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Funeral of Mr H W Oldman at St Neots

[The newspaper got the venue wrong - it was actually in St Ives that the funeral was held, not St Neots]

“Unsound speech and unsound work he despised with the intensity of a master craftsman, one of the master craftsmen who are the aristocracy of the land” The Rev F J Brewer paid this tribute in an address which he gave at the funeral services at the Waits Methodist Church,St Ives on Thursday for Mr Herbert William Oldman whose death was reported in our last issue.

A simple but impressive service was attended by a large congregation, and Mr Brewer was assisted by the Rev F E Reedman of Ramsey.

The immediate mourners were: Mr and Mrs A Chell, (Surbiton), brother-in-law and sister, Mrs A Oldman, (Hockwold), sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs H M Oldman, Miss Diana Oldman, Mrs C Green, (Ipswich) nephew and neices, Mr and Mrs F Lax (Leeds), Mr A Oldman, (Beck Row) Miss M Chell, Mrs Reynolds (Herne Bay) Mr and Mrs J Leigh (cousins); Mr and Mrs J Benton, Mr F Adams, Mrs Softley, Miss Carter, Mr P Elbourne, and Mr D Elbourne (Meldreth). Mr Hugh Oldman was unable to attend owing to military duties.

The following employees attended: Miss Radford, Messrs E Stearne, F Favell, (Mr Favell appears in an early photo of No 97, Black Prince here ) Coulson, R Seamark, H Seamark, G Wright, G Dunkling, G Ashton, J Wakefield, L King, G Easton, H Abbott.


Those in church included:The Mayor of St Ives (Councillor E Kiddle), Alderman J Radford, Alderman and Mrs F M Warren, the Rev N Bitton, Councillors H G Stiles and S J Allen, Mr J A Knights (also representing Mr Cyril Watts also the East Hunts. Water Co) Mr R G Lenton (representing Mr G Lenton of Brampton) Mr F T Ruston, Mr F Chapman (Sawtry), Mr H Burton (Easton), Mr D W May, Mr W E Pittuck (representing Mr E W Oldman, cousin, Kings Lynn) Mr T M Scotney, Mr T C Fensom, (Colmworth, Beds) Messrs Hull Brothers, Messrs Pumphrey Brothers, Duxford, Mr Philip Arnold, Mr J W Angood, Mr and Mrs A Tasker, Mr and Mrs F Sellens, Mr A Gee, Mr F R Davies, Mr A G Davies, Mr G W Robb, Mr H Radford, Mr and Mrs W D Reynolds, Mr C Dring, Mr and Mrs J Harris, Mr F Cross, Mr Wylie, Mr Golding, Mr W Scott, Mrs W Harrison, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Lambert, Mrs Hookham, Mrs Dellar, Mr G H Cannon, Mr and Mrs Harradine, Mr Westrope, Mr H Jude, Miss Mullins, Mrs A Course, Mr W Fuller, Mrs H Seamark, Miss O Greenwood, Mr B Smith, Mrs E W Templeman, Mr Ashcroft, Mr G Fuller, Mr C Robinson, Miss E Bell, Mr and Miss Langley, Mr G Allpress (Broughton), Mr J W Orton (great Gidding) Mr A S Mustill (Over)Mrs Caulton, Mr Webb and others.

Mr Cyril Asplin, at the organ played “I know that my redeemer liveth” and “ O rest in the Lord” The hymns “When the day of toil is done” and “Peace, perfect peace” were sung.

In his address Mr Brewer said:”There are men who in their criticism of others are subtly trying to emphasise their own virtues; there are men who demand that every service they do must be publicly acknowledged, and there are men who do no service unless they are likely to receive a reward for it. To none of these three classes did Herbert William Oldman belong. No one who knew him can associate his name with any self-praise or the desire for praise from others.

“He was a man’s man, and I say this knowing full well that his married life was a romance which never lost its freshness or the beauty of its first affection. He was a man who loved the ‘pure delight of honest speech’ and was undeceived by the swank, show, vanity and pomp which some mistake for real value. Through nearly two generations he gave unstinted and unostentatious service to the church of his choice”


The wreaths bore the following names: Ede and Arthur, Harold Irene and Diana (Leigh on Sea) Molly Charles and the boys (Ipswich) Kit, Hugh and Norah, Marriane (Hockwold), Herbert and F Benton, cousins at Ilkley and Leeds, Kate, Arthur and Dorothy (Beck Row) Mr and Mrs Enefer and family (Hockwold), Fred and Mrs Adams, Winnie, Mrs Softley and family, employees of the Cromwell Works, Mrs Meek and family, Mrs R W Bryant, Annie Jim and little Jean, Frances, M Radford, Mr and Mrs G Desborough (Chatteris), Mr and Mrs Wilson (Peterborough) trustes of the Waits Methodist Church, Mr and Mrs Ambrose Course, H G Stiles, Waits Methodist church and Sunday school; Joe, Hettie, Muriel, Winnie and Will; Uncle Sebe, Pumphrey Bros (Duxford) Edwin and Joan, Frank Olive and Hilda, John and Lilly, Mrs Radford (clevedon), Mr and Mrs Gadsden and Mr and Mrs Dunstan, David and Poll, Sam and Sis (Bury St Edmunds)

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