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1 Eudes de GOURNAY b abt 920 m unknown

Eudes was a follower of Rollo, 1st Duke of Normandy to whom Rollo gave the fiefdom of Bray, which included the town of Gournay

Child of Eudes and unknown
Renaud de Gournay b abt 950 Bray d abt 973
3......Gautier de Ferte b abt 955 Bray

The Chatellanie de Ferte was a district of Bray settled on Gautier by his father, and did not include Gournay.


2 Renaud de GOURNAY m Alberada

Child of Renaud and Alberade
4......Hugh I de Gournay b 970 Gournay

3 Gautier de FERTE m unknown

Child of Gautier and unknown
5......Hugues de Ferte b abt 975 le Ferte

Gauthier de la Ferte founded the priory of La Ferte en Brai, at the command of "fratre Hugone", by charter dated to between 989 and 996, which names his father Renaud and his mother Alberade

Hugues de Ferte founded the Priory of Sigi and his son Hugh became a monk in the abbey at St Ouen at Rouen to which he gave the Priory of Sigi

A1 Randulf b abt 1005 m unknown

Child of Randulf and unknown
Ranulf b abt 1033


4 Hugh I de GOURNAY m unknown

Note: Hugh was nicknamed "The Fortifier" because he made Gournay a place of strength by building a "citadel" with a triple wall, a double ditch and a tower

Child of Hugh and unknown
6......Hugh II de Gournay b 998 Gourney-en-Bray d 1074 after being wounded at the seige of Cardiff

A2 Ranulf de BACON m unknown

Child of Ranulf and unknown
A3......Anchetal b 1050 Baconsthorpe d 1075 Letheringsett


6 Hugh II de GOURNAY m Basilia (of Normandy d 1049 Gournay)

Hugh II was one of the Norman leaders of the fleet of forty ships which accompanied Edward the Saxon prince to Southampton on the death of Canute in 1035, but was resisted successfully by the sons of Ethelred, King of England. The fleet returned to Barfleur, and Hugh II was at the battle of Mortemer in 1054 against the King Henry I of France. In 1066 Hugh II, with his son Hugh III, went to England with Duke William [Falaise Roll]

Child of Hugh and Basilia
7......Hugh III de Gournay b abt 1015 d 1011 at Bec
8......Ancelin de Gournay dob unknown
9......Adelaide de Gournay dob unknown

A3 Anchetal de BACON m unknown

Child of Anchetal and unknown
A4......Grimaldus b 1075 Erpingham d 1075 Norfolk


7 Hugh III, Seigneur de GOURNAY m Basilia FLAITEL (b abt 1025 Linton Herfordshire d Jan 1099 Bec) abt 1043

Basilia was the daughter of Gerald FLEITEL and Herleve d'EVEREAUX and widow of Raoul de GACE (b abt 1000), one of the tutors of Duke William in his youth

Hugh was accompanied at Senlac by a strong force of his men of Bray, and killed many of the English. He was granted land at Fordham, Liston and Ardleigh, and addded to these places was Caistor by Yarmouth which became the principal house of the de GOURNAYs. In the latter part of his life, after 1082 Hugh III became a monk at the Abbey Of Bec in Normandy.
Domesday Book records "Hugh de Gournai" holding Liston, Ardleigh and Fordham in Essex

Children of Hugh and Basilia
10......William de Gournay dob unknown

William witnessed the charter dated 1082 under which William I King of England donated property to the abbey of la Trinit de Caen

11......Gerald de Gournay b abt 1035 d 10 May 1097 Nice, Asia Minor on crusade
12......Julia Adela de Gournay dob unknown

A4 Grimaldus de BACON m unknown

Child of Grimaldus and unknown
A5......Ralph FitzGrimaldus b 1095 Erpingham


11 Sir Gerald de GOURNAY m Edith de WARRENNE

Edith was the daughter of William, Earl of WARENNE and Gundred of England and Grandaughter of King William, Duke of Normandy Gerald was a staunch supporter of William Rufus against his brother Robert Curthose, using his fortresses at Gournay, La Ferte, Gaillefontaine and Eacouche, which latter he had come into as the inheritance of his mother, Basilia. After the problem of the two brothers was settled, Gerard went on the first crusade in 1096, when he was killed in battle. After his death Editha remarried to Dreux de MONCEAUX

See the Sauveur branch here

Children of Gerald and Edith
13......Hugh IV de Gournay b abt 1076 d 1180 (This death record is in my view doubtful, but he was said to be of great age)
14......Gunnora (Gundred) de Gournay b abt 1078 m Sir Richard TALBOT of Swanscombe
15......Gundred de Gournayb abt 1097 Northumberland m Neil d'AUBIGNY Jun 1118
Note:Neil was the son of Roger d'Aubigny and Amice de Mowbray

16......Amice de Gournay dob unknown m Richard de TALBOT aft 1181
17......Haywise de Gournay dob unknown

The Annals of Bermondsey record the donation by "Hawisia de Gurnay" of "ecclesiam de Inglescombe in comitatu Somerset" to the abbey in 1112

18......Walter de Gournay dob unknown

A5 Ralph FitzGrimaldus de BACON m unknown

Child of Ralph and unknown
A6......George b 1139 Norfolk

B1 Lambert MULTON b 1110 Revesby, Horncastle d 1166 Spalding m unknown

Child of Lambert and unknown
Thomas b 1152 d 1201 Cumberland


12 Hugh IV de GOURNAY m (a) Beatrice de VERMANDOIS 1097 Valois (b) Melisende de COUCY (b 1104 Ashby Bucks) 1190 Boves, Somme

Meilisende was the daughter of Thomas, Lord of Marla and Coucy and the widow of ADELEME Chatelain d'Amiens.
A donation by "Girardus pater meus" to the abbey of Saint-Sauveur, for the souls of "Beatricis...uxoris mee et Hugonis filii mei", by undated charter was confirmed

Because of his father's early death, Hugh was raised at the court of King Henry I, but from time to time (like many adolescents) he rebelled, but was forgiven and did not lose his lands or his head.

Child of Hugh IV and Beatrice
18......Hugh de Gournay b 1148 d as infant

Children of Hugh and Melisende
19......Gerard de Gournay dob unknown d 1151
20......Hugh V de Gournay b abt 1125 d 25 Oct 1214 Ashby, Leics
21......William de Gournay dob unknown
22......Gunnora de Gournay dob unknown m Nicholas de STUTEVILLE

A6 George de BACON m unknown

Child of George and unknown
A7......Roger b 1172 Baconsthorpe

B2 Thomas MULTON m Eleanor (b 1156 d Oct 1199)

Child of Thomas and Eleanor
B3......Hawise b abt 1180


20 Hugh V de GOURNAY m Juliane de DAMPMARTIN (de MELLO) (b abt 1168)

High V was known as "The Cuckoo". Juliane was the daughter of Alberic de DAMPMARTIN and Matilda de PONTHIEU

In 1190 Hugh V accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion. In 1205 he lost his lands in Normandy in the cession of King John, who granted him lands in England in compensation. In 1214 he was made sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.
The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Hugo de Gurnay" holding three knights' fees in Norfolk in 1210

Children of Hugh and Juliane
23......Matthew de Gournay b bef 1154
24......Hugh VI de Gournay b abt 1148 Caister, Norfolk d 1239 bur at Langley Abbey, Norfolk
25......Anselme de Gournay b abt 1155 Caister d 1240
26......Gerard de Gournay dob unknown, d as infant
27......Millicent de Gournay dob unknown m (a) Almaric de MONTFORD (b) William de CANTELUPE 1219

A7 Roger de BACON m B3 Hawise MULTON

Child of Roger and Hawise
A8......Reginald b Apr 1203 d 1261 Lodie Norfolk


23 Matthew de GOURNAY m Rose FITZPHILLIP (b 1177)

Child of Matthew and Rose
28......William de Gournay b bef 1200

24 Hugh VI de GOURNAY m (a) Matilda (b 1177) 1228 Wormegay (b) Lucy de BERKELEY (wid d 18 Jan 1234)

Child of Hugh and Matilda
29......Hugh VII de Gournay b bef 1205
30......Juliane de Gournay b 1231 Mapledurham d 1295 m William BARDOLF (b abt 1228 Wormegay d 1 Dec 1289

25 Anselme de GOURNAY m Eve FITZROBERT

Eve was the daughter of Robert FITZHARDING and Hawise de GOURNAY. Eve confirmed the gift of her mother of the advowson of Inglescome, in Somerset, to Bermondsey Priory. After the death of Anselme de Gurnay, she married Roger de Peauton (Pelton).

Child of Anselme and Eve
31......Robert de Gournay b abt 1190 d 1268

A8 Reginald de BACON m Hawise de MESCHINES (b 1160 Chester d 1241)

Child of Reginald and Hawise
A8......Richard b 1234 d 1266 Erpingham


28 William de GOURNAY m unknown

Child of William and unknown
32......John de Gournay b abt 1225

29 Hugh VII de GOURNAY m Juliana de MELLO

Child of Hugh and Juliana
33......Anselme de Gournay b abt 1225

A8 Sir Richard de BACONSTHORPE m Alice de MYNSTON (b 1239 Letheringsett

Note: Alice was the daughter of Conan de MYNSTON

Child of Sir Richard and Alice
A9......Edmund b 1258 Erpingham


32 John de GOURNAY m unknown

Child of John and unknown
34......William de Gournay b abt 1250

33 Anselme de GOURNAY m Eve FITZROBERT

Child of Anseln and Eve
35......Robert de Gournay b abt 1225 d 1291

A9 Edmund de BACONSTHORPE m Dolores HINGHAM (b 1258 d 1321)

Child of Edmund and Dolores
A10......Katherine b 1075 Baconsthorpe


34 William de GOURNAY m A10 Katherine BACONSTHORPE

Child of John and Katherine
36......John de Gournay b abt 1277

35 Robert de GOURNAY m unknown

Child of Robert and Unknown
37......Anselme de Gournay b abt 1225 d 1291


36 John de GOURNAY m Jane LEXHAM (b 1280)

Child of John and Jane
38......John de Gournay b abt 1300

37 Anselme II de GOURNAY m unknown

Child of Robert and Unknown
39......John de Gournay b abt 1247 d 1291


38 John de GOURNAY m unknown

Child of John and unknown
40......Edmund de Gournay b abt 1325

39 John de GOURNAY m Oliva LOVELL

Child of John and Oliva
41......Elizabeth de Gournay b abt 1272 m John Ap ADAM of Beaverstone (b 1270)


40 Edmund GURNEY m Katherine WAUNCY

Edmund was a lawyer of some eminence and was the equivalent of being Recorder of Norwich. .

Child of John and Katherine
42......Joan Gurney b abt 1354 m Thomas, Baron MORLEY
43......John Gurney

See the Morley branch here

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