We are a group of railway enthusiasts interested in the history of local and national railways. Our programme of monthly meetings runs from September to April each year.

The society was formed in 1977 and we are primarily interested in the growth of railways from circa 1830 to modern times. Particular attention has been paid to local railways on which the Group has compiled three books. The first was published by Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Libraries and Arts Department Leisure Services in 1982, titled "The Hooton to West Kirby Branch Line and the Wirral Way". This book covers the history of the line in some detail and should appeal to the many people who now walk or ride along the old track-bed. The second book published by Ian & Marilyn Boumphrey, titled "Railway Stations of Wirral", gives a detailed illustrated history of the stations that have existed within the boundaries of 'The Hundred of Wirral'. The third titled "The Last Merseyrail Signal Boxes and their Heritage (Part 1)", was published in 2004 and resulted from a detailed and comprehensive survey of an interesting collection of boxes replaced by the commissioning of the IECC installation at Sandhills in 1994.

Our membership is comprised of a broad cross section of railway enthusiasts, both ladies and gentlemen, ranging from the practitioner to the casual observer, but most importantly we offer a warm welcome to all newcomers. The meetings offer a varied and interesting selection of speakers who are well known experts in their particular field.

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