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Allcock...Allen 1793...Allen 1815...Allen 1858...Allen 1866...Allen 1907...Allen 1937...Amary...Amis
Archer 1865...Archer 1902...Arden...Arkell...Armes..Armitage...Armstrong...Arrow...Ashby...Atherton...Atlee

Back...Bacon...Bagge...Bailey 1866...Bailey 1878...Baker 1852...Baker 1871...Bale... Baldry
Bales 1935...Bales 1940...Ball...Balls 1705... Balls 1801...Bance...Bane...Banham
Banyard...Barber...Barclay ...Bardell...Bardill...Barker 1746...Barker1875...Barling...Barnes 1775
Barnes 1867...Barnes 1929...Barrows...Barton-Wright...Bartram
Bell...Bennett 1799...Bennett 1872...Bertsch... Betteridge...Bexfield.
Bidwell...Billings...Bird 1768...Bird 1846...Bird 1908...Bishop...Blake 1896...Blake 1906...Bland
Blizzard...Blogg...Blyth...Blythe...Bocking...Bond...Bosanquet...Bowden...Bowen...Bowles 1828...Bowles 1888...Bowley
Bowyer...Boyce...Boyd...Brackstone...Bradford 1751...Bradwell...Brain...G Brander...J E Brander...Brasnett...Brazier
Brewster...Bridges...Bridle...Briggs 1823... Briggs 1864...Brighton...Brinded 1873...Brindid abt 1921...Britton 1912
Britton 1927...Brock...Brooks 1835...Brooks 1940...Brooks 1974...Brown 1835...Brown 1862...Brown 1869
Brown 1912...Browne 1898...Browne 1958...Bubb...Buckle...Bullen...Bullman...Bunfield
Bunnett...Burlingham...Burred...Burns...Burrell...Burton 1852...Burton1856...Burwell
Bush 1864...Bush...Butler...Button 1933...Button 1955...Buxton

Callow...Cambray...Cameron...Campbell...Campling...Cannell 1896...Cannell 1900...Care
Carter 1819...Carter 1899...Carter 1902...Carter 1908...Cater...Cattermole...Chadburn...Chaplin 1876...Chaplin 1913
Chaplin 1912...Chapman abt 1795...Chapman 1883...Chapman 1857...Chapman 1882...Chapman 1912... Chapman 1957...Charlett
Chaston...Cheshire...Chester...Chilvers 1884...Chilvers 1921...Chipperfield...Chisnell...Church...Clarke 1814
Clarke 1854...Clarke 1878...Claxton...Cleaver...Clemson...Clifford 1698...Clifford 1888...Clifton...Clow
Coates...Clyne...Cockerill 1879...Cockerill 1882...Cockrill...Cole...Collett 1871...Collett 1898
Collins 1818...Collins 1843...Colman...Coleman...Colsey...Colwell...Combs...Coney...Cook 1872...Cook 1855
Cook 1933...Cooper 1846...Cooper 1857...Cooper 1858..Cooper 1863...Cordy...Cork...Cornell
Cory...Court...Cox...Creath...Cresser...Crisp 1871...Crisp 1932...Crisp 1953...Crocker...Crofts
Crome 1931...Croot...Cross 1785...Cross 1821...Cross-Bardell 1912...Cross-Bardell 1918...Crosskill...Cubitt-Keeler
Culley 1881...Culley 1935...Cullum...Cunis...Cunningham...Curl... Curson...Curtis 1843...Curtis 1882
Curtis 1953...Cutler

Daniels...Davis 1838...Davis 1939...Dawson 1748...Dawson 1904...Day...Deacon...Dean 1929... Dean 1937...Denley...Dennett...Denney...Denny
Dewar...Dingle...Discombe...Dobbins...Dobzranski...Dodd...Dorling...Douglas... Dover...Dowling...Downes
Doylend...Drake...Drew 1892...Drew 1897...Drew 1911...Duffield...Dugmore...Dunn...Dunt...Durrant... Alice Durrant 1886
Benjamin Durrant 1886...Durrell...Dyball...Dyer

Eastaugh...Easthow...Eaton...Edgoose...Edwards 1785...Edwards 1849...Edwards 1874...Edwards 1878
Edwards 1886...Edwards 1895...Edwards 1897...Edwards 1904...Edwards 1907...Edwards 1930...Edwards 1931...Elkins...Elliot
Ellis 1752...Ellis 1821...Ellis 1868...Ellis 1917...Elvin...Ember...Emery...Emm...Emmerson...England
Everson 1830...Everson 1851...Everson 1877...Ewing

Fairweather...Faithfull...Fake...Farman...Farmer...Farndon...Farrow 1921...Farrow 1932...Feltham...Ferrit
Featherstone...Fiddy...Fielder...Finch 1804... Finch 1858...Fisher 1899...Fisher 1920...Flaxman...Fletcher...Ford...Forder
Forsdyke...Forster 1800...Forster 1859...Forster 1912...Forton... Foster...Fowler...Francklin
Fransham...Fraser... Freeman 1882...Freeman 1884...Freeman 1941...French 1890...French 1925...Fricker...Frosdick
Frost 1777...Frost 1812...Frost 1874...Frost 1878...Frost 1901...Fry...Fulford...Fuller 1805
Fuller 1873...Fuller 1909... Fuller 1947...Fuller abt 1954...Furlong...Futter 1869
Futter 1898...Futter 1919...Futter 1929

Gale...Gardiner...Garrard...Garrett... Garwood 1871...Garwood 1905...Gedge 1885...Gedge 1891
George 1724...George 1753... George 1933...Gibbs...Gibson 1907...Gibson 1913...Gidney..Gifford
Gilbert...Giles 1883...Giles 1904...Gillingwater...Gilman...Glover...Gobbett...Godfrey...Goffin...Golby
Gooch 1844...Gooch 1946...Goodrich...Goodwin 1905...Goodwin 1942...Gordon...Gorey...Goring...Gosling1890
Gosling 1898...Gould...Grant...Gray 1774...Gray 1809...Gray 1831...Gray 1963...Gredig
Green 1860...Green 1960...Gribble...Griffin... Grimmer...Grint 1917...Grint 1965...Grix...Grummett
Gubbins...Gudgeon 1660... Gudgeon 1896...Guirey...Gurney...Gymer...Guymer...Gyles

Hales...Hall 1778... Hall 1875...Hall 1899...Hall 1915...Hall 1927...Hall 1932...Hall 1953...Hambling...Hammond...Hannant
Hannor...Hanton...Harbord...Harding...Hardy...Harman...Harmer... Harper
Harris 1861...Harris 1866...Harris 1873...Harris 1889...Harris 1920...Harrison 1918...Harrison 1828
Harrison 1928...Harrod... Hart 1846...Hart 1886...Hart 1902...Hart 1934...Harvey 1722... Harvey 1763...Harvey 1888...Harvey 1901...Harvey 1943...Harward...Hatcher
Havis...Hawes 1804...Hawes 1913...Hayes...Headley...Heeks...<1644 A HREF="#H14a">Hemming...Henderson...Henry...Harvey...Hessey...Hewings...Hewitt 1897...Hewitt 1900...Hewitt 1923...Hibbett
Hicks 1906... Hicks 1914...Hiet...Higgs...Hill 1775...Hill 1840...Hillier...Hilton...Hindes...Hines
Hipperson 1842...Hipperson 1858...Hodds...Hodges...Hodson...Holdswort...Holliday...Holwell... Hood... Hook...Hooker...Hooney...Hopkins
Hopkinson...Horrocks...Housden...Hovells 1771... Hovells 1897...How...Howard 1799... Howard 1844...Howard 1888...Howard 1899...Howard 1923...Howard 1946...Howard 1963...Howe
Howell... Howes 1703...Howes 1851...Howes 1880...Howlett 1888...Howlett 1908...Howlett 1936...Howliston...Hubbard 1871...Hubbard 1767...Hubbard 1841... Hubbard 1922
Hubbard 1791...Hudson 1897...Hudson 1918...Hudson 1928...Humby...Humphrey...Hunter...Huntington...Huntink
Hurst...Hutchinson...Hutson 1873...Hutson 1915...Hyde


Jacket...Jackson 1838...Jackson 1840...Jackson 1898...Jackson abt 1906...James 1794... James 1822...James 1907...Jarmin...Jay 1837...Jay 1928...Jeary
Jeffry 1891...Jeffry 1897...Jermy 1887...Jermy 1903...Jermy 1908...Jermyn...Johnson...Jones 1872...Jones 1891
Jones 1905...Joynes 1745...Joynes 1894

Kates...Keeble...Ives-Keeler...Keeley... Kierman...Kemish 1779...Kemish 1925...Kemp...Kempton...Kench...Kenchington... Kent... Kett...Key 1825...Key 1831...Key 1871...Key 1899
Key 1900...Key 1917...Kibett... Kidell...Kiddle...Kierman...Kilbury... Kippen...Knight...Knights...Knowles

Lacey...Lake 1868...Lake 1870...Lake 1879...Lake 1883...Lake 1891...Lake 1902...Lake 1910... Lake 1934...Lake 1939...Lamb...Lambert...Lamont...Land...Landis...Langley
Larke... Larkman...Larner...Last...Law...Lawn...Lawson...Lay...Layton abt 1730...Layton 1872
Leach... Leeder 1909...Leeds...Leggett... Lemon...Lemmon...Lercheresque...Levington...Lewis...Linford...Ling... Lloyd 1895...Loads 1869...Loads 1894...Lockwood...Long 1743... Long 1838...Longbottom...Lonsdale...Lowe

Mace...Main...Male...Mallett 1830...Mallett 1832...Mallett 1839... Mallett A 1875...Mallett F 1875...Mallett 1899
Mander...Mann...Marjoram...Marks...Marr...Marsh...Marshall 1771...Marshall 1857...Marsters...Marston...Martel...Martin...Mason 1822...Mason 1871...Mason 1878... Mason 1912...Mason 1930...Masten...Masters...Maull
Maw...Mawby...May 1871...May 1922...Mayes......McCormick...McFalls...Mead...Meal...Merry...Miall...Mickleburgh...Middleton...Miles 1807... Miles 1911...Miller 1866...Miller 1918...Mills 1853...Mills 1862...Mills 1869...Mills 1897...Mills 1939
Milner...Mimms...Minister 1731...Minister 1827...Minister 1848...Minnett... Minns 1890...Minns 1905...Mitchell 1791...Mitchell 1912... Mobbs...Moll 1845...Moll 1878...Moll 1880
Monk...Montgomery...Monument... Moody 1819...Moody 1844...Moody 1855...Moody 1884...Moody 1886...Moore 1791...Moore 1874...Moore 1877...Moore 1923...Morris...Morton...Moseley...Moses...Moulder... Moulds...Mowlton...Moy...Moyes...Muirhead
Mulliner...Murget...Murgett...Mury... Murrell...Musselwhite...Myall...Myhill

Narburgh...Nelson...Neve...Newby...Newdick...Newell...Newland ...Newman...Newson abt 1778...Newson 1822...Newstead...Nichols 1872...Nichols 1911... Nielson...Nobbs 1902...Nobbs 1957...Nolan...Norford...Norman...Norville

Oakes...Oakley 1876...Oakley 1949...Oldman...O'Kelly... Okey... O'Regan...Orgles...Orpin...Overton 1802...Overton 1932...Oxley...

Painter...Paling...Palmer 1588...Palmer 1846...Palmer 1901...Pannell...Panton...Parker 1891...Parker 1896... Parker 1916...Parker 1918...Parker 1949...Parker 1969...Parnell...Parrey
Pawson...Paynter...Pearce...Pearce 1856...Pearce 1917...Pears...Pearson...Peart...Peek...Pegnall...Pemberton... Percival...Perrin...Perry...Pettingill... Pickstone...Piddington...Pierson
Piggott 1883...Piggott 1940...Pignei...Pigney...Pilkerton...Piller...Pinner...Piper...Pitcher...Pitman...Pitts...Plane...Platten
Pointer...Pollard...Pope 1871...Pope 1917...Porter...Povey...Powell...Pratt...Preece...Press...Preston...Prestwood...Pretty
Pritchard 1763... Pritchard 1884...Proudley...Pruden...Prytherch...Purser...Pusey...Pye 1866...Mary Pye 1873...William Pye 1873...Pyle

Rackham...Raffill...Ransby...Ransdell...Rasberry...Rata...Rawlings...Read...Redhead...Reeve1875...Reeve 1918
Reeves...Remnant...Rennie...Revell...Reynolds 1791...Reynolds 1897...Richards...Richardson...Riches 1854...Riches 1877
Richmond 1889...Richmond 1950...Rippengale...Riseborough...Robbins...Roberts 1751...Roberts 1764...Rodwell...Rogers 1896
Rogers 1910...Rogers 1926...Roofe...Rose...Rosebery...Roud...Rudd... Ruhlman... Rump 1866... Rump 1900...Rumsby...Rumsey...Rushmer 1757... Rushmer 1772
Rushmer 1850...Rushmer 1870...Rust

Sadler 1860...Sadler 1888...Sales...Sanderson...Saulnier...Saunders 1909...Saunders 1941...Saxton...Sayer...Sayers...Scales...Scott 1848...Scott 1926...Scott-Barnes...Seago
Seales...Sendall... Sewell...Sewter...Shakespeare...Shardelow...Sharman 1834...Sharman 1872...Sharman 1880...Sharman 1908...Shaw 1868
Shaw 1942... Shearing 1700...Shearing 1835...Elizabeth Shearing 1844...John Shearing 1844...Shearing 1858...Shearing 1909...Shepherd...Shields...Short...Shorten...Simons...Sinclair...Skinley...Skippen...Skipper 1815... Skipper 1866...Skipper 1932...Smee
Smith 1730... Smith 1748...Smith 1826...Smith 1834...Smith 1858...Smith 1873...Smith 1878...Smith 1886...Smith 1887...Smith 1892...Smith 1894
Smith 1909...Smith 1910...Smith 1913...Smith 1914...Smith 1918...Smith 1938...Smith 1951...Smithson...Smoughton...Snell...Sollers...South... Southgate...Spanton 1837...Spanton 1936...Spells
Spendlove...Spinks...Spooner...Springer... Squires... Stafford...Stallard...Stannard 1916...Stannard 1922...Stark...Starkie...Starkings...Steel...Steiner...Stevens...Steward...Stibbard
Stirling...Stockdale...Stone 1866...Stone 1893...Stone 1909...Stout...Strangleman...Stray...Stringer...Sturman 1924...Sturman 1951...Stutt...Styger... Sutterby...Swinford...Sydenham...Szlenkier

Tagg...Taplin...Tatum...Tayler...Taylor 1745...Taylor 1828...Taylor 1874...Taylor 1926...Taylor 1936...Tench...Terry 1828...Terry 1830
Terry 1859...Thacker...Thackwell... Thirkettle...Thomas...Thomason... Thompson...Thornback...Tills 1857...Tills 1880...Tooley...Tortice...Toyn...Trett 1868...Trett 1900...Troubridge...Trower...Tubbs...Tubby...Tuck 1855...Tuck 1860... Tungate
Turner 1847...Turner 1878...Turner 1890...Turner 1973...Turton...Twells


Valentine abt 1785...Valentine 1916...Vandetta... Ventham 1826...Ventham 1851...Ventham 1867...Vickers

Walker 1679...Walker 1872...Walpole 1803...Walpole 1852...Ward 1872...Ward 1878...Ward 1908...Ward 1909...Ward 1913...Ware...Warminger
Warnes...Warren 1853...Warren 1840...Waterman...Waters 1760... Waters 1795...Waters 1815...Waters 1822...Waters 1851...Waters 1884...Waters 1942...Watkins...Watson 1849...Watson 1853...Watson...Watts 1857...Watts 1872...Webb abt 1525
Webb 1887... Webster... West...Westbrook...Weston...Whall...Wheeler 1797... Wheeler 1951... Whitchurch...White 1855...White 1870...White 1900...White 1922...White 1928...White 1930...White 1960...Whittleton...Willcox...Wilkins
Wickes...Wickham..Wigley ...Wilkins...Wilkinson...Williamson 1806...Williamson 1886...Wilmott...Willer
Willerson ...Willgrass...Wilson 1861...Wilson 1863...Wilton 1853...Wilton 1854...Wilton 1862...Winter...Wix
Woodall...Woodcock...Woodham...Woods 1937...Woods 1944...Woods 1953...Worrall...Wraight...Wright 1855...Wright 1866...Wright 1870...Wright 1887...Wright 1888...Wright 1890...Wright 1905...Wright 1906
Wright 1928...Wymer 1873...Wymer 1895...Wymer 1922... Wymer 1924...Wythe...

Yallop...Yeates 1851...Yeates 1855...York...Youngman 1768...Youngman 1929...Youngs 1680...Youngs 1844...Youngs 1847
Youngs 1859...Youngs 1878...Youngs 1885...Youngs 1894...Youngs 1895...Youngs 1900...Youngs 1917....Youngs 1922


1 Unknown parents

Child of unknown parents
Iuuein dob unknown
Note: one of the Domesday tenants of Robert De Stafford who gave lands to Evesham Abbey and died there. IUUEIN held lands of Robert at Ullavintone (Willington near Shipston-On-Stour)
The Domesday book records
"Iwein holds of Robert, 1 hide and a half, in Ullavintone ( Willington). The arable employs 2 ploughs. 1 is in the demesne, and 2 bondmen. There are 1 villein, and 1 border. It was and is worth 20s. Dodo and Levric held it freely."


2 Iuuein m unknown

Child of Iuuen and unknown
Note: Date and place of birth unknown and person only known about because Ywain his son is believed to be probably the grandson of IUUEIN


3 Unknown

Child of unknown and unknown wife
4......Ywain dob unknown
Note: Ywain probably grandson of IUUEIN. Mentioned in a suit about the manor of Weston [under Wetherley] A.D. 1200 as the father of Robert (infra). Owned lands in Warwickshire. May be identical with Ywain fil Andreae mentioned in the Red Book of the Exchequer in 1166 as one of the "milites" of Baderon de Munemue.


4 Ywain m unknown

Child of Ywain and unknown
5......Robert fil Ywain dob unknown
Note: Probably identical with the R. YWAIN mentioned in the Abbey Chronicle in connection with Chiteham Mill in 1206. It was in his time that Bretforton Grange passed from Evesham Abbey to the Ywain family.


5 Robert fil Ywain m unknown

Child of Robert fil Ywain and unknown
6......Robert dob unknown
Note: Robert is mentioned in a suit with Thomas of Littleton near Bretforton in 1255. Owned lands in Worcestershire in 1255.


6 Robert m Margeria

Children of Robert and Margeria
7......Robert dob unknown
Note: Robert is said to be of Aldington and Bretforton. Paid tythes to Evesham Abbey "pro suo tenemento," (1275). Held lands also in Dorset. "Manucaptor" of Sir William Le Seneschall, High Steward of Evesham Abbey, returned Knight of the Shire for Worcester in 1298.
8......Joan dob unknown
9......Gilbert dob unknown
Note: Gilbert held lands in Hereford, Essex and Dorset. Manucaptor of John Lytton M.P., for Hereford in 1298
10....Henry dob unknown
Note: Henry held land near Pershore


7 Robert HEWEYN m unknown

Children of Robert and unknown
11......Robert Heweyn dob unknown
Note: Robert was said to be of Bretforton. Mentioned in the Subsidy Roll of 1327.
12......William dob unknown


11 Robert HEWEYN m unknown

Children of Robert and unknown
13......John Heweyn dob unknown
14......Robert Heweyn dob unknown
Note: Robert was incumbent of Bideford 1339 to 1361


13 John HEWEYN m Petronilla de WHITCHURCH

Note: Petronilla was a daughter of John De Whitchurch and niece of William De Whitchurch, Abbot of Evesham.

Children of John and Petronilla
15......John Heweyn dob unknown m Agnes deSOLLERS
Agnes was lady of several manors near Pershore, Worcestershire
Thomas Heweyn dob unknown
Note: Thomas was said to be of Bretforton. He sold back Bretforton Grange to the Abbey between 1345 and 1367.
17......Richard Heweyn dob unknown


16 Thomas YWAIN and unknown

Child of Thomas and unknown
18......Thomas Ywain dob unknown
Note: Thomas was said to be of Bretforton. Tenant of the Abbey at the end of the 14th and beginning of the 15th century.


18 Thomas YWAIN and unknown

Child of Thomas and unknown
19......Thomas Ywain dob unknown died 1468
Note: Thomas was said to be of Bretforton.


19 Thomas YWAIN and unknown

Child of Thomas and unknown
20......Thomas Ywain dob unknown


20 Thomas HEWYNS m Margaret WOODHOUSE

Note Margaret was the sister of John WOODHOUSE vicar of Bretforton

Children of Thomas and Margaret
21......Thomas Hewyns dob unknown
22......William Hewyns dob unknown
d and bur 1532 Bretforton
23......Richard Hewyns dob unknown
Note: Richard became a monk of Bordesley.


22 William HEWINS m Agnes CHARLETT

Note: Agnes was the daughter of Thomas CHARLETT

Children of William and Agnes
24......John Hewins b abt 1495
25......Katherine Hewins dob unknown
26......William Hewins dob unknown
27......Robert Hewins dob unknown
28......Richard Hewins dob unknown
29......Margaret Hewins dob unknown


24 John HEWINS m Marion HARWARD

Children of John and Marion
30......William Hewins dob unknown
31......John Hewins dob unknown d 1550
32......Agnes Hewins dob unknown

33 Robert ARDEN m Mary WEBB

Children of Robert and Mary
Agnes Arden b abt 1526 Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe
35......Mary Arden b abt 1537 Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe


D31 John HEWYNS m 33 Agnes ARDEN Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe

Child of John and Agnes
35a....Margaret Hewyns dob unknown
36......Thomas Hewyns dob unknown
Note: Thomas was mentioned in Wills of father John Hewyns 1548 and grandfather John Hewins 1562

35 Mary ARDEN m John SHAKESPEARE Sep 1577 Aston Cantlowe

Children of John and Mary
37......Joan Shakespeare b 15 Sep 1558 Stratford upon Avon d 1569
38......Margaret Shakespeare b 2 Dec 1562 Stratford upon Avon d 30 Apr 1563
39......William Shakespeare b 23 Apr 1564 Stratford upon Avon d 23 Apr 1616
Note: This is the poet and playwright
40......Gilbert Shakespeare b 13 Oct 1566 Stratford upon Avon d 3 feb 1612
41......Joan Shakespeare b 15 Apr 1569 Stratford upon Avon d 1 Nov 1646
42......Ann Shakespeare b 28 Sep 1571 Stratford upon Avon d 4 Apr 1579
43......Richard Shakespeare bap 11 Mar 1573 Stratford upon Avon d 4 Feb 1613
44......Edmund Shakespeare bap 3 May 1580 Stratford upon Avon d 11 Dec 1608


36 Thomas HEWYNS m Margaret

Child of John and Margaret
45......John Hewins dob unknown
46......Anthony Hewins bur 1589 Bretforton
47......Margaret Hewins m Thomas CHADBURN 1593


45 John HEWINS m Jone PALMER 29 Oct 1588 Bretforton

Children of John and Jone
48......Thomas Hewins dob unknown
Note: Thomas was mentioned in Alice EWEN's will 1603: he owned land at Badsey and Weston Subedge and built the Hewins' House at Weston Subedge in 1624
49......William Hewins m Alice


48 Thomas HEWINS m Wenefrede HIET 24 May 1614 Bretforton

Children of Thomas and Wenefrede
50......Thomas Hewins dob unknown bur 1690 Bretforton
Note: Thomas was churchwarden at Bretforton
51......John Hewins dob unknown

H0 James DENLEY b 1630 Kempsford bur 28 May 1724 South Cerney m unknown

Child of James and unknown
James Denley b 1654 Kempsford d 28 May 1724 South Cerney

L1 Abraham LAYTON bur 16 Aug 1675 Lyng m Bridgit LEMON (bur 19 Feb 1670 Lyng) 1 Dec 1627

Child of Abraham and Bridgit
Thomas Layton b 1 Jul 1633 Lyng bur May 1713 Lyng

C1 Robert CAMBRAY b 1600 Gloucestershire d 1662 Glos m Margaret

Child of Robert and Margaret
Robert Cambray b 1630 Glos d 1685 Glos


L2 Thomas LAYTON m Frances GUDGEON (bur 25 Jul 1722 Lyng)

Child of Abraham and Bridgit
L3......Thomas Layton bap 5 Mar 1663 Lyng bur Dec 1714 Lyng

P1 Isaac PIGNEI b 1624 Seine-Maritime d Jul 1699 m Magdelaine Le SAULNIER 1649 Rouen, France

Child of Isaac and Magdelaine
Jean Pignei b 1650 Rouen

C2 Robert CAMBRAY m Elinor

Child of Robert and Elinor
C3......Robert Cambray b 1661 Glos d 1685 Glos

M0 Peter MALLETT b 1669 d1729 m (a) Elizabeth MURYJane CURL 1 Dec 1710

Children of Peter and Elizabeth
Samuel Mallett bap 6 Aug 1699 Limpenhoe d 1725 Limpenhoe
M2......Thomas Mallett bap 8 Nov 1700 Limpenhoe bur 8 May 1715 Limpenhoe
M3......Mary Mallett bap 5 Nov 1701 Limpenhoe bur 5 Jun 1910 Limpenhoe
M4......Simon Mallett bap 13 Mar 1702 Limpenhoe bur 16 Jan 1706 Limpenhoe
M5......Robert Mallett bap 21 May 1704 Limpenhoe bur 19 Feb 1705 Limpenhoe
M6......William Mallett bap 27 Nov 1705 Limpenhoe bur 16 Apr 1709 Limpenhoe
M7......Elizabeth Mallett bap 20 May 1707 Limpenhoe bur 20 May 1708 Limpenhoe
M8......Margaret Mallett bap 27 Dec 1708 Limpenhoe d 1729

Children of Peter and Jane
M9......Robert Mallett bap 7 Aug 1711 Limpenhoe
M10....Jane Mallett bap 12 Apr 1713 Limpenhoe bur 1 Nov 1713 LimpenhoeJane Mallett bap 11 Apr 1718 Limpenhoe


51 John HEWIN m Frances AMARY

Child of John and Frances
52......Francis Hewin dob inknown
53......William Hewin dob unknown
54......Jonathan Hewin bap 1673 Church Honeybourne, Worcestershire

55 James DENLEY m Elizabeth

Children of James and Elizabeth
56......Thomas Denley b Kempsford, Gloucestershire
57......Mary Denley b 1678 Kempsford m Vincent SIMONS 6 May 1706 Kempsford
58......James Denley bap 22 Jun 1681 Kempsford, Gloucestershire bur 1 Oct 1742 Kempsford
59......Elizabeth Denley b 1682 Kempsford
60......Catherine Denley bap 16 Nov 1687 Kempsford, Gloucestershire

61 Robert BURRELL m Mary WALKER 24 Jun 1679 Thurlton

Children of Robert and Mary
62......Robert Burrell bap 15 Mar 1680 Thurlton
63......Susannah Burrell bap 29 Jul 1682 Thurlton
Robert Burrell bap 6 Mar 1686 Thurlton
65......Thomas Burell bap 2 Sep 1689 Thurlton

P2 Jean PIGNEI m Magdelaine MARTEL 7 Jul 1669 Rouen

Children of Jean and Magdelaine
P3......Magdelaine Pignei bap 6 Apr 1670 Rouen
P4......Anne Pignei bap 7 Mar 1671 Rouen
P5......Jean Pignei bap 19 Aug 1672 Rouen
P6......Jacques Pignei bap 24 Oct 1673 Rouen
P7......Judith Pignei bap 18 Dec 1674 Rouen
P8......Abraham Pignei bap 6 Jan 1677 Rouen
P9......Magdelaine Pignei bap 28 Aug 1678 Rouen
P10......Daniel Pignei bap 14 Nov 1679 Rouen
P11......Esther Pignei bap 7 Jan 1673 Rouen
P12......Jehanne Pignei bap 27 Jan 1685

L3 Thomas LAYTON m Elizabeth EASTHOW (b 1664 Elsing bur 4 Nov 1744 Elsing) 1 Apr 1686 Elsing

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
L4......Thomas Layton bap 20 Jul 1688 Elsing bur 7 Jan 1744 Elsing
L5......William Layton bap 27 Jul 1706 Elsing bur 31 Dec 1779 Loddon


54 Jonathan HEWINS m (a) Ann PURSER 9 Sep 1701 Weston Subedge (b) Mary MOSELEY 29 Sep 1703 Weston Subedge

Child of Jonathan and Ann
66......John Hewins b 1702 Weston Subedge

Children of Jonathan and Mary
67......William Hewins b 1705 Weston Subedge
68......Jonathan Hewins bap 8 May 1709 Weston Subedge d 18 Sep 1770 Chipping Camden
69......Ann Hewins bap 3 Sep 1714 Weston Subedge
70......Anthony Hewins bap 10 May 1719 Weston Subedge

58 Thomas DENLEY m (a) Sarah ARKELL 20 Nov 1708 Gloucester (b) Mary OKEY (b 1695 Shipton Sollars d 1752) 30 Nov 1719 Shipton

Children of Thomas and Sarah
71......William Denley bap 10 Jun 1709 Shipton Oliffe, Glos
72......William Denley bap 26 Aug 1711 Shipton Oliffe, Glos
73......Elizabeth Denley bap 4 Oct 1713 Shipton Oliffe, Glos
74......George Denley bap 24 Feb 1715 Shipton Oliffe, Glos
75......Mary Denley bap 19 Dec 1718 Shipton Oliffe, Glos

Children of Thomas and Mary
75a....Hedodias Denley (fem) b Shipton Oliffe, Glos
75b....Sarah Denley b 1726 Shipton Oliffe, Glos d 1799 Charlton Kings Glos m John MOULDER 2 Jan 1749 Gloucester
75c....Elianor Denley b 1727 Shipton Oliffe, Glos d 1777
75d....Jennings Denley b 1729 Shipton Oliffe, Glos

58 James DENLEY m (a) Rhoda BELCHER 25 May 1713 Cirencester, Gloucestershire (b) Elizabeth SWINFORD 11 Aug 1734 Shipton Oliffe, Gloucestershire

Note: James was a gamekeeper by profession and by all accounts a carefree lad. Born in Kempsford in 1681 he went on to be a little too adventurous for in 1703 a liason with a girl named Mary Pearce lead to a court case. James took advantage of Mary and as a result of this escapade Mary, with the aid of a witness, Thomas Bond, took James to Court. The hearing refers to James Denley, junior, of Kempsford, appearing in the Ecclesiastical Court in Lechlade 23 February, 1704. The result of the case is unknown.

A marriage licence granted on the 8 May, 1713, to "James Denly of Southberry" (Probably Southbury Farm, Colesbourne) gave permission for him to marry Rhoda Belcher of Shipton Oliffe at St. John the Baptist's church, Cirencester. This avoided the necessity for banns. The wedding took place on 25 May, 1713. James's residence was stated then to be South Cerney.

The Gloucestershire Gamekeepers Deputations, 1711-1850, record that James Denly was appointed gamekeeper to William Peachey Esq., of Shipton Oliffe and Shipton Sollers 7 October, 1714. He presumably remained in this post until his death in 1742. He was buried in Shipton Sollers churchyard 1 October, 1742.

Children of James and Rhoda
76......James Denley b 25 May 1713 bap 30 Mar 1714 Shipton Oliffe
77......Jane Denley bap 3 Oct 1715 Shipton Oliffe
78......Mary Denley Bap 9 Aug 1716 Shipton Oliffe m John PARREY 1 Oct 1752 Shipton Oliffe
Katherine Denley bap 26 Oct 1718 Shipton Oliffe
80......Joseph Denley bap 16 Dec 1720 Shipton Oliffe
81......Elizabeth Denley bap 7 Sep 1723 Shipton Oliffe
82......Rhoda Denley bap 13 Mar 1725 Shipton Oliffe
83......John Denley bap 3 Apr 1727 Shipton Oliffe
84......Vincent Denley bap 26 Apr 1730 Shipton Oliffe d 4 Nov 1735 Shipton Oliffe

Children of James and Elizabeth
85......Thomas Denley bap 9 May 1737 Shipton Oliffe
86......Vincent Denley bap 15 Apr 1739 Shipton Oliffe
87......Mary Denley bap 30 May 1742 Shipton Oliffe d Oct 1742 Shipton Oliffe

64 Robert BURRELL m Alice THACKER (bur 23 Dec 1738 Thurlton) abt 1702

Children of Robert and Alice
88......Robert Burrell bap 28 Feb 1703 Thurlton
89......Richard Burrell bap 22 Apr 1705 Thurlton bur 6 May 1705 Thurlton
90......Elizabeth Burrell bap 4 Aug 1706 Thurlton
91......Elizabeth Burrell bap 3 Aug 1708 Thurlton
92......John Burrell bap 21 May 1710 Thurlton
93......Anne Burrell bap 13 May 1712 Thurlton bur 29 May 1712 Thurlton
94......Benjamin Burrell bap 6 Jul 1714 Thurlton

P6 Jacques PIGNEI m Judith LARCHERESQUE (b Jan 1667 le Bucquet, Seine-Maritime bur 15 Dec 1724 Spitalfields) 20 Jun 1690

Note: It was in this generation that the family moved to England to escape the persecution of the protestants in France - they were Calvinist Heugenots

Children of Jacques and Judith
P13...... Anne Pignei b abt 1691
P14......Jacques Pignei bap 13 Mar 1692 Threadneedle Street London
P15...... Jacques Pignei bap 12 Nov 1693 Threadneedle Street London
P16...... Abraham Pignei bap 6 Aug 1699 Threadneedle Street London
P17...... Elizabeth Pignei b 1699 London
P18...... Ann Pignei b1703 London

95 Matthew BECK b 1683 d 1763 Blofield m (a)Susan BALLS (bap 11 Mar 1676 Blofield bur 10 Apr 1710 Blofield) 1 Jul 1705 Blofield (b) Sarah SANDERS 30 Oct 1716 Norwich Cathedral

Children of Matthew and Susan
95a....Matthew Beck bap 27 Mar 1706 Blofield bur 29 Mar 1706 Blofield
95b....Matthias Beck bap 31 Aug 1707 Blofield
95c....Daniel Beck bap 4 Dec 1709 Blofield bur 12 Oct 1710 Blofield

Children of Matthew and Sarah
James Beck bap 17 Nov 1717 Blofield
97......Daniel Beck bap 24 Dec 1721 Blofield bur 22 Aug 1736 Blofield
98......Benjamin Beck bap 23 Feb 1723 Blofield bur 3 Nov 1795 Blofield
99......Robert Beck bap 6 Mar 1725 Blofield
100....Sarah Beck bap 25 Feb 1728 Blofield bur 5 Mar 1728 Blofield
101....Samuel Beck bap 25 Feb 1728 Blofield bur 5 Mar 1728 Blofield

C6 William CLIFFORD b 1698 Stow on the Wold d 1766 Stow on the Wold m Mary THACKWELL (b 1700 Stow on the Wold bur 27 Aug 1773 Stow on the Wold) 13 Oct 1720 Stow on the Wold

Chil;dren of William and Mary
C7......John Clifford bap 19 Jul 1721 Stow on the Wold d 1756 Stow on the Wold
William Clifford bap 19 Jul 1723 Stow on the Wold bur 13 Dec 1726 Stow on the Wold
C9......Sarah Clifford bap 16 Feb 1725 Stow on the Wold bur 11 Oct 1725 Stow on the Wold
C10....Sarah Clifford bap 16 Aug 1727 Stow on the Wold
C11....Ann Clifford bap 29 Apr 1730 Stow on the Wold d bef 1742 Stow on the Wold
C12....Thomas Clifford bap 8 Mar 1781 Stow on the Wold bur 24 Apr 1810 Stow on the Wold
C13....Richard Clifford bap 18 Mar 1734 Stow on the Wold bur 15 Sep 1797 Stow on the Wold
C14....Elizabeth Clifford bap 27 May 1737 Stow on the Wold
C15....Ann Clifford bap 3 Nov 1742 Stow on the Wold

102 Robert GEORGE m Lydia (bur 3 Aug 1735 Thurlton) Unknown date

Children of Robert and Lydia
103......William George bap 2 Jun 1725 Thurlton d 21 Jul 1725 Thurlton
William George bap 11 Dec 1726 Thurlton
105......Mary George bap 16 Apr 1729 Thurlton
106......Susan George bap 23 May 1732 Thurlton
107......Robert George bap 4 Mar 1734 Thurlton

Y1 William YOUNGS b 1680 bur 4 May 1759 Tibenham aged 79 m Elizabeth BALE (b 1683 bur 19 Nov 1770 Banham) 26 Feb 1712 Banham

Children of William and Elizabeth
Y2......William Youngs b 1713 bur 25 Jun 1756 Banham
Y3......Robert Youngs b 1715 bur 25 Jan 1787 Banham
John Youngs b 1716 bur 17 Dec 1773 Ashwellthorpe

108 William LAYTON m Anne SMITH (b 17 Jul 1708 Carleton bur 9 Aug 1774 Reedham) 7 Oct 1730 St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

Note: Anne was the daughter of Edward and Lydia SMITH

Children of William and Anne
109....Lydia Layton bap 30 Dec 1733 Hardingham, Nfk bur 24 Nov 1788 Reedham
L6......Elizabeth Layton bap 9 Jan 1735 Witton bur 22 Jul 1737 Witton
L7......Elizabeth Layton bap 17 Aug 1737 Witton bur 20 Feb 1738 Witton
L8......Ann Layton bap 11 Feb 1738 Witton bur 20 Feb 1738 L9......Simon Layton b 12 Mar 1741 Hardingham bur May 1738 North Walsham
L10....William Layton b 1742 Norwich bur 4 Apr 1834 Burlingham m Elizabeth WATERS 24 Nov 1760
L11....Ann Layton b 1744 d 1788 Reedham
L12....Mary Layton bap 16 Nov 1746 Reedham d 1840
L13....Sarah Layton bap 4 Mar 1749 Reedham bur 9 Mar 1749 Reedham

C3 Robert CAMBRAY m Sarah 22 Apr 1685 Glos

Children of Robert and Sarah
C4......Mary Cambray b 1686 Gt Rissington
C5......Robert Cambray b Oct 1689 bur 12 May 1772 Gt Rissington
110 John FRAN(C)KLIN (b 1672 m Amy (bur 8 Jul 1765 East Bradenham) date unknown

Note: information on this family comes from John's will. John was a gentleman.

Children of John and Amy
111......Katherine Franklin bap 26 Aug 1705 Burnham Thorpe bur 3 Dec 1783 East Bradenham m Joshua CROFTS (bap 13 Jan 1702 Bolton Abbey near Skipton bur 1 Feb 1782 East Bradenham) 28 Sep 1736 Weasenham All Saints
112......Henry Franklin bap 2 Sep 1709 Flitcham
113......Nicholas Franklin dob unknown bur 15 Jul 1751 New Buckenham m Martha BARKER (b Martha Sutcliff 29 Apr 1712 Kings Lynn m Note: there was a child Martha Franklin from this marriage bur 18 Nov 1753 New Buckenham
Robert Franklin bap 18 May 1715 Flitcham
115......Thomas Franklin bap 9 Sep 1711 Flitcham
116......John Franklin dob unknown bur 28 Oct 1782 Weasenham St Peter
117......William Franklin dob unknown
118......Richard Franklin dob unknown

119 Thomas GIBBS m Mary BAYLIS 17 Oct 1726 Great Rissington, Gloucestershire.

Children of Thomas and Mary
Ann Gibbs bap 18 Sep 1727 Great Rissington
121......Mary Gibbs bap 15 May 1729 Great Rissington
122......Eliza Gibbs bap 1 Jan 1732 Great Rissington
123......Sarah Gibbs bap 10 Nov 1735 Great Rissington
124......Katherine Gibbs bap 24 Oct 1739 Great Rissington
125......Hannah Gibbs bap 23 Sep 1741 Great Rissington
126......Thomas Gibbs bap 15 Feb 1743 Great Rissington

Q1 John SEALS m Elizabeth RICHES 30 Jun 1712 Moulton St Mary

Q2......Arthur Seals bap 14 Jun 1713 Cantley
Q3......Ann Seals bap 27 Feb 1715 Moulton St Mary
Q4......Elizabeth Seals bap 13 Feb 1716 Moulton St Mary
Q5......Mary Seals bap 26 Mar 1722 Moulton St Mary
Q6......John Seals bap 13 Dec 1724 Moulton St Mary

M1 Samuel MALLETT m Elizabeth HARVEY (b 1700 d 1756) 10 Oct 1722

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth
M11......Deborah Mallett bap 29 Oct 1723 Limpenhoe
M12......Peter Mallett bap 8 Feb 1724 Limpenhoe bur 2 May 1810 Limpenhoe
M13......Samuel Mallett bap 17 Apr 1726 m Deborah GEORGE 1753
M14......Thomas Mallett bap 18 Aug 1728 Limpenhoe m Elizabeth PRITCHARD 1763
M15......John Mallett bap 30 Dec 1730 Limpenhoe m Elizabeth BARNES 1775
M16......William Mallett b 1734 bur 17 Oct 1734 as infant

Q11 Christopher SMITH m Annabt 1720

Child of Christopher and Ann
Ann Smith bap 4 Mar 1722 Cantley bur 8 Mar 1797 Cantley


67 William HEWINS m Mary GORING (d 1774 Weston Subedge) 17 Oct 1731 Weston Subedge

Children of William and Mary
127......Mary Hewins b 1732 Weston Subedge d 1732
128......Mary Hewins b 1732 Weston Subedge
129......Jonathan Hewins b 1735 Weston Subedge
130......William Hewins b 1737/8 Weston Subedge
131......William Hewins b 1742 Weston Subedge
132......Eleanor Hewins bap 25 Aug 1745 Weston Subedge

70 Anthony HEWINS m Sara ALLCOCK 25 May 1743 Sudely Manor, Gloucestershire.

Children of Anthony and Sara
133......Elizabeth Hewins bap 18 May 1744 Weston Subedge
134......John Hewins bap 25 Jun 1749 Weston Subedge
135......Nanny Hewins bap 7 Jan 1753 Weston Subedge
Thomas Hewins bap 5 Jan 1755 Weston Subedge bur 10 Jun 1815 Weston Subedge m Elizabeth HALL (b 1756 Stratton Audley) 7 Aug 1778 Weston Subedge
137......Hannah Hewins bap 10 Sep 1758 Weston Subedge
138......Ann Hewins bap 28 Jun 1760 Weston Subedge
139......Anthony Hewins bap 21 Oct 1764 Weston Subedge

76 James DENLEY m 120 Ann GIBBS 5 May 1750 Hazelton, Gloucestershire

Child of James and Ann
140......Thomas Gibbs Denley bap 4 Apr 1762 Shipton Cliffe

79 Katherine DENLEY m Isaac HEMMING 18 Jan 1741 Broadwell, Gloucestershire.

Children of Isaac and Katherine
141......John Hemming bap 9 Jan 1742 Little Rissington d 6 Apr 1743 Little Rissington
142......Elizabeth Hemming bap 21 Feb 1743 Little Rissington
143......Catherine Hemming bap 26 Oct 1746 Little Rissington

81 Elizabeth DENLEY m Thomas JOYNES 26 May 1745 Broadwell Gloucestershire

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
144......William Joynes bap 6 Dec 1747 Farmington Gloucestershire
145......Mary Joynes bap 1 Mar 1749 Farmington Gloucestershire
146......Catherine Joynes bap 22 Apr 1753 Farmington Gloucestershire
147......Thomas Joynes bap 4 May 1755 Farmington Gloucestershire
148......Rhoda Joynes bap 15 Oct 1758 Farmington Gloucestershire
149......James Joynes bap 5 `Jun 1762 Farmington Gloucestershire d 7 Jun 1762 Farmington
150......Joseph Joynes bap 5 Jun 1762 Farmington Gloucestershire d 7 Jun 1762 Farmington

83 John DENLEY m Mary DOBBINS (bap 17 Apr 1733 Gloucester bur 3 Jun 1807 Brockhampton) 15 Oct 1752 Shipton Olliffe

Note: Mary was the daughter of James and Joyce DOBBINS

Children of John and Mary
151......John Denley bap 3 Mar 1754 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire d 26 Nov 1800 Brockhampton
152......James Denley bap 28 Nov 1755 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
152a....Jane Denley b 1755 Sevenhampton Gloucestershire d as infant
153......Joseph Denley bap 15 Aug 1758 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
154......Daniel Denley bap 16 Feb 1760 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
155......Isaac Denley bap 27 Sep 1765 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
156......Jacob Denley bap 17 Jan 1768 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
157......Thomas Denley bap 30 Dec 1769 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
158......Benjamin Denley bap 15 Mar 1772 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire
159......Ann Denley bap 17 Sep 1780 Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire

88 Robert BURRELL m Esther MINISTER (bur 13 Jan 1786 Thurlton) 14 Feb 1731 Thurlton

Children of Robert and Ethel
160......Stephen Burrell bap 31 Sep 1732 Thurlton bur 9 Nov 1742 Thurlton
161......Robert Burrell bap 13 Sep 1734 Thurlton
162......John Burrell bap 11 May 1736 Thurlton bur 11 Oct 1737 Thurlton
163......Edward Burrell bap 15 Jan 1737 Thurlton
165......Esther Burrell bap 21 Nov 1743 Thurlton
166......Sarah Burrell bap 1 Apr 1746 Thurlton
167......Charles Burrell bap 29 Mar 1747 Thurlton
168......Henry Burrell bap 20 Mar 1748 Thurlton bur 26 Oct 1748 Thurlton
169......Emeris Minister Burrell bap 1 Aug 1750 Thurlton bur 26 Sep 1750
170......Elizabeth Burrell bap 22 Dec 1751 Thurlton
171......Minister Burrell bap 7 Jun 1753 Thurlton
172......Henry Minister Burrell bap 27 Jun 1755 Thurlton

P16 Abraham PIGNEI m Elizabeth MILLER 23 Aug 1728 Norwich

Note: the surname became anglicised at this time

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
P19......James Pigney b abt 1729 Norwich bur 26 Dec 1812 Norwich
P20......Elizabeth Pigney b 1729 Norwich bur 1738 Norwich
P21......Abraham Pigney b 1731 bap 19 Jul 1731 Walloon Church Norwich d 1733 Norwich
P22......Abraham Pigney b 1735 Norwich
P23......David Pigney b 1737 Norwich
P24......Elizabeth Pigney b 1738 Norwich bur 1738 Norwich
P25......Ester Pigney b 1739 Norwich bur 1745 Norwich
P26......Judith Pigney bap 17 Mar 1741 Walloon Church, Norwich
P27......Esther Pigney b 1745 Norwich
P28......Jacques Pigney bap 18 Feb 1746 Walloon Church, Norwich bur 1746 Norwich

96 James BECK m Elizabeth MIALL 28 Mar 1744 Stokesbury

Children of James and Elizabeth
B1......John Beck bap 19 Oct 1746 Blofield bur 22 Oct 1746 Blofield
B2......John Beck bap 8 Mar 1748 Blofield
B3......James Beck bap 24 Jan 1751 Blofield
B4......Matthew Beck bap 24 Oct 1753 Blofield
B5......Robert Beck bap 26 May 1756 Blofield bur 29 May 1757 Blofield

98 Benjamin BECK m Elizabeth WELLS date unknown, prob abt 1745

Note: This family is derived from a will

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth
173......Robert Beck dob unknown
174......William Beck dob unknown
175......Benjamin Beck dob unknown

C8 William CLIFFORD m Ann ELLIS (b 1730 Stow on the Wold bur 16 Jan 1803 Stow on the Wold) 21 Aug 1752 Stow on the Wold

Children of William and Ann
C16......Sarah Clifford bap 19 Oct 1753 Stow on the Wold
C17......Mary Clifford bap 18 Jan 1755 Stow on the Wold d 1791 Churchill m George GRIMMETT 2 Mar 1777 Stow on the Wold
C18......John Clifford bap 21 Jul 1756 Stow on the Wold bur 18 Oct 1798 Stow on the Wold
C19......Ann Clifford bap 4 Aug 1758 Stow on the Wold
C20......John Clifford bap 21 Jul 1756 Stow on the Wold bur 18 Oct 1798 Stow on the Wold
C21......Thomas Clifford bap 1 Jun 1764 Stow on the Woldbur 27 Aug 1823 Stow on the Wold
William Clifford bap 25 Apr 1766 Stow on the Wold bur 17 Dec 1839 Stow on the Wold
C23......Susanna Clifford bap 1 Apr 1768 Stow on the Wold
C24......Richard Clifford bap 15 Mar 1771 Stow on the Wold bur 19 Oct 1843 Stow on the Wold
C25......Charlotte Clifford bap 19 May 1774 Stow on the Wold

176 William ROBERTS m Frances BRADFORD 25 Jan 1751 Little Rissington

Children of William and Frances
177......Samuel Roberts bap 23 May 1754 Little Rissington
Thomas Roberts bap 25 Dec 1757 Little Rissington bur 18 Apr 1714 Little Rissington
179......Anne Roberts bap 10 Aug 1760 Little Rissington
180......William Roberts bap 26 Feb 1764 Little Rissington
181......Elizabeth Roberts bap 22 Sep 1771 Little Rissington

182 Thomas WINTER bur 25 May 1790 Gt Rissington m Mary WILKINS 8 Nov 1757 Moreton in the Marsh, Gloucestershire

Note: Thomas paid land tax in 1780

Children of Thomas and Mary
John Winter bap 14 Nov 1758 Great Rissington
184......Sarah Winter bap 3 Jul 1761 Great Rissington bur 15 Jun 1842 Little Rissington
185......William Winter bap 23 Jan 1763 Great Rissington m Sarah WHEELER 10 Oct 1797 Bledington, Gloucs

186 Heuseavers DAWSON m Q11 Ann TAYLOR 26 Sep 1748 Cantley

Note: Ann (ne SMITH) was the widow of Richard TAYLOR (m 1745 Cantley)

Children of Heuseavers and Anne
187......Thomas Dawson bap 21 Sep 1749 Cantley
187a....Heuseavers Dawson bap 3 May 1751 Cantley
188......Francis Dawson bap 20 Jan 1754 Cantley
189......Mary Dawson bap 7 Nov 1756 Cantley
190......Anne Dawson bap 12 Jan 1759 Cantley
190a....Eupha..ia Dawson bap 18 Jan 1761 Cantley
190b....Ralph Dawson bap 18 Jan 1751 Cantley
191......Elizabeth Dawson bap 27 Mar 1763 Cantley

S1 John SHEARING b 1721 Ashwellthorpe bur 24 Oct 1783 Ashwellthorpe m Elizabeth PITCHER 11 Oct 1747 Tacolneston

Note: John was the son of James SHEARING (b 1700 Ashwellthorpe)

Children of John and Elizabeth
S2......Valentine Shearing b 1746 Ashwellthorpe d 1790 Ashwellthorpe
S3......Ann Shearing b 1747 Ashwellthorpe bur 16 Jan 1749 Ashwellthorpe
S4......Elizabeth Shearing b 1749 Ashwellthorpe bur 16 Jan 1749 Ashwellthorpe
S5......Elizabeth Shearing b 1750 Ashwellthorpe bur 19 Oct 1750 Ashwellthorpe
S6......Elizabeth Shearing b 1751 Ashwellthorpe bur 10 Nov 1751 Ashwellthorpe
S7......Sarah Shearing b 1754 Ashwellthorpe bur 18 Aug 1754 Ashwellthorpe
S8......Robert Shearing b 1757 Ashwellthorpe bu 19 Apr 1757 Ashwellthorpe
John Shearing b 1765 Ashwellthorpe bur 24 Mar 1835 Norwich

192 James MALE m Mary abt 1757

Children of James and Mary
193......Elizabeth Male b 1759 Barnham Broom
Anne Male b 1760 Barnham Broom bap 19 Dec 1760 Barnham Broom d 24 Jan 1841 Limpenhoe
195......Mary Male bap 14 Nov 1762 Brandon Parva
196......John Male bap 3 Feb 1765 Brandon Parva
197......Isaac Male bap 26 Apr 1767 Brandon Parva
198......Anna Male bap 26 Apr 1767 Brandon Parva
199......William Male bap 9 Feb 1772 Brandon Parva

200 Thomas MASTEN m Elizabeth abt 1748

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
201......Elizabeth Masten b 24 Mar 1749 Beighton bap 7 May 1749 Beighton
Sarah Masten b 20 Jul 1751 Beighton bap 28 Jul 1751 Beighton bur 3 Jun 1832 Limpenhoe
203......Thomas Masten b 20 Jan 1754 Beighton bap 10 Feb 1754 Beighton bur 12 Apr 1756 Beighton

F1 Anthony FISK m Mary 11 Oct 1751 Hoxne

Children of Anthony and Mary
Samuel Fisk bap 20 Jan 1751
F3.....Mary Fisk bap 26 Apr 1752

Y4 John YOUNGS m (a) Sarah LONG (b 1716 Tibenham bur 26 May 1766 Aslacton) 10 Sep 1743 Sax (b) Mary YOUNGMAN 16 Nov 1768 Ashwellthorpe

Children of John and Sarah
Y5......John Youngs b 1743 bur 23 Feb 1743 as infant Bunwell
Y6......Elizabeth Youngs b 2745 Bunwell
Y7......William Youngs b 1747 Bunwell bur 18 Sep 1834 Hempnall
Y8......Sarah Youngs b 1749 Bunwell

Children of John and Mary
Y8......John Youngs b 1770 Ashwellthorpe bur 21 Sep 1846 Ashwellthorpe
Y9......Mary Youngs b 1773 Ashwellthorpe

204 John HOWES b 1703 m Susannah (b 1705) abt 1731

Children of John and Susannah
William Howes bap 20 Jan 1732 Stow Bedon
206......John Howes bap 28 Jul 1734 Stow Bedon
207......Susan Howes bap 1 Jul 1738 Stow Bedon
208......Thomas Howes bap 24 Dec 1739 Caston bur 28 Jul 1810 Caston aged 79
Note: Caston Land Tax 1798
Thomas Howes was assessed to pay 8.10s as Occupier of Robert Fran(c)klin. (Fran(c)klin was his wife Mary's maiden name) & 5.00 as Occupier of Robert Smith.

209......Joseph Howes bap 30 May 1742 Caston
210......Elizabeth Howes bap 29 Apr 1745 Caston bur 27 Jan 1746 Caston

104 William GEORGE m 109 Lydia LAYTON 25 Jul 1757 Reedham

Children of William and Lydia
211......Ann George b 8 Apr 1759 Reedham
212......William George bap 7 Jul 1760 Reedham bur 6 Jun 1763 Reedham
213......Elisabeth George b 27 Jun 1762 Reedham bur Jul 1762 Reedham
214......William George b 4 Sep 1763 Reedham
215......John Layton George b 17 Dec 1764 Reedham
215a....Ruth George b 1767 Reedham bur 19 May 1849 Gt Yarmouth m John LAYTON 20 Jul 1790
215b....James George bap 4 Aug 1771 Reedham d 1st qr 1857 Mitford RD m Mary FINCH 21 May 1804
216......Elizabeth George bap 1 May 1774 Reedham
217......Robert George bap 21 Nov 1776 Reedham

111......Katherine FRANKLIN bap 26 Aug 1705 Burnham Thorpe bur 3 Dec 1783 East Bradenham m Joshua CROFTS (bap 13 Jan 1702 Bolton Abbey near Skipton bur 1 Feb 1782 East Bradenham) 28 Sep 1736 Weasenham All Saints

Children of Joshua and Catherine
Catherine Crofts bap 7 Sep 1737 East Bradenham
X2......Elizabeth Crofts bap 17 Jun 1741 East Bradenham bur 4 Jun 1742 East Bradenham
X3......Elizabeth Crofts bap 25 Oct 1744 East Bradenham m David LOCKWOOD 26 Apr 1764 East Bradenham
X4......Joshua Crofts bap 6 Aug 1747 East Bradenham bur 14 Mar 1748 East Bradenham

218 Robert FRANCKLIN b 1715 m Susannah (b 1714) abt 1736

Note: Robert was a surgeon, and in 1762 a member of the local court's jury or "homage". See a memorial inscription and his will here

Children of Robert and Susannah
219......Mary Franklin dob unknown bur 11 Mar 1801 Caston
220......Juliana Franklin b abt 1754 bur 27 Apr 1845 Caston

116 John FRANKLIN m Ann FAIRFAX Sep 1739 Terrington St Clement

Note: John studied at Cambridge University from 1716, gaining his BA in 1721 and MA in 1726. He was Vicar at Weasenham St Peter 23 Jul 1729 until his death

Children of John and Ann
X19......Mary Franklin bap 29 Jul 1740 Weasenham St Peter bur 1740 Weasenham St Peter
X20......John Fairfax Franklin bap 5 Mar 1742 Weasenham St Peter

221 John CROSS m C4 Mary CAMBRAY 5 Oct 1765 Great Rissington

Children of John and Mary
222....William Cross bap 6 Oct 1765 Great Rissington
223....Anne Cross bap 21 Jun 1767 Great Rissington
224....Anne Cross bap 6 May 1770 Great Rissington

A1 James SHARMAN b 1730 Toft Monks d 20 Feb 1838 Wickhampton m Ann (b 1734) Toft Monks

Children of James and Ann
A2......Elizabeth Sharman bap 7 May 1758 Toft Monks d 13 May 1796 Norfolk, Mass. USA
A3......Henry Sharman bap 22 Feb 1760 Toft Monks bur 6 Mar 1811 Toft Monks
A4......Edward Sharman bap 12 Dec 1752 Toft Monks bur 20 Feb 1838 Wickhampton
A5......Francis Sharman bap 11 Mar 1764 Toft Monks d 15 Jul 1801 Wickhampton
Thomas Sharman bap 1 Aug 1766 Blofield bur 14 Jan 1820 Blofield

W1 William WATERS b 1750 m Elizabeth HOVELLS 1771

Chiuldren of William and Elizabeth
Robert Waters b 1771 Freethorpe d 1854 Norfolk
W3......James Waters b 1773 Reedham d 2nd qr 1860 Norfolk
W4......Thomas Waters b abt 1776 Freethorpe m Lydia

Q2 Arthur SEALES b 1718 Beighton m Elizabeth (b 1720 Beighton

Children of Arthur and Elizabeth
226......John Seales bap 1 Feb 1735 Moulton St Mary
226a....Anne b 6 Oct 1737 Beighton
227......Thomas Seales bap 20 Jul 1741 Beighton, Nfk bu 28 Jul 1741 Beighton
228......Elizabeth Seales bap 1 Jan 1744 Beighton, Nfk
229......Arthur Seales b 22 Feb 1746 Beighton bap 20 Apr 1746 Beighton, Nfk
230......Ann Seales bap 15 Feb 1747 Beighton, Nfk
231......Thomas Seales b 14 Apr 1749 Beighton bap 7 May 1749 Beighton, Nfk
232......Mary Seales bap 17 May 1752 Beighton, Nfk

M12 Peter MALLETT m Elizabeth KEELY (b 1730 d 1813 Limpenhoe) 5 Mar 1753 Blundell

Children of Peter and Elizabeth
M17......Robert Mallett bap 3 Dec 1753 Cantley d 1803
M18.....Elizabeth Mallett bap 28 Sep 1755 Cantley d 1758 Cantley
M19......Susannah Mallett bap 4 Jun 1758 Cantley
M20......William Mallett bap 28 Jun 1760 Cantley d 1st qr 1849 Docking
M21......Peter Mallett bap 26 Nov 1763 Cantley bur 16 Jan 1849
M22......John Mallett b 1763 Cantley
M23......Elizabeth Mallett bap 4 Nov 1766 Cantley bur 7 Oct 1852 Limpenhoe m Thomas RUSHMER (b 1765 Reedham d 4th qr 1855) 8 May 1757
M24......Mary Mallett bap 19 Mar 1768 Cantley bur Mar 1769 Cantley
M25......Thomas Mallett bap 24 Jul 1771 Cantley d 1837 m Elizabeth BENNETT (b 1783) 1799

125 Hannah GIBBS m John HARRIS (bap 3 Sep 1738 Little Rissington) 24 Oct 1764 Great Rissington

Children of John and Hannah
233......Richard Harris bap 26 Jun 1768 Little Rissington d 20 Nov 1771 Little Rissington
234......Jeremiah Harris bap 26 Jun 1768 Little Rissington d 22 Nov 1771 Little Rissington
235......William Harris bap 21 Oct 1770 Little Rissington
236.....Sarah Harris bap 23 May 1773 Little Rissington
237......John Harris bap 20 Jul 1777 Little Rissington

Q7 Edmund RANSBY bur 2 Aug 1783 Halvergate m Elizabeth abt 1764

Note: After Edmund's death Elizabeth married John BARRETT 24 Jan 1785 Halvergate

Children of Edmund and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Ransby bap 22 Oct 1765 Wickhampton
Q9......Anne Ransby bap 22 Oct 1765 Wickhampton
Q10....Edmund Ransby 15 Mar 1778 Halvergate bur 23 Apr 1860 Limpenhoe m Tamosin HOLMES (b abt 1772 Witton d 2nd qr 1853 Flegg (as Tamar Ransby) 21 Oct 1819 Gt Yarmouth


129 Jonathan HEWINS m Sarah COURT 25 Feb 1779 Ebrington, Gloucestershire

Child of Jonathan and Sarah
238......Hester Hewins bap 20 Feb 1780 Weston Subedge

131 William HUINS m Margaret ROBERTS 16 May 1764 Weston Subedge

Children of William and Margaret
239......John Huins bap 18 May 1765 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
240......Francis Huins bap 1 Feb 1767 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
241......William Huins bap 31 Jan 1771 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
242......Anthony Huins bap 13 Jun 1773 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
243......Jonathan Huins bap 26 Nov 1775 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
244......Richard Huins bap 29 Nov 1779 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire
245......Henry Huins bap 11 Nov 1781 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire d 7 Feb 1782
246......Henry Huins bap 23 May 1784 Weston Subedge, Gloucestershire

170 Elizabeth BURRELL m Richard GOODRICH 18 Oct 1772 Thurlton

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were James RUSHMER and Edward SHARDELOW

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
247......Sarah Goodrich bap 20 Dec 1772 Thurlton
248......Hannah Goodrich bap 19 Mar 1775 Thurlton
249......Esther Goodrich bap 7 Jul 1776 Thurlton
250......Elizabeth Goodrich bap 17 Jan 1779 Thurlton d 3rd qr 1863 Aldeby
251......Mary Goodrich bap 21 May 1780 Thurlton bur 23 Jul 1782
252......Susannah Goodrich bap 16 Dec 1781 Thurlton bur 31 Jan 1841 Limpenhoe

P19 James PIGNEY m Sarah HANNOR (b 1730 Norwich bur 30 Mar 1818 Norwich) 4 Nov 1753 Gillingham

Children of James and Sarah
P29......Sarah Pigney b 1754 Norwich d 1780 Gillingham
P30......Mary Pigney bap 2 Jan 1756 Gillingham d 1831
P31......Benjamin Pigney bap 30 May 1759 Gillingham d 1848 Gillingham
P32......John Pigney bap 30 May 1759 Gillingham
P33......John Pigney b 1760 Gillingham d 1848
P34......Samuel Pigney bap 28 May 1763 Gillingham
P35......Robert Pigney bap 17 Jun 1764 Gillingham
P36......William Pigney bap 29 Mar 1766 Gillingham m Elizabeth TROWER Gillingham
P37......Edward Pigney b 1768
P38......Joseph Pigney bap 14 Feb 1772 Stockton bur 28 Apr 1835

173 Robert BECK m Mary MARSHALL 19 Nov 1771 Blofield

Children of Robert and Mary
B6......Benjamin Beck bap 26 Oct 1772 Blofield
B7......Robert Beck bap 5 Oct 1773 Blofield
B8......Elizabeth Beck bap 9 Apr 1775 Blofield
B9......Mary Beck bap 29 Apr 1776 Blofield
B10....Sarah Beck bap 7 Aug 1777 Blofield
B11....Diana Beck bap 29 Mar 1779 Blofield bur 28 Jul 1779 Blofield
B12....Ellinor Beck bap 9 Jul 1780 Blofield bur 27 Oct 1780 Blofield
B13....William Beck bap 3 Aug 1781 Blofield
B14....Judith Beck bap 7 Sep 1782 Blofield bur 26 May 1841 Snettisham
B15....John Beck bap 14 May 1785 Blofield
B16....Virtue Beck bap 2 Aug 1786 Blofield

175 Benjamin BECK m Jemima GURNEY (b 1754 bur 6 Dec 1824 aged 70) 15 May 1775 Reedham

Children of Benjamin and Jemima
253......William Beck bap 29 Apr 1776 Blofield bur 13 Apr 1794 Blofield
254......Amy Beck bap 14 Jan 1778 Blofield
255......Daniel Beck bap 26 Dec 1779 Blofield
256......Benjamin Beck bap 4 Dec 1782 Blofield bur 13 Feb 1868 aged 85 Limpenhoe
257......John Beck bap 17 Sep 1785 Blofield bur 27 Mar 1853 Blofield
258......Jemima Beck bap 23 May 1788 Blofield
259......Mary Beck bap 26 Oct 1792 Blofield
260......James Beck bap 25 Sep 1796 Blofield bur 16 Nov 1878 Gorleston

C22 William CLIFFORD m Ann REEVES (bap 2 Sep 1770 Stow on the Wold bur 28 Aug 1828 Stow on the Wold) 30 Apr 1794 Stow on the Wold

Note: Ann was the daughter of Thomas REEVES

Children of William and Ann
C26......George Clifford bap 31 May 1795 Stow on the Wold bur 25 Mar 1854 Stow on the Wold
C27......William Clifford bap 9 Feb 1800 bur 14 Jan 1867 Stow on the Wold
C28......Ann Clifford bap 14 Feb 1802 Stow on the Wold
C29......John Clifford bap 17 Jul 1803 Stow on the Wold bur 11 Feb 1866 Stow on the Wold m Hannah MERRIMAN 9 Jun 1827 Stow on the Wold
C30......Ann Clifford bap 17 Feb 1808 Stow on the Wold
Joseph Clifford bap 17 Feb 1808 Stow on the Wold

178 Thomas ROBERTS m 184 Sarah WINTER 7 Nov 1780 Great Rissington

Note: Sarah was the daughter of Thomas WINTER and Mary WATKINS

Children of Thomas and Sarah
261......John Roberts bap 25 Nov 1781 Great Rissington
262......Richard Roberts bap 16 Jan 1785 Great Rissington
263......William Roberts bap 6 Jan 1789 Great Rissington
264......Frances Roberts (Fanny) bap 17 Oct 1790 Little Rissington bur 4 Feb 1868 Lower Guiting
265......Isaac Roberts bap 11 Jan 1795 Little Rissington m Louise CRESSER 29 Nov 1818
266......Thomas Roberts bap 17 Jun 1797 Little Rissington bur 26 Apr 1833 m Elizabeth CARTER 22 Nov 1819 Cirencester
Elizabeth Roberts bap 19 Apr 1801 Little Rissington d Feb 1884, Lower Swell, Gloucestershire
268......Samuel Roberts bap 22 May 1803 Little Rissington bur 20 Jun 1803
269......Sarah Roberts b abt 1804 Little Rissington bur 15 Jun 1805 Little Rissington
270......James Roberts b abt 1806 Little Rissington bur 12 Aug 1807 Little Rissington

183 John WINTER m Hannah GODFREY 12 Nov 1780 Little Rissington

Children of John and Hannah
271......William Winter bap 21 Oct 1781 Little Rissington
272......Rhia Winter bap 18 May 1783 Little Rissington
273......John Winter bap 9 Oct 1785 Great Rissington m Elizabeth MILES 12 May 1807 Farmington
274......Maria Winter bap 6 Jan 1788 Great Rissington
275......Dinah Winter bap 18 Jan 1790 Great Rissington
276.....Hannah Winter bap 15 Apr 1792 Great Rissington
277......Rose Winter bap 15 May 1796 Great Rissington
278......Elizabeth Winter bap 20 May 1798 Great Rissington
279......Alice Godfrey Winter bap 12 Apr 1801 Great Rissington
280......James Winter bap 5 Feb 1804 Great Rissington

188 Francis DAWSON m 194 (Ann MALE 17 Oct 1790 Brandon Parve

Children of Francis and Ann
281......Francis Dawson b 15 Jan 1795 Freethorpe bap 18 Jan 1795 Freethorpe bur 16 Jan 1870 Moulton St Mary
282......Mary Ann Dawson bap 8 Nov 1795 Freethorpe
283......Mary Dawson b 29 Dec 1796 Freethorpe bap 1 Jan 1797 Freethorpe bur 1 FEb 1880 Reedham
284......Virtue Dawson bap 18 Aug 1799 Freethorpe bur 4 Feb 1836 Lingwood
285......Elizabeth Dawson b 28 Feb 1802 Reedham bap 14 Mar 1802 Freethorpe

S9 John SHEARING m Rosamund RUDD (b 1758 Norwich bur 17 Jun 1825 Ashwellthorpe) 29 Dec 1823 Ashwellthorpe

Children of John and Rosamund
S10......William Shearing b 1784 Ashwellthorpe bur 3 Oct 1883 Ashwellthorpe
S11......Ann Shearing b 1786 Ashwellthorpe d 1786 Ashwellthorpe
S12......Mary Shearing b 1787 Ashwellthorpe
S13......John Shearing b 1788 Ashwellthorpe d 1867 Ashwellthorpe
S14......Robert Shearing b 1790 Ashwellthorpe d 1825 Ashwellthorpe
S15......Elizabeth Shearing b 1794 Ashwellthorpe bur Sep 1876 Ashwellthorpe
S16......James Shearing b 1797 Ashwellthorpe d 3rd qr 1876 Ashwellthorpe
S17......Susanna Shearing b 1798 Ashwellthorpe d 3rd qr 1876 Ashwellthorpe
S18......Kazia Shearing b 1800 Ashwellthorpe d 3rd qtr 1876 Ashwellthorpe m James SQUIRES 11 Feb 1820 Ashwellthorpe
S19......Hannah Shearing b 1803 Ashwellthorpe d 1888 Norfolk

195 Mary MALE or MEALE m Edmund EDWARDS 18 Oct 1785 Barnham Broom

Children of Edmund and Mary
286......Edward Edwards b 31 Oct 1786 Welborne bap 31 Oct 1786 Welborne
287......James Edwards b 6 Jun 1789 Welborne bap 7 Jun 1789 Welborne
288......Charles Edwards b 23 Jan 1791 Welborne bap 27 Mar 1791 Welborne
289......Edmund Edwards b 20 Feb 1793 Welborne bap 10 Mar 1793 Welborne bur 7 Dec 1797 Welborne
290......Elizabeth Edwards b 19 Aug 1797 bap 3 Sep 1797 Welborne m Fisher SENDALL 6 Dec 1825 Welborne
291......Edmund Edwards b 31 Jan 1801 Welborne bap 1 Feb 1801 Welborne bur 22 Feb 1825 Welborne (twin to 292 Mary)
292......Mary Edwards b 31 Jan 1801 Welborne bap 1 Feb 1801 Welborne (twin to 291 Edmund)

197 Isaac MALE or MAILE m (a) Mary MATTHEWS (b abt 1777 bur 15 Nov 1809 Barnham Broome) 22 Dec 1803 Barnham Broome (b) Elizabeth HAWES 5 Jun 1809 Barnham Broome

Child of Mary - father unknown
293......Ann Matthews b 30 Jun 1800 bap 2 Jul 1800 Barnham Broom

Children of Isaac and Mary
294......Providence Male bap 22 Apr 1804 Barnham Broom
295......Rhoda Male b 29 Jul 1805 bap 17 Aug 1805 Barnham Broom bur 8 Apr 1806 Barnham Broom
296......Lazarus Male b 31 Dec 1806 bap 7 Feb 1807 Barnham Broom m Sarah Bagge 8 Feb 1831 Gressenhall

202 Sarah MASTEN m 231 Thomas SCALES or SEALES 10 Jul 1769 Beighton

Note witnesses to the marriage were Mr NUDDS and Edmund HARVEY

Children of Thomas and Sarah
297......Arthur Scales b 12 Sep 1769 Beighton bap 1 Oct 1769 Beighton
297a....Kezia Scales b 27 Feb 1773 Beighton bur 17 Jun 1824 Cantley
297c....Nudd Scales bap 5 Feb 1775 Beighton
298......Mary Scales b 21 Apr 1776 bap 27 Apr 1776 Beighton
299......Thomas Maston Scales bap 4 Apr 1779 Limpenhoe bur 24 Sep 1852 Limpenhoe
300......William Scales bap 9 Sep 1781 Limpenhoe bur 20 Nov 1809 Limpenhoe
301......Elizabeth Scales b abt 1786 Limpenhoe d 14 May 1861 Wickhampton ) 22 Jun 1804 Wickhampton
302......Margaret Scales bap 26 Mar 1786 Limpenhoe
Q60......John Scales b 15 Feb 1789 Limpenhoe bur 27 Feb 1789 Limpenhoe
303......John Scales bap 25 Jun 1789 Limpenhoe d 29 Sep 1862 bur 3 Oct 1862 Reedham
304......Ann Scales bap 21 Dec 1790 Limpenhoe d 25 Mar 1792 Limpenhoe
305......Charlotte Scales b 10 Feb 1793 bap 3 Mar 1793 Limpenhoe

J1 Frances JACKSON b 1766 Acle d 1st qr 1843 Blofield m Mary HALES (bap 15 May 1757 Boxley, Kent d 1846 Depwade) 17 Sep 1788 Acle

Note: Francis became head thatcher

Children of Francis and Mary
J2......Ann Jackson b 28 Jul 1709 Acle bap 10 Jan 1791 Acle
John Jackson b 3 Dec 1790 Acle bap 10 Jan 1791 Acle
J4......Mary Jackson b 2 Apr 1796 Acle bap 3 Jul 1796 Acle
J5......Elizabeth Jackson b 31 Aug 1798 Acle bap 2 Sep 1798 Acle
J6......Francis Jackson b 20 Nov 1802 Acle bap 22 Nov 1802 Acle

F2 Samuel FISK m Catherine NEWSON (b 1757 bur 20 May 1812) abt 1778

Children of Samuel and Catherine
F4......Samuel Fisk bap 14 Nov 1779 Blundeston
F5......Susanna Fisk bap 2 Jun 1783 Blundeston
F6......Ann Fisk bap 12 Mar 1788 Blundeston
F7......Benjamin Fisk bap 7 Nov 1791 Blundeston bur 11 Dec 1791 Blundeston
F8......William Fisk bap 7 Nov 1791 Blundeston
F9......Benjamin Fisk bap 8 Jun 1794 Blundeston bur 24 Jan 1886 Corton
F10....Robert Fisk bap 1 Jul 1797 Blundeston
F11....Susannah Fisk bap 6 Oct 1800 Blundeston

Y7 William YOUNGS m Mary BIRD 13 Dec 1768 Wacton

Children of William and Mary
Y10......Sarah Youngs b 1769 Wacton
Y11......Mary Youngs b 1772 Wacton
Y12......William Youngs b 15 Jan 1775 Wacton d 29 Nov 1869 Freethorpe m Elizabeth SCURRELL30 Jan 1798 Limpenhoe
Y13......Robert Youngs b 1776 Wacton d 24 Jun 1847
Y14......Elizabeth Youngs b 24 Nov 1799 Wacton
James Youngs b 1782 Wacton

207 Susan HOWES m John CALLOW (bap 29 Apr 1738 Wilton bur 16 Dec 1771 Attleborough) 10 Oct 1763 Caston

Children of John and Susan
313......Susannah Callow bap 1 Jul 1764 Attleborough
313a....Mary Callow bap 25 Oct 1765 Attleborough
314......Elizabeth Callow bap 6 Nov 1768 Attleborough bur 9 Mar 1785 Attleborough
315......John Callow bap 6 May 1770 Attleborough
316......William Callow bap 1 Apr 1772 Attleborough

205 William HOWES m Dorothy GILMAN May 1757 Caston

Child of William and Dorothy
B22......John Gilman Howes bap 13 Feb 1767 Saham Toney

208 Thomas HOWES m 219 Mary FRANCKLIN (b 1752 d 5 Mar 1801 Caston) 21 Apr 1778 by licence

Note: witnesses to the marriage were Robert FRANCKLIN and Ann TWELLS. Memorial descriptions may be seen here

Children of Thomas and Mary
317......Thomas Howes bap 24 Mar 1779 Caston
Note: Thomas was a dauber
318......Robert Howes bap 15 Apr 1780 Caston
319......John Howes bap 29 Oct 1781 Caston bur 23 Oct 1823 Caston

214 William GEORGE m Elizabeth ROSE 4 Jan 1785 Limpenhoe

Children of William and Elizabeth
320......John George b 5 Sep 1788 Limpenhoe
321......Ann George b 27 Jul 1791 bap 21 Aug 1791 Acle bur 17 Aug 1800 Limpenhoe
322......Robert George b 14 Oct 1795 Limpenhoe bur 15 Oct 1826 Freethorpe
323......William George b 3 Mar 1801 Limpenhoe
324......James George b 2 Jul 1803 Limpenhoe d 27 Jun 1805 Limpenhoe

X1 Catherine CROFTS bap 7 Sep 1737 East Bradenham m James Tavener REED (bap 1 Jan 1731 Wiggenhall St German) 25 Nov 1763 Kings Lynn

Children of James and Catherine
X5......Catherine Mary Reed bap 18 Sep 1865 Kings Lynn m James TAVERNER (b 17 Jul 1768 Kings Lynn)
X6......Bryan bap 2 Jun 1772 Kings Lynn

X3 Elizabeth CROFTS m David LOCKWOOD 26 Apr 1764 East Bradenham
NOTE: David and Elizabeth had children, but who the father was is unclear, since they were eventually divorced. The record of the divorce may be seen at http://www.manfamily.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/David-Lockwood-and-Elizabeth-Crofts-Divorce.pdf - for the purpose of this entry, the first nine children are assumed to be those of David and Elizabeth.
X7......Catherine Lockwood bap 10 Apr 1765 East Bradenham bur 22 Jun 1765 East Bradenham
X8......Joshua Lockwood bap 29 May 1766 East Bradenham
X9......David Lockwood bap 7 Jun 1767 East Bradenham
X10....Anna Lockwood bap 10 Jul 1768 East Bradenham
X11....Catherine Anna Lockwood bap 1 Dec 1769 East Bradenham
X12....Elizabeth Lockwood bap 29 Mar 1771 East Bradenham
X13....John Borlase Warren Lockwood bap 21 Jul 1772 East Bradenham
X14....Benjamin Lockwood bap 9 Mar 1774 East Bradenham bur 28 Sep 1774 East Bradenham
X15....Benjamin Lockwood bap 17 Sep !775 East Bradenham

Note: X16 William was baptised as Lockwood, but this is more likely to be the child of Elizabeth and Simeon Knowles, with whom Elizabeth had committed adultery.
X16......William Matthew Lockwood bap 4 Feb 1777 East Bradenham bur 30 Apr 1777 East Bradenham

Child of Elizabeth Lockwood and unknown (probably Simeon Knowles)
X17......Ann Lockwood bap 15 May 1785 East Bradenham bur 5 Nov 1785 East Bradenham

Child of Simeon and Elizabeth (no marriage could be found)
X18......James Lockwood Knowles bap 25 Jun 1786 East Bradenham bur 9 Jul 1786 East Bradenham

220 Juliana FRANCKLIN m (a) John HARDY (b 1744 bur 12 Nov 1819 Caston) 4 Feb 1777 by licence (b) William CURTIS 17 Oct 1820 Morley St Peter

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Robert FRANCKLIN and Thomas HOWES

Children of John and Juliana
325......Robert Hardy bap 3 Dec 1777 Caston d 18 Aug 1834 Caston
326......Susannah Hardy bap 10 Jan 1779 Caston bur 11 Dec 1863 Caston
327......Mary Hardy bap 23 May 1781 Caston bur 26 Nov 1855 Watton

X20 John Fairfax FRANKLIN m Eleanor PAWSON (bap 21 Dec 1742 London bur 30 Nov 1812 Attleborough) 1 Sep 1768 St Michael, Crooked Lane, London

Children of John and Eleanor
X21......Fairfax Franklin bap 12 May 1771 Attleborough bur 25 Sep 1838 Attleborough m Sarah BIDWELL (bap 20 Apr 1780 Thetford bur 26 Oct 1842 Attleborough) 12 Oct 1802 Thetford
X22......Anne Franklin bap 19 Sep 1772 Attleborough
X23......John Franklin bap 12 Jul 1774 Attleborough
X24......Pawson Franklin bap 15 Oct 177512 Jul 1774 Attleborough d 16 Dec 1814 Algoa Bay
Note: Pawson was a sailor on the Ganges between Bombay and China, 1799-1800, on the Prince of Wales between Bombay and Madras 1802-1803on the Metcalfe between Bombay and Bengal 1804-1805, on the Juliana in Bengal 1809-1810 and on the William Pitt which sailed from Torbay 25 Mar 1813 bound for Batavia. Ship lost in a gale to the Eastward of Algoa Bay 16 Dec 1814, crew all perished.
X25......Thomas Franklin bap 3 Apr 1778 Attleborough
X26......Henry Franklin bap 2 Jul 1779 Attleborough

151 John DENLEY m Ann HILL (b abt 1750 Charlton Abbots d 31 Jul 1814 Brockhampton) 17 May 1775 Charlton Abbots

Note: Ann was the daughter of John HILL (b 1685 Tetbury) and Mary OVERBURY

Children of John and Ann
328......Anne Denley b 7 May 1776 Sevenhampton
329......Elizabeth Denley b 27 Dec 1778 Sevenhampton
330......William Denley b 12 Mar 1783 Brockhampton
331......Edward Denley b 30 Jan 1785 Sevenhampton
332......Hester Denley b 26 Aug 1787 Sevenhampton
333......David Denley b 30 Sep 1789 Sevenhampton

152 James DENLEY m Elizabeth BUBB (b abt 1764 Turkdean d Jan 1858 at 28 Francis Street, Aston, Birmingham bur 28 Jan 1858 St James the less, Ashted) 27 Jun 1789 Dowdeswell

Children of James and Elizabeth
334......Richard Denley b 18 Oct 1789 Sevenhampton d 1802
335......Mary Denley b 27 Oct 1790 Whittington m William ELLIS 1821 Whittington
Note: Mary had a child whilst single: 335a......William Denley b 1810 Syreford bur 22 Jul 1862 Woodmancote
336......Elizabeth Denley b 30 Nov 1792 Whittington d 1810 Sevenhampton
337......Hannah Denley b 29 Mar 1796 Whittington d 1847
338......Joseph Denley b 13 Apr 1800 Whittington d 3rd qr 1859 Aston, Birmingham
338a....Jacob Denley b 1805 d 1828
338b....Henry Denley b 1808 d 1870
338c....Thomas Denley b 1810 d 1886

157 Thomas DENLEY m 224 Anne CROSS 7 Feb 1785 Great Rissington

Children of Thomas and Anne
339......Mary Denley bap 30 Apr 1786 Great Rissington
340......Hannah Denley bap 6 Dec 1789 Great Rissington
341......Harriet Denley bap abt 1790
342......George Denley b 3 Jul 1793 Great Rissington bap 7 Jul 1793 Great Rissington bur 21 Jun 1875 Lower Guiting, Gloucestershire
343......Ann Denley bap 13 Oct 1799 Great Rissington
344......John Denley bap 13 Oct 1799 Great Rissington
345......William Denley bap 15 Aug 1802 Great Rissington

346 Jonathan GRAY m Mary RUMSBY 14 Dec 1774 Reedham

Children of Jonathan and Mary
347......Jonathan Gray bap 19 Mar 1775 Reedham
Mary Gray bap 1 Dec 1776 Reedham
348a....Ann Gray bap 2 Apr 1779 Reedham d 18 Jan 1861 Wickhampton m James HOWARD 9 Nov 1799
349......Elizabeth Gray bap 10 Jun 1781 Reedham
Sarah Gray b 14 Oct 1783 Reedham bap 15 Oct 1783 Reedham bur 14 May 1867 Limpenhoe
351......John Gray bap 19 Mar 1786 Reedham bur 4 Dec 1864 Reedham
352......Esther Gray bap 2 May 1789 Reedham d 15 Sep 1790 Reedham
353......William Gray bap 16 Mar 1792 Reedham bur 8 May 1796 Reedham
353a....Hannah Gray bap 15 Feb 1796 Reedham
353b....George Gray bap 21 Nov 1798 Reedham

354 John CHAPMAN m Ann (prob. TUNGATE)

Child of John and Ann
355......William Chapman bap 30 Dec 1792 Freethorpe
Hannah Chapman b 12 Jan 1796 Freethorpe d 6 Mar 1878 Freethorpe
Note: Hannah appears to have had an illegitimate daughter, Ann Marie Chapman bap 6 May 1817 Freethorpe.

W2 Robert WATERS m Q8 Elizabeth RANSBY (b 1772 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1853 Swaffham) 13 Oct 1795 Moulton

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
358......William Waters b and bap 19 Jul 1796 bur 24 Jul 1796 Moulton St Mary
359......William Waters b 24 May 1799 Freethorpe d 30 Jun 1877 Freethorpe
360......Robert Waters b abt 1800 Freethorpe d 8 Mar 1885 Freethorpe
361......Mary Waters b and bap privately 19 Jan 1804 Freethorpe
362......Judith Waters b 6 Oct 1807 bap 26 Jan 1808 Freethorpe d 26 Sep 1882 Freethorpe
363......Martha Waters b 11 Jan 1810 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1896 Freethorpe
364......Elizabeth Hannah Waters bap 3 Jun 1813 Freethorpe d 16 Nov 1873 Freethorpe
365......Eliza Waters bap 22 May 1814 Freethorpe
366......Maria Waters b 15 Oct 1815 bap 12 Nov 1815 Freethorpe d 15 Jan 1898 Freethorpe

A6 Thomas SHARMAN m Mary PYLE (b abt 1774 d 1st qr 1849 Wickhampton) abt 1794

Children of Thomas and Mary
A7......Hannah Sharman bap 21 Jul 1795 Wickhampton
A8......Rhoda Sharman bap 14 Feb 1797 Wickhampton d Feb 1797 Wickhampton
A9......Thomas Sharman bap Aug 1803 Wickhampton bur 5 Dec 1886 Halvergate
A10....Francis Sharman b 1806 Freethorpe
A11....Henry J Sharman bap 4 Aug 1811 Freethorpe d 11 Nov 1861 Freethorpe
A12....Sarah Sharman bap 30 Apr 1815 Wickhampton

367 Sarah BARDELL m John ESTHER 17 Sep 1787 Pentney.

Children of unknown and Sarah
Ann Bardell bap 2 Jan 1763 West Bilney bur 4 Aug 1836 South Lynn
369......John Bardell bap 18 Nov 1770 West Bilney bur 3 Jan 1833 Middleton
370......Benjamin Bardell bap 9 Oct 1774 West Bilney
371......Bedingfield Bardell b about 1774 West Bilney bur 5 Mar 1855 Middleton aged 81

372a James KEMISH m Christian PEARCE 5 Jan 1779 East Wellow

Children of James and Christian
372b......James Kemish bap 23 Jan 1780 Sherfield bur 10 Jun 1809 Michelmersh, Hampshire
372c......John Kemish bap 16 Sep 1781 East Wellow
372d......Mary Kemish bap 7 May 1786 Michelmersh, Hampshire d 28 Nov 1852 Michelmersh
372e......Benjamin Kemish bap 12 Apr 1789 Michelmersh, Hampshire
372f......David Kemish bap 6 Jul 1793 Michelmersh, Hampshire

X27 Daniel MOORE m Grace MUSSELWHITE 31 Mar 1766 Downton, Wilts

Note: On 12 Feb 1771, Daniel and Grace Moore plus their children Charles, 3 years; Grace, 30 months; and Daniel, 1 year moved from West Wellow to Wilton, Wiltshire

Children of Daniel and Grace
Charles Moore b abt 1767 place unknown bur 30 Jun 1837 Michelmersh
X29......Grace Moore b abt 1768 place unknown
X30......Daniel Moore bap 25 Jan 1770 Michelmersh bur 12 Apr 1835 Michelmersh
X31......Sarah Moore bap 15 Jun 1777 East Wellow
X32......Elizabeth Moore bap 10 Oct 1779 East Wellow
X33......Frances Moore bap 24 Dec 1780 East Wellow
X34......Elizabeth Moore bap 24 Dec 1789 East Wellow

372 Philip VALENTINE m Mary

Children of Philip and Mary
James Valentine bap 15 Jan 1787 Narborough bur 13 May 1872 Hollow Ene, Middleton
374......William Valentine bap 13 May 1787 Narborough
375......Susan Valentine bap 16 Aug 1790 Narborough bur 16 Mar 1791 Narborough

X41 Joseph HATCHER m Tabitha GARDINER 10 Jan 1769 Sherfield English

Children of Joseph and Tabitha
X42......Tabitha Hatcher bap 24 Feb 1775 Sherfield English
Ann Hatcher bap 29 Dec 1779 Sherfield English
X44......Thomas Hatcher bap 21 Sep 1784 Sherfield English
X45......Mary Hatcher bap 30 Apr 1791 Sherfield English

376 Mary ASHBY with unknown

Child of Mary and unknown
Elizabeth Ashby bap 9 Jan 1791 Watton bur 3 Jan 1861 Middleton
Note: Elizabeth was described as "base born"

378 Thomas NEWBY m Mary FROST 19 Feb 1777

Children of Thomas and Mary
379......Mary Newby bap 24 Mar 1782 Stow Bedon bur 9 Oct 1795 Stow Bedon
Elizabeth Newby bap 7 Aug 1785 Stow Bedon
381......James Newby bap 30 May 1790 Stow Bedon


246 Henry HEWINS m Ann GOULD 25 Dec 1808 Weston Subedge

Children of Henry and Ann
382......Sarah Hewins bap 28 Jun 1816 Weston Subedge Gloucestershire
383......Joseph Hewins bap 14 Feb 1819 Weston Subedge Gloucestershire
384......Susan Hewins bap 22 Apr 1822 Weston Subedge Gloucestershire
385......Susannah Hewins bap 7 Dec 1823 Weston Subedge Gloucestershire

247 Sarah GOODRICH m Henry FORSTER 17 Dec 1800 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth

Child of Henry and Sarah
386......William Forster b 24 Mar 1808 bap 28 Mar 1808 St Nicholas Gt Yarmouth d 1858 Gt Yarmouth

M21 Peter MALLETT m (a) Lydia JAMES (b 1767 Dickleborough bur 7 Mar 1794 Limpenhoe) (b) Martha STARKIE (b 1769 Limpenhoe) bur 23 Feb 1849 Limpenhoe) 8 Mar 1801 Limpenhoe

Child of Peter and Lydia
M26......Robert Mallett bap 28 Feb 1794 Limpenhoe m Mary SKIPPER 12 Jun 1815
Note: Robert was a carpenter in 1815

Children of Peter and Martha
M27......Susan Mallett bap 23 Sep 1798 bur 8 Aug 1886 m Thomas WILKINS
M28......William Thomas Mallett b 1 Mar 1801 bap 8 Mar 1801 d 9 May 1888 Limpenhoe m Ann LAWN 24 Mar 1830 Limpenhoe
M29......Mary Mallett bap 18 Jun 1803 Cantley
M30......John Mallett bap 16 Jun 1805 Cantley bur 27 Oct 1884 Limpenhoe
M31......Martha Mallett bap 28 Apr 1807 Limpenhoe d 3rd qr 1871 m John NURSEY 15 Feb 1836
M32......Samuel Mallett bap 7 Jun 1809 Limpenhoe m Frances LING 1832
M33......James Mallett b 1813 Limpenhoe m Esther HUBBARD 1841

250 Elizabeth GOODRICH m William FULLER( bap 5 Nov 1780 Haddiscoe bur 23 May 1860 Burgh St Peter) 5 Feb 1805 Thurlton

Child of Elizabeth and unknown
387......Sarah GOODRICH bap 9 Apr 1797 Thurlton

Children of William and Elizabeth
388......Elizabeth Fuller b 5 Jun 1805 Thurlton
389......James Fuller bap 19 Aug 1810 Aldeby
390......George Fuller b 16 Sep 1811 bap 22 Sep Aldeby d 1811 Aldeby
391......Margaret Fuller bap 30 Jan 1814 Aldeby
392......John Goodrich Fuller bap 15 Jan 1815 Aldeby m Sarah FLAXMAN (b 1814 Thorpe) 3rd qr 1837 Loddon
393......Mary Fuller bap 26 Oct 1817 Aldeby
394......Robert Fuller bap 8 Nov 1818 Aldeby
395......Susan Fuller bap 2 Jul 1820 Aldeby
396.......Samuel Fuller bap 25 Nov 1821 Aldeby bur 1 Sep 1822 Aldeby

P33 John PIGNEY m Charlotte REYNOLDS (bap 2 Apr 1769 Burgh St Peter) abt 1791

Children of John and Charlotte
P39......James Pigney bap 7 Mar 1792 Burgh St Peter
P40......Joseph Pigney bap 7 Mar 1792 Burgh St Peter
P41......Elizabeth Pigney b 1794 Burgh St Peter
P42......James Pigney b 1795 Burgh St Peter
P43......Mary Ann Pigney b 1805 Burgh St Peter
P44......Charlotte Pigney bap 9 Dec 1809 Burgh St Peter

251 Mary GOODRICH m Charles BROWN (bap 1 Jan 1815 Hopton bur 19 Jun 1879 Burgh St Peter) 22 Mar 1836 Aldeby

Note: In 1851 the family was at 23 Staithe Road, Burgh St Peter and Charles was an ag lab. In 1871 they were at Chapel Road, Burgh St Peter

Children of Charles and Mary
397......James Brown bap 8 May 1836 Aldeby
398......Caroline Brown b 25 Dec 1837 Aldeby bap 28 Jan 1838 d 1st qr 1919 Mutford m Charles ALDRED 25 Dec 1855 Burgh St Peter
399......William Brown bap 4 Aug 1839 Burgh St Peter bur 6 Dec 1839 Burgh St Peter
399a....Esau Brown b Dec 1840
400......Cordelia Brown b 26 Aug 1842 Aldeby bap 25 Sep 1842 Aldeby d 1st qr 1915 m (a) Robert CRISP (b 1st qr 1841 Gillingham bap 23 Jan 1841 d 30 Sep 1877 Hopton) 4 Mar 1871 Gillingham (b) Robert COX 2nd qr 1883 Mutford
Note: Cordelia had a child Charles Robert Brown in 1864
400a....Lucy Brown b 1843
401......Anna Maria Brown bap 16 Jul 1848 Burgh St Peter bur 19 Nov 1848 Burgh St Peter
402......Naomi Brown bap 9 Sep 1849 Wheatacre bur 24 Mar 1850 Burgh st Peter
403......Elizabeth Brown bap 21 Sep 1851 Burgh St Peter
404......Naomi Brown bap 25 Aug 1853 Burgh St Peter bur 5 Sep 1853 Burgh St Pater
405......Mary Ann Brown bap 24 Dec 1854 Burgh St Peter m Robert MANN 15 Oct 1873 Burgh St Peter
406......Maria Brown bap 27 Feb 1856 Burgh St Peter bur 20 Mar 1856 Burgh St Peter
407......Margaret Brown bap 21 Jan 1858 Burgh St Peter bur 7 Sep 1858 Burgh St Peter
408......Mahala Brown bap 10 Jul 1859 Burgh St Peter d 2nd qr 1927 Yarmouth bur 7 Apr 1927 Caister on Sea m Isaac SMITH (b 3rd qr 1859 Thurlton) 25 Dec 1878 Gt Yarmouth

297b Eve DUNT m John ENGLAND (b abt 1799 Cantley) 24 Jun 1816 Cantley

Children of John and Eve
Q34......John England bap 11 May 1817 Cantley d 28 Apr 1886 Cantley m Elizabeth GORDON (bap 1 Aug 1819 Ditchingham d 28 Aug 1904 Cantley) 14 Oct 1838 Ditchingham
Q35......Eve Hannah England bap 7 Feb 1819 Cantley bur 22 Jun 1819 Cantley
Q36......William England bap 18 Jun 1820 Cantley bur 2 Jul 1820 Cantley
Q37......Judith England bap 5 aug 1821 Cantley m James SHORTEN 3rd qr 1852 Blofield
Note: Judith had a child Eve Ellen England bap 15 May 1845 bur 24 Aug 1845. Banns for Judith and a William were read at Cantley on 9th and 16th March 1845 but the third reading is not recorded
Q38......Jane England bap 15 Feb 1824 Cantley m Edward WATERS 2 Jul 1851 Cantley
Q39......Eve Hannah England bap 9Apr 1826 Cantley d 6 Apr 1912 Hardley m James ELLIS (b abt 1823 Langley d 4th qr 1883 Loddon) 4th qr 1868 Loddon
Q40......William England bap 8 Jun 1828 Cantley bur 23 Jun 1891 Cantley m Susan BURRED (bap 1 Dec 1822 Cantley d 1st qr 1906 Blofield) 31 Oct 1851 Norwich
Q41......Harriet England bap 16 May 1830 Cantley d 2 Dec 1892 Norwich m Alfred MULLINER (b 1830 Hatfield Broad Oak d 4th qr 1892 Norwich) 12 May 1850 Gt Yarmouth
Q42......Robert England bap 10 Mar 1833 Cantley d 7 Apr 1876 Limpenhoe m Maria LEMMON (bap 18 May 1842 South Walsham d 1st qr 1875 Blofield) 23 Sep 1862 Limpenhoe
Q43......Rachel England bap 1 Feb 1835 Cantley bur 16 Aug 1835 Cantley
Q44......Rachel England bap 14 Feb 1836 Cantley d 18 May 1904 Hardley m George SADLER (bap 14 Jul 1833 Hardkey d 27 May 1897 Hardley) 25 Jan 1860 Norwich
Q45......Julia England bap 19 Feb 1837 Cantley d 3 Apr 1879 Limpenhoe m James SHEARING (b 7 Aug 1835 Limpenhoe d 30 Jun 1868 LImpenhoe) 2 Aug 1858 Limpenhoe
Q46......Richard England bap 11 Mar 1838 Cantley bur 22 Jul 1838 Cantley
Q47a....Keziah England bap 11 Mar 1838 bur 22 Jul 1838 Cantley
Q48a....Ellen England bap 11 Oct 1840 bur 31 Mar 1841 Cantley
Q49a....Ellen England bap 5 Jun 1843 Cantley bur 13 Aug 1843 Cantley

297a Kezia SCALES m John DUNT 21 Apr 1794 Limpenhoe

Children of John and Kezia
Q47......Eve Dunt b 12 Feb 1798 Halvergate bur 6 Mar 1865 Limpenhoe
Q48......Kezia Dunt bap 1 Jun 1800 Halvergate
Q49......Susannah Dunt b 1 Jan 1806 Halvergate
Q50......Kezia Dunt bap 26 Jun 1814 Cantley bur 27 Jul 1814 Cantley
Q51......David Daniel Dunt bap 16 Nov 1817 Cantley bur 7 Dec 1817 Cantley

Q47 Eve DUNT m John ENGLAND (b abt 1799 Cantley bur 27 Jun 1878 Limpenhoe) 24 Jun 1816 Cantley

Children of John and Kezia
Q82......John England bap 11 May 1817 Cantley m Elizabeth GORDON (bap 1 Aug 1819 Ditchingham d 28 Aug 1904 Cantley) 14 Oct 1838 Ditchingham
Q83......Eve Hannah England bap 7 Feb 1819 Cantley bur 22 Jun 1819 Cantley
Q84......William England bap 18 Jun 1820 Cantley bur 2 Jul 1820 Cantley
Q85......Judith England bap 15 Feb 1824 Cantley m James SHORTEN 3rd qr 1852 Blofield
Note: On 9 Mar and 16 Mar 1845, Banns were read at Cantley for a marriage between William King and Judith England both single and of this parish. No third reading is recorded, but Judith gave birth to a daughter, Q85a......Eve Ellen ENGLAND bap 15 May 1845 Cantley bur 24 Aug 1845 Cantley
Q86......Jane England bap 15 Feb 1824 Cantley m Edward WATERS 2 Jul 1851 Cantley
Q87......Eve Hannah England bap 9 Apr 1826 Cantley died 6 Apr 1912 Hardley m James ELLIS (born abt 1823 Langley died 4th qr 1883 Loddon RD) 4th qr 1868 Loddon RD
Q88......William England bap 8 Jun 1828 Cantley bur 23 Jun 1891 Cantley m Susan BURRED (bap 1 Dec 1822 Cantley died 1st qr 1906 Blofield) 31 Oct 1851 Norwich
Q89......Harriet England bap 16 May 1830 Cantley died 2 Dec 1892 Norwich m Alfred MULLINER (b 1830 Hatfield Broad Oak died 4th qr 1892 Norwich) 12 May 1850 Gt Yarmouth
Q90......Robert England bap 10 Mar 1833 Cantley died 7 Apr 1876 Limpenhoe m Maria LEMMON(bap 18 May 1842 South Walsham d 1st qr 1875 Blofield ) 23 Sep 1862 Limpenhoe
Q91......Rachel England bap bap 1 Feb 1835 Cantley bur 16 Aug 1835 Cantley
Q92......Rachel England bap 14 Feb 1836 Cantley died 18 May 1904 Hardley m George SADLER (bap 14 Jul 1833 Hardley died 27 May 1897 Hardley) 25 Jan 1860 Norwich
Q93......Julia England bap 19 Feb 1837 Cantley died 3 Apr 1879 Limpenhoe m James SHEARING (born 7 Aug 1835 Limpenhoe died 30 Jun 1868 Limpenhoe) 2 Aug 1858 Limpenhoe
Q94......Richard England bap 11 Mar 1838 Cantley bur 22 Jul 1838 Cantley
Q95......Keziah England bap bap 11 Mar 1838 Cantley bur 22 Jul 1838 Cantley
Q97......Ellen England bap 11 Oct 1840 Cantley bur 31 Mar 1841 Cantley
Q98......Ellen England bap 5 Jun 1843 Cantley bur 13 Aug 1843 Cantley

299 Thomas Maston SCALES m 252 Susannah GOODRICH 9 Nov 1802 Thurlton

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were William SCALES and James RUSHMER In this generation the name changed from SCALES to SALES

Children of Thomas and Sarah
409......Sarah Sales b 17 Aug 1808 Limpenhoe
410......William Sales b 2 May 1811 Limpenhoe bap 23 Nov 1811 Limpenhoe bur 24 May 1812 Limpenhoe
411......Thomas Sales bap 8 Jan 1815 Limpenhoe bur 29 Mar 1894 Corton
412......William Sales bap 5 Oct 1816 Toft Monks
413......Mary Ann Sales bap 30 Apr 1820 Toft Monks
414......Elizabeth Sales b 19 Jan 1822 Gillingham bur 24 Jan 1893 Limpenhoe
415......John Nudd Sales bap 21 Aug 1825 Thurlton bur 4 Oct 1826

J3 John JACKSON m Elizabeth MILLER (bap 29 Aug 1790 Burlingham d 1836 Blofield) 16 Nov 1813

Children of John and Elizabeth
J7......John Jackson bap 5 Apr 1814 Acle d 2nd qr 1882
J8......Elizabeth Jackson bap 4 Dec 1815 Acle
J9......James Jackson b 19 Jun 1817 Acle bap 20 Jun 1817 Acle d 1900 Loddon
Note the parish register records separately "full baptism 25 Jun 1818"
J10....Francis Jackson bap 31 May 1819 Acle d 1st qr 1898 Lowestoft
J11....Edward Jackson bap 30 Apr 1821 Acle d 1st qr 1889

F9 Benjamin FISK m Diana COLLINS (bap 9 Apr 1798 bur 11 Dec 1868 Corton) 2 Aug 1818

Child of Bemjamin and Diana
F12......Mary Ann Fisk bap 10 Dec 1818 Corton

301 Elizabeth SALES b abt 1876 Limpenhoe d 14 May 1861 Wickhampton m James NEWSON (b abt 1781 Billockby d 8 Aug 1851 Wickhampton) 22 Jun 1804 Limpenhoe (by licence and as a minor}

Children of James and Elizabeth
416......James Newson b 24 Jun 1804 Limpenhoe d 25 Jun 1804 Limpenhoe
417.....Hannah Newson b 5 Jan 1806 Limpenhoe bap 12 Jun 1806 Limpenhoe d 7 Mar 1892 Wickhampton
418......James Newson bap 14 Aug 1808 Limpenhoe
418a....Charlotte Newson bap 8 May 1814 Wickhampton
418b....Mary Ann Newson bap 29 Mar 1819 Wickhampton d 19 May 1871 Freethorpe
418c....Thomas Seales Newson bap17 Sep 1820 Wickhampton d 28 Jul 1823 Wickhampton
418d....Elizabeth Newson bap 26 Nov 1823 Wickhampton d 6 Jan 1836 Wickhampton
418e....Sarah Ann Newson bap 29 Apr 1827 Wickhampton

348 Mary GRAY m m Alexander BALLS (bap 20 Mar 1775 Tunstead) 31 May 1801 Reedham

Children of Alexander and Mary
438b......Alexander Balls bap 26 Dec 1802 Brumstead d 3rd qr 1876 Smallburgh m (a) Martha NORMAN 24 Dec 1828 Brumstead (b) Ann GRIMMER (bap 7 Feb 1796 East Ruston bur 12 Mar 1857 East Ruston) 3rd qr 1844 Tunstead (c) Jemima DYBALL (bap 4 May 1834 Ingham d 1st qr 1878 Smallburgh) 7 Aug 1862 Lessingham
438c......Samuel Balls b 14 Apr 1805 Walcott d 6 Apr 1885 Walcott
438d......Hannah Balls b 27 Feb 1807 Brumstead
438e......John Balls b 28 Apr 1809 Brumstead
438f......George Balls b 16 Apr 1812 Brumstead

B8 Elizabeth BECK m John HAWES 15 Oct 1804 Blofield

Children of John and Elizabeth
B17......Mary Hawes b 2 Jan 1810 Blofield bur 24 Feb 1810 Blofield
B18......Mary Hawes b 30 Mar 1812 Blofield bur 3 Nov 1812 Blofield
B19......John Hawes bap 29 Nov 1813 Blofield bur 30 May 1814 Blofield
B20......Sarah Hawes bap 24 Apr 1815 Blofield
B21......Maria Hawes bap 31 Jan 1822 Blofield bur 17 Feb 1822 Blofield

B14" Judith BECK m Mathew WILLIAMSON (b 13 Jul 1779 Snettisham bur 4 Jan 1847 Snettisham) 4 Nov 1806 Snettisham

B22......Mary Williamson b 14 Mar 1808 Snettisham
B23......Ann Williamson b 20 Dec 1811 Snettisham
B24......John Williamson b 10 Feb 1814 Snettisham
B25......William Williamson bap 18 Jan 1817 Snettisham m Elizabeth BOWDEN (bap 14 Feb 1819 Heacham) 18 Jan 1840 Heacham
B26......Mathew Williamson b 24 Feb 1820 Snettisham
B27......Samuel Williamson bap 23 Jun 1822 Snettisham bur 4 Apr 1856 Snettisham m Sara Ann NEVE (bap 19 Feb 1826 Snettisham) 7 May 1848 Snettisham
B28......Maria Williamson bap 23 May 1824 Snettisham bur 18 Feb 1830 Snettisham
B29......Thomas Williamson bap 18 Feb 1827 Snettisham m Sarah MARSTERS (b 18 Jun 1825 South Wooton) 13 Feb 1852 Snettisham

256 Benjamin BECK m 130 Sarah GRAY 24 Dec 1809 Blofield

Children of Benjamin and Sarah
419......Benjamin Beck bap 2 Feb 1810 Blofield bur 8 Jan 1892 Reedham
420......John Beck bap 27 Mar 1811 Limpenhoe
421......James Beck b 7 Oct 1816 Limpenhoe
422......Jonathan Beck b 2 Oct 1818 Reedham bur 31 Jul 1901 Limpenhoe
423......Mary Beck bap 5 Nov 1820 Limpenhoe m John SHEARING 28 Oct 1844
Hannah Beck bap 27 Mar 1825 Limpenhoe
425......Ann Beck bap 18 Mar 1827 Limpenhoe bur 27 Feb 1899 Limpenhoe

351 John GRAY m Elizabeth CHESTER ( b 12 Dec 1796 Reedham bur 6 Apr 1848 Reedham) 26 Sep 1815 Reedham

Children of John and Elizabeth
Q61......Jonathan Gray b 19 Nov 1819 Reedham bur 24 Dec 1892 Reedham
Q61a....Robert Gray b 28 Jul 1821 Reedham bur 2 Oct 1864 Reedham m Emily Maria CHURCH (b abt 1826 Gt Yarmouth) 21 Mar 1848 Gt Yarmouth
Q61b....George Gray b 1 Jan 1824 Reedham d 2nd qr 1872 Reedham
Q61c....Samuel Gray b 4th Mar 1827 Reedham bur 28 Oct 1847 Reedham

257 John BECK m Martha JAMES (bap 13 Sep 1799 Hellington d 2nd qr 1878 Norwich bur 17 Jun 1878 Norwich) 18 Nov 1822 Blofield

Children of John and Martha
257b......John James Beck bap 22 Feb 1824 Blofield d 5 Mar 1906 m Amelia CATTERMOLE (bap 12 Jun 1825 New Buckenham d 20 Feb 1906 Nortwich) 13 Jan 1870 St Petere Parmentergate, Norwich
Robert Beck bap 9 Apr 1826 d 1 Aug 1911 Witton nr Norwich
257d......Ann Beck bap 14 Nov 1830 Blofield bur 4 Jun 1848 Blofield
257e......James Beck bap 4 May 1834 Blofield bur 25 May 1834 Blofield

258 Jemima BECK m Samuel HURMAN 5 Jun 1815 Blofield

Children of Samuel and Jemima
426......Ann Hurman bap 12 Apr 1818 Blofield m George HILL 18 Oct 1840 Paddington
426a....Emily Hurman bap 11 Jul 1819 Blofield
William Hurman bap 8 Jul 1821 Blofield
428......Amy Hurman bap 24 Jul 1825 Blofield d 1st qr 1911 Brentford
429......Samuel Hurman bap 4 Mar 1827 Blofield

260 James BECK m Maria BOWLES (b abt 1806 Moreton on the hill bap 22 Apr 1799 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1888 Mutford) 9 Nov 1828 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Maria was the daughter of John BOWLES and Sarah FERRITT. In 1851 the family lived in High Street, Gorleston and James was a maltster

Children of James and Maria
430......Benjamin Beck bap 14 Feb 1832 Southtown, Gorleston d 1st qr 1863 Mutford m Ann Warner DURRELL (b abt 1830 Gorleston d 21 Nov 1890 Gorleston) 4th qr 1858
Note: In 1851 Benjamin was an engine smith's apprentice
Joseph Beck bap 28 Aug 1834 Southtown, Gorleston d 1st qr 1894 Yarmouth
432......Emily Jemima Beck bap 7 Dec 1838 Southtown, Gorleston d 1st qr 1894 Mutford
432a....Mary Ann Beck b 2nd qr 1849 Southtown d 1st qr 1936 Yarmouth

267 Elizabeth ROBERTS m C22 Joseph CLIFFORD (b 17 Aug 1808 Stow on the Wold d 31 Aug 1864 Lower Swell) 2 Jul 1831 Broadwell, Gloucs

Note: In 1871 Elizabeth was living at Tollgate, Lower Swell, and her granddaughter was staying with her

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth
433......Henry Clifford b 18 Dec 1834 Stow in the Wold d May 1861 Lower Swell
434......Betsey Clifford b 3rd qr 1837 Lower Slaughter d 3rd qr 1911 Chipping Norton
435......Samuel Clifford bap 22 May 1803 Little Rissington
436......Sarah Clifford Bap 1804 Little Rissington
437......James Clifford bap 1806 Little Rissington

281 Francis DAWSON m (a) Hannah WATERS (bap 23 Mar 1787 Strumpshaw bur 20 Jun 1828 Moulton St Mary) 13 Nov 1815 Strumpshaw (b) Phillis JAY ( bap 26 Feb 1778 East Ruston bur 2 Mar 1861 Moulton St Mary) 24 Apr 1837

Note: Phyllis had been married twice before. She was christened Phillis THIRTLE and m John WALPOLE 18 Nov 1803 Swafield, and then Charles JAY 30 Nov 1810 East Ruston. In 1841 Francis was an ag lab.

Children of Francis and Hannah
438......Mary Dawson b 1821/2 Moulton
439......Pheobe Dawson b 1824/5 Moulton
440......Elizabeth Dawson b 1825/6 Moulton

283 Mary DAWSON m S16 James SHEARING 31 Aug 1817 Freethorpe

Note: In the 1841 census the family is living at Reedham. In 1861 the family were still in Reedham. James senior was a gardener

Children of James and Mary
441......Alfred Shearing b 2 Jan 1819 bap 31 Jan 1819 Limpenhoe
442......Mary Ann Shearing bap 3 Dec 1820 Limpenhoe bur 11 Jan 1901 Limpenhoe
443......Virtue Maria Shearing bap 16 Jun 1822 bur 6 Aug 1822 Limpenhoe
444......Jane Elizabeth Shearing bap 30 Nov 1823 Limpenhoe bur 26 Jul 1902 Ellingham
445......Keziah Shearing b 7 Jan 1826 bap 5 Feb 1826 Limpenhoe
446......James Shearing bap 30 May 1829 Limpenhoe bur 3 Mar 1843 Limpenhoe
447......John Shearing bap 2 Oct 1831 Limpenhoe m Marriane RICHES 6 Mar 1854 Reedham
Note: John and Marriane emigrated to New South Wales, Australia abord the "Tantivy" arriving 7 Sep 1854
448......Mary Shearing bap 26 May 1833 Limpenhoe bur 27 Oct 1833 Limpenhoe
449......William Shearing bap 8 Jun 1834 Limpenhoe m Mary LAWSON (bap 23 Jun 1833 Ormesby St Michael) 7 Oct 1857 Gt Yarmouth
Francis Shearing bap 24 Apr 1836 Limpenhoe
451......Elizabeth Esther Shearing b1841 [1841 census]
Note: Whilst Elizabeth is shown with "8 weeks illegitimate" crossed out but as the daughter of James and Mary, the consensus is that she was the illegitimate daughter of one of the apparent sisters.

284 Virtue DAWSON m William STOUT 26 Apr 1819 Lingwood

Children of William and Virtue
452......William Stout bap 21 Nov 1819 Lingwood d 1st qr 1895 Mutford
453......Mary Ann Stout bap 1 Feb 1824 Lingwood
454......Maria Stout bap 11 May 1826 Lingwood
455......Elizabeth Stout bap 24 Dec 1831 Lingwood
456......Isabella Stout bap 23 Dec 1834 Lingwood m George GRAY (b 18 Feb 1829 Mundesley d 2nd qr 1914 Erpingham) 4th qr 1854 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Actual marriage missing from Parish Reg but request for Banns to be read was dated 3 Dec 1854

285 Elizabeth DAWSON m 322 Robert GEORGE 21 Sep 1823 Gt Yarmouth

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
457......Robert GEORGE bap 11 Feb 1820 Freethorpe
Note: Robert George was born out of wedlock, but seems likely to be the child of Robert GEORGE
458......Elmira George b 24 Jul 1824 Freethorpe d 1863 Richmond, New South Wales
459......Mary George b 24 Aug 1826 Freethorpe bur 14 Oct 1901 Freethorpe

302 Margaret SCALES m Y15 James YOUNGS 11 Apr 1805 Limpenhoe

Children of James and Margaret
460......James S Youngs b 13 Feb 1805 Freethorpe
461......James Youngs b 15 Dec 1806 Freethorpe d 6 Apr 1886 Wickhampton
462......Mary Youngs b 4 Oct 1807 Freethorpe
463......William Youngs b 18 May 1810 Freethorpe d 25 Dec 1872 Rockland St Mary m Jane HARMER (bap 11 Dec 1808 Blofield d 30 Jun 1891 Rockland St Mary) 22 Jul 1849 Blofield
464......Henry Youngs b 22 Mar 1812 Freethorpebur 20 Jul 1874 Burgh Castle m Ann COOPER nee BUCK (b abt 1813 Carleton Colville bur 4 Oct 1894 Bradwell) 31 May 1857 Burgh Castle
Note: Ann Buck m Charles Cooper 2 Jan 1840 Bradwell
465......Robert Youngs b 12 Apr 1814 Freethorpe
466......John Youngs b 5 Jan 1817 Freethorpe
Thomas Youngs b 10 May 1819 Freethorpe bur 21 May 1879
468......Sarah Youngs b 20 Feb 1823 Freethorpe
469......George Youngs b 20 Feb 1823 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1896 Sunderland m Julia HIPPERSON (b 7 Jan 1824 Surlingham d 3rd qr 1901 Sunderland) 2nd qr 1842 Norwich
469a....Jane Youngs b 7 Mar 1826 Rockland Se Mary

303 John SALES m Elizabeth CLARKE (d bef 1851) 17 May 1814 Limpenhoe

Note: In 1851 the family was at Reedham where John was a coal dealer and daughter Sarah was his housekeeper. In 1861 he is shown as a retired blacksmith living with his son William

Children of John and Elizabeth
470......John Sales b 5 Mar 1815 Limpenhoe
471.....William Sales b 25 May 1817 Limpenhoe d 8 Jan 1897 Limpenhoe m Elizabeth SHEARING (b 16 Jan 1820 Limpenhoe d 2nd qr 1891 Blofield ) 10 Jan 1844
Note: In 1861 William was a master blacksmith employing one man
472......Elizabeth Sales b 16 Oct 1819 Reedham bap 30 Jan 1820 Reedham
Samuel Sales b 25 Aug 1821 Reedham d 3rd qr 1911 Blofield
474......Thomas Sales b 18 Nov 1822 Reedham
475......Sarah Sales b 19 Jul 1825 Reedham
476......Maria Sales b 22 Aug 1827 Reedham
477......Frederic Sales b 12 Mar 1829 Reedham m Louisa ALDRED (bap 19 Mar 1833 Uggeshall) 26 Aug 1857 St George the Martyr, Southwark
478......Susan Sales b 11 Apr 1830 Reedham

305 Charlotte SCALES m James LAWN (b 22 Aug 1784 Limpenhoe bap 24 Aug 1784 Limpenhoe bur 27 Jul 1864 Limpenhoe) 5 Mar 1811 Limpenhoe

Note: James was the son of William LAWN and Ann PORTER. In 1841 the family was at Limpenhoe and James was an ag lab. In 1851 James was living with hsi daughter in law, Elizabeth HOWES at Albion Road, Gt Yarmouth

Children of James and Charlotte
479......Anne Lawn bap 3 Oct 1813 Limpenhoe d 24 Sep 1871 Limpenhoe
480......Sarah Lawn bap 28 Jan 1816 Limpenhoe
481......William Sales Lawn bap 27 Jul 1818 Limpenhoe
482......Charlotte Lawn bap 20 May 1821 Limpenhoe
483......Mary Lawn bap 27 Nov 1826 Limpenhoe bur 20 Apr 1851 Limpenhoe m George CASTLE (wid) 16 Aug 1846 Reedham
Note: George was a railwayman
484......James William Lawn b 29 Jan 1829 bap 10 Feb 1829 Limpenhoe
485......Elizabeth Lawn bap 18 Oct 1833 Limpenhoe m John HOWES 3rd qr 1854 Gt Yarmouth
486......James Lawn bap 13 Oct 1833 Limpenhoe

315 John CALLOW m Mary HUBBARD (bap 21 Jan 1767 Attleborough) 5 Dec 1791 Attleborough

Children of John and Mary
315a......Mary Callow bap 16 Dec 1792 Attleborough
315b......Elizabeth Callow bap 28 Jun 1794 Attleborough m John DANIELS (bap 20 Nov 1791 Attleborough) 24 Oct 1814 Attleborough
315c......Harriet Callow bap 15 Jun 1802 Attleborough
315d......Sarah Callow bap 19 May 1805 Attleborough
315e......Susan Callow bap 10 Jun 1808 Attleborough
315f......Jonathan Callow bap 10 May 1811 Attleborough bur 23 Apr 1837 Attleborough m Mary BOODLE 1 Nov 1832 Attleborough
315g......James Callow bap 30 Jul 1815 Attleborough

317 Thomas HOWES m 380 Elizabeth NEWBY (b 1785 Stow Bedon d 15 Nov 1858) 19 Aug 1812 St Nicholas, Kings Lynn

Note: Mary was the daughter Thomas NEWBY and Mary FROST

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
487......Mary Howes bap 3 Aug 1813 Caston
488......James Newby Howes bap 3 Aug 1816 Caston d 8 Jul 1870 Hollow End, Middleton
489......Harriet Howes bap 4 Apr 1818 Caston
490......George Howes bap 24 Oct 1821 bur 16 Jul 1823 Caston
491......John Howes bap 7 May 1824 Caston d 24 Mar 1893 Wynyard, Tasmania

325 Robert HARDY m Harriet OVERTON (bap 29 Apr 1793 Little Cressingham bur 3 Sep 1827 Caston) 16 Feb 1802 Caston

Children of Robert and Harriet
492......Fairfax Hardy bap 15 Jun 1802 Thompson bur 22 Jul 1822 Bethnal Green
493......Robert Hardy bap 24 Jan 1804 Caston d 6 Nov 1876 Kings Lynn m Charlotte EDWARDS (bap 21 Jun 1807 Griston d 24 Dec 1891 Kings Lynn) 1st qr 1849 Waylandbap 4 May 1800
493a....Harriet Hardy bap 9 Jan 1806 Caston m John MASON (bap 5 Aug 1798 Scoulton) 21 Dec 1822 Caston
494......Mary Ann Hardy b 10 Jan 1808 Caston bap 18 Jan 1808 Caston m William TAYLOR 28 Aug 1828 Caston
495......George William Hardy bap 7 Aug 1810 Caston bur 7 Nov 1822 Caston
495a....Matilda Hardy b 23 Aug 1812 Caston d 25 Jun 1891 Kings Lynn m Thomas EASTICK (bap 15 May 1810 Gt Cressingham bur 25 Dec 1879 Camberwell (bap and bur as EASTWICK) 25 Dec 1831 Caston
495b....Juliana Hardy b 24 Sep 1814 Caston d 24 Jan 1900 Swaffham m John WATTS (b 1 Jan 1815 Kings Lynn d 7 Dec 1874 Swaffham) 5 Oct 1835 Kings Lynn
495c....Susanna Hardy b 8 Jul 1816 Caston d 4th qr 1903 Romford m Stephen LONG (bap 24 Jan 1819 Walpole St Peter d 4th qr 1912 Romford) 15 Nov 1838 St Margarets Kings Lynn
495d....John Thomas Hardy b 7 Jun 1818 Caston bur 19 Mar 1885 Sprowston m Susanna SPANTON (b abt 1811 Neatishead bur 23 Dec 1884 Sprowston) 9 Oct 1837 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth
495e....Charlotte Kezia Hardy b 11 Sep 1820 Caston bur 20 Aug 1862 Kings Lynn m William Gay ALLEN (born 17 Jan 1815 King's Lynn bur 20 Jan 1887 King's Lynn) 19 Aug 1840 St Margaret's, Kings Lynn
503a....Jane Hardy b 28 Aug 1823 Caston m William Diggins BIRD (b 28 Apr 1824 Kins Lynn) 8 Obt 1842 Kings Lynn
Note: The Norfolk Chronicle of 13 Mar 1869 reported that William Diggins Bird of Swaffham, horsebreaker, was summoned by Mr John Child, Veterinary Surgeon, for unlawfully assaulting him on the 1st inst. at the White Hart Inn by striking him a violent blow on the face. James Blanchflower said he was present when the assault took place and that the complainant was very abusive to Bird and there was equal blame on both sides. Defendant was ordered to pay fine of 6s and 13 s costs.

326 Susannah FRANCKLIN m Edmund LAND (bap 7 Nov 1773 Caston bur 27 Dec 1850 Caston) 4 Jul 1797 Caston

Note: Edmund was the son of Robert LAND and Mary PITTS

Children of Edmund and Susannah
496......Juliana Land bap 26 Mar 1798 Caston2nd qr 1875 Cambridge d 8 Jun 1875 Cambridge m George Groom STEEL (b abt 1797 Caston d 9 Feb 1870 Martham bur 15 Feb 1870 Martham) 15 Dec 1818 Caston
496a....Harriet Land bap 22 Feb 1800 Caston bur 23 Dec 1819 Caston m James DENNEY 17 Nov 1818 Caston
497......Abigail Land bap 20 Feb 1802 Caston bur 27 Apr 1844 Castonm James HORNE 1 Oct 1840 Hockham
498......Robert Land bap 26 Jan 1804 Caston d 10 Sep 1885 Attleborough m Mary BEART (Bap 8 Jan 1806 Larling d 28 Sep 1890 Horsley bur 3 Oct 1890 Attleborough) 20 Nov 1827 Breckles
498a....Judith Land bap 30 Dec 1805 Caston bur 13 Jul 1842 Watton m William SHORT (b abt 1801 Watton) 21 Jun 1827 Caston
499......Benjamin Henry Land b 11 May 1808 bap 12 May 1808 Caston d 21 sep 1853 Caston m (a) Mary DUFFIELD 9 Sep 1831 Stow Bedon (b) Caroline REEMAN (b abt 1805 Gt Welnetham d 11 Aug 1889 Gt Welnetham) 3 Sep 1838 Lawshall
500......Edmund Land b 7 Aug 1810 bap 8 Aug 1810 Caston d bef end 1850 m Susanna KATES (b abt 1805 d 27 Mar 1869 Newmarket)14 Mar 1833 Newmarket
500a....Susannah Land bap 11 Mar 1812 Caston d 4th qr 1887 Fulham m Shadrack NEWDICK (b abt 1816 Lakenheath d 1sr qr 1893 Fulham) 27 Oct 1842 Hockham
501......Priscilla Land bap 17 Apr 1814 Caston d 3rd qr 1876 Fulham m Samuel RICE (bap 2 Feb 1808 Watton d 4 Feb 1881 Westminster) 4 Sep 1834 Caston
Note Samuel was a builder
501a....John Land bap 14 Sep 1815 m Frances BROOKS 16 Mar 1835 Gt Yarmouth
501b....James William Land bap 23 Jun 1817 Caston d 18 Oct 1871 Thompson m Priscilla WARREN (b abt 1818 Gt Ellingham) d 15 Oct 1891 Thompson) 2nd qr 1840 Kensington
501c....George Land bap 7 May 1819 Caston bur 3 Aug 1819 Caston
501d....George Land b 15 Nov 1820 Caston bur 6 Nov 1856 Caston
501e....Charles Land b 28 Jun 1822 Caston d 4th qr 1863 Norwich m Martha HART (b abt 1825 Cheltenham) 4 Oct 1846 St Martin in the Field
501f....Anne Harriet Land b 17 Jul 1824 d 7 Dec 1907 Norwich m William BRASNETT b(b 5 Jan 1825 Carbrooke d 25 Jul 1897 Norwich) 9 Sep 1847 Hockham
502......John Land bap 14 Sep 1814 Caston
503......James William Land bap 23 Jun 1817 Caston

327 Mary HARDY m John PITTS (b abt 1781 bur 3 Jan 1831 Watton) 27 Feb 1805 Norwich

Children of John and Mary
Q14......James Pitts bap 15 Sep 1805 Watton bur 14 Jul 1845 Watton
Q15......William Pitts bap 1 Jul 1807 Watton bur 28 Mar 1814 Watton
Q16......John Pitts bap 20 May 1808 Watton bur 12 Jun 1808 Watton
Q17......Mary Ann Pitts b 27 Oct 1811 Watton
Q18......William Pitts bap 12 Jun 1815 Watton m Mary Ann AMES (bap 23 Sep 1817 Watton) 6 Dec 1838 Watton
Q19......Hannah Pitts bap 12 Jan 1817 Watton bur 7 Jul 1817 Watton
Q19a....John Pitts bap 12 May 1818 Watton
Q20......Jeremiah Pitts b27 Jan 1820 Watton

342 George DENLEY m 264 Frances Stretton ROBERTS 23 Mar 1816 Little Rissington, Gloucestershire

Children of George and Frances
504......Elizabeth Denley bap 4 Aug 1816 Little Rissington
505......William Denley bap 30 Nov 1817 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire bur 12 Oct 1881Winchcombe
Note: William was an unmarried ag lab. In 1881 he was pauper inmate at Gloucester Street Workhouse, Winchcombe
506......Anne Denley bap 4 Feb 1821 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire d 4th qr 1892 Winchcombe
507......Sarah Denley bap 16 Mar 1823 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire d 3rd qr 1889 Winchcombe
508......Charlotte Denley bap 28 Nov 1824 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire
509......Mary Anne Denley bap 24 Jun 1827 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire
510......David Denley bap 17 May 1829 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire bur 15 Nov 1909 Winchcombe
511......Ruth Denley bap 11 May 1831 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire bur 30 Dec 1868

343 Ann DENLEY m m Edmund SMITH (bap 4 May 1800 Gt Rissington 22 Jul 1826 Great Rissington

Children of Edmund and Ann
512......Henry Smith b 1828/9 Milton, Oxon d 4 Jul 1892 Milton under Wychwood m Amelia BAKER (b abt 1831 Aston in Bampton d 1 Nov 1897 Milton under Wychwood) 3rd qr 1871 Chipping Norton
513......Emma Smith b 1830 Milton bap 31 Jan 1830 Shipton under Wychwood d 1st qr 1887 Chipping Norton
Frederick Smith b 1832 Milton bap 10 Jun 1832 Shipton under Wychwood
515......John Smith b 1835/6 Milton

344 John DENLEY m Mary Ann FLETCHER ( b 1791 Newport d 1860 Gt Rissington) 20 Feb 1826 Great Rissington.

Child of John and Mary Ann
516......David Denley b 1827 Gt Rissington
516a....Frederick Denley b1828/9 Great Rissington d 4th qr 1878 Stow on the Wold

372c John KEMISH m X43 Ann HATCHER (bap 29 Dec 1779 Sherfield English) 21 Dec 1801 St Leonards, Sherfield English, Hampshire

Note: Ann was the daughter of Joseph HATCHER and Tabitha GARDINER

Children of James and Ann
517......Sarah Kemish bap 13 Apr 1802 Romsey
518......Mary Kemish b 4 Nov 1803 bap 1 Jan 1804 Romsey
519......Elizabeth Kemish b 11 Sep 1805 bap (as Betty) 6 Oct 1805 Romsey
520......James Kemish b 27 Jan 1808 bap 28 Feb 1808 Romsey
521......Harriet Kemish b 26 Dec 1810 bap 10 Feb 1811 Romsey d 2nd qr 1883 Romsey m Thomas TERRY 18 Dec 1830 Lockerly
521a....John Kemish bap 27 Mar 1814 Sherfield English
521b....Ann Kemish bap 20 Oct 1816 Sherfield English d 28 Nov 1890 Mottisfont
521c....Eliza Kemish bap 27 Feb 1820 Sherfield English
521d....Martha Kemish bap 15 Apr 1824 Sherfield English

372d Mary KEMISH m Joseph NEWELL (b 2 Jun 1783 Lockerley d 31 Dec 1860 Michelmersh) 22 Feb 1805 Awbridge

Note:Joseph was the son of Joseph NEWELL (b 1752 Sherfield English) and Emma DRAKE

Children of Joseph and Mary
522......Joseph Newell bap 3 Oct 1805 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1891 Romsey
523......George Newell bap 16 Oct 1808 Michelmersh bur 7 Apr 1811 Michelmersh
524......Mary Newell bap 9 Aug 1807 Michelmersh
525......Rhoda Newell bap 24 Mar 1811 Michelmersh d 3rd qr 1862 Romsey
Note: This could be the same Rhoda NEWELL who m James KEMISH 12 Apr 1838 Southampton
526......David Newell bap 8 May 1814 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1898 Romsey
527......Mary Ann Newell bap 15 Dec 1816 Michelmersh
528......James Newell bap 24 Nov 1819 Michelmersh m Caroline VENTHAM (b abt 1825 Awbridge) 1st qr 1851 Romsey
Eliza Newell bap 10 Feb 1822 Michelmersh
529a....Charles Newell b 1829 Awbridge m Ann COOK 1855 Cliddesden, Hampshire
529b....George Newell b 25 Apr 1830 Awbridge m Sarah WHITE 7 Jul 1855 Romsey

372e Benjamin KEMISH m Charlotte MOODY 19 May 1819 Sherfield English

Note: Charlotte was the daughter of Stephen and Hannah MOODY

Children of Benjamin and Charlotte
529a......David Kemish bap 31 Oct 1819 Sherfield English
529b......Samuel Kemish bap 20 Feb 1822 Michelmersh
529c......Benjamin Kemish bap 9 Oct 1823 Michelmersh
529d......Elizabeth Kemish bap 5 Feb 1826 Michelmersh d Dec Qr 1882 Romsey
529e......Martha Kemish bap 1 Feb 1829 Michelmersh

356 Hannah TUNGATE m 360 Robert WATERS (b 1800/1 Freethorpe) 1 Jan 1822 Freethorpe

Note: Robert was the son of Robert and Elizabeth WATERS . On 6 May 1817, Ann Maria daughter of HANNAH TUNGATE/TONGATE was baptised at Freethorpe. Parish Register entry looks like "base born daughter of HANNAHalias Tongate." A Robert Tungate (infant son of Hannah Tungate was buried 12 Dec 1821 Freethorpe but there is no record of a birth or baptism. No trace of a TUNGATE/CHAPMAN marriage but maybe she just took his name. The witnesses to the marriage were William CHAPMAN and Rhoda CHAPMAN. Robert was a molekiller and in 1841 the family were at Freethorpe. He became a farmer at Freethorpe and his will, with 2 codicils, proved 10 May 1885 at Norwich by Henry Waters of Tunstall, Farmer, the Son and Henry James Waters of Panxworth, Farmer, the Nephew, the Executives. You can see the will here

Children of Robert and Hannah
530......Robert Waters b 1822 Freethorpe bur 12 Dec 1822 Freethorpe
William Waters b 12 Jan 1823 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1886 Flegg
Note: William was a molecatcher in 1861
532......Maria Waters bap 8 Jul 1827 Freethorpe
533......Robert Waters b 11 May 1828 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1907 Blofield R D
534......Mary Ann Waters b 1826 bap 20 Sep 1829 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1899 Smallburgh
535......Martha Waters b abt 1832 Freethorpe d 26 Jan 1894 Freethorpe
536......Betsy Waters b 6 Jul 1834 Freethorpe bur 6 Nov 1836 Freethorpe
537......Henry Waters bap 3 Apr 1836 Freethorpe d 29 Dec 1917 Halvergate
Note: Henry was a farmer and shopkeeper
538......Betsy Waters bap 10 May 1840 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1919 Blofield R D

371 Bedingfield BARDELL in partnership/marriage with unknown poss Ann ne LAST ? 1802 (b) in partnership/marriage with Mary abt 1803 to 1812 (c) in partnership marriage with Anne abt 1812 (d) Sarah CANHAM (b 22 Mar 1779 bap 28 Mar 1779 Aylemerton d 1 Nov 1863 Middleton) 4 Sep 1828 Middleton

Note Bedingfield was married before his marriage to Sarah as the register shows him as a widower. In 1841 Bedingfield was an innkeeper and was a widower when he married Sarah. In 1851 he was the proprietor of HOUSE living at Blackboro End, Middleton

Child of Bedingfield and poss Ann )
539......Sarah Bardell b 1799 Bury St Edmunds bur 28 Jan 1880 Wiggenhall St Mary

Child of Bedingfield and Ann or Mary
539a....Bedingfield Bardell bap 17 Jun 1803 Middleton to Bedingfield and Ann Bardell late A. Burton/Buxton bur 4 May 1807 Middleton aged 4 yrs as a son of Bedingfield and Mary Bardell late M Burton/Buxton.

Children of Bedingfield and Mary
540......Anna Bardell bap 21 Feb 1805 Middleton bur 8 Jul 1807 Middleton
541......John Bardell bap 11 Nov 1806 Middleton d 15 Jan 1893 Middleton
542......Ann Bardell bap 5 Jan 1809 Middleton
543......Bedingfield Bardell bap 23 Jun 1812 Middleton d 2nd qr 1879 Freebridge Lynn
Note: According to the will of Bedingfield's uncle John BARDELL, Bedingfield was a private in the first regiment of Footguards in 1812
544......Elizabeth Bardell b 1813 Middleton bur 114 Jan 1857 St Pancras m Thomas Charles RATA 28 May 1852 Stepney

Children of Bedingfield and Anne
545......Mary Bardell bap 20 Mar 1814 Middleton bur 7 Mar 1892 Middleton
545a....Benjamin Bardell bap 21 Jul 1816 Middleton bur 25 Aug 1817 Middleton

359 William WATERS m (a) Mary Ann NEWSON (b 1796 Freethorpe d 8 Oct 1861 Freethorpe) 1 Jan 1822 (b) Susanna FARMAN (b 14 Oct 1819 Freethorpe d 14 Jul 1904 Freethorpe) 4th qr 1862 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1851 William was a rat detroyer living near the Green, Freethorpe, and his sister in law, Elizabeth SWASH a widow and pauper was living with them.The will of William Waters late of Freethorpe in the county of Norfolk yeoman who died 30 June 1877 at Freethorpe was proved 3 August 1877 at Norwich by Henry James Waters of Freethorpe, Brickmaker and Henry Waters of Limpenhoe in the said County Farmer the Nephews the Executors.

Children of William and Mary Ann
546......Mary Ann Waters b 3 Oct 1823 Freethorpe
546a....John Waters bap 24 Aug 1828 Halvergate m Jemima TURNER 10 Jan 1847 Gt Yarmouth
547......Robert Waters b 11 Nov 1825 Freethorpe bur 19 Mar 1826 Freethorpe
548......Maria Waters b 26 Jul 1826 Freethorpe bur 26 Aug 1827 Freethorpe
James Waters b 9 Aug 1830 Freethorpe
550......Harriet Waters b 6 Sep 1835 Freethorpe bur 15 Nov 1835 Freethorpe
551......Martha Waters b 13 Jul 1837 Freethorpe bur 4 Oct 1837 Freethorpe

361 Mary WATERS m William KEY (b abt 1804 Norwich d 5 Sep 1869 Blofield d 5 Sep 1869 Freethorpe - Shepherd) 22 Jul 1823 Freethorpe

Note: William was the son of William KEY (b 1780 Postwick) and Susannah BRIGGS b 1781 Strumpshaw. In 1841, 1851 and 1861 William was an ag lab, living in Freethorpe

Children of William and Mary
552......William Key b 4 Jun 1824 Freethorpe
553......Maria Waters Key b 23 May 1826 Freethorpe d 2 Mar 1901 Freethorpe
554......Susanna Key b 1 Jun 1828 Freethorpe
555......Emma Key b 6 Nov 1831 Freethorpe
556......Robert Key bap 17 Apr 1836 Freethorped 13 Jun 1920 Freethorpe
557......Sarah Ann Key b 6 Feb 1846 Freethorpe
558......George Key b 20 Feb 1848 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1911 Blofield

362 Judith WATERS m John Briggs KEY (b 5 Nov 1805 Eaton bap 10 Nov 1805 Eaton d 1 Jul 1870 Freethorpe bur 6 Jul 1870 Freethorpe) 26 Dec 1831 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1841, 1851 and 1861 the family was living Near the Green, Freethorpe and John was an ag lab.

Children of John and Judith
559......Robert Ransby Key b 20 Sep 1832 Freethorpe
Note: In 1851 Robert was an ag lab
560......Mary Ann Key b 19 Apr 1835 Freethorpe bap 17 May 1835 bur 6 Jun 1901 Reedham
561......Walter John Key b 28 Sep 1844 bap 10 Nov 1844 Freethorpe d 6 Feb 1925 Neal, Greenwood County, Kansas
562......Harriet Honor Key b 14 Apr 1846 Freethorpe bap 17 May 1846 Freethorpe d 9 Jul 1862 Freethorpe bur 11 Jul 1862 Freethorpe
563......William Wesley Key b 11 Oct 1848 Freethorpe bap 26 Nov 1848 Freethorpe d 6 Aug 1915 Limpenhoe

363 Martha WATERS m M30 John MALLETT (bap 14 Jul 1805 Limpenhoe bur 27 Oct 1884 Freethorpe) 16 Oct 1832 Freethorpe

In 1851 John was a shoemaker and shopkeeper living at "Near the Green, Freethorpe".

Children of John and Martha
564......John Mallett b 4 Jul 1833 Freethorpe
565......George Mallett b 29 Jan 1835 Freethorpe
566......Robert Mallett b 6 Aug 1837 Freethorpe d 7 Apr 1853 Freethorpe
567......Edmund Ransby Mallett b 25 Dec 1839 Freethorpe
568......Elizabeth Mallett bap 1st May 1842 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1915 Blofield
569......Eliza Mallett b 13 Apr 1844 Freethorpe
570......Harriet Mallett b 22 Feb 1847 Freethorpe died 17 Dec 1860 Freethorpe
571......Sarah Ann Mallett b 11 Jan 1849 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1924 Blofield
572......Last Peter Mallett b 14 Sep 1851 Freethorpe d 12 Sep 1917 Loddon
573......Eliza Mallett b 13 Sep 1844 Freethorpe d 13 Mar 1853 Freethorpe

364 Elizabeth Hannah WATERS m A11 Henry J SHARMAN (bap 4 Aug 1811 Freethorpe d 11 Nov 1861 Freethorpe) 19 May 1834 Freethorpe

Note: In 1841 Henry (possibly aka Richard) was an ag lab living with the family at Freethorpe. Still an ag lab, he was at Reedham in 1851

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
574......Sarah Waters Sharman b 26 Feb 1834 Freethorpe d 6 Oct 1909 Euroka, NSW
575......Rhoda Sharman b 18 Jan 1836 Freethorpe d 28 Jan 1920 Freethorpe
576......Thomas Sharman b 13 Mar 1838 Freethorpe d 16 Apr 1925 Palmer, Nebraska
577......Betsy Sharman b 9 Feb 1840 Freethorpe
579......Maria Sharman b 26 Nov 1841 Freethorpe d 31 Jan 1914 Freethorpe
580......Henry Sharman b 15 Jul 1843 Freethorpebur 6 Jul 1873 Gt Yarmouth
581......Walter William Sharman b 26 Nov 1845 Flegg d 23 May 1890 Freethorpe
582......Robert Waters Sharman b 9 Sep 1847 Yarmouth d 12 Jan 1904 Ranworth
583......Mary Ann Sharman b 28 Jun 1849 Yarmouth
584......Julia Sharman b 2nd qr 1852 Reedham d 22 Apr 1936 Deopham
585......James Sharman b 2nd qr 1854 Reedham
586......John George Sharman b 4th qr 1855 Reedham m Jane Anna TILLS 4th qr 1880

366 Maria WATERS m Henry WATERS (b 23 Apr 1914 Freethorpe d 24 Sep 1862 Freethorpe Freethorpe ) 1 Mar 1838 Freethorpe

Note: Henry's parents were James WATERS ( b abt 1779 d 17 Apr 1857 Freethorpe) and Frances KIBETT b abt 1784 d 3 Dec 1862 who married 9 Oct 1804 Freethorpe. In 1851 Henry was a brick burner and Maria was a dressmaker living near the Green, Freethorpe. In 1861 Henry was a brick burner. In 1871 Maria was a widow, but is shown as a brick and tile manufacturer with her son Henry James. Maria was a dressmaker and ran the brickyard after Henry's death

Children of Henry and Maria
587......Sarah Ann Waters b 1st qr 1845 Blofield d 11 Sep 1880 Freethorpe
588......Henry James Waters b 26 Sep 1846 Blofield d 25 Jan 1938 Norwich

368 Ann BARDELL m Francis STRINGER 12 Nov 1787 Bircham Toft

Children of Francis and Ann
368b......Maria Stringer b 20 Feb 1789 North Runcton bur 25 Jan 1791 North Runcton
368c......Robert Stringer b 1 Jun 1791 North Runcton bur 10 Sep 1794 North Runcton

369 John BARDELL m (a) Ann RUST (bap 9 Oct 1777 bur 29 Aug 1800 Middleston) 22 Dec 1797 (b) Pheobe MOWLTON (bap 6 Apr 1783 Middleton bur 27 Feb 1816 Middleton) 8 Jul 1802 (c) Ann WILTON (bap 7 Mar 1784 Kings Lynnd 16 Jan 1862 Middleton) 8 Oct 1818 Middleton

Note: Ann was the owner of "the Gate" public house, Middleton from 1845 - 1858

Children of John and Ann Rust
589......Maria Bardell bap 11 Feb 1798 Middleton bur 19 Nov 1798 Middleton
590......Jane Bardell bap 26 Mar 1800 Middleton bur 19 Aug 1800 Middleton

373 James VALENTINE m 377 Elizabeth ASHBY (b 1791 Watton) 28 Oct 1816 Middleton

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard ASHBY and Mary LEVINGTON

Children of James and Elizabeth
591......John Valentine bap 28 Jan 1817 Middleton bur 3 Dec 1891 Grimston
592......Sarah Valentine bap 31 May 1819 Middleton bur 5 Oct 1822 Middleton
593......Mary Valentine bap 24 Feb 1822 Middleton
594......Harriet Valentine bap 25 Apr 1824 Middleton d Apr 1880
Note: An obituary notice in the Lynn Advertiser for 21 Apr 1880 lists "Harriet, widow of the late James HOWES"
595......Sarah Valentine bap 27 Aug 1826 Middleton bur 12 Nov 1848 Middleton
596......James Valentine bap 1 Aug 1830 Middleton d 2nd qr 1873 Wisbech R D

597 John GARRARD m Mary CHASTON 17 Jan 1818 Redenhall

Child of Mary before marriage
Alice Chaston b 23 Nov 1817 Wortwell bur 16 Mar 1900 Middleton
Note: Alice became Alice GARRARD after her mother's marriage

Children of John and Mary
599......William Garrard bap 21 Apr 1819 Wortwell
600......Sarah Garrard bap 2 Jul 1821 Wortwell
601......Maria Garrard bap 26 May 1824 Wortwell
602......James Garrard bap 20 Dec 1826 Wortwell

381 James NEWBY m Mary HAMMOND (b 1790 Stoke Ferry) 11 May 1818 Stoke Ferry

Child of James and Mary
603......James Newby b 1827/8 Hillington bap 8 Apr 1827 Stoke Ferry

X28 Charles MOORE m Sarah PAINTER (born abt 1769 place unknown bur 15 Dec 1838 Michelmersh) 4 Dec 1796 Michelmersh.

Children of Charles and Sarah
X35......Charles Moore bap 7 May 1797 Michelmersh
X36......Mary Moore bap 4 Aug 1799 Michelmersh
X37......Anne Moore bap 17 Oct 1802 Michelmersh
X38......James Moore bap 12 Jan 1806 Michelmersh
X39......Anne Moore bap 5 Mar 1809 Michelmersh
X40......Grace Moore bap 13 Nov 1813 Michelmersh bur 23 Mar 1830 Michelmersh

604 Daniel MOORE m Jane MITCHELL 5 Mar 1791 Wellow

Children of Daniel and Jane
605......Daniel Moore bap 22 Sep 1793 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1871 Fordingbridge m Charlotte FELTHAM ( bap 1 Oct 1797 Milbrook d 4th qr 1868 Fordingbridge) 3 May 1831 Romsey
606......George Moore bap 7 Dec 1794 Michelmersh
607......Grace Moore bap 25 Dec 1796 Michelmersh
608......Charles Moore bap 10 Jun 1798 Michelmersh
610......Mary Moore bap 8 Dec 1799 Michelmersh
609......Fanny Moore bap 23 May 1802 Michelmersh
611......Job Moore bap 10 Jun 1804 Michelmersh bur 14 Feb 1884 West Wellow
612......Mary Moore bap 31 Aug 1806 Michelmersh
613......Mary Moore bap 3 Feb 1808 Michelmersh
614......James Moore bap 2 Sep 1810 Michelmersh

615 Richard WIGLEY m Ann STUART 6 Jul 1794 Teddington

Note: In 1821 a Richard Wigley of Ham was employed as a watchman. He attempted to stop a horse and cart driven by a Robert Knight of Richmond. Knight was engaged in smuggling spirits at the time. Wigley shot Knight in the head and he died shortly after. The affair excited a great deal of interest and was reported in the Times Newspaper. Wigley was committed for murder and the case was heard at the Surrey Assizes at Kingston. Wigley was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Children of Richard and Ann
616......John Stuart Wigley b 13 Oct 1795 Petersham bap 3 Nov 1795 Petersham, Surrey
Mary Ann Wigley b 5 Mar 1798 Petersham bap 25 Mar 1798 Petersham, Surrey
618......Grace Wigley b 29 Aug 1799 Petersham bap 15 Sep 1799 Petersham, Mortlake St Mary the Virgin Surrey
Note: Additional Parish Records include the following dated 7 Oct 1820:
23 - Bastardy Order to James Mellish of Richmond, horsekeeper, to pay for the child of Grace Wigley. Endorsed with receipt

619......Jane Eliza Wigleyb 18 Mar 1801 Petersham bap 12 Apr 1801 Petersham, Surrey
620......George James Wigley b 17 Jul 1802 Petersham bap 11 Aug 1802 Petersham, Surrey bur 12 Dec 1802 Petersham
621......Ann Wigley b 21 Oct 1803 Petersham bap 13 Nov 1803 Petersham, Surrey bur 27 Mar 1821 Petersham
622......Sarah Wigley b 12 Jan 1805 Petersham bap 28 Apr 1805 Petersham, Surrey bur 10 Jan 1817 Petersham
623......Elizabeth Wigley b 3 May 1806 Petersham bap 1 Jun 1806 Petersham, Surrey
624......Richard Wigley b 10 Sep 1807 Petersham bap 6 Oct 1807 Petersham, Surrey bur 16 Oct 1807 Petersham
625......Frances Wigley b 26 Dec 1808 Petersham bap 13 Jan 1809 Petersham, Surrey bur 23 Sep 1815 Petersham
626......James Wigley b 15 Jun 1810 Petersham bap 8 Jul 1810 Petersham, Surrey d 30 Nov 1872 m Gertrude Charlotte JACKET (b abt 1801 Hillingdon d 1st qr 1881 Wandsworth) 8 Apr 1838 Lambeth

627......Charlotte Wigley b 18 Dec 1812 Petersham bap 10 Jan 1813 Petersham, Surrey
627a....William Wigley b 4 May 1814 Petersham
628......Joseph Wigley b 29 Dec 1815 Petersham bap 21 Jan 1816 Petersham, Surrey
629......Isabella Wigley b 21 May 1817 Petersham bap 22 Jun 1817 Petersham, Surrey
630......Caroline Wigley b 2 May 1819 Petersham bap 6 Jun 1819 Petersham, Surrey
Henry Wigley b 27 Sep 1817 Ham or Ham Common bap 24 Oct 1824 Petersham, Surrey d 24 Jan 1879 Norwich
Note: Henry died of consumption (TB)


389 James FULLER m P44 Charlotte PIGNEY (bap 9 Dec 1809 Burgh St Peter)14 Dec 1839 Wheatacre [Loddon 13 463]

Note: In 1851 James was an ag lab. In 1871 the family was at Priory Farm, Aldeby.

Children of James and Charlotte
632......James F Fuller b 1836/7 [1851 census]
Note: In 1851 James was an ag lab
633......Alfred William Fuller b 4th qr 1840 [Loddon 13 170]
634......Frederica Fuller bap 26 May 1843 d 1st qr 1902 m Charles BROWN (b 4th qr 1843 Toft Monks) 1st qr 1869 Loddon
635......Alfred William Fuller b 3 May 1846 Burgh St Peters
636......Margaret Fuller b 13 Feb 1848 Burgh St Peters [Loddon 13 194]
637......Alice Fuller b 3rd qr 1850 Burgh St Peters [Loddon 13 193] bap 22 Sep 1850 Burgh St Peter m William WARD 21 May 1872 Aldeby
638......Harriet Fuller b 4th qr 1855 [Loddon 4b 167]

Q49 Susanna DUNT m William GRAY 28 Mar 1831 Cantley

Note: William and his brother John were master and seaman on the 43 ton smack trawler "Statesman" in Gt Yarmouth in the 1871 census. The Bury and Norwich Post reported on 7 Jan 1873 that the Staesman was one of several ships lost in the terrible gales which had prevailed in the previous month. John either survived or wasn't on the Statesman when it was lost and William's wife Sarah Ann is shown as a widow in the 1881 census. Sarah Ann remarried to Edward Boughton GYLES 29 Oct 1882 Gt Yarmouth

Child of William and Susannah
Q52......William Gray bap 21 Jul 1839 Hardley d Dec 1872 at sea probably m Sarah Ann THOMPSON (b 15 Aug 1840 Gt Yarmouth) 3 Mar 1862 Limpenhoe
Q53......Robert Gray bap 1 Jan 1843 Hardley
Q54......John Gray bap 25 Aug 1844 Hardley d 17 May 1917 Finchley m Ruth BARNES (bap 1 Apr 1846 Langham d 14 Feb 1908 Limpenhoe) 1st qr 1867 Walsingham
Q55......Samuel Gray bap 19 Jul 1846 Hardley

411 Thomas SALES m (a) Maria MIMMS b abt 1821 bur 10 Sep 1848 Corton) 1st qr 1841 Corton [Mutford 13 655] (b) F12 Mary Ann FISK (bap 13 Dec 1818 Corton bur 22 Jan 1898 Corton) 5 Jan 1851 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth

Note: Thomas was landlord of the White Horse Inn, Corton in the 1881 census. 100 years earlier the landlords had been the Mewse family - see here

Children of Thomas and Maria
639......Sarah Sales b 3rd qr 1841 [Mutford 13 447] d 4th qr 1843 [Mutford 13 293]
640......Sarah Maria Sales b 3rd qr 1845 [Mutford 13 475] bap 27 Sep 1845 Corton

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
641......Charlotte Selina Sales b 2nd qr 1852 Corton
642......Arthur Herbert Sales b 1st qr 1863 Corton d 22 Jan1915 Edmonton

413 Mary Ann SALES m J9 James JACKSON (bap 20 Jun 1817 Acle d 4th qr 1900 Wheatacre All Saints ) 3rd qr 1840 Blofield

Note: James was an ag lab in 1861, but in 1881 he was a Marshman (Land Drain) living at Marsh House by River, Wheatacre All Saints the home of his son James

Children of James and Mary Ann
643......John Jackson b abt 1841 Reedham
Note: In 1861 John was an ag lab
644......Mary Ann Jackson 2nd qr 1844 Reedham [Blofield 13 27] d 3rd qr 1916 Flegg m (a) Thomas PRESS (b 3rd qr 1842 Gt Yarmouth d 15 Sep 1878 Gt Yarmouth) 14 Oct 1864 Reedham (b) Charles GEDGE (bap 10 May 1842 Old Buckenham d 16 Nov 1901 Southtown) 8 Feb 1885 Gt Yarmouth
James Jackson b 1st qr 1847 Reedham [Blofield 13 26]
Note: In 1861 James was an ag lab, but like his father he became a Marshman (Land Drain) in 1881
646......Thomas William Jackson b 4th qr 1849 Reedham [Blofield 13 20]
Note: In 1861Thomas was an ag lab, aged 11
647......Elizabeth Jackson b 3rd qr 1853 Reedham [Blofield 4b 171]
648......Francis Jackson b 2nd qr 1858 Reedham [Blofield 4b 198] d 1st qr 1911 Mutford
649......Alice Jackson b 2nd qr 1860 Reedham [Blofield 4b 195 or 7] m Arcord David SNELL (b 1st qr 1861 Yarmouth) d 1st qr 1946 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1881 Yarmouth
Sarah Ann Jackson b 1st qr 1863 Reedham [Blofield 4b 210]
651......Anna Jackson b 1st qr 1866 Reedham [Blofield 4b 207]

414 Elizabeth SALES m 159 Jonathan BECK 20 Feb 1843 Limpenhoe

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth
652......George Beck b 8 May 1843 Limpenhoe d 10 Aug 1913 Limpenhoe m Elizabeth LOADS (b 1st qr 1848 Limpenhoe d 2nd qr 1929 Blofield R D) 28 Apr 1894 Limpenhoe
William Beck bap 11 May 1845 Limpenhoe bur 23 Jan 1919 Limpenhoe
654......James Beck bap 11 Jul 1847 Limpenhoe bur 25 Jul 1847 Limpenhoe
655......James Beck bap 10 Sep 1848 Limpenhoe d 3 Aug 1933 Yarmouth
Note in 1871 census James was a fisherman on board the "Young Agnes" out of Yarmouth off St Michaels Mount, later a platelayer then a railway inspector
656......John Beck b 25 Apr 1851 Limpenhoe d 20 Oct1931 Tunstead
657......Henry Beck bap 7 Aug 1853 Limpenhoe d 3 Sep 1918 Worstead
658......Jonathan Beck bap 16 Mar 1856 Limpenhoe d 1 Nov 1919 Reedham
659......Alfred Thomas Beck b 29 Aug 1857 Limpenhoe bap 9 May 1858 Limpenhoe
660......Frederick Beck bap 5 Jun 1860 Limpenhoe bur 11 Dec 1894 Limpenhoe Blofield
661......Edith Beck b 2 Apr 1865 Limpenhoe bap 15 Apr 1865 Limpenhoe bur 7 Oct 1939 Reedham

417 Hannah NEWSON m James MINISTER (b 10 Jul 1803 Wickhampton d 288 Oct 1893 Wickhampton) 10 Sep1827 Wickhampton

Note: James was a marshman

Children of James and Hannah
v417b......James Minister b 29 Sep 1827 Wickhampton d 24 Dec 1898 Wickhampton m Harriet BULLMAN (b 1 Oct 1829 Wickhampton d 4th qr 1902 Blofield) 4th qr 1865 Norwich
v417c......Sarah Minister b 18 Oct 1829 Wickhampton
v417d......Edward Minister bap 17 Mar 1833 Wickhampton
v417e......Mary Ann Minister bap 17 Apr 1836 Halvergate
v417f......Harriet Minister bap 3 May 1837 Halvergate
v417g......William Minister b 31 Aug 1839 Halvergate bur 10 Sep 1898 Halvergate
v417h......Anne Minister b 13 Apr 1842 Halvergate
v417i......Robert Minister b 2 Dec 1843 Halvergate
v417j......Charlotte Minister b 7 Feb 1846 Halvergate

418 Charlotte NEWSON m Samuel SMITH (bap 22 Mar 1807 Cantley) 16 Sep 1834 Wickhampton.

Note: Samuel and Charlotte emigrated to Australia as assisted immigrants aboard the "Asiatic" arriving Sydney Cove, Greater Sydney in May 1855. With them were their daughter Elizabeth Newson Clarke, son in law Robert Clarke, and daughters Sarah Ann and Marianne.

Children of Samuel and Charlotte
Q56......Elizabeth Newson Smith b 1 Oct 1837 d 1882 Mudgee, NSW m Robert CLARKE (b abt 1834 Postwick) 30 Aug 1854 Wickhampton
Q57......Sarah Ann Smith b 2 Nov 1841 Wickhampton
Q58......Marianne Smith b 19 Jun 1844 m (a) George Thomas CLEMSON (b 19 Aug 1839 Agnes Banks NSW) 9 Mar 1860 Penrith NSW (b) Charles George EDWARDS (b 29 Mar 1835 Stepney, London) abt 1874 Gundagai, NSW

418b Mary Ann NEWSON m Christopher CORY (bap 25 Dec 1816 Lingwood d 22 Mar 1886 Freethorpe) 22 Dec 1838 Wickhampton

Note: Christopher was a harness maker and son of James CORY

Children of Christopher and Mary Ann
v418d......James William Cory b 9 Aug 1840 Freethorpe
v418e......Mary Ann Cory bap 23 Feb 1842 Freethorpe m Mark HARRIS (b 20 Apr 1843 Freethorpe) 22 Nov 1866 Freethorpe
v418f......Christopher Cory b 28 Aug 1844 Freethorpe d 15 Nov 1846 Wickhampton
v418g......Henry Thomas Cory b 15 Nov 1846 Wickhampton d 17 d 17 Dec 1846 Wickhampton
v418h......Albert Newson Cory bap 7 Sep 1849 Freethorpe d 3rd qr 1849 Blofield

418e Sarah Ann NEWSON m Samuel Benstead HOWARD bap 4 Dec 1825 Moulton) 1st qr 1847 Great Yarmouth

Note: Samuel was the son of Samuel HOWARD and Elizabeth Mary Ann SPENDLOVE and was a carpenter

Children of Samuel and Sarah
418e-2......Elizabeth Hannah Howard b 29 Apr 1844 Wickhampton m Samuel BROWN (b 1 Jun 1838 Halvergate) 12 Jan 1862 Halvergate
418e-3......Samuel Robert Howard b 11 Dec 1845 Wickhampton d 2nd qr 1909 Yarmouth.m Eliza NICHOLS (b 3rd qr 1846 Yarmouth d 5 Jun 1920 Norwich) 4 Aug 1870 Gt Yarmouth
Note: In 1871 Samuel was mate on the "Fancy", a 39 ton trawling smack in Yarmouth
418e-4......Christiana Eve Howardb 5 Jan 1848 Wickhampton
Note: though no marriage or death has yet been found for Christiana Eve, there is evidence suggesting that she had at least two children with John Joshua Runniff in Great Yarmouth. She was his Housekeeper for the 1871 and 1881 censuses and Elizabeth Runniff Howard was born in Sep Qr 1868 in Mutford RD and John Runniff Howard was born in Mar Qr 1870 in Mutford RD.
Elizabeth died before the 1881 census and John had become John Runniff, son of John Joshua Runniff. A John Runniff Howard married Zipporah Borrett 8 Jul 1890 in Kilburn, giving his father's name as John Runniff, Fish Merchant. Below in brackets are the words, (Deputed Father) ;

418e-5......James William Howard b 26 Oct 1852 Wickhampton d Mar Qr 1931 Yarmouth RD m Emmeline KNIGHTS (bap 3 May 1854 Ormesby died Jun Qr 1931 Yarmouth RD) 19 Jan 1873 Gt Yarmouth

438c Samuel BALLS m Sarah MURGET (b 24 Oct 1803 Hanworth bur 14 Nov 1865 Walcott) 19 Nov 1826 Brumstead

Children of Samuel and Sarah
B31......Samuel Balls b 3 Nov 1830 Bacton d 13 Sep 1854 Norwich
B32......Alexander Balls b 1 Jul 1832 Bacton d 15 Jul 1908 Rookwood NSW m Mary Ann CAMPBELL (b 6 Apr 1841 Chippendale NSW d 4 Apr 1911 Rookdale NSW ) 9 Nov 1859 Redfern NSW.
B33......Sarah Ann Balls b 11 Feb 1837 Happisburgh bur 1 Aug 1869 Walcott m Joseph ALLEN (bap 16 Sep 1815 Tunstead bur 19 May 1884 Coltishall) 25 Sep 1858 Worstead
B34......Elizabeth Balls b 4 Apr 1839 Happisburgh
B35......Esther Balls b 4 Apr 1839 Happisburgh d 20 May 1863 Walcott m John WILSON (bap 7 Feb 1826 Walcott) 4th qr 1861 Tunstead
B36......George Balls b 12 Oct 1845 Walcott
B37......Elizabeth Balls b 4 May 1847 Walcott

419 Benjamin BECK m Mary Ann PICKSTONE (b Wickhampton 1818/19 bap 12 Apr 1819 Wickhampton bur 27 Nov 1891 Reedham) 29 Jul 1835 Wickhampton

Note: Mary Ann was the daughter of Edward PICKSTONE and Bridget SHIELDS. In 1845 Benjamin was listed as a shopkeeper in Wickhampton. In 1871 Benjamin was an ag lab living "by the River" in Reedham. Also staying with the family was Anna, aged 5, granddaughter of Benjamin. In 1881 Benjamin and Mary Ann were together but without their family at Church Rd, Reedham, and Benjamin was an ag lab.

Children of Benjamin and Mary Ann
662......William Beck b 24 Sep 1837 Freethorpe m Elizabeth MOORE (bap Ann Elizabeth 20 Jul 1845 Leamington) 4th qr 1877 Warwick
Note: William was an ag lab
663......Ann Beck b 13 Nov 1839 Wickhampton m Thomas SPINKS (b 3rd qr 1847 Gt Yarmouth) 12 Oct 1868 Reedham
Note: Thomas was a fisherman
664......John Beck b 1839 bap 10 Nov 1839 Wickhampton
665......James Beck b 5 Oct 1841 bap 25 Nov 1841 Wickhampton bur 9 Dec 1882 Reedham
Note: In 1861 James was a private in 2nd battalion 17th regiment of foot at Cheriton, kent. In 1871 James was a labourer living with his parents: in 1881 he was an inmate at the Workhouse, Lingwood
Benjamin Beck b 31 Dec 1843 Wickhampton d 1st qr 1933 Mutford
667......Mary Ann Beck b 31 May 1846 bur 24 May 1848 Reedham
668......Sarah Ann Beck b 12 Apr 1848 Reedham bap 12 Apr 1848 Reedham bur 24 May 1848 Reedham
669......Charles Beck b 17 May 1850 Reedham bap 16 Jun 1850 Reedham m Mary Ann BULLEN 28 Dec 1874 Yarmouth
Note: the 1871 census lists Charles as a fisherman labourer and militiaman
670......George Beck b 8 Nov 1852 Reedham bur 29 Jun 1853 Reedham
671......George Daniel Beck b 30 Mar 1854 Reedham bur 12 Feb 1860 Reedham
672......Angelina Beck b 24 Oct 1856 Reedham b 26 Jan 1889 Gt Yarmouth m Christopher William NELSON 23 Dec 1883 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth
673......Henry Edward Beck bap 3 May 1859 Reedham bur 6 Jul 1859 Reedham
673a....Caroline Beck b 12 Aug 1860 Reedham d 4th qr 1922 Blofield

420 John BECK m (a) Elizabeth JACKSON 29 Oct 1838 Limpenhoe (b) Charlotte WATSON (b 25 Jan 1816 Woodton bap 28 Sep 1816 Woodton d 1st qr 1905 Mutford) 23 Sep 1849 Fritton

Children of John and Elizabeth
674......Sarah Ann Beck b 16 Jan 1839 Herringfleet bap 10 Feb 1839 Herringfleet
675......Maria Beck bap 10 Jan 1841 Herringfleet

Child of John and Charlotte
676......Anna Beck b 3rd qr 1850 Fritton bap 21 Jul 1850 Fritton.

421 James BECK m Susan DENNY 1 Aug 1842 Limpenhoe

Children of James and Susan
677......Alfred Beck b 26 Mar 1847 Wickhampton bap 25 Apr 1847 Wickhampton d 1st qr 1917 Mutford
678......William Beck b 1 Mar 1850 Reedham bap 21 Apr 1850 Reedham

424 Hannah BECK m Robert WALPOLE (b 10 Jun 1811 Norton Subcourse bap 16 Jun 1811 Norton Subcourse) 19 Oct 1852 Norton Subcourse

Note: In 1861 Robert was an ag lab and lived in Morton Street, Norton

Child of Robert and Hannah
679......Harry Walpole b 4 Dec 1864 Norton Subcourse

425 Ann BECK m William SALES 12 Aug 1843 [Blofield 13 69]

Note: In 1861 William, the son of John SALES, a retired blacksmith in 1881 (b Limpenhoe 1791) was a blacksmith living at Blacksmith House, Reedham, employing one man The 1881 census shows Ann as a widow living at Limpenhoe as head of household with William, John, Emily, Edward, all single, and a grandson Herbert SCALES

Children of William and Ann
680......Sarah Sales bap 21 Jan 1844 Limpenhoe
681......Elizabeth Sales bap 24 Aug 1845 Limpenhoe d 20 Dec 1920 1920 aged 74 Limpenhoe [Blofield 4b 219]
682......William Sales bap 11 Jul 1847 Limpenhoe d 4th qr 1918 Blofield
Note: In 1881 William was an unmarried ag lab
683......Susan Esther Sales bap 17 Jun 1849 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1851 [Blofoeld 13 25]
684......Jane Sales bap 16 Sep 1852 Limpenhoe
685......Marianne Sales bap 10 Jun 1855 Limpenhoe d 4 Feb 1926Filby
686......Thomas Sales bap 19 Jul 1857 Limpenhoe bur 13 Nov 1878 Limpenhoe
687......John Sales bap 11 Apr 1861 Limpenhoe 4th qr 1950 Acle bur 14 Dec 1950 Limpenhoe m Mary Ann LINFORD (b 3rd qr 1851 nee DINGLE Limpenhoe d 8 Dec 1936 Limpenhoe) 4th qr 1892 Blofield
Note: Mary Ann had been married to Samuel Christopher LINFORD 22 Dec 1879 Gt Yarmouth
Note: In 1881 John was an unmarried ag lab
688......Emily Sales b 4 Jun 1862 bur 5 Aug 1863 Limpenhoe
689......Emily Sales b 4th qr 1864 Limpenhoe bap 5 Jan 1872 Limpenhoe m Bemjamin HOVELLS (b 1st qr 1865 Blofield d 4th qr 1897 Blofield) 1st qr 1897
690......Edward Sales b 3rd qr 1869 Limpenhoe [Blofield 4b 184] bap 5 Jan 1872 Limpenhoe bur 26 Jul 1896 Limpenhoe

Q62 Jonathan GRAY b 19 Nov 1819 Reedham bur 24 Dec 1892 Reedham m Mary JERMYN (b abt 1825 South Walsham d 3rd qr 1913 Blofield) 30 Nov 1847 Reedham

Children of Jonathan and Mary
Q62......Elizabeth Gray b 5 Oct 1848 Reedham bur 15 Sep 1864 Reedham
Q62a....Mary Gray b 17 Aug 1850 Reedham bur 23 Aug 1850 Reedham
Q63......Samuel Gray b 22 Jul 1851 Reedham d 3rd qr 1929 Henstead m Eliza HARVEY (b 8 Jun 1863 Drayton) 4th qr 1885 Mitford
Q64......Robert Gray b 19 Oct 1853 Reedham bur 22 Aug 1855 Reedham
Q65......Robert Gray b 21 May 1857 Reedham d 4th qr 1948 Norwich Outer m (a) Ellice RICE (b 2nd qr 1869 Ormesby bur 25 Oct 1898 Reedham) 24 Nov 1897 Reedham (b) Alice CULLUM (born Alice ATHERTON 2nd Qr 1860 Beccles m Frederick Charles CULLUM 2nd Qr 1883 Blofield died 2nd Qr 1919 Blofield RD) Dec Qr 1899 Blofield
Q66......John Gray b 28 Oct 1859 Reedham d 2nd qr 1949 Acle
Q67......William Gray b 24 May 1862 Reedham d 1st qr 1937 Blofield
Q68......Charlotte Gray b 5 Aug 1864 Reedham d 2nd qr 1944 Acle m Samuel EDWARDS (b 11 Apr 1863 Reedham d 2nd qr 1947 Acle) 18 Nov 1886 Reedham
Q69......Hannah Gray b 15 Jun 1867 Reedham d 4th qr 1944 Ilford m Louis Philip FRENCH bap 29 Jan 1865 Gt Yarmouth d 16 Nov 1947 Ilford) 22 Dec 1890 Reedham

257c Robert BECK m Catherine Ann Parker OAKES (b 27 Jul 1829 Bawburgh d 4th qr 1919 Blofield) 7 May 1850 Blofield

Children of Robert and Catherine
257f......Marianne Beck b 29 Jun 1851 Blofield d Mar qr 1929 Blofield m Benjamin TRETT (b 1st qr 1845 Hemblington d 2nd qr 1917 Blofield) 4th qr 1868 Blofield
257g......Robert Beck bap 11 Mar 1855 Blofield m Louisa REEVE (bap 25 Apr 1858 Hemblington) 27 Mar 1875 Burlingham St Peter
257h......Henry Beck b 10 Sep 1857 Blofield d 13 Nov 1946 Norwich m Amy MOLL (b 1st qr 1851 Lingwood d 12 Nov 1939 Norwich) 3rd qr 1878 Blofield

433 Henry CLIFFORD m Elizabeth WATTS (b 1837/8 Maugesbury, Gloucs.) 4th qr 1857 Stow on the Wold

Note: In 1861 Henry was a stonemason and the family lived at Stone Road, Lower Swell

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
691......Alice Ann Clifford b 1st qr 1858 Lower Swell d 11 Mar 1929 Reading
Note: In 1871 Alice was staying with her grandmother, Elizabeth CLIFFORD
692......Leonard Wilson Clifford b 4th qr 1859 [Stow on the Wold 6a 340] bap 25 Dec 1859 Lower Swell d 1st qr 1929 Reading m Elizabeth Jane BUCKLE (b 23 Dec 1875 Drayton, Berks d 4th qr 1912 Reading) 5 Feb 1894 Reading
693......Joseph Henry Clifford b 3rd qr 1861 bap 10 Nov 1861 Lower Swell d 3rd qr 1863 Stow on the Wold

434 Betsey CLIFFORD m William KENCH (b 1837 Naunton d 9 Aug 1915 Kingham) 4th qr 1861 Stow on the Wold

Child of William and Betsey
Q21......Clara Louise Kench b 1st qr 1867 Kingham d 8 Feb 1944 Long Compton m Thomas Aden EATON (b 2nd qr 1865 Witney d 12 Mar 1929 Long Compton) 2nd qr 1890 Portsea

440 Elizabeth DAWSON m George PLATTEN (bap 7 Feb 1822 Aylesham bur 11 Jan 1863 Marsham) 12 Oct 1848 Panxworth

Children of George and Elizabeth
694......Ann Platten b 22 Sep 1850 Panxworth
695......Henry Platten b 12 Mar 1852 Panxworth
696......Francis Platten b 9 Mar 1856 Marsham d 12 Jun 1856 Marsham
697......William Platten b 21 Jul 1857 Marsham bur 10 Dec 1857 Marsham
698.....Elizabeth Platten b 1st qr 1859 Marsham bap 28 Apr 1859 Marsham bur 16 Jul 1859 Marsham
699......Francis Platten b bap 25 Jan 1860 Marsham m (a) Sarah Martha CULLEY (b 2nd qr 1857 Poplar d 2 qr 1901 Tynemouth) 17 Jul 1881 Aylesham (b) Maria HOPKINSON (b Maria EWING 3rd qr 1858 Blickling d 1st qr 1917 Aylesham) 4th qr 1904 Aylesham
Note: Maria had been married to William HOPKINSON 2nd qr 1883 Lincoln
700......George Henry Platten bap 27 Apr 1862 Marsham m Ann TORTICE (b 3rd qr 1869 Aylesham) 4th qr 1892 Aylesham

441 Alfred SHEARING m (a) Harriet RUSHMER (b 1825 Elough bur 7 Sep 1854 Halvergate) 20 May 1850 St James with Pockthorpe, Norwich (b) Sarah Ann WRIGHT (bap 6 Aug 1837 Filby) 11 Nov 1855 Moulton St Mary

Child of Alfred and Harriet
701......Harriet Elizabeth Shearing b 4th qr 1850 Ellough bur 23 Sep 1855 Halvergate

Children of Alfred and Sarah
702......Mary Anne Shearing b 12 Apr 1856 Halvergate
703......Ann Shearing b 12 Apr 1856 Halvergate
704......Robert Shearing b 4th qr 1858 Halvergate

444 Jane Elizabeth SHEARING m (a) Nathaniel NEWSTEAD ( b 11 Apr 1813 Horsey d 31 May 1859 Great Yarmouth) 19 Oct 1856 Gorleston (b) Samuel GOBBITT (bap 25 Mar 1832 Geldeston bur 4 Apr 1901 Ellingham19 Sep 1872 St Nicholas, Gt Yarmouth

Note: Nathaniel was also known as Nathaniel Newstead Boyce. His father, James Newstead Boyce was the illegitimate son of Mary Newstead, and may have derived the name Boyce from a later marriage of Mary

Jane with her children was living with her parents as a widow in 1861. In 1871 she was again a widow and a charlady living in Row, Gt Yarmouth. Living with her were two lodgers: Samuel GOBBETT aged 39 labourer born in Geldeston in 1832 and Rose PILLER, a silk winder born in Yarmouth 1854

Child of unknown and Jane
705......Frederic SHEARING b abt 1847 Lingwood [Census 1861]
Note~: Frederic was a labourer in 1861

Children of Nathaniel and Jane
706......William NEWSTEAD b abt 1852 Gt Yarmouth [Census 1861]
707......John George Newstead b 1st qr 1857 [Yarmouth 4b 9]
Note: John George was a currier's apprentice in 1871
708......Charles Newstead b 1st qr 1859 [Yarmouth 4b 1]

450 Francis SHEARING m Maria Appleton Brown DURRANT (b 3rd qr 1840 Gt Yarmouth) 4th qr 1862 Yarmouth

450b......Francis John Shearing b 3rd qr 1864 Yarmouth
450c......Maria R D Shearing b 1st qr 1866 Yarmouth d 1st qr 1938 Yarmouth m George Robert RUMP (b abt 1864 Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1900 Yarmouth) 30 May 1886 Gt Yarmouth
450d......Augustine Durrant Shearing b 4th qr 1867 Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1868 Yarmouth
450e......Augustine Durrant Shearing b 1st qr 1869 Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1876 Yarmouth

452 William STOUT m Susannah GREEN (bap 27 Feb 1822 Winterton bur 7 Mar 1897 Hemsby) 17 Apr 1860 Hemsby

Note: Susannah was the widow of Jonathan GREEN whom she married 21 Jul 1841 - her maiden name was PLANE

Children of William and Susannah
709......Mary Jane Stout b 2nd qr 1861 bap 19 May 1861 Hemsby bur 25 Aug 1861 Hemsby
710......Susannah Stout b 3rd qr 1862 bap 14 Sep 1862 Hemsby d 5 Feb 1885 Hemsby

453 Mary Ann STOUT m George CURTIS (b Acle bap 7 Feb 1819 Halvergate) 12 Dec 1843 Cantley

Children of George and Mary Ann
Q70......Benjamin Curtis b 18 Jan 1844 Cantley
Q71......Ann Curtis b 16 Aug 1846 Cantley
Q72......George Curtis b 28 Sep 1848 Tunstall m Phillis COOK (b 1st qr 1845 Thurgarton) 16 Nov 1872 Aldborough
Q73......Susan Curtis bap 30 Mar 1851 Tunstall
Q74......John Curtis bap 14 Jan 1855 Ormesby St Michael
Q75......Robert Curtis b 4th qr 1857 Ludham
Q76......Patience Elizabeth Curtis b 1st qr 1862 Alby m Edward Narburgh<(b abt 1856 Burgh) 19 Oct 1880 Ludham
Q77......Isabella Curtis b 2nd qr 1864 Alby d 7 Feb 1897 Hempstead m William James REYNOLDS (b abt 1867 Lessingham) 11 Jan 1897 Lessingham
Q78......Eliza Curtis b 4th qr 1866 Alby

457 Robert GEORGE m Eliza MINISTER 12 Jun 1848 St Michael at Plea, Norwich

Children of Robert and Eliza (Elizabeth)
711......Thomas Robert George b 1st qr 1849 Hopton [Mutford 13 498]
712......Mary George b 3rd qr 1850 [Mutford 13 467] bap 4 Aug 1850 Hopton
713......John George b 25 May 1854 Wickhampton bap 2 Jul 1854 Wickhampton

458a Elmira GEORGE m Thomas COOPER (b 23 May 1823Frethorpe bap 14 May 1837 Freethorpe d 1909 New South Wales, Australia) 2 Jan 1846 Freethorpe

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Robert WATERS and Mary GEORGE Thomas, Elmira and family emigrated on assisted passage to Port Jackson, New South Wales, arriving on 18 Nov 1852 aboard the ship "Kate" above

Child of Elmira before marriage
714......Sarah Anne (GEORGE) b 12 Jun 1844 bap 14 Jul 1844 Freethorpe

Children of Thomas and Emira
715......Robert Thomas Cooper b 27 Sep 1846 bap 1 Nov 1846 Freethorpe d 8 Dec 1908 Blaney, New South Wales
716......Thomas Cooper b 31 Oct 1848 bap 9 Nov 1848 Freethorpe bur 16 Sep 1849 Freethorpe

461 James YOUNGS m Lucy SHARMAN (bap 31 Aug 1806 Wickhampton d 28 May 1880 Wickhampton) 1 Nov 1829 Wickhampton

Child of Lucy and unknown
178b......Lucy SHARMAN b 1 May 1829 Wickhampton m Thomas BURTON 2nd qr 1852 St Pancras

Children of James and Lucy
717......James Scurrell Youngs bap 30 Aug 1831 Wickhampton d 22 Mar 1855 Wickhampton
718.....John Youngs bap 27 Apr 1833 Wickhampton m Sarah MEAL 15 Oct 1856 Moulton St Mary
719......Scurrell Youngs bap 24 Oct 1837 Wickhampton d 24 Jan 1929 Tunstead m Betsy BANHAM (b 9 Feb 1842 Wickhampton d 3 Feb 1921 Wickhampton Scurrell was Licensee at the Stracey Arms, Tunstead from 1869-1889
720.....Eleanor Amelia Youngs bap 5 Jan 1840 Wickhampton d 12 Dec 1932 Wickhampton
721......Eliza Youngs bap 25 Apr 1841 Wickhampton m James SKIPPER (b 20 Sep 1842 Halvergate) 12 Aug1866 Wickhampton
722......George Youngs b 2nd qr 1843 Wickhampton d 4 Feb 1937 Hickling m Jane Elizabeth LAYTON (b 4th qr 1849 Yarmouth d 11 Mar 1925 Hickling) 23 Jan 1872 Yarmouth
723......Jane Elizabeth Youngs bap 20 Feb 1846 Wickhampton d 7 Jun1912 Wickhampton
724......William Youngs bap 7 Sep 1848 Wickhampton d 4th qr 1937 Blofield m Sophia SHARMAN (bap 16 Dec 1849 Cantley d 4th qr 1932 Blofield) 2nd qr 1872 Blofield

467 Thomas YOUNGS m (a)Martha WICKHAM (b 29 May 1822 Rockland St Mary bur 10 Jan 1856 Rockland St Mary) 31 Jan 1843 Rockland St Mary (b) Charlotte COOPER nee HIPPERSON (b abt 1815 m Robert COOPER 18 Sep 1838 Woodton) 2nd qr 1858 Norwich

Children of Thomas and Martha
467b......Sarah Jane Youngs b 1st qr 1846 Rockland St Mary d 2nd qr 1930 Wandsworth m John HOLDSWORTH (b 1 Mar 1845 Norwich d 1st 1r 1929 Wandsworth) 1st Jun 1870 St Mary, Battersea
467c......Thomas George Youngs b 1st qr 1848 Rockland St Mary
467d......Hannah Maria Youngs b 1st qr 1850 Rockland St Mary m William MASON (b abt 1859 Ireland) 1st qr 1878 St George Hanover Sq
467e......Robert Youngs b 1st qr 1851 Rockland St Mary m Hannah FULFORD (b 2nd qr 1843 St Lukes) 3 Aug 1886 Walworth

468 Sarah YOUNGS m George GOFFIN (bap 22 Oct 1827 Catfield bur 14 Feb 1901 Rockland St Mary) 21 Dec 1858 Lakenham

Child of George and Sarah
Q59......Frederick Goffin b 4th Qr 1859 Pulham St Mary bur 16 May 1860 Rockland St Mary

470 John SALES m Mary Ann ALDRED 2nd qr 1839 Blything

Note: In 1851 John was a blacksmith. In 1881 Mary, a widow, was living at 16 Alice Terrace, Bermondsey.

Children of John and Mary Ann
725......Elizabeth Sales bap 4 Jul 1841 Brampton, Suffolk.
726......John Gunton Sales bap 4 May 1843 Brampton d 4th qr 1843 Blything
727......James Samuel Sales b 1st qr 1847 Horsley Down, Southwark d 1st qr 1899 West Ham m Annie GIFFORD 22 Apr 1871 St Matthews Brixton
728......Albinia Maria Sales b 19 Nov 1849 Reedham
729......Mary Rosamond Sales b 25 Apr 1852 Reedham d 2nd qr 1872 St Saviour RD
730......Alice Catherine Sales b 3rd qr 1854 Greenwich d 1st qr 1856 St Saviour
731......Louisa Augusta Sales b 1st qr 1856 St Saviors d 3rd qr 1910 Bromley m Albert Hedley SMEE (b 2nd qr 1862 Chelmsford d 5 Junr1929 Bromley) 3rd qr 1891 Camberwell
732......John Robert Sales b 1st qr 1858 St Saviour m Emily Annie HODGES (b 4th qr 1861 Pancras) 5 Feb 1882 Trinity Church St St Mary Newington
Note: In 1881 John was a manager at saw mills, but in 1891 he was a warehouseman lodging at 20 Alvey Street Newington, London
733......Edward Ernest Sales b 1st qr 1860 Southwark
734....Charles Henry Sales b 3rd qr 1863 Southwark

473 Samuel SALES m (a) Elizabeth MURRELL (b 1821 Framingham d 12 Nov 1881 Reedham [Blofield 4b 130]) 7 May 1846 Reedham (b) Emily COCKERILL nee BLYTH (b 8 Apr 1832 Blofield bap 8 May 1832 Easton d 2nd qr 1914 Cambridge) 4th qr 1882 [Blofield 4b 527]

Note: In 1851 Samuel was a railway porter living at Reedham, but in 1861 he was a shoemaker still in Reedham. In 1871 he was still a boot maker, living at the Cottage, Reedham. 1881 sees him as a shoemaker employing two men and living at Witton Green, Reedham. 1891 saw him still at work as a shoemaker and living at Ferry Road, Reedham. Still at work in 1901 as a shoemaker, he was living at the Eagle Tavern, Reedham but in 1910 he is shown as a formerly bootmaker living at Mill Road, Reedham
Emily was the widow of Ezekial COCKERILL who she married on 28 Mar 1854 at Reedham.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth
735......John William Sales b 2 Nov 1847 Reedham
736......Samuel James Sales bap 24 Feb 1850 North Elmham bur 31 Jan 1931 Reedham m Harriet HALL (bap 28 Jul 1850 Beighton bur 17 May 1938 Reedham) 10 Jun 1875 Beighton
Note: Samuel was a shoemaker and Parish Clerk for se 1veral years
737......Frederick George Sales b 9 Aug 1851 Reedham bur 11 Mar 1924 Reedham m Christianna GARWOOD (b abt 1852 Hassingham bur 3 Nov 1936 Reedham 12 Oct 1871 Gt Yarmouth
Note Frederick was a painter in 1871
738......Thomas Sales b 18 Apr 1853 Reedham d 20 Oct 1913 Cantley m Harriet SEAGO (bap 31 Aug 1851 Tunstead d 10 May 1915 Cantley) 2 Nov 1876 Norwich
Note: Thomas was a blacksmith's apprentice in 1871
739......Elizabeth Mary Jane Sales b 27 Nov 1855 d 22 Oct 1930 SReepham Rd, Hellesdon m George Vincent GRUMMETT (b 4th qr 1842 Downham d 2 Dec 1918 Trowse Newton) 1 Feb 1887 St Peter Mountergate, Norwich
Note: In 1881 Elizabeth was a draper's assistant
740......Walter Robert Sales b 26 Mar 1859 Reedham bur 19 Apr 1939 Reedham
Note: In 1881 Walter was a journeyman shoemaker

476 Maria SALES m John BURTON 1 Aug 1856 Reedham

Child of John and Maria
741......Marianne Burton b 15 Dec 1856 Reedham

479 Anne LAWN m M28 William Thomas MALLETT (bap 8 Mar 1801 Limpenhoe bur 9 May 1888 Limpenhoe) 24 May 1830 Limpenhoe

Note: William was a master shoemaker in 1851, living in Limpenhoe. IN 1861 the family lived at the Anchor and Hope, Limpenhoe. In 1871 William was still working as a shoemaker and the family was at Mary Ann Vessels, Limpenhoe. In 1881 William was living as a widower with his son-in-law, William BECK

Children of William and Anne
742......Robert Mallett bap 25 Oct 1831 Limpenhoe d 29 Aug 1895 Lowestoft m Hannah Elizabeth TUCK (b 4th qr 1837 Lowestoft bur 25 Oct 1915 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1860 Mutford
743......Thomas William Mallett bap 23 Jun 1833 Limpenhoe d 1 Jul 1900 Lowestoft m Mary Ann TUCK (b abt 1831 Lowestoft bur 3 Mar 1910 Lowestoft) 2nd qr 1855 Mutford
744......Susan Mallett bap 1 Feb 1835 Limpenhoe
745......Sarah Elizabeth Mallett bap 5 Apr 1837 Limpenhoe
746......Charlotte Mallett bap 5 Jan 1840 Limpenhoe [Blofield 13 19] d 3rd qr 1872 Bourn m John HUBBARD ( b abt 1832 St Neots d 2nd qr 1880 Bourn) 1st qr 1871 Bedford
747......Peter Mallett bap 20 Sep 1840 Limpenhoe [Blofield 13 20] bur 13 Jun 1841 Limpenhoe
748......James Mallett bap 20 Sep 1840 Limpenhoe [Blofield 13 20 bur 5 Mar 1841 Limpenhoe
749......Samuel Mallett bap 19 Jan 1842 Limpenhoe [Blofield 13 24] d 20 Oct 1920 Marsham m Sarah Ann ARCHER (b 2nd qr 1842 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1907 Aylesham) 24 Aug 1865 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Samuel was a shoemaker in 1861
750......John Mallett bap 16 Feb 1845 Limpenhoe
Note: John was an ag lab in 1861
751......Frederic Mallett b 3rd qr 1846 [Blofield 13 26] bap 27 Dec 1846 Limpenhoe d 4th qr 1930 Blofieldm
Sarah Ann MALLET
Note: Frederic was an ag lab in 1861
752......George Mallett b 12 Jan 1848 bap 4 Jan 1849 Limpenhoe m Elizabeth Ann SHEPHERD 3rd qr 1880 Tynemouth
753......James Mallett bap 16 Feb 1851 Limpenhoe m Caroline PIGGOTT (b1st qr 1858 Stevenage) 4th 1r 1883 Islington
Note: In 1871 James was a shoemaker
754......Anne Mallett bap 1 Mar 1853 Limpenhoe

480 Sarah LAWN m William SHEARING (bap 2 May 1813 Sprowston bu 19 May 1884 Horsham St Faith) 9 Aug 1835 Limpenhoe

Note: in 1841Sarah and William were living at Haygate Street, Horstead with Stanninghall. In 1851 William was a woodman and ag lab and the family was at The Hills, Woodmans House, Attlebridge. In 1871 the family was at The Street, Coltishall and William was an ag lab.

Children of William and Sarah
755......Sarah Ann Shearing bap 30 Aug 1835 Crostwick d 1st qr 1914 St Faiths m Walter FORSTER (b 1838 Coltishall) bur 27 Dec 1896 Horstead) 4th qr 1859 St Faiths
756......Elizabeth Shearing b 1st qr 1838 Crostwick [Blofield 13 25] bap 25 Mar 1838 Horstead bur 30 Mar 1898 Coltishall m William ALLEN (b 5 Jul 1840 Sco Ruston bap 19 Jul 1840 Sco Ruston bur 18 Jul 1889 South Ruston) 4th qr 1866 St Faiths
757......William Shearing bap 29 Aug 1840 Horstead
758......Anna Maria Shearing bap 16 Mar 1843 Horstead bur 24 Feb 1886 m George PYE (bap 3 Jul 1839 Coltishall) 1st qr 1866 St Faiths
759......James Lawn Shearing bap 20 Mar 1845 Horstead bur 12 Apr 1846 Horstead
760......Charlotte Shearing bap 18 Feb 1849 Attlebridge d 12 Dec 1879 Buxton m William PYE ( b 3rd qr 1846 Lammas bap 9 Aug 1846 Lammas d 3 Mar 19 21 Buxton) 14 Dec 1873 Lammas
Note: in 1871 Charlotte was a laundress
761......George Shearing b 13 Jul 1851 Attlebridge bap 14 Mar 1852 Attlebridge
Note: In 1871 George was a carpenters labourer
762......Emma Shearing bap 18 Nov 1855 Horstead

488 James Newby HOWES m 213 Harriet VALENTINE 8 Apr 1843 Middleton Nfk

Note: . In White's 1864 directory for Norfolk, James is listed as a Baker, Miller and Blacksmith. Norfolk Record Office holds a copy of the lease agreement between the Right Reverend John Thomas, Lord Bishop of Norwich and James Howes, Miller and Baker, appertaining to the mill and surrounding land. (Ref. CHC/100886) With it, is a later letter from Harriet Howes (James Howes' widow) and John Bardell the younger, asking for lease of Windmill and farm to continue following James Howes' death. This also shows another link between the Howes and Bardell families.

A London Gazette description of a plan deposited in the Diocesan Registry showed James HOWES occupying three low meadows amounting to just under 25 acres, and a house, bakehouse, stable and shed as well as a yard and garden ground. Also included were a windmill and land around it.

Children of James and Harriet
763......Elizabeth Howes bap 16 Jul 1843 Middleton bur 2 Apr 1924 Middlerton
764......Emily Howes bap 15 Jan 1845 Middleton d 2nd qr 1912 Kings Lynn
765......Walter Howes bap 28 Feb 1847 Middleton bur 24 Mar 1847 Middleton
766......Walter John Howes b 8 May 1850 Middleton d 24 feb 1913 Mill House, Blackboro End, Middleton
Note: At one time Walter was in partnership with 284 George but the London Gazette records that the partnership was dissolved on 17th November 1908
767......Sarah Hannah Howes bap 14 May 1852 Middleton
768......George Howes bap 2 Jul 1854 Middleton d 15 Jun 1935 Middleto
769......Herbert William Howes bap 3 May 1857 Middleton d 2nd qr 1913 Erpingham
770......Lester Howes (female) b 1st qr 1860 bap 5 Feb 1860 Middleton crem 21 Aug 1944 Wellington NZ

491 John HOWES m Elvina SEWELL (b 14 Jun 1830 Caston bap 4 Jul 1830 d 12 Jul 1910 Wynyard, Tasmnia) 16 Oct 1851 Caston

Children of John and Elvina
491a......Albert George Howes bap 15 Mar 1856 Caston d 1857 Table Cape, Tasmania
491b......Walter James Howes bap 7 Nov 1852 Caston d 10 Nov 1858 Table Cape, Tasmania
491c......Florinda Agnes Howes b 4 Jun 1858 Emu Bay, Tas d 2 Dec 1905 Wynyard
491d......Walter Augustine Howes b 31 Aug 1860 Emu Bay
491e......Albert Herbert Howes b 24 Sep 1863 Emu Bay d 23 Aug 1873 Emu Bay
491f......Thurza Harriet Howes b 22 May 1866 Wynyard, Tasmania d 11 Jun 1950 Wynyard Tasmania
491g......Priscilla Caroline Howes b 21 Mar 1869 Burnie, Tasmania d 10 Feb 1933 Wynyard

506 Anne DENLEY m H71 Joseph HEWINGS (b 1820/21 Weston Subedge) 11 Nov 1843 Hailes, Gloucestershire

Note: In 1881 Joseph was a 60 year old farmer of 101 acres, occasionally employing two mwn at Park Farm, Gretton, Winchcombe. The census records a grand dauighter, Annie aged 15 living at the farm

Child of Anne and unknown
771....Keziah DENLEY 15 Apr 1838 Guiting Power d 1st qr 1855 Winchcombe RD

Children of Joseph and Ann
772......William Hewings b 27 Jan 1844 Hailes d 19 Apr 1896 Greet Mills, Winchcombe
773......John Hewings b 1846/7 Stanway, Gloucestershire d 12 Mar 1915 at 11 Claremont Rd Norwich bur 15 Mar 1915 Earlham cemetery plot 31/526
Note: John died of a cerebral heamorrhage
774......Mary Ann Hewings b 1847/8 Hailes d 1st qr 1924 Cheltenham
775......Alfred Hewings b 1848/9 Stanway d 20 Jan 1928 Winchcombe
776......George Hewings b 1852/3 Newtown, Toddington, Gloucestershire d 4th qr 1916 Winchcomb R D

507 Sarah DENLEY m Richard ROBBINS ( b abt 1824 Laverton, Gloucestershire d 1st qr 1891 Winchcombe) 4th qr1845 Winchcomb RD

Children of Richard and Sarah
777.......Elizabeth Robbins bap 7 Mar 1847 Alderton
778.......Charlotte Robbins bap 31 Aug 1851 Alderton
779.......George Robbins bap 6 Apr 1854 Alderton
780.......Kezia Ruth Robbins bap 30 Apr 1854 Alderton d 2nd qr 1854 Winchcombe
781.......John Henry Robbins b 4th qr 1856 [Winchcombe 6a 305] bap 2 Nov 1856 Alderton
782.......John Robbins b 2nd qr 1858 Alderton
783.......Albert David Robbins b 2nd qr 1860 Gretton m (as David Albert) Sarah Elizabeth RICHMOND (b 3rd qr 1862 Winchcombe) 2 Feb 1889 Winchcombe

509 Mary Ann DENLEY m John CHISNELL 22 Nov 1845 Winchcombe

Children of John and Mary Ann
784......Fanny Chisnell bap 22 Mar 1846 Temple Guiting d 3rd qr 1864 Winchcombe
785......George Chisnell bap 16 Jul 1848 Temple Guiting d 1930 Farmington, Pennsylvania m Sarah Ann MILLS (b 4th qr 1849 Cold Aston Gloucs d 1919 Farmington Pennsylvania) 25 Sep 1869 Winchcombe
George, Sarah Ann and family emigrated to Pittsburgh USA in 1873
786......David Chisnell bap 30 Jun 1850 Temple Guiting
787......Ruth Chisnell bap 26 Jun 1853 Temple Guiting d 1st qr 1876 Winchcombe m Joseph FARDON (bap 21 Apr 1851 Temple Guiting d 1st qr 1933 Cheltenham) 4th qr 1873 Winchcombe

510 David DENLEY m Eliza SMITH 12 Oct 1858 Guiting Power

Note: In 1881 and 1891 David was an ag lab, but in 1901 he is shown as a hedge cutter

Children of David and Eliza
788......Sarah Ann Denley bap 19 Feb 1860 Guiting Power
789......George Edward Denley b 2nd qr 1861 Guiting bap 17 Jul 1864 Guiting Power d 2nd qr 1872 Guiting Power
790......Charles Denley b 1st Jun 1863 d 3rd qr 1863 Guiting
791......Charles Denley b 2nd qr 1864 Guiting Power d 3 Jun 1940 Guiting Power
Note: In 1881 Charles was an ag lab
792......Ellen Denley b 3rd qr 1866 bap 31 May 1868 Guiting
Note: In 1881 Ellen was a domestic servant
793......Kate Eliza Denley b 1st qr 1869 Guiting bap 18 Apr 1869 Guiting Power d 2nd qr 1944 Luton
794......Lottie Denley b 2nd qr 1871 bap 12 Oct 1873 Guiting Power d 1st qr 1937 Hatfield
795......Sarah Ann Denley b 1st qr 1873 Guiting Power bap 12 Oct 1873 Guiting Power m Arthur William JOYNES (b 3rd qr 1869 Temple Guiting) 2nd qr 1894 Winchcombe
Note: Arthur was a carpenter living with Sarah at 4 Knights Buildings, Pershore in 1911. They had had no children
Anslem John Denley b 4th qr 1875 Guiting Power d 3rd qr 1954 Camberwell
Note: In 1891 Anselm was an ag lab
797......Edith Annie Denley b 1st qr 1877 Guiting Power
798......Margery Christina Denley b 3rd qr 1882 Guiting Power
799......Rose Elizabeth Denley b 3rd qr 1882 Guiting Power

511 Ruth DENLEY m William YEATES 22 Jan 1851

Child of William and Ruth
800......John William Yeates b 20 Jul 1856 Guiting Power

514 Frederick SMITH m (a) Louisa WATTS (b 1st qr 1844 Milton under Wychwood d 2nd qr 1877 Chipping Norton) 1st qr 1872 Chipping Norton (b) Fanny EDWARDS b 4th qr 1846 Shipton under Wychwood) 2nd qr 1878 Chipping Norton

Children of Louisa and unknown
B23......James Watts b 2nd qr 1869 Milton under Wychwood
B24......Frank Watts b 3rd qr 1870 Milton under Wychwood

Children of Frederick and Louisa
B25......Lilla Smith b 1st qr 1873 Milton under Wychwood
B26......Walter Smith b 2nd qr 1874 Milton under Wychwood
B27......Candice Smith b 4th qr 1875 Milton under Wychwood

Children of Frederick and Fanny
B28......Frederick Charles Smith b 3rd qr 1880 Milton under Wychwood
B29......Annie b abt 1883 Milton under Wychwood
B30......Harry William b 4th qr 1886 Milton under Wychwood

521 Harriet KEMISH m Thomas TERRY (b 1809 d 4th qr 1881 [Romsey 2c 45]) 18 Dec 1830 Lockerly, Hampshire

Note: Thomas was an ag lab all his life, living at Awbridge hamlet, Michelmersh. There is disagreement between different censuses as to whether the children - apart from Anne - were born in Michelmersh or Awbridge

Children of Thomas and Harriet
801......Ann Terry bap 12 Feb 1832 Lockerley
802......Charles Terry bap 11 May 1834 Michelmersh
803......James Terry bap 7 May 1837 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1912 Romsey
Note: In 1851 James was a ploughboy and in 1861 he was an ag lab. In 1891 he was a single man and a pauper living at St George in the East, London (a workhouse)
804......John Terry bap 10 Nov 1839 Michelmersh d 1st qr 1919 Romsey
Note: In 1851 John was a ploughboy. In 1881 he was a general labourer
805......Richard Terry b 2nd qr 1842 Awbridge d 1st qr 1915 Winchester
Note: In 1851 Richard was an ag lab and in 1881 he was a general labourer
806......Elizabeth Terry bap 4 May 1845 Awbridge
807......George Terry bap 27 Aug 1848 Michelmersh d 1st qr 1911 Winchester
Note: In 1881 George was a general labourer
808......Frederick Terry bap 2 Nov 1851 Michelmersh
Note: In 1881 Frederick was a general labourer
809......Henry Thomas Terry bap 3 May 1857 A Michelmersh d 2nd qr 1924 Lambeth
Note: In 1881 Henry Thomas was a general labourer

521b Ann KEMISH m George DAVIS (bap 9 May 1817 Lockerley d 1st qr 1889 Romsey) 18 Jun 1838 Lockerley

Children of George and Ann
X101......Mary Davis bap 3 Nov 1839 Lockerley
X102......Harriet Davis bap 13 Mar 1842 Lockerley
X103......Charles Davis bap 29 Jun 1845 Lockerley bur 16 May 1847 Lockerley
X104......Emily Davis bap 9 Jul 1848 Lockerley
X105......Charles Davis b 4 Aug 1850 Lockerley
X106......Ellen Davis bap 13 Feb 1853 Lockerley
X107......Alfred Davis b 4th qr 1859 Romsey

522 Joseph NEWELL m Louisa ROUD (b 12 May 1805 Sherfield English d 4th qr 1878 Romsey ) 29 Jul 1827 Sherfield English

Children of Joseph and Louisa
522b......Joseph Newell bap 26 Oct 1828 Sherfield English d 1st qr 1909 Romsey m Jane WILTON (bap 29 Jan 1832 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1897 Romsey) 29 Jan 1853 Michelmersh
522c......Emma Newell bap 19 Dec 1830 Sherfield English d 3rd qr 1887 Southampton m William TURTON (bap 4 Aug 1833 Kings Sombourne d 2nd qr 1909 Southampton) 4th qr 1860 Romsey
522d......Phoebe Newell bap 19 May 1833 Sherfield English d 3rd qr 1912 Romsey m Edward WILTON (bap 2 Oct 1825 Michelmersh d 4th qr 1909 Romsey) 29 Apr 1854 Michelmersh
522e......Enos Newell bap 26 Jun 1834 Sherfield English d 7 May1898 Awbridge Romsey m Mary MARSHALL (bap 16 Aug 1835 Sherfield English d 1st qr 1904 Romsey) 1st qr 1857 Romsey
522f......Mary Anne Newell bap 14 Feb 1836 Sherfield English d 1st qr 1916 Romsey m George MOODY (b abt 1833 Lockerly d 3rd qr 1902 Romsey) 3rd qr 1855 Romsey
522g......David Newell bap 10 Jun 1838 Sherfield English d 4th qr 1879 Romsey m (a) Sarah DUNN (b 1st qr 1844 Romsey d 1st qr 1866 Romsey) 26 Sep 1863 Sherfield English (b)Frances ELKINS (bap 20 Apr 1845 Whiteparish, Wilts) 3rd qr 1866 Romsey
522h......Sarah Newell bap 29 Mar 1840 Sherfield English
522i......Eliza Newell bap 23 Jul 1843 Sherfield English m John EMM (bap 28 Feb 1841 Bishopstone, Wilts) 1st qr 1864 Romsey

526 David NEWELL m Ann DAY (b abt 1820 Romsey d 2nd qr 1895 Romsey) 24 Dec 1840 Michelmersh

Children of David and Ann
526b......George Newell b 4th qr1841 Michelmersh d 3rd qr 1874 Romsey m Mary BAILEY (b 2nd qr 1843 Lockerley d 2nd qr 1937 Winchester.) 30 Jun 1866 Michelmersh
Note: Mary remarried to Henry HILLIER 25 Dec 1876 Michelmersh
526c......Charles Newell b 2nd qr 1843 Michelmersh
526d......James Newell b 3rd qr 1845 Lockerley
526e......John Newell b 3rd qr 1848 Lockerley
526f......Frederick Newell b 3rd qr 1850 Lockerley
526g......Walter Newell b 3rd qr 1853 Lockerley d 4th qr 1921 Romsey m Elizabeth DOWLING (b 2nd qr 1864 Lockerley d 3rd qr 1942 Romsey) 7 Apr 1883 Romsey
526h......Tom Newell b 4th qr 1855 Lockerley d 1st qr 1888 St George Hanover Sq m Louisa THORNBACK
526h-1......Ellen Newell bap 3 Jul 1859 Lockerley
526i......Fanny Newell b 3rd qr 1861 Lockerley d 2nd qr 1929 Romsey m Caleb Isaac PRITCHARD (b 2nd qr 1860 Sherfield English d 1st qr 1917 Romsey) 4th qr 1884 Romsey
526j......Ellen Newell b 3rd qr 1864 Newtown d 4th qr 1935 Romsey m Edwin MOODY (b 2nd qr 1860 Romsey d 2nd qr 1940 Romsey) 3rd qr 1886 Romsey

529 Eliza NEWELL m John TERRY (b abt 1820 Awbridge d 3rd qr 1878 Romsey) 3rd qr 1849 Romsey

Children of John and Eliza
v529b......Emma Terry b 2nd qr 1852 Awbridge
v529c......William Terry b 1st qr 1855 Awbridge d 2nd qr 1931 Romsey m Mary Ann DENNETT (b Mary Ann DRAKE 2nd qr 1852 Lockerley m John Thomas DENNETT (d 1st qr 1884Romsey) 4th qr 1871) 1st qr 1881 Romsey (b) Emma Frances HART (bap Emma Frances CREATH 2 Apr 1848 Brightzone, IOW m Benjamin HART 3rd qr 1870 Christchurch d 22 May 1927 Sherfield English) 4th qr 1886 Romsey
v529d......Mary Terry b 4th qr 1857 Awbridge
v529e......Charles Terry b 3rd qr 1862 Awbridge
v529f......Alice Jane Terry b 2nd qr 1865 d 1st qr 1931 Alverstoke m William Henry BLAKE (b 3rd qr 1865 Vernham Dean d 2nd qr 1934 Gosport) 3rd qr 1896 Droxford

529a Benjamin KEMISH m Charlotte MOODY 19 May 1819 Sherfield English

Children of Benjamin and Charlotte
529f......David Kemish b 31 Oct 1819 Sherfield English m Catherine COLLINS (b Christian LUKE 27 May 1808 Lockerley) 2nd qr 1843 Fisherton (b) Ann COLLINS dau of Catherine and her previous husband 3rd qr 1857 Fisherton.

From the Sherborne Mercury 2 Nov 1858. Salisbury

How to get rid of troublesome wife.

"A man and a woman, named David Kemish and Christian Pitt, have just got themselves into a scrape from which escape without punishment will be no easy matter. The parties have been residing in Hampshire, and it appears that about 15 years ago, Mrs Pitt who had for some time deplored a state of widowhood (her husband having been transported for rioting), received the addresses of the male prisoner, and was married to him at Fisherton Church under the name of Catherine Collins. Their path in life lay among thorns, and some time in 1857 they agreed to dissolve the marriage bond. But it seems that each had in the meantime formed a new attachment. Mrs Kemish had consented to become the partner of a man named John Pitt, while Kemish himself had become enamoured of a daughter of his wife by her first husband - a young woman about 27 years of age. The arrangement, however, seems to have been a mutual one, for, instead of vowing undying hatred, the parties obtained licenses and presented themselves for marriage, all at the same time at Fisherton Church. Kemish here renounced all claim to the object of his first affection whilst Miss Collins became the blushing bride of her father in-law (think that should be step father). The facts at last came to the knowledge of the police, and Mr Sparshott; superintendent of the Romsey division, having visited Salisbury to examine the registers and investigate the circumstances, the parties were a day or two since, compelled to exchange the comforts of connubial life for the desolation of a cell. As soon as the links in the chain of evidence have been completed, they will be brought up for examination. The case is altogether a curious one." David Kemish got 3 months imprisonment and Christian Pitt 21 days, both for bigamy.

529g......Samuel Kemish bap 10 Feb 1822 Michelmersh
529h......Benjamin Kemish bap 9 Nov 1823 Michelmersh

529d Elizabeth KEMISH m James PEARCE (b abt 1820 Romsey) 5 Jun 1856 Romsey

Children of James and Elizabeth
v529f......Edward Pearce b abt 1858 Romsey d 1st qr 1915 Romsey m Julia Ironmonger (born Julia Elizabeth Ironmonger 28 Feb 1860 Romsey - mother Mary Ann IRONMONGER m Alfred LAWRENCE in 1862 - d 2nd qr 1940 Romsey.) 1st qr 1880 Romsey
Note: Free BMD shows two possible births for Edward PEARCE in Romsey in Sep 1857 and Mar 1858
v529g......Fred Pearce b 1st qr 1860 Romsey d 1st qr 1905 m Elizabeth YEATES (b 3rd qr 1864 Halterworth d 3rd qr 1938 Romsey) 3rd qr 1885 Romsey
v529h......Benjamin Pearce b 3rd qr 1862 Romsey
d 4th qr 1934 Romsey & Stockbridge m Martha LAMB (b 1st qr 1858 Romsey d 4th qr 1936 Romsey) 4th qr 1885 Romsey
v529i......Charlotte Pearce b 14 Apr 1864 Romsey d 4 Feb 1941 Fareham m Arthur POINTER (b 10 Jan 1865 Wellow d 13 Jun 1940 Bishopstoke, Hants) 4th qr 1886 Romsey
v529j......Ann Pearce b 2nd qr 1866 Romsey d 1st qr 1926 Romsey m Ambrose James HOW (b 1st qr 1862 d 15 Nov 1937 Stubbington Hants) 4th qr 1885 Romsey

531 William WATERS m Mary Anne PALMER (b abt 1822 Bungay bur 24 Jan 1869 Freethorpe) 2 Jun 1846 Freethorpe

Note: Like his father, William was a molecatcher

Children of William and Mary Anne
810......Betsy Waters bap 31 May 1846 Freethorpe bur 1 Sep 1846
811......Hannah Maria Waters bap 2 Dec 1847 Freethorpe
812......Betsy Waters bap 14 Oct 1849 Freethorpe bur 27 Jan 1850 Freethorpe
813......Mary Ann Waters bap 1 Dec 1850 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1894 Gateshead
814......Asenetha Waters b 2nd qr 1858 [Blofield 4b 199]
Note: Asenetha, who was a policewoman had three children by unknown father(s) as follows
815......Robert Waters b 2nd qr 1884 Gateshead
816......Elizabeth Waters b 2nd qr 1886 Gateshead
817.....Sarah Waters b abt 1889 Gateshead

533 Robert WATERS m 459 Mary GEORGE 12 Jun 1848 St Michael at Plea, Norwich

Note: Robert and Mary were at Cottage, Thrigby, Filby in 1891 census and in 1901 they were at the Common, Limpenhoe with grandchildren Florence B BECK and Edith M BECK

Children of Robert and Mary
818......Robert George Waters bap 23 Sep 1849 Freethorpe bur 7 Feb 1850 Freethorpe
819......Robert Henry Waters bap 13 Feb 1851 Freethorpe bur 25 Feb 1853 Freethorpe
820......Hannah Elizabeth Waters b 1854 Paramatta NSW, Australia d 6 May 1939 23 West Parade, Norwich
821......Robert Waters b 10 Jul 1856 Paramatta, NSW Australia bap 10 Aug 1856 Marsfield NSW d 4th qr 1941 Norwich Outer
822......Mark Henry Waters b 13 Sep 1859 Richmond, NSW Australia d 2nd qr 1940 Acle UK
823......Elmyra Sarah Waters b 1861/2 Richmond, NSW bur 25 May 1893 Limpenhoe
824......Mary Australia Waters b 11 Sep 1863 Richmond NSW
825......Henry Leslie Waters b 6 Oct 1866 Freethorpe, Nfk d 20 Aug 1949 Limpenhoe

534 Mary Ann WATERS m William YOUNGS (bap 4 May 1823 Halvergate d 29 Jan 1899 Irstead) 25 Dec 1844 St Michael at Plea, Norwich

Note: In 1871 and in 1881 William was a farmer employing 6 men and two boys living at Manor House Belaugh. In 1891 he was a farmer at Grove Farm House, Broad Rd, Irstead. In 1891 he was a grocer.

Children of William and Mary Ann
826......Alfred Youngs b 8 May 1846 Halvergate [Blofield 13 25] d 1 Sep 1926 Blofield
827......Daniel Youngs b 29 Jun 1849 Halvergate d 14 Oct 1926 Hales
828......Julia Ann Youngs b 1851 Freethorpe [Blofield 13 26] bap 22 Jun 1851 Freethorpe d 3 Sep 1889 Belaugh
829......Mary Elizabeth Youngs b 1st qr 1852 Freethorpe
830......Shadrac Youngs b 2nd qr 1862 Burwell, Cambs d 7 Jun 1947 Aylesham [Norwich Outer 4b 579]
831......Emily Youngs b 1st qr 1867 Burwell, Cambs d 2nd qr 1904 St Faiths

535 Martha WATERS m John YOUNGS (bap 25 Jun 1826 Halvergate d 19 Aug 1906 Freethorpe) 3 Nov 1847 Freethorpe

Children of John and Martha
832......Mary Anne Youngs b 8 Feb 1849 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1878
833......Diana Youngs b 8 Jun 1851 Freethorpe d 11 Jun 1878 Freethorpe
834......William Robert Youngs b 2nd qr 1853 Freethorpe d 29 Apr 1933 Freethorpe
835......Robert Waters Youngs b 7 Oct 1855 Freethorpe d 26 Sep 1905 Acle

537 Henry WATERS m Mary Ann YOUNGS (b 2nd qr 1839 Freethorpe d 3 Aug 1928 Halvergate) 30 Aug 1859 Freethorpe

Note: In 1871 Henry was a shopkeeper in Freethorpe, but in 1881, 1891 and 1901 he was a farmer of 200 acres employing 6 men and one woman at near the churchTunstall. 1911 shows him as a retired farmer living at Marsh Rd Halvergate near Acle.

Children of Henry and Mary Ann
836......Anna Waters b 30 Mar 1861 Freethorpe bap 5 Apr 1861 Freethorpe d 4 Mar 1954 Blofield
837......David Waters b 15 Apr 1863 Yarmouth d 19 Apr 1863 Freethorpe
838......Jonathan Waters b 15 Apr 1863 Yarmouth d 12 May 1863 Freethorpe
839......Henry Waters b 3rd qr 1865 Blofield d 3 Jan 1866 Freethorpe
840......Henry Waters b 12 Aug 1867 Freethorpe d Sep Qr 1930 Yarmouth m Pleasance GOSLING (b 4th qr 1868 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1940 Acle) 1st qr 1890 Blofield
Note: Henry was a cattle dealer
841......Pamela Waters b 2nd qr 1870 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1956 Acle m William GOSLING (b 4th qr 1865 Halvergate d 4th qr 1951 Acle) 2nd qr 1898 Blofield
Note: William was Overseer, Rate Collector and Clerk to Halvergate and Tunstall Parishes
Alice Waters b 2nd qr 1871 Freethorpe bur 13 Mar 1946 Acle
Note: In 1891 Alice was a dressmaker
843......Mary Waters b 3rd qr 1872 Freethorpe d 14 Oct 1963 Hemblington
844......Ernest Waters b 1st qr 1874 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1939 Norwich Outer
Ernest was a general shop keeper
845......Rosa Waters b 3rd qr 1875 Freethorpe d 13 Nov 1967 Fulmodeston
846......Emma Waters b 1st qr 1877 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1964 Acle m Charles John HARPER (b 24 Feb 1874 Halvergate d 22 Apr 1971 Halvergate) 2nd qr 1903 Blofield

538 Betsy WATERS m David TILLS (b 1829/30 Moulton Nfk d 2nd qr 1913 Blofield) 17 Feb 1857 Freethorpe

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Henry WATERS and Mary Ann YOUNGS. David was a blacksmith and shopkeeper

Children of David and Betsy
847......Jane Hannah Tills bap 23 Oct 1859 Cantley d 16 Mar 1940 Halvergate
848......Julia Ann Tills bap 2 Sep 1861 Cantley bur 8 Sep 1861 Cantley
849......Emily Tills bap 10 May 1863 Cantley d 3rd qr 1935 Blofield
850......Arthur David Tills b 4th qr 1867 Cantley d 20 Sep 1951 Norwich
851......Minnie Tills b 4th qr 1872 Freethorpe
852......Herbert Salmon Tills b 1st qr 1877 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1953 Acle d 26 Dec 1953 Limpenhoe

534 Mary Ann WATERS m Benjamin LAKE (b 3rd qr 1849 Freethorpe bap 12 Aug 1849 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1909 Gateshead) 6 Dec 1870 Freethorpe

Note: In 1881 Benjamin was a cement labourer and the family were at 58 Park Lane, Gateshead. Mary's father William WATERS, a widower, was preent as a cement labourer. In 1891 they were at 39 Tennyson St, Gateshead and 814 Asenetha WATERS Mary Ann's sister was present, shown as a widow laundress with her three children.

Children of Benjamin and Mary Ann
853.....Mary Ann Lake b 1st qr 1871 Freethorpe
Note: In 1891 Mary Ann was a dressmaker
854......Hannah Maria Lake b 2nd qr 1875 Gateshead m Joseph DODD (b abt 1865 Cumwhitton, Cumberland)4th qr 1900 Gateshead
855......William Lake 3rd qr 1889 Gateshead m Theresa STEVENS (b 1st qr 1895 Gateshead) 2nd qr 1915 Gateshead
Note: Theresa was a policewoman

539 Sarah BARDELL (a) with unknown m (b) William CROSS 1 Nov 1821 Wiggenhall St Peters (c) Edward RIPPENGALE (bap 7 Oct 1806 Wiggenhall d 21 Jul 1877 Saddlebow) 25 Jul 1828 Wiggenhall St Germans

Child of Sarah and unknown
856......John Cross bap 12 Nov 1820 Wiggenhall St Peter

Child of William an Sarah
857......Mary Ann Cross bap 17 Nov 1822 Wiggenhall

Child of Edward and Sarah
858......Elizabeth Cross bap 21 Sep 1828 Wiggenhall St Peter bur 15 Jan 1829 Wiggenhall St Peter

541 John BARDELL m Susan LEWIS (b abt 1807 Grimston bur 22 Jan 1874 Middleton) 5 Feb 1836 Middleton

Note: In 1851 John was a carpenter and innkeeper and in 1861 he was living at Blackboro End, Middleton and employed 5 men and one boy. In 1871 and in 1881 he was an inkeeper and brewer at Blackboro End ('Tower")

Childen of John and Susan
859......William Bardell b 13 Nov 1836 Middleton d 1 Oct 1897 South Lynn [Kings Lynn 4b 221] aged 61
Note: In 1871 William was a builder and carpenter master, employing 20 men and 3 boys
860......Susan Bardell b 1837/8 Middleton d 3rd qr 1911 Conway
861......Mary Ann Bardell bap 29 Dec 1839 Middleton d 5 Jul 1922 West Winch
862......Bedingfield Bardell b 4th qr 1841 Middleton [Freebridge Lynn 13 139] bap 19 Dec 1841 Middleton d 1st qr 1855 [Freebridge Lynn 13 297]
863......John Bardell b 1845 Middleton bap 30 Mar 1845 d 7 May 1915 Kings Lynn m Elizabeth Maria BRIDGES (bap 28 Jun 1846 Gunthorpe d 1st qr 1932 Kings Lynn) 25 Jun 1873 Gunthorpe
Note: In 1861 John was a carpenter journeyman. Two of John Bardell's sons; William (1830 - 1897) and John (1845 - 1915) were builders and went into business as Bardell Bros. Amongst the buildings they contructed were St. Peters Church, Sheringham and All Saints Church, East Winch. A picture of St Peters, Sheringham can be seen below.

One occasion on which their work may not have been received as well as they would have liked can be seen here

543 Bedingfield BARDELL m 217 Alice GARRARD 5 May 1844 St Margaret's Church, Westminster

Note: Bedingfield was a carpenter in 1871 living at John Street, St Leonard, Shoreditch

Children of Bedingfield and Alice
864......Mary Elizabeth Bardell b 22 Sep 1844 bap 27 Oct 1844 St Mary, Maylebone Rd, St Marylebone d 4th qr 1923 Freebridge Lynn bur 17 Dec 1923 Middleton
865......Emily Bardell b 17 Jun 1846 bap 29 Jun 1846 Old Church, St Pancras bur 13 Jul 1848 St Mary Haggerston
866......Maria Bardell b 7 Feb 1848 at 10 Ferdinand St, Kentish Town bap 18 Oct 1868 Middleton Nfk d 18 Apr 1882 Middleton
867......William Bardell b 3rd qr 1850 Kentish Town d 17 Aug 1914 Peckham
868......Bedingfield Bardell b 1851/2 Camden bur 26 Apr 1879 Middleton
869......Joseph Arthur Bardell b 1st qr 1854 Hounslow d abt 1900 South Africa
Note: Joseph joined the Railway Pioneer Regiment 5 Jan 1900 and was discharged as deceased on 20 Aug 1900

546 Mary Ann WATERS m Robert GOOCH (bap 14 Nov 1819 Halvergate d 5 Apr 1887 Freethorpe) 29 Feb 1844 Norwich

Children of Robert and Mary Ann
870............Walter Gooch b 2 Jul 1844 Freethorpe bur 29 Jul 1844 Freethorpe
870a....Jane Anna Gooch b 24 Apr 1847 Freethorpe d 22 Nov 1919 Ontario m Horatio H CHESHIRE (b abt 1854 Toronto d 5 May 1915 Heppell, Grey County, Ontario) 29 Jan 1883 Wiarton, Canada
871......William Waters Gooch bap 22 Sep 1849 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1934 Blofield m Elizabeth EVERSON (b 22 Feb 1856 Halvergate d 2nd qr 1939 Acle) 15 Sep 1877 Freethorpe
872......Thirza Susanna Gooch bap 25 May 1851 Freethorpe d 3 Apr 1916 Martham bur 8 Apr 1916 Martham m John LAKE (b 2nd qr 1859 Freethorpe) 4th qr 1879 Yarmouth
873......Robert Edgar Gooch b 4th qr 1854 Blofield d 19 Sep1908 Norwich m Rebecca YOUNGS (b 1 Apr 1855 Halvergate) 4th qr 1878 Norwich
Note: In 1901 Robert was a carman living at 37 Northcote Rd, Norwich
874......Herbert Henry Gooch b 2nd qr 1857 Freethorpe bap 11 Feb 1857 Yarmouth d 1st qr 1940 Romford
875......Emmeline Gooch b 4th qr 1858 Blofield d 25 Mar 1935 Norwich m Joseph COCKERILL (b 3rd qr 1855 Reedham d 1 Sep 1939 Norwich) 4th qr 1879 Yarmouth
876......Mary Ann Newson Gooch b 1st qr 1861 Blofield d 25 Feb 1906 Yarmouth m John Robert WHALL (b 2nd qr 1863 Yarmouth d 31 Jan 1927 Sydney, NSW) 2nd qr 1890 Yarmouth
Note: John wa a builder and timber yard manager

549 James WATERS m Pamela EVERSON (bap 23 Sep 1832 Halvergate bur 1 Jul 1880 Halvergate) 4th qr 1851 Blofield

Child of Pamela and reputed father William HUNTER of Wickhampton
B38......Sarah Ann Hunter b 6 Feb 1851 Halvergate d 4th qr 1934 Gt Yarmouth m Robert WYMER(bap 2 Sep 1849 Moulton St Mary bur 22 Aug 1895 Filby) 4th qr 1869 Moulton St Mary

Children of James and Pamela
B39......Sophia Pamela Waters bap 26 Dec 1852 Halvergate m Thomas HARBORD b (2nd qr 1847 Stokesby) 29 Oct 1872 Stokesby
B40......Mary Anne Waters b 9 Jan 1855 Halvergate
B41......Rehaby Waters b 23 Jan 1857 Halvergate m George HENRY (bap 2 Jul 1838 Upton) 15 Oct 1882 Gt Yarmouth
B42......Catherine Waters b 9 Mar 1859 Halvergate d 4th qr 1940 Acle m William HOONEY (b abt 1834 Henley d 1st qr 1914 Norwich) 25 Dec 1883 Blofield
B43......Arthur Waters b 15 Dec 1861 Halvergate

552 William KEY m Martha SHEARING (b 25 Mar 1826 Freethorpe) 19 Oct 1846 Freethorpe

Note: William was an ag lab in 1861 and the family was at Freethorpe

Children of William and Martha
877......James Key b 15 Jul 1848 Freethorpe m Anna Maria HUTSON (b abt 1847 Hardwick, Norfolk) 26 Oct 1873 Surlingham
878......George Key bap 10 Mar 1850 Limpenhoe bur 27 Jun 1860 Freethorpe
879......Elizabeth Key b 21 Sep 1851 Limpenhoe bur 29 Jul 1860 Freethorpe
880......Henry Key b 3rd qr 1854 Freethorpe bur 13 ul 1860 Freethorpe
881......Robert Key b 19 Aug 1856 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1940 Middlesborough m Ellen MARSH (b 2nd qr 1870 Newmarket d 2nd qr 1951 Middlesborough) 6 Aug 1887 Stockton on Tees
882......Anna Key b 1st qr 1858 Freethorpe bur 14 Mar 1858 Freethorpe
883......Emma Key bap 27 Nov 1859 Freethorpe
884......Elizabeth Key bap 28 May 1862 Freethorpe
885......Henry Key b 12 Oct 1863 Freethorpe

553 Maria KEY m George MOLL (b 15 Jan 1818 Acle d 9 Sep 1867 Freethorpe) 11 Feb 1845 Freethorpe

Note: George was a carrier and the family lived at Freethorpe in 1861 and 1871. After George died Maria carried on with the Carrier business

Children of George and Maria
886......Anna Moll b 3rd qr 1846 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1922 Loddon m James LAKE b 2nd qr 1845 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1937 Loddon) 15 Oct 1868 Freethorpe
887......Seymour Moll b 27 Jul 1848 Freethorpe bur 11 Mar 1869 Freethorpe
888......Zillah Moll b 1st qr 1852 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1942 Acle m William Robert FORDER (b 1st qr 1847 Blofield d 3rd qr 1929 Blofield) 15 Apr 1869 Freethorpe
889......Melinda Moll b 1st qr 1854 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1934 Yarmouth m Richard HARRIS (b 2nd qr 1850 Freethorpe bap 9 Jun 1850 Freethorpe) 4th qr 1873 Gt Yarmouth
890......Adnah Moll b 4th qr 1856 Freethorpe
891......Mahala Moll b 1st qr 1861 Freethorpe [Blofield 4b 200]
892......Ira Moll b 3rd qr 1865 Freethorpe [Blofield 4b 198]
Note: IN 1881 Ira was an ag lab

554 Susan KEY m Thomas PEART (bap 26 Apr 1829 Braydeston) 22 Apr 1851 Freethorpe

Child of Thomas and Susan
893......Thomas William Peart b 17 Sep 1861 Braydeston d 23 Mar 1946 Cantley m Sarah FORTON (b 11 Dec 1864 Norwich d 3 Jun 1933 Cantley) 3 Apr 1885 St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

555 Emma KEY m William WATSON (bap 2 May 1830 Cantley) 16 Oct 1853 Freethorpe

Note: In 1871 the family was in Freethorpe and William was a labourer.IN 1881 George was dead and Emma was a field worker

Children of William and Emma
894......Harriet Watson b 16 Dec 1853 Freethorpe
895......Mary b abt 1856 Australia
896......Anna Maria Watson b abt 1862 Australia m William LAKE (b 3rd qr 1861 Freethorpe) 11 Jun 1883 Freethorpe
897......George Robert William Watson b 1st qr 1864 Freethorpe d 1 Mar 1937 Freethorpe m Minnie Elizabeth WHITE (b 2nd qr 1877 Acle d 1st qr 1961 Acle) 4th qr 1900 Blofield
Note: In 1881 George was an ag lab
898......Harriet Emma Watson b 2nd qr 1866 Freethorpe m Frederick Walter L HOWARD (b 2nd qr 1866 Freethorpe) 1 Nov 1888 Freethorpe
Note: In 1881 Harriet was a domestic servant
899......Ann Elizabeth Watson b 3rd qr 1868 Freethorpe
900......Eliza Louisa Watson b 1st qr 1871 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1919 Aylesham m William Algernon HILTON (b 1st qr 1872 South Walsham d 3rd qr 1960 North Walsham) 28 Sep 1899 Freethorpe

556 Robert KEY m (a) f8e Betsy SHARMAN (b 9 Nov 1840 Freethorpe d 4 Apr 1888 Freethorpe) 5 Nov 1857 Freethorpe (b) Elizabeth Sophia HANTON (b 3rd qr 1846 Cantley) 8 Jul 1890 Freethorpe

Note: Elizabeth, nee TURNER was the widow of James HANTON (b 3rd Nov 1845 Beighton) whom she married 21 Feb 1868. In 1871, 1881, 1891,1901 and 1911 Robert was a farm bailiff and the family was living in the Green Frerethorpe.

Children of Robert and Betsy
901.....George Key b 4th qr 1858 Freethorpe d 12 May 1871 Freethorpe
902......Henry Key b 1st qr 1862 Freethorpe d 17 Nov 1935 Norwich m Mary YOUNGS (b 4th qr 1861 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1928 Blofield) 4th qr 1855 Blofield
Note: Henry was an ag lab in 1881. The 1891 census shows him as a grocer at Freethorpe and in 1901 and 1911 he was a farmer at "White House" Freethorpe
903......Anna Key b 2nd qr 1864 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1943 Freethorpe m Edmund HARRIS (b 29 Sep 1863 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1959 Freethorpe) 22 Dec 1889 Freethorpe
904......Alfred Key b 3rd qr 1867 Freethorpe d 7 Sep 1876 Freethorpe
905......Robert Key b 4th qr 1878 Freethorpe [Blofield 4b 209]

558 George KEY m Sarah GOFFIN (b 1st qr 1853 Reedham d 4th qr 1933 Blofield) 1 Mar 1870 Freethorpe
Note: In 1881 George was a carpenter journeyman boarding with Thomas ROSEBERY a master carpenter in Freethorpe, and Sarah was living with the first three children at Freethorpe with her parents, Matthew and Elizabeth BUSH (who married 1 Nov 1864 Freethorpe),. Also staying at this house in 1881 was James GOFFIN an ag lab. In 1891 they were at the Common, Freethorpe and George was a carpenter

Children of George and Sarah
906......Sarah Key b 4th qr 1870 Freethorpe m James William Bensley SMITH (b abt 1871 Caister) 28 Dec 1892 Yarmouth
907......Anna Key b 23 Mar 1873 Freethorpe m Frederick John SMITH 6 Feb 1894 Gorleston
908......Mary Elizabeth Key b 2nd qr 1878 Freethorpe m Henry Frederick GILBERT (b abt 1877 Freethorpe) 5th Jun 1897 Freethorpe
909......George Key b 1st qr 1882 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1953 Acle m Beatrice JERMY (b 11 Jan 1883 Southwood d 2nd qr 1971 Acle) 1st qr 1903 Blofield
Note: In 1901 George was a teamster on a farm
910......Florence Key b 1st qr 1885 Freethorpe d 26 Apr 1941 Freethorpe m Alfred Henry CURTIS (b 1st qr 1882 Beighton d 4th qr 1966 Cambridge) 8 Jun 1905 Limpenhoe

560 Mary Ann KEY m Frederick STONE (b 30 Mar 1832 Reedham d 4th qr 1911 Mutdord) 2nd qr 1857 Yarmouth

Children of Frederick and Mary Ann
911......Harriet Honor Stone b 23 Dec 1862 Gt Yarmouth bur 13 Aug 1885 Martham m William GYMER (b 2nd qr 1862 bur 25 Sep 1924 Martham 5 Apr 1883 Freethorpe
912......John Walter Stone b 4th qr 1867 Freethorpe
913......Mary Ann Judith Stone b 1st qr 1870 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1950 Acle m Noah WEBB (b 5 May 1867 Reedham d 2nd qr 1933 Blything) 24 Jul 1887 Reedham
914......George W Stone b 1st qr 1872 Freethorpe
915......Wesley Robert Last Stone b 4th qr 1874 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1953 Acle m Tabitha Mary TOOLEY (bap 10 May 1857 Burlingham St Andrew d 1st qr 1934 Blofield) 5 Jan 1891 Yarmouth
916......Walter Elijah Stone b 3rd qr 1877 Freethorpee d 4th qr 1955 Yarmouth m Sarah Elizabeth HOWARD (b 3 Aug 1869 Wickhampton d 2nd qr 1944 Acle) 4th qr 1899 Blofield

561 Walter John KEY m Eunice G MILLER nee STARK (b Aug 1839 Shelby, Orleans Co, New York d 3 Mar 1908 Neal, Greenwood Co, Kansas) 6 Feb 1866 Shelby, Orleans Co, New York

Note: Walter emigrated to USA aboard the Inmore Line ship "City of Baltimore" shown here with the cabin layout. He landed 22 Aug 1865 in New York

The "City of Baltimore" launched 1855 scrapped 1885

Cabin layout of the "City of Baltimore"

Children of Walter and Eunice
917......Walter John Key b 9 Feb 1867 Shelby Orlens Co, New York d 1 Feb 1939 Pleasant Grove Greenwood Co Kansas m Clara Belle LANDIS (b 28 Mar 1865 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois d 13 Mar 1947 Pleasant Grove Greenwood Co Kansas) 25 Nov 1888 Greenwood Co Kansas
918......Clara Adeline Key b Jan 1871 Shelby d 12 Feb 1940 Greenwood Co, Kansas m William Henry COMBS (b Apr 1859 Franklin Co, Illinois bur 12 Aug 1947 Eureka, Greenwood Co, Kansas) 12 Mar 1893 Greenwood Co, Kansas
919......Benjamin Wesley Key b 26 Jan 1873 New York m Clara Edna HENDERSON (b 7 Jan 1883 Leon, Butler Co, Kansas d 11 Apr 1966 Fredonia, Kansas) 24 Dec 1903 Greenwood Co, Kansas

563 William Wesley KEY m Jane RUSHMER (b 3rd qr 1849 Freethorpe d 4 Dec 1910 Limpenhoe) 27 Sep 1870 Freethorpe

Note: William was landlord of the "Rampant Horse" Freethorpe from 1871 to 1877. The 1881 census shows him as a cattle dealer and the family was at Freethorpe. In 1891 he was a farmer at Norwich Rd, Southwood and in 1901 his address (still a farmer) was Freethorpe Rd, Southwood

Children of William and Jane.
920......Robert Key b 3rd qr 1876 Freethorpe d 11 Sep 1952 Yarmouth m Martha YOUNGS (b 14 Nov 1875 Rockland St Mary d 13 Dec1969 Gt Yarmouth) 1 Jan 1900 Freethorpe
Note: The 1911 census shows Robert as a farmer at Staithe Farm, Tunstall, Acle; There was no issue apparent
921......Walter Key b 4th qr 1878 Freethorpe 29 Oct 1935 Gt Yarmouth m Avice Bacon ARCHER (b2nd qr 1879 Gt Bromley d 3rd qr 1955 Yarmouth) 1st qr 1902 Yarmouth
922......Alice Key b 1st qr 1881 Freethorpe d 4 Mar 1961 Depwade (Memorial inscription at Limpenhoe)
923......Henry Thomas Key b 20 Jul 1882 Freethorpe d 20 Jun 1954 Gt Plumstead m Eva Helen KETT (b 30 Jan 1881 Thorpe d 22 Jul 1979 Gt Plumstead ) 4th qr 1907 [Blofield 4b 597]
924......Frederick Key b 23 Sep 1883 Freethorpe d 11 Feb 1960 Mundham m Ellen M CHAPMAN (bap 15 Feb 1885 Filby d 5 Nov 1932 Norwich) 1st qr 1912 Flegg
924a....John Key b 6 Jan 1886 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1972 Yarmouth m 1299 Mildred Emily SHARMAN (b 17 Sep 1886 Freethorpe bap 17 Oct 1886 Acle Methodist circuit d 13 Feb 1926 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital) 23 Apr 1908 Limpenhoe
925......Albert Key b 2 Nov 1888 Southwood d 19 Mar 1963 Strumpshaw m Gertrude May FORSTER (b 30 May 1889 Horsham St Faiths d 4th qr 1874 Congleton & Crewe RD) 9 Oct 1912 Horsham St Faith
Note: One of Albert and Gertrude's sons, Wesley S Key was the founder of the Strumpshaw Steam Museum
925a....James Arthur Key b 26 Dec 1891 Limpenhoe bap 18 Oct 1892 Limpenhoe d 18 Feb 1974 Beighton m Edith Sarah YOUNGS (b 17 Mar 1886 Freethorpe d 18 Jun 1984 Beighton) 25 Apr 1917 Limpenhoe

574 Sarah Waters SHARMAN m Edred EVERSON b 26 Sep 1830 Halvergate d 19 Nov 1910 Mountain View, West Kempsey, NSW) 2 Jun 1857 Halvergate

Note: Edred Everson was a Royal Navy and Crimean War Veteran, serving on HMS Victory which had been Admiral Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar. He was a recipient of the Crimean War Medal. Edred, Sarah and their first two children Robert and Eliza arrived New South Wales 14 Sep 1859.
Children of Edred and Sarah
574b......Robert Everson b 26 Sep 1857 Gt Yarmouth d 25 Jan 1943 Euroka NSW m Eliza Ann FREEMAN b abt 1863 Port Macquarie NSW d abt 1919 Kempsey NSW) 24 Jan 1882 Euroka
574c......Eliza Everson b 25 Jan 1859 Gt Yarmouth d 21 Aug 1889 Kempsey NSW m Alfred COX (b abt 1850 Macleay River NSW d 20 May 1927 Kempsey NSW) 6 Jan 1876 Euroka
574d......John Everson b 24 Aug 1862 Kinchela Creek, Macleay River, NSW d 3 Oct 1838 Charleville Queensland m Susannah CHAPMAN (b 18 Nov 1856 Kempsey NSW d 20 Feb 1940 Tamworth NSW) 26 Jan 1882 Euroka
574e......Benjamin Everson b 18 Jul 1864 Euroka d 21 Jul 1938 Euroka m Sarah Ann FREEMAN (b 16 May 1860 Wingham NSW d 28 Dec 1918 Euroka) 31 Jul 1884 Euroka
574f......Mary Everson b 23 Dec 1866 Euroka d 13 Jan 1948 West kempsey NSW m James SYDENHAM (b 26 May 1863 Kempsey d 3 Jun 1942 West Kempsey NSW 14 Sep 1893 Euroka
574g......Alfred Everson b 7 Oct 1868 Euroka NSW d 20 Jul 1951 Tamworth m Sophia Emily ALLAN (b 14 Apr 1873 Tinonee, NSW d 5 Jan 1952 Tamworth) abt 1896 Euroika
574h......Arthur Everson b 15 Sep 1870 Euroka NSW d 4 Oct 1933 Kempsey NSW m Sarah JEFFREY (b abt 1870 Euroka d 23 Nov 1942 Kempsey NSW) abt 1897 Astral Eden, NSW
574i......Sarah Everson b 14 Jan 1873 Euroka NSW d 15 Aug 1948 West Kempsey NSW m Albert JEFFRY (b 1 Sep 1868 Euroka d 21 Oct 1948 West Kempsey) 23 Jan 1891 Euroka
574j......Walter Everson b 1st Jan 1875 Euroka d 28 Feb 1959 Frederickton, NSW m Gertrude EDWARDS (b 29 Nov 1870 Macleay River NSW d 23 Feb 1950 Frederickton) abt 1897 Kempsey NSW
574k......Philip Everson b 12 Jan 1878 Euroka NSW d 1 Apr 1964 Sydney m Blanche Alice Mary PERRIN (b 22 Jun 1878 Kempsey NSW d 14 May 1957 East Kempsey) 25 Jul 1906 West Kempsey

568 Elizabeth MALLETT m James William CORY (b 9 Aug 1840 Freethorped 1st qr 1925 Blofield) 6 Nov 1862 Freethorpe

Note: In 1871 James was a harness maker, living at Freethorpe. The 1881 census shows him as a harness maker journeyman living at Oak Cottage, Freethorpe. In 1891 the family was at the Green, Freethorpe and in 1901 and 1911 they were at Reedham Rd, Freethorpe

Children of James and Elizabeth
Y59......Harriet Elizabeth Cory b 3rd qr 1864 Strumpshaw m (a) Frederick WILLIAMSON 14 Jun 1886 Freethorpe (b) Robert CARTER (b 3rd qr 1864 Blofield) 9 Jul 1899 Freethorpe
926......Arthur Cory b 3rd qr 1867 Freethorpe d 21 Mar 1928 Norwich m Elizabeth Mary HESSEY (b 2nd qr 1859 St Mary Cray, Kent d 2nd Dec 1936 Moulton St Mary) 1st qr 1894 Woolwich
Note: Arthur became a Metropolitan Police Constable
927......John Christopher Cory b 3rd qr 1870 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1930 Hackney m Eleanor Eliza ARROW (b 3rd qr 1874 Croydon d 1st qr 1948 Hackney) 3rd qr 1895 Croydon
928......Ida Edith Cory b 1st qr 1873 Freethorpe d 3rd qr 1953 Acle m (a) James Albert JONES (b 2nd qr 1870 Freethorpe d 5 Apr 1906 Freethorpe) 25 Dec 1891 Freethorpe (b) Robert John LAKE (b 26 Jan 1880 Freethorpe d d 7 Jan 1973 Acle) 2nd qr 1910 Blofield
929......John Cory b 6 Dec 1866 Freethorpe

571 Sarah Ann MALLETT m Frederick MALLETT (b 3rd qr 1846 Limpenhoe bap 27 Dec 1846) 22 Apr 1875 Limpenhoe

Child of Frederick and Sarah
571b......Rosa Eliza Mallett b 3rd qr 1879 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1962 Acle m Albert LAKE (b 3rd qr 1880 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1959 Acle) 4 Feb 1902 Freethorpe

572 Last Peter MALLETT m (a) Sarah BRINDED (b 2nd qr 1851 Freethorpe d 29 Oct 1889 Freethorpe) 6 Nov 1873 Freethorpe (b) Emma Amelia MINNS (b 3rd qr 1860 Poringland d 22 Jan 1946 Loddon) 4th qr 1890 Henstead

Child of Last Peter and Emma Amelia
572b......Gertrude Amelia Mallett b 4th qr 1891 Limpenhoe m Ernest E ELLIS 15 Aug 1917 Loddon

573 Eliza MALLETT m Charles Henry WARD (b 1st qr 1856 Cantley) 1st Jan 1878 Limpenhoe

Children of Charles and Eliza
573b......Alice Gertrude Ward b 12 Sep 1878 Claxton bap 6 Oct 1889 Denton d 1st qr 1970 Norwich m Benjamin George REVELL (b 1st qr 1881 Beccles d 14 Jun 1951 Croydon) 7 Aug 1900 Denton
573c......Harry Edmund Ward b 2nd qr 1882 Claxton
573d......Elsie Frances Ward b 16 Dec 1889 Claxton
573e......Lily Maud Ward b 5 Jul 1892 Denton

575 Rhoda SHARMAN m Ezekial BRIGGS (b 29 Apr 1828 Hethersett d 18 Apr 1898 Freethorpe) 3rd qr 1864 West London

Note: In 1871 and in 1872 Ezekial, a coachman was living with the family at Amwell Hill, Great Amwell, Herts. In 1872 Henry SHARMAN, Rhoda's nephew was staying with the family and Rhoda was a laundress. 1891 saw the family at 4 Sandrock Stables, Sandrock Rd Tunbridge and Rhoda was a laundress private. In 1891 Rhoda was a widowed lodging house keeper living at 106 Nelson Rd Yarmouth with daughter Elizabeth. In 1911 she and Elizabeth were back in Freethorpe

Children of Ezekial and Rhoda
930......Susannah Elizabeth Briggs b 4th qr 1864 Freethorpe d 20 Feb 1951 Lancaster m Henry IRELAND (b 1st qr 1861 Blackburn) 4th qr 1886 Burnley
931......Elizabeth Rhoda Briggs b 26 Apr 1866 Amwell d 12 Jul 1944 West Beckhams m Charles Dennis ROGERS (b 23 Aug 1867 Alby d 1 Oct 1952 Beeston Regis) 2nd qr 1926 Erpingham
Note: IN 1911 Elizabeth was a charwoman. Charles had previously been married to 597b Mary HARRIS
932......John Henry Briggs b 2nd qr 1868 Amwell d 11 Feb 1944 Camden Hospital, Sydney bur Northern Suburbs Sydney m (a) Rose COLSEY (born Mar Qr 1867 Toddington, Glos) 27 Oct 1900 British Consulate, Zanzibar and the religious ceremony on 23 Nov 1900 at The Church, Mamboya, German East Africa (b) Bertha Violet ATLEE (b 2nd qr 1871 Tooting) (c) Annie BARLING (b 3 Aug 1887 Dunwell NSW d 29 Mar 1951 Camden Hospital, Sydney) bef 10 Sep 1935

John Henry Briggs (later Archdeacon Briggs) and Rose were missionaries in Africa (John Henry from 1892and a report on his life and work up to the time of the article which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald 10 Aug 1935 which may be seen here.

John Henry became Archbishop of Dodoma (OBE)

A report on John Henry and Rose's marriage reads: The year of 1900 was a big year for John Henry Briggs; not only was he given the job of pioneering a new station, but it was also the year he married a fellow missionary Rose Colsey. They had to walk to Zanzibar to be married at the British Consulate on 27th October, and then walk back, arriving where they started a whole two months later for the religious ceremony! Henry Cole, the best man, wrote: "The first English wedding in Usagara took place on the 23rd of last month (Nov) when Mr Briggs and Miss Colsey were joined together in the bonds of holy matrimony. The Natives were greatly exercised in their minds as to the amount of dowry paid by the bridegroom, and when told that the alliance was simply a matter of mutual love, without any commercial signification, they were both surprised and amused."
The achievements of John Henry Briggs in Tanganyika (then part of German East Africa now Tanzania are well described in the following:
!00 years ago John H Briggs brought the Gospel from the CMS Mission Station at Mpwapwa and established a new Mission station at Mvumi, thus starting the work of the present Diocese of Central Tanganyika.
In April 1900 Briggs crossed th largely uninhabited hills from Npwapwa and the next day met the local Chief, and he was offered some elevated ground to begin his work. After 12 years there were over 1000 adults either baptised or under instruction for baptism, and over 5200 children were being taught in the 134 schools which had been established.
During WW1 John and his wife were interned by the Germans - he in the Kiboriani and Tabora internment cam. They were both freed by the Belgians in Sep 1916ps

576 Thomas SHARMAN m Mary Ann GILLINGWATER (b 2nd qr 1842 Hardley) 24 Apr 1861 Freethorpe

Note: In 1871 Thomas was a labourer and lived at 9 Harbord's Buildings, South Market Rd, Yarmouth. In 1881 they were at Old Hall, Ranworth with Panxworth and Thomas was an ag lab.

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
933......Henry Sharman b 4th qr 1863 Hardley d 1st qr 1937 Blofield m Ellen DAWSON (b abt 1877 Stokesby d 2nd qr 1967 Acle) 4 Jan 1904 Freethorpe
934......Elizabeth Sharman b 4th qr 1867 Yarmouth d 2 Jan 1946 Sutterlknd, Nebraska m John Deloss MAIN 29 Sep 1890 Garland, Nebraska
935......Thomas Sharman b 1st qr 1870 Yarmouth
936......Mary Ann Sharman b 6 May 1872 Gorleston
937......Walter Sharman b 2nd qr 1874 Ludham
938......Sarah Sharman b 3 Jan 1876 Ludham
939......Charlotte Sharman b 7 Mayl 1877 Ludham d 7 Aug 1877 Ludham
940......John Sharman b 4th qr 1878 Ludham d 1st qr 1879 Ludham
941......John Sharman b 3rd qr 1880 Ludham

579 Maria SHARMAN m John Robert HARRIS (b abt 1831 Reedham d 14 Jun 1898 Freethorpe) 26 Apr 1861 Gt Yarmouth

Child of John and Maria
597b......Mary Ann Harris b 3rd qr 1870 Freethorpe d 9 Jan 1924 Beeston Regis m Charles Dennis ROGERS (b 3rd qr 1867 Alby d 1 Oct 1952 Beeston Regis) 3rd qr 1896 Blofield
Note: Charles later married Mary Ann's first cousin 931 Elizabeth Rhoda BRIGGS

580 Henry SHARMAN m Eliza MALLETT (bap 15 Sep 1839 Ashby Sfk d 3rd qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth) 17 Jul 1862 Ashby

Children of Henry and Eliza
580b......Ellen Sharman b 4th qr 1862 Ashby
580c......Sarah Sharman b 4th qr 1863 Ashby m James BECKETT (b abt 1863 Belton d 4th qr 1932 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1885 Mutford
580d......Elizabeth Sharman b 3rd qr 1865 Gt Yarmouth m Daniel LEGGETT 13 Apr 1884 Gt Yarmouth
580e......Mary Ann Sharman b 4th qr 1867 Gt Yarmouth
580f......Henry George Sharman b 3rd qr 1869 Gt Yarmouth d 8 Jan 1909 Bendigo, Victoria m Margaret HOWLISTON (b abt 1880 Carisbrook, Victoria) 1904 Victoria

582 Robert Waters SHARMAN m Jane KEY (b 1st qr 1852 Freethorpe) 25 Dec 1871 Freethorpe d 2 Mar 1947 Ranworth

Note: (Robert's father was given as Richard on marriage record - think he was known as Henry or Richard). In1881, 1891 and in 1901 the family was at Salhouse Rd, Ranworth and Robert was an ag lab. In 1911 Robert was a county court bailiff and the family was at 26 Stone Rd Yarmouth

.Children of Robert and Jane
582b......Marion Jane Sharman b 1st qr 1872 Freethorpe d 13 Sep 1951 Braydestonm William NOBBS (bap 30 Sep 1855 Surlingham d 20 Feb 1945 Braydeston) 1st qr 1902 Blofield
582c......Henry James Sharman b 4th qr 1873 Somerleyton d 3rd qr 1938 Yarmouth m Sarah Ann HOOD (b 1st qr 1876 Postwick d 4 Aug 1927 Norfolk & Norwich Hospital) 4th qr 1898 Blofield
Note: In 1891 Henry was an ag lab
582d......Robert Waters Sharman b 2nd qr 1875 Runham d 6 May 1965 Yarmouth
Note: In 1891 Robert was an ag lab
582e......Walter William Sharman b 1st qr 1877 Freethorpe m Elizabeth Jane THOMASON (b 29 Jul 1894 Bordigarth, Shetland) 3 May 1917 Lerwick
Note: In 1891 Walter was an ag lab
582f......Bertha Maria Sharman b 1st qr 1879 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1945 Edmonton m Edward William CONEY (b 1st qr 1874 Lewisham d 1st qr 1919 Edmonton) 3rd qr 1901 Edmonton
582g......Kate Elizabeth Sharman b 10 Dec 1880 Ranworth bap 10 Feb 1881 Acle Methodist circuit d 24 Feb 1887 Ranworth
582h......Octavia Sharman b 5 Jun 1882 Ranworth
Note: Octavia sailed from Liverpool to Quebec on the Tunisian on 1st July 1909 when she was listed as a wife in the name of Sharman, but no husband with her

The RMS Tunisian of the Allen Line

582i......Frank Sharman b 4 Oct 1883 Ranworth bap 7 Nov 1883 Acle Methodist circuit d 12 Feb 1887 Blofield
582j......Aubrey Sharman b 4th qr 1885 Ranworth d 30 May 1945 Cleethorpes m (a) Caroline Elizabeth MITCHELL (b 1st qr 1892 Grimsby d 1st qr 1942 Grimsby) 4th qr 1912 Grimsby (b) Kate SHAW 4th qr 1942 Cleethorpes
Note: In 1901 Aubrey was an ag lab. Aubrey was a Mate on the Olympia in 1911 and is listed as Skipper H.M. Trawlers on a website listing men of Grimsby (A Record of their War Services in 1914-1918). On 18 February 1942, the Hull Daily Mail reported that Aubrey Sharman (Skipper) of Cleethorpes had been commended for brave conduct when his ship encountered enemy ships, submarines, aircraft or mines
582k...... Alice Maud Sharman b 12 Jun 1887 Ranworth bap 27 Jul 1887 Acle Methodist circuit
582l......Kate Elizabeth Sharman b 3 Oct 1889 Ranworth bap 8 Dec 1889 Acle Methodist circuit d Sep Qr 1943 Yarmouth m (a) Arthur George HARROD (b 4th qr 1889 Yarmouth) 1st qr 1913 Yarmouth (b) George Henry F LAST (b 25 Dec 1890 Brightlingsea d 10 Jul 1973 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1941 Gt Yarmouth
In 1911 Kate was a domestic servant
582m......Dora Beatrice Beryl Sharman b 21 Sep 1891 Ranworth bap 20 Nov 1895 Acle Methodist circuit d 1st qr 1982 Yarmouth
In 1911 Dora was a costumer

584 Julia SHARMAN m William TURNER (b 4th qr 1854 Oxpits, Reedham d 9 Sep 1929 Deopham) 7 Sep 1878 Freethorpe

Note: William was a grocer and draper at High Elm, Deopham in 1881. The 1891 census shows him as a general shopkeeper at Green, Hingham, Deopham. Still at the same address, William is descibed in 1901 as a general shopkeeper, sub postmaster and farmer.

Children of William and Julia
942......Edith May Turner b 2nd qr 1879 Deopham d 23 Aug 1943 Cambridge m Thomas William ALLEN (b 3rd qr 1878 Cambridge d 16 Jul 1947 Cambridge) 2nd qr 1907 Forehoe
943......Jane Anne Elizabeth Turner b 1st qr 1881 Deopham d 7 Feb 1947 Norwich m Albert Wrettham STONE (b 4th qr 1882 Norwich d d 3rd qr 1941 Acle) 4th qr 1909 Forehoe
Note: Albert was an insurance agent
944......Rosa Theresa Turner b 3rd qr 1882 Deopham d 3nd qr 1968 Caernavon m Thomas W PEMBERTON (b 3rd qr 1888 Long Eaton) 3rd qr 1911 Tendring
Rosa was a draper's assistant
945......Amy Gertrude Turner b 1st qr 1884 Deopham m Willie SAUNDERS (b 4th qr 1884 Carbrooke) 1st qr 1909 Forehoe
946......Julia Beatrice Turner b 5 Jul 1885 Deopham d 2nd qr 1954 Blyth m Walter Garrett WHITTLETON (b 4th qr 1877 Sutton, Nfk d 3rd qr 1940 Blythe) 1st qr 1911 Forehoe
947......Harriet Mahala Turner b 15 Mar 1891 Deopham d 26 Jun 1976 Deopham m James STURMAN (b 1st qr 1895 Wayland d 2nd qr 1967 Norwich) 18 Sep 1924 Deopham

587 Sarah Ann WATERS m John HINDES (bap 20 Oct 1839 Lingwood d 23 Nov 1900) 20 Oct 1864 Freethorpe

Note: In 1881 John was a master wheelwright and widower lodging at Cottage, Ranworth with Panxworth

Children of John and Sarah
948......Henry Hindes b 1st qr 1868 Freethorpe d 26 Feb 1868 Freethorpe
949......Minnie Waters Hindes b 1st qr 1869 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1877 Freethorpe

588 Henry James WATERS m Amelia Millicent JEARY (b 15 Dec 1849 Martham d 15 Apr 1924 Norwich) 27 Dec 1871 Catfield

Note: In 1881 Henry was a farmer of 420 acres employing 7 man and 8 boys living at Farmhouse, Ranworth with Paxworth. You can see his obituary and photo here, and as a matter of further interest, after Henry's death, an employee at his auction company Waters and Son between 1946 and 1948 was a certain Bernard Matthews later of turkey fame.

Children of Henry and Amelia
950......Ethel Waters b 1st qr 1873 Freethorpe d 21 Jun 1906 Langley m William George CANNELL (b 4th qr 1871 Broome d 3rd qr 1952 Norwich Outer) 4th qr 1896 Loddon
951......Frank Waters b 21 Aug 1877 Freethorpe d 5 Apr 1947 Horning m Ellen Elizabeth CANNELL (b 19 Sep 1873 Hardley d 26 Mar 1958 Horning) 18 Apr 1900 Hardley
952......Ralph Waters b 4th 1879 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1957 Norwich Outer m Alice Maud GOODWIN (b 3rd qr 1882 Beeston, Notts) 1st qr 1905 Erpingham
Note: Ralph was a farmer
953....Mabel Waters b 18 Mar 1882 Panxworth d 11 Apr 1969 Eaton, Norwich m (a) Gilbert Kent LACEY (b 6 Mar 1880 Norwich) 17 Jun 1908 Norwich div (in Toronto, Canada) 4 Feb 1913 (b) William Reginald MAW (b 28 Oct 1887 Kirk Ella, Yorkshire d 30 Apr 1982) 1st qr 1923 Norwich
Note: Gilbert and Mabel Lacey emigrated to Canada on 3rd Mar 1910 aboard the ship Canada, when he gave his occupation as engineer
954....Wilfred Waters b 3rd Oct 1885 Panxworth d 17 Mar 1976 Halstead m Grace M WESTON (b 3rd qr 1881 Hemblington d 4th qr 1959 Halstead) 4th qr 1911 following banns on 3 Sep, 10 Sep and 17 Sep 1911
Note: Wilfred was a vetinary surgeon - you cen see a short account of his life

591 John VALENTINE m Ann WICKS or WIX (b abt 1821 Middleton d 4th qr 1879 Freebridge Lynn) 22 Jan 1842 Middleton

Note: John was an ag lab, later a brewer's servant living in Priory Lane, Kings Lynn in 1843 and in 1844 at Queen St, Kings Lynn

Children of John and Ann
955......Emily Wix Valentine b 19 Mar 1843 Kings Lynn bap 1 May 1843 Kings Lynn bur 25 Feb 1844 Middleton
956......George Valentine b 22 Sep 1844 Kings Lynn bap 12 Oct 1844 Kings Lynn bur 17 Feb 1845 Middleton
956a....John Wix Valentine b7 Jan 1846 Kings Lynn bap 3 Feb 1846 Kings Lynn
956b....Emily Valentine b 18 Mar 1848 Kings Lynn bap 23 Jul 1848 Kings Lynn

596 James VALENTINE m Elizabeth BACON (b 1828/9 Norwich d 4th qr 1900 Wisbech R D) 2nd qr 1856 Wisbech RD

Note: James was a brewer's drayman

Children of James and Elizabeth
957......JuliaValentine b 10 Apr 1861 bap 19 May 1861 Wisbech St Peter d 2nd qr 1928 Wisbech
958......Harriet Emma Valentine b 1 Jun 1866 bap 8 Jul 1866 Wisbech St Peter d 15 May 1928 Wisbech m Richard TOYN (b 1st qr 1858 Walsoken d 11 Jan 1915 Wisbech) 4th qr 1908 Wisbech
Note: Richard was a park gardener in 1911 and they lived at 54 Colville Rd, Wisbech
Florence Valentine b 26 Nov 1867 bap 6 Aug 1868 Wisbech St Peter d 1st qr 1954 Kings Lynn
960......Arthur Ernest Valentine b 3rd qr 1869 Wisbech d 2nd qr 1940 Wisbech

605 Daniel MOORE m Charlotte FELTHAM (bap 1 Oct 1797 Milbrook) 3 May 1831 Romsey Hampshire

Children of Daniel and Charlotte
961......Ann Feltham Moore b 3 May 1832 bap 17 Jun 1832 Abbey-Independent, Romsey d 4th qr 1914 Fordingbridge
962......Henry (Harry) Moore b 1849/50 Eling, Hampshire m Jane REDHEAD 17 Apr 1876 Paddington Holy Trinity

606 George MOORE m Sarah NOYCE (bap 7 Jun 1801 East Wellow) 30 Mar 1823 Wellow

Children of George and Sarah
X53......Hannah Moore bap 16 May 1825 East Wellow
X54......Jane Moore bap 30 Dec 1827 Eling
X55......Elizabeth Moore bap 16 May 1830 Eling
X56......Mary Ann Moore bap 11 Nov 1832 Eling
X57......George Moore bap 15 Jul 1838 Eling d 3rd qr 1911
X58......Sarah Moore bap 15 Nov 1840 Eling

520 James KEMISH m (a) Ann GOREY 2 Apr 1834 Romsey (b) Rhoda NEWELL 12 Apr 1838 All Saints, Southampton

Children of James and Ann
963......Mary Ann Kemish bap 23 Aug 1835 Sherfield English

Children of James and Rhoda
964......George Kemish bap 17 Feb 1839 East Wellow bur 16 Jan 1853 Wellow
965......Elizabeth Kemish bap 9 Oct 1842 East Wellow d 1st qr 1917 Epsom
966......Sarah Kemish bap 25 May 1845 East Wellow
967......James Kemish bap 6 Aug 1848 East Wellow
968......Martha Kemish bap 7 Sep 1851 East Wellow d 9 Feb 1927 Worcester Park Surrey

518 Mary KEMISH M William VENTHAM (b abt 1878 Romsey d 1st qr 1888 Romsey) 21 May 1826 Lockerley

Children of William and Mary
X96......Anne Ventham bap 1 Jul 1827 Lockerley
X97......Mary Ventham b abt 1831 Lockerley

611 Job MOORE m 519 Elizabeth KEMISH 25 Dec 1828 Lockerley Hampshire

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas TERRY and William HARRISON

The Salisbury and Wiltshire Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset and Somerset reported on 23 Feb 1829 that "a daring robbery was committed on Sunday 15th inst in the dwelling house of the Rev N T Burnett whilst he was on duty at the Chapel at Lockerley, the whole family also being at worship; a villain broke in at the back part of the cottage and stole therefrom about four pounds in money, with a quantity of silk wearing apparel and a gold ring. About an hour and a half after he left the premises, he was taken at Romsey with the stolen articles in his possession by an intrepid young man of the name of Job MOORE. On Monday he was comitted for trial."

Children of Job and Elizabeth
969......Job Moore bap 26 Dec 1830 Sherfield English, Hampshire d 4th qr 1902 Poplar
970......Anne Moore bap 20 Jan 1833 Wellow, Hampshire
971......Mary Moore b 1834/5 East Wellow
972......Hannah Moore bap 22 May 1836 Wellow d 2nd qr 1901 Bristol;
973......Fanny Moore bap 13 Apr 1838 Wellow
974......Elizabeth Moore bap 16 Feb 1840 Wellow d 1st qr 1876 Winchester RD
975......Jane Moore bap 2 Jan 1842 Wellow d 15 Jun 1914 4 Oak Cottages, Worpledon Rd Guildford.
976......George Moore bap 14 Jan 1844 Wellow
Note: George was a plumber and Glazier
977......Henry Moore bap 18 Jul 1847 Wellow
978......James Albert Moore bap 21 Dec 1849 Wellow

614 James MOORE m Harriet PROUDLEY (bap 9 May 1810 Chawton, Hants) 28 Feb 1831 Michelmersh

Children of James and Harriet
X92......Francis Moore bap 25 Mar 1832 Michelmersh
X93......Hannah Moore bap 3 Nov 1833 Michelmersh
X94......George Moore bap 1 Feb 1835 Michelmersh bur 8 Apr 1838 East Wellow
X95......Ann Moore bap 30 Oct 1836 Michelmersh
X96......Hannah Moore bap 31 Mar 1839 East Wellow

617 Mary Ann WIGLEY m John ORFORD 20 Aug 1819 Lambeth

Children of John and Mary Ann
X108......George Orford bap 5 Aug 1830 Lambeth
X109......Jessie Orford bap13 Sep 1832 Lambeth
X110......Esther Orford bap 14 Mar 1835 Lambeth

979......James John LUCCOCK b 1816 Diss m Matilda PRETTY (b 1821 Middleton, Norfolk) 3rd qr 1839 [Hoxne 13 613]

Note: In 1841 James was a farmer in Thelveton. In 1861 James was unemployed and the family lived at Elizabeth Terrace, London Rd Lowestoft. In 1871 he was a retired farmer living at Holly Cottage, Palgrave

Children of James and Matilda
980......Caroline Luccock b 1841 Thelveton
981......Anna Luccock b 1850 Tharston
Caroline Luccock b 1857 Shelfanger d 6 Apr 1896 Norwich
983......Charles Luccock b 1866 Middlesex

631 Henry WIGLEY m Mary Ann PINNER (bap 28 Mar 1830 d 14 Jun 1910 at 119 Rosary Rd, Norwich) 21 Oct 1878

Note: They married at The Parish Church, Richmond, Surrey, many years after the births of their children but only a short while before Henry's death. Two small anomalies are that Henry is shown as a Widower although there is no evidence of his being married previously and he is shown as a Labourer rather than a Police Detective or Retired Police Detective. It is possible that he said he was a Widower to explain their children and maybe he took on a small labouring job after retiring from the Police Force to supplement his pension.

When giving evidence to the Windham Commission, (report in Norfolk Chronicle 4 January 1862) Henry said he was a detective of the Norwich Police Force, had formerly been an Inspector on the Eastern Counties Railways and had occasionally acted as Guard.

You can see more of Henry's time as a policeman, later a Detective Sergeant, here. Prior to this time (1859) he worked on the Railway, latterly as an engine cleaner. Henry was the son of Richard and Ann WIGLEY He died of consumption Mary died of senile decay. In 1901 Mary was a widow at 119 Rosary Rd, Norwich

Children of Henry and Mary Ann
984......Mary Ann Wigley b Aug 1845 Ham, Surrey
985......Caroline Wigley b 1 June 1848 Norwich bap 2 Sep 1854 St Matthew's Norwich d 2nd qr 1892 Richmond, Surrey m Thomas CUNIS (b 3rd qr 1842 Lambeth d 4th qr 1926 Wandsworth) 19 Aug 1872 St John Waterloo
Clara/Clarissa Wigley b 15 Dec 1850 Norwich bap 2 Sep 1854 St Matthew's Norwich d 11 Mar 1929 Norwich RD
Note: In 1901 Clara was a widowed Laundress living with her mother and son George who was a general labourer
987......Henry Joseph Wigley b 18 Mar 1852 Norwich bap 2 Sep 1854 St Matthew's Norwich d 10 Aug 1936 Norwich RD
988......James Wigley b 1 Jul 1856 Norwich bap 17 Apr 1867 St Matthew's Norwich d 2nd qr 1928 Yarmouth
989......William Wigley b 11 Nov 1858 Norwich bap 17 Apr 1867 St Matthew's Norwich d 11 Nov 1929 Monroe County New York
990.....Charlotte Wigley b 7 Dec 1861 Norwich bap 17 Apr 1867 St Matthew's Norwich d 7 May 1906 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Note: Charlotte was living at 29 Cardiff Road, Heigham, Norwich when she died in hospital 7 May 1906, St. Stephens, Norwich ? taking poison while of unsound mind.
991......Grace Ann Wigley b 2 Aug 1867 Norwich bap 1 Oct 1867 St Matthew's Norwich d 3rd qr 1893 Norwich RD
992......Charles Richard Wigley b 12 Feb 1870 Norwich bap 27 Apr 1870 St Matthew's Norwich d 20 Aug 1950
Note: Charles died of senility and gangrene of the heel


643 John JACKSON m Charlotte COLLETT (b 1st qr 1849 Mettingham) 2nd qr 1871 Mutford

Note: In 1881 and 1891 John was a plate layer living at Church Road, Cantley

Children of John and Charlotte
993......Louisa Elizabeth Jackson b 3rd qr 1872 Somerleyton d 13 Jul 1950 Malling, Kent m Ebenezer Newman BURNS (b 3rd qr 1872 Gorleston d 4 Mar 1930 Maidstone) 22 Jun 1896 Cantley [Blofield 4b 389]
994......Matilda Jackson b 3rd qr 1873 Somerleyton
995......Sarah Anna Jackson b 4th qr 1874 Somerleyton m Thomas William COLLETT (b abt 1877 Somerleyton) 4th qr 1898 Yarmouth
996......James William Jackson b 3rd qr 1876 Cantley m Alice Susannah OAKLEY (b 7 May 1876 Tivetshall St Mary bap 5 Aug 1877 Tivetshall St Mary) 6 Oct 1897 Cantley
997......Dinah Jackson b 2nd qr 1878 Cantley bap 18 Aug 1878 Cantley d 1st qr 1969 Acle
998......Kate Jackson b 3rd qr 1879 Cantley
999......Alice Jackson b 11 Apr 1881 Cantley d 2nd qr 1971 North Walsham m Benjamin Ambrose COLLINS (b 4th qr 1879 Gorleston d 1959 North Walsham) 3rd qr 1903 Blofield
1000....Violet Jackson b 4th qr 1886 Cantley d 11 Aug 1954 Thorpe next Norwich m Robert JERMY (b 1st qr 1887 Southwood bap 27 Mar 1887 Limpenhoe d 24 Apr 1938 Cantley) 18 Mar 1908 Cantley

645 James JACKSON m Harriet POPE (bap 11 Apr 1852 Somerleyton bur 18 Apr 1895 Somerleyton) 13 May 1871 Somerleyton

Note: In 1881 James was a marshman living at Marsh House, By River, Wheatacre all Saints. In 1891 the family was at Ferry House, near Somerleyton Railway Bridge, Marsh Lane, Wheatacre and James was a marshman

Children of James and Harriet
1001......Alice Jackson b 2nd qr 1871 Somerleyton
1002......Edith Jackson b 4th qr 1872 Somerleyton bap 20 Aug 1872 Somerleyton m William Henry FRANSHAM (b 4th qr 1871 Blofield d 4th qr 1945 Hull) 4th qr 1892 Mutford
1003......James Charles Jackson b 1st qr 1874 Wheatacre bap 22 Aug 1875 Somerleyton
Note: In 1891 James Charles was an ag lab
1004....Augusta Jackson b 2nd qr 1875 Somerleyton bap 22 Aug 1875 Somerleyton d 4th qr 1911 Yarmouth m Ernest Albert MORTON (b 3rd qr 1876 Cawston bap 29 Jun 1876 Cawston d 4th qr 1941 Acle) 2nd qr 1898 Cawston
Note: In 1891 Augusta was a domestic servant for Hannah GEDGE aged 81 at 9 Havelock Road, Gt Yarmouth
1005....Albina Jackson b 4th qr 1876 Somerleyton bap 29 Jul 1877 Somerleyton d 3rd qr 1937 Loddon m James Edward FROST (b 4th qr 1872 Raveningham d 1st qr 1936 Loddon) 16 Feb 1901 Stockton
1006....Edgar b 4th qr 1878 Somerleyton bap 6 Oct 1878 Somerleyton d 1st qr 1952 West Ham
1007....Lydia Jackson b 2nd qr 1880 Wheatacre bap 9 Aug 1885 Somerleyton d 3rd qr 1946 Gt Yarmouth m Henry Thomas I HANNANT (b 1st qt 1877 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1904 Yarmouth
Note: In 1901 Lydia was a housemaid domestic at 10 KImberley Terrace, Gt Yarmouth
1008....Saville Alchora Jackson b 3rd qr 1882 Wheatacre bap 9 Aug 1885 Somerleyton d 4th qr 1959 Norwich Outer m May OLDMAN (b 2nd qr 1891 Wheatacre d 1st qr 1978 Depwade) 4th qr 1914 Yarmouth
1009....Claud Jackson b 4th qr 1884 Wheatacre d 2nd qr 1887 Loddon
1010....Sidney Jackson b 1st qr 1887 Wheatacre
1011....Claud William Jackson b 4th qr 1890 Wheatacre bap 16 May 1891 Somerleyton m Ethel Eliza S BROWN (b 1st qr 1892 Lowestoft d 2nd qr 1953 Finsbury) 1st qr 1912 Mutford
Note: Claud William was baptised as William Claud

648 Francis JACKSON m Sarah Ann POPE (b 2nd qr 1859 Somerleyton bap 28 Jul 1859 Somerleyton d 4 Mar 1940 Somerleyton) 1st qr 1879 Loddon

Note: Francis was an able seaman. In 1881 Sarah was living with Maria Utting as a lodger, and Francis was absent - aboard the "John Frederick". In 1891 Sarah was living with the family at Rock Estate, Church Road, Oulton and again Francis was not present and the same applied in 1901 when the family was at Hall Road, Oulton. In 1911 the family was at 1 Naomi House, Rock Estate, Oulton Broad

Children of Francis and Sarah
1012......Selina Jackson b 3rd qr 1880 Somerleyton bap 15 Aug 1880 Somerleyton d 30 Oct 1945 Taverham m (a) James EASTAUGH (b 2nd qr 1879 Oulton bap 4 May 1879 d 3 Dec 1915 Oulton Broad) 5 Oct 1901 Oulton (b) John H PARKER 4th Qr 1916 Yarmouth RD
1013......Owen Francis Jackson b 11 Sep 1882 Somerleyton d 24 Aug 1972 Mutford
In 1901 Owen was a labourer brick carting; in 1911 he was a general labourer
1014......Florence Ada Jackson b 4th qr 1884 Somerleyton bap 9 Aug 1885 Somerleyton m Charles Edward HICKS (b 2nd qr 1878 Poplar) 2nd qr 1906 Poplar
1015......James Charles Jackson b 2nd qr 1887 Somerleyton bap 8 May 1887 Somerleyton
In 1901 James was an errand boy; in 1911 he was a general labourer
1016......Charles William Jackson b 2nd qr 1890 Somerleyton bap 7 Jun 1891 Somerleyton
1017......Eveline Frances Jackson b 12 Jul 1893 Somerleyton d 9 May 1973 Oulton Broad m Alfred George Reuben HICKS (b 10 Jan 1892 Enfield d 17 Jul 1975 Oulton Broad) 3rd qr 1914 Edmonton
1018....Ernest b 1897 Oulton [1911 census]
Note: In 1911 Ernest was a general labourer
1019......Samuel Frederick Jackson b 10 Apr 1896 Somerleyton bap 9 Aug 1898 Somerleyton
1020......Stewart Reginald Leonard Jackson b 18 Dec 1898 bap 9 Apr 1900 Oulton d 3 Apr 1974 Oulton Broad m Violet M LAY (b 4th qr 1900 Lowestoft d 20 FEb 1991 Oulton Broad) 4th qr 1926 Mutford
1021......Narcissie Lenor Jackson b 17 Sep 1901 Lowestoft d 2 Nov 1977 Lowestoft m (a) Charles William PEARCE (b 12 May 1898 Oulton bap 15 Jun 1898 Oulton d 4th Qr q977 Waveney) 4th qr 1917 Gt Yarmouth (b) Robert F HARVEY 3rd qr 1943 Lothingland

641 Charlotte Selina SALES m Thomas Ernest CLARKE (b 3rd qr 1852 Gorleston d 1st qr 1887 Mutford) 3rd qr 1878 Colchester

Child of Thomas and Charlotte
1022......Maud Selina S Clarke b 2nd qr 1879 Ipswich

642 Arthur Herbert SALES m Esther Laura ALDRIDGE (b 4th qr 1862 Lowestoft d 5 Jul 1935 Edmonton) 4th qr 1890 Mutford

Children of Arthur and Esther
642b......Herbert Albert Sales b 17 Dec 1891 Freezy Water, Enfield d 12 Jan 1968 London m Emily Violet PARNELL (b 2 Jan 1896 Edmonton d 4th qr 1977 Surrey Northern) 4th qr 1919 Edmonton
642c......Harold Arthur Sales b 2nd qr 1893 Enfield d 29 Sep 1966 Sutton Coldfield m May WRAIGHT b 31 May 1895 Clapton d 6 Aug 1996 Birmingham) 5 Aug 1917 Edmonton
642d......Laura Mary Sales b 9 Nov 1894 Plumstead d 14 Aug 1979 Edmonton m William Berry BECKWITH (b 2nd qr 1867 Rivenhall, Essex d 26 Mar 1937 Edmonton) 6 Dec 1919 Edmonton

646 Thomas William SALES m Mary Ann PYE (b 15 Dec 1852 Corton) 2nd qr 1873 Mutford

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
646b......Selina Sarah Sales b 4th qr 1873 Corton d 31 Oct 1954 Lowestoft
646c......Eve Marriane Sales b 4th qr 1877 Corton d 27 Apr 1957 Lowestoft
646d......William Thomas Sales b 1st qr 1880 Lowestoft m Drusilla Phyllis DOYLEND (b 4th qr 1881 Pin Mill d 2nd qr 1966 Ealing) 2nd qr 1906 Mutford
646e......Leonard Arthur Sales b1st qr 1897 Lowestoft d 25 Jan 1978 Gorleston

650 Sarah Ann SALES m Robert Permanter BURWELL (b 1st qr 1861 Gt Yarmouth d 2nd qr 1954 Yarmouth) 11 Jan 1885 Yarmouth

Note: Robert was a general carter in 1891 but by 1901 he was a coal merchant living at 1 Trinity Square, Gt Yarmouth. In 1911 the family was at 92 Southtown, Gt Yarmouth

Child of Robert and Sarah
650b......Robert Permanter Burwell b 2nd qr 1886 Yarmouth

653 William BECK m Anne MALLETT (bap 1 Mar 1853 Limpenhoe bur 23 Oct 1911 Limpenhoe) 22 Apr 1875 Limpenhoe

Note: Anne was the daughter of William MALLETT, a master shoemaker widower who was staying with the family at Limpenhoe in 1881. William Beck was an ag lab

Children of William and Ann
1023......Anne Elizabeth Beck b 18 Mar 1876 Limpenhoe bap 21 May 1876 Limpenhoe d 23 May 1950
1024......William Jonathan Beck b 25 Nov 1877 Limpenhoe bap 20 Jan 1878 Limpenhoe d 11 Mar 1963 Willesden
1025......William John Beck bap 6 Nov 1879 Limpenhoe d 18 Feb 1928 m Edith Mary BEAN 13 Jul 1918 Kensington
1026......Charlotte Beck bap 8 Mar 1882 Limpenhoe d 30 Jun 1939 Pancras
Note: Robert was a stoiker for a stationary engine in 1911 and he and Charlotte were at 41 Southerton Rd, Hammersmith
1027......Ellen Selina Beck b 16 Oct 1882 Limpenhoe bap 25 Jan 1884 Limpenhoe d 16 Nov 1955 Limpenhoe
1028......Ethel Alice Beck b 17 Feb 1886 Limpenhoe bap 13 Jun 1886 Limpenhoe m Walter MILLER 6 Oct 1918 Erpingham
1029......Agnes Sarah Beck bap 6 Aug 1888 Limpenhoe d 15 Mar 1960 Caister on Sea
1030......Albert James Beck b 2 Dec 1890 bap 22 Feb 1891 Limpenhoe d 5 Jan 1964 Whitlingham Hospital m Hilda Martha HALL (b 2 Sep 1898 Reedham d 2 Jun 1971 Limpenhoe) 7 Jun 1927 Blofield
Note: In 1911 Albert was a farm labourer
1031......Olive Myra Beck bap 30 Sep 1894 Limpenhoe d 26 Feb 1917
Note: In 1911 Olive was an elementary school teacher

655 James BECK m Eliza Kolner JONES (bap 13 Oct 1851 Halvergate d 19 Mar 1939 Yarmouth) 28 Dec 1872 All Saints, Freethorpe

Note: In 1871 James was a fisherman on the "Young Agnes" off Mounts Bay. In 1881 he was a platelayer living at Antingham and by 1901 he became a railway inspector, and the family was at 7 Salisbury Rd Norwich. In 1911 James was again a platelayer and he and Eliza were at 116 Stafford Rd Gorleston

Children of James and Eliza
1032......Edward William Beck b 12 Apr 1874 Freethorpe d 15 Dec 1952 Gorleston m Alice Maud WILLER (b 18 Mar 1876 Hull - birth registered Sculcoats, Nfk as Ellis Maud Willer 2nd qr 1876 - d 14 Dec 1964 Norwich Outer) 4th qr 1897 Depwade
Note: Edward was a Metropolitan Police Constable
1033......Agnes Gertrude Beck bap 9 Jul 1876 Limpenhoe bur 11 Nov 1886 North Walsham
1034......Henry Frederick Beck b 2nd qr 1878 Antingham d 22 Jun 1908 Norwich
Note: Henry was a plumber
1035......Edith Eliza Beck b 128 Dec 1879 Antingham d 15 Dec 1945 Norwich
Note: Edith was a dressmaker in 1901
1036......Alfred Beck b 27 Apr 1883 North Walsham d 14 Feb 1966 Norwich
Note: Alfred was a mustard packer in 1901

811 Hannah Maria WATERS m William HALL (b 2nd qr 1854 Cantley bap 7 May 1854 Limpenhoe)28 Dec 1875 Freethorpe

Note; William was a fisherman

Child of William and Hannah
1037......Arthur William Hall b 3rd qr 1878 Limpenhoe

826 Alfred YOUNGS m Jane SKIPPEN (b 28 Aug 1849 Halvergate d 3rd qr 1907 Smallburgh 1st qr 1869 Blofield

Children of Alfred and Jane
826b......Alfred Hazael Youngs b 12 Jan 1869 Halvergate d 2nd qr 1878 Blofield
Q79.......Fred Youngs b 7 Aug 1870 Halvergate bur 18 Sep 1870 Halvergate
Q80.......Ibrah Fred Youngs b 28 Jul 1871 Halvergate bur 11 Sep 1871 Halvergate
826c......Lottie Matilda Youngs b 1st qr 1873 Halvergate d 23 Sep 1952 Yarmouth
Q81.......Fred Youngs b 17 Jun 1877 Halvergate bur 18 SEp 1877 Halvergate
826d......Heazell Alfred Youngs b 16 Jun 1879 Gt Yarmouth bur 30 Sep 1879 Halvergate
826e......Gertrude Sarah Youngs b 11 Jun 1885 Halvergate d 10 Jan 1901 Halvergate
Note: In 1891 census Gertrude is shown as blind

827 Daniel YOUNGS m Charlotte LUSHER (bap 9 Jul 1854 Chedgrave d 21 Jun 1944 Broome) 16 May 1876 Chedgrave

Children of Daniel and Charlotte
827b......Frederick Clare Lusher Youngs b 4th qr 1876 Freethorpe d 4th qr 1936 Ipswich m Margaret Beatrice FISHER (b 3rd qr 1875 Lambeth d 31 Jul 1959 Felixtowe Ferry) 3rd qr 1899 Loddon
827c......Alfred William Youngs b 24 Nov 1879 Dunston d 1st qr 1964 Norwich Outer
827d......Violet Maud Minnie Youngs b 13 Apr 1882 Stokesby d 15 Dec 1974 Cambridge m Walter Sidney (or Sydney) FULLER (b 1st qr 1885 Cambridge d 5 Nov 1944 33 Marshall Rd, Cambridge) 12 Apr 1909 Broome
Ethel May Hibbett Youngs b 3 Oct 1881 Norwich was a witness to the wedding and also died at 33 Marshall Road Cambridge in 1847. Violet's great grandparents were Robert Waters and Hannah Chapman who were also the great grandparents of Blanche Beck who married Arthur Sidney Hibbett, formerly Wigley. Ethel May Hibbett's father, Arthur Amos Hibbett having remarried to Charlotte Wigley, mother of Arthur Sidney Wigley who married Blanch Beck in 1906
827e......Ethel Florence Youngs b 6 Nov 1884 Stokesby d 21 Feb 1972 East Dereham m Jack Alec MONUMENT (b abt 1884 East Dereham) 3 Dec 1906 Broome
827f......Gertrude Lily Youngs b 1st qr 1887 Freethorpe bap 15 May 1887 Sprowston d 26 Mar 1893 Hales
827g......Walter Christopher Youngs b 23 Aug 1889Hales d 1st qr 1978 Norwich Outer m Daisy Anna TUBBY (b 29 Jan 1889 Barnham Broom d 5 Jun 1979 Hellesden) 15 Oct 1912 Broome
827h......Arthur Daniel Youngs b 8 Aug 1892 Hales d 2nd qr 1975 Norwich m (a) Annie MICKLEBURGH (b 2nd qr 1890 Broome d 1st qr 1916 Loddon) 1 Mar 1913 Broome (b) Ellen Sophia KENT (b 6 Jun 1892 Denton d 4th qr 1969 Norwich Outer) 17 Dec 1916 Broome
827i......Herbert Algernon M Youngs b 2nd qr 1896 Hales d 11 Aug 1917 (Kia, near Ypres, Belgium)
Note: Herbert is remembered on Panel 4 of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres

828 Julia Ann YOUNGS m Edward John CHAPLIN (b 4th qr 1856 Belaugh d 2nd qr 1940 [Yarmouth 4b 43]) 20 Sep 1876 St Martin at Oak, Norwich.

Note: Edward was a policeman in 1881 and the family was at St Peters Street, Norwich

Children of Edward and Julia
1038......Frederick William Chaplin b 4th qr 1876 Norwich d 10 Mar 1878 Belaugh
1038a....William Frederick Chaplin b 3rd qr 1878 Norwich d 2nd qr 1963 Aclem Mildred WRIGHT (b 4 Oct 1882 Beighton d 3rd qr 1972 Acle) 2nd qr 1905 Loddon
1039......Herbert Henry Chaplin b 4th qr 1879 Norwich d 27 Dec 1884 Belaugh
1040......Walter Chaplin b 2nd qr 1881 Norwich m Ellen Agnes SMITH (b 19 Jan 1883 Somerleyton d 2nd qr 1975 Waveney RD) 4th qr 1909 Wangford
1041......Rosa May Chaplin b 4th qr 1882 Belaugh d 3rd qr 1930 Blofield m Hezekiah Coleman HOWLETT (b 23 Dec 1858 Horstead bap 28 Dec 1860 Salhouse d 4th qr 1947 Acle) 4th qr 1908 Norwich
Note: This may be the same person as Hezekiah Abraham Howlett who married Emily Youngs
1042......Albert Oliver Chaplin b 2nd qr 1884 Belaugh d 2 Nov 1922 Bradwell m Alice Mary CHAPLIN (b 3rd qr 1884 Southtown) 1st qr 1913 Mutford
1043......Herbert Chaplin b 2nd qr 1886 Irstead
1044......Emily May Chaplin b 1st qr 1888 Irstead m Bertie William WRIGHT (b 3 Jul 1886 Moulton St Mary) 1st qr 1906 Norwich

829 Mary Elizabeth YOUNGS m William MASON (b 4th qr 1847 Burwell) 4th qr 1871 Aylesham

Note: William was a farmer of 188 acres employing 5 men and 3 boys in 1881 living at Ashmanhaugh. In 1891 the family was at The Hall, Ashmanhaugh and Wiliam was still a farmer. Still at the Hall in 1901, but after William had died, 1046 Herbert was the farmer with his mother

Children of William and Mary
1045......Margaret Emily Mason b 3rd qr 1874 Burwell
1046......Herbert William Mason b 1st qr 1876 Burwell d 10 Dec 1853 Hoveton m Bertha JONES (b 1878 Pontadurlais, Glamorgan d 12 Mar 1962 Hoveton) 4th qr 1905 [Aylesham 4b 211]
Note: In 1911 Herbert and Bertha were living at The Hall, Irstead, Neatishead and Herbert was a farmer
1047......Kate Mason b 2nd qr 1877 Burwell
1048......Laura Annie Mason b 1st qr 1882 Ashmanhaugh
Note: In 1901 Laura was a pupil teacher
1049......Alethea May Mason b 1st qr 1884 Ashmanhaugh

830 Shadrach YOUNGS m Emma Mary SMITH (bap 15 Sep 1861 Forncett St Peter) 21 Apr 1886 Forncett St Peter [Depwade 4b 387]

Note: Shadrach was a farmer

Children of Shadrach and Emma
1050......Sidney Arthur Youngs b 4th qr 1886 Horstead m Frances Elizabeth FRENCH (b 2nd qr 1889 Stalham) 2nd qr 1925 Smallburgh
1051......Helena Emily Youngs b 18 May 1888 Horstead
1052......Harry Youngs b 3rd qr 1890 Ashmanhaugh
1053......Cecil William Youngs b 4th qr 1892 Ashmanhaugh
1054......Dora Margaret Youngs b 8 Oct 1895 Ashmanhaugh d 22 May 1996 Norwich m Cyril Riches CROSSKILL (b 1st qr 1893 Norwich d 14 Nov 1955 Norwich) 3rd qr 1923 [Norwich 4b 281]

831 Emily YOUNGS m Hezekiah Abraham HOWLETT (b 23 Dec 1858 Horstead bap 28 Dec 1860 Salhouse d 4th qr 1947 Acle) 16 Oct 1888 Irstead

Note: Hezekiah was a farmer in 1901 living at Norwich Rd, Horstead. In 1911 the family were at the Lodge, South Walsham. Hezekiah remarried in abt 1907 to Rosa/Rosie CHAPLIN (Emily's neice).

Children of Hezekiah and Emily
1054......Hezekiah William Howlett b 15 Sep 1889 Horstead d 24 Jul 1978 Weston Longville m Marion MONTGOMERY (b 3rd qr 1892 Foulsham bap 23 Oct 1892 Foulsham d 22 Aug 1963 Weston Longville) 4th qr 1916 st George Hanover Square
1055......Herbert Charles Howlett b 2nd qr 1891 Horstead d 3rd qr 1962 North Walsham m Constance Caroline WARD (b 13 Oct 1890 Panxworth d 2nd qr 1975 East Dereham) 3rd qr 1913 Blofield
Note: In 1911 Herbert was a policeman (single) living at the Police Station, Loddon
1056......Arthur Horace Howlett b 2nd qr 1892 Horstead d 1 Nov 1935 Bunwell m Grace CATER (b 25 Mar 1896Freethorpe d 27 Jul 1969 Norwich) 2nd qr 1922 Blofield
Note: After Arthur's death Grace remarried to Clement W Brown 4th qr 1939 Depwade
1057......Elsie May Howlett b 7 Feb 1894 Horstead d 25 May 1980 Wendling m Sydney Purrant STOCKDALE (b 13 Feb 1893 Peterborough d 28 Apr 1979 Wendling) 2nd qr 1929 Blofield
In 1911 Elsie was a dressmaking apprentice
1058......Reginald Coleman Howlett b 4th qr 1895 Horstead
In 1911 Reginald was a labourer on a farm. He was a Lance Corporal in the Norfolk Regiment and is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial and the South Walsham War Memorial
1059......Hubert Leslie Howlett b 27 Aug 1897 Horstead d 14 Apr 1986 Norwich m Edith Ethel HOWARD (b 10 Feb 1898 Flitcham d 3 Jul 1997 Norwich) 2nd qr 1923 Blofield
1060......Mary Howlett b 1st qr 1899 Horstead bap 2 Mar 1899 Horstead d 1st qr 1899 Horstead
1061......Mary Augusta Howlett b 6 Jul 1900 Horstead d 3rd qr 1989 Norwich m Cecil Lessey Overton TAYLOR (b 1st qr 1901 Norwich d 21 Apr 1963 Norwich) 2nd qr 1926 Blofield
1062......Emily Howlett b 23 Jun 1902 Horstead d 20 Jan 1995 South Walsham m Lawrence Thomas CLAMP (b 18 Oct 1891 South Walsham d 19 Jul 1961 South Walsham) 3rd qr 1926 Blofield

833 Diana YOUNGS m Henry WHITE (b 30 Nov 1845 Cantley d 1st qr 1917 Blofield) 27 Nov 1870 Reedham

Note: In 1881 Henry, a journeyman corn miller, was living with his sister Sarah WHITE who was housekeeper at Acle. By 1891 Henry, now a flour dealer, had remarried to a Sarah with whom he had had 4 more children, all living at Damgate, Acle. In 1911 they were at Rotten Marsh Road, Acle and Henry is listed as a Farmer, corn and flour dealer

Children of Henry and Diana
1067......Anna Youngs White b 6 Apr 1971 Blofield d 1st qr 1922 Blofield m William YOUNGS (bap 16 Nov 1869 Freethorpe d 22 Jan 1958 Freethorpe) 2nd qr 1894 Blofield
1067a....Florence Youngs White b 3rd qr 1873 Acle bap 12 Oct 1873 Acle bur 10 Feb 1894 Acle
1068......Mada Youngs White b 17 Sep 1875 Acle d 3rd qr 1903 Blofield
Note: In 1901 Mada was still at home with her father and was a dressmaker

834 William Robert YOUNGS m Martha BARKER (b 4th qr 1846 Wymondham d 6 Oct 1926 Freethorpe) 1st qr 1875 Yarmouth

Note: In 1891 William was a wheelwright and blacksmith and the family were at the Green, Freethorpe. In 1901 they lived at Reedham Rd, Freethorpe

Children of William and Martha
1069......Martha Youngs b 1st qr 1875 Rockland St Mary d 13 Sep 1969 Gt Yarmouth m Robert KEY (b 3rd qr 1876 Freethorpe d 13 Jun 1920 Freethorpe) 1 Jan 1900 Freethorpe
Note: In 1891 Martha is recorded as a "teacher in school" aged 15
1070......William Thomas Youngs b 2nd qr 1878 Postwick m Mary Ann TRETT (b 4th qr 1872 Blofield) 5 Nov 1900 Freethorpe
1071......Alfred Barker Youngs b 31 Mar 1880 Freethorpe d 17 Mar 1957 Norwich Outer m Martha FAKE (b 21 Oct 1880 Methwold d 26 Sep 1968 Loddon) 25 Dec 1905 Freethorpe
Note In 1910 Alfred was a carpenter
1072......Agnes Anna Youngs b 6 Oct 1883 Freethorpe bap 2 Dec 1883 Acle Methodist circuit m Jonathan BROCK (b 9 Jan 1882 Freethorpe) 9 Oct 1906 Freethorpe
Note: In 1901 Agnes was a teacher in a voluntary school
1073......Edith Sarah Youngs b 17 Mar 1886 Freethorpe bap 27 Apr 1886 Acle Methodist circuit m James Arthur KEY (b 1st qr 1892 Blofield) 2nd qr 1917 Blofield
1074......Harry Youngs b 1 Dec 1887 Freethorpe d 17 Jun 1973 Freethorpe m Ema Laura PRESTON (b 21 Jun 1895 Briningham d 16 Aug 1982 Freethorpe) 1st qr 1920 Freethorpe
1075......Annie Youngs b 8 Dec 1890 Freethorpe bap 27 Jan 1891 Acle Methodist circuit m Frederick William RUMSEY 24 Jul 1917 Freethorpe

835 Robert Waters YOUNGS m Keziah BLAND (b 4th qr 1854 Acle d 5 Oct 1919 Ridgetown, Ontario) 4th qr 1874 Norwich

Note: After Robert's death Keziah and Diana Lavinia, Mildred Maud and Herbert Charles emigrated to Canada, on the Virginian from Liverpool to Montreal in 1911. She remarried to Thomas HAWES 1 Jan 1913 Ontario.

The Virginian, later the Drottningholm, a Swedish transatlantic liner.

Children of Robert and Keziah
1076......Anna Amelia Youngs b 4 Jul 1876 d 1st qr 1973 Lothingland m (a) Albert John HEWITT (b 2nd qr 1871 Wickhampton d 4th qr 1931 Blofield) 6 Feb 1900 Limpenhoe (b) Oscar William BEEVOR (b 4th qr 1876 Haddiscoe d 2nd qr 1959 Norwich Outer) 2nd qr 1950 Norwich Outer
1077......John Frederick Youngs b 3 Jun 1878 Acle d 1st qr 1961 Yarmouth m Ethel Eliza MYHILL (b 26 Dec 1880 Beighton d 4th qr 1976 Norwich Outer) 10 Sep 1900 Beighton
1077a....Robert William Youngs b 2nd qr 1880 Freethorpe d 17 May 1945 Pontiac Michigam m Mary Agnes CARTER (b abt 1874 Egypt d 3 Jan 1960 Pontiac, Michigan) 3rd qr 1908 Yarmouth.

Robert and Mary sailed from Liverpool to New York on 17 Sep 1908 on the SS Baltic

1078......Gervase James Youngs b 1st qr 1882 Freethorpe d 30 Sep 1956 Woodbastwick m Rachel Agnes GIBSON (b 22 Nov 1877 Surlinghambap 23 Dec 1877 Surlingham d 3 Jan 1973 Woodbastwick) 4th qr 1907 Blofield
1079......Frederick Henry Youngs b 29 Jan 1884 Freethorpe bap 4 Mar 1884 Acle Methodist circuit
1079a....Joseph Youngs b 18 Jul 1885 Freethorpe bur 21 Jul 1885 Freethorpe
1080......Diana Lavinia Youngs b 4th qr 1886 Freethorpe
1081......Laura May Youngs b 3rd qr 1888 Freethorpe d 1 Jan 1979 Toronto m James BARCLAY (b abt 1888 Aberdeen d 20 Jun 1937 Toronto) 1 Jan 1912 Sarnia, Ontario
1082......Gertrude Jane Youngs b 15 Apr 1890 Freethorpe
1083......Adnah Ernest Youngs b 2nd qr 1892 Acle
1084......Mildred Maud Youngs b 2nd qr 1893 Acle
1085......Herbert Charles Youngs b 3rd qr 1896 Acle d 23 Dec 1976 Essondale, British Columbia m Lily Hyacenthe KEMPTON (b 26 Sep 1891 Winnipeg d 14 Mar 1969 Vancouver) 2 Jun 1920 (place unknown)
1085a....Bertie Christmas Youngs b 25 Dec 1897 Blofield bur 3 FEb 1898 Acle

656 John BECK m 820 Hannah Elizabeth WATERS 7 Feb 1874 Limpenhoe

Note: In 1901 John was a railway gatekeeper living at Cottage Hall Lane, Tunstead. In 1911 the address given was "Gatehouse" Tunstead and John was still a railway gate keeper

Children of John and Hannah
1086......Millicent Violet Beck b 10 Aug 1874 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1936 Blofield
1087......Elmira Elizabeth Beck b 13 May 1877 Limpenhoe bur 16 Mar 1894 St Michaels Aylesham aged 16
1088......Ethel Minnie Beck bap 9 Nov 1879 Limpenhoe d 27 Sep 1959 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital m Charles Albert THOMAS (bap 23 Jul 1876 Gayton d 2nd qr 1969 Norwich Outer) 25 Nov 1906 Tunstead
Note: Charles was a gas fitter. Ethel , who lived at 23 West Parade died of a pulmonary embolism following operation for fracture of left femoral neck-fall at home.An inquest was held on 30 Sep 1939 and the The Eastern Evening News of the same day reported; "An 80 year old woman suffering from Arthritis and Varicose Veins fell while going to prepare a bedtime drink her husband told the Norwich City Coroner Mr. B. O L. Prior today. A verdict of accidental death was recorded on Mrs Ethel Minnie Thomas of 23 West Parade, Norwich. Her husband, Mr Charles Albert Thomas said his wife got up and commented, "I think I will get the drink for the night." The senior House Officer at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital said Mrs Thomas died following an operation on a fractured thigh "
1089......Edith M Beck b 2 Dec 1881 Aylesham d 2nd qr 1970 Yarmouth m Arthur Edward SPELLS (b 3rd qr 1884 Whitstable, Kent d 9 Apr 1928 Norwich) 17 Mar 1913 St Thomas' Church, Heigham
Note: Arthur was a carpenter in 1911 visiting at 29 Edinburgh Rd, Norwich
Frederick Beck b 4th qr 1883 d 2nd qr 1964 Norwich Outer
1091......Blanch May Beck b 9 May 1886 Aylsham d 15 Oct 1934 Plantation Nursing Home, Norwich
Note: Blanch died of Carcinoma of the uterus
1092......Maud Marion Beck b 9 Oct 1888 Aylsham d 1st qr 1971 Norwich.
1093......Albert George Beck b 31 Mar 1891
Note: . There is a record of Albert George arriving Liverpool from Montreal 3 Dec 1936 on the Duchess of Bedford and giving a proposed address in the UK of Beckhythe, West Parade, Norwich. On 5 Mar 1937, he left Liverpool on the same ship to do the return journey. No record of how he got from England to Canada or of his life in Canada after his return there.
1094......Florence Elmyra Beck b 18 Oct 1894 Aylsham d 28 May 1975 Sanderstead
Note: In 1911 Florence was a nurse domestic
1095......Alice Ada Beck b 9 May 1893 bap 23 Jun 1895 Aylsham bur 17 Jan 1896 aged 2
1096......Harry Harold Beck b 12 Jul 1896 Aylsham bap 30 Aug 1908 Tunstead d 20 Nov 1917
Note: In 1911 Harold was a farm labourer. Harry H. (service No. 14968) was a Corporal in 9th Battalion the Norfolk Regiment. He died at the battle of Cambrai, possibly in or near Ribecourt Village) and is buried in Ribecourt British Cemetery about 38 miles south east of Arras, France. He is remembered on the Tunstead War Memorial. Although not specifically mentioning Harry Harold Beck, the Divisional History for 20 Nov 1917 includes the following paragraph:
"The former was successfully cleared by the Buffs, and the latter (Ribecourt Village) gallantly captured by the 9th Norfolk Regiment; the 11th Essex clearing and securing it for the advance of the 18th Infantry Brigade, while the 71st Infantry Brigade attacked the second objective.'

1097......Ada Lilian Beck b 5 Mar 1899 Aylesham bap 14 May 1899 Aylsham bap 14 May 1899 Aylesham d 8 Sep 1968 Manchester

657 Henry BECK m Charlotte Eliza BAILEY (bap 19 Dec 1858 Swafield d 4th qr 1923 Smallburgh R D) 3rd qr 1878 Blofield

Note: Henry was a plate layer in 1891, 1901 and 1911. The family were at Brockley, Worstead in 1891 and at Worstead in 1911

Children of Henry and Charlotte
1098......Frederick William Beck bap 8 Dec 1878 Swafield d 14 May 1957 Northrepps
Note: In 1901 William was a platelayer on the railway
1099......Ernest Arthur Beck bap 21 Aug 1881 Swafield d 3rd qr 1958 North Walsham
Note: In 1901 Ernest was a platelayer on the railway
1100......Albert Beck b 29 Aug 1883 Swafield bap 16 Sep 1883 Swafield
Note: In 1901 Albert was an under gamekeeper and in 1911 he was a farm labourer
1101......Harry Beck b 4 Jul 1885 Swafield bap 2 Aug 1885 Swafield d 9 Apr 1955 Worthing
Note: In 1901 Henry was a farm teamster
1102......Myra Beck b 18 May 1888 Worsteadbap 17 Jun 1888 Worstead
Note: In 1911 Myra was a shop assistant
1103......Herbert Beck b 16 Dec 1894 Worstead d 13 Mar 1978 Worstead
Note: in 1911 Herbert was a railway porter

658 Jonathan BECK m Alice DURRANT (b 25 Apr1869 Reedham bur 8 Feb 1951 Reedham) 31 May 1886 Blofield

Note: Jonathan was a "Groom domestic servant" and later a gardener domestic

Children of Jonathan and Alice
1104......Edith Alice Beck b 13 Oct 1886 Reedham bur 1 Oct 1960 Reedham
1105......Samuel Jonathan Beck b 21 Feb 1890 Witton bap 6 Apr 1890 Reedham d 24 Dec 1957 Limpenhoe
Note: In 1911 Samuel was living with his parents and was a groom domestic
1106......Anne Dorothy Beck b 13 Sep 1895 Reedham bap 3 Nov 1895 Reedham d 2nd qr 1989 Gt Yarmouth m Basil FROSDICK (b 19 Jan 1895 Reedham bap 3 Feb 1895 Acle Methodist circuit d 3rd qr 1979 North Walsham) 11 Feb 1920 Reedham

659 Alfred Thomas BECK m Maria BOWEN (bap 23 Apr 1849 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1924 Mutford) 2nd qr 1899

Note: Maria was formerly Maria BLOGG and married James BOWEN 1st qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth. Maria bought the children of the family to this one Alfred was a plate layer and later a railway servant

Children of James and Maria
1107......James BOWEN bap 20 Dec 1874 Limpenhoe
1108......George BOWEN b 1st qr 1877Gt Yarmouth
1109......Robert George BOWEN bap 22 Aug 1880 Limpenhoe
1110......Florence BOWEN b 4th qr 1882 Gorleston
1112......William Ernest BOWEN b 3rd qr 1886 Gorleston
1113......Edith May BOWEN b 19 May 1895 Gt Yarmouth bap 13 Jun 1895 Gt Yarmouth

660 Frederick BECK m 312 Elmyra Sarah WATERS 17 Apr 1884 Aylesham

Note: in the 1901 census, the children are with their grandparents, Robert and Mary WATERS

Children of Frederick and Elmyra
1114......Florence Bertha Beck b 20 Sep 1885 Limpenhoe bap 15 Nov 1885 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1975 Norwich
1115......Edith Marion Beck b 12 Apr 1890 Limpenhoe bap 25 May 1890 d 1st qr 1983 Norwich m Frederick Charles EDWARDS (b 7 Feb 1886 Reedham d 3rd qr 1952 Acle) 4 Nov 1907 Reedham

661 Edith BECK m Charles Edward STONE (b 29 Nov 1865 Reedham bur 7 Dec 1944 Reedham) 25 Oct 1893

Note: Charles was a fisherman and later the landlord of the Ferry Inn, Reedham

Children of Charles and Edith
1116......Ena Charlotte Elizabeth Stone b 25 Sep 1895 Limpenhoe bap 24 Nov 1895 Limpenhoe
1117......Charles John Stone bap 25 Jul 1897 Limpenhoe
1118......Audrey Edith Stone b 31 Jul 1899 Limpenhoe bap (as Audrey Ada) 10 Sep 1899 Limpenhoe d 3 Jun 1955 Cromer
1119......Rodney Edmund Stone b 2 Apr 1904 Limpenhoe bap 29 May 1904 Limpenhoe d 3rd qr 1989 North Walsham
1120......Edith Avis Stone b 16 Jan 1909 Limpenhoe bap 3 Mar 1909 Limpenhoe

666 Benjamin BECK m Jane MARR (b 1846 Dunbard 1st qr 1927 Mutford) 28 Dec 1868 St Peters Chapel, Lowestoft

Note: Benjamin was a fisherman in 1881 living at "By Burcham Square, Lowestoft. In 1891 he was a general labourer and the family were at Barsham Street, Lowestoft and in 1901 he was a drift fisherman living at 263 Raglan Street, Lowestoft. 1911 saw Benjamin as a labourer and fish packer and Jane as a fish worker and the family were at 22 Jacobs Street, Lowestoft

Children of Benjamin and Jane
1121......Jane Beck b 1 Feb 1872 d 4th qr 1952 Lothingland m George Stephen BALDRY (b 25 Jan 1874 Lowestoft d 26 Mar 1916 drowned at sea aboard "Golden Buttercup" - presumed drowned) 1st qr 1902 Mutford
Note: In 1901 Jane was a fishing net mender
1122......Mary Ann Beck b 28 Aug 1875 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1956 Lothingland m George Alexander PILKERTON (b 4th qr 1873 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1954 Lothingland d 26 Mar 1916 drowned at sea aboard "Golden Buttercup") 26 Jan 1896 Lowestoft
1123......Benjamin Beck b 11 Feb 1878 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1960 Acle m Alice CLYNE (b abt 1879 Peterhead d 2nd qr 1961 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1911 Mutford
Note: In 1911 Benjamin was a fish packer
1124......Caroline Beck b 3rd qr 1880 Lowestoft bap 3 Oct 1880 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1937 Lothingland m Edward Graham MUIRHEAD (b 4th qr 1878 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1901 Mutford
Note: In 1901 Caroline was a fishing net mender. Edward was second hand aboard the Lowestoft steam trawler "Incentive" and presumed drowned on 28 May 1915
1125......Peter James Beck b 1st qr 1884 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1884 Lowestoft

667 Mary Ann BECK m Henry WALKER 26 Feb 1872 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1881 Henry was a fisherman and the family was at 1 Wordsworth place, Gt Yarmouth. In 1891 Mary Ann was a widow and lived at 27 Market Road where she was a lodging house keeper. In 1901 she was at 12 Row 79 Gt Yarmouth living on her own means and in 1911 she was living with Henry at 34 Palgrave Rd Gt Yarmouth

Child of Mary and unknown
1126......Annie Beck, known as "Walker" b 12 Nov 1865 Reedham d 12 Jun 1939 Norwich

Note: In 1881 Annie was a general servant domestic
Child of Henry and Mary
1127......Henry Edward Walker b 3rd qr 1872 Gt Yarmouth d 4 Oct1937 Yarmouth m Annie Elizabeth MOBBS (b 4th qr 1874 Gt Yarmouth) 12 Oct 1897 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Henry was a booksellers apprentice in 1891 and a stationer dealer in 1911.

673a Caroline BECK m Benjamin DURRANT (b 26 Oct 1861 Reedham d 2nd qr 1942 Acle) 23 Apr 1886 Reedham [Blofield 4b 347]

Note: In 1891 Benjamin was an ag lab living at Mill Road Reedham and in 1901 he was a cattleman on farm living at Church Road Reedham

Children of Benjamin and Caroline
1128......Ernest Benjamin Durrant b 4 Jul 1886 Reedham [Blofield 4b 209] bap 5 Sep 1886 m Beatrice Amelia NICHOLS (bap 22 Apr 1886 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1911 Flegg
1129......Leonard Harry Durrant b 5 Sep 1887 Reedham [Blofield 4b 213] d 7 Feb 1965 Norwich m Ellen S MAYES 1st qr 1912 St Faiths
1130......Bernard Charles Durrant b 11 Aug 1889 Reedham [Blofield 4b 2_8] bap 6 Oct 1889 Reedham d 2nd qr 1892 Reedham [Blofield 4b 130] bur 19 Jun 1892 Reedham
1131......Ida Caroline Durrant b 13 Aug 1891 Reedham [Blofield 4b 226] bap 4 Oct 1891 Reedham
1132......Maurice Durrant b 11 Nov 1893 Reedham bur 22 Jan 1900 Reedham
1133......Henry (Harry) Cyril Durrant b 30 Mar 1897 Reedham [Blofield 4b 221] d 3rd qr 1988 Surrey North Western
1134......Albert Edward Durrant b 10 Nov 1900 Reedham [Blofield 4b 211] bap 6 Oct 1901 Reedham d 3rd qr 1902 Reedham
1135......Edmund John Durrant b 1 Mar 1904 Reedham bap 7 Jul 1907 Reedham

674 Sarah Ann BECK m Thomas Ames CHAPMAN (bap 8 Sep 1833 Gt Yarmouth d 4th qr 1877 Gt Yarmouth) 4th qr 1857 Gt Yarmouth

Child of Thomas and Sarah
1136......Elizabeth Chapman b 1st qr 1859 Caistor

676 Anna BECK m Robert WRIGHT 24 Apr 1870 Fritton

Children of Robert and Anna
676b......Charlotte Wright b 4th qr 1870 Fritton bap 25 Dec 1870 Fritton m (a) Edmund George PETTINGILL (b 4th qr 1865 Mutford d 2nd qr 1902 Blofield) 16 Jan 1900 Fritton (b) John DOUGLAS (b 2nd qr 1873 Cawston) 1st qr 1904 Mutford
676c......Robert Charles Wright b 4th qr 1875 Fritton
676d......George Wright b 3rd qr 1878 Bradwell
676e......John James Wright b 17 Aug 1886 Fritton bap 10 Oct 1886 Fritton d 2nd qr 1973 Fritton m Flora May SMITH (b 2nd qr 1883 Caister d 22 Dec 1963 Fritton) 4th qr 1910 Mutford

427 William BECK m Esther BRADLEY 10 Jun 1845 St Marylebone

Children of William and Esther
1137......Henry Samuel Beck b 18 Feb 1846 Medmenham d 3 Mar 1846 Medmenham
1138......Samuel William Beck b 4th qr 1848 Medmenham
1139......Ann Maria Beck b 15 Jan 1851 Medmenham
1140......Joseph Edward Beck b 27 Jan 1853 Medmenham
1141......Amy Beck b 25 Sep 1855 Medmenhamd 1st qr 1926 Guildford m James HOOKER (b 2nd qr 1856 Albury d 1st qr 1939 Surrey SW) 1st qr 1889 Windsor
1142......James Beck b 25 Jan 1858 Medmenham d 3rd qr 1908 Windsor m Kathleen GILES (b 1st qr 1860 Egham) d 1st qr 1955 Surrey NW 1st qr 1883 Windsor
1143......Emily Mary Beck b 17 Mar 1862 Medmenham m Arthur William SMITH (b 1st qr 1863 Swerford, Oxon) 3rd qr 1887 Windsor
1144......Mary Beck b 21 Sep 1866 Medmenham m William WARE 4th qr 1889 Windsor

428 Amy BECK m Henry BRAIN (babt 1832 DForchester d 24 Oct 1902 Littlewick Green Berks) 4th qr 1855 Henley

Children of Henry and Amy
1145......George Brain b 3rd qr 1856 Medmenham d 3rd qr 1903 Maidenhead
1146......Samuel Brain b 4th qr 1858 Hurley m Clara Ann OXLEY (b 1st qr 1860 Tunbridge Wells d 2nd qr 1936 Thanet) 3rd qr 1889 St Georges Hanover Square
1147......Harriet Brain bap 6 Oct 1861 Hurley m Willam James COLEMAN 3rd qr 1889 Cookham

429 Samuel BECK m Mary MARKS 4th qr 1862 Easthamsted

Children of Samuel and Mary
1147a....Claretta Mildred Beck b 17 Nov 1863 Claines, Worcs d 1 Mar 1865 Worcester
1148......Walter Samuel Beck b 1st qr 1865 Worcester d 9 Jan 1930 Rochford m Maria BARBER (b 3rd qr 1862 Swallowfield d 4th qr 1947 Southend) 1st qr 1892 Brentford
1149......Clara Louisa Beck b 1st qr 1870 Egham d 4th qr 1961 Windsor m Ernest Francis Rose BOWYER (b 1st qr 1871 Warfield, Berks d 3 Feb1965 Ealing) 1st qr 1898 Windsor
1150......Ernest Septimus Beck b 2nd qr 1873 lewer Windsor d 2nd qr 1937 Eton m Ellen Louise FOOT (b 5 Feb 1873 Southampton d 4th qr 1958 Maidenhead) 2nd qr 1900 Windsor
1151......Francis Edward Beck b 2nd qr 1876 Clewer d 1st qr 1942 Bromley m Ethel Emma BEARD (b 1st qr 1880 Maldon d 4th qr 1961 Bromley) 1st qr 1906 Brentford

431 Joseph BECK m Mary Ann COCKRILL (b abt 1832 Gorleston) 4th qr 1858 Mutford

Note: Joseph was a corn porter in 1881 and Mary was a laindress living at Birds Walk, Gorleston

Children of Joseph and Mary Ann
431b......Edith Mary Beck b 2nd qr 1866 Gorleston d 2nd qr 1954 Yarmouth m Nathaniel GALE (b 2nd qr 1853 Norwich d 4th qr 1925 Yarmouth) 3rd qr 1907 Yarmouth
Note: Nathaniel was a commercial traveller in 1911 and they lived at 61 Upper Cliff Road, Gorleston
431c......Harold Joseph Beck b 4th qr 1873 Southtown, Gorleston d 2 Apr 1927 Yarmouth m Julia Selina HODDS (b 1st qr 1870 Winterton bap 21 Apr 1870 Winterton d 25 Sep 1939 Yarmouth) 11 Apr 1898 Gt 1779 Limpenhoe Yarmouth

v432a Mary Ann BECK m William Richard SKINLEY (b 4th qr 1847 Barking d 1st qr 1908 Yarmouth) 6 Apr 1871 Yarmouth

Children of William and Mary
X47......Kate Maria Skinley b 19 Jan 1872 Gorleston d 4th qr 1959 Yarmouth
X48......Maud Mary Skinley b 3rd qr 1876 Gorleston d 1st qr 1963 Chatham m George Septimus HALL (b 21 Sep 1876 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1968 Chatham) 22 Jul 1899 Gorleston
X49......William James Skinley b 4th qr 1868 Gorleston d 2nd qr 1947 Cirencester m Lebourn GILES (b 2nd qr 1879 Pershore d 2nd qr 1963 Cirebcester) 3rd qr 1904 Pershore
X50......Jessie Emily Skinley b 4th qr 1880 Gorleston m Edward J ORGLES (4th qr 1887 d 19 Sep 1921 Stoke Newington) 2nd qr 1917 Yarmouth
X51......Annie Edith Skinley b 16 Mar 1884 Gorleston d 1st qr 1972 Yarmouth m Alfred CUNNINGHAM (b 2 Apr 1892 Kenninghall d 4 Aug 1953 Gorleston) 4th qr 1920 Yarmouth
X52......Ida Beatrice Skinley b 22 Jul 1885 Gorleston d Jun Qr 1966 Lothingland m Leonard Macdonald BALDWIN (b 16 Mar 1889 Woodton d 4th qr 1987 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1915 Yarmouth

677 Alfred BECK m Eliza Maria LEEDS (bap 7 Sep 1848 Brandon Parva d 1st qr 1924 Mutford) 21 Jan 1869 Lowestoft

Note: Alfred was a fisherman in 1881 living at Mutford Bridge Oulton

Children of Alfred and Maria
1152......Alfred Henry Beck b 3rd qr 1869 Oulton St Michael d 4th qr 1953 Ealing m Ellen Harriet DOVER (b 1st qr 1869 Acton d 14 Jul 1954 Isleworth) 26 Jul 1900 Acton, Mdx
1153......Esther Julia Beck b 3rd qr 1870 Oulton St Michael
1154......Susannah Beck b 3rd qr 1872 Oulton St Michael
1155......William Beck b 1st qr 1877 Oulton St Michael m Elizabeth CHIPPERFIELD (b 24 Jan 1877 Reedham bap 7 Jul 1877 Reedham) 26 Dec 1899 Reedham
Note: William was a waterman in 1901 living at Riverside, Reedham
1156......Anna Maria Beck b 3rd qr 1879 Oulton St Michael d 3rd qr 1942 Bury St Edmundsm Fred DORLING (b 2nd qr 1880 Bury St Edmunds) 9 Sep 1908 Oulton St Michael
1157......Olive Beck b3rd qr 1884 Oulton St Michael m Alan Benjamin RACKHAM (b 1st qr 1875 Wickham Market) 27 Sep 1901 Oulton St Michael

678 William BECK m Mary Elizabeth FULLER (b 2nd qr 1850 Lowestoft d 4th qr 1908 Mutford) 25 Dec 1873 Mutford

Child of William and Mary
678b......Emily Alice Beck b 3rd qr 1873 Lowestoft bap 4 Jan 1874 Lowestoft d 3rd qr 1895 Mutford

679 Henry WALPOLE m Jane JERMY (b 2nd qr 1862 Thurlton d 4 Mar 1950 Norton Subcourse) 3rd qr 1887 Loddon

Note: In 1901 the family was at Raveningham Rd Norton Subcourse and Henry was an ag lab. In 1911 they were living at Heckingham, Loddon.

Children of Henry and Jane
1158......George Henry Walpole b 1st qr 1888 Thurlton d 22 Oct 1926 Norton Subcourse
Note: In 1901 George was an ag lab and in 1911 he was still single and a private in the Royal Marine Light Infantry in Thanet
1159......Dora Violet Walpole b 3rd qr 1891 Thurlton m Alfred J SMITH 2nd qr 1914 [Loddon 4b 485]
1160......Wallace Ambrose J Walpole b 3rd qr 1897 Norton Subcourse m Mildred Florence COLE (b 2nd qr 1899 Yaxham) 1st qr 1919 Mitford

681 Elizabeth SALES m William FUTTER (b 2 Jul 1843 Burlingham Nfk d 7 Oct 1921 Limpenhoe) 12 Jan 1869 Limpenhoe

Note: Although the surname of William is given as FUTTER in the parish register, his father is shown as Henry LOADS

Children of William and Elizabeth
1161......William Futter b 3rd qr 1872 Cantleybap 9 Sep 1872 Cantley m Emma Rebecca BROWNE (b 3rd qr 1877 Freethorpe) 18 Dec 1898 Limpenhoe [Blofield 4b 555]
1162......Frederick Futter b 1st qr 1875 Cantley bap 14 Mar 1875 Cantley d 3rd qr 1940 Acle m Dinah JACKSON (bap 18 Aug 1878 Cantley 2nd qr 1898 Blofield
1164......Edith Elizabeth Futter b 4th qr 1876 Cantley bap 14 Jan 1877 Cantley
1165......Rosa Futter b 13 Apr 1881 Limpenhoe m Charles William Rix BEXFIELD (b 4th qr 1883 Norwich d 4 Jan 1957 Norwich) 25 Dec1907 Limpenhoe

683 Susan Esther SALES m William NICHOLS (b 3 Dec 1851 Halvergate) 3rd qr 1872 Blofield

Child of Susan and unknown
1166......Herbert Sales b 1 Oct 1871 Limpenhoe bur 3 Oct 1946 Limpenhoe

Children of William and Susan
1167......Louisa Nichols b 23 Feb 1873 Wickhampton d 3rd qr 1952 Acle m Herbert Isaac EDWARDS (b 31 Jul 1869 Reedham d 1st qr 1942 Acle ) 13 Oct 1895 Reedham
1168......William Nichols b 2nd qr 1875 Gateshead
1169......Edith Nichols b 26 Aug 1877 Reedham d 1st qr 1915 Acle m Edward MILLS (b 6 Apr 1871 Reedham d 31 Jan 1948 Freethorpe) 26 Oct 1897 Reedham
1170......Emma Nichols b 12 May 1880 Freethorpe bap 7 Dec 1888 Limpenhoed d 12 Feb 1976 Rackheath m George HAVIS (b 3rd qr 1876 Rackheath d 13 Feb 1960 Rackheath) 26 Jan 1905 Reedham
1171......Robert Henry Nichols b 1st qr 1882 Freethorpe
1172......Frederick Nichols b 4th qr 1884 Freethorpe bap 7 Dec 1888 Limpenhoe
1173......Rosa Nichols b 4th qr 1886 Freethorpe bap 7 Dec 1888 Limpenhoe
1174.....Edward Nichols b 3rd qr 1888 bap 7 Dec 1888 Limpenhoe m Kate Dorothy CORDY (born 2 Oct 1897 Ormesby St Margaret) 7 Oct 1915 Reedham
1175.....Albert George Nichols b 3rd qr 1890 Limpenhoe bap 28 Oct 1890 Limpenhoe
1176......Alice Nichols b 1st qr 1892 Reedham bap 13 Apr 1892 Limpenhoe
1177.....Mary Ann Nichols b 3rd qr 1896 Reedham bap 6 Sep 1896 Limpenhoe

685 Marianne SALES m Jacob WYMER (b 3rd qr 1852 Moulton d 21 Feb 1933 Filby) 25 Oct 1873 Tunstall

Children of Jacob and Marianne
685b......Edward Wymer b 4th qr 1874 Tunstall d 4th qr 1958 Acle m Leah Louisa ALLARD (b 4th qr 1872 Filby d 1st qr 1940 Acle) 11 Jul 1895 Filby
685c......Mary Ann Wymer b 28 Apr 1876 Tunstall bap 21 May 1876 Tunstall d 2nd qr 1949 Acle m George Henry HUDSON (b 22 Aug 1869 Mautby d 4th qr 1951 Acle) 14 Oct 1897 Filby
685d......William Wymer b 24 Sep 1877 Reedham bap 27 Feb 1878 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1959 Gt Yarmouth m Rosa Ann RUMP (b 12 Dec 1881 Winterton d 4th qr 1957 Gt Yarmouth) 4th Jun 1900 Mautby
685e......Jane Anna Wymer b 3rd qr 1880 Tunstall bap 24 Jan 1881 Gt Yarmouth d 4th qr 1959 Acle m Herbert Henry KIPPEN (b 17 Mar 1878 Filby d 1st qr 1972 Acle) 4th qr 1901 Flegg
Note: 3rd banns 20 Oct 1901 Filby
685f......Frederick Jacob Wymer b 4th qr 1884 Tunstall bap 20 Mar 1885 Acle d 26 Oct 1950 Gt Yarmouth m Florence Ada Matilda WARD (b 3rd qr 1885 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1969Acle ) 2nd qr 1908 Gt Yarmouth
685g......Edith Elizabeth Wymer b 2nd qr 1887 Tunstall bap 15 Sep 1887 Acle m Herbert Victor WARD (b 2nd qr 1884 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1909 Flegg
685h......Ernest Enoch Wymer b 2nd qr 1889 Tunstall bap 23 May 1889 Acle d 12 Nov 1952 Wimbledon
685i......Arthur b 2nd qr 1891 Tunstall bap 9 Oct 1891 Acle

715 Robert Thomas COOPER m Emma Jane SOUTH (b 15 Jul 1847 Richmond NSW d 26 Dec 1881 Brown's Creek NSW)

Child of Robert and Emma
715b......Robert Cooper b 16 Dec 1881 Brown's Creek NSW

763 Elizabeth HOWES m William ALFLATT (bap 13 Mar 1836 North Runcton d 4th qr 1900 Freebridge Lynn bur 14 Nov 1900 Middleton) 30 Apr 1863 Middleton

Note: William was a bricklayer

Children of William and Elizabeth
1178......Edward Alfred Alflatt bap 31 Jan 1864 Middleton d 3rd qr 1930 Freebridge Lynn
1179......Frederick Charles Alflatt b 18 Dec 1865 Middleton bap 21 Jan 1866 Middleton d 22 May 1934 Middleton
Note: Frederick was a farmer
1180......Harriet Alice Alflatt b 1st qr 1869 Middleton d 27 Jun 1934 Kings Lynn m Arthur Albert PIPER (b 4th qr 1865 Bow d 10 Jan 1933 Kings Lynn) 26 Dec 1892 Middleton
Note: Harriet was a dressmaker and Arthur was a hairdresser
Ernest William Alflatt b 3rd qr 1871 Middleton d 5 Jan 1930 New Malden
1182......Arthur Alflatt b 14 Nov 1874 Middleton bap 10 Dec 1874 Wesleyan Chapel, Kings Lynn d 4th qr 1907 Freebridge Lynn bur 26 Oct 1907 Middleton
Note: in 1901 Arthur was an apprentice
William Henry Alflatt b 5 Aug 1880 Middleton bap 9 Sep Wesleyan Chapel and Circuit, KIngs Lynn d 1 Sep 1954 Kings Lynn

764 Emily HOWES m Alfred TAYLOR (b 1836/7 KingsLynn d 3rd qr 1915 Kings Lynn) 5 Nov 1874

Note: Alfred was a farm bailiff

Children of Alfred and Emily
1184......Sydney A Taylor b 3rd qr 1875 Wretton
1185......Emily Elizabeth Taylor b 20 Jan 1878 Wretton d 18 Nov 1959 Kings Lynn
1186......Lester Taylor (fem) b 4th qr 1879 Wretton

856 John Cross BARDELL m Maria BACK (bap 31 Oct 1824 Middleton bur 5 Mar 1880 Middleton) 25 Jul 1847 St Mary's Paddington

Note: In 1851 John Cross was a carpenter. In 1861 John, calling himself CROSS was a carpenter, joiner and farmer of 30 Acres at Blackboro End, Middleton. In 1881 John was a farmer of 30 acres at Blackboro, Middleton

Children of John and Maria
1187......William Summers Bardell bap 21 Jan 1849 Middleton d 14 Nov 1930 Middleton m Sarah Catherine WARREN (b 2nd qr 1853 West Winch bap 7 May 1854 West Winch bur 1 May 1939 Middleton) 16 Sep 1875 South Lynn
Note: In 1881 William, calling himself William Cross Bardell was living at Lynn Road, West Winch with his parents in law, Isaac and Mary WARREN at the Chequers Inn, where Isaac was landlord. Sarah was staying with k1 John Cross Bardell
1188......John Cross Bardell b 3rd qr 1850 Middleton bap 6 Oct 1850 Middleton d 2 Mar 1923 Fridaybridge m Ann PRUDEN (b 4th qr 1852 Elm, Cambs) 3rd qr 1873 Wisbech
Note: In 1910 the family was at Sub post Office, Needham Field, Elm, Friday Bridge and Ann was a grocer. In 1911 John was sub postmaster living at Post Office Friday Bridge, Wisbech
1189......Edward Cross Bardell b 2nd qr 1857 Middleton d 13 Feb 1912 Swanton Novers m Emily Ann CHILVERS (b 8 Jun 1861 Middleton bap 30 Jun 1861 Middleton b 8 Mar 1892 Swanton Novers) 8 Dec 1884 Middleton.
Note: In 1891 the family was at Rudds Rd Swanton Novers where Edward was a farmer. In 1901 Edward as a widower was still farming and in 1911 he is recorded as a farmer and cow keeper at Church Farm, Swanton Novers.
1190......Fanny Cross Bardell b 2nd qr 1859 Middleton bap 17 Apr 1859 Middleton m (a) Cyrus GIDNEY (b 2nd qr 1856 Hindleveston bur 27 Dec 1887 Middleton) 27 Mar 1882 Middleton (b) Stehen LAKE (b abt 1868 Wallington d 28 Oct 1937 Holbeach) 4th qr 1891 Kings Lynn
1191......Martha Cross Bardell bap 12 Jul 1862 Middleton d 1st qr 1864 Freebridge
1192......Wyrley Frederick Bardell b 3rd qr 1867 Middleton bap 27 Oct 1867 Middleton d 1 Sep 1941 Deben R D m Emily Woolard CORNELL (b 2nd qr 1873 Mundford d 15 Feb 1936 Ipswich) 1st qr 1896 Walsingham
Note: In 1901 Frederick was at High Town, Green Rd, Rattlesden where he was a journeyman miller.

857 Mary Ann CROSS m John SCOTT 1st qr 1848 Downham

Note: John was a shepherd in 1851 living at Saddlebow, Wiggenhall St Mary, but by 1871 Mary Ann was a widow living with her father at Lynn Rd Wiggenhall St Mary as an annuitant

Children of John and Mary
1193......Hannah Elizabeth Scott b 4th qr 1848 Downham
1193a....William b 3rd qr 1850 Downham
1194......John Scott b 2 May 1852 Wiggenhall
1195......Robert Scott bap 4 Jun 1854 Wiggenhall St Germans
1196......Edward Scott b 2nd qr 1856 Wiggenhall St Mary
1197......George Walter Scott b 1st qr 1858 Downham m Mary Elizabeth RICHES (b 3rd qr 1858 Watlington) 4th qr 1877 Downham
1198......Sarah Ann Scott b 4th qr 1859 Downham

859 William BARDELL m Martha HODSON (b 3rd qr 1843 Wiggenhall St Mary Magdelan) 1 Aug 1876 All Souls, Langham Place Marylebone

Note: In 1891 William was a builder contractor living at South Everard Street, South Lynn [1891 and 1901 census says Martha was b at Runcton Holme in 1845]

Children of William and Martha
1199......William John Bardell b 10 May 1877 Middleton bur 10 Jun 1878 Middleton
1199a....Mary Swift Bardell b 4th qr 1878 Middleton d 29 Apr 1960 Burgess Hill
1200....Robert John Bardell b 3rd qr 1880 Middleton bap 4 Sep 1881 All Saints, South Lynn d 23 Jul 1916 at Delville Wood, Longueval, Somme, France
Note: In 1901 Robert was a builder and in 1911 he was a builders merchant living at London Rd Kings Lynn. He served with the 23rd Royal Fusiliers and is remembered on the Thiepval memorial. A window is dedicated to his memory on the north side of All Saints Church, King's Lynn
1201....Grace Bardell b 2sr qr 1882 Kings Lynn bap 7 Mar 1882 All Saints, South Lynn d 1st qr 1882 Kings Lynn
1202....William Anthony Bardell b 23 Jan 1884 Kings Lynn bap 17 Jul 1884 South Lynn d 4 Mar 1976 Kings Lynn1024

860 Susan BARDELL m William SHAW (bap 19 Jan 1834 Longford, Derbys) 17 Sep 1868 Middleton

Note: In 1871 William was a licensed victualler and the family was at the Ram Inn, Brook Street, All Saints, Derby. In 1881 he was a farmer and innkeeper at Cheetham Arms, Sutton on the Hill

Children of William and Susan
1203......Ann Shaw b 2nd qr 1865 Lynn Regis
1204......Mary Shaw b 4th qr 1869 Derby
1205......Susan Shaw b 1st qr 1871 Derby
1206......Eliza Shaw b 4th qr 1873 Derby
1207......Harriet Shaw b 2nd qr 1876 Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire
1208......Banjamin P Shaw b 4th qr 1878 Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire
1209......Thomas Randle Shaw b 4th qr 1880 Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire

861 Mary Ann BARDELL m Thomas John SMITH (b 4th qr 1843 West Winch bap 27 Dec 1843 West Winch d 14 Feb 1883 Kings Lynn) 14 Apr 1873 Middleton

Note: In 1881 Thomas was a grocer employing 1 man, 2 apprentices and 3 boys living at 59 &60 London Rd, South Lynn All Saints.

Children of Thomas and Mary
1210......John Bardelle Smith b 1st qr 1876 Kings Lynn m Ada HORROCKS (b 1st qr 1876 Oldham) 3rd qr 1904 Ormskirk
1211......Harold Smith b 4th qr 1879 Kings Lynn m Anna Marie PANTON (b 4th qr 1871 Tottenhill) 2nd qr 1905 Kings Lynn
Note: Harold was a Clerk in Holy Orders at Tixall Rectory, Staffs in 1911

766 Walter John HOWES m (a) 866 Maria BARDELL 18 Oct 1871 St Chad's Haggerston, Mdx (b) Frances LARNER (bap 8 Jul 1848 Stoke Ferry d 29 Aug 1913 Middleton) 7 Mar 1883 Stake Ferry

Note: The family was at Blackboro Middleton in 1881. In 1901 the family was at Priory Farm, Middleton and Walter is listed as a farmer and miller

Walter John is listed in Kelly's directory of 1883 as being a Miller at Middleton. The mill was wind driven. The following appeared in the London Gazette of 24 November 1908:-
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, Walter John Howes and George Howes, both of Middleton, in the county of Norfolk, carrying on the businesses there of Millers, and also of Butchers, under the style or firm of W AND G HOWES,'has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the seventeenth day of November, 1908
All debts due to and owing by the late firm on account of the business of Milling, will be received and paid by Walter John Howes, who will continue to carry on that business. All debts due to and owing by the late firm on account of the business of a Butcher, will be received and paid by George Howes, who will continue to carry on that business - Dated this 17th day o November, 1908.


Children of Walter and Maria
1212......Victor Howes b 19 Aug 1872 Middleton bap 4 Oct 1873 Wesleyan Chapel & Circuit Kings Lynn d 1st qr 1876 Freebridge Lynn bur 13 Mar 1876 Midleton
1213......Kate Howes b 25 May 1874 Hollow End, Middleton bap 15 Jun 1874 Wesleyan Chapel & Circuit Kings Lynn d 1 May 1950 56 Claremont Rd Norwich
1214......Victor Howes b 7 Dec 1877 Middleton bap 30 Jan 1878 Wesleyan Chapel & Circuit Kings Lynn d 21 Sep 1958 Welling, Kent
1215......Alice Harriet Howes b 1 Sep1879 Middleton bap 6 Nov 1879 Wesleyan Chapel & Circuit, Kings Lynn d 3rd qr 1967 Upper Agbrigg
Note: Alice was with her grandmother Alice BARDELL, in 1891 census report. The rest of the family were at the Priory, Middleton
1216......Isabella Howes b 24 Mar 1882 Middleton

Note: In 1911 Isabella was a sick nurse in Croydon
Children of Walter and Frances
1217......Walter Howes b 7 Oct 1883 Middleton bap 11 Oct 1883 Wesleyan Chapel & Circuit Kings Lynn d 23 Jan 1958 Norwich bur 27 Jan 1958 Swaffham Methodist Church
1218......John Howes b 24 Oct 1884 Middleton bur 4 Jun 1951 Middleton
Note: John was a grocer and general stores keeper after serving an apprenticeship
1219......Harry Howes b 30 Jul 1886 Middleton d 20 Apr 1964 Kings Lynn
Note: Harry was a clerk on the railway and later a railway accountant
1220......Ebba Howes (fem) b 14 Feb 1888 Middleton d 18 Apr 1940 Blakeney
Note: In 1911 Ebba was an assistant in a home
1221......Cecil Howes b 29 Jan 1891 Middleton bap 15 Mar 1891 Middleton d 23 Mar 1977 Sidney, British Columbia
Note: Cecil was a steam miller. his obituary says that he served in the 1st World War before moving to Canada

767 Sarah Hannah HOWES m Thomas BURLINGHAM (b 1st qr 1850 Burnham Overy d 12 Jan 1910 Ringstead) 24 Feb 1876 Middleton

Note: at first an Innkeeper and Butcher, Thomas bacame a farmer and dairyman in 1901. On 27 May 1916 Sarah was listed as next of kin for son Henry and was living at Brown Vigor Street, Napier NZ. She emigrated to New Zealand with her son Roland on the "Athenic" leaving Southampton on 15 Aug 1913

The 'Athenic'was built in 1901 by Messrs. Harland & Wolff, Belfast, for the Shaw, Savill & Albion Co Ltd. She was a twin screw, 4 masted steamer of 12.345 tons gross and 7.600 tons net register. She was sold in 1930 to the Norwegian Whaling Co and renamed 'Pelagos'. She was captured by a German Raider in WWII and was returned after the war. She was still in operation in 1954.

Children of Thomas and Sarah
1222......Herbert Victor Burlingham b 8 Apr 1877 Ringstead bap 11 Sep 1877 Wesleyan Chapel and circuit, Kings Lynn d 17 Jun 1959 Garstang
Note: Herbert was a carriage builder in 1901
1223......Henry Burlingham b 9 Aug 1882 Ringstead d 18 Jun 1964 Napier NZ
Note: Henry was an apprentice joiner in 1901 but in 1911 he was a builder and contractor He emigrated to New Zealand on the "Ruapehu" from London as a coachbuilder on 24 Oct 1912 with his brother Roland. He was 5' 9" tall, of faor complexion with blue eyes and fair hair. He was wounded in France 17 Sep 1916 (gun shot wound to left leg) and discharged 26 Mar 1917

RMS Ruapehu

Henry was a Rifleman of the 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade which embarked 27 May 1916 at Wellington for Plymouth, England, name of vessel unknown and his next of kin was given as Mrs S. A. Burlingham (mother) Vigor Brown Street, Napier, NZ

1224......Roland Burlingham bap 11 Nov 1883 Ringstead
Note: Roland was a coach painter in 1911. On 13 July 1917, a Medical Board found Roland to be permanently unfit for active service due to a deformity of the right foot caused by an earlier accident which made him unable to march as he had no lateral movement. He was discharged from the Expeditionary Force. Roland was 5' 5" tall of fair complexion and with blue eyes and light brown hair. He emigrated to New Zealand on the "Ruapehu" from London as a painter on 24 Oct 1912 with his brother Henry but returned to bring his mother on the "Athenic" (above). Henry and Roland Burlingham arrived San Francisco 15 Jun 1937 from Auckland, NZ aboard the "Mariposa" along with their cousin Eric Sidney Bardell


768 George HOWES m Mary ALECOCK (b 2nd qr 1852 Beccles bur 31 May 1933 Middleton) 4th qr 1881 [Wangford 4a 1691]

Note: George was a butcher. At one time Philip George was in partnership with his brother Walter 282 , but the London Gazette records that the partnership was dissolved on 17th November 1908. In 1901, the family was at Sandpit Road, Middleton

Children of George and Mary
1225......Robert Valentine Howes b 26 Oct 1882 Middleton d 1st qr 1977 Eastbourne m Florence Harriet MORRIS (b 26 Aug 1882 Docking d 30 Dec 1934 North Harrow)4th qr 1909 [Docking 4b 821]
Note: In 1901 Robert was a clerk
1226......Philip George Howes b 3rd qr 1884 Middleton d 17 May 1949 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
1227......Alfred Winter Howes b 7 Mar 1885 Middleton d 21 Oct 1952 bur 24 Oct 1952 Middleton m Violet CROSS-BARDELL b 3rd qr 1887 West Winch bap 7 Oct 1888 d 15 Mar 1937 King's Lynn) 3rd qr 1918 Freebridge Lynn
Note:Alfred was an ironmonger in 1901 and in 1911 was an ironmonger's assistant
1228......Frank William Howes b 3rd qr 1886 Middleton d 1st qr 1904 Freebridge Lynn

769 Herbert William HOWES m Emma BISHOP (b 1st qr 1860 Sheringham) 15 Nov 1882 All Saints North Runcton

Note: Herbert was a miller/baker. In 1891 the family were at Marham Road, Narborough

Children of Herbert and Emma
1229......Nettie Elizabeth Howes b 2 Dec 1883 Dersingham d 22 Oct 1933 1933 Lambeth
1230......Grace Edith Howes b 28 Sep 1885 Middleton bap 4 Oct 1885 Wesleyan Chapel and Circuit Kings Lynn
1231......Mary Victoria Howes b 19 Jun 1887 Middleton d 28 Apr 1950 Hastings m (a) George C FRASER 3rd qr 1913 Erpingham (b) Edwin George STRAY (b 2 Aug 1880 St Pancras d 10 Mar 1950 Teddington) 2nd qr 1928 Lambeth

770 Lester HOWES m 869 Joseph Arthur BARDELL (b 1st qr 1854 Hounslow) 24 Jan 1879 Freebridge Lynn

Note: Joseph was a carpenter/joiner. His exact date of death is unknown but he joined The Railway Pioneer Regiment 5 Jan 1900 as a Private and was discharged as Deceased on 20 Aug 1900

Children of Joseph and Lester
1232......Harriet Alice Bardell b 22 Dec 1879 Middleton bap 18 Nov 1883 Middleton d 1st qr 1968 Newcstle under Lyme
1233......Bedingfield "Bednie" Bardell b 1st qr 1881 Middleton bap 18 Nov 1883 Middleton died 4 May 1907 Ranikhet, India
Note: Bedingfield was a soldier
1234......Nellie Bardell b 2nd qr 1885 Middleton bap 22 Aug 1889 Middleton
1235......Arthur Bardellb 3rd qr 1887 Middleton m Margaret MULLIGAN 23 Feb 1918 St Augustine's church, Petone, NZ.
Note: Arthur was a corporal in the 41st reinforcements. His brother Eric was best man at hia wedding
1236......Eric Sidney Bardell b 25 Jul 1897 Kings Lynn bap 29 Aug 1897 St Nicholas, Kings Lynn d 9 Jul 1977 Napier NZ
Note: Eric Sidney was a clerk aboard Hospital Shop No. 1 "Maheno" which left New Zealand 19 Jan 1917 and the name and address of next of kin is given as Mrs. Lester Bardell (mother) 3 Tennyson Street, Wellington, NZ. He arrived San Francisco 15 Jun 1937 from Auckland NZ aboard the S.S. Mariposa along with his cousins 1223 Henry and 1224 Roland Burlingham above. When he died he was a hardware salesman. He must have returned to NZ as he enlisted 26 Mar 1941 in Wellington and joined the 13th Fortress Field Ambulance Coy

Hospital Ship No 1 Maheno

491c Florinda Agnes HOWES m Thomas John HARRIS (b 28 Dec 1851 Launceston d 27 Nov 1925 West Calder Tasmania) 21 Mar 1874 Burnie, Tasmania

Children of Thomas and Florinda
491h......Alviner Ada Amelia Harris b 6 Sep 1874 Burnie Tasmania d 27 Apr 1941 Wynyard Tasmania
491i......Albert Herbert Henry Harris b 25 Aug 1876 Burnie Tasmania d 23 May 1944 Preston, Victoria m Mary Jane FAULDS (b 5 May 1875 Lower Barrington Tasmania d 21 Jul 1948 Wynyard Tasmania) 15 Apr 1908 Wynyard Tasmania
491j......Thomas Walter Augustine Harris b 23 Mar 1879 Burnie Tasmania d 16 Dec 1956 Tasmania
491k......Amanda Florinday Agnes Harris b 11 Nov 1881 Burnie Tasmania d 1 Jul 1930 Melbourne, Australia
491l......Thirza Adeline A Harris b 31 Aug 1884 Burnie Tasmania d 9 Nov 1948 New Town, Tasmania
491m.....Edgar Ernest Gordon Harris b 18 Aug 1887 Burnie Tasmania d 17 Oct 1939 Westbury Tasmania
491n......Rupert Gilbert Tasman Harris b 18 Aug 1887 Burnie Tasmania d 30 May 1927 Kopua Poverty Bay, New Zealand
491o......Florence Hilda Sewell Harris b 24 Dec 1889 Burnie Tasmania d 25 Oct 1953 Tasmania
491p.....Ingram Ellis Uriah Harris b 18 Sep 1893 Burnie Tasmania d 17 Julk 1976 Ulverstone, Tasmania
491q......Beulah Coral Daphne Harris b 11 Oct 1899 Wynyard Tasmania d 23 Nov 1968 Footscray, Victoria
491r......Raymond Calvin Clarence Harris Harris b 20 Jun 1903 Wynyard Tasmania d 20 Jun 1969 Wynyard Tasmania

491f Thurza Harriet HOWES m David James LOWRIE (b 10 Jul 1866 Horton, Tasmania d 21 Jul 1936 Burnie Tasmania) 13 Nov 1901 Burnie Tasmania

Child of David and Thurza
491s......Alviner Daphne Lowrie b 20 Nov 1902 Wynyard, Tasmania d 30 Jan 1915 Bendigo

491f Priscilla Caroline HOWES m Charles Edward KING (b 15 Nov 1873 Montagu, Tasmania d 25 Mar 1965 Calder, Tasmania) 12 Dec 1900 Calder, Tasmania

Children of Charles and Priscilla
491t......Caroline Constance King b 24 Aug 1902 m Ronald JONES (b 8 Mar 1900 Launceston, Tasmanai d 6 Jan 1952 Wynyard, Tasmania) 10 Feb 1926 Wynyard, Tasmania
491u......Lilace Aileen King b 26 Jan 1905 Wynyard Tasmanai d 16 Apr 1986 Wynyard, Tasmania
491v......Bertha Adeline King b 24 Jan 1911 Wynyard Tasmania d 24 Mar 1978 Burnie, Tasmania

772 William HEWINGS m Christina CARE (b abt 1843 d 1st qr 1914 Winchcombe) 4th qr 1865 Winchcombe RD

Note: William was a miller and baker living at Greet Mill, Beckett's Lane, Winchcombe

Children of William and Christina
1237......Anne Hewings b 1st Mar 1866 Winchcombe d 2nd qr 1941 Gloucester
1238......Emma Lizzey Hewings b 13 Jul 1868 Winchcombe
1239......William Charles Hewings b 13 Sep 1871 Winchcombe d 4th qr 1939 Oldbury
1240......Ada Louisa Hewings b 2nd qr 1874 Greet
1241......Alice May Hewings b 3rd qr 1877 Winchcombe
1242......Madelaine Hewings b 3rd qr 1884 Winchcombe
1243......Hubert Frank Hewings b 12 Jul 1889 Winchcombe d 18 Jul 1937 Penarth

773 John HEWINGS m 344 Jane MOORE 13 Jun 1874 Church of St John the Baptist, Kingston

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Charles POWELL and Alice POWELL. The family was at Middleton Hall Lodge, Middleton for the 1891 census

Children of John and Jane
1244......Arthur John Hewings b 3 May 1875 Hillhampton Worcs d 1st qr 1952 Surrey SW
1245......Sydney Harry Hewings b 29 May 1876 Brickfield Terrace, Tummel Hill, Claines, Worcs d 22 Feb 1966 Norwich
1246......Charles Herbert Hewings b 4th qr 1878 Uffington, Lincs d 17 Apr 1936 County Hospital Hertford m Minnie TROUBRIDGE (b 20 Aug 1880 Poplar bap 7 Nov 1880 All Saints, Poplar, d 4th qr 1943 Chelsea) 15 Dec 1915 St Gabriel, Pimlico
Note: in 1901 Charles was a groom domestic at St George, Hanover Sq. London. In 1911 he was a coachman domestic
1247......Frank Hewings b 30 Apr 1880 Uffington Lincs d 8 Oct 1952 Daventry m Gladys Elizabeth GUDGEON (b 29 Feb 1896 Nether Heyford d 1st qr 1985 Daventry) 2nd qr 1942 Daventry
Note: in 1901 Frank was a groom domestic at St George, Hanover Sq. London

775 Alfred HEWINGS m Emma HIGGS (b 1st qr 1849 d 1st qr 1917 Winchcombe) 4th qr 1870 Winchcombe RD

Note: Alfred was a baker living in Winchcombe in 1881,1891 1901 and in 1911he was also a corn dealer

Children of Alfred and Emma
1248......Arthur Henry Hewings b 4th qr 1871 Winchcombe d 4th qr 1871 Winchcombe
1249......Florence Amelia Hewings b 3rd qr 1872 Winchcombe d 4th qr 1872 Winchcombe
1250......Harry Keling Hewings b 3rd qr 1874 Winchcombe d 4th qr 1874 Winchcombe
1251......Alexander David Hewings b 4th qr 1875 Winchcombe d 16 Mar 1917 Barnwood County Asylum Gloucestershire
Note: Alexander was a baker's assistant in 1901 but in 1911 he was a baker
1252......Rosa Mabel Hewings b 1st qr 1885 Winchcombe d 3rd qr 1962 Biggleswade m James H LOWE 2nd qr 1938 [Ampthill 3b 1053]

791 Charles DENLEY m Hannah HOWE (b 8 May 1867 Toddington d 1 Dec 1950 North Cotswold RD) 3rd qr 1887 Winchcombe

Children of Charles and Hannah
1253......Beatrice May Denley b 2nd qr 1892 Stanway d 2nd qr 1921 Winchcombe m Ernest J POLLARD 9 Sep 1915 Winchcombe
1254......Anna Maria Denley b 5 Aug 1893 Didbrook d 2nd qr 1982 North Cotswold m Geoffrey Hugo MILES (b 29 Jul 1891 Hazleton d 1st qr 1973 North Cotswold) 4th qr 1911 Winchcombe
1255......Lilian Kate Denley b 1st qr 1895 Stanway d 4th qr 1963 Cheltenham m Frank BEDWELL (b 1st qr 1899 Naunton d 3rd qr 1965 Cheltenham) 1st qr 1916 Winchcombe
George Thomas Denley b 8 Dec 1897 Stanway d 2nd qr 1968 Cheltenham
1257......Eva b 19 May 1899 Stanway d 3rd qr 1971 Gloucester
1258......Florence Emily Denley b 13 Apr 1904 Guiting Power d Jul 1999 Cheltenham m Raymond George DAVIS (b 3 Jun 1907 Naunton d d 2nd qr 1983 North Cotswold RD) 3rd qr 1928 Winchcombe
1259......Edward Charles Denley b 4 Nov 1906 Guiting Power d 1st qr 1945 N Cotswold RD) m Gladys Emma SMITH (b 1st qr 1909 Sandhurst Gloucester) 3rd qr 1938 St Lawrence, Sandhurst, Gloucester

793 Kate Eliza DENLEY m William Alfred NORVILLE (b 3rd qr 1868 Westminster bap 12 Jul 1868 St Marys Lambeth d 14 Mar 1914 Upper Norwood) 1st qr 1895 Croydon

Note: William was a picture frame maker in 1911 when the family was at 21 Church Road, Upper Norwood

Children of William and Kate
1260......William Harold Norville b 1st qr 1896 Norwood, Surrey d 3rd qr 1956 London City m Ethel M HAYES (b abt 1898 d 2nd qr 1946 Lewisham) 3rd qr 1925 Brentwood
1261......Clarice Kate Norville b 2nd qr 1898 Norwood, Surrey d 16 Dec 1996 Poole

794 Lottie DENLEY m John Edward REMNANT (b 2nd qr 1867 St Leonards d 1st qr 1934 Barnet) 2nd qr 1893 Lambeth

Note: In 1911 John was a compositor jobbing hand and the family lived at 95 Harrington Rd South, Norwood

Children of John and Lottie
1262......Beatrice Helen Denley Remnant b 1st qr 1895 South Norwood d 1st qt 1957 Battersea m Edward B FISHER 4th qr 1920 Croydon
1263......Marjorie Remnant b 3rd qr 1899 South Norwood d 4th qr 1925 Croydon m Harold Frederick NEWMAN (b 17 Jul 1898 South Norwood d 17 Jun 1978 Thornton Heath) 2nd qr 1921 Croydon
1264......Katie Irene Remnant b 2nd qr 1908 South Norwood d 4th qr 1966 Hatfield m John W SUTTERBY (b 18 Jul 1906 Hatfield d 6 Sep 1989 Hatfield) 2nd qr 1932 Hatfield

796 Anselm John DENLEY m Alice VICKERS (b 23 Nov 1880 Shimpling bap 29 Apr 1883 Shimpling d 1st qr 1916 Lambeth) 3rd qr 1902 Croydon

Note: In 1911 Anselm was a picture frame maker living at 110 Gipsy Hill, Camberwell

Child of Anselm and Alice
1265......Dorothy Alice Denley b 13 Mar 1903 South Norwood d 1st qr 1955 Camberwell

798 Margery Christina DENLEY m Albert BOWLEY (b 2nd qr 1878 Loughborough d 2nd qr 1967 Loughborough) 3rd qr 1903 Loughborough

Children of Albert and Margery
1266......Lionel Albert Bowley b 4th qr 1904 Hathern Loughborough d 2nd qr 1928 Loughborough
1267......Dorothy Margery Bowley b 29 Sep1909 Long Whatton Loughborough d 2 Jul 1988 Loughborough m Joseph Wilfred Harold GLOVER (b 13 Dec 1903 Ashby de la Zouch d 4 Dec 1988 Loughborough) 2nd qr 1931 Loughborough
1268......William H Bowley b 1st qr 1913 Loughborough d 4th qr 1918 Shardlow
1269......Ruth E S Bowley b 2nd qr 1915 Loughborough

802 Charles KEMISH m Elizabeth FINCH (bap 29 Jun 1837 Romsey) 13 Mar 1858 Michelmersh

Children of Charles and Elizabeth
802b......Mary Kemish bap 11 Jun 1858 Michelmersh
802c......Alice Kemish bap 28 Oct 1860 Nursling
802d......Elizabeth Kemish b 2nd qr 1865 Nursling
802e......Emma Kemish bap 8 Nov 1868 Romsey d 4th qr 1870 Romsey
802f......Edward Kemish bap 14 May 1871 Romsey d 1st qr 1874 Romsey
802g......Arthur Charles Kemish bap 14 Jun 1874 Romsey

803 James KEMISH m Ellen VENTHAM (b 2nd qr 1846 Romsey d 3rd qr 1934 Romsey) 5 Oct1867 Michelmersh

Children of James and Ellen
803b......Elizabeth Annie Kemish b 2nd qr 1868 Awbridge
803c......Henry Kemish b 2nd qr 1870 Awbridge
803d......Edward Kemish b 3rd qr 1873 Awbridge
803e......Edfred Walter Kemish b 1st qr 1875 Awbridge d 14 Jan 1960 Southampton m (a) Kathleen O'Kelly (b abt 1877 County Cork, Ireland d 29 Jan 1953 West End, Hants) 3rd qr 1902 Romsey (b) Catherine M GUIREY (b abt 1878 d 12 May 1958 Southampton) 3rd qr 1955 Southampton
803f......Edith Louise Kemish b 3rd qr 1878 Awbridge

809 Henry Thomas KEMISH m Emma Eliza PARKER (b 4th qr 1861 West Norwood d 1st qr 1933 Lambeth) 24 May 1890 West Dulwich

Children of Henry and Emma
809b......Thomas Henry Kemish b 4th qr 1892 Rotherhithe
809c......Kate Ethel Kemish b 3rd qr 1896 West Norwood d 5 Mar 1980 Beeston m Harold Donald P LAMONT (b 18 May 1900 West Norwood, Surrey d 3rd qr 1973 Basford) 3rd qr 1925 Lambeth

529b Samuel KEMISH m Harriet MOODY (b 1824 Sherfield English) 2nd qr 1844 Romsey

Children of Samuel and Hariet
q529......Priscilla Kemish b 1st qr 1850 Lockerley m Samuel MOODY (b 3rd qr 1843 Lockerley)16 Jan 1869 Sherfield English
q529a....Jane Kemish b 1st qr 1852 Lockerley d 4th qr 1923 Romsey m George BENNETT (b abt 1847 Whiteparish d 2nd qr 1905 Romsey) 2nd qr 1872 Romsey
q530......Rosa Kemish b 3rd qr 1854 Lockerley

529h Benjamin KEMISH m Mary DOWLING b abt 1827 Lockerley) 8 Feb 1846 Lockerley

Children of Benjamin and Mary
Q22......Charles Kemish b 2nd qr 1846 Sherfield English
Q23......Hester Kemish b 1st qr 1848 Sherfield English
Q24......Melinda Kemish b 1st qr 1850 Sherfield English
Q25......Job Kemish b 2nd qr 1852 Sherfield English
Q26......Rosa Kemish b 3rd qr 1854 Sherfield English
Q27......Emily Kemish b 3rd qr 1855 Shirley
Q28......Julia Kemish b 1st qr 1861 Shirley
Q29......George Kemish b 4th qr 1862 Shirley d 4th qr 1915 Southampton m Emma TUBBS (b 3rd qr 1866 Southampton) 2nd qr 1887 Southampton

Note: George and Emma had a son George Kemish (b 29 Oct 1889 Southampton) who was a survivor of the wreck of the Titanic. George signed on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912 giving his address as 238 Shirley Road, Southampton.His previous ship had been the Olympic and as a fireman, he could expect to earn 6 per month. After the Titanic hit the iceberg, he helped out in Boiler Room 5 by removing the coals from the boilers and was able to escape from the room before the bulkhead between Boiler Rooms 6 and 5 collapsed.He survived the sinking in Lifeboat 9. Many years after the disaster, George corresponded with Walter Lord who wrote the book "A night to remember" subsequently made into the film with Kenneth More

Q30......Kate Kemish b 2nd qr 1867 Shirley
Q31......Caroline Kemish b 3rd qr 1870 Freemantle

821 Robert WATERS m Sarah Ann BUNNETT (b 15 Mar 1854 Attleborough bap 23 Aug 1857 Attleborough d 2nd qr 1933 Aylesham) 26 Feb 1880 Limpenhoe

Children of Robert and Sarah
1270......Mabel Dora Waters b 9 Jul 1881 Burgh next Aylesham bap 14 Aug 1881 Burgh next Aylsham d 4th qr 1967 Wayland m John CHAPLIN 1st qr 1912 Acle
1271......Robert Bertie Waters b 24 Sep 1883 Aylesham bap 5 Nov 1883 Burgh next Aylsham d 2nd qr 1966 Norwich Outer
1272......Lillian Elvira Waters bap 17 Feb 1889 Burgh next Aylsham
1273......Elsie Alice Waters b 29 Dec 1892 Burgh next Aylesham bap 18 Jun 1893 Burgh next Aylsham d 4th qr 1980 North Walsham

822 Mark H WATERS m 836 Anna WATERS 4th qr 1880 Gt Yarmouth

Note: In 1891 Mark was a farm labourer living at Lower Farm Road, Tunstall and in 1901 he was a fam bailiff living near church, Tunstall.

Child of Mark and Anna
1274......Mildred Waters b 7 Nov 1885 Limpenhoe d 1st qr 1968 Depwade R D

824 Mary Australia WATERS m Jeremiah CHAPMAN (b 8 Jun 1861 Ludham bap 3 Sep 1865 Ludham) 6 Mar 1883 Limpenhoe

Note: Jeremiah was landlord of the Brickmakers' Arms, Freethorpe. He was a wheelright in 1891 and in 1911 when they lived at Broadway, Halesworth. In 1911 too they had an adopted child, John PALMER living with them

Children of Jeremiah and Mary
1275......Maud Waters Chapman b 28 Jul 1883 Freethorpe bap 18 Mar 1884 Acle Methodist circuit d 2nd qr 1958 Lothingland m Ernest Arthur MARJORAM ( b 19 Jul 1883 Kesingland bap 26 Aug 1883 Kessingland d 5 Apr 1963 Kessingland) 4th qr 1909 Blything RD
1276......Percy Bertram Chapman b 1st Jan 1885 Freethorpe d 1st qr 1960 Blyth
1277......May Chapman b 25 May 1888 Freethorpe bap 3 Jul 1888 Acle Methodist circuit d 25 Mar 1955 Norwich
Note: In 1911 May was a dressmaker
1278......Leonard Harry Chapman b 26 May 1890 Freethorpe bap 1 Aug 1890 Acle Methodist circuit d 3rd qr 1908 Blything
1279......Sydney Jeremiah Chapman b 29 Apr 1892 bap 19 Jun 1892 Acle
Note: In 1911 Sydney was a grocer's assistant
1280......George Ernest Chapman b 22 Sep 1893 Upton bap 4 Mar 1894 Acle Methodist circuit d 16 Dec 1967 Blofield
1281......Wilfred Waters Chapman b 24 Sep 1894 Upton bap 21 May 1895 Acle Methodist circuit bur 16 Sep 1966 Kirkley cemetery ref K/FA/249
1282......Ethel Elmyra Chapman b 13 Nov 1896 Upton bap 7 Sep 1897 Acle Methodist circuit d 3rd qr 1970 Norwich

825 Henry Leslie WATERS m (a) Mary Jane FIDDY (bap 11 Aug 1867 Burnham Deepdale d 16 May 1912 Limpenhoe) 24 Jun 1890 Burnham Deepdale (b) Kate SCOTT-BARNES (b 20 Dec 1906 place unknown) 4th qr 1930 Blofield

Children of Henry and Mary
1283......Harry Waters b 7 Apr 1891 Limpenhoe bap 10 May 1891 Limpenhoe
1284......Dorothy Lucy Waters b 1st qr 1894 Thorpe next Norwich
1285......Blanche Emily Waters bap 21 May 1899 Limpenhoe d 2nd qr 1908 Blofield R D
1286......Grace Elmyra Waters b 24 Mar 1904 Limpenhoe bap 8 May 1904 Limpenhoe d 16 Nov 1943 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

Child of Henry and Kate
1286a....Robert Waters b 21 Jan 1939 Limpenho

842 Alice WATERS m Daniel Richard THIRKETTLE (bap 16 Sep 1869 Moulton St Mary bur 31 Jan 1925 Blofield) 2nd qr 1898 Blofield.

Note: Richard was a blacksmith

Children of Richard and Alice
1287......Gordon Henry Thirkettle bap 8 Apr 1900 Acle Methodist circuit d 2nd qr 1984 Norwich m Gertrude Gladys HUDSON (b 6 Nov 1906 Saham Grove d 4th qr 1993 Yarmouth) 3rd qr 1928 Blofield
1288......Hilda Mary Thirkettle b 18 Jun 1901 Acle d 26 Dec 1982 Sutton m Cyril H PEARSON (b 15 Feb 1900 Islington d 3 Jun 1982 Ewell) 3rd qr 1926 Blofield

843 Mary WATERS m Alfred John YOUNGS (b 1 Apr1873 Moulton d 22 Dec 1945 Norwich) 2nd qr 1895 Blofield

Note: The Eastern Evening News of Monday 24 Dec 1945 reported that Mr. Alfred John Youngs, aged 72, a retired farmer of The Croft, Blofield died in the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital on Saturday 22nd December following a car accident on the Norwich to Yarmouth Road at Witton He was driving alone when his car came into collision with a telegraph pole.

Children of Alfred and Mary
1289......Beulah Youngs b 17 Dec 1895 Moulton d 3 Apr 1977 Hemblington m Jack CUTLER (b 1st qr 1899 Ranworth d 2nd qr 1994 Norwich 1st qr 1918 Blofield
1289a....Margery Youngs b 4 Nov 1901 Limpenhoe d 18 Nov 1975 Hemblington m Leslie Harry MOORE b 25 Nov 1900 South Walsham d 29 May 1980 Hemblington) 1st qr 1923 Blofield
1290......Daisy Youngs b 7 Nov 1904 South Walsham d 4th qr 1991 Norwich m Cecil William STARKINGS (b 7 Dec 1898 Burpham, Surrey d 2 Oct 1975 Hemblington) 4th qr 1928 Blofield
1291......Ella Youngs b 25 Apr 1908 South Burlingham d 24 Apr 2002 North Walsham m George W YOUNGMAN (b 1st qr 1903 Blofield) 2nd qr 1929 Blofield

844 Ernest WATERS m Hephzibah Eliza MALLETT (b 1st qr 1877 Halvergate) 4th qr 1899 Blofield

Children of Ernest and Hephzibah
1292......Elsie Waters b 21 Oct 1900 Freethorpe bap 27 Nov 1900 Acle Methodist circuit d 4 Jun 1962 Cheddar m Haylett BRINDID (b 31 May 1901 Sutton 22 Nov 1964 Norwich) 10 Nov 1924 Hickling
Note: Elsie and Florence were twins. Both married Haylett BRINDID
1293......Florence Waters b 21 Oct 1900 Freethorpe bap 27 Nov 1900 Acle Methodist circuit d 10 Feb 1988 Ingham m Haylett BRINDID (b 31 May 1901 Sutton 22 Nov 1964 Norwich) 2nd qr 1963 North Walsham
1294......Henry Waters b 29 Oct 1903 Freethorpe d 17 Feb 1955 Sutton m Myra LAMBERT (b 2 Mar1907 Hickling d 15 Apr 1998 Gt Yarmouth) 3rd qr 1930 Smallburgh
Note: Myra remarried to John E PARKER 4th qr 1969 Gt Yarmouth

845 Rosa WATERS m Robert KEY (b 4th qr 1878 Freethorpe d 14 Dec 1942 Upton with Fishley) 9 Oct 1899 Acle

Children of Robert and Rosa
1295......Hildred Key b 7 Nov 1900 Freethorpe d 11 Jun 1981 Hellesden m Alfred R RISEBOROUGH (b 4th qr 1895 Coltishall d 12 Jan 1965 Fulmodeston) 28 Feb 1953 Upton
1296......Royston Henry Key b 30 Dec 1902 Freethorpe d 2nd qr 1986 Norwich m Elsie Ruth GEORGE (b 3rd qr 1903 Winterton d 1 Apor 1991 Harleston) 3rd qr 1933 Yarmouth

847 Jane Hannah TILLS m 586 John George SHARMAN (b 4th qr 1855 Reedham d 17 Jan 1934 Norwich) 4th qr 1880 Gt Yarmouth

Note: John was a blacksmith. In 1901 the family was at Common Road, Freethorpe. In 1911 John was a pork butcher. At his death he was a cowkeeper

Children of John and Jane
1297......Fred Sharman b 1882 Freethorpe m Matilda CARTER (b 1st qr 1884 Halvergate) 1st qr 1902 [Blofield 4b 363]
Note: Fred was a blacksmith in 1901 and in 1911 living in Freethorpe
1298......Hilda Sharman b 25 Oct 1883 Freethorpe bap 26 Jan 1884 Acle Methodist circuit d 14 Sep 1885 Freethorpe
Mildred Emily Sharman b 1887 Freethorpe
1300......Alice Sharman b 1889 Freethorpe m George SHEARING (b 1st qr 1885 Freethorpe)2nd qr 1909 Blofield
1301......Mabel Sharman b 27 Mar 1890 Freethorpe bap 1 Jun 1890 Acle Methodist circuit
1302......Elizabeth Sharman b 7 Feb 1892 Freethorpe bap 9 Aug 1892 Acle Methodist circuit
1303......Annie Sharman b 1st Apr 1898 Freethorpe bap 28 Aug 1898 Acle Methodist circuit

849 Emily TILLS m 890 Adnah MOLL (b 4th qr 1856 Freethorpe d 30 Jun 1916 Freethorpe [Blofield 4b 213]) 4th qr 1880 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Adnah was an ag lab in 1881 and he and Emily lived at "Cottage" Ranworth with Panxworth. In 1911 the family was at Freethorpe, Acle and Adnah was a grocer and general dealer

Children of Adnah and Emily
1304......Frank Moll b 9 Jul 1894 Freethorpe d 1979 Norwich Outer m Gladys YOUNGS (b 4th qr 1897 Freethorpe d 1995 Norwich 2nd qr 1922 Blofield
Note: Frank was a corn and flour dealer
1305......Agnes Moll b 2nd qr 1896 Freethorpe m Alfred HARRIS 2nd qr 1920 Blofield

850 Arthur David TILLS m Alice Harriet WRIGHT (b 24 Apr 1867 Panxworth bap 1 Sep 1867 Panxworth d 26 Jan 1926 Norwich) 8 Nov 1887 Panxworth

Note: Arthur was a carpenter and in 1891 he and Alice were living at Pankworth Bridge, Pankworth Rd South Walsham. In 1901 and 1911 he was a Joiner and Carpenter and the family was at 108 Adelaide Street, Norwich

Children of Arthur and Alice
1306......Arthur Reginald Tills b 3rd qr 1891 South Walsham d 4th qr 1957 Hertford m Elsie Evelyn EMMERSON (b 2nd qr 1898 Ipswich d 1st qr 1952 Hertford) 1st qr 1931 Ipswich
Note: In 1911 Arthur was an entering clerk in a drapery warehouse
1307......Gladys Lilian Tills b 3rd qr 1895 Norwich d 3 May 1976 Croydon m Herbert CLIFTON (b 2nd Qr 1892 Islington d 27 Apr 1954 Croydon) 1st qr 1919 Norwich

851 Minnie TILLS m George Henry WRIGHT ( b 2nd qr 1865 Gt Yarmouth d 4th qr 1928 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1888 Yarmouth

Note: George was a carpenter in 1891 and was living at 23 Clarence Rd Gt Yarmouth. In 1901 and 1911 the family was at 68 King Street, Gt Yarmouth and George is shown as a builder.

Children of George and Minnie
1308..... Florence Ella Wright b 1st qr 1889 Yarmouth
Note: In 1911 Ella was a dressmaker
1309.....William George Wright b 24 Nov 1890 Yarmouth d 26 Jul 1966 Gt Yarmouth m Norah FEATHERSTONE (b 1st qr 1882 West Hesterton, Yorks,) 27 Jul 1912 Gt Yarmouth
Note: In 1911 William was a carpenter
1310......George Henry Wright b 1st qr 1893 Gt Yarmourh
Note: In 1911 George was a carpenter
1311......Mabel Minnie Wright b 2nd qr 1895 Gt Yarmouth m George W WILKINS 4th qr 1943 Gt Yarmourh
1312......Hilda Harriet Wright b 4th qr 1897 Gt Yarmouth m Christopher G B SMITH 4th qr 1918 Gt Yarmourh
1313.......Ada Selina Wright b 17 Aug 1899 Gt Yarmouth d 10 Jan 1991 Scarborough m Irvin LONSDALE (b 4th qr 1896 Keithley d 1st qr 1963 Worth Valley d Apr 18 1963 Keithley) 4th qr 1921 Mutford
1314.....Kate Elizabeth Wright b 24 Feb 1903 Gt Yarmouth d 2nd qr 1980 Kings Lynn m Edward G LANGLEY (b 12 Jun 1898 Gt Yarmouth d 17 Mar 1974 Kings Lynn) 4th qr 1925 Gt Yarmouth
1315......Alice Marjorie Wright b 12 Apr 1905 Gt Yarmouth d 18 Jan 1994 St Ives, Cambs m Geoffrey Whatnall KIDDLE (b 30 May 1903 St Ives d 27 Nov 1978 St Ives) 3rd qr 1927 Yarmouth
1316......Walter David Wright b 21 Mar 1907 Gt Yarmouth d 26 Aug 1970 Harpenden
1317......Arthur Edward Wright b 4th qr 1909 Gt Yarmouth
1318......Mary Lilian Wright b 10 Jul 1912 Gt Yarmouth d Jul 2000 Norwich m Sidney James HYDE (b 11 Feb 1909 Leicester d 6 May 1967 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1934 Gt Yarmouth
After Sidney died Mary remarried to Percy Wilfred Marjoram Jun Qr 1972 Lothingland
1319......Lewis Jack Wright b 22 Jan 1914 Gt Yarmouth d 4 Aug 1995 Market Harborough

852 Herbert Salmon TILLS m Hannah LUMSDEN (b 1st qr 1868 Flimby, Cumberland d 24 Jul 1931 Tivetshall) 11 Apr 1896 Limpenhoe

Note: In 1901 Herbert was a painter and Hannah a schoolmistress living at Church Corner, Limpenhoe. 1911 shows them at "Near Vicarage" Limpenhoe. Herbert was a House Painter and Decorator and Hannah was a certificated teacher

Children of Herbert and Hannah
1320......Agnes La Grande Tills bap 11 Jul 1897 LImpenhoe m Robert HUDSON (b 2nd qr 1891 Little Bytham, Lincs d 8 Dec 1953 Limpenhoe) 5 Jul 1918 North Hykeham Lincs
1321......Herbert Salmon Tills b 8 Jan 1905 d 15 Mar 1988 Merton m (a) Una F M BLYTHE b 2nd qr 1907 Islington d 3rd qr 1945 Surrey NE ) 3rd qr 1928 Shoreditch (b) Bridget K DISCOMBE (b 1910 place unknown d 25 Feb 1995 Long Stratton) 1st qr 1978 Merton
Note: Herbert joined the Metropolitan Police 23 Nov 1925 and left 24 Jan 1946

867 William BARDELL m Sarah JOHNSON (b 15 Feb 1846 Anmar d 4th qr 1915 Anmer) 12 Apr 1877 Anmer

Note: William was a builder.

Children of William and Sarah
1322......Eva Minnie Bardell b 5 Feb 1878 Middleton d 3rd qr 1918 Lambeth m Henry Richard PAYNTER (b 5 Mar 1882 Peckham d 1st qr 1940 Eastry) 19 Nov 1914 Peckham
Note: After Eva minnies death Henry remarried to Emily May BISHOP 3rd qr 1919 Edmonton
Robert Bedingfield Bardell b 3rd Aug 1880 Middleton bap 29 Aug 1880 Middleton d 4th qr 1929 Greenwich
1324......Louisa Mary Bardell b 4th qr 1881 Camberwell

868 Bedingfield BARDELL m (a) Eliza Frances MARSHALL (b 1st qr 1864 Camberwell d 3rd qr 1884 Camberwell) 28 Jan 1883 St Emmanuel, Camberwell (b) Alice Jane SCHOONES (b 2 Jan 1864 Camden Town bap 1 Feb 1864 St Pancras) 12 May 1889 St Stephen Walworth

Child of Bedingfield and Eliza
1325......Alice Frances Bardell b 7 Apr 1884 bap 2 JUl 1884 St Mark Camberwell d 4th qr 1965 Nottingham

Children of Bedingfield and Alice
1326......Bedingfield Walter Bardell b 2 May 1890 Peckham bap 13 Jul 1890 St Andrews Peckham d 1st qr 1953 New Forest
1327......Henry James Bardell b 1 Nov 1892 Peckham bap 27 Nov 1892 St Andrews Peckham d 2nd Apr 1943 Beckenham

951 Frank WATERS m Ellen Elizabeth CANNELL (b 1874 Hardley) 2nd qr 1900

Children of Frank and Ellen
1328......Francis Waters b 1908 Blofield
1329......Harold Waters b 1909 Blofield

955 John Wix VALENTINE m Elizabeth HALL (b 3rd qr 1845 Horsfoth Yorks) 4th qr 1867 [Bradford 9b 21]

Note: In 1901 John was an engine driver in making sea bank, and he and Elizabeth (Called Betsy) were at 5 Wooton Road East Side, Gaywood

Children of John and Elizabeth
1330......George Wicks Valentine b 10 Aug 1871 Bradford d 4th qr 1874 [Bradford 9b 40]
1331......Annie Valentine b 4th qr 1873 Bradford
1332......George Wicks Valentine b 1st qr 1876 [Bradford 9b 291] d 3rd qr 1876 [Bradford 9b 146]
1333......James Valentine b 3rd qr 1878 Grimston
Note: James was a private in the 1st Norfolk regiment at Aldershot in 1911

956 Emily Wix VALENTINE m Jacob FROST (b 2nd qr 1853 Weasenham All Saints d 3rd qr 1928 West Ham) 3rd qr 1874 Leeds

Note: In 1881 Jacob was a general labourer and the family was at Westside, Pott Row Rd, Grimston. In 1891 the family was living at 4 Thomas Cottage, Half Crown Road, Swanscombe and Jacob was a cement labourer. In 1901 and 1911 Jacob was a fireman in a chemical factory and lived at 25 Sussex Street West Ham.

Children of Jacob and Emily
1334......Ada Lavinia W Frost b 4th qr 1875 Weasenham All Saints d 3rd qr 1950 Exeter m John Robert KEEBLE (b 2nd qr 1870 Caning Town d 2nd qr 1940 West Ham) 2nd qr 1900 West Ham
1335......Lilly Agnes Frost b 1st qr 1877 East Kirkby, Notts d 1st qr 1885 Strood
1336......Edgar Valentine Frost b 2nd qr 1878 East Kirkby d 1st qr 1952 West Ham m Mary Jane DYER (b 4th qr 1881 Poplar) 1st qr 1903 West Ham
Note: In 1901 Edgar was a general labourer
1337......Joseph Frost b 3rd qr 1879 Grimston
1338......Percy Lewis Frost b 4th qr 1882 Grimston m Emily Elizabeth THORPE (b 4th qr 1882 Portsmouth) 1st qr 1905 West Ham
Note: In 1901 Percy was a general labourer
1339......Bertie Daniel Frost b 1st qr 1887 Gravesend
Note: In 1901 Bertie was a grocer's boy
1340......Walter Harold Frost b 2nd qr 1888 Gravesend
Note: Walter was L/Sergeant 1st Dublin Royal Fusiliers at Ahmednagar, India in 1911
1341......Oliver Ernest P Frost b 1st qr 1890 Swanscombe m Ada M HINES 2nd qr 1933 Romford
Note: Oliver was a private in the North Staffordshire Regiment at Peshawar, India in 1911

959 Florence VALENTINE m John George WILLERSON (b 4th qr 1841 St Geo East bap 28 Nov 1841 Tower Hamlets d 6 Jun 1928 Kings Lynn) 4th qr 1906 Wisbech

Note: The 1911 census shows John as a retired fishmonger; the family was at out Southgates, Kings Lynn South, but previous censuses show him as a fishmonger at 7 Church St Wisbech and married first to Ann ARMITAGE or Anna COOPER in 1st qr 1863 [Hackney 1b 418] and then to Pheobe MAULL (d 4th qr 1905 [Wisbech 3b 323]) 4th qr 1875 [St Geo East 1c 973]

Child of John and Florence
1342......John Valentine Willerson b 4th qr 1908 All Saints, South Lynn d 24 May 1980 Kings Lynn
Note: John George was previously married to (a) Ann ARMITAGE nee CORK 15 Feb 1863 South Hackney : (b) Phoebe MAULL (born abt 1840 King's Lynn died Dec Qr 1905 Wisbech RD) 3 Oct 1875 St Georges, Middlesex

335 Arthur Ernest VALENTINE m Eliza Ann HOUSDEN (b 2nd qr 1877 Haddenham d 4th qr 1943 Wisbech) 4th qr 1898 Wisbech

Note: In 1911 Arthur was a leather merchant living at 38 Leroy Rd Walsoken. His sister Julia was helping with the business

Child of Arthur and Eliza
1343......Ida Lilian Valentine b 1st qr 1902 Wisbech m Herbert C BUSH 2nd qr 1926 [Wisbech 3b 1428]

961 Ann MOORE (nee Feltham) m Edward BARNES (b abt 1823 Christchurch d 4th qr 1888 Fordingbridge) 1st qr 1856 Southampton

Children of Edward and Ann
961b......Frederick John Barnes b 3rd qr 1859 Fordingbridge d 2nd qr 1880 Fordingbridge
961c......Ellen Barnes b 2nd qr 1861 Fordingbridge d 2nd qr 1908 Fordingbridge m Edward PARKER (b abt 1865 Fordingbridge d 26 Sep 1908 Fordingbridge) 4th qr 1896 Fordingbridge 961d......William Elliot Barnes b 4th qr 1863 Fordingbridge d 4th qr 1930 Fordingbridge m Kezia KENCHINGTON (b 1st qr 1866 Woodyates, Dorset d 4th qr 1948 Bournmouth) 4th qr 1887 Fordingbridge
961e......Henry C Barnes b 2nd qr 1866 Fordingbridge d 2nd qr 1896 Fordingbridge
961f......Charlotte Amey Barnes b 1st qr 1872 Fordingbridge d 2nd qr 1891 Fordingbridge

X55 Elizabeth MOORE m James MARTIN (b abt 1815 Romsey) 2nd qr 1854 New Forest

Children of James and Elizabeth
X59......Thomas Martin bap 21 Jun 1857 Eling
X60......Henry Martin b 4th qr 1858 Eling
X61......Ann Martin b 2nd qr 1860 Eling

X56 Mary Ann MOORE m Thomas John BAKER (b abt 1827 Poole) 3rd qr 1852 New Forest

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
X62......Tom Baker b 2nd qr 1853 Millbrook
X63......Martha J Baker b 3rd qr 1857 Millbrook
X64......Rosa Baker b 1st qr 1860 Shirley
X65......George Baker b abt 1864 St Dominic Hampshire
X66......Frederick Baker b 1st qr 1866 Shirley
X67......Walter Baker b 4th qr 1868 Shirley

X57 George MOORE m Louisa MILLS (bap 11 Mar 1838 Romsey d 1st qr 1893 New Forest) 2 Sep 1862 New Forest

Children of George and Louisa
X68......George Moore bap 13 May 1866 Eling d 5 Feb 1918 Totton m Beatrice Sarah MONK (b 2nd qr 1862 Totton d 1 Mar 1840 Millbrook) 2nd qr 1913Southampton

X69......Ellen Moore bap 9 Mar 1873 Eling d 28 Dec 1944 Totton m Charles William GUBBINS (b 3rd qr 1871 Hampreston d 2nd qr 1934 New Forest) 2nd qr 1898 Southampton

X97 Mary VENTHAM m William Plowman FIELDER (b abt 1830 Plaitford, Wilts) 3rd qr 1852 Romsey

Children of William and Mary
X98......Laura Fielder b 3rd qr 1853 Awbridge d 3rd qr 1915 Romsey m George Frederick HURST (b abt 1853 Mottisfont d 28 Feb 1920 Romsey) 1st qr 1874 Romsey
X99......Rosa Hester Fielder b 2nd qr 1860 Awbridge d 3rd qr 1927 Romsey m Joseph MOODY (b 2nd qr 1860 Romsey d 3 Jan 1935 Kings Somborne) 4th qr 1884 Romsey

609 Fanny MOORE m George BRACKSTONE (bap 28 Jun 1801 Millbrook) 12 Feb 1828 Millbrook

Children of George and Fanny
X70......Jane Brackstone bap 23 Aug 1829 Millbrook d 1st qr 1889 South Stoneham
X71......Emma Brackstone bap 13 Feb 1831 Millbrook bur 11 Dec 1832 Millbrook
X72......George Brackstone bap 24 Feb 1833 Millbrook
X73......William Brackstone bap 30 Nov 1834 Millbrook bur 26 Aug 1869 Millbrook
X74......Richard Brackstone bap 10 Jul 1836 Millbrook bur 19 Aug 1873 Millbrook
X75......Emma Brackstone bap 28 Jan 1838 Millbrook bur 16 Feb 1838 Millbrook
X76......Mary Brackstone bap 30 Dec 1838 Millbrook d 1 Feb 1927 Southampton m William Henry EMBER (b 29 Jan 1833 Eling d 3rd qr 1904 South Stoneham) 22 Feb 1864 Millbrook
X77......Fanny Brackstone bap 1 Nov 1840 Millbrook
Charles Brackstone bap 9 Jun 1844 Millbrookd 4th qr 1902 South Stoneham

965 Elizabeth KEMISH m Richard HARDING (b 4th qr 1842 Romsey d 2nd qr 1921 Epsom) 1st qr 1866 Southampton

Children of Richard and Elizabeth
965b......Edith Harding b 4th qr 1866 Romsey d 1st qr 1955 Romsey m Albert George BANCE (b abt 1869 Woodmancote d 4th qr 1913 Petersfield) 2nd qr 1896 Basingstoke
965c......Rosalie Harding b 4th qr 1868 Romsey d 6 Aug 1932 St Mellons, Monmouthshire
965d......Martha Kate Harding b 1st qr 1871 Romsey d 6 Apr 1948 Putney m Herbert George SMITH 3rd qr 1913 Richmond
965e......Frank Charles Harding b 3rd qr 1873 Romsey m Alice Mary MANDER (b 2nd qr 1868 Bermondsey) 12 Oct 1895 Rotherhithe
Note:Frank Charles and Alice Mary Harding plus a son, Lawrence 15, arrived Portland, Maine 22 Apr 1912 aboard the Ausonia from Southampton
965f......Florence Harding b 4th qr 1875 Litchfield d 24 Oct 1946 Epsom
965g......Lilian May Harding b 1st qr 1878 Steventon m Frederick George HART (b 3rd qr 1880 Southampton) 2nd qr 1902 Southampton
965h......Ernest George Harding b 2nd qr 1880 Steventon d 22 May 1948 East Sheen m Edith Rosina JARMIN (b 2nd qr 1890 St George Hanover Sq d 4th qr 1918 Wandsworth) 2nd qr 1910 Wandsworth
965i......Arthur Alfred Harding b 3rd qr 1882 Steventon
965j......Edgar Ralph Harding b 3rd qr 1887 Steventon d 14 Jun 1944 Worcester Park, Surrey m (a) Alice Amy RICHARDS (b 4th qr 1891 d 4th qr 1918 Epsom) 2nd qr 1914 Woolwich (b) 967d Mary Ann KEMISH> 4th qr 1925 Edmonton

967 James KEMISH m Emma DEWAR b 1st qr 1858 Whitechapel) 2 Feb 1880 Whitechapel

Children of James and Emma
967b......James William Kemish bap 1 Feb 1880 Whitechapel d 2nd qr 1880 Whitechapel
967c......George Kemish bap 1 May 1884 St Pauls Clerkenwell m Clara E REEVES 3rd qr 1920 Edmonton
Mary Ann Kemish b 6 Jul 1886 Edmonton d 3rd qr 1962 Surrey mid E

X70 Jane BRACKSTONE m George MILLS (bap 5 Jun 1827 Romsey d 2nd qr 1902 South Stoneham) 20 Jan 1853 Millbrook

Children of George and Jane
X71......George Mills bap 25 Sep 1853 Millbrook
X72......James Mills bap 4th qr 1855 Millbrook
X73......Richard Mills bap 8 Aug 1858 Millbrook d 3rd qr 1920 Romsey m Harriet Emma BLIZZARD (b 4th qr 1864 Itchen Ferry d 2nd qr 1936 Romsey) 2nd qr 1896 South Stoneham
X74......Charles Mills bap 18 Nov 1860 Millbrook
X75......Henry Mills b 1st qr 1864 Millbrook bap 3 Apr 1864 South Stoneham
X76......William Mills b 16 Dec 1866 Millbrook m Isabel Eliza BOWLES (b 3rd qr 1868 Shirley) 3rd Qr 1888 South Stoneham

The Moravian

William and Isabel Mills plus their children departed London for Brisbane aboard The Moravian on 7 January 1913
X77......Frederick Mills bap 18 Apr 1869 Millbrook m Lydia Mary ADLAM (b 3rd qr 1868 Millbrook d 2nd qr 1907 South Stoneham) 7 Apr 1890 Millbrook

X72 George BRACKSTONE m Amelia HOLLIDAY (bap 19 Oct 1828 Southampton) 10 Nov 1852 Millbrook

Children of George and Amelia
X78a....George Brackstone b 4th qr 1853 Southampton
X79......Alfred Charles Brackstone bap 20 Jan 1856 Southampton m Phillis Jane BATCHELOR (b 3rd qr 1860 Southampton ) 4th qr 1875 Southampton
X80......Fanny Brackstone b 3rd qr 1858 Southampton m John Edward BRANDER (b abt 1858 d 7 Jan 1946 Southampton ) 2nd qr 1882 Southampton
X81......William Edwin Brackstone bap 11 Sep 1861 Southampton
X82......Laura Brackstone b abt 1863 Southampton d 19 Dec 1838 Southampton m George BRANDER (b 4th qr 1859 Southampton d 7 Jan 1846 Southampton ) 2nd qr 1882 Southampton
X83......Amelia Ellen Brackstone b 3rd qr 1866 Southampton d 2nd qr 1871 Southampton
X84......Rose Brackstone b 3rd qr 1869 Southampton m James William SADLER (b 3rd qr 1858 Bermondsey d 4th qr 1933 Edmonton) 2nd qr 1888 Southampton
X85......Alice Clara Brackstone b 4th qr 1871 Southampton m John WRIGHT (b abt 1870 Southampton ) 1st qr 1890 Southampton
X86......Frederick H R Brackstone b 1sy qr 1875 Southampton

X78 Charles BRACKSTONE m Elizabeth FAITHFULL (b Elizabeth MAY abt 1835 Broughton who m Thomas FAITHFULL 4th qr 1855 ) 23 Aug 1871 Millbrook

Children of Charles and Elizabeth
X87......William Arthur Brackstone b 3rd qr 1875 Southampton d 26 Nov 1914 m Rose Edith MAXTED (b Rose Edith WATERMAN 28 Apr 1874 - m Frederick Charles A MAXTED 1st qr 1891 - d 2nd qr 1951 Romsey) 4th qr 1894 Southampton.

HMS Bulwark and The explosion

William was a stoker in the Royal Navy Reserve aboard HMS Bulwark when the ship which was moored off Sheerness suffered a large internal explosion caused by over-heating cordite charges and was destroyed killing all but 6 men out of 750. Rose Edith remarried to Charles F Fricker 3rd qr 1916 Southampton

X88......Annie Louise Brackstone b 29 Dec 1876 Southampton d 3rd qr 1954 Southampton m George Henry (b Henry George) FORD (b 14 Sep 1875 Itchen Ferry d 3rd qr 1945 Southampton) 4th qr 1894 Southampton
X89......George May Brackstone b 4th qr 1879 Southampton d 4 May 1943 Millbrook, Southampton m Elizabeth Beatrice (b Beatrice Elizabeth)WESTBROOK (b Dec Qr 1876 Wield died 1st qr 1939 Southampton RD) 4th Qr 1898 South Stoneham

969 Job MOORE m Susannah C TAGG (b abt 1835 Hackney) 25 May 1854 Bromley St Leonard

Note: In 1871 and 1881 Job was a decorator living at 1 Alfred Street St Mary Le Bow

Children of Job and Susannah
1344......Laura Moore b 3rd qr 1854 Bethnal Green
1345......Ada Mary Moore b 3rd qr 1856 Bromley d 3 Jul 1937 Southend
1346......Hannah Maria Moore b 3rd qr 1861 Bethnal Green m Henry Albert James TAYLOR (b 4th qr 1874 Mile End) 11 Oct 1905 St Mary, Bow
1347......George Moore b 4th qr 1863 Bow
1348......Matilda Moore b 2nd qr 1867 Bow
1349......Clara Susannah Moore b 2nd qr 1870 Bow
1350......Amy Betsy Moore b 3rd qr 1872 Poplar d 1st qr 1961 Ilford
1351......Evangeline Moore b 25 Sep 1877 Bow d 31 Mar 1945 Bournemouth m William Henry ARMSTRONG (b 11 Jul 1876 St Saviour d 29 Jun 1959 Bournemouth) 1st qr 1907 Romford

972 Hannah MOORE m Arthur POVEY (Chr 8 May 1836 Hungerford, Berks d 2nd qr 1886 Barton) 4th qr 1863 Bath

Note:In 1881 Arthur was a labourer, living at 3 St Silas Place, St Philip and St Jacob Out, Bristol. In 1891 Hannah, a widow, was still living at 3 St Silas Place, St Philip and St Jacob Out, Bristol. With her were Hannah, Sarah, Martha, Mary and daughter Elizabeth who had married Thomas HARVEY with her child 462a......Florence HARVEY. In 1901 she was at Thomas Harvey's house at 38 Martin Street Bristol with daughter Mary who was a card board box maker

Children of Arthur and Hannah
1352......Elizabeth Jane Povey b 3rd qr 1863 Bath d 3rd qr 1937 Bristol
1353......Arthur Harry Povey b 2nd qr 1865 Bath d 1st qr 1933 Bristol
1354......Thomas Edward Povey bap 10 Feb 1867 Bristol
1355......Hannah Moore Povey b 27 Jul 1870 Bristol bap 23 Aug 1870 Bristol d 2nd qr 1950 Bristol
Note: In 1891 Hannah was a box maker
1356......Sarah Ann Povey b 4th qr 1872 Bristol d 4th qr 1900 Bristo; m Albert Edward BOSANQUET (b 5 Oct 1872 d 24 JUl 1960 Southville, Bristol) 23 Dec 1899 West St Congregational Church, Bristol
Note: Sarah was a pupil teacher in 1891
1357......Martha Povey bap 1st qr 1875 Bristol
Note: In 1891 Martha wa a bookbinder
1358......Mary Povey bap 2nd qr 1877 Bristol bap 16 May 1877 Bedminster
Note: In 1891 Mary was a stationer's assistant

974 Elizabeth MOORE m Joshua HUMBY (Chr 24 Nov 1844 Lyndhurst, Hants d 1st qr 1931 Eastleigh) 4th qr 1866 Wimborne, Dorset

Note: After Elizabeth's death Joshua married again to Louisa GRANT 4th qr 1877 Southampton

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth
1359......Adelaide Humby b 2 Dec 1866 Cranborne, Dorset d 26 Jan 1950 Fair Oak Hants
1360......Thomas Humby b 2nd qr 1870 Durley Hampshire
1360a....Bessie Humby b 4th qr 1873 Durley d 26 Jan 1944 Bursledon
1361b....Charnell Humby b 2nd qr 1875 Durley d 22 Jun 1955 Curdridge

977 Henry MOORE m Elizabeth WOODFORD (b 1st qr 1850 Calbourne, IOW) 29 Nov 1870 Holy Trinity Southampton

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
1361......Lizzie Amelia Moore b 4th qr 1871 Southampton d 1st qr 1931 Southampton m (a) William GRAY (b abt 1852 place unknown d 5 Jan 1914 London) 1st qr 1911 Islington (b) Christopher J TAYLER 4th qr 1915 Southampton
Harry John Moore b 12 Jun 1877 Southampton d 4th qr 1944 Southampton
1363......Arthur Percival Moore b 3rd qr 1879 Millbrook
1364......Florence Moore b 4th qr 1886 South Stoneham RD

978 James Albert MOORE m Alice WILKINSON 5 Mar 1876 St Marks, Notting Hill

Note: James was a butcher, living in Faraday Road, Kensington in 1881

Child of James and Alice
1365......Albert James Moore b 31 Jul 1876 All Saints Kensington d 1st qr 1877 Kensington

984 Mary Ann WIGLEY m William WRIGHT (b 15 Sep 1845 London) 26 Mar 1866 Parish Church Islington

Note: William and Mary Wright with children Charlotte, Henry, Frank and John arrived New York 26 Jun 1875 aboard "The France".the family were at 2nd ward, Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA for the 1880 census.William was a distiller at oilworks

The France

Children of William and Mary
1366......William Wright b 4 Apr 1866 London bap 22 Jul 1868 Norwich
1367......Charlotte Wright b 8 May 1867 EIlford, Essex bap 22 Jul 1868 Norwich
1368......Henry Wright b May 1869 London
1369......Frank Wright b 1st qr 1871 Stratford
1370......John Wright b 1872/3 England
1371......James Wright b 21 Sep 1875 Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey
1372......Joseph Wright b 19 Dec 1877 Bayonne New Jersey d 28 Apr 1954 Clearwater, Florida
1373......Mary Wright b 11 Feb 1880 Bayonne
1374......Minnie Wright b 23 May 1882 Bayonne
1375......Clara Wright b 22 May 1884 Bayonne
1376......Lillian Wright b May 1885 Bayonne

986 Clara/Clarissa WIGLEY m George RODWELL 1st qr 1874 West Ham

Note: No record appears in the censuses until 1901 when Clara was with her mother, both widowed, at 119 Rosary Rd, Norwich

Child of George and Clara/Clarissa
1377......George John Henry Rodwell b 23 Jan 1875 Old Ford, Mdx bap 21 Feb 1875 St James the Great, Bethnal Green d 19 Aug 1954 Norwich m Kate Eleanor CRISP (d 2nd qr 1948 Norwich 3rd qr 1932 [Norwich 4b 334]
Note: In 1901 George was a general labourer living with his grandmother and mother in Norwich. In 1911 he was single and lived at 4 Raglan Street, Dereham Rd Norwich. He was an engineer's storekeeper. Kate was born Kate Eleanor CLAXTON Jun Qr 1875 Norwich, and had married Arthur Alfred CRISP (4 Apr 1948 Norwich) 3rd qr 1895 Norwich

987 Henry Joseph WIGLEY m Elizabeth Ann FROST (b 2nd qr 1856 Thurton bap 16 Mar 1862 Thurton d 10 Feb 1925 14 St Leonards St, Norwich) 1st qr 1878 Norwich

Note: Henry was a blacksmith

Children of Henry and Elizabeth
1378....Alfred Harry Wigley b 23 Jun 1878 Thurton bap 21 Jul 1878 Thurton d 25 Mar 1914 Norwich
1379......Laura Blanche Wigley b 18 Apr 1880 North Walsham bap 21 Mar 1883 St Matthews, Norwich d 1st qr 1963 Spalding
Note: Laura married as "Blanche Laura" She was a boot machinist
1380......William Wigley b 18 Oct 1881 bap 28 Apr 1882 St Matthews Norwich
1381......Ethel Justina Wigley b 24 Feb 1883 bap 21 Mar 1883 St Matthews Norwich d 8 Nov 1943 Norwich
Note: Ethel is described as a "horse hand weaver"
1382......William Joseph Wigley b 8 Sep 1884 bap 1 Oct 1884 St Matthews Norwich d 2nd qr 1891 Norwich
1383......Charles Victor Wigley b 6 Feb 1887 Norwich bap 28 May 1889 St Clements, Norwich d 29 Aug 1959 Castor Alberta
1384......Annie Elizabeth Wigley b 2nd qr 1889 Norwich bap 28 May 1889 St Clements, Norwich
1385......George Frost Wigley b 2nd qr 1891 Norwich bap 17 Jan 1892 St Clements, Norwich d 10 Sep 1937 Norwich
1386......Arthur Joseph Wigley b 27 Apr 1893 Norwich bap 27 Jul 1893 St Clements, Norwich d 21 Jun 1964 Calgary
Note: Arthur Joseph enlisted as a Private with 54th Battalion, The Canadian Infantry on 14 Jul 1915 at Vernon, British Columbia - Regimental No. 442228. The front of his attestation paper can be seen here and the back here

In WW2 he was a Staff Sergeant in Canadian Army Medical Corps based at Colonal Belcher Hospital in Calgary
1387......Charlotte Mary Wigley b 3rd qr 1894 Norwich bap 17 Aug 1894 St Clements Norwich d 14 May 1906 Norwich
Note: Charlotte died of Morbus Cordis Syncope = sudden death due to heart disease
1388......Grace Ellen Wigley b 25 Nov 1895 Norwich bap 28 Dec 1895 St Clements, Norwich
1389......Elsie Victoria Wigley b 1st qr 1898 Norwich bap 7 Jan 1898 Norwich d 14 Aug 1899 Norwich
1390......Hilda Margaret Wigley b 3rd qr 1900 Norwich bap 9 Sep 1900 d 24 Jan 1901 Norwich

988 James WIGLEY m Martha Sarah PARKER (b 4th qr 1865 Ormesby St Margaret d 4th qr 1951 Yarmouth ) 29 Apr 1891 Ormesby St Margaret

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas SALES and Jessie Westoby. James was a lodger with Martha and her parents, William and Harriet PARKER at Farmhouse, Ormesby St Margaret in the 1891 cemsus. James was a general labourer living at Scratby in 1901

Children of James and Martha
1391......Martha Ellen Wigley b 11 Nov 1891 bap 14 Feb 1892 Ormesby St Margaret d 4th qr 1979 Eastbourne m Edgar WORRALL (b 21 Jul 1897 Swinton d 1st qr 1971 Eastbourne) 4th qr 1918 York
Jessie Agnes Wigley bap 22 Oct 1893 Ormesby St Margaret d 26 Feb 1957 Norwish
1393......James William Wigley b 6 Dec 1895 Scratby bap 6 Dec 1896 Ormesby St Margaret d 7 Dec 1962 Eastbourne
Note: In 1911 James was a bricklayer's labourer. James enlisted as a Seaman 6 Dec 1913. At the time, he was 5'4" tall, 33" chest, dark brown hair, grey eyes and dark complexion.
1394......Henry Charles Wigleyb 9 Mar 1900 Scratby bap 10 May 1900 Ormesby St Margaret d 1st qr 1961 Nelson

989 William WIGLEY m Mary Ann MOYES (b 4th qr 1851 East Ruston d 25 Jun 1931 Munroe County New York25 Oct 1881 East Ruston

Note: William Wigley, his wife Mary Ann and son William sailed from Liverpool on the City of Chester arriving New York on 12 May 1883; on the ship's manifest William was listed as a 21 year old farmer , Mary Ann as 26 and their son William as an infant William was listed as a 21 year old Farmer. William must have made a US - England trip years later leaving his wife and children at home for he returned alone from Southampton to New York on the SS "Philadelphia" arriving 20 Jan 1907. His birth is given as abt 1858 and his age as 48 years and 3 months, born in Norwich (mistranscribed as Norwech) The ships manifest shows him as a farmer, his last residence as Norwich and his final destination as Kent, New York. A question as to whether he had been in the USA before was answered Yes, Kent NY and as to where he was going the answer was "Home - Kent NY". His place of birth was given as Norwich

.Children of William and Mary
989b......William Wigley b 9 Dec 1882 Norwich
989c......Henry R Wigley b Feb 1886 New York d 10 Jun 1960 Albion New York
989d......Jane C Wigley b 29 Jul 1887 New York d 9 Jul 1952 Yates County New York

990 Charlotte WIGLEY as spinster m Arthur Amos HIBBETT (b abt 1857 Norwich) 4 May 1898 Norwich registrar's office

Note: Arthur was previously married to J4 Caroline LUCCOCK on 19 Sep 1878, Holy Trinity Church, Heigham. Caroline died 6 Apr 1898 of paraplegia and exhaustion at 1 School Yard, St Lawrence, Norwich. It seems that Charlotte was housekeeper, and before she married Arthur they lived together at 53 Chapelfield Road, Norwich. Arthur was a stonemason's foreman in partnership with his brother Stanley Parker HIBBETT but when he bacame bankrupt in 1896 the partnership was dissolved. Arthur made a final payment of 7s 11i/2d. In 1901 he was a monumental sculptor and lived at 53 Chapel Field Rd, Heigham

Children of Arthur and Caroline
1395......Amelia Caroline b 23 Apr 1880 Norwich bap 26 May 1880 Holy Trinity Church, Heigham bur 8 Dec 1883 Nowrich cemetery, a single woman
1396......Ethel May Hibbett b 4th qr 1881 Norwich d 30 Nov 1947 at 33 Marshall Rd Cambridge aged 66
Note Ethel never married. In 1891 she lived at Church Street, Diss. She was a parlour maid in 1901at Kings College Hospital and a laundress domestic in 1911 at Mill Rd, Romsey Town, Cambridge
1397......Rosalie Ellen Hibbett b 4 Feb 1883 bap 24 Sep 1884 Holy Trinity Church Heigham d 3rd qr 1958 Bromley


The Highland Laddie

Note: Rosalie sailed from Southampton to Buenos Aires aboard the Almanzora in 1922 and from La Plata,Argentina to Southampton in 1924 aboard Highland Laddie. Rosalie lived and worked with Edward William Barton-Wright from 1938 and you can read about him here
1398......Violet Celia Hibbett b 27 Jul 1884 bap 24 Sep 1884 Holy Trinity Church, Heigham d 16 Jul 1951 at 104 Westerfield Rd Ipswich

Children of Charlotte before her marriage
1399......Gordon Colman WIGLEY b 30 Jul 1880 North Walsham bap 1 Dec 1880 St Matthews, Norwich bur 17 Nov 1883 City Cemetery Norwich RD
1400......Beatrice Lilly WIGLEY b 8 Jun 1883 bap 1 Oct 1884 St Matthews Norwich d 2 Dec 1957 New Costessey
1401......Arthur Sidney WIGLEY later HIBBETT b 17 Apr 1888 Rosary Road, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich d 1st qr 1959 Islington
Note: Arthur was an acting corporal (no 048379) in the Motor Transport Army Service Corps in 1916 as Arthur Sidney Hibbett He entered France on 20 May 1915 and was discharged from the army on 26 Mar 1919. He held the Victory medal, British Medal and the 15 Star medal. He is listed as an absent voter in 1918, normally resident at 32 Cardiff Road, Norwich

Arthur Sydney was a black and white artist when marrying Ada Amelia YOUNG nee SMITH, later becoming a commercial artist/set designer and builder for Gainsborough Films Islington Studios. Though known as the Islington studios, the Studios were actually in Poole Street, Shoreditch.
At his marriage Arthur was a cycle mechanic, but his wifes death record shows him as a poster artist.

Child of Arthur and Charlotte HIBBETT
1402......Daisey Wigley HIBBETT b 21 Sep 1891 1 Felix Road, Ealing d 8 Jan 1896 at 44 Suffolk St Norwich
Note: Daisy died of measles and pneumonia
1403......Stanley HIBBETT b 1893 Brentford
Note: there is some doubt as to whether this child was theirs
1404......Reuben Amos HIBBETT b 13 Mar 1898 d August 1988 [Newton Abbott 21/1429/888]
Note: Reuben and his brother Hector were both at a boy's home in St. Faith's Lane, Norwich in 1911.
1405......Hector Macdonald HIBBETT b 23 Mar 1900 53 Chapelfield Rd, Norwich d 4th qr 1970 Norwich

991 Grace Ann WIGLEY m m Thomas FOWLER (b 8 Jun 1866 Norwich bap 26 Mar 1870 Norwich St Peter Parmentergate d 14 Jun 1957 Norwich)1st qr 1889 Norwich

Children of Thomas and Grace
1406......Thomas William Fowler b 19 Feb 1889 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich bap 18 Jul 1890 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich d 1st qr 1974 Norwich
1407......Charles Arthur Fowler b 28 Jun 1890 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich bap 18 Jul 1890 St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich d 2nd qr 1980 Norwich

992 Charles Richard WIGLEY m (a) Catherine Frances COLMAN (b 2nd qr 1877 Norwich d 19 Jun 1914 at 4 Bedding Lane, Norwich) 2nd qr 1900 Norwich (b) Julia Jane FUTTER (nee HAMBLING) (bap 1 Jun 1876 Blofield d 10 Jun 1946 Norwich) 2nd qr 1919 Norwich

Note: Charles was a confectioner in 1911 living at 4 Bedding Lane, Norwich Catherine died of Influenza. Julia m William FUTTER (d 10 Jun 1893 St Saviours Norwich) 12 Jul 1893 St Saviour, Norwich

Children of Charles and Catherine
1408......Charles Richard Wigley b 3 Apr 1900 94 Old Palace Rd, Heigham, Norwich d 4th qr 1976 Norwich Outer
Note: Charles was a fireman for the Lodon and North Eastern Railway
1409......Elsie Kate Wigley b 12 Oct 1901 Norwich d 1st qr 1980 East Dereham m Cecil H SMITH 1st qr 1951 Norwich
1410......James Thomas Wigley b 15 Nov 1902 at 3 Hinds Terrace, Rosary Rd Norwich d 10 Oct 1903 at 3 Hinde's Terrace, Thorpe Hamlet Norwich
Note: James died of tuberculosis
William Henry Wigley b 21 Feb 1904 at 3 Hinds Terrace Thorpe Hamlet d 1st qr 1972 Norwich
1412......Harry Alfred Wigley b 20 Jun 1905 St Leonard's Rd, Norwich d Dec 1984 Gravesend
1413......Violet Lillian Wigley b 28 Oct 1906 at 28 Baker's Terrace Thorpe Hamlet Norwich
1414......Gladys Wigley b 20 Oct 1907 at 53 Spitalfields Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich d 10 Nov 1907 at 48 Spitalfields, Thorpe Hamlet Norwich
Note: Gladys' death cause was illegible but it is known that her birth was premature
1415......Nora Edith Wigley b 22 Oct 1910 4 Bedding Lane, Palace Plain, Norwich d 4th qr 1992 Norwich
1416......James Thomas Wigley b 11 Apr 1913 Norwich at 4 Bedding Lane Norwich d 4th qr 1971 Derby


1023 Anne Elizabeth BECK m John Henry HEWITT (b 24 Jan 1873 Southrepps, Nfk d 19 Feb 1955 Cromer Hospital) 13 Feb 1897 Southrepps

Note: In 1891 John was a teamster on farm living at Upper Street, Southrepps. In 1901 the family was at Upper Street, Southrepps and 362 Ethel Beck was present

Children of John and Ann. Still at Upper Stret in 1911 he described himself as a teaman on a farm
1417......Ethel Agnes Beck b 19 Nov 1897 bap 30 Jan 1898 Southrepps d 18 Apr 1976 Walpole St Andrew m Robert C RASBERRY (b 26 May 1896 Walpole St Andrew d 1st Aug 1964 Kings Lynn) 4th qr 1918 Wisbech
1418......Albert Henry Beck b 9 Oct 1899 bap 31 Dec 1899 Southrepps d 9 Jul 1917 HMS Vanguard, Scapa Flo
Note: Just before midnight on Monday, 9 July, 1917, the St Vincent class battleship HMS Vanguard suddenly blew up, taking over 800 of her crew down with her. It was a magazine explosion in one of the two magazines which served the amidships turrets 'P' and 'Q'. She was a veteran of Jutland.

H M S Vanguard in 1917

1419......William John Beck bap 19 May 1901 Southrepps d 16 Nov 1918 HMS Powerful, Antony, Cornwall
1420......Edward Laurence Beck bap 15 Nov 1903 Southrepps d 4th qr 1903 Erpingham R
1421......Robert George Beck b 29 Dec 1905 Southrepps bap 17 Mar 1906 Southrepps d 1st qr 1997 Norwich m Rose Anna COOK (b 28 Mar 1906 Southrepps d 4th qr 1967 North Walsham) 4 Nov 1933 Southrepps
1422......Frederick Ernest Beck b 19 Oct 1907 Southrepps bap 15 Nov 1907 Southrepps d 14 Nov 1965 Walpole St Andrews m Grace E EDGOOSE (b 6 Mar 1907 West Walton d 22 Sep 1978 Yarmouth) 21 Oct 1933 Southrepps
1423......Herbert James Beck b 29 Dec 1910 bap 26 Feb 1911 Southrepps d 1st qr 1994 North Walsham m Ellen M FULLER 1st qr 1947 North Walsham
1424......Edith Ellen Beck b 16 Aug 1913 bap 16 Nov 1913 Southrepps d 15 Apr 1990 Thorpe Market m Francis Arthur MURGETT (b 2nd qr 1903 Hanworth died 18 Dec 1970 Thorpe Market) 4th Qr 1952 North Walsham

1024 William Jonathan BECK m Mary Elizabeth LEEDER ( b 28 Sep 1874 Banham d 23 Feb 1955 Kensal Rise, London) 30 Jun 1909 Hampstead

Children of William and Elizabeth
1025b......Myra Louise Beck b 21 Mar 1911 Islington d 4th qr 1978 Brent m Walter James WOODHAM b 27 Aug1908 St Pancras d 2nd qr 1988 Brent) 3rd qr 1951 Willesden
1025c......Doris Beck b 1st qr 1915 Willesden d 1st qr 1915 Willesden

1026 Charlotte BECK m Robert Henry BANE bap 26 Apr 1880 Southrepps d 31 Jan 1934 Greenwich) 4 Sep 1909 Fulham

Children of Robert and Charlotte
1026b......Lilian R Bane b 2nd qr 1912 Wandsworth
1026c......Dorothy R Bane b 4th qr 1921 Poplar m George PIDDINGTON 3rd qr 1948 Romford

1027 Ellen Selina BECK m (a) John William SPOONER (b 14 Nov 1875 Strumpshaw) 23 Oct 1903 Limpenhoe (b) Frederick Samuel WYMER (b 30 Sep 1892 Moulton d 8 Sep 1976 Limpenhoe) 1st qr 1922 Blofield

Children of John and Ellen
1425......Muriel Olive Spooner b 20 Jan 1907 bap 28 Feb 1907 bur 5 Apr 1907 Limpenhoe
1426......Ralph Reginald Spooner b 11 Jan 1908 Limpenhoe bap 30 Mar 1908 Limpenhoe d 2nd qr 1944 Norwich m Phyllis I LAKE (b 5 Nov 1911 Blofield d 3rd qr 1987 Norwich) 4th qr 1934 Blofield
1427......Sybil Ethel Spooner b 12 Sep 1910 bap 23rd Oct 1910 Limpenhoe d 4th qr 1989 Gt Yarmouth m Louis James B EDWARDS (b 7 Feb 1908 Wickhampton d 29 Aug 1980 Limpenhoe) 2nd qr 1931 Blofield
1428......Jack Burton Spooner b 22 Sep 1911 Limpenhoe bap 17 Dec 1911 Limpenhoe d 18 Dec 1949 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Note: Jack Burton Spooner is buried at Limpenhoe with his mother Ellen Selina Wymer formerly Spooner nee Beck and his stepfather Frederick Samuel Wymer
1429......Maurice Herbert Spooner b24 Jun 1913 Limpenhoe d 28 Oct 2003 Freethorpe m Constance M WEST 2nd qr 1940 Acle
1430......Stella Kate Spooner b 3 Mar 1914 bap 28 Jun 1914 Limpenhoe d 12 Feb 1982 Limpenhoe m Ernest Roy BEDDING (b 18 Sep 1914 Blofield d 10 Sep 1971 Limpenhoe) 3 Jul 1937 Limpenhoe
1431......Frank William Spooner b 29 Aug 1915 Limpenhoe d 3rd qr 1915 Blofield

1029 Agnes Sarah BECK m Percival Robert LARKMAN (b 12 Mar 1888 Belton d 2 Sep 1967 Caister on Sea) 12 Apr 1915 Flegg

Children of Percival and Ellen
1432......Percival W Larkman b 22 Feb 1915 Belton d 30 un 1991 Caister on Sea m Annie I E SEXTON (b 30 Apr 1913 Flegg) 4th qr 1938 Yarmouth
1433......Cecil Robert Larkman b 24 Mar 1918 Warnham, West Sussex m Margery J AMIS (b 2nd qr 1920 Flegg) 3rd qr 1942 Acle
1434......Olive Audrey Larkman b 4th qr 1922 Flegg d 2nd qr 2002Gt Yarmouth m Arthur H RICHMOND (b 2nd qr 1923 Flegg d 2nd qr 1999 Kings Lynn) 2nd qr 1950 Acle

1030 Albert James BECK m Hilda Martha HALL (b 4th qr 1898 Reedham d 2 Jun 1971 Limpenhoe) 7 Jun 1927 Blofield

Children of Albert and Hilda
1435......Barbara Ann Larkman b 12 Oct 1930 Limpenhoe bap 13 Nov 1930 Limpenhoe d 16 Jul 1993 Limpenhoe
1436......Margaret Sheila Larkman b 14 Nov 1934 Limpenhoed 18 May 1982 Limpenhoe

1036 Alfred BECK m Alice ARMES (b 28 Oct 1881 Norwich) 6 Mar 1909 Norwich

Note: In 1911 Alfred was a mustard miller living at 40 Salisbury Rd, Norwich

Children of Alfred and Alice
1438......Dennis Alfred Beck b 10 Aug 1910 Norwich d Feb 2005 Norwich m Olive Elsie LAKE (b 14 Oct 1913 Norwich) 4th qr 1939 Norwich
1439......Harold James Beck b 28 Jul 1914 Norwich d 1 Aug 2002 Exeter m Sylvia J BANYARD (b 3rd qr 1917 Kings Lynn) 4th qr 1940 Norwich

1035 Edith Eliza BECK m William Herbert CAMPLING (b 1 Aug 1880 Sprowston) 2nd qr 1903 Norwich R D

Note: William was a newspaper compositor in 1911 and the family were at 98 Rosebery Road, Norwich. Edith was a dressmaker

Children of William and Edith
1440......Muriel Edith Campling b 28 Apr 1908 at 22 Ethel Rd, Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich d 2nd qr 2002 Norwich
1441......Olive Rosalie Campling b 26 Nov 1912 at 98 Rosebery Road, Norwich d 4th qr 1992 Norwich m Wilfred Stanley STIBBARD (b 25 Jun 1914 Norwich d 16 Feb 1986 Norwich) 1948 Norwich Outer

1086 Millicent Violet BECK m James Henry BARTRAM (b 3rd qr 1871 Aylesham bap 6 Aug 1871 Aylesham d 1st qr 1940 Norwich Outer) Sep 18 1897

Child of James and Millicent
1442......Charles Henry Harold Bartram b 21 Nov 1897 Aylesham bap 17 Sep 1898 Aylesham d 21 Sep 1898 Aylesham
1443......Vera Ethel Maud Bartram b 5 Mar 1899 Aylesham bap 11 Jun 1899 Aylsham d 5 Dec1969 Buxton St Andrew
1444......Edith Millicent Bartram b 14 May 1901 Aylsham bap 18 Mar 1903 Aylsham d 3rd qr 1972 Norwich Outer
1445......Audrey Ethel May Bartram b 1st qr 1905 Aylsham d 2nd qr 1942 Norwich d 24 Jun 1942 Norwich
1446......Florence Elizabeth Bartram b 21 Jan 1918 Aylesham bap 7 Aug 1918 Aylsham d Feb 1989 North Walsham m Henry W STEWARD 4th qr 1941 North Walsham

1090 Frederick BECK m Florence May SCOTT (b 1st qr 1883 Ipswich d 4th qr 1953 [Norwich Outer 71 4b page591]) 1st qr 1911 Ipswich

Note: Frederick was an acting guard

Child of Frederick and Florence
1447......Elmyra Cecelia Beck b 11 Oct 1912 Primrose Rd, Norwich d Feb 2001 Norwich

1091 Blanche May BECK m 492 Arthur Sydney HIBBETT formerly WIGLEY 27 Dec 1906 Tunstead

Note: Although no record of a divorce has been found, Arthur married Ada Amelia YOUNG nee SMITH (b 5 DEc 1895 Mile End d 2nd qr 1983 East Elloe) and had two children: Sydney Horace George HIBBETT (b 30 Sep 1919 Shoreditch and Joyce Gwendoline Ann HIBBETT b 16 May 1930 Islington d 2 Feb 2005 m Frederick Charles WHEELER (b 17 Feb 1922 Holborn d 1st qr 1989 East Elloe) 1st qr 1951 Islington

Children of Arthur and Blanche
1448......Ethel Elmyra Evelyn Hibbett b 16 Nov 1907 Norwich bap 9 Jul 1914 d Feb 2002 Norwich
1449......Doreen May Hibbett b Northfield, Wymondham 27 Jul 1910 bap 22 Sep 1910 Wymondham d 29 May 1980 Priscilla Bacon Lodge, Norwich
1450......Myra Elsie Hibbett b 15 May 1914 Norwich Rd Wymondham bap 9 Jul 1914 Wymondham d 27 Dec 1916 Essex Stret, Norwich
Note: Myra died of Broncho - pneumonia

1092 Maud Marion BECK m Ernest Albert BLAKE (b 24 Aug 1886 Tunstead [N Walsham 62 4b page 452]) 26 Dec 1906 Tunstead

Children of Ernest and Maud
1451......Reginald Albert Blake b 31 May 1907 bap 18 Aug 1907 Tunstead d 3rd qr 1987 Norwich Outer
1452......Russell Maurice Blake b 26 Feb 1910 Smallburgh d 25 Jan 1998 Norwich
1453......Geoffrey Robert Blake b 4th qr 1913 Smallburgh d 22 Apr 1977 Fishley
1454......Donald Eric Blake b 22 Aug 1917 Smallburgh d Feb 2003 Norwich
1455......Harry Leslie Blake b 16 Dec 1915 Smallburgh d Jan 2007 Norwich (as Henry Leslie)
1456......Daphne J Blake 4th qr 1924 Smallburgh

1094 Florence Elmyra BECK m Stanley Marcus DEACON (b 3rd qr 1879 Norwood d 11 Jun 1963 Croydon) 6 Apr 1914 St Thomas' Church Heigham

Note: Stanley was a surveyor

Children of Stanley and Elmyra
1457......Myra Joy Deacon b 6 Oct 1915 Croydon d 24 Aug 2003 Croydon
1458......Margaret M Deacon b 2nd qr 1920 Croydon d 7 Mar 1999 Bromley

1097 Ada Lilian BECK m George Miller BREWSTER(b 20 May 1893 place unknown d 12 Oct 1950 Manchester) 27 Mar 1919 Norwich

Child of George and Ada
X142......Margaret J Brewster b 4th qr 1919 Wirral m W A BURNS (USAAF) 13 Oct 1945 Rusholme

1099 Ernest Arthur BECK m Ruth Mary BIRD (b 14 Oct 1885 Ashmanhaugh d 4th qr 1971 North Walsham) 11 Apr 1908 Tunstead

Children of Ernest and Ruth
1459......Bernard Gilbert Beck b 25 Sep 1908 Smallburgh bap 20 Jun 1909 Tunstead d 1st qr 1997 North Walsham m Alice C GRIFFIN 2nd qr 1947 North Walsham
1460......Una Marion Beck b 28 Dec 1909 Tunstead d 9 Dec 1970 Spixworth m Reginald W PEEK (b 20 Jan 1911 East Dereham d 3rd qr 1969 Norwich) 1st qr 1937 Smallburgh
1461......Ernest G Beck b 12 Feb 1912 Smallburgh d 1st qr 1986 North Walsham m Ivy Julia CULLEY (b 29 Jul 1915 Smallburgh d 4th qr 2006 North Walsham) 1st qr 1935 Smallburgh 1st qr 1935 Smalburgh
1462......Alan W Beck b 4th qr 1922 Smallburgh

1101 Harry BECK m Hannah Mary RICHARDSON (b 23 Aug 1879 Cromer d 3 Dec 1953 Worthing) 2nd qr 1909 Smallburgh

Children of Harry and Hannah
1101b......Jessie Myra Beck b 22 Nov 1909 Worstead d 5 Mar 1975 Worthing m (a) Sidney George LEGG (b 4th qr 1908 Poole d 10 Aug 1937 Wimborne) 1st qr 1934 Wimborne (b) Harold J COZENS (b 4 Oct 1900 E Preston d 29 Dec 1976 Worthing) 1st qr 1944 Chichester
1101c......Ida Marjorie Beck b 7 Mar 1911 Briggate d 20 Feb 1961 Arundel m Herbert Frank PITMAN (b 1st qr 1904 Wimborne d 30 Oct 1963 Chichester) 6 May 1933 All Saints, Wimborne St Giles

1104 Edith Alice BECK m (a) Sidney Lewis Ronald EDWARDS (b 3rd qr 1886 Gorleston d 1 Feb 1916) 31 Oct 1904 Reedham (b) Walter Henry MACE ( wid. b 14 Sep 1881 Knapton bur 5 Oct 1956 Reedham) 3 Oct 1917 Knapton

Note: Sidney was number 17466, lance corporal, in the 9th battalion Norfolk Regiment and was killed in action.Sidney is remembered on the Reedham War Memorial, below

Children of Sidney and Edith
1463......Jonathan Sidney Walter Edwards b 6 Mar 1905 bap 21 Apr 1905 Reedham d 14 Mar 1972 Reedham m Dorothy May EDWARDS (b 10 Oct 1906 Brisley d 29 Sep 1998 Reedham) 1st qr 1930 Loddon
Jonathan was listed as a smallholder on Ferry Rd Needham in 1937.
1464......William Sidney Edwards b 15 Apr 1907 bap 16 Aug 1917 Reedham d 1st qr 1982 Ely m Lily PUSEY (b 25 Aug 1907 High Wycombe) 4th qr 1931 Amersham
1465......Sidney Neslen Edwards b 1st qr 1912 Blofield R D bap 16 Aug 1917 Reedham m Eva May CUBITT-KEELER (b 2nd qr 1912 Middlesborough) 20 Sep 1941 Reedham
1466......Bernard George Edwards b 4th qr 1914 bap 16 Aug 1917 Reedham bur 1 Nov 1958 Reedham m Elsie PIGGOTT (b abt 1920 d 1st qr 2002 Norwich ) 30 Mar 1940 St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

1105 Samuel Jonathan BECK m Elsie Mary Ann UNDERHILL (b 2 Jul 1895 Broadwater, Sussex d 15 Aug 1985 Limpenhoe) 2nd qr 1919 Steyning

Children of Samuel and Elsie
1105b......Victor S Beck b 2nd qr 1921 Blofield
1105c......Joan D R Beck b 1st qr 1924 Blofield d 2nd qr 1973 Acle m Percy CURTIS (b 3rd qr 1916 Blofield d 2nd qr 1990 Norwich) 1st qr 1953 Acle
1105d......Roy D Beck b 1st qr 1932 Blofield m Margaret R PRATT (b abt 1932 [place unknown] d 21 Dec 1964 Norwich ) 3rd qr 1953 Acle
1105e......Audrey Mary Beck b 4th qr 1935 Blofield m John Henry GUYMER 20 Jan 1962 Limpenhoe

1114 Florence Bertha BECK m William BAXTER (b 12 Oct 1886 Oulton d 1st qr 1962 Acle) 19 Dec 1905 Limpenhoe

Children of William and Florence
1467......Hilda Elmyra Baxter 25 Jun 1906 Limpenhoe b bap 2 Sep 1906 Limpenhoe d 4th qr 1989 Norwich Outer m Ernest Arthur F MERRY (b 25 Aug 1904 Bressingham d 2nd qr 1971 Acle) 4 Dec 1932 Reedham
1468......Eva May Baxter bap 5 May 1908 Limpenhoe
1469......Sylvia Emma Baxter bap 30 Mar 1913 Limpenhoe
1470......Benjamin Frederick Baxter b 8 Apr 1923 Limpenhoe d Oct 1984 Norwich Outer m Peggy Clarissa BEDDING (b 4th qr 1921 Blofield R D) 8 Jan 1944 Reedham<
Note: Frederick was in the Corps of Royal Engineers
1471......Edward William Baxter b b 1 Mar 1925 Lim penhoe

1118 Audrey Ada STONE m Cecil M HEWITT (b 28 Mar 1898 Chesterton d 3rd qr 1970 Gt Yarmouth) 2nd qr 1923 Blofield R D

Child of Cecil and Audrey
1472......Ann Edith Hewitt b 29 Mar 1929 Loddon d 1st qr 1999 Great Yarmouth m John Charles Albert SMOUGHTON (b 22 Jan 1927 Yarmouth d 21 Apr 2000 Gt Yarmouth) 1st qr 1952 Norwich Outer

1126 Annie WALKER m (a) John Leonard FAIRWEATHER (b 2nd qr 1864 Norwich d 2nd qr 1891 Norwich) 1st qr 1877 Yarmouth (b) Charles Lawrence TENCH (b 1st qr 1866 Norwich d 4th qr 1926 Norwich) 4th qr 1895 Norwich

Child of John and Annie
B44......John Ernest Fairweather b 20 May 1888 Gt Yarmouth d 2nd qr 1967 Norwich m Rosanna E HALL (b 8 Jul 1887 Norwich d 4th qr 1877 Norwich)2nd qr 1915 Norwich

Child of Charles and Annie
B45......Charles Leonard Tench b 1st qr 1897 Norwich d 9 Nov 1915 Malta
Note: Charles Leonard was in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was bur in Pieta cemetery

1178 Edward Alfred ALFLATT m Frances WILSON (b 21 Aprr 1863 Ringstead d 18 Mar 1952 Pentney) 4th qr 1885 Freebridge Lynn

Children of Edward and Frances
1473......Charles Edward Alflatt b 20 Mar 1887 Middleton bap 14 Mar 1888 Middleton d 23 Sep 1943 West Norfolk and Kings Lynn General Hospital Kings Lynn m Ada GIBSON (b 20 Jan 1885 d 26 Nov 1966 Harrogate 1st qr 1913 Freebridge Lynn
1474......Eva Alflatt b 4th qr 1888 Middleton bap 6 Jan 1889 Middleton
1475......Alfred Alflatt b 7 May 1891 Middleton bap 6 Sep 1891 Middleton d 4th Mar 1938 Middleton m Mildred VALENTINE (b 4 Mar 1888 Pentney d 14 Dec 1967 Pentney) 3rd qr 1916 Freebridge Lynn

1179 Frederick Charles ALFLATT m Fanny DREW (b 30 Oct 1866 Middleton bur 12 Dec 1963 Middleton) 6 Jul 1892 Middleton

Children of Frederick and Fanny
1476......Hilda Elizabeth Alflatt b 23 Aug 1893 Middleton d 10 Feb 1968 Middleton d 10 Feb 1968 Middleton bur 15 Feb 1968 Middleton
1477......Ivy Camelia Alflatt b 2nd Jan 1895 Middleton d 31 Jul 1939 Swaffham Cottage Hospital m William Bensley BUNFIELD (b 19 Dec 1897 Pentney d 4th qr 1971 Kings Lynn) 3rd qr 1927 Freebridge Lynn
1478......Frederick Thomas Alflatt b 14 Feb 1900 Middleton d 19 Dec 1984 Kings Lynn
1479......Jessie Alflatt b 30 Oct 1904 Middleton d 1st qr 1970 Kings Lynn m Albert Arthur Auriol BRITTON (b 3 Nov 1897 Bawsey bap 12 Dec 1897 Bawsey d 2nd qr 1981 Kings Lynn) 3rd qr 1927 Freebridge Lynn
1480......Edna May Alflatt b 21 Jun 1906 Middleton d 1st qr 1998 Kings Lynn m James Douglas CROME (b 24 Aug 1902 Kings Lynn d 3rd qr 1986 Kings Lynn) 4th qr 1931 Freebridge Lynn

1181 Ernest William ALFLATT m Kate HARVEY (b 12 Dec 1868 d 22 Aug 1944 New Maldon d 3rd qr 1944 Surrey NE) 3rd qr 1901 Islington

Note: the probate says that Kate Alflatt, widow, was believed to have been killed through war operations on 22 Aug 1944 and that her dead body was found on the same date

Child of Ernest and Kate
1481......Cecil Ernest Alflatt b 9 Aug 1903 Hampton Hill d 1st qr 1954 Surrey N m Dorothy Anne Violet BOND (b 2 Dec 19802Yeovil d 24 May 1985 New Maldon) 25 Jun 1923 Kingston

1182 Arthur AFLATT m Charlotte Howlett DREW (b 10 Jul 1871 Middleton bur 27 Jan 1950 Middleton) 20 May 1897 Kings Lynn

Children of Arthur and Charlotte
1482......Blanch Marian Alflatt b 8 Jun 1897 Kings Lynn d 4th qr 1972 Bury St Edmunds m William Henry BUTLER (b 3rd qr 1895 Pentney bap 8 Sep 1895 Pentney d 2nd qr 1966 Bury St Edmunds) 3rd qr 1922 Freebridge Lynn
1483......Elsie Winifred Alflatt b 22 Jan 1899 KIngs Lynn d 6 Apr 1960 Middleton
1484......Bertha Gladys Alflatt b 4 Oct 1901 Kings Lynn d 2nd qr 1967 Kings Lynn
1485......Ernest Alflatt b 29 Feb 1908 Middleton bap 4 Apr 1908 Middleton d 4th qr 1991 Kings Lynn

1183 William Henry ALFLATT m Eva PERCIVAL (b 3 Dec 1881 bap 7 May 1882 Holbeach) 3rd qr 1907 Kings Lynn R D

Note: William was a dairyman

Child of William and Eva
1486......Reginald J P Alflatt b 1st qr 1921 Kings Lynn m Margaret M TAPLIN (b 23 May 1920 Docking) 4th qr 1944 Fakenham

1185 Emily Elizabeth TAYLOR m Henry John RENNIE (b 3rd qr 1874 Kings Lynn d 2 Nov 1931 Kings Lynn) 3rd qr 1905 Kings Lynn

Note: Henry was a Dock Officer Clerk in 1901. Later he was a librarian

Child of Henry and Emily
1487......Lorna Mary Rennie b 24 Oct 1906 Kings Lynn d 16 Dec 1990 Swaffham

1244 Arthur John HEWINGS m Elizabeth JAMES (b 30 Dec 1872 St Twynells d 1st qr 1947 Surrey SW) 14 Aug 1907 St Simons Church Montreal

Note: Arthur John and Elizabeth were living in Plattsburg, New York at the time of the 1910 USA census.

Children of Arthur and Elizabeth
1244b......Enid M Hewings b 3rd qr 1911 St George, Hanover Square d 3rd qr 1911 St George, Hanover Square

1213 Kate HOWES m 1245 Sydney Harry HEWINGS 19 Sep 1900 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Blackborough End, Middleton

Children of Sydney and Kate
1488......Phyllis Hewings b 20 Jan 1904 Kings Lynn d Aug 1991 Norwich
1489......Sydney Hewings b 4 Mar 1906 38 Saddlebow Road, Kings Lynn d 11 Jun 1973 Cringleford
1490......Walter Hewings b 7 Nov 1908 Kings Lynn d 3rd qr 1991 Norwich

1256 George Thomas DENLEY m Lottie M BETTERIDGE 7 Jun 1930 Cheltenham register office

Children of George and Lottie
1491......Margaret Denley b 1st qr 1932 [Cheltenham 6a 575]
1492......Blanche K Denley b 1933 Abbassiych, Egypt [Army indices]

1214 Victor HOWES m Annie PALING (b 31 Mar 1874 Leicester d 1 Jun 1964 Mottingham) 2nd qr 1901 Leicester

Note In 1911 Victor was a coachbuilder body maker living at 3 Scylla Road, Peckham

Children of Victor and Annie
1493......Alice Hilda Howes b 2nd qr 1903 Leicester
1494......Walter John Howes b 30 Mar 1913 Camberwell d 6 Oct 1942 Hardenburg, Netherlands.
Note: Walter was was Sergeant, Air Bomber in 75 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
1495......Victor Cecil Howes b 9 May 1915 [Camberwell 1d 1707] d May 1985 Bexley RD

1215 Alice Harriet HOWES m mWilliam PEARS (b 4 Mar 1880 Stutton cum Hazelwood, Yorks d 9 Apr 1951 Clayton West, West Yorks) 12 Jul 1905 Middleton

Children of William and Alice
1497......Cecilie Mary Pears b 22 Apr 1906 Tickhill, Doncaster d 3rd qr 1994 Huddersfield
1498......Nancy Pears b 17 Nov 1909 Tickhill, Doncaster d 1st qr 1980 Huddersfield
1499......Dorothy M Pears b 1st qr 1914 Doncaster

1217 Walter HOWES m Mary Ann BARROWS (b 4th qr 1881 West Walton d 21 Jun 1963 Swaffham) 4th qr 1906 Downham

Note: Walter was a farmer at Priory Farm, Middleton He was a JP and had many years service with Norfolk County Council and Swaffham UDC. as well as being a member of Freebridge Lynn RDC for 46 years, 40 of them as the Middleton representative and was for 27 years the Council's chairman.
In 1954, the rural council's new housing estate at Middleton was named Walter Howes Crescent.
In a tribute, the Reverend N. Goodwin Burndred Superintendent Methodist Minister who officiated at the funeral said of Mr Howes "He will be greatly missed by a host of friends in public life and the Methodist church. He held every office in the Church that was open to a layman."
Walter was a magistrate at Swaffham for 21 years and chairman of the magistrates for 8 years.

Child of Walter and Frances
1500......Gladys Howes b 22 May 1909 Middleton Nfk d 7 Marr 1996 Kings Lynn

1218 John HOWES m Kate Mary CHILVERS (b 14 Aug 1884 Middleton d 1st qr 1950 Kings Lynn bur 24 Mar 1950 Middleton) 8 May 1921 North Runcton

Child of John and Kate
1501......Patricia Elizabeth Howes bap 10 Dec 1922 North Runcton

1219 Harry HOWES m Bessie DREW (b 27 Sep 1885 Kings Lynn d 4 Oct 1973 Brimpsfield 1973 Gloucester) 2nd qr 1911 Kings Lynn

Note: Harry was a clerk on the railway, and later became Railway Accountant

Children of Harry and Bessie
1502......Helen Mary Howes b 29 May 1914 Kings Lynn d 27 Dec 2006 Oxfordshire m Howard Morley MEAD (b 21 Apr 19131913 Croydon d 1 to 10 Sep 1954 St Merryn, Cornwall) 3rd qr 1937 Cambridge
Note: Howard's probate record states Howard Morley Mead of 38 Woodside, London S. W. 19 who was last seen alive on 1 September 1954 and whose dead body was found 10 September 1954 at Booby's Bay, St Merryn, near Wadebridge, Cornwall
1503......Janet Muriel Howes b 9 Jan 1920 Kings Lynn 4b 651] d 10 Dec 1991 Pontrhydfendigaid , but as "Janet O'Regan"

The Empress of France on which Janet travelled

Note: Janet was a teacher and there is a record of her arriving in Liverpool from Montreal on 7 Aug 1956 aboard the Empress of France. The length of her intended stay in England was 1 month and her country of intended permanent future residence was given as Hong Kong. However, on 17 May 1959 she arrived London from Hong Kong on The Canton for a stay in England of indefinite length. Nothing is known about how she got to Canada in the first place. The London Gazette of 30 Jun 1959 gives notice of a change of name by deed to Janet Muriel O'Regan from Janet Muriel Howes. At the time, she was living at 33 Woodside, Wimbledon, Surrey, was still a Spinster and had already started calling herself O'Regan.
1504......Walter J Howes b 3rd qr 1922 Freebridge Lynn d 1st qr 1945 Whittlesey

1220 Ebba HOWES m Robert Marchbanks ROOFE (b 3 Sep 1883 Middleton d abt 1950 Wheal, Victoria) 12 Apr 1911 Middleton

Note: Robert was a farmer.Robert Marchbanks Roofe arrived Melbourne, Australia 15 Oct 1923 aboard The Bendigo from London. He was on his own. A Robert Marchbanks Roofe is listed in Australian Electoral Rolls as living at Wannon, Victoria in 1942 and Wimmera, Victoria in 1949. His wife Ebba was listed as a widow on the probate records when she died in 1940.

Child of Robert and Ebba
1505......Margaret Marchbanks Roofe b 24 Feb 1912 bap 21 Mar 1912 Middleton

1221 Cecil HOWES m (a) Ruth Mary Victoria BRITTON (b 3rd qr 1888 Bawsey bap 13 Oct 1889 Ashwicken d 24 Nov 1944Winnipeg Canada) 22May 1912 Ashwicken (b) Agnes Mabel Irene CAMERON
(b 3 Jan 1904 Cypress River Manitoba d 15 Mar 1973 Sidney British Columbia) 17 Apr 1947 Winnipeg

Note: Cecil became bankrupt in 1927 and paid 3s 1d in the pound [London Gazette 18 Sep 1928]. The family were at Mill House, Setchey Road, Middleton in 1911. Cecil and Ruth Mary plus children Eric Walter, Barbara M and Cecil Lewis arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia from Liverpool on the Albania on 1 Apr 1928 - their final destination was said to be Winnipeg.

Children of Cecil and Ruth
1506......Eric Walter Howes b 17 Jun 1914 bap 26 Jun 1914 Middleton
Barbara M Howes b 2 Apr 1920 Peterborough d 4th qr 1982 Bury St Edmunds m Jean Audrey DAVIS abt Jun 1939 Winnipeg 1507......Cecil Lewis Howes bap 28 Jan 1923 Middleton

1222 Herbert Victor BURLINGHAM m Florence KIERMAN (b abt 1878 Wisbech d 18 Dec 1943 Garstang) 2nd qr 1899 Wisbech

Note: In 1901 Herbert was a carriage builder and in 1911 he was a motor body builder living at 40 Sufton Street, Birkby, Huddersfield wher they had a boarder, William Herbert BEEL b 1885 Driffield living with them

In 1928, Herbert Victor Burlingham founded H V Burlingham a general vehicle body builder in Blackpool. He originally leased premises in Bloomfield Road and Bond Street, Blackpool. Coach building was the initial purpose of the business, and the first body made was a van for a local butcher, but coach bodies were soon to become the company's main product. The first coaches had "all weather" style coachwork built on a steel-reinforced wooden frame panelled in aluminium with windows capable of fully winding down and a full length folding canvas roof. Burlingham were early in including an on-board toilet, a long way from the standard today.Unlike many coachbuilders of the period whose clientele was localised, Burlingham were soon selling not only to Lancashire coach firms but to Scottish Motor Traction of Edinburgh, Walter Alexander of Stirling and Glenton Tours of London amongst othersOutput in the early years kept outgrowing factory space and the early sites were relinquished in 1929 in favour of a workshop in Bank Road, Marton

A factory was constructed at Preston New Road in late 1929. After the Marton workshop was sold in 1931, further premises were bought in Newhouse Road and these were used both to build components and to repair and recondition bodies. In 1930 Burlingham, who had been a sole trader, sold the business to two local businessmen, Richard Eaves and Harry Lowcock who set up H. V. Burlingham Ltd on 25 November 1930 with a registered share capital of 26,000, after which Burlingham himself set up in business as a caravan manufacturer in Garstang The coachbuilding business was sold to Duple Motor Bodies Ltd in 1960, that company effectively going out of business in 1989, However, Burlingham Caravans still survives in Garstang, selling Caravans, Motor Homes and Cars

Children of Herbert and Florence
1508......Lily Burlingham b 4th qr 1900 Ringstead
1509......Freda Burlingham b 11 Dec 1908 Hunstanton d 13 Dec 1986 Bowness on Windemere m Samuel PARKINSON (b 26 Jan 1913 Wigan d 15 Feb 1994 Bowness on Windemere) 2nd qr 1942 Garstang

1225 Robert Valentine HOWES m Florence Harriet MORRIS (b 26 Aug 1882 Docking) 4th qr 1909 Docking

Note: Robert was a railway clerk in 1911 living at Sydney Street, Kings Lynn

Child of Robert and Florence
1510......George Morris Howes b 5 Feb 1914 Freebridge Lynn d 16 Juk 1994 Malvern m Thelma D SINCLAIR (b 4th qr 1915 Hendon) 1st qr 1941 Hendon

Distinguished Flying Cross

Note: George Morris Howes served in the Air Force, won the D.F.C. and attained the rank of Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Later, he was Assistant Director of Establishments for Greater London Council and was awarded the O.B.E. 15 June 1974

1226 Philip George HOWES m (a) May CROSS-BARDELL (b 31 Dec 1880 West Winch bap 17 Dec 1882 West Winch) 2nd qr 1912 Freebridge Lynn (b) Rosetta WARNES (b 12 Apr 1882 Swaffham d 17 Mar 1959 Swaffham) 4th qr 1942 Wayland

Child of Philip and May
1511......Jack Alec Howes b 31 Jul 1914 Freebridge Lynn d Apr 1986 Kings Lynn

1232 Harriet Alice BARDELL m Hedley Brooke SOUTHGATE (b 25 Oct 1878 Ipswich d 4th qr 1957 Worth Valley) 24 Apr 1905 South Lynn

Child of Hedley and Harriet
1512......Lester Elizabeth Bardell b 11 Feb 1906 Keighley, Yorks d 12 Feb 2002 Stoke on Trent m Kenneth Varley LONGBOTTOM (b 17 Sep 1905 Coventry d apr 1987 Newcastle under Lyme) 3rd qr 1932 Keighley

1237 Anne HEWINGS m Alfred MINETT (b 26 Feb 1868 Gretton, Glos d d 15 Jan 1953 Norton, Gloucsp) 4th qr 1896 Winchcombe

Children of Alfred and Anne
1237b......Alfred Howard Hewings b 1st qr 1899 Winchcombe d 2nd qr 1906 Tewksbury
1237c......Doris Marion Hewings b 11 Jan 1898 Stanley Pontlarge d Nov 1987 Gravesend 1898 Stanley Pontlarge m John Alfred Silverthorne ORPIN (b 19 Jun 1894 South Hamlet, Glos d 3rd qr 1970 Dartford) 4th qr 1920 Norton, Glos
1237d......Marjorie Eleanor Hewings b 22 Apr 1902 Stanley Pontlarge d May 1991 Cheltenham m Sidney Frank MARSTON (b 25 Feb 1896 Barrow Glos d 2nd qr 1957 Gloucester Rural 10 Aug 1927 Norton Glos

1238 Emma Lizzie HEWINGS m Frank MAJOR (b 12 Aug 1867 Winchcombe) 4th qr 1886 Cheltenham

Frank was a railway carman in 1901 living at 22 Station Rd Penarth. In 1911 they were at 7 Grove Terrace, Penarth and Frank was a railway Carman

Children of Frank and Emma
1513......William Frank Major b 1st qr 1887 Winchcomb
Note: In 1901 William was a gardener
1514......Tom Major b 22 May 1890 Winchcomb
1515......Victor Reginald Major b 1st qr 1893 Winchcombe d 3rd qr 1893 Winchcombe
1516......Hubert Percy Major b 3rd qr 1894 Winchcombe d 1st qr 1896 Winchcombe
1517......Francis Cyril Major b 3rd qr 1896 Winchcombe d 1st qr 1897 Winchcombe
1518......Rupert E Major b 2nd qr 1898 Winchcombe d 3rd qr 1899 Winchcombe
1519......Madelaine Sybil Major b 2nd qr 1899 Winchcombe d 4th qr 1900 Winchcombe
1520......Harold Major b 25 Jul 1904 Penarth d 24 Sep 1960 Penarth m Isabel Susan COLWELL (b 20 Feb 1902 Upton Bishop Herefordshire d 4th qr 1998 Banbury) 3rd qr 1929 Ross

1241 Alice May HEWINGS m Alfred JAMES (b 2nd qr 1866 Binegar, Somerset) 4th qr 1897 Winchcomb R D.

Note: Alfred was a farmer living at Greenfields, Winchcombe in 1911

Child of Alfred and Alice
1521......Hubert W James b 3rd qr 1898 Greenfields, Gloucestershire
1522......Ada Christina James b 4th qr 1900 Greenfields, Gloucestershire
1523......Margaret Alice James b 3rd qr 1903 Greenfields, Gloucestershire
1524......Alfred Ronald James b 3rd qr 1906 Greenfields, Gloucestershire
1525......Doreen M James b 3rd qr 1911 Winchcomb

1239 William Charles HEWINGS m Margaret Sarah HEEKS (b 23 Apr 1872 Ashton under Hill Gloucs d 3rd qr 1950 Oldbury) 4th qr 1897 Cheltenham

Children of William and Margaret
X111......William John Hewings b 26 Feb 1900 Redditch d 1st qr 1971 Burton on Trent m Lilian MAY (b 14 Jul 1902 place unknown d 4th qr 1983 Derby) 1st qr 1922 Burton
X112......Joseph Charles Hewings b 2nd qr 1904 Tewksbury
X113......Margaret Alice C Hewings b 7 Nov 1906 Tewksbury m Leonard W HALL (born William Leonard 10 Mar 1902 West Bromwich) 3rd qr 1932 West Bromwich
X114......Francis Henry Hewings b 9 Jan 1910 Strensham d 2nd qr 1978 Sandwell m Florence HART (b 2 Jan 1910 place unknown d 2nd qr 1959 Bilston) 4th qr 1934 Smethwick

1242 Madelaine HEWINGS m Charles C WHITE 4th qr 1922 Cardiff

Child of Charles and Madelaine
1526......Charles C White b 3rd qr 1923 Cardiff

1243 Hubert Frank HEWINGS m Edith Maud JONES (b Maud Edith 29 Dec 1892 Lydbrook d 1 May 1978 Penarth) 3 Jan 1921 Cardiff

Children of Hubert and Edith
1527......Hubert Frank Hewings b 8 Oct 1921 Penarth d 9 Jan 1979 Penarth m Betty Pauline DUGMORE (b 1st qr 1926 Birmingham) 3rd qr 1942 Birmingham
1528......Olive Doreen Hewings b 3rd qr 1923 Penarth d 10 Jan 2012 Penarth m Franciscus HUNTINK (b 15 Aug 1917 Doetinchem, Gelderland Netherlands d 5 Jul 1963 Netherlands) 1st qr 1946 Cardiff
Note: Olive was an accounts clerk
1529......William Charles Hewings b 20 Sep 1927 Penarth d 1st qr 1981 Penarth
1530......Jean W Hewings b 7 May 1930 Penarth d 20 Aug 2004 Penarth
1531......Douglas Hewings b 4th qr 1935 Penarth [E Glamorgan 11a 1113] d 4 Mar 2009 Penarth

1265 Dorothy Alice DENLEY m Alexander Percy GREDIG (b 4th qr 1901 at 72 Risdale Road, Penge d 1st qr 1959 Lambeth) 25 Dec 1924 Lambeth Register Office

Children of Alexander and Dorothy
1532......Doris V Denley b 2nd qr 1928 [Bromley 2a 972]
1533......Alexander D Denley b 4th qr 1932 [Lambeth 1d 466]

1270 Mabel Dora WATERS m John CHAPLIN (b abt 1876 Deopham d 2nd qr 1934 Wayland) 1st qr 1912

Children of John and Mabel
1534......Joyce Bunnett Chaplin b 16 Jun 1912 Attleburgh m Walter John Barnes SKIPPER (b 25 Apr 1904 Attleborough) 2nd qr 1932 Wayland
1535......Mabel Jean Chaplin b 24 Feb 1914 [Wayland 4b 391] d 1st qr 1992 Norwich m Donald Edwin RUDLING (b 5 Dec 1901 Wymondham d 4th qr 1955 Norwich) 3rd qr 1941 Forehoe
1536......Jessamine Frances Chaplin b 31 Jan 1917 d 3 Jun 2002 m (a) Archibald DOWNES (b 28 Sep 1919 South Lopham d 2 Dec 1992 Attleborough) 4 Mar 1939 Attleborough (b) Frederick James WHITE (b 30 Mar 1887 Shoreditch d 1 Feb 1962 Attleborough) 2nd qr 1960 Wayland (c) Raymond A CURSONS (b 27 Jan 1931 Wayland d 10 Feb 1937 Attleborough) 1st qr 1965 Wayland
1537......Anna M Chaplin b 2nd qr 1919 [Wayland 4b 295] m Percy James PEGNALL (b 9 Feb 1913 Forehoe d 1st qr 1986 Norwich) 2nd qr 1938 Wayland

1273 Elsie Alice WATERS m Harcourt Arnold GRIX (b 3 Jan 1890 Burgh next Ayleshambap 25 May 1890 Burgh next Aylesham d 2nd qr 1955 Burgh next Aylesham) 4th qr 1915 Aylesham

Note: In 1911 Harcourt was a grist miller

Child of Harcourt and Elsie
1538......Geoffrey Harcourt Charles Grix b 10 Aug 1916 Aylesham d 27 Mar 2005 Norwich m Dorothy J HOWARD (b 2nd qr 1924 Aylesham d 27 Mar 2005 Norwich) 3rd qr 1946 Norwich Outer

1274 Mildred WATERS m William Henry GARWOOD (b 19 Jan 1883 Halvergate d 14 Jan 1961 Norwich R D) 26 Dec 1905 Blofield

Note: William was a wheelwrighy

Children of William and Mildred
1539......Reginald Frank Garwood b 5 Sep 1907 Toft Monks d 29 Aug 1978 Freethorpe m Dora E FARROW (b 12 Dec 1910 Soutwood d 1st qr 1977 Gt Yarmouth) 4th qr 1932 Blofield
1540......Gerald Robert Garwood b 28 May 1910 Halvergate d 1st qr 1960 Hartismere
1541......Norman William Garwood b 2 Dec 1911 Halvergate d 4th qr 1991 Norwich m Kathleen Edith FROST (b 4th qr 1917 Forehoe) 2 Sep 1942 Wymondham Abbey

1276 Percy Bertram CHAPMAN m Ethel Ada PRETTY (b 1 Sep 1880 Halesworth d 4th qr 1968 Blyth) 24 Dec 1905 Halesworth

Children of Percy and Ethel
1542......Edna Ida Chapman b 19 Jul 1906 Halesworth d 2nd qr 1992 Reading & Wokingham m William Edward YALLOP (b 30 Dec 1905 Hingham d 1st qr 1993 Wallingford4th qr 1929 Blything
1543......Dora E M Chapman b 8 May 1914 Halesworth
1544......Violet E Chapman b 2nd qr 1917 Halesworth m Sidney B MILLS (b 17 Apr 1915 Blything d 4th qr 2002 Bltyhting) 1st qr 1939 Blyth
1545......Joyce M Chapman b 3rd qr 1921 Halesworth
1546......Edward Percy Chapman b 17 Jan 1923 Halesworth d 9 Oct 1981 Reydon m Phyllis U A ADAMS (b 2nd qr 1925 as Phyllis U A Wythe - previous marriage to John R Adams 2nd qr 1944 Lothingland) 2nd qr 1950 Blyth

1277 May CHAPMAN m Frederick T MYALL (b 16 Feb 1885 Ditchingham d 24 Jan 1946 Bungay) 2nd qr 1911 Blything

Child of Frederick and May
1547......Frank Leonard Myall b 12 Jun 1912 Blything d Aug 1993 Waveney m Eleanor Eva GARRETT (b 1 Jun 1909 Gt Yarmouth d 4th qr 1996 Waveney) 2nd qr 1936 Yarmouth

1280 George Ernest CHAPMAN m Annie Ellen STANNARD (b 14 Nov 1892 Spexhall d @nd qr 1946 Blyth) 2nd qr 1916 Blything

Children of George and Annie
X130......Leslie G Chapman b 2nd qr 1917 Blything

1282 Ethel Elmyra CHAPMAN m William Frank Alexander PREECE (b 16 Jul 1894 Ross on Wye d 21 May 1974 Lowestoft) 2nd qr 1920 Blything

Child of William and Ethel
X132......Kenneth Frank Alexander Preece b 3rd qr 1924 d 24 Sep 1912 place unknown m Doris Margaret GOOCH b 1st qr 1928 Mutford bur 2 Jun 2008 Gorleston) 2nd qr 1946 Lothingland

1281 Wilfred Waters CHAPMAN m Florence May STANNARD b 24 Dec 1899 Pakefield bur 15 Jul 1926 Kirkley cemetery K/GA/99) 19 Jan 1922 Pakefield

Note Wifred was living at 338 Long Road, Lowestoft when he died. He had been a motor body builder

Children of Wilfred and Florence
1548......Betty J Chapman b 3rd qr 1922 Mutford m James T SAUNDERS (b 1st qr 1919 Lowestoft) 4th qr 1941 Lothingland
1549......Joyce Waters Chapman b 24 Dec 1923 Pakefield bap 10 Feb 1924 Pakefield d 1st qr 1924 Pakefield

825 Harry CHAPMAN m Mildred May WATERS (b 18 Jun 1894 Marlingford d 4th qr 1965 Yarmouth) 4th qr 1928 Blofield

Child of Harry and Mildred
X134......Dorothy Lucy Chapman (b 13 Dec 1893 Thorpe next Norwich d 19 Nov 1972 New Costessey)

1286 Grace Elmyra WATERS m Sidney James WRIGHT (b 7 Jul 1902 Norwich d 4th qr 1979 Norwich) 4th qr 1928 Blofield

Children of Sidney and Grace
1550......Ivan Sidney Wright b 19 Jun 1930 Limpenhoe m Rachel MOSES (b 2 Nov 1936 Caerleon) 19 Oct 1957 St Brides Caerleon
1551......Arnold Leslie Wright b 27 Aug 1932 Limpenhoe d 10 Jul 1982 Southwood
1552......Hazel Margaret Wright b 8 Jun 1935 Limpenhoe
1553......William E Wright b 4th qr 1939 Gt Yarmouth
1554......Janet M Wright b 4th qr 1942 Acle

1323 Robert Bedingfield BARDELL m Grace Gertrude TERRY (b 4th qr 1881 Peckham bap 28 Oct 1881 St Luke Camberwell d 4th qr 1954 Dartford) 8 Dec 1900 St Andrews Peckham

Note: In 1911 Robert was a carpenter and the family lived at 24 Unwin Rd Peckham

Children of Robert and Grace
1555......Robert William Bedingfield Bardell b 3 Apr 1904 Peckham d 4th qr 1978 Bexley
1556......Eveline Ellen Grace Bardell b 24 Sep 1905 Peckham bap 3 Dec 1905 St Andrews Peckham m Leslie J SCOTT 2nd qr 1926 [Croydon 2a 874]
1557......Ivy Lilian Bardell b 3 Aug 1907 Peckham d 21 Feb 1959 Frant m Sidney George LEWIS (b 24 Mar 1903 Tooting d 24 Mar 1969 Hailsham) 3rd qr 1928 Wandsworth

Sidney George Lewis was the youngest authenticated service soldier of the First World War. He enlisted with the East Surrey Regiment in August 1915 at the age of 12 years aand 5 months. By 1916, at the age of 13, he had joined the 106th Machine Gun Company and was fighting at Delville Wood, one of the most ferocious battles of the Somme. In total, he fought there for 6 weeks and later received the Victory Medal and the British War Medal. All that ended in August 1916 when his mother heard of her son's whereabouts from a comrade on leave. She wrote to the army seeking his release and after they had seen his birth certificate he was discharged and sent home.

1558......Elsie Daisy C Bardell b 1st qr 1910 Peckham
1559......Cyril Henry Bardell b 20 Jul 1912 Camberwell d 2nd qr 1994 Gravesend m Ethel Doris FRY (b 11 Aug 1914 Greenwich d 31 Jan 2001 Bexley 3rd qr 1932 [Greenwich 1d 2327]
1560......Stella May Bardell b 8 Sep 1914 Camberwell d 2nd qr 2005 Bexley m Frederick Charles George HOWELL (b 24 Dec 1909 Swindon d 3 Jun 1982 Knightsbridge) 4th qr 1944 Dartford
1561......Violet D Bardell b 4th qr 1916 Camberwell d 4th qr 1917 Wandsworth
1562......Frank C Bardell b 4th qr 1918 Wandsworth m Winifred A TATUM (b 2nd qr 1921 Camberwell1st qr 1941 [Camberwell 1d 1333]
1563......Ronald Leslie Bardell b 10 Mar 1922 Wandsworth d Jan 1987 Gravesend m Phyllis E STAFFORD 1st qr 1949 Uxbridge
1564......Kenneth Alfred Bardell b 3rd qr 1924 Wandsworth d 15 Sep 2009 place unknown

1324 Louisa Mary BARDELL m Walter James WILMOTT (b 3rd qr 1878 Lewisham d 16 Jul 1965 Lyminge, Kent) 22 Oct 1904 St Andrews Peckham

Note: In 1911 Walter was a woollen manufacturers agent living at St Hilda, Stafford Rd, Wallington and 327a Sarah Bardell was staying with them.
Walter James and Louisa Mary sailed on the Empress of Britain to Quebec in 1923.

The empress of Britain

Walter and Louisa Mary were in Buffalo, New York for the 1925 New York State Census. but Louisa Mary may have died because Walter James married again to Iona Clyde O'BRIEN (ne Morrison) 5 Jan 1930 Richmond, North Carolina. In the 1940 USA census, Walter James was a gardener at Clearwater Beach Hotel, Pinella, Florida, but no wife is mentioned even though Walter James is shown as married and not a widower.

Children of Walter and Louisa
1565......Norman Bardell Willmot b 2nd qr 1906 Catford d 4th qr 1980 Crawley m Elizabeth Annette Maxwell COOPER (b 5 Dec 1908 Edinburgh d 1st qr 1996 Hastings and Rother)
Note: Norman was a diplomat and his work took him to the United States, Colombia and Bolivia

1325 Alice Frances BARDELL m Emil Claus STIRLING (b 20 Aug 1881 Coatdyke, Lanarkshire d 1st qr 1965 Derby) 7 Mar 1908 Peckham

Child of Emil and Alice
1566......Gordon Bardell Stirling b 4th qr 1909 Honor Park, London

1326 Bedingfield Walter BARDELL m Annie L HOPKINS 2nd qr 1914 Lambeth

Child of Bedingfield and Annie
1567......Bedingfield W Bardell b 4th qr 1914 Southwark d 3rd qr 1970 Aldershot m Joan Lang HOLWELL ( b 3 Mar 1920 Sculcoates d 29 Mar 1994 Farnborough) 2nd qr 1940 Aldershot

1327 Henry James BARDELL m Ruby Kathleen May PARKER (b 5 Jul 1893 Lambeth d 1st qr 1982 High Peak) 18 Apr 1918 St James the Apostle, Lambeth

Children of Henry and Ruby
1568......Eric James Bardell b 4th qr 1920 Lambeth d 13 Jul 2003 Sheffield m Margaret A BELL 2nd qr 1949 Northumberland North First
Note: Eric had a military career and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Corps of Signals. After retirement from the Army, he joined the Peak District National Park as Chief Ranger, retiring from that position in 1985
1569......Audrey R Bardell b 2nd qr 1926 Lambeth m Robert B HUTCHINSON 2nd qr 1954 Surrey NW

1347 George MOORE m Jessie Ann SELWOOD (b 3rd qr 1868 Tottenham) 6 May 1888 St Paul, Old Ford, London

Note: George was a plumber in 1891 living at 47 Lamprel Street, Bow. In 1901 the family was at 55 Strahan Rd, Bethnal Green and George was a plumber, but by 1911 he had become a builder and the family was at 59 Tredegar Rd, Bow

Children of George and Jessie
1570......Lydia Grace Moore b 3rd qr 1889 Bethnal Green d 28 Mar 1967 Southend m John Langford EMERY (b 4th Qr 1889 Mile End d 24 Jan 1961 Buckhurst Hill) 2nd qr 1912 Poplar
Note: In 1911 Lydia was a shorthand typist
1571......Ada Margaret Moore b 1st qr 1893 Bow
Note: In 1911 Ada was a shorthand typist
1572......Leslie George Moore b 1st qr 1898 Bethnal Green

1349 Clara Susannah MOORE m Arthur Robert LARKE (b 3rd qr 1872 Poplar) 24 Dec 1896 St Stephens Bow

Children of Arthur and Clara
1573......Arthur Clifford Larke b 2 Jan 1902 Leytonstone d 19 Aug 1979 Windsor m Eleanor Margaret MASTERS (b 27 Jun 1902 Willington College Berks d 12 Dec 1988 Winkfield) 3rd qr 1930 West Ham
Note: Arthur was a solicitor
1574......Linda Larke b 4th qr 1903 Leytonstone d 18 Feb 1978 Leytonstone
1575......Richard Kenneth Larke b 12 Jun 1907 Leytonstone d 6 Aug 1984 Folkestone

1350 Amy Betsy MOORE m Edward NORFORD (b 1st qr 1871 Limehouse d 24 Feb 1920 Chadwell Heath) 3 Aug 1895 Trinity Church Stepney

Note: Edward was a fish salesman and the family was at Kinfauns Rd Goodmayes in 1911

Child of Edward and Amy
1576......Irene Norford b 23 Aug 1897 Upton Park d 17 Jul 1971 Romford m Robert J FARROW (b 22 May 1895 Stock, Essex d 2nd qr 1965 Havering ) 2nd qr 1921 Romford

1352 Elizabeth Jane POVEY m Thomas HARVEY (b 1864 Bristol d 4th qr 1932 Bristol) 12 Aug 1888 Bristol
Note: Thomas was a foreman at a mineral water works. Elizabeth was a cigar maker in 1881 and 1901
Note: The family and Florence and her husband were at 4 Milk Street, Bristol in 1911.

Child of Thomas and Elizabeth
1577......Florence Harvey b 2nd qr 1889 Bristol

1353 Arthur Harry POVEY m Caroline CLIFFORD (b abt 1868 Redfield, Bristol 1st qr 1889 Barton.

Note: Arthur was a general labourer in 1901 and 1911.In 1901 the family was living at 5 Prospect Place, Bristol. In 1911 the family was at 28 Berkley Street, Bristol

Children of Arthur and Caroline
1578......Elsie May Povey b 4th qr 1893 Whitehall, Bristol d 1st qr 1982 Bristol m Arthur Alfred CROCKER (b 13 Apr 1898 Southampton RD d 3rd 1979 Bristol) 4th qr 1916 Bristol
Note: In 1911 Elsie was a sewing machinist
1579......Kate Caroline Povey b 4th qr 1895 Whitehall, Bristol d 31 May 1955 Bristol m Francis Henry STALLARD (born 4th 1883 Chew Stoke, Somerset) 2nd qr s 1929 Bristol
Note: In 1911 Kate was a domestic servant
1580......Thomas William Povey b 14 Jan 1900 Bristol d 1st qr 1974 Bristol(as William T Povey) m Caroline GRIBBLE b 1 Apr 1903 Bristol d 3rd qr 1984 Bristol) 1st qr 1924 Bristol
1580a....Ernest George Povey bap 26 Jul 1901 Moorfields, Bristol d 1st qr 192 Bristol
1581......Annie Rosina Povey b 27 Jan 1903 Greenbank, Bristol d 4th qr 1983 m John Harry WHITE (b 15 Feb 1903 Bristol d 4th qr 1971 Bristol) 2nd qr 1928 Bristol
Note: John was the brother of Edward Walter who married 1583 Violet Victoria
1582......Lily Maria Povey b 16 Dec 1906 Easton, Bristol d 6 Jul 1903 Bristol m George H BRIDLE (b 16 Jan 1906 Newton St Cures d 28 FRb 1967 Bristol) 2nd qr 1934 Bristol
1583......Violet Victoria Povey b 3 Feb 1908 Easton, Bristol d 6 Jun 1983 Bristol m Edward Walter WHITE (b 2nd Oct 1906 Bristol d 29 Apr 1992 Bristol) 3rd qr 1930 Bristol

1355 Hannah Moore POVEY m Sydney Herbert LLOYD (b 12 Sep 1869 Ratcliffe, London d 6 May 1950 Bristol) 29 Apr 1895 St Barnabas, Bristol

Note: Sydney was a postman in 1901 and he and Hannah lived at 11 Upper Street, Bristol; Hannah was called Annie in the census. In 1911 they were at 13 Elmgrove Avenue, Easton

Child of Sydney and Hannah
1355b......Gladys Laura Lloyd b 2nd qr 1896 Bristol bap 21 Jun 1896 St Barnabas Bristol d 1st qr 1901 Bristol
1355c......Elsie Lloyd b 17 Sep 1897 Tottendown, Bristol bap 17 Nov 1897 St Lukes Church, Bedminster d 20 Sep 1971 Bristol m Ronald Frederick George TREWIN (b 5 Feb 1894 Plymouth d 27 Jun 1964 Bristol) 3rd qr 1922 Bristol

1357 Martha POVEY m George PALMER (b about 1877 d 4th qr 1906 Bristol) 25 Dec 1901 Bristol

Children of George and Martha
1584......Elsie May Palmer b 4 May 1902 Bristol d 4th qr 1949 Bristol m Herbert RAFFILL (b 17 Jan 1902 Bristol d 2nd qr 1966 Bristol) 2nd qr 1922 Bristol (b) William H STUTT (b 1st qr 1915 Bristol d 25 Dec 1990 Bristol) 2nd qr 1970 Bristol

1585......Lilian Violet Palmer b 4 Oct 1903 Bristol d 16 Apr 1964 Bristol m (b 18 Dec 1803 Bristol d 4th qr 1977 Bristol) 3rd qr 1928 Bristol
1586......Alice May Palmer b 2nd qr 1906 Bristol

1359 Adelaide HUMBY m Henry George GRANT (b 4th qr 1856 Shirley, Hants as George Henry d 30 Jan 1928 Fair Oak, Hants) 2nd qr 1891 South Stoneham

Note: Henry was a schoolmaster and from 1877 to 1892 he was heat teacher of Top School Hanslope and in 1901 was living at Hatt Hill, Mottisfant, Hampshire. By 1911 he was head teacher living at School House, Mottisfont Hampshire

Children of Henry and Adelaide
1587......George Alexander Grant b 6 May 1892 Hanslope, Bucks d 17 Aug 1980 Penn, Bucks
Note: George was at teacher training college, Winchester in 1911
1588......Harry Reginald Grant b 28 Jul 1893 Mottisfont, Hampshire d 16 Dec 1969 Eastleigh
Note: In 1911 Harry was an estate agents Clerk
1589......William Edward Grant b 4th qr 1894 Mottisfont, Hampshire
Note: William was an auctioneer's clerk in 1911
1590......Lewis Edgar Grant b 4 Jan 1897 Mottisfont, Hampshire d 13 Dec 1975 Eastleigh
1591......Victoria Mary A Grant b 1st qr 1901 Mottisfont, Hampshire

<1360a Bessie HUMBY m Richard FARMER (b 1st qr 1863 Cadnam Hants d 14 Apr 1936 Bursledon) 3rd qr 1904 South Stoneham

Children of Richard and Bessie
X115......Bessie Edith Farmer b 3rd qr 1908 Sarisbury
X116......Helen May Farmer b 2nd qr 1920 Bursledon
X117......Alice F Farmer b 10 Jan 1912 South Stoneham d 9 Jan 2000 S E Hampshire m Albert J KNIGHT (b abt 1909 place unknown d 4th qr 1977 SE Hampshire) 3rd qr 1949 Winchester
X118......Phyllis Farmer b 2nd qr 1916 South Stoneham

1360b Charnell HUMBY m Anna Maria PANNELL (b 4th qr 1878 Warsash d 13 Mar 1947 Southampton [as Annie Marion] ) 3rd qr 1899 South Stoneham

Children of Charnell and Anna
X119......Charnall Humby b 8 Jul 1901 Sarisbury d 29 Nov 1982 Curdridge m Violet Ena BAYLY (b 6 Oct 1906 Portsmouth d 27 Jun Curdridge) 3rd qr 1929 Fareham
X120......May Humby b 29 Apr 1905 Sarisbury d 25 Jun 2002 Bournemouth m Charles CROCKFORD (b 19 Jul 1903 Fareham d 2nd qr 1996 Southampton) 4th qr 1926 Fareham
X121......Annie Humby b 3rd qr 1907 Sarisbury
X122......Florence Humby b 4th qr 1909 Sarisbury
X123......Doris Humby b 3rd qr 1912 Fareham
X124......Daisy Humby b 4th qr 1914 Fareham
X125......Dorothy L Humby b 3rd qr 1918 Fareham

1362 Harry John Moore m Fanny Kate NEWLAND (b 20 Jul 1883 Basingstoke d 3rd qr 1954 Winchester) 4th qr 1906 Southampton

X126......Kate Ellen Moore b 1st qr 1908 Southampton
X127......Vera Moore b 1st qr 1914 Southampton
X128......Harry A Moore b 10 May 1919 Southampton

1373 Mary WRIGHT m James D BOYD b abt 1880 Scotland 1908 USA

Children of James and Mary
1592......William D Boyd b abt 1910 New Jersey
1593......James D Boyd b abt 1912 New Jersey

481b Minnie WRIGHT m Clarence STEINER (b abt 1885 Pennsylvaniaabt 1912

Children of Clarence and Minnie
1594......Mary W Steiner b abt 1913 New Jersey
1595......William Wright Steiner b 17 Jun 1916 Bayonne d Dec 1996 Pinellas Park, Florida

1376 Lillian WRIGHT m Archer Myron RAMSDELL (b 22 Apr 1886 New Jersey d 1 Aug 1976 Grand Rapids, Mich) abt 1909

Child of Archer and Lillian
1596......Archer L Ramsdell b abt 1910 New Jersey
1596a....Miriam Ramsdell b abt 1913 New Jersey
1596b....Lillian Ramsdell b abt 1916 New Jersey

1378 Alfred Harry WIGLEY m Agnes Elizabeth WARMINGER (b 3rd qr 1879 Norwich) 26 Dec 1899 St Clements Norwich

Note: In 1901 Alfred was a boot and shoe maker living with Agnes at 5 Palace Yard, Barrack Street, Norwich. Alfred was a boot and shoe riveter in 1911 and the family was at 123 Shadwell Street, Norwich. After Alfred's death, Elizabeth remarried to William H Firth Jun Qr 1920 Norwich RD and died 23 Nov 1932 Norwich

Children of Alfred and Agnes
1597......Agnes Elizabeth Wigley bap 12 May 1901 St James with Pockthorpe, Norwich
1598......Edith Elsie Wigley b 11 Oct 1905 Norwich d 2nd qr 1988 Norwich m Albert Arthur JAY (b 19 Dec 1905 Norwich d 1st qr 1989 Norwich) 2nd qr 1928 Norwich

1379 Laura Blanche WIGLEY m Albert Herbert BRIGHTON (b 19 Jun 1880 Norwich d 11 Feb 1956 East Elloe) 19 Oct 1902 St Benedict's Norwich

Note: Laura married as Blanch Laura, and was using this form in 1911 when Albert was a horse railway shunter and the family was at North Street, Long Sutton, Lincs

Children of Albert and Laura
1599......Arthur Albert Henry Brighton b 1st qr 1903 Norwich d 2nd qr 1978 Boston
1600......Alfred Herbert Brighton b 12 May1904 6 Hall Lane, St Martin at Oak,Norwich d 2nd qr 1977 East Elloe
1601......Ivy Maud Brighton b 13 Jun 1905 Long Sutton d 2 Jan 1998 Sutton Bridge m Cecil Augustus HARRISON
(b 10 Sep 1894 Holbeach d 4th qr 1962 Sutton Bridge) 3rd qr 1928 Holbeach
1602......Charles Victor Brighton b 25 Feb 1907 Long Sutton d 4th qr 1982 Cambridge m Doris BRADWELL (b 29 Aug 1906 Baslow) 2nd qr 1933 Bakewell
1603......Joseph Henry Brighton b 4 Mar 1908 Long Sutton d Apr 1993 Lincoln m Elsie M COATES (b 19 Nov 1909 Sutton Bridge d 4th qr 1979 Boston) 5 Jul 1930 Long Sutton
1603a....Harry Edward Brighton b 1st qr 1909 Long Sutton d 4th qr 1914 Holbeach
1604......Doris Elizabeth Brighton b 11 Mar 1909 Long Sutton d 2nd qr 2006 Lincolnshire m John WOODS (b 6 Mar 1907 place unknown) 4th qr 1937 East Elloe
1605......Rosanna Mary Brighton b 25 Feb 1910 Long Sutton d 8 Apr 2013 Ruddington m Stanley York MAWBY (b 31 Jan 1904 Leicester d 4 Jul 1966 Christchurch) 4th qr 1932 Leicester
1606......Donald Brighton b 9 Feb 1912 Long Sutton d June 1989 Fenland m Elsie M BOCKING (b 17 Jun 1912 Castle Rising d Sep 1986 East Elloe) 2nd qr 1936 Freebidge Lynn
1607......Blanche Verdun Brighton b 28 Jun 1916 Holbeach d 18 Nov 2003 Leicester m Jack Alan MOULDS (b 3 Apr 1915 Hinkley d 3 Apr 2006 Leicester) 3rd qr 1937 Leicester

1381 Ethel Justina WIGLEY m Walter Norman MINNS (b 1st qr 1872 Norwich d 5 Jun 1952 Norwich) 24 Dec 1905 Norwich

Note: Walter was a boot maker in 1911 and the family was at 28 Westwick St, Norwich. Ethel was Walters second wife: he bought Walter b 1892, Alice b 1896 and George b 1899 to the marriage

Children of Walter and Ethel
1608......Henry Charles Norman Minns b 23 Sep 1906 84 Russell St, Norwich d 1st qr 1965 Norwich m Beryl Alice SEWTER (b 5 Nov 1907 Lyng d 2nd qr 1998 Norwich) 4th qr 1929 Norwich
1609......Arthur Joseph Minns b 21 Jan 1908 84 Russell St, Norwich d 4th qr 1951 Norwich m Gladys E HUTSON (b 17 Apr 1915 Norwich) 2nd qr 1934 Norwich
1610......Mary Kate N Minns b 13 Feb 1909 84 Russell St, Norwich d Dec 1995 Norwich m Victor Walter HOOK (b 14 Feb 1908 Norwich d 1st qr 1979 Norwich) 1st qr 1931 Norwich
1611......Ethel Elizabeth Minns b 10 Mar 1911 28 Westwick St, Norwich
1612......Lily Rosa N Minns b 28 Dec 1912 28 Westwick St, Norwich m John ALLEN 4th qr 1937 Norwich
1613......Thomas Frederick Minns b 11 Jul 1914 28 Westwick Street, Norwich m Phyllis Margaret BROOKS (b 22 Jan 1911 Norwich d 1st qr 1968 Norwich) 2nd qr 1940 Norwich
1614......Ernest Anthony Minns b 4 Oct 1915 28 Westwick St., Norwich d 25 Oct 1915 Norwich
1615......Gertrude M Minns b 8 Sep 1916 28 Westwick Street, Norwich

1383 Charles Victor WIGLEY m Rose Elizabeth CLEAVER (b 4th qr 1897 Murston Kent d 20 Apr 1990 Red Deer, Alberta) 4 Sep 1916 Lethbridge, Alberta

Note: In 1921 Charles and family were living Sullivan Lake #335 Minisepal District R, Bow River, Alberta, Canada

Children of Charles and Rose
1383b......Lucy Elizabeth Wigley b abt 1915 Alberta d 22 Mar 2006 Alberta m Lorne MARSHALL 25 Sep 1938 Lethbridge, Alberta
1383c......Grace Ellen Wigley b abt 1917 Alberta d 20 Aug 2007 Red Deer, Alberta
1383d......William Henry Wigley b 31 Dec 1920 Castor, Alberta d 10 May 2012 Lacombe, Alberta m Mabel HERZOG 17 Nov 1940
Note: William Henry (Bill) was Tank Commander, Calgary Tanks during WW2. He was taken prisoner at Dieppe and interned at Stalag VIIIB Lamsdorf
1383e......Fred Wigleyb abt 1923 Hanna d 15 Jan 2011 Alberta
1383f......Charles Victor Ross Wigley b abt 1925 Alberta d 13 Aug 1944
Charles is remembered at Runnymede Memorial Cemetary, Panel 23
1383g......George Henry Wigley b 12 Jul 1927 Castor, Alberta d 22 Apr 2011 Edmonton, Alberta
1383h......Betty Wigley b abt 1931 Hanna
1383i......Richard Wigley b abt 1935
Note: George, Betty and Richard are mentioned in William Henry's obituary as being siblings - no other information is yet available

1385 George Frost WIGLEY m Beatrice Gertrude HARRISON (b 2nd qr 1897 Norwich d 4th qr 1919 Norwich) 4th qr 1918 Norwich

Note: George was a shoemaker

Child of George and Beatrice
1616......Grace M Harrison b 3 May 1919 Norwich d Aug 2005 Norwich m William L A READ (b 3rd qr 1918 Norwich) 4th qr 1937 Norwich

1386 Arthur Joseph WIGLEY m Margaret Weir McFALLS
(b 25 May 1909 Belfast d 11 Oct 1998 Rimbey) 9 Jul 1930 Hanna, Alberta

Note: Arthur Joseph enlisted as a private in the 54th battalion, Canadian infantry - regimental no 442228. In WW2, he was a Staff Sergeant in Canadian Army Medical Corps based at Colonal Belcher Hospital in Calgary. Later, Arthur Joseph was Supervisor at the Pleasant View Home at Youngstone from its opening in 1947 until 1960 The front of his attestation paper can be seen at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc017/670620a.gif&id_nbr=312339 and the back at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc017/670620b.gif&id_nbr=312339

Child of Arthur and Margaret
1386b......Elizabeth Margaret Wigley dob unknown in Craigmyle
1386c......Donna Mae Wigley b 2 May 1934 Hanna Alberta m Darrell SAYERS bef 30 Jan 1956

1388 Grace Ellen WIGLEY m Leslie William Roberts GOLBY (b 30 Oct 1899 Islington) 3rd qr 1924 Norwich

an American Overseas Airline plane of the type on which they travelled in 1947

Note: Leslie, Grace and Elizabeth arrived 10 Sep 1947in USA flying with American Overseas airlines

Children of Leslie and Grace
1617......Elfrida (Alfrida) Grace Elizabeth Golby b 14 Apr 1926 Norwich m John STYGER 26 May 1945

The Queen Mary on which John and Alfreda travelled

Note Elfrida emigrated to USA and arrived in New York on RMS Queen Mary 1 Mar 1946 and was naturalized 3 Jul 1957 Tacoma County. You can see John's obituary and photo here

1618......Peter Henry Golby b 16 May 1928 Norwich m Margaret PRYTHERCH 1st qr 1948 Norwich

The RMS Georgic on which Peter Margaret and Leslie travelled

Note: Peter, a book binder, and Margaret (who were living at 69 Brittanic Rd Norwich) and their son 2 year old Leslie, emigrated to USA, leaving on 25 Sep 1953 from Southampton and arrived in New York on "Georgic" arriving in New York 10 Oct. 1953

1619......Elizabeth Golby b 9 Aug1930 Norwich d 9 Sep 2011 Centralia, Washington State, USA, m Charles STYGER (b 9 Sep 1917 place unknown d 3 Jan 2006 Napavine, Washington State
You can see Elizabeth's obituary and photo

1404 Reuben Amos HIBBETT m Evelyn Maud BARDILL (b 7 May 1910 Nottingham d May 1989 Newton Abbott d 28 Apr 1989 Teignmouth) 4th qr 1932 Meriden

Child of Reuben and Evelyn
1620......Donald Hibbett b 22 May 1933 Birmingham d 7 Jun 2003 Walsall

1405 Hector Macdonald HIBBETT m May Hannah SAYER (b 18 Dec 1902 Tasburgh d 17 Sep 1989 Norwich) 3rd qr 1926 Depwade

Child of Hector and May
1630......David Hibbett b 5 Dec 1940 Norwich

1406 Thomas William FOWLER m Kate E KIDDELL (b 2nd qr 1893 Norwich d 3rd qr 1985 Norwich) 3rd qr 1912 Norwich

Children of Thomas and Kate
1631......Grace Alice Fowler b 22 Dec 1912 Norwich m Cecil MASON 1st qr 1930 Norwich
1632......Thomas Charles Fowler b 12 Feb 1915 Norwichm Rita May GRINT (b 3rd qr 1917 Norwich) 3rd qr 1936 Norwich
1633......Kate Ellen Fowler b 13 Jul 1918 Norwich m Alfred William WATSON (b 4th qr 1911 Norwich) 2nd qr 1939 Norwich

1407 Charles Arthur FOWLER m Susannah Elizabetrh KEMP (b Susannah Elizabeth DUNN 31 Aug 1888 became Kemp after her mother married John Kemp in 1895, died Mar Qr 1968 Norwich Outer RD) 4th qr 1914 Norwich

Children of Charles and Susannah
1634......Doris Elizabeth Fowler b 10 Jun 1915 Norwich d 2nd qr 1987 Norwich m Frederick R BLYTH (b 2nd qr 1914 Norwich) 1st qr 1934 Norwich
1635......Charles Thomas Fowler b 25 Mar 1918 Norwich m Eveline M FREEMAN (b 11 Jan 1923 Norwich) 22 Jun 1941 Norwich
Note: Able Seaman, died 25 Mar 1942 aboard MV Narragansett abt. 400 miles east of Hampton Roads, Virginia. (ship hit in stern by torpedo from U105)

1408 Charles Richard WIGLEY m Florence May FUTTER (b 4 May 1903 Hemblington d 3rd qr 1970 Norwich) 2nd qr 1929 Norwich

Child of Charles and Florence
1636......Charles Richard Wigley b 24 Dec 1935 at 3 Copland Road, Norwich d May 2003 Norwich

1411 William Henry WIGLEY m Violet Mary BARNES (b 12 Apr 1908 64 Telegraph Lane Norwich) 4th qr 1929 Norwich

Child of William and Violet
1637......Brenda Catherine Wigley b 21 Mar 1931 Norfolk and Norwich Hospital m Oliver G WOODS (b 2nd qr 1931 Norwich) 1st qr 1953 Norwich

1412 Harry Alfred WIGLEY m Alice Hannah WOODCOCK (b 26 Jun 1904 Ludham d 4th qr 1991 Dover) 3rd qr 1934 Norwich

Children of Harry and Alice
1638......Janet Alice Wigley b 23 Jun 1936 Norwich
1639......David John Wigley b 14 Oct 1937 Norwich d 4th qr 1939 Norwich

1413 Violet Lilian WIGLEY m Sidney Walter BRAZIER (b 25 Sep 1905) Norwich d 4th qr 1952 Norwich) 4th qr 1927 Norwich

Children of Sidney and Violet
1640......Walter Charles Brazier b 15 May 1929 Maternity Institute Heigham Grove Norwich d 2 Jul 2003 Norwich m Sheila Jean BUXTON (b 12 Dec 1930 Norwich) 4th qr 1951 Norwich
1641......Kathleen Anne Brazier b 21 Jul 1934 28 Sun Lane, Norwich d Nov 1991 Norwich m Albert R BROWNE (b 4th qr 1929 Norwich) 1st qr 1958 Norwich

1415 Nora Edith WIGLEY m Charles S HOWLETT 3rd qr 1936 Norwich

Child of Charles and Nora
1642......Charles K Howlett b 1st qr 1938 Hackford m Patricia Evelyn SMITHSON (b 26 Dec 1942 Norwich) 2nd qr 1961 Norwich
1642a....Jean I Howlett b 1st qr 1940 Norwich Outer

1416 James Thomas WIGLEY m Emily Dora PIERSON (b 17 Jun 1905 Luton d 2nd qr 1983 Leicester Central) 1st qr 1947 Ashford RD

Child of James and Emily
1643......John R Wigley b 1st qr 1949 Bakewell


1577 Florence HARVEY m Frederick Albert ROGERS (b 4th qr 1890 Bristol) 2nd qr 1910 Bristol

Note: Frederick was a loco fitter for the Railway Co. The family lived at 4 MIlk Street, Bristol

Child of Frederick and Florence
1644......Frederick Albert E Rogers b 27 May 1910 Bristol d 2nd qr 1984 Bristol m Phoebe WOODALL (b 13 Mar 1911 Clutton d Sep Qr 1999 Bristol) Jun Qr 1933 Clutton

1599 Arthur Albert Henry BRIGHTON m Edith WILLCOX (b 9 Apr 1904 Sutton Bridge d 2nd qr 1984 East Elloe) 1st qr 1927 Holbeach

Child of Arthur and Edith
1645......Rita L Brighton b 4th qr 1947 Holbeach

1600 Alfred Herbert BRIGHTON m Florence E OVERTON 4th qr 1932 Holbeach

Children of Alfred and Florence
1646......John A Brighton b 1st qr 1935 [Holbeach 7a 533]
1647......Derek H Brighton b 3rd qr 1936 [E Elloe Lincs 7a 546]
1648......George F Brighton b 1st qr 1938 [E Elloe Lincs 7a 555]
1649......Janet M Brighton b 1939 [E Elloe Lincs 7a 1034]
1650......Trevor J Brighton b 1946 [E Elloe Lincs 3b 73]

1620 Donald HIBBETT m Mary Marina PERRY (b 18 Dec 1937 Birmingham d 7 Jul 2001 Stafford) 3rd qr 1955 Birmingham

Children of Donald and Mary
1620b......Jacqueline Hibbett b 3rd qr 1957 Birmingham m Liam D NOLAN 3rd qr 1979 Stafford
1620c......Geoffrey G Hibbett b 1st qr 1959 Birmingham (a) Kathryn PRESTWOOD 3rd qr 1985 Stafford (b) Barbara A HEADLEY (b 4th qr 1966 Stafford) 2nd qr 1989 Stafford (c) Fiona E HUNTINGTON 3rd qr 2001 Stafford
1620d......Jeanette E Hibbett b 1st qr 1961 Birmingham d 4th qr 1963 Birmingham

1392 Jessie Agnes WIGLEY m William Frank I REEVE (b 21 Nov 1894 Yarmouth d 1st qr 1968 Kings Lynn) 1st qr 1918 Yarmouth

Child of William and Jessie
1651......Wilfred Allan Reeve b 11 Nov 1919 Yarmouth d Jun 1995 Bradford m Marjorie Florence WATERS (b 29 Jul 1920 Kings Lynn d May 2001 Bradford) 1st qr 1942 Kings Lynn

X134 Dorothy Lucy CHAPMAN m Arthur Charles STRANGLEMAN (b 30 Aug 1895 Briston d 10 Jan 1968 New Costessey) 4th qr 1918 Blofield

Children of Arthur and Dorothy
X136......Ruth C Strangleman b 4th qr 1919 Blofield
X137......John W Strangleman b 1st qr 1922 Blofield

989b William WIGLEYm Elnora P JACKSON (b abt 1887 New York d 17 Aug 1930 Albion, New York

989e......Edith M Wigley b abt 1908 New York d 30 Oct 2001 Winter Have, Florida m Morris S DEAN b abt 1907 New York d 8 Jun 1970 Albion, New York
989f......Gordon Wigley b 27 Sep 1913 New York d Nov 1982 Batavia New York m Anna VANDETTA (b 15 Nov 1916 New York d 1 Sep 2002 Batavia) 1942
The marriage was reported in Batavia Times on 9 Jul 1942
989n......Grace May Wigley b 22 May 1888 New York d 11 Aug 1893 Carlton New York
989o......Edith May Wigley b 31 Dec 1890 New York d 11 Jan 1896 Carlton, New York
989p......Alice Wigley b 27 Feb 1894 New York d 1 Mar 1894 Carlton, New York

989c Henry R WIGLEY m m Amelia K BERTSCH (b abt 1890 d 24 Nov 1979 Carlton, New York) 19 Jul 1910 Orleans, New York

Children of Henry and Amelia
989g......George H Wigley b abt 1912 New York d 20 Jan 1960 St Petersburg m Ruth S SPRINGER (b 17 Dec 1917 Waterport d 25 Aug 2006 Medina, New York)
989h......Russell R Wigley b 4 Oct 1917 Carlton, New York d 16 Oct 1998 Buffalo, New York m Caroline Margaret LEACH (b 6 May 1920 Bridgend d 4 May 2010 Medina, New York) 20 May 1944 Weymouth (England)
Note: Russell enlisted as a Private in the Field Artillery of the US Regular Army on 27 Sep 1940. He was an army veteran of WW2 and served in Europe. He was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart
989i......Madeline E Wigley b 20 Sep 1928 Albion, New York d 19 Jun 2010 Medina, New York m Earl RUHLMAN (b 27 Oct 1922 Buffalo d 20 Aug 1986 Medina, New York

989d Jane C WIGLEY m Fred KILBURY (b abt 1880 New York d16 Sep 1963 Steuben County, New York)

Children of Jane and Fred
989j......Howard C KIlbury b abt 1906 New York d 23 Nov 1966 Cayuga County New York
989k......Charles William Kilbury b 10 Mar 1910 New York d 15 Jul 1912 Carlton, New York
989l......Floyd E Kilbury b abt 1911 New York
Note: Floyd E Kilbury enlisted as a Private in the US Army on 25 Feb 1943 at Rochester, New York. His marital status was given as Divorced, with Dependents
989m......Arlow Kilbury b abt 1916 New York

1453 Geoffrey R BLAKE m Gertrude SPANTON (b 27 Oct 1903 Stalham d 10 Jul 1971 Fishley) 3rd qr 1936 Blofield RD

Child of Geoffrey and Gertrude
1652......Nigel G Blake b 1st qr 1938 [Blofield 4b 245] m Carol A GRINT 1st qr 1965 Acle
1653......Mary E Blake b 4th qr 1942 [Acle 4b 45]
1654......Pamela A Blake b 1st qr 1945 [Acle 4b 43]
1655......Sheila M Blake b 1st qr 1945 [Acle 4b 43]

1454 Donald E BLAKE m m Mona J ELLIOTT (b 4th qr 1919 Smallburgh) 29 Mar 1941 Stalham

Child of Donald and Mona
1453b......Sandra L Blake b 3rd qr 1947 Norwich Outer

1455 Harry Leslie BLAKE m Jessie Louisa Mary YORK (b 1st qr 1926 Smallburgh) 4 Jun 1949 Tunstead

Note: Harry married as Henry Leslie Beck

Child of Harry and Jessie
1656......Colin Albert Blake b 25 Nov 1950 Tunstead
1656a....Alan C Blake b 1st qr 1963 Ashmanhaugh d 2nd qr 1966 N Walsham

1397 Rosalie Ellen HIBBETT with unknown

Note: Rosalie was a private nurse in 1911

Child of Rosalie and unknown
1657......Albert Leonard HIBBETT b 13 Mar 1905 at 197 Queen's Rd Lakenham d 9 May 1905 Norwich

1398 Violet Celia HIBBETT m William Ambrose MASON (b 12 Dec 1878 East Dereham d 6 Aug 1948 Borough General Hospital, Ipswich) 4th qr 1912 Heigham

Note: William was a hospital nurse at Bowthorpe Rd, Norwich in 1911

Children of William and Violet
1658......Vernon W Mason b 4th qr 1915 Blofield d 1st qr 1916 Blofield
1659....Russell William Mason b 1st qr 1917 Blofield d 3rd qr 1988 Bristol
1660....Rosalie Violet Mason b 24 Jun 1918 Blofield d 19 Jul 2004 Ipswich

1400 Beatrice Lilly WIGLEY (a) with unknown) (b) m Ernest HUMPHREY (b 3rd qr 1881 Norwich bur 28 Apr 1917 Haute Avesnes British cemetery, Pas de Calais) 5 Oct 1901 Norwich

Note: Beatrice was a tailoress. Ernest was a hospital porter and in 1911 was a night hall porter - the family lived at 4 Clifton St, Norwich. Ernest was a Company Sergeant Major in the Rifle Brigade when he was killed

Child of Beatrice and unknown
1661......Ernest William HIBBETT b 15 Jan 1901 13 Horns Lane Ber Street Norwich

Children of Ernest and Beatrice
1662......Lillie Mary Kathleen Humphrey b 16 Jan 1906 13 Short Street, St Stephens, Norwich d 2 Oct 1984 Newmarket
1663......John Raymond Humphrey b 7 Apr 1909 Norwich d 4th qr 1978 Corby
1664......Christine Mary Humphrey b 27 Dec 1910 4 Clifton Street, Norwich d 15 Feb 1911 at 4 Clifton Street Norwich
Note: Christine died of Pertussis (whooping cough)
1665......Laurence James Humphrey b 9 Jan 1912 4 Clifton Street, Norwich d 1st qr 1973 Norwich
1666......Leonora Humphrey b 23 Apr 1914 4 Clifton Street, Norwich d Aug 1989 Norwich

1443 Vera Ethel Maud BECK m Thomas J HUBBARD (b 2nd qr 1897 Cawston d 18 May 1959 Buxton St Andrew) 2nd qr 1922 Aylesham

Children of Thomas and Vera
1667......Thomas J Hubbard b 1st qr 1923 Aylesham m Ivy B WOODS (b 3rd qr 1922 Aylesham) 1st qr 1944 Norwich Outer
1668......Beryl Joyce Hubbard b 2nd qr 1925 Aylesham d Oct 2004 Norwich m Alojzy DOBRZANSKI (b abt 1924 d 2nd qr 1975 Norwich 2nd qr 1947 Norwich Outer
1669......Geoffrey N Hubbard b 2 Feb 1928 Aylesham d Jul 1988 Norwich m Barbara Catherine OAKLEY (b 19 Dec 1930 Norwich d Jul 1997 Norwich) 2nd qr 1949 Norwich Outer
1670......Russell S Hubbard b 1st qr 1933 Aylesham m Joyce M HALL (b 1st qr 1931 Aylesham) 1st qr 1953 North Walsham

1444 Edith Millicent BECK m Eric W OVERTON (b 6 Apr 1908 Oulton d 4th qr 1978 Norwich Outer) 1st qr 1934 Aylesham

Child of Eric and Edith
1671......Sheila J Overton b 1st qr 1935 Aylesham

1445 Audrey Ethel M BECK m William Rowland WYMER (b 3rd qr 1899 Ingworth, Nfk d 3rd qr 1979 Norwich) 3rd qr 1924 Aylesham

Note: Audrey commtted suicide by throwing herself from a lavatory window at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed

Children of William and Audrey
1680......Doreen M Wymer b 2nd qr 1926 Aylesham
1681......Philip Roy Wymer b 2nd qr 1929 Aylsham M Jean J CLOW (b 4th qr 1936 Peterborough) 1st qr 1957 Huntingdon N
1682......Ursula Joy Wymer b 17 Jun 1931 Aylsham m Eric F MIDDLETON (b 2nd qr 1930 Norwich) 3rd qr 1956 Norwich
1683......Brenda Gwynneth Wymer b 7 Aug 1932 Aylsham bap 4 Sep 1932 Aylsham
Note: Brenda sailed to New York on the Mauretania departing Southampton on 14 Sep 1957
1684......Jean Rosemary Wymer b 21 Aug 1935 Aylsham bap 6 Oct 1935 Aylsham m Ernest E RAWLINGS (b 4th qr 1931 Mitford) 1st qr 1958 N Walsingham
1685......Janet Marion Wymer b 3rd qr 1938 Aylsham bap 6 Nov 1938 Aylsham m Norman P BELL (b 2nd qr 1937 n Walsham) 4th qr 1960 Norwich

1448 Ethel Elmyra Evelyn HIBBETT m William H BALES (b 22 Dec 1911 Norwich d 10 Mar 1984 Swardeston) 2nd qr 1935 Norwich RD

Note: William was a pharmaceutical chemist

Child of William and Ethel
1686......Gillian Bales b 25 Feb 1936 at 1 Branford Rd Norwich
1687......Nesta Bales b 1 May 1940 Grove House maternity home, 77 Newmarket Rd Norwich

1449 Doreen May HIBBETT m 503 Sydney HEWINGS 22 Jun 1935 St Albans Church, Lakenham Norwich

Children of Sydney and Doreen
1688......Jane Elizabeth Hewings b 2 Feb 1939 Grove House Nursing Home, 77 Newmarket Rd, Norwich m David John GREEN (see Green branch here)
1689......Sarah Diane Hewings b 26 Dec 1945 Plantation Nursing Home, Earlham Rd Norwich Norwich

1495 Victor Cecil HOWES m Marjorie G FORSDYKE (b 1st qr 1919 Camberwell) 2nd qr 1941 Lewisham RD

Children of Victor and Marjorie
1690......Linda J Forsdyke b 3rd qr 1946 Dartford
1690a....Robert A Forsdyke b 2nd qr 1950 Bromley RD

1498 Nancy PEARS m Harry Netherwood LAW (b 18 Nov 1905 Huddersfield d 2nd qr 1978 Huddersfield) 2nd qr 1938 Huddersfield

Child of Harry and Nancy
1691......David N Law b 1st qr 1939 [Huddersfield 9a 418] m Barbara SANDERSON (b 3rd qr 1938 Huddersfield) 1st qr 1962 Huddersfield
1692......John R Law b 2nd qr 1943 [Huddersfield 9a 543]
1693......Edward J Law b 2nd qr 1945 [Huddersfield 9a 397]

1499 Dorothy M PEARS m Joseph DEAN 3rd qr 1937 Huddersfield

Children of Joseph and Dorothy
1499b...... Joseph Dean b 1st qr 1941 Bradford
1499c......John N Dean b 4th qr 1947 Claro

1500 Gladys HOWES m Hugh Robert CROOT (b 16 Nov 1906 Wisbech d 2 Feb 1981 Terrington St Clements) 3rd qr 1932 Swaffham

Children of Hugh and Gladys
!500b......Malcolm Walter Hugh Croot b 3rd qr 1935 Wisbech d 19 Jan 2014 Kings Lynn
Note: one of Michael's interests was in cinema and he was a former joint owner of the Majestic Cinema in Kings Lynn
1500c......Vivienne E A Croot b 1st qr 1939 Kings Lynn m John P McCORMICK 3rd qr 1963 Kings Lynn

1501 Patricia Elizabeth HOWES m Henry E GOODWIN 1st qr 1942 Kings Lynn

Child of Henry and Patricia
1694......Pamela M Goodwin b 2nd qr 1950 Kings Lynn m John A TURNER (b 4th qr 1950 Durham) 2nd qr 1973 Kings Lynn

1505 Margaret Marchbanks ROOFE m (a) Harold MILNER (b abt 1915 d 21 Oct 1944) 9 Jun 1942 Fakenham (b) Bert SMITH 4th qr 1950 Fakenham

Note: Harold was a private in the 1st battalion the Leicestershire regiment and is buried at Geel war cemetery, Geel, Antwerpen, Belgium

Child of Harold and Margaret
1695......Alan J Milner b 4th qr 1942 North Walsham

1506a Barbara M HOWES m Kenneth MAKINS 16 Aug 1941 Winnipeg

Children of Kenneth and Barbara
1506b......Brian K Makins b abt 1942 d 25 Mar 2009 Brandon Suffolk m Evelyn M DIXON (b 1st qr 1945 Wayland) 4th qr 1963 Wayland
1506c......Ruth M Makins b 2nd qr 1949 Wayland m Graham R BENBOW 2nd qr 1969 Wayland

1630 David HIBBETT m June K MOY (b 2nd qr 1943 Hitchen) 3rd qr 1964 Norwich

Children of David and June
1630b......Samantha Hibbett b 2nd qr 1968 Norwich Outer m Carl A FURLONG b 4th qr 1961 Ipswich) 1st qr 1998 Norwich
1630c......Luke MacDonald Hibbett b 3rd qr 1970 Norwich
1630d......Lawrence Miles Hibbett b 1st qr 1974 Norwich Outer


1659 Russell William HIBBET m Marjorie Phyllis BALES (b 27 May 1910 d 1st qr 1984 Southampton aged 74) 4 Aug 1940 Hingham

Child of Russell and Marjorie
1659b......Mary Hibbet b 2nd qr 1940 East Dereham d 2nd qr 1940 East Dereham

1661 Ernest William HUMPHREYS m Maud Ivy IVES-KEELER (b 10 Aug 1905 Norwich d 1st qr 1972 Norwich) 4th qr 1927 Norwich

Child of Ernest and Maud
1661b......Margaret Janet Humphreys b 6 May 1933 16 Clifton St, Norwich m Wilfred Ernest Jack CRISP (b 17 Feb 1927 Norwich) 4th qr 1953 Norwich
1661c......Sheila Rose Humphreys b 26 May 1928 Norwich m Ronald George STURMAN (b 1 Feb 1920 Norwich d 3rd qr 1989 Norwich) 1st qr 1951 Norwich
1661d......Ernest Robin Humphreys b 16 Oct 1929 Norwich d Oct 1988 Glasgow m Eileen Edith BILLINGS (b 8 Feb 1936 Norwich) 1st qr 1956 Acle
1661e......Patricia Ann Humphreys b 20 Sep 1943 Norwich m John M GRAY 1st qr 1963 Norwich

1662 Lillie Mary Kathleen HUMPHREYS m Benjamin SAYER (b 1 May 1904 Tasburgh d 27 Mar 1973 Saxlingham Nethergate 3rd qr 1924 Norwich

Child of Benjamin and Lillie
1696......Betty Evelyn Sayer b 20 Jan 1925 Norwich d 5 May 2008 Harlow Hospital m Tadeusz SZLENKIER (born 7 Sep 1914 place unknown d April 2005 Chelmsford RD) 21 December 1946 Norwich Outer Register Office
Note: Tadeusz applied for naturalisation in 1949 and changed name to Thaddeus Edward ROLAND by deed poll 7 May 1953
1696a....Joan O Sayer b 1st qr 1927 Henstead m Alexander Patrick PARKER (b 2 Sep 1910 Norwich d 1 Nov 1991 Marlingford) 2nd qr 1949 Westminster [Div 1962]
1696b....Jacqueline M Sayer b 4th qr 1934 m John W BUTTON 2nd qr 1955 Norwich

1663 John Raymond HUMPHREYS m Eva TURNER (b 1 Aug 1909 Norwich) 28 Feb 1931 St Barnabus, Norwich

Children of John and Eva
1697......Janet Olive Turner b 3 Mar 1933 Norwich d 30 Jun 1968 Boise, Idaho m Patrick William FULLER b 2 Mar 1929 Oregon (place of marriage unknown)
Note: Patrick and Janet adopted a child they named Shannon Evette Fuller born 2 Jul 1964 Idaho, Adop. 5 Jul 1964 Nampa, Idaho)
1698......Barrington John Turner b 14 May 1939 Norwich m Kathleen A WEBSTER (b 2nd qr 1941 North Walsham) 4th qr 1962 Norwich

1665 Laurence James HUMPHREYS m Constance Marie BUTTON (b 19 Jul 1907 d 1st qr 1997 as Constance Mary BROOKS remarried to Patrick J BROOKS) 4th qr 1933 Norwich

Note: Laurence was a fishmonger

Children of Laurence and Constance
1699......Jean Marie Humphreys b 12 Apr 1934 Norwich d 1 Sep 2013 Norwich m Derrick Leslie RISEBOROUGH (b 29 May 1930 Norwich d 26 Feb 1986 Norwich) 3rd qr 1953 Norwich
1699a....Michael C Humphreys b 3rd qr 1938 Forehoe m Patricia D F FOSTER (b 2nd qr 1938 Mitford) 4th qr 1958 Norwich Outer
1700......Linda Maureen Humphreys b 19 Mar 1944 Norwich
1701......Lorraine Diane Humphreys b Jun 1945 Norwich m Norman HOWARD 4th qr 1963 Norwich

1666 Leonora HUMPHREYS m Jack Eric TAYLOR (b 3 Sep 1910 Norwich d 21 Jul 2002 Norwich) 2nd qr 1936 Norwich

Child of Jack and Leonora
1702......Jacquita Taylor b 24 Aug 1937 Norwich m Alan W NOBBS (b 4th qr 1936 St Faiths) 15 Jun 1957 Old Costessey

1686 Gillian BALES m John Herbert CHAPMAN (b 22 Jul 1935 Norwich 30 Mar 1957 Norwich

Children of John and Gillian
1686b......Lisa E Chapman b 1st qr 1958 Lowestoft
1686c......Sally A Chapman b 2nd qr 1960 Deben
1686d......Tessa J Chapman b 1st qr 1964 Norwich m Anthony SHIELDS 4th qr 1985 Waveney

1687 Nesta BALES m Edwin J BALL (b 4th qr 1937 Romford) 2 Jul 1960 Old Costessey

Children of Edwin and Nesta
1687b......Rachel Ball b 2 Apr 1964 New Costessey
1687c......Tanya Ball b 8 Oct 1965 New Costessey

Thanks to Roland Green who supplied the whole of this material, and used research undertaken by W A S Hewins around 100 years ago for the early part of the branch as well as Susan Jones

Richard Green 2015