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There is more information on a website for the Langdon-Goff family and here for additional information including similar mames

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Note: There are at least two line of Fowells . This page shows that which leads eventually to me, with direct ancestors shown in red. Another line is shown here and you can see the Itteringham Fowells here
Since the families are living in the same area it seems likely that a link exists between them, Fowell being a relatively unusual name, but we have yet to find it.

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Ablett...Allen abt 1912...Allen abt 1980...Angel...Back...Bantock...Barton...Beckwith...Beddows
Bernie...Bolt...Booby...Boyd-Vandeleur...Bray...Broad...Broadbent...Bromley...Brown 1847...Brown 1870
Ellis...Fordham...Franklin...George...Gillingwater...Goldsworthy...Gooch...Goode...Gowan...Hall ...Harlock...Hatch
Hitchcock...Hollis...Holman...Hubbard ...Hughes...Hunt...Hurst...Jenners...Jillings...Jolly 1808
Jolly 1920...Jurisich...Kelsall...Kemp ...Knight...Knights...Kraft...Lambert 1808... Lambert 1841...Lambert 1874
Lambert 1901...Lapish...Laws...Lawson...Lax...Lee...Madden...Male...McCourt...MacRae
McNeill...Malinson...Marrish...Marsh...Marshall...Martin...Mather...Maule...Mendham 1870...Mendham abt 1868...Micah
Midgley...Milton...Moore...Morrish...Mortimer...Nesbit...Ogg...Oldman 1869...Oldman 1905...Osborn
Rankin...Reeder...Reeve abt 1813...Reeve abt 1857...Reeves...Reid...Riach...Rickwood...Routh...Sammy...Scarfe...Sharland...Shearing...Shepherdson
Slack...Smith 1876...Smith 1962...Snee...Snelling...Spinks...Spurr...Stagg
Westwood...White...Whitehead...Whitney...Williams...Wood 1840...Wood 1968...Woodward...Wos...Zivkovich

NOTE: There are two earlier references to Fowell which may be relavent.

The first is an apprenticeship indenture for Anne FOWELL, the daughter of William FOWELL, blacksmith of Cottenham , who was apprenticed to John CLARK, husbandman, dated 10 Oct 1704 (Cambridge RO P50/14)

The second is a settlement order to St Edmund King and Martyr Parish, Cambridge for Robert and Mary FOWELL. (Cambridge RO)

The origin of the family is unknown, but may be Fowlescombe, Devon. How they got to Thetford is a mystery!


Parents unknown

1......Samuel FOWELL b abt 1719
2......John FOWELL b 1731 d 1819 m Elizabeth WATKIN (widow, bur 1829) 22 Jul 1779, St Mary's Thetford .
Note: George FOWELL was witness to the marriage

Note: there was a Sarah Fowell who died aged 85 as a widow in Thetford, indicating that there may have been more male children in this generation.


3 Robert FOWLE (of Euston?) m Mary HURST 5 Oct 1736 Euston

Child of Robert and Mary
William Fowle b abt 1745

1 Samuel FOWELL m (a) Sarah abt 1741 and (b) Elizabeth abt 1750

Children of Samuel and Sarah
5......Richard Fowell bur 1747 Thetford St Mary's
6......Ann Fowell bap 1749 Thetford St Mary's

Child of Samuel and Elizabeth
7......George Fowell b 1751 Thetford


4 William FOWELL 1781 m Margaret OTLEY 7 Nov 1778 Euston

Note: It seems possible that William was a late son of Samuel and Sarah above
After William's death, Margaret married again to Richard MORTIMER in 1822. She is the Margaret Mortimer mentioned in the will of William Fowell her son born 1782.

Children of William and Margaret
8......Anna Fowell bap 2 Jul 1780 d 30 Sep 1818
9......William Fowell bap 31 Mar 1782 Euston d 27 Apr 1849
Note: William died of Dropsy from which he had suffered 6 months
10....John Fowell bap 31 May 1784 d 21 Nov 1819
11....Mary Ann Fowell b 1783 Euston bap 5 Jun 1786 Euston m James PECK (b 1781 Tissington ) abt 1807 Thetford
James and Mary Ann lived in Norfolk St Wisbech in 1851 where James was a grocer and a neice, Susan ANGEL was staying with them. In 1861 James was a porter and they were living at 2 Great South Street, Wisbech
12....Elizabeth Fowell bap 15 Aug 1790 m Joseph KEMP abt 1811
13....Hannah Fowell bap 8 Apr 1798
14....Lucy Fowell dob unknown

7 George FOWELL m Rebecca

Children of George and Rebecca
15......Samuel Fowell b 4 Apr 1782 bap 25 Aug 1782 Thetford St Mary's, bur 1854 Thetford St Mary's
16......George Fowell bap 1783 Thetford St Mary's bur 1854 Thetford St Mary's
17......John Fowell
b 1786 d 24 Apr 1846 Thetford St Peter bur 1846 Thetford St Mary's m Mary REEVE
Note: John's death certificate shows the cause of death as "Scirrhous Prostate". His surname was spelt "Fowl"
18......Mary Fowell bur 1792 as infant
19......William Fowell b 1809 m Sarah (b abt 1820)
Note: William was a stonemason and was living with Sarah in Magdelan Street, Thetford in 1841, but in 1846 he is recorded as a carpenter
20......Joseph Fowell d.o.b. unknown, baker in Back St Thetford in 1846 m Jane (b abt 1777 d 4 Jun 1862)
Note: Jane was living as a lodger and widow with Samuel TINGAY at 13 Tanners Lane Thetford in 1861


21 William FOWELL b abt 1795 d 2nd qr 1849 Thetford m Elizabeth abt 1820

Note: although at present there appears to be no clear connection with others of the Fowell family, I have included this because it may well provide the link by which the Osborn and Broad families knew each other. There seems to be only two families of Fowells in the area, and given William's occupation of blacksmith in 1841, when he lived in Mount Street, Diss, it is likely that he is of this branch of Fowell. You can see the other branch here (source:1841 census)

Children of William and Elizabeth
22......Robert Fowell b abt 1821 Diss
23......Emma Fowell b abt 1823 Diss
24......Ellen b abt 1825 Diss
25......Maria Fowell b abt 1832 Diss

9 William FOWELL ( b abt 1765? d 1849) marrying Sarah FORDHAM (b 1767 Suffolk d 13 Feb 1855) by banns on 19 Oct 1808, Thetford St Cuthberts
Note: The marriage was witnessed by Robert JOLLY, Jane ELLIS and Robert Sagrot MARSHALL. William was a waggoner in the 1841 census and was listed in 1845 as a carrier with a Van fron Goal Street, Thetford to London every Monday at 12 noon. He was a carpenter in Raymond Street Thetford in 1846,They lived in Jail Lane, Thetford. You can see his will here. Sarah was the daughter of Christopher LAMBERT, a labourer. She died of "Decay of Nature" aged 88

Child of William and Sarah
26......George Fowell b 1811 Thetford d 3rd qr 1866 Thetford
Note: George was still living with his parents in 1841. The Norfolk News reported on 8 Sep 1866 that George ,"in the employment of L S Bidwell, Esq fell a corpse while carrying a sack of grain." A Post Mortem showed that death resulted from heart disease.
27......William Fowell b 1825 Thetford

10 John FOWELL, of Thetford St Peters d 22 Jul 1829 Thetford m Jane Ellanor ( b Harleston d Sep 1874)

Note: See John's will here .

John was at one time a shoemaker but later a shopkeeper. Jane was a widow in 1861 living as a lodger

Children of John and Jane Ellanor or Mary
28......Hannah Fowell dob unknown
29......George Fowell b 1809 Thetford
30......Elizabeth b 1814
31.....Joseph Fowell b 1815 in Thetford d 1899 Thetford
32......Henry Fowell b 1816 Thetford
33......Robert Fowell b 1818 Thetford ag lab in 1861 m Sarah (b 1815 Bridgeham, Norfolk d Jun 1862)
Note: Robert and Sarah were living at 50 Bury Rd Thetford in 1861 with a boarder, Elizabeth COCK aged 86 as a boarder.

13 Hannah FOWELL m Thomas ANGEL 1825 Thetford St Mary's

Note: In 1841 Thomas was a bricklayer and lived in Guildhall Street, Thetford

Children of Thomas and Hannah
34......Susan Angel b 1827 Thetford
35......Thomas Angel b 1834 Thetford

17 John FOWELL m Mary REEVE (b 1791 d 4th qr 1866)

In 1851 John and Mary were living in Back Lane, Thetford

Children of John and Mary
36......Elizabeth Fowell b 1814 Thetford d 3rd qr 1876 [Thetford 4b 245] m Benjamin REEVE (b 1804 or 1806 Pakenham d 3rd qr 1877 [Thetford 4b 242]) 1857 [Thetford 4b 1100]
Note: In 1861 and in 1871 they were living in Gt Magdelan St, Thetford when Benjamin was an ag lab
37......John Fowell b 1815 Thetford
38......Robert Fowell b 1816 Thetford d 31st Aug 1907 Thetford
Note: Robert's death certificate gives cause of death as senile decay. He was living with his son William at 43 Earles Street, Thetford when he died. (The death certificate shows a son "N Fowell" as the informant and the address, but it was William who lived there)
39......William Fowell b 1825 Thetford
40......Henry Fowell b 1831 Thetford

41 George OSBORN a gardener of Cavenham, Suffolk b in Norton, Suffolk m Sarah Fowell (b 1786 Rougham)

See the Osborn(e) branch

Children of George and Sarah
42......Sally [Sarah] Osborn bap 18 Jun 1815
43......Elizabeth Osborn bap 19 Jan 1817 Cavenham
44......Henry Osborn bap 15 Mar 1818 Cavenham
45......George Osborn bap 18 Jul 1819 Cavenham
Note: George was living with parents in 1851
46......Eleanor Osbornl bap 29 Apr 1821Cavenham
47......Mary Ann Osborn bap 30 Mar 1823 Cavenham
48......Samuel Osborn (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826
49......James Osborn (twin) bap 11 Jun 1826

50 Henry STEARNE b 1770 d 1850 (Carpenter) m Sarah WHITEHEAD abt 1810

Children of Henry and Sarah
50......Henry Stearne b 1812 Thetford St Cuthberts
51......Thomas George Stearne* b 1817 Thetford St Mary's
52......Peter Salmon Stearne* b 1818 Thetford St Mary's
53......Frederick Stearne* dob unknown bur 1820 Thetford St Mary's
Frederick Stearne b 1821 Thetford St Cuthberts blacksmith d 1889 Thetford
55......Philip Stearne b 1826 Thetford St Cuthberts Bricklayer
Note: The three people marked * had their surname is recorded as STERNE

56 Henry BACK b abt 1797 Weeting d 4th qr 1870 [Thetford 4b 305] m Ann JOHNSON (b 1799 Thetford)

Note: Henry was a waterman. In 1841 and 1851 Henry was not present, but the family were at Back St, St Peter,Thetford. In 1861 they were at Guildhall St, Thetford and Henry was again a watermen

Children of Henry aand Ann
Susanna Back b 24 Dec 1826 Thetford d 1914 Thetford
58......Harriet Backb 9 Nov 1828 [Norf Trans Site]
Note: In 1851 Harriet was a servant
59......Eliza Back b 4 Aug 1830 Thetford [1851 census]
Note: In 1851 Eliza was a servant
60......Henry Back b 22 Mar 1833 [Norf Trans Site] m Elizabeth TILNEY (b 1837 Brandon)
Note: In 1861 Henry was a waterman living at Back Street and in 1881 he was a labourer still at Back Street; no issue
61......John Back b 1835 Thetford [1841 census
62......Elizabeth Back b 1840 Thetford [1851 census]
63......Frederick Back b 2nd qr 1849 Thetford [Thetford 13 305] d 1st qr 1889 [Thetford 4b 265]
Note: In 1861 Frederick was a blacksmith
64......Sophia Back b 4th qr 1841 Thetford [Thetford 13 214] d 4th qr 1841 Thetford {Thetford 13 214]
65......Maria Back b 1845 Thetford [1851 census]>BR>Note: In 1861 Maria was a house maid


29 Joseph FOWELL b 1815 d 25 Oct 1899 m 35 Sally (Sarah) OSBORN (b 18 Jun 1815 d 5 Feb 1873), 24th Dec 1840 in Cavenham, Sfk.

Note: witnesses to the marriage were H J COOPER and 47 Ellanor OSBORN.Joseph was a wheelwright, and for 40 years was working at Charles Burrells, the Traction Engine maker, in Thetford (where they lived in Back St), rising to become Works Manager on the then princely sum of 5 a week. He retired in Apr 1878 and he joined the firm making Fowell traction engines founded by his son George John (who had also been working at Burrell's as chief draughtsman on 3 a week.) (You can see a newspaper account of his retirement here.)

In 1851 they had a 16 year old maid, Sarah RIACH born Lorford, Essex] In 1861 he lived at 73 Back Street and is recorded in the census as an agricultural engineer. In 1864 he was the librarian for the Methodist circuit. In 1881 he was a widower living with his two youngest daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah, and was employing 17 men and 1 boy. In 1881 and 1891 he was living in St Ives at Bridge Street, widowed, with daughters Elizabeth and Hannah, and was described as an Engineer employing 17 men and one boy - the latter as an agricultural machine attendant

In 1884 a record (MC/114/8/9 at NRO) shows that he sold four cottages in St Nicholas Street, Thetford. Joseph went to Gorleston to retire when the firm broke up, and lived at Osborne House, Gorleston, but was buried in Thetford cemetery.

You can read about the family firm by clicking in the gears.

Children of Joseph and Sally

66......George John Fowell b 17 Nov 1841 Thetford [Thetford 13 290] d 30 Nov 1900 St Andrews House, Ermine St Huntingdon
Note: George John died of tuberculosis
67......Joseph Fowell b 1st qr 1843 d Dec 1844 Thetford
68......Sarah Fowell b 3rd qr 1844 Thetford [VIII 287]
69......William Fowell b 1845
70......Joseph Fowell jnr b 1846, bap 1847 (model maker in the 1861 census) m (a) 37a Carolina ? ( b 1849, d 20 Jul 1877 bur 25 Jul 1877: died in Bethel Hospital, Norwich aged 28 of "acute mania exhaustion") (b) 37b Sarah Ann (Sally) ABLETT (b 2nd qr 1844 St Ives, Hunts [St Ives 14 221]) Brixton Hill Wesleyan Chapel, Lambeth 23rd Aug 1879 [Father: Henry ABLETT dec.] Witnesses: Joseph Pedley ABLETT and E FOWELL.
Notes: In 1881, Joseph, ("Engineers Manager" in 1879 and was a "Practical Engineer" in 1881) and Sarah Ann were living in East Dereham at Park Road, Clifton Villas with sister 69 Ellen in 1881. They had a servant: Sarah Colman aged 16 who lived in.

Joseph lived in Reeves Road, North Walsham in 1879 : Sarah Ann as a spinster at 41 Dalberg Rd, Brixton]
[Note: In 1891 Joseph, Sarah Ann and Daisy Emily were living at 24 Welt Street, Bury St Edmunds, and at Eastwood House, Leiston in 1901 with their daughter, Daisy Emmaline aged 14 born 4th qr 1887 [Uttoxeter 6b 308] when he was an assistant foreman at an engineering works (Garrets of Leiston). When they retired they went to live in Boxford, Suffolk.]

71......Jane Fowell b 1st qr 1848 Thetford d 1st qr 1903 Thetford m Stephen OLDMAN 10 Dec 1869 Thetford Wesleyan Methodist Church
See the Oldman branch here
72......Ellen Fowell b 1st qr 1850 Thetford [Thetford 13 328] d 2nd qr 1917 [Holbeck 9b 713]

Ellen LAX nee FOWELL

Note: Ellen was living with her brother 53 Joseph in 1881 at Park Road Clifton Villas 2, East Dereham
73......Henry (Harry) Fowell b 4th qr 1851 [Thetford xiii 313]
74......Elizabeth Fowell b Sep 1853
Note: Elizabeth was a housekeeper in 1881. In 1901 she was living in Gorleston with her sister Hannah
75......Hannah Fowell b 1858 d 2nd qr 1909 North Witchford, Cambs aged 51
<7>Note: Hannah wa a teacher in 1881. In 1901 she was living in Gorleston with her sister Elizabeth

38 Robert FOWELL b 1818 bur 4 Sep 1907 m Catherine BOOBY (b 1825/6 Thetford d 6 Mar 1901 Thetford aged 72 [Thetford 4b 266]) 17 Nov 1848 [Thetford 13 823]
Note: Robert, a wheelwright and carpenter, and at his marriage he was living at St Mary's Parish, Ely. Catherine was the daughter of James BOOBY, a labourer living in St Peter's Thetford, and witnesses to the marriage were Ann FOWELL and FOWELL (Their marriage certificate spelt the surname as Fowl)

He and Catherine lived at Prospect Place, Thetford in 1851, 25 St Nicholas St Thetford in 1861 (next door to Charles BURRELL), In 1870 at the christening of his two youingest sons he gave his occupation as machineman. In 1871 he lived in Back Street (when Robert was an agricultural machinist). and 1881 and at 77 St Nicholas Street Thetford in 1891 In 1871 there was a boarder living with them: Frederick H SNEE. In 1901 Robert was living in St Nicholas Lane, Thetford when he had visitors: 63 Elizabeth FOWELL and her sister Ethel LAMBERT aged 17

Children of Robert and Catherine

76......Martha Ann Fowell b 1850 Thetford
77......Henry Robert Fowell b 14 Apr 1852 Back Street, Thetford [Thetford 4b 382] d 17 Mar 1929 10 Knight Street, Lincoln
78......Elizabeth Fowell b 2nd qr 1854 Thetford
Note: In 1871 Elizabeth was a milliner living at Thetford Road, Brandon.
79......Catherine Fowell b 2nd qr 1856 Thetford bap 11 May 1856 Thetford Methodist Church
Note: In 1891 Catherine was living with her sister Martha Ann as a milliner in Dartford, Kent
80......Evangelina Fowell b 4th qr 1858 Thetford
81......Ellen Fowell b 3 Dec 1860 bap 3 Feb 1861 Thetford Methodist Church d 6 Jul 1919 Bermondsey aged 58
Note: Ellen was a housemaid in 1881 at Hornsey
82......William Fowell bap 10 Apr 1864 Thetford Methodist Church m ? Sep 1877 Thetford
83......Elias Fowell b 3rd qr 1866 [Thetford 4b 372] bap 12 Aug 1870 Thetford Methodist Church m Laura Ellen 2nd qr 1893 [West Ham 4a 329]
Note: Christened Elias, according to the records (although this could be a transcriber's error), he called himself Ellis and in 1891 was a schoolmaster. The Bury and Norwich Post of 24 Dec 1878 reported that he was in Standard VI of Thetford Board School and was awarded the Mayors Prize. He was living at 43 Gilmore Road, Lewisham in 1901 and was a commercial clerk, and in 1911 he was manager for a piano and sewing machine factor. There were no children of this union
84......Arthur Fowell bap 12 Aug 1870 Thetford Methodist Church
Note as with 71 Elias above he was at the Thetford Board School in 1878 in the upper 3rd and was awarded a Mayor's prize

40 Henry FOWELL b 1816, bur 24 Feb 1894 (draper in 1891) m (a) Ann CHURCHYARD (b 1802 d 1867 Thetford) 2nd qr 1848 (b) Eliza CATES, widow of 82 William FOWELL (b Garboldisham 1826: father Robert SHEARING) 22 Oct 1871

Note: Henry (as an ag lab in 1851 and a licenced Hawker in 1871 and 1881) and Eliza were living at 27 Earles St in 1881 [when Edward Alfred GOOCH (b 1880) was a boarder] and at 6 Earles Street, Thetford in 1891. Eliza's daughter Mary Ann CATES married 69 William FOWELL - see below.

Child of Henry and Eliza

85 ......Edwin Alfred Gooch Fowell, adopted, b 1880

86 John Maude BROADBENT b 1819 Bowling, Bradford d 1864 m (a) Hannah WOOD (d 1849 of phthisis (TB)) 1840 (b) Harriet MIDGLEY (spinster, b 1818) 7 Oct 1849 Birstall parish church after banns

Note: John was the illegitimate son of Mary BROADBENT and possibly a member of the MAUDE family who were present in the village of Elland, Yorks, at the time. In 1840 and 1849 John was a forgeman. Harriet was the daughter of James MIDGLEY, a labourer. Witnesses to their marriage were Henry MIDGLEY and George BROMLEY

Note: There is considerable doubt as to whether this is the right John Broadbent. Eliza's birth certificate shows him as father but Susannah BROADBENT nee MALINSON as her mother.

Children of John and Hannah
87......Alfred Broadbent b 1841 d 2nd qr 1868 Huddersfield [Huddersfield 9a 223]
Elizabeth (Eliza) Broadbent b 7 Mar 1844 at Elland
89......Ellen Broadbent b abt 1847?

Child of John and Harriet
90......Alfred Broadbent b abt 1865

26 George FOWELL m Mary LAMBERT ( b 1804 Croxton bur Feb 1875 aged 67) 21 Nov 1841 Thetford St Cuthberts

Note: Mary was the daughter of Christopher LAMBERTWitnesses to the wedding were William LAMBERT and Mary Lambert. George was a carrier in 1841 when he married, Toll collector in 1851 and 1861, and he and Mary living in Pike Lane in 1851 and at 169 Old Market Place in 1861

Child of George and Mary

91......William Christopher Fowell b 14 May 1846 d 16 Mar 1934 5 Water Lane Thetford aged 87
Note: William Christopher and his wife, Anna Back Stearne were buried in Thetford Cemetery in plot JE186

27 William FOWELL m Mary abt 1856

Child of William and Mary
92......George Fowell b 1857 Thetford St Mary

45 George OSBORN m Mary Ann COBBOLD 4th qr 1849 [Stow 12 923]

Note: George and Mary Ann were living in Cavendish with George's parents in 1851

Children of George and Mary Ann
93......Sarah Osborn b 1848
94......William Osborn b 1850

48 Samuel OSBORN bap 11 Jun 1826 m Susan Elizabeth CLAYDEN (b 1825 London) abt 1845

Note: The family was living at 40 Cavenham St, Cavenham in 1881 and Samuel is recorded as "Head Gardener" at Cavenham Hall and in 1861 Susan was a shopkeeper. The 1891 census records Samuel and Susan at "The Street" Cavenham with Caroline, Sarah and Edith still living at home. Susan died of a cerebral haemorrhage.

From the Bury and Norwich Post of 23 Sep 1890

Children of Samuel and Susan Elizabeth
95......Sarah Osborn b 10 May 1846 [cert] bap 24 May 1846 Cavenham d bef 1851
96......James Osborn b 21 Sep 1848 [cert] bap 29 Oct 1848 Cavenham
97......John Osborn bap 30 Jun 1850 Cavenham d 2nd qr 1851 [Mildenhall 13 379]
98......Samuel Osborn bap 23 Oct 1851 Cavenham [cert] d 4th qr 1851 [Mildenhall 13 470]
99......John Osborn b 1st qr 1853 [Mildenhall 4a 1350] bap 17 Apr 1853 Cavenham
100....Sarah Osborn bap 31 May 1854 Cavenham
Note: In 1891 Sarah was living with her parents, but "living on her own means". The Bury and Norwich Post of 2 Aug 1887 records her wedding gift of a pincushion to a Major Owen who married Eva Waddington who lived at Cacenham Hall
101....Elizabeth Osborn bap 6 Oct 1855 Cavenham d 3rd qr 1855 [Mildenhall 4a 415]
102....Caroline Osborn bap 15 Mar 1857 Cavenham
Note: Caroline was a laundress in 1881 and 1891, living with her parents.The Bury and Norwich Post of 25 Sep 1894 reported her inquest which said that she had "committed suicide during tempoarary insanity" by jumping down a 20 foot deep well. She had been "delivered of a child about three months earlier.
103....George Osborn bap 12 Jun 1859 Cavenham
Samuel Claydon Osborn b 28 Apr 1858 Cavenham [cert] d 1st qr 1909 [St Georges Hanover Square 1a 372]
Note: In 1871 Samuel was an errand boy. Samuel was butler to Col. Charles COCKRAN ret'd at Congham Hall, Norfolk in 1891 [near Kings Lynn]. His death was the result of suicide by cutting his own throat with a razor [cert]
105....Harry Osborn bap 19 May 1860 Cavenham
106....Ellen Osborn bap 10 Mar 1862 Cavenham
107....Elizabeth Osborn bap 9 May 1864 Cavenham
108....George Osborn bap 6 Oct 1866 Cavenham [Mildenhall 4a 453]
Julia Mary Osborn bap 20 Jun 1869 Cavenham [Mildenhall 4a 484] d 3rd qr 1936 aged 67 [Willesden 3a 264]
Note: In 1891 Julia was a cook in service with Herman and Gertrude Myer at 24 Pembridge Villas, Pembridge Crescent, Kensington, London

49 James OSBORN m Elizabeth SNELLING (b 1821 Thetford)

Note: the family was living at 23 White Hart Street in 1861: James was a model maker (for Burrells?)

Children of James and Elizabeth
110......Elizabeth Ellen Osborn b 10 Aug 1852 St Nicholas Lane, Thetford m Moses BROWN New Zealand
See the Brown branch here
111......Martha Osborn b 24 Aug 1854 Thetford d 12 Jul 1923 Dunedin m Alfred Carter BROAD 12 Dec 1876 Diss
See the Broad branch here
112......George Edward Osborn b abt 1857 married in Thetford Dec 1886

54 Frederick STEARNE m 57 Susanna BACK (b abt 1827 Thetford) 2 Aug 1848 St Cuthbert's Church Thetford

Note: Frederick was a blacksmith in 1841 living at Bury Road: Papermaker's Arms Inn, Thetford and in 1871 and 1881 still a blacksmith he was at Back Street, Thetford. Susanna was living in St Nicholas Street in 1891 and with her were grandchildren George (b 1876 labourer) Frederick (Errand boy b 1877), William (b 1879) and Thomas (b 1880) all Fowells.

Children of Federick and Susanna
113......Jane Stearne bap 11 Mar 1849 St Peters Thetford m Richard MENDHAM 3rd qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 683]
Anna Back Stearne b 11 Apr 1851 Thetford bap 27 Jul 1851 Thetford d 19 Mar 1932 at 18 Abbey Green, Thetford aged 80
115......John Back Stearne bap 12 Mar 1854 St Peters Thetford d in infancy
116......Frederick Thomas Stearne b 2 Oct 1860 bap 13 Jul 1862 Thetford St Peter m Annie Myer MOORE (b 1860 Thetford) 2nd qr 1883 [Thetford 4b 621]
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a turner, living with his parents and in 1901 and 1911 he was an iron turner living at 3 Norwich Rd, Thetford.
117......Thomas Stearne b 1865 Thetford m Clara REEDER (b 1871 Brandon) 1st qr 1891
Note: In 1881 Thomas was an iron moulder, living with his parents
118......Susannah Rosa Stearne b 1868 Thetford m Frank Harry GILLINGWATER 2nd qr 1893 [Thetford 4b 625]
Note: In 1891 Susannah Rose was a dressmaker

119 Thomas CHELL b 22 Nov 1811 Fritchley, Crich, bap 26 Sep 1811 Chirk Derbyshire d 1883 Tanner Street, Thetford m Mary PEARSON (b 18 Nov 1819 Cromford Derbyshire bap 19 May 1816 Cromford d 1854 Lower Elbon St, Snainton, Notts) 12 Oct 1835 Matlock

Note: Thomas was a millwright

Children of Thomas and Mary
120......Peter Chell bap 27 Jan 1837 Crich d 1914 Thetford
Note: Peter was a foreman engineer
Edward Chell b 5 May 1839 Crich d Apr 1910
122......George Chell b 7 Mar 1842 bap 10 Apr 1842 Crich d 1927 Bromley m Mary SLACK 31 Dec 1866 Manchester
123......Selina Chell b 30 Nov 1844 Lumsdale, Derbyshire, bap 15 Jun 1845 Crich m James CLARKE
124......Emily Chell b 28 Jan 1848 Brimington, Derbyshire
Thomas Chell b Jun 1851 Stavely, Derbyshire
126......Hannah Chell b 1854 Brimington, Derbyshire

Also, unidentified in this generation:

127......Beatrice Alice FOWELL b Dec 1872
128......Samuel FOWELL b Dec 1873 Thetford d 2nd qr 1874 Thetford
129......Anna FOWELL b 4th qr 1857 Thetford
130......Frederick FOWELL b 4th qr 1855 Thetford
132......Ellen FOWELL b 3rd qr 1866 Thetford


66 George John FOWELL b 1842 m 86 Elizabeth (Eliza) BROADBENT (b 1844 Leeds d 16 Aug 1932 ) 18 Jun 1866 Wesleyan Chapel Hunslet, Leeds [Hunslet 9b 406]

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were 75 Alfred and 77 Ellen BROADBENT. For some time I have been trying to find a link between the Fowells of Thetford and the Broadbents of Hunslet. George John certainly had connections through his employer (Charles Burrell) with the steam engine makers Fowler of Hunslet (Burrells built their first road locomotives on licence from Fowler) and may have been an apprentice there. The connection to the Broadbent family may have been encouraged by Hannah BROADBENT (born in Leeds abt 1839) who was a student at the Diocesan training institution at Norwich in 1861.

In 1861 George John was described as an engine fitter, in 1866 when he married he is shown as an engine fitter living in Back Street, Thetford, and Eliza was living at Albert Street, Hunslet, and in 1868 he was a member of the Methodist Church.
George John was chief draughtsman for Charles Burrell designing steam engines in Thetford (he also shared a patent for steel treads on wheels with Charles BURRELL), and in 1871 he is described as a mechanical draughtsman, but in 1876 he left to form his own agricultural engineering works in St Ives. You can see a full account of this here . In 1881 he was an "Agricultural Implement Manufacturer" living at 7 Cromwell Place, St Ives In 1891 the family was at 138 Station Road, St Ives. When the partnership with his father broke up in 1898, he went to Huntingdon to work for Baylis and Thackray, agricultural engineers, where he was joined by his eldest son, Alfred. He is buried in Huntingdon - see his obituary here.

Eliza was a dressmaker in the 1871 census
In 1911, Eliza was the step-daughter of Harriet BROADBENT (b 1819 Bradford, Yorks), who was living with them as housekeeper in 1871 and 1881; Eliza was a dressmaker in 1871. She went to join her son Joe in New Zealand where she died Dunedin NZ after living 21 years there. Her address was 22 Cliffs Road, Dunedin. She was cremated 18 Aug. 1932, and her ashes placed in the Niche Wall in Chapel of Anderson Bay Cemetery, but have now been scattered under trees nearby following demolition of the crematorium., Dunedin.

Children of George John and Eliza
133......Ada Fowell b 4th qr 1868 cremated 12 Aug 1959 spinster Auckland NZ
Note: she had been living at Mellon's Bay Rd, Howick, a suburb of Auckland. Prior to that she had been living with her mother, 64a Elizabeth at 9 St Anne's Road Mornington in 1911, at 144 Forbury Road Caversham, Dunedin in 1919. Her hobby was painting..
134......Joseph (Joe) Fowell b 1st qr 1871 d 22 Jan 1943 Auckland New Zealand
Note: there is a potted history of the Fowells of New Zealand here
135......Alfred Fowell b 2nd qr 1872 d 1947

89 Ellen BROADBENT m George Dayson CROSLAND 3rd qr 1878 [Hunslet 9b 377]

Children of George and Ellen
135......Nellie Crosland b 3rd qr 1879 [Hunslet 9b 300]
136......Ethel Crosland b 3rd qr 1882 [Hunslet 9b 307]

90 Alfred BROADBENT m Caroline SPURR 4th qr 1864 [[Hunslet 9b 447]

Child of Alfred and Caroline
137......Louise Broadbent b 1st qr 1868 [Hunslet 9b 318]
138......Kate Broadbent b 1st qr 1871 [Hunslet 9b 269]
139......Clara Broadbent b 3rd qr 1875 [Hunslet 9b 323]
140......Ellen (aka Nellie) Broadbent b 2nd qr 1877 [Hunslet 9b 309] d 1962
141......Albert Ernest Broadbent b 2nd qr 1887 [Bramley 9b 390] d 1st qr 1955 [Lancaster 10c 728]

68 Sarah FOWELL (d 4th qr 1873 [St Saviour 1d 62]) m 121 Edward CHELL (b 5 May 1839 d Apr 1910) 29 Dec 1864 Thetford

Note: Edward CHELL worked as an iron founder at Burrells in 1870, when he was paid 1.4s.0d a week. In 1871 he lived at Norwich Rd, Earles Lane, Thetford After Sarah died Edward married Rebecca

Children of Edward and Sarah

142......Joseph Thomas Chell b 1865 Thetford m Harriet
Note: Joseph became a schoolmasterin Camberwell
143......Sarah Chell b 1867 Thetford
144......Ellen Chell b 1868 Thetford

Child of Edward and Rebecca
145......Edward Chell b 1881 London

125 Thomas CHELL m Sarah SMITH June 1876 Thetford

Children of Thomas and Sarah
146......Florence b 1877
147......Arthur b 1879 184 Halliwell Road Lt Bolton m Edith OLDMAN 10 Jun 1905 Thetford
See the Oldman branch
148......Harry Chell b 1880 184 Halliwell Road Lt Bolton
133......Edith b 1887 Thetford
149......Charles Chell b 1891 in Russia as British subject
150......Gertrude Mary Chell b 1893 Thetford

76 Martha Ann FOWELL m David MICAH (b 1st qr 1852 Rhyader, Radnorshire [Rhayader 11b 167]) 1875 Dartford, Kent

Note: In 1871 David was an apprentice in Breconshire.The family lived in High Street, Dartford, Kent where David was a carrier in 1881 and 1891. In 1901 he was a draper.

Child of David and Martha
151......Llewellyn Fowell Micah b 4th qr 1881 Dartford, Kent [Dartford 2a 461]

77 Henry Robert FOWELL m (a) Elizabeth LAMBERT ( b 1851 Brandon, d 3rd qr 1917) 17 Sep 1874 Primitive Methodist Chapel, Thetford (b) Susan LAWS 2nd qr 1919 [Lincoln 7a 1552]

Note: In 1871 Henry was an agricultural machinist in Thetford (almost certainly for Charles Burrell). In 1861 Elizabeth who was the daughter of William (an alms worker) and Elizabeth LAMBERT was living at Guildhall Street, Thetford. The family was living at 10 Knight Street, St Botolph Lincoln in 1881 and 1891 when Henry was an agricultural machine maker working for Clayton and Shuttleworth, and was a visitor at 139 Great Park Street, Wellingborough (his son George's home) in 1901. In 1911 he was dealing in seed and corn thrashing machines. When Elizabeth died he employed Susan LAWS as a housekeeper and subsequently married her.

His will, made in 1922, includes "I leave all my estate to my wife Susan during widowhood, but on her death or remarrying I leave all my estate in equal shares to my three sons, but I have not heard from Arthur or Frank in over four years. I fear that they are dead and if I do not hear from them before I die, I leave all my estate to George" (which is what happened)

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
152......Arthur Fowell b 17 Jul 1875 9 Monson Street, St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln
Note: In 1890 he was an errand boy and a witness in a court case in Lincoln. In 1891 Arthur was a plumbers apprentice. In 1892 he won a book as a prize, still held in the family
153......George Fowell b 18 May 1877 9 Monson St, St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln bap 13 Jun 1877 St Marys Wigford d 5 Jan 1961 Wellingborough.
Note: George was apprenticed on 17 Apr 1893 for 6 years to Henry GADSBY, an umbrella maker, cutler, locksmith and general mechanic. Living expenses were provided by Henry Robert Fowell, his father, but Mr Gadsby paid George at the following rates

1st year 4 shillings per week
2nd year 5 shillings per week
3rd year 6 shillings per week
4th year 7 shillings per week
5th year 8 shillings per week
6th year 10 shillings per week

154......Frank Fowell b 30 Nov 1882 10 Knight Street, Lincoln (registered 1 Jan 1883) d 15 Feb 1965 at 67 Hollingbury Park Ave, Brighton.. m Nora Marguerite POWER (b 1886) 16 Nov 1909 St Brides Church, Fleet Street [London City 1C 15]
Note: Frank was working in the film and theatrical industry (around 1905 he was on Broadway in the USA) and seems to have lost contact with the family but was an editor when he married. The 1911 census shows him as a jounalist living at Honester, Manor Lane, Sutton, Surrey. He was a prolific writer and regularly wrote articles for "Youngs" magazine - aimed at young ladies. In 1913 he and Frank Palmer published a book "Censorship in England" which applied to dramatists and literary figures in 16th and 17th centuries.Up to around 1920 he was a film actor/co-director with London Film ProductionsIn 1921 the telephone directory shows his address as 2 Whitcombe House, London WC2.

80 Evangelina FOWELL m Richard Hercules HOLLIS (b abt 1845 Paddington) 2nd qr 1877 Kensington [Kensington 1a 184]

Note: the family lived at John Street North, Marylebone in 1881, at 23 Elgin Terrace, Paddington in 1891 and at 3 Albert Terrace, Portsmouth in 1901. Richard was a wood turner.

Children of Richard and Evangelina
155......Rosina Hollis b 1st qr 1879 [Marylebone 1a 537]
156......Frederick Thomas Hollis b 3rd qr 1880 [Marylebone 1a 584]
157......Gertrude Evangelina Hollis b 4th qr 1885 [Paddington 1a 59]
158......Grace Eveline Hollis b 4th qr 1888 [Paddington 1a 50]
159......Beatrice May Hollis b 1st qr 1897 [Portsea Island 2b 500]

81 Ellen FOWELL m George Ebenezer HITCHCOCK (b 4th qr 1858 Colchester [Colchester 4a 221] bap 27 Nov 1858 St Giles, Colchester d 1st qr 1940 Carshalton [Surrey Mid E 2a 747]) 23 Oct 1882 Hoxton

Note: George was the son of George HITCHCOCK (b abt 1824 Dedham) and Elizabeth GRIMWOOD (b abt 1822 Colchester). In 1861 George is recorded at Magdelan St, Colchester; in 1871 at Brewery Tap, Bristol and on board Sir Robert Peel (ship) in 1881 as a steward (Master: James William HARLOCK) and at 97 Alderton Rd Rotherhithe in 1891 when he is recorded as a steward (sea) mercantile marine. In 1901 the family was at 4 Drummond Road, Bermondsey, but George was not present.

Children of George and Ellen
160......Lucy Ellen Hitchcock b 3rd qr 1885 Shoreditch [Bethnal Green 1c 267] d 2 Apr 1956 Lewisham bur 9 Apr 1956 Grove Park
161......George Ebenezer Hitchcock b 18 Sep 1887 Bermondsey
162......Herbert Edward Hitchcock b 4th qr 1889 Bermondsey [St Olave 1d 305] d 1964 Hassocks, Sussex m Ethel Mary ALLEN b 1892 London
163......Charles Grimwood Hitchcock b 2nd qr 1892 Bermondsey [St Olave 1d 302] d 1934 Middlesex
164......Robert Victor Fowell Hitchcock b 2nd qr 1896 Bermondsey [Camberwell 1d 955]

82 William FOWELL m Mary Ann CATES (b 2nd qr 1863 [Thetford 4b 412] d 4th qr 1934 [Kensington 1a 196]) 3rd qr 1887 [Thetford 4b 645]

Note: William was a tea dealer in 1868, had a general stores at 43 Earles Street in 1901, was a JP in 1925, and after his death this was owned by a Major BANTOCK, who subsequently sold it (in 1972) to a Mrs COX who used the premises as a florists shop. She is now (2002) retired and lives on the premises. She told me that it originally belonged to Stephen OLDMAN. but I think it was more likely left to daughter Lilly who later married Major Bantock.
Mary was the daughter of William CATES and Eliza SHEARING.After William's death, Eliza married 40 Henry FOWELL. William and Mary Ann had one lodger, 85 Edward GOOCH who was a solicitors clerk in 1901, and Agnes PARK, a 19 year old servant living in.

Child of William and Mary Ann
165......Maud Lilly b 4th qr 1892 Thetford [Thetford 4b 363] d 1st qr 1970 [Bury St Edmunds 4b 3381] m Major Alvia E BANTOCK 3rd qr 1939 [Wayland 4b 926]

84 Arthur FOWELL m Emily Jane BEDDOWS (b 1870 Thetford) 1st qr 1890 [Thetford 4b 564]

Note: Arthur was an engineer's fitter in 1891 living at 32 Victor Rd Willesden and a mechanical engineer in 1901 at 27 Napier Rd Willesden

Children of Arthur and Jane
166......Kate Fowell b 3rd qr 1890 [Thetford 4b 351]
Note: Kate is said in the family to have married a schoolmaster, but I have not been able to find a marriage
167......Rosaline A Fowell b 2nd qr 1894 Willesden [Hendon 3a 197]

79 William Christopher FOWELL b 14 May 1846 Thetford (gen labourer) m 101 Anna Back STEARNE (b 11 Apr 1851 d 19 Mar 1932 at 18 Abbey Green Thetford) 25 Dec 1870, St Peter's Thetford

Note; witnessesto the marriage were Frederick STEARNE and Jane MENDHAM.Wiliam and Anna were living at 47 St Nicholas St in 1877, 91 St Nicholas St Thetford in 1891 and 55 St Nicholas St in 1901 Later they lived at 16 and then 18 Abbey Green Thetford.

Children of William and Anna
168......Mary Maria Fowell b 25 Apr 1871 Thetford d 15 Dec 1911 aged 40 [Thetford 4b 19]
169....Alice Fowell b 16 Jan 1873 Thetford d 9 Jan 1894 Thetford m Henry STREET 4th qr 1893 [Thetford 1015]
170......George Frederick Fowell b 17 Dec 1874 Thetford (living with grandmother Susan Stearne in 1891, Labourer) d abt 1974 aged 100
Note: George was a plumber in 1901 working for Baxendales of Miller Street Manchester
171......Frederick William Fowell b 18 Jun 1876 Thetford (living with grandmother Susan Stearne in 1891, Errand boy) d 1946 Finchley
172......Susannah Jane Fowell b 9 Oct 1877 at 47 St Nicholas St Thetford, domestic servant d 2 Sep 1962 at 4 Mangles Rd, Guildford, Surrey aged 84
Note: Susannah was, according to the family sent "up north" to work in a mill. She is recorded in the 1891 census as 13, living at 204 Bradford Rd, St Philip's district, Manchester with her uncle and aunt, Thomas and Sophia STEARNE and their daughter Mary, aged 5. Susannah was a calico weaver at this time: she lived later at 44 St Nicholas Street Thetford. She died of senile mycardial degeneration and emphysema and is buried in plot D386 Stake Cemetery, Guildford

See the website with her descendants and relations here

173......William Christopher Fowell b 21 Mar 1879 Thetford bur Southend on Sea m Florence CROWE: no issue
Note: William was a carpenter/joiner for Southend Corporation & played football for Southend.He was a Corporal in the Royal Engineers & served in Egypt in W.W.1
174......Thomas Arthur Fowell b 15 Dec 1880 Thetford killed in action WW1 24 Sep 1917
Note: Thomas Arthur was a member of the Royal Garrison Artillery Siege Battery of the Royal Artillery, where he was a gunner. He was also a member of the Abbey Quoits Club at the Waters Meadow, Thetford. He is the one on the 2nd from left, 2nd row down holding a quoit in the picture which you can see
175......Annie Elizabeth Fowell b 21 Sep 1882 Thetford d 11 Nov 1899 aged 17 bur 18 Nov 1899
175a....Emma Mary Fowell b 1 Oct 1884 Thetford
Note: Emma Mary is recorded as living at home with her parents but employed as a general domestic servant. She lived and worked in Thetford all her life.
176......Harry Fowell b 28 Oct 1886 Thetford d 29 Oct 1886 Thetford
177......Rose Maud Fowell b 1st qr 1888 [Thetford 4b 419]
Note: Rose Maud went to Providence, Rhode Island, and retired to Florida where she m William CHARRON, a French Canadian (no issue)
178......Jane Sophia (Ginny) Fowell b 9 May 1889 Thetford [not in 1901 census] d 16 Mar 1865 aged 75 m Arthur R RICKWOOD (from Bury Rd Thetford.) 3rd qr 1915 [Thetford 4b 966]
Note: Jane and Arthur lived at Nags Head Road, Ponders End. There was no issue. When Arthur died, Ginny moved to Southend and then back to Suffolk to be near 103 Jack
179......Arthur John (Jack) Fowell b 17 Mar 1891 Thetford d 9 Aug 1974 aged 83 bur with sister Ginny in Blythborough churchyard
Note: Jack was a wheelwright and worked at Burrells, then moving to Southwold where he worked with horses until he died

180......Florence Ida Fowell b 1895 Thetford
Note: Florence Ida's husband worked as an iron moulder at Burrells. Their daughter-in-law also worked in the 1960s in the same building when it was a transport cafe. When her mother died Florence Ida inherited properties in Water Lane, Abbey Green, St Nicholas St and Back St in Thetford

58 Ellen FOWELL m Thomas LAX ( b 26 Feb 1836 Birstwith Yorkshire 1836 bap Hampsthwaite 27 Mar 1836) 4th qr 1881 St Ives, Hunts

See Lax branch here

Note: Thomas had been a blacksmith in 1861 lodging with Ellen BECKWITH at 38 Fountain Street Leeds. In 1871 he was a farmer of 72 acres, living with Joseph and Ann WAITE at Skellgate, Low, Ripon. He was a coal merchant in Birstwith in 1881 living at 37 Blossomgate, Ripon andat Hunslet in 1891 when the family lived at 10 Bismark Grove, but by 1901 he had become a manufacturer of glass bottles. His firm held the Marmite bottle contract for almost 50 years. In 1901 the family lived at 10 Roxborough Street, Hunslet, Yorks.

Children of Thomas and Ellen
181......Elizabeth Ellen Lax b 4th qr 1882 [Hunslet 9b 300]
182......Frederick Lax b 1st qr 1884 [Hunslet 9b 268] m Margaret ROBERTSON 1st qr 1910 [[Southwark 1d 212]
183......Thomas Lax b 1st qr 1885 [Hunslet 9b 287]


There is a short history of this part of the branch which emigrated to New Zealand about the turn of the century here

151 Llewellyn Fowell MICAH m Nellie W BOLT 1st qr 1915 [Dartford 2a 1001]

Child of Llewellyn and Nellie
184......Catherine W Micah b 3rd qr 1916 [Dartford 2a 1146] m Henry A WOODWARD 3rd qr 1946 [Bournemouth 6b 393]

152 Arthur FOWELL m Annie Curtois PERRIN ( d 10 May 1955 West View Institution, Lincs) 2nd qr 1899 [Lincoln 7a 1235]

Note: In 1901 Arthur is a plumber, glazier and gas fitter, living with his family at 53 Dixon Street, Lincoln. He emigrated alone to Canada around 1906, and in 1911 (Canadian census) he was living at Battleford, Saskatchewan and gave his status as married and a farmer.
In 1912 he made his will, leaving everthing to his parents, naming father and brother George as executors. This he posted to his father but the will was never proved. His wife and son were not mentioned in the will
On 27 Apr 1916 he joined the Canadian Army, claiming not to be married but a plumber and steam fitter, and became a lance-corporal (no 294273). His description was height 5'3" eyes grey, dark comlexion with medium dark hair and his religion was shown as Methodist. He came to England with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and ther trace has been lost. At some stage he must have transferred to the Lincolnshire Regiment, for his death is recorded as Private Arthur Fowell no 12176 in the GRO war deaths 1915

Annie and Reuben stayed in Lincoln and in 1911 they were living at 54 Cranwell Street, Lincoln Annie was a music teacher and Reuben was attending Glenfield House Seminary.
Annie's will, made on 23 Jun 1941 when she was living at "Oaklea" 80 Boultham Road, Lincoln left her estate to charity, and explained "The reason I have not made any provision for my husband or son is because my husband has deserted me for many years past and contributed nothing to my support, and my son has caused me very considerable expense on account of drinking and other reasons"

Child of Arthur and Annie

185......Reuben Verdi Fowell b 1st qr 1900 [Lincoln 7a 539] d aged 64 1st qr 1965 at 51 Coultham St, Lincoln
Note: Rueben was involved in church ministry

153 George FOWELL m Rose Hannah REEVES (b 12 Nov 1878 Congregational church Wellingborough d 7 Jul 1962 Wellingborough) 3rd Jan 1900 Wellingborough [Wellingborough 3b 189]

Note: In 1893 George was apprenticed to Henry GADSBY of the City of Lincoln for 6 years - umbrella maker, cutler, locksmith and general mechanic. In 1901 he was a whitesmith journeyman living at 139 Gt Park Street, Wellingborough. George was a electrician general mechanic in 1911 working for Dexter's, an ironmonger, and was still at the same address in Wellingborough. Subsequently he worked until retirement at Wellingborough gasworks as a tinsmith. In 1937 they sold their house and built a new one at 34 Cross Road, Wellingborough and named their house "Almonds". They celebrated their diamond wedding on 3 Jan 1960. Both were cremated and there is a memorial plaque in Kettering Crematorium

Children of George and Rose
186......Frank Fowell b 5 Nov 1902 139 Gt Park St, Wellingborough [Wellingborough 3b 142] bap 22 Jul 1903 St Marys Le Wigford Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lincoln d 1 Feb 1979 Rushden
Note: Frank was apprenticed for 7 years with Nixon's of Wellingborough.
187......Reginald Leslie Fowell b 8 Feb 1907 at 139 Gt Park Street,Wellingborough. [Wellingborough 3b 116] d 4 Dec 2000 Kettering
188......Freda Rose Fowell b 21 Nov 1910 139 Gt Park Street, Wellingborough [Wellingborough 3b 97] d 19 Dec 1987 Norwich

160 Lucy Ellen HITCHCOCK m Thomas James BRAY (b 21 Aug 1871 Rotherhithe bap 24 Feb 1882 St Barnabus, Rotherhithe d 26 Sep 1937 Bermondsey) 17 Oct 1906 Deptford

Note: In 1901 Lucy was a corset maker. In 1881 Thomas lived at 23 Osprey St Rotherhithe and in 1891 he was in the Royal Navy as a stoker, 2nd class in Hampshire. In 1901, still a stoker in the Royal Navy, he was living at 19 Cope Street Rotherhithe.

Children of Thomas and Lucy
189......Thomas James Bray b 10 Sep 1906 New Cross, London bap St Luke's Deptford (date unknown) d 29 Mar 1979 Greenwich
190......George Herbert Bray b 21 Nov1907 New Cross, London d 1981 Wareham, Dorset
191......Lucy Emily Bray b Jul 1909 Deptford London d 30 Apr 1910 Deptford bur Ladywell
192......John George S Bray b 2nd qr 1910 [Greenwich 1d 1098]
193......Lily Ethel Bray b 9 Oct 1911 SE London d 12 Apr 1992 St Leonards on Sea
194......Herbert Edward Bray b 2 Sep 1913 Carshalton d 27 Jul 1988 Lewisham m Hilda MARRISH (b 1910) abt 1935 (issue: two living children)
195......Doris Violet Bray b 1921 London m William BULLOCK (b 1918) abt 1943

161 George Ebenezer HITCHCOCK m (a) Elizabeth Ellen BUTLER (b 1887 Rotherhithe d 1934) 1st qr 1910 St Gertrude's Bermondsey (b) Faith JENNERS (b 1890) 6 Nov 1934 Lewisham Registrar's office

Children of George and Elizabeth
196......George William Hitchcock b 19 May 1911 d 2003 Greenwich m Eunice WILLIAMS 7 Aug 1938 (issue: 1 living child)
175a....unknown daughter, d 1913
197......Herbert James Hitchcock b 24 Jan 1918 m Kathleen BARTON (b 1918) 1940 (issue: 1 living child)
198......William Joseph Hitchcock b 1919

Child of George and Faith
199......John David Hitchcock b 1935 d 1935

162 Herbert Edward HITCHCOCK m Ethel Mary HAZELTON-ALLEN (b 1892) 3rd qr 1916 [Epsom 2a 7]

Child of Herbert and Ethel
200......Frederick J Hitchcockb 2nd qr 1921 [Epsom 2a 26]

163 Charles Grimwood HITCHCOCK m Florence HARPER1915 Deptford, Kent.

Note: Charles was a dock labourer

Children of Charles and Florence
201......Florrie E M H Hitchcock b 2nd qr 1916 [Greenwich 1d 1880]
202......Alice I Hitchcock b 3rd qr 1919 [Greenwich 1d 1486]
203......Charles A Hitchcock b 2nd qr 1923 [Greenwich 1d 1648]
204......Doris F L Hitchcock b 2nd qr 1926 [Greenwich 1d 1392]
205......George E Hitchcock b 3rd qr 1928 [Greenwich 1d 1214]
206......Frank Hitchcock b 1st qr 1930 [Greenwich 1d 1163]
207......Ellen Hitchcock b 4th qr 1932 [Greenwich 1d 962]

164 Robert Victor Fowell HITCHCOCK m (a) Hettie JOLLY (b 1 Jan 1896 Lewisham d 23 Dec 1942 London) 2nd qr 1920 Kensington [1a 417] (b) Florence A E STANDEN 1st qr 1943 [Lewisham 1d 1142]

Note: Robert was in the Royal Navy, no 115305. When Hettie married she did not have the permission of her parents, Robert went back to sea and Hettie returned home saying nothing. She was beaten by her mother when the truth came out. She was the daughter of George JOLLY and Caroline CHEESEMAN

Children of Robert and Hettie
208......Eileen Hitchcock b 1922
208a....Sylvia Hitchcock b 4 Nov 1923 d 1st qr 1996 Warrington m William BOYD-VANDELEUR (issue 2 living children)
209......Kathleen Margaret Hitchcock b 8 Jan 1926 m David DENNIS 13 Mar 1946 (issue: 3 living children)

Children of Robert and Florence
210......Cynthia B Hitchcock b 1st qr 1944 [Loughborough 7a 289]
211......Malcolm G Hitchcock b 4th qr 1946 [Lewisham 5d 184]
212......Raymond J Hitchcock b 4th qr 1948 [Lewisham 5d 110]

134 Joseph (Joe) FOWELL m Mabel Osborne BROAD (b 3 Jun 1886 d 1960 (probate granted 21 Oct 1960) Dunedin, NZ 1909 New Zealand

Note: Joe was an engineer and worked on the construction of the SS Earnslaw now at Queenstown. See website for this vessel here and see the Earnslaw, still working here He was also a gold dredge master in Central Otago, later a shareholder in another large dredge, secretary and manager of Otago Brush Co. In later years Joe went north, pig and dairy farming at Whitford near Howick. After Joe died, Mabel went to visit England, staying at The Overseas League, St James, London SW1 until her return to the southern hemisphere (Sydney) on 20 Dec 1949 on the RMS Strathaird - the same vessel on which Robert Albert BROAD, her nephew, and his family emigrated to Freemantle in 1951 See the Broad branch here

Children of Joe and Mabel Osborne
213......Winifred Waiata Fowell b 9 Feb 1910 Dunedin m William Silvester DAVIS in 1943
214......Betty Osborne Fowell b 1912, Dunedin
215......Joseph George Fowell ("Boy") b 15 Jan 1914 Leeton, NSW
216......Mary Leonard (Molly) Fowell b 1916 Dunedin NZ
217......Margaret Ada (Peggy) Fowell b 1918 NZ
218......Robert Alfred Fowell b 1922 NZ

135 Alfred FOWELL m Dora BUNTING 3rd qr 1896 St Ives
Note: Alfred and Dora lived at 1 Ingram Street Huntingdon. Alfred worked with his father but later set up in agricultural engineering on his own.

Children of Alfred and Dora
219......Margery Fowell b 5 May 1897 d 2 Jun 1897
220......Gladys Kathleen Fowell b 26 Jul 1898 d 8 Oct 1898

141 Albert Ernest BROADBENT m (a) Eva BUCKLEY 1st qr 1917 (div) [Lancaster 8e 964] (b) Mary E O'SHAUGHNESSEY (wid) 1st qr 1945

Child of Albert and Eva
221......Nora Broadbent b 1st qr 1919 [Lancaster 8e 773] m Frederick LAMBERT 4th qr 1938 [Lancaster 8e 1457]
222......Leslie Broadbent b 3rd qr 1920 [Fylde 8e 1186]
223......Dorothy Broadbent b 2nd qr 1921 [Oldham 8d 1129]
224......Fred Broadbent b 3rd qr 1922 [Oldham 8d 906]
225......Jean Broadbent b 1st qr 1925 [Saddleworth 9a 346]
226......Kenneth Broadbent b 3rd qr 1926 [Oldham 8d 1172]
227......Arthur Broadbent b 3rd qr 1927 [Oldham 10d 894]
228......John Broadbent b 4th qr 1927 [Glossop 7b 1307]
229......Edith Broadbent b 3rd qr 1936 [Oldham 8d 1082]
230......Jean M Broadbent b 4th qr 1938 [Manchester South 8d 9]

Child of Albert and Mary
231......Audrey Broadbent b 1946 m Brian DOUGLAS

167 Rosaline FOWELL m George Roland WHITNEY 3rd qr 1918 [Blean 2a 2437]

Child of George and Rosaline
232......Arthur C F Whitney b 3rd qr 1920 [Kettering 2b 295]

171 Frederick William FOWELL m Alice May (b 1881 Parham) 1908

NOTE: In 1901 Frederick was living with grandmother Susan Stearne and was a baker journeyman

Children of Frederick and Alice
233......Florence Fowell b 1909 Camden Town
234......Constance Fowell b 1910 Camden Town

172 Susannah Jane FOWELL m Ernest Alfred FRANKLIN (bap 9 Jul 1876 Santon Downham d 23 Apr 1917 near Arras, France 26 Dec 1896 at Thetford registry office

Note: The family lived at Tin Row, Downside, Cobham, Surrey Ernest was the son of William FRANKLIN b 1845 d 1913 and Rebecca BROWN b 1847. He was reported missing, presumed dead at Arras in France in WW1 on 23 Apr 1917. He had been a night watchman at Cobham Brewery, a brewery engine driver and a storeman before becoming a private in the Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment (no G37902)

Children of Ernest and Susanna
235......Ethel May Franklin FOWELL b 20 Nov 1895 at 44 St Nicholas St, Thetford bap 29 Jul 1909 d 7 Oct 1993 at 14 St David's Rd Ramsgate Kent (of myocardial infarction)
Note: Ethel was born before the marriage and thus retained the Fowell surname.
236......Elsie Alice Franklin b 1897
237......Florence Annie Franklin b 6 Sep 1900 Downside, Cobham (shop assistant) d 11 Mar 1980

175a Emma Mary FOWELL m Henry SPINKS

Child of Henry and Emma
238......Kenneth Henry Spinks d 11 Nov 2007
Note: Kenneth was an old soldier and a POW. Ironic that he should have died on Armistice Day

180 Florence Ida FOWELL m Thomas W STAGG 2nd qr 1915 [Thetford 4b 994]

Children of Thomas and Florence
239......Evelyn Florence Stagg
240......Thomas Arthur William Stagg b 17 Sep 1918
241......Doreen Winfred Stagg b 3rd qr 1921 [Thetford 4b 578]
Also in this generation, but as yet unplaced were:

242......Alfred FOWELL b 2nd qr 1872 Thetford
243......Beatrice Alice FOWELL b 4th qr 1872 Thetford


186 Frank FOWELL m Lilian (Lily) M PEARCE (b 17 Nov 1904 d 15 Jun 1979 Wellingborough hospital) 17 Dec 1927 [Wellingborough 3b 371]

Note: One of the bridesmaids, who was Lily's cousin Amy JOHNSON the famous pilot.

After working for a while in Bedford Frank was employed at the Gas Company in Rushden for 30 years.Lily worked for a while as clothing machinist

Children of Frank and Lily
244......Eric Geoffrey Fowell b 4th qr 1928 [Wellingborough 3b 166]
245......Jean Margaret Freda Fowell b 4th qr 1934 [Wellingborough 3b 161]
246......John David Fowell b 3rd qr 1943 [Wellingborough 3b 293]

187 Reginald Leslie FOWELL m Marjorie Louie GOODE (b 23 May 1904 Bath d 2 Feb 1995 Kettering) 4th Jun 1932, Elmswell, Suffolk [Stow 4a 2075]

Note: Reginald worked first for United Steel Co Ltd at Irthlingborough as assistant chemist, when he attended evening classes and qualified in Inorganic chemistry and practical mathematics.. He moved job to Lloyds Ironstone Co, Corby where he was an assistant chemist for three and a half years, then working until 1960 at Kettering Iron and Coal as an analytical chemist, finally working in the same capacity for Stewarts and Lloyds, Corby. Marjorie was a bookkeeper

Children of Reginald and Marjorie
247......Michael John b 2nd qr 1935 [Kettering 3b 208]
Note: Michael was a farm worker and lorry driver
248......Peter David Fowell b 11 May 1937 Rothwell Kettering
Note: Peter was a printing ink technologist

188 Freda Rose FOWELL m the Reverend Charles T SHARLAND (b 9 Jul 1908 St Thomas, Devon [St Thomas 5b 27] d 17 Jan 1999 Norwich) 2 Apr 1934 Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wellingborough [Wellingborough 3b 264]

Note: Freda began her career as a teacher at Park St Schools, Wellingborough and as physical training instructress at Wellingborough Evening School. She left work on marrying and went with her new husband to southern Sudan where he was stationed. There she did welfare and emergency medical work among the Fejelu, one of the tribes of equatorial Africa, and assisted the teaching staff at Lainya where Charles was the principal of a technical college for native students. After 20 years they returned to live for a while in Liverpool, ending up in Norwich where Charles was a canon of Norwich cathedral.

Child of Charles and Freda
249......June Sharland b 1935 in the Belgian Congo
250......John F F Sharland b 3rd qr 1937 at 139 Gt Park Street, Wellingborough [Wellingborough 3b 151]

189 Thomas James BRAY m Helen OGG (b 1908) abt 1933

Children of Thomas and Helen
251......Sheila Christine Bray b 6 Jan 1934 d 1st qr 1934 [St Olave 1d 138]
252......Valerie Lily Violet Bray b 5 May 1938 d 1996

190 George Herbert BRAY m Marjorie PLEVIN (b 1909) abt 1936

Children of George and Marjorie
253......Margaret E Bray b 1939 Chiselhurst [Bromley 2a 1156]
254......Janice M Bray b 4th qr 1946 [Bromley 5b 239] m Mr Andrew C JONES 3rd qr 1970 [Bromley 5a 1356]

193 Lily Ethel BRAY m Frank PEACH (b 1908) 31 Jul 1937 St Augustine's Church, Linton

Child of Frank and Lily
255......Lynda H Peach b 4th qr 1947 [Dartford 5b 701]

173 Herbert Edward BRAY m Hilda MORRISH (b 1910) 27 Aug 1938 St Augustine's Linton

Child of Herbert and Hilda
256......Keith A Bray b 2 May 1940 [Bermondsey 1d 181]
257......Geoffrey A Bray b 22 Oct 1946 [Lewisham 5d 89]

200 Frederick FOWELL m Miriam JILLINGS 3rd qr 1941 [Surrey Mid E 2a 576]

Child of Frederick and Miriam
258......Lamorna A Fowell b 1st qr 1943 [Surrey Mid E 2a 361]


Children of William and Eileen
259......Kail Boyd-Vandeleur
260......Paul Boyd-Vandeleur

209 Kathleen Margaret HITCHCOCK m David DENNIS (b 1920)

Children of David and Kathleen
261......Ian Dennis b 1947
262......Sandra (Bunty) Dennis b 1950
263......Joanna Dennis b 1958

213 Winifred Waiata FOWELL m William DAVIS 1943

Children of William and Winifred
264......Joan Davis
265......Pauline Davis
266......Tony Davis
267......Ann Davis

214 Betty Osborne FOWELL m Alan Presland McNEILL NZ

Note: Betty is an artist in her spare time. You can see a sample of her art here.
Children of Alan and Betty

268......Peter McNeill b 30 Sep 1939 Whitford NZ
Note: Peter was the first child born in the nursing home in Howick which is now a rest home
269......Pam McNeill b 3 Sep 1941 Whitford NZ
270......Don Joseph McNeill b 16 May 1943 Whitford NZ

215Joseph George (Boy Joe) FOWELL farmer at Moananui, Howick, Auckland NZ m Marjory YEATS about 1939

Children of Joseph George and Marjory
271......Janet Ada Fowell b 1941 NZ
272......Margaret Osborne Fowell b 1942 NZ m (a) John Clyde MALE 1963 and (b) Allan DRINKROW QSM
273......Susan Flora Fowell b 1945 New Zealand

216 Mary Leonard (Molly) FOWELL m Jim DRUMM New Zealand

Children of Jim and Molly
274......Judith Drumm
275......Dennis Drumm
277......Mark Drumm
278......Barry Drumm
279......Colleen Drumm

217 Margaret Ada (Peggy) FOWELLm Gilmour Scott PRICE, 1942 Whitford NZ

Children of Gilmour and Peggy
280......Rodney Price b 1945 NZ
281......Jennifer Price b 1947 NZ
282......Gail Price b 1948 NZ
283......Kent Price b 1950 NZ

218 Robert Alfred FOWELL m Mhairi MacRAE 1944, New Zealand

Note: Robert was cremated 22 Feb 1991 Manakau Memorial Gardens, Howick.

Children of Robert Alfred and Mhairi
284......Caroline Gay (Lindy) Fowell b 25 Sep 1946 Howick
Note: Lindy was confirmed 24 Jul 1960 All Saints Church, Howick
285......David Robert Fowell b 3 Jan 1948 Howick
286......John Stephen Fowell b May 1950 Howick d 19 Dec 1951 New Zealand
287......Diana Kathryn Fowell b 24 Jul 1952 Howick
288......Barbara Annette Fowell b 26 Sep 1954 Howick

235 Ethel May Franklin FOWELL m Charles Frederick RACKLIFFE ( b 3 Jul 1890 14 Park St, Guildford d 30 Jun 1943 Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford) 26 Dec 1922 Stoke Church, Guildford

Note: Charles Frederick was the son of George David RACKLIFFE (b 1865 d 1935 and Annie LAPISH (b 1865 d 1938) and was a scales repairer. He died of empyema, with broncho-pneumonia and enlarged glands. He was buried in grave no D386, New Stoke cemetery, Guildford

236 Elsie Alice FRANKLIN m Albert MARTIN

No issue recorded

237 Florence Annie FRANKLIN m Arthur Victor RACKLIFFE (b 8 Nov 1897 42 Falcon Rd Guildford d Nov 1985 Mangles Rd Guildford) 26 Dec 1923 Parish Church, Stoke-next-Guildford

Note: Arthur was a painter, the son of George David RACKLIFFE and Annie LAPISH

Child of George and Annie
289......Barbara Rackliffe m Mr STANGROOM

239 Evelyn Florence STAGG m Thomas SCARFE 4th qr 1940 [Wayland 4b 895]

Child of Thomas and Evelyn
290......Margaret Scarfe dob unknown

240 Thomas Arthur William STAGG m Megan GEORGE 4th qr 1943 [Wayland 4b 512]

Child of Thomas and Megan
291......Janis Ann Stagg b 1st qr 1947 [Wayland 4b 1377]

241 Doreen Winifred STAGG m Percy W KNIGHTS 4th qr 1948 [Wayland 4b 1558]

Child of Percy and Doreen
292......Elizabeth Knights dob unknown


247 Michael John FOWELL m Margaret Roberta (Bobby) ROUTH (b 26 Nov 1944 Rothwell) 9 Nov 1963 Rothwell

Children of Michael and Margaret
293......Deborah Jane Fowell b 4th qr 1966 [Kettering 3b 828]
294......Judith Helen Fowell b 3rd qr 1970 [Kettering 3b 1953] m Gary S HALL Jul 1995 [Kettering 669 0247 032]
295......Louise Patricia Fowell b 3rd qr 1970 [Kettering 3b 1953] m John R BIFFIN Jul 2000 [Rugby 770 0428 241]

248 Peter David FOWELL m Betty May MAULE (b 18 May 1938 Kettering bap 20 May 1938 recd into church 24 Jul 1938) 11 Oct 1958 St Andrews Church, Kettering

Children of Peter and Betty
296......Susan M Fowell b 2nd qr 1963 [Hemel Hempstead 4b 188] m Terence G CLARK Aug 1986 [Dacorum 10 250 886]
297......Lucy Ann Fowell b 2nd qr 1966 [Hemel Hempstead 4b 260] m John W BURROWS May 1996 [Biggleswade 310 0243 005]

200Margaret E BRAY m Alan F RANKIN (b 1937) abt 1966

298......David Patrick Rankin b 1st qr 1967 Hagley, Worcestershire
299......Elizabeth Ruth Rankin b 3rd qr 1972 [Bromsgrove 9d 26] m Graham J SMITH (b 1962) Jukly 1994 [Bromsgrove 512 1194 246]

262 Sandra DENNIS m Frederick KRAFT (b 1950) 5th Dec 1970

Child of Frederick and Sandra
300......Jason David Kraft b 29 Jun 1973 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia bap Jul 1973 Mooroolbank

264 Joan DAVIS m Peter JURISICH

Children of Peter and Joan
302......Simon Jurisich

265 Pauline DAVIS m Frankie ZIVKOVICH

Children of Frankie and Pauline
303......Debbie Zivkovich
304......Karen Zivkovich
305......Angela Zivkovich
306......Julie Zivkovich

266 Tony DAVIS m Lynn TURNER

Children of Tony and Lynn
307......Haley Davis
308......Andrew Davis
309......Nicole Davis

267 Anne DAVIS m John MATHER

Children of John and Anne
310......Joanne Mather
311......Craige Mather

268 Peter McNEILL m (a) Judith SHEPHERDSON (from Margaret River, Western Australia (b) Valerie May PEARSON 2 Sep 2000

Child of Peter and Judith
312......Sheryn McNeill b 19 Aug 1967
313......Grant Allan Douglas McNeill b 7 Mar 1969


Pam inherited the artistic gene. You can see one of her pictures here

.Children of Ian and Pam

314......Alec Ernest Crosby Hubbard b 28 Aug 1969 NZ
315......Keith Ian Crosby Hubbard b 29 Oct 1970 NZ

133 Don Joseph McNEILL m Kerry Norma HATCH (b 30 Jan 1948) Western Australia

Children of Don and Kerry
Julie May McNeill b 20 Jul 1974 Perth WA
317......Jamie Allan McNeill b 18 Jun 1976 Serukam, West Kalimantan, Borneo (now living in WA)
318......Joanne Pamela McNeill b 30 Aug 1987 Perth WA

272 Margaret Osborne FOWELL m (a) John Clyde MALE (b) Allan DRINKROW Q.S.M. in New Zealand

Children of John and Margaret
319......Marcus Male b 26 Oct 1965
320......Simon Clyde Male b 4 Oct 1967

274 Judith DRUMM m (a) Murray HALL (b) H. WALKER

Children of H Walker and Judith
321......Innis Walker dob unknown
322......Kelvin Walker dob unknown
323......Denise Walker dob unknown

275 Dennis DRUMM m Tina

Children of Dennis and Tina
324......Albert Drumm dob unknown
325......Corina Drumm dob unknown
326......Annette Drumm dob unknown

277 Mark DRUMM m Mary

Children of Mark and Mary
327......Clinton Drumm dob unknown
328......Thomas Drumm dob unknown

278 Barry DRUMM m Sue

Children of Barry and Sue
329......Graham Drumm dob unknown
330......Bridget Drumm dob unknown

279 Colleen DRUMM m Barry GOWAN

Children of Barry and Colleen
331......Debbie Gowan dob unknown
332......Brenda Gowan dob unknown
333......Steven Gowan dob unknown
334......Tracey Gowan dob unknown

280 Rodney PRICE m Pamela KELSALL

Children of Rodney and Pamela
Tina Price dob unknown NZ
336......Daina Price dob unknown NZ
337......Angelina Price dob unknown NZ

281 Jennifer PRICE m Dick LAWSON

Children of Dick and Jennifer
Trudi Lawson dob unknown NZ
339......Carmen Lawson dob unknown NZ
340......Gerard Lawson dob unknown NZ
341......Dionne Lawson dob unknown NZ


Children of Tony and Gail
Jodie Cathcart dob unknown NZ
343......Erin Cathcart dob unknown NZ
344......Glen Cathcart dob unknown NZ

283 Kent PRICE m Christine LEE NZ

Children of Kent and Christine
345......Kaylene Price b 26 Jan 1982 NZ
346......Scott Price b 26 Jan 1984 NZ

284 Carolyn Gay (Lindy) FOWELL m Roger Edwain PRIEST (b 14 May 1943 Auckland d 14 Mar 2002 Waiheke Island) 22 Jun 1968 Howick

Note: Roger was the son of Colin PRIEST and Betty Olive WOOD

Children of Roger and Lindy
347......Vicki Anne b 3 Feb 1972 Middlemore
348......Jenny Louise b 21 Feb 1974 Middlemore

284 David Robert FOWELL m (a) Faye Alison TOOKE 21 Jan 1967 Edgecombe (b) Denise BERNIE 16 Dec 1989 Whitford

Children of David and Faye
349......Shelley Kim Fowell b 13 May 1967 Edgecombe
350......Jason Fowell b 4 Mar 1970 Howick
351......Duan Robert Fowell b 26 Jan 1974 Howick

Child of David and Denise
352......Samuel Robert b 23 Jun 1991 Auckland

287 Diana Kathryn FOWELL m Darryl KNIGHT 27 Apr 1973 Whitford

Child of Darryl and Diana
353......Ben Knight b 11 Dec 1977

288 Barbara Annette FOWELL m Alan MILTON 1 Sep 1972 Whitford

Children of Alan and Barbara
354......Kirsty Milton b 1 Mar 1973 Middlemore
355......Kyall Milton b 9 Sep 1976 Middlemore

291 Janis A STAGG m (a) Leslie A DRAIN 3rd qr 1970 Kings Lynn [4b 2466] (b) Dean M WHITE March 1988 [Haringay 12 925]

Child of Leslie and Janice
356......Emma Jane Drain b 4th qr 1970 [Cambridge 4a 983]


298 David Patrick RANKIN m Stephanie M DAVIES (b 1965 Rotherham) May 1990 [Preston & S Ribble 40 1567 590]

Children of David and Stephanie
357......Anna Mary Rankin b Aug 2000 [Salford 0111c TC67 008 800]
358......Broghan Leigh Rankin b Sep 2002 [Hartlepool J68 271 902]

314 Alec Ernest Crosby HUBBARD m Melanie COOK/McMAHON April 2003

Child of Alec and Melanie
359......Indiana Harrison b 12 May 2004

316 Julie May McNEILL m Trevor (Chub) SYKES Perth, WA

Child of Trevor and Julie
360......Jethro David b 27 Nov 2002 NZ
361......Hannah Elisabeth b 26 Jul 2004

319 Marcus MALE m Tracie Jane

Children of Marcus and Tracie NZ
362......Cory (male) b 1991 NZ
363......Ben b 24 Jun 1993 NZ
364......Thomas b 13 Mar 1999 NZ

320 Simon Clyde MALE m Kris NESBIT (b 23 Feb 1966) NZ

Children of Simon and Kris
365......Michael b 19 Aug 1989 NZ
366......Steven b 8 Mar 1992 NZ

335 Tina PRICE m Philip DUNLOP (of Wales)

Children of Philip and Tina
367......Sian Dunlop dob unknown NZ
368......Lana Dunlop dob unknown NZ
369......Rhiann Dunlop dob unknown NZ

338 Trudi LAWSON m Russel MARSH NZ

Children of Russel and Trudi
370......Charles Marsh dob unknown NZ
371......Molly Marsh dob unknown NZ

339 Carmen LAWSON m Mr ALLEN NZ

Child of Mr Allen and Carmen
372......George Allen dob unknown NZ

342 Jodie CATHCART m Brendan McCOURT NZ

Children of Brendan and Jodie
373......Rhianna McCourt dob unknown NZ
374......Keegan McCourt dob unknown NZ

344 Glen CATHCART with ?

Child of Glen and ?
375......Brodie Cathcart dob unknown NZ

347 Vicki Anne PRIEST m Peter Angus COWAN 27 May 2006 Leeston

Child of Peter and Vicki
376......Thomas Roger Cowan b 6 Jul 2005 Christchurch

348 Jenny Louise PRIEST m Damien Peter WESTWOOD (b 21 Sep 1970 12 Nov 2000 Howick

Note: Damien was the son of Peter WESTWOOD and Gabrielle MADDEN

Children of Damien and Jenny
377......Jessica Kate Westwood b 27 Feb 2005 Auckland
378......Alysha Maree Westwood B 29 Jun 2006 Waiheke Island

349 Shelley Kim FOWELL m Brad HUNT 24 Oct 1992 Sydney, Australia

Children of Brad and Shelley
379......Brianna Monet Hunt b 27 May 1996 Sydney
380......Jordan Dali Hunt b 7 Apr 1998 Sydney

351 Duan Robert FOWELL m Tracy REID 7 Feb 2004

Children of Duan and Tracy
381......Ella Jane Fowell b 5 Oct 2004 Thames
382......Dylan Jarred Fowell b 31 Oct 2006 Middlemore

354 Kirsty MILTON with Stuart GOLDSWORTHY

Children of Stuart and Kirsty
383......Chloe Goldsworthy b 23 Nov 1998
384......Joseph Goldsworthy b 6 Feb 2000 Howick

355 Kyall MILTON with (a) Sharon HUGHES (b) Susan WOS

Child of Kyall and Sharon
385......Emma Victoria Hughes b 6 Nov 1944

Child of Kyall and Susan
386......Daniella Brooke Milton b 5 Nov 1999 Wellington

356 Emma Jane DRAIN m Alan HOLMAN

Children of Alan and Emma
387......Daisy Mae Holman b Oct 1996 [Kings Lynn 83A 069 1096]
388......Archie Finn Holman b Sep 1998 [Kings Lynn 90A 115 998]
389......Alfie Tom Holman dob unknown

And as a little postscript have a look at this family group here and see the Fowell/Osborne noses!

Special thanks to Brian Hutchings, Ken Ballard, Ursula Harman, Peter Goff, 196c Jan Munnelly, Elizabeth Collins, Liz Smith, Margaret Budd, 126a Barbara Stangroom, Dawn Holloway and 138i Betty M Fowell in the UK and Brian and Audrey Douglas as well as Bev Crabb, Betty Osborne McNeil, Peggy and Gilmour Price, Pamela Hubbard, Margaret Drinkrow, Michael Broad, Lindy Fowell and Allan Fowell in New Zealand, and May in Canada as well as Peter Gundry in Zimbabwe for their help with this branch.

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