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The Butcher family were related to the Double family in Raydon through the marriage of Ann Butcher to John Double 11 Apr 1818 and thus to the Green family


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Davies...Double...Elliott...Emeny 1846...Emeny 1859...Fayers...Fraser...Greenwood...Grigson
Stones...Stout...Strachan...Thornton...Thurkettle...Walker 1929...Walker 1979...Ward


1 Samuel BUTCHER m Rebecca FAYERS (b 8 Jan 1722 Brent Eleigh) 19 Feb 1750 St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds

Child of Samuel and Rebecca
George Butcher b 1759 Brent Eleigh d 1833 Raydon


2 George BUTCHER m Mary OSBORN (b 1762 Raydon d 1813 Raydon) 11 Aug 1785

Children of George and Mary
3......Mary Butcher bap 22 Oct 1786 Raydon
4......Mary Butcher b 1787 Raydon
5......George Butcher bap 13 Jan 1788 Raydon
6......Samuel Butcher b 1789 Raydon bur 1792 Raydon
7......Thomas Butcher b 1791 Raydon
8......Anne Butcher b 19 Dec 1793 bap 26 Feb 1793 Raydon bur 26 Apr 1835 Raydon
9......Samuel Butcher b 29 Jan 1795 bap 4 Feb 1795 Raydon d 1797 Raydon
10....Sarah Butcher b 11 Apr 1776 bap 17 Apr 1796 Raydon m Thomas HAMMOND 26 Dec 1816 Raydon
11....Rebecca Butcher b 30 Jan 1797 bap 23 Jul 1797 Raydon
Samuel Butcher b 30 Aug 1798 bap 2 Sep 1798 Raydon d 2 Feb 1871 Shimpling bur 9 Feb 1871 Shimpling
13....John Butcher b 3 Aug 1800 bap 8 Aug 1800 Raydon d 2 Oct 1800 Raydon
14....William Butcher b 28 Dec 1801 bap 14 Jun 1802 bap 7 Jan 1802 Raydon d 14 Jun 1802 Raydon
15....Robert Butcher b 15 Aug 1804 bap 18 Aug 1804 Raydon d 25 Dec 1804 Raydon


5 George BUTCHER m Lucy CLARKE (b 10 Jun 1794 Hadleigh) 2 Nov 1818 Raydon

Children of George and Lucy
16......George Butcher bap 1 Aug 1819 Raydon
17......Lucy Butcher bap 7 Dec 1821 Raydon
18......Mary Butcher bap 16 Jun 1824 Raydon d 4th qr 1889
19......Ann Butcher bap 1 Aug 1826 Raydon d 23 Jun 1909 bur Waimate Cemetery plot 000416 New Zealand
20......Matilda Butcher bap 7 Dec 1828 Raydon
21......Robert Butcher bap 16 Oct 1831 Raydon
22......Henry Butcher bap 9 Sep 1834 Raydon d 21 Sep 1836 aged 2

8 Anne BUTCHER m John DOUBLE 11 Apr 1814

Note: See Double branch here

Children of John and Anne
23......Mary bap 23 Apr 1815 bur 7 Feb 1844 m Benjamin HILLS 22 Oct 1836 Raydon
24......John bap 29 Sep 1816 Raydon bur 11 Nov 1874 Little Wenham aged 58
25......William bap 9 Aug 1818 Raydon
26......George bap 23 Mar 1820 Raydon bur 11 Apr 1860 Raydon aged 40 m Sarah COLE 26 Jan 1841 Raydon
27......Eliza bap 3 Sep 1821 Raydon d 1st qr 1877 aged 56 m Henry GRIMWADE 3 Jun 1842 Raydon
28......Thomas bap 19 Oct 1822 Raydon m Susan CHISNALL 20 Mar 1842 [Samford 12 541]
29......Elizabeth bap 17 Feb 1825 Raydon m James EMENY 20 Dec 1846 East Bergholt
30......Mary b 1829 Raydon
31......Lucy bap 7 Oct 1827 Raydon d 3rd qr 1859 aged 32 m George LAWRENCE 11 Sep 1847

12 Samuel BUTCHER m Sarah THORNTON (b 17 Mar 1805 Hadleigh bur 3 Jun 1875 Raydon) 29 Jul 1821 Hadleigh

Note: Samuel was an ag lab and lived at Upper Street, Raydon. The 1861 census shows a granddaughter, Susan Haggar, staying with the family. In the 1871 census Sarah was a widow and a pauper living at Upper Syreet with her granddaughter 63 Susan

Children of Samuel and Sarah
32......Ann bap 1825 Raydon
33......Samuel Butcher bap 15 Oct 1826 Raydon bur 24 Oct 1826 Raydon
34......Susan Butcher b 20 Feb 1828 Raydon bap 25 Feb 1828 d 1841
35......Samuel Butcher bap 20 Mar 1830 Raydon d 1902 Raydon
36......William Butcher b 6 Sep 1832 Raydon bap 10 Sep 1832 Raydon d 22 Jan 1904 Raydon
37......Eliza Butcher bap 1 Sep 1834 Raydon d 11 Nov 1905 St Mary Louisiana USA
38......Henry Butcher bap 1 Apr 1837 Raydon
Note: In 1841 and 1851 Henry was an ag lab. In 1858 he joined the Double family who emigrated to New Zealand aboard the ship "Strathallan"
38a....Eliza Butcher b 1837 Raydon d 1905 m William ABLITT (b 1832 Capel St Mary) 1857
in 1851 Eliza was a housemaid in the home of Henry Golding, Rector of Stratford St Mary. In 1861 they lived at Hutton Hill, Higham, with Charles born in 1858, and William born in 1860. In 1871 Eliza is a widow living at Tea Caddy Cottage, Higham, then in 1881’in the village’ with Charles, William and Henry. By 1891 she is living at Upper Street, Raydon, with Henry and Eliza. In 1901 she is a charwoman still living in Upper Street.
39......Jane Butcher bap 1 Oct 1839 Raydon d Jun 1908 Shelley m John EMENY (b 1839 d 1911) 1859
40......James Butcher b 1840 Raydon
41......Mary Butcher bap 1842 Raydon
George Butcher bap 25 Apr 1842 Raydon d 1896
43......Walter Butcher b 1850 Raydon


The GRIGSON family, of Raydon, went to South Canterbury on the barque "Ambrosine" leaving London on 25 Oct 1859, meeting with tremendous gales in the Channel and sailing finally from Ushant on 9 Nov taking 29 days to the equator and arriving at Timaru on 15th Feb 1860. At the time of embarkation William gave his occupation as farm labourer and the Provincial Government gave £2 toward the £15 fare per adult. 13 year old Ann was described as a domestic servant, probably to get the free passage. On arrival at Timary the family transferred to dry ground by surf boat and were conveyed to Waimate by bullock dray owned by Saul SHRIVES where they settled at the back of Point Bush, near the Maori Pa

Timaru and Waimate are situated on Caroline Bay, on the east coast of South Island, New Zealand.. Originally a temporary Maori camp site, a whaling station was established there in 1835 but only lasted about three years. Soon after this the early New Zealand government divided the area of South Canterbury into sections which were available for purchase, setting aside specified locations for future development of townships.

The Rhodes family had already settled in the Banks peninsular and were successfully clearing land and raising sheep, and they bought the piece of land called "The Levels" which lay just north of the designated township area of Timaru.
George RHODES who now owned the land with his brother Robert built a simple cottage there and grew a crop of potatoes as well as establishing a sheep run (a "run" in New Zealand is an area of land for stock). He needed not only supplies for living but a way of getting his produce sold, and he arranged for a small ship to pick up his bales of wool and to bring supplies from the Banks peninsular.

Unfortunately there was no harbour at Timaru - only a beach with a low clay cliff behind it. Geology came to the rescue. A nearby extinct volcano, Mt Horrible, had erupted a large field of lava which solidified into a blueish dolerite and part of which formed a reef just offshore from George Rhodes’ home, and gave a small area of sheltered water which he developed as a landing place for the open rowing boat he used for transferring goods and to and from the ship.

In 1856 the population of Timaru was 16 - and George needed workers for his run. A commission set up by the government was approached, and it advertised in Britain the need for artisans to live in "the township of Timaru" , extolling its virtues but admitting that the population was low.

At the time the population of Britain was growing, but the Enclosure Acts were making agricultural work hard to get, as well as being poorly paid. In the little village of Raydon, the Double and Scarf families, together with Henry Butcher, a cousin, seized the opportunity to emigrate as assisted emigrants subsidised by the New Zealand commission. The following year the Grigson family went out to settle - whether because they could not go together or because they had good reports back from the emigrants is not known. Where people could not afford the assisted fare, they could promise to pay when they had earned money in New Zealand.

Coincidently, another emigrant on the Strathallan, Richard CHAMPION, who travelled as a single man, subsequently married Ann GRIGSON, who travelled on the barque "Ambrosine" with her parents. There is a street in Waimate named after them in 1889 - Grigson Street.

A book about the early settlers at Timaru has recently been published. It is called "Timaru at Last" by Alan McKenzie, and may be obtained from Timaru Museum for $40 plus $10 postage in New Zealand - if you order from the UK send a cheque for the equivalent in pounds sterling to $NZ40 plus $NZ25 postage ($NZ65 in total)

........................ .........................................................................

.............................. Tussock Grass............................................................................................. Cabbage Tree

The countryside of South Canterbury

18 Mary BUTCHER m William RANSON 12 Sep 1852 Raydon

Children of William and Mary
44......Mary Ann Ranson b 4th qr 1852 Raydon
45......Sarah Ann Ranson b 1955 Raydon d 3rd qr 1898 Raydon m Mark STIFF 1st qr 1844
46......Harry Ranson b 4th qr 1857 Raydon d 2nd qr 1900 Colchester m Sarah HILL 3rd qr 1889 Ipswich
47......Elizabeth Ranson b 3rd qr 1860 Raydon
48......Pamela Ranson b 4th qr 1862 Raydon d 3rd qr 1926 Tendring, Essex m Philip Henmry BARFIELD 4th qr 1888
49......Ernest John Ranson b 4th qr 1874 d 3rd qr 1828 Ipswich m Alberta Cecilia ELLIOTT 3rd qr 1902

20 Matilda BUTCHER m Thomas SAGE 9b 1829 East Bergholt d 1st qr 1911 Yorkshire) 4th qr 1850

Children of Robert and Matilda
50......Nathan George Sage b 4th qr 1851 East Bergholt
51......Walter Thomas Sage b 3rd qr 1853 East Bergholt d 1919 Halifax, Yorkshire m (a) Mary CLARKSON 23 Dec 1876 Calverley, Yorkshire (b) Eunice HUDSON 6 Sep 1885 Halifax
52......Matilda E Sage b 2nd qr 1857 East Bergholt d 3rd qr 1933 Fylde, Lancashire
53......Letitia Sage b 2nd qr 1860 East Bergholt m Joeph Henry BARKER 1st qr 1886 Halifax
54......Jonathan Sage b 4th qr 1863 East Bergholt bap 3 Jan 1864 East Bergholt d jun 1955 Halifax m Angelina GREENWOOD 9 Jul 1891 Halifax
55......Ann Elizabeth Sage b 3rd qr 1866 East Bergholt m Charles Henry PEAKE 1st qr 1898
56......Hannah Sage b 3rd qr 1868 East Bergholt d 3rd qr 1894 Calderdale

19 Ann BUTCHER m William GRIGSON (bap 19 Aug 1821 Raydon bur 18 Aug 1867 Timaru Cemetery aged 43) 13 Oct 1844 Raydon

Note: William was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth GRIGSON In 1841 the census records William with his parents in Raydon. In 1851 the family was in Raydon and William was a carter In 1860 William and Ann Grigson owned a section in Waimate parallel to High Street from Queen Street, to Butcher's Lane and in 1862 he was listed on the electoral roll in Waimate, New Zealand. William, a carter, was killed in August 1867 when he fell off a dray under a wheel which passed over his head (see the inquest record here

The Timaru Herald of 19 Jun 1867 records that William made a late rate payment of 15/- out of court

It is of some interest that there is a street - Grigson Street - named after the family in Waimate in 1899. It is a section parallel to High Street from Queen Street to `Butcher's Lane

Ann's house and garden in the north west corner of the Queen Street intersection was always a cheery sight - especially to those travelling by bullock cart in the early days of the settlement. In the '70s the peaches were a temptation, not always resisted to George Manchester's boys.

The Timaru Herald records on 31 August 1878, "Mrs Grigson and others were fined 5/- for allowing cattle to trespass on the main road"

Ann was in posession of land which some long time after her death was transferred to her daughters on 14 Dec 1877 You can see her will here

There was dispute over some other of her land:

Children of William and Ann
57......Ann Grigson bap 12 Apr 1846 Raydon d 28 May 1878
58......Susannah Grigson bap 11 Mar 1849 Raydon

35 Samuel BUTCHER m Mary Ann JAMES (b 1832 Gibraltar bur 12 Jul 1896 Raydon) 28 Jul 1850 Shelley

Note: In 1861 1881 and 1891 Samuel was an ag lab and the family were at Lower Street, Raydon. In 1891 Mary Ann's mother Mary James (b 1809 Devonshire) was staying with the family

Children of Samuel and Mary Ann
59......Sarah Butcher b 1st qr 1851 Raydon [Samford 12 477]
Note: In 1871 Sarah was lodging with her grandfather, Thomas RANSON (b. 1781), and in 1881 she was a servant at Carlton Road, Putney.
60......Mary Ann Butcher b 4th qr 1857 Raydon [Samford 4a 495]
61......Henry (Harry) Butcher b 1st qr 1860 Raydon [Samford 4a 584]
62......Robert S Butcher b 1st qr 1866 Raydon [Samford 4a 602]
62a....George Butcher b 1869 m Jane GRAY 1st qr 1894 [Paddington 1a 78]
Note: In 1901 George was a horse-keeper and in 1911 they were living at Chamberlayne Wood Road, with four children

36 William BUTCHER m (a) Susan PEARSON (b 1835 Raydon d 1863 Raydon) 22 Jul 1854 Raydon [Samford 4a 767] (b) Sarah WHENT (b 1841 Kersey. In 1901 he was living at Raydon Street Cottage, still an ag lab.) 1 Dec 1881 [Samford 4a 1355]

Note: William was an ag lab and lived at Upper Street. After Susan's death he continued to live at Upper Street. By 1881 he is shown to be lodging at the Chequers Inn, Raydon, where the landlady was Sarah Whent (b. 1841 in Kersey). Sarah's daughter Ann was living there aged 19, together with Kate Eliza Whent, shows as aged 3, and sister. This relationship is ambiguous. In 1901 William and Sarah were living at Raydon Street Cottage, William still an ag lab

Children of William and Susan
63......Susan Butcher b 2nd qr 1855 Raydon
Note In 1881 Susan was a servant at Rayners St, Rathern, Putney
64......Thomas Butcher b 11 Aug 1856 Raydon bap 1 Sep 1856 Raydon d 3 Oct 1932 Rotherham
65......Sarah Butcher b 1859 Raydon
Note: In 1871 Sarah was a servant at Carleton Rd, Wandsworth

42 George BUTCHER m (a)Elizabeth Victoria SAMPSON (b 1842 Halesworth d 1875) 10 Aug 1868 London City (b) Susannah ANDREWS (b 1836 Worcester d 1886) 1st qr 1876 [London City 1c 101]

Note: In 1861 George was a cellarman to George Goldsmith a wine and spirit merchant of 42 & 43 Leadenhall Street. In 1891 he was a dock labourer living with his son at 11 Vine Street, St Botolph Aldgate, London

Child of George and Elizabeth
42b......Robert George Butcher b 4th qr 1868 Limehouse [London City 1c 50]
Note: In 1891 Robert was a Portmanteau maker and in 1911 he was lodging with sister Ellen and family
42c......Elizabeth Sarah Butcher b 1st qr 1870 [London City 1c 60]
42d......Martha Jane Butcher b 3rd qr 1871 [London City 1c 53]
42e......Agnes Maud Butcher b 4th qr 1872 [London City 1c 52]
In 1891 she was a dairymaid at St Mary Cray and in 1901 she was a cook at Estbourne
42f......Arthur William Butcher b 1st qr 1874 [London City 1c 46]
42g......Ellen Victoria Butcher b 2nd qr 1875 [London City 1c 45] m Thomas GROVES 1899 Bromley

43 Walter BUTCHER m Emma SPARROW (b 1850 d 1936) 27 Jul 1872

Valley Farm

Note: In 1881 Walter was living at 1 Kings Green, Little Wenham. In 1991 and 1901 Walter was a farm bailiff and the family were at Valley Farm, East Bergholt

Children of Walter and Emma
66......Florence Emma Butcher b 2nd qr 1873 1 Kings Green, Little Wenham [Cisford 4a 505] d 1st qr 1935 [Tendring 4a 905] m George Robert Edgar BLIZZARD (d 1927) 22 May 1899
Ada Eliza Butcher b 26 Sep 1877 1 Kings Green, Little Wenham [Samford 4a 621]
68......Jane Amelia Butcher b 1884 d 1969
68a....Ethel Maud Butcher b 18 Jun 1885 Lt Wenham m Alfred Henry WEBB 3rd qr 1910 [Samford 4a 1965]


57 Ann GRIGSON m Richard CHAMPION (bap 25 Nov 1838 Ewekme, Oxfordshire d 28 Nov 1914 Waimate) 5 Sep 1861 Waimate Bush

Note: Richard was listed on the Strathallan as a single man emigrating to Timaru in 1859. You can see details here Richard was a farmer in New Zealand

Children of Richard and Ann
67......Sarah Ann Champion b 1862 d 7 Oct 1926
Note: Sarah was the first European girl to be born in Waimate
68......George Edward Champion b 1865 d Jun 1868
Note: The Timaru Herald recorded on 10 Jun 1868 as follows:
Fatal Accident at Waimate.
George Edward Champion
A fatal accident by fire occurred at Waimate on Friday last, to a child of about four years of age, the son of Mr Richard Champion, a farmer residing at Waimate.
The child, during a short absence of his mother, is supposed to have been playing with the fire in one of the rooms in the house, and finding his clothes in flames rushed screaming out into the street.
Every attention was immediately paid to him by the neighbours and all remedies obtainable were applied to alleviate his sufferings - but his injuries were too severe, and the poor little fellow died the same afternoon on his way to Timaru, whither his parents were taking him for medical treatment.
He was buried in the cemetery at Waimate on Monday.

69......James Richard Champion b 1866 Waimate d 22 Nov 1934 Waimate
70......Hannah Champion b abt 1868 d 27 Oct 1942
71......Charles Champion b 1870 d 19 Sep 1935
72......George Thomas Champion b 1872 d 1872 Waimate
73......Mary Maria Champion b abt 1874 d 12 Jul 1917
74......Esther Champion b 6 Feb 1876 d 10 Apr 1933

58 Susannah GRIGSON m (a) Thomas BRUCE 30 Dec 1864 at his own home in Upper Waitangi (b) Samuel McKEE (b 16 Mar 1840) 2 Apr 1878 Manse, Oamaru, Otago

Note: Thomas was a carter. The marriage lasted for almost ten years when the couple were divorced on the grounds of Susannah's adultery with Thomas BOWDEN from whom Susannah's husband claimed £500 in damages. In May 1875 Thomas BRUCE was found dead on the road between Otaio and Pareora. A post mortem showed that he had suffered a rupture of "the main blood vessels" His obituary in the Timaru Herald reads "12 May 1875 - Mr Thomas Bruce - The remains of the late Mr Thomas Bruce who so suddenly died near the Pareora on Friday were removed to Otaio Inn to Mr G R Freeman's of Waimate on Monday last, previous to internment. The same day the body was interred in the Waimate Cemetery. Deceased left three young children to mourn his loss."

Children of Thomas and Susannah
75......Walter McKee b 22 Feb 1866
76......Mary Butcher McKee b 28 Nov 1867 d 22 Oct 1934 aged 66 m John MENZIES
Note: Mary's gravestone carries an inscription - "Minnie wife of John Menzies d. 22 October 1934 aged 66
Ann Grigson d. 23 June 1909 aged 84 (Ann, 28 above)

77......Annie McKee b 28 May 1870 bap 29 Jan 1871 m Hector SPENCE
78......Thomas William McKee b 19 May 1872 d 3 Oct 1872 Waimate

64 Thomas BUTCHER m Esther CLARK (b 1859 Rotherham d 26 Oct 1931 Rotherham) 9 Jun 1879 Rotherham

Children of Thomas and Esther
79......William Butcher b 4th qr 1879 [Sheffield 9c 459]
80......Ernest Tom Butcher b 3rd qr 1881 Rotherham m Elizabeth WOLSTENHOLME (b 1883 d 1966) 2nd qr 1903 Rotherham
81......Susan Butcher b 21 Sep 1882 Catcliffe d 1970 Rotherham m Robert BEAUMONT 3rd qr 1925 Rotherham

82......Florence Butcher b 2nd qr 1884 Rotherham d 3rd qr 1968 Rotherham m Jezez Henry COX 1903 Rotherham
83......Harry Butcher b 1886 Rotherham d 3 Jul 1901 Rotherham
84......Charles Edward Butcher b 19 May 1887 Rotherham d 1979 Rotherham
85......Walter Butcher b 1890- Rotherham d 6 Feb 1957 Rotherham
86......George Butcher b 8 Jul 1891 Rotherham d 1971 Rotherham
87......John Thomas Butcher b 11 Feb 1893 Rotherham d 1982 Rotherham
88......Wilfred Butcher b 1895 Rotherham d 1965 Rotherham
89......Fred Butcher b 1897 Rotherham d 1898 Rotherham
90......Esther Butcher b 14 Dec 1898 Rotherham d Nov 1994 Bakewell m (a) Joseph EARNSHAW 2nd qr 1921 Rotherham (b) Henry G TUCKER 4th qr 1933 Rotherham
91......Albert Butcher b 6 Dec 1901 Rotherham d Jan 1985
92......Mable Gertrude Butcher b 4th qr 1904 Rotherham d 1979 Rotherham m William E BRADLEY 2nd qr 1929 Rotherham
93......Bernard Lawrence Butcher b 26 Apr 1906 Rotherham d Oct 1994 Rotherham

67 Ada Eliza BUTCHER m William George THURKETTLE (b 1877 Eyke) 4th qr 1900 [Samford 4a 1826]

Children of William and Ada
94......Honor Emma Thurkettle b 1 Sep 1901 Pettistree d 4th qr 1958 [Gateshead 1a 759] m Herbert J "Charlie" WATTS 2nd qr 1938 [Brentford 3a 465]
95......Grace Winifred Thurkettle b 26 Dec 1903 Eyke d May 1955 m Harry COPE (d 1961) 1931
96......Janet M Thurkettle b 10 May 1910 [Plomesgate 4a 1056] d 1947 m Herbert J BAILEY 4th qr 1935 [Blyth 4a 2890]
Olive Joyce Thurkettle b 19 Nov 1908 Eyke d 7 Jul 2003
98......Muriel Celia Thurkettle b 26 Jun 1913 Eyke [Plomesgate 4a 2107] d Jul 1995 m Harry MANN (d 14 Nov 1999) 18 Dec 1936


67 Sarah Ann CHAMPION m James BERRY (b 1858 d 21 Aug 1926 bur Waimate) 1882 Waimate

Note: James was a farmer and was the son of James and Sarah Ann BERRY of Norton Resene, Waimate You can see their wills here

Children of James and Sarah
99........Charles William James b 1885
100......Ernest Richard b 1886
101......George Edward b 1888 bur 24 Nov 1975 aged 87
102......Alice Maude b 1891
103......Arthur Edwin b 1893 d 21 Jun 1917 in France
Note: Arthur was at first a labourer and then was rifleman no 32295 in the New Zealand Rifle Brigade. He is buried at reference lll D 82 in Bailleul Communal Cemetery extension (Nord)
104......Violet Myrtle b 1899
105......Emily Mary Ann d o b unknown m George Thomas SMITH
Note: It is not certain that Emily was one of this family

70 Hannah CHAMPION m John Irvine SIMPSON (b 1 Nov 1866 Timaru d 21 Jul 1945 Timaru bur 23 Jul 1945 Timaru) 9 Feb 1888 Deep Ceek, Waimate

Note: John was the son of John Irvine SIMPSON and Mary Abbott DALE. In 1935 and 1938 he was a storeman bur at his death he is recorded as having been a retired Motor Driver. They lived at 28 York Street, Timaru. In 1893 a Hannah SIMPSON was recorded in the Women's Suffrage electoral roll.

Children of John and Hannah
106......Lillian b 30 Jun 1888 d 10 Aug 1958
107......Richard Harold b 10 Sep 1889 bur 9 Jan 1890 Timaru 3 months old
108......Arthur Wellesley b 20 May 1891 d 17 May 1956
109......Mabel b 7 Jul 1892 d 1970
110......John Irvine b 31 Jan 1894 bur 28 Mar 1894 Timaru aged 2 months
111......Minnie b 13 Feb 1895 d 10 Jul 1964
112......a girl b 12 Nov 1895
Note: there is some doubt as to this birth since the date is very close to Minnie's.
113......Ranfurly (male) b abt 4 Aug 1897 bur 6 Sept 1897 Timaru aged 1 month
114......Aroha Moana b 14 Apr 1898.
Note: Jeni writes - "not sure about this one....was she whangai'd? Maori names? Aroha was a highly intelligent young woman who later married a Raj. She eventually returned to New Zealand, although her husband did not, apparently due to immigration reasons."
115......Norman b 8 Jul 1898

79 William BUTCHER m Ada Mary WHITE 4th qr 1902 Rotherham

Children of William and Ada
116......Ada Butcher b 5 May 1903 Rotherham d Mar 1989 Rotherham m Alfred ATACK 29 Aug 1925 Brinsworth Rotherham
117......Esther Ann Butcher b 4 Mar 1905 Rotherham d Feb 1989 Rotherham m George Robert CASTER (b 1906 d 1994) 2nd qr 1928 Rotherham
118......Florence Butcher b 23 Jul 1906 Rotherham d May 2000 Rotherham
m Thomas DAVIES (b 1905 d 1971) 2nd qr 1928 Rotherham
119......Rosella Butcher b 24 Oct 1908 Rotherham d Jan 1989 Rotherham m Isaac WALKER (b 1st qr 1906 Rotherham d Dec 1966 Rotherham) 3rd qr 1929 Rotherham
120......Elsie Butcher b 12 Jan 1910 Rotherham d Mar 1999 Rotherham m Frederick STONES 2nd qr 1930 Rotherham
121......Nellie Butcher b 7 Feb 1913 Rotherham d Jan 2002 Rotherham m Anthony SPENCER (b 1912 d 1998) 1934 Rotherham
122......Iris Elizabeth M Butcher b 4 Feb 1916 Rotherham d Jul 1991 Rotherham m Gilbert Raymond HITCHEN (b 1917 d 1987) Oct 1985 Rotherham
123......William Lawrence Butcher b 9 Sep 1917 Rotherham d May 1995 Rotherham m Mary Elizabeth HODGEKINSON (b 1911 d 2000) 1st qr 1940
124......Harry Butcher b 31 Oct 1919 Rotherham d Nov 1993 Rotherham m Mima Doris COPNELL (b 1920) Jun 1943 Rotherham

84 Charles Edward BUTCHER m Clara WESTENEY 1st qr 1909 Rotherham

Children of Charles and Clara
125......Josephine Butcher b 3rd qr 1909 Catcliffe [Rotherham 9c 747]
126......Clara Butcher b 4th qr 1910 Catcliffe [Rotherham 9c 699]

85 Walter BUTCHER m Charlotte HAGUE (b 1897 d 16 Feb 1956 Rotherham) 4th qr 1919 Rotherham

Child of Walter and Charlotte
127......Thomas W Butcher b 2nd qr 1921 [Rotherham 9c 1525]

93 Bernard Lawrence BUTCHER m Marjorie A PLUMMER 2nd qr 1931 Rotherham

Children of Bernard and Marjorie
128......Ronald J Butcher b 2nd qr 1932 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1544]
129......Stanley D Butcher b 4th qr 1933 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1253]
130......Ernest C Butcher b 2nd qr 1935 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1442]
131......James W Butcher b 3rd qr 1939 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1536]
132......Brenda L Butcher b 4th qr 1940 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1927]
133......Keith A Butcher b 1st qr 1949 [Bury St Edmunds 4a 1362]

97 Olive Joyce THURKETTLE m George Albert WARD (b 12 May 1893 d 12 Jan 1956) 3 Apr 1929 [Edmonton 3a 1988]

Children of Goerge and Olive
134......Patricia Muriel Ward b 1st qr 1930 [Edmonton 3a 1016]
135......Jennifer Marion Ward b 2nd qr 1932 [Edmonton 3a 995]
136......Gerald Anthony Ward b 4th qr 1934 [Edmonton 3a 964]
137......Michael Eric Ward b 2nd qr 1937 [Edmonton 3a 11218]
138......Judith Mary Ward b 2nd qr 1946 [Uxbridge 3a 217]


101 George Edward BERRY m (a) Hellen Jane TAYLOR (b 1889 Waimate d 8 Mar 1928 Christchurch bur Bromley cemetery 10 Mar 1928 block 31 plot 171 aged 38) 1911 Waimate (b) Olive Nancy RUTHERFORD 1955

Child of George and Hellen
139......Winifred Maud Berry b 1912 Waimate d 15 Aug 1942 Christchurch

104 Violet Myrtle BERRY m John Edward RYDER (d bef 1960) 2 Aug 1932 Waimate.

Child of John and Violet
140......John Edward Ryder b 1934 Timaru

106 Lillian SIMPSON m David James LATTIMORE (b 1885 d 12 Aug 1954 Christchurch bur 14 Aug 1954 Ruru Lawn Cemetery) 1912

Note: They were living at 86 Hawthorne Road, Papanui when David died

Children of David and Lillian
141......Living person b 30 Jul 1913 d Nov 1995
142......Living person b 7 Jul 1915 d 1966
143......Living person b 16 Nov 1918
144......Lillian Merivale Lattimore b 23 Nov 1920 m Leonard Edwin BURROW b 1922 d 19 Apr 2000 Turangi
Note: Leonard was a mechanical inspector and at death was living at 28 Gosling Grove, Turangi
145......Irene Ruth Lattimore b 1922
Note: Irene was a single woman in 1954 in the electoral rolls for Fendalton
146......David John Irvine Lattimore b 1919 Wanganui m Helen Ann SHIPLEY (b 1933 d 1978) 1955

108 Arthur Wellesley SIMPSON m Ruth Anderson STOUT (b 2 Dec 1888 Invercargill d 7 Aug 1972 bur 9 Aug 1972 Birkenhead/Glenfield cemetery, Auckland) 8 Jul 1914

Note: Ruth was the daughter of William Anderson STOUT and Louisa Helen STRACHAN Invercargill

Arthur was declared a bankrupt in October 1923 at the Invercargill Supreme Court, Invercargill. He was discharged in 1925. Jeni has a copy of his bankruptcy papers. 20 03 2006 New Zealand Archives, Dunedin - File No. DAIL 9093 D326 2e 27/23
Apparently Arthur disappeared from the Stout family home in Invercargill and was found in Auckland by the Salvation Army who had been asked to search for him by William Stout, Ruth Simpson's father. William then sent Ruth and her children up to Auckland to join Arthur.
In 1952 Wises Directory lists Arthur as a carpenter.

Children of Arthur and Ruth
147......Constance Margaret Simpson b 19 Jan 1915 d 19 Sep 1999 m William John HARPER 26 Sep 1942 Devenport, Auckland
148......Robert Dale Simpson b 12 Jan 1916 d 22 Oct 1982 m (a) Mabel Kathleen McCORMACK (bur 21 Jul 1971 Purewa crematorium, Auckland) 26 Aug 1942 Auckland (b) Hilda Rose WALKER (b 20 Dec 1916) 12 Feb 1979
149......John Arthur Simpson b 5 Sep 1917 Christchurch d 18 Oct 1934 Auckland
150......Helen Ruth Simpson b 6 Jan 1920 Christchurch d 8 Aug 2006 Taupo m Walter Orewa WORRALL (d 1977) 1 Sep 1973 Mairangi Bay, Auckland
151......Ronald William Simpson b 19 Oct 1921 Invercargill d 24 Mar 1922 Invercargill
Gordon Strachan Simpson b 19 Sep 1923 d 27 Apr 1995 bur 2 May 1995 Waimairi Cemetery, Christchurch
Note: Gordon died of a heart attack
153......Kathleen Ngaire Simpson b 29 Apr 1925 Invercargill d 1 Aug 2006 Waihi, Bay of Plenty
154......living female b 16 Apr 1929 Auckland
155......living male b 9 Dec 1932

109 Mabel SIMPSON m William RENNIE (b 1892 d 1970) 1920

Child of William and Mabel
156......Leo John Rennie b 1920 m Anne Josephine CAMPBELL (b 1924)

111 Minnie SIMPSON m James Sydney (Sid) BOXALL (b 21 Jun 1881 Lower Hutt d 21 Feb 1972 Lower Hutt) 1918

Note: The Evening Post of 21 Feb 1972 recorded:
BOXALL James (Sid) of 79 Copeland St Lower Hutt on 21 February 1972 at Hutt Hospital, dearly loved husband of the late Minnie, loved father of Cecil, Betty (Mrs Carmichael, Lower Hutt), Max, and Dawn (Mrs Fraser, Ihakara), loved grandfather of his 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Messages to 190 Whites Line East Lower Hutt. A service will be held in Cornwall Manor, cnr Knights Road and Cornwall Street Lower Hutt Wednesday 23 February at 2pm and thereafter to the Crematorium Chapel Karori.

Children of Sid and Minnie
157......Cecil James Boxall b 24 Oct 1919 d 29 Dec 1979 m Thirza May PIERCE (b 3 May 1922) Gisborne
158......Betty Boxall b 13 Jul 1922 Kenneth George CARMICHAEL (b 1 Jan 1918 Paekakariki)
159......Maxwell Boxall b 8 Dec 1925 d 23 Apr 1977 m Marjorie Dawn WONNOCOTT (b 16 Jul 1938)
160......Dawn Winifred Boxall b 16 Nov 1926 m Alexander George FRASER (b 5 Oct 1924)

115 Norman SIMPSON m May CHAPMAN (b 16 Jul 1892) 1920

Children of Norman and May
161......Margaret Simpson b 24 Jul 1921
162......Norman Chapman Simpson b 20 Nov 1924 d 22 Aug 1979 aged 54 m Christtian ROBERTSON (formerly REEVES) (b abt 1902 d 18 Oct 1979 Dunedin)
Note: Norman was a carpenter. The Otago Daily Times of 24 Aug 1979 record:
SIMPSON Norman Chapman, on August 22nd 1979 suddenly at his home 64 Bank St, Opoho, dearly loved husband of Christina (Chrissie) Simpson, loved brother of Margaret, (Balclutha) Ron (Te Awamutu) and Jim (Australia) and very dear friend of Naomi Sapsford, Selwyn Reeves (Auckland) and the late Ray Reeves (Gore). A service willbe held in our chapel cnr Andersons Bay Road and Oxford Street at 3-30pm today Friday August 24th, followed by a private cremation.

The Otago Daily Times of 20 Oct 1979 records:
SIMPSON Christina Robertson (Chrissie) of 64 Bank St, on October 18th 1979 at Dunedin beloved wife of the late Norman and loved mother of Naomi Sapsford (Dunedin) Selwyn Reeves (Auckland) and the late Ray Reeves (Gore) and loved grandmother and great grandmother. A service will be held in our chapel cnr Andersons Bay Rd and Oxford St at 10-30am Tuesday October 23, the funeral then leaving for the Andersons Bay Cemetery, no flowers by request.

163......Ronald John Simpson b 28 Oct 1927 m Cathleen Margaret CLARK
164......James Murray Simpson b 14 Mar 1930


152 Gordon Strachan SIMPSON m Eileen Alice LIVINGSTON (b 8 Mar 1920 Invercargill d 5 May 1985 Christchurch bur 8 May 1985 Waimairi Cemetery, Christchurch) 16 Oct 1947 in First Church, Invercargill

Note: Eileen was the daughter of Duncan Charlton LIVINGSTON and Alice Louisa ROSS

Children of Gordon and Eileen
165......Living person b 31 Oct 1948
166......Living person 16 Dec 1949
167......Jennifer Simpson b 19 Sep 1951 Invercargill
168......Living person 4 Nov 1952
169......Living person b 17 Aug 1958

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