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This branch is connected to the Enefer branch by the marriages of Ann Enefer to Samuel Gathercole in 1772

Last update: 3 Feb 2014


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Gregory...Halls...Hardingham...Howes...Huggins...Hunter...Imbusch...Kent...King ...Morley
Sims...Skinner...Smith abt 1778...Smith abt 1930...Spendlove...Talbot...Tilney...Wallis


1 Joseph ENEFER b 1710 d 1798 bur 12 Aug 1798 Brandon m Ann RALPH ( bur 8 Feb 1798 Brandon) 4 Nov 1739 Barking Sfk [see Enefer branch here]
Note: there is a possibility that this Enefer came from Essex, but no firm evidence is yet available.

Children of Joseph and Ann
2......Ann Enefer b 1750 m Isaac GORE [See Gore branch]
3......Elizabeth Enefer b abt 1752 m Lotts BETTS 18 Feb 1778 Brandon
4......John Enefer b 1753 Brandon d 1819 Brandon
5......Sarah Enefer b abt 1765 bur 10 Nov 1840 Hockwold m John FIELD 25 Jan 1756 Wilton
6......Susannah Enefer b abt 1766 m John SKINNER 7 Mar 1796 Brandon


2 Ann ENEFER m Samuel GATHERCOLE (bap 16 Apr 1750, bur 3 Jun 1819 aged 69) 1 Oct 1772 St Peter's Church Brandon

7......Samuel Gathercole b 1767 bap 1 Oct 1772 aged 5 d 1842 Brandon
8......Ann Gathercole b 1774 Brandon bap 6 Feb 1774 Brandon
9......John Gathercole b 1776 Brandon bap 1 Mar 1776 Brandon
10....James Gathercole b 1778 Brandon bap 8 May 1778 Brandon
11....William Gathercole bap 20 Jul 1780 Brandon bur 9 Sep 1780
12....William Gathercole b 1781 Brandon bap 11 Oct 1781 Brandon


13 Stephen SMITH m Ann WALLIS

Child of Stephen and Ann
Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith b 1779 Carbrooke, bap 10 Mar 1779, d 27 Dec 1873 in Town St, Brandon


7 Samuel GATHERCOLE m 14 Elizabeth "Betsy" SMITH 12 Oct 1784 St Peter's Church Brandon

Note: 1841 census shows the family at Town St Brandon. Elizabeth was from Carbrook.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth
15......Anne Gathercole b 1806 Brandon d after 1881
16......Mary Gathercole bap 8 Jan 1809 Weeting bur 3 Feb 1848 Brandon


9 John GATHERCOLE m Priscilla KING 2 Dec 1799 Brandon

Child of John and Priscilla
17......James Gathercole bap 29 Aug 1801, rec'd into church 3 Jan 1802 Brandon
18......Henry Gathercole b 1803 Lakenheath
19......William Gathercole b 1804 Lakenheath
20......Mary Ann Gathercole b 1805 Lakenheath
21......John Gathercole b 1810 Wretton
22......Thomas Gathercole b 1813 Wretton
23......Susan Gathercole b 1815 b 1813 Wretton
24......Francis Gathercole b 1817 b 1813 Wretton
25......Elizabeth Gathercole b 1819 b 1813 Wretton
26......Hannah Gathercole b 1821 Wretton d 1903
27......Charles Gathercole b 1823 Wretton
28......King Gathercole b 1825 d 1825 Wretton b 1813 Wretton
29......George Gathercole b 1829 d 1913 Wretton


18 John WILBY b abt 1783 Weeting m (a)Sarah BRETT (b abt 1785 Wisbech St Peter's Cambridge d 1815 Brandon) 18 Nov 1803 St Peters Church Wisbech (b) Ann SPENDLOVE (Wid, b abt 1779 Weasenham d 1856 Brandon) 28 Jan 1825 St Peter's Brandon

Note: John was a basket maker in 1844

Children of John and Sarah
John Wilby bap 15 Oct 1804 Wisbech bur 24 Apr 1856
31....William Wilby bap 27 Sep 1807 Brandon d 4 Apr 1879 Brandon
32....Cosier Wilby (male) bap 24 Apr 1814 Brandon d 1871 Brandon
33....Joseph Wilby bap 24 Apr 1814 Brandon d May 1861 Brandon

Child of John and Ann
34....Mary Ann Wilby b abt 1828 Brandon


15 Anne GATHERCOLE m 18 John WILBY 12 Oct 1825, Brandon

Note: John was a basket maker in 1844

Children of John and Ann

35......Louisa Wilby b 18 Jan 1826 Brandon
36......Mary Ann Wilby b 26 Nov 1827
37......Hannah Wilby b 1842
38......Henry Wilby b 11 Apr 1844 d 6 Jan 1895 at 4 Timberhill, St Johns Timberhill, Norwich
39......Jane M Wilby b 1847 Brandon


16 Mary GATHERCOLE m William ROYAL (b 7 May 1805 Weeting) 19 Mar 1828 Brandon

Note: William was an ag lab in 1881. He was the son of John ROYAL (b 1771) and Mary JOHNSON

Children of William and Mary
40......John Royal b abt 1829 Brandon d before 1831
41......John Royal b 1831 Brandon
42......Frederick Royal b 1832 Brandon d 2nd qr 1883 aged 55 [Thetford 4b 267]
43......Charles Royal b 1833 Brandon
44......Elizabeth Royal b abt 1835
45......William Royal b abt 1836
46......Hannah Royal b 2nd qr 1838 [Thetford 13 305]
47......Julia Royal b 1st qr 1841 [Thetford 13 292]
48......Alfred Royal b 1st qr 1843 [Thetford 13 711]
49......Isabella Royal b 1st qr 1845 [Thetford 13 319] d 1908 Brandon
50......Samuel Smith Royal b 4th qr 1846 [Thetford 13 285] d 1884 Brandon


17 James GATHERCOLE m Elizabeth (b 1825 Chesterton, Cambs)

Note; In 1851 James was the publican at the Sir Robert Peel pub High Street Chesterton. In 1861 the family was at Publican Shop, High Street, Chesterton and James was a tailor and publican. In 1871 they were at 34 Hills Road, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge and James was an innkeeper

Children of James and Elizabeth
51......James Gathercole b 3rd qr 1851 [Chesterton 14 39]
Note: In 1871 James was a bookseller's assistant, and in 1881 he was a Fancy Stationery manager living at 44 Adam and Eve Street, St Andrerw the Less, Cambridge
52......Elizabeth Frances Gathercole b 3rd qr 1853 [Chesterton 3b 383]
Note: In 1871 Elizabeth was a dressmaker
53......Mary Priscilla Gathercole b 1860 Chesterton [1861 census]
54......Charles John Gathercole b 1st qr 1857 [Chesterton 3b 462]


21 John GATHERCOLE m Mary or Maria CARPENTER (b 1826 Boughton)

Note: John was an ag lab and the family lived at Stoke Ferry in 1871 and 1881

Children of John and Mary
55......William Gathercole b 1858 Wretton
Note In 1871 William was an ag lab.In 1881 William was a baker's labourer
56......Robert Gathercole b 1862 Stoke Ferry
Note: In 1881 Robert was a groom
57......Thomas Gathercole b 1864 Stoke Ferry
58......Elizabeth Gathercole b 1867 Stoke Ferry
Note: In 1881 Elizabeth was a general domestic servant


22 Thomas GATHERCOLE m Lydia CARTER 1st qr 1856 [Downham 4b 669]

Note: In 1871 the family was at Stoke Road, Wretton and Thomas was an ag lab.

Children of Thomas and Lydia
59......Jonathan Gathercole b 2nd qr 1856 Wretton [Downham 4b 390]
60......Frederick Gathercole b 4th qr 1861 Wretton [Downham 4b 360]
61......Adelaide Gathercole b 2nd qr 1867 Wretton [Downham 4b 385]
Note: In the census returns, Adelaide is frecorded as Adeline


26 Hannah GATHERCOLE m William BULLINGHAM (b 1814 Snetterton d 1888) Dec Qr 1841 [Downham 13 235

Note: The family was at Germen Street, Wiggenhall St Mary in 1861 and William was an Ag Lab

Children of William and Hannah
62......Mary Ann Bullingham b 3rd qr 1842 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 13 76
63......William Bullingham b 2nd qr 1843 Wiggenhall St Mary [Swaffham 13 304]
64......George Bullingham b 1st qr 1848 Wiggenhall St Mary [Swaffham 13 299]
65......Esther Bullingham b 2nd Qr 1850 Wiggenhall St Mary [Swaffham 13 94]
66......Benjamin Bullingham b 3rd qr 1852 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 4b 339]
67......Frederick Bullingham b 4th qr 1855 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 4b 301] d 1869 Kings Lynn
68......Hannah Bullingham b 1st qr 1858 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 4b 375]
69......Elizabeth Bullingham b 4th qr 1859 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 4b 381] d 1942
70......Alfred Bullingham b 1863 Wiggenhall St Mary
71......John Bullingham b 2nd qr 1864 Wiggenhall St Mary [Downham 4b 364]


29 George GATHERCOLE m Eliza BELL (b 1827 Gooderstone) 4th qr 1852 [Downham 4b 1027]

Note: George was an ag lab. In 1861 the family was it Cottages, Clenchwarton, in 1871 at "Adjoining Roman Back" Tilney All Saints, in 1881 at Tilney Balsam Field and in 1891 at South croft Field, Terrington St Clement

Child of George and Eliza
72......Thomas Gathercole b 2nd qr 1852 Stoke Ferry [Mitford 4b 271] d 4th qr 1855


30 John WILBY m Ann (b 1806 Brandon) abt 1840

Note: In 1851 the family was at Town Street, and John was an ag lab

Children of John and Ann
73......Hannah Wilby b 4th qr 1841 Brandon [Thetford 13 288]
74......Henry Wilby b 2nd qr 1844 Brandon [Thetford 13 299]
75......Jane Maria Wilby bap 7 May 1858 Brandon


33 Joseph WILBY m Mary TALBOT (b 1815 Brandon) 13 Nov 1834 Brandon

Note: In 1851 Joseph was a farm labourer and Mary was a fur cutter living at Bury Rd Brandon

Children of Joseph and Mary
76......Sarah Brett Wilby bap 14 Feb 1836 Brandon
77......Cosia Wilby (male) bap 29 Mar 1840 Brandon
78......Eliza Wilby bap 4 Feb 1847 Brandon
79......Charles Wilby b 1849 Brandon


80 Robert HUNTER m Susan BULLOCK

Child of Robert and Susan
Maria Hunter b 6 Mar 1847 Weeting with Broomhill


35 Louisa WILBY m Robert NUNN (bap 8 Feb 1823 bur 13 Jun 1899 Brandon) 24 Dec 1842 St Peter's Church, Brandon

Children of Robert and Louisa
82......Elizabeth Smith Nunn bap 6 Aug 1843 St Peter's Church, Brandon d Jul 1915 Norfolk m William GREGORY (b 1842 Greywell Hampshire d May 1929 Norfolk) 21 Apr 1865 St Julian, Norwich
83......Mary Royal Nunn 7 May 1848 St Peter's Church, Brandon m George William WOODS
84......Robert Charles Nunn bap 6 Apr 1851 St Peter's Church, Brandon m Mary Ann COLLIN 2nd qr 1873 [Saffron Walden 4a 587]
85......William John Nunn bap 3 Jul 1853 St Peter's Church, Brandon m Annie DUCK (b 1854 London [Newington 1d 184]) 2nd qr 1974 [Thingoe 4a 706]
86......Henry Nunn bap 25 Aug 1855 Croxton


38 Henry WILBY m 81 Maria HUNTER (b 1845 Weeting) 10 Sep 1866 Register Office, Norwich

Note: In 1866 Henry was a master tailor and in Sept of that year lived at St Julians Terrace, St Julians Street, King Street, Norwich. In 1871 they lived at Carpenters Arms Yard, Norwich, and in 1881 they were at Mortar Lane, Heath Buildings, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich. In 1891 they were living at 3 Horns Lane, Norwich After Henry's death, Maria married Charles HUGGINS
Children of Henry and Maria

87......Rosanna Wilby b 1868 Weeting
88......Mildred b 1870 Weeting
89......Harry Wilby b 10 Nov 1871 Market Lane, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich. m Harriet MORLEY 31 Oct 1898 St Giles, Norwich
Mildred Wilby b 1874
91......Charles Wilby b 14 Mar 1877 Market Lane, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich
Note: In 1891 Charles was an errand boy
92......Herbert Wilby b 1879
Note: In 1891 Herbert was an errand boy and in 1901 he was a seaman at Widfire Sheerness Gunnery School In 1911 he was ship's corporal (!st Class) in Ship's Police Branch aboard the HMS Agamemnon
93......Arthur Wilby b 24 Mar 1881 Market Lane, St Peter Mountergate, Norwich m Alice Adeline TAYLOR (b 1881 Woodhurst, Hunts) 3rd qr 1905
Note: In 1911 Arthur was a dairy foreman
94......Gertrude Wilby b 13 Nov 1883 Norwich d 18 May 1961 Fairmile Hospital, Reading, Berks. m William Edward GOTTS


42 Frederick ROYAL m Elizabeth HYAM 4th qr 1858 [Thetford 4b 1126]

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth
95......Frederick Royal bap 9 Jan 1859 Brandon d 1st qr 1936 [Thetford 4b 470]
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a steam sawyer lodging at Fakenham Road, Syderstone
96......Lewis Royal b 3rd qr 1860 [Thetford 4b 358] bap 12 Oct 1862 Brandon


43 Charles ROYAL m (a) Elizabeth TILNEY 1st qr 1858 [Thetford 4b 646] (b) Sarah TRUNDELL (b 1838 Whittington) 3rd qt 1858

Note: Charles was a sawyer in 1891 and was a saw sharpener in 1901 living in Town Street, Brandon

Child of Charles and Elizabeth
97......John Royal bap 7 Nov 1858 Brandon

Note: John was an ag lab in 1881
Children of Charles and Sarah
98......Sophia Royal bap 10 Nov 1860 Brandon m Titus LEWIS 3rd qr 1880 [Downham 4b 578]
99......Mary Ann Royal bap 10 Nov 1860 Brandon d 3rd qr 1867 [Thetford 4b 244]
Note: Mary Ann was a furrier in 1881
100....Mary Ann Royal b 2nd qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 382]


44 Elizabeth ROYAL m William ELMER (b 1832 d 1887 Brandon) 4th qr 1860 Brandon

Note: William was an ag lab in 1881 and 1891 and the family was living at Town Street, Brandon in 1881. William ROYAL was living with the family as a widower

Children of William and Elizabeth
101......Robert Elmer b 1st qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 403]
Note: Robert was an ag lab in 1881, living at Ratters Road, Brandon in 1891
102......Alice Elmer b abt 1874 Brandon


46 Hannah ROYAL with unknown partner and m John COOPER 4th qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 1061]

Child of Unknown partner and Hannah
103......Mary Emily ROYAL b 1st qr 1858 [Islington 1b 199]


48 Alfred ROYAL m Sarah Ann NORTON (b 4th qr 1846 Brandon d 1919 Brandon) 12 Jan 1867 Brandon

Children of Alfred and Sarah
104......Albert Edward Royal b 2nd qr 1868 Brandon [Thetford 4b 381]
105......Betsy Royal b 3rd qr 1870 Brandon [Thetford 4b 370]
106......Susan Royal b 4th qr 1873 Brandon [Thetford 4b 353]
107......Emma Royal b 2nd qr 1875 Brandon [Thetford 4b 380]
108......Florence Royal b 1st qr 1878 Brandon [Thetford 4b 392]
109......Charles William Royal b 1st qr 1881 Brandon [Thetford 4b 406]
110......Susan Elizabeth Royal b 2nd qr 1883 Brandon [Thetford 4b 402]


49 Isabella ROYAL m John SHINN (b abt 1842) 4th qr 1867 [Thetford 4b 1057]

Note: John was an ag lab. The couple were living with 44 Elizabeth GATHERCOLE in 1871 but in 1881 they were in Town Street, Brandon and 50 Samuel was living with them

Children of John and Isabella
111......Mary Kate Shinn b 4th qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 382
112......John Shinn b 4th qr 1876 [Thetford 4b 375]


51 James GATHERCOLE m Emily Sarah POWIS (b 1857 Claines, Worcs) 1st qr 1884 [Macclesfield 8a 137]

Note: In 1891 James was a public house manager at 81 Haigh Street, Everton, Liverpool and Emily was a barmaid. In 1901 Emily wss an office cleaner widow living with son at 11 Elm Grove, West Derby

Child of James and Emily
113......James Powis Gathercole b 4th qr 1887 [Liverpool 8b 85]


52 Elizabeth Frances GATHERCOLE m Arthur Robert BURRELL 4th qr 1877 [Cambridge 3b 1094]

Note: In 1881 Arthur was a printer electrotype finisher and Elizabeth was a dressmaker living at 51 Covent Garden Cambridge. By 1891 the family had moved to 191 Odessa Road, Wanstead, West Ham and in 1901 they were at 24 Norman Rd Ilford

Child of Arthur and Elizabeth
114......Charles Henry Burrell b 2nd qr 1880 [Cambridge 3b 531]
Note: In 1901 Charles was a machine minder in West Ham but by 1911 he had become a printing machine manager
115......Alice Emily Burrell b 1st qr 1884 [Cambridge 3b 505]
116......Gertrude May Burell b 1st qr 1886 [Cambridge 3b 507]
Note: In 1911 Gertrude was a milliner


53 Mary Priscilla GATHERCOLE m James DUNGATE (b 1856) 1st qr 1905 [Cambridge 3b 649]

Note: This was a second marriage for James who had previously been married to Ellen Clara ROBINIES 4th qr 1876 [Lewisham 1d 1433] and who died 4th qr 1902 [Chesterton 3b 281]. In 1911 James and Mary were at 23 Belvoir Rd Chesterton, Cambridge and James was a Tea Blender

Child of James and unknown
117......Cyril J A Dungate b 1892 Chesterton, Cambridge.
Note: In 1911 Cyril was a clerk in college bursar's


118 John GOTTS m Priscilla HARDINGHAM

Child of John and Priscilla
William Edward b 17 Aug 1880 South Repps d 1936 Antingham


90 Mildred WILBY m Samuel COTTON 2nd qr 1892 [Norwich 4b 254]

Note: Samuel was a racehorse groom and the family lived at 5 Heath Terrace, Newmarket

Child of Samuel and Mildred
120......Ivy Nancy Wilby b 1904 Newmarket m Frederick GARDENER 3rd qr 1939 [Newmarket 4a 4673]


91 Charles WILBY m Elizabeth SAMSON 4th qr 1896 [Depwade 4b 627]

In 1911 the family lived at 39 Ashby St, Norwich and Charles was a dairyman

Children of Charles and Elizabeth
121......Amy Elizabeth Wilby b 2nd qr 1897 Norwich m Arthur G SHAUL 1st qr 1921 [Norwich 4b 243]
122......Elsie Wilby b 1st qr 1898 Norwich d 1st qr 1898 Norwich
123......Nellie Wilby b 1st qr 1900 Norwich m Leonard W PILGRIM 3rd qr 1925 [Norwich 4b 250]
Henry Charles Wilby b 2nd qr 1902 Norwich
125......Herbert George Wilby b 3rd qr 1904 Norwich m Hilda M SEELY 2nd qr 1926 [Norwich 4b 320]
126......Frederick Christmas Wilby b 1st qr 1905 Norwich m Emma T HOWES 3rd qr 1931 [Norwich 4b 413]
127......Louisa Mary Wilby b 2nd qr 1906 Norwich m John F BROWN 4th qr 1933 [Norwich 4b 351]
128......Arthur Wilby b 2nd qr 1907 Norwich m Kate M CRUMPTON 1st qr 1935 [Norwich 4b 186]
129......Rosaline Jane Wilby b 3rd qr 1908 Norwich m Charles H WARNES 4th qr 1930 [Norwich 4b 336]
Edward Albert Wilby b 1st qr 1910 Norwich m Kate M BELDEN 2nd qr 1933 [Norwich 4b 245]


94 Gertrude WILBY m 40 William Edward GOTTS 1 Apr 1905 Holy Trinity Church, Heigham

Note: William enlisted in 2nd (regular) battalion, Norfolk Regiment 22 Jan 1915 Service no 18506 and was discharged 11 May 1917 due to a gunshot wound. He farmed Bridge Farm, Antingham which was owned by his brother 39 Charles. In 1905 Gertrude was living at 80 Essex Street.

Children of William and Gertrude
131......Ida Rose Gotts b 29 Sep 1905 Lower St, Southrepps m BAKER 1939 Loddington
Alice Gertrude Gotts b 16 Aug 1908 Antingham d 21 Jul 1990 Sundridge Hospital, nr Sevenoaks
133......Lilian May Gotts b 1910 Antingham d 1989
134......Edward George Gotts b 28 Apr 1911
135......Eric William Gotts b 19 Aug 1918 d 19 Aug 1942 Dieppe, bur in Dieppe Canadian War Cemetary, Dieppe
Note: Eric William was in the Royal Marines, no PO/X 2274 Portsmouth division, RN from 1939 to his death. He was killed in the raid on Dieppe in Aug 1942 when he was one of 6100 Canadian and British troops. 3500 died probing the German defences - the troops used landing craft on the beach, and then had to scale the cliffs. It is thought that Eric died on the cliffs.
136......Evelyn Maud Kate Gotts b 24 Nov 1924 Antingham d 6 May 1973 Posoka, Alberta, Canada, bur ( May 1973, Forest Home Cemetary, Ponoka


103 Mary Emily ROYAL m Oswald CARTER (b 4th qr 1853 Wimbotsham Nfk [Downham 4b 292] d 1937 Brandon [Thetford 4b 446]) 4th qr 1879 Brandon [Thetford 4b 1165]

Note: Oswald was a baker and in 1891 the family were at the Baker's shop Town Street Brandon. In 1901 Oswald was a blacksmith and lived in Town St, Brandon. In 1911 Oswald was an engineer and the family were at London Rd, Brandon

Children of Oswald and Emily
137......Frederick George Carter b 2nd qr 1880 Brandon [Thetford 4b 411]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was an engine driver stationary
138......Jessie Emily Carter b 1st qr 1882 Brandon [Thetford 4b 399]
139......Edith Julia Carter b 1st qr 1884 Brandon [Thetford 4b 394]
140......Hannah Louise Carter b 1st qr 1886 Brandon [Thetford 4b 403]
141......Sally Carter b 2nd qr 1888 Brandon [Thetford 4b 409]
142......Annie Sophia Carter b 1893 Brandon
143......Bertie William Carter b 1896 Brandon
Note: In 1911 Bertie was an engineering apprentice


104 Albert Edward ROYAL m Elizabeth Rosina ROBSON 27 Jan 1894

Children of Albert and Elizabeth
144......Violet May Royal b 11 Oct 1895 Brandon d 23 Dec 1972 152 Kings Rd, Wallsend m William BROWN 2nd qr 1919 Gateshead
145......Lilian Rosina b 1st qr 1897 Brandon d 1st qr 1961 Durham m Joseph DENNISON (b 1893) 3rd qr 1917 Gateshead
Alfred John b 28 Mar 1899 Brandon d 10 Mar 2969 Dunston
147......Albert William b 9 Feb 1901 Brandon d 27 Aug 1969 Eastbourne
148......Florence Elizabeth b 25 May 1905 Brandon d Aug 1990 Gareshead m John Harold REAY (b 1903 d 1990) 3rd qr 1928 Gateshead
149......Winifred Bessie b 31 Aug 1907 Bridge End, Rothbury d 3rd qr 1969 Newcastle upon Tyne m William G NELLIST 3rd qr 1929 Gateshead


105 Betsy ROYAL m Stephen KENT 1st qr 1898 [Thetford 4b 525]

Note: in 1911 Stephen and Betsy lived at 131 South Street, Bishops Stortford and Stephen was a labourer

Children of Stephen and Betsy
150......Victor Roland Kent b 1900 Bishops Stortford
151......Walter Kent b 1902 Bishops Stortford
152......Leslie Kent b 1906 Bishops Stortford
153......Lilian Maud Kent b 1910 Bishops Stortford


108 Florence ROYAL m William ROYAL 4th qr 1906 [Thetford 4b 1017]

Children of William and Florence
154......Stanley S Royal b 3rd qr 1912 [Thetford 4b 597]
155......Frederick T Royal b 1st qr 1913 [Thetford 4b 574]
156......Beatrice K Royal b 4th qr 1916 [Thetford 4b 511] m Eric W WHARF 4th qr 1948 [Newmarket 4b 2196]
157......Frank E Royal b 4th qr 1916 [Thetford 4b 511]
158......Ellen N Royal b registered 1st qr 1917 [Thetford 4b 503]
159......Warren J Royal b 4th qr 1923 [Thetford 4b 486] m Vera A BANHAM 1st qr 1949 [Downham 4b 730]


113 James Powis GATHERCOLE m Isabella V COWAN 2nd qr 1916 [West Derby 8b 782]

Child of James and Isabella
159......Elsie P Gathercole b 3rd qr 1916 [West Derby 8b 973] m James V BROWN 4th qr 1939 [Liverpool North 8b 1267]


160 Frederick SIMS m Hoffe IMBUSCH

Child of Frederick and Hoffe
161......Frank Hubert Imbuschb 11 Sep 1909 at 1 Mill Cottage, Hever, Kent d 3 May 1983 Stangrove Lodge, Manor Ho Gdns, Edenbridge, Kent
162......Bertha Imbusch b 3rd qr 1910 [Sevenoaks 2a 799]


95 Frederick ROYAL m Alice STANNARD (b 1862 Felthorpe) 1st qr 1885 [Thetford 4b 584]

Note In 1891 Frederick was a sawyer living in Town St, Brandon and in 1901 he was a labourer in a wood yard and was living in Town Street next door to his brother Lewis. Stll in Town Street in 1911, he was a wood sawyer and the census records that they had 7 children alive and that 4 had died

Children of Frederick and Alice
163......Mary Elizabeth Royal b 1st qr 1886 Brandon [Thetford 4b 403]
164......George William Royal b 3rd qr 1887 Brandon [Thetford 4b 374] m Elizabeth ROYAL 3rd qr 1912 [Thetford 4b 754]
Note: In 1911 George was a general labourer
165......Frederick Royal b 2nd qr 1889 Brandon [Thetford 4b 393] m Clarissa M ATKINS 4th qr 1913 [Thetford 4b 1055]
Note: In 1911 Frederick was a farm labourer
166......Walter Royal b 1st qr 1891 Brandon [Thetford 4b 375]
Note: In 1911 Walter was a machine labourer for a Furrier
167......Alice Maria Royal b 4th qr 1892 Brandon [Thetford 4b 355]
168......Lewis Royal b 3rd qr 1894 Brandon [Thetford 4b 349] d
Note: In 1911 Lewis was a machine labourer for a wood merchant
169......Charles Royal b 2nd qr 1896 Brandon [Thetford 4b 362] m Emma ADAMS 1st qr 1922 [Thetford 4b 522]
Note: In 1911 Charles was a machine labourer for a wood merchant


96 Lewis ROYAL m Rosina HALLS 4th qr 1899 [Thetford 4b 1058]

Note: Rosina brought 3 children to the family on marriage. She was a fur cutter's puller and he worked as a labourer in a timber yard in 1901 and they lived in Town Street, Brandon next door to his brother Frederick

Children of Rosina and Mr HALLS
170.......Edith May Halls b 2nd qr 1888 Brandon [Thetford 4b 412]
171.......Gertrude Halls b 1892 Brandon
172.......Lewis Halls b 1898 Brandon

Child of Lewis and Rosina
173......Alfred John Royal b 2nd qr 1899 Brandon [Thetford 4b 374]


97 John ROYAL m Emma Jane WANT (b 1863 Brandon) 4th qr 1882 [Thetford 4b 1053]

Note: In 1891 John was a groom and in 1901 and 1911 he was a coachman, rgiestered deaf. In 1911 the family was at The Lodge, Ford House, Brandon

Children of John and Emma
174......Frederick Charles Royal b 3rd qr 1883 Brandon [Thetford 4b 367]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a labourer in a woodyard
175......William Royal b 1st qr 1885 Brandon [Thetford 4b 413]
176......Walter Royal b 4th qr 1886 Brandon [Thetford 4b 382]
Note: In 1901 Walter was a labourer in a woodyard and in 1911 he was a traction engine driver
177......Edith May Royal b 2nd qr 1888 Brandon [Thetford 4b 412]
Note: In 1911 Edith was a wool packer
178......Ethel Royal b 2nd qr 1890 Brandon [Thetford 4b 377]
179......Nellie Royal b 4th qr 1891 Brandon [Thetford 4b 373]
Note: In 1911 Nellie was a wool packer
180......Ernest Royal b 3rd qr 1895 Brandon [Thetford 4b 381]
Note: In 1911 Ernest was a rabbit skin preparer
181......Jessie Royal b 3rd qr 1899 Brandon [Thetford 4b 366]
182......Herbert William Royal b 1st qr 1901 Brandon [Thetford 4b 350]
183......Doris Mary Royal b 3rd qr 1903 Brandon [Thetford 4b 341]


101 Robert ELMER m Maria EDWARDS 3rd qr 1882 [Thetford 4b 603]

Children of Robert and Maria
184......Robert E Elmer b 1882 Brandon
185......Louisa Elmer b 1884 Brandon
186......Maria May Elmer b 1886 Brandon
187......Laura Elmer b 1889 Brandon
188......William Elmer b 1900 Brandon


117 Cyril J A DUNGATE m Violet M HAWKES 3rd qr 1918 [Chesterton 3b 1089]

Child of Cyril and Violet
189......Frederick C Dungate b 1st qr 1920 [Chesterton 3b 906]


124 Henry Charles WILBY m (a) Elsie V COWLES 2nd qr 1924 [Norwich 4b 255] (b) Rosetta G RAVEN 3rd qr 1945 [Norwich 4b 556]

Child of Henry and Elsie
190......Kenneth N H Wilby b 1st qr 1925 [Norwich 4b 151]


130 Edward Albert WILBY m Kate M BELDEN 2nd qr 1933 [Norwich 4b 245]

Children of Edward and Kate
191......Stanley E Wilby b 1st qr 1934 [Norwich 4b 150]
192......Barbara AWilby b 4th qr 1942 [Norwich 4b 193]


134 Edward George GOTTS, farmer, m Betty Olive SMITH 1931

Child of Edward and Betty
193......Pamela Gotts


136 Evelyn Maud Kate GOTTS m Ernest Walter BARNES (b 27 May 1920 Ponoka, Alberta, Canada) 12 Sep 1943 St Paul's Finchley

Note: Ernest was a trooper in the Canadian Armoured Corps No M56511

Children of Ernest and Evelyn
194......son b 8 Sep 1944 Suffield, Norfolk d 26 Apr 2002 Bentley, Alberta, cremated 2 May 2002
195......daughter b 1 Jan 1948
196......daughter b 5 Jun 1951
197......son b 1 Aug 1954
198.....daughter b 31 May 1957


137 Frederick George CARTER m Emily Jane GOULD (b 1883 Kentish Town, London) 4th qr 1906 [Islington 1b 387]

Note: In 1911 Frederick was a domestic chauffeur and the family lived at The Lodge, Frederick Street, St Pancras, London

Children of Frederick and Emily Jane
199......Doris Emily Carter b 4th qr 1907 Clerkenwell [Holborn 1b 610]
200......Austin Carter b 1st qr 1909 Clerkenwell [Holborn 1b 584]
201......Jack Carter b 1st qr 1913 [Pancras 1b 106]


146 Alfred John ROYAL m Mary Jane CLARK (b 1901) 2nd qr 1922 Gateshead

Children of Alfred and Mary
202......Albert E Royal b 4th qr 1922 [Gateshead 10a 1991]
203......Millicent Royal b 4th qr 1923 [Gateshead 10a 1925]
204......Alfred J Royal b 3rd qr 1931 [Gateshead 10a 1525]


147 Albert William ROYAL m Ellen Emily Paulyne WILSON 19 Mar 1921

Children of Albert and Ellen
205......Ivy W Royal b 3rd qr 1921 [Gateshead 10a 2225]
206......Albert W Royal b 1st qr 1923 [Gateshead 10a 1980]
207......Kenneth R Royal b 3rd qr 1925 [Gateshead 10a 1829]
208......Henry E Royal b 1st qr 1928 [Gateshead 10a 1642]
209......Freerick G Royal b 1st qr 1931 [Gateshead 10a 1575]
210......Audrey Royal b 1st qr 1934 [Gateshead 10a 1422]


154 Stanley S ROYAL m m Lucy WROE 2nd qr 1941 [Don Valley 9c 2439]

Child of Stanley and Lucy
211......Vivienne Royal b 1st qr 1948 [Leeds 2c 690]



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