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Last update 4 Feb 2011

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There are three connections by marriage: one to the Watson branch, one to the Gathercole branch and the other to the Johnson branch

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Browne...Cater abt 1824...Cater 1826...Everett...Ewer...Foster...Gathercole...Gotts
Harpley...Jackson...Johnson...Mayes...Newman...Pendall...Rolfe abt 1815...Rolfe 1851...Shinn...Southgate
Tabraham... Talbot...Watson...Younge


1 Isaac GORE m unknown>

Children of Isaac and unknown
John bap 27 Dec 1769 Wilton Norfolk
3......Isaac bap 4 Dec 1775 Hockwold St Peter's


2 John GORE m Margaret BROWNE

Note: John was a labourer living in Hockwold with his wife Margaret in 1841

Children of John and Margaret
4......Elizabeth bap 26 Aug 1794 Wilton m Robert ROLFE abt 1815
5......Mary bap 29 Sep 1796 Wilton
6......Thomas bap 8 Feb 1797 Wilton
7......Isaac bap 9 Apr 1798 Wilton
Isaac was a labourer. See Gathercole branch here
8......John bap 16 Dec 1800 Wilton d 1st qr 1876
9......William bap 16 May 1803 Wilton
10....Frances bap 25 Oct 1810 Wilton m Robert TABRAHAM
11....Alice dob unknown

3 Isaac GORE m Sarah HARPLEY abt 1798

Note: In 1841 Isaac was a labourer, and in 1851 Isaac was living with his son John as a pauper ag lab. In 1861 Isaac was with his cousin, 6 Thomas

Children of Isaac and Sarah
12......Benjamin bap 18 Sep 1799 Wilton d 3rd qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 277] m Elizabeth
13......Frances bap 3 Nov 1801 Wilton
14......John bap 9 Mar 1804 Wilton
Note: John was an ag lab in 1851, and had Sarah MAYES b 1814 as a housekeeper together with her 3 children. In 1861 Sarah was still living in with her children John and James and James was an ag lab.
15......Rebecca bap 4 Aug 1806 Wilton
16......Jane b 6 Apr 1809 bap 10 May 1809 Wilton
17......Mary b 1 Jul 1811 bap 2 Jul 1811 Wilton
18......Isaac b abt 1822 Wilton


7 Isaac GORE m Ann GATHERCOLE( b abt 1801 d 3rd qr 1862 [Thetford 4b 228])

Note: Isaac was an ag lab in 1841. See Gathercole branch here

Children of Isaac and Ann
7a......James b 1823 Hockwold cum Wilton
7b......William b 1825 Hockwold cum Wilton
7c......Alice b 1829 Hockwold cum Wilton
7d......Margaret b 1834 Hockwold cum Wilton

9 Thomas GORE m m (a) Mary Ann GOTTS (b 1803 Methwold) 1832 Methwold (b) Alice

Note: Thomas was an ag lab. In 1841, Thomas' father, John Gore was living with him as a pauper. George GOTTS, Mary's father, b 1776, was also living with them in 1841 as a pauper. Also present at the 1841 census was Isaac Gore, cousin to Thomas aged 35. In 1871 Thomas and Alice were at Church Lane, Hockwold cum Wilton and Thomas is shown as an ag lab and fisherman

Children of Thomas and Mary
17a......Susan b 1831 Wilton
17b......Mary Ann b 1831 Wilton
17c......Margaret b 1836 Wilton
17d......Eliza b 3rd qr 1847 Wilton [Thetford 13 272]
17e......Alfred b 3rd qr 1852 Wilton

F1 William GORE (b 1806 Feltwell) m Sarah EWER (b 1806 Feltwell) abt 1827

Note: William was an ag lab

Children of William and Sarah
F2......Sarah Ann b 1828/9 Feltwell
F3......William b 1830/1 Feltwell
F4......Elizabeth b 1833/4 Feltwell
Maria b 1st qr 1839 Feltwell [Thetford 13 279] d 2nd qr 1880 [Blofield 4b 122]
F6......Susan b 1841/2 Feltwell m Mr GRAY
F7......John b 1844/5 Feltwell m Elizabeth JACKSON 4th qr 1865 [Thetford 4b 114]

8 John GORE b abt 1794 Hockwold d 1st qr 1876 Thetford RD m Mary CATER (b 26 Dec 1806 Hockwold d 2nd qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 247]) 4 Feb 1826 Wilton

Note: John was a labourer; Mary was the daughter of Valentine CATER and Charlotte NEWMAN (b 1781 Hockwold) In 1851 Charlotte was a widow and a pauper. At the 1861 census, Mary's mother Charlotte was visiting. In 1871 John was a widower living with his son John

Children of John and Mary
19......William b abt 1826/7 Hockwold d 3rd qr 1840 [Thetford 13 202]
20......Susan b abt 1832/3 Hockwold bur 17 Mar 1920 Hockwold
21......Sara Ann b abt 1834/5 Hockwold
Note: in 1851 Sara Ann was servant to William ROLFE wheelwright in Hockwold. Was William the son of 4 Elizabeth GORE and Robert ROLF?
22......Emily b abt 1836/7 Hockwold
23......John b 3rd qr 1838 Hockwold [Thetford 13 262]
23a....Mary b 1st qr 1840 Hockwold [Thetford 13 296]
Note: Mary was staying with her grandmother Charlotte in 1851 census
24......Norman b abt 1846/7 Hockwold
25......Robert Norman b abt 1856/7 Hockwold

9 William GORE m (a) Sarah EWER (b) Sarah CATER

Note: William was a labourer, and the family lived at Chapel House in 1851

Children of William and Sarah
25a......William b 1831 Hockwold
Note: William was a labourer
25b......Elizabeth b 1834 Hockwold cum Wilton
25c......Maria b 1st qr 1839 Hockwold [Thetford 13 279] m Robert PENDALL 4th qr 1865 [Thetford 4b 1104]
Note: Maria had an illegitimate child, John b 1847 Wilton [Thetford 13 292]; he was an ag lab in 1861
25d......Susan b 3rd qr 1841 Hockwold [Thetford 13 277]
25e......James b 2nd qr 1844 Hockwold [Thetford 13 299]

18 Isaac GORE m Eleanor Marie YOUNGE (b abt 1840 Beighton, Nfk)

Note: Eleanor was the daughter of John (b 1801 Moulton, Nfk) and Ellen YOUNGE (b abt 1801 Longwood, Nfk). Isaac was a farmer of 9 acres in 1871 living in Upper Street "Camps" (Kemps?) Lane Hockwold. In 1881 Isaac was an Ag Lab. In 1891 Isaac and Eleanor were a retired ag lab and charwoman respectively living in High St Hockwold

Child of Isaac and Eleanor
25f......Isaac Youngs b 1871 Hockwold cum Wilton d 3rd qr 1877 Norwich


20 Susan GORE m Thomas WATSON 26 Jul 1855 Hockwold

Note: See Watson Branch here for this family

21 Sarah Ann GORE m Henry FOSTER (b 1818 Feltwell) 4th qr 1858 [Thetford 4b 1140]

Note: Henry was a drover at marriage but later became an ag lab

Children of Henry and Sarah
21a......Nancy Elizabeth b 1860 Feltwell
21b......Joseph C H b 1867 Feltwell

23 John GORE m (a) Martha (b 1843 Feltwell) (b) Jane Elizabeth EVERETT (b abt 1847 Long Stratton) 16 Oct 1880 Hockwold

Note: Jane was the daughter of Charles EVERETT
John was an ag lab in 1871 and by 1881 he was a railway labourer living in North Street, Hockwold. In 1891 and 1901 and 1911 he was a railway platelayer
In the 1871 census, John is shown as the head of the household, with Martha his wife living in Church Lane, next door to John GORE (aged 67, ag lab b in Feltwell) and Sarah GORE (aged 58 and b in Reepham), marked in the census as not being married to each other, but with Harry GORE John's grandson .

Children of John and Martha
26......George b abt 1864 Wilton
26a....John b abt 1866 Wilton
26b....Jacob b abt 1867 Wilton
26c....Alice b abt 1870 Wilton
26d....Alfred b abt 1871 Wilton

Children of John and Jane Elizabeth
26e....Mary Ann b 3rd qr 1882 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 379]
27......Edith Ethel b 2nd qr 1885 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 352]
28......Lilian Elizabeth b 4th qr 1893 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 355]

F5 Maria GORE 15 Oct 1865 m John GORE (b 1844 Hockwold)

John and Maria had F1 William and Sarah staying with them as well as John GORE, brother in law and Susan GRAY, sister in law in 1881.

25 Robert Norman GORE m Emma Jane JOHNSON (b 1850 Hockwold) 4th qr 1868 in Thetford RD

Note: See the Johnson branch here. In 1871 they were living at Upper Street, Hockwold and in 1881 at Wilton Lode. In 1891 the family was at High Street, Hockwold cum Wilton. Robert was an ag lab.

29.......Mary Ann b abt 1870 Hockwold m William SOUTHGATE 3rd qr 1883 Thetford RD
30......John William b abt 1870 Kings Lynn d bef 1911
31......Susan b abt 1873/4
32......Minnie b abt1879 Hockwold
33......Alice b 4th qr 1881 Wilton [Thetford 4b 372]
34......Matilda b 1st qr 1884 1884 Wilton [Thetford 4b 395]
35......Thomas Cater b 1st qr 1886 Wilton [Thetford 4b 402]


29 Mary Ann GORE m William SOUTHGATE 3rd qr 1883 Thetford

Note: Both William and Mary Ann are shown in the census for 1891 as farm servants, living in Feltwell. Also present was Susan JOHNSON a nurse aged 20, born Wilton

Children of William and Mary Ann
36......George b abt 1888/9 Wilton
37......Isabella b 1 Apr 1891 Feltwell

30 John William GORE m Emma SHINN (b abt 1871 Brandon) 2nd qr 1890 Thetford RD

Note: The family lived at Town Street, Brandon; John was an ag lab and Emma was a furrier in 1891. In 1901 John was a bricklayer's labourer and they lived in Town Street, Brandon. 1911 saw the family at Mile's End, Brandon and John was again an ag lab. Emma was a Furrier Puller working from home

Child of Emma and unknown
39......John SHINN b abt 1895 m Florence TALBOT 1st qr 1907 [Thetford 4b 551]
Note: In 1901 John was a sawyer. In 1911 he and Florence were living at London Rd, Brandon and he was a farm labourer and Florence was a laundry woman.

Child of John and Emma
Ada b Jan 1891 Brandon [Thetford 4b 376]
41......Gertrude Elizabeth b 3rd qr 1893 Brandon [Thetford 4b 369]
Note: Gertrude was a furrier puller in 1911 working from home
42......Norman b 4th qr 1896 Brandon [Thetford 4b 374]
Note: Norman was a furrier (Brushing Machine) in 1911
43......Violet May b 4th qr 1898 Brandon [Thetford 4b 348]
44......Maud b 3rd qr 1900 Brandon [Thetford 4b 340
45......Lily Ann b 4th qr 1902 Brandon [Thetford 4b 340]


40 Ada GORE m George W GRASS 2nd qr 1914 [Thetford 4b 764]

Children of George and Ada
46......George W b 2nd qr 1916 [Thetford 4b 590]
47......Phyllis M b 2nd qr 1918 [Thetford 4b 462]

41 Gertrude GORE m Charles H BAKER 1st qr 1914 [Thetford 4b 598]

Children of Charles and Gertrude
48......Edna M b 2nd qr 1914 [Thetford 4b 592]
49......Violet D b 2nd qr 1916 [Thetford 4b 590]
50......Charles H b 2nd qr 1918 [Thetford 4b 462]
51......William b 2nd qr 1920 [Thetford 4b 680]

43 Violet M GORE m William BALDING 4th qr 1918 [Thetford 4b 863]

Children of William and Violet
52......William b 4th qr 1918 [Thetford 4b 475]
53......Eric b 4th qr 1923 [Thetford 4b 490]

44 Maud GORE m Douglas P J MANNING 4th qr 1919 [Thetford 4b 1246]

Children of Douglas and Maud
54......Pansy M b 1st qr 1920 [Thetford 4b 734]
55......John D b 1st qr 1922 [Swaffham 4b 559]

45 Lily Ann GORE m Alfred E S SPARKE 2nd qr 1919 [Thetford 4b 1029]

Children of Alfred and Lily Ann
56......Edith M b 2nd qr 1923 [Ipswich 4a 1803]
57......Dorothy E b 2nd qr 1928 [Plomesgate 4a 1688]

Thanks to Helen Weddell for much of the research for this branch.

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