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Thomas Lax married Ellen Fowell, sister to my great great grandmother

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Parker 1890...Pett...Randall 1717...Randall abt 1730...Reid...Robertson...Selby...Settle
Shakespeare...Smith abt 1859...Smith 1908...Sourbut...Stavers...Stubbs...Templeton...Waite


1 William HOLLIDAY (b bef 1589 d Feb 1630 Hampsthwaite) m Janet WAITE 15 Jun 1609 Hampsthwaite

Child of William and Anne
William Holliday b 1610 Hampsthwaite


2 William HOLLIDAY with unknown

Child of William and unknown
3......Robert Holliday b 1629 Hampsthwaite bap 7 Nov Hampsthwaite d 21 Mar 1679 Hampsthwaite


3 Robert HOLLIDAY m Dorothy (b 1629) 1649
Children of Robert and Dorothy
4......Jane Holliday bap 16 May 1650 Hampsthwaite
5......Marie Holliday bap17 Mar 1654 Hampsthwaite bur 29 Apr 1659 Hampsthwaite
6......John Holliday bap 9 Aug 1657 Hampsthwaite d 15 Feb 1735 Tang, Kettlesing, Felliscliffe, Hampsthwaite
7......Anne Holliday bap 7 May 1661 Hampsthwaite bur 1 Feb 1675 Hampsthwaite
8......Isabel Holliday bap 19 Mar 1662 Hampsthwaite


6 John HOLLIDAY m Ann BAKE (b 1669 Farnham Yorks bur 3 Sep 1729 Hampsthwaite) 30 Nov 1690 St Oswalds Church, Farnham, Yorks

Children of John and Ann
9......Judith Holliday b 1691 bap 28 Mar 1692 aged 1 m (a) Thomas RANDALL 1 May 1717 Hampsthwaite (b) Robert HUDSON (d 1769 Hampsthwaite)
10....Martha Holliday bap 8 Oct 1693 Hampsthwaite m John JEFFREY 1721
11....Thomas Holliday bap 7 Apr 1695 Hampsthwaite
Anne Holliday bap 28 Dec 1696 Hampsthwaite bur 7 Sep 1756 Hampsthwaite


13 Peter LAX (b bef 1653 d Aug 1709 Hampsthwaite) m Elizabeth BUCK 18 Aug 1678 Hampsthwaite bur 22 Aug 1709 Hampsthwaite

Note: Elizabeths father was William BUCK

Children of Peter and Elizabeth
14......Anne Lax b 1686
Peter Lax b 1690 Ripley bap 14 Dec 1690 Ripley d Nov 1776 Tand Beck Felliscliffe, Hampsthwaite bur 29 Nov 1776 St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Hampsthwaite
Note: Peter was schoolmaster of West Syke School in 1729 but at his death in 1776 he was described as a yeoman.


16 Joseph STUBBS 9b 1691 Beckwithshaw d Dec 1760 Greystone Plain Hampsthwaite) m Sarah RANDALL (b 1707 Hampsthwaite d Mar 1780 Hampsthwaite

Children of William and Sarah
Anne Stubbs bap 21 Mar 1732 Hampsthwaite d bef 1805 Hmpsthwaite
18.....Thomas Stubbs b 1734 bap 25 Mar 1735 Hampsthwaite
19....Alice Stubbs bap 12 May 1737 Hampsthwaite bur 26 Jul 1764 Hampsthwaite
20......Sarah Stubbs bap 17 Dec 1739 Hampsthwaite d 19 Dec 1739 Hampsthwaite bur 20 Dec 1739 Hampsthwaite
21......Joseph Stubbs bap 30 Jul 1736 Hampsthwaite m Elizabeth MANKIN (b 1746 Hampsthwaite)24 Oct 1776
22......William Stubbs bap 14 Nov 1753 Hampsthwaite m Sarah


15 Peter LAX m 12 Anne HOLLIDAY 1728

Children of Peter and Anne
23......Mary bap 30 Aug 1729 Hampsthwaite
24......Hannah Lax bap Feb 1731 Hampsthwaite m William MILNER 29 Sep 1753 Hampsthwaite
Peter Lax bap 23 Dec 1733 Hampsthwaite m Isabel HEWICK (b 1745 Hampsthwaite
26......John Lax bap 15 May 1736 Hampsthwaite d May 1781
27......Anne Lax bap 24 Aug 1739 Hampsthwaite bur 23 Dec 1742 Hampsthwaite


25 Peter LAX m Isabel HEWICK (bap 19 Feb 1745 Hampsthwaite) 25 Feb 1770 Hampsthwaite

Children of Peter and Isabel
28......Peter Lax b 1775 bap 16 Mar 1776 Hampsthwaite m Hannah LEEDAM (b 1775) 20 Dec 1802 Hampsthwaite
29......John Lax bap 10 Sep 1785 Hampsthwaite


26 John LAX m 19 17 Anne STUBBS (b 1736) 17 Oct 1758

Note: John was a weaver in 1759 and a bleacher in 1781

Children of John and Anne
30......Anne Lax bap 31 Aug 1759 Hampsthwaite
31......Joseph Lax b 1762 Tang, Kettlesing, Felliscliffe Hampsthwaite bap 1 Apr 1762 Hampsthwaite d bef 1853
32......John Lax bap 28 Jun 1764 m Hannah SETTLE (b 1764) 15 Sep 1789 Otley
Peter Lax bap 2 Apr 1767 Hampsthwaite
34......Sarah Lax bap 14 May 1769 Hampsthwaite m George GILL (b 1769) 24 May 1790 Hampsthwaite


30 Anne LAX m Philip PARKER (b 1759) 6 Aug 1778 Hampsthwaite

Children of Philip and Anne
35......Jane b 1778 bap 1779 Hampsthwaite m John CORKER 5 Nov 1798 Fewston
36......John Parker bap 15 Oct 1780 Hampsthwaite
37......Anne Parker b 1781 bap 10 Feb 1782 Hampsthwaite
38......Mary Parker b 1783 bap 25 Jan 1784 Hampsthwaite
39......Philip Parker bap 2 Apr 1786 Hampsthwaite
40......Sarah Parker bap 22 Jun 1788 Hampsthwaite


31 Joseph LAX m Lucy NOWELL (bap 1st Jul Gawthorpe and 11 Jul 1766 Gawthorpe, Burnley Rd, Padiham, Burnley d 22 Nov 1841) 4 Jul 1786 St Michaels Linton

Note: Lucy was the daughter of Ralph NOWELL, Gent.

Children of Joseph and Lucy
41......Rebecca Lax b 22 Apr 1787 bap 23 May 1787 Hampsthwaite 16 Mar 1858 Lawton Rd, Rainhill bur 20 Mar 1858 Rainhill
42......Ann Lax bap 19 Mar 1789 Hampsthwaite d 16 Aug 1862 Ripon
43......Richard Nowell Lax bap 17 Dec 1791 Hampsthwaite
44......Thomas Lax bap 3 Oct 1794 Hampsthwaite
45......Anne Isabel Lax bap 28 May 1797 Hampsthwaite m Ralph PEARSON (b abt 1795)
William Lax bap 9 Feb 1806 Hampsthwaite d 22 Jun 1889 Ormskirk


33 Peter LAX m Mary JACKMAN (b 1867) 17 Mar 1795

Children of Peter and Mary
45b....John Lax b 1799 Yorkshire


41 Rebecca LAX m Thomas MUSGROVE (b abt 1785 Liverpool d 1850) 30 Jan 1815 Ripon

Note: From 1818 to 1819 Thomas was a book keeper, and in 1819 he became an anchor smith in Liverpool. Then from 1821 to 1827 he was an iron monger and from 1828 to 1831 he was in partnership with Ralph PEARSON running an anchor smith and Ironmongers in Liverpool, with the partnership being dissolved in 1831. Then he reverted to being a Merchant

Children of Thomas and Rebecca
46......Isabelle Musgrove bap 26 Sep 1816 Liverpool
47......Thomas Musgrove bap 5 Mar 1818 Liverpool d 1900 Chorlton m Hannah HALL (b 1820 Dublin d 1901 Chorlton) 1849 Liverpool
Note: from London Gazette 1 Apr 1892
Thomas Musgrove and his partner Seth Flitcroft were Grate manufacturers, iron founders, Dealers and Chapmen in Liverpool and were declared bankrupt

48......Margaret Musgrove bap 18 Jul 1819 St James, Liverpool
49......Jane Musgrove bap 30 Jan 1821 Liverpool
50......Sarah Justice Musgrove bap 26 Jan 1824 Liverpool
51......Ralph Nowell Musgrove b 24 May 1825 Liverpool m Sarah Emma MELVILLE (b 1825) 1859 Wirral
Note: From "The National Advocate" of 11 Feb 1890
DEATH THROUGH INFLUENZA. We learn with regret from Senior-Sergeant Musgrove of the death of his brother, Ralph Nowell Musgrove, who contracted the disease whilst on a voyage from New York to Liverpool in the s.s. Britanic, one of the White Star line of steamers, and in which service he had been for the last 32 years as purser.


SS Britannic of the White Star LIne

On arriving at Liveerpool Mr. Musgrove received the best of treatment, but on account of the ship having to sail again he was obliged to join her. On that passage they encountered very heavy weather, and Mr. Musgrove was wet through from start to finish. This brought on the complaint again, and though carefully nursed in New York by his friends, he suc-cumbed on the 29th of December, 1889. His remains were taken back to Liverpool in the s.s. Adriatic and buried in the family grave at St. James' Cemetery, Liverpool.
Alexander William Musgrove bap 9 Sep 1827 Liverpool
53.....Rebecca Musgrove bap 28 Aug 1828 Liverpool d 1918 Surrey m Thomas HADDOCK (b 1824 Sutton, St Helens d 1885 Northwich) 1859 Newark
53a....Hainworth Musgrove bap 16 Aug 1831 St James, Liverpool
Note: Hainworth emigrated to Australia
53b....Lucy Emma Musgrove bap 7 Aug 1832 St James, Liverpool m John Thomas WRIGHT 1852 Altrincham


42 Ann LAX m Christopher JOHNSON 28 Nov 1814 Ripon

Children of Christopher and Ann
54......Christopher Johnson bap 3 May 1827 Ripon bur 8 May 1827 Ripon
55......Isabella Johnson bap 7 Apr 1820 Ripon m William HARRISON (b abt 1817 d 1867 Ripon) 1840 Ripon
56......Jane Johnson bap 25 Feb 1817 Ripon
57......Lucy Elizabeth Johnson bap 9 Feb 1823 Ripon d 1904 Clifton, Yorks
58......Mary Ann Johnson bap 27 Oct 1815 Ripon d 1868 Ripon m William James Arrowsmith WALTON (b 1815) 22 Jun 1847 Ripon Cathedral
59......Sarah Nowell Johnson b 13 Feb 1825 bap 15 Feb 1825 Ripon d 8 Jun 1906 St Albans m Thomas ASKWITH (b 1826) 9 Jan 1847 Ripon Cathedral


44 Thomas LAX m Maria abt 1835

Child os Thomas and Maria
60......William Lax b 1838 Cockerton, Durham d 2nd qr 1913 Durham


45 John LAX m Rachel WAITE 2 Nov 1829 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]

Children of John and Rachel
61......John Lax bap 15 May 1831 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]
62......Joseph Lax bap 10 Mar 1833 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]
63......Elizabeth Lax bap 7 Dec 1834 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]
64......Thomas Waite Lax b 26 Feb 1836 Birstwith bap 27 Mar 1836 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census] d 2nd qr 1921 aged 85 Hunslet [Holbeck 9b 588]
65....Isaac Lax bap 7 Jan 1838 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]
66....James Lax bap 7 Jan 1838 Hampsthwaite, Yorks [IGI, Census]


45a William LAX m (a) Anne Jane WARING (b 13 Dec 1807 Ormskirk d 5 Nov 1834 Ormskirk) 23 Apr 1832 Ormskirk (b) Mary Sophia SOURBUT (b 6 Sep 1821 Ormskirk d 15 May 1889 Ormskirk) 23 Nov 1853 Ormskirk.

Note: William became a surgeon at Ormskirk in the dispensary in Burscough St.
Probate of Mary Sophia's will showed effects of £5419.9s.0d

Child of William and Anne
45c......Ann Jane Lax b abt 1833 Ormskirk d 8 Jun 1924 Ormskirk
Note: Probate showed Ann Jane as a spinster leaving affects worth £18622.6s.2d

Children of William and Mary
45d......William Lax b 1855 Ormskirk d Feb 1933 Ormskirk
William became a solicitor
45e......Alexander Edward Lax b 1856 Ormskirk d 1858 Ormskirk
45f......Emily Charlotte Lax b 1860 Ormskirk
45g......Lucy Sophia Lax b 1860 Ormskirk d 12 Oct 1935 Leebotwood, Shropshire
Note: Effects at death were valued at £29280.14s.2d


52 Alexander William MUGROVE m Emma Elizabeth BERRY (bap 27 Mar 1835 Wakefield d 1914 Ardale, Victoria, Australia) 23 Mar 1853 Prahran, Victoria

Note: Emma was the daughter of John Wood-BERRY and Emma RUMBLE
In 1859 Alexander was Assistant Immigration Officer (1859); Secretary for Trade & Customs, Melbourne

South Australian Chronicle, Adelaide 17 October 1891 Page 11
DEATH OF MR. A. W. MUSGROVE. Melbourne, October 13 1891.
Mr. A. W. Musgrove, Collector of Customs, died at his residence, Toorak, early this morning of influenza. He leaves a widow and six grown up sons and daughters. The deceased has been connected with the Customs for 40 years, and was an able and popular officer. His funeral will take place to-morrow after noon, and as a mark of respect the Customs-House will be closed at noon.

Children of Alexander and Emma
A1......Alexander William Musgrove b 1854 Prahan
A2......Rebecca Hoyes Musgrove b 22 Apr 1855 Prahan d 1948 Yarra, Victoria
A3......Emma Isabel Musgrove b 19 Dec 1856 South Yarra d 22 Feb 1942 Toorak, Melbourne
A4......Violet Annie Musgrove b 14 May 1858 Herne Hill, Geelong m Colin TEMPLETON (b 1862 Avoca, Victoria d 9 Aug 1940 South Yarra) 1890 Victoria
Note: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday 17 May 1943 Page 3
The death occurred on Friday last at her home; Murphy st, South Yarra, of Mrs Violet Annie Templeton, widow of the late Mr Colin Templeton. Mrs Templeton was a collector of English china, and was an acknowledged expert on this sub- ject. Her beautiful collection of English china was presented by her to the National Gallery recently. For many years she was on Children's Hospital committee, and was deeply interested in Christ Church, South Yarra. She is survived by 2 sisters, Mrs J. W. Chadwick and Mrs Geo Selby._

William Nowell Musgrove b 12 Jan 1860 Warrnambool d 11 Mar 1925 Sydney
A6......Harrie Norman Musgrove b 1 Jan 1862 Wangaratta Victoria d 1862 Victoria
A7......Kate Innes Musgrove b 1863 Wangaratta d 1958 Malvern, Victoria
A8......Arthur Godfrey Musgrove b 9 Dec 1864 Wangaratta
A9......Frank Archibald Musgrove b 9 Dec 1865 Warrnambool d 9 Jun 1866 Warrnambool
A10....Rothwell Armytage Musgrove b 1869 Warrnambool d 16 Mar 1904 Armadale
A11....Nigel Graham Musgrove b 1869 Warrnambool d 9 Jan 1871 Warrnabool


60 William LAX m Ann SMITH (b 1841 Stockton d 1st qr 1929 )

Children of William and Ann
67......Marie Harvey Lax b 1st qr 1860 Shotley Bridge
68......John Thomas Lax b 1st qr 1863 Dipton d 3rd qr 1901 Durham m Isabella STAVERS 2nd qr 1897 Durham
William H Lax b 4th qr 1865 Dipton
70......Robert Lax b 1870 Collierly
71......Thomas Harvey Lax b 2nd qr 1872 Collierly d 26 Jan 1963 Durham
72......Miles Henry Lax b 1875 East Castle, Durham d 23 Jan 1952 Lee Hill Hospital, Dutham m Mary Ann SMITH 4th qr 1908 Tynemouth
73......Mary Lax b 1877 East Castle, Durham
74......Sarah Jane Lax b 1880 East Castle, Durham
Henry Lax b 1884 East Castle, Durham d 1st qr 1955 Northwest Durham


64 Thomas Waite LAX m Ellen FOWELL (b 1st qr 1850 [Thetford 13 328] d 2nd qr 1917 Hunslet [Holbeck 9b 713]) 26 Dec 1881 St Ives, Hunts

Note: Thomas had been a blacksmith in 1861 lodging with Ellen BECKWITH at 38 Fountain Street Leeds. In 1871 he was a farmer of 72 acres, living with Joseph and Ann WAITE at Skellgate, Low, Ripon. He was a coal merchant in Birstwith in 1881 living at 37 Blossomgate, Ripon and at Hunslet in 1891 when the family lived at 10 Bismark Grove, but by 1901 he had become a manufacturer of glass bottles. His firm held the Marmite bottle contract for almost 50 years. In 1901 the family lived at 10 Roxborough Street, Hunslet, Yorks. In 1911, Thomas junior still at home, the family was at 38 Cross Flatts Avenue, Beeston

Children of Thomas and Ellen
76......Elizabeth Ellen Lax b 4th qr 1882 [Hunslet 9b 300] m Arthur ANGELL 2nd qr 1914 [Hunslet 9b 1191]
Note: In 1911 Elizabeth was a patient in the London Open Air Sanatorium at Pinewood Wokingham, Berkshire, presumably having TB - some degree of recovery is implied by her marriage in 1914
Frederick Lax b 1st Jan 1884 [Hunslet 9b 268]
78......Thomas Lax b 1st qr 1885 [Hunslet 9b 287] d 14 May 1950 Ilkley, Yorks

See Fowell Branch here


45g Lucy Sophia LAX m Thomas Percy PARKER 6 Aug 1890 Ormskirk

Children of Thomas and Lucy
45h.....Thomas William Lax Parker b 1891 Aughton d 1989 Hove, Sussex m (a) Mary Josephine Hickey O'CONNOR" 1934 (b) Joan Forbes FRASER 1944 Derby
45i......Percy Herbert Parker b 1893 Aughton, d 13 Dec 1951 Ormskirk
45j......John Nowell Parker b 1895 Aughton, d 15 Aug 1952 Leebotwood m Barbara COOKE


A2 Rebecca Hoyes MUSGROVE m John William CHADWICK 1881 Victoria

Child of John and Rebecca
A12......Grace Helen Chadwick b 1883 Melbourne d 1949 Spring, Victoria


A2 Emma Isabel MUSGROVE m Henry James Goldsmith ARMSTRONG (b 25 Jan 1846 Lymington, Tasmania d 25 Sep 1916 Kyneton, Victoria) 1st Jun 1887 South Yarra, Victoria

Children of Henry and Emma
A13......Isabel Nancy Goldsmith Armstrong b 25 Jul 1888 Kyneton d 1977 Melbourne
A14......Henry Keith Goldsmith Armstrong b 26 Apr 1890 Kyneton d 15 Jan 1965 Kyneton
A15......Donald Goldsmith Armstrong b29 Jun 1893 Kyneton d 9 Oct 1917 Brooseinde, Belgium


A5 William Nowell MUSGROVE m Eleanor Martha BEDFORD (b abt 1867 d 7 Aug 1932 Melbourne) 9 Mar 1892 Wagga Wagga

Notes: "Table Talk, Melbourne reported on the marriage on 1 Apr 1892 as follows: Narromine News and Trangie Advocate Friday 12 August 1932 Page 5
Obituary: MRS W. N. MUSGROVE.
After a lingering illness the death occurred in Melbourne on Sunday night of Mrs Eleanor Musgrove, wife of the late W. N. Musgrove, who for years carried on an auctioneering business in Narromine and was well-known throughout Western N.S.W. With her late husband, Mrs Musgrove lived for a long time in Narromine, and reared a large family here. Like her late husband, the deceas-ed lady was popular with every person in the town and district, and many of her friends who are now scattered over various parts of New South Wales, will regret deeply to hear of her demise. Probably a more popular family never resided in Narromine, and when old age crept on, and the time came for husband and wife to leave the West for the more congenial city climate, they left behind them legions of friends. The late Mrs. Musgrove was 65 years of age at the time of her death, and lately had resided with her daughter, Mrs A. W. Pett, in Melbourne, and it was at Mrs Pett's home that she breathed her last. The funeral took place on Wednesday, and the remains were interred in the Field of Mars cemetery in Sydney. Mrs Murgha Mack, of Narromine, is a daughter, other members of the family being Mrs D. H. Chrystal (Wellington), Mrs Ken Gregory (Sydney), Mrs W. Palmer (Coolamon), Mrs A. W. Pett (Melbourne), and Mrs A. K. McKay (Warren).

Children of William and Eleanor
A16......Vera K Musgrove b 1892 Cobar NSW m Archdall W W PETT 29 Apr 1920 Narromine
A17......Eleanor G Musgrove b 1894 Cobar NSW m David Hastie CHRYSTAL Oct 1918 Dubbo, NSW
A18......Rita Musgrove b 1896 Cobar NSW m Kenelm E "Kenneth"> MACKAY 22 Oct 1925 Sydney
A19......Clair Musgrove b 1900 Cobar NSW m Frank Murgha MACK 9 Feb 1926 Darlinghurst, Sydney
A20......Ina Mary Musgrove b 1902 Cobar NSW m William Lyle PALMER 14 Jan 1926 Sydney
A21......Noel Musgrove b 1907 Narromine NSW m Alwyn Keith GREGORY 3 Apr 1930 Woollahra, NSW


A7 Kate Innes MUSGROVE m George William SELBY (b 1 Jan 1858 South Yarra d 1949 Malvern, Victoria) 1884 Victoria

Children of George and Kate
A22......William Guy SELBY b 1885 St Kilda, Victoria
A23......Henry Gyles "Harry" SELBY b 1886 Call, Victoria
A24......Katle Doris SELBY b 1887 Caulfield, Victoria
A25......George Kenneth Musgrove SELBY b 1890Caulfield, Victoria d 10 Apr 1958 Queensland
A26......Alex Dick SELBY b 1892 Caulfield Victoria
A27......Winifred Mary SELBY b 8 Dec 1902 Ardale Victoria


68 William LAX m Alice Ann HOCKEY (b 1856 Gilesgate Moor) 4th qr 1888

Note: William was a coal miner and the family were at 19 Mildred Street, Houghton Le Spring in 1901, when Alice was a widow. In 1911 she was a boarder with daughter at 50 Bruce's Buildings Houghton le Spring

Children of William and Alice
79......Margaret A Lax b 1878 East Rainton, Durham
80......John George Lax b 1884 b East Rainton, Durham
81......Maria Lax b 1886 Hetton le Hole, Durham
82......Lily Lax b 1888 East Rainton, Durham
Note: Lily was a general servant in 1911 boarding with her mother at 50 Bruce's Buildings Houghton le Spring
83......Elizabeth J Lax b 1891 East Rainton, Durham


71 Thomas Harvey LAX m Margaret BESSFORD (b 1869) 4th qr 1898 Lanchester

Note: Margaret was a widow from the USA with three children when she married Thomas. In 1911 they lived at Park Terrace, Leadgate and Thomas was a coal miner hewer

Children of Thomas and Margaret
84......Harvey Bessford Lax b 1892 Iveston, Durham d 1985 Durham m Hannah Harrison BROADBENT4th Aug 1923 Stanningley, W Yorkshire
85......Dora Lax b 1910 Leadgate, Durham m Colin CAMPBELL 3rd qr 1932 Lanchester. Durham
86......Mary Lax b 1910 Leadgate, Durham


75 Henry LAX m Annice Ada COLEMAN (b abt 1886 Rothbury Co, Northumberland) 2 Oct 1907 Dipton

Note: In 1911 Henry was a coal miner hewer and the family was at Stradford Cottage, Stoney Heap, Lanchester

Children of Henry and Annice
87......Henry Lax b 8 Oct 1909 Stoney Heap d 2nd qr 1999 Bradford
88......Beatrice Lax b 1911
89......John Lax b 1918
90......Annice Lax b 1922


41 Frederick LAX m Margaret ROBERTSON 1st qr 1910 [Southwark 1d 212]

Note: In 1911 Frederick was a glass bottle manufacturer living at 27 Cross Flatts Avenue, Beeston, Leeds.

Children of Frederick and Margaret
91......Joan M Lax b 1st qr 1915 [Holbeck 9b 954] m Douglas I SHAKESPEARE 3rd qr 1942 [Leeds 9b 1019]
Geoffrey Thomas Lax b 1 Nov 19818 [Holbeck 9b 947] d 22 Dec 1986 St Gemmas Hospice, Leeds


78 Thomas LAX m Elizabeth WALKER 1911 Leeds

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth
93......Marjorie Fowell Lax b 3 Jul 1913 Leeds d 6 Aug 2006 Burley in Wharfdale
94......Ellen Elizabeth Lax b 17 Jun 1918 Leeds m Keith Sellwood EDGINTON (b 2 Dec 1917 Bluff, New Zealand d 16 Jan 2005 Hamilton, Wiakato, New Zealand) 2 Dec 1944 Wharfdale, Yorkshire


45h Thomas William Lax PARKER m (a) Mary Josephine Hickey O'CONNOR" 1934 (b) Joan Forbes FRASER



A23 Henry Gyles "Harry" SELBY m Evelyn May HOELSCHER 1916 Queensland

Child of Harry and Evelyn
A28......Betty Mary SELBY d 15 May 1923 Queensland


A27 Winifred Mary SELBY m Colin Ronald Gordon REID (b 14 Nov 1893 Fryerstown, Victoria d 17 Nov 1966 Echucha, Victoria) 11 Jun 1936 Gunbower, Victoria

Child of Colin and Winifred
A29......Gillian Mary REID b 5 Jan 1940


92 Geoffrey Thomas LAX m Joyce BARRATT 4th qr 1942 [Leeds 9b 611]

Children of Geoffrey and Joyce
95......David J Lax b 3rd qr 1946 [Wharfdale 2d 1024]
96......Sally A Lax b 1st qr 1956 [Leeds 2a 239]


93 Marjorie Fowell LAX m Frederick G HOWSON 2nd qr 1938 [Wharfdale 9a 481]

Children of Frederick and Marjorie
97......April Howson bap 2nd qr 1940 [N E Cheshire 8a 371]
98......Frederick T Howson b 2nd qr 1943 [Manchester 8d 199]


95 Geoffrey Thomas LAX m (a) Carole HUNTER 1st qr 1966 [Tyneside 1b 1001]
Children of Geoffrey and Carole
99......Jonathan Lax b 4th qr 1968 {Teesside North 1b 886]
100....Caroline Lax b 4th qr 1970 [Teesside North 1b 2130]

Thanks to Peter Gundry who supplied corrected information on Lucy Nowell and new data on her descendants

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