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1 Edmund LIFFEN (b 1711 Lowestoft [IGI] bur 1797 Lowestoft[ IGI]) m (a) Margaret NICHOLLS (b 1710 Lowestoft d 1741 Lowestoft 5 Apr 1838 Lowestoft (b) Avis BRIGHTING (b1702 Lowestoft bur 7 Dec 1780 [IGI]) 27 Dec 1741 Lowestoft

Note: Edmund was the son of Edmund LIFFEN (b 1685); mother unknown.

Child of Edmund and Margaret
1a....William Liffen b 16 Sep 1738 Lowestoft

Children of Edmund and Avis
Edmund Liffen bap 28 Jan 1741 Lowestoft bur 4 Oct 1775 Lowestoft
3......Avis Liffen bap 30 Jan 1743 Lowestoft bur 30 Dec 1743 Lowestoft
4......Thomas Liffen bap 19 Apr 1744 Lowestoft bur 1 Jul 1759 Lowestoft
5......Stephen Liffen bap 13 Dec 1746 Lowestoft bur 11 Apr 1747 Lowestoft
6......Avis Liffen bap 14 Aug 1748 Lowestoft bur 9 Aug 1749 Lowestoft
7......John Liffen bap 14 Oct 1750 Lowestoft
7a....Anne Liffen b 1751 Lowestoft d 1752 Lowestoft
8......Ann Liffen bap 20 May 1753 Lowestoft m Thomas UPSON 8 Apr 1779 Lowestoft


2 Edmund LIFFEN m Mary HUNT 21 Nov 1762 Lowestoft

Children of Edmund and Mary
9......Mary Liffen bap 18 Sep 1763 Lowestoft
10....Judith v bap 27 Jan 1765 Lowestoft m William WARD 11 Sep 1787 Lowestoft [see Ward/Jackson/Shilcock branch]
11....Ann Liffen bap 18 Jan 1767 Lowestoft
12....Margaret Liffen bap 26 Aug 1768 Lowestoft bur 10 Sep 1828 m Richard NESLEN
13....Edmund Liffen bap 1 Sep 1771 Lowestoft d 21 Jul 1828 aged 57 [gravestone]
13a....Sarah Liffen bap 30 Jan 1774 Lowestoft

7 John LIFFEN m Mary REDGRAVE 28 Dec 1785 Lowestoft

Note: Mary was one of the Redgrave family who decorated Lowestoft Porcelain. You can see an article about the subject here

From the Ipswich Journal of 26 Sep 1801 (Notice of Auctions)

Lowestoft porcelain tablet

Children of John and Mary
8a....John James Liffen b 28 Nov 1786 Douglas, Nova Scotia, Canada
14......John Liffen bap 28 Nov 1786 Lowestoft
15......Samuel Liffen bap 11 Sep 1788 Lowestoft
16......Mary Liffen b 4 Nov 1790 bap 7 Nov 1790 Lowestoft d 4 May 1795 Lowestoft - see commemoration plaque here
17......Martha Liffen b 17 Nov 1792 Lowestoft
18......Manda Liffen b 17 Aug 1794 Lowestoft
19......Martha Liffen b 17 Aug 1794 Lowestoft m John COLMAN 24 Jul 1820 Gt Yarmouth
Note: The 1851 census shows Martha as a laundress at High St Lowestoft with her sister Mary (b 1791) although Mary is thought to have died in 1795


9 Mary LIFFEN m James HAYNES(b 1757) 17 Nov 1782

Child of James and Mary
9b......Mary Haynes bap 7 Sep 1783 Lowestoft
9c......James Haynes bap 4 Dec 1786 Lowestoft
9ca....Anne Haynes b 17 Feb 1790 bap 18 Feb 1790 Lowestoft
9d......Margaret Haynes b 21 Sep 1792 Lowestoft bap 24 Sep 1792 Lowestoft

12 Margaret LIFFEN m Richard NESLEN 15 Jun 1794 Lowestoft

Child of Richard and Margaret
12a......Richard Neslen b 28 Mar 1794 bap 1 Apr 1794 Lowestoft bur 28 Nov 1803 Lowestoft
12b......Robert Neslen b and bap 2 Mar 1797 Lowestoft
12c......John Neslen b 13 Feb 1799 bap 15 Feb 1799 Lowesoft
12d......William Neslen b 12 Jul 1801 bap 14 Jul 1801 Lowestoft bur 7 Sep 1801 Lowestoft
12e......Mary Neslen b 24 Jul 1804 bap 27 Jul 1804 Lowestoft
12f......John Neslen b 31 Jan 1806 bap 20 Mar 1806 Lowestoft

12g......Samuel Neslen b 3 Dec 1807 bap 10 Dec 1807 Lowestoft m Eunice FRANCIS 13th Jul 1829 Lowestoft
Note: Samuel and Eunice emigrated to America - you can read about it here.
12h......William Neslen b 9 Nov 1811 bap 11 Nov 1811 Lowestoft

13 Edmund LIFFEN m Mary LEGGETT (b abt 1772 Theberton d 11 Oct 1857 aged 85) [gravestone] 26 Aug 1792 Lowestoft

Children of Edmund and Mary
20......Mary Ann Liffen b 13 Oct 1792 Lowestoft bap 18 Oct 1792 Lowestoft bur 28 Jul 1793 Lowestoft
21......Mary Hunt Liffen b 21 Mar 1794 Lowestoft bap 24 Mar 1794 Lowestoft
22......Sarah Liffen b 8 Sep 1795 Lowestoft bap 9 Sep 1795 Lowestoft
23......Edmund Edward b 4 Apr 1797 Lowestoft bap 5 Apr 1797 Lowestoft
24......Alitha Leggett Liffen b 9 Dec 1798 Lowestoft bap 10 Dec 1798 Lowestoft


Note: A birth tablet, painted in blue, was made for Alitha inscribed "Eallathe Leggett LIFFEN born December 9 1798" with the back decorated with flowers

25......Ann Liffen b 8 Dec 1800 Lowestoft bap 9 Dec 1800 Lowestoft
Note: in 1841 Ann is shown as living in High Street, Lowestoft and working as a Laundress. There are 3 others at the same address as Laundresses; perhaps they lived in at the laundry
26......Margaret Liffen b 4 Apr 1802 Lowestoft bap 15 Apr 1802 Lowestoft bur 5 Apr 1864 Lowestoft m William SAUNDERS 21 Sep 1823 Lowestoft
27......Daniel Liffen b 14 Jun 1803 Lowestoft bap 14 Jun 1803 Lowestoft bur 9 Mar 1806 Lowestoft
Thomas Browne Liffen b 29 Sep 1804 Lowestoft bap 29 Sep 1804 Lowestoft d 20 Jun 1865 bur 23 Jun 1865 Lowestoft

Thomas was awarded a silver medal by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute fo his part in the rescue of fourteen people from the steamer SHAMROCK of Dublin. The story appeared in the Illustrated London News of 26 Nov 1859:

"When the lifeboat reached the steamer the sea was breaking over the masthead, but she was providentially able to anchor in a most advantageous position ahead of her, and although the seas broke over her and repeatedly filled her, this excellent lifeboat as often, in her bouyancy clearing herself of the seas, was at length, with difficulty, enabled to approach the steamer. A communication was then by ropes established with the wreck and the whole crew of fourteen were hauled by the lines through the sea to the lifeboat and brought safely to the shore" His death certificate shows that he died aged 60 of diseased liver and jaindice at his home in Beach.

Alfred Mewse was also in the crew of the lifeboat - see the Mewse branch here

29......William Liffen b 20 Nov 1805 Lowestoft bap 2 Nov 1805 Lowestoft bur 20 Nov 1806 Lowestoft
30......Hannah Leggett Liffen b 31 Jan 1807 Lowestoft bap 1 Feb 1807 Lowestoft bur 7 May 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 464]
31......Daniel Leggett Liffen b 16 May 1808 Lowestoft bap 17 May 1808 Lowestoft bur 25 Aug 1808 Lowestoft
32......Mary Ann Liffen b 17 Jul 1809 Lowestoft bap 19 Jul 1809 Lowestoft bur 22 Dec 1893 Lowestoft
Note: Mary Ann LIFFEN was recorded in 1881 as at "Hospital House, Whapload Road"
33......William Liffen b 31 Mar 1811 Lowestoft bap 2 Apr 1811 Lowestoft d 1 Jun 1848 Lowestoft bur 6 Jun 1848 Lowestoft m Ann TAYLOR 13 Jul 1836 Lowestoft (no issue)
Note: William was listed in the Merchant Navy records as having made 3 voyages in that year.
34......Mary Liffen bap 31 Dec 1813 Lowestoft
35......John Liffen bap 17 Apr 1815 Lowestoft bur 8 Jun 1838 Lowestoft m Emily NEEVE 15 Dec 1836 Lowestoft (no issue)
36......Alitha Liffen b 2 Nov 1816 Lowestoft bap 3rd Nov 1816 Lowestoft

P1 John LIFFEN (b 1800 Beccles d 18 Aug 1884 bur 21 Aug 1884 Ringsfield) m (a) Susannah BARBER (d 3rd qr 1868 [Wangford 4a 478]25 Dec 1821 Lowestoft (b) Emma BUTCHER (b 1812 Henstead [1881 census] Carleton Colville [1851 census] [Mutford 1861 census])13 Feb 1869 [Wangford 4a 877]

Note: John was probably the son of Robert LIFFEN and Sarah MILLS Emma was previously Emma HICKLETON. John was a gardener in 1861 and in 1869 living at Redisham Cottage, Redisham. Witnesses to the second wedding were Robert and Hepzibah LIFFEN

John's gravestone stood near the west end of the church just across the path from the tower in 1987 but was broken or removed by 1995 and was leaning against the north wall of the church. The gravestone is inscribed "64 years in the service of J......Esq" and with a verse: "We cannot tell who next may fall, beneath thy chastening rod. One must be ....prepared to meet our God"

The Ipswich Journal of 7 Jan 1843 reported:

Children of John and Susannah
37......Henry Liffen bap 17 Dec 1823 Beccles bur 24 Jan 1828 Beccles
Robert Liffen bap 27 Mar 1826 Beccles d 11 Jun 1900 at 25 Wolsey Street, Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 540] bur 14 Jun 1900 Ipswich Cemetery
39......Mary Ann Liffen bap 28 Nov 1827 Beccles d $th qr 1894 [Wangford 4a 491]
40......Henry Liffen bap 26 Aug 1829 Beccles bur 30 Sep 1829 Beccles
41......William Liffen bap 29 Aug 1830 Beccles
Note: The Bury and Norwich Post of 5 Apr 1843 reported on the Suffolk Lent Assizes:

Henry Liffen b 23 Dec 1832 Beccles bap 9 Jan 1833 Beccles d 3rd qr 1884 [Wangford 4a 465]
Note: Henry was an ag lab living at Brampton Rd, Redisham in 1881
43......Francis Liffen bap 13 Sep 1835 Beccles
43a......Ellen Sarah Liffen b 1837 Beccles d 3rd qr 1885 aged 47 [Wangford 4a 459]
43b....Mills Liffen b 1839 Beccles
Note: Mills was a cordwainer in 1861

15 Samuel LIFFEN m Ann WORLEDGE 23 Jul 1818 Lowestoft

Note: The baptism record for 1818 of Samuel Worledge states that Samuel Liffen was a fisherman. The family was living at Beach in 1841, when Samuel was a seaman, 100 Beach Rd Lowestoft in 1851, and their grand daughter, 90 Mary Ann LIFFEN, born in Blythe, Northumberland was staying with them as a visitor. The Norfolk Chronicle recorded on 5 May 1855 that the "Crystallite", master Samuel Liffen was the vessel from which the first fish were sold in a huge record catch - 43 boats were involved and an estimated 1,690,000 herrings were caught. In 1861 still at Beach, Samuel was a beachman, Ann was a mangler. In 1871 Samuel was a mariner and lived at Sparham's Building, Lowestoft.

Children of Samuel and Ann
44......Samuel Worledge Liffen bap 30 Oct 1818 Lowestoft d 30 Apr 1899 Lowestoft [notice in Ipswich Journal of 17 May 1889] m Sarah Ann Liffen 3rd qr 1841 Lowestoft
45......Charles William Liffen bap 8 Oct 1821 Lowestoft
46......John Liffen bap 18 Mar 1824 Lowestoft d 25 Aug 1865 Lowestoft
Note: John was not living at home in 1841 census. He was a fisherman and Master of the "Lily of the Valley".
The Ipswich Journal of 20 Mar 1880 reported on an inquest:

47......Henry Simpson Liffen bap 10 Sep 1825 Lowestoft m Isabella CHAPPEL 2nd qr 1847 [Tynemouth 25 459]
Note: Henry and Isabella were living at 10 Ridley Street, Earsden, Northumberland in 1851
48......Ann Worledge Liffen bap 3 Sep 1828 Lowestoft d 29 Nov 1887 Lowestoft.
Note: In 1851 Ann was a barmaid at Herring Fishery, South End, High Street, Lowestoft She died at 14 Old Nelson Street, Lowestoft and left the sum of £8..5s..0d
49......Martha Liffen bap 15 Oct 1834 Lowestoft
Note: Martha was a domestic assistant in 1851 and a charwoman in 1871 living with her parents.
50......William Liffen bap 4 Jan 1837 Lowestoft
Note: William was a miner in 1851 at NS Colliery, North Seaton, Northumberland

8a John James LIFFEN m Olive ANTHONY (b 28 Aug 1797 Newport, Nova Scotia Canada d 5 Sep 1870 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia) 1817 Canada bur 9 Oct 1827 Douglas, Nova Scotia, Canada

Child of John and Olive
N1......Samuel David LAFFIN b 1841 Douglas, Nova Scotia d 1 Feb 1883 Douglas Nova Scotia
Note: with the birth of Samuel the surname was recorded as Laffin, and this remained the surname in subsequent generations

Note: A sailing departure from Yarmouth on 19 Nov 1812 was recorded by the Norfolk Chronicle of 21 Nov 1812 of the ship "Cosmopolite" owned by LIFFEN going to London with herring.


9d Margaret HAYNES m Thomas EAVES 12 Jul 1811 Lowestoft

Note: The family surname seems to have undergone change during the time of this marriage. Their first son was named Thomas Townsend EAVES, but all subsequent children are recorded as TOWNSHEND. The first two children are shown with the father as Thomas Eaves, and all subsequent one show Thomas TOWNSHEND as the father but Margaret HAYNES as mother.

The name changes and the lack of certainty as to Thomas' birth has made research difficult, but a Thomas EAVES alias TOWNSHEND appeared at the Suffolk Assizes in 1812 (when he was a witness), 1821 (when he was found not guilty of burglary) and in 1831 (when he was imprisoned for one month for larceny) This may or may not be our Thomas.

Children of Thomas and Margaret
9e......Thomas Townshend EAVES bap 22 Apr 1813 Lowestoft
9f......Caroline TOWNSHEND bap 27 Jan 1823 Lowestoft
9g......Elizabeth TOWNSHEND bap 27 Sep 1825 Lowestoft
9h......Harriot TOWNSEND bap 25 Apr 1828 Lowestoft
9i......Susanna TOWSAND bap 16 Aug 1830 Lowestoft
9j......Eliza TOWNSHEND or MOOCE or MOORE b 29 Mar 1834 bap 1 Mar 1840 Lowestoft

22 Sarah LIFFEN m John HEAVERS 11 Feb 1816 Lowestoft

Note: John was a bricklayer.

Children of John and Sarah
22b......Sarah Ann Beavers bap 12 Sep 1828 Lowestoft St Margarets
22c......John Beavers bap 20 May 1830 Lowestoft St Margarets

23 Edward Edmund LIFFEN m Mary Ann SAUNDERS (bap 20 Sep 1818 Lowestoft)

Note: In 1819 Edward was a twinespinner. In 1845 Edward was listed in the Merchant Navy as having been on a voyage, and again twice in 1846.

Children of Edward and Mary
51......Mary Ann Saunders Liffen bap 27 Dec 1819 Lowestoft
Note: Mary was at George Street, Gt Yarmouth in 1841 and 1851
52......William Saunders Liffen bap 29 Jul 1822 Lowestoft d bef 1881
Note: In 1845 William was listed in the Merchant Navy records as having undertaken a voyage He was a fisherman living at Cross Row, Gt Yarmouth in 1851
53......Rachel Ann Newby Liffen bap 26 Nov 1824 Earsdon By North Shields Northumberland England m (a) Thomas HALL (d bef 1869) 1st qr 1847 [Loddon 13 339] (b) Edward PYE (Fisherman widower b 1821) 19 Jan 1869 Gt [Yarmouth 4b 7]
Note: Rachel was at George Street Gt Yarmouth in 1841 In 1869 she was living at Friars Lane, Gt Yarmouth. Edward was the son of Francis PYE labourer. Witnesses to the second wedding were Rachel A HALL and John GLASSPOOL
Edward Edmund Leggett Liffen bap 17 Sep 1827 Earsden
Note: Edward was at 1 Newcomer Street Kirkleatham Yorkshire England in 1881
55......Richard Saunders Liffen bap 7 Dec 1829 Earsden
56......Charlotte Rebecca Newby Liffen bap Earsden
57......Belanda Liffen (fem) b abt 1832 Norfolk
58......Joseph James Vace Liffen b abt 1836 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1912 [Yarmouth 4b 29]
Note: Joseph was a shoemakers apprentice in 1881 living at 5 Row 125 Gt Yarmouth
59......Belanda Liffen b abt 1840 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Belanda was a silk factory worker in 1851 and 1881 living at 116 George Street Gt Yarmouth
60......Sarah Ann Liffen b abt 1840 Gt Yarmouth
Note: Sarah was living at 116 George Street Great Yarmouth in 1841
61......George Liffen b abt 1845 Gt Yarmouth
62......Ellen Leggett Liffen b abt 1850 Gt Yarmouth m George Augustus RAMSEY 13 Feb 1873 Gt Yarmouth
Note: George, a fisherman, was the son of Charles RAMSEY, a soldier. Witnesses to the marriage were Edward John SUPSON and Charlotte WATSON
63......Clarissa Scales Leggett Liffen b abt 1854 Gt Yarmouth m Henry Charles TYLER 22 Sep 1870 Gt Yarmouth

28 Thomas Browne LIFFEN m (a) Sarah BRISTOW (b abt 1803 bur 26 Jan 1837 Lowestoft) 11 Jan 1826 Lowestoft (b) Mary Ann BUTCHER [Braider] (bap 25 Oct 1815 Lowestoft bur 29 Jun 1857 Lowestoft) 1st qr 1838 Mutford (c) Caroline Mary SALTER [Charwoman] (bap 22 May 1821 Lowestoft) 25 Sep 1857 Lowestoft

Note: In 1845 Thomas was listed in the Merchant Navy records as having one trip, and twice in 1846. In 1861 Thomas was a fisherman and beer house keeper. Caroline Mary was living at 54 Beach in 1851 and in 1861 was a beetster and "by East St" Lowestoft in 1881. At his death, Thomas had effects of less than £200

Children of Thomas and Sarah
64...... Sarah Ann Liffen b abt 1827 Lowestoft m John Robert LINDER (b abt 1828) 28 Nov 1850 St Margaret's, Lowestoft
Note: Witnesses were Thomas Brown LIFFEN and Mary Ann ALLEN. At the time of his marriage John was a fisherman, the son of Robert LINDER, also a fisherman
Thomas Liffen bap 23 Apr 1829 Lowestoft d 31 Anguish St, Beach bur 31 May 1912 Lowestoft Cemetery, plot L/10/453
Note: Thomas was a fisherman in 1851 and 1881.
66......Charles Liffen b 21 May 1831 Lowestoft d of acute peritonitis 25 May 1891 at 83 Bevan Street, Lowestoft bur 29 May 1891 plot l/6/327 Lowestoft cemetery
Note: Charles was ticketed (126884) in Gt Yarmouth for the Merchant Navy aged 14 on 6 Mar 1845. He was 4'61/2" tall, blue eyes, light brown hair and fair compexion. His rank was "boy". In 1845 Charles was a fisherman in 1851 and 1881 living at 214 Beach in 1851 and 83 Bevan St Lowestoft in 1881.
67...... Eliza Jemima Liffen bap 3 Oct 1832 Lowestoft
Note: Eliza was a braider in 1851
68...... William Liffen b 4 Dec 1834 bap 11 Mar 1835 Lowestoft d Jan 1924 Lothingland House, Lowestoft, bur 21 Jan 1924 plot L/1/126 Lowestoft Cemetery
Note: On 3 May 1845 William, then 12 years old was ticketed in the Merchant Navy no 35304h. He was described as 4'41/2" tall with red hair, blue eyes and a fresh complexion He was living at 216 Beach in 1851 and at 14 Old Nelson St Lowestoft in 1881. He was recorded in the Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Agreements BT 99/1308/64 as follows:
Ship: Lily of the Valley; Official number: 49597. 68 William Liffen; rank/rating, Master; year of birth, 1835; place of birth, Lowestoft; previous ship, Lily of the Valley of Lowestoft.
75 Robert Liffen; rank/rating, Mate; year of birth, 1862; place of birth, Date: 5 may 1855 Norfolk Chronicle:

69...... Sarah Brown Liffen b 23 Jan 1837
Note: Sarah was living at 213 Beach in 1851 and was a braider In 1861 she was a beetster

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann
Note: The family was living at 213 Beach in 1851
70......Isabella Elizabeth Liffen b 12 Sep 1839 bap 6 Oct 1839 [Braider in 1851] m James REYNOLDS 22 May 1860
Note: In 1851 Isabella was a braider
70a....Edmund Liffen b 1846 bur 7 Sep 1846 Lowestoft
James Butcher Liffen b 4th qr 1840 Lowestoft
Note: James was a "twinespinner boy" in 1851
72......Louise Liffen b 16 Apr 1842 bap 3 Jul 1842 Lowestoft m James CLOUGH (b 1835 Bradford) 3rd qr 1860 [Mutford 4a 973]
Note: Louise was a braider in 1851. In 1861 she and James were staying with her father and James was a fish buyer She appears in the 1901 cencus, living in 5 East Terrace, Monks Heselden Castle Eden Colliery with her daughter Susan HICKS (nee Clough) (b 1875 London
73......John Liffen bap 3 Dec 1843 bur 3 Aug 1881 Lowestoft
Note: In 1870 John was an AB mariner paid £4 a month on the "Rosebud" of London. He is recorded as having deserted in Liverpool on 8 Nov 1870. He was also a Master Fisherman
74......Leggett E Liffen b b abt 1847 Lowestoft

30 Hannah Legget LIFFEN m Samuel Botwright MANTRIPP (d 2nd qr 1874 [Mutford 13 355])10 Dec 1828 Lowestoft

Children of Samuel and Hannah
30b......Edmund Mantripp b 1837 Lowestoft
I30c......Isabella Mantripp b 1844 Lowestoft

38 Robert LIFFEN m Hepzibah WEEDING (b 1823 Westerfield) 3rd qr 1846 [Ipswich 12 540]

Note: Robert was a porter at a steam wharf in 1861 and lived at 13 Wolsey Court, Wolsey Street, St Nicholas, Ipswich. In 1871 he was a steam packet agent at Wolsey Street Lower St Pater, Ipswich and in 1881 he was agent for a steam boat living at 5 Wolsey Street, Ipswich. In 1891 living at 25 Wolsey Street, he was a widower and a general porter.

Children of Robert and Hepzibah
38b......Robert William Liffen b 4th qr 1849 Ipswich [Ipswich 12 358]
Note: In 1861 Robert was a printer
38c......William Walter Liffen b 3rd qr 1852 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 493] d 15 Jul 1922 Ipswich
Note: In 1881 William was a stone sawyer and in 1891 a stone mason's labourer. When he died he left £59...14s...9d
38d......Walter Francis Liffen b 3rd qr 1856 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 509]
Note: In 1871 Walter was a shop porter
38e......Kate Susan Beatrice Mary Liffen b 2nd qr 1858 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 537]
38f......Alice Ellen Liffen b 1st qr 1859 Ipswich [Ipswich 4a 604]
Note: In 1881 Alice ws a tailoress

39 Mary Ann LIFFEN m William SPATCHEL (b 1829 Weston) 6 Nov 1849 Ringsfield [Wangford 13 1281]

Note: The surname was given variously as Spatchel and Spatchet. The original registration document for the marriage shows Spatchel, and some of the original census details show Spatchel

Witnesses to the wedding were John LIFFEN and Alice SPATCHELWilliam and Mary were at Gravel Pit Cottages, London Rd Beccles in 1851 and William was an ag lab. In 1851 the family was at Wilderness Cottage, Hot Black Lane, Ringsfield and William was a wood sawyer.

Children of William and Mary
39b......Robert Spatchel b 4th qr 1850 Beccles [Wangford 13 504]
39c......William Spatchel b 1856 Rendlesham
39d......Ellen Spatchel b 1859 Ringsfield
39e......Fanny Spatchel b 1860 Ringsfield

42 Henry LIFFEN m Ann PEARSON (b 1844 Redisham) 4th qr 1861 [Wangford 4a 153]

Note: In 1891 Ann was a widow servant to a farmer, Ephraim GOODRUM at Grub Lane, Ilketshall St Margaret and her 14 year old daughter Ida and 7 year old son William was living with her. She married David BAXTER (b 1847 Starston) a farm bailfiff (4th qr 1892 [Blything 4a 1937]) - the census for 1901 shows him as Daniel but his marriage and the 1911 census show him as David. and by 1911 David was a horseman on a farm and the family was at Ink Factory Cottage, Barsham, Beccles

Children of Henry and Ann
75......Robert Alma Liffen bap 27 Jul 1862 Redisham [Wangford 4a 638]
Note: Robert was mate aboard the "Lily of the Valley" in 1855 with his uncle 68 William as master

The Suufolk Chronicle reported as follows:

75a....Francis William Liffen bap 24 Apr 1864 1864 Ringsfield [Wangford 4a 701]
Note: Francis was an ag lab living at Brampton Rd Redisham in 1881
76......Fanny Elizabeth Liffen b 3rd qr 1867 Redisham [Wangford 4a 689] bap 1 Apr 1877 Ringsfield d 3rd qr 1946 [Blyth 4b 529]
Note: Fanny was buried in Leiston.
77......Emma Laura Liffen (aka Laura Emma) b 2nd qr 1869 Redisham [Wangford 4a 677] bap 1 Apr 1877 Ringsfield
78......Bertha Anna Liffen b 4th qr 1872 Redisham [Wangford 4a 741] bap 1 Apr 1877 Ringsfield
79......Harriet Susan Liffen b 3rd qr 1974 Redisham [Wangford 4a 729] bap 1 Apr 1877 Ringsfield
80......Henry Robert Liffen b 4th qr 1876 Redisham [Wangford 4a 742] bap 1 Apr 1877 Ringsfield d 2nd qr 1885 aged 8 [Wangford 4a 533] bur 14 Apr 1885 Ringsfield
80a....Lily Edith Liffen b 2nd qr 1878 Redisham [Wangford 4a 806]
Note: Lily was a scholar in 1891 boarding with George HITCHMAN, a stone cutter, at the quarries, Main Street, Bourton on the Hill. In 1901 she was at Southwold, servant to Louisa ADAMS
81......Ida Matilda Liffen b 2nd qr 1880 Redisham [Wangford 4a 824] m William HURREN 4th qr 1902 [Blything 4a 2241]
Note: In 1901 Ida was living with her mother and David Baxter at Manor Farm Henham.
82......John Lewis Liffen b 4th qr 1882 {Wangford 4a 826] bap 17 Jan 1883 Redisham
Note: John was staying with his sister, Laura BROWN in 1891
William Henry Liffen b 2nd qr 1884 [Wangford 4a 806] m Elizabeth NOLLOTH (b 1886 Wenhaston) 4th qr 1909 [Blything 2305]
Note: In 1901 William was a horseman on his stepfather's farm at Manor Farm, Henham

43a Ellen Sarah LIFFEN m James TURRELL (b 1838 Ringsfield) 3rd qr 1857 Blything

Note: In 1871 James was a railway porter living at Blyburgate Street, Beccles. James was a railway signalman in 1881 living at Ingate St Beccles with Ellen Sarah. Witnesses to the marriage were John LIFFEN and Mary Ann TURRELL. After Ellen's death James remarried to Jane Dennington CASTON (b 1847 Beccles) 1st qr 1888 [Wangford 4a 1009] After James death Jane was acharwoman on parish relief.

Children of James and Sarah 43g......Emma Susan Turrell b 3rd qr 1863 Weston [Wangford 4a 639]
43h......William James Turrell b 2nd qr 1865 Weston [Wangford 4a 720] m Betsy FORD (b 1863 Reydon) 4th qr 1895 [Wangford 4a 1875]
43i......James Francis Turrell b 2nd qr 1867 Beccles [Wangford 4a 717]

Children of James and Jane
43j......Mabel Turrell b 1889 Beccles
43k......Harry Gordon Turrell b 2nd qr 1890 Beccles [Wangford 4a 946]
43l......Fred Clancy Turrell b 1st qr 1891 Beccles [Wangford 4a 956]

43b Mills LIFFEN m Hannah SAUNDERS (b 1841 Ringsfield) 4th qr 1861

Note: In 1871 Mills was a coal merchant's labourer, and the family was at Newgate Street (back of Queen's Head) Beccles. In 1881 the family was at Goodwin's Cottage, Westhall and Mills (shown as William) was a labourer.

Children of Mills and Hannah
43m......Ellen Elizabeth Liffen b 1869 Beccles [Wangford 4a 679]
43n......Annie Amelia Liffen b 1879 Westhall [1881 census]

44 Samuel Worledge LIFFEN m Sarah Ann (b 1823) 3rd qr 1841 [Mutford 13 7]

Note: Samuel was a fisherman living at Beach in 1851 and Sarah was a braider. In 1861 Sarah was a netmaker; In 1881 they were at 12 Anguish Street, and Samuel was a mariner.

Children of Samuel and Mary Ann
83......Sarah Ann Liffen b 12 Mar 1842 [Mutford 4a 971] bap 3 Jul 1842 Lowestoft m Isaac TURNER
84......Samuel William bap 8 Jan 1845 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 460]
Note: On 8 Oct 1870 the Ipswich Journal reported:

85......Mary Ann Liffen bap 6 Jun 1847 Lowestoft [Mutford 13 469]
85a....Mary Ann Liffen b 1850 Lowestoft
Note: Mary Ann was recorded as 8 months old in the 1851 census. Is this a second Mary Ann?
86......Martha Elizabeth Liffen b 6 Mar 1853 Lowestoft bur 21 Nov 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 616]
86a....George Henry Liffen b 1856 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 654]
87......Henry Liffen b 1st qr 1859 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 760] bap 2 Oct 1859 Lowestoft bur 25 Feb 1860 Lowestoft
88......Henry Liffen b 4th qr 1861 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 629] bap 4 May 1862 Lowestoft

46 John LIFFEN m Sarah GRAY 1st qr 1855 [Mutford 4a 891]

Note: John was a master mariner and his effects at death were under £200

Child of John and Sarah
89......Clara Mary Liffen b 2nd qr 1862 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 705] bap 4 May 1862 Lowestoft

47 Henry Simpson LIFFEN m Isabella CHAPPEL (b 1829) 2nd qr 1847 [Tynemouth 25 459]

Note: In 1861 the family was at Ridley Street, Earsdon, Blyth and Isabella's father, Isaac CHAPPEL (wid b 1800 Devon, a mariner) was staying with them.Henry was a mariner in 1861, 1871 and in 1891 he was a master mariner. In 1871 they were at Quay, Blyth and Isaac Chappel was with them: in 1891 Henry and Isabella were at 10 Queen's Lane, Newsham and South Blyth.

Children of Henry and Isabella
90......Mary Ann Liffen b abt 1849 Blyth, Northumberland
Note: Mary Ann was living with 15 Samuel LIFFEN and Ann in 1851
91......Isabella Liffen b 1st qr 1855 Blyth [Tynemouth 10b 162]
Note: Thomas and Isabella had a child Phillis b 1877 who was staying with 47 Henry and Isabella in 1891
92......Margaret Liffenb abt 1857 m John MADDISON 1st qr 1876 [Tynemouth 10b 281]
92a....Ann Liffen b 3rd qr 1861 Blyth [Tynemouth 10b 182]

50 William LIFFEN m Ellen MITCHELL 2nd qr 1863 [Tynemouth 10b 263]

Note: The family was living in Milburn Street, Cowpen, Cowpen Quay in 1871 and William was a seaman. They were in North Seaton in 1881 when William was a coal moner

Children of William and Ellen

93......Elizabeth D Liffen b abt 1868 Blythe, Northumberland
94......William Liffen b abt 1871 Blythe, Northumberland m Zipporah NICHOLLS (d 2nd qr 1896 [Morpeth 10b 215]) 3rd qr 1895 [Morpeth 10b 559]
Note: William was a coal miner in 1891
95......Mary Ellen Liffen b abt 1873 Blythe, Northumberland
96......Ann Isa Liffen b abt 1879 North Seaton, Northumberland

N1 Samuel David LAFFIN m Julie Anne MACAULIFFE (b 15 Apr 1840 Ireland d 18 Dec 1907 Maple Grove, Nova Scotia Canada) 27 Oct 1857 Carlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Note: In 1901 Julie, a widow, was living at Maitland, Nova Scotia

Children of Samuel and Julie
N2......Elizabeth Jane Liffen b 3 Feb 1861 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia d 25 Feb 1949 Bedford, Massachusetts USA
Note+ In 1930 Elizabeth was living in Cambridge, Mass.
N3......John Thomas Liffen b 3 Feb 1861 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia d after 1911
N4......Hannah Johanna Liffen b 1863 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia
N5......Mary Ellen Liffen b 12 Dec 1865 South Maitland, Nova Scotia d 12 Mar 1944 Bangor, Maine, USA
N6......Ida Rachel Liffen b 1866 Maple Grove, Nova Scotia d 1903 Nova Scotia m John Ambrose HANES 9 May 1889 Maple Grove, Nova Scotia
N7......Ruby Anne Liffen b 1870 Maple Grove, Nova Scotia d after 1930
Note: Ruby had two illegitimate children - Fraser D LAFFIN and one other
N8......Mahala Liffen b 8 Jan 1872 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia d 11 Nov 1957 Bedford, Mass, USA
N9......Laurie Cochrane Liffen b 1874 Five Mile River, Nova Scotia d in infancy
N10....Samuel David Liffen b 24 Sep 1877 Nova Scotia d 18 Mar 1926 Nova Scotia

Note: In this generation a boat which had come from Lowestoft called "Post Boy" owned by LIFFEN arrived in Lowestoft from Southwold about 25th January 1861 for refuge, according to the Norfolk Chronicle of that date. Another issue of the same paper ecorded the arrival in Lowestoft of the schooner "Dolphin", owner LIFFEN from Sunderland for Hatlepool in ballast, returning on 10 Oct 1863. Many more entries were recorded of both boats.


52 William Saunders LIFFEN m Maria BLAKE 21 Jan 1845 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas

Note: William gave his occupation at marriage as mariner living at Fuller's Hill. Maria was the daughter of William BLAKE, a fisherman. The family was living at Row 6 Gt Yarmouth in 1881 and in 1891 and Maria was a widow. Also staying with Maria was her grandson 98b Edgar LIFFEN.

The Bury and Norwich Post of 14 Feb 1870 reported that William Liffen, a shrimper, caught 40 pecks or 640 pints of shrimps in one catch

Children of William and Maria
97......Emmanuel William Blake Liffen b 2nd qr 1847 [Yarmouth 13 366] d 2nd qr 1849 [Yarmouth 13 276]
97a....Emmanuel William Blake Liffen b 3rd qr 1849 [Yarmouth 13 362]
Note: Emmanuel, a fisherman, was living at Row 2 Gt Yarmouth in 1881.
97b....Elizabeth Liffen b 4th qr 1852 [Yarmouth 4b 23]
98......William Emmanuel Blake Liffen b 1st qr 1855 [Yarmouth 4b 15] d 3rd qr 1914 [Yarmouth 4b 18]
Note: In 1881 William was a fisherman
99......Elijah William Blake Liffen b abt 1860 Gt Yarmouth
100....Charles William Saunders Liffen b 2nd qr 1860 [Yarmouth 4b 20]
Note: In 1881 Charles was a fisherman and in 1891 and 1901 and 1911 he was a shrimp fisherman and boat owner, still single, living with his widowed sister, Elizabeth LARN at 10 Rainbow Corner, Yarmouth
101....Maria Liffen b 1st qr 1866 [Yarmouth 4b 19]
Note: In 1881 Maria was a factory hand (silk)

54 Edward Edmund Leggett LIFFEN m (a) Maria Ann SCALES 9 Nov 1847 Gt Yarmouth d 1st qr 1859 (b) Sophia (b abt 1841 Tibersham, Suffolk) abt 1861

Note: In 1871 Edward was a fisherman and the family were at West Place, Scarborough

Children of Edward and Sophia
102......Edwin Liffen b 1856 Gt Yarmouth
102a....Rosina Maud Liffen b 4th qr 1862 [Yarmouth 4b 27]
103......Esther Liffen b 1865 Gt Yarmouth
104......James Liffen b 1876 Gt Yarmouth

58 Joseph James Vace LIFFEN m Elizabeth HINDLE 16 Dec 1858 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Joseph was a fisherman. The family lived at 5 Row 125 Gt Yarmouth in 1881 and in 1901 and 1911 Elizabeth and William were at no 5, Row 125, Yarmouth - Joseph was in the workhouse
Children of Joseph and Elizabeth

105......Joseph James Vace Leggett Liffen b 1st qr 1860 [Yarmouth 4b 21] d 4th qr 1865 [Yarmouth 4b 13]
106......Joseph James Vace Liffen b 1st qr 1865 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 1] m Eleanor Harriet TENNANT 22 Nov 1891 Gt Yarmouth
Note: At marriage, James gave his occupation as shoemaker. Eleanor was the daughter of Alfred TENNANT a shipwright and witnesses to the wedding were John W TENNANT and Ada C PARKER
107......Elizabeth Susannah Liffen b 1st qr 1868 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 2]
107a....Matilda Ann Elizabeth Liffen b 16 Mar 1872 bap 20 Jan 1873 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
108......William Thomas Liffen b 7 Jan 1875 [Yarmouth 4b 5] bap 25 Feb 1878 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas d 2nd qr 1959 [Yarmouth 4b 425]
Note: In 1901 William was a tobacconist's assistant, and in 1911 still single and living with mother, he was a shop assistant
108a....Gilbert Joseph Liffen b 1 Jun 1878 bap 9 Sep 1878 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas
108b....Richard Charles Liffen b 3 Apr 1882 bap 9 Jun 1882 Gt Yarmouth St Nicholas

65 Thomas LIFFEN m 9i Susanna TOWNSHEND 23 Jul 1852 Lowestoft

Note: The family were living at 1 East Street, Lowestoft in 1881. On 10th 1884 the Ipswich Journal reported that a Mary Ann GALLANT was charged with stealing a sheet of the value of 2s, the property of Thomas LIFFEN on the 10th July. Susan LIFFEN, the wife of Thomas said she washed some linen about the latter part of May. She took four sheets to mangle and found when she came back that she had missed one of them
She went at once to Mrs BOBBIT's where they were mangled and told her she had lost one sheet, and Mrs BOBBIT said it was not there.
On Friday last she saw the sheet produced at Mr LARKE's. pawnbroker, which she identified as hers. William WRIGHT said he was an assistant at Mr Larke's and the sheet was pledged on the 9th June in the name of Mary Ann GALLANT, but he could not swear that the defendant was the person who brought it. Defendant afterwards came and took the sheet out and paid 1s 11/2d for it and handed the to complainant in his presence. The case was dismissed (See the Gallant branch here)

The RNLI awarded Thomas a silver medal for his paart in the Lowestoft Lifeboat

Children of Thomas and Susanna
109......Anne Mary Ann Liffen b 4th qr 1852 [Mutford 4a 615] bur 5 May 1855 Lowestoft
110......Sarah Brown Liffen b 6 Nov 1854 Lowestoft d 1st qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 1946] bur 29 Jan 1924 Lowestoft cemetery (plot L/15/476) m Edward Henry COVERLEY (b abt 1853 Ramsgate d 1st qr 1925 at 31 Anguish St, Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1284]) 4th qr 1876 [Mutford 4a 1655]
Note: Edward was the son of Thomas COVERLEY and Sarah Ann MOON - Sarah was his second wife, the first being Ann DANIELS. If you wish to know more of the Coverley family contact David Coverley
In 1881 the couple were living at 36 Anguish St, Lowestoft and were being visited by 113a Elizabeth Liffen. In 1901 they were at 42 Anguish St and a deaf and dumb shoemaker, James MOORE aged 55 was boarding with them; in 1911 they were at 29 Anguish Street, where Sarah died. Edward had moved to 31 Anguish Street when he died and was buried in plot L/16/417 in Lowestoft cemetery. Edward was a fisherman (an old age pensioner when he died) and Sarah was a beatster (net mender). There appears to have been no issue; Sarah was deaf and dumb

111......Ann Liffen b 2nd qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 672]
112......Mary Ann Liffen b 4th qr 1863 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 665]
Note: Mary Ann was living at 1 East St Lowestoft in 1881
113......Eliza B Liffen b 4th qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 701]
Note: Eliza was living at 1 East St Lowestoft in 1881
113a....Elizabeth Ann Liffen b 2nd qr 1869 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 694]

66 Charles LIFFEN m Eliza TOWNSHAND (b 1834 d 13 Jun 1908 Oulton Workhouse bur 3 Jul 1908) 7 Nov 1850 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1191]

Note: On the birth certificate of her youngest child, William Edward, Eliza is recorded as having the maiden name of MOORE, but I can find no record of an Eliza Moore marrying either a Liffen or a Townshand either in 1850 or later. However the marriage of Eliza Townshand to Charles Liffen is confirmed in Mutford 13 1191. Perhaps the registrar made a mistake with Moore (or Mooce). The marriage certificate confirms that Eliza's father was Thomas TOWNSHAND, a labourer - witnesses to the marriage were Susannah TOWNSHAND and Thomas Brown LIFFEN
The family were living at 214 Beach Lowestoft in 1851, at Beach in 1861 when Eliza was a braider, in 1865 Charles was a fisherman and the family was at 83 Bevan St Lowestoft in 1881, when they were fisherman and braider respectively.
Eliza died of Senile decay and Hemiplegia: the informant to the rgeistrar at her death was 119x Caroline KNAPPETT, her daughter ..

Children of Charles and Eliza
114......Mary Ann Liffen b abt 1852 m William James MEWSE 10 Nov 1873 (see Mewse branch here)
114a....Elizabeth Liffen b 1st qr 1852 [Mutford 4a 681]
115......Eliza Brown Liffen b 14 Nov 1853 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 567] d 8 Nov 1885 [notice in Ipswich Journal] m Walter G SMITH 27 Apr 1876 Lowestoft
Note: In 1881 Eliza was at 2 Alma Rd Lowestoft as a fisherman's wife, but Walter was not present. In the press statement of Eliza's death Walter is called Walter John SMITH
115a....Margaret Liffen b 1855 Lowestoft
116......Charles Thomas Liffen b 1857 Lowestoft bur 3 Sep 1859 Lowestoft
116a....Harriet Liffen b 1858 Lowestoft
117......Charles Thomas Liffen b abt 1860 d 7 Dec 1933 [Mutford 4a 1290] bur 20 Dec 1933 Kirkley cemetery m Richanda FORSTER (b 4th qr 1861 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 617] d 10 Aug 1932 bur Kirkley cemetery 3rd qr 1932 aged 70 [Mutford 4a 1026] ) 3rd qr 1884 [Mutford 4a 1231]
Note: In 1891 Charles was a rigger and he and Richenda were at 28 New Nelson St, Lowestoft. In 1901 they lived at 16 Maidstone Road, Lowestoft and Charles was a boat rigger. In 1911 they lived at 2 Maidstone Road, Lowestoft and Charles was a smack rigger. Charles was a retired smack owner at death in 1933 living at 80 Yarmouth Road, Lowestoft. He left £1111..14s..9d. There was no issue. Richenda left £742.6c.5d at her death
118......Susan Liffen b 1864 Lowestoft
William Edward Liffen b 5 Feb 1865 at Beach Lowestoft [Cert] d 3 Apr 1934 [Mutford 4a 1234] [cert]
Note: When he died he was living at Crofts Yard, Thurston Rd, Lowestoft. He had been a fish packer. Cause of death was coronary thrombosis with myocardial disease, and the informant was his son, 119d William Stanley Liffen. He left £521..7s..7d
119x....Caroline Liffen b 1868 Lowestoft [1881 census] d 28 Jun 1931 at 23 Selby Street, Lowestoft

67 Eliza Jemima LIFFEN m James William GARWOOD (b 1829) 3rd qr 1853 [Mutford 4a 996]

Note: James was a fisherman. In the 1861 census he was aboard the ship "Joseph" and in 1871 he was Master aboard the "Children's Friend".Eliza was living at 9 Strand Cottages, Beach, Lowestoft in 1861 and 1871. In 1881 the family were at 4 Nelson Rd, Lowestoft, and in 1891 they were at Whapload Road, Lowestoft. In 1901 Eliza was a widow living with children Samuel and Maria at Spurgeon Street, Lowestoft

Children of James and Eliza
67b......Joseph William Garwood b 1st qr 1854 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 636]
67c......Ann Sarah Garwood b 4th qr 1855 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 568]
Note: In 1871 Ann Sarah was a net maker
67d......James Thomas Garwood b 2nd qr 1857 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 703]
James was a fisherman in 1881
67e......Clara Elizabeth Garwood b 4th qr 1858 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 612]
67f......Eliza Burwood Garwood b 4th qr 1860 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 622]
Note: Eliza was a net mender in 1881
67g......Mary Leggett Liffen Garwood b 4th qr 1866 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 697] m James CLEVELAND 4th qr 1887 [Mutford 4a 1781]
Note: Mary was a net mender in 1881
67h......Maria Agnes Garwood b 4th qr 1868 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 706]
67i......Samuel Frederick Garwood b 2nd qr 1878 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 821]

68 William LIFFEN m Maria LING 27 Dec 1855 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1649]

Note: The family was at 14 Old Nelson Street Lowestoft in 1881and in 1891 they were at 21 Factory Street, Lowestoft

Children of William and Maria
120......Robert William Liffen b 3rd qr 1862 [Wangford 4a 638] bur 3 Sep 1928 Kirkley cemetery aged 66
Note: At his burial Robert was described as a Labourer

71 James Butcher LIFFEN m Ellen G RUMSBY (b 1846 Southwark) 3rd qr 1866 [St Martin, London 1a 838]

Note: In 1881 James was a foreman stoker and the family were at Southern Outfall, Erith Marshes, Erith. In 1891 James was an engine driver at a gas works and the family were at 7 Collerston Rd, Greenwich

Children of James and Ellen
B1......Eleanor May Ann Liffen b 24 Nov 1868 Gillingham Kent d 1956 Wood Green
B2......Alice Isabel Liffen b 28 Nov 1870 Norwich d 24 Sep 1942 Lewisham Hospital
B3......Isabella "Belle" Liffen b 16 Feb 1873 12 Godfrey Street Stratford d 1957 Tooting Bec Hospital
B4......James William Liffen b 2 Mar 1875 2 Herbert Cottages, St James Rd, Old Kent Rd, London SE16 d 25 Mar 1959 Nunnery Fields Hospital CanterburyDaisy "Minnie" GOLDSMITH 3 Sep 1903 St Swithins Church, Lewisham

Note: In 1891 James was a plumber and in 1901 he was boarding at 29 Collier Street, Lewisham. In 1911 James was a general labourer and the family lived at 19 Rose Lane, Ipswich
B5......William Charles Liffen b 6 May 1877 Abbey Wood, Woolwich d 1946 St Thomas' Hospital, Lambeth
Note: In 1891 William was a messenger
B6......Amy Louise Liffen b 17 Jun 1882 Crossness, Erith Kent d 19 Nov 1965 Eltham

38bRobert William LIFFEN m Elizabeth Priscilla BURCH (b 1850 Ipswich) 2nd qr 1875 [Ipswich 4a 900]

Note: In 1881 Elizabeth was a machinist and Robert was a stone cutter sawyer living at Sun Lane, Woodbridge

Children of Robert and Elizabeth
38g......James Robert Liffen b 3rd qr 1876 [Ipswich 4a 644]
38h......Beatrice Alice Liffen b 1st qr 1878 [Ipswich 4a 649]
38i......Leonard Leopold Liffen b 2nd qr 1879 [Ipswich 4a 700]

38eKate Susan Beatrice Mary LIFFEN m Robert STEVENS (b 1855 Stowmarket) 4th qr 1877 [Ipswich 4a 1331]

Note: In 1891 Robert was a painter and Kate was a tailoress living at Porters Cottages Grey Friars Rd Ipswich. In 1901 they lived at 3 Lanes Court, Curriers Lane, Ipswich, but in 1911 Robert was a widower and an inmate of Ipswich Union Workhouse

Children of Robert and Kate
38m......Beatrice Alice E b 2nd qr 1881 [Ipswich 4a 727] m Herbert SILBURN 1st qr 1906
Note: Beatrice was a widow inmate of Ipswich Union Workhouse in 1911
38n......Gertrude Maud Liffen b 3rd qr 1883 [Ipswich 4a 707] m William LONG 1st qr 1906 [Ipswich 4a 1151]
Note: In 1901 Gertrude was a bag maker and in 1911 she was at Christchurch Barracks R H A Hampshire.
38o......Florence May Liffen b 3rd qr 1887 [Ipswich 4a 780]
Note: In 1901 Florence was a general servant domestic
38p......Daisy May Liffen b 3rd qr 1891 [Ipswich 4a 827]
38q......Frederick Arthur Liffen b 1st qr 1894 [Ipswich 4a 869
38r......Stanley William Liffen b 3rd qr 1897 [Ipswich 4a 195]

Fanny Elizabeth Whatling

76 Fanny Elizabeth LIFFEN m (a) Charles Henry WHATLING (wid b 1856 St Michaels) 3rd qr 1885 [Wangford 4a 1227] (b) George VYSE 1st qr 1937 [Blyth 4a 2299]

Note: Charles, an ag lab, had a son, Willie by his previous wife. In 1891 the family were living at Halesworth Road, Ringfield. In 1901 the family was at Furze Common, Ilketshall St Andrew and Charles was a yard man on farm. In 1911 they were at Near Little Common, Barsham, Beccles. Considerable research has been carried out into Charles' previous marriage which can be seen here

Children of Charles and Fanny
121......Emma Elizabeth Whatling b 3rd qr 1886 St Michaels [Wangford 4a 848] d 7 Feb 1936 Lowestoft
122......Lilian Edith Whatling (Lily) b 2nd qr 1890 Barsham [Wangford 4a 891] m Percy L KNIGHT (d 4th qr 1929 [St Martin 1a 503]) 4th qr 1924 [West Ham 4a 885]
Note: Family history says that Lily is believed to have married twice more having five or six children
Harry Charles Whatling b 6 Jun 1892 Ringsfield [Wangford 4a 931] bap 3 Jul 1892 Ringsfield d 7 Feb 1936 bur 11 Feb 1936 Docking
Note: In 1911 Harry was a platelayer
124......Frederick Arthur Whatling b 1st qr 1897 Ringsfield [Wangford 4a 1011]
Note: In 1911 Frederick was a farm yardman
125......Florence Mary Whatling b 4th qr 1898 St Andrew [Wangford 4a 1003]
126......Charles William Whatling b 1st qr 1901 St Andrew [Wangford 4a 1111]
126a....Mary Ann Eliza Whatling b 4 Apr 1904 Barsham [Wangford 4a 1138]
Note: A story told by Peggy nee Whatling, daughter of Harry, that his sister Mary was killed or murdered, shot at the place of her employer and that the incident was hushed up, proved to be correct. The death certificate shows that Mary died on 1st September 1924 at Temple Farm, West Hanningfield Road, just south of Chelmsford, aged 20. The inquest on 2nd September concluded that Mary, a domestic servant, died, "Found dead having killed herself by shooting herself with a gun while suffering from sudden mental aberration" However Mary's family suspected that there may have been a relationship with a member of her employer's household and that the true facts were covered up. After over 80 years the truth is unlikely to emerge as to whether Mary suffered a "mental aberration" and killed herself or whether the aberration was the verdict of the inquest. Either way it was a tragedy.
126b....Reginald Frank Whatling b 2nd qr 1907 Barsham [Wangford 4a 1144]

77 Laura Emma LIFFENm John James BROWN 3rd qr 1889 Ilketshall [Wangford 4a 1301]

Note: (At her marriage Emma Laura gave her name as Laura Emma; this seems to remain for the rest of the records) John was a bricklayer in 1891 living at High Street St Margaret Ilketshall.In 1891 and 1911 the family was at South Elmham All Saints and St Nicholas, John remaining a bricklayer

Children of John and Laura
77b......Annie Brown b 1890 Ilketshall St Lawrence
77c......Florence Elizabeth Brown b 4th qr 1891 St Margarets [Wangford 4a 919]
77d......William George Brown b 2nd qr 1895 Ilketshall St Lawrence [Wangford 4a 985]
77e......John Henry Brown b 2nd qr 1897 Ilketshall St Lawrence [Wangford 4a 980]
77f......Hilda May Brown b 1899 Rumburgh [Census 1901](birth registered 3rd qr 1901[ [Wangford 4a 1122])
77g......Maurice Victor Brown b 4th qr 1902 South Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1115]
77h......Dorothy Ellen Brown b 4th qr 1906 South Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1095]
77i......Henry Arthur Brown b 1st qr 1908 South Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1128]

79 Harriet Susan LIFFEN m William ALLEN (b 1st qr 1871 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 770]d 4th qr 1901 [Mutford 4a 633]) 4th qr 1895 [Blything 4a 1855]

Note: In 1901 the family was at 20 Oxford Road, Lowestoft and by 1911 Harriet was a widow living at 30 Edinburgh Road, Lowestoft where she was a beatster

Child of William and Harriet
79b......Phylliss Allen b 1901 Lowestoft

82a William Henry LIFFEN m Elizabeth NOLLOTH (b 1886 Wenhaston) 4th qr 1909 [Blything 4a 2305]

Note In 1911 William was a horseman on a farm and lived at Low Common, Westhall Wangford.

Children of William and Elizabeth
82b......Gladys A Liffen b 2nd qr 1913 [Blything 4a 2177]
82c......Hilda M Liffen b 2nd qr 1916 [Wangford 4a 2114]

77 Laura Emma LIFFEN m John James BROWN 3rd qr 1889 [Wangford 4a 1301]

Note: In 1891 the family were living at 202 Orford Road, Sudbourne, Woodbridge. and William was a gamekeeper. In 1901 they were at the Green, South Elmham All Saints and St Nicholas and John was a journeyman bricklayer. In 1911, still a journeyman bricklayer John and his family were living at The Green, All Saints, Halesworth

Children of William and Laura
127......Eleanor Rosa Brown b 1889 Iken
128......Annie Laura Brown b 1890 St Lawrence [Wangford 4a 872]
129......Florence Elizabeth Brown b 4th qr 1891 St Margarets [Wangford 4a 919]
130......William George Brown b 2nd qr 1895 St Laurence, Sfk [Wangford 4a 985]
131......John Henry Brown b 2nd qr 1897 St Laurence, Sfk [Wangford 4a 980]
132......Hilda May Brown b 1899 Rumburgh
133......Maurice Victor Brown b 4th qr 1901 St Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1115]
134......Dorothy Ellen Brown b 4th qr 1906 St Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1095]
135......Henry Arthur Brown b 1st qr1908 St Elmham All Saints [Wangford 4a 1128]
136......Elsie E Brown b 2nd qr 1912 [Wangford 4a 2045]


91 Isabella LIFFEN m Thomas HENDERSON (b 1848) 1st qr 1874 [Tynemouth 10b 293]

Note: Thomas was a coal miner living at 8 West Row, Cowpen

Children of Thomas and Isabella
91b......Henry Henderson b 1875 Blyth, Northumberland
Note: In 1901 Henry was a coal miner hewer
91c......Phillis Henderson b 1877 Cowpen, Northumberland m William HARRISON (b 1876 Haltwhistle) 19 Apr 1897
91d......John Henderson b 1880 Cowpen, Northumberland
Note: In 1901 John was a coal miner hewer
91e......Margaret J Henderson b 1882 Cowpen, Northumberland
91h......Elizabeth A Henderson b 1885 Cowpen, Northumberland
91i......Mary J Henderson b 1890 Cowpen, Northumberland
91j......George Henderson b 1896 Blyth
91k......Robert Henderson b 1898 Blyth

97a Emmanuel William Blake LIFFEN m (a) Louisa TANN 1st qr 1870 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 18] (b) Hannah PAGE (b 1861) 20 Nov 1887 Gt Yarmouth

Note: Witnesses to the second wedding were Charles LIFFEN and Elizabeth LARN

Children of Emmanuel and Louisa
97b......Louisa Maria Liffen b 1st qr 1872 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 32]
97c......Emmanuel Charles Liffen b 4th qr 1873 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 18]
Note: Emmanuel was staying with his widowed grandmother Maria LIFFEN in 1891 at No 7 Row 6 Gt Yarmouth

97b Elizabeth LIFFEN m Frederick Thomas LARN 1st qr 1873 [Norwich 4b 239]

Note: In 1901 Elizabeth, a widow, was living at 10 Rainbow Court, Gt Yarmouth and was a fish shop keeper. In 1911 at the same address she was a fish curer

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth
Y1......Florence Sarah Larn b 2nd qr 1873 [Flegg 4b 33]
Note: In 1901 Florence was a hotel manageress
Y2......Elizabeth Larn b 1877 Yarmouth
Note: In 1901 Elizabeth was a feather curler
Y3......Clara Amelia Larn b 1st qr 1879 [Yarmouth 4b 25]
Y4......Gertrude Elizabeth Larn b 4th qr 1881 [Yarmouth 25]
Note: In 1901 Gertrude was a pupil teacher

98 William Emmanuel LIFFEN m Mary Ann ROBERTS nee BARBER (widow, b 1859 Yarmouth) 12 Sep 1886 Yarmouth [Gt Yarmouth 4b 28]

Note: At marriage William gave his address as North Quay and Mary Ann as Cemetery Road. She was the daughter of Thomas BARBER a fisherman. Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas BARBER and Elizabeth LARN. In 1891 the family was at 20 Fullers Hill, Gt Yarmouth and William was a shrimper

Child of William and Mary
98b......Edgar Emmanuel Liffen b 1st qr 1871 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 17] d 1st qr 1887 [Gt Yarmouth 4b 22]
Note: The Ipswich Journal of 14 Mar 1887 reported:

98c......Elizabeth Maud Liffen b 1st qr 1888 Yarmouth [Gt Yarmouth 4b 35]
98d......Olive Maud M Liffen b 1st qr 1892 Yarmouth bap 11 Oct 1894 Gt Yarmouth [Gt Yarmouth 4b 20]
Note: In 1911 Olive was a net beatster
98e......William Emmanuel Liffen b 1893 Yarmouth bap 15 Sep 1893 Gt Yarmouth d 3rd qr 1893 [Yarmouth 4b 22]

99 Elijah William Blake LIFFEN m Mary Ann DOCWRA (b 4th qr 1857 North Walsham) 12 Feb 1880 [Yarmouth 4b 16]

Note: In 1881 Elijah was a fisherman, and the family was at 6 Row, Gt Yarmouth. In 1901 he was a labourer in a brewery, and they lived at 28 Arundel Rd, Gt Yarmouth.

Note: At the time of marriage Elijah gave his occupation as Fisherman living at a Row and Mary Ann was the daughter of Daniel DOCWRA, a marine store dealer and was living at South Quay. Witnesses to the marriage were C. LIFFEN and Elizabeth LARN

Children of Elijah and Mary Ann
99b......Elijah William Daniel Liffen b 12 Jan 1881 [Yarmouth 4b 28] bap 12 Nov 1881 Gt Yarmouth m Daisy (b 1887 Surrey)
Note in 1901 Elijah was a billiard marker and in 1911 he was a provision merchant in a grocery and off licence shop in 21 Ashburton Rd, Chelsea,
99c......Frederick Charles Liffen b 1883 Yarmouth [1891 census]
Note: In 1901 Frederick was a bricklayer's labourer and in 1911 he was a manager of a tobacconist at 1a Seaton Street, Chelsea, London
99d......John Charles Liffen b 3rd qr 1884 [Yarmouth 4b 31] d 4 Apr 1919 Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 John was a confectioners labourer living at 21 New Park Rd, Lambeth, and his brother Harry was staying with him, but when he died he was a fish merchant. Heis effects came to £3470..3s..1d
99d......Charles Liffen b 1885 Yarmouth 1891 census]
Note: In 1901 Charles was a bricklayer's labourer
99e......William Thomas Liffen b 4th qr 1886 [Yarmouth 4b 22]
Note: In 1901 William was a cork cutter errand boy and in 1911 he was manager of a grocery, living with his brother Elijah at 21 Ashburton Rd Chelsea

99f......Clara Liffen b 4th qr 1890 [Yarmouth 4b 23] (twin to Ernest)
99g......Ernest Liffen b 4th qr 1890 [Yarmouth 4b15] (twin to Clara)
Note: In 1911 Ernest was assisting his brother Frederick in a tobacconist's shop in Chelsea.
99h......Henry Liffen b 4th qr 1892 [Flegg 4b 37]
99i......Bertie Clifford Liffen b 2nd qr 1894 [Yarmouth 4b 20]
99j......Maud Liffen b 1st qr 1896 [Yarmouth 4b 16]
99k......Edgar Liffen b 4th qr 1897 [Yarmouth 4b 19]
99l......Leslie Liffen b 2nd qr 1899 [Yarmouth 4b 17]
99m.....Daniel Liffen b 2nd qr 1901 [Yarmouth 4b 17]

101 Maria LIFFEN m Arthur Frederick CLARKE 9 Nov 1890 Gt Yarmouth

Note: At the marriage Arthur lived at Rainbow Square Gt Yarmouth, the son of William CLARKE a glazier. Witnesses to the marriage were Emmanuel W LIFFEN and Elizabeth LARN. In 1911 Arthur was a general labourer and the family lived at 8 Royal Terrace, Runham Vauxhall, Gt Yarmouth

Child of Maria and unknown
101b......Edgar LIFFEN b 1887 Yarmouth

Children of Frederick and Maria
101c......Maud Elizabeth Clarke b 2nd qr 1891 [Yarmouth 4b 23]
101d......Gladys Victoria Clarke b 2nd qr 1892 [Yarmouth 4b 22]
101e......Arthur Frederick Clarke b 1st qr 1897 [Yarmouth 4b 28]
101f......Horace Charles Clarke b 4th qr 1899 [Yarmouth 4b 15]
101g......May Maria Clarke b 1st qr 1902 [Yarmouth 4b 18]
101h.....Mabel Gertrude Clarke b 2nd qr 1903 [Yarmouth 4b 24]
101i......Winifred Neil Clarke b 3rd qr 1905 [Yarmouth 4b 22]
101j.....Stanley Last Clarke b 3rd qr 1906 [Yarmouth 4b 24]

114a Elizabeth LIFFEN m John T ENGLISH 4th qr 1869 [Mutford 4a 1611]

Note: John was originally a fisherman, but by 1901 was a baker living at 29 Albert Street, Lowestoft.. In 1911 John was a vanman living at 89 Queens Road, Lowestoft.

Children of John and Elizabeth
114b......Isaac Sydney English b 1871 Lowestoft
Note In 1891 Isaac was a barman
114c......John Thomas English b 1874 Lowestoft
Note: In 1891 John was a baker
114d......Charles A N English b 1877 Lowestoft
Note In 1891 Charles was an errand boy and in 1901 he was a milkman
114e......Eva E English b 1899 Lowestoft
114f......Ivy M English b 1903 Lowestoft

A1 Caroline LIFFEN m (a) Robert KNAPPETT ( b 1864 d 1st qr 1894 Woodbridge) 1st qr 1885 [Mutford 4a 996] (b) George POLLARD (b 1865 d 3rd qr 1930 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1136]) 3rd qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 2412]

01 saw the family at 10 Raglan Cottages, Raglan St, Lowestoft and Caroline, a charwoman, was a widow. In 1911 they were at 55 Raglan St, Lowestoft and Caroline was a net mender and widow and had Robert George and Beatrice living with her. Carline left £178. 6s. 6d to her brother, William Edward who was executor of her will

Children of Robert and Caroline
A2......Robert George Knappet b 3rd qr 1886 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 872] m Beatrice Daisy BIRD 4th qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 2412]
Note: In 1911 Robert was a general Labourer
A3......Ethel Honor Knappet b 2nd qr 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 965]
A4......Caroline Eliza Knappet b 1st qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 927]
Note: Caroline was at St Dunstans School in Hammersmith in 1896. The school was renamed Captain Marryat School in 1951 and closed in 1977. A Mrs Townshend of 1 Pear St Terrace was shown as guardian.
A5......Eliza Brown Knappet b 4th qr 1890 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 972]
A6......Florence May Knappet b 3rd qr 1892 Lowestoft [ 7 months old in 1911 census]
Note: the birth of Florence was registered in the 1st qr 1893 [Mutford 4a 948]
A7......Robert C W Knappet b 4th 1910 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1036] m Jessie A BAXTER 1st qr 1940 [Norwich 4b 477]

119 William Edward LIFFEN m Emily Meek WARFORD (b 21 Nov 1863 Pakefield [Mutford 4a 662] d 31 Dec 1949 Lowestoft ) 13 Apr 1884 Kirkley [Mutford 4a 1265]

Note: Witnesses to the marriage were Robert Samuel KINGS and Caroline LIFFEN and Emma was the daughter of George Meek WARFORD , a Kirkley fisherman and Grisalda his wife who was formerly TYRELL. In 1891 William was a general labourer and the family lived at 2 Raglan Cottages, Raglan St, East side, Lowestoft.. In 1901 he was a fish packer and they lived at 25 Trafalgar Square, Lowestoft. In 1911 they lived at 21 Trafalgar Street, Lowestoft and William was a fish packer. When she died, Emily was 86 and did so at 58 Bridge Road, Lowestoft but had been living at 21 Trafalgar St, where she and William had lived in 1911.She died of a cerebral thrombosis and general arteriosclerosis.

Children of William and Emily
119b......Caroline Elizabeth Liffen b 3 Nov 1884 Lowestoft [Cert] d 4 Apr 1969 at 1 Highfields, Gt Dunmow
Note: In 1901 Carrie was a dressmaker - I have not ben able to find a birth registration, but her death certificate confirms date of birth. She died of Coronary thrombosis and atheroma, and had osteo arthritis of hip.
119c......Florence May Liffen b 25 Feb 1887 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 798]
119d......William Stanley Liffen b 3rd qr 1892 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 947]
Note: In 1911 William was a general labourer

120 Robert William LIFFEN m Sarah Susannah E CASTLETON (b 1866 bur 27 Apr 1955 widow aged 89 Kirkley cemetery) 4th qr 1881 [Mutford 4a 1744]

Note: In 1901 the family was at 62 Whapload Road, Lowestoft and Robert was a labourer at the Gas Works. In 1911 the family was at 9 Riverside Road, Oulton Broad and Robert was a gas stoker

Children of Robert and Sarah
137......William Liffen b 1886 Lowestoft
138......Mabel M Liffen b 1887 Lowestoft m Alexander McD WESTGARTH 4th qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 3425]
Note: In 1911 Mabel was a fish worker
Ernest R Liffen b 2nd qr 1889 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 962]
Note: In 1911 Ernest was a fisherman
140......Belinda Liffen b 1893 Lowestoft
Note: In 1911 Belinda was a networker
141......Leonard Charles S Liffen b 4th qr 1898 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1030]
142......Rita Irene A Liffen b 2nd qr 1904 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1167]
143......Gladys Sarah N Liffen b 2nd qr 1908 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 1157]

B3 Isabella LIFFEN m William Belding TILLETT 23 Dec 1893 Norwich

Children of William and Isabella
B7......Hilda Belle Tillett b abt 1895 Greenwich d 1922 m George H DIGGINS 2nd qr 1920 [Norwich 4b 267]
Note: In 1911 Hilda was a Laundry Clerk. She had a child by George who was then raised by William and Isabella

38g James Robert LIFFEN m Mary COLLINS (b 1877 Rendlesham) 3rd qr 1905 [Plomesgate 4a 2015]

Note: In 1911 James was a general labourer and the family was at 19 Rose Lane, Ipswich

Children of James and Mary
Y5......Ellen Liffen b 1899 Ipswich
Y6......Robert Liffen b 1909 Ipswich

38i Leonard Leopold LIFFEN m Eveline THREADKELL (b 1885 Ipswich) 2nd qr 1907 [Ipswich 4a 1703]

Note: In 1911 Leonard was a painter and liner and the family was at 69 New Park Street, Colchester

Children of Leonard and Eveline
Y7......Stanley L Liffendob unknown, prob in Colchester
Y8......Phyllis Liffen b 1908 Colchester
Y9......Daphne L Liffen b 3rd qr 1921 [Ipswich 4a 1900]
Y10....Gerald Liffen b 2nd qr 1927 [Ipswich 4a 1668]

121 Emma Elizabeth LIFFEN with unknown

Child of Emma and unknown
121b......Emma Liffenbap 8 Oct 1919 Shipmeadow workhouse.
121c......Mary Ada Liffen b 12 Sep 1930 Shipmeadow workhouse

123 Harry Charles WHATLING m Rachel Florence GRAND (b 25 Nov 1891 [Erpingham 4b 71] d 23 Nov 1977 at Dales, Upper Sheringham bur Holt cemetery 27 Nov 1877) 1912 Wandsworth

Note: Rachel was also known as Florence Rachel.She was the daughter of Robert GRAND and Lucy CARR
The family lived at several addresses including Bagthorpe, [1920 electoral roll] near the rectory Great Massingham [1924 Electoral Roll] and Station Road Docking [Electoral Roll 1928]. Harry was a labourer in Docking in 1933.After the death of Harry, she married James Robert "Tip" DENNIS 21 Oct 1944.

Children of Harry and Florence
123b......Violet Kathleen Dorothy Whatling (Queenie) b 12 Jun 1912 [Wangford 4a 2120] bap 25 Aug 1912 Barsham d 3rd qr 1944
123c......Hilda Greta Whatling b 10 Aug 1915 [Wangford 4a 216] d 12 Apr 1959
Note: Hilda was killed in a road accident in Hampshire with sister 123f Gladys and her husband Dan
123d......Barbara Bernice Whatling b 2 Jan 1916 [Woodbridge 4a 2880] d 23 Nov 1990 Maidstons Kent [Maidstone 16 1314 reg 1190]
123e......Ronald Howard James Whatling b 17 May 1917 Aston, Warwickshire [Aston 6d 939] d June 2000 aged 83 [Carmarthen 2/16d 031 dor 0600]
123f......Gladys May Eileen Whatling b 7 May 1920 d 12 Apr 1959 [Reading 6a 91] m David BIRD (known as Daniel) 1st qr 1940 [Winchester 2c 534]
Note: Gladys and her husband Dan were killed in a road accident in Hampshire with sister 123 Hilda and her husband Dan. Gladys had no children
123g......Joan Enid Doris Whatling b 1924 d 1924 Gt Massingham
Florence Paggy Doris Whatling b 13 Jul 1925 Massingham d 1987
123i......Robert Leslie John Whatling b b 13 Nov 1927 d 30 Jan 2001 [Hitchin & Stevenage 5341c 11c 215 dor 0201]
123j......William Cedric Noel Whatling b Dec 1930 d July 2012
123k......Peter Raymond Frank Whatling b 1 Mar 1933 Docking bap Docking 23 Apr 1933 d Mar 2004 [North Walsham 6381 ER55a 012 dor 0304]
123l......Betty Gwendoline Whatling b 3rd qr 1935

126b Reginald Frank WHATLING m Edith HARDWICK 1st qr 1934 [Bosmere 4a 1713]

Children of Reginald and Edith
126k......Christine Whatling dob unknown
126l......Kathleen Whatling b 3rd qr 1936 [Hartismere 4a 1507]

N3 John Thomas LAFFIN m Margaret

Note: In 1901 the family lived at Maitland, Hants, Nova Scotia

Children of John and Margaret
N11......Odessa Laffin b 1887 Nova Scotia[1901 census]
N12......Alice Laffin b 1888 Nova Scotia [1901 census]
N13......Laurie Laffin b 1891 Nova Scotia [1901 census]
N14......John Laffin b 1893 Nova Scotia [1901 census]
N15......William Laffin b 1894 Nova Scotia [1901 census]
N16......Burton Laffin b 1895 Nova Scotia [1901 census]
N17......Albert E Laffin b 1900 Nova Scotia[1901 census]


A3 Ethel Honor KNAPPETT m George Valentine SNELLING 1st qr 1910 [Mutford 4a 1819]

Children of George and Ethel
A8......Sybil A Snelling b 1st qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 2135]
A9......Charles R Snelling b 1st qr 1917 [Mutford 4a 1823]
A10....George W Snelling b 1st qr 1917 [Mutford 4a 1823]
A11....Joan E Snelling b 1st qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2024]

A5 Eliza Brown KNAPPETT m Thomas E GALLANT 4th qr 1913 [Mutford 4a 2526]

Children of Thomas and Eliza
A12......Doris M Gallant b 2nd qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 2105]
A13......Thomas R Gallant b 4th qr 1916 [Mutford 4a 1913]
A14......Laurel E Gallant b 4th qr 1918 [Poole 5a 350]
A15......Eliza B Gallant b 2nd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2425]

119b Caroline Elizabeth LIFFEN m (a) Charles Burrell HENRY (b 6 Nov 1876 d 5 Sep 1914) 21 Feb 1911 by special licence Lowestoft.(b) Arthur COLE 2 Oct 1922

Note Charles was a leading seaman in the Royal Navy when the wedding took place and was a Scot from Leith. By 1914 he was a petty officer aboard HMS Pathfinder.

HMS Pathfinder in 1914 sunk on 5 Sep 1914 by a mine.

Witnesses to the first marriage were William Edward LIFFEN and William Stanley LIFFEN. After Charles was killed, Caroline returned to live with her parents until she remarried and moved to Dunmow, the home of Arthur COLE, the manager of a builders' merchant. He brought a daughter to the marriage: Molly COLE, b 30 Sep 1913 who is still alive in 2012. She married A J BARHAM.

Child of Charles and Caroline
Y12......Cora Jean Henry b 9 Apr 1914 Lowestoft

Child of Arthur and Caroline
Y13......Maurice Arthur Henry b 14 Aug 1925
Note: Maurice emigrated to Sydney, Australia on 8 Apr 1949 from Liverpool on the Georgic. He gave his occuption as poultry farmer and he had been living at Highlands, Highfields, Dunmow.

Georgic was the last ship built by Harland and Wolff, Belfast, for the White Star Line. She was completed in 1931, and her maiden voyage was on June 25, 1932, from Liverpool to New York.
In 1941, while functioning as a troop transport, Georgic sailed to Port Tewfik in the Gulf of Suez with the same British naval convoy that hunted and sank the German battleship Bismarck. While at anchor, German aircraft spotted the the Georgic and bombed her. She was was hit twice, and the stern of the ship caught on fire as a result. The fire reached the ship's fuel and the ammunition destroying the entire stern area. The order was given to abandon ship and the half-submerged Georgic was left to burn. Almost completely destroyed and sunk in her berth, the decision was made to salvage Georgic.

The next month Georgic was raised, and two months later temporary plugging of the hull was completed. She was towed, stern first, to Port Sudan where she was made seaworthy. A year later she had arrived in Bombay under her own power and hull rebuilding was completed. In January 1943, Georgic left Bombay for Belfast back to Harland and Wolff for a complete refit.
When completed in December 1944, the exterior had been completely redesigned. The fore funnel and aft mast had been removed and the forward mast was shortened. During the last year of the war, Georgic served again as a troop transport in Italy, the Middle East, and India. Her last war duties continued until 1948.
Georgic returned to passenger service sailing under the Cunard White Star flag. Being the last White Star Line vessel she was allowed to fly the WSL burgee. She was scrapped in 1961 after completing an illustrious career during the war.

119c Florence May LIFFEN m Walter Morgan SPINKS (b 1882 Gt Yarmouth) 1st qr 1909 [Mutford 4a 1354]

Note: In 1911 Walter and Florence lived at 32 Tonning Street, Lowestoft and Walter was a railway parcels clerk

Children of Walter and Florence
119e......Marjorie O Spinks b 2nd qr 1912 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2111]
119f......Leslie M Spinks b 4th qr 1914 Lowestoft [Mutford 4a 2076]

139 Ernest R LIFFEN m Rosina M CLAXTON 4th qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 2637]

Children of Ernest and Rosina
144......Alec L Claxton b 4th qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 1797] d 2nd qr 1924 [Mutford 4a 1013]
145......Roy E Claxton b 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a1655] m Jean MORRIS 4th qr 1960 [Lothingland 4b 1887]
146......Derrick K Claxton b 3rd qr 1927 [Mutford 4a 1716] m Catherine SHAKESPEARE 2nd qr 1951 [Middlesborough 1b 1163]
147......Joan A Claxton b 2nd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 1817]
148......Colleen K Claxton b 4th qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 1616] m Alexander L WALPOLE 1st qr 1966 [Lothingland 4b 2700]

140 Belinda LIFFEN m Walter BAXTER 4th qr 1913

Children of Walter and Belinda
149......Gordon E Baxter b 4th qr 1915 [Mutford 4a 1853]
150......Jack E Baxter b 1st qr 1917 [Mutford 4a 1789]
151......Muriel J Baxter b 2nd qr 1918 [Mutford 4a 1599]
152......Doris I Baxter b 3rd qr 1920 [Mutford 4a 2265]
153......Donald R Baxter b 2nd qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 1876]
154......Jean M Baxter b 1st qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1777]

141 Leonard Charles LIFFEN m Winifred L SEABROOK 3rd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 3268]

Children of Leonard and Winifred
155......Stanley E Liffen b 3rd qr 1930 [Mutford 4a 1723]
156......Joyce W Liffen b 4th qr 1932 [Mutford 4a 1616]
157......Sheila F Liffen b 2nd qr 1934 [Mutford 4a 1726]

142 Rita Iren A LIFFEN m Frederick S J MARTIN 4th qr 1921

Children of Frederick and Rita
158......Irene R Martin b 2nd qr 1922 [Mutford 4a 1992]
159......Frederick R J Martin b 3rd qr 1923 [Mutford 4a 1955]
160......Olive C Martin b 4th qr 1925 [Mutford 4a 1690]
161......Kathleen S Martin b 3rd qr 1928 [Mutford 4a 1770]

143 Gladys Sarah N LIFFEN m Arthur B SHILLINGS 2nd qr 1929 [Mutford 4a 2445]

Child of Arthur and Gladys
162......Ellen M Shillings b 4th qr 1931 [Mutford 4a 1831]

123b Violet Kathleen Dorothy WHATLING m Robert T BRITTON (d 2nd qr 1944 [Fakenham 4b 260] 2nd qr 1933 [Docking 4b 686]

Child of Robert and Violet
163......Robert Britton b 1944 [HP]

123d Barbara Bernice WHATLING m Alfred E BRITTON 4th qr 1933 [Docking 4b 889]

Note: Alfred was brother to Robert who married 123b Violet

Children of Alfred and Bernice
164......Keith E Britton b 3rd qr 1937 [Erpingham 4b 84]
165......Bette Anne Britton b 4th qr 1934 [Medway 2a 1254]

123e Ronald Howard James WHATLING m (a) Gladys E SNELL 4th qr 1937 [Erpingham 4b 206] (b) Eva M (Peggy) WILSON 4th qr 1947 Penarth [E Glamorgan 8b 711]

Note: In later years Ronald used the surname "BULLEN-WHATLING".

Children of Ronald and Peggy
166......Richard J B Whatling b 1st qr 1954 [E Glamorgan 8b 463]
166a....CarolWhatling dob unknown
166b....DeborahWhatling dob unknown

123h Florence Peggy Doris WHATLING m Charles W KNOWLES 4th qr 1942 Briston [Fakenham 4b 679]

Children of Charles and Florence
167......Jolyan H J Knowles b 3rd qr 1943 [Fakenham 4b 328] m Neville W ROBERTS 1st qr 1962 [Norwich Outer 4b 1819]
168......Wendy E F Knowles b 2nd qr 1946 [Fakenham 4b 409] m Harold W POND 2nd qr 1966 [N Walsham 4b 1395]

123i Robert Leslie John WHATLING m Nadia S VOUT 2nd qr 1950 [Fakenham 4b 974]

Child of Robert and Nadia
168a......Gary L Whatling b 4th qr 1950 [E Glamorgan 8b 430]

123j William Cedric Noel WHATLING m June M COLEMAN 3rd qr 1952 [North Walsham 4b 1403]

Children of William and June
168b......Nita Whatling b 2nd qr 1953 [North Walsham 4b 785]
168c......David Whatling b 2nd qr 1956 [North Walsham 4b 861]
168d......Pauline Whatling 3rd qr 1959 [North Walsham 4b 906]

123k Peter Raymond FrankWHATLING m Ruby I OAKLEY 1st qr 1956 [Fakenham 4b 1167]
Children of Peter and Ruby
168e......Peter H Whatling b 4th qr 1957 [N Walsham 4b 814]
168f......David Paul Whatling b 21 Jun 1962 [N Walsham 4b 1091] d Jan 1999 [N Walsham 1R 47a 212 199]

123l Betty Gwendoline WHATLING m Samuel I W RUDD 2nd qr 1953 [Fakenham 4b 907]

Children of Samuel and Betty
168g......Susan M Rudd b 2nd qr 1956 [N Walsham 4b 853]
168h......John R Rudd b 3rd qr 1961 [N Walsham 4b 1004]
168i......another daughter - dob unknown


Y12 Cora Jean HENRY m Joseph PARKINSON 22 Aug 1942 St Katherine's Church, Blackrod, Wigan

St Katherines Church, Blackrod

Children of Joseph and Cora
169......David Henry Parkinson b 15 Sep 1943 [Horwich 8c 502]
Note: David emigrated to Australia leaving Tilbury on 19 Jul 1960 aged 16, single, a store assistant on the ship Orontes and had been living at 29 East Street, Darfield, Yorks. He went to join his uncle, Y13 Maurice Arthur COLE

The SS Orontes - scrapped in 1962 in Spain

170......Margaret Elizabeth Parkinson b 15 Nov 1948 [Staincross, Yorks 2d 621]
171......Caroline Parkinson b 14 Jun 1952 [Staincross Yorks 2d 547]

155 Stanley E LIFFEN m Joan I SPOONER 4th qr 1955 [Lothingland 4b 1911]

Children of Stanley and Joan
172......Sylvia A b 4th qr 1956 [Lothingland 4b 1162]
173......David S Spooner b 4th qr 1958 [Lothingland 4b 1262] m Lynn M DARKINS 3rd qr 1982 [Waveney 10 3831]
174......John W Spooner b 2nd qr 1960 [Lothingland 4b 1503]
175......Andrew P Spooner b 1st qr 1963 [Lothingland 4b 1609] m (a) Denise R PALMER Feb 1987 [Waveney 10 1679] (b) Mandy J HONEYWOOD Sep 2001 [Waveney 753 1421 025]

Many thanks to the late Dave Ollerton who supplied much of the data for this branch and to 168 Harold Pond, Lynn Hall,Alison France, Y15 Margaret Parkinson, Selina Cleveland and to Anne Lowe as well as to Judy Carter Smith in New Zealand for her work on the Haynes/Townshend/Mooce/Moore problem. Also thanks to David Coverley (who can be contacted ) for the information about 110 Sarah Brown Liffen, and in addition I thank John and Deborah AuWerter for their contribution concerning the Neslen connection. They can be contacted

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