE7HP; delivered 24 Aug 1910, Road Tax no AH 7524 bought by 1921 by Andrews Bros, Terrington St Clements
100 William Lister & Son, Prickwillow (later Fen Ditton) TE7HP; delivered 22 Aug 1911, Road Tax no CE8876 bought by 1946 by BR Howling Terrington St Clements See photo
101 Built for Darby Bros, Sutton, Ely, TE8HP; delivered 13 Nov 1911, Road Tax no EW 2317 bought by 1921 by Edwards Bros, Gt Raveley Hunts and by 1946 by FJ Jackson & Sons Ramsey Hts. In 1948/9 passed into the ownership of Edward Welcher, Doddington, Ely See photo
102 Built for H Anderson & Son, St Ives, TE8HP; delivered 30 Jul 1912 Road Tax no EW 2740 later owned by William Scott, St Ives and now scrapped See photo
103 Built for Henry G Hoff, Wormgay Nfk, TE8HP3 speed; delivered 26 Jul 1913 Road Tax no AH5456 bought 1960 by HA Darby, Sutton, Ely, and in 1962 by Thomas Paisley, Holywell Hunts. Name: 'CROMWELL'. On 1 Oct 1980 bought by J E Green, Gorleston Sfk. In 1996 bought by Ron and David Miller.See photo
104 Built for T (later F) Setchell Earith Fen (Later Colne, Hunts), TE7HP; delivered 30 Jul 1913 Road Tax no EW 2342 later owned by H Brown, Chittering, Cambs, then F Peacock & Sons, Haddenham Ely. Bought in 1953 by Richard Duce, Cambridge see photo
105 Built for Henry Cranfield, Buckden Hunts, TE8HP; delivered 31 Dec 1912 Road Tax no EW 2392, later owned by JA Cheney, Polebrook Nth Hants then by Gibbons & Sons Castor P'boro
106 Built for W'm J Bird, Farnsfield Notts, TE8HP; delivered 24 Sep 1914 Road Tax no EW 2192 bought Sep 1915 by WH Gotobed & Son, Somersham on 12 May 1936 by H Epton, New Bolingbroke Lincs and in 1952 was scrapped See photo
107 Built for Darby Bros, Sutton, Ely,TE8HP; delivered 20 Sep 1915 Road Tax no EB 2762 bought in 1930 by E Chapman, Boxworth Cambs and by 1944 by CWH Cole, Swavesey Cambs Final owner was Richard Duce, Cambridge
108 Built for RASE Show (Cambridge), TE8HP; delivered Jul 1922 Road Tax no EW2981, later owned by Edwards Bros, Gt Raveley and by 1943 by N Gipson, Meldreth Cambs. by Jul 1958 was bought by R Pumphrey, Duxford Cambs and in 1960 by Gordon Wells, Dagenham, Essex See photo
109 Built for R Howling & Sons Terrington St Clements,TE7HP; delivered Oct 1921 Road Tax no EW 2566 bought by 1940 byB R Howling, Terrington St Clements


If you know of any further information on any one of these machines, please e-mail me