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The primary source of information is the names of individuals which have been sorted into date order in families where possible. These are accessed by going to the particular page (ie: Mid Central Norfolk, Coastal, London, North Suffolk and Waveney Valley and Miscellaneous) - there is an index on each page which will look for any christian name by date, or ant surname which is not Crickmore or its variant. If you do not know which page to go to try "Places" which lists all places with their relevant page.

Links are provided on each page to other information, and other sets of data may be accessed thropugh the main index.


b = born
bap = bap
bef = before
BMD = Births marriages and deaths
Boyd = Boyds list of Marriages
bur = buried
cen = census (with year)
cmb = Christenings, marriages and burials
d = died
dob = date of birth
IGI = International Genealogical Index of the Latter Day Saints
m = married
NBI = National Burials Index
reg = parish register
Soc of gen = Society of Genealogists
wid = widow
widr = widower


( ) - these are used to show dates of birth and death after spouses and before the dates of marriages. They also contain remarks, usually in italics.
[ ] - information sources


The layout of each page is in families so far as can be shown, and in date order. Each person has a unique number, so that these may be used to link families and to identify during correspondence. Children are shown with a number of dots after the number - eg "123......Henry bap 27 May 1654 Hoxne". Where a person subsequently marries the dots are omitted.

Thus "123......Henry" might appear again as "123 Henry" marrying say, a Mary, and having another family who may be numbered 154....... onwards.

Names are shown in bold style.

The page is organised into generations, which have to be treated flexibly. If you are looking for someone particular and don't find them, try the generations before and after.

Remarks made in square brackets are the source for the information. Not all entries have sources identified - this is an ongoing exercise which will gradually be rectified. Ultimately it is hoped to have all sources shown.

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