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Chilvers...Cock...Conley...Crane...Davis abt 1880...Davis 1906...Dyer...Eastgate 1758...Eastgate 1824...Elsegood 1847...Elsegood 1851...Enefer 1851...Enefer abt 1918...Finch
Fletcher...Frederickson...Fowler...Gaverick...Golding...Gore 1851...Gore 1868...Grame
Green 1863...Green 1868...Greenfield 1839...Greenfield abt 1862...Hart...Hubbard...Jarman...Johnston...Ketteringham...Kettlewell...Kiddell...Lee
Wain...Waid...Watson...Whistler...Wilson...Woolsey...Wright abt 1895...Wright abt 1934


B1 William NEWELL b 1663 m Alice DENTON 9 Aug 1683 Feltwell

Children of William and Alice
B2......Bridget Newell bap 18 Jan 1684 Feltwell St Mary
Mary Newell bap 25 Apr 1686 Feltwell St Nicholas
B4......Alice Newell bap 9 Nov 1690 Feltwell St Mary
B5......William Newell bap 19 Feb 1692 Feltwell St Mary
B6......Thomas Newell bap 16 Jan 1695 Feltwell St Mary
B7......Elizabeth Newell bap 1 Apr 1698 Feltwell St Mary
B8......Ann Newell bap 15 Dec 1700 Feltwell St Mary


B5 Mary NEWELL with unknown

Child of Mary and unknown
B4......Mary Newell b 1709 Feltwell


G1 Joseph JOHNSON m Mary BROWN 31 May 1761 Feltwell St Mary

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were John GRAHAM and William WIX

Children of Joseph and Mary
Joseph b 14 Sep 1761 bap 10 Oct 1761 Feltwell St Mary
G3......John Johnson bap 14 Aug 1762 Feltwell St Nicholas
G4......Elizabeth Johnson bap priv 6 Apr 1765 bap publicly 12 May 1765
G5......Sarah Johnson bap 7 Aug 1768 Feltwell St Mary
G6......Mary Johnson bap 15 Aug 1769 Feltwell St Mary
Note: The register shows the family living in Hockwold in 1769
G7......Isaac Johnson bap 9 May 1771 Feltwell St Mary

A1 John ANDREWS m Anne

Children of John and Anne
William Andrews bap 22 Nov 1740 South Lopham d 1804 Feltwell
A3......Thomas Andrews bap 22 Nov 1740 South Lopham
A4......Sarah Andrews bap 28 Feb 1741 South Lopham

C1 Philip GAVERICK d 1781 m Mary NEWELL 30 Jul 1732 Feltwell

Children of Philip and Mary
C2......Mary Gaverick b 1732 Feltwell
C3......Phyllis Gaverick b 1738 Feltwell
C3a....Elizabeth Gaverick b 1736 Feltwell bap 9 May 1736 Feltwell St Mary m William EASTGATE 14 Apr 1758
Sarah Gaverick b 1742 Feltwell d 1800 Feltwell
C5......Jane Gaverick b 1744 Feltwell
C6......Philip Gaverick b 1746 Feltwell


1 William ANDREWS b 1741 bur Feltwell 25 Oct 1804 m C4 Sarah GAVERICK 28 Jan 1763 Feltwell

Children of William and Sarah
3......Mary Andrews bur 1763 Feltwell
4......Sarah Andrews bap 18 Nov 1764 Feltwell
5......Mary Andrews bap 13 Aug 1767 Felwell
6......Elizabeth Andrews bap 29 Sep 1771 Feltwell
7......Jane Andrews bap 3 Apr 1773/4 Feltwell
8......Phyllis Andrews bap 22 May 1779 Feltwell bur 3 Jun 1871 Feltwell m Robert PALMER 30 Jan 1799
William Andrews d.o.b.unknown
9a....Thomas< Andrews/A> b 1805 Feltwell d 4 May 1878 Feltwell

G2 Joseph JOHNSON (bap 14 Sep 1761 ) m unknown

Children of Johnson and unknown
10....Abraham Johnson d.o.b. unknown
11....James Johnson b 1763 Wilton d 1825 Feltwell
11a....Joseph Johnson b abt 1761
Note: Joseph was recorded as a pauper of 80 living with Ann, presumably his daughter in 1841
11b......William Johnson b abt 1869


6 Elizabeth ANDREWS m 11 James JOHNSON of Wilton (b 1763 d 30 Dec 1825) 25 Sep 1791 in Feltwell St Mary's

Note: In 1841 and 1851 Elizabeth was a grocer Living with her were grandchildren 38 Eliza Johnson, a shopmaid and 48a Henry, an errand boy

Children of James and Elizabeth Johnson
12....John Johnson bap 6 Nov 1791 at Hockwold d 15 May 1811
13....James Johnson bap 29 Aug 1793
14....Sarah Johnson bap Bap 19 May 1795 at Hockwold d 23 May 1795 at Hockwold
15....Sarah Johnson bap 23 May 1796 at Hockwold
16....William Johnson bap 15 May 1797 at Hockwold d 1st qr 1877 Swaffham RD
17.....Philip Johnson bap 23 Mar 1799 at Hockwold d 21 Apr 1799 at Hockwold
18.....Mary Johnson bap 4 Mar 1800 at Hockwold
19.....Thomas Johnson bap 29 Mar 1802 at Hockwold
20.....Elizabeth Johnson b 1803 d 7 Mar 1803 Hockwold
21.....Matthias Johnson bap 13 May 1804 at Hockwold
22.....Elizabeth Johnson d 7 Mar 1885
Note: Elizabeth was recorded in the 1841 census as being a grocer in Hockwold and in 1845 as a Shopkeeper
23.....Robert Johnsonbap 28 Apr 1806 at Hockwold
24.....Edward Johnson b 28 Sep 1808 bap privately at Hockwold on 4 Oct 1808 d 15 Mar 1899
25.....Susan Johnson b 9 Apr 1811 at Hockwold m James WOOLSEY [ see Chilvers Branch]

from the Bury and Norwich Post of 10 Mar 1868

25a William JOHNSON m Jane

Note: William was an ag lab in 1841 as were all his children

Children of William and Jane
25b......Abraham Johnson b 1821 Hockwold cum Wilton m Susan WHISTLER
25c......Edward Johnson b 1823 Hockwold cum Wilton
25d......Thomas Johnson b 1825 Hockwold cum Wilton m Mira ENEFER 1st qr 1851 [Thetford 13 493] See Enefer branch here
25e......Robert Johnson b 1827 Hockwold cum Wilton

9 William ANDREWS m Sarah (bur 7 Sep 1806)

Children of Williaam and Sarah
26....Robert Andrews bap 2 Sep 1803
27....Thomas Andrews b abt 1806

9a Thomas ANDREWS m Mary (b 1811) abt 1830

Note: In 1841 Thomas was a farmer and the family was living in Feltell St Nicholas. In 1851 Thomas was a farmer of 9 acres in Feltwell. In 1871 he was still a farmer living at Howard's Lane, Feltwell and his farm had grown to 27 acres

Children of Thomas and Mary
A5......Sarah Andrews b 1832 Feltwell
A7......William Andrews b1835 Feltwell
Note: In 1851 William was apprenticed to a wheelwright
A8......Philip Andrews b1836 Feltwell
Note: Philip Andrewswas an ag lab in 1871
A9......Elizabeth Andrews b1838 Feltwell
A10....Robert Andrews b1839 Feltwell
A11....Thomas Andrews b 1842 Feltwell
Note: Thomas was an ag lab in 1871
A12.....Mary Ann Andrews b 1845 Feltwell
A13....Augusta Andrews b 1849 Feltwell

10 Abraham JOHNSON m Elizabeth

Note: Abraham appears in the 1841 census as a pensioner in Hockwold

Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
28......John Johnson bap 2 Feb 1795
29......Abraham Johnson bap 20 Jul 1796
Note: Abraham was a labourer in 1841 living with his father in Hockwold
30......Mary Johnson bap 22 Sep 1799 d 4th qr 1873 Feltwell
Note: Mary, still unmarried was living in Cock Street, Feltwell with
Christopher FEETHAM in 1861as a "House Worker", but married him in 1st qr 1868
31......William Johnson bap 1 Oct 1800

Note: Also in this generation in Hockwold was Morley JOHNSON b 1809 who married Susan NEWDICK (b 1814 Barton, Sfk) and had four children, 31a......William Newdick b 1834 Hockwold, 31b......Elizabeth b 1836 Hockwold, 31c......Frederick b 1840 Hockwold and 31d......Thomas b 1844 Hockwold. No direct link has yet been found, but the naming of a child as Morley (42 below) suggests a family connection and possibly that Morley and James were brothers


13 James JOHNSON m (a) Mary TILNEY 6 Mar 1827 Wilton (b) Fanny PAYNE 3rd qr 1868 [Thetford 4b 461]

Note: in 1851, Ann ELSEGOOD aged 73, an ag lab's widow was living with the family

Child of James and Mary
32.....Mary Johnson b 2nd qr 1850 Hockwold
32a....Jacob Johnson b 2nd qr 1852 Hockwold [Thetford 13 413]
32b....Ezra Johnson b 1854 Hockwold
32c....Isaac Johnson b 4th qr 1856 Hockwold [Thetford 13 380] m Sarah KETTERINGHAM 4th qr 1886 [Thetford 4b 4004]
32d....Elsegood Johnson b 4th qr 1859 Hockwold [[Thetford 4b 415]

16 William JOHNSON m (a)14a Amy EASTGATE (b 23 Jan 1798 d 3rd qr 1845 [Thetford 13 180]) 19 Nov 1824 Hockwold cum Wilton [ see Eastgate branch ] (b) Maria ARNOLD (b 1822 Hockwold) 3rd qr 1847 [Thetford 13 479]

Note: In 1837 the family was living in a house owned by Dr Chafy. William owned an allotment which he let to Thomas Andrew. In 1841 He was a farmer. William was landlord of the Anchor Inn in Hockwold in 1845. In 1861 he was a farmer of 7 acres. In 1871 he was living with daughter Eliza and her husband William Greenfield as a widower ag lab in South Street Hockwold

Children of William and Amy

33......Emily Johnson m unknown 4th qr 1850 [Thetford 13 831]
34......Elizabeth Johnson b 1829 and living with William in 1861
35......Mary Johnson m unknown 4th qr 1848 [Thetford 13 816]
36......Lucy Johnson bap 1834 m unknown 4th qr 1849 [Thetford 13 819]
37......Julia Johnson bap 1840
Note: In 1891 Julia was a spinster dressmaker living in North Street, Hockwold
38......Eliza Johnson bap 1835 m William GREENFIELD abt 1857

54......Gaveric Johnson bap 1841 in Eastmoor, Nfk
Note: Gaverick was an ag lab in 1861 living with his parents
55......Ann Johnson b 3rd qr 1848 in Wilton [Thetford 13 304]
56......Amy Johnson b 2nd qr 1846 in Wilton [Thetford 13 31*]
57......Iesse Johnson b4th qr 1848 in Wilton [Thetford 13 282]
Mark Johnson b 1st qr 1853 Wilton [Thetford 4b 414] bap 1854 in Wilton
59......Lucy Johnson b 1856 in Wilton

24 Edward JOHNSON m Mary GREENFIELD (1 Nov 1812 bap 8 Dec 1812 Wilton d 8 Oct 1899) 8 Nov 1839 [Thetford 13 757]

[ See Whistler branch here] [See Chilvers branch here] [See their love letters here]

Note: Mary was the daughter of John GREENFIELD and Mary WHISTLER.Edward was a farmer of 144 acres in 1851, in 1861 employing 3 labourers and farming 120 acres in 1871. He was still farming in 1883 and in 1891, living in the house at 57 Nursery Lane, opposite to what is now Wilton Farm. Also living with the family in 1851 was Elizabeth GORE aged 16, a house servant (poss. sister to Mary GORE.)

Children of Edward and Mary Johnson
60.....Clarissa Johnson b 5 Sep 1840 Wilton bur 17 May 1919
61.....Emma Johnson b 12 Nov 1842 Wilton
62.....Mark Johnson b 28 May 1845 Wilton d 19 Feb 1928

Note: in 1851 Mark was described as "Famers son emp at home"
63.....Levinah Johnson b 5 Nov 1847 Wilton d 16 Sep 1850 Wilton
64.....Julia Johnson b 10 Dec 1849 Wilton bap 7 Feb 1850 Wilton Methodist Church d 18 Apr 1933 Hockwold
Note: In 1871 Julia was a dressmaker, living with her aunt Susan WOOLSEY together with Frederick and Matilda CHILVERS in South St, Hockwold

(see Chilvers branch here)

65.....Agnes< Johnson/A> b 24 August 1852 Wilton d 4 Feb 1939

66......Melina Johnson b 26 Feb 1856 Wilton d 6 Jun 1858 Wilton

28 John JOHNSON m Elizabeth (b 1889)

Note: John was an ag lab living at Cross Street, Feltwell in 1841

Children of John and Elizabeth
66a......Susan Johnson b abt 1819
66b......Sally Johnson b abt 1829

25b Abraham JOHNSON b 1821 Hockwold cum Wilton m Susan WHISTLER b 1821 Hockwold 3rd qr 1841 [Thetford 13 411]

Note: In 1861 Abraham was an ag lab. Abraham and Susan had a grandchild, 69......Susan JOHNSON b 1882 staying with them in 1891 when Abraham was described as a farmer. In 1861 Jane WHISTLER, widow aged 83 was living with them, and was still there in 1871 aged 92 and blind.

Child of Abraham and Susan
68......Emma Rebecca Johnson b 4th qr 1850 Hockwold [Thetford 13 306]
68......Emma Jane Johnson b 17 Feb 1851 Hockwold cum Wilton [Certificate] m Robert Norman GORE 4th qr 1868 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 1093]
See the Gore branch
68a......Martha Johnson b 1857 Hockwold
68b....Edward Thomas Johnson b 1860 Hockwold
68c....Louisa Johnson b 1864 Hockwold

71 James JOHNSON b 1836 Wilton ag lab m (a) Mary ELSEGOOD (b 1839 Feltwell d after 1861) 4th qr 1847 [Thetford 13 839] (b) Emma GREEN (b 1842 Wilton) 4th qr 1863 [Thetford 4b 1091]

Child of James and Emma
72......Elsegood Johnson (male) b 1866 agric. labourer

73 Edward H JOHNSON b 1817 Methwold blacksmith m Elizabeth of Feltwell

Note: In 1891 Edward is shown as a widower retired blacksmith, blind

Child of Edward and Elizabeth
Robert William Johnson b 1854 Methwold
Robert was a railway platelayer in 1891

75 James DAVIS m ?

Children of James Davis and ?
76......Maude Jane Davis b 28 Aug 1881 England d 26 May 1940 New Meadows, Adams Co, Idaho
77......Harry Davis


43 William JOHNSON m Mary (b abt 1843 Denham) abt 1865

Note: William was a coal merchant in 1891

Children of William and Mary
77a......Julia Johnson b 1867 Hockwold
77b......Louisa Johnson b 2nd qr 1873 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 378]
Louisa was a schoolteacher in 1891
77c......Walter Morley Johnson b 4th qr 1878 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 375]
77d......Eva Matilda Johnson b 3rd qr 1882 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 379]

46 Abraham JOHNSON m Sarah GREEN 1868 Thetford District (4b-1126)

Note: Sarah was the daughter of John and Ann GREEN (Ann b 1814 Feltwell) In 1891 Abraham was a farm labourer. Also in 1891, grandchildren Mary J JOHNSON (b 1887 Hockwold) and Harry JOHNSON (b 1889 Hockwold) were staying with the family at Five Mill Cottages, The Common, Methwold

Children of Abraham and Sarah
77e......Mary Johnson b 3rd qr 1867 Wilton [Thetford 4b 380]
77f......Susan Johnson b 2nd qr 1870 Wilton [Thetford 4b 402]
77g......Agnes Johnson b 3rd qr 1878 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 374] m George John MUNFORD (b 2nd qr 1877 Norwich) 2nd qr 1897 Norwich [Norwich 4b 276] (issue 77g-1......Constance Munford b 1899 Norwich)
77h......Robert Johnson b 4th qr 1881 Wilton [Thetford 4b 368]
77i......Lydia A Johnson b 1885 Hockwold

58 Mark JOHNSON b 1853 (Engine driver) m Hannah BULLOCK 3rd qr 1876 [Thetford 4b 649]

Note: Mark was a widower anda Threshing machine driver in 1891 living at North Street, Hockwold cum Wilton. In 1901 he was at Webb's Lane, Hockwold, still a threshing engine driver

Children of Mark and Hannah
58b......Elijah Johnson b 4th qr 1876 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 374]
Note: Elijah was an ag lab in 1891
58c......George Robert Johnson b 3rd qr 1878 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 374]
Note: George was an ag lab in 1891
58d......Walter Johnson b 4th qr 1880 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 383]
Note: Walter was an ag lab in 1891

60 Clarissa JOHNSON m James WATSON 1st qr 1864 [Thetford 4b 689]

(see Watson branch)

Note: James was schoolmaster in Hockwold, living at 91 High Street in 1871, School House in 1881 and in 1891 was recorded as Schoolmaster and farmer. Their banns were read 10th Dec 1863, 10th and 17th Jan 1864

Children of James and Clarissa
84......Clara Harriet Watson b 12 Sep 1864 m Arthur William KIDDELL [or RIDDELL] St Mary Somerset, London (banns complete 25 Aug 1901)
85......Francis James Watson b 2 Sep 1865 d 15 Jun 1866
86......Victor Watson b 27 Apr 1867 d 28 Apr 1867
87....Lily Mary May Watson b abt 1871 m Frederick William Rycraft GOLDING of Walton Sfk
88......Percy Eustace Watson b abt 1874 bur 18 Jan 1951
89......Archie Edward Watson b abt 1877
90......Sybil Alice Watson b 1881

61 Emma JOHNSON m John WAIN (b abt 1833 Buxton, Derbys) abt 1864

[ see letter here to Joseph, his grandfather]

Child of John and Emma Wain

91......Mary Wain b a2nd qr 1863 Uttoxeter
92......Florence b abt 1867
93......Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wain b 1865 Belper [ who taught my mother, Mollie Oldman, to play the piano]

62 Mark JOHNSON m Emily (Emma) ROLFE 27 Dec 1869

Note: Mark was a farmer in Hockwold in 1883 and in 1891 census is recorded as Agricultural engine driver living at 93 North St Hockwold cum Wilton

Children of Mark and Emily Johnson
Sidney Johnson b 1871 [living with grandfather Edward at 57 Nursery Lane in 1891]
95......Fuller Johnson b 1873 d 16 Oct 1958
96......Gilbert (Bert) Johnson b 13 Jul 1876 d 25 Jun 1926
97......Elijah Johnson b 1877 Wilton
98......Harry Johnson b 21 July 1878 d 30 Oct 1952
99......George Johnson b 1879 Hockwold
100....Walter Johnson b 1880 Hockwold
101....Edward Headley Johnson b 4 Dec 1881 d 1 Mar 1973

64 Julia JOHNSON m Robert George MORLEY

[ See Morley Branch here]

Children of Robert George and Julia Morley of Hockwold
102......Marriane Morley b 23 Nov 1872 d 11 Jun 1956
[ see Oldman branch]
103......Rubie Florence Morley b 17 Dec 1892 bap 10 Jan 1893 in Brandon Methodist Church d 2 Aug 1977 m Alfred Palmer ENEFER
see Morley branch [ see Enefer Branch]

65 Agnes JOHNSON m Charles Jabez COCK b 1 May 1851 d 26 Jul 1913

[ see Cock branch here]

Children of Charles Jabez and Agnes Cock

104......Garnet Cock
105......Gordon Cock d 2 Feb 1939

74 Robert William JOHNSON b 1854 Hockwold m 65a Hannah HART b 1864 Fulbourn Cambs 1st qr 1887 [Thetford 4b 531]

Note: Robert was a blacksmith in 1901 living at the Beck, Feltwell and still a blacksmith in 1911 living at Bell St, Feltwell

Children of Robert and Hannah
106......Bertie Johnson b 1st qr 1890 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 375]
Note: In 1911 Bertie was a farm labourer
107......Ellen Johnson b 1st qr 1888 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 414]
107a....Emily Johnson b 3rd qr 1892 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 381]
107b....Walter Johnson b 4th qr 1894 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 358a]
Note: In 1911 Walter was a farm labourer
107c....Hannah Matilda Johnson b 1st qr 1897 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 372]
107d....William Johnson b 1st qr 1899 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 361]
107e....George Henry Johnson b 1901 Feltwell [Thetford 4b 350]
107f....Agnes Johnson b 1905 Feltwell

68b Edward Thomas JOHNSON b 1860 Wilton m Mary Ann SAWYER (b 1860 Thelnetham) 4th qr 1879 [Ely 3b 1231]

Note: In 1891 the family was living at South Street, Hockwold. Edward lived in a cottage owned by Joseph Manning Enefer in Hockwold cum Wilton in about 1900 [see Enefer branch] In 1901 he was a groom and gardener living in Hockwold Street and in 1911 he was a domestic gardener living at White House, Hethersett

Children of Edward and Mary
109......Edward William Johnson b 3rd qr 1880 Knettishall [Thetford 4b 394]
110......Walte Johnsonr b 4th qr 1881 Wilton [Thetford 4b 376]
111......Louisa Mary Johnson b 2nd qr 1883 Wilton [Thetford 4b 401]
112......Arthur Abraham Johnson b 1st qr 1885 Wilton [Thetford 4b 411]
Note: In 1901 Arthur was a gardener
113......Frederick Stroulger Johnson b 4th qr 1886 Wilton [Thetford 4b 981]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a gardener's help
114......John Catton Johnson b 4th qr 1888 Wilton [Thetford 4b 368]
115......Rose Esther Johnson b 4th qr 1890 Wilton [Thetford 4b 332]
115a....Alice Elizabeth Johnson b 4th qr 1892 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 356]
Note: in 1911 Alice was a general servant
115b....Matilda Jane Johnson b 1st qr 1895 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 391]
115c...Victor Jubilee Johnson b 2nd qr 1897 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 381]
Note: In 1911 Victor was a garden boy
115d....James Thomas Johnson b 3rd qr 1898 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 357]
115e....Herbert Claude Johnson b 4th qr 1900 Hockwold [Thetford 4b 350]

116 Henry JOHNSON b 1838 Wilton Schoolmaster (retired in 1891) m Martha b 1841 Wilton

Children of Henry and Martha
117......Alice Johnson b 1881 Wilton
118......Claude Johnson b 1883 Wilton
119......Arthur Johnson b 1886 Wilton

120 Isaac JOHNSON b 1857 Hockwold m 104a Sarah b 1860 Feltwell

Note: Isaac was an Ag Lab in 1891 living at Blackdyke Road, Hockwold

Children of Isaac and Sarah
121......Agnes Johnson b 1887 Black Dyke Hockwold
122......Ernest Johnson b 1889 Black Dyke Hockwold
123......William Johnson b 1891 Black Dyke Hockwold

124 William N Johnson b 1855 Hockwold Coal Merchant m 108a Mary b 1842 Dereham

Children of William and Mary
125......Louisa Johnson b 1873 Hockwold
126......Walter Johnson b 1879 Hockwold

127 James JOHNSON b 1863 m 111a Hannah TIBBETT (dau of Sarah TIBBETT [midwife] ) b 1870 Hockwold

Note: James was an ag lab in 1891 and was living as a family with Sarah TIBBETT at High Street, Hockwold
Children of James and Hannah

128...... George Johnson b 1887 Hockwold
129......Gertrude Johnson b 1889 Hockwold

130 Greenfield COCK m Mary Edwards FLETCHER (b 23 Jul 1846 d 4 Dec 1930) 1870

[see Cock branch and also see Matthews Branch]

Note: Greenfield seems to have been a man of many parts. In 1861 he is described as an apprentice carpenter, but he became a wheelwright in later years. In 1879/80 he is listed in a directory as a "steam miller" and in 1892 just as a miller. When he died he was described as a builder.He lived in Bell Street, Feltwell, in a house later occupied by Mr Parnell, the village barber. An account of his funeral may be seen here

Children of Greenfield and Mary Cock

131......Evangeline Johnson b 1871
132......Ada Mary Johnson b 1873
133......Gertrude Annie Johnson b 1874
134......Ethel Sarah Johnson b 1875
135......William Robert Johnson b 1877
136......Dora Lilian Johnson b 1878 d 26 Mar 1959 m 120a Ernest Russel MATTHEWS (b 9 Jul 1891 d 10 Apr 1965) on 22 Apr 1905
see Matthews Branch ]
137......Kate Louise Johnson b 1882
138......Elsie Winifred Gwendoline Johnson b 1884


58b Elijah JOHNSON m Bessie Selina TODD (b 1881 Herringswell) 4th qr 1899 [Thingoe 4a 1614a]

Children of Elijah and Bessie
M1......George A Johnson b 1903 Hockwold
M2......Horace J Johnson b 1908 Barton Bendish m Margaret E KETTLEWELL 4th qr 1933 [Norwich 4b 481]

58c George Robert JOHNSON m Edith Ellen DYER (b 1885 Brandon) 4th qr 1903 [Thetford 4b 1017]

Child of George and Edith
M3......Bertram Johnson b 1906 Hockwold cum Wilton

94 Sidney JOHNSON b 1871 m (a) 133 Sarah Louise WRIGHT(b 1865 Bury St Edmunds d 4th qr 1901 [Thetford 4b 238]) (b) 119 Gertrude Annie COCK (b 1874 Feltwell ) 4th qr 1908 [Thetford 4b 1087] see Cock branch

Note: Sydney was a horsekeeper in 1891 living with his grandparents, Edward and Mary JOHNSON. In 1901 he was living with his wife's mother in the Street, Hockwold cum Wilton and still in Hockwold in 1911 where he was listed as farmers son working on farm

Child of Sidney and Sarah Louise Johnson
139......Harry Wright Johnson b 20 Oct 1896 d 28 Jan 1903

96 Gilbert (Bert) JOHNSON b 1876 m 80a Alice JARMAN

Children of Gilbert and Alice Johnson
140......Edwin Rolfe Johnson b 10 Oct 1903 d 4 Oct 1965
Gilbert Edward Johnson b 1 Mar 1907 d 1975

98 Harry JOHNSON m (a) 104 Ethel Sarah COCK 16 Dec 1904 in S Africa [see Cock branch]
(b) 82b Annie REEVES 29 Jun 1915 in Idaho

Children of Harry and Ethel Sarah Johnson
142......William Harry Johnson b 29 Dec 1906 in S Africa, d 4 Jun 1986 in Oregon
143......Mabel Ethel Johnson b 15 April 1909 d 20 Sep 1981
144......George Johnson b Mar 1913 d Mar 1913

Child of Harry and Annie Johnson
145......Agnes Vera Johnson b 14 May 1916 d 16 May 1985

101 Edward (Ted) Headley JOHNSON b 4 Dec 1881 m (a) 85a Katherine (Katie) BAYNE, (b) 85b Maude Jane DAVIS (b 28 Aug 1881 Radford Notts) 14 Apr 1906 in Epsom, Surrey

The SS Franconia

Note: In 1911 the family was living in Hockwold where Edward was a plasterer. On 18th April 1911 the family emigrated on the Cunard line SS Franconia from Liverpool to Boston, USA

Children of Edward Headley and Maude Jane
146......May Winifred Johnson b 14 Oct 1907 Wallington, Surrey d 8 June 1997 in Boise, Idaho, m Henry WILSON (d 20 Jun 1971 in New Meadows, Idaho) 23 Aug 1934
Frederick Headley Johnson b 14 Apr 1910 in Hockwold
148......Edward Johnson b 1913 New Meadows, Idaho d Mar 1913, New Meadows


141 Gilbert Edward JOHNSON m Annie Gwendoline WRIGHT (b 27 May 1905 d 1997) 2nd qr 1932 [Thetford 4b 715]

Annie was the daughter of George WRIGHT

Children of Gilbert and unknown Wright
149......Rita Johnson (twin) b 11 July 1935 m Ron PARNELL
150......Vera Johnson (twin) b 11 Jul 1935 m Paul CRANE
Ena Johnson b 29 Oct 1939

142 William Harry JOHNSON (b 29 Dec 1906) m 124a Veda Christine LEE [dau of Nathaniel LEE and Madena McNOWN] 1 Jan 1937

Note: Madena was the daughter of John McNOWN (who was killed at Shiloh in the US civil war) and Frances NORRIS. For those interested in her line, visit the McNOWN website
here There is a photo of Madena's father in the gallery

Children of William Harry and Veda Christine Johnson
152...... Lavera Kay Johnsonb 18 Aug 1939
153......David Edgar Johnson b 20 Nov 1942

143 Mabel Ethel JOHNSON b 15 Apr 1909 m (a) 125a William L FOWLER [d 15 Feb 1957] 14 Jun 1936 in McMinville, Yamhill Co, Oregon (b) 125b Meril William RABUCK (b 15 Oct 1902 d 6 Nov 1991 Polk Co, Oregon) after 1957

Children of William L and Mabel
Gordon Dean Fowler
155......Robert Harry Fowler
156......James William Fowler

145 Agnes Vera JOHNSON (b 14 May 1916 d 16 May 1985) m 127a James Lowell RANNEY

Children of James and Agnes
2 girls and 2 boys

147 Frederick Headley JOHNSON (b 14 Apr 1910 d 16 June 1994 Port Huron, Michigan) m 157 Lois Marie JOHNSTON (b 11 June 1915 Covington, Miami County, Ohio) 1 Aug 1947

Children of Frederick Headley and Lois Marie Johnson
158......Ruth Ann Johnsonb 21 Mar 1949 in Ephrata, Grant Co, WA.
159......Esther Mae Johnsonb 21 Apr 1953 d Apr 21 1953 in Bronson, Branch Co MI
160......Jane Marie Johnson b 23 Feb 1955 in Bremen, Marshall Co, IN


151 Ena JOHNSON m Derek VAUGHAN (b 28 Jun 1943)

Child of Derek and Ena
161......Trevor Johnson

152 Lavera Kay JOHNSON m James Oscar RUMPEL

Child of James and Lavera Rumpel
One boy

153 David Edgar JOHNSON m (a) Gloria Jean FINCH (b) Juanita FREDERICKSON (c) Arleta May CARTWRIGHT (d) Jonna Mae CONLEY (d 9 Oct 2002).

Child of David and Gloria
One girl

Child of David and Juanita
One boy

Child of David and Arleta
One boy and one girl

154 Gordon Dean FOWLER m 133a Leta ANDERSON

Children of Gordon Dean and Leta Fowler
2 boys

155 Robert Harry FOWLER m 134a Donna SHENK

Children of Robert and Donna
3 boys

156 James William FOWLER m 135a Candace BUSHWELL

Children of James and Candace FOWLER
3 girls
1 boy

158 Ruth Ann JOHNSON b 21 Mar 1949 m David Morton WAID (b 18 Mar 1949) 20 June 1970

Children of David and Ruth Ann
Three boys

160 Jane Marie JOHNSON (b 23 Feb 1955) m (a) Dennis RAND (b 17 Sep 1953) (b) Mitchell Carl (Mike) ANDERSON (b 7 Oct 1951)

Children of Dennis and Jane Marie
162......Christine Marie Rand b 3 Jan 1979
163......Jeremy Allen Rand b 15 Apr 1980


161......Trevor VAUGHAN m Denise STANNARD 19 Aug 1999

Children of Trevor and Denise
164...... Cerys Eve Vaughan b 22.08.2001
165......Eleanor Rose Vaughan b 16.04.2003

Thanks are due to David Johnson in Utah, Martin Fisher in Doncaster, Elizabeth Oliver, David Waid and Jane Anderson for many of the family details.

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