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This branch is descended from my 7th Great grandfather, William MEWSE - my direct ancestors are in red


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Last revision 3 Feb 2016


Henry GLASSPOOLE (d 1711) m (a) Elizabeth AYTON 20 May 1701 Somerleyton [Boyd] (b) Elizabeth ALDRED 31 Jan 1711 Ellingham St Mary [Freereg] and [Boyd]

Note: Henry may have been the son of Thomas Woods GLASPOOLE who m a Miss BEDFORD 1665 probably in Gt Yarmouth. This would account for the name of Henry Bedford Glasspoole below.
Elizabeth ALDRED married again as a widow William WOOLSEY 1718 Somerleyton

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
Henry Bedford Glasspoole b 1700 d Aug 1763 Somerleyton aged 63
3......Elizabeth Glasspoole b 1703 Somerleyton
4......William Glasspoole b 1705 Somerleyton
5......Mary Glasspoole b 1706 Somerleyton
6......John Glasspoole b 1708 Somerleyton
7......Sarah Glasspoole b 1711 Somerleyton

8 William MEWSE bap 1637 Lowestoft d 1699/70 Lowestoft ( see will) m (a) Rebecca FRARY (bap 2 Feb 1640, Lowestoft,, bur 24 Feb 1676/7Lowestoft) 19 Aug 1658 Lowestoft (b) Ruth SMITH abt 1677

See MEWSE branch here
and see FRARY branch here

Note: These were my 7 x great grandparents. William (a butcher) and Rebecca ( dau of William FRARYE and Elizabeth BARAFAR) lived for a while in Wapping, returning to Lowestoft, perhaps, to escape the plague. At some stage William was living in Gt Yarmouth, for he was the joint guarantor on 27th Oct 1691 with Robert SEAMAN, a shipwright, of a settlement bond for a Robert SPECIALL, woolcomber previously of Norwich and his wife and family: William is recorded (YC/35/155) as a pulley maker.
William MEWSE, butcher is recorded in 1686 in the manor rolls as buying the copyhold of no 71 High Street This was on the corner of High St and Rants Score - in later years some tenement houses were built in the rear of the garden and became 1 - 5 Rants Score, dwelt in by William's descendants. When William died, Ruth married Simon CANHAM 31 Jan 1706 ( This is the brother of Elizabeth CANHAM who married Thomas MEWSE in 1705)
Finally a choice bit of scandal! William was fined in 1686 for blocking a drain (presumably a ditch) with sheeps' heads! Archaeological digging in the garden behind no 71 High St revealed huge amounts of bones, all showing the usual signs of butchery

Children of William and Rebecca
9...... William bap 20 Jun 1659 Wapping d 17 Nov 1727 Wapping
Note: William went to live in Wapping as an adult, probably after his wife's death, and was a butcher See his will here This is the Wlliam who was cut off with a 5/- bequest in his father's will
10......Rebecca Mewsebap 1660 Wapping m Thomas HARWOOD 5 Mar 1679
11......Thomas Mewse bap 4 Jul 1665 Lowestoft bur 24 Apr 1669
12...... John Mewse bap 29 Feb 1668 Lowestoft bur 20 Aug 1670
13......Thomas Mewse bap 1669 Lowestoft d 7 Mar 1670
14......Thomas Mewse bap 31 Jul 1670 Lowestoft bur 7 Aug 1670
15......Thomas Mewse bap 28 Aug 1671 Lowestoft lived later in Ormesby
16......Elizabeth Mewse bap 12 Nov 1672 Lowestoft d 5 Aug 1673 Lowestoft
17......John Mewse bap 7 Jun 1674 Lowestoft bur 28 Jun 1674 Lowestoft
18......Susannah Mewse bap 25 Apr 1676 Lowestoft bur 28 Jun 1677 Lowestoft

Children of William and Ruth
19......Ruth Mewse b 1678 m Caleb ALDRED 13 Jul 1705 Lowestoft
Aldred branch
20......William Mewse b abt 1680
21......Mary Mewse bur 17 Mar 1682 Lowestoft
22......Ann Mewse m John WROTH, widower, 29 Apr 1697


2 Henry Bedford GLASSPOOLE m Sarah GOSKER (b 1709 d Oct 1755 aged 46) 1729 Bradwell [Boyd]

Note: Sarah was probably the daughter of Elizabeth WOOLSEY

Children of Henry and Sarah
23......Martha Glasspoole b 1730 Somerleyton bap 25 Feb 1729/30 d 1731 Somerleyton
24......John Bedford Glasspoole b 1733 Somerleyton bap 1st Jun 1733 Somerleyton d 4 Nov 1808 Somerleyton
25......Henry Glasspoole b 1734 d 1824 m Mary HARRIS abt 1765
Note: There is some mystery about Henry for he was not christened at Somerleyton. He lived for a time at Burgh Castle.
26......Sarah Glasspoole bap 5 Jun 1737 Somerleyton m William HARRIS of Burgh Castle 27 Feb 1755
Note: there was a Sarah Grasspoole b 1736 bur 1809 Somerleyton (Mon Inscr) but it is not certain that this is the person
William Glasspoole bap 9 Feb 1739/40 Somerleyton d 14 May 1806 Somerleyton
28......Ann Glasspoole b 1742 Somerleyton m Samuel GILBERT (of Corton) 1762
28a....Mary Glasspoole bap 20 Mar 1743 Somerleyton
29......Thomas Glasspoole bap 25 Nov 1744 Somerleyton "died young"
30......James Glasspoole b 1745 Somerleyton d 1756
31......Elizabeth Glasspoole bap 15 Jan 1746/7 (Twin) Somerleyton "died young"
32......Edmund Glasspoole bap 15 Jan 1746/7 ( (Twin) "died young"
Thomas Glasspoole b 1749 Somerleyton d 23 Sep 1813 Somerleyton m Sarah
34......Mary Glasspoole b 1753 Somerleyton "died young"

20 William MEWSE m (a) Judith FISHER 5 Nov 1714 (b) Mary SPRATT (widow) 26 Feb 1718 (c) Sarah (born 1699 bur 30 Nov 1724) 1723

Children of William and Judith
35...... William Mewse bap 30 Oct 1715
36......Ann Mewse b 1716
37...... Ruth Mewse bap 3 Mar 1717/8 bur 3 Apr 1718

Children of William and Sarah
38......Blanch Mewse bap 29 Nov 1723 bur 29 Oct 1727
39......Ruth Mewse b 30 Nov 1724 bur 6 Dec 1724 Lowestoft

Child of William and unknown
40....Ann Mewse b 1734 d 21 Oct 1802


24 John Bedford GLASSPOOLE m 40 Ann MEWSE (b 1734 d 21 Oct 1802 aged 68 [MI Blundeston]) 20 Nov 1757 Somerleyton

Note: See John's will here

Children of John and Ann
41......William Glasspoole b 1759 Somerleyton
42......Sarah Glasspoole b 1760 Somerleyton
43......John Glasspoole b 1761 Somerleyton d 1825
44......Anne Glasspoole b 1762 Somerleyton
45......William Glasspoole b 1766 Somerleyton d bef 1800
46......Henry Glasspoole b Henry b 1768 Somerleyton
47......Thomas Glasspoole b 1770 Somerleyton d 10 May 1839 Blundeston aged 70 [Bury & Norwich Post] m Anne MORSE (b 9 Dec 1777 d 11 Apr 1853 29 Apr 1813 Blundeston
Note: Anne was the daughter of Thomas MORSE (b 1744 d 1844 aged 100)
One of her brothers, Thomas Morse had a son Frederick (b 1820 d 1911) who, with partner Henry Glasspoole WOODS formed a brewery company called "Morse and Woods" and occupied the Lowestoft Porcelain factory premises. You can see the pages for Lowestoft Porcelain

Thomas and Ann possessed a farm in the parish of Blundeston-cum-Flixton, and one wonders, since they had no children, if this might have been the same property later occupied by the Morse family. An 1879 report from the Ipswich Registry Office states that both Thomas and Anne had died at Blundeston Hall and that the will of Anne Glasspoole was proved in London in July 1853 and is on record at Somerset House, and that the will of Thomas Glasspoole would also have been proved in London. Thomas Glasspoole Esq of Blundeston had his residence on the road from Lowestoft to Yarmouth. Thomas could not have owned Blundeston Hall, which was held by the Woods family since 1767, so must have held one of the other farms in the parish.

His niece was wife of John Jex WOODS who was an owner of Blundeston Hall and therefore a neighbour. Mrs.Anne Glasspoole, the widow of Thomas, was living in 1851 in a cottage on the Blundeston Hall property in her old age (Ref: ?). Prior to this, in 1844, Ann Glasspoole appears as a farmer in Blundeston . The will of Thomas Glasspoole of Blundeston, dated 3 June 1835 with a codicil apparently made the same day, was proved 6 May 1840 by the oaths of his relict Ann Glasspoole, John Jex Woods, and the testatorÍs nephew Thomas UTTON, the executors. In it he disposes of property both freehold and copyhold in Blundeston and Aldeby, and names a large number of relatives since he himself had apparently no children. He also makes provisions for his farming implements, cattle, horses and sheep, crops of all kinds, and everything related to the farming business, in addition to his household goods, furniture and linen, wine and liquors, all his dairy and brewing utensils, all his books, prints and pictures, and various sums of money and investments. The main beneficiaries were his wife Ann for her benefit in her lifetime, and his nephews John Jex Woods and Thomas Utton, and the surviving children of his late brother John Glasspoole. Another nephew, William Utton, was removed by a codicil having gone to America (Ref: PRO will: Thomas Glasspoole). Anne Glasspoole (nee Morse), the widow of Thomas, also made a will, dated 20 May 1849 with codicils 1 July and 7 July 1849, which was witnessed by William W. Woods and Henry Jex Woods, and proved 29 March 1853. She mentions her friend Mr John Jex Woods of Oulton, the executor, and her brothers, Mr James Morse of Swaffham, Thomas Morse and John Morse [Ref: PRO will: Anne Glasspoole].

Thomas was a member of the Mutford and Lothingland Association for prosecuting felons, membership of which was advertised in the Ipswich Journal of Feb 27 1836, Feb 22 1837 and Mar 3 1838. He was also one of the executors to Thomas WOODS, and published advertisements in the Ipswich Journal of 25 Feb and 3 Mar 1837 as follows:

Commutation of tithes We the undersigned being Landowners, or duly authorized agents of landowners within the Parish of Blundeston, in the county of Suffolk whose interest is not less than one fourth part of the lands subject to Tithes in the said parish, do by this notice inn writing under our hands, call a parochial meeting of land owners and tithe owners within the limits of the said Parish for the purpose of making an agreement of the general Commutation of tithes within the limits of the said parish pursuant to the provisions of an Act, passed in the 6th and 7th years of the Reign of his present Majesty, intitled, "An Act for the commutation of Tithes in England and Wales." And we do hereby also give notice that such meeting will be held at the School house, in the said parish, on Thursday the sixteenth day of March next at the hour of eleven in the forenoon. Given under our hands this twenty second day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.
Charles Steward, Thomas Glasspoole, Thomas Woods William Woods Executors to the late Thomas Woods

[Thanks to Giles Colchester for this section]
48......Mary Glasspoole b 1771 Somerleyton d in infancy
49......Mary Glasspoole b 1771 Somerleyton bur 19 Jul 1793 Raveningham aged 22 m Robert BONFELLOW,jnr 1793

25 Henry GLASSPOOLE m Mary HARRIS abt 1765

Note: Henry lived for a time at Burgh Castle. Beryl Platts notes that John Glasspoole (1761-1825), the son of John Bedford Glasspoole who follows next, was living at Burgh Castle at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Coote, and thinks he must have been there helping his uncle Henry Glasspoole to farm. She has compiled a table (which however I do not have) for a Glasspoole family that later lived at Belton Hall and also owned Caldecot Hall in Fritton, and who were descended from this Henry and Mary (Harris) Glasspoole. Henry Glasspoole of Belton in the county of Suffolk, gentleman, made a will on 2 June 1821, which was proved at London on 3 January 1825, the executors being his wife Mary, his son George Glasspoole, and his daughter Mary Glasspoole. In it he disposed of his lands, messuages, dwelling houses, and tenement and heredits lying in Belton, which at that time were in his own occupation and those of his tenants. These were to pass to his wife and then his daughter and any issue she may have during their lifetimes and finally to his son George Glasspoole (who presumably already had substantial property of his own). Also mentioned in his will were Catherine Hudson, Mary Ann Glasspoole, and Catherine Maria Glasspoole, his granddaughters, whose maintenance and education was provided for in the will until she reaches the age of twenty one. For this purpose several large legacies of 1500 pounds each were set aside. Among the personal effects disposed of were his china and silver, while the residue of his estate was to go to his son George subject to his wife's use in her lifetime

From 1770 tp 1787 Mr. H. (Henry) Glasspoole, who was a large rate- payer, continued to be the only Churchwarden of Burgh Castle, Suffolk. After him, in 1789, Mr John Neslen became Churchwarden, followed by Mr George Neave, when Mr John Glasspoole took office. John Glasspoole was then Churchwarden of Burgh Castle from 1791-1799. Although no statement of their relationship has been found there is hardly any doubt that this Henry Glasspoole of Belton Hall was the uncle of this John Glasspoole who was son of his probable brother John (Ref: pem comment). In 1803 Henry Glasspoole of Caldecot-hall, which he held from the President and Fellows of Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, the ultimate owners, appears in a list of names of the several persons acting as Gamekeepers according to the system of deputations or appointments resulting from an Act of Parliament passed in the 31st year of the then king's reign

Children of Henry and Mary
50......George Glasspoole dob unknown
51......Mary Glasspoole dob unknown m Carsey BELL by lic 1838
52......female child
53......male child

27 William GLASSPOOLE m Judith BRAME (b 1746 Lound d 4 Jun 1809 Somerleyton) 12 Feb 1765 Somerleyton (by licence) [1764 in Boyd]

Note: William and Judith Glasspoole apparently lived first in Burgh Castle, then in Somerleyton parish, and (from before 1773) in Blundeston parish before settling in South Wootten, Norfolk. This William appears in Blundeston documents in 1775 and 1781, having undertaken to pay the rental of the Blundeston "Town Pightle" and adjoining tenements (presumably for the benefit of the poor) for a term ending in 1781, and one of these documents bears his signature. Sometime after 1788 he and his family moved to Norfolk where the family seems to have had property all along. William Glasspoole made his will in January 1802 with a codicil in 1806, which was proved 30 July 1807. In it he disposed of his messuages, tenements, and hereditaments both freehold and copyhold, in Somerleyton, and names various members of his immediate family. William and Judith (Brame) Glasspoole had 11 children, the first three baptised in Somerleyton, and the rest in Blundeston.

from the Ispwich Journal of 24 Apr 1777

Children of William and Judith
54......William Glasspoole b 1766 Somerleyton d 24 Feb 1801 Somerleyton
Note: This may be the Joshua William Glasspoole (b abt 1767?) the head of a Brundall Glasspoole family, but this is speculative: no actual link has been found.
55......Daniel Glasspoole b 1769 Somerleyton d 24 Feb 1801 Somerleyton aged 32 [MI]
56......John Brame Glasspoole b 1771 Somerleyton (remained single) d 1816
Note: John was an executor for his father's will proved 1806. In the administration bond of 11 Dec 1816 for the estate of John Bream (sic) Glasspoole, late of South Wootton who died intestate without heirs, 57 Henry appears as next of kin and brother. The estate was valued at under £300. Signatories to the bond were Henry Glasspoole, Thomas CLOWES of Caister Norfolk, solicitor and Joseph LANCASTER of Gt Yarmouth, gentleman.
56a....Maria Glasspoole dob unknown m Robert STOKER 7 Sep 1826 Yarmouth
Note; this entry is from an announcement in the Bury & Norwich Post stating that Maria was the eldest daughter of the late William Glasspoole
Henry Glasspoole bap 27 Jun 1773 Blundeston d 12 Jan 1829 [Notice in Bury & Norwich Post] bur 16 Jan 1829 Hemsby

Henry's memorial in Hemsby Church

58......Elizabeth Glasspoole bap 17 Sep 1775 Blundeston d 6 Feb 1864
59......Sarah Glasspoole bap 25 Feb 1779 Blundeston
60......Judith Glasspoole bap 8 Apr 1781 m John Kemp TAYLOR 29 Sep 1803 (?) South Wooton and Swardeston
61......Temperance Glasspoole bap 15 Jun 1783 Blundeston
62......Thomas Glasspoole bap 26 Apr 1785 Blundeston d 1839 Mutford
63......Ann Glasspoole bap 3 Sep 1876
Richard Glasspoole bap 22 Dec 1788 Blundeston d 19 Aug 1846 Ormsby

33 Thomas GLASSPOOLE m Sarah abt 1771/2

Children of Thomas and Sarah
65......Sarah Glasspoole bap 23 Nov 1773 Gt Yarmouth bur 2 May 1802 Loddon
66......Hannah Dade Glasspoole b 1776 died in infancy.
67......Hannah Dade Glasspoole bap 1778 Gt Yarmouth


43 John GLASSPOOLE m (a) Elizabeth COOTE (b 1765 d 14 Dec 1798 Somerleyton aged 33) 25 Oct 1787 Somerleyton [Boyd] (b) Anne ARNOLD (1769 to 28 Nov 1816 Somerleyton aged 47 [MI]) spinster, 14 Oct 1800 by licence Lowestoft

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of William and Elizabeth COOTE of Somerleyton Hall. The wedding (by licence) may have taken place at Burgh Castle, although recorded at Somerleyton. William died 6 Mar 1814 aged 77 and Elizabeth d 2 Apr 1805 aged 60 both in Somerleyton. William COOTE may have married again as a widower: in 1813 in Ashby the ratebook records the name "Widow Coote", evidently one of the landowners of the parish.
John Glasspoole was said to be "of Burgh Castle" at his wedding to Elizabeth, and after apparently living in Somerleyton for a while settled in Manor House Farm Herringfleet from 1800 to 1812. He was a churchwarden in 1791 to 1804, and seems to have been followed as such by an un-named son from 1817 to 1822, although one source suggests that he remained churchwarden until 1825. Since there are usually two churchwardens, it is possible that they were both in this post. It is recorded that 'in 1799 the Clerk (Mr Glasspoole) receives 'on account' 5 shillings, presently 2s.6d., and finally wages due 7s.6d. Poor man, was he badly off, or had the Churchwarden no money in hand?: It was a wintry time, for on February 27 he paid Henry Pope 2s.6d. for flinging snow out of the Church path
According to his grandson, Arnold George Glasspoole, John left considerable property in his will which took several years to administer.
Ann Arnold was already living with the family when Elizabeth died, and thus became the carer if not the de facto mother at her death. Was Ann a nurse?

John is recorded in the Ipswich Journal of 13 Dec 1800 as donating £1. 1. 0 to the provision of a lifeboat for the Suffolk coast. He was also a member of the Mutford and Lothingland Association for prosecuting felons, membership of which was advertised in the Ipswich Journal of Feb 27 1836. [Thanks to Giles Colchester for this]

Children of John and Elizabeth
65......William Coote Glasspoole b 1788 m Miss CURTIS
Note: there is some uncertainty about this marriage
William is said to have been left Somerleyton Hall by his grandfather, William COOTE, but he gambled his inheritance away and ended poor.

Somerleyton Hall

68......William Coote Glasspoole b 18 Sep 1788 Burgh Castle bap 23 Sep 1788
John Baker Glasspoole b and bap 10 Nov 1789 bur 10 May 1869 aged 80
70......Elizabeth Wibber Glasspoole b 11 Dec 1790 bap 12 Dec 1790 Burgh Castle
71......Anne Glasspoole b 25 Jan 1792 bap 30 Jan 1792 Burgh Castle d 1874 m John Jex WOODS (b 26 May 1785 Willingham d 5 Mar 1860 Oulton) by licence 13 Aug 1813 Herringfleet
Note: John and Ann had 13 children. John was a malster, coal corn and seed merchant and a farmer. They lived at Lower House Farm, Oulton
72......Thomas Glasspoole b 26 Feb 1793 bap 3 Mar 1793 Burgh Castle d 1801 aged 9
73......Charles Glasspoole b 11 Feb 1794 bap 13 Feb 1794 Burgh Castle d after 1835 m Mary LARKMAN 1825
74......Mary Rushton Glasspoole b 15 Jun 1795 bap 21 Jun 1795 Burgh Castle d 20 Oct 1843 aged 48 as a spinster
75......Richard Glasspoole d.o.b uncertain
George Glasspoole b 1798

Children of John and Ann
77......Arthur Glasspoole dob unknown
Note: This may be the son of 65 William Coote Glasspoole
78......Susan Glasspoole b 1804
79......Cheseldon Arnold b 1806 d aged 72 [Lambeth 1d 264]
80......Elizabeth Glasspoole b 1808 d 1879 a spinster
81......a possible child dob unknown

44 Anne GLASSPOOLE m Philip UTTON (of Aldeby, gentleman) 22 Oct1783 Norwich

Children of Philip and Anne
82......Thomas Utton b 1784 d 1785 Aldeby
83......Thomas Utton bap 19 Mar 1786 Aldeby
Note: Both Thomas above and William below are known because of the will of Thomas Glasspoole, their uncle. Thomas above was an executor with John Jex WOODS but a codocil revoked a lagacy to William apparently because he had emigrated to America
84......John Glasspoole Utton b 5 Jun 1787 bap 11 Jun 1787 Aldeby
85......Mary Ann Utton b 7 Jun 1788 bap 9 Jun 1788 Aldeby m James SAYERS abt 1806
86......Jane Utton bap 12 Nov 1789 Aldeby d 1809 Aldeby
87......William Utton bap 12 Nov 1789 Aldeby m Lucy Ann WYATT abt 1823
88......Bertha Utton b 1794 Aldeby
89......Maria Utton b 1797 Aldeby d 1808 Aldeby
90......Harriet Utton b 22 Aug 1801 bap 23 Aug 1801 Aldeby
91......Ann Utton b 24 Feb 1802 bap 1 Mar 1802 Aldeby
92......Frances Utton b 9 Jun 1803 bap 26 Jun 1803 Aldeby


Note: George Glasspoole, son of Henry Glasspoole of Burgh Castle and his wife Mary, is mentioned in his father's will made 1821 and proved 1825. He lived and farmed at Caldecot Hall in Fritton. George Glasspoole, of Fritton in the county of Suffolk, gentleman, made his will on 10 January 1838, which was proved at London 4 January 1839 by the oaths of George Glasspoole, his son, and James Larkman, his son-in-law, two of the executors, the other executor being his wife Sarah Glasspoole for whom the same was reserved. In his will he disposed of his property in Fritton, property he had previously purchased in Gorleston and Bradwell, and the family property in Belton which was then in the use of his sister, Mrs Bell, in her lifetime but to revert to her brother or his heirs on her decease.

George was a member of the Mutford and Lothingland Association for prosecuting felons, membership of which was advertised in the Ipswich Journal of Feb 27 1836, Feb 22 1837 and Mar 3 1838. (the last three years of his life) [Thankd to Giles Colchester for this]

Children of George and Sarah
93......George Henry abt 1813
George was a farmer in Belton in 1841 and 1844. The 1841 census shows no wife, but living at the sam address were 4 servants: Sarah NEAVEaged 38, Charlotte COLBY aged 16, George POLE aged 17 and Charles CHASING
94......Charlotte b 3 Aug 1810 bap 5 Aug 1810 Fritton d 20 Nov 1875


Child of Mr Hudson and unknown Glasspoole
95......Catherine Hudson dob unknown

52 unknown GLASSPOOLE m unknown

Children of unknown male Glasspoole and unknown
96....Mary Ann Glasspoole dob unknown
Note: Mary Ann is probably the Marianne GLASSPOOLE who married John HOLMES 24 Jul 1834 Belton
97....Catherine Maria Glasspoole dob unknown


Note: Anne was the daughter of Benjamin WATSON of Gt Yarmouth, gentleman, who in his will dated 15 May 1805 proved 10 May 1813 appoints his "son-in-law, Henry Glasspoole of Great Yarmouth, ironmonger, and Ann his wife, my daughter" as executor and executrix. Henry also appears in an administration bond as one of the next of kin to John Bream Glasspoole, as a "brazier"

Henry, shown as a hardwareman of Gt Yarmouth was a signatory to the administration bond of 3 May 1802 of the estate of John MOORE late of Gt Yarmouth. The Ipswich Journal of 4 April 1795 records the sale of a "shop and manufactury of Brazier and Tin wares facing the Old Broad Row" in Yarmouth to Henry. Henry was an alderman of Gt Yarmouth

Child of Henry and Ann
98......Henry Glasspoole b 11 Oct 1801 bap 12 Oct 1801 Great Yarmouth bur 5 Oct 1836 Hemsby aged 35

(Note: 24 Mar 1832 Gt Yarmouth. He is not known to have married or had any issue, and is not the Henry Glasspoole who married Martha Lakey who is instead a member of a separate and possibly unrelated Glasspoole family of Gorleston
99......Frederick Bream Glasspoole b 1803 bap Gt Yarmouth bap 14 or 15 Nov 1803
100....Sarah Ann Glasspoole b 1812 bap 15 Jul 1812 Gt Yarmouth
100a....Elizabeth Glasspoole b 1826 Gt Yarmouth m John BULLOCK 1842 Gt Yarmouth

58 Elizabeth GLASSPOOLE m Joseph LANCASTER (b 1769 bur 18 Aug 1823 Yarmouth ) 14 Jan 1796 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Joseph Lancaster of Great Yarmouth, gentleman, was one of the signatories to the administration bond in 1816 for the estate of his late brother-in-law John Bream Glasspoole. He was the son of Robert and Elizabeth LANCASTER

Child of Elizabeth and Joseph
101......Robert Glaspoole Lancaster b 1798
102......William Lancaster bap 1799 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1804
103......Ann Lancaster bap 1801 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1804
104......Joseph Scott Lancaster bap 1803 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1804
105......Elizabeth Lancaster bap 1804 Wroxham St Faith District
106......Thomas Lancaster bap 1806 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1812
107......John Sate Lancaster bap 1808 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1812
108......Judith Lancaster bap 1810 Wroxham St Faith District Recd into church 1812
109......Henry Lancaster bap 1812 Wroxham St Faith Recd into church 1812

59 Sarah GLASSPOOLE m William COOPER 27 May 1802 St Margarets Lynn Norfolk (by licence)

Note: William is thought to be the Kings Lynn ironmonger although there is some confusion between the successive generations named William Cooper. Sarah, his wife, was a sister of the Capt. Richard Glasspoole (1788-1846) whose diary about being captured by Chinese pirates was later preserved in her family.

Child of William and Sarah

110......William Cooper b 1803 d 1879 aged 75
Note: William became an ironmonger

62 Thomas GLASSPOOLE m Mary Ann JACKSON (b 1789 South Wooton) 18 Apr 1810 South Wooton

Note: At his marriage, Thomas, who was a farmer in South Wooton

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
111......Judith Mary Glasspoole bap 28 Mar 1811 South Wooton
112......Thomas William Glasspoole b 9 Jul 1812 South Wooton bap 15 Jul 1812 South Wooton d 22 Aug 1890 Mondovi, Wisconsin
Note: Thomas William emigrated to USA before 1838 but actual date and ship unknown
113......Henry Glasspoole b 17 Nov 1813 South Wooton bap 21 Nov 1813 South Wooton
Note: Henry became a farmer
114......Sarah Ann Glasspoole b 17 Apr 1815 South Wooton bap 23 Apr 1815 South Wooton
115......Martha Glasspoole b 18 Sep 1816 South Wooton bap 25 Sep 1816 South Wooton

64 Richard GLASSPOOLE m Rebecca BRANFORD (d 16 Jun 1873) 23 Jun 1823 Caister-on-Sea

Note: Richard wrote a highly interesting narrative dated 1809 describing his capture by Chinese pirates who held him for ransom off Macao whilst he was on an East India Company voyage on the ship "Marquis of Ely".
In 1804 he joined the East India Company as a midshipman on board the "Surrey" and became 4th mate of the "Marquis of Ely" in 1808. Soon after his release by the pirates he became 3rd Mate and then served in the "Rose" and the "Buckinghamshire" as second mate. He made three voyages to China on the "Canning" and was sworn as the master of the "Buckinghamshire" on June 25th 1823. He remained in command of this ship until he retired from the sea in the season 1830 to 1831
He was one of the two biggest landowners in Ormsby and "had a fine collection of India and Chinese productions, purchased by the owner when in the East India Company's service" and in 1832 donated "a great number of specimens of animals, birds etc" to the Norfolk and Norwich Museum.[Bury & Norwich Post] Rebecca was the daughter of William BRANFORD and Rebecca WOMACK

[Bury & Norwich Post 27 Oct 1841].

On 10 Jan 1842 he was awarded the silver cup given by Sir E K Lacon & Co for the best barley [Bury & Norwich Post]. His interest in agriculture is evidenced by a report in the Bury & Norwich Post of 2 Jan 1839 whenit was reported that he was "endeavouring to create a new breed between the Abyssinian sheep, whose coat is a black hair and the Leicesterone of which...had a coat a mixture of Black or rather brown wool and hair "

In December 1840 he was made a magistrate

from the Ipswich Journal 19 Sep 1846

Children of Richard and Rebecca
116......Hampden Gladstones Glasspoole b 1825 Ormesby d 1887
Note: He was a botanist from Ormesby, Norfolk who put together a herbarium of specimens from southern England and the environs of Great Yarmouth and the eastern Norfolk Broads. He recorded the first instance of a plant for Britain as a whole, together with two for Norfolk. He was a member of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society from its inception and contributed a number of biographical memoirs of botanists to the Society's Transactions. He was also a contributor to the Science Gossip Club, was Honorary Curator of Botany at the Norfolk and Norwich Museum and Botanist at Alexandra Palace, and was a member of the Norfolk Microscopical Society and the Queckett Microscopical Club. He bequeathed his herbarium, comprising around 500 specimens, to his friend and fellow botanist Herbert Geldart, and the resulting larger collection can be seen by appointment in the Shirehall Study Centre in England.
In 1841 Hampden was living in Botesdale

117......Richard Edgar Glasspoole b 1827 Ormesby d 1860
118......William Alfred Glasspoole b 4 Aug 1829 Ormesby d 10 Feb 1916 Ormesby
119......Susan Edith Glasspoole b 29 Sep 1831 bap 3 Oct 1831 Ormesby d 6 Feb 1841 Ormesby
121......Rebecca Branford Glasspoole b 1833 Ormesby
122......Albert Glasspoole b 1834 Ormesby


69 John Baker GLASSPOOLE m Eliza LARKMAN (d 1867) 2 Jul 1816 Herringfleet


from the Ipswich Journal of 20 May 1820

John Glasspoole In July 1833, the overseer of the poor in Ashby, was paid 8s.6d. for the customary journey to the House of Relief in Oulton. In 1841 the family were living at Somerleyton where John was a farmer. There was also a maid living in called Maria PEAK aged 22

Children of John and Eliza
123......John Glasspoole bap 18 May 1817 Herringfleet bur 14 Mar 1872 aged 58
124......Eliza Glasspoole bap 23 May 1819 Herringfleet
125......Henry Glasspoole bap 10 jun 1821 Herringfleet d 2nd qr 1880 aged 58 [Mitford 4b 187]
126......Frederick Glasspoole bap 13 Apr 1823 Herringfleet
127......Horace Glasspoole b 15 May 1825 Herringfleet bap 10 Jul 1825 Herringfleet d 2nd qr 1859 Stow
Note: Horace was described in the 1851 census as a "miller's man" a servant at Somerleyton
128....Harriet E Glasspoole b 29 Apr 1827 Herringfleet bap 3 Jun 1827 Herringfleet d 1855
129....Emma Glasspoole b 21 Feb 1831 Somerleyton m (a) George SWANN 25 Dec 1851 Norwich (b) William CARTER 23 May 1878 Norwich
130....Helen Glasspoole b abt 1834 Somerleyton d 1889 Lowestoft

76 George GLASSPOOLE m Pleasance Priscilla PANK (b 1801 Lound) 10 Jan 1825 Gorleston

Note: in 1841 George and Priscilla were living at Lound, but Arnold and Bertha were staying with a Thomas HOWES in Lound

Children of George and Priscilla
131......Arnold George Glasspoole b 1825 d 1901 m Elizabeth CARMEN 2 Jan 1853 St Pancras Old Church, London
132......Bertha Honor Glasspoole b 1826 bap 28 Dec 1828 Great Yarmouth m William Richmon CRITTON 2nd qr 1851 [Mutford 13 745]

79 Cheselden Arnold GLASSPOOLE m Elizabeth MUDD (b 1826 Clerkenwell) 1st qr 1865 [Holborn 1b 700]

Note: Cheselden was a messenger in 1881 living at 63 Pleasant Place, Lambeth Surrey

Children of Cheselden and Elizabeth
133......Annie Glasspoole b 1867 Clerkenwell
134......Joseph Glasspoole b 1869 Clerkenwell
135......George Glasspoole b 1874 Lambeth
136......Louisa Glasspoole b 1880 Lambeth

94 Charlotte GLASSPOOLE m James LARKMAN (b abt 1802 Blundeston d 1877 Great Yarmouth) 28 Dec 1830 Fritton

Note: James was a farmer in 1841 living in Fritton. He was the grandson of Thomas LARKMAN and Susannah BRUFF and the son of Robert LARKMAN (b 1773) and Pheobe SPURGE (b 1775)

Children of James and Charlotte
137......George James Larkman b 1834 Fritton
138......Helen Larkman b 1838 Fritton
139......Robert Larkman b 1839 Fritton d 1906 m Agnes Eliza BURRIDGE (b 13 Oct 1861 bap 5 Jan 1862 Burgh Castle d 13 Nov 1931) April 1886 Norwich
140......James Larkman b 1840 Fritton
141......Rosa Charlotte Larkman dob unknown
142......Emma Larkman dob unknown

99 Frederick Bream GLASSPOOLE m Maria Georgiana McDONALD 30 Apr 1830 St Nicholas Brighton

Note: In the 1841 census Frederick and Sarah were living at 45 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London. With them was Ann Glasspoole, aged 69, Frederick's mother as well as two servants, Sarah FELLOWS aged 22 and Margaret SELKINS aged 26. In addition Mary BOWTELL aged 31 said to be of independent means, was also with the family.

Children of Frederick and Maria
143......Adele Glasspoole b 1830/31 [1841 census]
144......Georgiana Barkley MacDonald Glasspoole bap 22 Apr 1834 St Clements, Ipswich

110 William COOPER m Mary SIMES (b abt 1805 Kensington, Mdx)

Note: William was an ironmonger. In 1841 Mary's mother Sarah SIMES was staying with the family at London Rd, South Lynn, Kings Lynn.Others staying at this address in 1841 were Sophia MAYHEW aged 20 and Hannah RIPPINGALE aged 15 - both probably servants. In 1861, at the same address were living 119 Georgiana, Louis Jean DURAND, a 20 year old French student, Hannah CARR aged 22 b Middleton servant and Elizabeth CHAPMAN aged 17 b Kings Lynn, a servant. In 1871 Miriam and Frances, both still single (Census records Miram as Mary Ann) were staying with their parents. Servants were Phoebe RAYNES a cook, aged 21 b Castle Rising and Susan DOUCH aged 18 b Sutton Bridge, Cambs.

Children of William and Mary In 1871
145......Miriam Cooper b 6 Jun 1831 South Lynn
146......Frances Creak Cooper b 1832/3 South Lynn
Note: Frances Creake Cooper, was a governess at Lethern House in Scotland from 1858 to 1862. During her stay at Nairn, she made a transcription of Captain Richard Glasspoole's 1809 diary, having apparently had the original diary in her possession in order to do this. James Southwood has a copy of this transcription in which in the front of her work she refers to Captain Richard Glasspoole as follows: "our great uncle Captain Richard Glasspoole of Great Yarmouth". A more recent transcription of the diary was published in 1935.
147......Georgiana C Cooper b 1837/8 South Lynn
148......William Alfred Cooper b 13 Mar 1841 South Lynn
Note: William Alfred became an ironmonger in Kings Lynn.

62b Thomas William GLASSPOOLE m Catherine COOK (b 20 Jul 1822 Kentucky d 30 Mar 1833 Baldwin) 4 Jan 1838 Canton, Clay Co, Illinois

Thomas William Glasspoole

Note: Catherine was the daughter of the first settler in Kane County Illinois, a man called "Shanty Cook" who settled in 1835 and owned many acres of land. Thomas emigrated to Illinois and married Catherine. He was School Master in the first log School House built in 1839. The following year the school burnt down. Later, in JoDavies County, Illinois

Thomas William was an early settler in Mondovi Township according to a History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties and in 1860 is shown as settling in Glasspool Valley, Canton. The same source lists him as being elected to the post of Town Clerk in Canton in 1868

He became Justice of the Peace for Pleasant Township Jo DaiviesÍs County, Illinois in 1847 and again in 1854. In 1850 the family were living at Plum River Precinct, Jo DaviesÍs Co; in 1860 the family was at Maxville, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin and in 1870 in Canton, Buffalo Co.

In 1858 he bought land in Mondovi Township - Section 18 Twp 24N R 11W [General land office records] - he was names as an early (post 1856) settler in Mondovi Township in a history of Buffalo and Pepin Counties, and in 1860 he settled in Glasspool Valley, Canton township, Buffalo and Pepin Counties where he was elected Town Clerk in 1868.

By 1872 Thomas William was a Justice of the Peace and conducted the marriage of his son Albert as well as signing a land lurchaseby son Henry and his wife Mary. By 1877 he had moved to Baldwin where he became the village clerk. In 1884 a house owned by him in Baldwin was damaged by fire. and in 1885 he retired as village clerk.

Children of Thomas and Catherine
149......Thomas William Glasspoole b 25 Oct 1838 Canton, Clay Illinois d 17 Feb 1925
Note: Thomas received a homestead certificate No 581 in Canton township
150.....Henry Clay Glasspoole b 10 Feb 1840 Canton d 5 Feb 1913 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
151......Judith Ellen Glasspoole b 12 May 1842 Canton m Jeremiah Meure PLEMON
152...... Martha Glasspoole b 21 Nov 1843 Canton d 1900 Pepin, Wisconsin
153...... Richard Glasspoole b 5 May 1845 Canton d 1863
Note: Richard enlisted in army Pepin County 15 Jan 1864; killed on the battlefield in Spotsylvania, Virginia while fighting in the Civil War. 10 May 1864
154...... Lucretia Elvira Glasspoole b 5 Nov 1847 d 15 Sep 1848 Plum River, Illinois
155...... Robert Jackson Glasspoole b 28 Mar 1849 Plum River d Jan 1864
Note: Robert accidentally shot himself with a rifle about 1864
156......Albert Phineas Glasspoole b 23 Mar 1853 Plum River, Ill d 25 Jun 1915 Arcadia, Wiscinsin

157...... John Glasspoole b 29 Jun 1856 Canton d 1872 Buffalo City
158...... Sarah Ann Glasspoole b 7 Mar 1854 Canton d 29 Jul 1855 Pleasant Valley
159...... Joseph H Glasspoole b 28 June 1856 Canton d 6 Feb 1913 Coeur d"Alene
Note: Family bible gives birth date as 29 June 1856
160......Mary Ann Glasspoole b 31 Mar 1858 Canton
161...... Mary Ann Glasspoole b 31 Mar 1860 Canton d 1914
162...... Charles Edward Glasspoole b 16 Apr 1862 d 2 Feb 1838 Kern, California m Janie
Note: All three of Charles and Janies children died in infancy
163...... Catherine Elizabeth Glasspoole b 4 Jul 1864 Baldwin, Wisconsin d 1914

115 Martha GLASSPOOLE m Richard HART (b 1818 Newington) NOTE: Richard was a farmer of 109 acres at Wingfield employing 3 men and 2 boys in 1861

Child of Richard and Martha
164......George Hart b 1849 Wingfield, Suffolk

121 Rebecca Branford GLASSPOOLE m William WORSHIP (b 1812 Great Yarmouth d 4th qr 1812 aged 70 [Flegg 4b 21]) 27 Feb 1862 Ormesby

Note: William was a Solicitor and an Alderman of Great Yarmouth in 1881
Also living in were a governess, Augusta PABOT aged 40 born in Hanover, Annie EARL aged 41 born in South Repps, Cook Mary A LEE aged 49 born in Wymondham, Housemaid, Emma CLOW aged 18 born Turnham, Under-housemaid, Mary A LARK aged 16 born Scratby and Richard Jos BUTLER aged 19 b Gt Yarmouth, Footman.
Visitiors included Sarah SALMON aged 76, sister to William and Susan E GLASSPOOLE aged 48, sister to Rebecca

In 1891 Rebecca was a widow living at Ormesby St Michaels Hall, Rollesby Bridge, Ormesby St Michael, with William E, Valentina, Helen, Amy and Noel. Also staying at the Hall were 91 William Alfred Glasspoole, her brother who was a retired Colonel in the Indian Army, 10 week old Roger PAINE her grandson and six servants:

Children of William and Rebecca
165......William Edgar Worship b 1st qr 1863 Great Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 15]
166......Helen Edith Mary Worship b 4th qr 1865 Great Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 29] m William Worship PAINE (b 1861 St Pancras)
167......Valentia Worship b 1868 Great Yarmouth
168......Hugh Worship b 2nd qr 1869 b 1874 Great Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 16]
169......Verelst Turner Worship b Jan 1871 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 28]
170......Amy Worship b 3rd qr 1873 Great Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 25]
171......Noel Worship b 1st qr 1874 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b _7] m Winifred M HUGHES 1st qr 1924 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 39]

122 Albert GLASSPOOLE m Augusta Laura CARR (b 1843 Maine, Illinois) 17 Nov 1862 Kane County, Illinois

Child of Albert and Laura
172......William Francis Glasspoole bap 23 Aug 1866 Paw Paw, De Kalb, Illinois d 23 Apr 1924 Batavia, Kane, Illinois


123 John GLASSPOOLE m Sarah GREEN (b abt 1813 bur 7 May 1882 Herringfleet aged 69) 2nd qr 1845 [Mutford 13 809]

Note: Sarah lived in St Olaves when she died. In 1848 John was described as Stationmaster, and in 1851 he appears as Railway Clerk at Herringfleet. In 1861 he is shown as a farmer of 60 acres in Herringfleet.

Children of John and Sarah
173......Charles John Glasspoole b 1st qr 1847 Weeting, registered Thetford d 1 May 1883 Mutford
174......Charlotte Mary Glasspoole b 1848 Oulton
175......Frederick James Glasspoole b 1851 Somerleyton m Sarah Ann REYNOLDS (b 1855/6 Burgh St Peter, Norfolk) 3rd qr 1877 Gt Yarmouth [Yarmouth 4b 20]
Note: 'Frederick James Glaspole' was, on 15 Octobe 1878, proprietor of the 'Ironmongers Arms' pub, also known as the "Nuts and Bolts" at an address afterwards identified as at 1 Lobster Lane, St John Maddermarket, (address also found at 1 St John Maddermarket and 1 St Johns Street, Norwich, an establishment that did not finally close until 2003 (Ref: Norwich Ironmongers, St John Maddermarket, having been "one of the very few Norwich houses to escape the ravages of 'modernization' during the 1980's" ) . In 1881 he was living on St Johns Street in Norwich St John Maddermarket, Norfolk, England, with his wife Sarah Glasspoole aged 25 born in, son Frederick J Glasspool aged 3 born in Gt Yarmouth Norfolk, and visitors Sophia Reynolds a widow aged 29 and Ellen M Reynolds aged 3 both born in Carlton Colville, Norfolk In 1891 Frederick was a railway inspector living at New Road, Norwich with his wife Sarah but without children
175......Catherine Louisa Glasspoole b 1853 Somerleyton

124 Eliza GLASSPOOLE m Charles James FLOWERDAY (b 1810 Somerleyton d 3rd qr 1880 Gt Yarmouth) 4th qr 1843 Mutford [Mutford 13 1147]

Note: Charles was a cellerman in 1861 census and the family ws at North Road, St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth

Children of Charles and Eliza
174a....Harriet Flowerday b 2nd qr 1846 Somerleyton [Mutford XIII 503] d 4th qr 1892 Middlesborough [Middlesborough 9d 366] m Benjamin FARMAN (b 1st qr 1851 Gt Yarmouth[Yarmouth 13 427]) 22 Dec 1869 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Harriet was a milliner in 1862 census
174b....Jane Flowerday b 3rd qr 1850 Somerleyton [Mutford XIII 479]

125 Henry GLASSPOOLE m Sarah ( b abt 1825 Cley next the Sea)

Note: Henry was a miller living at Plumstead Road, Norwich in the 1871 census. By the 1881 census Sarah was a widow living at Thetre Street, East Dereham. She was of independent means and had with her both children as well as a boarder, Turner H BUNTING b abt 1860 Thornham and Mary HUMPHREYS, an 81 year ol widow, b East Dereham

Children of Henry and Sarah
176......Laura Glasspoole b 1st qr 1857 Norwich [Norwich 43 135] m 2nd qr 1882 to either Frederick George BASNETT or Elijah HEWITT [Mitford 4b 481]
177......Frederick Henry Glasspoole b 3rd qr 1865 Norwich [Norwich 4b 120]
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a clerk living at Theatre St, East Dereham, Nfk

126 Frederick GLASSPOOLE m Sarah PORTRIDGE 2 May 1849 Stepney

Note: In 1861 Sarah was a dressmaker and was living with her mother Sarah PORTRIDGE a beer house keeper

Child of Frederick and Sarah
178......Frederick George Glasspoole b 4th qr 1851 Islington

129 Emma GLASSPOOLE m (a) George SWANN (b 1826 Higham d 4th qr 1874 [Norwich 4b 84] 4th qr 1851 [Norwich 13 76] (b) William CARTER 2nd qr 1878 [Norwich 46 261]

George Swann

Note: George was a railway booking clerk. In 1861 the family was living at Providence Square, Thorpe. In 1871 they were at Gas Hill, St Matthew, Norwich
William was a retired soldier on a pension and a reading room keeper in 1881 and he, Emma and her children were at Thoroughfare Street, Redenhall and Harleston, but by 1891 Emma was again a widow liiving back in Norwich at Newman's Yard

Children of George and Emma
179......Elizabeth Mercy Swann b 1st qr 1853 [Norwich 4b 142]
Note: In 1871 Elizabeth was a milliner and dressmaker
180......George Henry Swann b 1st qr 1854 [Norwich 4b 131]
Note: In 1871 George was a general clerk and in 1881 a general labourer
181......Alice Harriet Swann b 27 Feb 1856 [Norwich 4b 133]
182......Frederick William Swann b 2nd qr 1859 [Norwich 4b 117]
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a ticket collector for the Great Eastern Railway
183......Horace Glasspoole Swann b 1st qr 1862 [Norwich 4b 149] d 2nd qr 1902 Norwich [Norwich 4b 91]
Note: In 1891 Horace was a bricklayer labourer
184......Walter Swann b 6 Oct 1864 Norwich
185......Alfred Swann b 1st qr 1866 [Norwich 4b 119]
186......Benjamin Herbert Swann b 4th qr 1870 [Norwich 4b 108] m Elizabeth CLIPPERTON 1895

150 Henry Clay GLASSPOOLE m Mary Jane (b abt 1840 Kentucky)

Henry Clay Glasspoole

Note: Henry enlisted in Pepin County for the civil war
In 1880 Henry was a farmer and the family lived at Wheaton, Chippewa, Wisconsin and the census records that Mary Jane could not read or write

Children of Henry and Mary
150b......Margrett Glasspoole b abt 1868
150c......William W Glasspoole b abt 1869
150d......Mary E Glasspoole b abt 1871
150e......Ella May Glasspoole b abt 1873
150f......Lerry E Glasspoole b abt 1877


173 Charles John GLASSPOOLE m Frances Ann TUCK (b 1848/9) Walsingham 4th qr 1877 Walsingham [Walsingham 4b 795]

Note: Charles John was a farmer of 48 acres employing 2 men, as well as being a licensed victualler living at the Bell Inn, St Olaves Bridge, Herringfleet in 1881 which you can see here. He and his wife had a servant, Sarah PACKER 23 b Barnham living in and at the time of the census had two visitors: George H BRANSCOMBE 25, a sailor, b Winchester and Charles H BRANSCOMBE 22 b Kingston, Surrey, a painter, staying as visitors.

Child of Charles and Frances
187Charles Thomas Glasspoole b 4th qr 1882 Herringfleet

177 Frederick Henry GLASSPOOLE m Lilian Anna BONE (b abt 1858 North Elmham) 3rd qr 1889 [Mitford 4b 455]

Note: In 1891 the family was at Cliff House Gardens, Mundesley Rd, Cromer and Frederick was a railway clerk. There was a visitor, Ealine SKINNER and her son Lionel Charles SKINNER (b 4th qr 1886 [Mitford 4b 2_8]) In 1901 and 1911 the family was at 23 Napier Road, Ponders End and in 1901 Frederick was a Millers Traveller. In 1911 Frederick was a stores clerk in an electric lamp factory.

Child of Frederick and Lilian
188......Reginald Henry Glasspoole b 3rd qr 1890 Cromer [Erpingham 4b 61] m Hettie D ARMSTRONG 1st qr 1930 [Edmonton 3a 961]
189....Leonard James b 3rd qr 1891 Cromer [Erpingham 4b 78]
Note: In 1911 Leonard was a mercantile clerk in an Electric Engineering works
Cecil F Glasspoole b 1894 Benges Herts
Note: In 1911Cecil was an insurance clerk
191.....Sydney John Glasspoole b 1895 Hertford
Note: In 1911 Sydney was a machine hand in an Electric Engineering works
192....Dorothy Muriel Glasspoole b 1st qr 1896 Enfield [Edmonton 3a 480] m Neville A GOODMAN 4th qr 1940 [Norwich 4b 505]
Note: In 1911 Dorothy was a junior clerk in an Electric Engineering works
Douglas Reginald Glasspoole b 1899 Enfield
194....Victor Edward Glasspoole b 1st qr 1901 Ponders End [Edmonton 3a 573]
195....Alexander P Glasspoole b 1st qr 1903 Enfield [Edmonton 3a 632] m Constance L M EDWARDS 1st qr 1931 [Hertford 3a 1182]

179 Elizabeth Mercy SWANN m Charles Samuel Vassar CUDBIRD (b 22 Feb 1859 Higham [Forehoe 4b 191] d Nov 1929 Norwich Hospital) 2nd qr 1881 Norwich [4b 236]

Note: In 1891 Charles was a railway agent and the family were at 58 Field Road, West Ham. In 1901 they were living at the Great Eastern Station House, Gt Harlow and Charles was the stationmaster. In 1911 Charles was stationmaster at Woodford and they lived at 2 Gloucester Villas, George Lane Woodford. Later on he was stationmaster at George Lane Station

Children of Charles and Elizabeth
196......George Charles Vassar Cudbird b 1882 Norwich [1911 census] d 1955
Note: In 1911 George was a railway porter and was boarding at 22 Granby Street, Newmarket
197......Lilian Laura Cudbird b 3rd qr 1883 [Ipswich 4a 701] m Alexander E THOMPSON 14 Oct 1914 [Lewisham 1d 2330]
Note: In 1911 Lilian was a draper's assistant boarding at Market Place, Wisbech
Lewis James Vassar Cudbird b 3rd qr 1885 [Lincoln 4a 758] d 13 July 1982 Toronto
199......Alfred Thomas Vassar Swann b 3rd qr 1885 [Lincoln 4a 498] d 1891 essex
200......Isabel G Swann b 1889 Grimsby [1911 census]
201...... Adelaide Irene Faith Swann b 1st qr 1893 [Epping 4a 357] d 1975 m Leonard A WILSON 3rd qr 1916 [Hackney 1b 905]
Note: Adelaide was a milliner in 1911 boarding at 77 Preston Road, Brighton

186 Benjamin Herbert SWANN m Alice Jane COLEMAN (b abt 1872 Smalburgh) 2nd qr 1899 [Norwich 4b 247]

Note: Benjamin was a tailor in 1901 living at 44 Rose Valley, Norwich In 1911 they were at 11 Merton Rd Norwich

Child of Benjamin and Alice
202......Hilda Grace Swann b 1900 Norwich [1911 census]
203......Sydney Herbert Swann 1906 Norwich [1911 census]

156 Albert Phineas GLASSPOOLE m Rebecca DAVIS

Note: The marriage ceremony between Albert Glasspoole and Rebecca Davis is recorded here by his father:-

Children of Albert and Rebecca
149o......Charles Emory Glasspoole b 21 Mar 1873 Mondovi, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin d 27 Oct 1936 Mondovi, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin
149p......Effie Isabelle Glasspoole b 14 May 1874 Mondovi, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin d 21 Feb 1942 Moscow, Idaho
149q......Samuel Glasspoole b 7 Aug 1874


190 Cecil F GLASSPOOLE m Daisy P IND 3rd qr 1931 [York 9d 42]

Child of Cecil and Dorothy
204......William F Glasspoole b 3rd qr 1932 [Great Ouseburn 9a 100] m Kathleen M SHARPE 1st qr 1959 [Glossop 10a 1823]

193 Douglas Reginald GLASSPOOLE m Sarah L DOLE 1st qr 1927 [Edmonton 3a 701]

Child of Douglas and Sarah
205......June O b 3rd qr 1928 [Edmonton 3a 701] m Gordon A J MARTIN 2nd qr 1960 [Wood Green 5F 1042]

196 George Charles Vassar b 1882 Norwich [1911 census] d 1955 m Kate Alice "Kitty" STEADMAN 4th qr 1917 [Newmarket 3b 1223]

Child of George and Kitty
206......Bessie Irene Cudbird dob unknown

198 Lewis James Vassar CUDBIRD m Ella Marguerite VASSAR 11 Nov 1911 New York

Note: Lewis, originally an engineer turner and fitter with the Atlantic Transport Line and served on the following ships: SS Mackinaw, Minnehaha, Minnetonka, Minnewaska I and Minnewaska II. By 1906 he was living in New York, but as soon as he was married he and his bride went to Toronto (perhaps on account of anti-British feeling in New Yark at the time) where he became Chief Engineer for the city of Toronto. Later on he became Smoke Abatement Officer for the same city.

Children of Lewis and Ella
207......Beverley Swann Vassar Cudbird b 4 Dec 1914 d 15 Apr 1984
208......Trevor James Vassar Cudbird b 1916 d 24 Feb 1999
Note: Trevor was an engineer
209......Alwyn Robert Vassar Cudbird b 21 Jan 1920 d 18 Aug 1950
Note: Alwyn was an insurance underwriter
210......stillborn child b 1922
211......Elain Faith Vassar Cudbird b 5 Apr 1924

You can see more of the Cudbird family here

149o Charles Emory GLASSPOOLE m Ingeborg Marie "Mary" LARSON 18 Mar 1902 Mondovi

Children of Charles and Mary
149r......Wilma Lucille Glasspoole b 8 Dec 1902 Mondovi d 12 Oct 1984 Rochester, Minnesota m Donald Leroy GLOSE (b 1902 Mondovi d 16 Sep 1975 Eau Claire, Wisconsin) 25 May 1926 Minnesota


149s......Wendell Charles Glasspoole b 26 Feb 1908 Mondovi d 28 Nov1986 Richmond, Virginia m Catherine Marie "Katie" WARLEIN b 1908 d 1992

Note: Wendell was a farmer


206 Bessie Irene CUDBIRD m Mr LINNELL

Child of Mr Linnell and Bessie
212......Garth Anthony Linell dob unknown

Special thanks to Beryl Platts and Peter Murray for the research which covers most of this branch as well as to Giles Colchester, Cathy Star (great grandchild of 148 Elizabeth and Charles Cudbird) , 171 Garth Linnell and Paul Glasspoole

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